“A Missile Appears To Have Exploded Within Seconds Of Launch” – Did The U.S. Military Infiltrate North Korean Defense Networks And Take Out Missile Test?

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    According to Reuters, Associated Press and other Western media agencies, a North Korean missile test on Tuesday “did not go off normally.” The test, reportedly aimed in the direction of Japan, failed just seconds after launch according to U.S. Pacific Command:

    “U.S. Pacific Command detected what we assess was a failed North Korean missile launch attempt… in the vicinity of Kalma,” Commander Dave Benham, a spokesman for U.S. Pacific Command, said in a statement.

    “A missile appears to have exploded within seconds of launch,” Benham said, adding that work was being carried out on a more detailed assessment.

    It was reported earlier this month by Zero Hedge that the Obama Administration was actively infiltrating North Korea’s defense network and sabotaging their launches, which may explain why another North Korean missile test has crashed and burned:

    Long before Kim Jong-Un launched his latest ballistic missile test in February, prompting an angry response from not only the US, Japan and various other countries, most notably China, which banned North Korean coal imports in retaliation and unleashed what may be a political crisis in Pyongyang, former president Barack Obama was already engaged in a cyberwar with North Korea.

    According to the NYT, three years ago Obama ordered Pentagon officials to step up their cyber-strikes against North Korea’s missile program in order to sabotage missile test launches in their opening seconds. That explains why shortly after various North Korean launches, a large number of the country’s military rockets began to explode, veer off course, disintegrate in midair and plunge into the sea, as detailed here on various occasions.

    While advocates of such efforts believe that targeted attacks have given American antimissile defenses a new edge and delayed by several years the day when North Korea will be able to threaten American cities with nuclear weapons launched atop intercontinental ballistic missiles, other experts have grown increasingly skeptical of the new approach, arguing that manufacturing errors, disgruntled insiders and sheer incompetence can also send missiles awry. In other words, something is causing the crashes, but US cyberspies is just one of the possible factors.

    Though it’s likely no information regarding such intervention in today’s missile launch failure will be forthcoming, it should be clear that the Russians and Chinese aren’t the only game in town when it comes to cyber warfare.

    It’s a war that pits nations against each other for dominance in cyberspace, and the United States, like other nations employing professional hackers as “cyber soldiers,” sees it as a battlefield just like any other.

    “It’s like an operational domain: Sea, land, air, space, and cyber,” Charlie Stadtlander, chief spokesperson for US Army Cyber Command, told Tech Insider. “It’s a place where our presence exists. Cyber is a normal part of military operations and needs to be considered as such.”

    But U.S. Cyber Command and its army of soldiers may not be able to prevent every threat posed by Kim Jong Un’s communist regime. Insiders have said that prior to leaving the White House President Obama warned President Trump of the dangers he would face with North Korea:

    Those threats are far more resilient than many experts thought, The New York Times’s reporting found, “and pose such a danger that Mr. Obama, as he left office, warned President Trump that they would likely be the most urgent problem he would confront.

    If the news being reported is accurate, then it appears that Obama was right to warn Trump.

    In just the last few weeks the North has launched a successful ballistic missile test in the direction of their archenemy Japan and outright declared that if even a single bullet is fired it would respond with a nuclear attack against the United States.

    The Trump administration, in a major shift from Obama’s policy of “strategic patience,” has responded by preparing special operations teams to decapitate North Korean leadership in the event the conflict escalates.

    And if recent comments from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are any indication of what comes next, then there’s a real chance that the North Korean cold war goes hot in the very near future:

    Let me be very clear… the policy of strategic patience has ended… we are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures… all options are on the table… North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economic prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction.

    It may be time to check your disaster stockpiles, have a backup plan to get out of major cities and know how to quickly put on your CBRN gas mask and equipment in the event of a nuclear emergency.


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      1. seems like “someone” wants a war

        • In what world does Kim think he wins this? I am sure daddy told him that all he needs to do is threaten and launch a missile here and there and that would deter America. And that worked great until……TRUMP.

          Trump has a big ego and balls to go with it so I can see this escalating to the point where either North Korea stops all weapon production or they get a Sadaam Hussein style regime change. Kim is a big boy though so he is going to need a much bigger hole to hide in.

          Will China really step in if Trump decides to smack this little shit around?

          • Probably not, if US/South Korea does not invade.

        • Fortunately for US, the Fat Kid’s ego is many times bigger than his brain, meaning he has miscalculated; much like the Globalists did, by moving too fast, too fast, and being too vocal about it.

          The man who masters patience masters all things because that man uses time, patience, and the sound of silence to camouflage his goals.

          Kim is toast. 🙂

          • too far, too fast

      2. I wonder it it was hit with a laser ????
        I would get wood it was hit with a star wars system 🙂

      3. North Korea do not have nuclear weapons.

        • Go back to your north korea fusion center and learn English.
          It DOES have nuclear weapons.

          • If their nukes work as well as their rockets we have nothing to worry about. They’ll take themselves out without us firing a shot.

      4. Did it just explode or did the US shot it down????
        They have a lot of missile failures. Hell the Germans could launch missiles in 1940’s and NK can’t do it 75 years later?

        Too frigging bad it didn’t take out Un. Or at least burnt the hair off the top of his head. Where did he get that hair do-do.

        • Hair-do by Homey.

          • I think Dennis Rodman is his hairstylist.

      5. I hope we did cause the (malfunction) Sure wish they would have waited till it was a nuke.Now that would be some funny shit!Fat boy blows up his own country,lol
        Maniac –out

      6. Pro USA,great post on the 20th .Trying to catch up on back stories and posts.Work work work,gotta pay for the preps and bills of course!Going try to relax this weekend,perch and bass should be on the bed.Just my luck,supposed to rain.Sounds like my hunting season was,WET!
        Sometimes wish I could jump in on the conversations about (toys) but then again!!!
        Be well all
        Maniac –out

      7. Do you guys remember the staged for television war and phoney news. This whole story seems like another made for T.V. Drama. I mean, “all options are off the table”. Isn’t that a little too Holywood.


      8. WTF is all this handwringing going on with North Korea? It’s not in China’s interest, nor Japan, nor Russia nor ours for this fat Gomer Pyle to be launching missile after missile.

        Expect air strikes soon.

      9. There are no nukes:https://youtu.be/sULjMjK5lCI

        North Korea will not play ball with the globalist bankers, and this is why the US, i.e. Israel is ramping up anti-north Korean rhetoric. Read the book ‘confessions of an economic hit-man’ for the truth.

        Free your mind: https://youtu.be/ER9Ul_ostZ8

      10. North Koreans don’t need our interference to have their missiles blow up, they have so many failures that multiple successful launches are what is unusual.

      11. If this truly is an accidental failure at launch then its obvious that China isn’t helping NK in this program. Its my belief that NK behavior is counterproductive for China. China just want’s NK to exist and be hostile to its southern neighbor and the US thereby creating a buffer zone.

        The possibility exists that a beam type weapon exists fired from space or cyber war on their system caused the failure. Such a weapon might just make the electronics go haywire with directed microwaves leaving no fingerprints.

        Who knows?

        • Exactly.

        • Imagine being the NK scientist that signed off and said everything is ok. For that matter imagine being a family member or friend of them.

          • I want to say “MADE IN NORTH KOREA, RED CHINA’S LITTLE BROTHER”, but it could’ve been something else.

            • Its not advantageous for China to have NK nuclear armed. Its just one more variable beyond their direct control that can bring them into a nuclear war. It is to China’s advantage for NK to be hostile to the US and South Korea but no so much as to drag them into a confrontation not of their own choosing.

      12. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

        • So by your estimate; none of the 50 million killed in WWII or the 100 million killed by Papa Joe and Mao were good Christians? Cause they sure as hell weren’t saved as I call it.

      13. No Dong Missle A No Go!!!!!

      14. Or maybe it was just a piece of shit North Korean missile.

      15. No Korea has very little internet deployment and all it’s connections are through China.

        I’d look there rather than the US.

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