A “Micro” Example of the Increasing U.S. Totalitarianism

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    I begin this piece with a “microeconomic” example of the inexorably advancing (and inevitable) totalitarianism in the United States.  A manager for a local pawnshop in the state I reside informed me of a town that came out with (at first) a city ordinance for pawn stores several years ago. With time, the city’s ordinance was “inflicted” upon the entire county, including my friend’s business. This action is perfectly characterized by a line originating in the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson’s character Benjamin Martin:

    “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”

    Here are the parameters of the ordinance. A national firm (a private company) is utilized within the ordinance and set up by the local government as the authority in this matter. Ostensibly, the “purpose” of this ordinance is to “fight crime and theft in the community.” The local government requires all pawn stores in the county to provide a once per week upload of all transactions of pawns as well as sales.

    With the sales, any item sold to the pawn store by a person must be put aside for two weeks before it can be sold if it is worth more than $20. But wait, there’s more: the seller must provide driver’s license info and their social security number, along with the description, make, and serial number of the thing being sold. All of this must be reported each week, or the pawn store can be fined $5,000 per “infraction.”

    The seller’s information goes into the company’s database, as well as digging into the store’s records both for inventory and sales.

    There goes the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and all “in the interests of safety, security, and the public good,” right?

    Wrong. It is in the interests of a government “family” (Big Brother Federal, and/or the younger brothers, State and Local) that knows no restraints and can operate with complete impunity and immunity from the law. Naturally, the mechanics are crafted to generate income for the national firm…funded by taxpayer dollars, of course. Move over Al Capone and Meyer Lansky! Move over John Gotti!  The U.S. Government is the true “padrino,” the Godfather, with enforcers of law enforcement and the military (paid for with taxes), heading a “syndicate” of bankers, lawyers, oligarchs, and corporations.

    Also quite naturally with this pawn store watchdog example, the government taxes the national firm: a “win-win” relationship for the government (milking more tax monies and instituting further control), and for the corporation (protected to act on behalf of the government, yet as a private firm, with no accountability to the public.)  The company also enjoys the protection of the government by way of tax breaks and anonymity. As with a small-time Rat, the company is glad to pay a percentage to the King Rat to ensure he is protected in his operations.

    The pawnshop, at least, takes secured collateral for a loan, instead of instituting a policy of indentured servitude on a loan as with a “traditional” lending facility that makes their money the old-fashioned way…by stealing it. Once again, there are plenty of people in this country who rely on such institutions as pawn shops to obtain either money from a sale, or a loan that they could not obtain through a “traditional” lending facility, such as a bank.

    A bank, that is allowed to pursue fractional reserve banking policies and lend out 500 to 1000% more money than they actually have “in the casino,” and this of crisp fiat notes (basically “thin air”) backed by a private company (the Federal Reserve)…insured up to $50 billion by the FDIC, but that to cover more than a trillion dollars in deposits.  A bank: it limits the amount of your withdrawals and files a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) on your cash transactions if they’re in excess of a few thousand dollars. Organized crime at its finest, doing a job on the public.

    The “job” is to account for all of the money in the time period that cash still exists, prior to cash being eliminated when they can then steal openly and electronically at will. For the moment these measures enable taxation, to ensure that Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan have enough for their $500 per plate dinners. It ensured the Obama family had a nice stay in Martha’s Vineyard…while most families stayed in the warren with a bag of Doritos, the “income-tax meter” still ticking away for them.  An article was recently published entitled, Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through June; Still Run $607 B Deficit, by CNS News on 7/12/18 by Terrence P. Jeffrey.

    The Federal Government collected $1,305,490,000,000.00 [that’s $1.3 trillion], and still ran a $607 Billion deficit.

    Gee, no wonder the IRS and State Department are “partnering up” to prevent any American owing more than $51,000 in taxes from obtaining a passport and leaving the country. The “Big Picture,” however, is much bleaker than these tidbits of information that leak out in the news.

    The Big Picture: the government (Federal, State, and Local) are all tightening the screws on the citizens, keeping them on the wheel while they shrink the walls of the Habitrail incrementally, yet steadily, by the day.

    The institutions, oligarchs, and politicos were thieves in the past, but since 9/11 (as outlined poignantly in the documentary “Citizen Four”) they have combined their forces to inculcate a total surveillance society that permeates every…every…aspect of our lives as we interact publicly, in the world of man, within the United States. Whether shopping, or driving, or on the computer or the telephone…all of our actions be they purchases or communications are being recorded, sorted, filed, and stored.

    The word “program” is defined as a “plan or procedure that leads toward a goal.” And the activity with the pawnshops?  Shrink the buying power and gain greater knowledge over the marginalized fringes of society and the institutions they rely upon. Invade their privacy and in the “name of the public good and safety,” intrude upon their business dealings and personal liberties such as the right to privacy.

    Force them into the mainstream, or marginalize them further and fashion them into criminals: make them so by making it a crime to not be a part of a completely-transparent, completely-accountable “community,” where every activity and asset is known, monitored, and controlled. Except when you are a politician, an oligarch, or an enforcer (formerly law enforcement or the military): then you are exempt from the laws that govern the mob.

    And it won’t be long before the word “program” is changed. Just give it time, until it becomes the word “pogrom,” a term that means a purposeful and controlled massacre of helpless people. Just give it time: it has happened in the past, and (as with all corrupt, overextended, decadent empires) the cycle continues. It will happen again, but it will happen in the U.S., and to us, the citizens.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. The government has been out of control for a long time. This in not our government. It is not there for you. Act accordingly.

        • Another item of note is where will that Sacha Cohen be? Is he here in the USA right now? Making fun of disabled veteran brothers and patriots demands a response to the SOB. There are several of us in various locations that wanna “speak” with him.

          • For my part I want to beat the fuck out of him til he’s fucking brain dead. See how damn funny he thinks that is.

            • Mr Papa John was kicked out of his own company after jokingly using the n-word. Meanwhile, n1ggers everywhere call each other n1ggers every day and aren’t offended.

              I miss the 1960s…

              • Remember its all about the Negros…. on Yahoo I can’t say that anymore so now its the 13%.

        • Him , yep it has been clear for a long while our government has devolved into a giant criminal organization of control freaks ! Now they use the supposed laws as they see fit to persecute any who speak or act against them or point out their sociopathic and pschopathic actions. Criminals run our government and it is that simple and the DEM/DSA with the RINOs are the perpetrators these days. Most of the REPs are spineless worthless bastards so it all continues to an extreme as we see daily ! The only good news is that it is being exposed and we will see some changes and prosecutions. How much or how many remains to be seen ? We will also see some degree of rebellion and chaos, once people have suffered enough. So far they remain fat, dumb, lazy and apathetic unfortunately.

      2. What Him said.

        • What Sean said.

          • what 2018IN said.

      3. A boy asked his priest if God was white or black. The priest said go to the alter and ask God yourself. The boy asked and a voice from behind the alter replied “I am what I am”….puzzled, the boy then asked the priest what God meant by that. The priest said to the boy “God answered you….he’s white”. The boy asked how did you come to that conclusion? The priest answered, “because if God was black, he would have said “I is what I is”…!!!!!

        • Even though us humans are fallible, God is color blind, he loves all whether red or yellow, black or white we are precious in His sight. If you come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ,you will receive Salvation regardless of your color. Trekker Out. God is Spirit,so He is Colorless!

          • MT, god hates white people. Why else would he give us blacks?

      4. Exposing fascism to the max: Also, Doug Hagmann on hour three of thecommonsenseshow (click on top of page “radio”) exposes MS13 and other terrorist groups inside this country for the take down (order out of chaos). Lew Rockwell site read today’s article by John Whitehead. All this sums it up. Nothing can stop it as it is too embedded. Politicians are bought off like in Europe, to trash the countries/ allowing mayhem.

      5. The Rothschild bankers own this country and control it with a tight fist, has been that way since the US was created. Every war was and is of their making. They murdered Lincoln and JFK plus the other murdered presidents. They own Britain, France, Russia, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, China and on and on. Their one world government cannot be stopped. So plan accordingly which I’m sure most of you have.

        • aljamo: Agree, but why are people running blogs and ask for donations, when there is zero hope to turn this around? do not subscribe to any blogs and never send money in.

          • laura ann, you could not be more wrong ? Who do you think has brought all the info today, the truth fairy or religions ?

            It is the bloggers and alternative media sources that have saved us so far form utter destruction. They are the ones who got trump elected and the reason Hillary is toast ! You need to rethink a bunch of stuff ! Here is a small sample of successful events by a blogger, me ! And exactly what did you do ? These were up for years and finally helped work to defeat the criminals.



            This last one is still pending but also very important


            • Not one blog has mentioned a viable solution to the take down. Many blogs admit it is too far gone to fix. No one so far has a “fixable” solution. Otherwise why would many use blogs just to sell stuff?

        • Yesterday was the one hundredth anniversary of the murder of a married couple; a man and his wife, their thirteen year old son, and their four young daughters.

          The Romanov family was murdered by a rabid bunch of non-human dogs.

          These dogs were paid killers and thieves, who received their orders from American bankers in New York, instruments of the Banking Syndicate run by mob boss, Rothschilds.


          • So, does this have anything to do with the current demonization of Russia by the media and ZOG?

            Why are the Romanov’s murders not highlighted. Is Trump’s visit an apology tour?

            Queen Victoria Of England was not the “Virgin Queen”. She had nine children, all ruled Europe. One of Victoria’s daughters was Empress of Russia. She was the one murdered, along with her husband and their children.

            What happened to the Russian people was the worst crime against humanity in the history of the world.



      6. Example of International crime…with-held from public.
        the assassination attempts Oct, 1, 2017 at the Tropicana of Prince
        Salmon….by ISIS (hired by the Prince Alwaleed…Mandalay Bay Co-Owner) still not
        not made public by FBI..CIA..HSA… or police…or .news media???
        The fact that there were numerous shooters killing people….(by ISIS) That
        Paddock was the FIRST VICTIM SHOT. That victums reported shooting
        on the Country Music crowd from the roof top and helicopters shooting down
        on them. The helipad on Mandalay Bay was the escape route for
        Paddocks killers….through secret back stairway to roof heliport ….
        ..and security and police waited until “they” staged the crime scene before they entered
        so as to frame Paddock to fit their narrative, “Paddock was the ONLY SHOOTER””…
        “lie” they were going to SPIN for the public.

        Remember the Demoncrap motto??
        ” Never let a disaster go to waste.”

        The FBI, and POLICE were already there BEFORE THE FIRST SHOT
        was FIRED….as there were shots fired at the Tropicana….and Casino
        customers were hiding there while police and FBI lined
        up on the street near the Tropicana, just as the first shots were fired…
        at the Mandalay Bay to snuff out Paddock….(by ISIS, CIA, FBI, Security, or
        Police) ???
        Why were they there??? Who set this up?

        I smell a Clintonwitch and Obumhole trying to help get
        Prince Salmon snuffed out.
        Prince Alwaleed was thick with globalists Obumhole, Clintnwich.
        They were partners in crime….with deep pockets….billionaire
        Alwaleed…..who is now in royal prison for corruption. ….along with
        others who were criminals.
        “They” executed a coverup….””GUN CONTROL”.
        for the ring leaders of “FAST AND FURIOUS FAME””
        Paddock was the patsy.

        Is this the “investigation ” the CIA, FBI and DOJ, is covering up, obstructing,
        with the TRUMP INVESTIGATION??

        Clintnwich and Obumhole, owe Alwaleed favors big time!!! Could this fiasco
        be payback??? Or corroboration by all three.

        This is how they cover up crap. Denial…lie…blame… lie…
        until it is old news and forgotten by gullible,
        narrow minded public.

        I for one would like to know why 58 People died
        and FBI, CIA, HS, Security, Police, like so many times
        tries to hide behind lies. Pallets of money disappear and
        not a word where or to whom…or why!!!

      7. I was censored for using the acronym rhyming with “FOG”.


      8. Victoria’s Secret was that she carried the gene for hemophilia.


      9. The law was passed to stop crime, you say. The only way to stop crime is to kill criminals. Without criminals there is no crime. Dead people don’t commit crimes, so again, kill the criminals and game over. But the conservaturds an libturds, claiming to be Christians and Patriots don’t won’t to hear this. So, on we go until our upkeep becomes our downfall. Either way, game over.thanks

      10. Just remember that what they don’t know can’t hurt you.

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