A Nation Built on Lies (Part 2)

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform

    In Part 1 of this article I detailed the damage done by the Deep State and the inevitability of another financial crisis destined to propel this Fourth Turning into its next most violent stage. Now I will examine whether Jordan Peterson’s rules for life can alleviate some of the pain headed our way.

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    Peterson’s reality-based assessment of our broken societal system has infuriated the social justice warriors and media propagandists whose narratives are based upon lies, misinformation, fake news, and a pliable dumbed down populace distracted by their techno-gadgets. The machinations of the Deep State (Wall Street cabal, Fed, captured politicians, shadowy billionaires, military industrial complex, surveillance agencies, corporate media) are dependent upon the masses believing their big lies and unquestioningly trusting their provably false narratives.

    Telling the truth and demolishing these false narratives with facts is the only way to fight those who have chosen the side of evil. Remaining silent in the face of their lies allows tyranny to expand inexorably and fill the vacuum left by the dearth of courageous truth tellers.

    The forces of tyranny are winning. Our banking, financial, political, and media structures are wracked by corruption and controlled by a “few” insiders for the benefit of themselves and their cronies. Smedley Butler said war was a racket, but every institution is now a racket, with a corrupt powerful cadre of evil men reaping riches at the expense of the many. Their rackets are based upon nothing but lies and the continued blissful ignorance of the masses to their flagrant criminal activities.

    The dark side of human nature has been on full display as the country has been hijacked by organizations run by psychopaths like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Soros, Dimon, Bernanke, Paulson, Rubin, Zuckerberg, Bezos and a multitude of lesser known, but equally dangerous, psychopaths infecting government, business and the media.

    Those pulling the strings of our ever-degrading society share many of the same traits – superficially charming, pathologically deceitful, manipulative, accepting no responsibility for their actions, lacking empathy, absence of guilt, no humility, dishonest, treacherous, having a grandiose sense of self-worth, and prone to dangerous destructive risk taking. These are the people who rise to power when citizens become lazy, disinterested, willfully ignorant, distracted by social media, dumbed down by government run education, and easily led to believe falsehoods peddled by a media doing the bidding of the psychopaths in power.

    Just listen to Brennan or Clapper on fake news CNN or MSNBC to get a glimpse of psychopaths in action. It’s almost as if they believe their own lies. The faux journalist millionaires questioning these scumbags aren’t paid by their corporate masters to uncover the truth, but perpetuate the narrative of lies.

    Silence in the face of evil and injustice is condoning such behavior. Wall Street banking executives, rating agency executives, mortgage lenders, government apparatchiks, corrupt politicians, and captured central bankers wrecked the worldwide financial system in 2008, while conducting the largest control fraud heist in history.

    They reaped the riches on the way up and when it inevitably blew up, crushed the life savings of the peasants and should have bankrupted the Wall Street perpetrator institutions, they shifted the losses to taxpayers. Not one culprit of this earth-shattering fraud went to jail. The Deep State circled the wagons, protected themselves, and used their propaganda media to paint false narratives regarding the causes and perpetrators. Wall Street won. Main Street lost, again.

    We are now experiencing a sordid replay, as a surveillance state coup initiated by Obama and carried out by top government officials in the DNC, FBI, DOJ and NSA against Trump should result in the imprisonment of these traitors in just system. Instead, the culprits continue to investigate the provably false accusations of Russian collusion as a distraction from their own crimes.

    These psychopaths are so invested in their criminal charade, they are willing to risk conflict with Russia to retain their power and control over the surveillance state. Government apparatchiks go through the motions of pretending to investigate, issuing thousand-page reports, holding hearings, and presenting a picture of action to the ignorant masses. No one is prosecuted, no one will go to prison, and the Deep State remains in control. The white hats are not winning.

    Ideologues remain firmly in dominion over the day to day machinations of our society. The ideologies of two party state are an over-simplification of a complex reality, based upon lies. Slogans and bullet points are a simple-minded substitute for the messy truth of a multifaceted world and are geared to appeal to the emotions of a populace who have been trained to feel rather than think by the State.

    The remedies and solutions put forth by the two party Deep State ideologues to make the world a better place consistently make the world far worse for the majority. The remedies and solutions always result in further enrichment and hegemony of those implementing the remedies and solutions. Their blatant self-interest and hubris will ultimately lead to chaos and hopefully their downfall.

    You can feel the pressure building daily as these men of low character ignore the dangerous environment they have created with no acknowledgement of the consequences of their actions. It is apparent chaos, confusion, and disarray are beneficial to the powers that be as they attempt to retain and expand their control over the operating systems of our society.

    The never-ending culture war incidents propagandized by the mainstream media; organized violent resistance by BLM and Antifa paid for by Soros; and the gun grabbing protests staged after each school shooting by left wing funded organizations, are nothing but diversions designed to keep the population focused on trivialities while those in power pillage and loot the national treasury, leaving nothing but worthless IOUs.

    There is no good guy superman coming to save the day. The lure of power and money distorts and derails the efforts of courageous men and women to try and change the system from within. Anyone telling the truth and challenging the status quo, as Representative Jim Jordan has been doing, is immediately attacked with false accusations and destroyed by the Deep State. Ask Snowden or Assange about the implications of revealing the truth about the Deep State.

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    How do you defeat the Deep State? As aptly described ninety years ago by Edward Bernays, they constitute the invisible government manipulating the public mind, molding our tastes, presenting their ideas as our own, pulling the strings behind the curtain and dominating every sphere of our daily lives. When viewed from 50,000 feet it seems hopeless. How can one man or one woman do anything to defeat an enemy as strong as those of enormous wealth controlling the levers of politics, finance, banking, war, healthcare, education, media, and culture?

    With millions of zombie-like citizens mesmerized by their screens and lacking critical thinking skills, basic mathematical skills, and willfully ignorant of the truth, it is more than an uphill battle. But there are men and women of strong character and courage willing to do whatever it takes to prevail against adversity and evil.

    Anyone with their eyes wide open can see the country is on pathway towards chaos. The divisions grow deeper by the day. Animosity intensifies with each social justice incident flame, fanned by the pliant media. The violence escalates as competing factions represent the vanguard for the coming civil war. The polarizing presence of Donald Trump in the White House tweeting taunts at his enemies on the left, right and in the media, is acting as a trigger for the next phase of our current Fourth Turning.

    We are on a journey into darkness, lost in a blizzard of lies and deceit, victimized by our own failure to tell the truth, accept the truth, and insist our leaders convey the truth. I know not whether good or evil will prevail in the coming tests, but the potential for catastrophe is high. Could the country descend into chaos and end up in the midst of totalitarian subjugation? After decades of suppression, when this fire starts, it will be devastating.

    “Forest fires burn out deadwood and return trapped elements to the soil. Sometimes, however, fires are suppressed, artificially. That does not stop the deadwood from accumulating. Sooner or later, a fire will start. When it does, it will burn so hot that everything will be destroyed—even the soil in which the forest grows.” ― Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

    Defeating the Deep State will not occur in one grand, do or die, battle. They must be defeated using guerrilla war tactics of hit and run by small units of courageous truth tellers. We know the Deep State is led by self-centered psychopaths who can become blinded by their own hubris and arrogance. They have been emboldened by their success during the 21st Century and have gotten reckless with their debt based financial schemes, surveillance activities, and blatant disregard for the democratic process.

    Their machinations will lead to another financial crisis which will make 2008 seem like a walk in the park. This will offer the truth tellers an opportunity to present pure stark facts for others to hear and contemplate, so enough people can be convinced to find common ground and proceed forward towards a better tomorrow.

    With Western values and norms, based on a common culture, common language, common religion, and shared responsibility for future unborn generations, being attacked and denigrated, many are wallowing in nihilism, falling prey to the despondency of purposelessness. Our nation was built upon a foundation of values and traditions built up slowly over two centuries. We learned to live together and organize our complex society through trial and error over long periods of time.

    The recent attempts by vocal violent minorities to overturn centuries of social norms to adhere to their warped ideologies is tearing the civic fabric of our society. These attempts at social revolution are destabilizing, dangerous and will lead to violence in the streets. Inflicting the beliefs of a few upon the many is a recipe for disaster. The talk of civil war is permeating the airwaves and blogosphere.

    It may seem quaint and naive, but for good to win out over evil will take individuals showing the courage to speak the truth when the majority don’t want to listen and have been brainwashed by the Deep State propaganda machine. There will be no savior riding in on a white horse to save the day. Believing that nonsense is for the weak minded and cowardly. Individuals must step forward and do the right thing.

    I have dedicated the last nine years of my blog to promoting the truth in the face of a constant barrage of lies from my government, central bankers, Wall Street, and the fake news media. I’ve tried to tell the truth to the best of my ability. I’ve encouraged other truth telling people to make their voices heard. I post articles by others I believe to be truth tellers. At times it seems useless, as the liars and knaves continue to win.

    Telling the truth has had negative financial impacts, as Deep State co-conspirators Google, Amazon and Yahoo have banned my site. Websites such as Seeking Alpha, Financial Sense, Op-Ed News and Safe Haven that once published my articles no longer do so, because my truth telling wasn’t beneficial to their bottom line. Wall Street scum and left wing social justice warriors have called my employer to demand my firing.

    Each individual has an obligation to make a difference in this world by telling the blunt, unvarnished truth. This country is broken. It can only be repaired through the efforts of courageous truth telling individuals, willing to make a stand on behalf of future generations. If enough individuals can be persuaded to tell the truth and listen to the truth, a tipping point can be reached and the Deep State will crumble into a pile of toxic rubble. Everyone needs to follow Peterson’s simple rule: “Tell the truth. Or, at least, don’t lie.”

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    “We must each adopt as much responsibility as possible for individual life, society and the world. We must each tell the truth and repair what is in disrepair and break down and recreate what is old and outdated. It is in this manner that we can and must reduce the suffering that poisons the world. It’s asking a lot. It’s asking for everything. But the alternative— the horror of authoritarian belief, the chaos of the collapsed state, the tragic catastrophe of the unbridled natural world, the existential angst and weakness of the purposeless individual— is clearly worse.” ― Jordan B. Peterson12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos


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      1. I wonder? Is this the way it went during the decline of Greese, Rome, Egypt, Neapolitan Framce, British Empire, Persia, and the 3rd Reich?

      2. How do you fix it?? Form a mob and nob Lynch Peter strzok and Lisa page as examples and threaten the rest if they do not peacefully stand down and leave their positions of power

      3. ” managed to add $11.6 trillion since September 2008, all geared to enrich Wall Street, the military industrial complex, the sick-care complex and mega-corporations”

        EVERY.DAMNED.TIME some 3tard on the left says republicans are the party of the rich, I wanna kill an idiot.

      4. “a pliable dumbed down populace distracted by their techno-gadgets.”

        This is why so-called “limited govt conservatives” are stupid too.

        They scream stupidity like, “dictators legalize drugs to appease the masses”. Nope, internet, TV and gadgets are that distraction.

        Conservatives are the same GIGANTIC govt police-staters that the imbecile left are.

      5. “The dark side of human nature has been on full display as the country has been hijacked by organizations run by psychopaths like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Soros, Dimon, Bernanke, Paulson, Rubin, Zuckerberg, Bezos ”

        Should’ve included McCain, the Bush family, Snowe, John Roberts, Flake, McConnell and MANY more of the subversive right.

      6. “They must be defeated using guerrilla war tactics of hit and run by small units of courageous truth tellers.”

        What I saw at The Coup by Matt Bracken

        It’s a short story, but it IS this.

      7. Nobody will do anything to come close to reversing the tyranny, maybe shelter in place to avoid being shot. This ant colony will shake in their boots and pee their pants out of fear. A cakewalk in progress, nukes if necessary.

        • I do think the difference between 1930s Germany and now in the US is that in the beginning many more will resist (with guns) when the goon squads show up at 3 AM than did back then.

          Certainly not anywhere close to all, but enough so that too many goons will not go home later in the morning after. Goonery will not be a popular assignment after while.

          This will cause a shift in tactics. They will probably start kidnapping your children and wife during the day to get you to comply.


          • The 1930s Germany goon squads arrested the corrupt owners of the media and banks , they all happened to be Jews. Just like now.

            • Bingo

      8. There are no repercussions for Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Sztrok, and the rest of the parade of idiots becaus Mr. McGoo (Sessions) has ceded the attorney general position to Rosenstein. What does Rosenstein have on Sessions?

      9. From wikipedia, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man —
        “Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of ***a few wealthy families*** who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.”

        Under communism, these were people were accused of “original” or “primitive accumulation” (of wealth), considered to be a crime, under communism.

        Any organized money interest (like the Mormons in Russia, Scientology, or Salvation Army) could be accused of the same “crime”.

        Unrestricted trade through open boarders is then followed by a period of extreme deprivation, akin to Cuba’s “Special Period”, when a demoralized people is forced to bootstrap in order to survive (ie, pad the food with shredded banana peels.) It was said that Hitler would turn Germany into a giant potato patch.

        Have you ever asked where your potatoes come from?

        You either expect to get a thoroughly-subsidized derivative, more-or-less, set on your dinnerplate, by these same people, who you don’t like, or you physically have to grow and make things, by the sweat of your own brow. You either have comfortable slavery or uncomfortable freedom. Noone ever puts it to you, this way.

      10. They funnel their wealth into their own NonProfit NGO’s then take a charity status desuction. Heorge sorows has hundreds of these agitator NGO, like Anti-fa. These agitators in the left who hate America and our culture needs to be taken out.

        • Last time the George soros type payed the crowd to yell , Crusify Him.

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