A Measure of Our Impoverishment (Which They Hope You Haven’t Noticed)

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    This article has been contributed by Eric Peters. Visit his political blog and commentary for more views, analysis and updates.

    creme-egg-shrinking-picture-300x199 (1)It’s getting close to October – to Halloween – and Cadbury has released a new, Halloween-themed Creme Egg. It’s like the ones they sell around Easter – only the gooey insides are green instead of yellow. Forgive me. I likethese chocolate eggs – no matter the color of the insides – and can’t resist grabbing a handful when I see the display box at the supermarket. But I noticed that more fit in my hand now than used to. The Cadbury Creme Egg went from being about the same size as a normal chicken egg – to the size of a robin’s egg. It’s about a third smaller now – but the price remains the same.

    Watch this video; see for yourself:

    Similarly chocolate bars – which have been downsized, too. They are about a third smaller in terms of overall dimensions – and also, thinner. Have you noticed? (Here’s a recent news story about that.)

    Of course, the price of chocolate bars hasn’t gone down, either. You pay more for the same – which means, you pay more for less – and they hope you’re too dumb to notice. Or, perhaps, they are counting on the psychological angle; that it is preferable to see “price stability” – even to the extent of willfully ignoring that you’re getting less and less of whatever the item is and paying the same (or, in some cases, more).shrinking chocolate bar picture

    I take OsteoBiFlex – a supplement that’s supposed to help keep your joints limber. Just bought a bottle – the same size bottle. But inside the opaque, deep blue bottle – half empty! Not even cotton to fill the air gap.

    I admit it’s clever. Much less clumsy, at any rate, than simply jacking up the price. Corporate America is nothing if not clever. Lawyers are often disparaged as shysters, but Corporate America is the true master of the art of shysterism. They get us to refer to their ads as “sponsored content.” They advise that we’ll “learn more” (really? Gosh! It’s like a free college course…) if we click on said “sponsored content.”

    They can – and do – sell us anything.

    The latest being inflation.

    People ought to be seriously uneasy about the unmistakable intrusion of its reality into their American Idolized, Fuuuuuuhhhhtttball venerating lives. moransThe federal government can fudge – can outright lie – about the various indicators of economic health. Can shift perceptionsof reality. But reality can’t be dismissed so easily. If it takes more dollars to purchase cocoa or sugar then the price of a Creme Egg or chocolate bar has to increase commensurately in order to maintain the same equilibrium between the cost to make the item and the profit it earns. When the economy is flooded with funny money – “quantitative easing,” another euphemism whose sole purpose is to obfuscate reality – the value of a given thing remains the same but its apparent costincreases. It takes more sheaves of funny money to buy the same item. This is inflation.

    And, because the average person cannot magically increase the amount of paper currency he carries (only the “Federal” Reserve can legally counterfeit) he is systematically impoverished.

    The powers that be are trying to keep a lid on a pressure cooker that’s on the verge of blowing its top. Since 2008, the economy of the United State (singular, in the interests of honest language) has been injected with “liquidity” – that is, with historically unparalleled sheaves of manufactured money, in a desperate financial Hail Mary attempt to forestall the inevitable, a correction of just as unparalleled historic awfulness.

    Fed-Funny-Money-picture-300x252They claim inflation is “under control” – only about 2-3 percent annually (see here). If so, then why does our Fed Funny Money (which we’re forced to use; a point that must be made in deference, once again, to honest language) buy ever diminishing quantities of almost everything? The fact that the price of these items hasn’t gone up by double digits doesn’t change the underlying fact that the size/quantity of what you get has gone down by double digits, or almost.

    More money – for less stuff.

    If it were just Creme Eggs – or chocolate bars – one might shrug it off as a localized aberration. Something to do with volatility in a given market. Or, perhaps some sort of price-fixing flim-flam within a given industry. But it’s happening across the board – as anyone who shops for basic staples, food and so on, already knows. The bag of groceries that cost $50 five years ago now costs $70 – and there’s less in the bag, too. Gas costs twice what it did just five years ago. We’ve just gotten used to $3.40 as the New Normal.

    It’s a canary in the coal mine, folks.

    How much smaller can a Creme Egg get?

    Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release soon. Visit his web site at Eric Peters AutosYou can visit Eric’s donate page here.


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      1. Yes, we notice it. The scam cannot run forever and it simply will not. Start growing as much as you can now to offset the inflationary rip-offs. The Fed is picking your pocket without ever touching your wallet. Wait until this war starts and oil spikes hard. You think shit costs a lot now,….

        • or fill up a s gallon bucket…

          • This is happening not only with food.
            Go to Walmart and check the labels of clothes – (was ~ 100% cotton) now 50-100% synthetic fibers.

            • Good observation. I hadn’t thought of that.

              • I thought that 12 oz. “pounds” of bacon were a slap in the face… until I saw 4.5 oz. boxes of cereal on the shelves.

                • Ya, gotta love 12oz pounds of bacon, along with the 12oz pounds of lunch meat.

                  • We loved it so much that 10 oz. “pounds” of bacon are showing up at Whole Foods and Sprouts.

                  • i don’t buy bacon in packages buy it in slabs smoked bring it home and smoke it some more for about 4 hours
                    slice it myself the way I want it
                    Just got finished with another 200 lbs. of fish smoked and put up plus have over 4oo lbs. salted down and put away. prep.prep.prep and keep on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


                • John Q. Public,

                  It’s the new math 2+2=5. As Joseph Goebbels said so long ago, “If you say it enough times, people will believe it.”

                  • YH: Well actually because of the ongoing downsizing of all merchandise, it now 2+2=3, but I get your meaning.

                • It’s still $6 a real pound at the butcher shops.

                  Not to mention it’s better, too.

              • Not so sure about this one. I work in the heat and cotton is a killer. I go out of my way, and generally pay more, for 100% synthetic clothing. Simply because it dries faster and keeps me cooler. I can see where you are coming from though.

                • Outlaw,

                  You remember recently in Europe they had a meat scare where horse meat was being sold as beef? And in China rat meat was being sold as lamb and beef steaks? I don’t even want to guess how many rats it takes to fake a Porterhouse steak! But I suppose in the worse case scenario when the food has run out and one is starving, a rat will begin to look like a delicacy pretty quickly!

                  As the collapse continues I imagine we will see more substitutions taking place.

                  • Ya, I agree YH, I am already substituting beans for meat, along with many other substitutions, just to get by.

                  • John Q. Public,

                    >>”“Tremendous amounts of fecal matter remain on the carcasses,” Ian Baldick, an inspectors union representative, told the Post. “Not small bits, but chunks.””<<

                    If that doesn't turn a person's stomach I can't imagine what will. Not even cooking to well done will make that meat safe.

                    Recently there was an article on CNN explaining a new Japanese beef substitute that looks and tastes exactly like beef but is produced from highly processed raw sewage. That was hard to watch people actually eating burgers made from this crap. Thanks.

                  • rat porterhouse is very good I just cant figure how they make the bone for it



            • Yeah, I bought a double extra large overcoat and when I got it home it was just a pair of nylons.

              O.k. enough absurdity, as a survivalist you should be aware that oftentimes you do not want cotton. In the hiking community they say “Cotton Kills”. When wet it weighs more, stays wet longer and provides less insulation than synthetic. The only good things about cotton are: we are used to the way it feels, it might (big might) be sturdier, and if someone sets you on fire your clothes burn, instead of melt onto your skin.

              • I heard hemp clothing will last generations, you could pass down you bell bottoms to your grandson.

                • I wear yo granddad’s clothes
                  I feel incredible
                  I’m in this big ass coat
                  From that thrift shop down the road

              • i have to order 100% cotton socks they dont sell them in the stores anymore ,i work outside all day and if there is any percentage of nylon or rayon in the socks my ankles will break out so bad that the bleed

                • Lower40,

                  Try looking for them at outlet stores. I have found them at reduced prices.

            • As long as somebody is willing to buy that quality of clothing they will keep putting it on the shelves. If it won’t sell, Walmart especially will jerk it out and not reorder it. They as all will only stock things that moves.
              Me, I won’t buy Levi’s, lee, or wrangler. The quality is not there, the denim is light and they cost to much. I do buy Carhartt. The denim is 13 oz compared to 11 oz, better stitching and fit. And reasonably priced compared to the other three. Their a working mans pant. However though, there is a new one on the market that is off the hook for an unknown reason. 1791s, have you seen how much these are? $127.00a pair. Let me type that again, $127.00 a pair.
              I have no idea what could possibly be in them that would make them worth that much. I’ll stay with my Carhartt.

              • If you buy those name brands at Walmart, you are getting what is euphemistically called “promotional grade” merchandise. These companies like Levi essentially counterfeit their own stuff. Thinner cloth, cut short to use less of it, weaker stitching, pockets that get holes in the first week, no rivets, etc. One of my clients years ago was a maker of such stuff (for Sears).

                I also like Carhartt, and I’ll pay their price.

                My personal peeve is soap. I’ve been prepping long enough that I can pull out bars of body soap that were 5.75 ounces. Now they’re four. Cleverly hollowed out so the package doesn’t LOOK and smaller, though.

                Hold and squeeze

              • I think the 1791’s are made in the USA. I’ve looked for other US made jeans and bibs, they’re all very costly. Not sure where carhartts are made, but that’s what my winter work coat is.

                • i wore levi’s all my life ,now there discusting ,there made in so many different country’s and they have no set standards ,if you buy a pair made in turkey ,they have big legs on them ,what ever country there made in they reflect the body dimension of the populace ,so when you buy a pair you have to think about what people best fit your body discription check the tags and buy it from that country im 5’11” and 178 lbs the ones that fit the best for me are made in haiti ,after reading some of these post i will be checking out some of the other clothing lines ,with the exception of the 1791’s ,all though i have to say i would rather pay more for a nice ham sandwich than i would for a lump of shit

                • Check out Roundhouse for jeans and overalls. Cotton grown in Texas, milled into denim in S. Carolina, cut and sewn in Oklahoma. The jeans are harder to find but I got them at Langston’s in Oklahoma City

                  • Forgot to mention the jeans were about $30.

              • Deluth clothing co has Shirts and Pants like carhart Work pants and shirts. BUT they are made of the Exact same material and thickness of Firehose are made from!

                Thay are that Outer layer firehose covering made of all cotton, slight light brown tint same as real firehoses.

                Its way heavier than 12 oz carhart jackets etc. Cost per pair pants or shirt avg around $45-60 each.

                They send a small catalog here every few months and lately have TV ads too. They sell a T shirt with xtra material at Back waist area so you wont get Plumbers Butt when stooping down!

                • I bought a few items from Duluth. No more. “Firehose” breaks down even faster than regular denim. T-shirt has a long tail, yes, but is as thin as cheap undershirt, and cut around the neck so it’s choking you all the time. Last thing was three pairs of “silk socks” that I wanted for sock liners under wool. Thinner than the weakest women’s pantyhose. Junk.

                  Hold and squeeze

                  • OC: I have to say I completely disagree. I’ve been a Deluth customer for a couple of years now. Have several “fire hose” pants, they are tougher than almost all the carharts that I own. And the tees are the heaviest I have found. I wear the tees everyday on construction sites.

              • 1791’s is Glenn Beck’s new clothing line.Supossingly,all profits go to charity

                • The whole truth and nothing but the truth > Glenn Beck

                  I watched Beck for a couple years…When I was a boy I thought like a boy, when I became a Man, I thought like a Man.

              • Da–am, I must be really poor…Kmart Wranglers and only when they’re on sale!! Ouch!!

              • They’ll just advertise them at $63.50 a leg and increase sales.

              • Try L L Bean heavyweight denim. $39 on sale and free shipping. (No, I don’t work for them.) Carhartt and Behr are both good quality working jeans and overalls. If you can, buy a few pairs ahead, both the size you wear now and a size smaller, before the quality or the product, vanishes.

                • go to allamericanclothing Dot Net. great jeans, good price and made in ameria.

              • 1791 is Glenn Beck’s clothing brand. He’s not exactly looking out for the working man.

            • noname,

              I had only thought that was because synthetics help the fabric wear better, be stretchier, and not need as much (if any) ironing. But what you say makes sense, too.

            • Not so sure about this one. I work in the heat and cotton is a killer. I go out of my way, and generally pay more, for 100% synthetic clothing. Simply because it dries faster and keeps me cooler. I can see where you are coming from though.

              • You probably do know about linens and tropical wool, natural silk.

                Synthetic food, synthetic houses, synthetic clothes = killing planet and yourself.

                • Yes, I do know about linen, but not tropical wool. Linen will not work in my industry. It is too light, I would destroy it in a day, and as dumbdude stated above, “When wet it weighs more, stays wet longer”. I love traditional wool… in the wintertime. Tell me about tropical wool?
                  If you would like to run with me for a day in your linen or tropical wool, then I will be more than happy to listen to you preach about its “moral superiority”.

                  • Noname: Killing Earth? So how long can you make it last when the bible says God is going to use Fire to totally Destroy this current earth age and all thats on earth etc.

                    Then will be a New earth and New heaven combined into One. God told Man to use what god created and to be stewards of it all. So yes we are supposed to use it wisely, but not try to save it all for tens of thousands more yrs neither.

                    Some folks think God was smart enough to create as much resources as mankind will need, untill its time for that Cleansing Fire and a new earth etc.

                    Its what Treehugger atheists fail to grasp. Besides a whole Host of other issues they fail at.

                  • Very fine wool; I prefer Peruvian , affordable and easy to get ( #1 and lace weight) when used for wool socks is the best in my opinion. I have several pair That are seven years old. That’s right: seven. The natural fibre wicks moisture away and drys fairly quickly . Quicker than cotton . Get out those DPN’s and make yourself a pair for 8 bucks ! If you can’t knit yet what are you waiting for ? Armaggedon? Bonus! There are free lessons, free patterns all over the Internet . I have a pattern for socks that are made in sections to easily rework a hole in the toe or the heel or anywhere using scrap yarn. Cuddle duds makes fantastic silk leggings and various style tops for colder/ damp weather . I prefer these type materials for clothing , as they last longer .

            • It’s not only Cadbury creme eggs. Just the other day I opined to my significant other that real eggs seem to be smaller. Leastways what were sold as large seem more like what medium sized eggs were in years past. Not only smaller, but the price is up, up, and up even more.

              • There’s one farmer at the market that sells “real” eggs. Wife won’t buy them because they taste “too eggy”. One thing often not mentioned is even at the same portion, the value (nutritional, non-poison laden, etc) is not the same. fat chicken meat from factories and from genetically bred “big breast” chickens. vege’s from depleted soils or tomato varieties bred for shipping versus flavor and nutrition. The false marketing goes far beyond what the eye can see…the “real” egg I’m mentioning is one from healthy chickens that roam and eat bugs. I’m sure 99% of Americans have never event tasted such as egg.

                • Hey, sign me up–prissy liberal ladies wouldn’t evah touch one of those eggs with the stuff I clean from them.
                  Country eggs–the only way to go.

                • I raise my own little hens for eggs you would be surprised how many people think eating an egg from a ” pet” chicken is crazy and or dangerous. But they never say no to my cakes and cookies . Made with the ” unsanitary ” eggs . Derp. Go figure .

                  • I have a waiting list for eggs from my free ranging hens. I only have 5 of them, but they lay an egg a day 340+ days a year! I sell them so fast, I haven’t saved any for our household!

                  • real eggs…. my real eggs have been too big to put into large egg cartons to sell. go figure!

            • What I have noticed is flimsiness of the clothe…you can see through almost everything anymore when you hold it up to the light…weird.

              • What gets me even more, is the pre-worn-out clothes they try and sell. I don’t need to buy jeans with holes in them, I can wear them out quite nicely by myself, thank you. And mine look better after wearing them out myself anyway, gives a fitted look.

              • Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my grandmother. That 1960s/1970s polyester lasts forever, never needs ironing, and the colors are still as bright as when grandma wore them :). My mom and aunt also pass stuff down, as well as my coworkers. One coworker’s mom died and she gave me her entire wardrobe. I’m not fussy on clothes or into fashion (although some of the stuff is back in style). Clean and in good repair is my style.

                • I kept a lot of clothing when I closed my Army/Navy…lots of wool socks and pants…cotton t-shirts made in the USA…buy a pair of jeans/bibs at SA or Goodwill once in a great while…Im set for clothes for years! 🙂

            • Why are you even supporting Walmart?

              You are part of the problem.

              • Because Walmart is cheaper and they sell the same shit as every other department store and even sell some American made products. Home Depot, Lowes, Sears all sell chinese shit, not just Walmart. Did you know walmart has 3 times the dollar sales/employee ratio than costco. Yes they pay alot less, But they hire people who would have trouble getting employment anywhere else. And no, they are not Union, you know, the group that help destroy the steel industry, Hostess Bakery etc, with thier astronomical demands.

                • Unions didn’t destroy the steel industry; or any other industry for that matter. In the early “70’s the Japanese came to America (Burns Harbor) and toured OUR best steel plants in the Midwest. Then they went home and built BIGGER, more efficient mills.

                  The same thing happened to the Japanese in the 90’s by the Chinese when they decided to modernize their steel industry, which was not much better than the process that the Hittites used to make the first iron swords.

                  Globalism destroyed all of OUR industries and has taken more than a third of OUR manufacturing; all in the name of FREE TRADE which is a euphanism for the raping of America by the global PTB and the Gangster Banksters.

                  Know your enemy or be enslaved and impoverished by them under NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. 🙂

                  • So what happened to Hostess?

                  • The Durango Kidd says:

                    “Globalism destroyed all of OUR industries and has taken more than a third of OUR manufacturing; all in the name of FREE TRADE which is a euphanism for the raping of America by the global PTB and the Gangster Banksters.”

                    Yeah, and if you’ve voted in a Federal election over the last 2 decades, you’re complicint in the crime!

                    “Know your enemy or be enslaved and impoverished by them under NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO.”

                    You’re already a slave… A slave to the State! You are either blind, or simply chose to ignore that fact. Which is it?

                    But hey, in the interim, keep on voting DK!

                    USA… USA… USA.

                  • Hostess wasn’t destroyed by the union. Management can always say “No!” to the demand for higher wages. If the workers strike they lose money. Individuals can only lose money for so long, then they must go back to work.

                    Unlike the Government, private enterprise can only pay so much and realize a reasonable profit.

                    In the case of Hostess, management decided to EXTEND their personal profit by selling out to other investors, who eliminated the union, rather than deal with the union.

                    I worked in the steel industry. I know what happened to BIG Steel. It was Globalism and Free Trade. Without Free Trade, the Japanese and Chinese would have to pay tariffs to enter the American market.

                    Free Trade has allowed global investors to access the American marketplace and undermine OUR jobs by using cheap (slave) labor and manipulated currencies to undercut the most productive workers in the world.

                    Under a Fair Trade System where currencies are equal or adjusted equally by Tariffs, investment and jobs would flow to that nation with the most productive workers.

                    That’s US! 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: glad to you are on board with the vote, because the voters in Colorado are making a big difference with their vote.

                    USA! USA! USA! 🙂

                  • You are wrong. The Chinese underpriced their product to steal the steel business and drive competitors from the market place. They were enabled in doing this by globalist bankers and their government. We can stop the loss of our industry by eliminating the Federal Reserve board, pin the dollar to gold, and bring back tariffs on imported goods. It worked for close to 150 years with growth rates of 12% on average until the European bankers came here and created the Fed during the Wilson administration.

                • another thing about walmart ,i live in a town where most of the commerce is controlled by winter res. and millionairs ,and all my life the side walks have rolled up at dusk ,ive worked nights most of my life ,so let me say this ,FUCK THE MOM AND POPS ,this is no longer a 7 to 7 world at least 1/3 of the population works nights ,so you want to make some money get with the program ,three people i know of makes a hell of a lot of money when the sun sets, walmart ,mcdonalds ,and 7/11

                  • I’m with ya man, I moved to a small town in the Michigan U.P. a few years ago and one thing I really despise about this place is the local small businesses. They open late, close early, and service/quality is horrible at 90% of them. The McDonalds and WalMart haters can kiss my ass because if it weren’t for those two businesses, this town would be a total shithole. An Auto Zone recently opened here and although I’m not the biggest fan of that particular chain, I’m so thrilled about it because we have three other mom and pop parts stores here which are all absolute shit. Nothing pisses you off more than needing a car part at 7 o’clock on Saturday and not a fucking parts store in town is open.

                  • @ Lower 40 & Shiftless; I guess I’m in the minority judging by the thumbs up you both have. I live in an area that has a ton of national stores and a good amount of “mom and pop” places. I go out of my way to buy from the mom and pop. Never had a bad experience, plenty of usefull knowledge. How many times have you been in HD or Lowes with a question and the person there says “this isn’t really my department”. Its a shame you guys have had bad experiences, there are some good places out there. Dont give up on mom and pop yet.

                • Hostess was killed by the corporate vultures who ran it, not the unions. The unions took a 30% cut in wages while the corporate CEOs paid themselves millions.

              • Because many of us have to watch what we spend. Laundry soap and personal care products are almost invariably cheaper at Wal-Mart. Occasionally, the grocery chains will have sales that beat Wal-Mart’s prices, but I can’t go running into town every week to catch a particular sale of a particular product. We go once a month, estimating what will be needed for the next four weeks, and it takes one trip. Usually WM will be the cheapest overall. Being a snippy liberal is only possible for the well-off.

          • guero, you mean an 18.93 liter bucket, now known as 15.50 liters…

          • @ John Q Public: “Here’s one substitute—“chunks of feces”—that the USDA treats as an acceptable food product.”

            What’s the big deal? We have the same thing in the White House.

        • The masses are stupid and lazy, they don’t even read the price per ounce of any product at the supermarket. When the price of something says $2.79 and still says that 6 months later, they automatically say inflation is under control. If the imbecile was to look that the price is now 35 cents per ounce as compared with 23 cents an ounce, it is clear what has happened. The can or box is now 8 oz. instead of 12 oz. But the price has not gone up so everything is fine in lollipop land. A drum roll please…………… DUH!

          Thank God I am and the people here on this site are not the total dumb sh^&s that the general public is. Then the companies tell the dumbasses that they are sizing down the cans and boxes to be more convenient or to control weight gain. Naturally the masses being retards say, “well that sounds like a good idea, just don’t raise the prices”. God help us, we are living with escaped ass monkeys from the zoo.

          Someone out there, you want to save humanity, come up with an anti-stupid pill. You know a pill that the idiot can take, without any child proof seal on it, no special wrappings to confuse. Distribute it to 99% of the population that still don’t prepare for tomorrow. Better triple the dosage.

          • My former compatriots were the same in the long run (while they were pretty well able to calculate the difference in price per kg, thank to the good Math schooling).

            The most intelligent ones comparably easily left the collapsing country in 1989-1990 (as soon as borders were open a little).

            One cannot win every-time and one cannot have everything.

            Suggestion to myself: enjoy what and whom you have, live and develop intellectually and spiritually while possible, and forget about saving the Humanity.

            • BI, what gets me, especially at wally world, is that a lot of the time the larger packaging of the same product actually cost more per ounce! I always look at price per ounce, and many times purchase two of the smaller packages and save money. I guess in this age of imbeciles though “bigger is better!” I actually hear that phrase quite often nowadays. I find it is often untrue.

              • Outlaw, it’s not ‘bigger is better’ that’s taught–many of us were taught buy in bulk or larger packages.
                We were taught the larger package takes no longer to manufacture than the smaller, so price difference wasn’t noticeable; larger package was the bargain.
                I have noticed for a long time to get the two smaller packages and save.

                • I agree w/ ya. I used to assume that bulk was cheaper, not so much anymore. For instance Sam’s club, there are many things available there in bulk, that I can actually get cheaper at a regular store in smaller packaging.
                  But still, the younger generation believes, “bigger is better!”
                  My daughter-in-law for instance, her favorite phrase is, “go big or go home” WTF?
                  Also we have down-sized housing twice now. We have really cut to the bone at this point. But somthing my step-son said to me after the first downsize still sticks. After asking him how he felt about downsizing, his words “bigger is better”.
                  That’s what the mainstream would like to have us believe, unfortunately.

              • I listen to Clark Howard and He talked about this recently.. Large pkgs are often more per oz because companies count on “big eaters” to buy large servings without checking cost/oz (e. g. Potato chips). I use my calculator a lot when shopping, and buy the best value, no matter what size it is. Sometimes even “sale” items cost more!

                Soap bars are smaller, as are toilet paper rolls & shower gel bottles, …. Well, just about everything has shrunk while prices haven’t.

                • My husband not thinking so clearly now(more seizures and an inoperable aneurysm), said a long time ago..most machines no longer have little drinks.
                  Well, they don’t care if you throw away 8 oz. of the 16 oz.
                  You just paid for 16 oz. to drink 8.
                  They win?

                  • JayJay – have you looked into Gamma Knife for your husband. It’s a type of targeted radiation that doesn’t affect the surrounding tissue. I had it done for a pituitary tumor and understand it’s used for aneurysms a lot. Good luck to you and your husband.

                  • Sorry to hear about your Husband…I don’t understand why in the world some morons would take the time to red thumb such a post but sadly some peoples kids are allowed to run loose and unsupervised…regardless its gotta be rough on him and you…I pray you both have some peace day by day…

              • This seems to be a trend small packaging for the same price , government downsizing the real unemployment rate, Sequestration for us that work for the Goverment ( not by choice but I have to eat and refuse to join the dependent class) . Now there are spot shortages developing in the grocery department in stores, it almost reminds me of what happened when old soviet union was collapsing nothing on the shelves , government could not pay their employee’s and the whole system collapsed.
                The Goverment cannot keep,a lid on this forever the cracks in society will widen as more stress is put on the system, our area is still struggling to recover from Super Storm Sandy the lack of money from insurance claims that are stalled and for the lucky ones whom have recieved settlements ,the banks will not release settlement funds until the owners can prove contractors are doing the work. The contractors will not perform the work until a deposit is put down on the work to prevent being shafted on the work performed . No one trusts anyone else therefore no work is being performed , which prevents the contractors from purchasing materials or hiring help which effects the rest of the local economy . Everything is linked I think this may be a bigger clue to what’s happening to our economy , the money is being printed but it’s not going into the economy it’s going into the politicians pockets and being moved offshore while it still has value. their game is almost up, people are begining realizing what is going on . This why they are trying to disarm us.
                Right now I saw .22 LR “Lightning bolts” going for $90.00 a brick if you can find them 10 years ago you cold purchase these for less than $10.00 for 500 , now they are packed in 350 round packages.
                Salaries are not going up, prices are being disguised as smaller packaging and this is adding extreme stress to the middle class . Unlike the recession of the late 1970’s the problem seems more systematic than the stagflation we experienced then. I foresee a collapse like what occurred in Argentina in 2000 but it will begin slow then excellerate rapidly toward the end to a complete monetary collapse. Anything could tip us into this , Goverment shutdown , loss of the dollar as a world currency , war or multiple natural disasters.
                The future could be become quite exciting prepare as best you can.


                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                Semper Fi 8541

                • “Now there are spot shortages developing in the grocery department in stores, it almost reminds me of what happened when old soviet union was collapsing nothing on the shelves , government could not pay their employee’s and the whole system collapsed.”

                  I tend to think these days, it rather was a “Controlled Demolition”, but don’t let me started and, just in case, I did not down-vote you.

                  • We’ve certainly noticed the spot shortages. I asked one of the clerks at Andersons what was going on. Their tool section was the best. She said she honestly didn’t know, but that the staff was in the dark and concerned. The store closed about a year later, leaving a real hole in the retail arena. Same thing happened with a smaller grocery chain. First it was a shortage of convenience food, noticeable by the empty shelf space, then the fruits and vegetables began to disappear, finally meat and dairy. The chain shut down within six months and the buildings are still empty. We are left with larger chains and Wal-Mart, although these seem to be well-stocked. Wal Mart in a smaller, adjacent, town is showing the “empty shelf” syndrome, so assume they have been overwhelmed by the new, GIANT, super WM built just outside our closest town. My kids and I play the mental math game of “which is cheaper” when at the grocery store which I hope teaches them to consider cost and size. And, no, I would never pay $127 for a pair of jeans. My daughter’s “skinny jeans” are a real rip-off. Light weight, less material and they fall apart with the slightest stress. The fashion industry is never your friend, even though it’s important to your kids so consider it the enemy from the first interaction.

              • They are doing that at all the grocery stores. And different stores do it with different products. So you have to check all the sizes to see the difference. For example, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls come in two sizes. At my local Food Lion, even when they are on sale, the larger size is more per ounce than the smaller size at regular price. So I stock up when the smaller size is on sale. Large eggs at the local Food Lion are cheaper by the dozen than in the 18 pack. And they try to mess you up on some items. One brand will have the price per pound and the other brand will have the price per piece. Then you have to break out the calculator and figure out how many pieces based on the serving size and servings per container.

            • One of the most succinct comments ever written here. Cheers!

            • The problem, ex-soviet, is in a representative Republic like the United States, the ass-clowns vote counts just as much as yours. We have to have an educated, discerning public or it’s the USSR! You have to discriminate on who gets citizenship, and who can vote or you get the shithole we are now living in as a result.

          • I first noticed that people wouldn’t pick up
            any pennies they dropped.

            Then I saw them just toss their pennies out
            on purpose, didn’t want to carry the dead
            weight around in their pocket.

            • They are worth more as scrap copper

              • Post 1981 pennies are zinc with
                a copper wash on the outside.

              • You are correct. The old pennies are worth more as scrap. The new pennies are not.

                • Nickels, however, are still worth more in metal than their face value. Collect nickels. Filed down, they make great front sights for your gewehr.

                  My SIL tells this story about his father-in-law, who was a New York financial type. Old man always paid all his bridge and Parkway tolls with folding money, and dropped all the silver he got in change in a bucket at home. Did this for forty years, starting right after WW2. When he died he musta had a metric ton of real silver in his cellar.

                  Hold and squeeze

                  • Not his F.I.L. but his grandfather. Brain fade.

                • The zinc ones are almost 1/2 cent metal value now. They will probably pass one cent before long. The nickel is about 4.4 cents, but a while back the value was over 7 cents.

                  I am saving copper and nickel separately. I am also keeping regular change separate. If there is a currency revaluation, only the paper gets swapped. Any coinage you have magically increases in value. If you have your entire worth in supplies and coins, you can escape the currency revaluation haircut completely.

              • LOL. I was McDonalds and my 6 yo son asked for some change to put in the canister for Ronald McDonalds House. I handed him 2 pennies. He proceeded to hand me one back, I asked why and he said he was saving it since it was copper..

                I bought some Klondike ice cream bars recently and was like WTF– they were half the thickness they used to by and they were close to $4..

              • Hey All Global Warmers:! Just got an email weather alert. Says Northern Lower Mich by 2am Tonite(fri nite) Temps to go Below FREEZING temp!! Yeooow! Its too soon for temps lower than 32 degrees F!!!

                Guess treehuggers will Now switch Back to Global Freeze or Ice age again eh…

                • Arctic ice has increased 60% in coverage this year. The BBC stated in 2007 or 2008 that there would be no remaining ice in the Arctic area by 2013. Does this still mean higher electric bills????

                  • Climate change results in erratic weather, not necessarily overall higher temperatures. The Arctic ice has increased on the surface only; the ice under the water is gone. Global warming is still a reality.

                • Well, something is really weird.
                  Here in ky, the high was 73 and just now, I put on my fleece for an hour or two.

                • It could be due to the very very quiet solar cycle we’re going through at the moment. When the sun gets really quiet temps go down for decades.

            • I’m thinking maybe obamas brain got smaller too. Same price, just smaller. How ya doing out west, outwest?

              • Not too bad Wrong, except for the damn flooding.

                I tell ya, it’s so bad here that I saw a fisherman
                reeling in a salmon swimming up the street while
                sitting on his porch roof.
                And the Californians are here because the surfs up!

                To top it all off, I yelled out to a guy who
                was up to his neck in water, if he was alright, and
                he said yeah, but the horse he was riding on wasn’t
                fairing too well.

                Could sure use a hot cup of coffee about now.

                • Nice thing about up here in Mi. No flood waters. Had to cover my tomatoes though tonight so they don’t freeze! Keep your noodles dry!

            • I always pick up pennies. The two seconds it takes to see the penny and reach down to pick it up comes out to $18.00 per hour tax-free 🙂

              • A penny saved is a penny earned..

              • Shhh! Careful Leslie. All found wealth in the US is taxable. There’s substantial penalties for attempting to thwart their redistribution systems. Remember the 3 S’s. Stoop, Seize, and Shut up.
                – Tor

                • Tor: Thank you for the SSS reminder 🙂

            • OW…I did some drywall work awhile back and needed some washers/plates to make the screw pull the drywall into a uneven spot without busting through the drywall…used some new pennies I had in my pocket…cheaper than washers and I had them on me….used some for spacers on farm equipment too… 🙂

          • Be informed,

            You are absolutely correct. Many people have no concept of what “unit price” is. Buying a larger size product that has a lower unit price than it’s competitor means I’m getting more for less in the long run. Yes the sticker price maybe higher, but I’m still saving money in the long run. This will become especially important in the lean years ahead. Great point.

          • Be informed,

            >>”Someone out there, you want to save humanity, come up with an anti-stupid pill. You know a pill that the idiot can take…”<<

            I like what you're thinking, but an idiot would forget to take the pill!

            • I know yáll get upset because people won’t listen to the “prepare or die” speeches we have all made to people we know and/or care about…then it occurred to me, their not listening is natural selection working at maximum efficiency.

              • LOL !

              • InsanityISContagious,

                You might be on to something there 🙂

          • BI regarding the child proof seal, had to laugh, I was at the local clinic a few months ago and an old lady came in to pick up her meds. when she asked the lady behind the counter to take the bottle and take off the cap and turn it upside down. the lady behind the counter looked at the old lady and then at the bottle and said if I do that the pills will all spill out. This woman has worked at this clinic for years. They do walk among us. Trekker Out.

            • Yeah, that’s what I though. The pills would spill out.

              I guess I know how to pick a handle.

              When I nod my head you hit it.

              • DumbDude I personally take no meds and can see how some would not understand this, but for anyone familiar with the caps on these pill bottles,know that the lids on these bottles can be reversed so you don’t have to squeeze and turn to make them child proof, but can be turned over and just screw on, which make it easier for the elderly that have no children in the house. A long time worker in a medical clinic should know this. So ‘your handle’ is no indication of your IQ. Trekker Out.

            • …and they worry about dementia in the elderly…I’m more worried about fluoride and zanax.

            • @MT- if it weren’t so pathetic…it would be funny. closest thing to funny about that is a double face-palm. and this person dispenses meds! OI!

          • @BI- I fixed stupid! Well…once anyway. Then they came out with “New and Improved Stupid! Now with even LESS brains!” (From the makers of Dumbass)

          • I thought the anti-stupid pill was birth control? 😉

          • A pound of bacon pkg now olds 12 or14 ounces and everything else is cut in volume or price increased about 25%….the standard seems to be about 12 ounces though. Even crackers..I make packets of 10 for my husband’s lunch and could always get 4 days out of a sleeve..not anymore! The 50 lb bag of dog food is no more either…36 – 40 lbs now. At least when I put up my vegetables from my garden a quart is still a quart…the only way to know for sure what you are getting in more ways than one!

            • Don’t ya just love those packages advertizing

              “GET 33% MORE FREE”

            • I go to SAMs and get precooked hormel bacon. Equivalent of 4 1/2 packages (72 slices) for $9 and change.

          • “escaped ass monkeys from the zoo” ruled by a “monkey with a hand grenade”…

          • “The masses are stupid and lazy”!

            Come on, now; just look at the picture (above) of a guy holding a sign which says “Get a Brain! -You Moran”!

            • I just emailed that pic to daughter #1, who’s is taking #1 grandson to visit colleges this weekend. (makes me feel sooo old!) Told her that if she sees that guy anywhere, write that college off the list!

            • …and his posture says he’s PROUD of that sign…

          • @ Be informed……Then put the pills in a box the size of a postage stamp ,labeled ‘NEW ECONOMY SIZE ‘at the same LOW Price !!……mm

        • Speaking of scams, as many may know, every year here in Wyoming they have a One Shot Antelope Hunt which is and has been attended by many prominent people. And of all people guess who our Glorious Republican Governor Mead has as his guest. Of all people he has, Anti-Gun Democrat Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado to the hunt, which if I’m not mistaken could be considered a Gun event. So next year when Hickenlooper runs for Governor again he can claim to be pro-gun just like the HNIC when he shows the American Sheeple his picture with a shotgun. Just remember when these two phonies, Mead of Wy. and Hichenlooper of Co. run for office, that they’re not your man. Trekker Out. To Bad Americans Have Short Memories!

          • We call him Dickenpooper in Colorado.

          • I hope they teach him the end with the hole in it is the butt. And the butt goes to your shoulder.

            • or to your nose, to better sight it down the barrel…

          • where is Dick Cheney when you need him.

        • Breyer’s Ice Cream went from half gallon to 1.5 gallon and the price increased. It’s everywhere you look. At this rate new cars will come with 3 tires. They’ll use the donut spare as the 4th tire. 😆

          • Hey Rodster, If it increased less than 300% you got a deal there. Oh… you probably mean 1.5 quarts or liters. Oh well.

          • Oops went 1.5 qts 😮

            • those sorry excuses for “spare tires” that come with cars now are ridiculous…it’s the FIRST THING I rip out and throw in the dumpster.

              • …they make great go cart wheels or a paper weight 🙂

              • Neighbor up the street took one of those temp spares and mounted it on his wheelbarrow. Liked it so well he picked up some more and rigged them on his garden cart. Damn thing must carry about 900 pounds now.

          • Rodster, that wont work. The new cars dont have a spear,they put a $5.00 China made air pump it place. They know most sheep cant change it anyhow or call on star. It’s all for their Safety.

            • @ PA farmer…..HaHa ! That reminds me of a blog I was on the other day , I think it was ‘Box of Rocks are US’. But this woman was was asking the Editor where she and her husband could get Survivor Training ,as they had never spent time in the woods. And before she closed her pitiful cry for help, she admitted that they also needed to learn how to change A FLAT !! LMAO !! Now I feel like a KING with the knowledge I have !! These people haven’t got a chance , when SHTF !! …..mm

        • The crap isn’t good for you anyhow– filled with GMO’s/hidden poisons! Even a lot of produce at grocery stores (non-organic) can kill you– little at a time. Best go organic, or better still, raise your OWN food!!

          • mypatriotsupply.com

          • Recently purchased organic romaine lettuce at a Publix store. Stored lettuce in frig. veggie bin. 6 weeks later no sign of spoilage. I am wondering what was sprayed on the lettuce to retard spoilage?

        • my family’s favorite brand of hot dogs now has just 7 in a package instead of 8—we always have an extra single bun in the bread drawer ( which is good for tuna I have found)

          • Same with bratwurst. Used to have six brats in a package, now there are only five.

        • I buy the 12 count packages of Scott toilet paper for my stockpile. About a year ago I tossed my newest purchase on the shelf next to an older package and the new one was nearly an inch shorter!!!

          The new package still claimed the same sheet count, 1000 per roll, but the oz. totals told the truth.
          Old package = 1382 sq. ft.
          New package = 1257 sq. ft.

        • Yes inflation is bad for those of us who produce, but I enjoy the idea of welfare and food stamp people experiencing it as well. I am tired of supporting primates that breed like flies for the sole purpose of getting more handouts from our Government.
          Perhaps when those SNAP cards and food stamp cards cant keep the primates in the mooching lifestyle they so enjoy, they will HAVE to work!

          • “they will have to work”

            At the non-existing jobs supplying your state-supported demographic`s needs with your increasingly non-existing cash.

            But maybe you don`t care about slavery and or starvation deaths.. for the other guy.

      2. **sighs with longing** I miss Cadbury Creme Eggs. I’ve boycotted them since they started charging $0.75 (and UP) for a single egg that wasn’t even the same huge size it was when I was little. They were awesome BEFORE Kraft Foods bought them. But they would probably still be tiny and overpriced now, even if Kraft hadn’t bought them.

        It’s the “gentle” way the food industry passes along its cost increases (fuel surcharges, etc.) to the customer. They also try to convince consumers that they’re performing a public service by downsizing their tasty but less-healthful foods. So we don’t get fat or stay fat.

        For a while Walgreen’s Pharmacy was making a kind of creme egg that was a decent substitute for a price I was willing to pay, but I think they must have gotten in trouble with Kraft, because they don’t make them anymore.

        • @ Jenn –

          Back when I was young in years as well as young at heart; you could do yourself some serious ‘damage’ with a quarter’ worth of 2 for a penny candy down at the little store across the railroad tracks from our house.

          The wife opened a box of breakfast cereal here this morning shortly before spewing out a bunch of Spanish cuss words. She wanted to know where the rest of the cereal was; the box looked to be about half full. (She curses in Spanish when she gets really pissed)

          Just look at the faces of the folks in line in front of you the next time you are in the grocery store. The successive changes in the expressions on their faces says it all. Sticker-Shock on checkout #4!!! They are watching the total of their groceries adding up.

          The ‘ride’ is speeding up as we get towards the end boys & girls. It shouldn’t be much longer now, please keep your heads down and your hands inside the car. Just look at the news on the TV this PM; people have gone absolutely rat-crap, bat-shit, whack-a-doodle crazy out there.

          God Bless & good luck.

          • You, Americans, are usually better in everything you do, so it can very well be, that the ‘ride’ is speeding up, as you say…

            OTOH, as I recall the USSR, it took roughly ~7 or 8 years from the first signs to real collapse. The very first things getting worse, that I remember clearly, were shortages of freshly baked bread around 1983-1984 (I had to stay in line for some 30-40 min normally to get a loaf, competing with nearby villagers coming to our small city in Western Ukraine to buy bread, for number of reasons they could not bake their own). Then around 1986 regular sugar almost completely disappeared from the retail and by 1987-88 washing powder and toothpaste became a rarity more or less.

            Every rule has exceptions, so for example in the same summer of 1986 we were astonished to find real butter to be sold almost freely (I’m talking about maybe 5 to 10 min waiting time in line), the reason was simple – before April 1986, most of the agricultural products from our district were sent to big Russian cities, and after Chernobyl disaster their local elites “switched” to different sources, little we knew at the time about Strontium-90 in that butter… But I remember that feeling as a young boy, thinking to myself:”what the heck, just few months ago unsalted butter had to be bought from that father’s acquaintance and now look at this huge block, 1x1m in size or so, from which she cuts with that huge butcher knife, weights and wraps in tratidional thick grey paper for packing…” I’m trying to keep that feeling of wonder in me to this day – I believe this was my natural “survival” side of being vigilant. See for yourself.

            • Unfortunately it appears that eventually we will be in the same position as was the Former USSR. I believe that the USSR collapse came shortely they abandoned the graveyard of empires, Afghanastan. History does repeat itself. Now that Putin has bitch slapped Brobama over Syria, Russia has become the # 1 superpower. Thanks Barry, not only did you get our credit rating lowered, now youv’e turned this country into an international laughing stock.

              • That is almost funny, would it not be so tragic altogether (I refer to the death of thousands of young Western/Caucasian/IndoEuropean people for, essentially, nothing there).

                I was able to come legally to your country as an educated professional due to the danger of being drafted and sent to Afghanistan. I was motivated to study well and prepare to enter good university in order to avoid the active duty in Soviet Army (почетная обязанность, интернациональный долг, horse of God fsck them…)

                It seems, there is some Civilizational necessity to go to Afghanistan and die there as an Empire. Like an aged alligator coming to the shore to die, in order not to poison the waters and its younger siblings. I was, at the time, extremely angry at Taliban, for destroying those ancient carved in a rock Buddha statues, but now feel like those Talibaners actually followed the path of Buddha 🙂 (“if you meet Buddha – kill him, if you meet Jesus – crucify him”)

            • @ex-soviet
              Back in about 1997, I worked with a guy in Salt Lake, Utah, that was to from the Ukraine. His name was Urie, pardon my spelling, that’s probably not spelt right. I don’t know the accuracy, so I will just convey it as Ive heard it.
              He said his mothers job daily was to go and stand lines and buy whatever was being sold at the other end. If they were selling rubber boots she would buy some and barter them for what she needed. Meats, produce, and dairy were always in short supply. There were times that I thought he was jerking my chain a little. When we were about to take a trip we would hit a Smiths Food King, these are monster grocery stores. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it.
              Every time we hit one of these places I got to noticing odd habits of his. He couldn’t go into that place without buying cases of something, CASES!
              He would buy around 20# of fruits and fresh vegetables and throw them in the truck and munch on it till it was gone.
              He lived with his mother, father and sister. Somehow they all got over here. I was invited over to their house for dinner one night. As I entered their home I noticed the walls were lined and stacked with again, cases of canned food. What the hell is this I thought.
              After dinner we were having some beers and I just had to ask. What he hell is with all this food? This is like an obsession.
              He responded; We don’t have food available in the USSR to an ordinary citizen like you do here. Americans have no idea how good you have it here. When we got here we thought we were in a paradise, more food than than we could ever imagine.
              Weah, we are probably a little obsessive and excessive. Then he picked up a naval orange out of a fruit bowl in the middle of the table and showed it to me and said; I was 36 years old before I ate one of these.
              I was effing stunned, I didn’t know what to say.
              Nobody will ever, ever get me back in the USSR, they will kill me before I leave this country.
              How fortunate are we? I don’t think I know anymore.
              I’ll bet one thing though, Urie right at that time was probable more of an American than I was!!

              • I recognize that Yuri (Юрій). Me, my parents and late grandparents are/were the same to large extent. 3 generations of scared people. My pre-teen and teen years job was “to go and stand lines and buy whatever was being sold at the other end”, I know that 1st hand and share my memories with everybody willing to take something from it.

                I’m not quite sure you recall the 1997, and not for example 1977, or even better, 1987, but back in 1992-3 we had 3 large sacks standing in our little condo – flour, buckweat and some lowbrow pasta (not sure about proper English analogue). The landline phone was resting on the top of the buckweat sack (used less often, when we had milk, remember it like today).

                I saw lemons and oranges well before him, in my childhood, thanks to bartering connections of my parents.

                My other made me to organize somewhat my belongings today, I have close to 20 shrink-wrapped toothbrushes, more than a dozen of unused toothpaste tubes, hundreds of socks, dozens of unworn underwares, large amount of washing liquid and Scrubbing Bubbles. This is my aged stress reaction – we were badly short of those things in late 80-s and early 90-s.

                • X-soviet, not to get in your Business, now that you can buy what you need at anytime you need it. And knowing that life is behide you, what made you decide to come to this site.(shtf) ..I enjoy what you have to say thanks..

                  • Similarities between what I remember from 1980-s in late USSR and what I see now in your country brought me here, to this site. 2 powers were just too similar not to follow similar fate.

                    That life is not behind me, I’m scared forever and expect anything like that and much worse anytime here. It’s a Groundhog Day for me all over again.

                    In my life, political correctness propaganda took place of communistic propaganda, 90% of your population are the same stupid, hopeless sheeple, addicted to their TV entertainment. Local minorities took place of “working class people” there, fscking everybody and not allowing anybody self-sufficient to live.

                    Large wars overseas in the name of Empire. Debt, lack of effective local manufacturing. Stupid, baseless self pride of both soviets and americans.

                  • @x-soviet;
                    It’s good to read your insight and thoughts. There’s nothing like an opinion coming from experience. However though there are those here that are deeply steeped in their Normalcy Bias, they are going to be the loudest and the most worthless. I hope America doesn’t flip. If it does we’re in for a wicked reset.
                    By the way; welcome to America my friend. Good luck!

                  • I remember the old folks telling me that having been hungry(for real)and doing without(for real) that the “smell” of poverty always seemed to be just out of view(out the corner of your eye) and that if they looked real quick theyed see it standing there…following them around…so they learned to have a stockpile… to work harder to make sure they were never put in that place of lack again…had some experience with it myself but mostly its been my growing up around folks who had known real lack that has made me the way I am personally…Im a packrat…a hoarder but its made my life better and allowed me a higher standard of living than I would have if I weren’t this way…I think I understand what x-soviet and others mean when they say that its not behind them…its always there…like a ghost…you beat him by staying ahead of him…

                • X-soviet, I want to say thank you for coming here and sharing what you’ve been thru. My father is fluent in Russian and used to read stuff and tell us about the troubles he thought you might be going thru over there( not sure where he got his info) but he used to yell at the TV when Nikita Khruschev would talk and ask him why was he keeping his people enslaved, etc.And when the Berlin Wall came down, and Russia was Russia again, he said he thought he,d never live to see that happen. The sad part is, I think he knows now, WE’VE become the socialist country! He’s 83…thank you again for your input, it’s valuable…

            • Xsoviet;

              Your butter story reminds me:

              Between the poisoning of the gulf with the oil spill and the melt down of the nuclear facility in Japan, if they start to “giveaway” seafood, beware.

              Haven’t touched that stuff since the oil spill.

              • No kidding. I splurge occasionally on Maine lobster from well known sources. Also look for domestic (raised in MS, AL, etc) farm raised freshwater prawn (similar to shrimp. Won’t touch stuff from the gulf or Pacific.

          • MadMarkie,

            I remember a little corner variety store where I used to get “penny candy”, too. But the cheapest penny candy I had cost 5 cents. Still, it was a real treat when my Mom would give me 50 cents or even a dollar to spend, because then I could get candy AND a soda (and it came in a GLASS bottle, which was the coolest thing, to me).

            I can say a few choice words in Mexican, but for the most part, English works best for my potty-mouth. 😀

            No one really looks at other people in checkout lines here. We I live, we’re just so crowded, everyone tries to confine themselves to their own little bubble. Outsiders think we’re just incredibly unfriendly, but really, it’s the only way we can all give each other any semblance of privacy.

            • “Where I live” not “we I live.” (Good grief, Jenn. Learn to type.)

            • My “potty-mouth” stretches across 4 languages—I’m very adept at getting my point across wherever I may roam.

              • French is always the prettiest….

                • They’re all pretty, unless you understand what is being said.

          • @ mad markie: my youngest son can’t believe that my brother and I would collect empty soda bottles and buy penny candy daily with it .13 cents would buy a whole Beer can bag full of candy back then.

          • Oh my you brought back a wonderful memory. I used to go to the little gas station next to the rail road in Confluence, PA. I got penny candy and 5 cent cinnamon balls. I was only 3 or 4, so very early 80’s. It was a big deal for me.

            I recently took my kids back there. They didn’t see the charm, but for me it was heavenly.

        • I started boycotting their eggs when I discovered they were advertising them as being “Halal” for the muzzies. What does that mean anyway? Their eggs are jew-free? Just Kiddin Folks! But really- they started pushing them to the mooslims and I figured they must just not want Christian customers anymore.

          • They want any customers they can get. Be sure not to buy Halal meat. The conditions are filthy and they are cruel.

            • Trust me Vicky- I will NEVER buy anything that was made for muzzies.

              ALLAH SNACKBAR!

              • Amen…pet peeve for me is to see any “kosher” or similar thing on something I want to eat…I usually just do without…

        • Jenn,
          Buy em after the holidays at half price, freeze em and enjoy them later.

      3. And i thought it was only me who noticed all this stuff happening. no wonder when i go to market something its gone before i can get the ink to dry on the sign. maybe its me but i dont think so. maybe its time to buy a milk cow or two, got plenty beef, just need milk for coffee and ice cream. just went to pickup more canning jars price still the same but for how long cant tell but will be looking. wildman out

          • This has been going on since the 1970s. I first noticed it with candy bars in the store I worked at. They started out at 10 cents. Then the size dropped. Then they enlarged them and increased the price to 15 cents, advertising that they were bigger. Then the cycle repeated, 20 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents. Now the candy bars are over $1.00.

            The most horrible thing of all was when Kraft reduced the quart glass jars of Miracle Whip to 30 ounce plastic jars. Not only did they screw you out of 2 ounces of Miracle Whip, but they screwed you out of a perfectly good jar for canning pickles or preserves.

        • We’ve noticed as well. I bought ten dozen more canning jars and wheat out of the field this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have beef cattle, but we have a friend with dairy cattle and bought a heifer from them. It’s ILLEGAL to buy raw milk in Ohio, and as far as I know, to drink it, so my next post may be made from the slammer. We grow all of our own vegetables and can them, but I have to buy meat and milk which is soaring in price. Our family of five, including three teenagers, goes through about $150 a week. Groceries from the grocery store and laundry soap, cleaning products, etc., from Wal-Mart. I had been making my own laundry soap and think I’ll go back to it. My husband’s three sisters are on social security and they didn’t get a COLA increase last year, since there was no inflation (Ha!), and probably won’t get one this year. Savings produce very little added income, but their taxes go up every year, as do ours. What to do about this, I don’t know. Our government is non-responsive and the last money in circulation will go to them.

          • Vicky,

            That’s the one thing I hardly ever hear anyone talking about in their prepping: Stocking up on canning jars and lids.

            Uline sells them, and if you buy in a large enough quantity, they’re an incredibly good buy. (I never would have thought of Uline as a source for canning jars and lids, but there you have it.)

            • Jenn,

              Great Uline tip on the jars! Thank you!

              • You’re quite welcome, YH. 🙂

            • I buy ULINE’s 6 gallon buckets with the screw on lids. Getting ready to order barrel liners from them. Good people to deal with and they ship quickly.

            • Just went to the Uline site – they have the 1/2 gallon mason jars – perfect for putting up whole pickles 🙂

              Thanks Jenn!

              • Usually shipping is the deal killer on jars

                You can order 1/2 gallon jars thru ACE hardware stores, they will ship to the store for free, where you can pick them up.

                • Just Observing is right–I just got 5 cases online and picked them up at Ace because they never had the on sale pints on the shelves when I went.

                  • oops–pints, not 1/2 gallons.

                • You might want to check Wal-Mart. Been buying 1/2 gallon Ball/Mason (wide mouth) jars there for the last several weeks. At $10.97 for a six pack. This year is the first time I’ve ever seen the store carry the 1/2 gallon.

            • Uline lid price:

              Regular mouth- $2.55/6 bx
              Wide mouth- $3.75/6 bxs

              Even better (and where we buy)

              Goodmans.net price: (Ball brand)

              Regular mouth $2.09/1bx $1.81/36bxs
              Wide mouth $3.09/1bx $2.68/12bxs

              • Tattler reusable lids are much more cost efficient and don’t rust! They work perfectly and are good for about 20 times! I bought extra rings in case i can’t get any more in 20 years. Buying the metal ones just doesn’t make sense any more. Got loads of rabbit and chicken and veggies all put up nice for winter and don’t have to worry about the lids rusting thru anymore…would highly recommend them for peppers!

                • Preppers…stupid auto correct…but you can use them for peppers too! Lol

                • Bought some Tattler lids years back, but the thin, separate rubber rings did NOT hold up but a couple times….dry rot. Maybe they have improved the ring now, but I wasn’t pleased with them. And I figured I needed to get about 4 uses to equal regular single pc lids.

                  SO, still got a bunch of the plastic lids, but can’t use them for canning ( still use to dry store stuff ).

                  And if your metal lids rust, you’re storing in the wrong place.

                  • Wait till the shtf, then every place will be the wrong place…the ones that rusted were on my screened in back porch not subject to air conditioning…when the shtf, everywhere will be minus air conditioning. Don’t know what was wrong with your rings but I’ve had good success with them! The secret to them is once you put them on & screw the ring on, back it up just a hair, then after processing tighten back down. I also always turn my jars upside down to cool…regardless of type of lid…always have & had great success & eat well every winter. 😀

                  • You should send them back because there’s a lifetime guarantee on the lids and rings. They seem to be working okay for me.

              • I got lids for $1.25 at DG last year; this year, $1.50.

                That’s regular though.

            • Thanks! Is it an online site, or a chain? I haven’t heard of it (NW Ohio, here) but would love to check it out. A dozen wide-mouth quart jars are running $10.99, the same as last year, and there hasn’t been an end-of-harvest sale for three or four years.

              • Vickie, yes they are online and thru the Amish store Lehman’s.

          • Vicky,

            >>” What to do about this, I don’t know. Our government is non-responsive and the last money in circulation will go to them.”<<

            Good post. Without sounding apocalyptic, we are beyond the point of no return. There is no fixing this mess that I can see. We will inexorably be force to become more self sufficient, and those who cannot or will not make this transition will resort to taking from those who have. The government supported wealth distribution agenda has already put this process into motion. I wish I could put a cheery spin on it, sorry.

            • Thanks, YH. The only positive thing coming out of this is that we’re expecting it and it won’t be quite the gigantic surprise it will be to so many others. If I had time, I’d learn to card and spin which would be terribly useful. We have sheep, but I’m not very “crafty” and would need someone to teach me.

              • Vicky,

                Very true. I am still of the belief that this collapse will utterly eclipse anything we have previously seen. There will be something shocking for everyone to see. Some less than other as you said.

        • Wildman:

          Put a small ad in your local paper and on Craigs list. I did and some really wonderful people “gave” me dozens and dozens.

          Any I did purchase was a lot less than at the store.

        • Wildman, Ace has $7 pint jars online..not much savings, but when you can’t find them at all, that price is a life saver.

          ‘God charts our path; it is we who must take it.’

          Resin away.

          • I’m in Ky, and no one sells canning jars here. Give away?
            I don’t think so.

            • You can order from Lehman’s, out of Kidron, Ohio, but they are very, very pricey. If you have a Wal-Mart close to you, they will ship them to you, free, at their normal price. Good luck!

            • Ya,I cant think of a time when anyone(besides my Mom) gave me canning jars…theyre a coveted item round here!

      4. Because the dumb Azz wants higher inflation, and the other BLS. want’s to keep the COLA down, so they don’t know whether to crap or go blind……………..!

        I’m just hoping daily to see bank rates go up for us “non stock” savers.

      5. Sugar has increased in price more than other commodities forcing the cost per pound of products that heavily rely on them to rise faster than the rate of inflation.

        Now the Good News:
        1. We shouldn’t be eating them anyway.
        2. A typical American still spends less than 10% of their income on food compared to 24% in Mexico and 50% in Kenya.

        • Need sugar for canning

          • Need sugar for everything.

            #1 is sugar-derived Moonshine, which will not poison you, your family and your “clients”.

            • My next project as soon as I finish the root cellar is a still. I will probably use a 15 gal beer keg with stainless pipe and tubing.

        • BACON BULLETIN : Two weeks ago $4.59 lb. This week $8.59 lb. ( This is Oscar Meyer )……mm

      6. At least a hot dog and a soda is still $1.50 at Costco.

        • Num num, polidogs love em!

        • prep49er,

          But what’s in the hot dog you’re getting for $1.50? Beware of those “fillers” 🙂

        • Much as I love Costco, I’m getting kind of afraid to eat processed meat, anymore…

        • Also a good thing I see advertised on the side here is the PRI-G fuel stabilizer. I have used it for years and I highly recommend it! Never forget fuel as a very valuable prep. Also fuel is gold for barter. Much cheaper than stabil and lasts longer!

          • Sta-Bil at my local Lowes is just under $12.00 for a 32 oz. bottle. Online the PRI-G additive is about $30. I surveyed three sellers, two marine suppliers and Samsel Industrial Supply, in Cleveland. How do you figure PRI-G is cheaper?

      7. I’m getting stronger. I used to only be able to carry $100 worth of groceries from the car to the kitchen. now I can carry $200!!

        • …and here I thought I was getting taller, but my arms were just getting shorter…but I’m not short, my legs still touch the ground…

        • Cannot but recall the Anecdote that I heard from Ukrainian villagers back in 1990-s:

          An old peasant man is complaining about “Earth shrinking down”: “When I was a young man, then sitting down and sh*tting in a field I was easily touching the ground, and now, for quite a few years I cannot reach the ground anymore. The Earth must be shrinking down!”

      8. It has been going on a while now,Cartons of OF 590zs instead of 64, spagetti, canned pop. the list goes on with the smaller pakaging. And it is true we are not supposed to notice. It is funny though when I go to the grocery store, I point these things out to people randomly. Most really don’t notice about the packaging but def do know about the price increase. And yes it is both sides of the border as I live right on the border and shope both sides. Better get more self sufficent. But at least they have acheived consistency. God Bless and keep this garden spaces growing.


      9. It’s been going on for awhile. The cereal, candy, even the amount of sugar in the cereal, canned goods, the whole shebang. Laundry soap/softener has gone through the roof in prices! In 2000 I could get a gallon of softener for $2.00, now triple that, same for soap, etc. Garbage bags, lunch bags, OMG, WTH are they made out of gold? It’s all that plastic/oil. Doubled/tripled in price since 2000. Our pay hasn’t though. No inflation? Right, ok, the people know better. Government can put out all their BS propaganda they want, they are not fooling anyone. Oh, and the ice cream, can hardly find any nowadays that has real milk/creme in it, they’ve watered it all down unless you buy the VERY expensive stuff. Everything’s low fat…yeah, they are taking the good stuff out and leaving the crap…they aren’t double-dippping, they are triple-dipping. Nothing tastes right anymore…and I’ve noticed it seems they are also adding more wax to chocolate candy/cookies etc. I’m old enough to remember how it all used to taste…now, some things I just don’t buy anymore, nothing like eating wax when you want a real treat…don’t eat a lot of junk, but when you want it, you want it, and can hardly get the good stuff anymore off the shelf. Ok, whine off.

        • Just Me,

          I can’t eat Oreos anymore for exactly this reason. They just don’t taste the way they did when I was little. Back then, they tasted like chocolate. Now, they just taste like sweet brown coloring.

          • They don’t use lard for the filling anymore. The filling was nothing but lard and sugar. Same as the inside of Twinkies, except for being whipped up.

            • …my brother works in the chemical industry and told me that the coloring used in oreos and such is the same used in making white paint and such…its considered safe to eat…foodgrade…but then so is GMO/aspartame/MSG and so on…haven’t had an oreo in decades!

          • Ya I used to love Oreos but they got too proud of them so I hadnt had them in years. Well the local grocery store had a sale on them, coinciding with probably a 25% reduction in the size of the package/ number of cookies but they were a buck 25 hmmm 4bucks normally, 25% less for 1.25 I’ll go that. I don’t know what the hell they did to them since the last time I had them but my gut was messed up for a week. Gone for good I guess. Just one more sign of the times.

        • Soon Laundry will need be done the old way. Take a liberal idiot to a nearby stream or lake, have liberal put on your shirt and pants, dunk clothed liberal into lake or stream waters, then Beat the living piss, or Dirt, out of the clothes with a good strong Stick.

          You can also substitute the stick and use the method of Pounding liberal wearing your dirty clothes on a big Rock near stream or lake edge. Or even alternate! Week one use stick to beat out that dirt while liberal wears clothes to prop up shirt etc. Next week Smack that bastard against a huge rock!

          If liberal complains…Let him take the laundry day off, and stand down range as a Live Traget Holder while You zero in that new rifle scope!

          Think of the savings doing laundry the old fashioned way.

          • Themguys:

            You are too much!

          • Them Guys i just finished up a motor powered ringer washer i have leave it on the porch but you ought to see the looks it and i get when its spotted. Back to my big fattie and strawberry wheat beer

        • A great recipe for laundry soap can be found at the “19 Kids and Counting” website. If anyone would try to find a good way around the cost of laundry it would be them. I make and use it.

          • Is this the recipe with Fels Naptha, Borax and washing soda? If it is, it’s good. I quit making soap when I got a second job, but my daughter is old enough to take over and I’m trying to teach her everything as quickly as possible. I have the boys grate the Naptha bar for her, so they’re also involved in the process.

            • Vicky:

              Yes, their recipe is fels naptha, borax, and washing soda.

              • Why on earth did she get two thumbs down for confirming a statement?

                • Because some asshole doesnt like her opinions, but most of us like her so…fu$# em.

            • I just use the Fels Naptha, and boil it down. Works good enough for us.

          • I just mixed a new batch of dry laundry soap.
            1 box of Arm & Hammer washing sodas, 1/2 box of Borax, and 1/4 bar of Zote(grated).
            Cost?? about $7.
            It should last 35 loads.

        • Close… Garbage bags and lunch bags aren’t made out of gold, they’re made out of petroleum. If the cost of fuel goes up, so too does the cost of bags, plastic film and any plasticware for eating or containing the food.

          • Oops, I should have read that completely before replying because you *did* say what I said. Sorry about that. 🙂

          • I buy extra whenever they’re on sale. It’s possible that in five to ten years, you could give a new bride a roll of paper towels, two rolls of toliet paper, a box of aluminum foil and plastic wrap and have the best gift she received.

        • Genius:

          I thought I had looked at every evil angle that the creatures that seek to control us had thought of. Not so, apparently.

          Thanks for sharing this link. I don’t think many people have already found their way to it.

          It is almost beyond belief. Lucifer never rests, even for one day.

          Thanks again

          • Thanks granny, it is incredible what they will do to enslave and control everything! Another good read is REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN You can startpage search it, That one is REALLY scary!

      10. I have noticed it also in bags of garden seeds. They use to be full, or nearly so. But today, when open bag there are just a few.

        • I noticed the shysters skimping on my 3 ply quilted northen TP 3 yrs ago and they havent looked back. For them to skimp on neccesity items I knew we were in a true inflation.

        • Hey ugly:

          Noticed on a subject awhile back that you mentioned stibnite. Did you work there. Have you been back to that area.

          My nephew owns a house that his grandparents moved from there to Yellow Pine.

          • Pissed Off Granny.

            No. But I did go to K1-K12 about 120 miles west of there. I’ve been to Cascade and McCall many times as my friends folks had cabins there back in the 1970s. Been to Yellow Pine and Stibnite and even Warm Lake several times. Great BOLs.

        • Noticed the same thing. One heirloom lettuce package had five seeds in it. I called to complain and they sent another package, also with five seeds. I’ll be buying bulk at the feed store next spring, even if they’re not as fresh.

          • This week we picked up quite a few packs of 2013 vegetable seeds at the Habitat for Humanity Store in Bend. They were 20 cents each. The packages had the name Lowe’s on them. Apparently they were donated to the store. That’s a great place to shop.

      11. For decades, I fought common mallow in my garden, while I rarely had a decent spinach crop. Turns out that the vigours mallow is higher in nutrients than raw spinach! Point is, get to know what is edible. Purslane is slightly bitter, but works very well with beans and veggies and is high is omega 3. My husband doesn’t want to eat mallow for the same reason he doesn’t want to eat okra. “It’s slimey.” Turns out that very quality makes it healing to the mucus membranes of the intestinal tract.

        Dandilions are a mild liver healer, a bit bitter when older, but nutricious. Find out wat is edible where you live, you may be surprized.

        Since our own teotwaki was over a year ago and wild edibles are becoming more and more welcome.

        • Lamb’s Quarter is a good substitute for spinach and we have it in abundance. Set out some Jerusalem Artichoke for a constant supply of carbs. They are self-perpetuating and do well in almost any ground or climate. This may be an “old wives’s tale”, but my mother always put vinegar on spinach, dandelions or Lamb’s Quarter since the calcium is not easily absorbed by the body. Vinegar is supposed to break it down so it will be accessible. Maybe true, or maybe not, but they don’t taste right to me unless there’s vinegar on them.

          • I’m dying to know for myself what Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes) taste like. And salsify, too. I don’t want to buy them to plant them if it turns out I don’t like them, but it may be what I have to do, because my local grocery stores don’t seem to stock them, ever.

            Good tip about the vinegar. My mother likes it just for the taste. (I like it with either salt or with some lemon juice on it, too.)

            • Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes) are quite good raw — crispy and cooling, like a water chestnut in texture. Nice for topping salads or just snacking on, maybe with a sprinkle of salt.

              I’ve heard you can cook them, too, but I haven’t tried that yet myself. And I imagine they could be very good pickled in vinegar, with their crunchy texture.

              Supposedly they have a quality that helps regulate blood sugar, so they’re said to be helpful for diabetics.

              Oikos Tree Crops online (for one) has several varieties of sunchokes for sale. You plant them like a bulb and they can really spread.

              • I really like sunchokes but cant stand water chestnuts and there isn’t much this ole boy turns his nose up at ;)….I like food! :)… sunchokes are good pickled and are like a tater fried or boiled although boiled the tend to hold a bit of water…good eatin!

          • Vicky

            It’s always astounded that people would put on their
            food the same thing they used to douche with.
            Just saying.

            • OutWest:

              I hope someone hops on your comment. I can hardly wait.

              Just sayin

              • Maybe it cures yeast infections of the mouth?

                • I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s RECYCLED.

              • Well you wouldn’t dip it in one before you put it on the other.

              • I was thinking about replying.

            • @ OutWest, Vinegar, is not only still relatively cheap,(plain white vinegar) but will have more potential uses than I will inflict upon the readers here.

              Do a search, utilizing any search engine, and make sure your printer has plenty of ink and paper. This is another product no prepper should be without. Vinegar has a historical place…from biblical times forward.

              My understanding is your comment was intended as satire/humor. No harm, but “keep-in-mind” the gender demographics of not only “commentary”, but overall readership now prevalent in “Mac’s house”.

              BTW, I have never utilized any “Summers Eve” type products at my dining table…however, white and/or apple cider vinegar are often found both on my table, and a variety of my foods. Shocking, the occasional “malt vinegar” as well. Cheers, ;)!

              • yental

                My comment had no intention of being gender specific.
                I was only alluding to strange eating habits.
                If I remember correctly, when Jesus asked for
                water while suffering on the cross, He was
                offered vinegar instead.

                • This has the potential to go where “no man/woman” has intended to go before. (T.V. Star Trek music playing in the background) No harm, no foul…I am simply ignorant of any “male” uses of vinegar as a “douche”.

                  I am however, always willing to learn. “To go where no man has gone before”. 🙂

                  • yental — to put a close to this

                    Men and women alike use as a food supplement
                    that which is also used for feminine hygiene.

                    I would also tend to lump snails and chocolate
                    covered ants, grasshoppers, and bees in the
                    category of unusual culinary practices.

                  • When folks are allergic to standard surgical betadine prep, and broken skin or mucous membranes are involved ( making other skin disinfectants unsuitable in one cases) acetic acid prep, aka vinegar is used.

                    It is an excellent disinfectant. Back in the early 90’s heloise, from hints from Heloise was on Barbara Walters. Babs had an independent lab test vinegar vs bleach. They surprised Heloise by proving through laboratory cultures that vinegar is just as effective against E. coli as BLEACH.

                    Its also the main ingredient in the antiseptic wipes the vet had me use on my dogs infection. The other ingredient was boric acid.

                  • @ OUTWEST, CLOSED! This going where “no man has gone before” is vastly overrated. A change from the usual REALITY, but probably less than worth the effort. WTH, it is Friday, and anything seemed plausible.

                    I will be returning to comet ISON for the weekend, to continue planning Earth’s destruction. And not what you might imagine.

                    WE intend to make beef taste like broccoli, ice cream taste like tuna, dirty diapers appear as baked Alaska, and best of all…Obama look, taste, and feel like the “Messiah”. YOUR world will implode as a consequence of this “alien mind alteration”.

                    Sigh!!! Some things never change!

                    Sarc-off…or Sarc-on: who knows anymore?

              • If you’re ever in the position to hand wash dirty diapers or clothes, you’ll be very happy you had a cup of vinegar to put in the wash—and maybe the rinse too. Vinegar is anti-bacterial and kills the ammonia smell in urine.

                It works for pet urine too, not to mention it works good on cleaning windows and glass in general.

      12. Not to worry….the FLOTUS advises you should tank up on water. That should fill up that empty space where your lunch should be. Until they decide water is underpriced…..

      13. Maybe it is not all about inflation but the size of Americans. Something has to be done, and this way the illusion of having a lot still exists and everyone is happy.

        • I often intentionally buy the small sizes of things. If I have to barter something, or donate something, I’d rather have a small one in my hand than to let them see that I have a larger quantity of it.

          Imagine offering someone a pound bag of rice for a trade, but then have to dig a pound out of a 50 or 100 pound container…

          • You can put the rice in 2 liters…:-)

            • That is true, but isn’t it easier and faster to move one 50 pound bag if you have to? I’m resisting the idea of prepackaging barter items in bulk…will I need 5 pounds, 1 pound or a quarter pound for a trade?

              Trader1: “How much do you want”?
              Trader2: “How much do you have”?

              It’s all about ‘balance’.

              • I have a little bartering experience and, I can tell you that when they know you have more, they want more, even if they have to come back and take it from you later.

                Unnecessary risk.

      14. As bad as it is here in the U.S. it’s much worse in countries like Japan. Over the course of their on going 25 year economic collapse they have seen products shrink first in quantity and then in size. Now things are getting more expensive and products are still shrinking. We will see the same here no doubt about it.

        Bernanke will soon be forced to tighten Federal Reserve policy by reducing, not eliminating, quantitative easing. This will accelerate the inflation spike even faster; and if, perhaps even when, the inflation genie escapes it’s bottle it won’t be like Paul Volker increasing interest rates above 20% to cool the economy in the late 1970’s. Too much national debt and outstanding credit default swaps on the books to allow that to happen. Then we will see things become very cut throat here and abroad.

        The Fed Reserve can fudge the math and cheat reality for only so long. Still on track for a 2015-2020 event to occur. Peace.

      15. Yeah, I’ve noticed it. And also that politician’s gonads are getting really small.

        • I didn’t know that our politicians had any gonads, except for Sarah Palin. Hers’ are as big as grapefruits I hear.

          • Sarah Palin must be very strong to carry around 200 lbs of various six pionted stars of zionizim, and all the other related zio hardware shes always self adorned with.

            She must really desire to show where and to who her true loyalty lies with eh. Soon she will probobly get her dual citizen certification papers and really become one of the Tribe.

            I think shes just another of Many controlled opposition types for folks to latch on to as a saviour etc.

            Same as hannity-rush-beck-orielly-levin et al.

            The real controlers cannot afford to allow 100 million folks to awaken to reality and realize they need act and fix america. Controlled oposition “heros” like palin and the rest offset that huge crowd so they believe they got somebody really working at that fix.

          • I don’t doubt you’re right.

            • I do. He’s full to the brim with used horse fodder.

        • Small? So is their ears, hearts and minds.

          • Ya but have you seen the size of their egos…something to behold!

        • Please stop talking about Barbara Boxer.

      16. A free gift for everyone at
        t h e t r e a s u r e o f z i o n . c o m

      17. I’m glad this topic came up. I’ve been pissed since went to Mcdonalds after a long hiatus and bought a big mac. The damn thing was pitifully small. I took it back to the counter and told them I didn’t order a kiddy meal. They assured me it was a big mac. I said well in that case can I have a tomato. The tomato was bigger than the paddy.
        what a ripoff.
        I guess I won’t be eating there for a long time. Screw them.
        Sorry for the rage but I’m sick of being lied to.

        • Heck, Ed, haven’t you heard about the Wendy’s junior cheeseburger for $1?
          Not bad!!

      18. Funny this article coincides with my sardine experience last night. I noticed how a can and the sardines in it has shrunk in size. The can is much less thicker and less longer and the fish inside shrunk to 4 instead of 6. Even the mealy sardine has taken a hit by the N.W.O. boys!

        • Watch out that your sardines didn’t come from China!

          King Oscar Two Layer (“Small Fish”) packed in olive oil is still the same can as when I was a teenager. Been eatin’ about a can a week since then. My Dad did it, so I did the same. My mother hated it – so did my wife. Price has about quadrupled, though. (I became a teenager in 1957.) There is one change – you don’t need the key to peel back the top anymore.

      19. Anyone who says there is low inflation has not been the the grocery store lately! I am astonished when I make my once a month trip how much more it costs for basically the same groceries. And we have give up eating beef-heresy in Texas!

      20. X-soviet. Thank you for your contributions to this site. I enjoy reading of your first hand experience.

        God Bless,

        • Thank you. It is actually Selco’s writings, which made me to recall. Comparing to him, we had it as a pleasant walk in a park or a date with a beautiful, loving young woman. Check his blog, in case you have not yet.

      21. Just talked to my stock broker and told him I want out of the markets. He said it wouldn’t be a good idea because any collapse is almost impossible to predict and if I got out and the market goes up I lose. I am a gloom and doomer, that’s what got me the nest egg I have but I have been through so many false crashes that I just don’t know what to do. I have more guns and ammo that I could ever shoot, water purifiers, generators, enough gas to burn my house down several times, butane/propane canisters, a shit load of kerosene and mountain house food. I just don’t know what to do with my investments. 🙁 🙁

        • Why not do something that makes money and will be a good/fun business even if a collapse occurs? E.g. strawberry greenhouse. Or something. Disguise your prepping as a legitimate business that actually makes money?

      22. If you have the room. Buy Salt, Sugar, Wheat, Rice. They are inexpensive and will last decades in a bucket and can be used for barter.

        Food prices are only going up.

        • I have 100 pounds of sugar stored, but bulk-purchased honey is my sweetener of choice. If kept properly stored, it can be stored indefinitely. It also has antibiotic/medicinal attributes. (If it crystalizes, you just heat it a bit and it goes back to liquid form.)

          • I actually prefer to store it crystallized, it weighs less, takes up less space and is generally easy to handle without the extra moisture.

            • Those 60 lb buckets are definitely hard to carry around.

              • I try not to move them full. As a disabled construction carpenter, lifting it isn’t the problem for me…walking with the extra weight is. I’ve had to adjust how I do things now, but I do it anyway, despite my new limitations.

                Because giving up isn’t in my creed.

                • @sixpack…..Use dollys to move things around . I worked in th flooring industry for four decades and used them to move furniture and carpet for years. People were amazed that one person could move their hide-a-bed out of the room ,when it took two or three guys to move it in .If you have uneven surfaces to move across ,just make with bigger wheels. …….mm

        • For those newer to food storage, white rice stores long-term. Brown rice can be stored, but goes rancid after awhile based on how it’s packaged, temperature, etc.

          • Minute rice also cooks with half the water of regular white rice.

            • couscous and quinoa should also be considered for food storage.

              couscous because it uses so little water and fuel to prepare – it may not always be safe to light a fire, so food that can be prepped in a simple thermos flask may become a lifesaver. Prepping foods in a situation of civil unrest must be considered.

              Quinoa because it is so high (for a grain) in protein and calcium. Both items are critical for children’s healthy growth and might be hard to come by from other sources. Teff is another very nutrient rich grain, our family’s tastebuds favored quinoa for stage though.

              Also having a bit of couscous or quinoa one night a week instead of rice, rice and more rice could potentially save the life of an elder or child. These two groups are most likely to suffer ill-health through reduced appetite caused by same food fatigue.

              Put aside a variety as soon as you can. If your pocket allows instead of purchasing 6 sacks of rice purchase 3 sacks of rice, one of quinoa, on of couscous and one of mashed potato powder (or another carb of your family’s preference).

              http://www.realseed.co.uk do some “pretty” amaranth and quinoa stock,as well as some unusual tubas such as orca. A few edibles that are not easily recoginsed as such by your sheepie neighbours, can be planted in a suburban front garden without too much fuss.

              For eggs, bantam chickens can be great producers in a small garden – there are now so many types to choose from. Often the food to egg ratio is better for these. Australorps is one such that is friendly enough to masquerade as a child’s pet while times are good, lots of eggs, yet tastes good in the pot if needed.

              Quail can be kept in a garage or outhouse for the same purpose (they stink so I wouldn’t suggest having them in the house unless times get as hard as they did during the 1930’s depression).

              Winter is the best time of year for fruit tree planting – time to break out the catalogue and get one in if you are able before Xmas. Again don’t over look dwarf or less common varieties such as medlars that may not be seen as obvious food by the golden hoarde.

      23. Yep, I noticed it too. Bought a “Value pack” of deodorant and while my previous ones were 10 oz each, the “value pack” is 8.5 oz each for the same price as the 10 oz.

      24. I notice that bringing home the bacon is costing more… Almost double from last year.

      25. The inflation by size thing has been going on for a long time, each time an adjustment is made its always for the smaller

        I call it the wendys hamburger rip off

        I remember when the square burger stuck out big time from the bun, it no longer does that, and the bun is smaller, a big mac is three bites..I don’t eat a fast food places much, except when on the road..I dam sure notice

        also Mini wheats, the box is as tall and wide as it usually was, but now not as thick, you can look in there and see they are stacked on top of each other

        same price, or even higher. less volume..they think were friken dumb

      26. Mike And Ike Candy used to be my favorite until they cut a few ounces from their boxes but still charge the same. They got a fancy new logo though and a clever ad campaign. Sound familiar? The Just Born Corporation should Just Die for ruining my favorite candy. Also High Fructose Corn Syrup is in everything they make. I’m still heartbroken. Where’s Willy Wonka when you need him?

        • My favorite candy used to be Mary Janes. I could get a 12 oz package for $1 at Dollar General. After the financial collapse, the package went down to 8 oz and the price stayed the same. Some time later, they reduced it to 5.4 oz–and the price stayed the same. That’s an increase of over 100%. I don’t eat Mary Janes anymore.

      27. I quit playing pinball when it went from 5 to 3 balls.
        PS 60 minutes did a package shrinkage expose in the late 80s.
        I just figure most people have seen the light , must be blinding after having HOYA for decades.

      28. Bacon is not $6.29 the other day in the store.

        Spag. is not 14 oz not 16 oz.


        The NWO boys have us now all paying for pre-ragged clothes…so when we’re all poor….we all will look like the same debt slaves.

        Fuck them all..the NWO masters.

      29. I haven’t noticed the change in package sizes because I make pretty much everything from scratch with bulk purchased ingredients, but I have noticed the price per pound go up a bit. I don’t believe the price per pound goes up nearly as fast as packaged items though. You really do pay a premium for groceries in brightly colored cans/bags/boxes.

      30. What do you expect from Kraft, after all they were bought up by the big tobacco company who made money off of death. Their mac and cheese uses yellow food coloring. What’s with potato chips ever falling weight and enourmous price, full of GMO’s. Potato’s used to be cheap, as was rice and all varieties of beans. The reason of the lie of no inflation is so the annual COLA can be very low for social security benefits. The U.S. needs a means test for receipients, even if you paid in big, if your income is high you don’t need it. Whatever happened to the ballyhooed sequester, is it still going to be enacted?

      31. What do you expect from Kraft, after all they were bought up by the big tobacco company who made money off of death. Their mac and cheese uses yellow food coloring. What’s with potato chips ever falling weight and enourmous price, full of GMO’s. Potato’s used to be cheap, as was rice and all varieties of beans. The reason of the lie of no inflation is so the annual COLA can be very low for social security benefits. Whatever happened to the ballyhooed sequester, is it still going to be enacted?

      32. Over the course of the past several years of prepping I came across a design for vertical cardboard can holders for like soups, tomatoes, beans, pasta sauce. You can generally get 8 to 10 cans in each one in a space from 3 to I think it was 7 inches wide for the pasta sauce. The point i’m getting at is I built the can holders to fit the width of the can be it tomato sauce, paste, soups, whatever. I finally ran out of the canned pasta sauce that you get for a buck on sale at the local grocery store and purchased more to restock. When I picked them up I knew something was wrong with the packaging. When I got them home and rolled them in the holders they were about 3/4″ shorter and about a third less in diameter. That and the more wax in the chocolate has me making and canning a lot of stuff on my own, even if the cost is close because I know what I am putting in the jars. If they are that intent on skimping on the packaging then they sure as there is a Just God skimping on the ingredients too… dj

      33. oops meant 12 oz.

      34. Get ready for the smash of the egg. MUHAHA

      35. John Q Public: Wow! Your Post was in Moderation, 6-Days! Just want to let you know I seen your link to it at last article. ALSO: Perhaps This info should be Added to Your info reply to “TENNENT” poster, and is Good for All confused or deluded “Christians” and all others also.

        Maybe This will Finally Clear up confusion so many here are aflicted with eh.

        First of all, God made His covenant with Israel, not with so-called Jews. The Jews didn’t come into being until approx 500 b.c. during (and after) the Babylonian captivity. God made His covenant with Israel well over a 1000 years before there was any such thing as a “Jew.” Those today who call themselves “Jews” are impostors and are not of Israel. For a “Jew” is a religion, not a race. You have black Jews and Chinese Jews…. I’m sure that you haven’t heard this in the mainstream ‘controlled’ Media, nor in the ‘controlled’ Universities and History curriculums.

        The word “Jew” did not appear in any Bible until the 18th century

        The word “Jew” did not appear in any Bible until the 18th century. The modern day word “Jew” is the 18th century contracted and corrupted English word for the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition.

        Two best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) and the King James Version Bible (the A.V. or Authorized Version). The Rheims (Douai) translation of the New Testament was first printed in 1582 but the word “Jew” did not appear in it. The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English was begun in 1604 and first published in 1611. The word “Jew” did not appear in it either. The word “Jew” appeared in both these well known editions in their 18th century revised versions for the first times.

        Herein lies the confusion that is exploited by the impostors. What are commonly referred to as “Jews” today are not the people that the Holy Spirit was speaking of in the Bible. In the Bible, the word “Jew” means Judean. But today (from the 1700’s on) a ‘certain’ people adopted the title “Jew” and have moved right into the place of chosen Israel. In the Bible, the word “Jew” means anyone of the region of Judea, or, any of the house of Judah. One must take each Scripture by itself to determine which meaning is to be affixed.

        However, today, the word “Jew” means a follower of Judaism, which is the corrupted religion of the Old Testament era Hebrews founded during the Babylonian captivity of approx. 500 b.c. It is not the religion of the Hebrews in the Old Testament handed down from God to Moses on the Mount, but rather, it is a Babylonian corruption of that religion founded not on the Old Testament Scriptures but rather upon the Babylonian Talmud (added writings, the oral TRADITIONS of the ancient Rabbis) and the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). These facts are not disputed by the Rabbis themselves (Quotes supplied momentarily).

        The word “Jew” in the Bible isn’t used in the same sense that we use the term today

        In the Bible you see the term “Jew” used quite a bit. But it isn’t in the same sense that we today use the term “Jew.” The Word Jew in the Bible can mean two different things: either a descendant of the tribe of Judah OR a person from the land of Judaea (the region in which Jerusalem resides, a ‘county’ or ‘province’ so to speak) but not necessarily of the tribe of Judah. it’s like you can be an Irishman and live in Germany and yet not be a German. Don’t let the different languages and the names in them confuse you on this. Observe:

        Jew: Greek word #2453 Ioudaios (ee-oo-dah’-yos); from #2448 (in the sense of #2455 as a country); Judaean, i.e. belonging to Jehudah [“Judah” in Hebrew language of Old Testament] : KJV– Jew (-ess), of Judaea.

        Greek word #2448 Iouda (ee-oo-dah’); of Hebrew origin [Hebrew word #3063 or perhaps #3194]; Judah (i.e. Jehudah or Juttah), a part of (or place in) Palestine: KJV– Judah.

        Greek word #2455 Ioudas (ee-oo-das’); of Hebrew origin [Hebrew #3063]; Judas (i.e. Jehudah), the name of ten Israelites; also of the posterity of one of them and its region: KJV– Juda (-h, -s); Jude.

        Judaea: 1). In a narrower sense, to the southern portion of Palestine lying on this side of the Jordan and the Dead Sea, to distinguish it from Samaria, Galilee, Peraea, and Idumaea. 2). In a broader sense, referring to all Palestine.

        So in the Bible when you see someone referred to as a “Jew” it could mean a ‘good’ one like those Jews whom believed upon Jesus Christ, OR, it could mean a ‘bad’ one like the Jews that sought to kill Jesus Christ:

        Acts 2:5 (good)
        5 And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. (KJV)

        John 7:1(bad)
        1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him. (KJV).

        My point here is that just because you see someone called a “Jew” in the Bible does not necessarily mean that they are a devote chosen man of God, nor, necessarily an evil person with corrupt religion. You have to take each one in context of the Scripture, the Scripture will let you know which kind of ‘Jew’ is being spoken about. That is what “Jew” means in the Bible, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the so called “Jews” of today.

        If modern day so-called Jews are NOT the Jews of the Bible, then who are they?

        So then, if modern day so-called Jews are NOT the Jews of the Bible, then who are they? When we see the term “Jew” today, what are they saying? Allow us to answer that with an excerpt from the Information Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, and the The Jewish Almanac themselves, lest anyone think we are being so-called anti-Semitic here:

        Who are the so-called “Jews” of today?
        A reasonable question answered from logic and historic fact

        The word Jew comes from a Greek word meaning descendent of the tribe of Judah, OR someone living in the land of Judea. Today’s Jews call themselves Jews to falsely imply that they are somehow descendent from the Biblical tribe of Judah. When asked the question, “Who is Israel? – Who is a Jew?”,

        the Israeli Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) unhesitatingly answered thus [emphasis added]:

        “The term Israelite is purely Biblical. An Israeli is a citizen of Israel, regardless of religion. A Jew is a person anywhere in the world born to a Jewish mother, or converted to Judaism, who is thus identified as a member of the Jewish people and religion.”

        — Information Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem; Feb, 1998.(Being Jews, They should KNOW huh)

        ATTEN! Christians! Proof from Jews themselves!

        “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew.” Or to call a contemporary Jew [an] “Israelite,” or a “Hebrew.” The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all, and contemporary Palestinians, by their own definition of the term “Palestinian,” have to include Jews among their own people.”

        –The Jewish Almanac, Oct., 1980, page 3, Bantam Books, Inc. Under a headline entitled… ‘IdentityCrisis’.

        Take a look at a so-called “Jew,” he does not look like an Israelite, he looks like his brother, the Arab; and they are brothers, they are both descended from Esau. That is why modern day Israel can place so many spies and double agents with the various Arab Terrorist groups – they look like the same people because they are of the same womb. A great lie has been perpetrated on the Christian peoples so that they errantly consider the Jews and their religion to be of God’s choosing. And now to point that out opens oneself up to false accusations of anti-Semitism, Bigotry and Racism; That is how the impostors remain hidden.

        The true ‘Israel peoples,’ descended from the Ten ‘Lost’ Tribes of Israel are the Anglo/Saxons who migrated north over the Caucasus Mountains (later being called Caucasians) and settled Europe and eventually the Americas.

        However, the modern day so-called Jews are primarily Edomites (of Esua, Jacob/Israel’s brother). A great part of the commonly referred to as “Jews” of our day are descended from the Khazar Jews of Russia. The Khazars are a Turkish people who trace their genealogy to Esau, NOT Jacob. These are facts.

        Christians have been betrayed and deceived by the impostors. The impostors are they who say that they are “Jews,” but are NOT, and do lie. Our Lord was quite clear on the matter:

        Rev 2:9
        9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (KJV)

        Rev 3:9
        9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. (KJV)

        Why haven’t you heard this in your church? Ask your Pastor, he will probably tell you that the Jews are a sister religion (or worse, a mother religion) to Christianity, because he has been himself misled. You may believe whatever you like. But what is happening here is that you may really believe that you are defending the ‘chosen of God,’ (Israel) but are in fact, defending the impostors (Jews).

        So therefore, in ignorance, many Christians assume that someone is blaspheming ‘God’s chosen,’ when in reality, they are merely pointing out who the imposters are that are trying to steal Jacob/Israel’s birthright and usurp God’s Kingdom in the process by turning the truth into a lie and a lie into the truth. We were warned of as much so many many times in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. That is the very thing that the New Testament says shall befall the last days.

        REV: “MYSTERY BABYLON” Defined! Atten: Christians!

        MYSTERY BABYLON, began in Babylon (Babylonian Talmud, the holy book of the Judaism) and shall occupy the Holy City Jerusalem with the antichrist sitting on the throne of God claiming to be God (1st Thes 2:1-4).

        You most likely have been conditioned (trained) to reject what I am saying as anti-Semitism. But the “Jews” are not a Semitic people! In addition to being descended from Esau, the also traced their founding fathers to the Tribe of Japheth, Shem’s brother by Noah (of Noah’s Ark fame), who’s daughters Esua TOOK AS STRANGE WIVES:


        Gen 28:6-9
        6 When Esau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob, and sent him away to Padan-aram, to take him a wife from thence; and that as he blessed him he gave him a charge, saying, Thou shalt not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan;
        7 And that Jacob obeyed his father and his mother, and was gone to Padan-aram;
        8 And Esau seeing that the daughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father;
        9 Then went Esau unto Ishmael, and took unto the wives which he had Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael Abraham’s son, the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife. (KJV)

        Gen 27:11
        11 And Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man: (KJV)

        Gen 27:41
        41 And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob. (KJV)

        So you may let the imposters convince you that the teaching of this topic is so-called anti-Semitic, but it is not, it is the truth; and substantiated with ample documentation, much of it from Jews themselves. You must make up your own mind: Believe what you will.

        Jesus Christ Stated: “Know the TRUTH!” well there you are! This post IS the God Honest Biblical, Factual Truth with even Jews themselves And State of Israel Officials Telling You they are Fake Jews!(are they also antisemities?!)

        So Do All you Deluded christians and also You Kneejerk responders who know not what you speak of, Now know?

        Do You Get it Yet? Even a 12 yr old Kid can read and understand this info!…. Can You Too?

        • Annd, just how is that screed relevant to the topic of this thread? Or do you just write that junk up to cut-and-paste at random on whatever thread you’re on?

          Jeeez, Mac, I think you’re letting the free speech thing go a little too far. . . . . .

        • You are obviously not very well educated or else you’re an 11 year old kid. Jews were mentioned in many English translations of the Bible many years before the 18th century. As just one example, check out the Geneva Bible from 1560 and find II Kings 16:5. It has “Iewes” which is their spelling of “Jews.” And I was looking at an actual reproduction, not a retyping. Or don’t you count archaic spellings?

          • They are REVISED editions of the originals. My Orig as written KJV bible is supposed to be as orig wrote too. Yet inside the cover first few pages in tiny words it says “revised version”. Thats why you see jew as the word.

            Orig scriptures are as that article says.

            The REAL TRUE Problem is You deluded fools cannot handle Truth. Even when actual biblical text is used as proof you are so deluded, by so many false preachers who are so sold out to zionist jews, and so in it for the mammon(money) they no longer speak Truth.

            Your bibles Warned this is to occure in the end times. Massive numbers of False pastors, False Prophets, Men who were of Old ordained to be such liars etc. Many shall proceed out From amoung You because they never really Were true christians in the first place.

            Todays usa is awash with such frauds posing as men of god pastors and teachers.

            America is also awash with Fools such as You both prove yourselves to be.

            Like dem libs, when it comes to True facts about Khazars and such You always Reject every piece of truth regardless who or where it arrises from.

            Even actual bible verses like in book of Galatians that states in NO uncertain terms. That the old promices god made to bless abraham and his “seed” means Jesus is that seed NOT JEWS!…Yet you keep repeating what false preachers teach you to “Bless them Jews” because Thats whats meant by promices made to abraham.

            New testement Galatians clear as a bell ringing states that NO! It does Not mean “jews” it means Christian Believers is abrahams decendants who recive those promiced blessings.

            Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:READ All of Galatians!

            “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

            HERE! From: JEWISH DNA SCIENTIST! With Expert Credentials!

            The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.- Scientifically CORRECT!- are John Hopkins loony Antisemites?

            What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

            Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.(98% are)

            HAARETZ! JEW Newspaper IN ISRALE! Read IT fools!

            “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

            You reject NT-Book of Galatians too even though it is wrote in every bible you own if its an acurate bible.

            You types are Pathetic Losers and Jew kommie enablers of the Worst sort. You type fools IS the main reason america has been under evil zionist jewish total control and we keep going to wars, being bankrupted, whites exterminated by Kommie jewish invented multicultural diversity, designed to cause Race Mixid babys, mass killing of whitys etc etc, by the largest group of Pet animal monkys the kommie zio bolshevik jews ever fomented upon a race of white folk.

            Thanks to 50 million evangelical delusional, foolish, biblically ignorant so called ‘christians”, fully unquestionably supporting, and defending All issues jewish, and ignoring all DNA evidence and Proof to the contrary, that those jews are esau’s edomite and Khazars, Ameria has become a cess pool of pure Evils.

            And without Your deluded assistance and loyal defence of the Leaders of such evils, they would Never be able to continue the mass destruction of Our Ameerica.

            Keep rejecting Christs Own words as well as all others who attempt to awaken your sorry, worthless zio enablers asses, and see if Gods gonna bless you, for so blessing all those IMPOSTERS That Jesus Himself Outed in REV 2 vs 9.

            Keep doing That and You are who will be in that GOAT lineup at judgment day…Standing next to Your pals the Imposters who call themselves “jews” but are NOT! per Jesus Christs own words!(Rev 2 vs 9-John 8 vs 44)

            When them zionists turn against You as they have always done in every nation, and to every peoples that Hosted jews, you will find the reason even God says they are despised as “The Adversaries of God and of ALL mankind”

            Nation Wreckers has never before fit any group as well as it does Them…Except perhaps how well it also Fits all of You enablers of the nation wreckeing Khazars and zionists kommies.

            Thanks for remaining so in the Dark and being such fools. You fail to Learn from the Past 200+ Million Dead white christian folks already exterminated since Russia 1918, By and because of That bunch…maybe when its Your turn you will finally see them for what Jesus and John the apostle tried to Warn you of, if only you paid atten to that bible in your lap every sunday!

            PS: After Reading Truth as per Galatians, then Read the Reasons Your Bible(in Heberews or Romans books if I recall right?) Warns and Tells YOU NEVER let any Judiazier-Preachers, swindle YOU into Mixing Christianity-with Talmudic JUDAISIM!…The Two do NOT mix, like Oil and Water do Not mix.

            Furthermore Your Bible warns that You will LOSE your salvation if you Fall for such a mix of Judaisim and christianity!….For then you shall go Back under the Old Laws etc! and be also JUDGED by it!…READ That stuff too Fools!

            And once finished educating yourselves with Your Own Bibles, What then? will You also call Christ and the Apostles Rayssis or antisemities?

            Or just keep ignoring Truth and Rejecting Facts at every chance….Enablers=Cowards that Fear to speak truth, and Attack us who Do speak facts and Truth!

            Old Pissant. OyVeh! and Archivist of all BUT Truth! Holy Moly! Surrounded by bolshevik kommie jew enabler fools!

            • Archivist: You admit the word “jew” was a translation from the Other orig word used. As my article stated the word jew came from an old Latin word from 4th cent Latin Vulgate wrote by Jherome

              The modern day word “Jew” is the 18th century contracted and “corrupted” English word for the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition.

              That word in Geneva you wrote of appears as a similar latin word tranlated to english as jew.

              What Should concern folks More so is that You also stated you found that word in 2nd book of Kings chap 16:5.

              Now today almost Every preacher teaches, and most every evangelical christians Believes that…Abraham-Isac-Jacob-Moses etc were All Also…”jews” or “Jewish”.

              Ask at random of most any evangelicals anywheres if those men I named were also a jew or jewish?…All or Most all will answer “YES!” due to deluded teachings that are Falsehoods.

              If as so many claim abraham, isac, jacob,moses et al were jews, then why is it that the Very First place in the entire old testement where ANY latin or hebrew words needed be translated to the word “JEW”.

              Happens to first be found in where You cited 2nd book of Kings, which is aprox 500 Pages After Page One book of genesis?

              Is it not Very strange that if all them OT guys were actualy Jews, the very Jewish Rabbis and jew scribes who wrote it all Failed to Note or mention that word Jew to Describe abraham. moses, isac, jacob et al?

              Reason is because None of them were a “jew”. Yet it is likly 99% evangelicals and jewdeo chroistos zios, are fasely taught, and believe Falsely that those men were indeed jews. Why did no writers ever use that jew word till after 500 pages were written prior.

              Everything that article stated of judaisim and babylon etc and jews as a slang word etc is facts.

              Do You think State Of Israel govnt offices of.
              Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

              And their Jewish Almanac are also stateing falsely what they said? Why did They also admit what they said of what it means to be a jew or jewish etc if not true?

              I do not see how people can deny even such as it comes direct from Them, jews themselves, and state of Israel.

              Also if I recall correctly the 2nd Kings book ch 16 You stated that other word used to mean jew, reason it first appears in II Kings is Thats when they first needed to Invent a word or Name to call or label people who came flooding into that land area from Other nations like edom-turks, and egypt etc and Converted to talmud judaisim.

              But they were Not of the orig israel 12 tribes decendants so thats why and when that word was first used and Later translated to jew as the word used.

              Even if the writer of my article missed some older bible version you can find that had word jew prior to 1700 era, it is really a Petty issue to complain of archivist.

              What matters Most is not the exact date word jew was first invented, rather most important is the rest of entire article that outlines the massive Frauds jews use against christians etc.

            • Your ancestors were pagans who were converted to Christianity around 1000 A.D. Therefore, since you cannot trace your ancestry all the way back to the Roman era, you are not a real Christian. In fact, if you cannot trace your ancestry all the way back to Africa, where humanity originated and then migrated all over the planet, you’re probably not whatever you think you are. But what you definitely are is someone who has never gone to the library.

              • Sharonsj: You believe Africans Turned into White folks? So Why has african savages stopped turning white?

                Library? Internet IS a fuckin Library fool. 1000 ad became christians?…Perhaps it is You ignorant Female who needs to READ and Study a bit more!

                I bet you are a dem Liberal Progressive too eh! Stupid Femals is kinda accptable…But add progressive lib to ignorant female, thats way too much!..

                Hey Ignorant Female lib SNAP Outa It!

            • … whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

              Matthew 5:22

      36. Roughly two decades ago they ceased to use food and fuel cost as inputs into the Consumer Price Index and keeping those items that would potentially drop in price due to the transition from US manufacture to third world virtual slave labor. The “Powers to Be” play the chess game well setting up their moves years if not decades in advance.

        The above being said it appears that the “Powers to Be” lack the same thoroughness when something happens quickly. Obviously they did not have their UN puppet nations lined up with their goal of Assad’s removal in Syria.

        Regardless thanks to the Internet and the personal observation of the consumer (who by the way purchases Food and Fuel) the Abe Lincoln statement about fooling people is very applicable.

        • Sorry, but you’ve been completely deceived. The Jews are alive and extant today in the nation of Israel. Revelation 7 and Romans 11 make it clear that God has not forsaken Jewish Israel.
          You’re a victim of “replacement theology”.

          • BS silver sax…Zero verses exist in the bible that say what You wrote “Jewish Israel” nor are there any verses in the bible that tells you “Bless the Jews” nor “Bless the Jews and Israel or god wont bless you or america” etc etc…It Is You fooled by delusional preachers falshood info so Rampant today. research more and your eyes will open and then you too will see.

            Have you read that DNA proof I posted a few articles back?

            DNA Evidence from a Jewish Scientist from Dec 2012, Published by John Hopkins medical univ and accepted also by Hebrew Bio ethnnics Lab univ studdies etc.

            DNA that Proves beyond ALL doubts that todays “jews” are at least 98% Khazars who are a Mix of Turk-Hunn-Asian Mongrel-Caucasian, from the Kingdom of Khazaria and whos former khazar ancestors CONVERTED to Talmudic Judaisim in around 750 AD era….

            You can deny DNA and deny Biblical factual Truth silver sax…Not sure why you would want to..Its your choice to reject truth so go for it.

          • Silver Sax: Here educate yourself a little bit.

            The Definitive DNA Study
            Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

            Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars

            The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.

            What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

            Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

            The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

            Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

            “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

            Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

            The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

            God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

            I ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word?

            But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

            “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

            So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.”

            Silver Sax: Thats New Testement biblical. NOT “replacement theology” it is Gods Words!

            Do You Get it Yet?

            • No, Revelation makes it clear that the 144,000 Jews are not Christians who have become “children of Abraham” by faith (which I believe), but they’re actual genetic Jews from the twelve tribes of Israel. It couldn’t be plainer.

            • @Them Guys – Too bad that as a Christian, you spew your bigotry all over the place. It’s no wonder that the world thinks Christians are a bunch of ignorant bigoted hypocrites. Here’s a clue – it’s not about white, black, Jew or Gentile, American or Israeli. It’s about Jesus Christ. End of story.

      37. @tg
        I read the whole diatribe and tip my hat to your dedication.
        but seriously who cares. I don’t.
        I don’t care someones religion.
        I don’t care about their race.
        I don’t care about their ethnicity.
        I don’t care about any of those things.
        The only thing I care about is if you’re good people.

        Unfortunately the more I know of people the more I like my dogs.

        • ED: It matters Not if You care or not. You are free to post whatever you care to. So is everybody else. Why should you care what I write about.

          Maybe if you paid more atten to my and a few othrs here post info you will see that while You care not of things you listed…They sure do care alot about You Ed.

          If you do not think its good to Know who and what the enemys of mankind and especially white americans are so be it. Many folks do desire to learn these issues.

          Ok so go play with your doggies and have fun ed.

      38. Inflation is not an increase in the price of goods. Inflation is an increase in the overall money supply. Price increases are simply a side effect of inflation.
        The stock market is booming today because of the increase in the supply of money. One day it’ll all come crashing down and gold, the price of which is being held artificially low, will skyrocket.

      39. old geezer says I’ve got some down filled pillows here at my house. went to buy some new down the other day, and even down is up

        • Helium is in surplus, though, so the cost of up is finally coming down.

      40. This has been going on since the gold standard was done away with. A prime example is peanut butter. The jars used to be flat bottom, now a inverted cone. This makes you think it is the same size, but ounces have changed. Same with so many things. Milk however just goes up, because a gallon is a gallon. Eggs go up, a dozen is a dozen. So get ready for it to keep happening as long as we have this system……

      41. For more shrinking products checkout:
        They are a consumer watchdog that finds discrepancies in product labels and size.

      42. Some fight in one way, others a different way. 3 months ago I had 382,000 lbs of the best black dirt I could find brought in to fill a low spot. Spread it, amended it, installed a sprinkler system and started planting. Have a hand pump if required. I have over 50 types of fruit, nuts and berries plus a large garden. It’s really not that hard.. food crops don’t require magic; just sun, water, nutrition and a little help to keep the bad bugs away. Fingers work nice for squishing. I watch our favorite store, which offers buy on get one free and stock up when things that we use regularly are on bogo. You can’t control many things; but should at least try to control what you can. Oh, and I lost over 25 lbs. doing it; BP is perfectly normal and I sleep pretty stinkin good most nights..

        • Your BP is normal now? I need to fix that on me.

      43. Also beware of discount stores where everything is a dollar. Many items may look like what you buy elsewhere, but are smaller – example is deodorant. I bought some and it is much smaller than what was in my supplies, so I probably paid more while thinking I was saving money.

      44. look at toilet paper. same price and 1/4 less sq. feet in package

        • Toilet paper rolls have gotten shorter in height. I noticed it when I went to put some of my newly purchased packs with the rest of my stash.

          • I like Charmin. That being said the best price at this time is at Walmart for the 36 double rolls packages. That works out to just under 50 cents a roll. Check the sheets per roll then number of rolls then package size for your preferred TP. And as Leslie noted, be sure whatever you select is wide enough for you to use respectfully.

            • Dollar General has four rolls for $1.

      45. Substitute processed pasteurized horse manure for chocolate, and add artificial flavors and FD&C #5.

        Instant Cadbury Egg the size of an ostrich egg.

        We’re saved. YAY!

      46. Health Care is expensive. Silver (Ag) is cheap. Are you patient or smart…

      47. What makes the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of our world????

        Genetics are a major contributor to human behavior. However, these days: 🙁

        1. porn and violent movies.

        2. violent video games.

        3. legal and illegal drugs also play a role and influence the way people behave.

        4. low morality created by Hollywood also makes people less caring to others or even to themselves.

        5. Intentional failed education programs can also contribute to the violence of society.

        6. politicians 🙁 who do not care about or represent the people’s best interests.


        • Since we have seen so many laws that were added to reform the system, now these laws that cause the system to CRASH.


          And it appears someone is going to reform the VATICAN to CRASH as well. 🙁

          Note: CELIBACY in Catholic church open for discussion. Really!!!!! 🙁 🙁

        • Since we have seen so many laws that were added to reform the system, now these laws that cause the system to CRASH.


          And it appears someone is going to reform the VATICAN to CRASH as well. 🙁

          Note: CELIBACY in Catholic open for discussion. Really??? 🙁 🙁

      48. Back many years ago the larger box, cans, containers were better deals. Companies use to want their products moved out and sold, and packaging and canning was more expensive. Anyone that has ever seen an episode of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home had Harry criticizing his wife, I think here name was Erma, for buying the “cute” little cans instead of the bigger better valued cans. Now you just have to check the per ounce price to see what is the better deal. Some stores don’t even have this and you have to figure it out yourself.


        Here is something that all preppers should consider when purchasing cans goods, perishability. If you can get the smaller cans and get a good deal on it, or even break even, this is the way to go unless you know that you are going to use all of what is in those jumbo sized cans. It is very likely many people will not have anyway to keep cool enough of what you open up in can that is uneaten. Smaller cans are far more likely to be used and not go bad. Once you open the can, you have a limited amount of time to eat what is inside. This goes true also for pet food that is not dry.

        Smaller cans also can be easier to store. I found that those double walled vegetable and fruit boxes that are used at the supermarkets for storing cans. Those boxes that most supermarkets just break up are often free to regular customers. Those boxes with their separation layers work quite well to stack cans on top of each other. They can be stacked on top of each they are so durable. One box weighed a little over 100 pounds filled full of cans and doesn’t split or anything. Also packed are a bunch of can openers that were on sale at one of those bargin stores. They have a limited life to them, so a bunch of them seemed like a good idea.

        Larger cans should really only be stored when you know that you are going to use them like for soup for the family or something. A 5 pound can of chili and beans might save someone a few pennies over 5 individual pound size cans but you will likely not use that 5 pound can in a day and some of it might go bad. I should say 14.75 oz size can, as 16 oz cans are harder to find now than a 8 oz can of tuna. Those cans of tuna do stack well though in these boxes.

        What was really shocking was how I found some honey that was going for $4.39 for a pound, yes in a 16 oz container, and the larger 5 pound container was $22.99. Yeah, $4.60 a pound for the larger container, while 5 of the 1 pound containers would be $21.95. What has happened to this world? Toilet paper and paper towels is something else that you have to look at the sq.foot number of what is in the package. It may not seem like much, but when you can save a little it eventually adds up to a lot.

        Coupons are a prepper’s gift to stocking up. Companies are so desperate for you to try their products, they often will practically give away a product, sometimes they will. Never pass up an opportunity to get something for free, even if you don’t use it someone will when SHTF big time. Things that don’t need to be rotated like paper goods and much more are something that when you get for free becomes a permanent part of your stockpile. Even free samples that don’t have to be rotated should not be passed up on to add to your stock. It won’t be there much longer for any of us.

        • I have started utilizing this theory in my prepping as well. Instead of buying the ginormous containers of peanut butter for $11, I realized I can get a small 15oz jar for $1.48. Thought I could store extra for refugees or barter. Can’t beat it for $1.50.

          • Since I am all by myself, I realize the importance of buying things in small containers or packages. I would rather buy a small can of fruit than a larger can. This is because a small can has about three servings, but a larger can has about six to eight servings. This is not economical for me especially if it is summer and there is no refrigeration in the case of a power outage. In the winter, however, if you live in a cold area, cold storage to keep food is freely available.

            I prefer small jars of peanut butter, regular size cans of vegetables, fruits, and beans. If I can chili, I prefer to use the pint size jars than the quarts size jars. This way nothing will go to waste, and there is less of a chance for food spoilage to occur.

            Small sizes also make better barter items. And when I am able and when it is the right time for the right people, I hope to help people by feeding them, or giving to them small gift packages of food.

            One thing I am doing is saving salt shakers. I can pour salt into them and include them into small food packages for the hungry.

            I think there will be a lot of orphans around who will need people to take care of them. During the last Depression, babies and children were often left in richer people’s yards or at their doorsteps. I am going to help as many people as I am able to help. Of course, I will know who not to help, that is, the violent, and the ungodly.

            • I agree, there will probably be lots of orphans. I want to help them too. I remember with 9 siblings, many times I thought, I never asked to be born. Why do they have them and then act so put out when you have needs. So awful to feel a burden to someone. I will help as many kids as I can.

        • I buy my honey in 60-pound buckets.

          • …folks should be careful of the country of origin when buying honey…lots of honey comes from argentina(not really good)or china(absolutely horrible)even commercial USA/Canada isnt always the best(danged hard to find good pure honey anywhere anymore…Id try to find a local beeman who doesn’t use poison on his bees…I raise my own so Im covered…and depending where you are this all may not work for you or someone here… 🙂

      49. If I’m not mistaken alot of products are being injected with air. I’ve cream, chocolate etc. Cheetos puffs were one of the first products to do this but at least they weren’t trying to hide it. Anyone else notice?

      50. Typo or auto fill correction: Ice Cream.

      51. In 1945,a gallon of gas cost 40 cents. That same 40 cents from 1945 can purchase 1 gallon of gas today.

        • If it is in 1964 or prior American silver, you are absolutely correct. Good call. Great point.

      52. Takes me twice as long to shower,low water pressure,less soap….less of everything. Healthcare is through the roof,my premium up by over 100%…less coverage! Brain power in Congress has shrunk…real inflation!

      53. The one on the left, was on the right. The one on the right, was on the left. The one in the middle is my cousin.

      54. There are those who state prepping is useless because its gods will that everything will be destroyed or saved according to his plan. I would like to point out one fact. That Every generation of bible thumpers has many folks who sincerely believed that they where indeed living in the end times written about in revelations. So far they have all been wrong.

        • I use to get into constant heated-on-his-end discussions about food storage with another Christan…blah blah sparrows blah blah don’t worry about tomorrow. My food storage really irked him. The Bible has examples of people preparing. Besides, prepping has always been done until recent times. For example, pioneers, pilgrims, farmers, etc. didn’t do weekly grocery shopping at a store. They either stored their harvest to get through the winter or starved to death. It’s been that way for thousands of years.

          When he lost yet another job (because he can’t seem to discern what is work time and what is proselytizing time) and was whining about money being short, I’m like “too bad you didn’t have food storage because that would be $100 a week you wouldn’t need to be scraping up.”

          We don’t talk anymore because he’s just too abrasive to be around and everything becomes an argument.

          • My mother is the same exact way. If it really is the end of the world, she won’t be here. She is so sure of a pre-trib rapture…

            • The thing is, it doesn’t have to be “The End of the World” for food storage to be useful. Right now there are all those people trapped in Colorado because of flooding, the authorities can’t even get to them. If they don’t have food and water stored, they’re in a world-o-pain right now. Same with Hurricane Sandy and people dumpster diving for food. There are loss issues, sickness, other natural disasters. I prefer to be prepared.

              • Oops! job loss issues

                • I remember one heated-on-his-end discussion over toilet paper, of all things. He got madder and madder when I wouldn’t agree I should buy one pack at a time and not store up. He got all theological on me about it as if it was proof I didn’t believe God will provide and he stopped speaking to me a few weeks. I refer to him as the “Militant Christian” type…always going to battle over everything. So I finally had to write him off. Life’s too short to deal with people like that.

                  • I’m married to that.

                    He was hostile and opposing until Superstorm Sandy.

                    Now he doesn’t say one word.

                    Stuff has to happen to them before they get it.

                    You can’t FIX stupid, but it IS survivable.

          • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever

      55. There are many price increases with our food and everyday needs, but of course there are always great sale prices. I mean the sale prices we see here were the formal normal prices from just a few months back. One of my fav sale gimmicks is the buy one get one. But one for double what you paid for it 3-4 months ago and get the second free. Is it just me being negative or do most folks actually take the time to calculate these things?
        But then again it is all part of the master plan because society has been dumbed down sooooo much that most couldn’t figure the simple math out anyway. And I know this is off topic, but speaking of dumbing down, I coach bantam football up here in the great white north and have been coaching football for 24 years now. There is no way anyone can sell me the fact that these kids in todays world are not dumbed down. Now I know all about the issues that go along with teens aged 14-15. When I compare the kids from 10 20 years ago, I think oh my they have been very successful at dumbing them down. I will not go on and on about this topic but there is no way the majority of these kids could have even competed with the kids from my day. It is all part of the process and it is working. Now to change gears a second. There are so many gloomy things posted on our frequented sites. I got a raise back in April 2013, it was quite good. In fact when our province restructured services provided they gave the agency I am employed for a raise in pay. The raise comes out to about 800.00 more each month take home. When they calculated our pay previous the government had us on the pay scale from 1985. So almost 4 years getting paid on the 1985 scale I would have to say it was time for a raise. This is very good because my wife’s pay has been cut due to lack of business and less hours. So the Lord has blessed me once again but we are still bringing home the same amount of money. Anyway God Bless ya’ll and sorry for rambling so much.


      56. Don’t pass up the 32 – 34 oz cans of three pound coffee. Oops, Maxwell House has that down recently to 30 oz or less. Two pounds or less of coffee in what used to sell as a three pound can. I shudder to think of how small the one pound can may have gotten.

        • I think the one-pound cans are now called Kuerig cups 🙂

      57. hey gas is down to 1.80 a half gallon of gas….this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it use to be 3.50 a gallon

        • …and the chocolate ration went up to 25 grams per week 🙂

      58. Dove soap bars are noticeable from years ago. Almost looks like one of those small hotel bars when I broke one out the other day. Sad.

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