A Perfect Storm Is Brewing

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    Will we someday look back on October 2018 as the turning point? As the month began, people were generally feeling pretty good about things, and the U.S. stock market quickly set a new all-time high. But from that point on, the wheels fell off for Wall Street. We just witnessed the worst October for U.S. stocks since the financial crisis of 2008, and at this point more than 8 trillion dollars of global wealth has been completely wiped out. But it isn’t just the stock market that is being shaken. The horrific violence in Pittsburgh is just the latest in a string of events that have rattled the entire nation. Sometimes I feel like I am literally watching the fabric of our society come apart right in front of my eyes. It is almost as if there is a tangible presence of evil in the air, and it seems to be getting stronger over time. For quite a while I have been warning that levels of anger and frustration are rising to unprecedented levels, and all of that anger and frustration is leading people to do things that are absolutely unthinkable. And if people are this crazed now, how bad are things going to get once the economy really starts unraveling?

    Let there be no doubt – if U.S. stocks crash really hard, it will cause a massive credit crunch, and that would absolutely strangle economic activity.

    Yes, October was bad, but we can recover from what happened in October.

    But if November and December are equally as bad or worse, we could have a nightmarish crisis on our hands very rapidly. And many experts believe that this market is ultimately going to decline much, much further.

    For example, just consider what Wolf Richter is saying

    So it boils down to this: Some stocks have gotten crushed, but the market overall has barely been dented – though the fundamentals are rotten, shares are still ludicrously overpriced, enthusiasm is still exuberant except on bad days, and blind faith in annually rising stock prices still reigns. And the fact that stocks like Tesla [TSLA] or Netflix continue to levitate beyond all reality shows that this downturn has a long way, and years, to go.

    And Chris Martenson expressed similar sentiments in his most recent article

    The recent market weakness seen over the past two weeks is nothing compared to what’s in store.  As we’ve been carefully chronicling, bubbles burst from ‘the outside in’, starting at the weaker places at the periphery before progressing to the center.

    Emerging market equities are now down -26% from their January highs and -18% year-to-date.  China’s stock market is down -32%, even with substantial intervention by the government to prop things up.

    The periphery has been weakening all year, and the contagion has now spread worldwide.

    But when I talk about a “perfect storm”, I am not just talking about money.

    For years, I have been warning that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is rapidly disappearing, and the events of this past week made this exceedingly clear

    Wednesday, a white man with a history of violence shot and killed two African-Americans, seemingly at random, at a Kentucky Kroger store following a failed attempt to barge into a black church.

    After mail bombs were being sent to people who’d been criticized by the President, a suspect was arrested Friday — a man who had railed against Democrats and minorities with hate-filled messages online.

    And Saturday morning, a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 people attending Jewish services.

    I will not ever be able to understand the kind of hate that we have been witnessing. I have always preached against racism, and I even included an entire chapter against racism in my latest book. There is absolutely no room for racism in America, but it just seems to keep growing.

    We are facing overwhelming challenges as a society, and if we do not learn how to love one another there is no way that we are going to make it.

    This is a time of great governmental shaking as well. On November 6th, some candidates will win and some candidates will lose, but the hatred being expressed on both sides will not go away. Sadly, the truth is that there are corrupt politicians all around us, and the American people have been rapidly losing faith in our system. If the corruption is not cleaned up and some way is found to restore faith in our system of government, it is only a matter of time before it collapses.

    On top of everything else, we also live at a time of impending global conflict. A major regional war could erupt in the Middle East at any time, and Russia and China are openly warning that they are “preparing for war” with the United States. World War 3 is a lot closer than people realize, and the fact that our relationships with both Russia and China are rapidly going downhill is a major concern.

    And of course the planet itself is increasingly becoming unstable. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions appear to be growing in both size and intensity, and massive storms have been hammering communities all over the globe in recent months.

    The giant rock that we all live on is rapidly changing, and many believe that the Earth changes that we are currently witnessing are going to escalate dramatically in the years ahead.

    Many ordinary Americans seem unconcerned about everything that is going on, and perhaps that is because they are unaware of the bigger picture. But the elite are definitely freaking out. In fact, the New York Times just published an article about how demand for private security services is higher than ever

    At Pinkerton, a private security and detective agency founded in 1850, requests for executive security have increased 20 to 30 percent annually over the last five years, said its vice chairman, Tim Williams. And people are looking for safeguards in all areas of their lives that pose risks, experts say, including information technology and social media.

    “People are scared right now,” Mr. Williams said.

    And some among the elite even have plans to hop on private jets and leave the country completely when everything starts hitting the fan. For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “Bankers And Tech Executives Know The Collapse Of Society Is Coming And Are Feverishly Prepping For It”.

    We are entering a time that will cause many to have great fear, but now is not a time to be scared.

    It is when times are the darkest that light is needed the most, and I believe that this coming “perfect storm” will be an absolutely thrilling time to be alive.

    Yes, life is going to become a lot more uncomfortable for all of us, but it is during times of great challenge that we find out what is truly inside of us. This will be a time when some will show that they are great villains, but many will also emerge as great heroes.

    We have reached a critical juncture in human history, and everything is about to change. I would encourage you to be a light in the darkness, because that is going to be greatly needed in the days ahead.


    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

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      1. So what you are saying is Hit the Bunker time or E and E to your Bug out Location and Lock and Load ?

        Who is the Enemy and Where ?

        Please someone help me out ??????

        • Well, after the “Nine Meals To Anarchy” run out, you’ll probably find out pretty quick who like you, and who does’nt.

          On the other hand, it’s more likely that we will just see a long slow fizzling decline, rather than some obvious significant event that serves as the ultimate warning.

      2. “There is absolutely no room for racism in America, but it just seems to keep growing.”

        Well Mr Snyder, you’ve come to the right website to witness intolerance and racism red in tooth and claw.

        • The truth has been suppressed for many decades because, if it were not, realizations would be made necessary which are not currently fashionable. Truth may be the only real solution, but our general perceptions have been rendered ineffective, primarily by means of the cultivation of ignorance in various ways. This has a long history and needs to be corrected. How to do this without wiping out many of the ideologies for which we have developed a feeling of affection is the material question that is before us. And what one must sooner or later understand is that this cannot be done, but that much of what we have come to value is going to have to be abandoned. Until you accept this, no ultimate product of your effort will be acceptable to you.

        • Recognizing reality is not racism and tolerance is simply the attribute of a person who has no fundamental guiding principles. The idea that we should tolerate evil is severely corrosive to society as is the tolerance of savagery.
          I see far more intolerance and hate on college campuses and at ANTIFA rallies than I have ever seen on this site.

          • Stuart, good points. The hate and intolerance everywhere is coming from minority groups and liberal-influenced white people against GOOD white people. What you see on this site is people who are opposed to the illegitimate campaign being waged against white people.

          • But, antifa preaches peace, and tolerance!

        • Ft, the only REAL racism in the US is RACISM AIMED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE FROM ALL OF THE MINORITY GROUPS. It’s NOT the kind of racism the MSM would have you believe. The RACISM AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE is growing. At some point it has to be challenged and fought against.

        • Yeah, true that. Fact is that everyone is a racist to some extent. That’s not to say as a whitey I hates all the darkies…lol But everyone is programmed, subconsciously, to ‘play for their own team,’ so to speak.

          And what’s with the Kroger parking lots? It was about 7PM during the year 2007 and my husband and I, along with our two young sons, pulled up to Kroger to grab a gallon of milk, some burger meat, etc…and just as we were getting out of our truck, we hear what sounds like M-80’s going off near the front of the parking lot, closer to where McDonald’s was located in the shopping center.

          Low and behold, it was a bus load of ‘darkies’ and one of them had a gun and started shooting other students. That’s not to say it wouldn’t have happened if it were all white kids coming home from a game and stopping at McD’s….but as it were, the entire bus was African American students coming home from a game in Magnolia, AR.

          We heard the shots fired, jumped back into the truck and threw our kiddos onto the floor boards….then we watched cars FLY out of the Kroger parking lot like cockroaches scattering when a light switch is flipped on. We didn’t stick around either…we did have guns on us, but holy cripes…all we wanted to do was get out of there, get home and look for someplace else to move with better, um, demographics shall we say.

      3. Mr. Snyder: I do not know how old you are, but what is happening now has happened before. I was in 11th grade when JFK was murdered by the Deep State in Dallas. When I was in college, there were draft riots, race riots, the murders of MLK and RFK, LBJ’s bowing-out announcement, etc. We all survived.
        The only think I see different now is that we are teetering on the edge of an economic abyss. If the Failed Socialist States of Amerika go full Weimar, then all bets are off. People do not riot and take to the streets over school shootings or police shootings, unless the victims are of one of the “protected groups.” They DO tend to go crazy when they run out of Pepsi and Nacho Cheese Doritos; and their SNAP and EBT cards no longer work.
        All of my preps here in Northern Idaho revolve around an economic disaster and the resulting mass relocation of all of the drones, parasites, and human debris from the Blue Hives such as Spokane. I suggest you take a close look at history, and an even closer look at the state of preparedness for you and yours. Bleib ubrig.

        • d said, “I see different now is that we are teetering on the edge of an economic abyss.”

          I felt that was arbitrary and an example of controlled chaos.

        • Whatever you do, DO NOT do a detailed comparison between current day America, and Weimar Germany. You may get a headache and stomach ache….

      4. This article is describing the Fourth Turning. Any observant person can see it unfold before our eyes. I am 73 old and don’t expect to survive it. Will give it my best shot though.

        • Hang in there Beowulf. I too am starting to get up there. The way I look at it, someone needs to be there to teach these youngsters that hands are used for things other than a smart phone.

        • ???
          Spot on,
          We are there, it will only accelerate.
          Personally im fine with it, its time

      5. “Bankers And Tech Executives Know The Collapse Of Society Is Coming And Are Feverishly Prepping For It”.

        People on both sides of the social divide are criticized for being crass opportunists, but I don’t think that society can have structure, unless you focus on deliverables, promises be damned.

      6. It won’t be long before we look back and say, ‘Those were the good old days’. Don’t be the guy who follows up with, ‘Trump bought us some time. I wish I had used it wisely’.

      7. I think the elites who attempt to “Call the Top” (or is it Bottom?) of this Social Market will have about the same success as a lot of investors do with the Stock Market.

        When it really is SHTF time, Mr and Ms Elite, you might not be able to see it clearly and early enough to make your way to the jet to carry you to your BOL.

        It is that ol’ Debble the Normalcy Bias.

        Elite or not, it takes more courage (and resources for the non-elite) than most of us have to uproot everything and everybody to run off to some new place and start a whole different life.


      8. Racism does not exist in a homogeneous society.

        What causes racism is deluded belief in the crazy as hell saying “diversity is our strength”; when it is actually our downfall.

        Each culture and every people have a right to be safe in their own Country among their own people. What people do not have is a right to invade other Countries and then force their culture on the people of that Country. That is what is happening to us at our Southern border. These false flag events are a deliberate attempt to distract us from the invasion at the border by thousands of foreign mostly males of fighting age.

        Wake up. Racism? Bullshit!


        • Well expressed; very important for its truth!

        • How about some counter examples to your

          “Racism does not exist in a homogeneous society.”

          Consider Japan and Korea.

          The Japanese are as homogeneous as you can get, yet culturally (not necessarily individually) they are very bigoted (usually = = racist in our language) against any foreigner ‘Gaijin.’ and

          They especially have a history of mocking Blacks iconically with water melon eating, big lipped, nappy headed figures.

          Koreans also appear to culturally degrade Blacks. One of my DiLs is from the DR and she is Blacker than most AAs in this country. She speaks Spanish, French, and English very well.

          Because of her work in the Auto industry, she learned to speak Korean fluently and she has literally freaked out some Koreans who probably think she is CIA or something…:-) Others have been very pleased and treated her well as an individual.

          No, I think Racism is a human defect that is part of all unregenerated people.


          • “I think Racism is a human defect that is part of all unregenerated people.”

            Nope, racism is not a “defect”, it is learned attitude arising out of experience.

            Consider: There has never been a society on the face of the Earth during the entire history of mankind that has been improved by the addition of black people.

            – There are no great African portrait painters.
            – There are no great African scientists.
            – There are no great African inventors
            – There are no great African institutions of higher learning.
            – There are no great African philosophers.
            – There are no great African architects.

            The list goes on and on… at least so far in the history of the world.
            There are only great Africans playing with a ball.

            Why is it racist to observe that?

            Why is it racist to exclude people from your society if they have nothing but drag to offer?

            • Why confuse bb in Georgia with facts?

            • Stuart, you hit that one right out of the park. Bravo!

            • My brand of Christianity does not have room for excluding people by groups. I think I have a Scriptural basis for that, but you may not care or it may not be relevant to your belief system..

              However, I’m very much a Libertarian in that I believe that You should have the right to live your life in the Group (of like minded people) of your choosing without interference from any Government or in any way being forced on such matters against your will.

              Live long and prosper.


              • Right on BB
                Everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt regardless of color,

                That is unless of course they are a democrat from a large metropolitain area,
                In that case they suck no matter what color they are

                • ?

              • you want your views from Scripture- many of us get our views from observing Reality. . .that is the cornerstone of Science

                Median IQ of blacks [not mixed race] in Africa is 67.

                The black/mulatto crime rate in USA is 7-8 times the White crime rate [dept of justice statistics]

                “We hold these truths to be self-evident- that all men are created unequal.”

                • Yup, awed bawl but those who dismiss the facts will call your names. In the OT, God’s kids where warned to keep to their own kind or disaster will strike.

                  • Notice that I called no one any names…a b I clearly said that anyone reading my poston the Scriptural basis for my non exclusion

                    “..but you may not care or it may not be relevant to your belief system..”

                    Are you insecure that I won’t recognize your superior position on the subject ?

                    I grant it fully.

                    Live long and Prosper


                    • I didn’t mean specifically that you called names but there are those that do. What is wrong with wanting to be with you own kind? Those who call themselves ‘christians’ will be in for a rude awakening.

            • You left out “survival instinct”.

            • yep, the notion that racism is evil comes from the (((communists)))

              a better argument is that the absence of racism is sick. . .
              America is very sick to-day. . .it’s time to puke and clean house. . .

            • Stuart, George Washington Carver is one example you neglected. Why? Did you forget him or did racist educators “neglect” to teach about him when you were in grade school?

              There are many people of all ethnicities throughout both world and American history who have either been suppressed or who were not recipients of the types of privilege many others were afforded.

              There are many ways to keep a person let alone a culture down.

              According to our Census, most impoverished Americans are Caucasian so I guess you would be excluding many of your same ethnicity.

              And that’s the problem when Caucasian people, however well-intentioned (assuming you are) think they know it all.

            • Racism is actually an inborn trait we all possess, no matter how much we like to admit it.

              The trick is, with experience, discretion, and some life experience, we–collectively all races of people–can live socially with each other, treat each other with any respect that is to be afforded and hold those who are disrespectful accountable.


        • I totally agree with your comment
          Europe has been overrun by migrants of men of fighting age.
          our governments look good letting these people ln ,but knowingly what;s going to happen.

          major diversity. rape=,murders,=slavery, to name a few.

          I live in a major city in the uk, which has a larger forein population than than white English.

          they all seem to have there own agenda ,disregarding our laws.

          ITS JUST SEEMS LIKE THERE ALL ON HOLIDAY TO DISNEYLAND and we are all paying for there priveledge
          hopefully after Brexit we will close our borders and ship the shit out

          • UK watcher
            I have always thought it would be awesome to live way out in the English country side. Just beautiful,

      9. Doom and gloom porn.

        • Yep.

        • After a while its hard to take any of this seriously…

      10. Your still thinking of the dollar as real money. The Dollar is a representation if labor, nothing else. The Debt is there because there is more demand for labor than actually exits at the time, but will exist in the future. Resets are going to happen, but the demand for labor is eternal.

        If you are really worried about this, take your money and purchase real property. Something with intrinsic value other than labor. Land, metals, food, ammo are all intrinsically safe investments.

        • “… the demand for labor is eternal.”

          Including the smart robots that are coming into reality? They don’t require a paycheck and benefits aside from maintenance.

      11. Sometimes I feel like I am literally watching the fabric of our society come apart right in front of my eyes.

        Been feeling that way since 92. It was easier to ignore for a little while…

        • Thought I was the only one.

      12. Police with guns drawn, across the street.

        • Well,
          Better across the street than in your yard!
          Just sayin

      13. The Cabal is at war with its self! Sit back watch the Show! China, Russia, And the US (Trump) are in alliance taking down the old Cabal money!

      14. Stuart, like most Americans, your understanding of the world is limited and extremely biased. In particular, your knowledge of Africa is virtually none existent. Your remarks are so stupidly niave as to be laughable and are readily disproved.

        I spent 5 years on that continent and, watched, in amazement, at most young Africans voracious appetite for education.

        Would American kids walk up to 6 miles a day to get to school (like African children)? Schools, which for the main part are hugely underfunded. Most American children can hardly be bothered to walk to a school bus pick up point.

        Before posting such nonsensical rubbish check your facts before making yourself a laughing stock.






      15. Well…….all you little Hitler’s and Himmler’s that hate Jews should be pretty pleased right now. One of your own slaughtered 11 innocent people Saturday. I wonder if that racist loser ever visited this site? Who knows…..maybe one of your hate filled rants was what pushed him over the edge.

        You should be so proud.

      16. Sit back watch the Show! On CABAL television!

      17. The problem isn’t racism, it is the raw naked pursuit of POWER. There has always been racism and always will be. What there hasn’t been up u til about 20years ago was technology that could give the elite the capability of seizing absolute control of EVERYTHING. Digital money, facial recognition software, the internet, cell phones are just a few of the technological marvels that have shrunk the world to the size where it can be CONTROLLED. Men have attempted world domination since time began, but the world was too big and ultimately they failed. Now the tools at the disposal of the elite make such a pipe dream not only achievable but inevitable. We are at a tipping point the only real question is who gets to call the tune in this brave new world, the yellow man, the white man the black man, all of these questions are irrelavent to the the real “men and women behind the curtain”. A collapsing economy, only if the PTB want it so, world war the same. My only caveat is that as with every other attempt to rule the world this one is still subject to chance or some random event such as a massive earthquake, Yellowstone erupting, a random unexplained blip on a radar screen misinterpreted or a random unexpected act of madness by any one of a host of lunatics craving chaos. In that case it’s TEOTWAWKI, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      18. “In my latest book”. Yep that’s just what he’s selling here.

      19. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you with great fury, because he knows his time is short. (Revelation 12:12) Come quickly Lord Jesus.

      20. Wow, just wow… I cant even read past your three “racist/hate” crimes. If you can’t see past the mail bomb hoax, your entire website loses all credibility. Never has It been clearer what Big Gov/MSM is doing. And you’re clearly either a pawn on their game board, or simply just, extremely ignorant. Or some1 more interested in jumping on the latest manipukative campaign to brainwash and deceive CITZS. Any which way, makes you truly the biggest problem out country faces. Congrats. That’s some legacy.

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