A Remarkable Tale of Survival from April 15, 1912

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    One hundred years ago today the RMS Titanic suffered an iceberg impact that would leave 1,514 of its 2,223 passengers dead. It was the single deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in history.

    There were no doubt countless stories of survival (709 to be sure) and heroism. The story of Violet Jessup is one such remarkable account and just goes to show that no matter how many times you are faced with the possibility of imminent death, you don’t have to take it lying down.

    Born in October of 1887, Ms. Jessup survived not just the Titanic, but several other ocean tragedies.

    At age 22, Violet Jessop boarded the RMS Olympic on October 20, 1910 to work as a stewardess. The Olympic was a luxury ship that was the largest civilian liner at that time, being nearly 100 ft (30 m) longer than any other ship. Olympic′s first major mishap occurred on September 20, 1911, when she collided with the old protected cruiser HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight. Although the incident resulted in the flooding of two of her compartments and a twisted propeller shaft, Olympic was able to limp back to Southampton. At the subsequent inquiry the Royal Navy blamed Olympic for the incident, alleging that her large displacement generated a suction that pulled Hawke into her side.

    Violet boarded the RMS Titanic as a stewardess on April 10, 1912, at noon and four days later on April 14, at around 11:40 PM the Titanic struck an iceberg and began to sink. The iceberg ripped through the hull, causing the first five watertight compartments to flood and the ship to start sinking. At 2:20am, bow-down, the ship broke in two and sank almost immediately. Violet described in her memoirs that she was ordered up on deck, because she was to set a good example to the foreign-speaking people (they did not speak English), where she watched as the crew loaded the lifeboats. She was later ordered into lifeboat 16, and, as the boat was being lowered, one of the Titanic′s officers gave her a baby to look after. The next morning, Violet and the rest of the survivors were rescued by the RMS Carpathia. According to Violet, while on board the Carpathia, a woman grabbed the baby she was holding and ran off with it without saying a word.

    During the First World War, Violet served as a nurse for the British Red Cross. In 1916, she was on board His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Britannic when the ship apparently struck a mine and, with all the portholes open for ventilation, sank in the Aegean Sea. While the Britannic was sinking, she jumped out of a lifeboat to avoid being sucked into the Britannic′s propellers. She, nevertheless, was sucked under the water and struck her head on the ship’s keel before surfacing and being rescued by a lifeboat. She later stated that the cushioning, due to her thick auburn hair, helped save her life. She had also made sure to grab her toothbrush before leaving her cabin on theBritannic, saying later that it was the one thing she missed most immediately, following the sinking of the Titanic.

    Historical account via Wikipedia


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        • Stealing my line huh bearclaw?

          • The last line in the piece tells me that Violet had the heart of a prepper. A tooth brush indeed, not to mention some floss. When the SHTF and I get some wild game stuck in my teeth and I can’t get it out will be enough to drive me crazy.

        • Keep it up. You’re obviously pushing the anti-whiner button!

        • you’re a tool…

        • I’m late in the game here, but what an exciting life this woman led!!



        • This world is so evil, it wouldn’t surprise me.

        • ??

        • Knowing how dissenters to the NWO either end up:-

          1/ Dead (JFK, Ghadafi, Dr David Kelly, Malcom X)
          2/Locked away in an insane asylum or in a gulag (Stalin & Mao loved this soultion).
          3/Discredited – public reputation so destroyed noone listens (eg Dr Wakefield & the MMR)

          I’ve often wondered about this too Bearclaw as the passenger list was a veritable whos who of movers & shakers. A dissenter’s heir or next of kin would also be still grieving the loss of their loved one/s in 1913 so not likely to interfere in affairs of state.

          Sadly I also see political parrallels between the Titanic tragedy (and the creation of the FR) and the events of 9/11. If nothing else certain malevolent parties certainly took swift advantage of the tragedies to implement detrimental policies.

          • Good job possee…I’d didn’t scroll down far enough to see your post…a few very rich industrialists perished on board also…thanks for the link.

          • “There were a number of powerful men who were NOT in favor of the Federal Reserve System. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and John Jacob Astor opposed the formation of a F.R.S. These men were arguably the richest men in the world and stood in the way of the Jesuits’ plan. ‘These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace.’ Not only were these enemies of the Jesuits against a Federal Reserve Bank, but they would have used their wealth and influence to oppose World War I.”


            • What’s even more intriguing is Titanic’s identical sister ship, the Olympic. Olympic was serverly damaged after a collusion with HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight in late 1911. The Olympic was towed/sailed back to Belfast for repairs and assessment. Titanic was there too, working up with sea trials. However, it was found that Olympic’s hull was severely twisted. Repair costs were going to be astronomical. In the hundreds of millions in todays money. Thats even if was possible to repair the Olympic. Captain Smith of the Olympic was at fault it would seem after initial investigations. Strangely, he wasn’t suspended …. …… he was transferred to Titanic to command that ship for her maiden voyage.
              After Titanic was sunk mid Atlantic in April 1912 …… The Olympic was repaired and had a successful career sailing the seven seas for another three decades without fault. Not bad for a ship that should have ended up on the scap heap after sustaining the damage she incurred. So much for being “unfixable” as was stated in the records of the time.

              So, was the severely damaged Olympic, switched for Titanic in Belfast by ship owners? Was OLYMIC renamed Titanic and intentionally sunk/scuttled and losses recouped from the Insurance? And the ship that sank on the 15th of April 1912 was heavily insured …… Considering she was meant to be unsinkable, so much insurance for an unsinkable ship seems excessive.

              The old switcher-roo? What’s 1500 lives when you’re faced with hundreds of millions in repair costs on a damaged ship? Safer to switch ships (because they were identical) scuttle the damaged ship and get your money back through an insurance scam? If this is what really happened, did Captain Smith and a select crew slam the ship into the ice burg on purpose then pull the plugs and then escape in a motorized life boat, to rendezvous with a pre arranged safety ship? And then name changes and new identities and a pay out to keep quiet?

              9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, The Maine, Pearl Harbor, the run on the Banks in London emediately after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 (Rothchilds made bank on that one!!! when it was announced initially the Napoleon had won at Waterloo. The markets crashed in fright and the Rothchilds bought everything they could get for pennies on the pound) So really, what’s a piddley little boat when so much money is at stake?

            • @Able:

              A comparison of propeller blade serial numbers from the wreck site shows that the ship was indeed RMS Titanic (trust me – given the sizes involved, you don’t just swap out those puppies.)

              RMS Olympic pushed Titanic out of the graving dock at Belfast, and nobody had time to go about swapping hulls or the like given the schedules involved.

              Fun tidbit: Captain Smith was the one who commanded Olympic when it collided with the Hawke. The White Star Line couldn’t just fire his ass – he was actually a popular figure with the rich traveling crowd. So, they announced that Smith was retiring, and he was given one last run… the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic.

        • strange how JP Morgan was to be on board and cancelled at the last minute…seriously.

          • @Old Questionaire. You don’t have to change propellars, you just change the numbers in the books. There is a lot of information on line regarding this ‘what if mystery’ Even a couple books written about it.
            JP Morgan had his figure in the pie. He owned Capathia? The rescue ship anyway, and of course it just happened to be near by

            • That’s a lot of “books” (and photographs, drawings, government records, etc etc) that would require “changing”.

              Trust me – that conspiracy theory had done sailed a very long time ago.

              As for JP Morgan, he did not own SS Carpathia – that ship was part of the Cunard Line. Morgan did own a portion of Titanic, however (as part of the IMM conglomerate that owned White Star Line). Also, if the Carpathia was allegedly pre-positioned, it would have been a hell of a lot closer than 58+ miles away.

              Finally, for the whole conspiracy thing to work, Titanic would have had to have more than just 20 lifeboats (16 rigid, 4 collapsible) for the 2200+ passengers (the lifeboat compliment only held enough for perhaps half the people on board, if they really pushed it)

        • Actually it was “founded” in 1910 but wasn’t “legalized” till ’13, which makes a conspiracy more probable.

          In any case, there is no question there was a conspiracy to hide the fact the ship split in two before it sunk because of a design defect. The History Channel covers this in detail.

        • I wish it had been JP Morgan Chase!

          • JP Morgan has more than this to answer for… remember Tesla was working for him in developing transmitted electrical power and Nikolai had found a way to do so but the moment JP Morgan realized he could not charge for it he cut him lose. Tesla, one of the greatest minds of the 19-20th Centuries died poor & destitute. Tesla btw invented AC power & light bulb not Edison.

            • I think you meant George Westinghouse, not JP Morgan.

              Westinghouse was the big champion of Alternating Current (AC), and was Tesla’s big sponsor.

      3. A lot of luck is required in any survival situation, but a little prepping never hurts. Stay safe!

        • Prepping is making your own luck.

      4. Could we please get a one week IP ban for ‘First’ posters?

        • I second that only if we can get a 1 year ban for anyone asking to ban anyone

          • Now why would you want ME banned when I am trying to make this place better?

            It’s a waste of bandwidth and money to Mac Slavo, not to forget the waste of time to people who come here for information.

            I’m not asking to suppress opposing opinions. Just useless drivel.

            • Society is going to Hell in a hand basket due to rewarding bad behavior. And some 40% of you proved it by thumbing me down when I made a suggestion to try and improve this site.

              Continue rewarding bad behavior.

              I look forward to the collapse when bad behavior will be dealt with by a gun.

      5. Some very very wealthy people went down on the Titanic. Had they survived, I am sure the alt-timeline would have been quietly different. This wealth moved to their heirs or next of kin. $100,000 then is millions in today’s dollars.

        The same can said of the timeline we are in now.
        If Obama wins, we shall see higher taxes that will cause any recovery to stumble and de/inflation will be tragic because deflation does not mean products are cheaper, it usually means they are not available, whereas high inflation/high taxes means nobody can afford them from one day to next.

        IHMO, the Fed.Gov will have no choice and along with the States to push for a Fed VAT (if they get a cut) which will solve their old problem of Internet Sales side stepping local sales taxes.

        Surviving either scenario means planning now for what essentials you know you will need 2years from now…

        Btw, I dont see the high taxes/inflation being any different even if Romney wins. Romney is RINO and he is no friend of gun owners but I guess he will be marginally better than a 2nd term with Obama.

        Be afraid, very afraid of the Lame Duck session as BHO really loves ruling with EO’s; And we have always been in a state of National Emergency since WWII as it was never rescinded, as I recall…


        • A VAT tax would crush the economy. Vat is added at each step. No exceptions. They wont get rid of the current tax system. They would just add more with VAT. Then you can add in the state sale taxes. The FED has nothing to do with state sale taxes. Sales taxes were supposed to go for infrastructure projects to help build business. Not just to put more money into the coffers of government. If a state doesent want to build the water, roads, power sustems and support business in their state then why should they get sales taxes to support non existant businesses and the state that helps the businesses gets nothing.

      6. Titanic enough already who cares… greedy pigs built it sailed it sunk it. To bad they didnt put enough life boats to save most everyone. The white star line is still around today.

      7. Prepare Metro KC (Kansas City) made seven interesting short videos of interest to preppers everywhere. Longtime readers of SHTFplan will already know this stuff but it’s done in a cute, lighthearted, humorous way, with two characters, Preparedness and the villian Disaster. Click my name to get to the website.

      8. That’s one very lucky lady. I knew a Marine like that in Viet-nam. I swear nothing could kill him. Some people have divine providence watching over them.

      9. Sailors are are a superstitious lot — after the sinking of the Brittanic, I don’t think anybody “in the know” would be especially eager to get on any ship with Violet Jessup aboard.

        Here’s another survival story from RMS Titanic that has always fascinated me — the chief baker, Charles Joughin, who not only passed up a chance to get into a lifeboat himself, but also devoted his remaining time aboard to saving many others. He went into the 28-30 degree sea with the ship (he was probably the last man off) and treaded water for an inexplicable two hours without expiring.

        Though he managed to “step off” the sinking stern section without getting his head wet, it has also been intimated that he kept himself “warm” by consuming copious amounts of “antifreeze” (whiskey, scotch or brandy?)while engaged in his one-man lifesaving crusade.

        What’s interesting is that there is probably no scientific reason that he didn’t die of hypothermia as virtually everyone else who went into the water did — alcohol only gives the illusion of warmth, while actually promoting bodily cooling through the dilation of subcutaneous blood vessels. Mind over matter? Or the hand of God? Who knows?

        I wish I could toss back a few with Joughin the baker. He’s one of the most intriguing figures of that “night to remember,” and he was also a genuine hero.


      10. Mac; you definitely gave us a left turn with an out of the norm article in which I found refreshing. 🙂

        Thumbs up !.

        Also., if you do a forum, I am hoping you keep the main page like it is., in which then would lead us into the forum.

        Are you on Facebook now?

        Have a great evening. 🙂

        • Eagle, I am off the grid with respect to facebook.. I won’t even allow friends/family to use my computer to update their Facebook accounts… They think I’m nutz!

          The server has been upgraded so we should now be able to handle pretty much any kind of processing that the server requires for forums, comments and any other features we introduce in the future.

          With respect to the homepage, I will probably need to make some modifications to the homepage layout after the introduction of the forum, but my intention is to keep the general setup more or less the same. I’d like to at least include ‘Popular topics” and “recent topics” in the homepage area so that the forum is easily accessible… Not 100% sure how it’s all going to be set up just yet — it’ll be a work in progress, I think.

          Many thanks!


          • Mac just a wuick note of thanx to you. You are doing a FANTASTIC job with this site. I have been reading you for about a year and because of this site I am now a prepper, many thanx to your articles (that always seem to come to pass) and all of the wonderful info and guidance that you have given to me. By the way have you heard from Manos I have not seen him on here for awhile hope he is well, again THANK YOU!

            • Thanks for the kind words JIC! I’m glad the site has been of help, and really, it wouldn’t be possible without all of the great people in alternative media doing the research and reporting that the mainstream won’t, as well as all of the people in the SHTFplan and prepper community who are willing to share their ideas and knowledge. I’ve learned a ton from the commenting areas here. Lots of brilliant people!

              Manos sends over an update to several web masters every so often; usually every couple weeks or before significant events are scheduled to go down in Greece. He’s seen this thing devolve into chaos right outside his window over the last few years and has been invaluable in giving us on-the-ground insights… He’s good people and it’s evident by the fact that he always sends his blessings for family, friends and our readers here at SHTFplan. He is very concerned about the state of affairs in his home country, as well as in ours and has consistently warned us, in private and public, to prepare for what’s coming. Like many of us, Manos understands that We the People have had our rights stripped and our livelihoods threatened for the advancement of an agenda that aims to enslave of us all. For him this isn’t a news blurb on television – it’s reality. Like us, he is seeing his country and countrymen being sold down the river.

              Without people like Manos on the ground all over the world giving us the real scoop there is a strong likelihood that most of us wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on.

              He makes his way to the site regularly, and I suspect he’ll be sending us an update in due time.

              Thanks, JIC (and all you other fine people), for contributing your thoughts, ideas, and for always keeping the conversations fun and interesting!


          • Mac: Love the Facebook comment.
            My family members are under strict
            orders to not Mention me on their
            darling facebook page 🙂

          • right there with you on the Face Book thing , Mac

        • Mac.. thanks for the reply. SHTFPLAN is my favorite site..

          Also., SHTF PLAN is on FaceBook..,but there is a separation between the letters F and P,thanks for the heads up.

          Great job! 🙂

      11. My son was telling me about a program on tv he watched(?), where they interviewed young folks about the Titanic. They thought it was just a fictional movie, not a real event. Hilarious/Sad

      12. Mac, enjoyed the change of pace; an article that deviates from the issues we’re facing daily and futuristically. She, Violet, illustrated how the simplest things can be missed. A prepper item: tooth brushes.
        A lesson of survival and how she kept getting back up where others would quit. She continued to serve her fellow man.
        Again, enjoyed the article and wish you all would take a break or a slight breather, once in awhile, from current events.

      13. i have always been fascinated by stories of survival and especially heroism aboard the titanic- these brave men and women are the role model for the rest of us. may we be inspired by their courage and faith and love of their fellow man. God bless us all for what is to follow

      14. I probably would of tried to swim for a iceberg if the ship went down or grab some wood and make something that floated, id like to know from the stories if anyone ever did anything like that. that was seen

        • Most of the people froze to death in the water within 5 minutes.

          • I know that. but sometimes in situations with adrenaline and will you can withstand more than 5 min. but most wont or cant. im just picturing a bunch of icebergs around. They should of shuttles a bunch of people to them and then came back to get more people but there probably was none around or too far and it was pitch black with the confusion and chaos it would be scary

        • If I remember right, they managed to pull six people out of the water (that is, after the survivors gathered their nerve and a lifeboat went back to the mass of floating people to look for survivors). I think they did the search about 30 minutes after the stern went under.

          Another weird situation involved First Officer Lightoller and 5-7 other men, who made it to Carpathia by swimming to and then standing on a capsized collapsible lifeboat.

          Mr. Lightoller was the highest ranking officer to survive the disaster. He distinguished himself later on in WWII, when (as an old man in his 70’s) he organized a flotilla of private boats and yachts (including his own, which he captained) to help with the evacuation of soldiers at Dunkirk.

      15. How I would have survived the sinking.
        1. Realize that all shit fucks up from the disconnect between bus. upper mgt. boneheads and those in the know. My own company is the Titantic. It’s been sinking for over 20 years.
        2. Get the wife and kits on the lifeboats asap.
        3. Hop a vacant life boat if launched half empty.
        4. Find some rope…get all the wooden deck chairs and make a raft…early planning.
        5. Obtain some barrels…that was common shipping stuff…the focus to make a raft.
        6. Take the hinges off the doors and stack them to make a raft…use rope or get a hammer and nails from teh ships stores.
        7. Dead body raft….if you could stay afloat long enough.
        8. Just stay home and son’t piss the family wealth away.
        9. Empty all the fire extinguishers you can get and lash them.
        10. For bindings one could have used curtains or bed sheets…
        11. Find three handy guys..formulate a procurment team..and a fabrication team.

        Yes the the Federal Reserve bs…you just can’t trust banksters.

        Funny, we stopped using credit cards and we are slowing paying off our debt…the bankers are shitting their pants…we are on to them.

        • Now everybody knows you have a filthy mouth!!! Your comment is on the front page! Way to go meathead!

        • Your best bet for survival was to do two things:

          1) get your ass up to the forward starboard boat deck immediately, and by any means you can – at most do it within the first 45 minutes after the collision. The officer in charge of the starboard side lifeboats allowed men to get into any boats that weren’t full just before launching. (The officer on the port side – 1st Officer Lightoller, I think – held to a strict ‘women and children only’ rule.) Note that unless you were a First or Second Class passenger, you won’t be able to do this (they locked the gates from Third/Steerage Class within minutes after the collision.)

          2) You and your family hop into one of the first lifeboats to leave from that spot, with yourself as a volunteer to man the oars. The earliest ones were half-full at best (and one only held 16 people), even though the boats could each hold 65 grown men.

          As a mental exercise, the problems with your suggestions are…

          * The deck chairs were made of teak – a very dense wood that didn’t float too well. You would need a *lot* of them to make a raft, if you could find sufficient rope.

          * If you didn’t act very fast, you would end up fighting huge crowds.

          * The biggest problem with any improvised raft would be getting the hell away from the ship ASAP. Otherwise the suction would drag you back on board, or into the ship at a lower deck, trapping you. There were also four funnels and two main masts that collapsed during the sinking, and they weighed multiple tons apiece.

          * The barrels and other common cargo items were all stashed in the cargo holds… way down beneath decks, at the front of the ship. Where all the water was coming in.

          * Staying home? Best idea. There were a few would-be passengers who, either through superstition or just plain bad/good luck (two stokers missed the boat’s departure due to hangovers caused by excessive drinking the night before), didn’t make departure, and thus spared their lives. The best one was a priest who was to have his trip on Titanic financed by a couple who wanted him to marry them in the US, but the bishop cabled him to get off the boat when it made it’s last stop in Queensland, Ireland, He obeyed, and thus saved his life.

      16. Not on topic but some info I thought may be noteworthy. This eve at work ( my local grocery store) we had to cut hours in several departments as we ran over the allotted hours. It was due to the food trucks in several departments coming in over 8 hours late with goods. What The reason being is that truckers are being let go and they are trying to cram more goods on one truck to save gas. As one truck with so many goods will have more stops, thus arriving late to the store. The reson I bring this to attention as it may seem small but in reality it is a small disruption in food supply. We may not see it as a shopper but on the inside of it it creates alot of havoc. As more truckers are getting cut we may seem far, no we ILL see far worse than a late truck but possibly shortages altogether. Please keep prepping. I said a few posts back that we may start being rationed, it may be sooner than later….not anything earth shattering but I thought all should know, thanx

      17. In other news a UK peer has put up a £10m reward for the capture of Obama http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2130256/Lord-Ahmed-Rotherham-offers-10m-bounty-detain-Obama.html#ixzz1s9ZvoKoK

        Thought Obama was being accused of being a closet Muslim? Looks like they want him just as badly as the birthers do lol!

        For a single individual to have upset quite so many global factions is really quite an achievement. Not for the first time I wonder how Obama sleeps at night.

        Re the fracking.

        Interagency politics and paperpushers will ensure the scientitists are pushed ouf the dabate. Red tape will now ensure that prodictivity is destroyed. An environmental disaster will ensure and the alphabet agencies with their teflon shoulders will play the blame game. A few more steps down the ladder into the pit of armeggeddon is assured. The plan continues apace.

      18. This is like one of those “Final Destination” charcaters in one of those movies. I wonder if “death” continued to stalk her. I wonder what ultimately caused her final demise. I wonder why someone like this seems to have something protecting them and they escape time and time again from disasters, while others don’t.?????????????

      19. Im not sure if Violet Jessup was a survivor or a freaking jinx! I wouldn’t want her on my ship after all the bad luck she had.

      20. If Jessup were alive today, she’d have died three times, waiting for the “government to come rescue her,” rather than just take care of herself.

      21. 35th Biatches !

      22. Did she leave descendants? Since the article shows her original name only, apparently she never married (like a lot of lower-class people back then, or lots of younger people with student loan burdens now!).

        The line of people like her die out, while the line of the worst scum of earth ever produced will continue to persist like a swarm of cockroaches or termites.

      23. Geez, sounds like this woman was bad luck for boats!

        just kidding 🙂

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