A Moral Code For The Post-Collapse World

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.



    Popular media today, including television and cinema, are rife with examples of what is often referred to as moral relativism — the use of false and fictional moral dilemmas designed to promote the rationalization of an “ends justify the means” narrative. We are also bombarded lately with entertainment depicting an endless array of “anti-heroes,” protagonists who have little to no moral code fighting antagonists who are even more evil, thus vindicating the otherwise disgusting actions of the heroes. From “24” to “Breaking Bad” to “The Walking Dead,” American minds are being saturated with propaganda selling the idea that crisis situations require a survivor to abandon conscience. In other words, in order to defeat monsters, you must become a monster.

    This theme is not only unavoidable in film and TV, but also in military journals, politics, and even within liberty movement discussion.

    What I see developing is an extremely dangerous philosophy that rests on the foundation that victory (or survival) is the paramount virtue and that it should be attained at any cost. Moral compass becomes a “luxury” that “true” apex survivors cannot afford, an obstacle that could eventually get one killed. I have heard some survivalists and liberty proponents in anger over the trespasses of the corrupt establishment suggest a strict adherence to the eye-for-an-eye ideology, up to and including torture, harming of the enemy’s families, and even harming the children of those who would harm us.

    There is also a small but ingrained subculture within spheres of survivalism that embraces the strategy of the “prepper pirate,” essentially planning their subsistence around the idea of taking what they need from others as a form of evolutionary realism. They believe that the “survival of the fittest” is more important than the survival of the principled.

    In mainstream yuppie culture, this attitude would be labeled insane. Yet urban and suburban television addicts often cheer the concept of the ends justifying the means in their favorite prime time shows and consistently argue for morality stretching policies within government (as long as their “team” is in control of the football in Washington, D.C.). I have little doubt they would adopt such thinking in the event that disaster does strike and they find themselves unprepared amid desperate conditions.

    In “Understanding The Fear Of Self-Defense And Revolution,” I discussed the inevitability of self-defense against criminal oligarchy and why common methods of pacifist activism are dangerously inadequate in the face of psychopathic tyranny. When self-defense or revolution is initiated, though, the movement does not necessarily fight only for its own benefit; nor does it fight simply to eliminate the threat. Our survival as individuals is not the primary concern; the survival of the principles and truths that drive us to fight is the ultimate goal. If there is such a thing as the “greater good,” truth and honor must be the apex of that vision.

    If we cast aside our principles in the name of victory, then, ironically, we have still lost everything. Our war is fought on multiple levels, from the physical to the spiritual. Lose the spiritual war, lose sight of one’s conscience, and the physical war becomes meaningless.

    I believe the formation of a liberty movement code, a kind of warrior’s code, is absolutely vital to our future. Without a new kind of oath, an oath not only to the Constitution but to our own internal values, the temptation to use our darker natures against the enemy during greater trials of the soul may be too much to bear. While conscience is an inborn gift, it sometimes requires a more outward affirmation in order to remain strong. Here are some elements I believe should make up the foundation of our code.

    Defense Of The Innocent

    We will do everything within our power whenever possible to ensure the safety and liberty of those people around us caught in the currents of collapse. Some might claim that the unprepared are not “innocent” because their lack of vigilance contributes to the decay of our society. I would say that while the ignorant are a danger to us and themselves, we would also be contributing to the decay of our society by refusing to help others when we have the ability to do so. Someone somewhere has to end the cycle. And if that requires us to sacrifice some of our energy and the satisfaction of saying “we told you so,” then this is what we must do.

    I would also point out that the defense of the innocent does not begin when our economic and social structures end. We help them now, by offering them the knowledge to prepare and organize for mutual aid. We go to our town centers, to local churches, to our lecture halls; and we openly educate those who are willing to listen — not to preach politics or to indoctrinate, but to offer practical knowledge. We give them useful tools through neighborhood watch programs and Community Preparedness Teams. We teach them today how to defend themselves, their families and their property and how to invest in survival, so that tomorrow they will not feel compelled to become part of the problem, but part of the solution.

    If we let our distaste for the unaware lead us into an attitude of “us versus them” against our own neighbors, then we will miss every chance to strengthen our communities. Our purpose is to bring others up, not to stand in pious judgment as they fall down.

    We Prepare To Offer Aid, Even To Those We Think Might Not Deserve It

    Many survivalists and preppers may scoff at this idea, but they would not be looking at the bigger picture. Offering aid to your community serves not only to help them, but to help you in the long run. Look at it this way; when FEMA arrives in a disaster-struck city or county, its “authority” means little to the shell-shocked citizenry. What does matter to them is that FEMA brings food, water and sometimes shelter. FEMA does this in its own sweet time and often allows numerous people to die before the aid is given, but it still maintains its authority over a region simply because there is no other alternative.

    You must offer that alternative.

    Imagine what would have happened if during the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina, while FEMA was lounging around watching the carnage and even denying access to private institutions offering supplies, New Orleans residents were greeted with liberty movement teams defying government mandate? What if liberty advocates from across Louisiana and the nation had marched right over the top of FEMA, escorted those trapped in the Superdome to a safe place, and gave them food and water? The movement raised millions of dollars for Ron Paul’s campaign (twice!), why couldn’t we do the same to save lives?

    Imagine if we were to prove that FEMA is an unnecessary and frivolous organization ready for the dustbin? Imagine if we were to prove that communities can provide their own security and aid without the state, as Oath Keepers did in Ferguson, Missouri?

    Even at a local level, this methodology could mean the difference between freedom and tyranny. Stockpiles of grain bought directly from independent farms can be had for very little money and strategically placed for use in future calamities. Affordable water filtration could prevent disease and dehydration for thousands. A team of engineers could solve waste and grid-down dilemmas. A team of well-trained security personnel could prevent looting, rape and murder. Imagine if the catastrophe the elites wish to engineer was mitigated or thwarted by the very people the disaster was meant to target? Imagine how much satisfaction that would give you.

    Our Actions Are Inspired By Conscience, Not Rage

    To fight in self-defense is entirely moral, but there are lines that, if crossed, destroy our moral high ground. Without the moral high ground, we become no better than the elites we seek to remove from our lives. This means that we do not harm people unless they are attempting to harm us. We punish criminals, not their families and not their children. We do not torture, not only because it is a useless tactic with little concrete proof of effectiveness, but because it is a morally reprehensible psychopathic act designed to fulfill a sick desire for sadistic power. It is not who we are.

    When we fight, we fight in the knowledge that we have first and foremost protected our moral foundation. We see those who promote moral ambiguity and moral relativism as an element destructive to the purpose of liberty. Winning means nothing and survival means nothing, unless we endeavor to deserve life.

    We Do Not Run Unless We Plan To Return

    In an asymmetric revolution, there is rarely such a thing as a “front line” or a piece of ground that must be defended at all costs. That said, successful asymmetric warfare requires that the enemy pay an overwhelming price for every attack he initiates. This means that said revolt must always be aggressive, never relenting, always striking, and resting or retreating only to stage a more effective counter. Every time a totalitarian system advances without consequence, it generates political, social, psychological and tactical momentum. Without the courage to engage such advances, revolt is impossible. Fear leads to moral rationalizations. The fearful cannot adequately defend themselves, let alone defend others; and, once again, the moral high ground is lost.

    Zero Tolerance For Piracy And Criminality Within

    Prepper pirates and others on the very fringes of the survival movement who seek to thrive at the expense of others are not only criminal according to natural law, but they are also a blight on the reputation of the liberty movement itself. Our principles will require us to stamp out such people as a priority. Those who would viciously impose upon the innocent as a preplanned strategy are not redeemable. Even if they claim to hate the same elites we fight against, the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Prepper pirates are rabid dogs who should be put down.

    We Are Professionals, And Guardians Never Satisfied With Half Measures

    We carry ourselves as quiet professionals. We strive to represent the best potential of what the liberty movement has to offer. There is no problem we cannot solve and no opponent too large. We do not know the meaning of the word “impossible.” We operate best under pressure and during disaster. We move to disrupt crisis before it begins when possible, and we refuse to stand back as spectators when crisis does develop. We work diligently to master all knowledge and training that could be used to achieve our goal, which is a free, prosperous and independent citizenry. We do not seek leadership over others; we only wish to teach others how to lead themselves. We will not stop until this goal is accomplished or until we are no longer breathing. We are not mutable or flexible where tyranny is concerned. We are entirely uncompromising. We are stubborn bastards, here to drive oligarchs even crazier than they already are. We are here to undo them and their treacherous world. And in this mission, we find ultimate comfort and peace.

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      1. The moral code/ethics/your treatment of others will be the same.You either care for others/have generosity towards others in need/care ect. no matter what the world and life may hold.Yes,one would be smart to be more careful in a tough situation about who they help and how,that said,you either will or you won’t as you do today.The only real difference I see is a I don’t give a fuck attitude in me being a bit more open in helping others,just amplified a bit.

        • What do you obama’s moral code will be like in a post collapse world with martial law?

          • Brandon offers decency, clarity, and thoughtfulness, qualities that we should emulate now and in the harder times ahead.

          • The “code of tyrants” doesn’t matter post-shtf, any more than it does now. No one cares what they think, and that attitude shouldn’t change.

            For once, I agree with everything Brandon says. I’ve said it myself more than once, that anger is being diverted towards the wrong targets. We need to redirect it where it belongs. I’d hate to bring in a new society filled with psychopaths, just like the old ones. What would be the point in that?

            Brandon said:

            “What if liberty advocates from across Louisiana and the nation had marched right over the top of FEMA, escorted those trapped in the Superdome to a safe place, and gave them food and water?”

            While the govt was sitting on it’s hands and shooting victims in the back, droves of private citizens converged on N.O. with supplies—their caravans were met with road blocks and govt guns in their faces. Still, there were some who made it in around those obstacles to render aid. The story about the men in their own private boats, rescuing people from the flood waters on their own, is true. They came from hundreds of miles away by land AND waterways. The govt couldn’t stop them all. That’s a fact.

            Brandon said:

            “Imagine if we were to prove that FEMA is an unnecessary and frivolous organization ready for the dustbin?”

            I wonder if that might be the reason Paul Walker is no longer with us. The 40-year-old California native was a devoted humanitarian and philanthropist, having founded his Reach Out Worldwide organization in 2010 following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. His organization was truly giving FEMA a run for it’s money.

            ht tp://www.mtv.com/news/1718335/paul-walker-charity-projects/

            ht tp://www.roww.org/

            NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. I felt something just wasn’t right about Paul Walker’s accident. It smelled the same as the journalist, Michael Hastings’ supposed accident. Both were killed in cars with hackable, onboard computers… don’t we just love the NSA? And both were giving the globalists a real run for their money.

            I’ve never believed in “coincidence”, especially when it comes to world domination.

            • Paul Walker died at 0330 hrs, clean and sober I might add, but his friend Roger Rodas was driving, and they were in Rodas’ own Carrera GT. Also of note the wreck occurred in a particular corner frequented by “drifters”. Both men were dead at the scene. Walker died of mechanical and thermal injuries. Drift races occur there with regularity and the car was caught on a security camera and both the observed damage and the estimates from the camera indicate they were going almost 100mph. That this was a “hack assassination” is ridiculous and not founded in any reality. Can a car be hacked? Yes. Are cars hacked? Yes. But they can’t be “taken over and driven”. That capability doesn’t exist, yet,. The speed can be controlled and sped up, BUT OVERRIDEN BY THE MANUAL OR EMERGENCY BRAKES. They can be spoofed by altering the GPS, change the radio channel, turn up or down the volume, cut off the fuel supply and make the internal environment uncomfortable. So yes you can be hacked in your car, but at this time your vehicle can’t be taken over “Stephen King” style and drive you to your death. There is no magic. Without the servos, servo controllers and a remote control interface it isn’t possible. Walker died of excessive speed mixed with an immovable object, with perhaps some youthful hubris mixed in. Everything isn’t a conspiracy……not a conspiracy.

              • That capability doesn’t exist TO PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, anyway. The govt is capable of far more than we know of. I believe they are capable of remotely controlling automotive computers NOW.

                JFK was assassinated in full view of the entire world…and we still don’t know for sure who really did it, do we?

                We’ll never know if these cars were hacked and controlled remotely. But I still believe they were.

                • @sixpack; To physically control something, say a bicycle, you have to have power(legs) to make it go, you need a computer (brain) to determine where you want it to go…(now remember this part)…then you must have a mechanism (servo system) to apply the physical inputs to the handle bars (steering system)to cause it to go where the brain wants. Cars, new cars have computers, brains. We all know that. What cars don’t have, is a “servo system” that is attached to the steering system of an automobile. If you’ve ever watched mythbusters, anytime they are having the cars driven by remote control, you’ll notice they have a bunch of crap attached to the steering wheel. That is what has to be there to turn the wheel. AS OF YET, there are no servo systems in cars for steering…expensive and OBVIOUS. They can hack the brakes, but you have NEUTRAL and the parking brake. They can hack the speed (because there is a servo attached to the throttle body…how cruise control works) and make it speed up or down and again you have the brake, emergency brake, and NEUTRAL. As far as “TO PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE ANYWAY”…no it doesn’t exist period, it would require physical modification to the car to be able to control the steering. Now that’s not to say that if you don’t understand how to drive well, that they can’t kill you because you’re stupid. If you panic and clench half the seat up your ass cuz you were never taught what I just mentioned above…yeah I guess they could do that. Of course that would imply the govt agent that did it was that stupid too. Ran into a young lady in a parking garage and she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she couldn’t get in her locked car because the FOB battery was dead…..seriously. I took the key FOB from her and used the key to open the door and gave them back. She called me an asshole as I walk off. Not only are most people stupid, they’re ungrateful little bitches as well. Hope this clarifies it.

        • I fully support the right of consenting adults to do as they wish so long as they don’t violate another’s rights to do the same through force or fraud. That being said, I also fully support letting those same consenting adults suffer the consequences of their decisions.

          I prep extra for charity for the unfortunate, not the lazy and unthinking. If a neighbor’s barn burns down in a freak fire I’m going to help. Maybe someone traveling away from preps gets stranded with limited supplies, or even neighbors might have family visiting who get stranded and aren’t prepared for long term visit. I try to plan to help them as much as possible.

          People who have done nothing, prepped nothing, and chosen to be fat, ignorant, lazy bums will not fare so well. For those that might learn from their mistakes I suppose I might be able to offer to let them milk some cows, turn some compost, hoe a few rows, or extend that fence line another 500 yards. For the really deserving I might even loan them some work gloves while they earned their next meal.

          Looters and Pirates will be shot. I’m just not interested in excuses for violating others’ rights through force or fraud.

          • Rebel in Idaho,
            I like your thinking, what the govies do not want is people l;ike you and me because they cannot control us! what we need is more people like us to control them and less sheeple for them to control.

        • I’ve taught you old fuckers this before and it looks like I have to repeat myself. For all of you idiots blabbering on about Russia invading Ukraine and ISIS invading whatever mud huts are in the shittle east:

          Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

          China 1949 to early 1960s
          Albania 1949-53
          East Germany 1950s
          Iran 1953 *
          Guatemala 1954 *
          Costa Rica mid-1950s
          Syria 1956-7
          Egypt 1957
          Indonesia 1957-8
          British Guiana 1953-64 *
          Iraq 1963 *
          North Vietnam 1945-73
          Cambodia 1955-70 *
          Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
          Ecuador 1960-63 *
          Congo 1960 *
          France 1965
          Brazil 1962-64 *
          Dominican Republic 1963 *
          Cuba 1959 to present
          Bolivia 1964 *
          Indonesia 1965 *
          Ghana 1966 *
          Chile 1964-73 *
          Greece 1967 *
          Costa Rica 1970-71
          Bolivia 1971 *
          Australia 1973-75 *
          Angola 1975, 1980s
          Zaire 1975
          Portugal 1974-76 *
          Jamaica 1976-80 *
          Seychelles 1979-81
          Chad 1981-82 *
          Grenada 1983 *
          South Yemen 1982-84
          Suriname 1982-84
          Fiji 1987 *
          Libya 1980s
          Nicaragua 1981-90 *
          Panama 1989 *
          Bulgaria 1990 *
          Albania 1991 *
          Iraq 1991
          Afghanistan 1980s *
          Somalia 1993
          Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
          Ecuador 2000 *
          Afghanistan 2001 *
          Venezuela 2002 *
          Iraq 2003 *
          Haiti 2004 *
          Somalia 2007 to present
          Libya 2011*
          Syria 2012

          Now you tell me: who is a terrorist? Fucking morons.

          • Hey Tinkerbell
            please clean up your language and stop referring to others as F’N MORONS
            Thanks in advance

            • Etch-a-sketch, you almost pulled off a great comment, but you just couldn’t resist ruining it with one last jab at people. What is the matte3r with you?

              • @6pk; gave yah a greenie, but I don’t think his statement was ever gonna be a great comment, especially with wrong information. What’s wrong with him? Apparently, he is agitated, due to his apparent disdain for older people, inability to accept that it “might” be possible that he’s wrong, and because of that he directs his ire at those topics and persons that are not logically valid targets. It is only because of his warped view of self and low self esteem based on his failure in life. But due to his low quality of associates, that all subscribe to some pathos of vile hate, and therefore choosing low hanging fruit type categories of people and topics, all he can do to assuage his frustrated ego, it to rant and rail at the same said topics and to denigrate those who disagree with him. He is prolly a 38-50 yo, WM, single or divorced, or possibly still married (certainly not happily) working (or unemployed with a working wife, and doesn’t that just chap his ass) at a job “below his OBVIOUS level of ability”, but it affords him the time to come espouse his meanness and hatred here. He feels he has been “unlucky” in life, through no fault of his own, all rationalized away as caused by someone else, their fault or some other reason. He has been treated “unfairly and unjustifiably by the system” and as such, to maintain his self esteem he has to, no, MUST assign blame to what he sees as having caused or been the origin his problems. AND NOT JUST ASSIGN BLAME, it must be the sort of blame that gives comfort to folks of similar pathology, so that he is “wanted”, “needed”, belongs somewhere, where he sees himself as one of that groupings major leaders….hehaw he’s got himself a posse. He is of modest intellect, though certainly not dumb, but aspires to a higher level of status by “asserting his incisive dissections” of current social an political events. Anyone that can’t understand the obviousness of his “clear as glass assertions in this way” would have to be old and senile and hence the “I’ve taught you old fuckers this before…” or not smart enough to understand the absolute correctness of his missives, and to him, you’re fucking morons. I hope this clarifies “whassamatter u”. Be Well.

                • I’ll take that bet.

                  I’ve read many of AE’s posts, and while I don’t care for the profanity, I suspect that AE would like nothing better than the world to prove him wrong by NOT BEING STUPID. AE is practically daring you to not be an idiot with most posts except for the random video posts that are more than my slow internet can handle (I live in rural Idaho and can’t watch a youtube video most of the time).

                  If our government didn’t meddle in foreign affairs the above list wouldn’t matter.

                  If “our” government didn’t have it’s army in over 100 countries AE’s list wouldn’t matter.

                  If people didn’t support interventionist governments TPTB would have a harder time as such.

          • Acid:
            If this country is SO BAD!!! Then why in the world would all those people from all those countries want to come to the U.S.A.
            Are you related to Obama? You sure express yourself like he does. This is a evil country (BOO), it is all the U.S.A.’S fault, that the world is “GOING TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET”!!!
            Get a life and GROW up!!!
            If f’n morons is the best you can do, I think you should work on your vocabulary it is showing your ignorance.
            N. Reb

            • Endless shit, new day.

            • @RIH; My point was not to get cross, his list is not factually correct, that is factual and if you can’t vet it, then that is your issue. Next, don’t see where I posted a “bet” to take. Need to re-read. I support our government supporting our interests, WHERE EVER THEY ARE. We can’t sit “within our borders” and not stay “aware” of what’s going on without an active military. If you think that we can you have no concept of international relations and the REAL things that go on in the world. Be Well.

          • AE has the facts on his side.

            ” We’re Amerika. We have a divine right to meddle in everyone else’s business in a way we’d heatedly resent if anyone meddled in ours. ” [sic]

            To the degree you believe “it isn’t imperialism when we do it” you’ve drunk the statist koolaid. An individual’s capacity to choose implies the right to act on those choices. That’s a human right. It isn’t just an American right. “Bu bu but we’re the world’s benefactors. Our motives are pure as the driven snow.” Bullshit

            • @JA; I would never say it wasn’t imperialism. My wife said someting to me the other day, “you say ‘bitch’ like it’s a bad thing”. Well, you say “imperialism” like it’s a bad thing. Imperialism is a TOOL. Use it properly and you have a bit of control over your destiny. Don’t use it and you have NO control. Use it incorrectly and you do yourself harm. The question, is how to use it wisely. No differently than using a weapon. In spite of my support of the concept, we haven’t been doing a very good job of it lately. To that I agree. To not using it, I disagree. It is there to be used, PROPERLY.

          • @assitch; Impressive list, just not very accurate, relative to who was doing the overthrowing or well, truth either. You also misconstrue motives and their origins. Some of the countries you have listed are just wrong, about even being overthrown. The eastern European countries NEVER ASKED RUSSIA TO BE THEIR OVER WATCHERS AND KEEPERS, and you include those countries, where we were asked to help them, by them. Again you and your suck buddies propose to help us to see the truth, your SPECIAL truth and then posit some bull shit, and then apply a well “parsed” truth to make it believable to the suckers. The terrorists are the terrorists, shitforbrains. And It wasn’t only the U.S., but the allies also trying to recoupe the previously free countries from the clutches of Red China, the USSR and the commotion of the Che wannabes in Central and South America. Truth, as said before isn’t in you, apparently ever. You and your minions ARE SPECIAL, but I think we understand the category of SPECIAL that you fall into. Good luck on the “short bus”.

            • TripodXL

              You’ve drunk the imperialist koolaid.

              Check out the late USMC Gen. Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket. He was twice awarded the Medal of Honor. He detailed his professional activities in Central America early in the 20th Century. To subjugate those places for the benefit of corporate Amerika.

              The CIA overthrew the popularly-elected Mossadagh (sp. ?) government in Iran to install a stooge friendly to American interests. The direct cause of the radicalization that resulted in the embassy seizure during Peanut Farmer’s presidency.

              Russia, occupying one-seventh of the Earth’s landmass and being vastly rich in minerals etc, does not need anything E. Europe had. If you turn off the imperialist propaganda and read some of their history, what they do need is a buffer from the bankster imperialists in the West. Gerald Hosking, Russia and the Russians.

              Your low-information ranting isn’t elevated by spewing school yard taunts at AE and at me.

              Does being the warmonger’s lackey pay well?

              • @ja; First, I haven’t spewed any school yard taunts at you, I would need a quote, since I can’t see any. Next, I’m not a warmonger. Spent 38 years in the service of my country and war is miserable, and anyone that rattles sabres there “or here” needs to be reserved in what they propose. You’re right, war is a racket, but it is a side effect of a free economy (unless you rather it be different) that allows all to be involved in the business of…well, anything, including war. That’s just how it is and to believe otherwise is…fanciful at best (there are tooth fairies, if you need a reference). If Russia (not denying the obvious geology) didn’t need anything in Eastern Europe, WHY DO THEY CARE SO MUCH? Why do they continue to harass a sovereign nation. And it’s not only Ukraine they seek. They want the old USSR back. They want Poland, Finland, and all the eastern European states they had sway over before…AND THESE STATES DON’T WANT THEIR “HELP”. They don’t want to be part of the “old soviet union” again. THEIR ONLY WAY TO BE FREE OF THAT IS THE SUPPORT OF NATO AND THE USA. PERIOD. If you don’t like that, politically, so be it. BUT, would you rather that it be the way it was??? Woulf the U.S., the world, be better off for that? THAT IS SIMPLY THE WAY THINGS ARE. As far as the radicalization of shitslam, it was radicalized hundreds of years ago. The modern world has nothing to do with the IRRATIONALITY OF MOHAMEDIANS (unless you’ve been drinking the koolaid, again). They’re pissed (the mohamadeians) that the Ottoman Empire, bellied up and died, and there is no all powerful “Caliphate”. In other words, they have a burr up their asses and a hardon for the west. They blame the west for their failure, AND HAVE DONE SO FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. And finally, America, the free America, IS CORPORATE, that is why we have jobs. Calvin Coolidge said “the business of the American people is business”. So that’s hardly news. Unless you believe we can live our lives in peace and bliss and ignore the comings and goings on in the rest of the world, and that would mean YOU are drinking more than koolaid, my friend. The direct cause of the “radical shitslam” is shitslam itself. IT WAS BORN AT THE TIP OF THE SWORD, SPREAD AT THE TIP OF THE SWORD, AND MAINTAINED AT THE TIP OF A SWORD. They are no less than pedophiles, sir. IS THAT WHAT YOU SUPPORT. THAT WE LET THEM ROAM THE WORLD? We (the west) have fought them for a thousand years. They are savages, and will behave as savages, as long as they exist. The people of India, fought, with peaceful and civil disobedience, and changed the world. They didn’t need to kill women and children, and blow up places and things, though they easily could have. Yet they achieved their goals of independence. It depends on your moral compass, as to how you achieve your goals. And at that, I seem to have made a very appropos segue. Indeed, sir. I HAVE drunk the “imperialist” koolaid, BUT NOT WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT I HAVE DONE. WE pick and choose what we drink, or we just guess. And further, I have not profaned you, so don’t imply that I have. If you can’t stand up to the argument, then one should retire and allow the professionals and grownups to continue the game, sir.

        • I have been saying for years that Brandon Smith is a bumbling jackass and this article sure doesn’t help his case.

          The purpose of the liberty movement is to prevent SHTF, which is highly unlikely because preppers are less than 1% of the population. When the actual SHTF all that bullshit goes out the window. Humans are a bunch of talking gorillas competing for pussy and food and dominion over others. All this shit about helping others, protecting the innocent, moral code, lack of anger, and renouncing piracy is worse than a pipe dream, it would likely get your dumb ass killed.

          Stick to our established fundamentals. Do not tell anyone that you are a prepper. And I have regrets about telling my family I am a prepper because certain ones take it as a fucking joke to be ridiculed.

          Survival is a disgusting subject and we have to routinely contemplate doing shit that is cruel, even sociopathic. It’s a heavy mental burden. It sucks but if you don’t grow up and face reality your chances are slim right from the start.

          Brandon Smith reminds me of the fucktards who argue that Aikido Kung Fu Karate and Tae Kwon Do are effective martial arts no matter how many times they see the UFC.

          Went we talk prepping we have to be as realistic as we can and every action we take must be designed for maximum efficacy. Writing a stupid article like this puts people in danger with its silly notions.

          • You are completely upside down on this.

            We need to survive so that we can build a decent world, not be more wicked than we already are.

            • Yep, what ever is the starter for the bread, that’s the kind of bread you will make. JQP, Be Well.

          • Acid Etch says:
            “Brandon Smith reminds me of the fucktards who argue that Aikido Kung Fu Karate and Tae Kwon Do are effective martial arts no matter how many times they see the UFC.”

            Dad says: “What a ridiculous statement, Martial Arts are an effective and useful tool as a self-defense/weapon when the person is properly trained.”

            Maybe your “ballroom dancing” skills will work for your betterment, but something tells me I have doubts about that.

            • @ABID; Oh, man, you stepped into a bucket of fermented kamel shit there man. Wow. FIRST, you didn’t read what was said. It was not said that martial arts weren’t an effective self defense tool. Even though you quoted the entire quote, you still didn’t read it. The premise of the whole quote is that some martial arts are not effective skills in the UFC. To which I would heartily agree.

              TaeKwondo (whatever…spell it with all zzzz, don’t care)is a very demanding MA and to my mind the most athletic. My son was an olympic medalist. Most MAs are form oriented for the mass teaching of it. Only logical. However due to the “evolution” of bad-assness as time passes newer, cleaner MAs have evolved. The general standard is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and some form of catch, shoot or rush wrestling…and in general that is true…but there are always exceptions. SO AS TO WHAT ACID ETCH ACTUALLY SAID IN THE SENTENCE….IT IS TRUE.

              If I had an MMA trained only versus a (pick any)Akido only and put money on it….I would bet MMA every time.

              However, I disagree with Acid Etch, in that there are rules in UFC and MMA in general. Here is my premise. First survival has no form rules, time limits and it isn’t for entertainment. It is to succeed at all costs. I would pit a true street fighter against an MMA fighter everyday.

              My premise is that if you can learn 4 to as many as 10 “hammer moves”, “knock their dick in the dirt now”, etc. that stop a fight NOW, that is what a survivalist needs. I don’t care what discipline they come from, they can even be made up…long as it works. NEXT, THERE ARE RULES IN UFC/MMA. Biting, eye gouging, hitting to the back of the head, joint reversal, nut kicking, and anything I didn’t think of …aren’t in MMA. Hell I’d take on an MMA fighter if I get to do those things. Unless he can get me in a choke or extreme submission immediately I will have me some ears, chunks of flat skin, nuts, some eyes….that will stop a fight, eyes. Let me stick my finger up INTO YOUR EYESOCKET…you stop hurting me…and if I can get my finger behind your eye…you will now have monocular vision. Just sayin.

              I’d have to go with Acid Etch on this one. Yew…that kamel shit stinks.

          • @Acid Etch;First point, don’t try to push your point by pushing an unrelated point as your intro. If you’re “all about the ‘liberty movement’ to prevent tshtf”, that should have been your opening point, establish a POV. Preppers are considered 3% of the population BTW, but YOU ARE RIGHT, NOT ENOUGH TO “HELP” stop it.

            You mix points and lack direct/indirect noun/verb referrals…this becomes confusing, thus causing some of us to appear as fucking morons. Now, because your BP was high and you were typing faster than your “compositional ability”, I will have to just pick things as there is little logical progression through your post.

            YOU ARE RIGHT, don’t tell anyone that you’re a prepper. I agree. But, if you have a large enough like minded group, you have the ability to have the capability of “outreach and support” when tshtf. As a lone prepper, don’t tell. I have had the same experiences you have had. I even joined a larger “meetup” group and it was “uhhmmm, yaawwwnnn”. That doesn’t mean groups are bad, and if you can find a group, your ability to survive is enhanced and you aren’t alone. That counts for something

            I assume from you pronouncement that you ARE PREPARED. If that is true, what is the issue with denouncing prep piracy? Or is that part of your PLANNING? As far as the gorilla thing and bananas and pussy, you are right my man. How does the wife feel about the pussy thing? I digress, the point is the mob will be the mob without any leadership, even prepper mobs. I am getting CERT trained, so that I can be part of the solution. If it helps, great…if not, I can then walk off on my way to where I was going anyway.

            Survival isn’t disgusting. PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING. Are you going to skulk over to your neighbors and kill them because they are 1. old fuckers, so it’s okay to kill them and take their stuff 2. obvious tards that think that Akido, Kung whatever… and since they’re tards it’s okay to kill them and take their stuff…yeah if you didn’t someone else will 3. fuckin morons if they don’t understand, then what’s the point and what use are they…might as well killem and take their stuff.

            NOW THAT WAS DISGUSTING. Considering that as the foundation of a survival plan, is disgusting. I’m no boy scout. I have been in the “gravest extreme” and survived. Someone else didn’t! I don’t obsess, I don’t try to philosophize about it, it is what it is…no more, no less. Move on. However that isn’t “killem all and let God sortem out”. If the above mentioned is your intent, and you kill everyone you see, just because you can, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, sooner or later.

            There is a moral code. It does no good to turn into a savage, to kill all the savages. Now, I too disagree with the author’s tone, but not the premise. You can kill savages, THAT NEED KILLIN, and not sacrifice safety or your soul. Killing a savage, to defend yourself, family, others, supplies, anything of need for your survival, fine. Unless there is good reason (not saying there isn’t, done it)to sit in ambush, and take out a group of “savages”, then don’t just do it for sport. Are you going to kill children? If you’re going to steal their parents food after you kill them…you should kill them too to put them out of their misery.

            I have no problem killing a child, that is a danger to my family’s survival in some factual way. Is that being a savage? No. Chris Kyle had to shoot one. I know others that have but don’t have movies about it, but they have had to. That or their buddies get fragged. Yes, survival, in situ, is a rough existence and a hard topic to talk about.

            I don’t believe in unicorns, easter bunnies, tooth fairies etc. I don’t believe everything anyone tells me, including my Dr. You can’t turn into a golem to gain your goal as it serves no purpose to survive, if you do. I do protect the innocent, if thrust upon me, it is a moral imperative. You can be a good or evil prepper or survivor. The easiest way of being a good (moral) prepper is to be well prepared. I have food for others, clothing, and supplies. Not a lot, but something. I have prepared for what even preppers would say is overkill, but I have prepared for surviving 90% of 90% of everything. Unless it is an annihilation event that immediately affects me or has extreme effects within a short time frame, that isn’t survivable, I’m good for 4 years.

            I don’t need to kill anyone, hope I don’t have to, but am prepared to do so with extreme violence of action, vigorously and with extreme prejudice. NO problem.

            Acid, you sound like you have not prepped well and use this as the balm to salve your soul, so you can be just as you described without any interference from any remaining morals you might have. I would prep better, and maybe go to church or something. You need some peace in your heart. Someday, everyone WILL STAND BEFORE God,and they will have to give an accounting. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PREPPING YOU WILL EVER DO MY FRIEND.

            Without change you only get this once. Be Well.

          • Love the UFC analogy. One of my relatives once studied judo under the official judo master of Japan. The master had 4 black belts, I heard, none less than 6th degree.

            When my relative asked which discipline was best the master was said to pause before replying “smith and wesson.”

            I’m prepared for it to be as ugly as AE says, however I intend to do way more than survive. I fully intend for my family to carry on western civilization no matter what.

            Develop lofty goals and then continuously strive to achieve them. Once you achieve them, realize that the bar was set way too low.

            • Ahmen.

        • The pirates will be treated the same as any other scum would. Here they will be killed if they approach. No discussion, no mercy. They put themselves on the same level as government thieves with this mindset and will not deserve to live.

          • There was a scene in The Road where the man and the boy went to take a quick swim, I believe it was, anyway they came back to the belongings and they were stolen. They found the man that did it and got their stuff back and took his stuff too.
            The understanding of the scene was, you were going to do to me what I am now doing to you.

            I agree with that. It will be a feeling out process in some instances, are you going to help me or hurt me? In others it will be a screw you and yours. This is mine and you aren’t taking it.

            • @A87287362; need a shorter handle. Anyway, one way of determining a man’s integrity is what he does when no one is watching. If you have a skulker, can’t quite nail him down, say following you, on the trail to your BOL or around your property, stop for lunch. Now this takes some forethought and good bushcraft to pull off. Pick a spot that wouldn’t be a good tactical spot, a place that you aren’t quit boxed in, but could be. Build a Navaho pit or set up your Solo stove, start the fire for heating water, leave a MH food pouch there with your pot and set your pack a good ways from your fire.

              Walk out like you’re not worried and looking for fire wood or something. This requires good skills and knowledge of the area. Circle around 45 fegrees, some good ways off (u brot binos right!) and wait. Watch where the individual comes from. Look for overwatch, watch to see if the person is talking or looking back over their shoulder and talking, etc. Here are my thoughts.

              If the interloper meant harm at a high level, but you’ve been followed for a while…that may not be the intent, right now. If you’ve been followed for a while and you did all of the above, I only see a few options. The individual comes in looks at what’s there and waits. If the fire goes low, he feeds it and looks around and waits to a point. Hold that thought. If he comes in and looks around, and keeps moving and sees your pack and goes to it, here you have to make a decision, he toes it a little and only looks at the outside, goes back and sits at the fire.

              If this was all that happened, I would say that the immediate danger is over. The first man is hungry and honest, so far. He also isn’t very curious or observant. The second man, is a little more cautious, and curious. Looks around, observed the pack, the surroundings and has figured that you’re watching. The first guy is just hungry. What do they have with them? Not much, a lot, about the same? Wat’s on you pack? Did you have a unit emblem, identifying logo, a military name tag?

              The first guy is a liability and wants a buddy, have lunch and give him enough food (if needed) to get far away and shake hands. The second guy needs thought and interrogation, politely. Pages, chapters and books could be written about this topic and what to do. There is no right answer.

              People are habitual. They will do what they have always done as far as their gross behavior. Not complicated. If you can create, stage, manipulate however you wish to characterize it, it’s your safety, where an observation can be made of their “by myself, nose pickin” behavior then you will know what kind of person they are apt to be.

              One caveat. If he came in, looked around, pummeled your pack abit and did a little more reconn and either signaled someone back where he came from or pulled out a radio and talked and then he walked on ahead, where you’re going…you have absolutely determined what kind of person he is….and you have a problem……

              Hay preguntas? In the last one, which one would you kill first? Be Well

        • Brandon writes about Brandon. He say the same thing over and over gets himself photographed in Ferguson. He is an ego trip. Nobody knows what they well do in change. Take that safety off it could get you killed.

          • Jay: We must realize Brandon, DK and others who agree w/ this article 100%, have unlimited funds to support the community! Hurray! They don’t give a rat’s behind about their family or friends needs/safety- which must be top priority for real men. Their “doctrine” is works,(these people love to exalt themselves) which is pharisee-ism like modern liberal pastors teach in these gov controlled churches. These morons with their egos, go around their town telling everyone/bragging on preps.

      2. The anarchy that would result in this “society ” after the fact would collapse it eventually also.
        Since I won’t live forever anyway I’ll go out with no regrets knowing i did my best and i didn’t try to screw anyone over for an extra day or two of misery.

        just my opinion.

        • “What does the Lord require of us, but to love mercy, do justly, and treat our neighbors like ourselves.”

          That pretty much sums it up I think. 🙂

          • Right on dk’ crowns and friends in our fathers kingdom. I’ll help all I can.

          • Makes me think of Micah 6:8:
            He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

            • There will be no humanity. There will be only lead in the end. Most people can only buy a little ever payday. I don’t have the money just to buy thousands of dollars of preps to supply the community. Sorry, i will not support others as i will try and feed my family. While others party every weekend and buy new cars and luxury items, I work. This whole article sounds like a communist manifesto to help the scum in the end. I will help them to a quick death.

        • @ PC SUX

          You’re using anarchy when you mean chaos. Anarchy only means the absence of government. All governments, any government, means a few subjugate the many. It survives from coercion, theft and murder.

          If your highest social goods are individual liberty and private property you do not want to hitch your wagon to government.

          What collapses societies is a benighted few who become or ally with the tyrant to initiate unjustified force against others, whether that is coercion, theft or murder.

          Unless someone decides to live at the expense of others, whether from investment fraud, armed robbery or political pull, the vast majority left to their own devices continue to be peaceful, productive individuals. Not because rules require it but because that is in their nature.

          A peaceful, productive society can deal with the fraudulent and the violent without being that themselves.

          • @Mike; My friend, no one said that. One does what one can. But I can do math, 4 extra cans a week, times 52 is 208 cans of food. A 25# bag of sugar, 25# of salt and rice and beans in bulk 100# each. This is less than $400, brother. If you had done this for 4 years….you’d have a deep larder by now. Self sufficiency for four for a year with a few adjucts. I do have thousands of dollars invested…..over 17 years or more. You buy car insurance… and that’s just a thing. You’re talking about the survival of your family. A priority issue. Be Well

      3. Good article.

        One must not lose one’s humanity while trying to save one’s life.

        • Seriously, what does it take for an individual to red thumb this response.
          [good article, one must not lose one’s humanity while trying to save one’s life.]

          Red Thumbing that response must mean one thing
          [lack of compassion for your fellow human being]


          • This looks like a good place to copy my former comment about “respect for life”

            (RANT ON)

            I don’t know much about the Bible, because no matter how many times I read it, I can never fully understand it all. I think Jesus spoke in parables for a reason, to allow us freedom of choice based on our interpretations. The problem is, we get into violent, divisive arguments over something that was NEVER really meant to be clear to start with.

            But I do know ONE THING for sure.

            I can state unequivocally that at the heart of EVERY EVIL perpetrated in this world, there is but ONE ROOT CAUSE:


            I defy anyone to name one evil act that would still happen, if a respect for life had been recognized and observed. Name any evil you like:

            Animal abuse.
            Abuse of our planet…

            The list is long, and yet in every case, it couldn’t have happened, had there been respect for the life of the human, the animal or the earth, by the perpetrator.

            Religion is being used as an efficient tool to divide us. We’re spending way too much time quoting and arguing over bible texts that have never been universally clear.

            SEMANTICS rule the day in these arguments and ‘semantics’ are just another method of lying, a way of rewording something to make it sound more palatable. Deception. A LIE.

            I can have faith in My Personal God, without quibbling over the meanings of bible verses. I don’t need to turn to God to understand the need to have respect for life….ALL LIFE, AT ALL TIMES. God lets me answer my own questions.

            We can see how this application works out in real time, in EVERY confrontational situation.

            NOT ONLY HAVE WE BECOME A BUNCH OF MONKEYS WHO SHIT IN THEIR OWN BEDS, BUT WE THEN HAVE TO ARGUE OVER WHO SHAT, WHY THEY SHITTED AND WHAT THE MEANING OF ‘SHIT’ REALLY IS. Then we have to argue about whose job it is to clean it up and who should pay for it. Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for their own shit.

            For fuck’s sake people, THINK for a minute. PLEASE.

            (RANT OFF)

      4. Your code/values/ethics will be the same either way,you care and try and help others or you don’t.The way you help others in tougher times may be different and more thought out for personal/family/friends safety but the same code will be there,you care about others or you don’t,really simple.

      5. Well yes and no. For the last 50 odd years the parasites have been supported out of my taxes and effort. When TSHTF I for one won’t go it any more. I’m tired of them. They get nothing from me but lead and copper. It’s time to thin out the ranks of the scum.

        • paranoid!!! I Agree somewhat,however these are not the people that are i am referring to as leeches, or in your terms and words parasites,they are just ignorant,stupid,or whatever other word you can think of to describe them. My very stupid friend’s and or neighbors,my good friends daughter,who was just raped or his wife who is now a widow,because he would not buy a gun,these people are not evil.They will however, as you know drain you resources,granted.That’s why i overstock by two fold.. I cannot save everyone ,but I can help some.even if in my heart i feel they do not deserve it.I will when the time comes change my mind.just one mans opinion.its all about when you choose to do so.

        • Gotto agree 100% w/ Mike@ 5:59am and Paranoid: Only so much you can afford & family is priority. Adults must be responsible for their families in any case, all types disasters, not the gov. I live in a hurricane zone, and anyone who doesn’t have their act together is a super moron. Ditto for those in the N.E. snow storm areas, etc. Bartering goods and services is a must, helping friends and others you know and trust. Strangers cannot be trusted in social breakdown! B. Smith is a socialist liberal who could not be trusted to protect his family! I’ll never read his site from now on.

          • Brandon a “socialist liberal”? “Could not be trusted to protect his family”? LMAO!

            I am a Vietnam Vet and I’ll let him take my back in a firefight any day with complete confidence.

            And I am one of his biggest critics when he gets out of his element. 🙂

          • “B. Smith is a socialist liberal who could not be trusted to protect his family!”

            …all that, because Brandon suggests that retaining some humanity in shtf is an attribute? Respect for life is important. We wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, if the globalists actually had any respect for life….meaning OUR LIFE.

            Why would anyone here want to life in a world where life has no importance or value?

            Isn’t THAT what we’re up in arms against RIGHT NOW?

            oh, lemme guess, it’s just a matter of PERSPECTIVE, right?

            • DK & six pack: Both you got the money to feed the whole community, great, then take in strangers too and put your family at risk. Then put up a sign in your yard: free room and board when things collapse. This is what my point was all along. Also if a man doesn’t protect/support his family he is worse than an infidel. You both have fluffy feel good notions(too trusting) and they may get you and family killed. I rem Katrina when even uniformed cops stole from stores on camera. Some folks who post on this site aren’t the brightest and lack common sense wisdom.

              • So you’re just going to kill them all and let God sort them out, then?

      6. Good article. In an ideal world the mentioned values should be practiced by each one of us each and everyday and not only during disasters but the reality is different.

        The only exception for me is to not help any groups, ideology, profession who caused so much suffering on mankind through fake wars and financial manipulations. They can suffer and they should.

        • I wonder….who would that be? Can joo figure it out? Takes a schwanzlutscher to know that.

      7. The kids had absolutely no doing in this mess so I will help them out as much as I can, but the adults now that is something different in my opinion. Very tuff decisions lay ahead for all of us, so as the old saying “let your consensus be your guide”.

        • “Very tuff decisions lay ahead”

          prepare now for they will be gut wrenching

          heart rending


          and then you get to live with those decisions for what ever time you have left and live with those people in your team who disagreed with you.

          • “and live with those people in your team who disagreed with you.”

            Teams have LEADERS for a reason. You don’t have to agree with every decision, to support and trust the person you appointed to make them. Something like this should’ve been agreed upon from the beginning.

            But just remember when you agree to not help anyone outside the group, that your niece, nephew or cousin might wander in one day and you might want to make an exception.

            The isolationist sword cuts both ways, so be careful how you wield it.

      8. Paranoid,some folks will look down and out who were contributors but were say visiting someone when things went very bad,thus limited in goods ect.As long as someone does not try and forcefully steal from me will help out most anyone,those trying to steal will be shot/stabbed/elbowed/shoved over a cliff ect.I do not due to others bad actions in this type of situation plan on lasting long,just won’t step back when I see someone being harmed,ah well,on the up side among other things saw Tull over a 100 times from the 70’s on!Oh,and didn’t marry Julie!

      9. The are all pretty, fluffy, feel-good notions the writer espouses. Unfortunately, all of them will get you and yours killed. You can damn well bet whomever wants something from you will not extend the milk of human kindness in a situation reversal. Let God do the sorting. I prepare for me and mine. All others are on their own. After all, they could have been prepping and were not.

        • Fox your correct. I will take care of me & mine. And everyone else will need to do the same. 90% will die My only duty is to those whom Im personally responsible for.

          • Old Guy, believe it or not, you’re quoting (pretty much in context) 1 Timothy 5:8

            “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

            And we all know where ‘unbelievers’ end up – Revelation 21:8: “He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. 8″But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

            …Fun for the whole family? – I don’t think so…. I would like to hear how Selco would respond to this article…

            • Sorry, but that passage does not release you from your humanity. It makes me sick to see someone quoting the Bible, trying to justify selfishness and greed…exactly what are the Seven Deadly Sins, again?

              I call that HYPOCRISY, not survival.


        • At our place, aint no soft spots for commies and the takers. Weve had these discussions before. Got a few elder neighbors not prepped for the future and weve got their backs. We made the decision to be very selective and careful. Brandon Smiths belief that peace and understanding aint gonna work in todays society. Dont matter what the armchair psychobabble on how we have changed as a group. We aint a kind and gentle nation in this together. Were divided and unpredictable. Theres 10% or more on antidepressants. Another 10% or more on illegal drugs. Our doors stay locked to strangers and were locked and loaded for bear or anything trying to take or terrorize.

      10. your moral “values” may very well be determined by how hungry you are
        an empty belly rules most men

        and it also depends upon what type of collapse has occurred
        a slow moving economic collapse such as we are experiencing is one thing

        it is quite another if say a large asteroid hits the planet and shuts down food production for years due to a nuclear winter scenario

        take a lesson from Selco

        human nature is what it is

        you can’t be naive about it

        civilization has one hell of a thin veneer

        turn out the lights and see how long it lasts

        • Precisely who I was thinking of. Selco speaks from experience, and dispenses with the naive idea that we can all survive while perfectly adhering to our moral compasses.

          Get real. WHEN that thin veneer of civilization is stripped away, we’ll all have to make hard choices.

          If you’re not prepared for this fact, you (and anyone depending on you for their survival) will die.

          If you are not mentally prepared for the coming savagery, the same will occur. Acting morally towards immoral or amoral people in a SHTF situation will only get you dead. And it would be a cold comfort to those you leave behind.

      11. When it is over we can all sit in judgement of each other. First we have to get there. Then see who turns in who.

        • slingshot:
          as far as making though it, I probably won’t.
          My age and my no retreat, no surrender attitude will keep my family and friends alive but I probably won’t be.
          I made my peace with my make and I’m happy with that.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • Northern Reb.

            The chances of me making to the other side are slim to none. Each new day reduces the chances. Getting older.
            My BOL could not be defended anymore. Compromised by the actions of outsiders. Had it for many years. Then poof! Glad it happened now and not later. Fall Back and regroup.
            Morals and ethics? After the first 90 days you are going to see some hellish shit. It will start around 60 days as many will need to feed on the supplies of others to survive. Like “boe”, states below, all the hate and divisions between us. Hate has to burn itself out.

      12. I’ll have a moral code all the way to the point that others do towards me. But, I will have no issues in dispatching those that are without a moral code towards me.

        • exactly.

      13. WD methinks is correct. I do not believe our moral compass will change after SHTF. We might be a little quicker on the trigger if we’re hungry, grumpy and someone is trying to take our stuff, but the general feeling I get is that most of us prep so that we can take care of ourselves and those we are closest to who cannot, including our neighbors, the elderly, children, our church, etc.

        The people of this country have a history of rising to the very top of morality in times of crisis, not sinking to the depths. When a blizzard comes, we help stuck people get home. When a flood wipes out a town, or a tornado, help pours in from across the country. Sure, there are scammers, crooks, and opportunists, but they exist anyway. The vast majority of people, though, will search as deep within themselves as they can, and find solutions to help everyone that they can. We have seen this repeated over and over across the country.

        This is what will ultimately save us. It won’t be the government. It won’t be FEMA. Both are entirely useless entities in a true crisis. It will be us… everyone here, even AE, after his power goes out and he can’t surf porn any more, and [nearly] everyone we know.

        I’ve read the dystopian novels. Most are BS. The monsters will be wiped out far faster than they can wreak havoc.

        BTW, this is also why we stock up on ammo. I’d rather have 5000 rounds of 5.56 or 7.62 and never need them, than have two boxes when three boxes worth of thugs come marching down the street.

        THis was a good article, if for no other reason than to remind us of who we are.

        We are good. We are resilient. We will survive, and we will once again thrive. Count on it.

        • Hammer, I like your thinking. Trekker Out

        • Hammer’s Thor.

          Localized disasters can received help from outside the area. Think Nation Wide problems. Then step that up to Global Problems. The Hopeful arriving help/supplies thins out. Duration of the Large scale disaster comes into play.

          • Slingshot: This is a fair point, and we don’t have a lot of [recent] examples of nationwide or worldwide problems to use as a baseline. It obviously also depends on the disaster, and the environment. Rural areas will fare better than urban areas, no doubt… this is where the fear of the Golden Hordes comes in.

            Nevertheless, I would like to believe that enough resourceful people will reach deep within themselves to begin the clean up and rebuilding almost immediately.

            As I mentioned somewhere else, the big risk is not necessarily the catastrophic event, but the continual whittling away at us, one cut at a time, at which point will we realize only too late that we’ve bled to death while watching it happen.

      14. Feb. 28th, 2015 – I listened to Michael Savage a few nights ago. He received an email from a 3rd party – informing him that Isis plans a Global day of Blood.


        Savage said he would not say anymore as he needed to verify his sources, and, to not instill panic.

        His friend send Savage the email, with another email attached from a High Ranking Military Officer.

        Savage did say that there are cell sympathizers to
        Isis in 49 states in the U.S.
        This was stated by the FBI.

        I hope it’s not true, and the day comes and goes.

        But, I plan on taking a few extra precautions when
        that day arrives. It’s a Saturday.

        • Savage said he would not say anymore as “”””””needed to verify his sources””””, and, “”””””to not instill panic.””””

          If he didn’t want to instill panic, he would have verified his sources and then made the dumb statement, Savage is just another fear monger making big bucks off the people who listen to him. He would like people to believe that Homeland Security, the FBI and other LEO are out writing traffic tickets while ISIS is silently invading the US. Remember back when we first went into Iraq (03) and then all the stories about sleeper cells that were going to rise up and attack us, do you know of any that did? I’m not saying he is wrong, but I wouldn’t head for the root cellar yet.

        • @upstate

          that is nothing more than propaganda for the sheep


      15. OFF TOPIC
        BTW, here is another reason we can never count on the government to do the right thing. The NSA, along with BI, evidently hacked into the company that produces all the SIM cards for phones and stole the encryption, all unknown to the company until Edward Snowden revealed it.

        Here is the link: ht tps://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/19/great-sim-heist/


      16. I would rather help someone than harm them. I always thought that the GOOD LORD said it right “do unto other as you would have done to you”. that’s the way I would like to live my life.
        Now on the other hand if you were to threaten or harm in any way my family and friends after the SHTF happens. Then I will not hesitate on showing you very little or no mercy. I really am an easy going person until it comes to my family and friends. Then you see a different N. Reb he has been know to fight like hell first and let the GOOD LORD sort things out later.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      17. When it happens,it is going to be a free for all.Your “moral compass” might be the reason you end up dead. there is so much underlying hate that it will be divisions across the board. Racial,religious,political,economical,you name it. just look at recent history.
        if you think the American public is going to act like the Japanese after the earthquake,you are sadly mistaken. Think of Katrina,or the L.A. riots back in the 90’s. Multiply that X10.
        Remember the police and military going house to house seizing guns and assets a week ater Katrina?
        (Forcing people to open personal safes in “search of guns” and taking precious
        Metals because the people did not have a receipt?
        How about the cops who were finally charged with murder during that time.
        How about the reports of cops arresting then raping females?
        How about the national guard not letting people leave the super dome.
        People trying to leave had weapons pointed at them,and soldiers ordering them to return to the dome.
        I prefer to be out on my own then be a pawn for some wannabe ruler of a klan.

        • My neighbors I will help all i can,
          The cops or troops,,,
          If faced by ill intent i will respond appropriately,

          • i think it is only right to help those in need ,but just remember when you jump in the water to save a drowning man theres a good chance he’s going to pull you under also ,and when you jump in to save several people ,they may pull your whole family under ,so help ,but do it with situational awarness

        • @boe

          What does that have to do with a moral compass. I think most people’s moral compass points directly to shooting those thieves and invaders with uniforms and badges. I was disheartened to see that no one did. But of course at the time the worthless “journalists” or news didn’t even report on it. It was sickening to see what they did to citizens and gun owners. It will happen again and when it does, will you fight? will people stand with the few that do? will we champion their actions, and proclaim them as just? God help us I hope so. But as far as moral compass, what is wrong with in any situation just always trying best to be a good steward to your fellow man and nature. unless you think becoming savages will somehow make this a better world for posterity

      18. There will be no collapse, didn’t you all read Joel Skousen’s article a few days ago?

        • Skousen definitely has ALL the bases covered.

      19. Lots of deep discussion on this over at Brandons site,
        Good piece, it does make you think, at least it did for myself, especially after reading the discusdions on this over at AltMarket
        My morsl compas is whst it is, never been an overly violent or vengeful guy, and was raised catholic and all that goes with that,
        but the world is different now,
        Not sure how things will play out

      20. I give to those in need and will continue to do so.
        However, I see many trying to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous and it takes every dime they have. I do not buy into the superficial and I have no intentions of helping those who do in the future.

      21. In other words, in order to defeat monsters, you must become a monster.

        Been there.

        Done that.


        Take my word for it. Really. Don’t. You’re better off going down with your ethics intact.

        • I’m not so sure sure that my wife and children will be fed and protected by such sentiments.

          Queensbury Rules don’t mean much h in real life.

        • Really? will you play pacifist if your home is invaded so you can go down with your ethics intact? The instinct of surviving for most humans is far more powerful than the chatter of some high and mighty moral code.

          • I usually like Brandon Smith’s articles. This one not so much. Actually, I think it stinks… Maybe Brandon has the good fortune of living somewhere somewhat protected during a “perfect storm”. Most of us do not.

            Go back and take a look at the EBT cardholders the day their cards quit working for a few hours, then multiply those hours by a few days. Get the picture?

            Actually a good road map of what is being planned for the USA is Russia 1917. You will be damned fortunate to escape with you and your family intact.

            At this point in time Selco’s articles are much more in line with what you can expect and how you will need to live and react than this one.

          • @calgagus

            I’m sorry I must have skipped the part of the article where It said that. I fear many of you are missing the point, but then again that is also the point of the article:).. kinda ironic in a way:)

        • Maybe, maybe not. If me being a cold monster means my family survives, then thrives I am willing to make the moral sacrifice. I won’t sacrifice people I love to save a few hits on my conscience.

        • @ TheGuy

          +100 ^^^

          I see a difference between obeying someone else’s imposed rules versus living by a self selected code of honor.

          I will not become a savage in the likely vain hope of living a short while longer.

          “You have your honor again. Let me die with mine.”


          Tell me how he died.
          And I will tell you how he lived.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          I’m telling you. Been there. Done that. Got the fricking t-shirt.

          You wanna do it for your wife and kids, then I agree. That’s noble enough.

          Let’s realize what you are actually doing however.

          You are killing yourself for them. I don’t mean your physical self, I mean your VERY SELF.

          Which is great and I guess you should but they won’t recognize what’s left of you in the end. Don’t expect them to stick around after that.

          Now if you’re merely talking about shooting a home invader… hey yeah whatever, I have no ethical dilemma with something that bloody obvious and simple. Guy shouldn’t have gone there. Blast away. No issue sleeping nights with that one.

      22. I agree with the basic principles mentioned in this piece and have for the most part tried my best to live by the “golden rule” even doing the anonymous kind act shit and going the extra mile to help out total strangers but I reckon some paranoid fucker would still waste me if I innocently ventured too near to their abode. The whole SHTF scenario will be the making or breaking of us all one way or another that’s for sure. Think I’d still carry on trying to do the right thing though… If that would still be possible?

      23. I am a good guy, but do you really think that the masses can be saved who are just like the gv parasites in the corporate gv? Will you give up your ability to survive to feed them today, tomorrow and when?

        When the shif. it will be every family for them selves The only people likely to survive are the ones who have the money to go by by. The bottom line is that the strong will try.

      24. When you put to many deer in a fence and do not feed them they parish. The guys and girls who get it know what I am talking about I will stand with true Americans and the people of this world who also get it. I so do not want to hurt anyone I hope that they who resides in the power get it as we good guys will and have the ability to hold them accountable.

      25. Satori has the right of it. Selco’s writings need to be studied in depth to understand what truly happens to people once the S does indeed HTF.

        It is fine to, now, with the lights on and by a cozy fire, determine how we might wish to act, hope to act, when SHTF. Unfortunately, human nature proves very different once the lights go out, the shooting starts, and the hunger begins to set in. That really nice fella down the road may become a ravenous warlord once he realizes all rules are out the door and he can now take his life’s every rejection and slight out on his fellow man.

        • Something that I’ve always found astounding, was how people acted in Europe when Hitler’s SS was running wild.

          In particular, accounts of the mass murder of Jews in places like Rigga, Latvia. I find it amazing that they literally, meekly submitted to their slaughter at the hands of the Nazis and even their fellow Latvian citizens who had been their next door neighbors.

          Such is the power of terror over a population.

          The same thing happened in the Jewish ghettos. (Although the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto did put up a resistance with what weapons they had). But by in large, most of them meekly submitted to their fate. Many of the Jews even cooperated with the Nazis in rounding up their fellow Jews for them to be loaded on the trains for the death camps.

          I find the psychology of the whole thing baffling. And it’s disturbing, because I see no reason to believe that people in this country are any better equipped to deal with such a thing when it happens again.

          And the way things are going, it WILL happen again.

      26. In a shtf environment, you show me your morals first. THEN, I’ll show you mine. If that’s too much to expect, keep on hoofing it.

        • Big row here since your previous State Police commissioner came over here to become the new commissioner.

          Seems he doesn’t like “assault” rifles.

          Can you please take him back?


      27. Great Article.
        I plan to do what is right, no mater how bad things get.
        If I am alone and I see 15 gang members raping a young girl, I will do what I can to help even if it endangers my own life.
        I will become the alpha predator to save her.
        Like Sgt always says: Aim Small, Miss Small!!!

      28. I live in a wooded area, state forest behind the property, we have 3 adult men, two teenagers, all very well armed. Stocked pond, well, garden, chickens, rabbits, amish across tge road, amish next door. All of them are armed as well.
        No worries, we will have probably 50 men women and children here when the shtf.
        All families have been prepping, we have a common goal, we all have jobs and chores.
        And many hands make light work, and 15-20 well armed men will cause any unit or gang of prepper pirates to think twice about getting anywhere within 600 yards
        In any direction. We will always have sniper sentry’s. Good luck to all.

        • Instead of 600 yards, think 6 miles. Patrols, sentries, reaction units, denial. You could probably develop 250 armed men within your area, and provide much better security.

      29. A very good article.
        A very good idea.
        But be wary of deception of people who confuse your/mine kindness as an act of weakness.

        Just looking how people act in the good times makes me want to fore go to think how they will act in a collapse. Not much room then for kindness.

        • Definitely makes you think when you consider how devoid of old values people are even when the lights are still on,
          Location will be one factor,
          We all definitely have areas near by that have large numbers of people we will need to be skeptical of, hate to be like that but its true,

      30. And of course, with that many children and women in the camp, we all would have to be compassionate, caring, helpful and moral. We will help any, and all that we do not perceive as a threat. Um, From that 600 yard safe zone border, that goes without sayin’

      31. A SHTF situation creates a moral dilema for all. I have always kept my prepping low key so as not to attract attention. Who do you help? How much do you help? Will tey return? Will they bring others? A person starving will be a danger if they find out you have food.

      32. I will help those that have tried to help themselves and fallen short. Those that haven’t can keep on walking. My family first!

      33. I have a soft spot for the kids . Adults can do for themselves but kids are dependent on parents thank god I had good parents. If your parents are morons and you are a little one your screwed from the start. Help kids if you can. The wife has soft spot for old guys I guess they remind her of her pop. I will always try to be part of the solution. But I’m not gonna sit back and let evil people run all over me. Just because your a christian doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover.

      34. I’m an old school good ole boy so hurting folks is not really on my list. But I have a distrust of people so I’m on guard. Some will see shtf as a green light to hurt and steal . No one is gonna walk on my family . Watch your kids the pedophiles will be loose.

      35. “We do not torture, not only because it is a useless tactic with little concrete proof of effectiveness”

        What the hell kinda rock have you been living under? If I wanted information from you, writer, you bet your ass I could get it out of you with torture.. give me a break.

      36. “””A SHTF situation creates a moral dilema for all. I have always kept my prepping low key so as not to attract attention. Who do you help? How much do you help? Will tey return? Will they bring others? A person starving will be a danger if they find out you have food.”””
        AND, as one from this site posted often–if you choose to share supplies or food in his family, it will be from YOUR share. Sort of puts an all new perspective on it when said that way.

      37. moral code, moral code ? that went out with the bible, which i’d say was during clinton’s tenure for the usa.

        i live about 2 blocks from one of the weathiest neighborhoods in Houston and i have no doubt that if a real economic collapse happens, the things that happen to people living in those houses by those that obama has encouraged to be victims is going to be horrifying.

      38. I won’t be tolerant of cold blooded killers if shtf. There has to be a moral compass or we will be surrounded by ISIS. Most people will come to the front as basically good people, but out in the dark shadows, lies an evil in our society we will always have to fight.

        • I liked everything you said Woogie, except for the ISIS narrative. ISIS is nothing more than a fabricated enemy created by the CIA and it’s Allied buddies. The War on Terror is a fraud, just as much as our History has been taught to us years ago. Lies upon lies, intertwined with a whole lot of deceit.

      39. The notion of maintaining a moral code is both noble and admirable but it must vary depending upon the situation and the individuals one encounters. There can be no one-size-fits-all and it must be flexible. Devising a workable code is great but the timing of when to implement it is crucial for success. You don’t plant seeds in a field which hasn’t been plowed or fertilized or in the wrong season and expect them to grow. You remove or kill the weeds first. A simple code in the meantime would be not to harm the innocent, help those who would help you, and kill those who would harm you or your family. A lot of us are guilty of wishful thinking and we assume the good guys will prevail. There is no guarantee of that happening. In fact, the more likely scenario is that many of the good and trusting folks will be killed early on before the reality sinks in and the remaining good guys adopt the same brutal tactics the bad guys will have been using right along. And no matter how noble your cause, combat changes your view on life and your personality forever.

      40. I feel that our sense of superiority in this world is finally going to bite us in the ass. This conditioning started not with modern media but from totalitarian agriculture. The idea that we should flatten an entire area of plants and trees to plant one mono crop for beer. Yes that is where it started. About 10 thousand years ago. This lead to some people having bigger houses that were connected to granaries, and it lead to the need to have armed guards to protect the fields and the granaries. If you want this nightmare to end then plant trees that give you what you need and do not see them as a possession of yours but of the earth and all life on it. That having been said I have planted fruit and nut trees for the last 10 years for the coming collapse of industrial civilization. The ones that I have planted in the start now give back to me and other animals that come around to eat them too. This is balance. We are out of balance. Not only in our thinking about SHTF but in the very way we see ourselves on this living planet. Only when this incorrect way of thinking is rectified do we have a place on this planet at all. Those who will not seek balance with the world around them will live out of balance. This is what you now see all around you. Every land has been infected with the ideas of “government” and “progress” to the point that no place is left that will escape the irrationality of those thoughts. These memes are what creates the idea of “use” that others only have a level of value to you based upon their ability to be used, or how useful they are to you. This idea extends even to the plants and animals around you, even to the very earth itself. I feel that this piece is trying to get a feel for that problem but it never talks about it in the terms I have just laid out. What I wish for all of us is to seek balance with ourselves, our fellow man, our community, (this includes all life around you), and the planet as a whole living organism. Failure to achieve this will lead to our end. Just as it dose and has for countless other species on this planet that have failed to find balance. We have no natural predators but our fellow man. So that having been said natural law is all that remains when dealing with your fellow man. If he is a thief stop him in anyway you see fit. It is your right to protect your life. As it is the right of any living thing to do the same. This is not something to lament or vacillate over. Do what you know to be right and just and that will keep you sane and safe in the end.

      41. “…Hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.” –Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence

        To govern, police and rule oneself is to protect others from oneself. One must, however, defend oneself and one’s helpless loved ones from those who won’t govern, police or rule themselves but, who attempt to rule over others, by robbery and theft if nothing else.

      42. Just a word of advice to you old soldiers. I understand we’ll have to probably wax marauders – a big problem being that a) the ferals are too stupid to understand how serious we are, and b) the college typed are too stupid as well. The Normalcy bias can be fatal and will be to many.

        What we old soldiers can do is very important for the younger ones in our groups – we can do the nasty when the nasty needs doing – and if possible, spare them some of our baggage. I don’t regret the things I did in war time – but I wouldn’t prefer to lay that stuff on my step son – he might night handle as well. If he must, he must – but if I’m there, I’ll handle it.


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