Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA”

by | Oct 2, 2012 | Headline News | 258 comments

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    In the following video commentary Russian General Konstantin P. Petrov (Ret.) asks some interesting questions and includes his own thoughts (perhaps the non-official Russian position) about a variety of topics that include the end of US dollar hegemony, the orchestration of the 9-11 attacks to engage America in a mid-east war, the puppeteers behind the politicians and the coming premeditated collapse of the United States of America as we know it.

    While here in the United States we remain enclosed in a propaganda bubble controlled by western multi-billion dollar media conglomerates, business interests and political alliances, there can be no doubt that other schools of thought exist throughout the world. What may seem like reality to our populace is perhaps nothing more than illusion.

    The United States does not exist in a vacuum. As such, we simply cannot ignore the assessments, outlook and opinions of foreign leadership as they pertain to the global implications of current events.

    How did they ruin the USSR? They called the Soviet Union a ‘prison for people’ and an ‘evil empire’.

    The same thing is being done to the United States.

    We also intervened in Afghanistan and do you remember how that ended? It’s the same thing with the United States, and the American can’t do anything there. Now the entire muslim world hates the United States.

    And when the global mafia dumps the dollar the entire world will think that the Americans deserved this. But this won’t benefit people in our country, especially those who’ve been saving up dollars.

    There’s another thing that we should take into account.

    In the United States lives 5% of the world’s population, but Americans consume 50% of the world’s energy resources. The global mafia sees this as a problem.

    …Some of our people who fled to the US, and now live there on welfare, live better there unemployed than they would have lived in Russia even if they were employed.

    The slave masters think that this situation in the US is unacceptable because even the slaves live relatively well there.  so the United States is doomed too in this sense.

    Even if you’re the head of a mighty state and you don’t understand global politics and don’t understand the methods of global politics you’re still a hostage of the global mafia. The leadership of the USSR and the leadership of the USA carried out internal and external politics, but the global mafia carries out global politics.

    The USSR collapsed and the same fate has been prepared for the USA.

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      1. The same fate hits ALL empires or global super powers because ALL fail to learn from history and continue to make the same mistakes that are never learned from. It is human nature and using some the 90% of the brains that is unused to learn not to go down the same path to the same cliff.

        • Unfortunately..

          we’ve been carefully,incrementally,patiently herded as an entity to this point..
          it did not occur because of the likes of Clinton Bush or Obama..
          they were,and are, only willing players in the game elected(chosen) to keep our eyes off the real game..

          and instead drink the well dosed koolaid of their red team vs blue team propaganda…

          all the while, the agenda has continued perfectly as planned for well over a century at the least..

          Their final coup detat is reaching its 100 year mark next year..The Federal Reserve..the central bank..the global mafia as you will..

          It is an institution steeped in the exact model/footprint of the European models of the Rothschild cabal..

          Utilize state and religious organizations to whip up the duped public into creating an enemy that does exactly what the banks intended to do..a threat to our sovereignty that must be eliminated..

          when in fact,,the “enemy” is financed by the same cabal ..whose only intention is to reap massive profits from the spoils of war and nation rebuilding(resources)..
          and then implementing a new system with their own cabals direction and financing..

          Obviously this worked quite well in Vietnam,Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan..and on to Iran and Syria in the near they all held massive resources which the empire needed..but of course none of the spoils of war benefited the nation whose own sons and daughters blood was spilled..

          We are all slaves to the global is all planned my friends..
          They are now using war tactics like never before..destroying entire nations worldwide without firing a shot..

          just weapons of financial mass destruction.

          just witness Greece Spain Portugal Italy France

          meanwhile the narrative at home pins the blame on socialism and other such nonsense..

          and here at home..their carefully designed wmds have imploded millions of Americans lives..
          massive indebtedness
          massive dependency
          massive student loan defaults
          massive bailouts for the very global mafia who created the mess in the first place..

          Welcome to the new world order global mafia.or whatever moniker one cares to call it..

          It is real

          it is ongoing

          and we are next in its cross-hairs..


          • No, I’d agree with BI — history, ignorance, arrogance. No big bad mafia/cabal etc. We only have ourselves to blame. There is no man behind the curtain, and believing there is not only removes responsibility but the power to do anything but prepare for the worst — and that’s no power at all. Seriously, it is no less selfish than the woman with the obamaphone.

            If you make it to the other side of SHTF what will you say? “Hey grampa, what did you do before the SHTF?”, “Well son, I hoarded all I could to save my own ass.”

            (thumbs down is the one to the far right).

            • Because many people are easily misled does not absolve the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

              Prosecute and punish the perpetrators.

            • Translation of the speech is not good. It provides just key elements leaving important details untranslated. 🙂

            • You’re right. No cabal, no bad mafia, we can all go back to sleep.

              “You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”
              -– Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States

              “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”
              – James Madison, Founding Father and 4th President of the United States

              “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic destroyed.”
              – Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

            • Who are the perpetrators? This admin, the last, or maybe the last thirteen. Perhaps long forgotten congressmen and senators. People misled? No, we are all collectively responsible for this mess. We put these people into power and we allowed them to march us down this road and as long as the freebies kept pouring in everyone was happy. Now we are reaping what we sowed

            • Notwithstanding our collective responsibility to remove the culprits from power, failing to identify them now will only insure they will be able to repeat their treachery.

              And history shows they will.

              My guest is they will present themselves as saviors from the coming miseries, and further entrap mankind to levels of darkness unseen before.

            • Very well said. The conspiracy nuts are as irresponsible and clueless as Ogabe Zombies. How we got here is right in front of our faces. There are no illuminati doing it. No jooo banker conspiracy. No New World Order Black helicopter crap. It’s arrogance, laziness, entitlement, irresponsibility, and dishonesty present in far too many numbers in our country and many others. It’s the decline and fall of Rome, all over again. Simple as that.

            • Careful not likely. You are not drinking the consiracy kool aid but speaing the truth. You will soon labelled as one the unnamed “them” or “they” who are operating behind the scenes to enslave all of us.

            • And actually general Pertov died in 2009.

            • Not Likely: That’s what frightend children do: they create phantoms and boogymen out of thin air. They lack the intellectual capacity to understand what is really happening to their world so they thrash about looking for groups to blame; some real and others are a total fabrication. It’s the Jews, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, Free Masons, Communists, Reptilian or Shape-shifting Aliens, Satan, and who knows what else. Depending upon the degree of fear it’s one of the main groups, but it could also be any combination of these entities, take your pick. The greater the paranoia the more convoluted the conspiracy gets. And of course it has “all been expose” by some ‘some brave’ investigative reporter who has published it on his web site from and ‘inside source’ but is in hiding becasue TPTB have put out a boundty on his head-or not because it’s too late, he’s already exposed them, or whatever. The worst thing you can tell paranoid psychotics is that they are deluded because then it’s obvious that you too are part of the conspiracy. This type of insanity is a closed loop system unless some serious therapy can be applied but then the most psychotic of the group will think that this too is part of the conspiracy to ‘keep them quiet’. This disease is very insideous, so you can’t agrue (use logic and facts) with these people. Without intervention, this sickness gets worse until someday they become violent towards those they believe are responsible for the chaos in their lives. These are the “Lone Wolves” that the government (DHS/FBI) is looking out for and the more they blog their paranoia the closer they are watched for signs of impeding action. These lunatics end up creating a self-fullfilling prophesy becasue the loudest ones will eventually be picked up by the government. As I said, the disease is insideous.

            • Gregory8 says: These are the “Lone Wolves” that the government (DHS/FBI) is looking out for and the more they blog their paranoia the closer they are watched for signs of impeding action.

              So then, who’s being paranoid? The blogger or the government? Always more than one way to look at things…(..)

            • No big mafia, no. It just happened by itself. Federal Reserve has created itself, rockets on Libya fell by themselves from airplanes that flew by themselves. The building in NW collapsed by themselves. Planes flying and spraying chemtrails by themselves-no brainless pilots inside who also have children. But you are right, this is all due to our ignorance. I wonder what these pilots who spray chemtrails are thinking to themselves at night. That they are fighting al-quida? But yes, each one of these pilots could have walked away from this job, knowing that they poison the planet. But they don’t. This is how the Satan runs affairs. He created fake paper money and we agreed to borrow it to buy a house. He lied that the ice caps are going to melt and the dorks agreed to spray the planet. He does it with our hands. We complain that prices rise, yet we all go and use credit cards, and by doing so injecting non-existent cash in the market.

          • 100% right. The tables were tilted from the start. Head they win, tail you loose. The artificial polarization of every political idea to “right” or “left” has done nothing but to create an schism that plays right into the hands of the bankers.

            We need to step out from right, left, Democrat, Republican, statist, libertarian and start thinking in a more natural way. How does nature works out the problems we face? Herein lies the answer.

            • This is an old Kabbalistic trick of the rabbis. Read how they use the “pillars” of gevurah (severity), chesed (mercy), and tifiret (“the middle pillar”) to manipulate even their own people. Thesis-antithesis-synthesis and left-right-moderate are simply the tricks of the devil renamed—all of it meant to obscure RIGHT and WRONG.

              “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isaias 5:20

            • In nature, the Lion eats the Lamb, unless they are in a zoo.
              And that’s un-natural.
              Then, the zookeeper “provides” the meal.
              Your choice.

          • possee,


            Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

            • Engage your employees or be impoverished and enslaved by them. 100 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for a NEW political party of Patriots. NEW Patriots who would support Constitutional government.

              Patriots who would sign a binding AGREEMENT between themselves and a NEW political party, LEGALLY requiring them to vote on all legislation according to Constitutional Principle; or be subject to civil litigation.

              If not US, who? If not now, when? Engage.

            • Thank you Colonel..

              Just for the record..

              this is but the tip of the old proverbial iceberg..



          • Let us remember what happened to JFK after he announced that the US government would retake printing dollars from the private Federal Reserve Bank.

            The synagogue’s banksters play for keeps.

            • That was a lone sharp-shooter, with magic bullets.
              I read the report.

            • Not sure if it is true or not, but I read that every US president that has been assassinated was vehemently opposed to a central banking system or federal reserve. It would not surprise me to find out that this is true…

          • Off topic

            October 3rd is the 19th anniversary of the heroic deaths of Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon (August 30, 1960 – October 3, 1993) and Sergeant First Class Randall D. Shughart (August 13, 1958–October 3, 1993) in Mogadishu, Somalia. These SFOD-D snipers were both posthumous recipients of the Medal of Honor. They asked to be inserted to rescue Warrant Officer pilot Michael Durant, knowing well that their chances of survival were incredibly slim. Together, Gordon and Shugart accounted for at least 25 Somali KIAs before they died. The events of October 3rd and 4th, 1993 were memorialized in the movie Black Hawk Down.

            With all the bad shit it’s nice to remember some of the good things and some of the good people that make this a great country. From what I read here everyday this will be a great country again. You just can’t keep a good people down.

          • possee,

            Well stated.

          • It’s all in Taylor Caldwell’s “Captains and the Kings.” The big money boys are pulling the strings and their task is made easier by the complacency of the people. It’s easier to watch “reality” tv than take part in the real world. Misneach, fianna. It’s getting closer every day.

          • All must make a choice… The “blue pill” of sleep and ignorance or the “red pill” of new awareness, understanding and responsibility. It has always been thus that the few have used their occult knowledge to control the many. The dialectic continues to breed masses of brain dead “sheeple” to serve the masters. If the many fail to see their way out of the dream-state false reality created by the masters and finally realize their true power then they will be herded to their doom. They will suffer the final fate of the “useless eaters” that the Elites believe them to be! They must WAKE UP…or die.

          • Read Jeremiah, Chapters 49-52 for an idea of what fate awaits America.
            Just sayin….

          • An lazy people that want something for nothing had nothing to do with it. Blame someone else instead of realizing the people that run reckless with credit are to blame not the banks that gave it to them. people don’t take personal responsibility anymore, it’s always someone else’s fault, get a job and pay cash for what you can afford, if you have to finance it you don’t need it. The I got to have it now mentality is to blame, the keeping up with the jonses mentality is to blame, the I got to have the coolest newest electronic gadget instead of the old one I have thats paid for is to blame, blow that smoke up someone else’s arse. You can’t fix stupid, but just blame someone else it’s the way of the world.

          • Well written!

        • “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
          -Alexis de Tocqueville

          • Yet Rome was 2132 years

        • No economic collapse My peeps, that is PROPAGANDA; and from no less than a Russian general.

          SHTF Plan has sunken to a new low to support its thesis.

          • Yes…this guy is full of shit. Patton should have been allowed to run over that shithole in ’45 and there never would have BEEN a cold war, or that fool.

          • @DK….

            You really should seek treatment for your terminal case of normalcy bias.

            • Hey Walt! You may think it is normalcy bias. I think it is a reasoned response to PROPAGANDA from a Russian General.

              The Russians have been spreading that BS for a decade hoping Americans will believe it.

              America is not the Soviet Union; or Yugoslavia or Zimbamwae.

              When SHTF starts quoting Russian Generals it demonstrates a desperation that is nothing less than grasping at straws to support Mac’s thesis that economic collapse is right around the corner. I call BS on that premise.

              The facts do not rationally support that contention. Most people who preach collapse have money in the game and make their living from your fear.

              Follow the money.

              America has many enemies whose primary mission is to blanket the media with disinformation and spread fear to the weak minded and ill informed who do not have either the education or experience to know better.

              To wit: most here do not have a basic understanding of how the banking system works. That is not to dismiss the criminal behavior of the bankers but those here to who do not understand how it works do not understand what is happening.

              I have ‘splained for two years that all Bernanke is doing is replacing the losses of the banks, but until I finally found a recent quote from Martin Armstrong, no one wanted to believe me.

              Now they do.

              While I do not dismiss the many problems that WE have in this country, or the reasons for them, it is fucking ridiculous to believe that America is going to collapse economically or that the dollar is going to implode.

              The truth is that the American financial system has been demonically perfected over the past 100 years and is flexible enough to weather these changes.

              That doesn’t mean that I support what is happening, it only means that I know how the mechanics of the system works and how it works to the benefit of the Gangster Banksters.

              Changes are coming and everyone should prep for them. I am.

            • For all you sheeple and fools, blinded by your own fear, and manipulated by others trying to capitalize on your lack of education and weak-mindedness, here is what hyperinflation looks like:

              “10,000 Iranian rials per dollar at the start of 2011… 24,000 rials ten days ago… 29,720 on Sunday… and 35,500 rials as of last look.”

              Think for yourself people after you have educated yourself with FACTS. Do not be bamboozled by the LSM or manipulated by Alt Media fear mongers.

              The truth is usually somewhere in between.

          • Anton Hackl says:
            October 2, 2012 at 10:59pm

            @ Durango Kidd

            A few days ago, you lectured Gator-Navy, as you do everyone who realizes that a political solution to America’s problems, has progressed far beyond your ENGAGE in politics RX, so to change things. Are you invested…long? That would put things into perspective, wouldn’t it?

            You really buy into that political change stuff, don’t you? Just out of curiosity per your Marine background, did you ever experience…incoming? Have you ever served under an officer that didn’t have a clue? Do you remember taking the oath? Did you take said oath seriously? Do you still?
            Marines are riflemen & likely the best light infantry outfit going, although Army Rangers will arguably dispute that point.
            I cannot for the life of me, understand why you insist on participating in a politically rigged game. Advising people to form political parties to engage the established behemoths, is ridiculous at this stage!
            They have the power, they possess the money, they pay the media, they control the executive, the
            legislative & the judicial branches. They control the state govts, they control the county govts. They will unite to eradicate a serious threat to their hegemony. Its a game to them & they own the board!

            Remember Ross Perot? What happened to his effort?
            Remember more recently, the TEA Party? FYI, the republican stalwarts infiltrated said political endeavor & hijacked their agenda, then mitigated & marginalized its focus! Game, set & match to the GOP.

            I’m gonna give you a 20th century striking example of your oft used word ENGAGE. Real history, actually happened & it was WW-II vets that pulled it off. Its known as the Battle of Athens Tennessee, happened in McMinn County, 1946-47 or so. See link below:


            Should said video fail to give you pause, to think & reconsider your position or your lame advocacy of additional political parties. I have only one thing to say…
            To paraphrase a founding father of this Republic:

            Durango Kidd…if you lack the testosterone & balls to rise up with righteous indignation, load your weapon & attack the purveyors of tyranny & injustice when necessary & for the sake of your sworn oath to the Constitution.
            Please stay at home or go to your gold mine or bank…count your loot & profits & be mindful that the rest of us will forget that…you were ever our fellow countryman!

            • Anton: I replied early tonight to this comment on the other post as follows:

              The answer to all of your questions are “yes”.

              I am not suggesting that WE participate in the same rigged game. I am suggesting that WE change the landscape of the game.

              Money? O’bummer himself showed US that WE the People have the money to compete with Big Money interests.

              100 million gun owners contributing $100 could generate $10 billion: enough to fund a grassroots, 50 state organization to become a FORCE to be reckoned with.

              How much is your personal Liberty worth?

              Ross Perot failed because he didn’t have a grassroots organization behind him and chose to run within the current system. If he really wanted to change the system he could have used that $100 billion of his own money to fund a party of Patriots to pursue office at the Federal level other than President.

              Third party political candidates who run for President without a strong organized political base are ego oriented; not goal oriented.

              The Tea Party has not failed, they have made an impact WITHIN the two party system. They are new, but they are a force to be considered. They are useful libertarians, but do not understand that the demon WE face is embodied within the FREE TRADE system, which is the financial source of the “P” in the PTB.

              The Left has toiled relentlessly behind the scenes for a generation to prepare for the power they now possess, but they were dedicated and resolute.

              They didn’t say, LIKE YOU, that it couldn’t be done; that there was too much money and too much power arrayed against them. They just went ahead and did it. That is the excuse of a fucking LOSER!

              They put a publicly gay, Muslim, Marxist, and Kenyan into the Oval Office! And the American people bought it; which shows US how desperate Americans are for new leadership. LMFAO!

              I support a strategy that will work; not give impetus to dictatorship because a few shortsighted fools like YOU want to rise up in “righteous indignation”.

              Big talk. No results. If you are so fucking BAD, why don’t YOU fire the first shot? Well?

              If you want to talk about the Founders, you should understand that it took them more than 12 years to win the war and establish a new nation.

              This second American Revolution is only 4 years old. Once organized, NEW Patriots could control a large enough portion of the House and Senate to effectively control the government once again within another 8 years.

              That is a winning strategy. Yours, sadly, is a prescription for failure that will only exacerbate OUR situation, give more power to the adversaries of Freedom, and legitimize their perverse control over US.

              Next time you write use your head first and not the one in your hand, on the end of your dick! Your “testosterone” is showing! try using your brain instead! 🙂


            • Anton,

              I must agree with your take on this since I think the “Kidd” seems to be missing the main point here that you cannot win a game if the deck is stacked…
              Also nice paraphrase from Sam Adams:
              “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
              ― Samuel Adams

            • Bravo Anton….Bravo

            • @ Durango Kidd

              Why is it that when anyone points out your evident cowardice, you always resort to the ‘low blow’ strategy, per blatant sexual innuendo accusations? Do you suffer from some obscure manhood-envy complex? Did the guys in the barracks give you a ‘blanket party’ long ago? Are you still pissed off about it?

              Really Mr. Kidd, perhaps you should reconsider your short-comings & be honest with yourself & the rest of us. Begin by telling us who you really work for & in what capacity. Why would you advocate a plan for people to participate in a fraudulent system, that’s for the most part a rigged game from the onset?

              To recap your policy ideals, allow me to distill them to their base components:

              100million gun owners cough up $100 bucks each. Now we’ve got a 10 billion dollar pot. Suddenly, a handful of smooth talking political charlatans drool over said $$$.
              “I’m your man”, cries one.
              “Let me represent you”, shouts another.
              “I’ll straighten congress out”, states a stern voice.

              “psssst…hey guys join us”, whispers TPTB.
              “We’ll show you how to multiply your loot x10”, join us.

              The trusting 100million gun owners choose their reps, the reps compromise & go to the dark side. 100million gun owners have shit to show, for their belief in patriotism could politically defeat a corrupt system that permeates their lives from top to bottom.

              Are you really that naive?

            • Anton: Form your own party of Patriots. Start with a “freedom cell” in your own neighborhood, or community. Make a difference where you live. All politics are local.

              Work to change YOUR Congressman. Join America First, or The Constitution Party, or The Patriot Party.

              With respect to a NEW Patriots Party, those who want to run for office with Patriot funds must sign a CONTRACT. A legally binding Agreement to introduce and vote for, ONLY that legislation that is Constitutional.

              Under that legal contract party office holders would be legally liable to the party of Patriots who want Constitutional government.

              A committee could monitor and evaluate each Patriot office holder’s performance to ensure that the office holder was abiding by that contract.

              The committee, or ANY contributing member could petition the membership if they felt that any particular party office holder had violated that Agreement.

              A review board could evaluate that claim and place it before the membership for a vote. If two thirds or three fourths (chose one)voted in against the office holder, the claim could be passed to an in house attorney and the OH could be a, stripped of membership or sued for breach of contract, or both and denied further financial backing by the party.

              Are YOU that stupid? 🙂

              That’s what Rules, By-laws, and Articles of Incorporation are for. Get a clue.

              BTW, you are the one who started the “low blows”. If you attack me, understand that I will respond with MY rules of engagement, and verbally strip your sorry ass piece by piece by piece.

            • The One: No I am not missing the point. I understand perfectly that it is impossible to win a rigged game.

              Don’t play THAT game. Create a NEW game.

              The US Constitution IS the best and most powerful weapon that Patriots have. There is nothing to stop US from organizing, communicating, volunteering, donating, or voting for OURSELVES, and asking others to vote for US.

              Thats what the retards and demturds have done.

              Step up. Take the initiative. Multiply your voice, your vote, and your AR-15 by ORGANIZATION.

              United WE are invincible.

              Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it, if the American people will acknowledge the Source of the Freedoms and honor It once more.

              WE allowed the atheists and Globalists to take the ten commandments out of the schools, and now they are filled with drugs, guns, and pedophilia.

              Strip the PTB of political office and the NWO Globalists and GB’s will crumple like a paper bag. Then, let them fear US!

            • @ Durango Kidd

              Temper, temper Mr. Kidd.
              Methinks I’ve touched upon a raw nerve somewhere and your alluding to verbally strip me naked is well…not inclusive to real heterosexuals. I like women period.
              You’re not my type, so please dispense with the creepy shit, ok?
              Let’s keep this civil, there are women and children here!

              Ok, let’s address your talking points:

              1> I am part of a group of patriots, 12 in number & every one can place 5 in the 10-ring at 500yds.

              2> You reference the Constitution, yet failed to answer my question from the original post…”Did you take your oath seriously & do you still hold fast to said oath?”
              An honest answer is important, per this debate.

              3> Advocating assorted ‘committees’ to oversee & monitor a given rep, is akin to spreading your force thin & merely increases the likelihood of infiltration & subversion by the opposition. You slept through AIT, didn’t you?

              4> Contracts? Yeah right, do you realize what a good lawyer or teams of such, can do if the money is right?
              Remember, the opposition controls the judiciary. Are you familiar with the concept of an uphill fight? How about a ‘foregone conclusion’?

              5> Attacked you first? In truth Mr. Kidd, I call it as I see it, you lack the spine to defend ‘Liberty’. You possess knowledge & display it here, for many to marvel over, some of your positions have merit. But when it gets down to brass tacks, you simply don’t measure up to the standard of real American manhood. So sad really, you would make a great asset if you possessed the right equipment.

              6> Per your initial response, I give you my solemn word, when the battle is initiated & target is in cross-hairs, I will whisper quietly…here’s one for you Durango, I’ll do it ‘cuz you can’t!


            • Anton: (2) I addressed all of your previous questions with a yes. Can’t you read?

              3) I didn’t attend AIT. That is Army lingo for Advanced Infantry Training. You must be Army. I was a Marine. I attended ITR (Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Pendleton).

              Oversight committees or ANY contributing member could file a complaint about the actions of a NEW patriot office holder. Read the fine print dumbshit if you want to debate. Did you sleep through high school government or college Poly Sci?

              4) Contracts? Yes, if you believe in the Rule of Law you must accept contracts as the basis for law. Recent Court findings show that the Judiciary is still independent. However there will always be lackeys on the bench until elected Patriots remove them from office.

              (5) No I do not lack the spine to defend Liberty and I have the military experience to prove it. While cowards ran off to Canada, I ran off to Viet Nam.

              I do not question your “spine”; just your brain. You are stupid. Only an idiot or an agent provocateur would try to incite patriots to armed resistance against a military much too powerful to overcome by force of arms.

              Oh yeah, 100 million armed Americans could inflict severe casualties on their fellow American’s but that is the just the kind of conflict that would only serve the PTB, the GB’s, and the Globalists: Not America, not Liberty.

              You are new here. Mac knows who I am. I suspect you are a plant because the only winning strategy for Americans, for Liberty, and America is organized political action.

              The PTB do not want Americans to resist politically. They want Americans to feel discouraged, depressed, and defeated. That is the psy ops by which they control the Sheeple.

              The PTB FEAR political engagement by an aroused electorate; politics is how the PTB came to power and that it how they remain in power. The only way to remove them from power is to vote them out and vote Patriots in.

              Its that simple. Engage.

              PS: I greased my share of “dinks” and I can drill pinwheels at 500 yards too. You do not impress me.

              And again, why don’t you fire the first shot, badass?

              How far do you think you would get? Assholes like you are good at inciting and encouraging others to do the dirty work; but when it comes right down to it, they themselves will do nothing, because they just don’t have the guts.

              You are a fucking hypocrite and that is akin to cowardice. 🙂

              • “(5) No I do not lack the spine to defend Liberty and I have the military experience to prove it. While cowards ran off to Canada, I ran off to Viet Nam. ”

                Apparently you still believe Vietnam was about “defending liberty”. Oh my, you have no clue. You were not a proud defender of liberty. the vietnamese people were the ones fighting for liberty, and people like yourself were the ones trying to PREVENT it. You are still living in the matrix created by your government. You are still a slave.


        • No,

          The same fate has been handed to every country who fails to recognize who the parasites are, and what thier end goals are. The Russian General was quite brave to actually name a few of them. The parasites have destroyed countless civilizations over the last few millenia. People are afriad to face them, and what thier real goals are.

          America’s fate was sealed long ago. And WW3 was predicted by a Soviet General, back in the 1980’s…

          “The principle method employed at this stage is ‘grey terror.'”is a kind of terror that is carried out “in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organizations.”-“Spetsnaz: The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces”, by Viktor Suvorov

        • And like all empires in history , the history that they teach is slanted false history . How can you learn from history if your not told the truth ? Our civil war is one of the best examples ………..all artificial propaganda at this point to outright lies .

        • I think they learned. However the F-ing greed in man is overwhelming.

      2. The USA is the first country that will fail like russia did

        • Not quite a logical statement there. The first country that failed like Russia did is, well, Russia. 😉

          Besides, nations are somewhat unique in that each falls in its own way.

          • What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless,
            whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the
            holy name of liberty and democracy? Gandhi

            • The difference isn’t for the dead, but for the prepared and the mindful. If you see the unique circumstances coming, you are better able to adapt to them earlier, which puts you in a better position to survive them.

              By the way, I am curious about something – which Russian failure is the OP referring to?

              * The 14th Century, when Mongols were pounding down Russian villages left, right, and sideways?

              * the 16th Century, when the Tsars first rose and dominated, but at the same time caused a ton of famines and destruction in their wake?

              * 1917, When Tsarist Russia became the USSR?

              * 1918-1960, when getting killed only took a pissed-off neighbor saying to the local authorities that you were a “counter-revolutionary”?

              * 1991, when the USSR fell?

              * …or right now, when world+dog can see that Putin is doing his level best to subvert democracy in Russia to a more fascist and totalitarian state?

              Maybe I’m just being too pedantic, but each one is unique, and surviving each one required a different set of skills and preparation. For example, if you were a rich bourgeoisie in 1917, your first job was to erase all mention of you in any records, shove your money to overseas accounts (e.g. Switzerland), and get you, your family, and your shit out to your bug-out location (e.g. somewhere in Ohio) before Lenin’s troops charged the gates. If you were a poor guy at that time, you would have wanted to stay way the hell clear of the WWI draft for starters…

              During the Leninist/Stalinist purges? I’d be fucking nice to everyone, appear to be harmless and not-prosperous, and do my level best to move out to the fucking sticks (especially avoiding Stalingrad, or living in any town/city east or Moscow). Ukrainians had it the worst, and hoarding/hiding food would have been a mega-important priority for them (esp. during Stalin’s intentional famine in the region).

              Way different story in 1991. There, you would have wanted enough preps to ride out any shortages during the transition, and pre-position any business/entrepreneurial ideas to launch at the first moment the government granted the rights to do so.

              Up until now, I was just armchair quarterbacking with the benefit of history, but…

              …right now? I’d be looking at hiding assets, stockpiling basic goods, and moving (while I still could) out to a cozy little hole in BFE (Petropavlovsk, a nice little port town on the Kamchatka Peninsula, would work nicely)… ’cause when SHTF viz. Putin, I suspect it’ll get very ugly, very fast.

      3. I just want to be a free man. I’m tired of all this nonsense.

        • thats how i feel, government get the hell out of our way. id rather survive in a log cabin with no cable or anything and do what I want like in the wild west vs this.

          • I’m kinda fond of civilization with modern medicine (for which I can thank my life on two occasions), hot showers, cars and last but not least Air Conditioning.

            I just wish “We The People” actually controlled government.

            • yes, modern medicine has saved and gave many people a 2nd chance and glad that happened for you. many of us would of died of pnemonia or something if we didnt have those resources but if we fail id be wondering what other countries would try to do or force countries near china to join or wage war. this is not funny at all and innocent people are going to die but I dont personally think red dawn type senerio would happen here. i think it would be like the great depression soup lines and the strive as the american leaders try to do what they want to remain in power by anything necessary. we the people will be fighting each other and looters etc. millions will die, many that need meds to survive will die without them. the other countries would have problems too which would keep them quite busy trying to contain their own problems. I keep saying this but I think without cops,firefighters etc, many arsonists will be starting fires everywhere and that will cause mass fires all in the US. We see what happens when someone starts a wild fire and burns colorado down or wherever by just one person. if thousands and thousands of fires are start, it will be a chain reaction and everything will be burning. I fear this for us people. where you gonna go if your place is burning in some hideout etc. or what if you live in a large neighborhood and 2-3 houses are on fire, they will casue a huge and many firestorms that wipe out everything thats next to you. so keep in mind if you have some preps or items if this would happen you could save many items. we all have our thoughts what might happen and this is one that I believe could happen. depending on weather/time etc. I like to keep some of my guns in seperate locations like parents/ father in law etc. OR if cops come they cant steal your stuff and your left with nothing.

            • I like civilization because it gave US NFL Cheerleaders.

          • Unfortunately, we have let them quietly take away our freedoms. The only way to get them back is to go through the pain that our founding fathers went through when they set this country up. It is not gonna be pretty and easy, but we will have to go through it. I dont see myself coming through this alive, but I am not doing all this prepping for me. It is for my daughter, son in law and granddaughter (plus soon to be grandson). I would gladly die that they may have the freedoms I have enjoyed for the last 47 years. I know where I am going after this world, so I dont fear it. I just dont want the pain and suffering that must accompany the struggle for freedom.

            • jim, I’m not afraid to die either, Im 40 and keep in shape and one hell of a shot. I could still get shot easily by a sniper bullet and know this but you nailed it, I want to get this out of control strive for power out of the crooks and back to the people how it should be. I’m with you 100 percent from the midwest and have no children. served in navy for 6 years in spec war and always questioned the control of traitors and fake leaders that pass laws to benefit their buddies for cash while they sellout the people. that fumes me to another level. I know many liberals that I talk to about guns, say to me usually, “I just dont like how so many people are killed by guns.” I tell him I understand and we live in a violent world but imagine if we didn’t have any guns and these fuckers started passing whatever they wanted if they didn’t fear the people and brainwashed the military to another level. They(liberals or anti-gun types) don’t understand that we would be all wiped out and treated like nothing and the thugs would run wild on our constitution. You can see the powergrab Obama has already tried to pull on us people. I don’t like mitt but he’s 100x better than Obama. Obama is a 2 faced liar who is so self centered and a complete fraud. I can’t bear his lies for much longer. So many people are just straight fed up with this asshole. So many people are more engaged than ever I believe. The polls on TV are so full of shit. Someone with half a brain can tell who Obama really is if you even listen to him for a few min.

        • @ Sowhatstheplan? I think you brought up the most positive word to almost everyone on this site, to be free. I truly believe that almost everyone hears the word free or to be a free person, and nothing but positive feelings about being free comes to mind. Much of the intense fear and really horrible anger comes from the fear of losing that freedom. We need to truly appreciate that freedom that we have let and NEVER let those bastards that would attempt to take it away ever fool any of us into thinking that freedom is the one of those aspects in life worth fighting for. 🙂

          • they’ve already taken away most of our freedoms. for me personally, theyve taken away all my freedoms. everything i enjoy doing is considered illegal.

        • Sowhatstheplan?: “Freedom” is an ideal. A noble ideal, but still an ideal. The reality is that WE are all “slaves” to something, and WE all manage that something differently; for better or worse.

          If Freedom were real, FREE TRADE would be a panacea for the poor as well as the rich.

          Freedom is an illusion and FREE TRADE is a demonic system designed by the Uber Rich and GB’s to impoverish US and make US economic serfs to enrich them.

          Enjoy the illusion as best as you can, but understand that FREEDOM is not free, and FREE TRADE is not a FREEDOM but a euphemism to sell FREE TRADE to US.

          Free Trade will get you a free O’bummer phone.

          • @ Durango Kidd

            On this we agree. Screw free trade, re-institute fair trade. Then hang the bankers.

      4. its arrogance and greed that make them think ohh it wont happen to me. They think for some reason they are different and better in some way.

      5. Yup its all comming to a crappy end that most here see.
        Socialism. Folks will not read and learn history and from history with full bellies. We are too comfortable to give a rats a$$. As long as dancing with the idol is on the tube and the EBT card is full(cakes and circus’)who cares? That is all gonna change very, very soon if history is our guide. We can look forward to democracy commiting suicide as they all do (see Greek and Roman et al)( I know we’re supposed to be a Republic but that boat sailed long ago)Heres a pop quiz for ya, how many times is the word “democracy” used in The Declaration of Ind or the Constitution? Its our own fault we let our guard down and now we are about to reap what has been sown. Prep on brothers and sisters,hopefully we dont wait 70 years to come out of socialism as the man in the video had to.

        • To answer your question….it is not!

        • I’d say it’s fascism that killed the USA, not socialism. Fascism is the merger of corporation & state & corporations like the Federal Reserve/Wall Street banks & the weapons manufacturers ran the country into the ground. True Socialism would suck less than fascism or communism, but since all these “isms” have a central bank controlling fiat money, they’ll all fail in debt shit storms. Pick your driver of the car going over the cliff.

          • Communism == Socialism == Progressivism

            It’s just re-branding.

            • Commies hate to be labeled communists, commies everywhere.

            • Don’t forget globalism. Same thing.

        • Fourth Article of the Constitution states ” Every state shall be guaranteed a Republican form of Government” This is not now nor ever shall be a “Democracy” or mob-ocracy. The founders never intended that. Unfortunately the Republic has died a slow death starting with the first civil war, Federal reserve act, income tax and new deal…etc. They will back us into a corner soon and we will have to fight again.
          The communists know the answer:
          “All Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
          Chairman Mao Zedong

          Why don’t we?

      6. Yikes! This sounds familiar!

      7. I personally believe what he says. If you get passed the mainstream rhetoric, who we were told were the “bad guys” weren’t really so much so. I believe all countries we attack either have something TPTB want, or don’t buy into the mafia rhetoric. I believe some other countries know the truth, just the American sheeple refuse to believe it. We want to believe we are ‘right’ in invading other countries for whatever the purpose is said to be, regardless of the truth in it.

        I’ve talked at great length to some Russian people here, and their views are astoundingly different from ours. I believe there is a global mafia, and that all countries need to aim their missiles at their meeting place and let them fly…THEN maybe there can be peace on this planet.

        As my Dad used to say: believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see…

        • That’s what my dad used to say!

          • my dad always says “With a liar goes a theif” now if that does sum up most of the leaders well nothing does. I live by those words!

        • Exactly, many americans want to believe that we have a right to invade other people’s lands. And just because they are Muslim, it gives americans the right to bomb them and control their governments.

          Many are still stuck and believe Muslims hate american women because they work, they hate our freedoms, they hate americans and etc. All total BS. They don’t hate us, the normal people. Only the actions of our own government. Once americans understand that, we can fix many problems.

          I have been to Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. These people are not like what you see on tv. They are normal people with normal lives with normal mentality. As long as we americans don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with us.

          • I believe you, Moe. After 9-11 MILLIONS of Iranians took to the streets in support of the USA. If we bomb them there will be millions more that will hate us. Not that Iran’s Prez is any angel either…

            • thats right it is all goverment. this is world wide not just local.

            • Yeah, me too. Like that fat, toothless ‘palestinian’ hag dancing in the streets in support of the USA after 911.

              And the small kids on the shoulders of rioting mobs firing their AKs and holding rocket launchers in Gaza … all in support of the USA after 911.

              They sodomized the Amb. to Libya and his staff after they were murdered, all in support of the USA.

              Good thing we turned our backs on Israel and are comtemplating a bailout for the Bruthahood in Egypt … wouldn’t want all this good support of the USA to go to waste !

        • ~~~We want to believe we are ‘right’ in invading other countries for whatever the purpose is said to be, regardless of the truth in it.~~~~
          Not this ‘we’…stay within our borders; if the enemy crosses those borders, then that’s a different story.
          Boogeymen, created by the ‘global mafia’??

        • My girl is Russian , I know exactly what you are talking about .

      8. Take 100 dollars, go buy 20 lbs of long grain white rice. Buy plain instant mashed potatoes 3 boxes, buy powdered milk, instant coffe and canned chicken and fish. Buy three or four bags of beans and a can of whey protein ( very long shelf life) and a good source of protein. With remaining funds buy a package of BIC lighters and some emergency candles. You will have a good amount of loot to last awhile and have some to trade. Repeat this process every few months but switch up the food items, buy some spam next time and some freeze dried eggs from EBay for cheap, buy some Coleman fuel or extra small propane bottles for lanterns ect…Then 2 months later buy a few woobie blankets and a few GOOD flashlights, buy some ammo for a firearm, buy a bulk pack of batteries for flashlights. Keep repeating process for as long as economy/world situation and supply and demand allows, add some 1 ounce silver coins to your pile of loot, don’t go crazy but 40 or 50 ounces brings piece of mind. By doing this you conquer fear and can live life without worrying as much. Also once a week print a few how to survival and helpful articles from Internet and create a binder to reference when Internet becomes shut down/ off the grid. It is free and adds another layer of security. Finally good luck and keep networking and making connections at your local level they will pay dividends later on.

        • This is the most succinct and concise summary that I have seen anywhere of how to prepare for the trouble ahead.

          • At some point you may want to put together a “Barter Box” of supplies. Acquire these items – a few every week – as you have done for your personal survival supplies.

            I recommend that you select lightweight items that you can easily transport to your local barter meeting place.

            All of the following items can currently be purchased at very low cost at your local dollar store: salt & pepper sets; 3 way can-bottle openers; clothes pins; clothes pins bags; mouse traps; braided poly rope; heavy work gloves and duct tape.

            The list can go on and on. Most of these items are from China. In the future, if they are available, they will be quite expensive.

            Best of luck.

            • And liquor; don’t forget to hoard liquor.

              You know there’s going to be plenty of people that just want to pass out to make the time go by and forget what’s happening to them.

              Liquor will be a great barter for things you find you need once the SHTF but did not think of.

            • I usually avoid talking about barter items too much, but here’s my personal list:

              * boxes of strike-anywhere matches. You can make small bundles of matches as small trade items.

              * those tiny metal-cupped tea candles. They’re incredibly cheap in bulk, and each one gives off an hour or two of light.

              * small boxes of safety pins. You’d be amazed at how many uses they do have.

              * pocket sewing kits. Again, cheap as hell in bulk, but will have an increasing usefulness as time passes.

              * those cheap-assed ‘swiss-army-lookalike’ pen knives.

              * bars of soap, especially the tiny hotel soap bars and tiny shampoo bottles. I used to travel a lot, and I have dozens of the things in a big basket under the bathroom sink (I take them home with me, unused).

              * sturdy thrift-store clothing/shoes, especially jackets, pants, and shirts.

              * bulk sturdy fabric (can also be had at the thrift store either in bulk or from sheets, tablecloths, curtains, etc).

              * small household tool sets – can usually be had in the dollar store for way cheap, or better yet, assembled from ugly-but-sturdy tools bought in bulk from the local pawn shop.

              Note that these items up here aren’t exactly prime-time stuff, but they won’t attract too much of the wrong attention. At the same time the items are useful enough to sell very, very well in a post-collapse market.

              == things I would never barter off or for unless desperate ==

              * ammunition. Never give someone the means to kill you. As for receiving it in trade, some enterprising-but-evil soul could reload shells using dirt instead of powder. Look at it this way – if I stumble onto a shitload of .25-06 shells, but don’t have a .25-06 rifle? I could (if sufficiently asshole enough) pull the points, extract the powder for use in the shells I do have a use for, then “reload” the .25-06 shells with some dry dirt to give that characteristic shake noise.

              * food. Those who need it desperately will likely follow you home to get more by force. It is also too easily ‘cut’ or watered down to be useful, it may have spoiled, etc. It’s too easy to mix talc with powdered sugar, ground drywall/gypsum with flour, etc.

              * gasoline. If I have it, I’ll need it for my own use. If I need it, it’ll likely be watered down. Same with diesel, but easier to do. Best to do without it.

              * booze. Same reason as food – it attracts the wrong kind of attention, and it’s too easy to water down.

            • * those cheap-assed ‘swiss-army-lookalike’ pen knives

              Oh dear, those things are perfectly useless. I tried stocking some when I was on a budget and was appalled when I actually tried to use one for something. I nearly made a YouTube vid on “you get what you pay for” on that. None of the tools really work and the whole thing fell apart with a very light usage. It’s the only thing I’d say on your “DO” list that is useless. I’d by smaller/less tools with a decent SAK and hold out for more of what I’m bartering for.

              Like the tea candles, just bought a bag of those on clearance 😀

            • @Another:

              I agree – on the other hand, folks will prefer them to having nothing at all.

            • nail clippers

        • Please provide your address. If the SHTF, we’ll all be by for dinner. lol.

          • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., DC 😛

        • I’m doing this now !

          Figure by November, I’ll be done and if I need the stuff; I start using it. If it doesn’t come to that, then my relatives get to make fun of me; but if I’m right; I expect I’ll see them show up at me door.

          • Lena..make fun??? when they pay twice what you pay now?
            Food and any supplies are not getting cheaper–less in the container, yep, but not cheaper.
            Even my hair pony tail holders are so cheap and thin, I’m lucky to use 3 days before they break or stretch; same brand, same company, same retailer(chinamart),but cheaply made.

            • @Jayjay :Or they make the ponytail holders out of that rubber crap that yanks half my hair out when I try to remove it! I thought I was the ONLY one who hoards them, lmao. That and chapstick. Im a chapstick ho. (truth hurts, but there it is.)

            • JayJay, I’ve had the same problem over the past couple of years so I began braiding my hair this summer and now I use a strip of leather to wind around, then knot the base of the braid. My hair is super thick and I can sit on it so when I’m working, I like it out of the way. The braid and leather bound end works better than a ponytail. Try that and see what you think!

            • Jen10, aka Chapstick ho, why not make your own? You can get away from the petroleum, get a healthier product, and it is not as expensive. If you want more info, just let me know.

            • Wow, Zoltanne, I bet that’s a sight with your thatch of grey hair. All ready for Halloween I guess. Does your poor husband know you surf here all day while he’s out busting a hump to subsidize your inanity?

        • That’s what I try to do. A little something every day/week. Something is better than nothing.

        • Just remember , the French Revolution was started by mobs of angry women . Sometimes the fire that lights the fuse can come from unexpected places .

      9. BI: You said same happens to All empires etc…Yes very true. But you Fail to acknowledge that This is a little different. Russia and Now America not only have moral and ethical problems the same or similar to Rome etc.

        But Our Two nations had and have, A globalist Internationalistic group of Devious conivers, banksters,media et al: who are Doing this to our two countries(usa & russia).

        I dont think Grease or Rome had the same cabal to contend with as we do. Rome dealt with them back in 70AD.

        They, the cabal, tried this Exact same move to destroy germany, but the germans twharted them. As Gen Patton said in his diary and other writings/letters, “America Fought the WRONG Enemy”. The Real enemy Was and Still is(due to ignoring patton) The Bolshevik Kommies Tribe.

        And now they are Here in the usa getting lined up to destroy america as was done in Russia begining 90 yrs ago, till 1991 when russia Booted them out.

        As Sixpak stated: “We were told the Wrong things about our real enemys”….And were taught to Hate our Real allies.

        It truely amazes me how so many folks who post here and the massive number who read this stie(10 to 20,000 per article!!) Seem to fully grasp the Truth about we cant trust MSM nor public school ed nor universitys ed etc.

        Yet when it comes to that Final 1 or 2% of Info we ALL were led to believe our entire lives. 99% of these fine folks Refuse to even consider let alone comprehend That part of factual Truths.

        And another Factoid is that that final 1% or so of info IS the Main Key thing Most necessary to understand.

        Like the KingPin-or Missing link- Key Puzzle piece. Upper archway Keystone which Is the key stone at very top of an archway that holds it all together and Carries or bears the weight of entire arch support!

        Without that keystone in place properly, no arch will stand. But once it is there hardly anything can defeat its strength. I believe engineers call it a Marvel of building tech. Or something similar to it.

        Regardless of how much or many things and agendas we all wise up on, unless we All learn all we can about how Russia was taken abd utterly destroyed for nearly a century…America will Not defeat if even survive what They got planed for us.

        As I wrote yesterday in another article…Everyone must learn how Ruthless and Merciless and Pure Evil real kommies actually are. Most here I think will fully agree , a peoples religious beliefs can and usually Are the Deepest ingrained of all.

        Well it is high time to Learn a few things of Kommies Religious agendas etc. I know many will say “Wait aint kommies atheistic?”…Yes they are. But they stil believe in Ingrained beliefs that are Based upon a religion.

        Like it or not they think and Believe in their minds and hearts that They alone are destined to OWN and Rule the entire planet and ALL in it!…Including Humans not of Their own group/religion…..

        And they truly do believe that They can Lie to us and outright Murder us at their whims, without commiting And crimes Or Sins!..If you doubt me Go read it and see for self!

        Fact is that is found written in their Talmude books.

        And no matter how many folks say this or that, nor if they lable me or others with alinski name calling tactics etc. That still Wont change the truth or facts of who or what we are really dealing with.

        They love to see us argue or call names like racist or hatemonger, or the Most feard of all….An antisemite or nazi.

        Can anyone here tell me any single lable or slanderous name a person can be called that does so much dammage to them or their credibility and facts, then those two(racist-antisemite) especially the Latter one.

        No nobody can think of one single lable to pin on any person if their true desire is to Shut the person up.

        In every form of MSM today. Radio-TVnews-Nespapers-magazines. And virtually Every type job or workplace…Look how many good honest folks got Fired and many Killed(murdered or klintonsuicided) Simply for reason they finally Blurted out the Real cabals identity.

        I do not care how much ammo or preps you can amass or how secure your bugout cave or crib is. Unless You and a huge number of Other americans Learn that Main key puzzle piece, and How they “Operate”….I predict usa Will end same as Russia. Only Alot Worse(if even posible).

        One thing you will learn if you search out factual truths of it is…White Russian speaking Orthodox Christains of russia were Not our real “Enemys” as we all were taught during the Cold war era!..They were the Real Victims of 2% of russias population!

        Like Gen George Patton discovered by WW11’s end, and He wrote of it too…The Real Enemys were and Still are Bolsheviks…With todays addition from their Other 1/2 which is Zionists. That includes gentile zios such as most usa polititions(european pols too). And Most Pastors today. And Entire MSM in Every form.

        Read up and learn what they will do if it is as that Russian General says “Do to usa same as was done to Russia”……Learn from Their History so We dont screw up our ONE real chance to Remain a Free peoples and nation.

        Begin by getting Rid of all white guilt and all forms of PC corectness crap. And refuse to be stopped by stupid names or labels like racist or antisemite or anti Anything!….Truth is not those. It stands alone as it dont require any support from added propaganda etc. Like All Their Lies does!

        • @ Angelo Mysteriouso. The one single concept of ALL empires and world super powers falling is what is called decentralization. When an empire ATTEMPTS to expand beyond what they are capable of they fail. Has happened again and again over time. The U.S. was very strong until it started to spread itself too thin, just like every other empire. There is a finite space in which an empire can safely keep themselves well off. This same expansion idea kills all super powers. Money is then barrowed to keep the empire running, and the economy falls. The death throes began when the last silver coin was minted for currency, at around the normal 200 year life span of world powers. Interesting.

          • My question is why should we be spreading out at all!

        • The Bolsheviks were established and financed by the Zionist Jews. They were one faction in the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) until injected with Zionist money and leadership of Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov. They ultimately became the Soviet Communist Party. They served Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin in advancing the Zionist Illuminati plans. Vladimir Lenin had Jewish Zionist roots as is now openly confirmed by the Moscow Museum. Trotsky was the fifth child of wealthy Jewish Zionist landowners and farmers. Stalin is also Jewish.

          When finally rejected in modern Russia the Bolsheviks were brought to the United States by the Rockefellers. Here they continue advancing the work of the Zionists’ new world order. There are Jews Against Zionism, who do not support the Zionist plans. The Zionists operate under the camouflage and concealment of many groups with many names so as to confuse, confound and cause dissention among their opponents.

      10. Friend, you need to see that labels mean nothing and that evil is always and will always be the enemy.Not the Jews, commies or any other peoples. We are and will be judged for the wrongs we have committed under the guise of ‘freedom.’We have done exceedingly good things in this world and exceedingly bad. The Amercian empire is done. His empire is fast aproaching. Prep and pray, the end has arrived.

      11. An Interesting Off Topic, FYI….I was standing at bank teller window today. I couldn’t help but over hear a man at next teller talk to her of his sons soon deployment to Iraq or Afgan, he wasn’t certain as yet which.

        Anyways what I found interesting, was that he told the teller girl how his son told the man about a new high-tech Rifle weapons device!

        It seems army now has a new addition added to basic rifle sights etc which is able to detect a “HeartBeat”!

        The man told her, son said rifle device can detect a heartbeat from a whopping 1/2 MILE away!!!!!

        I heard him say it dont matter what type animal or Human it works from 1/2 mile distance away from targets etc!

        I have no idea if it is true?…Why would he lie though?..It dont seem to me something anyone would ever think up to speak a lie on eh.

        Such a sighting device sounds at least as dreadfull as Drone technology if used against Patriots eh.

        Anyways just figured many here may like to know of this info. If any here know more on it?..Please report to us ok. Thanks.

        • That heartbeat sensor is used in Call of Duty (a video game) i personaly haven’t heard of it being real.

        • To have any understanding as to, Why the people have let their guard down and let this happen; we must realize first that people are led by different desires and needs than they were just a few short hundred years ago.

          People started becoming attached to “stuff” when “stuff” began to be mass produced. The more stuff, the more attached. That trend continued with a frenzy after the Great Depression. Somewhere along the way the ole devil got into the mix and the spirit of self-indulgence and self-love became prevalent. Once people had the mindset that “it’s all about me” and became lovers of themselves, it all spilled over with their children. Even the so-called christians/church going crowd have it just as bad. That’s why most kids these days are so disrespectful. People are too preoccupied with self to care about the big picture.

          If you don’t think men care more about their things and stuff… A neighbor can screw a man’s wife and probably get by with it, even after it all gets out in the open. But, if he kills a man’s dog or cuts down his shrubs, the man will snap and probably kill over it. At the very least sue or return the favor.

          I don’t think we will see things turn around anytime soon. There will be a lot of this “lover’s of self” go out the window when the SHTF via the next war or another catstophic Stock Market collapse though. The selfisness and greed will be replaced with “misery loves company”, and “what can we do “together” to survive”.

        • But, what if the heartbeat was a target by radar using that rifle?

          • And that selflessness, gotta have stuff, it’s all about me started with tv in the 50s??

        • I have heard of this “heartbeat sensor”, but it’s big and heavy. I suppose it is possible it may have been reduced in size to fit an aiming device, although I haven’t seen one.

      12. So this ‘general’ knows who is at the top of the ‘global mafia’ and like a sissy he just collects his check and waits for an appointment? Par for the course.

        I know and know to prep and to get out of the evil Way. All I ever wanted was a home, FTW!

        • I am not saying I do not believe it is coming, because it surely is, but it only took a little research on the web to see that this General has his own agenda as well.

      13. every society that forgets the God Who raised it up is doomed to failure and fall… it’s that simple… this nation has people in it who openly, collectively reject any presence of anything Godly, vis, the demonazicratic convention… yes, it is rightfully said that America is indeed a ticking time bomb which is so very dangerously close to going off in it’s own lap…

        one prep so often not mentioned in all prepping advice: prep your heart to meet the Creator God as you’re prepping for whatever else… btw, all the “thumbs down” that i will likely be awarded for this make no difference to the Truth…

        • Well said PP. We are now a country that is more interested in Islam than we are of Jesus Christ.

          I’ll take the Prince of Peace over the religion of “rest in peace”, any day. 😉

        • Great point! As soon as neighborly compassion wore thin, and the churches (also “we the people”) failed to feed the poor, shelter orphans, and comfort widows- it quickly came to an automated, bureaucratic system to somewhat provide these things at our government level. We are now living in the deep end of a collapsing welfare state because of it. Now a person can hand out food to a man under a bridge, but might feel WAAAY more hesitant to do so, because “my taxes already paid for that jerk’s meal- all he has do do is go to the nearest shelter-why should i give more?”. On the other hand our hearts have bleed through the nations wallet while “Bonquisha” ignores her children while talking on her “FREE” cell phone paid for by workers like us….

        • And if that doesn’t work, there’s always Santa.

      14. “The USA” will not collapse only the current centralized gov’t. I’m certain it will be different, possibly for the better, once the dust settles. But there will be sacrifice before that time. The reset button is fixin to get pushed. Prepare expeditiously!

        • The US is a crime scene.
          It is a site of the greatest theft of assets in the history of the world.
          As such, all evidence including the Constitution must be and will be destroyed.

      15. Well, the General is certainly right about Afghanistan…..everybody from Gengis Khan on down that has invaded the place eventually packed up and went home and left them to work out their own problems.

        We won’t be any different. ( Vietnam, v2.0 )

        The only question is how much more blood are we gonna shed for corporate profits.

        He is also right about the dollar eventually biting the dust. And anyone that saves in them, or has a pension depending on them, is going to suffer the same fate as Russian pensioners… lucky to be eating dog food…..or dogs FOR food.

      16. Total complete BULLpucky!!! Really do you really belive this stuff ooohh a Russian General is telling us about the downfall of our country!! Lets not belive all the shit we read please! Sure we use alot of world and american resource we can and we do we always have! if you don’t like the capitalist system you can move to Greece or Spain don’t worry they don’t use much because they don’t have it or can’t afford it. Russiaa has always been a shity place where you are lucky to eat if you don’t bribe your way into something or are connected they can not understand or ever like our country because we live like kings compared to the rest of the world Great! Thats why our country is still one of the best places to live. Don’t let the asswipe general, our former enemy, who must be laughing that we even print this shit. Join Occupy if you belive this crap!

      17. Interesting that I have had these same considerations for a while now, although I thought that we consumed 25% of the energy resources. It does seem unfair that we use so much. There are logical arguments for both sides of this debate. But this time we have been outwitted. The propaganda machine is no more in evidence than this post. So, what I have read and heard is more relevant and “true” because some obscure cat dressed in a Russian uniform says it on a computer video. Come on man!

      18. da

      19. One thing he failed to acknowledge.

        Russia never had any Scots-Irish hillbillies armed to the teeth.

        It’ll be different here, LORD willin’ and the cricks don’t rise.

        • scots-irish hilbilies armed to the teeth-lol thats funny! im about all irish.

          • Got a HUGE dollop of Scottish going here — nothing like several hundred years’ worth of England tormenting you to ensure all your descendents absolutely distrust government and hate everything it stands for…they bred it into our bones.

            • The British had their little colonial war won…until Cornwallis and Tarleton and Ferguson made the mistake of pissin’ off the Scots-Irish “over-the-mountain men.”.

              In short order Cowpens and Kings Mountain ended their rule in this neck of the woods.

          • Plus…we got banjos, so WATCH OUT! They are surely as formidable as the bagpipes in warfare.

            • My son would agree. He picks as well as he shoots.

            • and in every photo i’ve ever seen, we grannies have our shotguns!

        • LOL LOL LOL

          I always wondered what was up with my family and figured it was just the era they grew up in or their raisin’ — but now that I have my own pint sized scots-irish hellions running loose … yeah, there is just something in the genes.

          I’ll laugh all day from your comment. 😀

          • Good to laugh. They’ll plenty of time for the cryin’.

        • Scots-irish, all the way brother,

        • Hillbillies with teeth?

        • Ahhh, you are in my neck of the woods. Not very far from Crowders mtn. myself.

        • 100% American hillbilly rebel… bred from the finest lines of scotch/irish/cherokee and seneca…completly and certifiably crazy and mad as hell…. you nwo bassturds…your time to die has come!

        • Hell, it will be different here even if the creeks DO rise (Lord willing). : p

      20. Obama will get it fixed

        • Wish his momma had been.

      21. I dream of the day that the last bankster is strangled to death with the guts of the last politician.

        • Hey Walt, I agree. I can’t imagine who here would give you a thumbs down on that one.

      22. Have ta call BS on a couple of the Gen.’s comments.

        1. “All muslims” don’t hate the US (eg. UAE, Oman, Bosnia, Kuwait, some Kenyans).

        2. “US uses 50% of the world’s resouces”? Heard the figure 25% for years. Besides, the myth ignores the fact that the US “produces” things with those resources (ie. cars, computers, 747s). Ever seen a 747 made in Zimbabwe? If so, would you want to fly over the North Atlantic in one?

        • Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy.
          Found in search..Russian did get his %s wrong.

          • If we consume 24% of energy, stands to reason, we consume 24% of world’s resources?? JMO.

            • The original figure was that we consume 24% of the world’s petroleum, and it’s an outdated figure.

              We do not consume 24% of the world’s overall resources, BTW. For instance, the US exports more food, and timber than it consumes internally, among other things. We do take in a disproportionate amount of durable goods (cars, etc), but send out almost as much in scrap metal.

              Overall, it’s a net intake IIRC, but certainly not 24% of all resources.

      23. Anyone know how to beat a speeding ticket by camera?? I got a speeding ticket in the mail yesterday for $110 and it is only a picture of my car and license plate…..but no picture of me??

        • check your state laws, but you should be able to get out of it by no officer present.

          i’d google it for your state and beating a camera ticket; should be plenty.

          • looks like it is hard to fight…you have to have an admin hearing and it is with just a regular person, not in a court or judge? And they get final say period??? This is against 4th amendment among others. How they do this is by making it a civil infraction and not a criminal one…..anyone had to deal with this before?? Out of principal I obviously don’t want to pay this bogus local govt theft

        • did it come registered mail?

          if can THEY PROVE you got it?, mail gets lost all the time.

          ask Randy Weaver about the lost warrent, and wrong dates on summons..fuck them commie bastards, you never got shit..right?

          most of those pay scams (cams) get paid to the company that owns the equipment, the municipality you got “busted” in gets a veru small chunk of court costs.

          Not to mention these devices are very Un- constitutional, are to be able to face your accused in a court of cant be cross examined or questioned by a dam camera

          • And you don’t pay. And the renewal for you tags doesn’t come. And you don’t realize until your pulled over for not wearing your seatbelt. Then they “run” you, find dead tags and outstanding fine. Which has now tripled due to late fees and obscene interest. And they impound your vehicle. And give you more tickets. And you might even get mouthy, and end up in jail. Now you need a lawyer. And the fees and fines are hundreds or worse. Pay the pricks, and slow down. You got busted. Happens. Play the game better next time. I’m not defending the system. Just advise, pick your battles.
            P/s; ask me how I’ve learned these things.

            • Pussy!!!

        • Know how Arizona was forced to take down speed cameras?
          Couldn’t afford the court costs and LEO to enforce the law!!! No one paid the tickets.
          I read that last year!!!

        • GCS?

        • When you loaned your car out to help a few friends, you don’t know WHO was driving.

        • Throw it in the trash.

          They count on intimidation to get folks to pay up, but when they don’t, they move on, looking for a greater fool.

          Worst that can happen is they turn it over to a collection agency, and you have to tell them to bite your azz too…..and it maybe dings your credit report slightly.

        • You are suppose to be innocent until PROVEN guilty BJ, which should mean that the photo must clearly ID you.

          Seems like there were some cases in AZ and CA where the photos were not clear and were thrown out.

          If there is reasonable doubt in many situations where issues are challenged and evidence is questionable, judges often throw the case out upfront rather than crowd the Court’s calendar and THEIR time when citations are challenged.

          Most people do not challenge the evidence but admit their guilt, and once they do they are toast.

          Get a continuance first to stretch it out, then get another one. After a couple of continuances. Your memory of the time and place is vague and you will not be able to “recall” the events at all …. get the picture?

          Pun intended. 🙂

          Plead not guilty. Use the bad photo as YOUR evidence. Wear a large, fake, handlebar moustache in the future.

          • Again……there is no court or judge, it is not a criminal violation, only civil. That’s why you don’t get your normal rights and it doesn’t report to insurance….it is only a local scam to generate revenue. Out of principle I don’t want to pay obviously. But I don’t want my credit screwed up in the middle of fixing it so I can buy land and construction loan for our get away from the city home. And I don’t know if they can stop me from re-registering tags if I don’t pay. Guess I’ll call a lawyer and ask what they think???

            BTW, the two pics of my car are not even close to make out a person if a person were even in the picture….but there is no pic of anyone driving. Only two pics of the back and side of the car at dusk/dark from a camera up high.

      24. Home is the lowlands

        • Someday we’ll return to our valleys and our farms…

      25. If even a retired Russian general can see what is coming for the USA, why can’t our politicians see it? Perhapse, it is because they are a part of the problem, Global Mafia,interesting.

        • @LC….

          Politicians hell….I can’t figure out why Durango Kidd can’t see it.

      26. You know he will Stan. You just got to believe. Lean forward and see what happens. lol

        • It’s unfixable. Deosn’t matter who anyone votes in. It’s mathematically past the point of no return.

      27. Unbelievably, Russia was better prepared for collapse because almost everyone was Russian & the population was not spoiled by living very well. Their fall was from a 1st floor window.

        The fall for most Americans will be from the 400th floor as the media & education system has created big children. The goal was to infantilize Americans & create consumers, not citizens. Take away their toys (iCrap, Obamaphones – lol) & they’ll throw serious tantrums & riot.

        • Impressive analogy. May I use it?

      28. Philly officer caught on video hitting woman

        yup just like the good ‘ol USSR, the goons we have as officers of the laws, will one day reap what they sew, and they will only have themselfs to blame. Dont police your own, society will eventually do it for you. Not a threat, oh no not from me..thats a promise from those of society that are repressed, and abused

        In my wide circle of friends , aquantences, and co-workers, and those i have one trusts the cops anymore, the fear of them is not a healthy fear, and the animosity toward thier acts against innocent and everyday people, is solidifying their resolve about how to deal with the thin blue line

        better real it in soon boys, people are sick of this shit from you, and it seems you and your gang are being used by TPAB to start shit..if you are starting it, can you stop it?

        dont bet on it

        • Philly cops are vicious even by cop standards.

          I was once on a date, well dressed, not drinking and walked up to one of Philadelphia’s finest and said; “Excuse me officer but which way is South Street”? His reply, “Do I look like a fucking road map to you”? This was in the presence of a woman, my date that was like me sober, well dressed and respectful. I said, “No sir”, and walked away w/o any “attitude”.

          I have no doubt that one wrong word out of me and I could have generated a million hits on a YouTube video of me getting the Bristol Stomp Phila style done on me. This was 20 + years ago long before cell phones and internet.

          The article does not surprise me at all.

        • Sad but true,seen it first hand…and you do not have to do anything wrong,just be in the wrong spot say the wrong thing(speak without permission) used to be that if a person got dinged by a cop or the system you figured he had to have done something wrong(worse than what they were letting on) but thats just not the case anymore,seen it several times now first hand…time for peaceful change has run its course and only one option remains to save our republic…small brushfires breaking out everywhere all over the place with no pattern and no way for the state to coordinate an effective response…may not be able to fight them head on but they cant swat all the hornets at once,no matter their egos…”Live free or die tryin”!

      29. What’s sad is this retired Russian general is being more honest with Americans than any American politician.

      30. The gears continue to turn and the machine continues to grind our future up. Until there are enough of us willing to throw ourselves into the gears and stop the machine, it will continue to the point that there will be no stopping it.

        I don’t know what else to do. I have pledged my life to Truth and it has cost me everything I had. My family, my friends. My livelihood, my reputation. And very nearly, my sanity and my life.

        I have a beautiful family, with the exception of their blindness. One by one, without exception, they have turned away from the DVDs, the literature, the spoken words of truth I have desperately tried to give them. One by one they have stopped calling, stopped e-mailing, and stopped caring about anything I have to say. A few months ago I gave up on them. Every day, even as the mainstream media is forced to admit staggering truths about our government, I keep hoping they see what I have tried to show them for years. What I have tried to give them. That I have tried to save our family. Every day I hope my sister will call and apologize for calling me traitor. Apologize for calling me nuts. Apologize for denying the truth. And every day, I get nothing.

        The problems we have today did not start yesterday, and I doubt they will end tomorrow. What started many thousands of years ago, when the first Annunaki set foot on earth, is culminating into an endgame right before our very eyes. If indeed these Elohim created us in their image, then we are the very image of evil. We were born from a warring civilization in Heaven. I suspect we will die from the same.

        Yeah, I know. Crazy, right? Then you come up with a better explaination for our existence and demise. But it has to be accompanied by as much evidence as the Pyramids, Stone Henge, cave drawings, dead sea scrolls, sumerian tablets, ufo’s, and the Word of God and everything else I have that I may have left out. Don’t even try unless you have just as much evidence.

        So, since I’m down to the wire existencially, I have nothing to lose but my life. My soul is secure. Am I alone? No. My wonderful wife has traveled every mile right by my side. We have both spoken out publically and in private forums the words of Truth as we find them. It has cost both of us equally. She has never wavered from my side, and our souls are permanently entwined. We know what’s coming. We face it with all our resolve and with all our strength, our souls embraced.

        It’s nearly over, though. Just a little more time and this false reality will cave in on it’s makers. Just a little more time and we will all be dead, enslaved, or free. That is our options. I’ve given nearly all I have and am desperately looking for that infernal gear box. Can anyone help me find it? Will you fall on those gears with me? Will you help us all overcome our demons? Or will you just say nothing, do nothing, or feel nothing as we circle the votex, our demise a certainty?

        I only come here because there are those here who can see what I do. There are those of you reading this right now, ready to do the gear diving that will soon be the only option we have to survive. I salute you. To the others reading here who think we are all crazy, all you have to do to see the truth is open your eyes. And it’s so much better than being blind, regardless the consequences.

        • James, I am sorry for your estrangement from your family. If I could say something: I have lost family. Lost as in gone from this world. I’d chuck every prep I have to have them back, even for just a while. Don’t give up on family. Just accept them and love them for who they are, and if they aren’t interested in your beliefs so be it, just shut the hell up and love them. They’d probably accept and love you if you’d stop trying to “save” them and just love them.

          • Thanks Isaac one. I appreciate your advice and I have shut my mouth. But I haven’t given up on them, they gave up on me. I didn’t stop loving them, and they haven’t stopped loving me. They are very religious and will not bend in their blind faith. It has caused me to turn away from ALL religion, including Christianity, (But not God) because I just can’t handle the hypocrisy anymore. According to Christianity, we are suppose to seek the truth, even at the cost of our own lives, but in doing so, I have offended them. The churches are full of hypocrits just like them. They praise God and unknowingly cater to the Devil. The only hope I have for them is that one day they may see, that in order to seek the truth, you have to wade through lies and bullshit to find it. The are all just sitting still, not seeking the truth, but stuck in the lies and bullshit. All I can do is throw them a lifeline when they finally realize it.

            Oh, I’m not capable of “saving” them. I’m just trying to get them to save themselves. I’m not trying to convert their souls, that part of them is safe. I’m just trying to open their minds; to possibly help save them from suffering from what’s coming, to prepare for it, to expect it. I have no doubt that I could walk into any of their houses and be welcomed. Love is not the issue here. Survival is.

            • Reread my post and I didn’t mean to come across as … well, anyway this kind of personal stuff doesn’t come out too well in a forum.

              Hang in there. Minds can be closed and unbelievably resistant, but hearts can be open and resilient. And there is always more truth in the heart than in the head. Good luck.

            • No, no. You came across just fine, Issac one! I’m not used to having someone tell me to shut up, and I had to reread your comment to discern your true meaning, lol, but, like I said, I appreciate your advice and know it was given in good faith. Sorry for your losses and I understand what you said.

        • This is why I don’t tell anyone what I’m doing. The MSM and government has divorced the people from reality when it is so simple, if you keep on taking more debt and do not increase your income; you will go broke.

          I collect everything I need, make sure it is able to be boxed up and stored; box it up and if the SHTF; I’ll start unpacking it and make sure my guns are loacked and loaded.

        • James T. Keep fighting the good fight. A lot of us have been in the same situation. Most people I talk to, know that something is “not right” but they have no thought after that as to what to do about it and prefer to keep sticking their heads in the sand.

          Some people are dealing with their anger at the govt by drinking themselves into oblivion – like my 68 year old Dad for instance. He fell and hit his head Sunday night. Neighbor found him laying in a pool of blood. Ambulance was called, but he refused treatment. We are lucky he has neighbors and friends around that try to look out for him. I have been trying to reach him by phone, but he won’t answer. When I do get a hold of him, I will explain that he is doing EXACTLY what the govt wants him to do – check out. Distract yourself with alcohol, drugs, TV, iStuff, etc. I’ve told him this before, but obviously it has not sunk in. I live in another state and am at a loss as to how to handle this. Personally, I feel like throttling him right now.

          • Nunjobizness, I hear ya loud and clear. My dad died of alcoholism in ’78. I have fought the battle with drugs and alcohol myself, and I have won. Drug free twenty five years, alcohol free five, tobacco free ten. Now, I do toke occasionally and don’t make me defend that. It’s the ONLY vice I have.

            I will continue the fight and I will always hold out hope for my family. Sorry to hear about your Dad and your distance from him at this time. Hope he wakes up, it’s never too late.

        • James T.,

          Part of the reason why some may avoid you is because you shut the door on any explanation other than your own. You say “don’t even try unless you have just as much evidence”? In your mind you have evidence, not proof, there is a difference. I have my beliefs that I have proof of, my belief is in God, he shows me proof of his existence, every moment of every day. How do you explain the birds, the sky, the animals, the very air you breath, the baby growing inside a woman? If this is not proof of a higher power that we call God, then what is? God and only God created man in his image. I could not attribute these things to some alien blue bloods. You seem tortured because you want everyone to do what you want, you want everyone to believe what you believe, you want it to be your way or no way. At least that is what it seems like to me.

          If you can not reach others with your views then just be kind to them and keep your views available if they wish to hear them. You claim that you want an apology from your Sister for many things, why should she apologize for not believing what you say? You should be saying that you want a call from your Sister because you want to hear her voice. Maybe you should pick up the phone and apologize for condemning her because she does not believe what you do. I wouldn’t fall into the gears with you or anyone else as you put it. I will continue to live my life with hope, gratitude and above all love for my fellow man, I will let God decide what our fate will be. I do not share the same interpretation of the bible that you do. If your Family does not feel the need to prep then so be it, it is their life and their decision. You are not God so just live and let live, you will be a lot happier. Not one of us truly knows what is around the corner.

          • @Tommy boy:

            Thanks for your lousy interpretation of my post. Nothing you said is anywhere near valid. I never said I didn’t believe in God. I very much believe and know there is a God. I reject any and all religions that block the Truth. Christianity is no different than the others at doing this, even though the Bible states clearly that it was these demons from heaven that have caused the sorrow for mankind. I don’t care if you believe it or not. The evidence is there.

            How do you know how I present the truth to them? I never try to force-feed anyone. I offer it, discuss it, and what they decide is their choice. I just hate it that they reject the truth. If by expressing my sorrow at that rejection of truth means you think I am just a big bully and deserve the rejection, so be it. Your opinion of me is pointless.

            “Let US create man in OUR image.” Does that sound like one God to you? Sounds like a bunch of scheming demons to me. You believe in the God of your choice, and I’ll believe in the God of my choice. I believe in the God that created what was here before these demons screwed it all up. FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

            Your assumptions of me are totally bogus. NNTR.

            • Live and let live, you have your beliefs and I have mine. If everyone in your life has abandoned you except your wife, then something is wrong don’t you think?

            • @ Tommy boy:

              I see why you call yourself a boy, now. You can’t respond like a man, you have to resort to negative assumptions and bogus insinuations.

              I still have a social life. I am a musician and an artist, as well as a construction craftsman. I am very careful about who I make friends with. When I say I lost my family and friends, I mean I lost them to lies and a false reality. They are all still there. I’m just trying to bridge the gap that has occurred by my awakening and their contunued slumber. They have abandoned the truth, not me. I’m certainly not the recluse or bully you seem to think I am. Like I said, your opinion of me is irrelevant.

              Here’s my opinion of you, as indifferent as it will be to you: You are a little man with nothing more to do than jump at the chance to belittle someone and show what little class you have in communicating. But hey, like you said, live and let live…I won’t get in your way, you stay out of mine.

        • James T,
          Slick, finds himself captivated by your sence of heart felt loss and ability to tell your
          Slicks lip curls up in a smile followed by an audible chuckle as the story takes
          A surprise turn in the road as you introduce the aliens (Slick didn’t see that one
          Not that there isnt vast amounts of evidence to support your theory (most recently
          the Italian translator hired by the Vatican), but if that’s not your relatives thing,
          Then you might try telling them that you found Jesus, and that he told you to
          not bring up the aliens to them anymore.

          • Slick.

            LOL. Thanks. I haven’t even approached them about the “alien” view. I’m sure that would send them way off the chart and I would NEVER get them back! But I do someday hope to discuss the difference between the Angelic (fallen) view and the Line of Seth view in Christianity. They have all read Genesis. I won’t use the word Annunaki, or Enki and Enlil, or Nibiru, or none of that. But I’m sure they know about the fallen angels, so I could take it from there.

            Lol. Thanks again.

      31. In Soviet Russia, you don’t collapse Government, Government collapse you.

      32. It is the nature of government to plunder and control the majority for the benefit of those in government and their cronies. Today in the US it is called crony capitalism, but is better described as economic fascism. It doesn’t matter how the people who control the government gain their positions of power. They may have had a crown passed down to them, have been elected, or have taken over in a coup. It doesn’t matter what you call the political or economic system. The pattern is always the same; there is a ruling class taking a large share of wealth, and there is the majority who are exploited through the force of law.

        There have been brief periods in the history of civilization where government was weakened, an example being the early days of the US before the new government expanded its power over us, but those periods never last because of the nature of government and the nature of people who are attracted to the positions of power.

        The US is not now a free country, and has not been so for at least a century. The belief held by some that we are free is a delusion. To restate the words of another, “There is not a dimes worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats.” We will never restore freedom if we think it can be done at the voting booths; those in poser won’t let that happen.

        I do agree with the view that the US will collapse under the weight of its own size and the inability of the public to bear the pain of supporting it. I am not sure that those who control the federal government will peacefully sneak off into the night like the rulers in the USSR did back in the 1990’s when it collapsed. When the public in the US rises up and the army receives the command to fire on citizens, I suspect that the US army will follow those orders instead of ignoring them like the USSR army did, but that is something we will find out sometime in the coming ten or fifteen years.

      33. “The slave masters think that this situation in the US is unacceptable because even the slaves live relatively well there.”

        This is an interesting comment.

        I always knew radicals in the middle east wanted to take America down for its decadence and culture rot it has contributed to the world.

        But I did not think of other peoples and countries wanting to take the US down seeing people like the Obama-phone woman.

        I am quite sure than can justify any means neccessary to put themselves on top on the US if they believe people like the Obama-phone woman are the majority here.

        I would not be suprised in the US is no longer on top in two decades.

        • Heh,heh,heh! They see Obama-phone woman “over there” and think “this is the most powerfull country on earth”.
          Heck, I’m starting to hate us after seeing that! And I’m an American.
          What a joke!
          Great leaders lead best by example.
          A whole country of spoiled brats. Fat,lazy and content.
          Thank god they got the real refs back in the NFL. It was looking like a crappy season. All good now.

          something about a debate??

          • USA literally got fat, dumb, and happy

      34. A little off topic but I have to vent…

        I am SO disgusted with all of the political ads and the bull*hit they spew. I am sorry but “Bad” and “Worse” is not a choice…we have to pick the lesser of two evils…how is that a choice?

        • Turn it off..unplug..I did after the stolen (s)election in 2008.
          Have I missed a thing?
          No, I am better informed than ever, because I wasn’t a tv fan anyhow; and my darling of 38 years who NEVER read a book, comes home, showers, reads a book while I finish dinner.
          He asked me one day what a ‘lindsay lohan’ was!!! LOL

      35. Redneck interpretation:

        The powers that be will create economic hardships to cause all commercial and residential properties to end in foreclosure so ‘they’ can swoop in and buy these properties 10 cents on a dollar with the trillions ‘they’ have stolen from the serfs for decades.
        Currency wars, food shortages/famines, increased oil prices, religious persecution, race wars, political instability, et al..what hasn’t been created by the global bankers or ‘global mafia’??

        • Except, they won’t need to buy the foreclosed property for 10 cents on the dollar — they already own the mortages, and hence, the foreclosed property.

          • True…and those owning your property, what will you do when impossible to pay property taxes..then the war begins.

            • This is my worry,too. I think if you have your property paid off, perhaps stashing a few years of tax back in FRNs would be wise. If the tax man sheriffs all the properties the local government will have no revenue to operate. They would be cutting their own throats. If you can be “the last man standing” you may weather the storm. Or, perhaps, there will be a currency collapse and they won’t collect taxes anymore. Wishful thinking

        • Possession is 90% of ownership.

      36. When did Russia collapse or is that more propaganda? They are rich in oil, minerals, land and nuclear weapons. Did’nt the Zionists murder the Czar and create communism, then murder millions of Russians? They are doing the same thing here in the U. S. “homeland”. I find it hard to believe Israel was placed there for religous reasons. It was created to bring about America’s decline and the demons in control are salivating at their success.

      37. you know that if the fed gave out that 40 million per month to all people in the country ( everyone) that that would do more for the economy than what they are doing with it, even if it is fake money. do the math and see how much they would save by giving every american $200,000.00 do with what they want, and at the same time eliminate all government pay out programs, oil, farms, social security, obamy phones, disability etc, etc, etc…. if you cant manage to get in a beter place with $200,000.00 than you shouldnt be alive. please respond.

        • Okay, my idea was to give the 40 billion(not million) each month to states to start up small businesses, and manufacturing ventures.
          That’s 40 billion to 4.1 states just the first month.
          50 states Divided by 12 months= 4.1
          Next month, another 4 states.
          If that state can’t make it a go with 10 billion, let them secede..they lost the pioneer spirit.

        • We won’t live long enough to see justice, this side of Heaven, anyway.

        • At some point it will not pay the owner to stay open regardless if it’s company owned. Close up, move out and let them eat asphalt, bricks and whatever else is there.

          • I agree, but the only problem with that thought is..if they do close up all those stores in the area, ..than these goons just come out to the suburbs and pull this shit..same shit..but now in your neighborhood..where your kid, or one of our kids could be working a summer job in hopes to make a few bucks for school books, Or to where you see whats in the cash register on your shift.

            • The police tend to confront the problem more effectively in better neighborhoods. The Los Angeles riots stayed within bad communities with little spill over.

            • maybe they do police it somewhat better, but the fact that the crime migrates out, still happenes..and the beat goes on.

              than the shootings in the suburbs, and the robberies still go up, and still become an issue for the smaller neighborhoods

              I can attest to what happenes when you close down services or stores in the inner city..It comes out to you..
              and in the worst way

              And, the cops dont show up before the crime, because they cant read they are still as any police force..mostly reactionary, and late ..but just in time to draw a chalk line around you or your family

      38. OK everyone.. stop and think…way back when… who started all this mess back in 1913… A bunch of these big wig’s did on a little island down in South Carolina.
        And that was the Birth place of the Federal the Golbal Mofia Big wigs meeting on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina back in 1913…then they took the ideal to Washington DC and got it passed into law, allowing the Federal Reserve…”loan us Money”.. instead of just printing it ourself….

      39. Former TSA agent reveals how he stole more than $800,000 of passenger belongings

        Pythias Brown “told ABC News that he used the X-ray scanners to locate the most valuable items to snatch.”

        “He was frequently told the overhead surveillance cameras, installed to prevent theft, were not working.”

        “It was so easy,” he said. “I walked right out of the checkpoint with a Nintendo Wii in my hand. Nobody said a word.”

        “The agency’s culture makes it easy for others to do the same. Many officers don’t care about their work and complain about low pay and being treated badly, he claims, which prompts them to steal. To make it even easier to get away with, TSA managers also never search their employees’ bags.”

        “In the past ten years, almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing, 11 of which were fired this year.”

        “It was very commonplace, very,” Brown said, describing the frequency of theft within the TSA.


        • Truth!
          I have a friend that came up from Florida, flew older gentleman that thought it be prudent to put his cash in his checked baggage..( i would never do this)

          He had $300 dollars in a checked bag, that only TSA can open and is always in their custody, due to the new regulations since 9-11..

          You guessed it…$300 dollars stolen, and there is no doubt who took it, or should I say what agency took it

          because i treat these goons the same as our cops, yes one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch
          and thats the way it should be, if one of them doesnt have the integity for the job, then none of them do..because you know they all do it, or know who is doing it.

      40. Of course, it’s the exact same thing! The U.S. is a lot more socialist than people realize. It didn’t work in the USSR, and it’s not working here. Combine that with overextending the army in Afghanistan just like the USSR did and it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s almost like it’s being done on purpose. hmm…

        • Matthew

          It wouldn’t matter if you were capitalist. If you don’t have sound currency. If you overspend regardless if it’s on the military or domestic. If you put the financial fox in charge of the chicken coop with abandoning Glass Steagall and if you deindustrialize with policies and international agreements your eventually going to fall.

        • But now the CIA controls the best poppies in the world to fund their black ops.

      41. You can’t trust anything the Russians say. Remember that we almost had nuclear war with them?

      42. The Soviet Union collapsed because communism is a pathetic joke. The Soviet Union brutalized and starved millions of people to death. It was an abysmal failure. The crimes that were committed in the name of communism can only be properly punished in a hell that lasts for eternity.

        America will collapse because its treasonous leaders deliberately destroyed it and because too many of its evil citizens hate God. America was the richest, freest, and most powerful nation for at least 75 years. The loss of the America that once was is an unspeakable tragedy.

        • It is an unspeakable tragedy but the American people bear a lion’s share of the responsibility. Laziness, narcissism, selfishness and the list could go on. We elected these fools or we just didn’t show up. We wanted freebies, “where’s my check”. We allowed sinister men and women into the halls of power and then deliberately blinded ourselves and stuck our heads in the sand. Like I said earlier we are reaping what we sowed

      43. off topic
        but of interest

        as things continue to break down in Greece
        apparently more and more people are turning to this
        extremist right wing group for protection
        this group is also distributing food

        anybody familiar with the history of the rise of the Nazi Party
        in Germany ???

        this is a VERY dangerous thing that is happening
        as central government breaks down
        people will look for someone to “save” them and establish authority and stability

        • Ahh, but is that not the objective of the powers?

        • Tunning in to nationalism in time of crisis is as natural as tunning in to familly. Indeed your nation is your extended familly. And how do you behave toward your familly? Egoistically? Individualistically?

          It’s the absurd idea that people can live totally free from any commitment to their fellows that our masters are counting on us to uphold. In a room full of a hundred individualistic peoples, only three colluding will eventually dominate. But instill those ninety-seven peoples any sense of belonging one to another and those three are f…

          What is freedom exactly?

          The right to pile wrecked cars on your front lawn without any of your neighbours having anything to say about it? Is freedom the eternal search for MY ever rights to do anything that pleases me, myself or I?

          Is this what our ancestors meant when they fought for our freedoms, is this how they founded and built our civilizations with? Do we lack more freedom right now than sense of duty?

      44. Duh?…The head man in Russia used to run the KGB. Our President is a marxist who surrounds Himself with fellow travlers and useful idiot commies…and I’m supposed to believe this Russian pimp! (What a maroon)

        I would not believe this guy if he told me that Vodka is wet, The Soviet Union almost started WW III in Cuba in the 1960’s, or Communism has killed over 100 million in the last 100 years!

        Try telling the people in Viet Nam, China, Cuba, or many other Marxist infected countries that it’s those “evil international bankers” who are enslaving them……right?

      45. james T.: I was in a similar situation once myself so I know all too well where you’re coming from. Especially about religion. I moved to Miami from Memphis in 1975 after high school. Only 2 weeks after getting there I met the woman who would become my wife only 8 months later. During our honeymoon, I brought her to Memphis for family and friends to meet; turned into a disaster. My friends weren’t what I thought. They had a serious problem with: one, she was from Cuba, and two, she was raised Catholic, although she was no longer a practicing Catholic when I met her. I was raised Southern Baptist although I broke away from them for reasons similar to your situation. Anyway, I told all of them to go to hell and never spoken to them again since. Right after our 7th anniversary, my wife was killed instantly by a drunk driver, so life has never been the same for me since. I started getting out of hand with booze myself, but i recognized my problem early and stopped drinking. That was in 1982 and haven’t touched a drop since. All I care about now is prepping for what’s coming and surviving. I’m glad to know your wife is on board with you; you’re still a fortunate man. Best wishes and keep prepping. Don’t go into this dark night without a fight.

        • God bless you, braveheart. I knew there were others here with similar experiences. I am so very sorry about your loss. I can’t imagine recovering from that. The drugs and booze were hard enough. Without my lady, I don’t even want to imagine…

          Thank you for your kind words. That’s all it takes sometimes to just get back on track.

          BTW, my wife is a non-practicing catholic who spent some of her childhood in cuba as a military brat! I too was raised a southern baptist!

          SEE? We all have so much more in common than differences. We need to tap into that power and defeat our enemies with it!

        • @ Braveheart

          I Salute you. Handle is fitting.

      46. OK, had a 5.3 in the Balleny Islands region at 65 degrees south 3 hours ago. This means that within 15 days a big earthquake is coming, 80-85% chance with this area. Probably within 7 days. I will go over the decades worth of data I have and see where it is likely to strike and try to combine what is happening right now with the plates to try to pinpoint it. This will take a little time.

        • So, just curious has there ever been a 6.6 in this area with the exception of the one that just occurred!

      47. Here is a new concept.. Hope for the best.. But prep for the worse..

        Nothing is for ever.. But I believe in new beginings

      48. I know its off subject but did anyone else see the news Congress could not come to an agreement on the so-called “farm bill,” and as a result, the law expired Monday. certain programs under the law came to a halt, and that could have a significant immediate affect on dairy farmers relying on federal help.
        What farmers feel could be seen in prices at grocery stores. if the bill is kept off of the table and Congress does not decide, the regulations revert to what they were in 1949. Milk costs could skyrocket if that happens.

        “The grocery stores will just, it will be just unbelievable”

        “There’s going to be nobody able to afford the milk, buy the milk and dairy products in the store,”

        Some predictions say milk prices could eventually exceed $6 per gallon.


        • Yes and exactly why I went ahead and ordered some more #10 cans of dry milk to add to the collection!

        • The farm bill is a huge scam as in corporate welfare…few real farmers benefit from it but monsanto et al,now theres a different story….speaking as a lifelong farmer let it die….get rid of it….get all the regulationary morons who farm with a pencil(computer) from behind a desk somewhere) off and out of our farms!

          I could count on my fingers the things govt has done for farmers that havent screwed us or the consumer and still have ten fingers left that werent used….they only hinder and destroy,but then thats the nature of the “beast”(pun intended);)

          Milk and everything else will find its natural price level based on supply and demand and what folks are willing to pay…the answer isnt anything the govt can do.
          If milk sells for 6$ a gallon under a free and open market then thats what itll sell for and people will decide whether or not to buy it…a bunch of punk politicians in bed with corporations telling the American people that well starve if “they” dont take care of everything; is why were in this mess(on the farm scene,and others)we have to call their bluff on all these corporate welfare schemes just as we need to fix the private personal ones that we see like the obamaphone nutcases…again almost all the money devoured by the farmbill and usda/fda et al goes to giant corporations who wouldnt know a farm if you plowed them into a furrow…thanks!

          • @ REB

            You are so right.
            I’ve always said the corporate types are akin to the north end, of a south-bound mule.

        • Soy milk is better for ya anyways..
          think of it like this.what mamal still drinks milk after infancy…?
          and what mamal drinks another mamals milk….?

          just us human mamals

          its full of shit you shouldnt be drinking anyways..hormones, additives of unknown amounts or reasons for, preservatives..
          Soy Milk stores without refridgeration if un-opened

        • Milk $6 a gallon???
          Not for long….aftera few times it’s poured in the grocer’s sink after spoiling on that shelf in the dairy section!!

        • Just a comment on the farm bill…it also includes EBT doesn’t it? Trigger being set.

        • @ Satori

          Thanks much for additional fill in the blank-spots, data.
          Soon…very soon.

      49. Here is where the previous areas have been hit when this area around the Balleny Islands has had a 5.0+.

        Day—-Magnitude——–EQ Day-Latitude-Longitude-Size
        12-09-1980—5.6——12-15-80–17.6s—172.3w—6.8 AND
        ———————-12-17-80–49.5n—129.5w—6.8 AND
        08-25-1985—5.4——NO Earthquake
        10-01-1987—5.0——10-06-87–18.0s—172.2w—7.3 AND
        11-09-1987—5.4——11-17-87–58.6n—143.3w—7.0 AND

        09-10-1998—5.3——NO Earthqauke
        11-09-2003—5.1——11-09-03–0.7s—-19.7w—-6.6 AND
        07-07-2005—5.3——NO Earthquake

        11-01-2006—5.1——11-07-06–6.5s—-151.2e—6.6 AND
        ———————-11-13-06–26.1s—63.3w—-6.8 AND
        09-09-2007—5.4——09-10-07–3.0n—-78.0w—-6.8 AND
        03-01-2008—5.3,5.0–03-03-08–46.4n—153.2e—6.5 AND
        06-16-2008—5.2——06-27-08–11.0n—91.8e—-6.6 AND
        05-25-2010—5.5——05-26-10–25.8n—129.9e—6.5 AND

        03-02-2012—5.0——03-03-12–22.1s—170.3e—6.6 AND

        As you can see that only 31 times, with once two earthquakes on the same day, has there been a 5.0+ in this area. Out of those 31 times, 28 times a 6.5+ followed within 15 days. Some within 2 days.

        90.3% of the time there is an earthquake of 6.5+, many over 7.

        The areas now to watch BIG TIME are:
        Western Indonesia east to the Kermadec Islands.
        Highest area of probability is Soloman Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa
        Northern Chile
        Kuril Islands or Aleutian Islands
        Central Japan

        Anyone in one of these areas could have a 6.9-8.0 between now and October 17. 90%+ sure of this from past records above.

        IF South Sandwich Islands gets hit then expect a very big earthquake after that.

        Remember earthquakes in this area 5.0+ are rare, when they hit, BIG earthquakes are coming.

      50. OFF TOPIC, it is really starting. besides the gooberment junk that is going on water bills are on the rise, homeowners ins to rise 15-30% in NC and just reported on my local news I think they said KY a chinese restraunt was putting road kill in the food…Now I know it sounds sick but MAYBE as a small buisness owner it was the best way he could think of to make a buck, with all the regulations and overhead costs that are rising at such an alarming speed….I think it is wrong but maybe a sign of the times.

      51. Its time to start drinking.

        Animal House

      52. Again with the Global Mafia, has someone been peeking at Alex Jones Christmas List. It’s NOT Global Mafia, it’s the Jews. And the Russian Mafia was also Jewish.

      53. I think the nation would be better off if it broke up . If the civil war had gone the other way , we would have been two separate nations already and everybody would be used to it for a long time now …….it might just be needed at this point as the internal attitudes of the people are at odds with each other to the point where there is no middle ground or compromise . Let the lefties have liberal land and let us have our land to run as we see fit as well . Its going to happen sooner or later , might as well start discussing and thinking about it openly now . We as a nation will not exist another 100 years . just sayin

      54. Oh, finally General Petrov hits the mainstream media. Here is the link to the whole introductory course. the clip list on the bottom of the screen.
        BTW, this video course was created in 2004 in Tumen’. Those who are not brain dead yet will appreciate a lot of things predicted and explained with precision in these lectures. Thanks to whoever posted this information on this blog.
        This is another one to watch (the same course but different presenter. Location-formaer KGB):…12308.14212.0.14357.…0.0…1ac.1.2oux15GEDFk

      55. Of course, it’s the Jews.

        Just say it for goodness sakes!

        First step to any chance of something good is finally acknowledging the problem.

      56. The global mafia is the conservatives and big capitalists in the USA. He does not tell all the truth.

      57. Grow hemp! You’ll be able to make anything you need out of it. You can even have a small local economy, food, clothing, fuel, plastic building materials and even medicine. Needs no pesticides and fertilizers. 1 acre of hemp = 2 acres of cotton. It was patriotic to grow hemp in the Revolutionary War and WW2. A barrel of hemp seed is a prepper’s dream come true.

      58. First off the only way any Government is going to change, is by forcing it to. Not by attacking it physically, but legally. Since our governments no longer represent the people, we need a way to control our governments. The best way to do this, is to turn those that control it, into those that administer it under our say so.

        So how do we accomplish that? Well we pass laws that allow us to vote on every single issue, and over ride the power of those that no longer represent us. For example we pass a law that allows the represented to vote on something that was voted on by our representative. If those represented do not agree with the representative, that vote is overturned. In time, we take the country back, so that the government represents the people.

      59. just punch the bigest elephant in the room and you should soon find out who the real intigators are and their strengths and weaknesses and make sure you step back too see the results of your actions and estimate your enemies next moves and move fast and start the counter before the return strike and know that they are not used to ever being on the losing end of the fight and are arrogant and this too is a weakness ….wait I,m wrong ! this is a sickness contracted and like the zombie bite anyone can be you enemy , so the cure ¨THE CURE ¨needs to be found perhaps billions will die before its discovered . and im sure its engineered . we need help from GOD on this one…………

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