AAPS: The MSM Reporting & Government Response to COVID-19 Is “Unprecedented”

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Experts, Headline News | 12 comments

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    According to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, there is something more tragic than COVID-19, and that’s the mainstream media and the government’s response to it. What is more concerning than the virus itself is our un-American collective response to it.

    So far, the fear-mongering and the government’s response has been nothing less than tragic. If it is not seen for what it is, it very well may mean the end of the American experiment and will lead to a new totalitarianism that will harm and persecute future generations. So let’s reveal the fact-based case for giving Americans their lives and livelihoods back:

    Coronaviruses have been around for quite some time already, and most of us have already contacted them.

    These viruses rarely cause death in humans; they are often cited as the cause of common colds.  COVID-19 is for the most part acting in the same way but with a notable exception – it can be deadly in the elderly and the immunocompromised. It hits these populations fast and hard.   Nonetheless, even in Italy, where the virus has killed thousands, most of those (78.3%) over the age of 90 recovered.  This is different from influenza epidemics in 1918 or 2010; those epidemics involved all ages.  This ability for younger individuals to be safe from serious illness has important implications for treating the virus and will be discussed below.  Ultraviolet light can be a significant treatment for the virus as UV light damages viral DNA and RNA and therefore kill it. –Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

    So we have been committing economic and societal suicide to control the spread of a virus that even medical professionals are now saying is still not going to be “worse than the flu” for the vast majority of human beings.  In fact, the AAPS proceeds to bade their article in facts, by layin out the statistics that no one wants to listen to.

    Of all the deaths reported in the United States as of today, only 2 have been in patients under 18 years of age.  Currently, our death rate (deaths/confirmed cases) has been as high as 2.3% and as low as 1.1% over the past 2 weeks.  The President’s COVID-19 Taskforce estimated that as many as 1/1000 New Yorkers may have the virus.  If this were projected to the entire United States (population 328,239,523), then the total number of COVID-19 would be approximately 328,239 and deaths from COVID-19 (1.8% death rate) at 5,909.  Even if this ends up being wrong by 1,000 percent, the death rate would still be 59,000, i.e., within range of the estimates for influenza deaths.  You can look at it in another way.  98% of people who get COVID-19 fully recover!

    As of today (March 29, 2020) there are 123,828 confirmed cases and 2229 deaths (1.8% death rate) from COVID-19 in the United States.  Compare that with the influenza estimates so far this year:  29,000 deaths!  And the flu season is not yet over, with the CDC estimating as many as 59,000 will die of influenza by May of this year.

    The CDC estimates that influenza like illnesses and pneumonia accounted for on average 7.65% of total deaths during the 12th week of the year the last six years.  For the 12th week of 2020 the CDC estimates that percentage as 8.15%, but part of the reason for the increase is a noticeable decrease in the deaths by all other causes. On average 55,000 Americans died in the 12th week of the last six years. During the 12th week of 2020 40,000 American died. Who in the media is discussing this?Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

    The biggest problem is that the media told people to live in fear and be afraid and the government then made a command that the brainwashed fearful masses followed.  At this point, there may not be any limit to how much authoritarianism the American public will allow. Tyranny has set in and we all allowed it.

    According to the AAPS, the only way to effectively combat the disease from a practical standpoint, not a fear-based one. Other than herd immunity, which would mean we’d have to be allowed to go about our business and get sick, is to shield those at high risk until the virus has run its course through the country.  Patients with significant underlying health conditions (cancer, lung disease, immune deficiency disorders) and those over the age of 65 should isolate themselves to the best of their abilities. But the rest of us need to be able to go about our lives just like we do during cold and flu season.

    If we can learn anything from this epidemic is that mitigation efforts that destroy our economy were some of the biggest boondoggles every foisted on the American people.  Even worse, they aren’t necessary.  We have better ways to combat this virus.

    What can be done to end this epidemic?  The answer is herd immunity. Don’t close schools – open them up!  Don’t close universities – reopen them!  Let those under the age of 65 with no significant health problems go to work.  Their risk of death is very close to zero.   They become the wall that stops the virus.  Our current strategy of isolating these healthy people from the virus: a. is not working – the virus is still spreading and b. for those who theoretically may be shielded from the virus, they will get exposed later. –Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

    The entire article can be read by clicking here, as well as on the links throughout the body of this article. 

    This is a must-read for everyone.  We are killing ourselves and each other and doing far more harm than good by not allowing humanity to resume as normal and this is coming from the medical professionals looking into this virus.


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      1. Now they are caving, a few months late, and $640 trillion in derivatives short, plus $6.5 trillion in bailouts to the psychopaths that were responsible for the fear and rumor mongering using the Spider eggs in bubble yum psychology of peer pressure into hysteria to destroy the entire global economy, particularly small businesses, that the incompetent greedy mother fuckers didn’t already own, to increase indebtedness and use this fucking hoax as a fall guy for their own financial fraud scheme which everyone knew was the only reason for this conspiracy of organized crime involving violations of Federal RICO laws. These psychopaths from the tech sector and financial sector as well as the media and governments must be held accountable! 

        So they just say, “whatever, nevermind, here we are now entertainers” after all of this?! 


        • In other words, Audit The Fed.

          Where have you been? The solutions were apparent before this latest play. Nothing new has happened, except the volume of scale.

          Instead of going down in flames, the fed got a shot in the arm, courtesy of the US taxpayer, again.

          • Audit the Fed? Ha! Abolish the Fed! Where have you been? There is nothing in the Fed to audit! That would be a pretty damn quick audit! Nothing to see here! It was just a hoax!

      2. The cure is worst than the virus.
        The majority of those dying are old with preconditions
        I am 74 have diabetes and heart issues (High risk)
        We should do what Sweden has done – Nothing.
        This is natures way of culling the weak – sad but reality

        Get the country back to work Mr. President – trust your gut!!!

      3. I live in coastal SC and our lifr is tourism. Everything shutdown. There is definately, something more going on. Cancer and the flu kill more people every year.Are we edging toward conflict with China , or Iran, Red Dawn invasion from the south ???
        tell me

        • I have been involved in the military and/or wars and global crises since the 80s. There are certain thresholds and triggers that indicate when it really is war preps, and not just the usual hot air from politicians. Two that indicate sh#t just got real are a) ending or dramatically reducing flights (done), b) massive re-organising of hospitals and medical facilities for mass casualties (done). Another is large-scale repatriation of nationals back home (underway).

          Considering relations with China have cratered and that other baddies are misbehaving greatly (Iran for example) I would say something will kick off. This virus is a devastating blow to the economy and it would not surprise me if an enemy is going to make the most of this crisis to do stuff.

      4. Video illustrates that Bill Gates comes from a long line of:
        Eugenicists (population-control/reduction)
        Federal Reserve Bankers (Seattle Branch)
        Well-Connected to Rockefellers
        ID2020 Digital RFID Tracking-Chip Vaccinations, etc.


      5. The Deep-State has been assulting Sputnik and RT with American Democrats, A Breitbart conservative, British Labor, and an Alt Right Brit.

        The Deep State and DNC insisted that Russia was behind the Trump victory. They have doubled down on this strategy and for some insane reason are willing to destroy their own reputations to go out of the way to prove that Russia cannot be trusted, nevermind that these messages are not coming from Russians, but Americans and Brits! Just because what they are saying now over the corona hoax is false and is propaganda, which they have ben echoing from the governments of the U.S. and U.K. does not mean that what they were saying in 2015 and until the corona hoax was false.

        Are these still actually Sputnik and RT, or are they fakes of Sputnik and RT operated by the Deep State?

        The insanity and stupidity persists!

      6. Yall along with alex jones and natural news have been calling everyone who is already going about their lives covidiots, now your doing a complete reversal because why? Your loosing money in the precious metals or stock market like the ads that are always on here want us to buy. How are we supposed to believe yall when just like the msm your changing your tune every day.

      7. I really haven’t modified my daily routine.
        I’m retired and I abhor going out into public
        I don’t believe the MSM.
        I live in a place highly dependent on tourism.
        Democrats have pretty well killed it here.
        I despise Democrats and could really care
        less if there are fewer of them.
        “if your enemy is committing suicide, stand aside”
        Paraphrased from the Art of War.

        • Relic, thanks for another great post. I agree wholeheartedly. We miss your thoughtful contributions here. I know I learned plenty from you.

      8. this has surely got to be a hoax to get the world on its financial knees.someone out there said the bigger the lie ,the more the beleif,,,oh and what a lie this one is.china has now started to recover quite well now,but the rest of the world is still on lockdown,,.governments are throwing this much money into this is absurd,,,they have never done this kind of aid package for any other illness,,,exept for bailing out the banks ,which that was this is all about .banks are shut here in the uk as they are in other countries only allowed so much per day from the atm machine.and thats only if you have a job to get any money,.millions around the world now unemployed, firms folding all over the place,,,stocks in buisnesses going through the floor ,someone somewhere is making a huge amount of cash out of this or they soon will be,,,built lots of new hospitals here that are still empty,,,maybe it will peak soon,,ha,,,,,when this turns out to be a proven hoax there will only probably be a handfull of people that go to prison,,,but the damage will have already been done.
        maybe just maybe the powers that be will find a cure for the hoax virus and insist everyone gets a shot …well not found a cure for the flu but hey you never know(bullshit),
        if you look out your window you dont see the police or ambulance service wearing masks ,,and the only people allowed out these days are the cops,,,,these guys would spread a virus even more (that is if there ever was one)

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