A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com 

    The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

    I set aside some time for more details of the Vegas shooting to emerge before writing this article. A few important data points have been released, but I have to say that this remains one of the most confusing terror incidents in decades.

    The tactical and strategic thought applied in this attack denotes a sophisticated and experienced shooter, yet, we are told by Stephen Paddock’s family and girlfriend that there was no indication that he had such knowledge or experience. There were some advanced tactical decisions involved in every aspect of the staging of the event, yet, there were also a few glaring mistakes that do not fit. Beyond this, there is evidence that Paddock (the alleged shooter) did not act alone, yet, the official mainstream narrative continues to tell us that he was a lone wolf.

    Now, every terror event these days produces an endless supply of alternative theories, some practical and some ridiculous. I will be keeping my theories to a minimum here, because I don’t think they serve much purpose in this instance beyond comfort for those that desperately want explanations. What I will be doing is presenting some questions and pointing out inconsistencies. My goal is merely to show that there is evidence which indicates far more complexity to the Vegas shooting than the mainstream media and federal officials are willing to discuss.

    First, lets look at how the attack was staged versus what we are told about the background of Stephen Paddock.

    Mass Shooter Psychological Profile

    Psychological disposition is the root of tactical behavior. It is important to note that mass shootings are an extremely rare occurrence despite the propaganda often poured onto the pages of the mainstream media. Psychological profiling of the people behind these crimes is difficult because the number of candidates is very small. There are, however, some common themes.

    For example — many mass shooters are motivated by revenge or envy. Shooters often exhibit signs of sociopathy, a self-centered nature and a lack of compassion along with past instances of abuse and violence towards other people and animals. There is also usually a previous history of mental illness. In most cases there is a “triggering event” which leads to a psychological break and a reaction to violence.

    According to the personal accounts from the people that knew Paddock, including his girlfriend, none of these attributes seems to fit. Marilou Danley described him as a “kind and caring man,” stating that he had never taken any action which would have led her to believe he was capable of such violence. The only factor that stands as evidence of a potential psychological break is the fact that Paddock was prescribed the anti-anxiety drug diazepam months prior, which has been known to cause aggression when taken in larger doses.

    Did Paddock take this drug because of unrelated anxiety and did it trigger his shooting spree? Or, was his anxiety caused by the fact that he was already planning a shooting spree and the drug was meant to “take the edge off” so he could more easily follow through with the attack?

    Paddock was prescribed the drug once in 2016 and on June 21st of this year. I have seen no evidence that he was using the medication in the days before the attack. The meticulous planning that went into this attack, as well as possible evidence that Paddock was renting rooms adjacent to major musical events for some time, shows that this was not initiated by a psychological break. Rather, there was a considerable level of conscious critical thought and foresight.

    There is also no available evidence of domestic instability or financial troubles. Paddock was a multi-millionaire with a successful real estate investment portfolio. He was a former postal worker and tax auditor, as well as an employee for defense contractor Lockheed Martin (I have not seen any statements by Lockheed on what exactly he did for them). It should be noted that Paddock, at age 64, was one of the oldest mass shooters in recent history.

    Paddock’s father, a bank robber on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, was not present for the most of the early lives of the children according to his brother, Eric Paddock, which undermines the notion of poor environmental influences.

    Eric Paddock claims Stephen also had no strong ideological or religious leanings and simply “didn’t care” about such matters. Meaning, no apparent ties to extremist views. He had no social media profiles and police claim they have found nothing in his home computers or phones to suggest a philosophical or political motive. So far I have not seen a single concrete and verified piece of evidence proving Paddock believed in anything other than making money, gambling and traveling the world for fun.

    I personally find this extremely hard to believe. Stephen Paddock, for all intents and purposes, was positively the perfect “Gray Man,” a ghost that blended completely into the background, so much so that his own family and girlfriend had no idea that he was amassing the weapons and training needed to pull off the Vegas attack.

    The Tactical Know-How Of A Nobody

    This is the area which brings up the most questions for me in terms of the Vegas incident. As an avid tactical shooter and long distance shooter, I immediately recognized some strange factors. For instance, the choice of his perch, two adjacent rooms on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, was rather effective for a number of reasons.

    If you have the chance to study counter-sniping methodologies or talk with veterans involved in counter-sniping in urban areas, you will learn that the most successful snipers tend to choose mid-ground perches to take shots from. Meaning, they never choose the highest points nor the lowest points, and never shoot from the closest points or the furthest points. Well trained snipers can and do sometimes shoot from 1,000 yards or more, but they prefer to shoot from the “sweet spot” around 300-400 yards away at an elevated point from an expedient hide in the middle of a building or structure.

    They do this because when people (including trained combat soldiers) are shot at, their eyes naturally tend to scan for the highest points in the background and the closest points in the foreground first. Choosing mid-ground positions makes snipers more difficult to pick out quickly and also harder for the average person to shoot back at.

    I would note that average, untrained mass shooters are more likely to enter a crowd and start shooting at point blank range in order to ensure hits on targets. Paddock chose the position of a trained shooter, which you can see a photo of in this article by The New Yorker. It was NOT the best possible position, but a very good one.

    Paddock’s choice to fire from the position of a large occupied hotel gave a layer of cover to his attack; anyone attempting to suppress him with their own fire would risk hitting innocent people within the building. Only a person with an understanding of counter-sniping and a scoped rifle would have the ability to stop the attack from outside.  Nevada is a very concealed carry friendly state and attacking a crowd at close range on the ground would be a high risk scenario. Firing from the Mandalay was the shooter’s most likely chance of a high body count without meeting opposition, as long as he had the proper training.

    The first room Paddock used in the Mandalay is in the corner of the 32nd floor with a view of the concert area and the north. It has a diagonal range of around 400 yards and a linear range of around 240 yards. When firing from an elevated position snipers range targets and bullet drop according to the shorter linear range or “true ballistic distance” (base of the ground to the target) rather than the direct range from their perch to the target. This is because gravity only affects the bullet over the true ballistic distance and elevation in a scope must be adjusted to that distance. It is not as easy as it seems to hit targets from an elevated position, even with an “automatic” weapon.

    It has been recently stated by Las Vegas police that the “note” found near Paddock’s body was scribbled with calculations for bullet drop from his position. These calculations can be done with newer laser rangefinders, but Stephen apparently chose to do them on paper. Las Vegas Detective Casey Clarkson was on the grounds of the concert during the attack, and recounted “I’m like, how is he so accurate” (in reference to Paddock) in an interview with 60 Minutes. Yet another piece of evidence showing that Paddock (or someone else) had extensive shooter training.

    The two adjacent rooms at the Mandalay offered extensive coverage of possible approaches for first responders. The first room gave the shooter good coverage of the concert and the north approach of Las Vegas Blvd. The second room gave the shooter a very wide angle of coverage to the south approach to the Mandalay as well as the main entrance of the hotel. More tactical know-how on display.

    Finally, Paddock allegedly placed small surveillance cameras in the hall approaching his room. A valuable tool which a shooter could use to surprise law enforcement, maintaining a longer period of shooter effectiveness as well as possibly allowing for an escape. Las Vegas police are quoted as stating that it appeared as though Paddock had planned to evade capture. This fits in line with the rest of his tactical staging. His suicide does not.

    Things That Don’t Add Up

    Again, I am not going to enter into much discussion on theory, here. I am only going to cite some instances of evidence and narrative that, for me, do not make sense. Let’s begin…

    The motive: No apparent motive. Paddock led a life of near luxury, had a happy relationship with his girlfriend and gave no indication to anyone of any instability or ideological affiliation. He had no criminal record. He was also well beyond the average age range of people commonly involved in such crimes. He does not fit any of the characteristics of mass shooters. Period.

    The arsenal: Paddock put a substantial amount of thought and planning into the position of his perch as well as a potential escape. He had the knowledge and experience to calculate accurate shots from an elevated position at distance. But, for some reason the 64-year-old-man decided it was warranted to drag at least 23 guns and hundreds of pounds of ammunition in ten separate suitcases to his room at the Mandalay Bay. A person with the intelligence displayed in the planning of this event would know that most of these rifles were not needed in the slightest to achieve the effect desired. They are dead weight, and moving them into the Mandalay only presented unnecessary risk of discovery. Unless, of course, the original plan involved multiple shooters.

    A strange year?: Family and acquaintances have mentioned Paddock’s propensity for “disappearing” in the year previous to the Vegas attack. And, there is the fact that 33 of the 47 firearms Paddock owned were purchased in the last 12 months.

    Security calls: Paddock called hotel security at least twice to complain about “loud music” on the floor below him the day of the shooting. Why would a mass shooter care, or take the risk of drawing too much attention to himself?

    The windows: Why, after so much careful planning, did Paddock expose his position by smashing two separate windows in his adjacent hotel rooms? There are other ways of providing a shooter’s loophole with less exposure? Very odd. Almost as if the decision to actually shoot was made suddenly, which does not fit the rest of the narrative or evidence.

    “Unrelated” room alarm leads security right to Paddock: The Las Vegas Sheriffs Department indicates that security was originally led directly to the floor that Paddock was shooting from by a “door alarm” that was set off by someone three rooms down from him. Now, authorities have been forced to admit that this alarm and the confrontation between security and Paddock took place BEFORE he began his shooting spree. This means that police should have been alerted to Paddock’s presence and exact location in advance of the attack. Who set off this alarm which conveniently helped to give away Paddock’s position early, and why?

    The surveillance cameras: Paddock had a head start on security, SWAT and anyone else that approached his rooms. He fired at hotel security through his door injuring employee Jesus Campos. He also had thousands of rounds of ammunition including .308 rounds which could easily be fired through several walls on the floor of his hotel room. Why did Paddock prepare for an escape, use his cameras to allow him to fire at hotel security through his door, equip rounds capable of annihilating any SWAT team that stacked up to breach his room, but decided to shoot himself instead before SWAT ever entered? Some people might argue that there is no logic to the mind of a “madman,” but again, I’ve seen no evidence that Paddock was insane beyond the criminal act itself. Also, the hotel had its own surveillance in the hall near Paddock’s rooms. No one noticed the man placing cameras about the area?

    Multiple shooters?: Las Vegas County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is quoted as saying that it was only logical to assume given the evidence that Paddock “had some help at some point” in the staging of the Vegas attack. To me, this is absolutely clear in the tactical planning.  Paddock does not appear to have the background or training to have chosen and staged the perch.

    The report suggesting that a phone charger was found that did not belong to Paddock has since been refuted by police, as well as the report that his card key was used to access his room while Paddock was gone. Of course, hotel surveillance would prove this one way or the other and should be made available to the public.

    Still, there are multiple accounts by witnesses that there may have been a second shooter, including the initial reports given by first responders on the scene, who were told a shooter was on the 29th floor as well as the 32nd floor. All of these accounts have been dismissed as a result of “panic” and the fog of war.

    The mystery woman: A witness on site at the concert stated that a woman (and her apparent boyfriend) approached people near the stage 45 minutes before the attack, telling them that “they were all going to die.” She was later escorted out of the venue by security. Who was this woman? Was she trying to menace the concertgoers or warn them? Or, was it all coincidence?


    In my view, there is simply no way that a man with Stephen Paddock’s history and background committed the Vegas shooting alone. There is no motive, no clear evidence of mental illness, no ideological markers and nothing to be gained. The tactical expertise displayed in most cases shows considerable training. Theories will abound. It is possible that he was used. It is also possible that he was secretly radicalized and trained, as ISIS has continuously asserted since the attack. Or, perhaps he never pulled a single trigger and somehow ended up shot through the head in a room full of guns overlooking Las Vegas Blvd. and dozens of dead concertgoers.

    The most disturbing aspect of this event and the mainstream narrative, though, is what it insinuates. It insinuates that anyone no matter how seemingly normal could one day simply “snap” and murder crowds of people with impunity. It is the anti-Second Amendment narrative personified, because if “anyone” is capable of such horror, and motive is nonexistent, then the mere existence of firearm access means that we are surrounded by millions of latent mass shooters. That is to say, we are supposed to fear everyone around us at all times. I will write about the solution to this problem in my next article. In the meantime, I suggest everyone ponder on the oddities of this event and continue to ask questions.

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      1. I would question the assumption that he had extensive training. He did seem to have higher quality rifles than I could afford. Doesn’t mean he knew how good they were. Just means the gun store sales people knew he had money after talking to him and convinced him to spend more money on high end stuff. The bump stocks in my humble opinion were a waste of money and they appeared to have caused more than 2 of his guns to jam, according to the Sheriff. This fits with what I am told by people who have used bump stocks.

        • Smith didn’t make an assumption, he presented the facts. Anybody who has shot at elevation at distance knows it takes experience and training to be accurate, and the choice of shooting position was done by an expert, no question. And there is no way the shooter (shooters?) used a bump stock. from the sound that was a true automatic with a drum, or it was belt fed.

          • it looked like there were a bunch of 60 round mags laying around. no sign of belt or drum. but the pics have been few and far between.

          • While I appreciate Brandon’s thoughtful post and your comment, one needn’t be shooting with precision when shooting from an elevated position into a crowd of 22,000 people to get a “hit”.

            Just saying. Ducks in a barrel. 🙁

            • Durango knows nothing about shooting or anything else he claims to be an expert on. Pay no attention to him. Ranging targets at elevation takes experience and training, even when shooting at a crowd scattering everywhere during the attack.

            • Shooting at elevation or into a crowd doesn’t mean you can be less accurate; you are only showcasing how little you know on this subject, Durango. Elevation only allows you to see targets better when they’re behind cover, it does not make targets easier to hit without accuracy. Firing in automatic without accuracy means “walking” your rounds into the targets, if you can even see where they are hitting, which means wasting lots of ammunition and being forced to change mags too often and taking your attention off of the objective. Even with a belt fed weapon, experience is needed to fire from elevation into a group of targets, or a crowd of targets, with any effectiveness. Really, a shooter with no training would have way more success shooting at a crowd at ground level where each round can pass through and potentially kill multiple targets more easily. Shooting from above is far more of a challenge. You should stick to pretending you are an economics guru; leave the shooting info to the experts.

              • “Really, a shooter with no training would have way more success shooting at a crowd at ground level where each round can pass through and potentially kill multiple targets more easily.”

                I don’t disagree with that statement, but a crowd of 22,000 people is a target rich environment. You can’t miss. Ducks in a barrel. 🙁

              • ” You should stick to pretending you are an economics guru; leave the shooting info to the experts.”

                I am a Vietnam Vet and ex-Marine. You ever been in “combat” with anything other than a fucking deer …. and survived ??? Have you ever killed the enemy; I mean real men shooting back at you ???

                That experience makes me an expert, sonny. 🙂

          • DAVID UTAH,
            You are spot on my friend.Especially about the bump stock issue.From past experience with auto weapons myself, when we heard the firing of the rounds on the videos we saw i mentioned to my wife that the automatic fire was either belt fed or a drum.The stacotto of the firing was to smooth and even to be from a shooter that was using a bump stock configuration.The adrenalin alone that this guy was feeling would have also played into his shooting pattern and unless he was a “trained” shooter this would have effected his performance,imho.Let us not forget that many of the reporters also said that there was a surprisingly large number of head shots.This leads me to believe in the multiple shooter scenario by trained shooters. But i must say this head shot total could have happened because people were still standing around trying to figure out what was happening.This scenario could have played into the equation as well

          • Shooting at 22,000 fish in a barrel doesn’t require accuracy. Stevie Wonder could have hit as many victims as Paddock.

            • Wrong. Ranging to the crowd and calculating bullet drop requires skill, even with an automatic weapon firing at a crowd.

              • A bullet goes UP before it trajectories down. So much for your expertise, moron. 🙂

      2. Paddock looks like a patsy to me. Gambling, the drug diazepam, sent his live-in girlfriend to the Philapines, frequent visitor to Las Vegas, makes him a prime candidate to take the blame. What happened with the delayed reaction of the hotel. With that said we (citizens) must avoid crowds in places that forbid armed carry permits and/or have strategic fields of fire available from above. In other words, a concert venue allowing armed citizens and a location without high rises nearby would be preferable.

      3. two things make no sense:

        1. why that many guns ? just because it increased his chances of getting caught, he would have only brought the few he needed.

        2. the distance doesn’t seem right. the article writer is right, 300-400 yards are trained sniper distances. anyone, even a military veteran; is going to not be very accurate because only trained snipers practice at that distance.

        something stinks real bad.

        • Uh because he was selling them? The CIA/FBI set him up?
          You don’t need to be very accurate when shooting into a big crowd. Even an FBI agent could do it…

          • Spoken like a person who knows nothing about shooting…

            • If you talking to me bud I probably know more than you ever will in your life. Another newbie know nothing hmmmm…

              • In fact I bet I could take your head off at 500 yds. at a 45 degree downhill angle with no problem. Wanna bet on it?

                • Yeah, I’ll take a bet from an internet know-nothing any day. Let’s see a video of your “expertise”. I bet you are at least 100 pounds overweight and completely incompetent when it comes to shooting anything beyond 100 yards and smaller than a bus with your dime-store AR-15. Come on “genius”, show us what you can do. Run some drills for us, lol!

                • Your first statement proved you to be an absolute moron with very bad training.

              • Yeah, I’m talking to you, the big-mouthed armchair warrior who calls himself “genius”, lol! You obviously know nothing if you think the Vegas event would be easy to pull off for anyone other than an experienced shooter.

          • From what we know about the CIA/FBI You would not be mistaken to take this stance

        • Blasting away at full auto speeds into a 20,000+ sized crowd doesn’t require extreme sniper skills to hit people. Particularly when shooting downhill from a high place.

          FWIW, 3-400 yard distances aren’t considered at all unusual practice distances for recreational shooters where I come from since places to shoot that far and farther are easy to find, I imagine it would be the same in a desert area.

          • shooting into a crowd, true. I want to know the entire timeline, who was hit when and where they were, crowd placement, how long it took the crowd to respond, bullet entry trajectories all that.

        • 100 to 300 yards is typical for hunters, shooting from elevation poses some balistic issues that only someone with training and or lots of practice can overcome. Between 300 and 500 yards is the sweet spot for a 50 grain bullet as far as velocity goes, takes about 900 fps to kill and the 50 grain bullet would have about 1200 fps, it’d have dropped about 33 inches though. I agree about the # of rifles though, that seems like an awful lot to carry up for one man to use.
          I have lots of questions about the timeline and hotel security and surveilance, someone should have gotten curious.

        • Lena, did you see my comment on a previous post ??? I had not shot anything other than a BB gun before hitting the Rifle Range at Camp Pendleton as a Marine Corp Recruit.

          I was blowing pinwheels consistently at 300 and 500 yards with the iron sights of an M-14. So much so that my DI came over to me, inspected my weapon and spun the windage knob, warning me that many more bulls eyes might warrant sending me into the jungle alone as a sniper. Technology today, and the rifles themselves, are, on average highly superior to weapons produced 50 years ago.

          That said, I do not believe that Paddock was the shooter at all, and while the actual shooter was likely someone experienced at longer distances, he need not be. 🙂

          • Durango is a fraud. He’s not a veteran, not a Marine. He plays soldier in SHTF comments, that is all.

            • Yeah, my University degree under the GI Bill and my VA card are printed up on MS Word. 🙂

        • There’s not enough photos from the shooter’s room(s) yet, BUT there’s not enough fired brass or enough empty mags to reflect the +/- 2,000 rounds that were probably fired.

      4. we are supposed to fear everyone around us at all times.

        Slogan of the Democrat party…

      5. Let’s see now…the gubmit and the media have change their ‘official’ narratives about 20 times now, which means the stories they are telling are total BS.

      6. A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident

        Good Lord another one!!!

        • This is the best one I’ve read so far. The others weren’t really “analysis”, more like a playground of theories by people who didn’t know much. This article was solid.

        • But Sarge, this is a “tactical” analysis lol.

      7. No matter what potential evidence may be revealed none of it will stray from the lone gunman conclusion as time passes. Just like the government quickly identified 9-11 hijackers on that day who showed up alive in the middle eastern nations later. That detail dropped immediately from mainstream news. This Vegas event a continuing part of the teledrama war on what’s left of American freedom.

      8. Sorry Sgt, I usually agree with you, not this time. I’m not a huge fan of Brandon Smith but I think his article is well written and poses many good points and questions. This whole Vegas deal reeks of conspiracy and I usually don’t buy into any of them.

      9. I agree that this smells to high heaven! But murder is not normal. Wanting to kill hundreds is not normal mental behavior, so mental illness is a given. There are also several reports of sleep disorders, sleep deprevation, public outbursts of anger, berating his girlfriend in public. These are possible signs of bipolar disorder. Bipolar mania can come out of the blue, and a seemingly normal person is all of a sudden full on schizophrenic. This can last as long as a year untreated, and the bipolar subject can display any number of delusions. They don’t know how crazy they are acting, it takes someone else. It can be subtle, and even people close don’t know because the behavior is a lot like a frog in a pot. For example, I know a guy who’s bipolar mania was triggered by an altercation, and within two weeks he was nuts. Thought someone was going to drive by him, so he wanted to aquire a gun to preemptively drive by the other guy. We had him commited to a mental institution, which isn’t like the old days. They only take people for a few days, evaluate them, medicate them, set them up with doctors, and set them free. But, they are also now potentially on a list of people who can not buy guns.

        Anyone with a serious mental disorder that can lead to visual, or auditory helucinations, and delusions should be seen by professionals, and registered as someone who can’t buy guns. And I am not talking about the average person on SSRIs that isn’t likely to hurt someone or many. I am talking about people with serious schizophrenic related mental disorders.

        The other cases of active shooters are muslims, and high school kids going through hell with other kids. Doing drugs, listening to evil music, have atheistic upbringings. People who exibit signs, but are ignored.

        That said. Whether he is the shooter, or one of the shooters, or a patsy, the shooters are full on mental, and insane! There is no way around that! People with normal functioning minds simply don’t do these things!

        • That’s why they recruit psycopathic personalities, they have no issues doing shit like this. If you look into MANY mass shootings the shooter/shooter’s are on SSRI’s. In fact they warn you that such drugs may cause suicidal thoughts. If you are a psycopath you will do well in the alphabet agencies and military. Also many of the upper members of these organizations are in fact satanists, which is parallel to pyscopathy.

          • They look for people with a certain moral flexibility and the ability to follow orders without question… and then there are the handlers of those individuals, the true evil bastiches.

        • May i point out that there are number of groups that would do absolutely anything to advance their agendas.So this must be taken into consideration also

      10. All analysis’ be damned. I start with facts. It happened. That’s number one. One crazed killer dead. Number two. No apparent reason(s) for this whole damned thing. Number 3. I think the most important item is number 1. What happened is simply not what the news, what info we’ve all received from whatever source(s) is worth a damn. And….. skipping to number 3 – I just feel it is going to happen again and soon. The ‘reason’ for this is beyond any analysis of this particular shooter. For all the reasons given by all the analysts. The ‘why’ is something that is going to trigger the next event. Whatever, whomsoever set this into motion is going to act again.

      11. I’m 53yrs old… the game has started… ok NWO… we are the targets now… no troll here. Just have seen the Whole world go to hell in last 5 to 10 years… peace

        • Well, i got ya beat by 16 yrs cuz i am 69 and when i was growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s we never had anything like this, no mass shootings in public, no chopping off of peoples heads, no school shooting. It was such a nicer time to grow up in. I am glad i have those memories. Oh, and we never had camera’s either in our schools, or in the buses or in the streets! NO camera’s at ALL. Not even in ANY of the stores. Best they had was “mirrors” on the ceilings and walls to try to catch people stealing. Those WERE the good ole days for sure!

      12. Re the number of guns: He had 23 in the room, with 16 being rifles. Therefore the rest were handguns.

        If there was a second sniper, why the extra handguns? The only possible explanation is that whether it was Paddock or others in the room, the handguns were there in case of a last-ditch stand in which the rifle ammo had been exhausted. He clearly planned to use up all or the vast percentage of rifle ammo on the crowd.

        The reason for 16 rifles is to do “New York Reloads” – instead of reloading, grab another already loaded rifle.

        As for the tactical planning, is it not possible that the elevation he chose was what he was comfortable with and not an explicitly tactical plan? Do we know whether other rooms were considered or used by him on his earlier visits to the hotel?

        As for motivation, almost every serial killer and mass shooter has been described as “that quiet guy that never did anything wrong.” So this is hardly evidence of anything.

        The door alarm? Could be entirely coincidental. Anyone ever in the military knows that things happen by accident to wreck your carefully laid plans.

        Being able to do ballistic calculations doesn’t prove “extensive shooting training.” Youtube and firearms Web sites – not to mention books – are your friend. Anything he needed to know could be acquired over the same period of time he acquired the firearms and with absolutely no knowledge of his doing so by anyone else in his life.

        The mystery woman? I read somewhere that at most of these events there is always some set of creeps who are harassing the event goers with some sort of nonsense. Again, could be quite coincidental.

        There just isn’t enough here that is concrete PROOF of a conspiracy. It remains speculation.

        As for being surrounded by potential armed nutcases: Yes, that IS the case. But the statistics say you still aren’t likely to die by such events.

        • Why has no one ask the caliber of bullets taken out of victims?

        • But what about the window sensors??? Every window has a sensor that will go off if the window is broken. The sensors show which room it is and the guards will come up within a few minutes. How come when the windows were broken no one came up to check? I read that in that very same hotel there was a party and a drunk guy pushed a small woman onto the window. When she hit the window the sensor went off, and within a few MINUTES 4 guards came up banging on the door to see what was wrong. They put sensors in the windows in case someone breaks one and tries to commit suicide when losing all their money. The insurance would be sky high so they don’t want any “jumpers”. So this is very fishy about the sensors!!!

      13. Ballistic calculations, trained sniper position selected, extensive prep, then use bumpfire. Haha. That’s funny. The guy had all the money in the world, he could have easily bought fully automatic weapons. Don’t believe he was concerned about violating the NFA. Yeah, don’t think we’ll be hearing the true story anytime soon.

      14. I thought FDA out-lawed vallium back in the ’70’s? They knew back then it was dangerous….similar to LSD.

        My understanding was that Paddock requested that room because it had a service elevator next to his suite. Yes, his ‘escape’ would be to go home with his (unsold?) rifles down the same elevator as he came up.
        I’m guessing this was set up weeks in advance, TPTB wanted him snuffed and he had the perfect “invisible” profile. He was dead before a shot was fired. The rooms were then staged by “hit men” to complete assignment Operation Disarm America? Hit men were shooters on crowd…..which I still question.
        Saw the film…..no blood, no screaming, were they told it was a drill? Some were smiling as they walked away.
        I guess you had to be there…

        for “18” minutes, around his body. If shots were fired at the crowd

        • No, Valium is still given out even now, becuz i have a friend who gets V’s on the street from other people who get a script for it. The last time he got the V’s was about a yr ago. I don’t talk to him anymore so i don’t know about now, but they were Valium for sure. A nice high if one is a nervous kind of person.

      15. Why has no one ask the caliber of bullets taken out of victims?

      16. Why no questions about caliber of bullets taken from victims?

      17. Heres a question,
        What if,
        It was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the feds in connection with the owners of the hotel are the actual culprets or covering for the actual culprits? What then? We all know the gov alphabit peeps are full of shit and that they hold us in total contempt, and we also know they are notorious for arms sales to questionable groups, we also know that MGM is owned partly by foreign entities with questionable backgrounds etc,,,
        So then what?
        This whole thing stinks, smelks like bulkshit to me

      18. Michael Savage said that the Las Vegas cops have changed their story x 2 now. Probably will a few more times as well.

      19. Home run Brandon !!!

      20. Curious where any AIR Support was? Las Vegas has multiple aircraft…fixed and rotor wing….why was none ever seen or mentioned? They SHOULD have been in the air or on standby for an event of this magnitude. Not that it would have stopped anything…but could have provided a perimeter and better shooter location(s)…….

      21. The woman warning people and being removed by security is a fake story that has already been refuted by several reliable sources, including the security company itself. I imagine that and other things you mention are not that reliable. Let’s face it, you are a fear monger, and you’re suggesting that another shooter is still at large. I agree that there are several strange things, most notably the lack of a motive, but you leave out some details that to point to his inexperience. For instance, he had so many guns because he was prepared for jams, and he didn’t know how to keep his guns from jamming under rapid fire.

        • You are obviously a disinfo-agent. The author links directly to the interview of the witness who saw the woman make the warning/threat to the crowd and be removed. Guns don’t “jam” under rapid fire unless they are crap guns. If you need 23 guns because you are afraid of jamming then you are not smart enough to plan this attack to begin with. Go peddle your disinformation somewhere else, chump.

      22. Hmmm

        What about the extensive video and eyewitness testimony stating that the shots were fired from the 4th floor. And if in fact as is now claimed he fired several thousand rounds from the 32nd floor how is it that there is no cell phone videos showing shots fired from that floor.

        Since the author stated he wanted to present the facts, it is rather confusing to say the least that he failed to mention the 3 seperate videos and eyewitnesses clearly proving that automatic weapons fire was coming fromthe 4th floor. This evidence on its own debunks the “official” explanation right out of the gate.

        And then there is the curious fact of You Tube and other social media outlets blocking some of these videos. And then there is the curious fact that the MSM is not showing them. When you consider that at exactly the same time as this attack two major pieces of gun legislation were up for a vote and issue of North Korea was causing major political damage on the left and right, and calls for the removal of Jared Kushner for repeatedly lying on his security application was once again being raised in Congress, it is hard not to put a false flag at the top of the list. It killed 3 birds with one attack. IMHO of course.

        Means, motive, opportunity and who benefits.

      23. Nothing has been said about the exits being locked, or in someway not usable. Where was the fire marshal? We’ve helped to plan events. They were present to make sure there were enough exits and that they were clear.

      24. All said and done it would take a trained shooter to keep making head shoots. And Remember “long Shanks” in Breve Hart.

        General-but…wont we hit our own men.???
        Long Shanks–Yes so….Loose the archers.>>>

      25. He did mention the eyewitnesses that saw a second shooter. You should actually read the article, buddy.

      26. “It insinuates that anyone no matter how seemingly normal could one day simply “snap” and murder crowds of people with impunity.“

        Like the US military does every day (with tax payers money).

      27. There are many questions not being asked such as why on earth would a lone gunman bring 30 automatic weapons to a shooting when all he needed was one or two and a bunch of ammo? Were the insane amount of weapons there only to produce shock in the public? Or was there more than one shooter as several witnesses thought? And given the fact that Vegas hotel security is pretty extensive (lots of cameras and undercover security in these places) how did he managed to elude detection (and bring all those weapons in) for 5 days? Why were all the machine guns sitting around as if they were on display instead of being in a handy position for the shooter? Was Paddock, who seemingly had zero motivation to do this evil deed, a patsy? It took all of about 5 seconds for the anti-gun people to come out in full force after the shooting – was this shooting part of their agenda somehow? Lots of unanswered and unasked questions here.

        • Yeah, so what happened to the other so called 500 people who were shot? They never mention them. They never tell us how critical they were, who else died, who got better and got sent home. 500 people hurt and not a word more about them. Yeah it smells bad. Full of lies!

      28. Was the so called security guard actually the real shooter, who killed his gun runner Paddock , shot himself superficially and waited in the hall to appear to be a victim.?
        Because now it seems he has gone missing and IS NOT LISTED AS AN EMPLOYEE!!!

      29. I listened to the video. At 4:59 you can clearly hear TWO guns going at once. one slightly slower higher pitch weapon and a lower pitch weapon firing at a different speed. ie, two shooters. Does anyone else hear this?

      30. Shooting down means that missed shots went into the ground The nearby airport found bullet holes in some of its fuel tanks This would imply a gun sweeping the field with misses going on to hit other things including the large fuel tanks You could say the shooter shot at the fuel tanks also but he had only 720 seconds to shoot over 500 people with 30 shot clips to reload. Figure he was not god getting a hit every shot probably one shot in three hit. Reloading means breaking your stance loading then reacquiring a target. All done in 720 seconds including reloading over 50 times Accurate shooting requires self control of breathing and heart rate. You can assume he was hyper and getting emotional with rapid breathing and rapid heart rate. All the time thinking of the police response to him. Lots of stress

      31. So much stupidity. Who cares about accuracy when you are firing into a crowd of tens of thousands of people??? Who are these idiots talking about accuracy? Not only was the size of the concert area extremely large (football fields); but there were many people milling around outside the concert. Just rain bullets down and you are guaranteed to hit someone. Training? Give me a f_____g break!!! How much training does it take to pull a trigger??? Too much for a senior citizen to take on??? I got news for your stupid a__. A lot of seniors are in much better shape than our woos youth. No motive??? The guy was filmed at an anti-trump rally wearing pink. What kinda people go to anti-trump rallies??? (radicals) People are so blind they cannot see. antifa has promise you dumbass america that they were going to do this. Then they do it and you act all stupid. There is no reality left in america.


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