Absolutely Sick: South Dakota Police Force Catheter Into Handcuffed Suspect for Drug Test

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    In this day an age, it’s baffling that some people still think that we live in a free country. All you need to do is learn about how we treat people who are guilty of using illegal drugs, and you’ll know that this isn’t true.  And I’m not just talking about how we throw thousands of these people in jail every year for a non-violent offenses. The way the police find out if these people are using drugs is sometimes horrific. It certainly is in South Dakota.

    Last year, police from the Pierre Police Department in South Dakota responded to a domestic dispute call, and arrived at the home of Dirk Sparks. When the cops noticed that he was acting “fidgety” they asked him to provide a urine sample for a drug test. Sparks refused, so the police obtained a warrant to force Sparks to provide a urine sample.

    In South Dakota, that means that a forced catheterization is in order. Sparks was taken to a hospital, handcuffed and hooded with a black mesh bag, and held down by four police officers as a nurse forced a catheter into his urethra. A fifth officer filmed the incident. His urine sample tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine. He was later sent to jail, and released in March of 2016 on time served with a suspended sentence.

    “It was degrading,” Sparks told the Argus Leader, a major newspaper in South Dakota.  “I was angry. I felt like my civil rights were being violated.” Sparks admitted that after the incident, it was painful to urinate for weeks, and he still has nightmares. “I didn’t actually think they were going to go through with it. Even when we went to the hospital, I thought it was a threat.”

    But his story pales in comparison to what the same police department did to the son of Kirsten Hunter, a 3-year-old boy. After her boyfriend failed a drug test last February, the police wanted her children to be drug tested as well.

    Pierre police officers and a Department of Social Services employee showed up at her home and said if her kids couldn’t produce urine, they would be taken from her. Hunter said her son isn’t potty-trained. So while she and her 5-year-old daughter were able to provide a urine sample, her young son couldn’t.

    He was held down and forcibly catheterized by nurses.

    “They just shoved it right up there, and he screamed so bad,” Hunter said. “He’s still dealing with a staph infection, and we are still giving him medication.”

    This is what our government does to people who are merely suspected of being drug users. This what our government does to innocent children in the name of the drug war. To reach this point, our nation passed the Rubicon of tyranny long ago. This is not a free country anymore, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


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      1. Every time a pig gets shot its a good day. No need for “law enforcement” in an armed society.

        • So, if your neighbor is playing loud music and keeping you awake at 2:00am, you’re going to go over and blow them away? You’re an idiot! Police serve a purpose… there are plenty of good “pigs” out there, but apparently a shortage of intelligently armed citizens. BTW, I’m a NRA life member, meat head.

          • Absolutely they serve a purpose: They are the muscle of the state. Sure, there are good ones (Sgt Dale comes to mind and some others…) but, like guns, in the hands of tyrants and despots they are dangerous to life and liberty. What if you had a certain type of gun. Oh, say a Smith and Wesson 44 mag revolver and they passed a law that anything you did with that revolver was ok. Murder. Shooting up peoples’ houses. Drive by shootings. Bank robberies. If you did it with that gun, then its OK. Now take cops: Steal. Rape. Murder. Assault. They are the aforementioned S&W 44mag in the hands of the state. We don’t need more good cops. We need cop accountability. Cops get away with almost anything with either nothing or a slap on the wrist. Eventually, they’ll be held accountable. Its why we have guns. They say the cops enforce the law. Thats the biggest crock of shit ever shoveled: they enforce policy. POLICE(y). Get a clue. Policy is not law. They enforce the policy of the corporate state that you are immune to as a citizen and then the call it the law. Keep saying they serve a purpose. Maybe somone will believe. They just don’t serve MY purpose, they serve the purpose of the state: to control you.

            • Guess you never herd the story of good old Sargent Dale before he was a Sargent. Look in the archives for that story. Ask them scared little boy of good old Dale is a good cop.

          • If you are an NRA member you are as dumb as a post. The NRA has done much to negotiate your 2nd amendment rights away as the dumb ass communist, progressive idiots in both parties.. DERP and I’m an NRA member… that’s laughable.

          • Redcoats did ‘good things’ in 1776

          • Wayne, why do you assume that an armed private citizen cannot do what police do — and walk over there and tell the neighbor to turn down the noise? Further, why do you assume that if the neighbor disobeys the police order, that the police will do anything different than the armed private citizen might?

            Police regularly shoot people for disobeying orders they are under no obligation to obey — how is being ‘blown away’ by the cops any different than being ‘blown away’ by an armed private citizen?

      2. Don’t do drugs asshole.

        • You sound a little fidgety, to me.

          • There was a reason they were called pigs in the 60’s.

            • The “pigs” are directed by the SWINE SH*t above them. aka Masonic satanist pedophiles.

            • Badges ARE REDCOATS. welcome to the early 1770’s.

          • Here, pee in this cup.

        • You must be nuts this goes far beyond using drugs. This police dept. needs a serious investigation all should be fired and have the very same thing done to them. What on earth no ONE should be treated like this.

        • I hate drugs,
          I hate drugs that Doctors peddle.
          I hate drugs that Mexican Cartels peddle.
          I hate drug cartels and believe the US Army should hunt down Mexican cartel members and execute.
          I also hate vaccinations and flu shots that the US government peddles that give children autism, kills them, has cancer virus in those shots. Flu shots are a depopulation measure.

          But let it be known if ANYONE tries to push a catheter or a needle for a forced blood draw. I am more that prepared to defend myself until the TYRANTS are dead or I am dead. If it is worth your life. Try it. You will not pull that garbage on me without someone loosing their life.

          I watched American people MURDERED in Harvey County Correctional Facility Located in Newton Kansas USA. Newton is 60 miles North of Wichita Kansas.
          -No phone call.
          -No bail.
          -No lawyer.
          -No arraignment.
          -No water.

          Drugged food and beverage that jailers served, that Killed your fellow Americans.
          Human organs were then harvested from the dead prisoners.
          The Jailers are MURDERERS. The Police-Judge-Jailers then confiscated assets of prisoners after they murdered them. White skinned foreigners speaking with flat perfect midwest accents in english, but spoke a eastern european language in private among themselves were the jailers.

          No Law Enforcement will Investigate and STOP these murders at Harvey County Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas.

          • As I said before cops are nothing be a thug in a uniform.

          • I worked at the local city/county jail here in my town as head of the medical department; only lasted eight hours before I quit. Didn’t like the way it was run, and I was not going to be held responsible.

          • Vaccinations don’t cause autism. The guy who linked the two couldn’t reproduce his results, and other people using the same methodology he claimed to have used couldn’t reproduce them either. It eventually came to light that he couldn’t produce those results the first time either, and had just lied about finding a connection between vaccination and autism.

            But what do facts matter in the face of what people feel deep down is true? So we have people — men, women, children — dying of easily prevented diseases, so terrified of maybe getting autism that they gladly die in droves. Here’s the crucial issue though: death is worse than autism.

        • Sum Zero,
          Don’t agree with the meth part. But if an adult wants to smoke their brains out that’s their business. If you don’t like the fact people smoke a little weed or other substances too bad.

        • Do me too!

        • Another perp’s pecker perforated. Prolly saved him from a life of being a druggie. Thanks cops?

        • They should get a warrant for brain tissue and pull a lobotomy out his nose.

        • Go worship at the feet of your pig gods jerk.

        • you stupid inbred freak . you have no right to tell anyone not to do drugs . what one does to themselves is no business of another so long as they do not harm others . NO VICTIM – NO CRIME . move to indonesia where you will fit in just fine .

        • It’s called LIBERTY ASSHOLE. As long as I don’t harm you or your property I can do what I want Another brainwashed fool.

      3. http://www.go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com

        Tomorrow April 12, 2017 at 6:00pm eastern and 3:00pm pacific
        There will be a free showing of part one which will run 23 hours only
        Following day a different episode runs again for 23 hours

        This seven part series can be purchased for educational purpose
        However you get this small window of opportunity to see it free.

        The first episode discusses retro viruses/animal viruses in vaccines.
        This panel of doctors includes both pro and con vaccine.

        Be Informed.


        • B,thanx for heads up,that said,you realize will be copied and mirrored on net forever,right?!I will not commit to a schedule,that is the value of the net in me book!That said,again,thanks for info.

      4. As a retired nurse, I can cath a person without causing pain. I was responsible for changing out patients catheters once a month, and became quite good at it. There are some nurses who are just rough. They cops did get a warrant. The children are another story. This should not have been done on them, too traumatic to say the least. It would have been better for the children to have drawn blood. Still not pleasant, but less traumatic. I would sue over the staph infection in the children; sterile procedures were not followed. This was so not necessary for the children.

        • Total BULLSHIT to do such procedures on anyone without their permission. F*#K the warrants. Traitorous judges can sign the warrants whenever they want.

      5. Mac:
        Please get my post thru ASAP. One must sign up prior to viewing time and will receive confirmation and be able to watch this important video documentary-series.


        __ you might want to watch, too and write your own unbiased article about vaccines.

        Just a suggestion. ?


        • B look up Jared kushner belongs to Rothschild doomsday cult.

          • Long dong, you’re an idiot

      6. A catheter. Ouch. That hurts.

        Kind of like rape.

        These psychos in power can be put in check by the people.
        Alone we may be powerless. Bound together like broken straws, we are strong.


        • kinda like rape??? look it up . it’s rape by any definition !

      7. Let a few of these medical professionals who assist in such things be tracked down…………….

      8. I don’t always agree to what some Officers do, but they obtained a warrant. A Judge signed off on this and they found that the turds were taking drugs, and they got caught.

        Simple don’t get into a Domestic while you are on drugs!!! I’ll bet that they had been at that residence several times in the past for the same DAMN thing. I know I’ve had to respond to domestics at the same place over and over again. It is the same thing causing them.
        Alcohol or Drugs. Or Drugs and Alcohol!!!!!


        • “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” or, to be more precise, the voice of mindless “authority”, we must be obeyed.

          With LEO like you we don’t stand a chance! Did you also agree to that guy being forcibly dragged off the plane? And how about “I felt my life was endangered, so I shot the mutha – how was I to know that he was physically/mentally impaired?”

        • Anyone who thinks this is Ok,especially the kids urine sample,well…..,they ARE the enemy and needed to be treated as such.The bullshit like this in our country makes me almost has me looking forward to the crash!

          Don’t get into a domestic while drunk or on drugs?!How about just don’t get into a domestic,leave,stay at friends home,end relationship and get your life moving forward.I mean,tis it OK to beat the fuck out of husband/wife/kid ect. when stone cold sober?!

          • We should start naming names and addresses . And publish photos of these gov. Employees and nurses. I want to know the name of the nurse that used a catheter on a 3 year old instead of waiting for the kid to go. But as written the Tares will burn. Can you imagine one of these rats trying to explain to God how this was nesesary. A judge signed a warrant ? So I can do it to a child? These people are sick powermad scum. I guess the judge was the worse? What’s worse taking illegal drugs. Or doing what these government rats did?

          • War.
            I agree with y0ou 100% that the child should have been let to another test, like hair, blood test. But to use a Catheter. How Ridiculous!!!

            • I do not agree with testing anyone,why the child?The parents show no care/damages to child remove child,though protective services as if not more damaging then bad parents.

        • The false alternatives, here, are real corkers.

          Your response to couple’s disputes is to shove some strange contraption up a penis.

        • If the officer suspected marijuana would it has elicited the same response from the legal system when one state or two over its perfectly legal? There is a problem how liberty and human rights are defined in the US.

          Largely post 911 there has been an increasing tolerance for authoritarianism. Let me see them wrestle down some 30 year old WWII combat vet and tell him this is what they’re going to do.

          • Increasing tolerance for authoritarianism? More like the state is galloping into it since 9/11.

            I personally would not have a problem with these victims paying a “visit” to this judge or the individual police involved. If the state is going to commit real crimes against our electorate, they need to pay the price.

            • Its said on this site that this is an accepted codified legal procedure. Anarchy is not a good response. The people have given this authority via the rule of law and it needs to be removed in the same fashion.

              • No reversal through the republican process! We are too far gone down the road to eventual police state totalitarianism. As much as I hate to think this, let alone say it, the only way to take back this country from the government thugs will be through the use of force. I’m almost glad that I’m too darned old to worry about it. In less than twenty years this once-great nation will be in the midst of either civil war or a state of total governmental control. I just hope I don’t live to experience it.

          • i know a nam vet who kicked the shit out of five cops once because they stuck their nose in the wrong ass . two went to the emergency room . he was unarmed .

        • what makes that a cops job?

          why is a domestic a cops job?

          • I’ll tell you what makes both of those Cops jobs

            Money for the over lords , to force their rule upon whom ever they choose , but never themselves

            • E
              What has happened in the past was people would have an argument and because they can’t win the argument or because they are drunk or high they call the cops.

              In the old days if they were just yelling at each other we would TRY to get one or the other to leave for a while so that both parties would cool down. About 25% of the time we will have to return because they will be at it again.

              Now if one was beating the hell out of the other one we would make one leave or we would sign the complaint. It was up to the Officer.

              Today if one touches the other by Order of the Illinois Supreme Court the one striking or touching or causing any harm to the other HAS TO BE ARRESTED. Or we (the Officer) can be charge & arrested. Now if the two come in and they both have marks. The one with the least amount of marks gets arrested, because in the county I live in you can’t arrest both. After being at some places many times and there were many arrest of one or other we should be able to arrest both, but we can’t.

              I would say at least 95% of these domestics are Drug or Alcohol related. 3% money and 2% cheating.

              As far as the money is concerned. Let use just say the fine is $100.00. The City gets around $8.00 out of the fine. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to do a domestic case. I make around $20.00 and hour. so we are looking at a lose of money to do the job. The Court the County and the domestic violence groups in the county get the other $92.00 dollars.

              Now should I be there to protect the week? OH HELL YES!!! and I will.


              • I know, its completely lopsided anymore these days .. but ..
                as we’ve been told “protecting the innocent” is no longer the job of the cops

                if these people dont want to wake up to the fact that protection is ones self responsibility , then there should be nothing done for them, you shouldnt be showing up to be referee for a shit storm

                trust me, if the city was losing money on the deal ,, they wouldnt be doing shit about it, they are making payroll and plenty off the tax payers , and the ones that end up with felony counts for assault , those court cases pay plenty to all involved except for the perp

                the courts are cleaning peoples pockets out and 60% of every traffic ticket goes to the Judges retirement fund ( I know this for fact as it came out of a cops mouth, unless he’s a big fat liar like everyone else in power)

              • Stop prosecuting citizens that protect the weak/end all the drug laws and soon will be very minimum need for leo’s.

              • And the DOMESTIC charge is PERMANENT. No guns for those convicted. There is a reason they arrest and charge someone that put a scratch on someone and I do mean a scratch. WAY more behind changing the laws of supposed domestic or actual domestic violence. Many people have been railroaded.

        • Sarge, damn good points about avoiding drug use and domestic incidents, but I have to question if FORCING people into drug tests is the right thing to do?

        • Sgt Dale is mentally ill, just pretend you agree. I hope the Feds get a warrant to take a brain sample from Dale.

          • Gandhi, you go f#$% yourself! Sgt. Dale is one of us and doesn’t even do any of the things that ROGUE cops do. he’s one of the few left out there who serve with honesty and integrity, so you STFU!

            • Wrong. You see I was a LEO in the old days too.
              I really got nothing against anybody here or their opinions.
              And I don’t spout off like I used to.
              But here’s a quick reality check:
              Legal isn’t necessarily Lawful.
              Regardless of reasonable suspicion or probable cause,
              sticking a foreign object regardless of intent into someone against
              their will AINT LAWFUL. It doesn’t matter what body of jurisprudence says otherwise.

              Try it with me or mine is your first mistake. Not killing me was your second mistake. Not leaving town was your last mistake.

              Sit around and wait for retirement fine. But not calling wrong, wrong — sorry son that’s part of the problem.

            • If there were good cops there would not be any bad cops. Therefore there are no good cops. All cops will be the first to go in a SHTF, then the criminals and last of all the politicians at all levels of government.

        • that kind of talk sounds like you support such barbaric conduct – you’re just as sick and perverted as they are.

        • so stop responding . unless someone is assaulted mind your own business .

        • F*#K the warrant! F*#K the judge. Go F*#K yourself Sarge. You’re as clueless as the asshole cops and judge who are responsible for this shit.

        • Just following orders wasn’t a legitimate defense at Nuremberg, it isn’t now….When cops flee in fear for their lives is when PEOPLE are free. Stand and fight! On your own, and accept RESPONSIBILITY for yourself!

          Eventually, armed thuggery will stop being a safe carreer, and the paper ass-gaskets that get into it will swirl down the toilet. Here’s one for ya sgt., how many MORE violent crimes would be solved when ALL the resources brought to bear on traffic tickets, code enforcement, simple possession and consumption of govt. banned substances, and petty crimes (misdemeanors) were put to the gang bangers, drug cartels, sex trade Russian gangs, and murder-for-hire rings? STOP CHASING THE TAILS OF THE SNAKES, AND CUT OFF THE HEADS! Stop monetization of “POLICE” work, then come here with your thin blue line bullshit…

      9. sounds like Pierre Police Department in South Dakota needs to be purged of their feral jack booted swine.find out where they live and send them cards and fruit baskets be neighborly
        if that doesn’t send the message there is always hot copper jackets. they don’t do this where I live but we let them know
        we’re watching them. your employees think they are the overseers they probably say that sheep dog bullcrap too and proclaim how they are heroes.

      10. Sgt. Dale says:
        Comment ID: 3686000
        April 12, 2017 at 2:36 am
        “I don’t always agree to what some Officers do, but they obtained a warrant. A Judge signed off on this and they found that the turds were taking drugs, and they got caught.”

        So getting a “warrant” makes these actions right?
        You think because, “A judge signed off on it”, that means it is ok?
        Ok to put a catheter up someone?
        At roadside “checks” it is ok to put a needle in someone to take their blood?
        In Texas, DPS patrol strip searched a young woman and put a finger up her vagina on the side of the road? That is ok. Guess the DPS just doing their duty. Right?

        Everything Hitler did was legal under German law.
        Everything the SS Guards at the death camps was “ordered” by superiors.
        The experiments done in those camps was by licensed “Doctors.”

        No one will put a catheter up my junk.
        No one will take my blood without consent.

        I don’t care up you have a “warrant”.
        Don’t care if a “judge” signed off on it.
        Don’t care if political types made a “law”.

        Someone tries that with me or mine.
        I will not stand for it.

        If I were on the United Airline plane I would have stopped those several “Police” “officials” “officers” as they abused a 69 year old hundred and nothing pound man.

        Shame on you.
        Shame on the other passengers on the United Flight for standing by and allowing an “official” to abuse anyone like that. Shame on you all for cowardice.

        You are abused by “officers” because you are weak and DO NOTHING.
        You will not abuse me or mine even if you are “officers”.
        Otherwise there are serious consequences and immediate accountability.
        Yes I have Lawyers. Also I will stand up for myself and others.

        Your viewpoint Sgt Dale shows why people DESPISE all of you uniform types.
        You might remember that there are more average people than you “warrant” following types.

        General George Armstrong Custer comes to mind. Custer was an “Official” “Officer” “Authorized” and
        ……………………………………………..CUSTER HAD IT COMING.

        • By law no one can do a cavity search but a doctor, not even a nurse. So, if this is really taking place on the side of the road it is sexual assault by a police officer. Investigate and charge the thug in uniform.

      11. Today the people who do drugs… tomorrow the ones who watch Nascar..

      12. I thought you had to be in possession of drugs to be charged with a crime. Unless you are operating a motor vehicle it isn’t a crime in Texas to have drugs in your system.

        • In order to be high on something you have to ingest it and in order to ingest it you have to possess it first. Intoxication is prima facie evidence of possession. At least, that’s what common sense would dictate but, as a lawyer once told me, common sense has nothing to do with the law.

      13. Had it it’s not the end of the world to have a tube shoved down your dick. Is this a fear worth worrying about. Jeez if people can’t handle this they are screwed. People are swallowing pills over minor pain. Fuckin soft. Shtf will be pain on steroids. Women oi Africa carry baskets of water on their heads for miles. This drive up window society has a rude awakening coming. I lump shit daily yes it sucks but it’s part of the job. Fat slobs can’t even carry their own body weight without crying their knees and back hurt. If your living on pain killers better start coping without them.

      14. When you have people who you know are doint crime and you can’t get them for those crimes, you get them for other crimes. Taking peaople who you strongly suspect are taking ddrugs and giving them a drug test lets you convict them of drug usage.

      15. All of you blaming it on the victims because they took drugs…..you need to take a Good look at yourself! I’m not into the drug thing but if you are not hurting anyone but yourself and the cops treat you like that then there is a problem and it’s not the drugs. Everyone has their vices so don’t sit on a pedestal and judge others. Life isn’t all roses and rainbows so don’t act like it should be. The bottom line is that our police and justice system is soooo out of whack that we no longer live in a free country. When did it become the norm for “them” to know every little detail of your life in order to “find” (or create) a reason to lock you up or take your kids?! If your acting “fidgety”? Come on people…wake the F up! I hate the libtards and progs that push the “safe space, bad cops, free shit” narrative but this is about personal freedom and human rights. Many have fought and died for that freedom but it seems we have just given it away freely with not so much as a wimper. So for all of those judging the “druggies” take some time out to realize your own “issues” and try and see what the real problem is.

      16. 1. “responded to a domestic dispute call”. Don’t call the cops. Throw the bum out after you beat his azz its called “cast iron skillet”!

        2. “Pierre Police Department”. Don’t live in the city.

        3. “After her boyfriend failed a drug test last February”. Stop shacking up especially with druggies, duh!

        4. “He’s still dealing with a staph infection, and we are still giving him medication.” Get an out of town lawyer and a new doctor, get copies of all medical records. Don’t talk to cops. Move away if you can; its a priority.

        Live in the country and maintain a low profile. Drugs are NO GOOD! Get you life in order. Out of Chaos comes Order! Before you move investigate where you want to live. Look at the community, law records, etc… Dealing with a Sheriff is better than City Police.

      17. ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/cop-stomps-handcuffed-mans-head-as-hes-lying-on-the-ground_042017

        • this asshole cop should be under the jail .. but we all know thats not going to happen

      18. The pussifacation of the nation continues.
        My grandfather or great grandfather would have shot those pigs dead for trying something like this.
        But here we are, happy little subjects. Living our happy little subjugated lives.
        So in love with our slavery that we allow shit like this to happen.

        • Here lies average Joe. Wacked, sacked and stacked and he didn’t even know.

          Another day in the land of the Free-range Inmates.

      19. TC, good points. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled numerous times that law enforcement has no obligations to protect citizens. That’s NOT part of a cop’s job description. The serve government, not the public. They are just government employees, glorified revenue collectors. I make my own decisions on whether to take any drug test. No one forces anything on me, not if they want to live.

      20. This is just another result of the “War on Drugs”.

        When you wage a war, you kill people and break things.

        All our “War on Drugs” has produced is the wholesale destruction of our liberties, corruption of our criminal justice system, corruption of cops and other government officials and the enrichment and empowering of criminal gangs.

        People have been altering their state of consciousness for thousands of years. It will continue.

        • Anon5, damn good post and agree wholeheartedly.

          • Congrats Brave,you have seen the light.In the past when I posted at length on the joke the war on drugs you while not attacking disagreed with me,glad you have thought it though and seen the insanity.Just because one does not agree with the war on drugs does not in any way make them “pro do drugs”,just means they see the idiocy of compounding a problem.

      21. Because the brainwashing America has been subjected to for the past 40 years is VERY VERY EFFECTIVE. Americans believe everything with their fragile little snowflake globes of reality that they are free, until the raging truth smashes it for them..Then they know they are NOT in fact free, they are slaves. Many folks suicide after that truth is revealed to them, some are said to go completely nuts, if you believe the Lamestream media reports. No brainwashing can survive the broken little glass globe of the reality they THINK they live in. Your OWNERS rely on you never escaping their manufactured reality you lie to yourself that you live. they quickly kill anyone who does escape and ridicule people like me who wont play along with their machinations. Every post I make is a strike against me that ratchets up the real likelyhood I will be killed in some “accident” to shut me up. I LIVE TO SHATTER THEIR GLASS GLOBES around people.

      22. I would not hesitate to fill every one of those pigs with #1 buckshot….even after the fact. And B4 I pull the trigger, I would say “you’ve got this coming…you’ve earned it”.!!!!

      23. This should help get everybody up to speed on so called liberty.

        May 6, 2016 How Much Liberty Do Americans Have Left?

        This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.


      24. Under what Constitutional premise was this performed? Would cops subject themselves to be drug tested? Steroid use is not a victimless crime. Test all LEO family members as well to stop selective enforcement of the Constitution. All fatal encounters with law enforcement should automatically drug test the officers involved and take compensation for the action of bad cops from their pension funds and leave the taxpayer alone. The best solution is to enforce the Constitution or make any deviance universally applied. But I live under a misconception that we live in a Constitutional Republic. My main concern was what happens after the negative result from the two year old? Just “roids” and staph? Police themselves have created their fear of their job but the people always pay one way or another. Our respect evaporates one catheter, asset forfeiture or murder at a time. The police now run wild on Lucky street but good covers for unlucky and that is bound to happen to them sooner or later. So the day they need help just laughter and finger pointing will ensue. Cause and effect, some things just cannot be enforced, they are made to happen. And take their children from any cop testing positive. There was a time when I respected uniforms but that was a long time ago when respect was earned and you called a cop for help. The only remaining integrity in uniform is the EMT because they respect life. Liberty and happiness seem to have left the building.

        • 100% with you on this comment

          • When they initiated the doctrine to eliminate any threat they perceive may cause them fear leads to indiscriminate killings where at least the dog is always taken out. Leading to a courtroom like Navarro’s in Las Vegas where even the sight of a holstered weapon is considered an an assault on an officer. But the Constitution is banned from that court. Not all kangaroos are in a zoo. We have wandered far.

      25. Every since Trump won the election, I have been hearing complaints about the cops being a lot more aggressive in Houston and other surrounding cities. I have literally seen it with my own two eyes, and I have a lot more cops driving behind me running my plates. I have see a lot more harrasement and a lot more pubic arrest going on all over my city. They are bring in the military state. This a fact of life, I told a few friends of mine about this, they laughed and then one of them were pulled over for no reason and harassed. The whole plan was to build up the friendship and support for the cops all over the country, that Donald has your back, then turn the cops on the people and bring in the military state., The problem that we are having is that we citizens who are not causing trouble is getting bothered and the criminals are being ignored around Houston and they are breaking into my customers homes constantly and getting away with it. Where are the cops, don’t they patrol the streets.


        • HCKS
          It is called License Plate Recognition software.This system is in patrol cruisers.
          You will be pulled over with No justifiable reason.
          You are Likely a “Targeted Individual.” Go to Youtube.com and type in “Targeted Individual”. Explains it. Is happening all across America. Comments are censored on this site and most others. The theys are restricting speech because people really have had enough.

          Anyone who is remotely not docile is on the list, Veterans, Patriots, Christians, “preppers”, non conformist to NWO communism. The fact that you are on this website likely puts you on list. They want to have a “chilling effect ” on people speaking out. They want you afraid, paranoid, fearful. What they don’t realize is like every tyrant in history before. Tyranny causes the people to rise up against oppression.

          Look at the outcry over the old man beaten on United air. People are seeing these criminals for what they are, out of control Criminals with a badge.

          We have an elected president who was put there in large part because Americans want peace. Americans don’t care about Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq. Americans want Peace with Russia. Not armed Nuclear conflict.

          But bankers, corporations. politicians want war, Trump has betrayed those that put him in office. Trump might just get us all killed. Nuked.

          So I wouldn’t worry about cop harassment. When you see a glow and mushroom cloud. That might worry some. But reality is that if you see it, then it is too late.
          Guess Trump changed Motto from “Make America Great” to “Make America Glow.”
          One party system. All nut jobs seeking war. We were duped again. Betrayed.

          • Mark, spot on. I was a Trump supporter until this past weekend but no longer. He’s allowed the neocons to co-opt him, especially his son-in-law with ties to GEORGE SOROS. All I care about now is surviving what’s coming and fighting the NWO.

            • Brave, Mark, I really think they got to Trump. He might have been willing to do the things that got him elected, but there are “six way from Sunday that the intelligence community can get back at you.” (Schumer)
              Didn’t Trump also go to Epstein’s private island? That’s all it took. A little video in the bank.

      26. Sum ting wong, your banned.


        • It’s YOU’RE, not YOUR….for gawds sake, stop spelling it wrong!!!

      27. Hks,sum just needs a test,perhaps catheter or anal probe would help!

      28. Am I missing something here? Most of the comments seem to not address the main issue. A 3 YEAR OLD WAS FORCED TO TAKE A DRUG TEST, AND THE CATHETER WAS FORCED ON THIS 3 YEAR OLD. THIS TODDLER STILL IS FIGHTING A STAPH INFECTION. The child was actually given the catheter by nurses not cops. I hope some really good lawyer takes the case and sues and wins millions from the county and all the agencies involved. This defies common sense and decency. I realize there are so many other issues involved with this case, but the infant is the real issue in the article

        • Forcibly assaulted by people in uniform or by “authorities”. The infection those goons caused is bad but the lasting trauma the child may psychologically suffer is worse.

      29. ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/watch-cop-uses-facebook-live-to-brag-about-killing-dogs-beating-people-breaking-the-law_042017

        isnt it nice that other pigs cover for slime like this? than wonder why they have such a huge stain on their blue line?
        guess it has a lot to do with their low IQ numbers

        just keep working toward irrelevancy ,, cant wait

      30. Looks like a nurse did a straight catheter. Sterile technique is hard to maintain if the patient is moving. This procedure is routine in a hospital. People do it a home. Watch daytime TV and see the commercials for catheters. Crash your car and get hurt, you get a catheter. What do you think a court ordered sexual assaults ex looks like? Due process happened​. This is a state law. Don’t like the law, vote it out. Less unpleasant work for nurses.

      31. Down in Austin, the cops have a fun filled operation known as a “No refusal weekend”. If you get pulled over for suspicion of DUI and refuse field sobriety/breathalyzer, they have a judge on standby to issue a warrant to TAKE your blood. This practice was reserved for just holiday weekends like memorial day, 4th of July, etc. This year it has been extended to every weekend through September. Can anyone say chipping away at our rights (with a sledgehammer)?

      32. That is some very disturbing shit. I do NOT agree with having tubes forced up into a man’s penis, no, no, no. That is seriously messed up. When are we the people, going to stand up and say enough you sons of bitches you…at the rate we are going: NEVER. Again, make sure you save that one round for yourself.

      33. Violated his constitutional rights. The cops need to be arrested and tested for drugs since they are government officials.

        So ironic.

      34. These pigs need to be hunted down.

      35. The tree of liberty is parched.

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