Police Officer’s FEMA Warning : “If You Get On A Bus With Government Plates Then You May Have Sealed Your Fate”

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    It should be clear that the U.S. government is and has been actively preparing for a major crisis or disaster for nearly a decade. They’ve spent billions of dollars on everything from ammunition and riot gear to emergency food supplies and internment camps to house the masses. And though Congress considers anyone who stockpiles for an emergency a potential terrorist, even President Obama warned Americans in June that they should prepare for disaster.

    Officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency want us to believe that all of the supplies and planning have been put into place to assist the American people. But as we well know, should real crisis strike the government will not only be overwhelmed, but all of those preparations will be directed to Continuity of Government programs that include only top officials and essential personnel who will be responsible for maintaining order.

    One law enforcement official who contacted SteveQuayle.com recently noted that every individual and family must prepare for themselves or be faced with the real possibility of being rounded up under emergency Executive Orders and shipped to government run FEMA internment camps.

    But perhaps even more alarming is the fact that those who are preparing for the coming disaster and those who publicly criticize or speak of such possibilities, are part of the Main Core list and will subsequently be subject to detention during a nationally declared crisis.

    What it all boils down to is this: If a national emergency is declared and you step foot on a government relocation transport, your fate will be sealed.

    Via SteveQuayle.com:

    I worked for the company that was supposed to go to Benghazi but was ordered to stand down, so that being said anything can be true. Especially if it is a DOD, DHS or DOS contract. We were just mercenaries that did the military’s dirt work, that was ordered to be done by politicians. I would state, that if you get on a bus with government plates then you may have sealed your fate. I would think that if a ‘bus’ were coming to collect bodies(living bodies) then it would come after a large evacuation notice was given near any effected town. Dozens of variables come to mind for this event. The gun owners names being in a registry is a no brainer. If you have purchased a weapon from a store, you are now in a registry and the government approved your purchase via a background check kudos to the ATF and FBI databases. When we run a back ground check we look at criminal histrory which will show us everywhere you have lived, bad things you did, to include emergency contacts that you had listed on your drivers license. This will include your personal bio information. I would take this weapon registry so far as to include air guns, knives, axes, bows and crossbows…also prep food, if you purchased these things with a credit or debit card. That’s NSA type knowledge for your portfolio that will include your texts, phone calls, emails, Internet inquiries, social media posts, political voting history, known weapons, known affiliates, known family members and so on.

    Every large airport, warehouses, sports arenas, large churches, chain goods supplies stores, (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, shopping malls, grocery stores) all have the square footage capacity and simple security posture capabilities for becoming large containers of persons, like prisons do. All I need is space for you and yours to stay and a fence with roving armed guards, calling it adult fun camps and Hillary will be visiting soon.

    What I tell people is that when SHTF, move with a purpose and don’t look back. Go find a nice place to camp, like at grandpa’s farm or your cousins in the mountains because when it’s time to collect the harvest, the elite will send the combines and mow you and your town over. Go deep into the woods, way deep. Don’t go alone and be prepared to stay a while. Hope you know basic bushcraft skills.

    That’s why people should train to have multiple hide outs, plotted on a map, the distance from their house to those destinations, the amount of gas it would take to get to each destination if one of the hideouts becomes comprised, and make sure that you have rehearsed this several times. Do what we call a “dry run”. Completely set up camp, bring out all your crap over and over until you have refined your packing list with what you need and ditch what you don’t use. THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU CARRY. Get your prepper friends involved and make it hurt and I mean rough it to the best of your capabilities. Chances are your gonna screw up leave what you thought were “essentials” later to find out that they were only luxuries. So ‘suck it up snowflake’ and practice your worst nightmare scenario doomsday plan until you literally memorize it.

    Best bet for this scenario is that we’re gonna get hit with something hard, like a knee to the groin, then the gut, followed by a Mike Tyson uppercut. What I mean is, and I’m just throwing this out there..new prohibitions on self defense items, higher taxes on petroleum products and commercial goods, mandatory vaccinations for children then adults, voting audits followed by a huge scandal, multiple outside and inside agencies attacking our grid, the election of a satanist, the death of a rebellious patriot and a new war that may not be abroad but door to door. That’s just spit balling it, there’s hundreds more i can throw in there and I’m only referring to the next three months.



    Source: Steve Quayle

    While the notion that officials would round up and dispatch Americans in their most desperate time of need sounds far-fetched to some, a Supreme Court Justice recently confirmed the reality of government-run internment camps:

    There will come a time in America when panic grips the nation. There will be riots, violence, and bloodshed resulting from any number of plausible scenarios like the collapse of our economic and monetary systems.

    When this happens the government will implement their continuity plans. Martial law will be declared.

    The Department of Homeland Security will activate their already stocked and staffed Federal Emergency Management Agency refugee camps. We’ve seen these in limited form during major storms like Hurricane Sandy. Those who came to FEMA for help reported that their facilities were like concentration camps.

    And an Executive Doomsday Order signed by President Obama in March of 2012 further suggests it is a very real and distinct possibility:

    The signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order grants the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense and other agencies complete control of all US resources, including the ability to seize, confiscate or re-delegate resources, materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense as delegated by the following agencies

    The key is to prepare for disaster now, do so quietly and take immediate action the moment it hits the fan.


    A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Disaster

    Supreme Court Justice Confirms American Internment Camps Will Happen Again: “It is the Reality”

    Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

    Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

    Video: Marines Practice Subduing Citizens Inside Internment Camps


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      1. If you are reading this then you are on the list.

        Prepare accordingly.

        • If you have paid any attention to how well the Gov has done during any storm or emergency. I’m not worried. The trucks will be 3 weeks late, have no map of where the camp is and back over the driver when he forgets to put it in park.

          • Heh…heh..heh.hehehehahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!

            It’s funny because it’s probably true.

        • They’re frm the gubermint and here to help you…climb aboard.

          Same ol’ shit, new day.


        • Physically strong men are more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims.

          • I’d figure that it’s MENTALLY strong men that are like that

            • Far better to be both and not one or the other !

              Beyond that this article was well past worthless and old news as well as a perfect example of my thesis about most prepper sites and their fantasy ! There is a far better way and it is not difficult. Just takes a little effort, common sense and some personal honesty.

              ACTIVE DUTY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WHO WALKS THE WALK! HA HA HA, and no name or identity ?

          • I tend to agree with the study.

        • “Note that the Jewish race has a completely different set of values than White Europeans, and they have traditionally been much more sexually perverse.”



          “Friedan later went on to found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), one of the most influential forces in the fight to legalize the murder of unborn children in America, with fellow Jew Bernard Nathanson. The organization still exists as an advocacy group for the more extreme forms of abortion, such as partial-birth abortion, where the doctor waits for the baby’s head to start crowning and then drills a hole in his or her skull and sucks the brain out, as well as the “right” of high school girls to have abortions without their parents consent. The organization is still run by Jews.

          Additionally, though the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was allegedly not Jewish, her husband was. After Sanger stepped down as the head of said organization, she was succeeded by Alan Frank Guttmacher, the Jewish son of a Rabbi. Like the larger movement of feminism, the movement to psychologically manipulate fragile women into murdering their own children has been an almost entirely Jewish affair.”

          “The reason that the Jew did not launch a masculinist movement declaring that women were leeches that needed to get jobs and pay for their own needs and children has to do with the above mentioned issue of the differences between male and female biology. Women are much more volatile and susceptible to emotional propaganda. If the Jew would have come out with a radical men’s liberation movement, men would have laughed and dismissed it as ridiculous, with even the most feeble-minded of them saying to themselves “well, not having a wife and kids would allow me more free time and a lot of extra spending money, but I kinda like my wife and kids” – because for men, logic will trump emotion, all things being equal.”

          “A traditional single-income household is now almost entirely a thing of the past. This was no doubt a part of the Jewish feminist agenda, as given that when you add women to the workforce, you double the amount of available labor, and thus labor itself is only worth half as much in this unregulated capitalist system. This has put a tremendous burden on those families still existing the West. I wonder what percentage of women today would be willing to go back and trade abortion rights, “freedom from reproductive slavery” and all of the rest of the incomprehensible, sentimentally romanticized Jew gibberish that the baby-boomer generation bought into for a chance to live a traditional lifestyle.”

          • I dont know about that. I have many relatives who dont do anything but talk on their phones and they all seem to have 6 or more kids….

          • If cell phones kill sperm cells we will be fine in a few years. If all they kill is brain cells; we won’t be able to see any significant difference.

          • Totally not true! The Obama phones are increasing the rate of births!








          • Acid:

            White man, how many white women have you impregnated today? If you’re not holding up your part, you shouldn’t complain.

            !!!!!!! ?. !!!!!!!!!

            . .

          • Nope. We just haven’t played cowboys and niggers yet

      2. Technology is NOT your friend. Cell phones-cable box-NOT your friend.
        Technology Allows the Few to Monitor-Snoop-File-Index-List
        those that may be a problem one day. You are being Watched.

        First the Elite take out the sheep dogs. Then they will slaughter the sheep.

        ***When a major event occurs do NOT be where those in the power structure expect you to be. Go away. Do it quick. Don’t return.
        Stay low. Be quite. Stay away from everyone.
        Government is not your friend.
        Police are not your friend.

        Hospitals and Schools are now snitches. Stay away from them when possible.
        School Officials will grab your children in a worse case scenario. Bet on it.

        Remember what the gooberment did to people in New Orleans Dome.

        • I will be a problem…they may be better served to just leave me alone…just saying..

        • Casper Bill, You’re right on the Money.

      3. Will you look at the jugs on that lass in the Roadkilltshirts.com advertisement! I think I need to head to the cafeteria for some milk now.

      4. Go hike for a weekend or a week. Lightweight gear will allow you to hike farther and faster.

        • Yes, hiking 15, 20, and even 30 or more miles per day is possible depending on the season and conditions. Know where the nearest Trail Head is and get on the trail. even if they chase you with motorcycles, they probably wont be able to follow most hiking trails. It is easy in a forest to down a couple tress or drag a couple logs or rocks across or take out a small bridge on most foot trails. On open trails you can sit uphill and see anyone coming for miles.
          Being Mobile and capable of high mileage means that they will not be able to follow or catch you even if they try. They will come after you with 60+ lb packs, equipment, etc. Even dogs get worn out after 10+ miles, putting distance between you and any chasers is the only way to ensure safety and security. even if they come with helicopters, they need a place to land and if they are more than a mile away, you can put a mile between you and the chasers every 15-20 minutes. To catch you they would have to run for several miles…impossible.
          The east coast has several trails, the AT being one of the longest. The west has the CDT and PCT, but there are numerous trails throughout most mountain ranges that are not passable by anyone not on foot. There are usually water sources along the way and there are great trail guides. Nothing takes the place of going out into these areas and hiking the trails. You get a workout, plus the knowledge of how to survive and disappear if put into this situation. Being in the Southeast and 45 minutes from a Trailhead that leads through back trails to the AT I know that once I am on the trail, I am nearly untouchable. I know I can pick up water along the way, filter it with my sawyer squeeze, I can carry 15-20 lbs of food on top of my 7-8 lb base pack weight. That gets me through more than two-three weeks. Enough for me to get through a couple hundred miles of trails and the trail towns to hook up with others. with a 22, slingshot , bow/arrow, flyrod, snares; I can catch/kill plenty of game for several weeks more of survival. Lightweight gear is expensive and it does take time to work through what works best for you and your location/capabilities. But it is simple to get started, get lighter gear a piece at a time and become trail hardy. there are groups of hikers on meetup, get connected at outfitters. I pick up most of my trail wear at TJMax for 50-75% off, even wool and mostly running clothes, lighhtweight jackets, etc. I get all the lightest gear on line at cottage industry. In a few months to a year you can be at high intermediate level or even more, depends on how often you hike and how many nights you camp out.

          • army surplus is a good place to pick up stuff very reasonable…bookoo is even better if you live near a base. i sell mil gear to keep you warm and dry and bulletproof, and i camp, hike with it, so i know it works….is there BETTER STUff out there?…probly….but for the PRICE, military is the way to go. some of the good stuff…fleece, poncho, goretex, woobie blanket, wool socks, desert boots, winter boots, fleece cap,polartec longjohns(best money can buy), neck gater, marshmellow coat, extrem cold weather clothing system(ECWCS), 4 part sleep system, winter flyers gloves,….did i leave anything out?…oh, and a jogging stroller to carry it all.

        • To a point.

          99% of The North Face, Columbia et al. is sold to fucking city slickers.

          At a certain point the lack of weight equates to shit durability. Only experience will tell you the truth.

          • SteveO –is clueless. Get out more SteveO. No clue.
            Acid Etch
            You are correct.
            For sustained long term ops, weight and quality go together.
            “Think Sustainable in rugged worse case conditions.” Get simple Tough gear.
            I have been-traveled-worked-operated-roughed it- in every climate on Earth, except far south Antarctic. (No experience there)
            What works for a 3 day hike or a two week jaunt.
            Would be worthless rubbish in long term daily use.

            You are advised to have re supply points prepared NOW along expected route of travel. Logistics are a bitch. Water-Food-Medical-Ammo-Cash-Climate Appropriate Clothing. These things need to be pre positioned NOW. Have back ups.

            Most important. Get your Fat ass in shape NOW. You MUST be in condition.
            It is easy to get in shape. Impossible to stay in shape. That is REAL problem.
            (I am unfit after only two weeks of inactivity.)
            Also if you are used to air conditioning. You are screwed when you go out into the real world. Heat with High Humidity is worse than cold to get used to.
            Three weeks average to really acclimate to outside environment.
            Heat stroke KILLS. Cold Wet Hyperthermia can kill.

            Don’t underestimate EXTREME importance of Physical conditioning and acclimatization to the expected worse case operational environment.

            I would also add Mental and Emotional conditioning and the expectation and acceptance of extreme discomfort/deprivation. Those with girlfriends-wives-children will find this aspect MOST difficult. “Momma likes her comforts and air conditioning.”
            Dealing with a disgruntled bitch is tough. i would rather be shot at.
            Light-Sound-and Movement discipline, with wife and kids is near IMPOSSIBLE.
            –Good Luck

            Most of those here have a VERY unrealistic view of what is possible.
            Fat-Obese-Medically challenged-Braggard-Over Estimation of abilities-easy living people, usually won’t make it. Unfortunately, You will die.

            My money is on poor country folk and impoverished hood rat children who have always done without. They will figure it out and get by.

            Embrace the pain. Embrace the discomfort/deprivation. Disconnect yourself from the present, Focus on end game, while being Alert and Aware at all times. This mindset pulls you through.

            Most Important– Leave The USA …. yesterday. Leave while possible. ONLY way to save your life. ********************Prepper goods and hunkering down won’t work.
            You MUST Leave. Nuclear war is the future the idiot politicians will bring fourth HELL.

            I am done posting on this site. What I give here works. Take it. Leave it. Your choice.
            Consider carefully points given. From actual experience. Not books or internet fantasy.

            Leave USA while you can. At least leave the city. Blind side strike then Nuclear World War III. TRAITOR Fools are at helm of the USA and most of worlds countries.

            –Wish you All the best. May God Protect You and your families.

            • Good advice.
              But, if YOU’RE leaving this site, how will we know?
              There are so many Anonymous-es here, you won’t be missed!

              • clapping, ketchup!

      5. FYI, during Katrina, few if any of the buses taking people out of the affected areas were govt anything, they were mostly private, last minute rush chartered, by the govt to do so. So, don’t get fixated checking plates.

        • Shane

          They could have used the school busses as many of those were destroyed in the storm. But Oh No! They wanted air conditioned buses to take the asses down the road. Now I am going to tell you as in that case. If you don’t get on the bus to safety, you get to ride out the storm. You loose your place in line. NEXT. Watch Your Step, Please.

      6. AND…..from an old cop, who still walks the walk, this (Sun’s) local morning paper, had an article about the changes the DI’s @ Ft. Jackson, SC, have had to use now. Jackson is THE recruit depot for US Army basic now. Lets call these new recruits, “The Twitter Generation”. For many decades, of recruits, 43% of newly enlisted, had owned, used or touched firearms. The average age of the current bunch is 19-25……and the firearm familiarity factor is now at 19%. They have had to turn the range DI’s into soft-spoken mentors. No more ass-ripping, (I went through Ft. Bragg in ’69), they are apparently apprehensive, and must be ‘led’ around by their noses. They have a total of 30 ranges on base. So, I don’t know who they are going to send, the UN? DEAD. Alphabet agencies that wear suits, DEAD. Any cops, NG, Marines or highly trained forces, are Patriots, and current active duty folks will clean out any who decide to follow any illegal/unlawful orders. POTUS’ EO’s, directives are NOT law. Local cops, don’t make enough to die for his shit, and more than a few have stated, they are cleaning out the stations and going home to protect THEIR families.

        • Right on RR

        • Uh wrong, they will gladly live out their video game fantasies of shooting innocent American citizens when ordered to do so by the Globalist psychopaths controlling the Police State hell on earth of collapsing America-just ask the family and loved ones of the great America ambushed and murdered hero Lavoy Finicum. You have a perception of the COWARD fascist boot lickers supporting this Police State nightmare in American Law Enforcement that does not fit reality, in other words you suffer from cognitive dissonance. We see your misconceptions and fantasies about Law Enforcement in America being contradicted EVERYDAY, so when SHTF they will act NO DIFFERENTLY. The adrenaline junkie dumbed down fascist boot licking American Law Enforcement cowards will protect their pay, pensions, and drunken party lifestyle at all cost, they are doing it right NOW. I see no calls in mass from American Law Enforcement COWARDS to arrest the Globalist fascist psychopaths, who have hijacked the US Government and EVERY alphabet agency, and until that day comes American Law Enforcement have to be considered TREASONOUS and complicit in the hijacking of our government, the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the US Constitution, and the complete destruction of our children’s health and future.

          • The notion that all LEOs are patriots is a load of bullshit. Most of them are f—— robots for criminal enterprise government run by communist gangster politiicians and juges. Some may be wonderful people, but the real “patriots” are defintely in the minority among LE.

        • All true, plus inter agency coordination is a joke in ever trying to get them all on the same page.

          None the less, TPTB, in their insatiable narcissistic lust for power and NWO ambitions, will still try to subject the U.S. population to their will, stripping them of their scant remaining wealth & freedoms and, never forget, TPTB are not all dummies.

          So, question then is, they knowing all the same limitations in trying to subjugate U.S. population by force, that you’ve detailed, what would they try then instead? That’s what we need to now be discerning.

          Probably different strokes for different regions and metropolitan locales, also they don’t have problem with major de-populations, after all they are the one’s who start all the big wars killing millions.

          I see nukes in out future, maybe bio or EMP, something/anything that will drive people stampeding out of and through through their funnel sieves where they can’t take much that won’t be stripped away on their way to their new relocation work camps if they want to eat, or worse.

          I also see that for those that stay behind, TPTB won’t worry too much about as most won’t survive for long with whatever they’d unleashed there and for those that do, they can always invite in another “UN affiliate”, that won’t have reservations, to try mopping them up.

          Bottom Line: It’s not enough to state, even correctly, what would not work that they might try, but to figure out what might work better for them that they would try instead.

          Make sense?

          – Shane

          • The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Aim small. Miss small.

            100 million gun toting Americans with just ONE 20 round magazine is all that is necessary to establish FREEDOM in AMERICA again.

            And that is what they fear. 🙂

            You are responsible for the American Constitution where you live. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. If push comes to shove, 20 well placed rounds in every city and town, all across the nation, can establish LIBERTY again.

            Start a FREEDOM CELL. BE A FREEDOM CELL.

            That said. A New American Revolution can be avoided at this time with a TRUMP Administration. If you are a gun owner make a contribution to his campaign to preserve your gun rights.

            Anyone with half a brain knows Hillary is coming for your guns if elected, despite her pronouncements to the contrary. She is a pathological liar, believing if she repeats her KNOWN N DOCUMENTED lies often enough, that the sheeple will believe her.

            I don’t think so. But everybody has to do their part. If not US who ??? If not this election, when ??? VOTE 🙂

            • HC is coming for my guns? Yo MAMA! I should be so lucky

            • Durango, its been about a year since I have said much on here but we are in the midwest west of Illinois a tad. Exactly are numbers are too big and if we did our job we could have our damn country back and without these controlled restrictions and insane taxes that is out of control. A reset needs to happen I’m afraid to say.

              • Clinthospo, how you been? good to see you back.

            • Just waiting

          • I remember a long time ago reading that the authorities are going to block the major city streets with those gigantic concrete dividers so people are stuck in the city…..BUT a couple wks ago i was in the city driving down a major road cuz i got lost and i passed a big sign at the corner which said….”EVACUATION ROUTE”. And it was heading out towards to country area, but the sign was in the city…meaning those who took that route would eventually get to the country in one hours time….50 miles away. So are they gonna block the roads or evacuate? I am confused now.

        • RR, it’s the same with the cops in my area.

          • Thanks braveheart. I still have been reading the articles just toned down how much I would leave a message since too many have way different opinions and people get to personal with each other and fight and attack our side while the country elites are winning and we are losing. Until we all respect each others opinions and team up together for solutions I really don’t have much to say if you know what I mean.

        • i didn’t know this, but was informed by an army ranger the other day at the gun show here that in martial law, cops don’t HAVE A job any more. they will be sent home, according to him….never knew this. anyone know if this has merit?

          • Makes sense, martial law would be the military taking over police functions so yeah. Never really thought about that.

      7. The gov can’t delegate a disaster recovery but they are gonna round up folks for labor after the emp cripples the grid. Look at what always happens when ANY gov loses a grip over people. They always clamp down on people. The us government is no different in this. Anyone that comes to claim they are there to help you has orders to collect people up and bring them to camps. I wouldn’t follow evacuation orders because if you did they would funnel you to where they want you to be in their kill box. If you were able to go back home your home would be robbed for certain because gov criminals would definetly know the homes would be unoccupied. I’d say it safe to do opposite of what they tell you. Private bussing companies will definetly be contracted by FEMA. If your gonna bugout I wouldn’t drive any vehicle that has plates. Ride a bike or get a moped no plates and can definetly go off the beaten path.

        • we are armed, unlike a lot of those other scenarios. things might just be different for U.S….things might not go as the powers that shouldn’t BE Have planned.

      8. Don’t get on the bus. Simple.

        • Anon, I NEVER get on ANYONE’S bus for ANY DAMN PLACE.

          • The Last 2 Buses I got on, was from The Airport to the Ski Resort for an excellent weeks skiing at Lake Tahoe Heavenly Mt. And another bus heading back to the airport with a load of great memories.. Its was nice, complete with booze and liquored up smoking hot chicks and the music playing. I got laid twice that week. Not all buses are bad. You need to know who’d driving your bus.


            • More disinformation?

      9. I for one don’t want to live in a society as described. The best preparation will be a few thousand milligrams of phenobarb.

        • Im there too, just not worth it

      10. I hope they fill those buses to overflowing with the idiot sheeple and lock em up tight! Less dumb asses for the rest of us to worry about !

      11. So police officers are untrustworthy tools of the oppressive gubberment. We should think this police officer is any different. Guess if he provides doom we all love we can believe him this time. Or how about the fact this story appears to be a hoax.

      12. The scale of such an event arresting the primary people could not be hid nor its purpose disguised. The secondary people like their children in the military / law enforcement would pose a huge problem. Typically people are demonized in order to facilitate actions like this as the NAZI’s did with Jews. Here the people that are in effect “threats” are the general body politic with roots throughout society. I have my doubts about how this could be accomplished without dramatically expanding the numbers of those who are the targets.

      13. From the moment I posted in this site I sealed my faith as sealed.

        Molon labe mother phuckers.


        Fuck them.

        • HCKS….you are in good company. Kinda feel like I am poking them with a stick…but they don’t know what kind of stick I have! Push me and they will find out.

      14. I think they will just take them to Eisehower type death camps. Razor wire machine guns and no water they will mostly be dead in a week.

        • I knew there was a reason for all those “I Like Ike” buttons back in the Fifties.

      15. using previous announcements by Steve Quayle, this is another bogus SCARE STORY. I think he’s a nut (though there really is something to worry about)

        • I always thought Steve Q. was over the top and i don’t believe most of what he says.

      16. This happens to be one of the most rediculous articles other than some of the economists who must be laughing while they type, because I laughed thru most of this one myself.

        I was a Boy Scout. I’m always prepared. I was in College Preparatory School before college. I slept in a tent in my backyard on summer nights as a kid. My parents took us to Yosemite when I was seven years old, and I still remember it vividly sixty years later.

        Be prepared to meet all the challenges of life. Be prepared to jump on an opportunity when one presents itself. Be prepared to fight. Be prepared to meet your sweetheart when you lest expect. Be prepared to be surprised, because nobody knows what’s around the corner. It could even be something good, something great, something you’ve always wanted.

        And stop this nonsense about FEMA camps.

        For less than you might think, you can build your own airplane. That should keep you busy for a while, and if the time comes to get out. Fly.


        • B from Ca, airplane? To much work! I have a bottle of helium 30 weather balloons and a lawn chair,just float away nice and quiet like,after dark!I go with the KISS method,my dog may not like it much,lol
          Maniac –out

      17. I had not planned to get on a government bus for any reason. As far as the data bases they keep, I can not do anything about that. I have done the things I have to provide safety and security for my wife and I. There is no reason to view me as threat.

        • Richard–
          you are viewed as threat because you are not a lamb ready for slaughter.
          The government of USSA views ANY and ALL American citizens with TRADITIONAL American values as a threat.

          -Have you gotten on a plane recently for trip? Notice you were treated as a dog or a criminal. Some overweight perv or a dyke glaring at you and oogling your wife and daughter, in some magic “TSA uniform.” Foaming at the mouth to grope your family members. For “security”.
          -Have you gone to pick up your child in school recently? They even have Police in schools now. School Treats parents as stupid nuisance at best. They freak out if you don’t go through certain door , sign in, and are escorted………all just because you are bringing a forgotten jacket or lunch your child left behind in truck.
          – Have you gone to Hospital? Been Asked those nosey ass snoop questions and the one about “Flu” shot? They treat you like meat.
          -Have you been pulled over by a cop for simple speeding ticket of 5 mph over? And the cop is all jacked up stupid, pointing gun at you. yelling incoherent commands while ordering you around like a dog, then trying to search your car/truck. Just for a damn supposed 5 mph over speed zone violation?
          —-YOU are just not listening.
          The government is uncivil. No respect. No decorum. No common sense.

          The government views YOU as the enemy if you Love Life-Liberty-God-Family.
          Because they are atheist-UN Communist-hate Christians. They HATE the Constitution.
          If you Love America you are viewed as ENEMY. Look how Patriotic whistle blowers are treated. They put them in Jail.

          ++Because those in control of government office are TRAITORS. Many Police around here are FOREIGN NATIONALS.
          ++The US Military is HEAVILY recruiting FOREIGNERS while PURGING mid level officers. No Patriotic God fearing AMERICANS ALLOWED. But fags and Satanist are embraced by the Military.

          Traditional American Values and fearing God are not allowed in “changed” Amerikka.
          If you have a gun. Are prepared to care for the safety of your family.
          Government view YOU as enemy.

          Louisiana has Even tried to STOP people from helping their neighbors in an emergency/disaster. Look up the story at blacklisted.com or I think there was article on this site about situation.

          EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN. YES Richard you are the enemy from the government viewpoint. EVERYONE here would do well to remember that if having ANY dealings with ANY government/official of any kind.

          They are after your freedom, after your guns, after your children, want to destroy your family, want to cause you problems, steal your money. That is their REAL “job”.

          YOU are THE Enemy in the eyes of any government worker.

      18. They peddle the crap that records of your background check are destroyed. I have a beachfront property to sell you in Arizona. They have a registry of people who have purchased firearms for the last 20 years.

        • Their records go back further than that. When Clinton was in the whitehouse, ATF was creating a database using old 4473’s going back to 1968. When a gunshop goes out of business, all 4473’s become the property of ATF. Failure to provide these records can place the retiring shop owner in prison.Of course, the database is illegal, but whose going to prosecute?

      19. No need to worry, Tramp, sorry Trump, will save us from the big bad government

      20. Tooled around in a kayak yesterday afternoon. Great way to slip away. Low profile and quiet. A few small caches placed out where no one goes while the folks go through the neighborhood looking for people to round up. Evasion and hiding assets in plain sight without being paranoid. Everything that lends itself to being prepped to me, is also enjoyable in its own right. Fitness, fishing, fire making, gardening… Learning about natural ways to avoid the poisonous pharmeceuticals they try to peddle to us.

      21. sorry, there wont be some big event rounding up us dissidents in the night. Instead you will be labeled a socially unacceptable criminal and your door will be kicked in during the night. the media (if they bother..) will simply have a 15 second blurb about the number of child predators rounded up in a sting and some convenient child p0rn will be placed er I mean found on your computer. Society will continue and no one will notice you’re gone.

      22. For all of you who are scared…cmon, really? if you think the Government is actually gonna be able to do anything in the scope of disaster we all think is coming you haven’t been paying attention. Look at every disaster that has happened in the last twenty years…one has to question which has been the bigger disasters, the actual events or the gubermints attempt to command and control he afte math? Yeah they took some guns away from a few old ladies in New Orleans so what, do you really think if they entered a patriot dominated area that they would be able to walk out of the hail of gunfire? And look at the clustrfuck their “rescue” efforts were, did you see the inside of that super Dome?

        In the kind of situation we are envisioning the government will break down faster than a 80’s American made car. 90% of the “well trained” battle ready military rank and file will NEVER side with an Obama or Clinton and will dutifully ignore their disgraceful cic’s orders even though many of the upper brass may try to make them, it’s never gonna happen. If you think different then you
        don’t’ know many if any military guys.

        As if it isn’t already obvious, the state leviathan and its handlers and lackeys are nothing but a bunch of boondogglers hiding behind bottomless government bank accounts and lifetime tenure.. At the first signs of extreme disaster, continuity of government is only gonna exist in the confer nice rooms of their bunkers. Their authority isn’t gonna mean shit on the surface.

      23. Anything with Quayles name on it is suspect. He always has some anonymous law enforcement source saying something is gonna happen imminently. I quit listening to anything he has to say. Y’all shouldn’t be encouraging his misinformation by republishing it.

      24. There is no “gun registry”. The dreaded yellow forms are maintained by the gun dealer where you bought the gun. They are not required to computerize them. If they go out of business then the forms are sent to Virginia to a warehouse facility. Not scanned or copied.

        • You’re kidding,right? 60 minutes ran a story shortly after Waco in which they were interviewing administration apparatchiks that acknowledged ATF WAS using retired 4473’s to build a database. They even showed footage of govt. flunkies working on entering the information from those forms. You can suck Hillary’s dick all you want, but you won’t fool anyone here by lying to protect our “benevolent” govt.

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