Absurdity of Iranian Assassination Allegations: If This Was a Hollywood Script it Would Go In the Garbage Immediately

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Headline News | 133 comments

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    Why would they bother to mount such a sophisticated operation on American soil knowing that everything in the U.S. is intercepted by American intelligence – phone calls, emails… It doesn’t make sense at all.

    Pepe Escobar
    Asia Times

    As more details, or lack there of, emerge about the purported assassination plot of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States it’s becoming clear that the situation may very well have been fabricated by elements within the Obama Justice Department. To any observer willing to look beyond a headline it should be clear that the allegations are patently absurd.

    Via Info Wars – Video Report Provided by RT and is available below:

    The American government wants the whole unsuspecting world to believe that the general of the IRGC, which is a very complex and very sophisticated operation in Tehran, which is more important than their armed forces, they have intelligence operations all over the world… They are going to sub-contract a hit – mafia style killing – to a failed Corpus Christi, Texas salesman with a record of bad checks, and he’s going to contact somebody posing as a member of the Zetas Mexican drug cartel, and boast that ‘I can give you 1.5 million dollars and you’re going to hit the ambassador at his favorite restaurant in Washington… I can provide you with tons of opium if you want to do business with my contacts in Tehran.’

    In a script conference in Hollywood this thing would go to the garbage immediately. Problem is it’s being paddled by the Attorney General of the United States.

    Is it coincidence that the Attorney General announced this plot on the very day subpoenas were issued over the Fast and Furious perjury debacle? As we’ve said countless times in the past, when politicians and those highly visible to the public come under fire and stand to lose their positions of power, they deflect blame, or in this most recent case of Iran, create a completely new enemy.

    With respect to blame deflection, this has all of the hallmarks of an event that took place on August 20, 1998, when then President Bill Clinton launched a cruise missile attack against suspected Sudenese VX nerve gas factories at the height of the Lewinsky scandal that threatened to end his Presidency. You may recall that it was on August 17, 1998 that President Clinton admitted to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the White House Intern. It turns out that the attack, later justified because of ties to Osama Bin Laden, manufactured pharmaceuticals – aspirin. Do you see the pattern?

    The Clinton Sudanese incident was easily covered up, as Sudan served no significant strategic importance to the US, its allies or our foreign challengers. The problem with the Iranian situation, of course, is that we have been butting heads over nuclear energy and other regional issues for nearly a decade – with both sides calling for war, albeit indirectly.

    One of our Senators and Presidential candidates even capella’d a song about it:

    We understand the joke. But we can assure you that if and when we do finally bomb Iran, no one will be laughing.

    While the claims of on assassination plot may be ridiculous, we need only to look at the majority of headlines being spoon fed to the American public to understand what the real goal is.

    The Osama Bin Laden card has been played – and we’re pretty sure this was the last time they’ll be able to use it (of course, you never know). What we need right now is to divert attention from the implosion of our domestic economy, the rampant lawlessness in the Halls of Congress and in the business circles that keep our politicians’ coffers filled, and the deficiencies at the Department of Justice which oversees the legalities of it all.

    Target: Iran.

    It’s easy, really. A headline and a few talking points repeated hundreds of times on every medium of mainstream distribution.

    We recently noted that World War III will not be an accident, and that the world’s Grandmasters (which include Chinese and Russian strategist) are now actively positioning themselves financially, diplomatically, and militarily.

    We firmly hold the view that in the next year, or two, or five, the United States and Iran (and likely Syria) will be engaged militarily. The reasons for why we need to spread democracy to Tehran have been, and are continuously being, seared into the consciousness of Americans right now.

    Remember Saddam Hussein? He allegedly plotted to assassinate President George H.W. Bush in 1993, killed thousands of Kurds with nerve gas, tortured his own people, worked directly with Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden to coordinate 9/11, and of course, manufactured and stockpiled weapons of mass destruction whose smoking gun would come in the form of a mushroom cloud:

    Iran is the enemy. But in our view, this is only part of the story. Do not underestimate the perceived silence and calls for peace by the Chinese and Russians, who also have signififcant strategic interests in the middle east and are, though they won’t push the envelope right now, strongly allied with Iranian interests. Speaking realistically, it’s not so much that they like the Iranians. It’s that they really don’t want the U.S. to have total control of the entire middle east and north African region.

    The end game here is resource domination and [global] political control.

    Eventually, someone is going to pull the trigger, and then we may very well see that mushroom cloud President George W. Bush warned about.

    If you don’t think this is a possibility, or that we are blowing this out of proportion, consider that the President – yes, the President of the United States approved this latest “terror plot” information release – just overtly accused the Iranian government of attempting to assassinate an ambassador on U.S. soil. These are extremely serious charges, the kind that have led nations to war throughout history. The Saudis are calling for Iran to “pay the price,” while Secretary of State Clinton says this is a “dangerous escalation of the Iranian government’s longstanding use of political violence and sponsorship of terrorism.” Israel, parroting Mrs. Clinton, agrees, saying, that this is “definitely an escalation.”

    One small mistake in this high stakes game could mean the lives of not millions, but billions of people.

    The scary thing is that those in the command and control centers of these operations seemingly could care less.


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      1. It’s all a ploy to take something Iran has. (I haven’t delved deeply enough to figure out what it is, but there’s gotta be something.)

        The PTB have been looking for an excuse to wage war against somebody else, and when they could not find one, the created one.

        • This has nothing to do with taking anything Iran has. It is simply an “escalation” of our ongoing status as Israel’s bitch.

          • @ yental

            Now that’s calling a spade a spade. Israel’s the Queen Bitch and she’s got her royal fangs at the throat of any American politician who doesn’t bend over to lick her regal ass.

            Ron Paul for President!
            (The only politician who won’t put up with her bullshit)

            • ha ha ha ha ha ha…. what a sidesplitting gutbuster!

              FBI finds stupid patsy… again.
              FBI gins up patsy to do something stupid… again.
              FBI busts patsy… again.
              FBI pats self on the back for defeating “terrorism”… again.

              What a bunch of braying jackasses! … again!

          • Bingo! Yes, Ron Paul for President.

        • AMEN!!!

        • Just announced Israel to stirke Iran within 2 weeks time!

          • copout.. where did you see or hear this?? thanks johnnyg

            • Listening to Alex Jones live from his home, he ties it in with fast and furious! Green light for bombing within 2 weeks if not sooner.

            • Copout,

              I’m trying to find it in prison planet and infowars, but there is nothing.
              Maybe he’ll post it tommorow.
              But generally i’m trying to be skeptical on Alex Jones.
              If it’s true though, God help us. Oh shit, now i realised how close is Crete to Israel. Oh shit, shit, shit.

          • Only thing surprising about this is the “2 week” time frame. Wonder if they will wait that long!

            • yental: Probable not it could be sooner because this is now being exposed, remember a short time ago there had been running drills in israel with their people, funny how troop movement and drills have been stepped up in the USA, just sayin! Something is up, and i aint talking about muslims rear ends in prayer!

            • Manos: Alex does have alot of passion, he has several vip on his show not including GEN,Schaffer who was on Judge Napolitanos show yesterday,it is a diversion from fast and furious, and due the economy of Israel. If you go to infowars and listen on the flash player you can get the info. There are trying to the info up on the site as soon as the writers get it together.

          • Please post a link if you can. Thx.

        • If its a ploy as you say that something would be a nuclear weapon. To which I disagree with Ron Paul that if they want one its none of our business. Sorry but our country needs to defend itself and this nation (IRAN) has not shown it can be trusted as a steward of peace in our world. They are extremist and dangerous extremist at that. Don’t think so…wonder on to their territory by mistake back packing some day and enjoy the adventure. Just make sure your family can raise a million dollars for the buy off.

          • I could see it being nukes, Jim.

            The only thing scarier than an Iranian govt. with nukes is our govt. SETTING UP the Iranian govt with nukes. Let’s just piss them off by making up stories about them. Sheesh.

            • So you think Israel with nukes is all fine and dandy? Israel puts itself above international law, does not allow nuclear inspectors, developed WMD, etc. The US trashed Iraq, its people, culture, etc, for merely having the illusion of WMD (made up in Bush and Blair’s tiny brains) – but it was really the oil that the US craved.

          • @ Jim,
            “(IRAN) has not shown it can be trusted as a steward of peace in our world.”

            And US.gov has shown that it can be trusted as a steward of peace? The US has been in more wars around the world in the last 100 years than any other country and the only country to have used atomic weapons. Oh that’s right, US.gov is the noble righteous protector of our freedoms and safety. I say that’s BS. US.gov has been controlled by the F’nig banks (FED) for the last 100 years and that’s why the US has been in more wars around the world for the last 100 years. US.gov doesn’t give a rats ass about your safety or freedoms. The banks want money and power. War is a racket, PERIOD!

          • Give us a break, Jim!

            “Iran can’t be trusted”???!!! Iran has shown great forbearance in the face of pervasive Judaic agitprop.

            Israel cannot be trusted—period.

            The US government, as Israel’s catamite bitch, cannot be trusted—period.

            • I am just sick of the US sticking its nose in other counties business. Clay

          • It will be no cake walk for “that sh*tty little country” (to borrow the French Ambassador Daniel Bernard’s appellation for the genocidal “Jewish state”).

            There are those reports of Ukrainian missiles and nuclear warheads sold to Iran.

            There are those reports of North Korean missiles and Russian warheads sold to Iran.

            There are Russian interests at stake.

            There are Iran’s own statements about missile submarines visiting the East Coast, potentially threatening Tel Aviv-on-the-Hudson, the “international” financier’s Wall Street colony.

            This impending world war may not go according to the fantasies of the Master Race “Chosen People.”

          • I’m sure they were just hiking. Nowhere else to hike but the Iran-Iraq border. If they were looking for unforgiving terrain, there is plenty right here in USA.

            Among other tough environments, we do have a place known as Death Valley.

        • Or Daisy, an attempt to take out a resistance to the NWO??

        • Daisy: What does Iran have that the NWO wants? Independence from the NWO, their crony capitalism, and their one world government.

          Any suggestion that WE need hydrocarbon resources in the Middle East is false. WE have all the energy We need, not just for the foreseeable future in North America, but for all intents and purposes, FOREVER.

          The focus on the ME is to make the US a proxy against all of Israel’s enemies, and have US, take them out, one by one.

          Having said that, I have $100 that Israel does NOT strike Iran in the next two weeks. Any takers?

          I am not a gambler, but I know a sure thing when I see it.

          • I think we are more likely to strike Iran than Israel is. All the posturing I saw on the news today – it’s like a couple of dogs growling and hiking their hind legs. “They must pay a price” “We will increase sanctions”. Blah blah blah. Everyone is just looking for a way to blow them off the map. I’m really getting pretty aggravated at the whole thing.

            • Daisy: Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that Israel will mount a first strike against Iran, eventually. Just not in the next two weeks.

              Ahmadinajad is due to leave office soon (term limits). I think the US and Israel are hoping that the policy in Iran will change once he is out of the government. It won’t. Eventually, Israel will launch a massive preemptive strike against Iran using airline drones and cruise missiles.

              Iran will attack US interests and assets in the Gulf. That’s when WE terminate Iran.

          • USA is afraid to attack Iran. We know that if we do, we have bit a hog in the butt.

      2. The government must think we are very stupid, it’s obvious this is to just draw attention away from Holder, the economy, and Obama’s lame job as president, maybe he thinks if we go to war with Iran, there will be no election in 2012, does anyone remember when it was reported that “Slick Willy” was doing Monica, he immediately ordered cruise missles be fired at Saddam Hussein to draw attention away from that

        • They keep doing it because it works. Even though most people on this site are not so easy to fool, many Americans are right now saying or thinking that we need to teach those Iranians a lesson and us military force to do the teaching. The fact that that means murdering thousands or possibly millions bothers them not a whit. Some people are so easily led it’s almost impossible for a thinking person to believe.

          • I for one don’t really care about Iran, but they are in bed with the Chinese, and the Russions now. I think the punish Iran ship sailed with Carter. Anything we do now is going to cost us dearly, and whoever elese that would be dumb enough to join the party……

        • Not stupid. Just apathetic.

      3. I have it on good authority that the Iranians now have nuclear bombs which fit into their jockey shorts and cruise missiles which can be fired from a human sphincter. This is why all Americans should cheerfully submit to public strip searches wherever we go.

      4. The current admin needs to watch out when calling the KETTLE BLACK

      5. I have read that Syria and Iran want to go off the dollar and only accept the Euro. Hussien did that, right before 9/11. Kadaffi did that right before the revolution. Only with these two guys, they know what happens to countries who abandon the dollar and have said repeatedly, “We have nukes pointed at Isreal. Don’t even think about it.” So, of course we need a reason. I think we will incite WW3 before we let the dollar fail. I used to think the dollar would fail and then we would go to war, but now I am beginning to believe that it could be the other way around.

        • MLG they hate the Euro as much as the Dollar. Only because the Euro is likely to default ahead of the dollar. If they could use another currency they would, but neither Iran or Syria control enough oil to matter. Now if they can get the House of Saud to falter and install their tribal leadership with the support of Venezuela OPEC could decide its “Gold” only for oil.

        • Only about 60% of ALL world trade is in dollars, that is down slightly, but it has never been much more than 70%.

          These are ball park figures, but close enough to understand that while the Dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it is the world’s reserve currency because other nations want to use it as such and continue to do so.

          Russia can talk about the dollar being a “parasite” and worthless, but his fricking Ruble is about 32 to the dollar, so what does that say about his country and his money.

          No one wants it except Belarus.

      6. Goes along with the absurdity of the Washington D.C. government as a whole. I can only hope that Texas eventually secedes from the union. Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona are welcome to join us in forming a new constitutional republic. District of Columbia can burn in hell.

        • Us Okies appreciate that!!!

        • My guess is that Utah will be the first to secede. But regardless of who is first, the bottom line is that the Federal grip will loosen. Can’t come too soon.

          • Now is a good time for succession. What is DC going to do? Drone strikes in SLC or LA?

        • Hey don’t forget about your good brothers in SC! We were first last time.

        • Can I bring Ky?? I promise to drop McConnell in Lexington at one of those elitist’s horse ranches in a big pile!!

        • No thanks Paul. This is MY America.

        • With Perry running for the GOP nomination, I think we can take Texas off the “secedes” possibility for now. This bilderburg attendee has lost a great deal of my respect in recent years. And I’m born, bred, raised native TEXAN!

          • Perry is becoming a “master” of “doublespeak”. I don’t like it!

      7. Anwar ala- wacki has been killed five times by this administration 5 freaking times, he dined at the pentagram, yes its a pentagram, you know the one that was hit with a cruise missle, not a jetliner, the one where donald duck rum-drinker- fields said the day before, 2 trillion dollars was unaccounted for, from the pentagram, i am so angry/frustrated let me stop now.

      8. Well, they’ve already let Pearl Harbor be bombed, they’ve already orchestrated the World Trade Center murders spinning off into two wars, and now they are trying to dance us into World War III…does evil have no limits? We have to ask ourselves: Isn’t it time to “out” these people?
        I find it interesting that everything that happens in the UK in terms of liberties lost, things outlawed, etc., inevitably ends up happening in the US within six months or so. I bet you could find U.S. Sammy’s spider web originating somewhere in the UK. It would be a good place to start looking.

      9. I have no faith in any law enforcement agency or officers anymore. The whole system has been corrupted top to bottom. From the “underwear bomber” BS (setup only to allow the airport nude-o-scanners to be bought… to that fake Christams tree bomber set up by the FBI is seattle….. it is all BS.

        I am sure there are some real things going, but how can anyone tell the real from the fake… follow the money…. follow the motives… who benefits for the results? who wants a war with Iran?

        I am so sick and tired of being sicks and tired…. too often it all adds to to complete horse crap.

        Law enforcement seems to be the pawns of the money men… and they will set up anything to further the making of money… it is obscene.

        We pulled over yesterday for not wearing seatbelts… what a bunch of fking BS… what about motorcycles!!!!! not to mention they promised when they started those saftey belt laws that they would never use it as an excuse to pull people over…. but ….viola… I hate cops so much… I am so disgusted…. why dont they find some real crime? fking money pigs.

        • AMEN sister!! I ride a motorcylce, helmet not required in Oklahoma, I ask the same thing, I have to wear a seatbelt, but I can ride a bike without a helmet, makes no sense

          • Damn right!!!!

            I am still extremely pissed off about this crap. I was just out driving around again today, doing errands spending my dwindling moeny, and they have me in fear of being a fking crimminal for not wearing a fking safety belt??? HOW DARE THEY DO THAT TO ME!!!!

            I have lived here for 50 years and I have been good, never arrested, I have stayed out of trouble, I ahve made the world a better places, and all they do is create new laws until they make me a crimminal…. THAT IS FKING BULLSHT!!!! FINE!!!! OK!!!!! THEY WANT TROUBLE??!!! ARE THEY SURE??!!!!! BECASUE I CAN DO THAT TOO!!! I dont want to…. but ….. fk!!!

            What the hell are cop doing looking so close at a regualar schmoos who are just driving down the street?? WHY THE FK IS HE LOOKING SO CLOSE AT ME…. I AINT DOING ANYTHING BUT LIVING… BUT…. BAM!!!! THERE IT IS… RED LIGHTS FLASHING!!!! PULLING ME OVER… FOR NOT WEARING A FKING SAFTEY BELT???!!!!!! FK THAT!!!!!!!

            ALL ABOUT SAFETY????? FKING BS!!

            NO, THIS IS ABOUT RBLE…
            Revenue Based Law Enforcement… it is about turning good law abiding citizens into PISSED OFF LAW BREAKERS!!!! FK THAT !!!!! AND FK THEM!!!!!!

        • The whole system has been corrupted top to bottom. From the “underwear bomber” BS (setup only to allow the airport nude-o-scanners to be bought…

          Uhhh, rascal, the scanners were already bought, by Chertoff, ex-director of Homeland Security.
          Who ya think instigated the underwear bomber scenario for a reason to use those in airports??

          • Uhhhhh, NO THEY WERE NOT!!! Those scanners were only mass purchased AFTER the underwear bomber. Go check your facts and dates.

      10. Don’s Column
        (Tue and Thu)

        Dumb Government – Part Two
        October 13, 2011

        There are literally hundreds of things dumb governments and dumb presidents have foisted off to the American public. Getting us into World War One is a classic example. Woodrow Wilson wanted us in, and stupid Congress approved it. World War One had nothing whatsoever to do with us! Absolutely NOTHING. It began on June 28, 1914, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated at Sarajevo Serbia, and within two months, German Kaiser Wilhelm promised to help Austria, Austria declared war on Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia, invaded and declared war on France, and Britain declared war on Germany. In the following six months, Turkey sided with Germany, and German Zeppelins flew over Britain and bombed it. On February 19th, 1915, Britain bombed Turkish forts in the Dardanelles. ALL BECAUSE OF ONE ASSASSINATION! See anything that should have involved America? Then, the Lusitania was sunk.

        Politicians just LOVE to keep America in wars, as it keeps the military-industrial complex in profits. In the case of World War One, the sinking of the Lusitania was one of the excuses which got us into it. The Lusitania was a 32,000 ton Cunard liner which sailed from New York in April 1915, and was headed for Liverpool, England. It was bragged that the ship was the largest and fastest ship of any plying the Atlantic, and could easily out run any German submarine. All went well, till the ship was in sight of the Irish coast on May 7th. It was torpedoed by a German submarine and sunk in 18 minutes with 1153 drowned. It soon was discovered that the Lusitania had 4200 cases of small arms ammunition on board, and that’s why she was sunk. America was stupidly involved. The German submarine had not bothered any number of other ships…which were not carrying ammunition. Presto! America joined in a war which had absolutely nothing to do with us! 4,272,500 Americans were drafted or joined, and my Dad was one of them. He could never understand why we were in it. He never went overseas, so he came out OK. It cost America 117,000 dead and 240,000 wounded. Of course all the British nations had to get involved, but it had nothing to do with Britain either, for that matter. Supposed the Brits had no gotten involved? Would it have been a mere skirmish which would have soon been solved?

        World War One killed 15 million, and wounded 20 million. All because of one assassination. World War One cost $186 billion in 1918 dollars, and $151 Billion in related costs. It got Russia into Communism, Italy into Fascism, destroyed four empires, and was in all probability responsible for the 1918 flu which killed 25 Million people world wide.

        Would it have been even a third as bad if America had said, “No thanks?” A Dumb government decision, and actions which killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the Treaty of Versailles brought Hitler into Power. World War One was an unmitigated horror and disaster, and there was simply no excuse for America to have ever gotten involved. Just another example of dumb government, and we all suffer from its mistakes.

        • If you are interested in more background, check out the sinking of the Lusitania passenger liner by a German U-boat. That was the straw that got the USA into WWI. Also, be aware that the Lusitania was re-routed by the British Admiralty into known U-boat territory! The British government needed the USA to enter WWI and this ploy was highly successful.

          It’s always been this way – – easily led!

        • Not Dumb. Planned.

        • Don’t forget the border “clash” at Walwal or the Gulf of Tonkin.

          One thing about all of the armchair marines always pushing for war, this time they may actually get to see it. When one of them is holding his daughter’s lifeless body, her head exploded by a 50 cal round and her intestines in his hands he will probably decide that war ain’t as much fun as it looked in the movies.

          The chaos, the gangs, the lack of food, fuel & power and the destroyed economy are all things I can prepare for and view as simply problems to be resolved. Actual military conflict on our soil where my children and grandchildren live is different.

          I know two women that have recently lost sons that had not yet attained the age of twenty years old. The pain, the destruction of their lives is so upsetting to watch. The reality is that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to mitigate the pain. I have 7 kids & grandkids. If these bastards bring war here to cover their crimes I shall not rest until justice is done.

          • As a vet, I say amen POA. I’m with you.

          • I went to war so my son wouldn’t have too…looks like I spoke too soon.

        • Just read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, to put these kinds of events into context.

          • I haven’t read the book, but have watched the video of Griffin talking about the book on YouTube. It is excellent. This is what “woke” me up more than anything else. The pieces start falling into place and things really start to make sense. You start to see how corrupt our own government is.

            War on Poverty + War on Drugs + War on Terror = MONEY!

            G. Edward Griffin talks about “The Creature From Jekyll Island”

            Also watch, Money Master.

            Orwell predicted this kind of bs in his book 1984. Who are we at war with today? Is it Eurasia or Eastasia? What’s the purpose of war?

          • Mark and Friends – The Creature from Jekyll Island is excellent but it’s a bit of an effort at 600+ pages. For a summary, there’s an animated half hour video that covers approximately the same material, called The American Dream. You can see it here:


            When watching look for a red shield and keep in mind that is the translation of Rothschild.

          • I read that book in 96. I think it had just come out and I found it at an American Opinion bookstore. Those were run by JBS. (John Birch Society). I bought a case of hardcover ones and gave them away. Don’t know if it did any good.

            The short story is that Creature is, in itself, quite an education. I don’t see it’s length (600+ pages) as a problem. I started it and could hardly put it down. Finished it in about a week. I took it to the manager of the company I worked for and told him to just read the first 10 pages. I knew he’d be hooked, LOL. The next day I asked if he had started it and he admitted being into it over 100 pages and had hardly slept. He gave it back to me two weeks later with the statement: “thanks for ruining my life.”

            The truth is that we now have a government we do not trust. For example, many here believe 9/11 was a government job. Having experience in steel construction and common sense mechanics I have issues with ALL of the scenarios both from the government and from A&E 4 the truth. I wasn’t involved in the planning or the execution of the events of that day so I cannot, 100%, say who is or is not guilty. That being said, the salient point is that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that our government was involved and millions of folks are aware of that. That fact speaks volumes about how we believe (or not) in the character of our leaders.

            I would love to agree with DK in his assesssment of the timetable for the SHingTF but it seems to me that events are moving too rapidly and things are very likely to spin out of control.

        • Recall that Freemasons announced their three world war plan in the 19th century, their goal being a one world government under the auspices of “the Great Architect” (Lucifer) and to rebuild the Temple of Solomon for the seat of the anti-Christ.

          You fail to see that World War 1 was a religious war, the war of Judeo-Masonry against the last Catholic empire. The Catholic Church and Catholic states had been the only worldwide, principled, and effective resistance against Judeo-Masonry. To accomplish their goal it was necessary to destroy and/or subvert the Catholic Church and Empires.

          The Spanish-American War (started by the USA using the false fag USS Maine sinking) destroyed the [Catholic] Spanish Empire. World War 1 (started by Gavril Princeps and other Jewish Masons of their Black Hand Lodge) destroyed the [Catholic] Holy Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire.

          World War 1 failed to corral the world into the Masonic League of Nations, so World War 2 was necessary to corral the world into the United Nations.

          To destroy the power of the Catholic Church it was necessary to destroy and/or subvert the Church. Bela Dodd, a Jewish-Communist convert to Catholicism testified to Congress that in the 1920’s thousands of Communists [and perverts] were sent into seminaries to destroy the Church. Through the machinations of two popes sympathetic to Communism and Judeo-Masonry (Roncalli/John XXIII and Montini/Paul VI) the Second Vatican Council succeeded in accelerating that process. The Novus Ordo (post-Vatican 2 “Catholic” Church) has been so Judaized and Protestantized that it would be unrecognizable as Catholic by any pre-Vatican 2 Catholic. We are warned of such a “revolt” preceding the appearance of the “man of sin..the son of perdition” who will be “worshipped” in the Temple and work “lying wonders.” See II Thessalonians chapter 2, paying special attention the what happens to those who do not love the truth (verse 10):

          World War 3 will be “necessary” to consolidate Judeo-Luciferian rule over the entire world.

          Get your soul clean because horrifying times are coming our way. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

      11. The minute I heard it on the news I thought “False Flag” concocted just to get the attention off Fast & Furious…and everything else going on.
        Congress people are already talking about Suspended Elections.
        Keep prepping!

        • This “Iranian plot assasination” has taken alot of focus in the news in the MSM.

          Maybe the PTB needed something to get the news focus off “Fast and Furious” and Eric Holder.

          • KY Mom, Hi That is what I think. That want to take the attention off of Holder. And where is the picture of the guy who got away. Shouldn’t there be a picture of him so we can catch this guy. Something is very wrong with this story.
            Something is indeed”rotten in the State of Denmark”.
            Keep alert, they are up to something. What has Iran said about this? Are they pissed?

      12. As I’ve said before.. war is coming. The only question is with whom and when. Not if.

        • Sad to say, you are probably correct.

      13. Thankfully God laughs at the folly of man! Anyone who jokes about bombing another people is sick at best. There are thousands of moral, honest Americans in LEAs and the DOD but some of the people in positions of leadership will be called to account by a higher authority and it won’t be pleasant. Let us pray that our nation returns to some measure of sanity before the whole planet goes up in smoke!

      14. I honestly (THEY) are going to set off a —-, you fill in the blanks, some say oh they need the people to contine to work ans pay taxes, they dont benefit if people are killed. LISTEN TO ME , THEY DONT CARE, IT IS THEIR GOAL TOO KILL AS MANY NON CONFORMIST AS POSSIBLE! There i feel better already, Mac how about a panic button?

        • You got it and so do others. That makes me feel better.
          Love this sight, I usually feel better after reading how many (here) see the same things I do/have. Thanks Copout.

          • Your Welcome, Believe Me Its My Pleasure, One Of The Few I Have LEFT!

      15. OPPS: You see dont post when your mad, I honestly think they are going to set off a.

      16. First comes the decision to go to war, then comes the justification.

        Nothing new here…

        • Gods Creation,

          And then comes the construction companies to rebuilt the poor country.

          My best wishes for health and courage.

      17. Why is there no picture or description of the other guy involved in the assasination attempt; who is still at large? This is an intentional plan to set up Israel. They want you to think it is a coverup for Holder and fast and furious, but it is not. In my opinion, the president wants Israel to bomb iran, and they will indeed soon, and then abandon Israel so that they will be destroyed. The house of cards is starting to fall, and we are in the middle of the deck. They have no idea what they are unleashing. It will not be what they envision. A new world order is on the way…

        • Not at my house!

        • Dang…that slipped right by me. You are right. WHY is there no description…all citizen alert to find this guy. That little fact (lack of any info on this other terrorist, just blew this little screenplay out of the water. I love how this administration gets on TV within hours of an ‘event’ talking about how not to listen to conspiricy theories and that don’t worry, they will “prove” what they are saying. How about some proof when the news breaks. What a major flaw in this…good eye.

        • “set up Israel”???

          You have that upside down.

      18. I’ll bet a buck to a doughnut the Iranians know little to nothing about this mess. But you can bet Obama is in it up to his neck. This would polarize the electorate and get him reelected. Obama is slipping in the polls, Holder is starting to look like a crook, most of Obamas cabinet has deserted him, none of his policies have worked, the populous don’t trust him anymore, his donors? Well they aint around much, his mouth has written checks that his ass cant cash, basically the boy wonder is hosed, he needs desperately a polarizing event. This might be it.

        • Hammerun: You are correct, same old, same old! Thats probably why i wear Polarized sunglasses!

        • I suppose it is too much to ask that some congress critter or the Secret Service acknowledges that Obama committed a felony when he released a copy of a forged birth certificate. Not only could we get his dumb ass out of the White House we would have reason to prosecute all of the enablers from Royce Lambreth to John Boehner (sp?) to Pelosi, et al.

          Anymore I think I’d be really happy with 40 acres and access to the ocean for fresh fish. I’m getting tired of reality.

          • Uhh, BP sorta took care of the fresh fish on the southern coast…Japan’s nuke problems sorta took care of the fish on the west coast.
            Would you settle for the Great Lakes??
            Oh yeah, I forgot…China is messing in that area stealing our water.

            • BP sure did a lousy job of it. Fish are flowing out of the Gulf just like they did before. It took Obama to make the problems last more than a month.

      19. we will be taken care of(if you get my drift) individually or in small groups. The only way to peacefully fight back against what is happening is if millions were to peacefully start to protest in the right places.

      20. Suspend elections, martial law, bye bye second amendment, confiscation of preps,inflation, revolution on wall street idiots looking for obama to be reelected or appointed dictator, no jobs, fast and futile, nothing to see lemmings watch TV, sports, dumbarican idull, dancing with former stars, etc we’ll take care of you through more socialism and govt programs.
        I see this as a false flag to draw attention from above reasons and crush any dissent from the people who want the constitution and rule of law. Luck all, its going to get ugly.

        • Of course its planned. We have plans for attacking Venezuela, China, Russia, and any other nation that could attack us. Its what military does – they plan. Why is that such a scandal? I’d rather they make the plans now then when they have too after emotions are high during a war.

          • China and Russia plans I would understand… but come on! do you intend to tell me that VENEZUELA can attack your country???? get real dude. just same propaganda is spouted by Putkin’s Russia – “Georgia will attack us” “we must prepare”
            sorry for spontaneous anger, but lately I have troubles managing my emotions… ask me why 🙂

        • Yeah that’s a good video. Finally, Gen Clark gets it! He might make a good president now that he understands how the American government has been infiltrated by Dual Citizens.

          Notice he mentions Richard Perlman by name. A man who has given American secrets to Israel and is not only NOT in jail, but still operating as a spy and an anaylyst in OUR government.

        • Uh, I sure hope you aren’t taking miss Wesley seriously. The guy jumped the shark years and years ago. A sorry example of the type of political animal that infests our military when there’s no serious war to fight.

      21. Politics and War allways have shared the same bed.

        We can prepare all we want.. if we head into another war (which all indicators point in that direction) the US economy will GREATLY worsen and we ALL endure a economic prison term for many years to come..

        • It’s not a war, it’s a kinetic military action. Screw Congress, we don’t need their approval either!

      22. Live from the White House reality show. Operation Bomb Iran to distract you from Operation Fast and Furious.

        • I agree. The whole Solindra thing pisses me off; but that was only fiat money. Fast and Furious cost people their lives. Not just one of our agents; but most likely hundreds of innocent Mexicans. F&F will hopefully land several people in jail as accessories to murder. There are still many hundreds of those guns roaming around Mexico and probably in the US as well. The real death toll from this thing will only be known by God. And they reportedly did all of this to try and pin illegal gun sales on various gun dealers.. the depths of depravity such an action would take, is, thankfully, far beyond my comprehension.

          • I keep saying that Obama, Bitch Hillary, Holder and everyone else involved should be arrested and extradited to Mexico for trial.

            • I agree.. except Mexico has no death penalty..

      23. Im guessing many of you have noticed how Desencetised people have become to the threat, or act of going to War.
        I see it in myself as well, and it really creeps me out when I stop and think about it.
        I seem to remember a time past when war and rumors of war were taken seriously.
        This mindset is just disgusting.

      24. It’s good to be skeptical, but Peepee Escobar and Alex Jones are both nutjobs, and neither let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Obama is too unpopular to pull off a ruse this big–somebody in the intell community would blow the whistle.

        • +1 to that, .44 Mag. !!

        • Those within the circle establishment would not blow the whistle. The establishment has long ceased to represent America’s best interests and treason is rampant. Alex Jones has nadda credibility as a reliable source.

          Living in fear is no way to live. Effective action is the answer!

        • Your kidding right? Obama is the biggest “ruse” in this entire equation!

        • Obama is the “ruse”. He is set up to be hated by the time he leaves office….so far he’s doing a damn good job getting that done!!

          • The guy from Kenya is just another patsy.

            The “international” banksters and financiers looted the USA (along with the rest of the world). They bug out and leave the affirmative action “president” from Kenya holding the bag.

            Seems to me like their inside joke. After all, this is their orthodox teaching straight from the mouth of their most famous Rabbi Maimonides, “the Great Rambam.” Available on Google Books:

            “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” Maimonides explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,” Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.


      25. Quote: One small mistake in this high stakes game could mean the lives of not millions, but billions of people.

        I have often felt that government(s) would like to see the population reduced. (At least those that do not pay taxes. They pay for birth control, want to stop prostate screenings-there are probably many more examples-Could use help on that point).

        Maybe war is their solution. I am not enough of an economist to calculate the advantages but would guess that less food and raw materials would be used up.

        Regardless, when I heard about this story, the first word out of my mouth was “BULLSHIT”. That is one word, isn’t it?
        What ever happenrd to the Zero Population Growth Movement?

      26. I dont know about the rest of you people, but Im really getting tired of this shit

      27. “BULLSHIT”, does sum it up nicely.

      28. This hilarious story has the clumsy fingerprints of Isareli’s all over it.
        Don’t fall for it, it’s just another lie designed to get the suckers (non-Jews) in the US to sacrifice their children and money destroying another one of Israel’s enemies.

        • Please let us not go down that It’s the Jews fault again. Didn’t that already happen in 1936. The Jews are not to blame for the world’s problems. It is the elist that want the NWO. I am positive their are many in that group that are not Jews. That is what they want, us looking around saying it’s that groups fault or another group.All the while the NWO crowd are making their plans and carrying them out to bring us under the beast system of the One World System.Israel is not our problem.

          stay prayed up really, keep prepping

      29. *WARNING WARNING WARNING* Im sounding the alarm…things are getting very BAD. United States preparing the groundwork for War with Iran. This plan is devised to get us into World War Three and out of an Economic Depression. Unfortunately its not going to get us out of anything and its only going to bring the current world empires to their knees and allow the New World Order to establish itself. While this unfolds over the next several months the United States will continue to decay into anarchy and lawlessness. We will become a military state in a constant battle with rogue gangs, tribes, anarchists, etc. This will all unfold over the next year and a half in my opinion.

        • “Time-line” too optimistic. Weeks, possibly months, years: I don’t think so!

        • Tony

          I got a 1 oz troy bar that says this will no bring us to our knees in the next several months…Yes we will see some shtf but here is the deal bud, you are preaching to the choir. Been coming to this site for 11 months now,and yes the signs are everywhere, but you have to think about the folks you are telling this too…Most all of us here have thrown all our guns in the lake nobody has any preps, most of us don’t know how to garden or make power for our families and we all get those gov handouts. Now for the bad news ( Are you f-kking crazy? )Do you really think we have not all planned for this? Once again preaching to the choir.

          No disrespect intended,

        • Whoa! Tony! Take it easy pal! Not one of us on here believe that. Truly. Not one. Maybe 20 or 50 or 5,000 but not one.

          No, really, sounding the alarm can make you look foolish.

          I use the “Circling The Drain” analogy. The plugs been pulled and we’re circling ever closer to the abyss. Sometimes a little more water is poured in and we move away from the drain. But, make no mistake about it, we’re not going into the abyss just yet. I think we may be *HANING*OVER*THE*EDGE* but we’re not falling yet.

          BTW, don’t use “anarchists” in a bad way. Unbenknownst to most of the people on here, they are borderline anarchists. Anarchists are just tired of the “archists” and their crimes.

      30. Hey Mac! I keep seen Ron Paul supporters on here. I think it high time you had a SHTFPlan straw poll!

        Hey! Its easier than a forum and almost as fun. …for a while.


      31. I live by the coast in so cal. I’ve been watching military jets fly on the same path going north east for about two weeks straight. I work outdoors and noticed that about every 5 to 10 minutes a jet follows the same path as the previous one. I’ve seen all kinds of fighters and bombers. They fly just high enough and slow enough that they don’t attract too much attention. As soon as I pointed it out to a few people they started noticing it too. Seen literally hundreds of jets. They’re staging something big imo.

      32. SO…. Let me get this straight.

        Iran’s security apparatus, the only one in the middle east to successful, albeit immorally and brutally, shut down dissident protesters, hired an unsuccessful used car salesman to hire a mexican narcoterrist to bomb a restaurant in order to try to assassinate a saudi ambassador.

        Now, BO trying to milk it for all it has got is understandable, but really how far can they go. Are they going to dust off Colin Powell and have him point to yellow cake uranium and aluminum centrifuge tubes?

        Let’s say they were successful and were able to assassinate a saudi ambassador by restaurant bomb. Sure that would be another black eye to USA and saudi arabia and interfere with the relations, but most likely both USA and saudi would double down on their current programs. Is the current ambassador not replaceable? What if he quits or has some embarrassing bad habits that come to light which makes him ineffective. What if he has a heart attack or slips in the bathtub and is out of work for a while, do they not have a replacement?

        It just doesn’t add up. I think this will fizzle out and the administration will count this as a win on the ongoing score card to use at a later date because they have very little leverage with iran. Now if they wanted to have more leverage, why don’t they open up iran to Limited trade. That is not one where all the jobs go to them but where we export things like toothpaste, skateboards, hollywood crap, designer clothes, ipods, and chevy cruzes. That way when they start pulling their crap we cut them off, and no more ipod usb dongles, KFC chicken wings, or chevy alternators. Then the next protest will surely be successful when the young and restless are charged 2x as much for net-flix subscriptions.

      33. As with every situation, it is more complicated than the reductionists want to make it.

        Is Iran actually a threat? Yes, at least it’s leaders are, they are psychotic, just listen to their words, which we should take at face value.

        Will their words be used against them by those in power in other countries to further a completely unrelated agenda? Yes, most certainly.

        Everything feeds off everything else and one thing happening can and will be used as the segue into another action.

        We are dealing with the uber corrupt here, on both sides, playing their games at our expense.

          • http://www.amazon.com/Good-Old-Days-Perpetrators-Bystanders/dp/1568521332/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318614887&sr=1-1

            In his letter, I’manutjob, does his best to absolve Germany of their actions towards Jews in WW2. I am well aware of you assertion that the Jews declared war on Germany but Jews certainly were not treated as humans by the Germans. As a young soldier stationed in Mons, Belgium during the 70’s I had the “privilege” of going to Germnan prisoner of war camps. As a tough young 21 year old I can tell you that the “in your face” history in those places brought me to tears. No human has the right to treat any other human with such cruelty.

            The islamic ideology not only allows for mendacity, it is encouraged when used to advance the goals of world dominion as is the stated goal of the islamic cult.


            I simply wish to keep the actions and beliefs of the anti-semites out in the open when we discuss responsibility for historical and present day events. That Jews were hunted down and murdered with less dignity than shown cattle at a slaughterhouse is beyond question. Would that fact remove the culpability they have for negative events if your assertions are true and correct? No. It would not mitigate their responsibility.

            Will humans ever know the entire truth? I don’t know. I honestly do not have a desire for anything beyond the truth to the best of my ability.

            I do not post here that I have no doubts about anything beyond my ability to consume good food and wine, LOL. Searching for the truth requires one to question everything and make judgements based upon one’s own logic, experiences and knowledge.

            At this point I must confess that muslims, ghetto dwellers and politicians are higher on my “don’t trust” list than Jews. I do try to look at the information you post with an open mind and that is mainly because you come across as a very educated and, in my mind, honest individual. I appreciate your efforts and enjoy learning about your points.


            • You too seem thoughtful and honest, even when we disagree.

              How many Germans alive today had anything to do with World War 2?

              Do you believe that guilt is inherited? That you are responsible for what your grandfather did?

              More to the point, Ahmadinejad’s point in the letter, did a bunch of 1948 Palestinian shepherds. olive farmers, and merchants deserve to be genocided by New York and Russian Jews because some 1940’s Germans incarcerated/killed some German Jews? It is not Ahmadinejad who is psychotic for asking that point, but the Jews who justify their genocide of Palestinians, then and now, because of what some 1940’s Germans did.

              What about 2011 Palestinian grammar school kids? Do they deserve to have the Holy People rain white phosphorus on them because 1940’s Germans incarcerated/killed some Jews? It is not Ahmadinejad who is psychotic for asking that point, but the Jews who justify genocide of goyim based on satanic teachings like this:

              The hypocritical Chosen People will damn Germans for all eternity* for what their forebears did—and didn’t (!)—do, but it is “antisemitic” to even timidly criticize any Jew today who is responsible for killing anyone past or present. What rubbish.

              Either everyone inherits guilt from their ancestors OR nobody inherits guilt from their ancestors.

              As a Catholic, I take responsibility for my own actions. I think that is a sane position.

              The Chosen People should not be allowed to schizophrenically change the “rules” so that (1) Chosen People are absolved from any guilt no matter what evil they actually perpetrate now or perpetrated in the past, while
              (2) insisting that it is perfectly fine for Chosen People to genocide people who weren’t even alive in WW 2.

              The Always Sinless Chosen People’s double-standard is psychotic, not Ahmadinejad.

              * e.g., “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.” Elie Wiesel: Legends of Our Time, “Appointment with Hate, NY, Avon, 1968, pp. 177-178.)

            • “Searching for the truth requires one to question everything and make judgements based upon one’s own logic, experiences and knowledge.”

              AND God’s graces. Faith is an undeserved gift from God.

              When I came upon 2 Thessalonians 2:10, it stopped me in my tracks. It is a verse that requires—and deserves— much thought and prayer. One must love the truth or God will send them “the operation of error to believe lies.”


      34. Just saw this on Drudge Report

        Obama Spoke About Fast and Furious Before Holder Claimed He Knew…

        • Pretty sure he spoke about it before Holder said he knew since it was most likely the Kenyan’s idea.

      35. Oh come on gubmint, at least don’t do it just to make We People here WRONG!

        We really would like to end up being WRONG by you, the gubmint becoming RIGHT!

      36. Even on this blog too many people are trusting Zionist hasbara [agitprop] and guzmah [lies so bold that anyone should know they are lies].


        (1) scholarship (including Torah scholarship), (2) sexuality, and (3) hospitality
        The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol II, p.49

        (4) lying to gentiles (Baba Kamma 113a)

        (5) for “peace” (meaning, “it’s OK to lie to keep out of trouble”) (Yebamoth 65b)

        (6) when everyone should know you are lying, “guzmah” (Hullin 90b)

        It is strictly forbidden to moser [inform the non-Judaic authorities on] either a Jewish person or his property. One who mosers a Jewish person or his property has no share in the world to come. (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat, 388)

        The Culture of Deceit, Parts 1 & 2

        Swindlers’s List

      37. Please get Ron Paul elected. Ron Paul is the best hope for not only you Americans, but also the rest of us. If he is not elected president, there is no stopping this.

      38. You’d think they would have gotten the message from G_d by now what with all the pain delivered to their door?

        “Hey everybody! We just want you to know! G_d loves us more than all of you!”

        ROFLMAO Get a clue! Dah!

        So your beliefs also make you the de facto leader of mankind? I see where you’re leading!

      39. What did the Church Lady say on Saturday night live? How convenient!

        On FOX News this morning Senator Feinstein said the previous sanctions did not go far enough and what needs to be done is to go after the Iranian Central bank. Interesting, central banks in a time like this; who would have figured? The inflection in her voice sounded scripted.

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