A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived?

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    Is something extremely unusual happening to our planet? At this moment, Hurricane Florence is just one of seven named storms that are currently circling the globe. That matches the all-time record, and it looks like that record will be broken very shortly as a couple more storms continue to develop. Back in 2004, a Hollywood blockbuster entitled “The Day After Tomorrow” depicted a world in which weather patterns had gone mad. One of the most impressive scenes showed nearly the entire planet covered by hurricane-type storms all at once. Of course things are not nearly as bad as in that film, but during this hurricane season we have definitely seen a very unusual number of hurricanes and typhoons develop. As our planet continues to change, could this become “the new normal”?

    As I mentioned above there are currently seven named storms that are active, but an eighth is about to join them, and that would break the all-time record

    The Hurricane season is causing devastation from the Pacific to the Atlantic as seven active storms are currently swirling across the globe – with high chances an eighth powerful storm will soon develop to break an all-time record.

    And actually there is an additional storm that is also developing in the Pacific which could bring the grand total to nine.

    Overall, there have been 9 named storms in the Atlantic and 15 names storms in the Pacific since the official start of the hurricane season.

    That is not normal.

    In fact, one veteran meteorologist has said that he has “NEVER seen so much activity in the tropics”…

    Far from being the biggest threat facing the US coastline this hurricane season, Florence will be followed by several other storms that rapidly strengthening in the Atlantic. As one veteran meteorologist remarked, “in my 35 years forecasting the weather on TV, I have NEVER seen so much activity in the tropics all at the same time.”

    Meanwhile, the biggest storm on the planet is actually in the Pacific Ocean.

    Super Typhoon Mangku is a Category 5 hurricane, and it absolutely dwarfs Hurricane Florence

    The devastating force of Hurricane Florence is nothing when compared to the category 5 hurricane sweeping over the Pacific Ocean, Super Typhoon Mangkhu.

    With winds close to 180mph, the fierce hurricane is feared to land over a mountainous terrain in the northern Philippines on Friday night, before moving over the South China Sea and potentially impacting Hong Kong and Vietnam.

    But let’s not minimize the seriousness of Hurricane Florence. It is currently approximately the size of the state of Michigan, and even though it has been downgraded forecasters are still predicting that it will bring up to 40 inches of rain in some areas.

    One meteorologist ran the numbers, and he determined that if the current forecasts are accurate the state of North Carolina could end up getting ten trillion gallons of rain

    Weather.us meteorologist Ryan Maue crunched some numbers and tweeted that North Carolina’s 7-day rainfall forecast by the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center would be like getting “a total of over 10 trillion gallons” of rain from Florence. The math was based on the projected state average of 10.1 inches of rainfall for that time span.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    Ten trillion gallons of rain.

    Needless to say, all of that water is going to cause an immense amount of damage.

    Over in Virginia, a top official is warning that “there could be a number of dams that will fail”

    In neighboring Virginia, officials with the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation have identified some 100 dams they are concerned could be at risk, either because of “spotty inspection records” or because they are still being built.

    “If we get 20 inches of rain in a relatively short period of time,” Russ Baxter, the department’s deputy director told the WSJ, “there could be a number of dams that will fail.”

    As I write this article, some areas along the coast are already getting hammered. Atlantic Beach has received more than 12 inches of rain, and other towns are already inundated with water.

    It is going to be a long couple of days for those living along the Mid-Atlantic coast, and there were reports of panic among those making last-minute preparations

    A rowdy crowd was shown in a Facebook video shared by an employee from the supermarket off Glenn School Road in Durham Tuesday pushing one another and shouting as they hurried around the store to gather their supplies.

    Police officers were even spotted making their rounds around the Walmart to ensure the safety of shoppers.

    One officer is seen restraining a young boy as another shopper drops several bottles of water.

    This is yet another example that shows that you never wait until the last minute to get what you need.

    In the end, the damage to property will be in the tens of billions of dollars, but only a handful of people will probably lose their lives.

    Now that the storm has been downgraded, some are even booking rooms along the coast so that they can say that they rode the storm out.

    For instance, 53-year-old Barry Freed says that he is sticking around so that he can cross this off his “bucket list”

    For Barry Freed, 53, riding out a hurricane was a chance to cross something off his “bucket list.”

    Armed with a few sodas, some M&Ms, Doritos and a copy of Moby Dick, the Greensboro resident booked an AirBnB at a condo here.

    As skies darkened Thursday and winds whipped up at Waterway Lodge, just off the marina near Wrightsville Beach, Freed admitted he wasn’t really prepared.

    “I kind of thought of this impulsively,” he said. “It’s kind of a stupid idea.”

    Yes, it probably is a stupid idea, but I admire his courage.

    This storm will come and go, and the recovery will take an extended period of time.

    But the much bigger story is what is happening to our planet on a larger scale.  These storms are increasing in number and intensity, and that should definitely alarm all of us.


    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Hurricane Florence turned out to be a big nothingburger.

        When Jim Cantorie with the Weather Channel has to go stand in the drainage ditch to give the appearance of massive flooding you know it is bullshit.

        • I’m coming to a horrific realization folks. I don’t think we can vote our way out of our problems. I think democracy and women’s rights will end in white extermination.

          • same conclusion may here have already come to Eisenkreutz. The soap box (like here) merely relieves a bit of tension. The ballot box gives a false sense that we’ve some say in out futures. That leaves the only option left. The last box. It’s coming time we opened ours’ – and made as good a use of the contents as possible until either empty or no longer able to reach in to scrabble for the last remaining rounds.

            • Heartless, the ultimate box to open is your own awareness, your own consciousness and realize your own Inner Powers !

              Most Americans are not only clueless about such things, they are also deathly afraid to look inside themselves because they have been programmed not to do that ! It all started with the Abrahamic religions and Constantine in what we might call the modern times. This created an alliance of total state power via the Roman empire and religion as the dominant control mechanisms and has lasted almost 2000 years ! The religion created then which became the Catholic church was adament that YOU cannot look inside as Jesus said to do, but you must go thru a person of the church, like a priest or Pope or some for of church heiarchy or you are a heretic. The reason of course is they are far superior and smarter than you and much closer to God supposedly and you are just a fool incapable of even thinking correctly ? You can only believe as they tell you to believe and it all depends on you giving up your own capacity to think and therefore relinquish all your own common sense and powers to them ! And it all still exist today as proof of how easily people are mind fucked by supposed higher powers that are actually just control freaks !

              All the while the supposed high priest and those touched by God are molesting children for millenia ! So exactly what is the difference between the current government control freaks we are seeing today and the religions as control freaks for millenia ? There is no difference when all is said and done they are both control mechanisms and both seriously corrupted to the core.

              The Samadhi video on this page explains it all in detail if you are smart enough and brave enough to watch it and the adjoining other 3 videos that go with it. This first one is quite incredible. It opens all the doors !


              On another note last nite the hype on FOX news was no different than any of the other hypesters. They repeated numerous times how serious this hurricane was and that electricity, TV and cell phones were out ? as is any of that is an emergency ? Hurricanes dump lots of water and high winds and they are a natural phenom, imagine that ? Hard to grasp, Hey ? if you live in the echo chamber of fools for sure !

        • They’re showing CGI, deepfakes, of where the water will be standing, hypothetically.

          Probably depending on your district, the shelters are like prisons, run by the inmates — not by the staff.

          And, they want to lure you into that.

          I think, citizen science is interesting. And, if you were particularly concerned with weather and geology, etc, you should find independent sources of objective information, free of hypey clickbait, free from pedants.

          Media is art and the freemarketplace of ideas. I’m not telling people to be Luddites, per se, but cynical of anything too-big-to-fail. In that headspace, all roads lead to prison / work house / plantation conditions.

        • Well then maybe you should be living in south eastern North Carolina. Or maybe you should have been watching the weather channel and paying better attention. There is a reason the area is called cape fear, and Florence is one of the reasons.

          I live in Hampton Roads, (south eastern Virginia). We take every Hurricane seriously.

          Where do you live? How far inland do you live from the coast?

          The only bullshit here is the pile you are creating.

          • Bigus Macus, you apparently ate a few too many big macs ? Beaumonts comments are more or less accurate. He did not say the hurricane was not serious, just the hype surrounding a natural event ! Water and wind can be very serious matters, but that is what happens with a hurricane ? So per your big mac thinking should we build more vacation homes in the flood plain and on the beach’s we know will have a hurricane one day ? And do we need more emergency services for self inflicted stupidity and group think ? Seems to me we have over dosed on all of it far too long for many valid reasons. All of this goes to show how stupidly we live here in USA today ! Very much like the recent fires.

          • The Weather Channel is part of NBC and is now officially “fake news.” The top story on Drudge right now (almost 10PM on Saturday night) is about Mike Seidel on the Weather Channel in Wilmington pretending to be just about blown away by the fierce wind, while a couple of guys in shorts walk casually behind him showing no signs of having to fight the wind.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrvbrMybNDI&pbjreload=10

            If having those neon green safety pants makes it safe to be in these same exact conditions, then go get you some.

            You have access to the same instrumentation, food pellets, and tacti-cool, offroading toys as these first responders.

            Buy it, without using any emergency powers communism, thx.

      2. Barry Freed sounds like a potential Darwin Award candidate.

      3. Not “Day After Tomorrow”,but “Geostorm”. According to Prof.James McCanney,who helped invent the process of moving hurricanes with high powered satellites,most of these hurricanes going wild lately are man made and steered by lasers.

        • Horse shit! They’re still using grandma’s hand-crank egg beaters.

      4. The time has come to sleep and not wake up
        That will cut off the tax revenue for war machine
        Is everyone else tired, so tired, fighting the political war
        Sleep little goy man, sleep, sleep

      5. Is this the “Day After Tomorrow”? No. Not even close.

      6. Get it right. The season in which the most tropical storms formed on record was the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season (28). That season was also the one in which the most hurricanes formed on record (15). The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and 1961 Atlantic hurricane season had the most major hurricanes on record (7).

        • YOU get it right. They are talking about how many storms are ACTIVE AT THE SAME TIME

      7. The elite globalists have weather manipulation technology. They realize it is a form of warfare as whatever they do steals from the normal natural process. You can’t fight a hurricane so there is no defense.

        Now luckily it’s only in the hands of the military-industrial complex. But they are effectively controlled by the globalists.

        It is entirely plausible that the military-industrial complex will declare a coup to seize control. I fully expected Hillary Clinton would win and then a coup would follow by patriotic generals and admirals. It still might happen.

        They have been working on this since they first tried seeding the clouds. They can use HAARP but now they have technology to create earthquakes and tidal waves.

        War in the future will not be with an infantry or even with aerial incediary bombing. Nope…it will be weather manipulation to cause droughts so famines happen to create massive civil unrest. That causes starvation and war.

        It’s leaking out as a result of proof about chemtrails and trying to control rising temperatures.

        We are clueless and meddling with elemental forces and have no idea about the ramifications.

      8. I like the idea of living on the coast, but that old logic thing keeps out weighing any ambitions I have in that direction. It ain’t just the hurricanes, it’s the tsunamis, the rogue waves, and the fact that we’ve seldom had to repel invasion from the sea. Yes, you read that right. Invasion. Yes, we have a great Navy, Coast Guard, and Army and Air Force. About half our Armed forces are tied up on foreign soil. The Marine Corps, which I didn’t mention, is mostly tied up in the forever war in…….Afghanistan. As if it was needed there, supporting and propping up a moslem nation. If the southern border is porous, the beaches and coasts of the US are open to invasion because we don’t have adequate forces available to defend them. The National Guard, and the Reserve units? Sure, they should be able to muster with about half their people and none of their heavy equipment, right about the time the invading force is off the beaches and a hundred miles inland. I don’t care if climate change is working it’s wonders on the earth. While we’re still alive, we can at least deal with it. The other I mentioned is a nightmare without end.The reason I mention this is because it is one of those things that Occam’s razor cuts pretty well. It’s also how 9/11 happened. Even children could have figured that one out. Who would invade us? Take your pick. Once an invading force seizes a large American city, it can keep counter attack at bay by staying in amongst the people, effectively using them for hostages. Read up on what happened to Manila, in the Philippines in 1945.

      9. Man you guys are nuttier then squirrel poop. Get out of the basement and smell the fresh air you will feel better.

        • Well, I’ll do them one better and mention the ‘law of manifestation’.

          As someone, who is occasionally sick, sore, or takes rests, the more I am outside, imho, nothing is better for survival than first world conveniences. In every hardship, is a point of diminishing returns, where the workshy will probably live a longer, healthier life.

          Intelligent people, read. Think of a hothouse plant, bred for vigor and to be palatable. Remember Ishi and the Lykov family. Be a person, not one of the animals.

      10. GRID DOWN FOR 100,000’S IN SC

        Warning, to chi-com and UN nationals, you Russians, with your MS13 tattooed face buddies, that plan to keep the grid down in SC, while you and your cabal globalist government are busy trying to cancel the Mid term elections. SC is not cali or like other liberal pussified states. You UN helpers and your chi-com buddies better stay home. You pricks think that SC is some joke of a state, your asses have been put on notice. SC is and extremely dangerous state to screw with. The Patriot SC nationals have lots of heavy equipment and bulldozers for you chi-com and UN nationals.


        • Seek help, dude. Sounds like you need some serious in-residence psychiatric treatment.

          • . . .from a good jewish psychiatrist. . .

      11. Seems like weather as usual here in Hawaii.
        Hurricane Lane was a little wet, I’m up to
        109 inches of rain since February which
        is above normal but not much of a problem.

        • At one time, Kauai was the wettest place on the planet. From the air, it looks like an emerald jewel set agaist the azure Pacific. It’s startling. It’s amazing how much water can fall there as most places would be drowned out.

          I’m curious because the island of Hawaii where I visited was STARK lava beds looking like moonscapes versus the hills, meadows, and woodlands of Kentucky. I guess it all rolls off into the ocean?

          • Mara,
            You were probably on the Kona side they rarely get that much rain and it does run off. I’m on the Hamakua side. Which is way more wet and lush. We have very many Gulches that flash flood with run off. Many “rivers” feed by near daily rain on this side are easy to visit. We even have a few year round waterfalls.
            The big island has most every type of terrain found on the earth.
            I don’t think we have Artic tundra or permanent surface ice. Every other kind of terrain, I can drive(4wd only), horseback, or walk to.
            At the right time of year you can go from snow capped mountains, to rain forest, to desert, to white and black sand beaches, all in one day.

            • Yep. I was on the Kona Coast. I think I should have visited the Big Island longer.

              Kauai has desert, tropics, meadows, just about everything. I loved driving around there. I wished I had taken the Zodiac boat tours as some of the land was inaccessible back then…as roads were limited.

            • rellik, all of Hawaii has been destroyed by humans. Look at the drugs and welfarites ever present ? Not a paradise any longer by any standard, more like a trash dump or destroyed environ heading to look and feel like Los Angeles ! Perhaps the most insane liberal places on the planet or very close ? More like a distant memory or dream today than any reality of a good thing.

              • DTET,
                Good description of Honolulu, and a significant portion of Oahu.
                My island, the Big island has about the same land area as the state of Connecticut. We have about 6% of the population Connecticut.
                Undoubtedly man has altered Hawaii island, starting with the cattle, sheep and goats, deforestation, and such, but I don’t consider my island as ruined.
                We are shitty with Democrats, but they are not as liberal as the mainland or Oahu. We simply don’t have enough money to be liberal.

      12. South Carolina has crappy politicians who revel in putting that tiny foreign intruder treasonous land stealing apartheid stolen nation first. Misery with a southern hillbilly twang. Like all of the deep south, easily propagandized.

      13. …or there are really only 5 storms right now! Someone like sensationalism!

      14. Poor sucker should have done his research better – storms are a blast (cat 3 hurricanes included) but only if you’re prepped and ready for all possible outcomes! We’re on the atlantic coast, but our property is on a hill at least 20′ up so storm surge doesn’t affect us, only takes out the road at the bottom of our driveway (we happen to have a back lane access as well, so non-issue there.) I love witnessing nature’s power firsthand from the safety of my home; I would never be one of those idiots on the beach, watching the waves, and then being taken by one! All my outbuildings (chicken and quail houses) are protected by windbreaks with roofing strong enough to withstand strikes by downed trees/branches. I can’t believe all those people that had to be rescued, and the ones that died, because they had a 2-week warning; are people really that dumb? We’ve been watching the forecast updates daily since Florence formed in order to make sure we had enough time to batten down the hatches should it have steered our way. Other than picking up around the yard and securing things that could potentially be taken and bringing in the citrus trees, we’re all good here 😉

        • Phoenix, yes they are that dumb, and they probably vote, also.

        • Phoenix one of the 5 reported deaths was a guy who electrocuted himself trying to plug in an extension cord to his generator ? Do I feel sorry for him ? Only his stupidity !

          But hey, 5 deaths is better than none for the hype, right ?

      15. Records are what gets broken when you start “naming” every thunderstorm and snow flurry so as to sensationalize the weather.

      16. I don’t admire the stupid asses that book rooms for this hurricane. It’s making a mockery of good fortune or Devine intervention. I thought for sure this would be a Cat 4/5 on landfall. I’m pleasantly surprised that the wind shear was enough to take some of the punch out of Flo. Keep an eye on Cape Verde. The baddest ass storms come from there.

      17. The effects of a hurricane are ruinous on the affected region as this kills their day-to-day business which can never be recouped. And so leveraged people can never acquire the profit and the business may be so damaged that infrastructure losses make selling the business impossible.

        Even if not, the entire region is economically depressed. Every neighbor is waiting on insurance payouts that you pray will come through but the company may go backrupt. The policies do not generally cover replacement costs but the depreciated value of your property. The latter means even if you get a payout, you cannot buy what you lost but must make get by. Many move because there may be no way to get by.

        Construction materials can be very inflated due to a higher demand than normal and less stores selling it. Lots of mom and pop hardware stores go belly up as they can’t reopen, or get materials, and maybe there are no buyers for their business.

        If a hurricane hits, even if you have the money to pay someone to fix your home, there may not be someone available. Demand has increased for their services and they are swamped. This generally means unless you can fix it yourself, it won’t get done. And the labor costs rises.

        It is not just the damage of the hurricane but the costs over the year in lost revenue. Meanwhile you have all the ordinary costs but your clientele may have no money. Few businesses can afford to extend credit that maybe the clients can’t ultimately pay.

        People with gumption who live nearby will go to the affected area with gear like chainsaws, and live in a tent. And then cut up downed trees and haul it off. And some wealthy people may be able to pay them. These generally are smart but unemployed people who can afford to go. It’s hard work and you pray you don’t have tan accident and get injured.

        Firewood will be in abundance but most of it will be green.

      18. Older lady in NC interviewed before the storm said it best
        The media hypes it up iam staying
        Florence a big nothing

      19. How do we know that seven named storms is the current all-time record? Naming storms is only several decades old. Are you only going as far back as when storms were given names? If not, how far back are you going and who was counting storms in prior centuries?

      20. We lived in Florida for years. Lived on a sailboat for many. Been through many a storm. Finally bought a house and then moved a few years later.
        They never really mention hurricane Andrew. It WAS over a cat 5. It blew out the wind speed device. All I hear about is the one at Louisiana. It was nothing as bad. Just a bad location.
        Difference here is Floridians pick themselves back up and fix it. The other state whined and waited on you know who to help. That was a disaster.
        Most people are not prepared for a hurricane. One thing I will remember most is a guy just standing there looking at a can of caviar while the shelves were empty. It doesn’t take long to empty shelves.
        I have stood out on deck with a leg wrapped around a stay clocking winds a bit over 100mph. Should have been a storm chaser. That was fun. We were at a marina at that time. The docks were all underwater about four feet. Electric was shut off naturally. So you had to jump down to get off the boat.
        I usually predicted within 30 miles of the landfall. Out of 14, I missed once. By five miles.
        Last one I told him to sell the house, we are leaving. Sold the house and within two weeks, one of the four to hit took out our house and pool. It still is a empty lot. But the dock is still there.
        My gut feelings pay off most times. Some call it second sight.
        And yes, there is weather manipulation. There are also what I call inland hurricanes. Doing the same thing. Odd, they don’t belong there, but there they are.
        I agree with a few on the weather things going on.And the public doesn’t even notice. Don’t care. Unless it happens to them. Those people are correct about the manipulation. It exists. Why are people not mad or upset when they lose their houses? Or to the fires. Look at a sat shot of the U.S., everything is dying to the west. There were way too many fires back then and still are. There’s a reason for this.

      21. No doubt this is all brought about by driving SUV’s and using the wrong light bulbs? Oh! and since we exhale carbon dioxide, too many “breathers” on the planet. Plus farting cattle and sheep.

      22. Some people cannot leave because they have no liquid cash to withdraw. Liquid means it can freed up quickly. Investments can’t. They are lucky if they have $200 bucks. There are lots of statistics on this.

        A smart prepper has a line of credit in some way even if it’s just as a credit card. Then never uses it. It’s for emergencies only.

        Say you could bug out. Where would you go? Even IF they had camping gear, and stayed in a free camping site in a national forest like Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, it takes gas and money for food. A lot of people do not have that money.

        It’s why prepper try to get people to store food like inexpensive pinto beans, lentils, and rice. Because if they had to flee by car, they could put that in the car. You can rig up a away to cook. If you lack a tent, if you have a tarp, you can bivouac. If it’s cold and there are leaves, you make a debris shelter. You can make a hobo stove. You can make a candle lantern. But you still need FUEL and a dependable vehicle.

        I think if you go back to my posts,you will see a logical progression to address these things in case you bug in or bug out.

        In the best of all world, you have family who might host you for a month. But the problem there is they may live so close that they are in the hurricane zone as well.

        There are a lot of beginner preppers and so you have to figure out the least expensive practical way they can do it…at first. And then improve but prudently and frugally and responsibly. On there own withno advice, they will waste money on very expensive bugout bags when there are mire practical matters and ways to make stuff work.

        Or you can be hypercritical and hateful like some of you who seem to hate people who don’t prep…or even beginners.

        • The latest statistic this week was 40% of Americans have trouble paying for food, utilities, and the rent/housing. And you wonder why people don’t leave??? They are broke.

      23. I think it was a record back in 1955 when three hurricanes hit my small hometown in one month, two of them a week apart. And the Red Cross wouldn’t do crap for us.

        My hometown is near the top of the list of places hit most often by hurricanes. My current town is a little further down the list.

        I don’t mind living here, because with hurricanes, you have a lot of warning time to get out of Dodge if you’re in a low-lying area. My yard and the section of road near me has never been under water.

      24. Hmmm. I doubt that untold billions in repair costs and lost business affecting 1.5 million refugees, 900,000 without power, broken dams and levees, about 5 million in total dwelling in the region…is a nothing burger.

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