A New Government Position in Connecticut Pays $150,000/Year To Censor “Misinformation”

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    In an attempt at plugging the leak of truthful information online, the government of Connecticut has created a new Ministry of Truth bureaucratic position to scour social media for “misinformation.”

    According to reports, the job will pay $150,000 per year, and its entire purpose is to purge the internet of anything the government deems as “false.”

    The New York Times reported that whoever gets hired into the slot will be tasked with flagging memes, “emerging narratives,” and other content that has the potential to go “viral.” Part of the job is specifically targeting so-called “alt tech” platforms such as GETTR and Rumble.

    To be sure that Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and other Hispanic people are not exposed to the same “misinformation” in Spanish, the qualified candidate will need to be bilingual as well.

    The new job was announced in an election year, of course, the clear aim being to avoid any more Republican wins. (Related: The corporate-controlled media is also trying to silence the independent media for the same purpose.)

    California, Colorado, Idaho, and many other states are also spending taxpayer money to police the internet

    Connecticut is not alone in its quest to sanitize information online. California and Colorado are both trying to do the same thing, reports indicate – and the latter actually already did this in 2020, unbeknownst to many.

    Colorado’s “Rapid Response Election Security Cyber Unit,” as it is called, was first deployed in 2020 to stop Donald Trump and other Republicans from winning the election. That same unit is once again being deployed in 2022 for the upcoming midterms.

    “This unit is made up of three election security experts who will surveil the internet for election misinformation and report it to federal law enforcement,” Reclaim the Net revealed.

    Colorado’s Democratic Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, will head up the unit, her justification for its existence being that “lies are being used to chip away at our fundamental freedoms.”

    In California, the office of the Secretary of State is working alongside the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to stamp out the truth by probing for “patterns of misinformation across the internet.”

    “In addition to these flagging and censorship efforts, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona will also be spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns that push ‘accurate’ election information,” Reclaim the Net further reported.

    Scott Bates, the Deputy Secretary of State in Connecticut, says his state’s Ministry of Truth is needed in order to achieve “situational awareness by looking into all the incoming threats to the integrity of elections.”

    “Misinformation can erode people’s confidence in elections, and we view that as a critical threat to the democratic process,” Bates is further quoted as saying.

    Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, on the other hand, is horrified by this new trend. He says that all of these states are “setting up ‘Ministries of Truth’ to censor Americans.”

    These Ministries of Truth all align with the Biden regime’s new “Disinformation Governance Board,” which was recently launched for the very same purpose of fighting “disinformation” online.

    The Biden regime is scouring Facebook for unacceptable posts and flagging them for censorship. Democrats all across the country are reportedly doing the same thing on Twitter to force the removal of unsavory tweets.

    “Critics have argued that programs that involve public officials flagging speech for Big Tech platforms to censor violate the First Amendment because the government is coercing these private companies to censor on its behalf,” Reclaim the Net explains.

    “However, courts have so far dismissed lawsuits that allege these public-private censorship initiatives violate the First Amendment.”


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      1. This sort of thing should result in massive first amendment lawsuits against the government, but it probably won’t outside of a few token suits from right wing tinfoil hatters.

        In any event, with the state of public education being what it has for the last three decades, I doubt there is anyone actually qualified to impartially identify, confirm, and censor “misinformation”.

        Except for myself, I’m probably the only one actually qualified to do this, but I’ not going to be applying for that job.

      2. Mr Gubermint this is when we the people know that that first amendment freedom of speech is truly dead! R.I.P!

      3. The Republicans did very well down ballot in 2020. The only one that didn’t do well on the ballot was the orange man.

        If the election was rigged, why did they let Republicans win for Congressional seats but yet single out Trump to lose? Congressional seats overall are more important than the Presidential one. They make policy and appropriate funds while the President signs the bill into law,,,or doesn’t. Still 2/3 majority will override his veto.

        If the Democrats rigged the 2020 election, why did they rig it to LOSE seats in the House instead of gaining them? Why didn’t they rig it to get a clear majority in the Senate?

        Still waiting on the Kraken to be released…

        • Republicans, real establishment ones, not the conservative populists in the Republican ranks that elected Trump, hated Trump as much as the Democrats.

          Basically you have two choices in every election, Democrats to institute the Leftist agenda in their way or Republicans to institute the same Leftist agenda in their way.

          Two different routes to the same destination, choose which you prefer.

          So be sure Vote Republican if you’re patriotic and want to save America, something like that.

        • Well lets see; Maybe its because they hated Trump so much more than the others ? Maybe its because its logistically harder to rig for multiple candidates than just one ? Maybe its because they didnt feel that the others posed as much of a landslide threat so they didnt try as hard ? Maybe its because shit happens and doesnt always drop the way you want ? But besides all this, the Dems took the house, the senate and the white house. So, what exactly is your point ?

          • My point is (and it just my opinion), if they wanted to steal an election, why would they steal a position that is merely a figurehead, instead of stealing a couple seats in the Senate to get a majority.

            Stealing the presidency, if that is what happened, did nothing for the Democrats because they still can’t get anything they want passed through the Senate.

            How is it any harder to mark fake absentee ballots with two or three fraudulent votes than it is to mark only one fraudulent vote? The whole theft thing makes no sense to me.

        • The answer is the election WAS NOT RIGGED. Good luck getting that TRUTH into those empty MAGAt skulls.

          • Maybe it was,, maybe it wasn’t, but the Electoral votes went to Biden and it’s the Electoral College with electors duly appointed by the States that elect the president, not the popular vote.

        • Republicans didn’t win squat …Rinos / Neo Cons did.
          The usual oligarch insider swamp rats.

      4. Technically, they haven’t told us who the candidates are.


      5. This is the perfect job for that commie troll Darwin the DarTard!

      6. I’m lookin for woman who don’t care bout looks. Or brains. Or body odor. Got any honeys i can call ?

        • Call Mrs. Darwin. She can hook you up!

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