A Voice Of Reason from Wall Street: “If We Lose America We Have Nowhere Else to Run for Freedom”

by | Oct 6, 2011 | Headline News | 124 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    As the Wall Street Protests and those spreading around the country are being systematically bastardized and appropriated by those who promoted the election of President Obama, pushed for corporate lobbying, and the massive unions that claim government is the problem, yet ask for more government intervention into our economic, financial, and political lives, there are still some voices that remain true to the original message and intent of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

    While you will undoubtedly see mainstream media provide airtime for the incoherent messages and talking points of labor leaders, so-called activists for the working man like multi-millionaire Michael Moore, political hacks, debt ridden students looking for handouts, and operatives of the corporate elite, what you won’t see is the following video of a young man delivering a passionate speech (sans teleprompter, of course) denouncing the monetary policy of the federal reserve, fractional reserve lending, Washington’s involvement in State’s rights, and excessive taxation of the citizenry. Additionally, he warns of the serious consequences that will ultimately result from inaction and misguided policy decisions.

    The depression will be nothing compared to 1930 when it hits us… If we lose America we have nowhere else to run for freedom. There is no country left that promotes free markets, corporations not in politics… There’s no country that has their own sound currency.

    There is nowhere left to run.

    If we lose America, we lose the world to the elite.

    The 1% will continue to get rich, as we all live like slaves.

    If you think the way of life is bad now, you will all be living in Projects like Hoovervilles.

    We cannot continue to print money. We cannot continue to debase our currency.

    State’s rights. when you minimize government it is easier to control by the people…

    …If you don’t like the policy in one state, you go to another state. Because that’s how America was set up. America was not supposed to be uniform in policy. Each state was supposed to reflect the views and positions of everyone in that state. It is much easier to influence Governors and Mayors than Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

    Hat tip John Rolls, Willie Wonka


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      1. The fed wants “one shoe fits all.” I want to choose from 50 different pairs of shoes so I get a pair that fits me and looks good. It’s that simple. Until we get power and money down to the state level, we will have problems with the idiots in Washington, the banks, Wall street, and the Fed. Take the money away.

        • The fed wants this? Who is this, “the fed?” Are they also in control of Europe and Africa and South America? Or is there some other force at work that is behind all this homogenization, multi-culturalism, and “diversity?”

          It’s called the New World Order. And homogenization is exactly the point. Destruction of diversity is exactly the point (despite claims to the contrary). They want all of us educated the same, living the same, with the same access to information, under the same set of laws.

          You can’t bring the entire world under one government unless all the people are more or less the same. Look at Hispanic immigration into the U.S. as one glaringly obvious example of their agenda in action. Soon the U.S. will have no compunction about joining the North American Union because we’ll be half Mexican anyway.

      2. This Depression is going to dwarf the past depressions…

        • Because of man. I agree with you TotalCollapse this will be worse but only because of man. Look at what happened to Japan. Tsunami, nuclear melt downs, and people were handing wallets full of cash back over to authorities so their rightful owners could retrieve them. A few protests about nuclear power, but nothing about destroying their currency, their way of life, or anything else. The people of Japan deserve a great deal of support; these people on Wall Street right now want to kick back in their easy chairs, get their food stamps and play xBox all day while tweeting from their iPads.

          Yes this depression will dwarf those in the past due to the failure of man. We educated people to want from the government, we educated them to expect free medical care, we educated them to be part of the big government cradle to the grave act. Its taken a few generations, but they now in majority and there is no going back.

          • I agree. The things I saw and heard coming out of Japan was some of the most humane, honorable behavior ever witnessed. And the media has all but forgotten about them.
            Our crisis will be worse also because people do not do anything for themselves, and I am talking basic pioneer homesteading skills here. A friend of mine was ASTONISHED that I made my own laundry soap. A coworker was BLOWN AWAY that you can actually make butter in your own kitchen! Homemade bread does not take days of labor, homemade caramel is the best ever and you do not need a food safety permit to can your own food! (yes, someone actually thought I needed a “food safety permit” to buy food in bulk and can it in my own kitchen. My son’s dentist asst also thought you needed a special college degree to homeschool. Yikes. Stupidity and amnesia of our ancestors will be the downfall of us all.

            • It show how brainwashed people are toward licensing and regulation. Since you can’t produce or sell raw milk these days I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you weren’t allowed to make your own bread.

            • That’s the point of a society with so many rules, laws, regulations, and varying authorities with control over your own life. You’re afraid to take a shit without asking permission from the government and checking your papers.

              That’s how you create a society of slaves.

          • Yes but let’s be realistic. My health care plan cost me (single male) 10K a year. I’m lucky to be able to afford it. Add on top of that all of the insurances and mortgage (for an average 300K home in the North East) , and it’s costing me 25K a year. That’s before car payment, gasoline, food, utilities, clothing, home repair, auto repair and the millions of other costs.
            Who can afford it? Why is it like this? most of my costs are to insurance companies and banks, why? Food has become expensive as well, and if you go high quality it’s triple.
            I understand the OWS people. Life sucks now, and what hope is there when we are beholden to government, insurance companies and banks? What if you have huge amounts of student debt with no way out? Why is student debt not allowed to be discharged in bankruptcy? Who do we have to beg to get jobs? Why do we offshore? Why do we import H1-B’s and L1s to do our work here? Why do we allow Hispanic Illegals to work here while we are suffering so?
            In the case of free medical care, why not? If we are paying for wars around the globe why can’t the government take care of it’s own citizens?
            I’ve noticed there is always money to prosecute a war, never money for the middle class.

        • Ah christ “Eyore” didya tail fall off again? I’ll get ahold of Pooh Bear and he’ll bring another tack.

        • I love that bank run scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Remember all the shoe leather a bank run used to require? Nervous people pitter-pattering down the block, pushing and shoving in the bank line, worried sullen angry faces. Jimmy Stewart pleading for a little trust, a little time. Old man Potter relishing it all with misanthropic delight. God, those were good times!

          For a modern bank run you can be Jabba the Hutt sitting at a computer, no running required. Alas, we have become a lazy, sedentary people: we can’t even panic with much energy.

          But always remember these wise words: If you keep your head while all those around you are losing theirs, it means you don’t have a @#$%-ing clue what’s going on!

        • And from the ashes will emerge the New World Order.

          It won’t be an accident – none of this is.

      3. Taxes are at an all time low (percentage wise). When you hear someone playing the “tax card”, you are hearing someone who thinks that YOU are too stupid to know the truth. Many times, they are right. Running a nation takes money. Everyone must contribute an equal share. We all know this, but for some reason, people get their panties in a wad whenever they hear someone propose taxing the “rich” (the same people who off-shored all the jobs and are just hoarding the money, not “creating jobs”).

        As a nation, we now get to choose between having 11 aircraft carrier battle groups and Air Force stealth fighters, and being able to provide a stable environment for our own citizens. We seem to have plenty of money to give to Israel and Pakistan. What’s the fucking problem?

        • What’s the problem ? Mainly, attitudes like yours.

          Want everyone to contribute an equal share ? Fine, flat tax for everyone. We all pay the same % of income.

          You’ve already paid taxes on all the money that you have; yet if you die and you worked hard enough to amass some wealth, the GOV. thinks that they should be able to come take 1/2 of your estate. Screw your kids. Screw your favorite charity. You had the audacity to be successful and so you can’t pass on your hard earned wealth to your children, even AFTER you have already paid your taxes once.

          You don’t want to pay for aircraft carriers or stealth fighters ? Fine; China will have more than enough of them. And just where are our aircraft carriers and stealth fighters designed and built ? Right here. Guess we don’t want those jobs either.

          • Why not a REAL flat tax?—not the same percentage, but the same dollar amount, a head tax? Set it at a level that almost anyone could afford, say $100/year. Why not make it voluntary? If you don’t want what it buys, you don’t fund it. That would buy about the right amount of government and few enough power-tripping sociopaths.

            • Equal dollar amount regardless of income…..Same services, same price. That is the only fair tax. Though I doubt $100 is adequate, it is a start. The percentage thing never made sense to me……………

          • I agree. Flat taxes. Even for corporations. There is no good reason in the world that a major multinational company like GE should be able to get away with paying NO taxes.

            Thats absurd.

          • I can see we’re in for yet another Republican in the White House.

            It never ceases to amaze me how completely bad Bush was, and yet as the election nears, all I hear online is all this “shelter the rich, soak the poor, trickle down works wonders” BS.

            It worked all right. It trickled to China.

            And soon you’ll have to compete for jobs with guys that live in barracks and make $50 a month. Just vote Republican.

            Appealing? Hardly.

            Neither is Obama, I grant you that. He’s mismanaged this deal, although, I will take mismanagement any day over directed malicious intent. Who was that got our credit rating downgraded again?

            I’m going to try for Ron Paul and hope we don’t get more of the same of EITHER party.

        • What baloney! As if there wasn’t enough government before World War 1??? The combination of the Fed and their Income/our Tax that has been choking the life and freedom out of us.

        • You don’t even know what you pay in taxes do you! Crying about aircraft carriers and stealth fighters as if that takes the larger portion!

        • they have paid thier taxes and im not rich at all. the problem is so simple- the government does not do well handling our money. people cheat the system and thats why we need smaller government. not bigger. more agenices like dept of edu? what a joke. homeland security etc. sure they help out but we just need a flat tax on what you buy and what you make. and quit giving illegals ss money. that needs to end. they need to crack down and make sure anybody who receives handouts, they are who they are and they are here legally. if not stop all funding and dont let them in a hospital, send them to a free clinic and make sure they understand that. i know thats not right but we have to get ourselves back in order

        • its because the idiots dont know how to spend it wisely.

          • Actually, they just know how to spend it because it was never their “money.” They have no vested interest to get the value (bang for the bucks) out of every dollar spent. Afterall, why should they?

        • Excuse me. How much tax did GE pay last year? Or, the year before that? $0.00

          GE is one of the largest corporations in the world… Fair? I report, you decide.

      4. Free markets are not a solution. It is precisely the “freedom” of capitalism to buy influence, to buy the organs of propaganda, to monopolize, to loot and loot again that is killing and enslaving us.

        If markets become any more free, they will sooner accomplish their goal of 90% depopulation and to enslave the survivors.

        It is PROSECUTION and PUNISHMENT of, REPARATIONS by, and RESTRAINT on capitalism that is needed, not more “free market” looting and killing.

        Prosecute them and their shills; leave the innocent alone. Remember the precedents from Nuremberg. Even the propagandists had their day on the scaffold.

        • Spoken like a typical Bolshevik dupe. If you hate America so much, with its individual liberty and equality of opportunity (as opposed to equality of outcome and result which those useful idiots espouse), you are free to leave and move to North Korea or Cuba whose systems you obviously prefer. I mean it. You prefer central planning? Bigger, more powerful, more centralized government, with total control over every aspect of people’s lives? Statist tyranny? A system like the ex-Soviet Union and other Communist countries that, over the last century, directly caused the deaths of anywhere from 100 to 200 million people by mass murder or starvation? Did you vote for Obama in ’08? Because to a person, every one of those in the rent-a-mob rabble, whose sole purpose is to prop up his failed regime, are frothing-at-the-mouth Obama supporters.

          And something else: Nobody ever got a meaningful job offer from a poor person. Ever. YOU are swallowing the propaganda from the leftist fifth-column media that are promoting these Commie/anarchist drones because THEY AGREE WITH THEIR AIMS. You see no problem with an out-of-control government that is smothering individual liberty? Obama’s legion of unelected, unaccountable, unvetted czars?

          • More like stupid american – the biggest planned economy in the world is and always been the US Industrial Military Complex – adds no value to world except death and destruction and the impoverishment of the American people. The US is screwed because it is trying enforce its Micky Mouse empire with a rapidly diminishing industrial base.

            As for freedom you have lost it.

        • FREE MARKETS do not exist. Neither does FREE TRADE. It is managed trade (GATT, NAFTA, WTO) by the gangster banksters, for the gangster banksters. These are euphanisms spread by NWO Globalists.

          It is corporate fascism being sold to American’s as a FREEDOM, as if international trade was yard sale economics. It is not. That is a lie.

          That is propaganda to destroy America, make Americans economic serfs, and dissolve the US Constitution (by referendum with illegals posing as new Americans) as a prelude to the North American Union, and One World Government under the UN.

          Resistance is NOT futile. It is OUR only hope. Death to traitors.

      5. You can’t throw up an imaginary scenario of “well, you’ll be taxed 50 % if you ever try to leave your kids “X” amount of dollars. Sam, the fact is that you have not made that much money, and you never will. You are poor, and you’re fixing to get poorer. Defending the rich has no bearing on your life.

        Furthermore, maintaining aircraft carriers and stealth fighters (necessary to run an empire, which is what we (the USA) are doing), costs lots of money. Can’t bitch about the cost of empire when it’s one of your campaign planks.

        Do you think we would have gone to war in Iraq or Afganistan, if georgy and dicky thought they would actually have to PAY for the war, instead of just borrowing the money from CHINA? China paid for those wars you know. Everyone has to pay the piper at the end, and our end is coming real soon……..

        • Oh I see.. you’re an internet cruizer who has nothing better to do than try to interject ridiculas statements into what would otherwise be an enjoyable discourse.

          • I actually think he made a good point, Sam. Why don’t you respond to him rather than insulting him? He’s right about the piper coming to get paid….and I hope not in the horrifying manner of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Although I have always been staunchly conservative, more and more I wonder why I bother fighting for the insane salaries of hedge fund playboys who are in the process of buying up all the farmland in my neck of the woods, and probably wouldn’t mind shackling my kids as serfs some day. Or exporting them…lots of Chinese men are going to be huntin’ for a bride someday…

      6. Were not running anywhere.

      7. What we need are Guillotines in the streets, and we need to lube them up real good with the “1%’ers”

        • Didn’t I see you with Rosanne Barre……………..

        • Really Johnny V? You never worked for a 1% before? Never met one? You might be surprised who some of them are; but here is the other thing you might not realize – those 1% will hire some damn fine mercenaries and take a whole lot of 99% with them for trying. Bring it on baby bring it on!

          • Does your mommy know you’re up late?

        • nothing about someone who plays at being god could possibly surprise me.

        • This whole “movement” is nothing but the old classic pincher strategy. It works very well. Brought us the 16th amendement and the income tax.

          Now the Obama administration, in conjunction with Acorn (Rathke) and SEIU (Lerner) are attempting to create chaos in the streets in order to facilitate a reason to declare martial law. This is Astro-Turf from the beginning. Look for the agents provocateur to be ramping up the violence shortly.

          I’ve seen extreme violence first hand. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t fun. What really pisses me off is it is not even necessary but mark my words, you’re gonna see it.

          • I have to agree with you, its just a matter of time before the fist punch or shot is thrown. Americans will turn voilent history proves this. But you have to love this guyes passion. Its not a matter of what he said, Its the conviction in which he states it with.


      8. More power to this young man speaking out against the Fed.

      9. I love this kid. He’s 100% right. States rights are the only solution. Very unusual for such a young person to “get it”. (take note obama….no teleprompter!) I hope there are more of him!

        Have you seen the Drudge Headline?



        Folks, you will remember this month as the month that the world’s economy crashed. You will tell your Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren about it.

        • @ Mr. Blutarysky

          In what state you you live? In “our” state, “our” government has repeatedly overturned voter initiatives despite the Voter’s Act that is supposed to prevent exactly that kind of elitist control. I see the same in our neighboring states. Even in states with plenty of uppity citizens, states like Idaho, the state government is up to no good. It sure seems that the soap box and the ballot box have failed. What’s left? (That is a rhetorical question)

          • Yep – in Idaho the PTB are pushing a deal with the Chinese to create a “commercial” enclave the size of a medium city. What exactly the Chicoms are going to DO with all that free land isn’t being discussed in public, however.

            • One can hope that the commercial enclave TOC mentions is not the new Capitol Complex….

          • Most people are not paying attention to the state level because they are so focused on the Federal level. If we can get the feds to shrink in size & power by about 90%, then we would be way more involved in local politics. And certainly much more influential.

            Right now they are getting a free pass & taking full advantage of it. It’s even happening in my small county. They are spending money like its growing on trees. When you question them about it you get the song & dance about it being from this budget or from that budget. Always an excuse.

        • While our author here points out MSM will point to the loons on wall street and ignore the likes of this young man – I also perceive this young man is the minority down there and not the reality. I’ve heard some other comments made on film by “people” down there….I’ve even blogged about some of them. Its really sad…one kid couldn’t even put his joy stick down to give his I want more speech.

        • I saw it Mr. B – also, on Drudge is Pa-Lousy praising the “protesters” ( when she called the Tea Party “astro turf” ), Reid pulling the nuke option in the Senate, the housing bust being the worst since the depression, the Feds creating a “master” insurance policy for us and so much more. Just the headlines of the day are each more potentially disasterous than what we used to see in a whole week.

          Our Glorious Leader and his minions KNOW that the election is lost unless they can pull a fast one. They are egging on and encouraging anything which can lead to turmoil, riots and protests.

        • “Folks, you will remember this month as the month that the world’s economy crashed. You will tell your Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren about it.”

          But Rich99 says we’re all going to be drinking free Bubble Up and eating that rainbow stew!

          • POA: Bubble UP? Man you guys are old! Next thing you know WE will all be meeting at the soda fountain for a “Green River”!

            I have a $100 dollars that says this will NOT be the month of global financial collapse.

            Any takers? MAC can hold the money.

          • Good ‘ol Merle Haggard tune.

      10. The Aussies just set a world record for the most women in two piece bikinis marching 1 mile down the beach. don’t try to play like people in other parts of the world aren’t free or happy…..:)

        • There are good people in OZ but many restrictions. The food they produce goes to China, is re-packaged and sent back…no shit. The folks down under are pissed. Fuel is also high in contrast to the value of their currency. Muggings are common in NSW and for Gods sake, don’t get caught with a knife. Still it,s better than most places and they speak English to – boot!

        • See…this is PART of the problem…America knows about Australia and the bikini-clad women, but not their state and federal senators’ names…or state governor’s names.
          Oh, by the way who’s your state representative??
          See..betcha he has to do a search for that answer.
          Double GEEZE!!

          • Yup.

            POA was at a protest with about 16 doctors and a few hundred folks in front of our state capitol one winter day in 09. We were trying to get the message out that Obama care would break the bank, lessen the quality & quantity of healthcare for everyone and result in some really bizarre legislative “gifts” that are wholly unconnected to healthcare. That night I went home and turned on the idiot box to witness somewhere around 75 to 80 thousand people that were willing to fight the traffic and sit in the rain to watch a football game between U of O and OSU.

            I wonder how many of these lemmings will whine when they learn their home must comply with unrealistic and arbitrary energy efficiency standards or they will not be able to sell it? Gifts from “healthcare” legislation. Fornicate them. They prioritize a football game over their health and financial well being. I don’t give a feces about them.

            The lamestream media is the only way so much disinformation can be fed to the masses. Check out the reporter that is being screamed at by the POC at justice & the White House. The rest of the media is trying to assist these bastards with getting away with the murder of hundreds of Mexican citizens with Holder’s guns.

            It is useless. Ignorance is ubiquitous.

            • Re POA’s “home must comply with unrealistic and arbitrary energy efficient standards” – a flyer insert came with our electric bill which seemed…well, rather unusual. This is the text(emphasis mine):

              “The HomeSmart Energy/Audit Retrofit Program can help you identify areas in your home that may be wasting valuable energy by providing a free in-home energy audit.
              AN ENERGY SPECIALIST WILL BE SENT TO EXAMINE YOUR HOME, generate a custom audit report on your home and install simple low-cost energy efficiency improvements with your permission. Sign up today!”

              Hubby & I both suspicious. Comments?

            • Man, I pray our entire LSM system goes down—I haven’t had tv since 2008…I use that cable fee for preps.
              I sometimes feel I am in an alternate universe with robots and I don’t understand their gibberish.
              Anyone else???
              I want my America back…I can remember it. I have pictures for when I can’t.

      11. All of you are morons.

        • No Rich99, I think we here, with the exception of maybe one, are a little MORE ON than most.

        • PS I’m going to give you a thumbs up because I want to help you with your issue of self esteem.

        • But we’re not irritating morons such as you are.

      12. I have complete confidence in EH.

        • Enny Hoo?

      13. The ‘reality show of life’ that we see going on around us every day is much better than drugs! None of us who post here could afford to buy a ticket for a show such as this.

        • personaly, i enjoy the drugs almost as much.

      14. @ Clem

        Thanks for the link: http://www.eutimes.net/2011/10/russian-leader-tells-top-generals-prepare-for-armageddon/

        “The only nation that has successfully abandoned the US Dollar is Iran, who since February 2009 abandoned all American currency opting instead to value their oil and gas in Euros. Iran, however, and unlike oil rich Iraq and Libya, has not been attacked due to the Iranians having acquired from Ukraine between 6-10 nuclear armed X-55 missiles (range of 3,000km [2,000 miles]) in 2005. [Note: Former Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko stated that the missiles sold to Iran did not contain their nuclear tips, a statement disputed by the FSB who states they were armed and ‘ready to fire.’…Even worse for the West’s war plan against Syria was its President warning this week that if his nation was attacked by NATO he would cause to be fired hundreds of missiles into Israel’s most populated city of Tel Aviv within six hours, which would, of course, bring about a catastrophic nuclear response.]”

        This would go a long way to explain why the Master Race has not yet succeeded in triggering their war against Iran.

      15. I beleive we have a horse harness around our neck’s.We are so govermant this and that ,what ever happened to free thought or has that been bought too.I want my freedom to be for my kid’s and there kid’s.Wall street rich or back wood’s poor.this is a great place to be.Ilove this county and it’s people.Something has happen to our fighting spirit.What, I don’t what it is .But I see a glimmer of hope in these young people reaching for change.I’m hopeful that one will rise above and quide them to the change’s the county need’s.

      16. freedom IN amerika ??? ;0P psssszzzt

        none of you are free – NONE!

        not since the federal reserve act of 1913! GET IT!!!?

        sigh… your all already irs debt slaves! get it!



        • Dear Ninny, they can have my shit and eat it too.

      17. One of the major contributors to the infiltration of corporations into our election process has been the Supreme Court decision, “money = free speech”.
        This MUST be amended!

      18. Sorry to admit that I didn’t (well, can’t) watch the video. (One disadvantage of being bugged out already is no fast internet.) But I can comment on the statement that the Wall Street protests are being co-opted by the Obama camp. I think Rush had it right today when he said that the Obama machine has CREATED these “protests” to try to regain some of the enthusiasm among the lefty radicals that’s been lost in the past 6 months or so. Right down to having a few heads broken by the police. That’s supposed to always be good for a riot or two. It does not, however seem to be working. There is no groundswell of support for this maneuver, and the PTB in the Democrat Party must be changing their linen hourly over it. Now we read on Drudge that Hairless Reid is going to the nuclear option to stop all filibusters in the Senate. Watch this space – this will be followed by a flood of radicals nominated and confirmed to the Federal courts between now and the moment that Herman Cain is sworn in as President. We will be Venezuela, whether we like it or not . . . .

      19. The main argument that seems to have been forgotten is to END THE FED and return to sound money. After that, many problems will simply take care of themselves.

        • You must be in the matrix… You better read “Death by Technology”. The Fed is a good start, but it’s not that simple. We had the first great depression without the Fed. This is something much bigger and uglier.

          OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

          • Communism is not the answer to crony phony capitalism.

      20. I always felt alittle bad because we got around to college late and have always had a very modest lifestyle. If my kids spend the rest of thier childhood ‘modestly’ or even in poverty, at least it wasn’t because thier parents didn’t try. We did everything we were ‘supposed’ to do. (even if in the wrong order) Even after two degrees, and by the grace of God, two jobs, it still feels like the lean days when we flirted with food stamps. Frustrating. Tiring. Sad.

        • Success is not measured by your bank balance. Do your children, other family members and friends know you as people of charcter whose word is good as gold? Are you known as someone that your friends aand family can count on when the chips are down?

          The sunshine on the other side of the poop time ahead is that we will have our priorities correct and love of God & family will be far more valuable than anything else.

        • And that’s what we all feel FluffMama. I am so tired of the ‘we were sleeping’ BS…as I told dh tonight; no, I wasn’t asleep–
          as a former educator, I didn’t have someone in my classroom protecting my students from climbing a ladder 12 feet high while I was out flirting with the teacher across the hall; I didn’t order $2000 worth of books and resources and send the damn bill to the parents; I didn’t mail my class resources funded by the citizens of that county to Egypt or Indonesia and expect the county to replace those resources I gave away!!!
          You expect and demand better of me or my ass gets fired—same standards should be set for those bastards in CONgress..
          Rant off!!

      21. This is not associated with this article but i am here to tell you people that are waiting for this shit to hot the fan that it wont . you people will be very disappointed real soon ! how many articles did you read about the stock market collapse that ISNT happening ?? now these very same scumbags are telling you that the market will reach 12,000 ……..thats a far cry from a market collapse !! KEEP ON BELIEVING THESE DOOMERS FOR PROFIT .

        • You’re right.

          I’m going to run out and buy another house.

          Gonna join me? We’ll hold ’em for a year then make a killing!

        • Thank god there ain’t 99 more of you, Rich

      22. Competition is the greatest regulator of a free market.

        • 100% correct PO.. it is also the only “regulator” which is not innately destructive and freedom limiting.

          • So True!!

        • Unfortunately, the crony phony capitalism of the GB’s do not allow for true competition.

      23. this young man is motivating me to do something outside of my common sense if the illusion of security is not restored soon.

      24. People! Please! You all talk as if you know what is going on. You don’t. They’ve muddied the waters so much with media bullshit that its difficult to get you people to understand the truth. You talk about these institutions as if they *ARE* government. After all, for years, they’ve told you “We Are Government!” and they have senators and congressmen and presidents, right? They’ve lied about every thing else. Why do you believe them?

        Go read what REALLY happened and why.


        Once you understand what the cause of the problem is, you can think about fixing it. You people are talking about fixing a jumbo jet but you’re riding in a Ford Tempo.

        The whole thing is MUCH easier to fix than you can possibly imagine. There are some that are trying to fix it now. They need your help but you don’t even know about them.

        Get educated so you can understand how to fix it.

      25. Hes just a hippi as some people have called the protestors. Nothing to see here please move along. The Boston tea party wasn’t a protest ether. Lmfao.

      26. america was lost after the civil war. that cemented the empire. it’s been gone for over a hundred years. when the states lost the right to leave the union (or be blown into bloody pieces) america ceased to exist. we have been a fake republic ever since.

        left to run? america is the world empire leader. it starts wars, controls leader, manipulates countries.

        occupy wall street is nothing more than the peasents speaking out. And they cannot win. I will support thier rights to protest but it’s a lost cause.

        leaderless resistance (what these tree hugging protestors advocate) leaves a vacuum that makes any and all movements vulnerable to infiltration.

        anyone who advocates leaderless resistance is either a moron or a paid government agent. that’s how you know if the movement is real. it would have a leadership, front man and governing body.

        the south was real. they had a whole new government set up under Davis.

        it was lincoln who choose to lead the nation into an empire by declaring war on the south when it tried to leave.

        the central bank acts as cement and cast the power into a central location. which is was the ferderal government wanted all along.

        • Good post Rachel.

        • rachel good post but ummmmmm… wrong america is the Bank of England and Israel’s bwitch… All fall under the banking control of the Family Rothschild of England who are originaly of Germany!!!

          we are all nothing more than DEBT SLAVES… feel the lash yet?

          amerika is just one big lie… keep drinking the cool aid!

      27. All us preppers are ready. We’ll just stay home and watch it all go down. It will be very exciting to watch. Funny the elite think they will not be effected. My dumpy old house will be passed by as the mobs pay a visit to the McMansions of the elite. It will be like new years. Everything will be up for grabs.

        • Excited:

          Don’t get too comfortable after they pass by your dump. Some of us “McMansion” owners as you like to call us are wide awake as well. Debt free, fully prepped (physical, freeze-drieds, 6.8mm SBR(s), lead, etc.). They may be looking for an easier target as they are in retreat. 😉


          Thanks for all you do. I’ve been a reader of your sight for a long time, first time commenter. I finally felt the need to respond to those who lump certain folks into one camp. God blesses people as He chooses. Some people have actually worked hard all their lives to reap His blessings. They aren’t ALL crooks. They EARNED a good living. Can I eat my gold? Nope. But I can’t put all my hard earned money in food and water storage either. Well-diversified. Just sayin’. Wall Street is PART of the problem, but as this fine young man, wise beyond this years, has so eloquently stated, the FED has got to go!


          • Thanks for your regular visits and kind words. It’s great to see you join the conversation!


        • Which one? I HAVE MNAY Bwuahahahahahah!

          • OOOPS! I Meant M-A-N-Y. Sorry I got excited y’all.

      29. Change is coming,and none too soon.
        Let the UBER-Rich have their wealth and power(while it still has any meaning or relevance)The Bible(make if it what you will) says of these future days:if they were not cut short(by God) NO flesh would be saved(I.E. survive the times).
        Keep prepped everyone!
        Best to All

        • GFG: Did you notice that these last few large earthquakes, like the one in Indonesia that spawned the great Tsunami actually “shortened” the day.





        • DOTJB: Dude, chill out! Mac doesn’t censor anyone, relax. WE know its the banksters, but not all of them are Jewish.

        • Wow dude or dudette, you ask something of someone and still call that person a name. Just another fine example of how we got where were at.

        • Personally, I’m getting tired of having to wade through posts that are obviously spam, antagonists, bored and small stupid children, hacks just trying to incite and inflame.

          Mac – I wish you would move to a login / password setup. I know you don’t want to and a lot of us appreciate the openess of this site.. but Jeez Louise; the cockroaches are crawling all over this place and taking up way to much space.. just saying..

      31. Yeah this is bullcrap! If we let states run themselves we would still have slavery and government sanctioned discrimination. Let me tell you three things that will really help the U.S.;

        1). New strict Federal term limits. 1 6 year term Presidency, 1 6yr Term Senate, 2 2years Terms House, and Supreme Court till 75.

        2). Re-Institute the Glass–Steagall Act

        3). Add a fourth tier income tax bracket at the $700,000 income mark.

        Do those three things and the country will see immediate positive changes.

        • Your three points are a meaningless rearrangement of deck chairs. Our problem is not political tenure, insufficient regulations or low tax rates. Our problem is a central government with absolutely no limits to its power to intervene in our lives.

          There are already scores of thousands of laws and regulations already on the books controlling and criminalizing nearly every imaginable private and commercial activity. Yet, powerful regulators saw fit to ignore massive fraud, apparent a decade ago, involving all aspects of the real estate bubble. What’s held back prosecutions, paltry budgets?

          We already live in a totalitarian police state empowered by a web of laws and regulations. Everyone of us unwittingly commits some felonies innocently going about our everyday lives. Giving the government more money will result in more laws and regulations further degrading civilization. If you are in the bottom 50% of all income earners, you already pay almost no income taxes. What benefit would you derive from heaping more taxes on the rich? Do you really want to give the government more money, by further taxing the rich, so that more police can be hired to investigate, harass and fine us even more?

          Would you want a swat team to kick down your door and haul you away to a brand new, job creating jail built with taxes extracted from the rich because you served your children raw milk? Well, such things are already happening. Would you maybe feel safer if higher tax rates on the rich funded the protection racket of porno scanners and TSA feel-ups, everywhere in public and not just in airports? Maybe higher taxes on the rich will be used to fund a single payer health care system further propping up the ineffective and lethal medical model already bankrupting the country and killing hundreds of thousands annually. How about dumping more money into the government school rat holes that have yet to figure out how to do what little red school houses on shoestring budgets did more than a century ago? Maybe you would experience a surge of patriotism if higher taxes on the rich were used to expand the military in order to bomb and wreck another country inhabited by dark skinned people? How would you feel if higher taxes on the rich were used to hire more bureaucrats to enforce more laws passed by Congress mandating all kinds of additional reporting requirements, taxes, inspections, fees, licenses and fines upon employers which forced your employer to shutdown and move his business overseas?

          Yes, there is a growing wealth gap. But this is caused not by free market capitalism but by the near absence of the free market in America. Influential political entrepreneurs are using the government’s vast regulatory apparatus to cripple smaller competitors. They have learned to harness the gun of the state to evade the rigors of competition and to guarantee markets and profits for themselves. Witness the death grip that BigAg and Big Pharma have on food production and healthcare by way of the regulatory gun of the FDA. What do you think happens to doctors who publicize the fact that they can cure cancer without employing the cut, burn and poison routines endorsed by the FDA? To find out, read about the decades long FDA persecution of Dr. Stanislaw Burzyinski. In a free market, no business, however large, can force us to buy their goods or services. We are always free to say ‘no.’

          Try saying ‘no’ to the biggest scam of all, central banking and its fiat money forced on us at gunpoint via legal tender laws. The Federal Reserve’s monopoly on counterfeiting money, granted by Congress in 1913, is the greatest single cause of not only the growing wealth gap in America but of the destructive boom and bust business cycle and of the stealth erosion of the purchasing power of people’s savings via inflation.

          The financial industry gorged itself on profits generated from highly leveraged investments during the Fed’s credit induced boom phase. Politicians bailed out the speculators with our money during the bust phase, thus perpetuating the wealth gap and encouraging further reckless speculation. Ridding America of legal tender laws would single-handedly destroy these odious cycles as private currencies emerged to compete in preserving the purchasing power of money. Gold and silver would once again be established as real money, and the counterfeit money of the Federal Reserve, backed by nothing, would be shunned. Excessive risk taking would not be rewarded with bailouts as it is now. Government’s intervention and wars would automatically shrink as it could not spend more than it took in taxes. Government would no longer be able to employ the stealth tax of inflation via the counterfeiting operations of the Federal Reserve to finance its police state.

          This is the only approach which gets to the root of our collective economic misery. The gun of the government must be removed from people’s interaction with one another. Civilizations are built by free individuals freely producing things of value and trading with each other for their mutual benefit. Intervention at gunpoint, for whatever world improving ideas the crazed gun wavers believe in, is what coarsens, impoverishes and eventually brings down civilizations.

        • We have done did that….remember Hope and change? I personally can’t stand any more I keep throwing up in my mouth a little all day long as it is. Pulleeze. Leave tjher slavery alone. Already I have to rush outside, cut some blackberry canes and scourge/flagellate myself cause i know some of my SOUTHERN ancestors owned slave. I have found very very few. BUT II did not inherit any plantations, gajillion acres of land, cotton gins, so far I got a blac k iron pot 15 gallon, a set of 1940 Worldbook Encycloopedias,some model A wrenches from my grandaddy and an old toolbox from the railroad yard from my other grandaddy. I also got some gas rationing coupons from my great grandmother before she died in 1944-her daddy fought for the union by the way. I got some photos over 100 yrs old which include Confederate and Yankee veterans so I will not ride that pony. More of my people had a houseful of kids and a cornmeal grinding mill that even had even one slave. I did inherit a LOT of attitude from the children of the reconstruction thopuhg. I do not tolerate occupation vewwy well. It’s genetics you know. Yehhhhhawwww! And duh Jan 1 1863, Jan 1 1865 nuff said……I do bnot feel guilty about it any more than my 10th great granddaddy who left England , as a Cavalier, after the chopped off his Kiong’s head. Actually a good move I suppose. or the other 10th who was almost hanged en route to jamestown-then returned to old blighty and came back on the mayflower to become assy Gov. I am proud to have a little ( or maybe a lot) of rebel in my family tree. I wear it well.

      32. No, no corporations. No corporate veil, no corporate shield from responsibility, no tax dodges. You can allow partnerships, but every owner must be known and every owner, manager, and employee must be accountable for their conduct.

        Eliminate corporations and the swindler-looter culture. How many times do societies need to re-learn old painful lessons?



      33. Lilly and the Dragon decide to eat moon pies…
        Welcome to Uncle Okie’s Storytime. Sit back with a refreshing beverage, relax, and before the story is over, you’ll probably be fast asleep…

        One day a little girl named Lilly was walking through the forest, minding her own business, which business just happened to be marking the boundaries for her Daddy’s clear-cut logging operation. Suddenly a big Dragon jumped from behind a tree, and demanded, ‘What are you doing in my forest?’
        ‘I’m marking trees for my Daddy to cut down,’ she said sweetly.
        ‘Oh no you wont!’ yelled the Dragon, ‘you touch one of my trees and I’ll breath fire on you!’
        Lilly, who was not the least bit intimidated by his size or threats, calmly pulled a referee’s whistle from her pocket and blew.
        Instantly, a large brown bear came up. He was wearing a hat and a shirt with “Smokey” embroidered on the pocket, and no trousers at all. He dumped a pail of water on the Dragon, extinguishing his flame. He then punched him three times, very hard, right in the kidneys. The Dragon crumpled to the ground.
        Lilly looked the bear up and down, and winked at him. The bear tipped his hat, blushed, and walked off into the trees, trying to remember where he’d left his pants.
        Then she looked at the Dragon. ‘Now,’ she said ‘Shall we start over, with proper introductions, and a civil tone of voice?’
        The Dragon mumbled an apology. After they’d been properly acquainted, he found that he actually liked the little girl. They skipped through the forest, picked wildflowers, and later, had a nice picnic lunch with root beer and Moon Pies.
        Lilly taught him to leg wrestle, Indian style. She won 5 of their 7 matches. The Dragon wished he had a special skill to teach her in return, but she couldn’t breathe fire, and his own was now just a smoldering post nasal drip. So instead, he taught her all the words to his favorite Barbara Striesand songs.
        Some time later, the trees were all cut down. The area was paved and a new Wal-Mart Supercenter was built. Lilly grew up, went to college, and got het MBA. She became the chief assistant financial analyst for the Wal-Mart corporation. Her rise up the ladder was swift and she made lots of money. But somewhere, deep in her heart, was an emptyness, and a longing for the innocence of youth. The wildflowers, the Streisand songs, and the Moon Pies. Deep down, she was very depressed.
        The Dragon was hired at the new store as a greeter. He now spends his days swapping lies about the old times with his semi-retired coworkers. And teaching them to leg wrestle, Indian style. In the evenings, he sits at home, watching television and dreams of his forest…
        the end

        The moral of the story? I’m not really sure. Maybe its:
        ‘A fire breathing Dragon is no match for a half naked bear with water.’ Or perhaps it’s:
        ‘Little people should not be bullied, for they sometimes have big friends. But either way, you’ll both be swallowed by the corporation in the end.’

        Sweet dreams……zzzzz

        • [Bean has just shot a man for shooting a picture of Lily Langtry]
          Judge Roy Bean: Justifiable homicide.
          [Goes through the man’s pockets]
          Judge Roy Bean: I fine this man, uh, $50 for disturbing the peace and $10 for lying around.
          Nick the Grub (Jackson gang: [Bean has shot Bad Bob from ambush with a buffalo rifle] Damn, Judge! You shot him in the back!
          Whorehouse Lucky Jim (Jackson gang: Appears like he shot him in the back and the front! Judge, you didn’t give him no chance!
          Judge Roy Bean: He’d didn’t deserve a chance. If he wanted a chance; he should have gone somewhere else.

          • And get that bear out of the courtroom!

          • ” His back was to me” Lou Gossett Jr. El Dioablo 1985 one of the best and most subtle movie lines of history….LOL ANgthony Edwards played the little wuss boy well too.

      34. America was already lost before I was born (1973). Peaceful protesting is a great idea but it will accomplish nothing. Blood…lots of blood…must flow to cleanse this filthy, disordered house… got rope?

      35. Default is right… All talk of these problems which avoids the ZioNazi Banksters is like speaking of water but refusing to mention the two parts hydrogen…total nonsense. Godspeed…and Zuck Fionism 🙂

      36. Brilliant.

      37. Amen, brother.

        That kid is a badass.

        Enough said.

      38. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

        What rights would you be willing to surrender for your next meal?

        • NOne, how about 15 180 grain .401 caliber cupro mickle jacketed slugs? I also like 240 grain 44 specials hard cast linotypeSWC or SWC HPs at about 900 FPS. I am a 44 Specialist choosing not to be a genral practitioner. John Taffin is the man

      39. Mac, GREAT clip, thanks you. Ron Paul – 2012 !

      40. We “The People” need to add an Amendment to the Constitution (should it still even be used) that the Government can not borrow any money. Once the currency in circulation issued by the Congress ONLY is in circulation, no more can be added, and no more can be borrowed.

        Every Congress should leave the next with a zero balance and no debt!

        End the Fed or Die on your own soil.

      41. By now the powers to be know more about this kid, his friends, his family, his families family and neighbors of his families family. Because of the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon they now know all about you too.

      42. Haha! That’s rich! Have any of you morons ever lived in other countries?! I live in China, and have also lived in Japan, and New Zealand. I can tell you wholeheartedly that I have never lived in a more controlled environment than the good ol’ US of A. You may think China is much worse, and to an extent it would be true if I were a poor Chinese, but I’m not/ I’m an American, andf the freedom I possess here, is nothing like back home. The US is so totally overrun by laws,lawyers, red tape, high taxes, and heaps of dead weight to boot (pop. on govt. assistance, or else working for govt.- note…these people produce no wealth, just parasites). Did you know in Japan you can open up a bar or restaurant, and pay only $800 in licensing fees. Insurance is very cheap too. How much would you pay in the US? Also, these countries have no DHS paedophiles fondling kids trying to get on a plane. Trust me. The American people and world at large, are greatly better off if the American system crashes and burns.

      43. Wow Mac, This guy has some amazing points. I know there are a lot of wackos protesting on Wall Street, but this guy is a true American. HE SAID IT RIGHT – ELECT RON PAUL. RON PAUL IS AMERICA’S ONLY HOPE AT THIS TIME. WE, THE PEOPLE, NEED TO BACK RON PAUL!

        Ron Paul can bring peace to the ENTIRE WORLD. Ron Paul will end the wars in the Middle East on his FIRST DAY in office. Other countries will stop hating (rightly so) america. Ron Paul will end the Federal Income Tax. Imagine that – not having your hard earned money STOLEN from you! Ron Paul for President 2012! p.s. people: America did NOT have a Federal Income Tax from 1776 until 1913!

      44. We’ve already lost America. There is nothing to look forward to but misery and death. The government has declared that it can assassinate any American citizenship anywhere in the world at any time using aerial death drones for reasons kept secret. Even the Nazis got trials after WW2, now we murder our own with killer robots.

        TSA, NSA, FBI, welcome to the police state. Get out now while you still can. Because it isn’t going to get any better, but it will assuredly get much, much worse.

        The economy is the least of your worries. Worry about the U.S. government being a surveillance based totalitarian society.

        When hope dies, change (action) can begin. For now this is all just an effort to awaken the sleeping masses and make them realize how fucked up this country has gotten.

      45. We are the NWO, so thats not a true entity, it’s a perjorative for america britiain and israel.

        if we lose our country, we got to be ready to smash who ever comes for us.

        The NWO order is russia+islam+china
        with a side of vatican 3 and for desert, EU

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