A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    It is heartbreaking to watch the violence that is taking place on the streets of Minneapolis.  I have quite a few relatives that live in the Twin Cities area, and I have been there many times.  In the old days, it always felt so peaceful, but not anymore.

    The tragic death of George Floyd has unleashed a massive wave of anger, and the riots have made headlines all over the globe.  Originally, many had anticipated that Thursday night would not be as violent as Wednesday night was, but that was not a safe assumption to make.  Around 10 o’clock, protesters stormed into the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building and set it on fire

    Minneapolis is in the midst of a third night of unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, with protesters taking over the police department’s 3rd Precinct building late Thursday night.

    The break-in happened at about 10 p.m., with helicopter footage showing a large fire burning near the main entrance.

    Police released a statement, saying in part, “in the interest of the safety of our personnel, the Minneapolis Police Department evacuated the 3rd Precinct of its staff. Protesters forcibly entered the building and have ignited several fires.”

    As the building burned, fireworks were being shot into the sky in celebration.

    Of course, the violence that we witnessed the previous evening was quite alarming as well.  By the end of the night, rioters had torched and looted a number of prominent retail stores

    Shocking images Thursday morning showed the widespread destruction left overnight after stores including Wendy’s, Target, Walmart and Autozone were looted and some even set on fire.

    Mayor Frey pleaded for calm ahead of more expected protests this evening telling residents ‘we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy.’

    Videos also showed what was reported to be an apartment building entirely engulfed by flames as rioters stood and watched and the fire department was nowhere to be seen.

    I don’t think that any of us will ever forget watching a Target store being looted, and at this point Target has decided to close all of their locations in the entire state “until further notice”.

    Overall, more than 50 buildings were burned down on Wednesday night, and one protester boldly declared that “the whole city can burn down”

    “The whole city can burn down. They should all be out here protesting, not just people who care about black lives. Everybody. Burn it down. Make them pay. Maybe then they’ll understand,” one protester, Elicia S.—she declined to give her full last name—told The Daily Beast late Wednesday.

    “I read somewhere that you’re never gonna care until it hits your front door. We are here now, knocking in the front door,” demonstrator Becky Mathews added.

    Sadly, it isn’t just the rioters that are out of control.

    When George Floyd was arrested, it wasn’t for committing a violent crime.  He was accused of “allegedly trying to pay at a local deli with a counterfeit $20 bill”, and surveillance video from the scene does not support police claims that he resisted arrest.

    Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight entire minutes, and video of the moment when Floyd finally lost consciousness is absolutely horrifying.

    Of course, this is far from an isolated incident.  According to the Los Angeles Times, approximately one out of every 1000 African-American males will die at the hands of our police…

    About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers. That makes them 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.

    Look, I have friends that are current or former police officers, and I am so thankful for the good men and women that work so hard to protect all of us day in and day out.

    But the truth is that there are a lot of really bad apples out there, and troubling incidents are happening with increasing frequency all over the nation.

    For example, a young mother named Sara Walton Brady was recently arrested by the police in Idaho for simply taking her children to play in the park.  The following comes directly from a message that she sent to me, and she said that I could share it with all of you…

    On April 21, 2020 I saw a video on Facebook by other moms about a playdate at Kleiner Park scheduled for the afternoon. That video showed people at the park and the tape ripped down from the play structures. I decided to go with my two middle children and showed up about an hour late.

    I was only there 5-10 minutes when three officers from the Meridian Police Department arrived; one Sgt. And two officers. The Sgt., who I now know is Sgt. Fiscus, came marching onto the playground ordering all of the children and moms off of the bark and playground area while brusquely explaining that the city of Meridian the parks and they were closed by the order of the governor and the mayor.

    This obviously upset several of the moms there, including myself. I attempted to ask questions to the Sgt. About what authority he had to remove people from the park. During this attempted dialogue he continued to tell people that the playground area was closed and people needed to leave. However, he continually directed people to a concentrated area on the grass, which would have been a violation of the Idaho governor’s order of being closer than 6 feet. None of this made sense to me as I saw multiple other people recreating in the park – walking, fishing, and even people playing a game of basketball. It also didn’t make sense to me why we could be closer together on the grass and it was okay to violate that portion of this new found rule, but not on the park where the kids and the adults were much more spread out.

    As I continued to ask these questions the situation became more heated and eventually the officer told me I had five seconds to leave the bark or he was going to arrest me. The officer then proceeded to count down to me, as I often do to my children when they are not listening. I told him “Fine! Arrest me for being in a park! Do it!” While turning around to his threat.

    I was placed inside the back of a very hot patrol car and left there for several minutes at which time I was eventually booked into jail for a misdemeanor trespassing charge. I was also accused of tearing the tape down on the playground that was had been placed there previously. I did not tear down any tape as it was down when I arrived. I was told that children had ripped it down.

    Multiple other people were on the bark while I was arrested yet no one else was charged with trespassing, cited, or arrested. I was also told that after I was transported to the jail that several people went back onto the bark (after tearing more tape down) and began playing on the playground and bark as the police watched. None of this was addressed by the police.

    My case has now been conflicted to the State of Idaho. This is very concerning to me that they have not dismissed the case and they have unlimited resources to make an example of me. It’s also concerning to me that while people are losing their jobs and businesses’ that the State would use hard earned taxpayer money to waste on a mom who was at a park with her kids and try to make an example of me.

    Please help me raise funds for legal fees to fight the State of Idaho. I am told that it could cost anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. You can go to supportsarabrady.com.

    Sara Walton Brady

    I was friends with Sara Walton Brady long before this incident occurred, and I can tell you that she is a rock-solid citizen.

    In fact, Idaho would not be in the giant mess that it is today if a lot more patriots like her lived in the state.

    Unfortunately, the truth is that the whole country is a giant mess, and what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.

    Our entire society is on the brink of a complete and utter meltdown, and I expect that the upcoming election will bring tensions that have been simmering all over the nation to a boiling point.

    There is a reason why so many people are looking to move out of our major cities right now.  America is literally in the process of coming apart at the seams, and there will be a lot more rioting, looting, and civil unrest in the days ahead.

    About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on Amazon.com including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all many people as we possibly can.


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      1. Mr. Snyder,
        I need to offer you a teachable moment.
        If you research police involved/ caused deaths, Look at ( CDC and FBI stats), you’ll find that the news article you referenced is completely false.
        I’m sorry I didn’t look up exact numbers before responding, but, feel free to look for you self.
        Police involved deaths are around 1000 per year. The break down is ~ 165 Blacks, 180 Hispanics, 540 Whites, the balance is all other groups.
        In 2018, out of the ~ 165 , there were 17 unarmed Blacks.
        Now for reference, 330 million people in the US! Approximately 2,000,000 law enforcement officers that file OVER 55,000,000 police reports each year.
        55,000,000 contacts with citizens resulting in 1,000 deaths. All very unfortunate, BUT, a very low number of violent outcomes!
        55,000,000 contacts resulting in 165 tragic deaths is a percentage of 0.000003.
        I’m not downplaying deaths or making light of these situations, only asking reasonable people to seek and find the truth.
        Mr Snyder, I trust you will research this topic and not merely repeat lies.
        I taught HS, but, also served as a Reserve Sheriff Deputy for 20 years as a SWAT team medic. I have been on hundreds of raids and other SWAT operations.
        I always offered my perspectives to my students, but, also, challenged them to seek out knowledge. The students should not blindly believe others.
        Thanks, Joe

      2. Here is a YouTube video title to check out:
        “Is CCP Involved in the George Floyd Riots? Terror Designation May Go Beyond ANTIFA | Crossroads”

        A Protest is Peaceful.
        Riots are NOT protests. Rioters are criminals.
        Arrest them ALL. Make the criminals clean up the mess they made. Arrest George Soros. Arrest criminal bankers.

        – Media are pro Communist. Media LIES and spreads Fear.
        Media are brainwashers. Unplug.
        – Many Politician power grabbers are Anti-American Communists. Politicians LIE.
        – China CCP have offices on most college/university campus.
        They are brainwashing gullible young people.
        – Schools are brainwashing and instilling Anti-American values.

        THESE are NOT Protestors that are destroying the cities.
        These are Anti-American globalist communist anarchist.
        George Soros is funding some of this.
        They are Anti-American CRIMINALS. Not protestors.

        * Plandemic. Scamdemic.
        * Lockdowns.
        * Economic destruction of small business.
        * Made up Food crises. THERE ARE NO SHORTAGE OF LIVESTOCK.
        * Now we have Riots Looters Burners.

        Do you still think this wasn’t ALL preplanned for years?

        Politicians/Globalist/Bankers will use these riots by the communist anarchist criminals to justify more TYRANNY. They will steal everything from you: -Freedom -Liberty -Right to worship God -Job -Business -Value of your money -Good health -and they will then TAKE your Life.
        The Beast System is HERE.
        Are you going to allow this?

      3. We live in a sick, stupid, evil world that punishes the most intelligent, competent, pious people and rewards the most violent, corrupt predators.

        “It seems to you the thing to do is to isolate the winner.” Pink Floyd

        This is how the world treats the best people:


        The worst people are turned into fake demi-Gods, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Basically CEOs and elected politicians in general.

        When it pays to be evil with money, fame, and power, it is a temptation that seems to be too irresistible for the average bloke.

        • They’ll tell you to move a lightswitch, 2 inches, on a great, big wall. (A replacement demographic, proudly under the color of authority, walking around in headphones like Mighty Mouse.) A permit and landscape architect were recently required, to tell someone what to plant in his front yard. (Amounting to a dozen or so plants.) Who will see it? A grumbling, rumbling barrio is plainly redlined, across the street.

          You hug the mammies, then, cull healthy animals and vandalize farm equipment on video.

          This non-meritocracy is ultimately predicated upon the use of force, no matter how it was applied, no matter how you can measure it.

          Every tiny part of your house, church, or place of business has been measured, down to the nth degree.

          The planner, having long since lost any sense of traditional conservatism, is backed by force of arms. He doesn’t balance consumer debt with remunerative wages, nor fake makework jobs with rubber stamped diploma mill degrees. The city overtaxed our biological carrying capacity. Surplus labor burns down the city.

          • I have absolutely no idea what your mumbo jumbo word salad of disassociated rambling thoughts is supposed to amount to. If communication was the goal, we obviously speak a different language.

            -Andrea Iravani

      4. We live in a sick, stupid, evil world that punishes the most intelligent, competent, pious people and rewards the most violent, corrupt predators.

        “It seems to you the thing to do is to isolate the winner.” Pink Floyd

        This is how the world treats the best people:


        Add Jesus, Ghandi, Mandella, MLK, John Lennon, and many others, including unsung heroes that nobody has ever heard of to the long list of people that have been destroyed by the evil people in charge. All of those people happen to be famous. All of the saints were tortured. This is not new. The war against truth has gone on for thousands of years.

        The worst people are turned into fake demi-Gods, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Basically CEOs, appointed positions of power, and elected politicians in general. 

        When it pays to be evil with money, fame, and power, it is a temptation that seems to be too irresistible for the average bloke.

      5. There are signs of a shift in policy in legislation which is the most encouraging sign that I have witnessed since 1992. Justin Amash from Michigan is introducing legislation supported by Ilahn Omar that would strip police of unaccountable power and would allow victims to sue the police officers, which they are currently expempt from, which is ludicrous. Additional legislators are introducing legislation to end the build-up of police militarization as well as a national registery for police offenders, since the corrupt police officers frequently just transfer to another city the same way that pedophile Priests did for years in the Catholic Church.


        • I was the one that posted the above statement, not anonymous.

          • Good on you. Most people are welfare statists or police statists, so black out, when it comes down to counting who is the damaged party.

          • Good on you. Most people are welfare statists or police statists, so black out, when it comes down to counting who is the damaged party.

      6. I agree with view that society is breaking down things are becoming more lawless.
        With all the riots, lootings, burglaries and assault being committed in the name of justice for George Floyd not justified.
        These burning and lawless actions have to be stopped>

        I agree that the death of George Floyd needs to be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate action needs to be taken to hold all individuals accountable in this incident.
        After all, he was just getting his life back together after 5 years in a Texas prison for armed robbery and a history of drug, theft and trespass history.

        It is just a matter of time before the violence on both sides begins to escalate.
        It needs to be stopped now by both sides before the thin veil of society breaks down.

        Well this is my view.

      7. So Trump wants to add “law and order” president to his resume by invoking the Insurrection Act. That remains to be seen. He wouldn’t be the first to use it. It was used for the Bonus Army debacle, Detroit riots, and postal strike in the past.

        He will add to his impressive resume as the covid 19, depression era economy, bailout king, Israeli firster president.

        He is running the country into the ditch. But at least he’s not Hillary.

      8. screw it, let it burn. theres no saving this train wreck anyway!

      9. All the “progressive” politicians and officials who insisted that all citizens be kept in indefinite lockdown at home, not go to work, and maintain social distancing, under the threat of arrest. Even if it meant the crashing of the economy by causing the destruction of small businesses with the loss of millions of jobs. Now, many of those same politicians and officials openly support the “protesters” and rioters. Apparently, it turns out that looting, committing arson and acts of violence and destruction render rioters immune from Corona virus. Who would have known?

      10. Antifa is supposed to hit the suburbs tonight(June 3rd) Bring it, lets see you try to make it back to mom’s basement. Don’t write a check you can’t cash. Be forewarned!

      11. Go the scene of any Antifa / BLM riot. (Don’t wave or give them a thumbs up; that could be dangerous.) For legal purposes, let’s say, on video or in your imagination.

        Turn the clock back, ten years at a time.

        Anyone who can’t plainly put a finger on the problem is an abortion and an abomination, for the lack of more hateful speech.

        There will always be some bulldozer event, between the WASP, first world and shthole country. The images section of your fav search engine will allow you to discover the forbidden history, within a ten year period, easily — anyone who is self conscious.

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