A Majority Of Americans Say Their Financial Situation Has Not Improved Under Trump

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    Most Americans are admitting that their financial situation has not improved since the election of president Donald Trump in 2016. According to a survey released only a few weeks before the midterm elections, 62% claim they are not better off under Trump.

    Despite an allegedly strengthening economy and a 3.7 percent unemployment rate, the lowest in nearly 50 years, the traditional indicators of economic health aren’t providing the real picture of how individual Americans are feeling, said Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst at Bankrate, the financial services company that conducted the survey.

    According to NBC, the lowest earners may be feeling the brunt the most. Of those making less than $30,000 per year, 78 percent said their financial situation has not improved, while 27 percent said their finances have worsened since the last election. “The rising tide has certainly not lifted all boats,” Hamrick said. “There is the risk that individuals see those headlines [about personal income tax cuts] and say, ‘Wait a minute, that isn’t my experience.’”

    Meanwhile, 54 percent of people earning more than $75,000 per year said they are feeling better about their finances, with 26 percent even saying they had improved in the past two years, according to the survey.

    *Note the way this was written by NBC: they want you to know Americans financial situations “have not improved” meaning they have stayed the same. However, according to the survey, only 17% say their financial situation has gotten worse, while 45% say overall, their financial situation remained the same. Overall, 38 % say they are better off.

    What is important, is that Americans are at an economic standstill. They are not doing better than they were, but they aren’t doing worse.  “Wages are taking a slight uptick, but people, in general, are not seeing huge bumps in their salaries or wages that would make them say, ‘Oh wow, things are really getting good,” says Margaret Simms, an economist and non-resident fellow at the Urban Institute. “People may feel more secure and not worried about losing ground, but they feel they have not gained a lot of ground,” Simms says.

    Average weekly earnings rose by $53 (6 percent) from September 2016, reaching $940 in September, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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      1. Anyone who believes NBS or any news media polls is an idiot. They lie.
        EVERY business oriented poll I’ve seen says the exact opposite of NBS by a large margin. The full malls, restaurants etc. certainly supports this. The labor market is the tightest since 1969.

        • true but inflation has increased, the costs of things have increased, rates rising have increased costs and wage increases have not kept up; so many people are in worse shape.

          if they would’ve killed Obama care and healthcare actually reduced insurance and medical costs by getting some govt out of it, then everyone would be in better shape.

          the sad truth is govt takes such a bite out of anyone but the already rich, getting ahead is a pipe dream in today’s usa.

          • All that misses the point Lena. People vote with their pocketbook and all the indications are that people are feeling good. (They’re not but that is another issue)

            • Did it improve under Obama? Fuck no. But they sweep that under the rug and blame Trump.

              • but but,but…Obama says the economy improving was his own doing….

                • Claim credit one way, you can’t deny it the other way.

                  If Trump “fixed” something, which he most certainly has not, then he MUST be responsible when it tanks.

                  It’s stupid to heap economic success on the President, and the dolts in the republican party are gonna regret all the shrieking how Trump fixed something.

          • It didn’t improve under Obama, and it hasn’t improved under President Trump either. Me and my family are in no better shape under Trump, one reason being inflation. They’re all the same. On the take, in it to enrich themselves. Promises, promises. How they go about making things worse varies and differs among them but other than that they’re all the same, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

            They’re all in the same club and we’re not a member.

            • My family and I, not “Me and my family…”

              • seriously, what the fuck does his grammar have to do with his point?

                jeez seriously people.

        • Begging the question and outright misreporting the survey is to be expected by NBC: it’s a NWO propaganda outlet. TRUMP’S policies have bolstered the confidence of Americans, but the real work is ahead of US.

          You cannot reverse 30 years of Globalism that systematically stripped America of it’s wealth in the two years that TRUMP has been in the Oval Office; but the SPEED at which he has reversed NWO policies has been staggering, particularly in the face of the overwhelming resistance he has faced from the LEFT and Deep State.

          Eight years in the Oval Office will have America back on track !!! 🙂

          • I missed another survey…….dammit to hell I gotta stop workin so much overtime. By the by, we got over a dollar an hour raise and a whopper of a bonus due to those breadcrumb tax cuts. Did I tell you folks how much I love my new pickup truck?

        • Maybe you boomer shitapes shouldnt have outsourced all the factories and jobs and brought in cheap labor by the millions of mud people.

          Did you ever think of that, wrinkley old farts????????

          “My economic situation is bad”


          • Boomers aren’t at fault for that, you dickbreath. CEOs and corporate executives are the guilty ones.

            • You could have elected Ross Perot but you did not. Yes, cumcheeks, you are at fault. I wish you boomers were never born.

              • “You could have elected Ross Perot but you did not. Yes, cumcheeks, you are at fault. I wish you boomers were never born”

                Not the brightest bulb on the tree are ya?

                Your personal situation is due to the choices YOU have made. Many, many youngsters are prospering and enjoying the highest standard of living any people have ever had in the history if humankind. If you’re going to insist on blaming your own personal situation on others then learn to accept a shitty life. If you want a better life then accept the fact it is only possible if you decide to get off your whiny ass and get to work. There is no law saying that you have to continue being a loser.

                • he’s not. Sauerkrauts worst nightmare is a black immigrant baby boomer. easier to blame someone else I suppose for ones one life.

            • Infidel, you tell him. I don’t know whose fantasy world Eisen comes from and don’t care but I’m also tired of him blaming people like us for this country’s problems.

            • I believe it to be corporate greed as well as individual careless spending that is most to be blamed. And yes it does take years to unwind the monsterous debt that has been accumulated by the people and the government.

            • Agree with infidel, most people did not vote or want outsourcing or immigration here. Look behind the curtain!

            • “CEOs and corporate executives”

              mmm nope. Not independent of govt they aren’t. Sorry that’s low info.


          • E: My first job as a 9 yr kid was a paper boy with TWO Sunday routes for the South Bend Tribune. The great thing about that is that I didn’t have to eat ketchup sandwiches anymore or deep fried potatoes to survive. By the time I was a 16 yr old kid I was working as a garbage man at the local Park & rec. I was paid $1.50 an hour and all I could eat.

            At 17 I was a forklift driver for a small manufacturing company after school that built snowplows and lawnmowers. On the weekends I washed, waxed, and detailed cars for a local Chrysler dealer.

            At 18 I was a busboy for a West Coast cannery washing dishes three days a week, 16 hours a day. After Vietnam I went to work in the Steel Mills of NW Indiana while I worked my way through college.

            I could see the handwriting on the wall as the Japanese came into the plant with their cameras and took pictures of everything; then went back to Japan to build mills twice the size. Globalism had begun, but there was no name to it then.

            I was an independent student. During University I worked two pt jobs to pay for my own apartment and new camaro. I was President of my college club and eventually took a position with an investment analyst on a part time basis.

            A major bank saw my work, offered me a staff position and I was off to the races. Still thirsty for knowledge I studied high finance independently specializing in real estate syndication, shopping center development, Secondary Mtg Market Securities and finally, LBO’S.

            I knew I had “arrived” when both Chase & Citicorp were willing to fund a $50 million LBO when I didn’t have much more than bus fare out of town. It was a long way from where I had started life.

            I could go on because the best was yet to come, but that’s enough for now to show you that anyone can achieve success and financial security in life if they apply themselves in spite of the competition.

            And there was lots of competition.There still is for those trying to succeed financially. But there is more information available now than ever before, so it makes it easier for those who are really motivated.

            I mean, really motivated. But ya gotta want it. You really have to want it. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one, and they always stink !!! So don’t blame your personal failures on the mud people.

            No one should look for a job. Everyone should make their own based upon their interests, education, and experience. All of the tax incentives go to corporations. Form one.

            The Mud People shouldn’t be competing for your job. They aren’t that smart and you have that “second cousin marriage” thing advantage, right ??? 🙂

          • Kreutz, I can climb mountains better than you can

          • Pound sand yourself Eisen…..what a moron!

        • Why are the mud people entitled to due process in a deportation hearing?????????


          DARKIES. CANT. COME. IN.

          • E: It’s not about race. It’s about ECONOMICS; US Taxpayers subsidize ILLEGALS to the tune of $500 BILLION a year, year after year, according to a Harvard Economist.

            That doesn’t put a monetary value upon the murders, rapes, thefts, or assaults committed by these criminals; or the court cost and attorney’s fees while they manipulate the system. 🙂

      2. Don’t be worried.

        In less than two weeks the Republicans will be swept out of office and the
        Democrats regain power.

        Trump will be politically impotent after that and things will begin improving.

        • lol, click your heels Disinfo Dorothy.

          rolls eyes, dolt.

        • Nobody on this site pays the slightest attention to the opinion of anonymous posters.

          • You just did.

          • Stuart, that one particular anonymous poster is on something.

            • Yes and he has reading comprehension issues also.
              I said nobody pays attention to his OPINION – not his post.

        • Anonymous, uh, what are you smoking? [SARCASM] I’m not disputing the article but I don’t see anything improving under the dems with their socialist nonsense.

          • All the mainstream economists say that bringing third world migrants in does wonders for the economy. We should bring in all the Haitians.

            We should make it actually illegal to be white.

            • Or maybe you can take your low info racism and shove it up your ass, where your daddy is.

            • back in the box, Acid_Etch.

          • Sadly DR its not going to improve under either party. Party-ism is a divide and conquer tactic meant to divide us even further. Trump is rich. The rich are for the rich. End of story.

        • dude, at least put some pants on before you go making statements that would get your butt kicked if in person. And I swear – I think I heard your mommy calling you to dinner.

          • Heartless, sometimes I wish I could reach out and slap the shit out of Eisen.

        • Obama wasn’t politically impotent. He just ruled by executive order. What make you think Trump won’t do the same?

        • Wow,
          I never realized anyone could be so ignorant,
          Learn something every day,,,,

        • Therein lies the fallacy. No one can cure the ills of this country. We keep putting off the inevitable. People feel better about things, but things are very ugly under the surface. Trump is spending as mush or more than Obama in deficit spending. This is just to keep our welfare nation afloat. Doesn’t matter repuke or demorat, bad times are coming. Standard of livings will be going down. Get ready.

        • dream on anonymous…

      3. Over 90-something million out of the workforce. That should be the real barometer.

        • Plenty of Hondurans running to the border to fill the jobs void.

          • No. Those are paid actors.

        • That 90 million out of the workforce number was the result of 30 years of globalism systematically dismantling and transferring 70k American factories and tens of millions of jobs offshore.

          Those were SKILLED labor jobs: mechanics, machine operators, millwrights, miners, electricians, heavy equipment operators, etc whose jobs were irretrievably lost for their lifetime as factories in America were closed.

          America has lost a GENERATION of skilled labor to Globalism !!! Return some of those factories and the number of Americans “out of the workforce” would drop dramatically. 🙂

        • The U-6 says unemployment is actually closer to 8.6-percent.

          • What did the U-6 say unemployment was when Obama was prez? 22%?

        • Oh that? That was just from the last flow of wetbacks that came over the border and hadn’t found jobs yet but were counted. Just wait till they bump out the working Americans and all will even back out. See? Its fixable! (Sarc).

      4. I have to agree the economy is NOT improving under Trump. It’s still the same conditions in my area that we had under Obama.

          • JS, I live in one of the better parts of town, not a ghetto. And that looked like a KFC in the video, not McDonalds. In my area there’s not as many white males working as there used to be. Affirmative action is just as much a reason as the economy. White collar workers have it made in the shade.

          • s said, “Is this your McDonald?”

            Just about.

            s said, “White collar workers are doing just fine.”

            Champagne socialism, complaining about the welfare cheese.

            public company website -> corporate section -> investor relations / financials

        • The financial markets had been soaring until recently.
          The people’s economy, the actual economy that we live in is not doing as well as claimed.
          People that have been locked into a good job for many years have no idea how bad it is.
          People that have been retired for a decade or so most likely have no idea how bad it is.
          The rich are getting richer. I’m just treading water and hoping the car don’t break down.

        • I would say the Number ONE problem is this and no one is touching on it: WAGES people!!! Wages for us average Americans are a massive joke and have been for years. Thanks so, so much Corporate America. YOur vile and disgusting GREED have screwed us up our asses so bad, there is NO fix at this point. Why do you think so many people have to practically live on credit cards for example – because there is not enough cash to go around and pay ALL of the bills and costs of everything continue to RISE and wages are beyond sad and pathetic. I work for a huge greedy piece of shit insurance giant and they are genuine cunts!!! We do the work of 2 people and when we got so called raises haha can you say like between 1.0 and 1.5% – keep it you shameful greedy rat bastards!!! To hell with Corporate America, in fact Corp America has DESTROYED AMERICA!!!!!!! Trump can only do so much to all the clowns crying about him and trying to blame him, no, shut up with that complete bullshit nonsense.

      5. My situation has only gotten worse, But I’m on a fixed income and the FED is constantly engineering inflation. This leads my local governments to raise taxes. My situation would be vastly improved if we had a depression.
        Things in America cost too much and they don’t need to. Due to technology things should be getting cheaper. Instead due to government action it is getting more expensive.
        Why am I paying $4 dollars per gallon for gas with oil prices ~$65 a barrel, when in 1990 I paid $0.90 per gallon with oil at $35 per barrel? Artificial inflation and Taxes is the answer, all due to the Democrat run government actions.

        • Rellik:

          I can’t understand how you could be broke with all that lava rock you’ve got. Put it in a bag and sell it.

          I just watched a few videos on making Roman cement (lasted some 2,000 years). Just a mixture of limestone, volcanic rock, and sea water.


          • BFC,
            I’m not broke, but my buying power keeps going down about 3% per year. Thankfully in 3 years I will apply for social security and partially recover from the previous 11 years of inflation.

            Most people don’t know this but anyone that removes lava rocks or sand from Hawaii is cursed. This is a story that was made up by tourist and park people to keep people from taking our natural stuff home with them. The Volcano national park people are always getting Hawaii rocks sent to them, with stories of woe, that they think was due to the curse.
            You have to get a permit to pick up rocks here.
            Hawaii is very protective of what we call the “Aina”(land).

        • That’s because you live in a blue state.

          • Stuart,
            Truth you speak! I spent a winter working a flight line in northern North Dakota on grave yard shift.
            I swore I would never again live further than 50 miles away from an ocean/gulf after that.
            Unfortunately, although I’d be bet I live in a more rural area than you do, the main “cities” run the state I presently live in, making it blue.

        • Relik: Unfortunately, in the U.S. anymore, all this nation is about now is finding all kinds and sorts of ways to literally remove every single damn dollar from the average citizens pockets & that is the damn sick, vile truth if you really sit and think about it. And the 2nd. death grip is the pathetic WAGES. All these kids coming out of college for example – they have so much god damn student loans, from the massive rip-off colleges, that they can’t even afford to pay ALL of the bills on the sad and piss-ant wages, so yup you guessed it, back home they go with mom and dad and this is a massive issue these days. It’s all a massive cluster people.

      6. He got the US out of the Paris accord, help to derail Obamacare, renegotiated NAFTA, and he didn’t carry out the stupid and criminal actions that Hillary would have done. He’s not been perfect but he has done far better than Hillary.

        Where in the Constitution does it say that the President will bring about full employment or fix the economy? The President may be the most powerful elected official in the country but he is not omnipotent. Sadly, the people hold the President accountable for improving their lives.

        • …how can we, as symbolically the children of the future president, expect the two of you, the three of you to meet our needs?

          The ponytailed guy October 15th, 1992

        • Brian,
          You are right. We improve our lives, government doesn’t.
          Government destroys lives.
          The problem is ignorant people that are allowed to vote,
          making decisions based on what can only be described as
          a fake news media that blames the Presidents they don’t
          like and worship the presidents they adore.

      7. “The Great Depression was a global phenomenon, unlike previous economic downturns which generally were confined to a handful of nations or specific regions. Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America all suffered from the economic collapse.

        International trade fell 30 percent as nations tried to protect their industries by raising tariffs on imported goods. “Beggar-thy-neighbor” trade policies were a major reason why the Depression persisted as long as it did. By 1932, an estimated 30 million people were unemployed around the world.” Digital History

        But Democrats managed to blame it all on Pres. Herbert Hoover and the Republicans (It stuck!) and established a dominance for the Ds that lasted till the 70s where it was broken a little.

        And not till the 1994 “Contract with America” did the Rs really take over the Congress.

        The Ds wanna dominate again (this time forever) and are doing everything in their power to have any Depression Repeat fall on the Rs and especially Pres Trump.

        For that reason alone I expect the next couple years to be economically uncertain.

        “Ain’t no Republican I wanna kiss on the mouth, but I can hardly stand to be on the same planet with any Democrat politician.” <bb 2016


      8. Well duh!

      9. It’s a fact if you don’t pay any tax in the first place, you didn’t get a tax break…

        Just common sense.

        But, if you work a job OR have a business and make enough to actually pay ‘INCOME’ tax, then you have to be doing better…I know I am.

        And besides the obvious – Trump is still doing exactly what I voted for !!

        Just build the Damn wall already and get rid of the illegal immigration problem !

      10. Who conducted the survey, the Democratic Party?

      11. This growing caravan of illegals looks set up to build up to the election. Most Americans don’t want the competition but the GOP wants them here and that’s who is behind them coming. The people in power wanting more wealth providing more divide and conquer strategy to huddle in more police state protection as they laugh and snort behind your back.

        • Dems want them here for the votes….

          • Yes, so yours will be negated.

      12. I’m doing better now than I was two years ago.

        A lot of the groceries I buy are on sale at cheaper prices than two years ago. I don’t buy anything not on sale, except for bread and milk. I buy things on sale and store them. The local store has one kind of meat or another on sale every week, plus the “manager specials” for items about to go out of date. Those are sometimes half price, and they’re good as long as you go ahead and cook them or freeze them.

        Gas here is lower than the national average, and it hasn’t gone up in the last few weeks. It went up 10 cents a month or so ago, and it was at that price a good while.

        My income has also gone up in the past two years. And I think the income tax cut will show up on my tax form early next year.

        • Well they took away my obummer phone EBT and whalefare…

      13. Yes, he has made a difference . My tax debt was 2k less and so we took a trip to Whistler BC this summer. Was not going to happen without that tax cut. Rather than going 2K down we had 2K we did not expect. My weekly check is also up which goes into savings. Thanks trump!!

      14. Ours has improved. But I hang up on all pollsters. Most working people do.

      15. It’s all lies. “A Majority Of Americans Say Their Financial Situation Has Not Improved Under Trump.” Who did they interview? Who was their “majority?”

        The “majority” lost between 40- and 50-percent of their old-age pensions in the Crash of ’08 – ’09. They will never see that money again. The “majority” where I come from don’t have $400.00 for an emergency; lost the manufacturing job back in the 1980s; were drummed out of the workforce during the short-lived service economy; and is now working three jobs in the gig economy.

        95-million Americans have dropped out of the workforce all together. They’ve had enough of the lies. The “Powers That Be” PTB would have to be taking in back-to-backs caravans, and they still wouldn’t be able to replace all the Americans that have been screwed.

        Education means nothing. Education is just another Ponzi Scheme. You are only as educated as the PTB will allow — and they don’t allow much.

        The whole raw deal is going to collapse. That’s the current state of the financial (and every other “system”), rigged system in the United States. Fully rigged, manipulated, and controlled.

      16. The Fed is taising interest rates to stop wage increases they say. Thus the Fed is working against Trump and the people both. Each recession since WWII was cteated by the Fed Each recession kills at least 50,000 Americans due to suicide and stress. Millions of marriages fail. The Fed has killed 450,000 Americans minimum and destroyed 80,000,000 marriages Millions of Americans have lost their homes to the banks who make huge profits in recessions The Fed has to be stopped and Trump will have to do it. The Fed is the enemy of the people by its actions

      17. Imagine getting millions of Americans into the streets for an anti war protest. That is what is needed instead of war against people. Maybe that is Eisenkreutz problem with baby boomers, that they have become too fat to be anti war protesters. Eisen, you can’t be younger than 40. What were those after the baby boomers called?

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