A Shocking Wake Up Call: This Is How Far The Police State Has Come *Video*

by | May 31, 2013 | Entertainment, Headline News | 357 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The American Police State
    (Image courtesy Dees Illustrations)

    We often talk about the destruction of American values and the rule of Constitutional law as if it were some future event.

    What if it’s already too late? What if the police state we fear is coming… is already here?

    The evidence is crystal clear, is it not?

    This is a shocking wake up call, and one that every American who is denial about the direction in which our Republic is headed needs to see.

    It’s been a long time coming.

    But tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.

    President Barack Obama
    November 5, 2008

    (Watch on Youtube at ThinkOutsideTheTV or JasonA)

    Hattip NinaO


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      1. At what point are we pushed too far and say enough?

        • Any American still in denial about this fact

          is on life-support and needs the plug pulled.

          • You would not believe just how many flaming imbeciles, ESPECIALLY in the anti-self defense states, want to write an entirely new Constitution or completely trash most or all of the original. This is the result of tyranny having more and more of the masses backing the destruction of what protects everyone. Of course there are plenty of whiny giant economy sized woosies that want to be lead around by the nose ring( whatever mind control device) that they will eventually gladly have pierced into their hides.

            This is the biggest problem of any police state, not having the majority of the population defending against it. Even worse having many zombies that find it much more convenient to be a sheep, android, robot. This country used to have a real spirited FU altitude, the flag, DON’T TREAD ON ME. Now the sickness of being a wimp, coward, utter conformist has taken over like a disease.

            I am going to say this, and it is pessimistic but all too true. Unless someone can light a fire under the masses, the police state is coming in spades. I am not talking about the brave minority that appreciate freedom, I am talking about a fire under at least 40% of the population. Without this, they will continue to vote in stickbug BO’s and other anti-Constitutional traitors. The government will continue to chop the freedoms away unless enough people say stop. The government knows about numbers, and they know that a few million patriots are not tens of millions. They will just pass law after law restricting freedoms and the majority will accept this with stupid little crap all smiles on their faces.

            It is not about rallying those already on the freedom train, it is getting the zombies to understand freedom and that is the whopping problem. May not matter much if the Middle East goes to hell and engulfs the whole world like it is very possible to do. Or the far east with China. IF this doesn’t happen, then we may be faced with an incremental eased into martial law state that is way worse than now. Let’s face it, true martial law is 100 times worse than now. We thankfully still have freedoms, but that is pouring out of the hourglass of sand each week. The answer is to wake up the brainless, that is the ultimate task. My suggestion that only has a chance of doing this is manipulation, because the common zombie will not listen to common sense or logical reason. Other than this, prepare like there is no tomorrow so you can better weather the category 6 hurricane that is coming for the U.S. and the whole world.

            • Regarding who deserves to be referred to as an ‘imbecile’?

              Might I point out that this current U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that you seem so eager to defend and preserve and deny that a complete rewrite needs to be performed on it – did absolutely nothing to prevent the rise of the police state that now concerns us all?

              Our Founders were clearly naive in their assumption that they and we, their descendents, could trust future generations of politicians to revere, respect, obey, uphold and follow the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights. They basically put future politicians on the ‘honor system’, because they naively assumed that these elitists would voluntarily agree to stick to the rules.

              In other words, there is no penalty associated with spitting on the Constitution or taking a dump on the Bill of Rights. Well, guess what, pal. The honor system has failed. This means that these documents are worthless pieces of paper, just as that coke snorting, 9-11 approving, lying, war criminal from Crawford, Texas claimed while his evil and treasonous carcass was polluting the White House.

              So, a rewrite is in order. We might use portions of the current Constitution and Bill of Rights as a basis for the new versions, but this time around – if there is another chance – we need to put real teeth into the new Constitution. For instance, I advocate that there be a citizens staffed Watch Dog agency to scrutinize the performance of every elected politician and every appointed government official. This Watch Dog agency will be given the authority to remove any politician or government official who violates any portion of the new Constitution and then order them to be executed within 48 hours of the discovery of their attempt to violate or subvert the new Constitution.

              The new rule must be: Violate your oath of office and you will be dead and decomposing within 48 hours.

              • NO TUCKER!

                The constitution is not the blame for what has happened. It is the despicable acts of our present government leaders who have done this. Perverted what was once a pure and good way of life. All for either political or financial gain.

                Appealing to people that they can live the life style of what was thought to be the American Dream through government programs without any hard work or effort. Those lazy and shiftless people who have never done anything to help themselves and have been a drain on society because of their acceptance that laziness will be rewarded.

                Now you have not just a class of people who have been being raised generationally to be lazy you now have because of the economic crisis and the baby boomers people who are being forced to take from the government. And once they start sucking off the teat of society there is no turning back.

                The pendulum has swung for the moment in their direction but as all socialist’s find out sooner or later the milk of the mother government dries up because they killed the fatted hog! If people don’t like the constitution let them move some where else. But they wont because they have it too good right here. For the moment!


                • Bill, it can’t truly be laid at the feet of the politicians either. We – that’s you and I and all our neighbors and all our families – are to blame. We voted those bloodsuckers into office and we didn’t jump all over them when they passed those first tyranical laws that we thought might cause us a problem later on. Instead, we watched the football games and drank our beer, refusing to rock the boat because we needed our high paying jobs so we could buy that wide screen TV and the new boat.

                  Those politicians were actually no worse than we were. They just took advantage of every opportunity to get rich that we gave them. We took advantage of every opportunity to make money that we could, didn’t we?

                  So Bill, we’re to blame for our own troubles… and we’re the ones who have to man up and correct them.

                  • Spot on Oldfart, the buck starts and stops with us, WE THE PEOPLE! Everything else is nothing more than a side effect of our apathy and complacency.

                  • You know what old fart? When you are right. You are right. We have done this to ourselves. Not all of us but enough of us that didn’t pay attention to see what was going down. Believed in the system and the lies and the promises by those who have led us to this point over the years. Probally since the start of WW2 at least the European part of it.

                    So, OK, I say we admit to being fooled and led astray from the original intent of the Constitution and find a way to fix it. Not bury it as some have proposed. No, we need to re-institute the Constitution and its original intent. It worked for some time and God knows people from all over the world believed in it and what it produced to make us a real popular destination in life.

                    Unfortunatly the only way I can see to do that is to tear down what we have and start over. There is no other way I can think of. But there are a lot of much smarter people than me out there. A lot of them on this board. Not only as in the case of JOG and BI are they book smart they posses that one quality a lot of smart people lack. Street sense and good old fashion common sense.

                    That is what TPTB fear most at this point. Some one who can bring the people back together with a common goal. Maybe a common goal is not enough. Maybe a better word is an uncommon goal, one that not only serves our country but perhaps maybe tries to make up for some of the wrongs.

                    But where do we find that type of leadership? I don’t think it is sitting in front of us at this time unless I am just as brain dead as the rest of our population. Which most likely I am. Whatever or whoever it needs to be get to getten done or we will lose any chance at a second chance. Perhaps we already have.


                  • Instead of pointing fingers, we need to fix the problem.

                  • Oldfart:

                    you’re on course! Why do we keep electing the same trash to go to Washington, is it because we really believe that our guy can make a change in direction this time or would it be that we just hate the other party too much to make a change ourselves?

              • “The new rule must be: Violate your oath of office and you will be dead and decomposing within 48 hours.”

                this should be the next amendment to the original. then work it, work it, USE IT, UNTIL THE HOUSE IS CLEAN!!!!

              • @Tucker, The Founders knew the Constitution they gave us would only work for a “virtuous and moral” people. They said as much. Do we look like a virtuous nation now, running around the world attacking, and imposing our will on other nations and people?

                Personally, I think this Constitution is good enough. Although I think we are way past time for some kind of rebellion.

              • “Might I point out that this current U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that you seem so eager to defend and preserve and deny that a complete rewrite needs to be performed on it – did absolutely nothing to prevent the rise of the police state that now concerns us all?”

                Negative, WE THE PEOPLE, did absolutely nothing to prevent the rise of the police state that now concerns us all. WE THE PEOPLE have failed this once great Republic and it will be WE THE PEOPLE that have to endure and right all the wrongs.

                “Our Founders were clearly naive in their assumption that they and we, their descendents, could trust future generations of politicians to revere, respect, obey, uphold and follow the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights. They basically put future politicians on the ‘honor system’, because they naively assumed that these elitists would voluntarily agree to stick to the rules.”

                Wrong again….We were warned numerous times, too many to count, by the founders about everything that is happening today. I’ll leave you with this…..

                “…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other….” ~ John Adams in his first address to Congress, 23 November 1797

                Does this sound like America to you? Not to me, hence why the Constitution is dead in the water, same as our nation….

                Kenway signing off…

              • @ Tucker. How many countries have fallen apart under the dictorship of some little prick like hitler since the Constitution was written? A lot. The ONLY additional to this wise document is the protection of it needs to be firmly engrained so these characters that want to loophole it to death won’t be allowed to. The Constitution was written to protect ALL future generations.

                Example is the 2nd. Amendment in which these gential sucking anti-freedom, anti-self defense screwballs are trying to warp the meaning. They say that the founders meant single shot rifles for self defense, not semi-automatic rifles. NO, they said the defense of the country shall not be infridged, to keep and bear arms for the security of the country. A well regulated militia. That means the firearms of the time to protect the country. This might mean phasers, disruptors, and blasters like in the science fiction shows. It means self defense with what is available to protect the nation from domestic and foreign invasion. Real simple, well worded for ALL times.

                These egg sucking gutter trash anti-gunners try to take those simple words and slant them to get rid of people’s protection and their given rights to defend themselves like some european wimp nation that takes away ALL self defense from everyone. That is the problem, these jackasses try to warp around simple clear condenced protections for their own sick little agendas.

                Change the Constitution? WHY? IT WORKS, IF THE MASSES WOULD JUST OPEN THEIR EYES AND SEE THAT IT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED FROM TYRANNY. I look at the Bill of Rights and I say to myself this is good for all times as long as gutter trash doesn’t try to warp it around and use different meanings to something so clear. The 9th amendment protects against this, how the Constitution is construed. Imagine how terrible it would be without it. I did and wrote something about this and sent it to Mac to hopefully someday become an SHTF article.

                • Once the agenda they support so avidly comes back to bite them in the arse, they will no exactly how much the Constitution and BoR were worth. Until then……

                  Kenway signing off….

                  • *know*

              • What makes you think that the P.T.B. will not control your “Watch Dog Citizen Group”?: Then what?
                Our Founding fathers knew and one of them stated that: ‘… the tree of Liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants…” (not an exact quote).
                The ultimate enforcer of (whatever) the Constitution is:

              • Tucker could not be further from the truth. This adminstration has beat the hell out of the Constitution, and streched it to their do their bidding. Look how this assclown of an attorney general is screwing up, just now starting to get caught, everything set up for our show. Fifty years ago the people would have steamrolled that place by now, they would have hanged them by the light poles.

                • And who the hell are these DHS clowns. Most of them are rejects from FBI, ATF, old soldiers that cant cut it anymore with a death wish, washed out merc’s, and other embarrassments from police departments and what not. They may be using foreign soldiers or ex soldiers.

            • incase you havent been paying attention the arms race has been on with the american people buying 2.9 million arms since nov of 2012, ammo is in short supply but has been getting better. also with all of these blue states passing so- called safe gun laws only goes to prove my actions over the last 10 yrs are starting to show self worth. After the gun ban of 1994 from feinstein, i took notice and started buying primers , bullets and brass. since then we bought gold at 220 an oz sold it off bought a ranch. Now we are where we can see em comin so you can be assured. Time is very short i think less than 2 yrs as this WH sees himself as king so prep hard forget about the frills get the hardcore needs, barter goods, lots and lots of toilet paper{good bartertool} god bless see ya on the other side

              • @wildman, agreed, the domestic arms race is on.

              • Amen, I’m going to contribute again tomrrow

            • Half the country commies, the other half cowards.

            • I’m sure I’m not the only one who will welcome the collapse in whatever form it comes. Yes, my family and I may die defending freedom or as a result of disaster/poison/whatever. But I’m not afraid of the physical difficulty daily life will become when the SHTF, and actually looking forward to the end of RF bombardment, the BS fake societal norms of entertainment, distraction, and consumerism paradigms, and the criminal “ROL” that’s not accepted as “normal life”.

              My family has been spiritually and mentally (and somewhat physically) prepared for years, and we’ll deal with the physical hardship happily.

              Oh, and the answers to the questions in this excellent article, Mac, “What if it’s already too late? What if the police state we fear is coming… is already here?”.

              It is, and it is.

              • ” that’s not accepted as “normal life”.”

                s/b ” that’s accepted as “normal life”.”

                Should proof-read better, sorry.

                • Three thumbs-down for admitting and correcting my posting error? Okay then, I see how this’ll go down.

              • GV says: Oh, and the answers to the questions in this excellent article, Mac, “What if it’s already too late? What if the police state we fear is coming… is already here?”.

                It is, and it is.

                But depending what the definition of ‘is’ is!!

                • @JayJay,

                  LOL, sure, flashback to the Oral Office, to the POTUS who was responsible for taking the “m” out of “moral” —


            • I proudly display framed replicas of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights along with the Ten Commandments in my living room so everyone can read them when they enter. If the gun grabbers and liberty haters want my copies, they are free to try and take them. Just try.

              Progressives and liberals may one day succeed in nullifying the documents that encode some of our rights and liberties, but they cannot kill the idea of liberty no matter how hard they try. This frustration is pushing them to ever more extreme and desperate measures to usher in their Orwellian New World Order.

            • I have an idea. When the SHTF we should direct any sheeple to the government underground bunkers. Give directions to unprepared neighbors. Place signs on the roads. I know there are a lot of theses places around the country. Where are the ones near you? I live in the same county as Site-R. This is in southern Adams County, PA. Tell the sheeple that the government has food and shelter for them in an emergency happens. Maybe this will save our preps.

            • You have to give credit where due. Whoever executed 9/11 and what they knew would be the opportunities to pass repressive laws made possible in its’ aftermath was a freakin genius. All this shit stems from the patriot Act and the 9/11 attack.

              • There is a Kingdom of God to come, but a counterfeit Kingdom of Satan to come first. This latter has as its head an individual called the Beast, who is a false messiah. It seeks to realise a world in which the jew is undisputed master, wielding a Rod of Iron over the goyim, who are controlled with the Noahide laws, which the rabbis who infest America prevailed upon the yarmulke-clad GW Bush to pass into effect. This is why guillotines are now in place in every state. Decapitation is the preferred punishment of the sanhedrin, which was reconstituted in Galilee in 2004, after a hiatus of 2000 years. This is the real threat facing you, just as it was the threat which destroyed the Christian Empire of Russia a hundred years ago. No reference to the true Lord, Jesus Christ, will be allowed. They hate Him with a satanic hatred which has never ceased, but rather, grown stronger.
                Every high office in America is controlled or occupied by jews. This has been facilitated by their control of your money for the last century. Chuck Hagel cowers craven and dog-like before them, as does Rand Paul. They tell you what to think, and how to debase yourselves morally with their obscene, blasphemous, and degraded media programming. They describe you as the “white bread goyim”, because they have made you weak and completely ineffectual, by infusing their communist/socialist injections of pure poison into the body politic.
                One man in America tells the truth about them, and about their intentions towards you.

                • Tim, very truthfull post. Yet every time Any person posts such factual and truthfull info look how many so called “awake” prepper types thumb it down. Why? Because as another post stated, our us const was designed for a “Moral and Religious” peoples and will Not function properly for ANY others.

                  Yet many Fail to Read further into those Founders quotes. If they did they’d see our Founders who stated such also stated that they were speaking of religious in the sense of Christianity and Jesus Christ. Their Many thousands of such statements and info gathered from “federalist Papers” etc. NOWHERES ever mentionb ANY other “Religious” type folks other than Christianity Period. And every founder who spoke of such Said so in NO uncertain terms.

                  Yet for about the Last 100 yrs, since it first began in England, in late 1800’s, American Christianity has adopted a totally Wrong headed set of concepts based upon “Darby” and “Scofields Bible version”. Which not only for the First time in 1900 yrs of christianity since Christ started it, begaan teaching Falsehoods of “pre-trib-Rapture” aka “Escapisim”. But even Worse is the Scofield interpretations of the orig KJV, which caused Tens of Millions of christians in the usa to begin a Falsehood Heritical belief in “Jewdeo-Christianity-Zionisim”.

                  I may have missed it? But after 20+ yrs reading federalist paper info etc from our Founders writings, I have NEVER yet read or seen ANY such description of “Moral Religious” people being any such “jewdeo or zio” Anything. That only started to take root about early 1900 era in america. And today Any interested person, and All christians Should be interested in What their beliefs are right, can Very eaisily find Tons of online factual info which Details “Who-What-Where from” that heritic Scofield truly was. And can find also the Proven Connections to “Rothchild(bankster) and His “agents” who assisted Scofield and Funded his efforts etc.

                  Why is it so difficult to get barely Any number of “patriots” to Investigate what we know is called “COMMUNISIM”? It is because Any true search for who/what is kommies quickly reveals it is the very Same “zios & jewdeos” themselves who Invented and Used soviet communisim to first destroy russia, 95 yrs ago(1918). And Spread their Evils to almost every nation worldwide ever since russian era.

                  Several of us has posted tons of Proven-Documented-Factual info of who and what invented kommies. And there’s the “Rub” for so called “Patriots”. Very Open minded folks, to almost Every issue or thing known of. EXCEPT when it comes to “A certain group” that christianity in america has been Duped and Fooled into granting “Undying-Unquestionable-Unequaled” full support to and For Anything done in that groups name.

                  Take the TEST: Want to know the Fastest method to Rid your home of relatives & invited Party guests? Like say, when it gets past midnite and you “wish” they would all just Leave already.

                  TEST this out: Wait for a short Lull in conversations…Then, Non-shalantly speak out and say this or sometjing akin to this…”hey everyone, am I the Only one who notices So Many Jews and zionists in total Control of All things We call America and Govnt/msm”?

                  BINGO! Even a home filled with a Hundred or More guests/relatives, will Fall Silent! Absolute Abject Silence! Then after none can remain Holding their breaths any longer…As everybody Exhales, while the Only body parts moving is their “Eyes” darting side to side in a Desperate search for Someone, Anybody! to make the First move or say that it is “getting late” and “Where did you place our Coats”?

                  Now keep in mind. This sure fire empty my House out method as described, takes Far Less time to work effectivly than it took me to Type these words!

                  If anybody, anywheres employs This “test” of How quickly can I get guests to Vacate my crib…They will find the entire episode from moment of “Hey am I the Only person etc etc” untill the Last person leaves and finally you close door call it a nite, will take LESS than Two Minuets Tops! There is simply No faster way to get them Out.(And totally Proves how brainwashed so many folks are about the Truth).

                  This method also works for most All situations where you want folks to suddenly shut Up, and make the place so quiet you can hear the Proverbial Pin drop, so another person or You can get in a word edge wise. Try this at a City or County Council public meeting! See how it goes over there!

                  Yet WHY all of a sudden only for last 100 yrs has americans, especially Christians who Knew Truth for 1900 yrs Prior, so changed?

                  Because we are dealing with Kommies who first promote Atheisim to destroy the Foundations of a “Moral religious” nation/peoples. In order to substitute Their brand of government…That would be Jewish Bolshevik Zionistic Communisim. We americans of most all types place High, Very high Values on “Playing Fair” “Remaining Honest” etc. While Bolshevik Kommie Jewish persons do NOT!
                  Their talmud religious teachigs Tells them to Lie-Swindle-Cheat and Murder All gentiles/Goyim. How can anybody Win if useing American Values in any Fight against such evilness?

                  Ironic that They invented it, They used it to kill off so many Hundreds of Millions just in 20th century, yet for Anybody like Me or You to point it out? We are who gets bashed! We get called evil names like nazi or hater.

                  These Falshood believers of scofields heritical interpretations of the KJV bible are so messed up in their Minds, that they fully support the VERY Kommies who are creating the NWO-Antichrist systems to Destroy all goyim gentiles, and Especially the Christian varity!

                  Just wait, when actual real shtf arrives full bore, these same duped “christians” calling themselves “jewdeo or zionist christians”. They will Likly become “Real Christians” worst enemys due to the jewdeo varity will believe by Protecting zionist and bolshevik jews, that God will Bless these deluded zio christos as well as Bless the USA too! After they Kill off True Real christians of course!

                  Nothing you can say-write-show Phys proof of-DNA proof- etc. NOTHING is going to work to awaken such so called “patriots” or “christians”. It’s soon time to hunker down and forget them. They WILL find out what EVIL Masters those “self chozens” Khazers truly are, when these Believers of Flashoods are who the jewdeo khazer kommies comes after to Murdr all wholesale, just as the khazer fake jews did in Russia 95 yrs ago untill booted out in 1990. They are Here, and in Spades. And control most every posible position of Power and money at every level be it Govnt-Private-Secular-or other.

                  Now watch how many thumbs down My post recieves from so many so called “Wide Awake” patriots. They just cannot handle the Raw Truths. And refuse to even Look at any evidence that backs what I or You post along with a few Others here who “Get It” on the True Kommie threats and what/who that threat is about. But NONE will question Their sunday pastors who promote such falshoods.

                  I guess it is alot eaiser to Bash folks who try to awaken them, rather than actually take a Stand with False Wolves preachers sold out to jewdeo zios kommies building their NWO aka Jwo empire of Them vs. Goyim gentiles.

                  Lest anybody think I have singled out only one group(christians) for the record…Everything I wrote also applies in Spades to all of americas Other dumbed down “secular” or otherwise type Sheeple, who have been likewise brainwashed with Pavlov’s “Dog” training tactics so vastly promoted and employed by the MSM crowd.

                  This Kommie crap Began with MSM/Hollywood Pavlov training. It Later entered into the “evangelicals and other sects” of christiandome, when the Khazer zionist bolsheviks realized they needed More than typical MSM/Hollywood tactics. Thats when they began to BRIBE so many False preachers in our nation. Look how swell it worked for them too! Pray they search for Real biblical truth before it is really too late.(many Online webistes also has enormous amounts of such factual truths on all these Related issues regarding americas Fast downfall into bolshiziojewishcommunist, Hell)

              • John W. You hit the target. All this craziness since 9-11 has served to herd us like sheep toward the elite’s pen. We are just now pausing in the stampede, scratching our heads and trying to figure out how the hell we were manipulated so easy. 9-11 was a well laid out,militarily precise operation to start the curtain drop on us. Thank God for the internet. At least the awake can communicate until the switch is thrown for martial law. Like I have said before, your 401k won’t do you any good after the ball drops. Buy land, food, ammo, and essentials now while you can find them. Hell on earth is coming. The Bible pretty much describes how in Revelations.
                Molon Labe

          • Obama’s death panels are standing by, ready to pull the plug on many different people for many different reasons.

          • is there an easy button,LAUGH OUT F#@!+(& LOUD

        • When food becomes either too expensive to afford or unavailable.

        • That time would be when bulldozers are shoving piles of dead bodies into mass graves, right here, in the U.S. and
          perhaps Canada, as well. Even then, there will still be H2’s and sports cars in the street and people still wouldn’t care, as long as it doesn’t affect them, or happen in thier back yard.

          • True. Even under the worst dictatorships in history, a good number of those who “went along to get along” lived relatively happy lives unaffected by the carnage around them.

        • I’ve said several times, that all that is required is some sort of Lexington and Concord “moment”. At some point….the tyrants will step over the line, and it will be on. It may start slowly and escalate…but there will be a point that we will be able to look at and say, “This was when it began”.

          I don’t know when it will be. I don’t know which alphabet agency will kick it off….but it will happen.

          I don’t want it. But I believe it to be inevitable.

          • Technically then Walt, did it not officially start at Kent State? Seems to have followed your thought and escalated since then.

            • @Anonymous….

              No…not really. Kent State…while unfortunate and a definite abuse of power, was probably also just a first class screw up by some very nervous, untrained and undisciplined NG weekend warriors.

              I don’t think it was even close to what is happening today with the militarization of the police and government agencies like DHS and the IRS targeting what amounts to the heart and soul of the country.

          • Walt, I have to agree except you say you don’t want it. I want it! Of course it would be better not to go this route. But when you see them trampling the Constitution I feel we will be like the perverbial frogs. The temp keeps rising and we keep taking it. We can only wait until they fire the first shot. But they keep hasseling and arresting people when they’ve broken no laws. They have even shot innocent people. All we do is watch and complain. That’s why I say at what point do we say ENOUGH! Do we wait until they start rounding us up and burying us in mass graves?

            • @FreedomFighter….

              I think we’ll know it when it happens.

              The battle at Lexington and Concord was not the first case of British oppression of the colonists. There had been….as the Declaration of Independence says…”But when a long train of abuses and ussurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

              As far as wanting it is concerned….All I have to do is read some of the history of the Civil War, and it is enough to make me NOT want it. If it comes down to it, THIS civil war will be worse than the one in the 1860’s. The next one will be more like the Balkans.

              It is my sincere hope that they will back off before it comes down to a real civil war.

              • no chance Walt…they want less people on the planet.

                so do I…I’m tired of paying for those that only give a fuck about themselves…those that only take and don’t help others or produce anything towards the rest of humanity or do anything beneficial to mother earth.

                Lots of “people” aren’t trying…the earth doesn’t tolerant this shit…why does the govt?

                it is because they want to control us…for their use.

                fuck them…there time is short…or ours is.

                No one lives forever.

        • Part 2 of this video youtube.com/watch?v=jZQGELritHg

      2. You mention ‘…rule of Constitutional law…’ well there are 2 vets (Vietnam vet & a Gulf War I) walking across America carrying the American flag fm San Diego to D.C.

        They are walking for “Support the U.S. Constitution” & saw them on hwy 70 outside of Safford. Amazing to see the old Vietnam vet carrying the flag in the 100 degree temperature.


        For sure the mainstream media won’t be giving them any notice, but it would be nice if some blog would pick up this story of the 2 vets walking to D.C.

        I support them cause the old man is still defending our freedoms & constitutional rights.

        • Safford, I wasn’t aware of this — will look into it right away. Thanks! Mac

        • And the commies gave you thumbs down.
          Commies everywhere, including here.

      3. I think that all of this panic speech is unwarranted.

        I know that the President certainly doesn’t mean what you think he means and only has your best interests in mind.

        Next question?

        • Jay Corny….

          There is no next question because you are not bright enough to understand any question.

          • Ugly, re:

            “There is no next question because you are not bright enough to understand any question.”

            I don’t have the answer for that at the moment, but the White House certainly wasn’t involved. I’ll look into it.

            • Jay Corner….

              My statement is directed at Liberals as a whole. I don’t care to ask them questions anymore. I already know their answers. You were the one that said in paraphrase, ‘…the POTUS has our best interests at his heart.’….

              Then you said, next question.

              Ok. My healthcare premiums went from $900/month to $1300/month. And I hear it is going to get worse. Is that true or not?

              What is our goal in Syria?
              What is our goal with Iran?
              Will you send your kids to fight the Russians?

              Do you think America will be better off or worse off by 2016?

              And Jay, take care. Lets hope all is good down the road. BTW, what is your take? Do you prepare at all, or are we just the kooks and we will all have a good laugh later?

              • Ugly, re:

                “Then you said, next question.”

                Well Ugly, you asked several questions. But here goes….

                “Ok. My healthcare premiums went from $900/month to $1300/month. And I hear it is going to get worse. Is that true or not?”

                Ugly, I can tell you – that all depends on the meaning of the word “is”.

                “What is our goal in Syria?”

                The President’s goals in Syria are currently under review and whatever he decides, please be assured that his conclusions will be subject to modifications depending upon how the political winds blow. We want to make sure to have all the facts before taking action. We expect to have these facts no later than after the 2014 elections.

                “What is our goal with Iran?”

                The President has always made it perfectly clear that he believes that Iran (the nation formerly known as Persia) is chock full of our Muslim brothers whom we support with mucho gusto much like we do those troublemakers in the bothersome state of Israel.

                “Will you send your kids to fight the Russians?”

                The answer to that us an unqualified “maybe”. First we will send them to Hawaii a few more times and after that, who knows?

                “Do you think America will be better off or worse off by 2016?”

                Only if the cursed Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress in 2014 and continue to obstruct the President’s benevolent agenda for America.

                Next question?

                • Jay Horny.

                  No more questions. You are just a spin doctor with no intention of real answers.

                  But this is America and you have every right to express your thoughts. Albeit I believe you are 100% wrong.

                  Sounds like you have an extreme positive view of our future. That is cool. Glad that there are folks that may think we are in a recovery mode and America will prosper again. Now please go back to MSNBC and blog with likeminded others.

                  Also, pray that Republicans do take back Senate. In reality, that is our last hope. That is our last Audacity of Hope. But that is just my opinion. As usual, I could be wrong.

                  • Ugly:


                    The republicans didn’t do so hot for our country the last time they had control, so how do you figure it would be different now?

                • Some people just don’t get sarcasm.

                  • You noticed that too, did you Walt?


            • Hey Jay C:

              God Loves You.

              • Iowa, re:

                “Hey Jay C:
                God Loves You.”

                And the President wishes me to convey to you that likewise Allah smiles upon you.

                Next question?

          • Maybe you have to be smart enough to recognize sarcasm. Seems you are not.

        • @ Jay Corny. NO president has the American people’s best interest in mind that helps to sell off the country to the enemy, namely China. NO president has anyone’s best interest in mind that allows that character helicopter ben, that needs some tar and feathers, to allow the debt to explode to near 17 trillion. NO president has the best interest of the people to allow these trashing of the Constitution over and over again. NO president has the best interest of the people to try to take away people’s freedom to defend themselves and empower the criminal. Happens more so in every pro BO state. NO president deceives the people to better their own position again and again like Bengazi, the IRS scandal, associated press debacle, and I am sure more to come. NO president has gotten away with more, not even nixon.

          You want the next question? Okay, why does 96% of the black population look at BO like he is God. He has not helped the black population. Why is it that these people cannot see what someone is doing is wrong? I didn’t like many things bush jr did. How can anyone say that BO is doing a good job when any so called positive news has been skewed and warped around to make it appear rosy? Why not show TRUE unemployment numbers? Why not show the derivatives that are owed that total close to a quadrillion dollars? BO has done a real bang up job all right, helping to drive the country deeper towards the fall.

          • Be Informed, re:

            “You want the next question? Okay, why does 96% of the black population look at BO like he is God.”

            The White House holds to the concept of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – unless we’re talking about Eric Beholder, of course. He’s not looking quite so beatific these days. At least not from under that bus.


            “Why is it that these people cannot see what someone is doing is wrong?”

            Well, I just want to make it clear, the President did most emphatically NOT have sex with that women – Ms. Lewinski.


            “Why not show TRUE unemployment numbers?”

            We’ve always maintained that the President has striven to have the most transparent administration ever and details to the contrary are misrepresentations by the Fox News Network. Who are you going to believe – us or your lying eyes?

            Next question?

            • I would bet there are as many African Americans who think obammy is a douche as there are white folks who want to puke every time they hear his name.

              • Hate to disagree with you Kula, but there ain’t enough Black Americans, population wise, to think he is a douche, as there are White Folks that wants to puke when we hear his name. Trekker Out. Red And Yellow, Black and White, They are Precious in HIS Sight.

              • Kulafarmer, re:

                “I would bet there are as many African Americans who think obammy is a douche as there are white folks who want to puke every time they hear his name.”

                Please note – the White House doesn’t condone betting or any other form of gambling – unless it’s done with your dollars.

                Next question?

                • Good,
                  In that case im going to open a pool on that issue using bitcoin and another with barter bucks,
                  Then im going to start another bet that picks odds and dates for various events, think ill use the Yuan or Au$ for that one.
                  Then im going to run a video bingo game that pays in and out in pesos so our friends south of the border can join in.

              • Kula, I agree with your post..they just won’t EVAH admit it! 🙂

            • Jay Corny.

              You just gave spin doctor stuff to BI. Nothing real. No facts. Just a good liberal with warm fuzzies.

              Nobody here hates anybody. But we see hate happening all around the world.

              Do you think invading and toppling Syria and Iran will bring peace?

              • 2000# of laser guided democracy

              • Ugly, re:

                “Do you think invading and toppling Syria and Iran will bring peace?”

                The President has made it perfectly clear that before taking such actions the is a Red Line that must be crossed before considering such dire measures.

                However, said Red Line is subject to being redrawn. We need all of the facts before taking rash action, you know.

                In the words of the wise philosopher, the King of Rodney, “Can’t we all just get along?”

            • @ Jay Corny. I don’t conform to any news source. CNN (crackerjack numbskull news), Fox has many times dealt into gossip and worthless dribble, NBC, well, somewhere in between the two. Transparent, yeah right, I believe what is happening, especially the IRS scandal. Of course conservative groups were targeted, so were enemies of the bush admistration. This is an example of power corruption. Ask Americans that have been out of work for years since this president took office how well the economy is doing. 7.4% my foot. True unemployment is more like in the high tenns to 20% as numbers are warped around. Bubba did this with counting people that had two or more very part time jobs as full time.

              You want TRUE unemployment numbers? Okay take the total number of people that can work from 18-62 and multiply this by 32 or 40 hours. Then take the total number of hours worked. Yes even overtime work. You will see that this number is not even close to 40 or 32 multiplied by the total number of eligible people to work. Then take that average and you will see just how many unemployed hours there are, this would equal to unemeployment close to 20%. They would never show this to the public as it would be real transparent how crappy the economy is.

              I see BO talking about the stock market being at record highs. When factored in basic inflation it is not a record high at all. When compared to hard currency, the stock market would be at about 9000-10000, not even close to 15000. These are real numbers, period.

              Why is it that the debt has climbed to the level it is now. BO did nothing to improve this. BO could have cut ecomonic trades with the ENEMY. For God’s sake, China has hundreds of ICBM’s aimed at the U.S. They steal military secrets day in and day out. Yet this president continues to have ecomonic relations with the enemy. I blame congress also, but BO could stop helping the enemy from building a military that one day will help to kill tens of millions or hundreds of millions of Americans. Yet BO, bush, bubba clinton have done nothing to stop this aiding the enemy of the U.S. that will kill the country. How about that one for a question?

              I look at facts and the facts suck. BO continues to try to destroy the 2nd. Amendment with his crap buddies like feinsteinless. People need protection. See what living hells it is like over in england where you cannot even carry pepper spray to defend yourself against an animal. 8 states here in the U.S. don’t even allow non-lethal stun devices, again to even defend yourself against an animal ripping you apart. BO and his anti-gunners not only want your firearms, they want all your self defense just like that bonehead piers morgan and europe does to their own people. Get into a conversation with me and others about the right to defend yourself and how BO and other anti-self defense wackos are on the correct side, and defend the anti-gunners. That would be real interesting as you will find people here understand the most basic freedom to protect yourself.

              I can’t stand the deception of any government, I can’t stand to be lied to. I have a photographic memory when it comes to numbers, and when these numbers don’t add up, I don’t have to have Fox News or anyone else tell me that this adminstartion is full of manure. That chicken riding helicopter ben uses the same concept that bankrupted country after country in the past, to print up money.

              Deflation is a natural cycle of the economy and actually makes the economy much stronger after the cycle has broken because prices eventually hit a plataue and finally begin to rise back up and people then come back in droves to take advantage before they go back up sharply. Helicopter ben knows that deflation looks bad for any leadership and rather hide the craps for the economy, print up money and explode the debt until the ceiling is reached and something very drastic must be done to avoid utter chaos, Martial Law. How do I know this? Because it has happened again and again over history. Transparent again my foot. Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

              I could go on and on. This country is in pain, and it is BO’s fault, congress, the bankers, the elitists, and many others. To paint a rosy picture of BO can’t be done because the numbers don’t add up.

              • Jay Corny

                Well, it looks like you have garnered your
                15 minutes of infamy here.

                Your less than clever euphemistic name of
                the Whitehouse press secretary isn’t very
                original though, but your diatribe is up
                to his usual low standards of credibility.

                BTW, does your repertoire of alias names
                include finx or ncjoe by any chance?

                That’s my question to you.

                • Outwest, re:

                  “BTW, does your repertoire of alias names
                  include finx or ncjoe by any chance?

                  That’s my question to you.”

                  I can categorically reply in the negative to your question.

                  Next question?

              • Be informed, re:

                “Why is it that the debt has climbed to the level it is now. BO did nothing to improve this.”

                Please note that the recession is over; we are creating thousands of new jobs daily. The President has been very clear on this.

                Also please note that the War On Terror is over – and we won.

                Next question?

                • @ Jay Corny. Tell that boatload of crap to all those that can’t find work and are desperate like no time other than the depression of the 1930’s. There are plenty of jobs created all right, in retail and fast food. You know what, there was recently over 2000 applicants for a new retail job opening that had 15 jobs available. Why do you listen to this rosy cow manure? The recession is over? WHAT? The GDP has failed to grow much at all, the debt is exploding, the imbalance with trade is awful. What time period are you talking about? Can’t be now.

                  You failed completely to answer my question? Why does this president and the previous ones continue to commit treason by trading with the enemy, China? That coninues to steal military secrets that are a direct risk to the survival of the U.S. and a massive national security risk? IF Ronald Reagan had the type of relations with the Soviets that BO has with the Chinese they would have not only impeached him but would have had him imprisoned. Same thing with all the previous presidents from Ike to Carter. BO allows free trade with the enemy that has way more than enough nukes aimed at this country to make it look like the moon. BO could stop the Chinese involvement but doesn’t, that makes BO a traitor.

                  Be fair to yourself and seek out the truth.

                • ha ha ha ha ha

                • What a crock of bull.are you obummers spokes turd?

                  • I installing to Jay corny,not you bi I respect your opinion .

              • I see that you have been payng attention to our countries decline and have the right to be paranoid! But, I must ask the question that that I so often do. What is your plan to save your way of life! Understanding the threats do not provide a solution! If we intend to enjoy our previouse way of life we have to survivie the coming changes and have leadership and resources to rebuild the Great America our grand parents and forefathers enjoyed. That begins with building self sufficient communities and county leadership. Are you active in this endevor? Or are you just planning to surivive on your own and hoping that someone else will rebuild? Personely I net work with my neighbors, community and county leadeship to aquire the resources and equipment so that we can be self reliant and rebuild without asisstance. I hope you all can see the wisdom of putting the necessary pieces in place and planning to help your community and family surivive the coming changes. No one can surivive alone for long! It is diffcult to form tses types of net works but, with all of the natural diasister of late it is becoming easier to find like minded folks with in the first responder commnity and county leadership and local bussiness owners.

            • Amazing how many dumb shits are on this site that cannot recognize humor and sarcasm. No wonder we have no chance against the left. Our side is made up of imbeciles.

              • It is kinda scary, huh John?

                You’d expect better here.


              • It’s worse than I imagined.This guy was way obvious,right down to the name,and it just sailed clean over their heads.You’re right John,we’re toast.

              • John W— Yup. And I think that guy Be Informed predicted one too many earthquakes. He’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic…….

          • Why not show the UN FUNDED LIABILITY of the federal govts retirement plan!

            • Kulafarmer, re:

              “Why not show the UN FUNDED LIABILITY of the federal govts retirement plan!”

              Please understand that the President has no personal knowledge of any unfunded liabilities and only heard about them on the news – the same time you did.

              And besides, that happened a long time ago.

              Next question?

              • Obama and his entorage and you can kiss my smelly white ass
                MOLON LABE

          • Do none of you people understand what the name “Jay Corny” means? Stop talking to “Baghdad Bob”. This poster is obviously a comedic prankster. Ignore (just like the cure for whining) and it goes away.

            • Sorta like that bad taste i get in my mouth after having any dealings with the government,
              Break out the Listerine!

        • @Jay Corny… it is the masses who were fooled by what they thought he meant. obummer means exactly what we think he means and he has proven that.

          • you can’t see the sarc from JC? The masses heard what they wanted to hear.

            • DDT, re:

              “you can’t see the sarc from JC?”


              Next question?

            • I would bet that most of them voted for Bambi. Just now wising up. he has always been as easy to read as a teleprompter. People just refused to believe.

            • no, actually, I tend to say what I mean and mean what I say, making a note of sarcasm just in case I’m misunderstood.

          • sixpack, re:

            “it is the masses who were fooled by what they thought he meant. obummer means exactly what we think he means and he has proven that.”

            Please understand that the President meant what he said and said what he meant. And the President’s faithful one hundred percent.

            Please also understand that all of that is subject to change.


            Next question?

            • Why are you patriots wasting your time with an obvious DHS troll like Jay Cornhole? He baits you and you bite at it! Ignore the putz and maybe he’ll go back to Huffington POS, er, Post.

              • I think everyone is missing the sarcasm.

                • Sadly many who frequent this site are somewhat slow. No wonder the left thinks their oppositin is a joke.

                  • I don’t think they are slow really…it’s just hard to convey sarcasm in writing…especially if putting your thoughts into words is difficult for you.

                  • Maybe were all just fucking sick of all the bullshit and like to vent a little in this forum where nobody gives a crap what some troll says.

                  • Wow Kulafarmer,

                    Such bitter language.

                    It sounds to me like you feel that you got punk’d and now you’re mad about it.

                    The funny thing is that you did the punking to yourself. It was pretty darn obvious what was going in, except that some people here are just wound so tight that the least little thing can set them off.

                    Didn’t look like trolling to me, it looked like parody. That’s kind of a lame way to cover your tracks.

                    But unless you’ve cooled down by now, I figure you’ll probably just tell me to go perform unnatural acts on myself or something similar.

                • Walt, it took a few posts (not going lie lol) but I finally caught on as well! Justs oozes, doesn’t it!!

                • While I was going to pass on this one, the temptation was just too great.

                  It’s all too clear that Joe Rocket is definitely no Joe Rocket Scientist.

        • Free Speech means even morons have a voice.

        • See people, This is what I am talking about.

          • Uh…. what is what you are talking about peter?

        • here is your next question, how on earth did you become so ignorant to the fact that this administration is sending this country to hell?

        • ::Jay Corny mode OFF::

          Yesterday, just for the heck of it, I decided to do a bit here mocking the farces that constitute White House Press Briefings.

          My oh my, what a collection of responses and multitude of thumbs down it did garner.

          To those who got my schtick and liked it – 🙂

          To those who got it and didn’t like it – Geez… lighten up curmudgeons. Don’t take everything soooo seriously. You did, however, convince me not to give up my day job for an attempt at a career in comedy.

          To those who completely, actually and honestly didn’t get it – Gosh. I really don’t know what to say. Could I have been more obvious? Seriously folks.

          To Walt Kowalski – It’s sometimes helpful to have someone here to point out the obvious to the oblivious. Keep on truckin”! 🙂

          ::Jay Corny mode ON::

          Thank you all for attending today’s briefing. The President is currently on the golf course and is planning on reading a newspaper sometime this week – at which point he will be brought up to date on what’s happening in his administration and will be able to feed me further talking points for the next briefing.

          No further questions at this time.

          • Fuck you and the pig you rode in on!

            Just a little bit of my sense of humor…Ha…Ha…

            • OutWest, re:

              “Fuck you and the pig you rode in on!”

              You appear to be one of the types that enjoy the safety and anonymity of the Internet when making vulgar comments. Chances are that you wouldn’t speak to me that way in person, although you might.

              Chances are that you wouldn’t speak that way in front of your mother, although that might be where you learned it.

              It says quite a lot about a person who is unable to express a thought or emotion without getting in the gutter.

              Do you have children? If so, do you hope they grow up to be just like their daddy? It appears they have a sterling example before them.

              Or then again, maybe this is just safe Internet behavior from someone who can’t express their frustrations in their “real” life.

              Mac provides an outstanding forum here for the purpose intended. Comments like yours don’t enhance it in the slightest.

              • Doe she have children?
                Hell, his mother doesn’t even know he has that computer hooked up in the basement and skipped another day of the 6th grade.

          • 🙂

      4. A whole lot of cherry picked, edited clips. You see the breaks in lots of them…they end off on one in middle then pick it up a little further on…..


        • Cherry picked? Each item mentioned in the video occurred, it has happened. Either you are in denial or your comment is an attempt to deflect the truth.

          Which is it Jack?

      5. It will happen.

      6. Just picked up my M1A scout squad today!

        • Good Choice !
          Use it with Standard sights no fancy stuff attached it’s a real battle rifle.
          308 is a little tough to obtain right now expect to pay a premium for it .
          It’s the right Battle Rifle for the battle to come!

          Semper Fi 8541

          • I wont say lucky for me “since I read this page” 308 is one of my main cals. And I have been a reloader a long time I will be ok on the ammo front. Seen it coming! Let SHTF come now I can look good doing it!

            • I reload too, have the dies and powder just a little hesident to reload 308 for the M1A due to all the warnings from the SA manual have 158 gr FMJ the load information is a little all over the place , In dealing with Gas Operated Rifles the minimum load rarely works to cycle the action.
              I guess I can start at the min and work up to a functional load. Just need some range time .do to some draconian legislation in my state few are making the trip to the range its not worth the risk now to travel with firearms, the state police seem to park right in front of the range and shake down and hassle the people using it. they seem to be doing random searches and recording Serial numbers on your range guns when stopped. god forbid you don’t have your firearms I’d card in your possession when stopped they can now confiscate you car if the find a so called illegal gun which is up to the descretion of the officer doing the stop!

              Semper Fi 8541

              • I mostly use Varget around a mid load 168gr boattails or TS. What state are you in Night breaker? Sounds worst then Cali. I havent been shooting since last year do to the ammo “Thing”. I said screw the city and am in the process of moving deep in to the mountans were noone messes with you. Might be awile before we get to reload again keep your dies oiled and your head low.

                • People’s Soviet Socialist Republic of New Jersey

                  Semper Fi 8541

          • 8541,
            Stack those commies bastards high like frozen cordwood – at Chosin.
            3006 is about right, M1, BAR, light machine gun.
            Target rich, commies everywhere.
            Semper Fi

            • Better than that! Primary’s are coming up make them all unemployed!

              Semper Fi 8541

        • So why would you post that tidbit on a public forum where anyone can read it? Opsec anyone?

        • Wood stock or synthetic camo?

          • Wood! Its the only way to go

      7. terrifying indeed

        how anyone can dismiss it is beyond me

        there are stories in the news and on the web EVERYDAY
        documenting our descent into a totalitarian society

        the laws have been passed
        they are not just talking about them
        the so called Patriot Act
        the NDAA
        the Military Commissions Act
        along with a slew of Executive Orders

        everything is in place

        sad sad day for America
        our flag showing be flying upside down as a sign of distress

        • Satori, in this new era of uncertainty and for many people insecurity,we find ourselves caught up in a rapidly changing social enviornment that has been set in place to alter the behavior of the citizens of this REPUBLIC by a group of traitors. These traitors would like all of us [free thinking] true patriots out of their way asap. We now find ourselves confronted by these enemies of our Republic in many ways and must stay alert to their everyday assault to our rights and our constitution. You have the awareness and solidarity of the true guardians of our ancestoral rights on your side when you speak out about NDAA and PAT ACT.These particular abuses of our rights will not hold up to the test of time and their final defeat will disclose the real evil in the hearts of the ones who drafted and illegally passed these acts. Are you ready to stand up and defend your rights regardless of the consequences which can occur when one speaks out in public on these issues Satori ? Words such as these we speak here allow us to also claim our right to the honor of association as free men. We are part of a brotherhood of patriots Which will endure forever thanks to the graces granted to the FOUNDING FATHERS for all sucessive generations.FREEDOM WILL ALLWAYS BE OURS AS LONG AS WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM.LONG LIVE LIBERTY> Source: hwhy 86 Tk-wi PS; Please fly the fleg at half mast to show distress if flown upside down we could be mistaken as dishonoring those who have fallen in the fight for liberty when in fact we honor them always. REB

        • Damn fat thumbed down Sorry. Totally agree!!,

      8. HELP! Which article had the post which compared the $25 an hour citizen worker to the $15 an hour illegal worker? Thanks in advance, peter p. NOMI! Molon LABE!

        • That was Joe vs Jose. I have it somewhere. Still looking.

        • yo spidey fuck that article,,,,i make 14.50 after 12 years……I am white,,,corporate dont care what color you are

          • Truth knows no color.

      9. My blood pressure is sky high watching all this in one video. Wish I had something more prophetic to say. Please let me get out of this communist state before SHTF.

        CATIMF~ NOMI

        • One day, all over the USA, these “enforcers” will put all that shit on/load up in that shit and suddenly realize…

          That they are fucked beyond their wildest imagination and far beyond everything on God’s green earth.

          The light will suddenly come on.

          catimf-nomi…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • GTFO, to the east slope of the continental divide. Don’t bring any commies with you.

        • @PenCRNA- dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

      10. Ammunition Depot.com
        Bulk Ammo.com

        Y’all know what to get.

        • They don’t even have bb’s anymore. The ammo is all gone. Get yourself a rock and throw it…

          • Bullshit go to the sights I posted. 500rd cases etc available! If you wanna a throw rocks and wield a tire iron that’s on you. I prefer something that travels at 3000fps.

            • Dont forget the humble .429 rigged with a can in front of a bolt action loaded light makes for a great whispering 240gr thats like throwing a sixpack of .22 40gr subsonics. surely there must be 44 on the shelves. wonder What Elmer Keith would say about the situation if he were still alive

              • Elmer would say, 250 grains at 2,300 fps, minimum.

              • Hell, he was there.

      11. My Prepper Friends and Americans.

        The Police State is not what you think. I have talked with many military and LEO and most of them love this country and have families and actually are likeable. They defend this country.

        This Police State is from outside. It is entity that we do not know and is kept secret. Those that blow whistles simply die from accidents.

        My opinion, lets say this Police State is of about 400,000. They are not your local sheriff or police office. It is another agency of anti-americans not loyal to this country. It could be jihadist, Hispanics from cartels, Russian, Chechen, a combination of all, etc. They are here for a purpose that we do not know yet. But we will.

        Now this is my speculation only. I am not saying this to offend any nationality, nor do I have any evidence. Just saying what this Secret Police force could be. I just don’t think it is your common LEO, FBI, or Military personnel.

        I could be 100% wrong. I hope that we all are and everybody laughs at us later. I would rather be laughed at than go thru some SHTF moment.

        • I agree that local law enforcement will be, if not working for the local public good, at least absent from their post doing their real duty keeping their family’s safe. Katrina is the template.

          A lot more time needs to pass before any police state can take hold. 58,209 dead in Vietnam left behind a bunch of buddies that are trained and seasoned, old and angry – men who now know the value of a bureaucrat.

          Men who can wait and watch. Men who know how to take action. Men with the desire to make their buddies deaths count.

          These men must die first, then you get what you deserve.

          • @Afteryou….

            The 58,209 was their. That does not account for the 100,000+ suicides here. Suicides are high with veterans today too. Our country does not care about its veterans when they come home. If we did, we would show it.

            • Obviously, once you’re not part of the machine anymore, you’re considered part of the enemy.

            • This country never gave a crap about veterans

              “When those who engaged to serve during the war enlisted, they were promised a hundred acres of land, each, which was to be in their or the adjoining states. When the country had drained the last drop of service it could screw out of the poor soldiers, they were turned adrift like old worn-out horses, and nothing said about land to pasture them upon. Congress did, indeed, appropriate lands under the denomination of “Soldier’s Lands”, in Ohio state, or some state, or a future state, but no care was taken that the soldiers should get them. No agents were appointed to see that the poor fellows ever got possession of their lands; no one ever took the least care about it, except a pack of speculators, who were driving about the country like so many evil spirits, endeavoring to pluck the last feather from the soldiers. The soldiers were ignorant of the ways and means to obtain their bounty lands, and there was no one appointed to inform them. The truth was, none cared for them; the county was served, and faithfully served, and that was all that was deemed necessary. It was, soldiers, look to yourselves; we want no more of you. I hope I shall one day find land enough to lay my bones in. If I chance to die in a civilized country, none will deny me that. A dead body never begs a grave;—thanks for that.”

        • So how many police officers will give up on the people to get their pensions? My guess.. All of them. How many of you tried folks would give up your social security? None of you will. I have only my freedom to fight for… Be careful many people will root for the state just to get what is theirs… It will happen. Don’t be on the wrong side.

          • AP,
            Nice to see another poster who gets it. To many think the thugs in blue will magically grow a conscious when things get ugly. Well, things are very ugly and I have yet to see a single leo resign. They fail to understand the power of a steady paycheck and a nice retirement and how to keep those leos will do whatever they are told. All the facts and evidence is there. Simply youtube up “police brutality” and watch as many hours as you can handle. Our soldiers already fight in wars they personally are disgusted with. Why? Money. Cops, soldiers, mercenaries. Three words that describe the same thing.

            Too many will continue to “honor the service” of their own oppressors until the boot is on their own face. Too many have friends and family they simply refuse to acknowledge the truth about. Too many wear those uniforms and too quickly forget all the rights they violate, lives they disrupt, choices they take away.

            Welcome to the new normal.
            What are you going to do about it?

            • To AP
              “Welcome to the new normal.
              What are you going to do about it?”

              Prepare Prepare Prepare
              And then seize the moment when it is right.

              When the opponents skill and numbers outweigh that
              of your own.
              Knowledge and patience can still bring victory.

          • They will betray their country. And in the end, get betrayed as they cannot be counted loyal to anything.

          • Not so fast, AP. When a national disturbance occurs, I do think the LEOs are smart enough to know …there ‘ain’t’ gonna be a pension.
            They’ll be on the right side, God willing.

            • problem is they will be on the right side a bit late to the party. acting very opportunistic to the best possible outcome..traitor? sounds like it to me.
              two faced..yep that move has cop written all over it

        • As far as I can tell the police state does include most of my local law enforcement. They definitely are not out there helping me.

          • Merree,

            Contrary to decades-practiced patriotic propaganda, people make careers in authoritarian “follow orders” cultures because they are authoritarians themselves. To expect that when they are given the order to “light up the Jones family” they will suddenly become constitutionalists is fatally naive.

            A large fraction of the gun-toting tax parasites LIKE having license to push people around. It will make little difference to most that the people they are pushing around are Americans. And the posters above who comment about allegiance follows pensions see clearly.

            I have tried speaking with bright and well educated sheep on various government payrolls. No amount of evidence sways them because they decided a long time ago that being bought and paid for mattered more to them than abstract principles. They are too fastidious to pull the trigger themselves but they will loudly applaud those who do their dirty work for them.

        • 50% commies the rest cowards, speculate all you want.

        • @Ugly….

          You may be correct about the local police..and even many of our state agencies.

          But I don’t trust any of the Federal alphabet agencies.

          They may have a few individuals in those agencies that are ok…but the rest of the organization is decaying corpse.

          When SHTF…anyone working for any of these agencies, who loves the Constitution and freedom needs to hand in their resignation…go home…and side up with the real Americans. Better still…..become an honest American NOW…and get out BEFORE it hits the fan. You can’t fix the system. It’s too broken. We need a reset. And we need to go back to the foundational principles of this country….The Constitution.

          To steal a phrase from GW…and actually use it in the right way.

          “If you’re not with us….you’re against us.”

          Don’t get caught on the wrong side of what’s coming.

          • @Walt….

            To be honest, there really isn’t too much that I trust anymore. But there are still many great people out there.

            Yes, you have to watch your back.

            Here is my take.

            This Secret Police will be used after the SHTF events have unfolded. I believe that our Govt knows that we will collapse financially. Therefore, many social services will be reduced or eliminated. To pay for this, they will have to begin confiscation and elevate taxes to double what they are today.

            That will lead to civil unrest and possibly a civil war.

            But nothing will work. Because even with confiscation and taxation, the debt will escalate to unpayable terms and we will see the dollar deflate and food inflation arrive.

            Civil unrest will be very high.

            Then comes the PeaceMaker (AntiChrist of the Bible) where he has a solution to the problem. That is get rid of all currency and usher in the electronic currency system. Everybody will have a number and you need that number to buy or sell anything. No number, no selling or buying.

            The Secret Police will be the enforcers. If you are caught, you are exterminated because you did not play by the new economic system. People will turn others in. The real ‘rats’ will be everywhere.

            Now if America loses WWIII, then I can guarantee you that the Secret Police will not be American. It will be something else because America itself will be under the dominion of someone else.

            This will all start when our economy can no longer sustain itself and the dollar is gone, or worthless. My opinion is that is not too far away.

            When that day comes, we had better have prepared well with food, water, and BOL. Living in your house will be too dangerous by then.

      12. “I believe time is so short that if we get through the next 4 months, we’ll have beaten the odds.” None of the historical genocides moved that fast. In America there maybe years of downward slide to come or maybe not, but until the poor go from fat and having cars, to thin and not having shoes. Until the middle class employed are working six twelve hour days. Until four generations of a middle class family all live under the same roof, in bunk beds, to save expenses. Until the aged and heart disease and cancer-ridden of the middle class die at home among their family, with pain relief but no surgery, because they can’t afford anything else. Yes, there may be some thug that could snatch you up tomorrow for their warped pleasure, but you should be prepared to win that fight. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to watch the bottom continue to drop out for another two years, if we’re lucky. Where do you think we are on this timeline?

        KEEP THE faith

        • Look for the cities to be blown to shit from tptb trying to squash resistance, think Lebanon in the 70s or 80s, Damascus 2012, Bagdad after bushit and his god damn shock and awwshucks we made a mistake. Look for mass civilian casualties driving normal business men and women to take up arms, families obliterated, years of development and work destroyed all because the fucking government got too big for its britches,
          Its gonna suck, get used to the idea cause its our YET to come future,
          Think it cant happen here, good luck with that fantasy!

          • Kula, your first paragraph was prescient.

          • You may be right Kulafarmer…

            On the other hand….they may just let loose a bug and wipe the slate with that.

            Plausible deniability you know.

            • True, that is something Bi has gone into at length in the past, i just know there are going to eventually be too many variables and too many pissed off patriots, then theres the fact that these tyrants need us to pay their bills, weather by theft or by coercive means, dead makers and workers produce nothing!

        • It’s going to depend on how the 2014 elections look to playout. If the Dems are going to get beaten badly expect some planned event to hurry things along the path to oppression.

      13. “He shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust” …

      14. Well I feel that I’m either going to live or die. I’ll stand either way and move on forward. What else can I do? Most of the people I know are fucking pussies that won’t do even that simple thing.

        If I get shot and die standing up for rights. I will be proud.

      15. “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
        The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
        wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
        they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
        it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
        And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
        warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
        resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
        to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
        in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
        time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
        It is its natural manure.”

        Thomas Jefferson

      16. Just an observation, but the police of the world are becoming as threatening looking as possible to intimidate as much as possible. I was taught that the law enforcement was there to protect you, the honest citizen. Now they look just plain evil, like something you would see in these post nuclear war movies. They sure do like the color black don’t they? Put some horns on the top of the helmets and you would have a real genuine demon from hell. Whatever happened to the good guys that came to the rescue of the innocent and nailed the bad guys?

        The new DARK AGES, 2008-2013 and beyond.

        • “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.”

          –Helmuth Carl Bernard Graf von Moltke–

          Those ninja outfits and shields won’t stop a well placed 7.62 X 51.

          • Don’t ever forget the story of David and Goliath.

        • Like Eisen mentioned earlier on another thread, go to http://www.policeone.com and read some of the stories there and the cops comments. You get a pretty good sense of their mindset. Scary to say the least. They have absolutely no respect for humanity and they are not afraid to say so. They will by and large obey their commie masters and you can bet on it.

      17. Some of the weapons and gear is of international origin. Just continue your preps and you will see, that even a vast invasion is doomed to failure. We, Americans are not now or ever have been afraid to face tyranny head on with positive results..


        • +1 TX…no one lives forever.

      18. I can hear the thunder…there’s a storm coming…

        • That sound you hear may be the sound of LIBERTY being Preserved.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • No jim in VA. Its Reb cannon fire and we got the high ground. Double canister!

      19. Mac, Prepper Friends, Americans:

        Let me throw a probable scenario with question.

        Who is to say we won’t lose this country anyway?

        Look what we are doing and is being way under-reported. We are trying to topple Syria in a way to get to Iran. This has Russia involved. Israel is their too. China is watching.

        Dudes, the USA is messing with WWIII.

        Who is to say the USA will survive this?

        A Secret Police Force is not necessary now. With exception that they protect the most valuable assets in USA for the NWO. Other than that, its civil war and we all fight each other. It is every person for themselves with the Secret Police watching on the sidelines and doing their dirty-deeds when necessary.

        This middle east stuff could explode.

        • The country is already lost.

          One big pile of multi-cultural shit.

        • Whats this we shit bro,
          I dont remember EVER saying i sanctioned our so called representatives sending anything or anyone to fight overseas, DC is out of control, wait till joe the plumber gets sick of his local and federal government sticking their fingers in his pie,
          Time to purge the top from sea to shining sea.

      20. Get your goodies now boys.

      21. The police in general will be targeted at home, when they are vunerable, by those living around them. They aren’t protected at home, and people know who they are. Their families will be at direct risk also. The police will be the first to go, because they present an immediate threat in a police state, and it won’t matter if they are good cops or not. I am not stating this as a threat, but as an observation I have made, seeing it firsthand in former Yugoslavia. The people are not stupid, and when a threat like this is facing them in the open, a populace is much more devious than the establishment ever believes they are. They think they can control 270 million armed Americans?? Even with the most modern and biggest army in the world, this is impossible. If even a tiny fraction of them just kill 1 man each, that is MILLIONS of enforcement people. I doubt it will be as openly observable as the last portion of that video.

      22. just a heads up for those who might be interested

        there is a movie available on NETFLIX
        called Plague City SARS in Toronto

        it is a fictionalized account of the SARS outbreak

        pretty interesting
        and seems to be pretty factually based

        • Thanks for the heads up.

        • say thanks, I just qued it to watch later.
          i fine these types of movies are interesting to view the parts that are very unlikely to occur and those that are more than likely to occur. it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

        • Can’t find it. Title again??

      23. Good evening, BI, and once again, you’re right on target. I feel the police state coming along with other false-flag events in domino effect that will finally lead to mega-SHTF. All I’m focusing on now is prepping all the way to the last minute. It’s strange how police look more evil and threatening than common criminals, gangbangers, etc. After the 2 attempte break-ins at my home earlier this month, I’ve become more hard-nosed, more sensitive, etc. now I’m afraid of overreacting to the wrong type of situation. Earlier today at work, I was teased by a co-worker about the break-in attempts at my home, and I blew up. I literally had to walk out of the building to avoid hitting the person. We finally sat down and talked about it in a calm and rational manner and apologized to each other. I’ve been depressed all day about it. this is my first time on the computer all day. That encounteris what makes me so sick these days. We all have a good idea of what to expect after the balloon goes up, maybe even worse than what we think. Although I will do whatever i have to in order to survive in post-SHTF, I don’t want to lose my humanity. I truly dread whenever anyone with bad intentions toward me comes to my place. I’m certain it will happen, that the person will make a wrong move, and I’ll have no other choice but to shoot him or her. Don’t even know which gender it will be. Now it’s all I can do to try to keep a cool head in every conceivable situation. Whenever mega-SHTF finally hits, i know the whole world will go off the deep end; I just don’t want to join them. braveheart

        • Learn to keep your cool during adversity. A steady hand and an even temper will level the odds once the balloon goes up.

          • look at you…another great comment.

            E…lots of have family members and friends like your Grandpa…we must wait for them to fuck up. They will.

            Then we will drop the big hammer…none of us will live “their” way.

            The planet doesn’t work “their” way.

          • Ok….who are you, and what have you done with Eisenkruz?

          • E, have you been playing us? Did you do a paper on how to be an ass and then redeem yourself? Some thing weird here. Need to test your tolerance levels.

            If it were not for us baby boomers there would be a Russian flag over our Capitol. The youth of today have no idea of what it takes to maintain what we experienced people have built for them.

            Testing 123 Testing 123


          • And if that doesn’t work, pop a Zanax. Works for me!

        • @ braveheart. I wonder sometimes about the cretins that laugh at other people’s misfortunes. It is not at all humorous when a likely crackhead is trying to break into your home to get dope money, that the loser will use to get higher than a cloud and commit more crimes. You try your best in this stinken world, and then some asshead makes your life more tiring and stressful. Times were a lot better a generation ago, people actually had more intergrity and thought more about their fellow person. Now the world has made so many lose their decency and fairness.

          I don’t know the laws in your state, but throughly check them should the crook come back and you have to defend yourself. You certainly don’t want to lose your rights to own a firearm because some hidden law says that the criminal had some sort of right not to be shot on a full moon or some other absurd law. IF you can try to flood the home with lights if this is happening at night, bad characters prefer the darkness to slither around in like some venomous snake. Also leaving on some source of noise like a TV can help. I hope you will not have to go through anymore misery.

        • Liqour stores open BH !!!!

        • @Bravehart- see, people like you should be on meds, if you are not already.
          Obviously have an anger problem and cannot keep your crap together.
          Your the type that one day they find up on a clock tower.

      24. Nice touch with the Deus Ex Human Revolution music.

        That is some really great music.

      25. We need a prayer for the Oky folks again. Hopefully our friend Smokin and his family are doing fine.

      26. I saw that sci-fi movie.

      27. I say…Well come on then if you’re coming Motherfuckers!

      28. The Republicans will save us!

        John McCain
        Lindsey Graham
        Jeff Flake
        Marco Rubio – Latino
        Susan Collins – Woman
        Arlen Specter – Corpse

        They are all building on the Bush foundation.

        • Rubio is Cuban, and I’ve heard that Cubans identify more with the Caribbean culture than with the culture of the latinos in Latin America.

          • Cubans are just like any other race which is non-White European. They are primarily concerned with advancing their racial and ethnic specific interests. And, it is no accident that every time the racial and ethnic specific interests of non-white groups are advanced – they come at the expense of, and inflict harm upon, the racial and ethnic specific interests of White European people. This rule applies whether we are talking about America, or about any historic White European nation.

            This is why ethnic nationalism is the only possible future that White European people, worldwide, must achieve for themselves. We cannot cohabit alongside non-white demographic groups, who uniformly scream at us and who are venomously hostile to any attempt by Whites to defend or advance our racial and ethnic specific interests. These are things that all non-white races do constantly and none of them feel any need to apologize for it, but they would deny Whites the same right.

            And, incredulously, to demonstrate the gall of these people – they want to deny Whites the right to protect and defend their legitimate ethnic and racially specific interests INSIDE the nations that Whites themselves built and which are our native homelands and not theirs!

            That is some kind of amazing gall, don’t you think?

            • @Tucker-

              Cubans need to all be sent back with the Mexicans.

      29. When I watched this video I had tears. Tears for those who may die from all this evil crap. Tears for my young children and worring about what kind of life they will have. Tears for our counrty. I will do what I can. Please everyone be safe and pray a lot.

      30. Ya’lls just don’t like President Obama being in authority over you. Never heards so many people talkin about not liking the government or the country until now before.

        • @Sheniqua
          Nice try Troll! Go collect your .50 cents now.

        • If i payed for your wings n’ kool-aid I’m gonna be pissed at you. So better off shut up and scream.

        • Good try Sheniqua you Honkey, We never had a full blown Communist in authority before.WASP

        • Your real name is Shi Theed. Maybe the correct spelling is Shithead.

        • @ Sheniqua. That is definitely a jungle bunny or spear chunker name. Figures, a real Obummer worshipper. Bow down to your little idol fellow African.

          • Ob not African,he’s a Zebra, and their the worst kind they dont know witch side their on, what work best for them at the time..

            • We definitely don’t want him here for shure Brother.

        • You’re right, Sheniqua. I’m a white man and I do NOT wish to either be ruled over by any other race other than my own, and nor do I have any desire to rule over blacks or any other race. And, it may surprise you to learn that I am mighty particular about which members of my own race are allowed to rule over me, as well.

          Race traitorous cockroaches within one’s own tribe are even more evil and undesirable than being ruled by tyrants of other racial groups.

          Self rule, self determination, and ethnic nationalism is what I favor. For all racial groups.

          But, in your case – you get a vicarious, vindictive charge out of thinking that blacks have their boot on the back of the White man’s neck – because deep in your soul, you are a racist and you hate Whites and have a desire to subjugate and punish and torment Whites because you get off on the idea of ‘revenge’.

          Separation is the peaceful solution to racial conflict. You don’t like us, and we don’t like you. Let’s agree to separate and go our own ways and pursue our individual destinies.

        • Wrong. The last president I liked was RR and JFK. The rest are just tools of TPTB. Shen, come back and comment when your EBT card fails along with your obomaphone.

          • My bet would be that Sheniqua ain’t black, and also probably has a bigger pair than me. Sheniqua is just stirring the pot.WASP

            • There are plenty of white garbage on EBT and obomaphones. Lazy piles of shit dont have a color when they get thier “free stuff”.

            • Some folks just can’t grasp satire and sarcasm.

              I find it hilarious.

          • The Onliest solution to all of their Forced Bussings and forced integrations is to Keep Us and Them Seperate….Us and Them Seperate. Govner George Wallace.

        • that wasn’t even a good try, troll! yous a fool!

        • Sheniqua,

          Do you charge by the hour?

        • She..sneak..ya…
          We whites do apologize for bringing over from Africa your ancestors.
          Oh, wait, your ancestors are responsible for that..sorry!! 🙁

        • No man has authority over me,
          The Lord God is my shepherd.
          I fear no man.

        • Sheniqua, it was Mooschelle who said after her husband won the presidency, “for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country” or something like that. Isn’t that country bashing? Or are you just a typical O voter, with an iq of 10.

      31. Well shit, it doesn’t seem like that where I live. Or maybe I just don’t hear about it, my city doesn’t have it’s own news station.

        Advice please, we can buy a Stevens 311A 20 gauge for $350 with some ammo. Is that a good price? It’s from someone we know. Is it a good gun?

        • Better ,
          Get a SKS or Nagant rifle , they are more expensive than they used to be , A. Scattergun is only good for CQB , If you are really set on a Shot gun the old Mossberg pump is probably a better choice . For about 600.00 you could get a decent SKS and 250 rounds of 7.62×39.

          Learn to use it , get proper firearms instruction,

          Good luck,

          Semper Fi 8541

          • @ Night Breaker,
            Great advice! SKS has been my choice for 2 decades! Remember the days when you could get ammo for dirt cheap! I have run thousands and thousands of rounds thru mine and never a glitch! Once ran over 800 rounds thru it just to see if i could make it jam! No dice, finally just cleaned it cause I felt sorry for the poor girl! Good advice and Semper Fi!

            • OPSEC people….OPSEC….

              The guys this video is about are all ears.

          • Thanks, we are actually signed up to take classes along with my 11 year old son. I really wanted a pump action shotgun anyway. It’s been awhile since I have been shooting so I definitely need a refresher course.

        • In town..shotgun with buckshot, slightly out of town on those 1-5 acre ranchers…shotgun with slugs. out of town remote. rifle. If you have lots of money get a few shotguns, hand guns, and rifles with lots of ammo.

        • California is going to classify rimfire rifles and some shotguns as assault weapns and make it difficult to buy ammo. Any rifle with a detachable magazine will also be illegal. Coming to your sttae if you don’t pay attention.

        • JL, I have that very shotgun and use it quite often for rabbits and upland birds. Its been a good gun. Its still in very good condition. The bluing has turned a plum color (patina)but the case coloring is still bright. I paid $225.00 for it several years ago and its the only side by side shotgun other than a 1887 Colt that I have. Its a fine gun for a two shot. Three-fifty for that one is a little steep, might want to try and negotiate some.

      32. This is why I said for years that you can’t be a responsible citizen and support law enforcement. What law are they enforcing? Admiralty law. The police are vessels of satan. Only now, at the end, do you finally understand.

        • Eisen

          You’ve changed! I like it.


          • While I may not totally agree that ALL police are the “vessels of satan”, I certainly agree that Eisen’s post of late have been reasoned and well put.

            I don’t have to agree with everything someone says to have a civil conversation with them.

            The change is welcome.

            • These posts are to be accepted without prejudice. I reserve the right to revert to being an asshole at any time.

              • And I reserve the right to verbally thump you when you do.

              • Eisenkraut you won’t have to revert, you still are. A Leopard cannot change his spots, but he can use them for a disguise, or maybe I should say for camoflage. And you have done it quite well. But it’s very interesting, I have to admit you are an artist. Trekker Out. I Wear My Gun Out Side Of My Pants, For The Whole World To See!

      33. I have been to one of the training centers for law enforcment and they have an entire city for training in urban warfare. It is brand new, very high tech and very real. This training is going on NOW. It terrified me when I saw it.

        • Is this the one at Quantico? Or Fort Dix ?
          Yeh , scary times we live in , they used to be decked out in middle eastern type backdrops ,
          about 2 years ago they started using the Main Street America theme.
          I don’t think these ass clowns in power realize they really don’t have the backing they think they do.
          There are a lot of us like you inside the system who WILL NOT follow illegal orders of the regime.
          Better to gear up and melt away to fight another day.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • @Night breaker….

            I’ve said repeatedly that they don’t realize the big steamy pile that they are stepping in.

            I would imagine that within the first few days of conflict, the reality will begin to sink in and there will be mass desertions and outright defections.

            Again…the quote I posted earlier…”No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy”.

          • NB Must remember who you going to be fighting, these CQB Units may require an interview & a special forces type selection process where physical stamina & the discipline to carry out orders & obey commands is paramount. So dont expect them to jump ship anytime soon as their loyalty wont be to the Bill of rights but rather to the Unit & their brothers in arms. That is why I believe as part of prepping physical training is so important & as you say melt away & fight on the battle ground of your own choosing

            • I hear what you are saying Two Buckets….

              But bear in mind…this will be going down in their own country….with their fellow Americans…not a bunch of hajis over in Iraq or Afghanistan.

              These “agents” will have families here. And when this starts going down, do you honestly think there will not be reprisals? I guarantee you there will be.

              This is why I post the quote that “no battle plan survives initial contact with the enemy”.

              You can also count on unconventional and asynchronous warfare tactics. Don’t forget….there are a heck of a lot of retired special forces guys that are not going to stand for this. I can’t think of any group of people I would NOT want to piss off more than these guys. You want to talk about dirty tricks? These guys got more dirty tricks up their sleeves than you can imagine. Just look at the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

              If this goes down, it’s going to get very personal, very quickly. There will be a high rate of attrition. And it’s not going to go according to plan. Count on it.

              • I know of a country sometime back that went through a transition and there was a lot of men comming forward as leaders doing a lot of talking “this is where we draw the line” kind of speach & when the time came for action they compromised for their own political careers they also left a lot of real men out to hang. By the way who were Americans killing during the civil war 1861-1865

                • @Two Buckets…

                  True…but the last civil war was fought more like a conventional war between two countries, as opposed to the way that most civil wars are fought….especially today.

                  The next one will be more like an occupying force vs. an insurgency. Think Iraq and Afghanistan.

                  The difference? The occupying force’s families will be living among the insurgents.

                  Do you get the picture?

                  It’s going to get real ugly….even worse than Iraq and Afghanistan.

                  • Just like to add, in the book Animal Farm one of the first strategic moves the pigs did was to keep the puppies seperate from the other animals & indoctrinate them. Think Hitler youth who became fighting SS, there is a whole generation of young pliable men that have come from disfunctional families with a craving for a sense of feeling important. people who hold to constitutional checks will only be seen as an obstacle to their brainwashed utopian dreams. Just think about this, all those 13 year old “yes we can” from Obamas first election campaign they are now at the learning to march & shoot age tomorrow they could be in an APC comming up your drive

                  • Yes the picture will be ugly the worst of all is those who seem to be close family and friends will betray one another for a morsel of bread thats the worst part about civil war is having to deal with infighting, betrayal and vendettas lots of that still going on in Iraq long after the troops have left

          • The govt. is now a Muslim govt. and we the white Christians are the enemy. Saudi Arabi has been buying it’s way in for a long time. They owned the Bushs and Clintons and a good part of the rest of the govt. Norquist is a good example. Obama was already one of them. Meanwhile the sheep watch DWTS and are happy.

            • JohnW You cannot be serious. Muslim?

              Ok Prove that. Try this. Draw a Line down a piece of blank paper. Put zio/jews on one side and muslims on other side. Then Include every single person-Corp-Bank-Movie star-Rich fat cat-Politition-MSM!! reporter- All MSM talking head experts/guest etc-etc etc etc.

              Add each colum up then return with such evidence usa is a Muslim run nation! ps be sure to include all such Muslims with names like BLOOMBERG and FINESTIEN!

              I cant wait for the proof results!

          • Some were in the south east and I will leave it at that… It is brand new… just went in to service. Very Hi-tech and from that stand point it is preetty neat. Beyound that It was shocking and terrifying…

            • There is an urban warfare center in Ft. Hood and a very nice urban training station at Ft. Benning and Ft. Bragg. I know cause I’ve trained there in a previous life.

        • Sorry Man on the inside…far finger meant to hit thumbs up for the info.

          • All good Cal girl… good that you moved from the comi state… used to live there myself…

        • Sorry Man on the inside…far finger meant to hit thumbs up for the info.

        • LEO’s are commies. Maybe some will change, but I doubt it. They like their swat teams, snipers and donuts. They kill dogs, old people and scare children. None of them can read the Constitution, but that doen’t give them a pass.

      34. ~HAT TIP~

        @Mac Salvo and Crew … Respect !!!

        Thank You for All your lil’ @SHTFPLAN Family does for Preppers and Patriots .

        N.O. ;0P

        • Thanks N.O.!

        • Thumbs down commies. Don’t worry about it.

      35. Okay, I do understand what’s happening, but the crazy thing is. Animals are knocking at my door, saying “what are you crazy humans doing”? Well, I tried to explain that some individuals only cared for themselves. “we’ll, why is that”? It’s because we have lost our way.



        the ZOG FEDGOV gives ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARDS’ immunity from prosecution special passes protection to PEDOPHILES and DRUG DEALERS on WASH DC CAPITAL HILL !!!

        The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain

        * For anyone with any sense, who was in trouble, would come to the whips and tell them the truth, and say now, I’m in a jam, can you help? It might be debt, it might be…..erm……erm, a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal in which, erm er, a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come and ask if we could help and if we could, we did. And we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points……., and if I mean, that sounds a pretty, pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then, he will do as we ask forever more.


        N.O. ;0p

      37. tyranny is not just around the corner, we have been looking at it eyeball to eyeball since Nov 2008… anyone who believes otherwise is a blind fool… he told us he is at best a socialist and intended to invert our system… here we sit.

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst


        • Since 2008? So there was no tyranny before that?…LOL. Barry is just the latest in a long line of tyrants that have both D`s and R`s in front of their names. Your politicians are fu@king up this country.

          • They weren’t just tyrants, they were commies. Look it up.

        • his change was to full blown communism.

          • I imagine this will garner a quick and mindless attack but…

            I don’t think you know what communism is.

            Words have meaning and we should do our best to use the appropriate words.
            Authoritarian socialism, facism, corpritocracy, financial oligarcy, all sorts of words could describe where we are and where we are headed but considering that neither Stalinist Russia nor Mao’s China were actually communist systems but as self described “a neccessary step on the way to communism” I think you should educate yourself about what communism is before you continue to use the word as a bludgeon.

            Here’s hoping.

            • @Common sense….

              Does it really matter?

              What all of these forms of government have in common is the primacy of the state and the insignificance of the individual…..the exact polar opposite of the intent of the founders of this country.

              I have issued repeatedly the challenge for someone to explain to me the PRACTICAL differences between communism/socialism and fascism/nazism, and no one has yet been able to do so. All are totalitarian in nature and subjugate the individual to the will of the state.

              • Communist are people that have Ak-47″s and have used them, Socialist are People with Ak -47 “s and Want to use them!
                Fuk all the Commies and commie Lites, this fight is going to be for America”s Survival. no need to wordsmith, we ALL know who the Enemy IS…

                Semper Fi

              • Walt,
                Yes it matters. You can call a shoe a glove but people who know better will think you a fool.

                The practical differances,
                Communism- the factory workers make all decisions regarding the factory
                Socialism- some guy in an office in a capitol building decides what happens in the factory

                Nazi’s were facists so there is no practical differance.

                The “communist” countries know enough about communism and so did there citizens that they don’t even pretend to be an actual communist state. In their own words, “socialism is a neccessary step on the road to communism”.

      38. All we can do is RESIST, III

        I believe it was Ugly who talked of the external Powers to Be, I would agree, but there has to be followers here in our USA to carry out the orders.

        True most military I’ve chatted with loves this country but the young ones in the military and L.E where raised and indoctrinated with a new line of thinking. I do have faith that a percentage of our military will stand with the people. We won’t have a clue as to how many until it happens.

        All of us must remember two phrases from the Declaration of Independence:

        A- deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.

        Meaning you and I have the final say, it is that simple, you just have to believe!

        B- it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government

        Here is the bottom line, “It is their Duty”, which means it is our duty, our responsibility to correct the ills against our Constitution, B.O.R and our Nation. It “Is Not” the over all responsibility of the Military, it is our responsibility first, their help would be appreciated though 🙂

        We will have to stand up and fight, get into their faces! I say this in the same contents as Obama meant it.

      39. I think the simple fact is. If they take you away to a FEMA camp for your own good. You’re as good as dead. We might want to spread that around. Might create a few hundred thousand more patriots who will go down fighting.

        Best to know your area and anything of value in it.

        Save cans and bottles and what not. Make it look like you recycle. That way you have bottles to fill with gas and Styrofoam.

        Still time to prepare for a Dictatorship.

        The harder we hit back when the time is right. The more the traitorous LE will rethink what they are doing.

      40. Remember the Amero coins in preperation for NWO (2007). When the Feds finishes pumping money into the system, our currency will reset, as did in Mexico, and the Amero coin will come into existence. This will trigger an uprising where it will be necessary for the DHS to take control.

      41. The police state is growing but it’s not fully here yet. There are no travel restrictions. We don’t have armored DHS checkpoints everywhere. We don’t have to show them ID and tell them where we’re going and for what purpose. We can leave our neighborhoods after dark. The vast majority of gun owners are still safe in their houses with their guns. There haven’t been any large scale massacres of US citizens by the government.

        • The TSA at the airport is a travel restriction.

          • No, it isn’t. That’s ridiculous. People who say we’re in a police state already have no idea what a real police state is like.

            • Please enlighten us as to what a “real” police state is like.

              And how would you describe when only some roads have checkpoints, only some forms of transportation require your nuts get grabbed, only some people get hauled away for their words, only some get blown up on a tyrants say so, only when officer discretion is exercized to you need to produce your papers, and only everyone who wants to start their own business needs big daddy governments permission?

              Diet police state?
              Police state lite?

              • Just 60 caleries per serving…… and no transfat….

      42. Had another plate boundary earthquake down off the coast of Chile on the Nazca plate. This activity lead to the 8.0 in the Soloman/Santa Cruz Islands eariler this year. It also lead to a 7.6 in southern Mexico back in 2003 and several other Central/South American major earthquakes in Japan, Indonesia and the Kermadec Islands. This is now 28 out of 31 times these precursor quakes in the past have lead to major earthquakes from Chile to Mexico. Still that big earthquake has not occurred in Central or South America. This is yet another indication that something awful is coming down there. Just like all the indications pointed a mega quake coming, and the largest ever deep focus quake happened last week. This is no different, the area from Mexico to central Chile remains extremely dangerous.

      43. Without donut shops and free meals they’re useless

      44. What movie was that a preview for at the end?

        • “Grey State”
          It is not a movie, just a trailer looking for money.
          If you liked it, pretty sure you will find a slightly longer version on youtube.

      45. More like ‘New World ODOR’

      46. the reason people have not revolted yet is simple. They are not hungry yet. They still have food in the stores, some cash in their pockets and though the NDAA has been passed few have been affected by it so far. People will not react unless they are forced too. They have to be starving, cold and in fear before they will react. Until then the government will just keep passing more and more laws. Just be prepared for it when society falls apart.

      47. I don’t disagree with the police state becoming more and more a reality in America. I disagree with this notion that this originated with Obama. This is “a long time coming”, since way before anyone heard of BHO.

        I believe this is a dangerous path, thinking that this is an Obama problem or a Democrat problem. Some people really seem to believe voting Republican can stop this. Do you really believe the powers behind this would let an election stop them?

        • We are way beyond voting any of this right ever again.
          Just look at what happens at the ballot box on voting day,
          same people elected over and over and over and……..
          Its a mess, society is also fractured, at best if TSHTF we will have a fractured nation split into regions that can not find common ground.

          • Kula

            I’m beginning to worry more about TEOTWAWKI
            than I am about SHTF lately.

            Gas up to $4,22 in my area today.

            • Been payin 4.50-4.95 a gal for a couple years now. TEOTWAWKI is SHTF in my book and vis a vis

        • Obama is just the most radical that they could try and get elected. They tried to see just how far the country had devolved and ran him. Mclame was the worst candidate put up by the Stupid Party since that old fool Dole. Palin could have beaten Obama but not with Mclame on the ticket and his people back stabbing her. If Obama is put up for a third term then we will know that their confidence is complete as to getting away with anything.

      48. This video loses credibility by using clips of Glenn Beck, everyone here knows what a sensationalizing phony he is.

        The use of emotion manipulating music and the clips near the end using actors aren’t helping either.

        I think most people that visit this site do so because they want the truth they can’t find elsewhere. People are tired of government propaganda.

        But this is just a piece of manipulative propaganda in itself.

        • The sad truth is one could argue that any form of information disemination is just propaganda. I believe the point of using some mainstream personalities is to show that even the gov sanctioned talking heads have alluded to what is actually going on. I am sorry that you feel having a gov mouthpeace telling you that FEMA camps cannot be debunked leads to loss of credibility. I think your attempt to pick apart this video is a way of trying to bury your head in the sand. If you don’t like the presentation go to youtube. Search: police state, police brutality, and other related terms, set aside several days and absorb what is going on. Or simply continue to nit pick the specifics and ignore the message. You will fit in with the masses better that way.

        • While I have some doubts about Glenn Beck. The vast majority of his stuff is about freedom, Pro 2nd Amendment, against Common Cause/Fed school anti American curriculum.

          I think a lot of the Conservative media are afraid to go down the rabbit hole fully as the main stream American isn’t there yet.

        • Beck is as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Nothing but fake tears and emoting. Something wrong with him.

      49. My maternal ancestors had a philosophy about “times” such as ours: “TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE”!

        The implication was not one of suicide, but rather recognition and acceptance of the “fact” that there comes a time when the ONLY option is to FIGHT…regardless of “personal” risk or outcome.

        Guerilla tactics and continued cultivation of as many “internal cogs” within the “Police State Machine” as possible.

        Some still cling to the belief that a “lawful and peaceful resolution” still exist. Perhaps decades ago, but TODAY, I personally believe that possibility has become “intentionally” IMPOSSIBLE.


      50. The next true test of the state is the July 4th armed march on DC. If the police gun them down I will fight back. That is the line the sand for me.
        I propose if you see innocent Americans being gunned down you have a plan of what you will do. When the flash point hits do something.. or watch like the rest of the sheep.

        • they cancelled the DC march.

          • It was expanded to all 50 state capitals…BIG difference. And for the likes of ALL COWARDS calling this action “co-intel”…may you wake up in your bed totally unprepared for what TRUE PATRIOTS are willing to commit their lives, property, and family to DEFEAT THE COMING ATROCITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            ALL COWARDS, stay under your F-N BED, and watch as the true patriots of this crumbling Republic FIGHT!

            And may your COWARDICE condemn you to lowest level of HELL once the WAR is over…AND the PATRIOTS have WON!!!!!

        • An armed march… and you don’t think they’ll be gunned down?

          … wow optimist aren’t you?

          All it takes is them slipping an undercover “provocateur” into the march and having him shoot someone they don’t mind “wasting” (a-la “Spies Like Us”).

          Then it’s on. And under those conditions I’d expect a fair number of people will side with the police on that one.

      51. Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seas

        “Russia plans to resume nuclear submarine patrols in the southern seas after a hiatus of more than 20 years following the break-up of the Soviet Union, Itar-Tass news agency reported on Saturday, in another example of efforts to revive Moscow’s military.”

        “The plan to send Borei-class submarines, designed to carry 16 long-range nuclear missiles, to the southern hemisphere follows President Vladimir Putin’s decision in March to deploy a naval unit in the Mediterranean Sea on a permanent basis starting this year.”

        reuters dot com

      52. If one cherry picked 50% of that video erring towards the highly plausible and disregarded the other half the component chosen would make for a rather frightening movie let alone reality.

        Hollywood in the future may have a difficult time competing with reality.

      53. Remember them when it’s toime to vote on police levys

        • The usual Nazi Muslim crap. Satan hates the Jews. Apparently you do too.

          • @bc … ;0p

            mummy always did call me her ‘Lil’ Devil Hell Spawn’ before she locked me in the basement dirt crawl space for the night .

            tell you what ! when the fake euro jews whi illegally invaded palestine and created israel give back palestine to the palestinians and pay the palestinians restitution for the jews democide war crimes of the last 60 years of their illegal occupation of palestinian land and genocide by the fake euro jew invaders …

            And pay for ALL THE ISRAELI ZIO-JEW illegal terrorism FALSE-FAGS since its inception i.e. … 9/11 , uss liberty , fukushima , uss cole , lebanon marine baracks , etc etc

            then i’ll retire … till then … ‘FUCK OFF’ !


          • But them jews sure Love their daddy Satan eh Barncat. At least acording to what Jesus Christ and apostle John said and wrote huh. Or have you Not read that far into the new testement as yet? Or perhaps ignore those real verses when they don’t agree with your deluded support of their evil tribe. Rev ch 2 vs 9…John ch8 vs 44 and Many more.

            In fact Barncat have you ever seen those bible verses that describe who and what is “antichrist”? It basically says “Whoever does not admit to God the Father AND the SON risen” IS antichrist. So That includes Every single one of Your favorite “victim” group aka jews that still cling to and believe in their Tamlud religion, and/or reject Jesus(like 99+% of them still do).

            Barncat, Why do You so support and Defend unquestionably those Antichrist persons? Why not Learn the truth about this issue?

      54. Okie are you OK. We are all worried about you and Mrs Okie and the family. Prayers are coming your way. Please check in when you can.

        • Maybe H.A.A.R.P will trigger the New Madrid Fault then drain Lake MI and Lake Superior into the Mid West. This way all the mid West can share the water.

          Georgia, Tennessee and Florida won’t have to fight for water rights.

          Oh I’m sorry, water rights are under the control of the U.N’s Agenda 21, we have no say.

          • I live in Tennessee and we are one of the most blessed places in the world to have water. Georgia has sued several times to get there hands on the Tennessee River. Personally, Atlanta needs to be more responsible with their water before they come crying to us

            • Amen ET, I love here too. Water is a big blessing for us. Our curse may turn out to be nuclear power plants. We can hope not. But I am proud to be here and am ready to die protecting this place. Be safe fellow East Tennessean.

      55. The vast majority of Americans are to complacent / stupid to know what is going on, they are to busy watching american idol and the kardashians. It is up to those who know to try to wake enough of them up to try and stop this police state.

        Long live the republic.

        • I do not watch those shows, I watch the Voice! :0

          Actually I do, kind of, the wife watches it as I follow it as I read sites like SHTF Plan and plan my next prep moves.

      56. A line from one of my previous comments “A FLEA CAN DRIVE A BIG DOG NUTS”

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. And the bite of a flea can take down an entire continent, like it did from the rats and fleas that spread the black death to Europe in the middle ages. I was thinking about this today, and that Corona virus that Satori keeps us updated regularly about. It takes just a tiny mutation in that virus and it runs away wild. That virus kills more than smallpox, and it just has to start to concentrate in nasal or the throat region and likely we all have a huge problem. I don’t know how well it stands up to outside the host in the air and sunlight, but I imagine it would probably be like the flu.

          By the way the Corona virus is thought to be like SARS and come from bats. This is what they think the reserviour is, bats. Makes you wonder if some of these viruses like that have some distant connection to the rabies virus in which many times a bat will carry but not become sick from it. Bats seem to have some sort of immunity that I wonder could be used to come up with a type of future vaccination that could cover a more wide variety of sicknesses or even a type of stronger more efficient anti-viral. Something to think about.

      57. Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up!!! When these SS stormtroopers start realizing that they WILL not make it home for dinner, then maybe they will stop this $hit!!!!! When the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY, when the people fear the government , there is Tyranny. Shoot the BA$TARDS.

        • * if your a disabled veteran being illegally prosecuted harassed by the illegal private org the zog amerikan irs close your bank accounts request the v.a. ‘mail’ you your disability checks and only pay with cash .

          FUCK THE ZOG IRS its an illegal unconstitutional un-ratified deceitful organization .

          N.O. ;0p

      58. While I was out surfing my sources, I ran across another confirmation that our government is the biggest threat and hacker we have to worry about.

        White House, NASA Celebrate National Day of Hacking BY KLINT FINLEY 05.31.13


      59. wow, some of the comments here amaze me! I see the trolls are out in full force! AMERICANS,keep your wits about you because the shtf is already here like a cancer eating away everything the founding fathers wanted for a free country! ignore the trolls even though it is fun to lash out against them! forgive them Lord for they know not what they do! God bless the Real American people that want to live their lives in Peace and Freedom!

      60. And YOU thought you were FREE … WELCOME TO THE ZOG !!!

        Pennsylvania Borough Wastes No Time in Demonstrating Newly Acquired Police Power

        N.O. ;0p

      61. I’m just wondering how they plan on keeping the LE and DHS going when the economy collapses. They have stocks of food and ammo but it won’t last forever.

        TPTB probably expect attrition of forces. While I have always taken foreign troops in America unlikely. IF they are here or DO come here. I’d think that LE and DHS might have a spike in losses as the fools realize they are part of a foreign takeover.

        • It will be no problem to arm the illegal and legal immigrants who want to return the Southwest to Mexico. Once that happens the rest will be easy as the country will be crippled.

        • Believe me when it crashes it won’t go exactly as planned. It will be a catastrophic clusterfunk. Many casualties, death and destruction. Anybody with an ax to grid will be grinding it. I would not want to be a cop when the SHTF.

      62. I saw a bumpster the other said that said—“If you have an Obama sticker on your bumper, then it might as well said I’m a dumb ass”— End Quote
        I think that is enough said about the state of affairs in this country

        • I guess I should have proof read my comment. It should have said the other day instead of said twice. Sorry about that.

      63. I’ve shook the bones, read the tea leaves, smelled the coffee grounds, rolled the dice, or whatever, and they all say Mid-Term Elections will be the end. No matter who wins what? We have till then to prepare for the total government take over. They will do everything they can before then to hold us down and or back. They will keep preparing and so should we. It’s going to get very ugly from now on, why the cat is out of the bag. The only two flies in the ointment are; Mother Nature or a World War. Prepare and we will meet on the other side God willing.

        PS: Internet sites like this GREAT ONE and more just like it are going to be shut down soon,(so from now on be very careful what you say), for whatever reason they deem. (Remember this is for their INTEL)

        Keep the FAITH

      64. At the end of the video was that and actual movie?

      65. @ Jay Corny. You know there are so mnay trolls out there that are honestly trying to take down Mac’s site and other freedom driven sites, humor like this just upsets people because they don’t know whom is really out there trying to damage the site. Yes, we need to take everything “soooooo” seriously right now. We have a potential super virus out there, the Middle East is ready to explode, the superpowers are in position to do God knows what, the economy is hanging by a thread waiting for tar and feather helicopter ben and BO to do the next stupid move, the Sun is in strange shape as JustOneGuy as mentioned many times, the geophysical part of the world is going nuts, and much more. You get a laugh by mocking the people here that are living on edge waiting for the next show to drop. Not cool now, in a less stressful and dangerous time perhaps humorous, not now though.

        Did you see the type of threatening nut talk that ncjoker was spewing out recently about that everyone on this site did not deserve to live? There are some tru trolls on here that are either dangerous or just trying to poison Mac’s site. Again, mocking people during these times is just not appropriate. People are on edge, and why not? Just look at what is happening. You and others can do so much more to add to that site to help your fellow person prepare for what is coming, or offer some comfort to those that are truly very concerned about their future, that looks like it could end up in the stratosphere that way things are going. I wrote something that could be looked upon as dark humor, but it doesn’t mock the people here. I sent it to Mac, and will send it as a comment maybe sometime later. Really though, mocking people is way too overboard now, let’s support each other. 🙂

        • Man you REALLY need a chill pill. How do you live every day in such paranoid delusion?
          Everyone is out to get you.

          I think the stupid earthquake posts are better than this other drivel you’ve been spewing.


          • Hey Jack. Since when have you contributed something worthwhile to any conversation? This is what I am trying to say, let’s all work together to figure out what we are going to do before, during, and after SHTF. That is what the site’s name is it not?

      66. They’re tracking the websites we visit. They’re recording our phone conversations. They’re storing our emails. They’re tracing our movement with GPS, RFID chips, and cell phone signals. They’re watching with surveillance cameras. They’re putting pressure on the media to shut-up about it.

        When the SHTF, amateur radio operators are going to be in for a shock. Who else can propagate information across thousands of miles with $100 worth of equipment? Think they’ll want unvetted information being spread in all directions? Study radio communications, buy transceivers, and practice clandestinely – but skip the license.

        • High N Dry-

          Like anyone cares who YOU email, talk to or look at.


      67. I have read all the comments so far today, and it is evident that most of the people who comment here are on edge including me. There is a lot of bravado and that is OK, but most of it is not constructive. What we really need to know is what is going on with the political and financial elite of this country, but we are not going to find out until it is too late to react to their plans for us they hope. If you have any intelligence at all you know in your heart that they have plans for all contengencies they think. Thank God that the plans of mice and men generally go astray. They are busy building their armies to do their bidding. God forbid they would get their hands dirty. I have no idea how loyal these armies will be to their masters, but remember that they are paid mercenaries and not true believers. They really don’t have any skin in the game, but every inch of skin on my body is committed to the outcome of the coming calamities (more than one).

        The soon to occur complete loss of the American dollar as the world reserve currency will be the trigger that sets everything off. America can’t print any more money to bail our economy out and keep our standard of living up where it is today. In fact, this is already far enough along that inflation is hitting all of us like a loaded semi. Gas is going to spike, groceries up. We import everything today, and it is all going to increase in price dramatically. Almost anything you go to buy today is up at least 30% since 2008, and the workers paycheck is down about that much in the last 10 years.

        Now the bad news. If the FED can’t print more money, and after it confiscates all our savings and retirement the government will stop food stamps, medicare and social security. It may not make much difference when it happens, because our inflated worthless dollars won’t buy anything anyway. At some point in this process the government will begin to implement programs to care for very confused and hurting people. You know the game. Just get on the bus and we will take you down here and feed you and get you some medical care. Many people will believe this and take a short one way trip to the grave. Why do you think the government bought all those hollow point bullets other than to bring an inhumane war against the population of this country? China can just move in and start operating what factories and farms are left.

        Financial collapse has happened in many countries before, and they all have recovered with a great deal of social upheaval. I don’t know if America can withstand this financial collapse or not, because we have so many freeloaders. These people will not lift a finger to help themselves until the government collapses finalcially. When that happens then they will lift a finger to help themselves to anything they want without regard for anyone but themselves. I do hope there is some plan in place to keep all the dope heads medicated.

        Truth be known, none of us have any idea how this is going to work out. I think prepping is a wonderful idea, if for no reason other than the can of beans you bought this week for 89 cents could cost $5.00 in 6 months if you can even find a can of beans and your income will be the same or less.

        Many many articles I read including my Bible tend to make me think that God has had enough of this world and our idol worship, murders and sorceries, and He is going to put an end to this experiment in letting men rule themselves. Satan is having a hayday promoting his plan for this world, and most are too blind to see it. The world as a whole is getting more evil every day. This is why most of us are so distressed.

      68. So… we’re not yet shooting… why again?

      69. Yes so there’s gonna be a fight. Dr. Naughty recommends the following prescription —

        A) Get this book, now available in soft-cover for blueprint on how to deal with domestic enemies:

        Unintended Consequences

        B) Work the reloading presses or barter/buy more ammo.

        C) Sharpen the blades.

        D) List names of tyrants and their intel from open sources, you’d be amazed what’s available online, and conduct leaderless resistance by cells.

        E) Some PT and a protein shake.

        Then come see me in the morn’.

        • This is a great book. Could hardly put it down once I started.

      70. Cowdoc, welcome aboard, and i totally agree with your remarks. braveheart

      71. part of our problem is that we no longer have representation in congress.we still have the same number of congressman and senators as there were at the beginning yet our population far,far greater than it was then.we should probably have six hundred or so senators by now and several thousand congressmen.the problem with that is the government would be to large to ever get anything done.the only solution i can see is to break this huge nation up into smaller,more manageable units,each autonomous and sovereign.i know most of you are not ready to admit this.we have been conditioned since childhood to believe that this is “one nation,under God,indivisible etc…and to love being the worlds only remaining superpower.well,it’s time to let it go.nothing is indivisible about this nation.we are made up of many different types of people.people from the south are very easily distinguishable from people from the north,for instance.we are different culturally and we do not want to be like everybody else.i’m not saying all southerners are ready to secede at this point but i’m willing to bet that most of them have at least given it some serious thought.hell,our ancestors actually did it one time.many,such as me grew up being told by our parents and grandparents that “the south’s gonna do it again”.do you really believe that if the shit hits the fan,the economy collapses,or whatever,and there is massive civil unrest,and the powers that be declare martial law,that this already weakened union will hold together?it won’t.but most of the south will.we will not put up with any troops in the streets or martial law.we’ve already been there and done that.people down south mostly are a humble,unpretentious bunch.we mind our own business and we will adapt quickly to not being a “superpower”.hell,we never were one.

      72. Jay Corny, f#$% you! No coomunists allowed here!

        • was that coomunists comment directed at me sir?

      73. The Police and Military quelling riots and protest around the world. In Spain the police and Fire Fighters clashing during a protest.

        Sooo why will it be different here? Maybe we have a few advantages in America, first we are suppose to be a Free People because of the Constitution, B.O.R and Declaration of Independence, this gives us something to fight for.

        We can make a difference by approaching every L.E.O and military personnel you see, “Remind them of their Oath”, let them know either they stand with the People or against, then remind them of their Oath again.

        Learn how to talk to L.E.O’s and the military by visiting http://WWW.Oathkeepers.org you don’t have to be a due’s paying member to understand what Oathkeepers is about.

        • The more L.E.O’s and Military we “Reach” out to the better. What if I talked to 5 of them this month? That’s just 5, what if 30 others from this site reached out to “Inspire” them? The number of eyes we open will increase.

          The more eyes we open the better the chances either they’ll stand down or join us.

          Make them have to use contractors and foreign troops, this will unite more Americans.

      74. every liberal and democrat who voted for this POS shares the blame and should not get a pass. They are just as guilty

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