A NATO Aircraft Was Activated After Russian Attacks On Ukraine

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    An aircraft from the Polish Air Force and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies was quickly activated following Russian attacks on Ukraine. Poland’s RSZ Operational Command said on Friday night that its aircraft were operational and took to warning people that this could cause an increase in noise levels in the southeastern part of the country.

    Some of these strikes too place hundreds of miles away from the front lines of this war.

    “Activity of the Russian Federation is being observed in connection with missile strikes carried out against objects located in the territory of Ukraine,” a statement by the Polish military on X, formerly Twitter, said. “All necessary procedures to ensure the safety of our airspace have been initiated.”

    In a follow-up post several hours later, Poland’s armed forces said that following another wave of long-range attacks on Ukraine, “Polish and allied aircraft have been activated,” according to a translation.

    There was no claim that any Russian missile strayed into Polish airspace. NATO member Poland has said Russia would turn its attention to members of the alliance following Vladimir Putin‘s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Other Western leaders have also warned of this, although this has been rejected by Putin. -Newsweek

    Previously, Putin made nuclear threats toward the West and its allies and deployed atomic weapons in Belarus, which borders Poland. Belarus also borders fellow NATO members, Lithuania and Latvia. On Thursday, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski said war between Russia and NATO would end with Moscow’s “inevitable defeat.”

    Moscow Claims Ukraine Has Lost Half A Million Troops In The War

    Recently, Russia has stepped up strikes against Ukrainian critical infrastructure. Moscow has destroyed thermal power plants across the country, including the Trypillia plant, the main electricity supplier to the Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Cherkasy regions.

    Ukraine Will “Step Up” Long Range Missile Strikes on Russia



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