A Record Number Of Americans No Longer Want To Live In The U.S.

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Headline News | 84 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Anyone still calling America “the land of the free” is delusional at best. Things continue to go from bad to worse in the United States, and people are feeling it.  So much so, that a record number of Americans no longer want to live in the United States at all.

    Once known as the land of opportunity, the U.S. is now more like the land of tax slave and debt slave.  Unfortunately, it isn’t the enslavement to debt or the government that is disturbing those the most.  It’s dissatisfaction with the current ruling class.

    According to Gallup, the recent poll they conducted showed that the 16% of Americans overall who said in 2017 and again in 2018 that they would like to permanently move to another country if they could is higher than the average levels during either the George W. Bush (11%) or the Barack Obama administration (10%).

    While Gallup’s World Poll does not ask people about their political leanings, most of the recent surge in Americans’ desire to migrate has come among groups that typically lean Democratic and that have disapproved of Trump’s job performance so far in his presidency: women, young Americans and people in lower-income groups. –Gallup

    Which means these people don’t wish to be free, they simply want a different master somewhere else. And women appear to be angrier than men that their desired master isn’t controlling them, and their fellow slaves chose subservience to someone else. What’s truly horrifying about this particular poll is that Americans, for all intents and purposes, have simply accepted the fact that they are required to be enslaved by the political elites.

    The 30% of Americans younger than 30 who would like to move also represents a new high — and it is also the group in which the gender gap is the largest. Forty percent of women younger than 30 said they would like to move, compared with 20% of men in this age group. These gender gaps narrow with age and eventually disappear after age 50. –Gallup

    The desired destination for these slaves appears to be the Canadian plantation. With much higher taxation (theft), they are under the delusion that the political masters in that particular area will give them better living conditions. But Gallup makes it perfectly clear that the desire to move is much higher than any intention to actually do so. It is highly unlikely that Americans will be flowing into Canada. In fact, since Trump’s election, Canadian statistics show only a modest uptick in the number of Americans who have actually moved to Canada.

    This is simply more evidence of the ever-widening political divide in the United States.  Discontent will not go down when a different master is voted on.  It’ll amplify once again and people will constantly wonder why they are unhappy until they wake up and realize they were born onto a tax plantation and immediately into debt slavery.


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      1. Problem is moving to all these luxurious places like south america are already in collapse and from what ive read you have to stay in your own little area but I dont really know. If theyd lay off the stupid property taxes and such here so you could survive as a senior perhaps it would be better.

        • My late grandmother worked for the Gallup pole in the 1950s. She personally new George Gallup. She worked there for about one year before she quit.

          She recalled a polling done for a water reclamation project in California. Something about building a local dam. When the poll was complete, George Gallup told her, “That is not the result we want, change it to this.”

          So, I have NEVER believed any polls.

          • Polls are rigged and phony, glad others know this fact.

            • The Poll is rigged. Most Americans actualy Love America, we just hate the Commie liberal cabal destroying every American cultural sector out there.

              To name a few sectors, They ruined basketball, football, baseball, boy scouts, Girl Scouts, the flag, tranny bathrooms, womens lib, NAACP, Antifa, AIPAC, political correct nonsense, the Media is ruined, Hollywood ruined, most cities ruined and now sanctuary cities with the commies ruining the entire country with their commie POS porno pedophile rings and sadistic cults bankrupting municipalities. Oh and use the 1st Amendment to pollute our country with nonsense.

        • @beerman
          Does your state have a homestead exemption? We do here. It reduces (but doesn’t eliminate) your property taxes. It only applies to a primary residence. See your county tax office to find out.

          Also, there is a property tax and rent rebate program here funded by the state lottery. You have to be over sixty five and pretty much dirt poor to qualify for those.

        • re “If theyd lay off the stupid property taxes and such here so you could survive as a senior perhaps it would be better”

          Ever considered that they – the “Usual Suspets” – don’t eant you to survive?

      2. American’s are the lowest form of disgusting vile evil drunken bum dumbed down toxic dump pharmakia junky human filth that Satan and the Fallen ones ever produced on this lowest physical realm of earth. If you call yourself an American you are nothing but a Satanist Sodomite PSYCHOPATH Pedophile loving and supporting boot licking piece of human garbage, and hopefully you did not reproduce. Get off the Creator of the Universe’s earth you disgusting vile evil American Satanist Pedophile filth and take your vile disgusting American Satanist evil with you!!!!

        • Set the the example and get off first!

        • Back atcha Ron!

          • Jim, Ron ran out of his meds again.

          • How you doin boot licking Jim???? I missed my SHTF friends, so I decided to drop in just before the REAL CITIZEN TRIBUNALS FOR THE PSYCHOPATHS begin, because once they get started I will be very very very busy!!!

        • Nothing like an abusive Ad Hom attack to get things rolling

        • You must be Chuckie Schumer in disguise. Fake News from you. It is what you really would love to do to us citizen commie.


          • You need to get off my Creators earth before he gets back American COWARD…In other words, you just wait until my father gets home, and he is gonna throw you out for what you have done to this earth and your children’s health freedoms, and future, for the filth you have supported and “accepted” like daily abortion sacrifices to their Satanist God Baal, and for the true freedom and liberty hating American COWARDS you have become.

        • Uh-oh, Ron Ahrens is back under a different moniker.

          • He don’t need a new moniker. All you have to do is see the first couple of words and you know its him. Some of his stuff is funny but apparently today he stepped on his pecker getting out of bed.

            • I love all you programmed indoctrinated dumbed down toxic dump Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile loving and supporting American COWARDS(you are ALL VICTIMS of Lucifer and the Fallen Ones), and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves you, but you have to REPENT of being an American COWARD and whoring out your children to Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles, so you can get drunk and watch mindless entertainment in the “land of the dumbed down coward, home of the toxic dump slave” NEW BABYLON AMERICA, and then get drunk again of course to DEPRESS what you have become!!!


          • You remember me, how nice

        • Having a real bad day Ron? I imagine you’re most likely looking in a mirror as you are trying to figure out what insulting words best describe what you’re seeing. I suggest a long walk off a short dock might help you cool off a bit.

        • we’re not all Democrats!

        • So, what’s your point? Sounds like you truly have God’s love in your heart for your fellow man. “If any man says he has no sin he is a liar and the Truth is not in him”. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. I guess you feel that you a good enough to earn your way to Heaven by pointing out the sins of others. I pray for you. Hate is the sign of a fallen state.

          • It would be silly to engage in a scripture battle with me, you would lose, all the evidence to support what I say is clearly in the Holy Bible and supported by the teachings of SOVEREIGN Jesus Christ, who clearly wants NOTHING to do with damned and doomed NEW BABYLON AMERICA…..Jesus would NEVER be a Citizen of Rome and he would NEVER be a Citizen of the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed NEW BABYLON American with daily abortion sacrifices to Baal, and completely controlled by Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles…oh no, no, no, no American COWARD-Jesus Christ is repulsed and in anguish of what New Babylon American and the American COWARDS have truly become. Jesus teaches you need to strive to be even better than him, so as a TRUE follower of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ you simply cannot be an American COWARD serving Satan, and ALL AMERICANS supporting the criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government from the bowels of hell in Washington DC are AMERICAN COWARDS SERVING SATAN..YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS CHOOSE ONE..CHOOSE WISELY!!!!

            Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself says over 40 times that you must remove yourself from this world(meaning here, right now, in this Satanist Pedophile loving society) you must find this physical world disgusting, you must abhor the materialistic world, and try reading his teachings for yourself instead of just babbling scripture American COWARD for more insight to what Jesus actualy says about this world. I could lay the scripture all out for you American COWARD right here, but the Lord has blinded you of the TRUTH for a reason, please figure it out and get back to me.

        • Ron, there’s still hope, just cast a smaller net. Some people are forced to live by rules they don’t really want to live by, just to survive another day while waiting for the tide to change.

        • Bond Servant Ron,Wake up you fool, there’s nowhere else to go that fares as well as the USA. You are freer in America than anywhere else, but it is slowly coming to an end if the people don’t wake up. Not all people of the USA are Satanist Sodomite PSYCHOPATH Pedophile loving etc.,ect. There are still some Christ following good people in America who abhor vile sinful practices. Please stay in whatever foreign country you’re in, and don’t come here to the USA, because we don’t want your judgment. Jehovah God is our judge. We will all face His final judgment in the end.

      3. GOOD get out!!! I’ll even help you pack!!!

      4. Funny that NONE of the ones that publicly threatened to leave, Haven’t….

        • And they are the ones we want to leave too.

      5. “If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments. ”

        IF this was true, 2 YEARS LATER , the “system” still has not yet recognized me…AGAIN proves that the “system” message is an utter and complete LIE. PROOF THAT I AM TARGETED BY EMAIL ALONE for CONSTANT PENDING MODERATION/SHADOW CENSORING AND ORWELLIAN “APPROVAL” of “WRONG THINK”… MOLLIFY AND STRING ALONG THE MASSES, RIGHT , MAC? I said before it would get uncomfortable.

        • A fake e-mail address is, essentially, a lie.

          Are you among those willing to lie to get what you want?

          • You are not the only one whose comments are sent to PENDING. I have to manually approve well over 100 comments EVERY DAY.

            • Yeah, but who loves you baby.

        • You are just a dick, that is why all your comments get sent to limbo.

      6. What happened to all the Democrats who promised to move to Canada if Trump got elected? Why haven’t they left yet? Are they waiting for 2020?

        • And do not forget the scumbag movie stars too.

        • Hey guys, I thought we were friends. We don’t want those liberal retards up here, please send them somewhere else.


      7. I think people want change more than they want to move. I recall as a kid the 1950s where people were proud to be Americans. the after glow of winning WWII was strong and 4th of July parades were strongly supported and paired up with rodeos. People stood for the flag and put their hands on their hearts when it passed leading the parade with an armed honor guard Gun control was something Hitler did. John Wayne was big at the movies. Gays shut up and communists were hidden in closets Illegals were sent back WE were a proud people used to a good life and to military victory in war The 4th as celebrated on the Res as well

        • Right on! I remember the late ’50’s in particular. Dad’s ’55 Chevy ran as smooth as silk. Saturday movies,35 cents & stay all day. The hula hoop craze during the summer of ’58. Great black & white TV shows you watched on American made sets like Crosley, Philco & Zenith. Those were the days my friend. Too bad they had to end. I often ask, where have you gone, Ward Cleaver, one screwed up nation needs, big time!

          • Johnny Paytoilet, I want my America back! Death to Cultural Marxism!

            • Right on Justice! My parents are both in their 90’s & have a shit lode of memorabilia from that decade, including photos, magazines, 16mm films, record albums & even some furniture they purchased back in the early 1950’s. What an era!

        • Great comment Moses Strongbear. I also remember the 1950’s for great patriotism. Many native Americans put their lives at risk for the USA. My father and his 2 brothers were in WWII, some of my cousins and I served later. A very small percentage of Americans have any skin in the welfare of the country today.

          I’m a mutt, Heinz 57, with Cherokee ancestry mixed in with Norwegian, German, French, and Asian ancestry. I’m still more Indian than Elizabeth Warren.

        • Nobody really won WWII except the people who enjoyed watching white people kill other white people. And then they, also given the ability to destroy another group of people through manipulation who also had the ability to think, and might have been in the way of their grander plan for the world, got them to where they are now.
          With the later programming after the war that I was given as a child, I often wondered why my cousin was allowed to marry a German, whom I was taught was supposed to be America’s sworn enemy. Yeah, very confusing having to have been fed two conflicting thoughts which you would have to have at the same time as a child.
          Maybe it’s time for everyone to shake off all of the programming they received in school and at home and to see thorough all the bs. We all need to start slowing down and to take a good look at what the other hand accomplished.
          I will tell you too that this is not easy. But one of those conflicting thoughts will have to go through a deeper thought process again if you really want to see how you were programmed. And you have been programmed. The parades and flag wavings were a test to see just how well they programed you. All the parades would have been ok, if you really defeated the right enemy. But…..that’s all that I have to say about this right now.

        • So true. Well said.

      8. Perhaps we should start a GoFundMe page to assist these Democrat malcontents in their relocation.

      9. Things would improve overnight if Common Sense,Core Values, and Accountability came back to life..In a dysfunctional society none of the above are practiced..As long as we continue accepting dysfunctional as normal behavior nothing will improve..

      10. Key to the increase is here: “surge in Americans’ desire to migrate has come among groups that typically lean Democratic and that have disapproved of Trump’s job performance so far in his presidency:”

        Trump simply has to go, that’s all there is to it.

        • Have you been in a coma since the late 80’s Anonymous,or are you simply in denial? We’ve been deteriorating since the late 80’s thanks to FREE TRADE..Millions upon Millions of US manufacturing jobs lost..This didn’t just start happening TWO years ago..

          • Are you suggesting Americans are increasingly wanting to move to other countries so they can get low paying jobs and compete with American workers?

            The point is that the number is increasing at a huge rate since Trump took office and destroyed everything Clinton, Bush, and Obama worked to achieve for America.

      11. Anonymous, there were people leaving the country during the Obama era and they were NOT demos. What happened to all of the people who said they would leave if Trump came in? They’re all still here. Would you rather have Hillary? If so then you’re a damned fool.

      12. i’d like to go but there is no better place left; so might as well stay and watch the usa be the last go full socialist.

        • Lena, the whole world HATES americans so where they can they go? I’m staying and fighting the libturds. There’s really NO place for Americans to go to. Trying to save our country is the only realistic option we have.

        • Ditto, thought about Canada, Switzerland, Finland and Greenland. The only thing that keeps me in the US is what gun rights we have left.

          It is amusing to watch the sheep here in the US, even as Trump has signed the Patriot Act, restarted the 1033 program, increased domestic spying, increased civil asset forfeiture, directly and indirectly attacked the 2nd amendment, bump stock ban/offering states money to impose Red Flag laws,and said and done so much more that goes against the founding values of the country, the sheep that would be outraged if Hillary had got in and done the same things, stand by , make excuses for, or are silent about it.

          Trump 2020 Take the guns first and follow due process second!

          Come on all you sheep, MAGA!

          • Well said Chris.

            Here on shtf they think if they go against Trump it means that they are pro-Hillary or siding with Leftists. Go figure. Then there are some too weak to face the truth. They are followers, with eyes wide closed.

            Meanwhile, Trump is doing a whole lot of exactly what I DID NOT vote for him to do and which I am against. Like EVERYTHING you mentioned, including CAF, Civil Asset Forfeiture, etc.

            AND TO ADD: Trump is also all for “stop and frisk” and other forms of ph*ckery that violates our rights or slowly takes away our freedoms. They don’t want to believe he’s anti-gun either, even though it’s right in front of their face. But then, one can’t see it, if one’s head is up their a * *.

            We are watching this unfold while the sheeple, who attack or make fun of everyone who points this out, sit back and let it happen. Bringing attention to this here gets you labeled a Leftist or Dum-Dem even if you (like myself) voted for Trump and hate the Clinton’s. And are not a Leftist.

            None of which is true, but that’s how they think. TPTB know this sheeple mindset about Trump’s die-hard supporters, those who are still standing for him, so they are free to do whatever they want to us. When good men stand by and do nothing…”good men” should be replaced with “sheeple.”

            So that’s what is happening right now. No one is speaking up to Trump except for some Dems with zero credibility, who hate him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. No one is holding him accountable about the bump stocks, CAF, and everything else he has done to screw things up and take away our rights.

            His supporters should be shouting, instead they are silent.

            Trump knows they are sitting back, silently watching the loss of freedoms/rights, hypocrisies, and other bs taking place, as they just slip away from us, and that they are still with him anyway. Right by his side. GO Trump!!! Lock Her Up!!! Yeah, if the liar-in-chief really wanted to lock her up how come he never did or at least trued to, and instead announced shortly after taking office, “No, I won’t do that, the Clinton’s are good people.” His words. Going back on his words one too many times for me. I don’t give 50 chances. That’s what sheeple do. I only give 2, or 3 at the most.

            This cavalier attitude and sheeple mentality of what’s left of his supporters has emboldened Trump and as a result things are about to get worse. Much worse.

            I posted a lot of truths about Trump and his real agenda in Saturday’s shtf thread, “Trump is a Pied Piper for the NWO.” I don’t know for certain if he’s a NWO Globalist, but I do know he’s NOT one of us, or for us, and NOT on our side. Of that I am sure.

            He applauds the likes of Psychopath Putin and evil tyrant, terrorist Kim Jong Un, and even has deep admiration for the two. That speaks volumes. The sheeple haven’t noticed that though. They think he’s trying to establish good relations. Yes, keep believing that.

            Anyone who can’t see at this point that he’s not on our side is a fool.

            • Glad to see someone else out there will actually mention the truth.

              My amusement is one of a tragic comedy, it truly is hard to understand why the people/sheep don’t talk about these things.

              I am not a Hillary supporter either and it is really crazy that if a person points out facts about Trump that they are instantly labeled as pro Hillary.

              Maybe the population truly is dumbed down?

      13. I would move but not because of Trump. There are places with no GMO food, no flouride (toxic waste) in water; and where an American dollar will get you fifty dollars worth of whatever.


        • Yeah, there are places like that.

          As long as you are willing to put up with minor inconveniences like Cholera, Malaria and (occasionally) Ebola outbreaks.

      14. If the two countries extradite eachother’s criminals, accept eachother’s mail and eachother’s currency, if they acknowledge eachoter’s tax laws, why have you bothered to relocate; it seems like the same jurisdiction.

      15. If the two countries extradite eachother’s criminals, accept eachother’s mail and eachother’s currency, if they acknowledge eachoter’s tax laws, why have you bothered to relocate; it seems like the same jurisdiction.

        • Oh, Oh, a glitch in the Matrix.

      16. Flouride is poison and I don’t want it in my water, fruit loops, or toothpaste; so, I’m leaving this Country as soon as I get my way paid by somebody.


        • I see a marketing gimmick, in which ordinary, brown label, consumer goods become gourmet, because no fluoride was added.

      17. I tried to apply for political asylum in Texas…. They said the socialist state of New York was still in the union.. Could have fooled me!

        • Funny!

      18. Read a book once that said this nation would be split 4 ways after CWII. When the dust settles on earth, we will see what remains. Where do you think you can run? All nations and people will be touched by what is comming. I will die standing, not groveling on my knees.

        • The end of the United States will be something that has to occur before the final prophetic battles on Earth will take place.

          We are not going to be here,as the nation we are now, and take part in them.

          I think that time of our demise is coming soon, and it will take almost everyone by surprise when it does.

      19. We as Americans have and are reaping our own rewards. All the crap in the U.S.A. is here because WE FAILED. Did we really put the right kind of people in our offices? What were the choices our parents made? Theirs? What reasoning was used for to vote for someone, etc.?

        When the people allow their leaders to disregard the rule of law from its inception on then you get what we have today in America. You name it.

        Our own Constitution even though it had to be improved from time to time was meant for our leaders too! We let them (our leaders) use what-ever excuses they would to NOT obey it right from its inception.

        So YOU ARE at fault! High standards were and are NOT adhered to. High standards are empty words.

        Run to another country any and all of you. Bitch there too!

        • Careful, their weak stomachs and minds can’t handle that truth. You will get pre-moderated because you are a “troublesome user” then lied to about it.

      20. Not to worry is our political climate keeps up Alberta will soon join the US.
        The separation noise is getting louder.
        Carbon tax
        Transfer payments
        Pipelines stalled out
        Million dollar giveaways
        If it does happen I’m hoping we will be covered by the is it second amendment?
        Canada does not have a constitution we have a bill of rights and freedoms.
        And it does in no way cover firearms.
        Guns are fairly easy to get here show your license and you can walk out with a new shotgun or hunting rifle
        30 day background check for handguns.
        Although handguns aren’t that popular here
        And they are expensive a new colt 1911 will run you 12-1400 Canadian
        On the up side our country it saturated with old Russian Hardwear SKS tt-33 tokerev cz858 and type 58s
        You can still buy an m-1 garand here for $300 .303 British is very popular.
        If your a Canadian gun owner you have at least two Enfields in you closet. Very underrated caliber if you ask me.
        We have just asany firearms here just not as fancy.
        But when it does hit the fan I imagine there will be plenty lying around.
        Never fired and only dropped once lol
        Where did I hear that line ?? Can’t remember.

        • AB,
          Hopefully you could bring Saskatchewan and the northern territories with you!
          BC would be great if you could lose Vancouver and Victoria.
          I once spent a week just north of Kamloops. The weather
          was bad( I’m a ex-pat Washington state guy so I’m used to crap weather and it was bad, that week!) but fishing was great!

          • Saskatchewan would probably stay with csnada.
            The way the east comes at Alberta it’s like they really are trying to shut us down to what end I have no idea. They’ve hit our oil and gas industry coal plants regulated the family farms into nothing now trudope has his eyes on our beef industry. They want a sin tax on meat.
            Yes you read that right a sin tax on meat because it will deter people from consuming it so now less cow farts and more land for those fuckin windmills everyone hates. And it is looking more and more like that idiot will get elected again if that happens it’s a real possibility well separate this time.

      21. Many millions still sleep and are patriotic and support wars in other far away places. They are patriotic and that’s as far as their thinking goes when war is on the table. We need a Department of Peace, we have one called the citizens who are kept struggling just to stay fed and housed, otherwise known as easy pickings.

      22. I don’t need to leave America. It will leave me on its own. The America I grew up loving is now a distant memory.

        Our votes don’t count, because if the election turns out wrong, someone will sue to have it overturned. Vote harvesting and dead/nonexistent voters tip the balance.

        With the 9th circuit court willing to block any law or directive in today’s society, we will NEVER see any move towards the positive.

        I pray for 2 things… 1) our country will heal.. 2) our country will tear itself apart so that the healing can begin.

        I am old, so thankfully, I probably will not see the most devastating period in our great nation’s history. I do feel empathy for those that will have to face that experience.

      23. You can’t just pack up and move to another country. It’s not that easy to get citizenship in another country.

        They may reject you for any number of reasons, valid or invalid. There are a few countries that will pay you to move there but there’s a catch, a reason for that. It’s not a place you’d want to stay long-term.

        Old expression: If it looks too good to be true…

        You also can’t overstay a Visa in other countries (like in the U.S.) because they will come looking for you, sooner than later. That’s how the illegal Mexicans get to stay in the U.S. They fly in or take a sailboat to the San Diego area or they take the tunnels. The ones that fly in and have to go through U.S. Customs just overstay their Visa. No one comes after them, so they stay. For many, many months after their Visa expired.

        ICE only goes after illegals who have been here for many years and are stuck in the early-mid process of attaining citizenship or never applied in the first place. ICE doesn’t seek out those who have flown in and overstayed their Visa’a by a few months and catch them right away, like in other countries.

        Once these illegals get away with that, they start moving around and/or use different names making them very hard to catch/find. They also tell their families back in Mexico how easy it is to get away with, and so they just use the same routine to get here and stay here, illegally.

        Changing that totally inefficient system and these practices, and not allowing anchor babies and automatic citizenship by birth, would eliminate the need to spend tens of billions on a border wall (that us hardworking American taxpayers are going to end up paying for because Mexico said NO from the get-go) when planes can fly over a wall. And tunnels can be built under them.

        I actually think you have to take a test for “incompetency” to become a member of Congress or run for POTUS.

        Oh, and speaking of “chain migration” isn’t that what Melania’s parents did? She came here on an Einstein Visa under dubious circumstances. No, she does not speak 5 languages, she speaks 2, that’s it. And she did not earn her degree and graduate college, and she actually never modeled, other than a few print modeling jobs that paid next to nothing. She was flat broke when she met Trump.

        That’s why she never appeared on the cover of a magazine modeling the latest fashions and well compensated for it, or heard about in the fashion circles and modeling business. She was an unknown. No one knew of her until she was about to get engaged to Trump, because she was not a model. She just had the figure, body and look of a model, that’s it. And at that point she had already missed the boat to get in on modeling assignments because in NY they have to start young; teens or 20s, not late-30s or at 40 years old.

        Anyone can call themselves a model or actor but unless you are actually performing in that role and have the proof and credits to your name you’re not a model.

        The only “modeling” photos of her are not ones she was compensated for. They are all nudies that Trump paid to have taken. She was not paid but rather they paid to have those photos taken. No college degree, no actual modeling career, no multilingual language skills whatsoever, yet she came in on the Einstein Visa, unable to speak English, with no education, experience, or marketable skills. And now, as of 6 months ago, her parents are U.S. Citizens due to chain migration. So much for Trumps hypocrisy about “chain migration.” And his many made up or embellished stories.

        Never trust hypocrites and liars. In the long run, they are not known to be fair, honest and trustworthy.

        And btw, for those thinking of leaving the U.S. as long as you still hold U.S. Citizenship (as opposed to renouncing it) you still have to pay U.S. taxes even if you leave and never return to visit the U.S.

        So you have to pay taxes in your new country of residence and still pay US taxes too. Very, very few people who leave the country and have dual citizenship, and maintain their US Citizenship, get away with not paying taxes in both countries. That’s actually quite rare and not the norm.

        Are you confident your citizenship application, which can take years to process, will be accepted? Many are denied. Are you prepared to pay taxes to both countries? Will you learn and speak their language in a timely manner? Will you adapt and assimilate into THEIR culture? These are all important things to consider.

      24. Move to Western KY which is more USA than any other state and is Trumpland. It’s also less expensive and you can live on the sale of your own state’s real estate and still buy a hobby farm.

        • An alternative is some parts of Southern Indiana. It generally is more expensive, but you may find less crime depending on the rural site. Yankees are more welcome there.

      25. Yes it sounds wonderful, move to a nice peaceful country with a good climate and stable government, high living standard, low taxes, no crime and a good healthy lifestyle.

        Problem is, most Americans want to bring their drugs, guns, porn, and a corrupt and immoral lifestyle with them, so they can be “happy” in their new home.

        It comes as a real shock to many, that very few countries want American immigrants, that will just bring all their problems with them rather than try to integrate.

      26. I don’t think it’s a matter of us leaving the US. It’s a matter of the US leaving us.

      27. If we HAVE to “leave”, we’ve already lost.

      28. The real exodus began during the Clinton administration due to free trade. I know because many people in my region were reading about relocating to Latin America. There were books and websites devoted to this.

        The major problem is culture shock and the language barrier. You cannot get past this. Do you really think you can converse and fully understand in Spanish? If not, then obviously you cannot flee there.

        Most Western countries will be too expensive and almost certainly more socialist than the SJWs here in America. Can you tolerate that AND be an outsider too?

      29. Some have mentioned relocating to Iceland. I have yet to see any persuasive rationale for doing so (other than knowing a few cute ladies from there). Cute ladies live just about everywhere…well, maybe not Maine.

        You should know that if we do have a mini-Ice Age, that such things actually ruined the Vikings contact with their colonies the last time. Iceland would be a horrible place to grow things or raise livestock if that happened.

        • ht tp://m.digitaljournal.com/science/vikings-and-the-little-ice-age-the-end-of-beef-and-beer/article/420409
          Such things ended Viking exploration for a time although they had been the first (Leif Erikson) to Iceland and Greenland and the New World. The mini-Ice Age killed their colonies due to severe weather.

          But the Spanish further to the South where it was warmer, developed better naval technology, and thus began to colonize in these warmer places.

          Meanwhile,the French and English were ambitious and wanted to emulate the Spanish, but largely couldn’t for lots of reasons like the mini Ice Age to a lesser extent.

        • ht tp://www.fao.org/family-farming/detail/en/c/326453/
          ” About 78% of Iceland is agriculturally unproductive, and only about 1% of the land area is actually used for cultivation. Of this amount, 99% is used to cultivate hay and other fodder crops, with the remaining 1% used for potato and fodder root production. There were about 4,000 full-time farmers in the 1990s, with about 75% living on their own land; some holdings have been in the same family for centuries.”

      30. The truth is this whole planet is a planet of trials and atonement and ruled in the background by aliens who have no interest on our evolution, they’ve been controlling the world economy for thousands of years and only now the last 20 years. It does not matter where you wish to live, your problems will follow you. I immigrated from a country to here, hoping things would be better and I learned the hard way that I live here with the same enxiaty than before in the sense of paying the bills and being able to build something for the old age. Now I see myself retirering back home. Indeed an illusion.

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