A Perfect Example of a Failed Education System

by | Jan 7, 2010 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    There is no better example of a failed public education system than the Chicago Police Department eliminating the entrance exam for new officers.

    The Chicago Police Department is seriously considering scrapping the police entrance exam, sources tell Fran Spielman.

    Dropping the exam would bolster minority hiring and avert legal battles, according to one source, while others confirm that the exam could be scrapped to open the process to as many people as possible.

    The CPD’s recruitment and employment web page indicates that the starting salary for a CPD officer is $43,104 with a guaranteed increase to $55,728 after one year of service. This includes health insurance, vision, dental and tuition reimbursement, though considering that literacy, basic mathematics and situational awareness will no longer be necessary to become an officer, the city should save a pretty penny on having to provide advanced education assistance.

    It is not clear whether the plan, if approved, will eliminate just the written portion of the test, or if this will include the physical, psychological and medical exams as well.

    Mark Donahue, president of the Fraternal Order of Police says, “The written exam is always a good indicator of potential as far as literacy, potential as a far as measure of common sense in some scenarios they are put into and have to respond to during the testing process.”

    In an environment where political correctness runs rampant, it’s no surprise that qualifying to be a public servant to protect and serve the people requires only that the candidate has a pulse and the ability to scribble a signature on a citation, even if the candidate is not sure of what the citation actually says or why it is being administered.

    In the new America, politicians with no real world experience get to pass trillion dollar economic stimulus bills, police officers enforce laws that they are unable to read, and school children are not allowed to fail a grade because it might hurt their feelings.

    We are traveling down a dangerous path when, on all levels of government and social order, we reward the incompetent to the detriment of those who are competent.

    America is supposed to be a country whose citizens are extraordinary and free.

    Instead, we are steadily capitulating to the socialist ideas of mediocrity and dependence.


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      1. It is the communist idea of racial equality that has destroyed the once great cities of this country! Desegregation was a weapon of mass destruction. Deal with it.

      2. Most Amerikkkan schools are nothing but a dropout factories! The economy WILL NEVER recover because Amerikkkans CAN NOT compete on LOCAL or GLOBAL level.

      3. Sam, I am not sure where to go with this, other than to say that “equality” is not a communist idea. The design of the US Constitution was such that all men are created equal, and thus, should live equally under the law of the land. In that sense, regardless of religion or race, we are all protected equally under the law. Call it racial equality, call it whatever you want, but it is equality nonetheless.

        Racial inequality has existed on opposite sides of the spectrum throughout the history of the US, first when slave ownership was allowed, and today, for example, through programs like affirmative action. In both cases, one race of people was given more rights than the other. (Though it’s clear the slaves were much worse off…)

        I am not a student of desegregation, but I will suggest that the underlying motivation for the movement itself was to grant equality to all men, under the law. I won’t get into the private business side of it (i.e. No Black Allowed), because that is a separate argument with slightly different dynamics, I think. But in the case of public services, such as riding a bus, or attending college, or drinking from a public water fountain, it is clear to me that desegregation was the appropriate action to take. We all bleed red, thus we are all men, and thus we should all be afforded the same protections of liberty under the law.

        Under the proposed Chicago PD changes, all officers would technically be “equal” under the new law, regardless of their skin color. So, that in itself would not necessarily be a communist idea, in my view.

        Consider the existing minority officers who did have to take the examination and pass in order to become police officers. I am willing to bet that a good portion of them may feel as if they had to work their butts of to get to where they are, while others will simply be hired, for no other reason than the fact that their heart is beating.

        There may be elements of race involved in this particular decision by Chicago PD, but in my opinion, it is an insight into the dilapidated state of the country overall.

      4. Given the quality and character of most of the law enforcement officers that you see speaking publicly regarding various incidents on TV; I thought that most departments had already done away with any educational requirements related to the hiring process.

        I used to build public schools back when we were still building anything in the US. In this capacity, I had daily contact with teachers and administrators. You should have heard the stories that they would tell regarding the crap that they were expected to put up with from some of the students that they were expected to teach and  their parents; both Black, White and Latino. You couldn’t make some of these stories up. And we wonder why our poor country is in the sad shape that it is.

      5. I find it amusing that people are worried about the economy recovering.  It isn’t.  Start worrying about your souls and repent.  This is revelations happening right before your eyes.  People state that previous times people thought it was the end and it wasnt.  They say this is one of those times, but they are wrong.  Isreal was rebuilt in 1946 and this is the main prophecy which is stated in revelations.  There is no recovery for america. Educate your kids about Jesus

      6. Nobody with half a brain would want to be a cop anyway.

      7. Under the constitution we have the right to compete equally for success. Help has been given in the form of affirmative action. The constitution does not guarantee success. It guarantees equal opportunity to try. Should we eliminate testing for surgeons, airline pilots, and navy seals?

      8. Ok, I feel that this is a moot point due to officers already being not hired due  scoring too high.



        We should only hire cops with a 125 IQ and pay them more with better benefits and vacation/sick leave.
        We can have fewer police and fewer “communication” troubles.  They will be able to understand the laws that they are meant to enforce.

        Smarter, well paid police are more productive and do question when authority is bad.

        PLEASE, prove me wrong….
        Education and common sense trump brute force most always.

        Final note, just a thought…
        “All men are created equal” but what happens to them there after is their family and their personal trouble!
        The police and the military need to not give out these free hand-outs.

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