A Third Person Tests Positive For Bird Flu

by | May 31, 2024 | Headline News, Member Exclusive | 1 comment

A third person, this one was another dairy farm worker in Michigan, has tested positive for bird flu. But this time, there's a new symptom setting the control freaks on edge. This person developed respiratory symptoms such as a cough and a sore throat along with eye irritation.
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    1 Comment

    1. Really? The PCR test is a wonderful way for government to fake detection of anything they want. Just crank up the cycles and BINGO! “We detected __________ in the _________ and we need a lockdown, etc, etc.” …all bullshit. Government is so addicted to lies and power that it will tell use whatever it thinks it can get away with. But, We The People don’t believe the current communist regime. They can go blow.

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