A Hidden America: Living in Cars, Tents and Cheap Motels *Video Report*

by | Nov 29, 2011 | Headline News | 242 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The following must-see 60 Minutes segment further highlights the deteriorating economic conditions across the United States.

    It turns out some families are losing their grip on the motels and discovering that the homesless shelters are full. Where do they go then? They try to keep up appearances by day and try to stay out of sight at night – holding on to one another in a hidden America, a place you wouldn’t notice unless you ran into the people we met in the moments before dawn.

    There are millions of Americans right now that are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Inevitably, as things get worse, many more will join those who have already been forced to abandon their old lifestyles to live in short-term low cost motels, homeless shelters, tent cities or in their cars. To be sure, some of those living on the streets made mistakes and poor decisions that have brought them where they are today. Others, however, are the collateral damage from a government run amok and the decades long unfettered sociopathic thievery of law abiding hard working Americans.

    The longevity of homelessness continues to rise. So people are running out of resources. The unemployment runs out. Their savings run out. The family that lent them money does not have it anymore because they are looking at economic hardship. And, before you know it, they find themselves living in their car because they just ran out of all options.

    For those whose timetable for economic collapse lies at some arbitrary time in the future, take a serious look at what’s happening around you. Millions have lost their homes. Even more have lost their jobs. Those who are still spending are doing so with the money they have left in their savings or the available credit left on their charge cards. Record numbers of people are living in poverty and the same is true for those seeking food assistance from the government. The collapse is here. It’s staring us in the face. It can’t be ignored. And, it’s not even close to being over.

    None of us will remain untouched by the events playing out in the world around us. We can take steps to prepare to the best of our abilities, but circumstances may get the better of us. If and when hard times befall us – and there’s a strong possibility they will – and the seemingly uncontrollable feelings of helplessness and failure take hold, we can only hope to have the strength, optimism and realistic perspective of the 15 year old girl featured in the 60 Minutes story:

    It’s not really that much of an embarrassment. It’s only life. You do what you need to do, right?

    Hat tip John Rolls


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        • You can not cure the problem by addressing the symptoms.

          The ONLY cure is for the People to somehow take back control of the creation of money. That will result in a free market that will take care of every other economic problem we face.

          It saddens me that even those who are awake to the problems we face are still so unaware of the root cause of the problems and the simplicity of the solution.

          • 90 million gun owners in America can change this country and restore the American Principles of government to the people.


            • you first

            • Rich99: Forgot to add “without firing a shot”. Believe me Rich I am engaging at every level. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

              Those who demand their rights get them. The Silent Majority will be pissing into the wind.

              I encourage everyone to pursue their political heritage in every way possible.

              America belongs to US and it is OURS to win again. Organize, volunteer, donate, vote.

              For those of you who want Ron Paul President, join the Retards now so that you can vote for him in your Primary.

            • I support Ron Paul. Name calling is what people like Obama and his supporters do. I feel sorry for you.

            • Get real Durango! The militarization of the police will pry your guns from your cold dead hands in record time as it will with the 90 million out there like you!

              This facist state isnt kidding around anymore and will just brand you a terriorst and put you away to never be heard from again whether above ground or under it.

          • The American Revolution was started by less than 10% of the population. The vast majority were either Loyalist (to the British King) or indifferent. I have to believe there are more than 10% of Americans who are awake and willing to resist the organized destruction of our Nation and the implementation of a NWO!

            We are in a position to save our Republic, hopefully through peaceful means! Stay the course, keep prepping, and remember who we are….God Bless America!

            • If gun owners want to keep their guns they had better:

              Organize, volunteer, donate, and vote! Now.

            • They’re called 3 percenters.

            • Iowa: They will call themselves “pissed off ex-gun owners” if they do not organize, volunteer, donate, and vote.

              November 2012 is the best chance patriots have had at restoring the American Principles of government in a generation.

              Snooze WE lose.

            • I agree with RightWingMom and durango kidd. The tree needs watering.

          • wonder why the powers that be discontinued reporting M-1
            & M-2 money supply?? that happened approx a year ago.
            Ask your Congress-person why. maybe a lien should be filed on congressional incomes and pensions.

          • How in the hell does government create jobs? The only thing government creates is laws, codes, regulations, public policies, statutes, treaties, ad nauseum. Then it creates agencies, armed and unarmed to enforce it all.

            Government has created enough. How about it stops creating and just get the hell out of our way?

            It’s coming folks. It is about time AmeriKans take their blinders off and realize that all those “anti-terrorist” laws have never been meant for Al CIA’da. They have always been for YOU. Al CIA’da is just a convenient excuse. You are, or will become, the “terrorists.” Meaning, when they create the next catalyst, anyone who does not along with their program will be terrorists.

            I’ve been pretty outspoken on internet land. I know that the DHS has my number. I’ve made up my mind that when the day comes that they pay me a visit, I will answer with shotgun slugs below the waist. I’ve resigned to the fact that I am not going to live through it and I sure as hell am not going to some camp… but those crippled legs can live the rest of their lives asking themselves, “Was it worth it.”

            • Yes, if you are going to go leave this world, make sure you have a large honor guard to accompany you into eternity!

            • Well Moon, the reason why I said below the waist, is because it is below their vests. The reason why I said shotgun slugs, is because I want massive amounts of their flesh and muscle to be blown off anywhere below their vests. And I don’t want them to die. I want them to be crippled and think of me the rest of their lives. And if a slug hits solid bone in their leg and blows it apart, so much the better.

        • I too think that creating jobs are important, but you can not force people to work who do not want to work. We have too many people living in government housing areas who sit around all day and deal drugs and drive more expensive vehicles than most, while the government pays for their bills, housing, and food. Those are the people who should be homeless, not the people who want to work and provide a better life for their families. Best thing to do is to stick together with your families, work together, and hope for the best. Good luck everyone!

          • Oh, please. Everyone always blames the welfar faction, using little anecdotal things that they “know”.

            Well I am calling bullshit on that. I have been on assistance. I am not proud of it, but I did what I had to when I was unemployed.

            A lot of folks smugly think the “know” that I was sitting on my butt. Well, I, for one, was beating the bushes and would have taken ANYTHING if it had been offered. I met other women – lots of them – in the same situation.

            People on assistance don’t really run around with a resume posted on their foreheads. They do not pull out a list of the last 25 places they have applied to in the past week if they see someone glaring at them when they put their welfare check into the bank to pay the bills that far exceed the amount they are receiving.

            People don’t KNOW what strides they are taking to secure employment but they are quick judge anyway, based on nothing more than ASSUMPTIONS of the person’s unworthiness..

            Many North Americans are only 2-3 paychecks away from homelessness.

            Remember: “There but for the grace of God go I.”

            • *welfare*

            • “Get Em’ Daisy!” grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;0) kick his botox butt! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;0P pssszzt

              ya know for a shtf lady who claims she’s a pacifist … you sure gotta a big can of “WHOOP ASS!” hidden in your pocket!
              ‘0) wink’

            • It’s part of my charm, NinaO. 😀

            • Daisy: You are absolutely right. While there are generational welfare recipients that need to get a real life instead of gaming US while selling drugs and prostitution, the amount of corporate welfare occurring in America staggers the imagination.

              Trillions of dollars in tax subsidies, a free trade system that subsidizes their offshore factories in China, India, and Mexico and transfers American wealth to them covertly.

              The gaming of the system by the multinationals (which they have manipulated to their favor), makes welfare for the poor and dispossessed look like peanuts by comparison.

              The top 6,000 wealthy families in America increased their family fortune by an average of $100 million dollars EACH over the past 30 years under free trade and the present tax system:

              The main reasons that 46 million Americans are on food stamps today and 16% of Americans are unemployed.

              Its not the 1% ruining this country. Its the top .002%.

              It’s time to change the operating system in this country and WE can start by changing the operators …..

              One way or the other.

            • You have’nt met any of my 3rd generation coach-potato, drug dealer, and pimp nieghbors…

            • Bravo,Daisy.
              Now maybe enlighten folks here on what the requirements are to get assistance?

            • Handy –

              It was a few years ago, but I had to provide all sorts of records:

              -bank statement covering the last 60 days
              -documentation of my current bills (rent, utilities,etc)
              -documentation that my kids lived with me and attended school
              -statement of accounts for retirement fund, life insurance, etc. – those things must be cashed in first before assistance is allowed
              – ownership for vehicle and amount paid off vs amount owed

              Basically they check to see if you have used all of your options first. I had to submit records of jobs I applied for and I chose to do some volunteer work in the food bank.

              It was an in-depth, somewhat humiliating process.

            • well said, diasy. i’ve been there too. judge not.


          • Bear, and everyone else, the purpose of crashing the economy is to eliminate large numbers of people from the population. They will turn us on each other and sit back and watch the dead and dying with evil smiles on their faces.

            Martial law, which we are currently in for all practical purposes, is only needed to protect the corp and its banksters until the system collapses and we start to do their dirty work for them.

            Once they pull the plug, the military will walk off the job to protect their own families. When the culling has concluded and enough people have been murdered at their hands, they will rise with the solution to all of the problems that lead up the great tragedy.

            The solutions will be the seeds of what destroyed the People to begin with, only with terrible genetic modifications.

            The People will be far more manageable when half, or even more, of the population is dead.

            In the big picture, it is not about controlling us. It is about killing us. As long as they control the creation of money, they will succeed.


            We take back control of it, or the banksters will win. If they win, humanity loses.

            • Well said, this is all part of the plan. We are merely the chess pieces. Funny though, the downfall of the U.S. and the rest of the world is being played at a controlled pace over a rather long period of time and that is one of the big problems. There exists solutions to these kind of problems that are instant, take very little time to exact, and won’t break the bank to implement. Some small solutions are: 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x54mm, 7.92x57mm, 12.7x99mm just to name a few of the many. See folks, there are solutions already. Kill the traitorous F**kers responsible.

            • One point I will disagree with you on. When you say the people will be more manageable with half or more gone. I believe that is incorrect. The sheeple, the old and the weak will be eliminated in this rotten to the core scheme of theirs. What will be left will be the people who have prepared for this and the strong who havent. The anger will be turned on those that caused this and without their military to protect them, retribution will be swift. I dont want this to happen, but I believe it to be inevitable. I will remember those who cause this and if I survive, will rally to the cause when their crimes are accounted for. I urge every person on this site to remember that. Keep you and yours safe, show compassion where it is possible, and remember the criminals who have done this. America can survive this if we remember the core values that started this country. The patriots who started this country had everything to lose and gambled it all. Honor God and Honor them when the time comes. I am very angered at what is going on in this world. Ok Rant done. Be safe my friends.

        • we dont need to create ,we need to take. we got potholes from 09. plugged sewers, leaking gas lines on every block. blinking street lamps , brand new shiney tool trucks sitting in private drives waiting to get used.

        • You are focusing on the wrong thing. We need to be looking at WHO created the environment that created the crap economy that caused all these people to lose their jobs! And the sick thing is that the power behind the thrones of the world did it on purpose! Time to wake up people! Time to get mad!

      2. As someone who was previously homeless I can really feel for people down on their luck. I recently lost my job but this time I have friends, family and a large amount of silver to help me along. I now try and help others who face similar problems as I once had. We are all a lot closer to disaster than what we think and helping others can be a blessing to ourselves.

        • ST, thank you for sharing your story. If there is one thing that, in my mind, defines the American culture when compared to other nations it’s our generosity. In all my travels and the first-hand reports I get from friends and family, I have never seen or heard of a more generous group of people than Americans (and I’m not just saying that because I am an American!). As was pointed out in the 60 Minutes report, the local communities in Florida donated over $4 million to help the people in their region once they learned of the homelessness crisis facing children in their counties. Our response to the Tsunami in 2004 and the Haitian earthquake are but two more examples.

          Despite all the problems in our country, I still have this to fall back on: We, as individual Americans, still care.

          • Mac,
            It is not only the economic disaster that is harming America. I have been free to do quite a bit of reading and studying since I have become disabled and I have determined the major weakness in my preps was spiritual. There are some very evil forces masquerading as tolerance and compassion yet their endgame is to force all Americans to eschew God, God’s truth and salvation.

            I spent a lot of time with my kid sister this weekend, even went to church with her. I am starting to really comprehend just how important a relationship with Jesus is as we head into the storm.

            Besides the obvious such as the Bible and Rawles Patriots & How to survive TEOTWAWKI here are a few books that have helped me understand what is happening and how best to teach against making the same mistakes:

            The State VS The People by Claire Wolf & Aaron Zelman
            The Creature From Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin
            The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams
            The Coming Epiphany by William Frederick
            The Brotherhood of Darkness by Stanley Monteith

            Just my two cents worth this morning.

            On a lighter note, I called a former co-worker to wish him Happy Thanksgiving and found out he was in Tempe, AZ. working over the holiday. He really wanted me to go to work with him, LOL. I told him I can no longer do those physical things that are part of the work but he said they’d hire young guys for that. They’re just desperate for the experience. I am glad to have a unique set of skills to work with that should still be in demand when the SHTF.

            • Great post POA. I feel sorry for any who give you a negative check for this post. Very soon they will see their need for God.

            • @poa well said my friend!! you have planted many many seeds.. thank you god bless all…

            • For HS loafer & Johnnyg,

              There is a sign marquee outside of one of the local churches. It says “You can believe in God now, or later. Now is better.”

            • Nice list POA………

              To which I might add:

              1.) Unintended Consequences…….by John Ross

              2.) Total Resistance…………..Major H. vonDach(sp?)

              3.) The Survivor(series)……….by Kurt Saxon

              4.) Nuclear War Survivor Skills…by Cresson H. Kearny

              5.) Basic Country Skills……….by John/Martha Storey

          • Thanks Mac, I have found that when we help others we help ourselves and that there is always someone else worse off than you.

          • Mac;

            If you post a video, can you also post a link to the transcript? It takes VERY expensive access, or a T1 line, to “do” video these days. The transcript generally tells the story pretty well.

            Now in my case, I have had a recent dip into homelessness because of poor decisions. I imposed a permanent drop in lifetime income and progress by going to college. Stupid me! Going into high-tech, another really dumb move. But I’d say the biggest mistake by far was.

            Not saving money.

            When I was living on $350 a month in 1980 and 81, I thought, “No need to worry about saving now, I’m so poor, the savings will happen when I’m making decent money, later”. BIG mistake. Of course the college was a HUGE mistake and huge money-drain. But even with the millstones around my neck of college and the choice of high-tech, saving should always happen. Saving and then putting it into gold, silver, or good agricultural land. Not some idiotic McMansion or condo, but land that can house *and* feed you. Weapons. Fish hooks. all the normal prepper stuff.

            I live now in what would not be considered “normal American conditions” but I”m happy as a clam, now. I have food stores, am gaining food producing skills, and all kinds of practical skills. I experience the weather much more directly, since the old hooch of a trailer I live in is far more drafty than a modern tent, but I’ve learned to love fresh air.

            I actually liken the loss of my business and Prius and all the elements of the American delusion in 2007 to suddenly being busted back to age 14. I was set back to making money doing things a 14-year-old does, or did when I was a kid. Raking leaves. Pulling weeds, Stupid stuff like that. Each year I got something going a bit better, and now I’m at the equivalent of the age of 19 (I’m actually 49). But a 19-year-old in the 1930s, not the go-go 80s. I have a bicycle, make what I did in 1980 in absolute dollars, $350-$400 a month, but I don’t have to rake leaves any more. This is the new normal.

            Now, compared to the rat-race of normal American life, some of those tent cities are pretty nice. Some of the more established ones assign you a tent, provide a heater and propane, meals, there are job classes and stuff. For people who may not have had a vacation since the end of high school, it can be positively luxurious.

            I hope more of these encampments are allowed to self-organize and self-govern, let the vets show how to keep a campsite neat and clean.

        • Yep!

      3. We need to get government out of business. Government cannot create real jobs, only government jobs which adds to the problem. I heard this week that the Fed Reserve spent 7.4 trillion on bank bailouts since 2008, it is out of control. We the people have lost control, if we ever had it, of our government. Their answer to all of our problems is more and bigger government and more control of the people.

      4. Sad! How very very sad, yet encouraging at the same time. Those kids going through this are learning valuable things that truly make life better that kids haven’t learned in this country in many many years. Maybe this is a purging of sorts.
        May God bless these homeless families

        • BJ: The blessings that these kids are getting from experiencing this NOW, will benefit them even more when the shit really hits the fan.

          This is just the wake up call folks. Rise and shine!

      5. 1/3 of the homeless in the US are in FL. The reasoning given in the report didn’t really make sense. So, I wonder if many of those homeless as from out of state thinking there would be more jobs in the south. Up here in NY one of the tales going around was to move south casue that’s where all the jobs are.

        Could some of these homeless people have maintained a better life if they had not moved south looking for better jobs?

        • I figure the reason why is that if you’re going to be stuck living outdoors, it’s easier to be homeless in a place where you’re not staring down the very real danger of hypothermia (most northern areas), dehydration (most of the Southwest), and similar.

          “Up here in NY one of the tales going around was to move south casue that’s where all the jobs are.”

          …I suspect it may have been a rumor stirred up by folks who were supremely interested in keeping their own jobs.

          • “Up here in NY one of the tales going around was to move south casue that’s where all the jobs are.”

            They must have been talking about South America, not the American south.

            • That was true for awhile in some states but is no longer the case. And there were plenty of unemployeed people here to fill what jobs there were. Everyone will be affected sooner or later.

          • now it’s move to SC or NC instead of FL. Warmer weather is still an reason. My sister moved a few times out of state looking for a job. Went to 3 different states and still ended up back here. found the jobs didn’t offer benefits nor real good pay. and the theory of things being cheaper in the south didn’t really pan out.

            • bad joke time : why is charlotte nc so full of people from west”by god” virginie? answer: because thats how far a tank of gas got us! god bless the unemployed and homeless.

            • she is telling you the truth. the south lost its jobs and way of life about october 2008..and it is getting worse if you live in isolated rural counties….unless of course you woke up and had your preps started.

        • Rachel–great post and my first thought was, if I was homeless, I’d head for a warm state if I was sleeping in a car and especially on the street or even storage rentals as some have posted.

        • I suspect if you are homeless you want to go where it is warm in the winter, having slept in a car I can tell you there is very little insulation and a heater will kill you from carbon monoxide.

          • out here on the Oregon coast…unemployment is pretty high…12 to 13 % and many folks living in their trucks or campers…walmart parking lot, college parking lot, the forests around here are loaded with the homeless just trying to eek on by…pretty scary…the locals seem to be the working poor…land of the single wide…people come here because you can still live off the land pretty well if you can fish or crab or clam…and the winters are wet, but managable…I feel for the folks in Florida..in 1974/75 was homeless and living in a van with new baby…we both had been laid off, tried to find work…both very skilled but to no avail for 8 months…became first class dumpster diver and grew a garden next to a train path…brown rice and zucchini diet I will never forget (still won’t eat either!) Just hope all your preps are in order like ours are now…lessons learned and never forgotten…kicker was we were using our unemployment to make the truck payment where we were living…because of this, we could not qualify for even food stamps and damn near starved…finally found work and have stashed and stored ever since as a bulwark against EVER being in this bad a shape…Beans, Bullets, Bullion, Bandages, and Belief!

        • 1/3 of the US’s homeless are in FL??

          I mean, speaking as a Californian, I thought we had the market cornered. There are TONS of homeless people, most are good at staying out of sight, and not appearing homeless, it’s an interesting hobby to learn to spot ’em.

          FL’s probably where I’d go though, Hawaii-like climate and I’ve heard the hunting and gathering are excellent.

      6. Just out of curiosity, wtshtf, how do Christians handle the homeless at your door?

        • I can’t speak for Christians, but as an atheist I would take in what I could and put everyone to work helping to make the food helping train each other with what we all know. Then I would try to coordinate with friends and neighbors to do what they could. Build community, grow more food, and add more guards add the door.

          • WWFSMD?

          • As a Christian, we give out as much as humanly possible to whomever needs it…whether or not their faith or lack of faith is parallel to our own…money, clothes, a clean bed, food in their bellies, car rides…have done this my whole adult life.

            I have found that the absolute hardest people to help are the addicts….they oftentimes make a whole life by using people as stepping stones to get their next fix. So I guess I should say the hardest people to KEEP helping are the addicts…it is hard to maintain that patience. What would YOU do if a homeless addict knocked on your door?

            Personally, have given lots of teenage kids a home to stay in while they get on their feet after their parents tossed them out (usually around age 17) or they lost their parents in some way. For some reason, lots of parents kick their teenage kids loose without any sort of a transition period — I will never understand that.

            However, as a Christian in peacetime, I have found the biggest impedance to helping the hungry and/or homeless is the government. We found that with all the rules and regulations and permits they required to start up a soup kitchen/shelter, there was not enough money in the congregation to fund that endeavor…so we donate what we can to the few operations already in existence.

            But whether atheist or Christian, in times of abrupt collapse, you will still have to temper that level of hope of helping as many as possible with the thought of “are you letting someone in who will destroy your existing compound/residence/sanctuary for personal gain?” In peacetime, it is easy to help the homeless/helpless…in wartime, not so easy — so what you do in that respect (war) will alone determine what YOU are really made of.

            • Very well put.

              You do what you can, and for the rest, you hope for the best.

            • Your family will come first. If you can it is good to help others in need but not to the point of taking from your children. At some point you have to turn them away so your family can survive.

              The best situation is to create a survival community so you can share work and security. Barter is the best method of sharing resources.

        • Most Christians will probably organize through their church to help the homeless…such as the hundreds of chruches that sent thousands of volunteers to help in hte aftermath of Katrina. Our congregation already has food bank drives, supports multiple families at Christmas, and helps out in other innumerable ways, large and small. WTSHTF it will just be ramped up on a larger scale. Many Christians are setting aside a portion of their food storage for charity, to be distributed most safely through their church (as opposed to handing out bags of goodies at the front door), and also are keeping on hand charity items like baby clothes, toiletries and such.

          • Exactly MB, our church was operating its soup kitchen once a week, now it is three times a week and we have welcomed the other three churches in our area to help out and thank goodness for them! Most of the food is donated by parishioners and donations from the two supermarkets in town. Some days it’s a thin soup and some days its better! The point is without the community pulling together this thing would shut down in a matter of days. Peace

          • Mama Bear–what a revelation–but there is nothing like that in this rural community–our church just mentioned bringing non-perishables for 5 Christmas baskets; what about the other 155 meals for those families hungry??
            I am so disappointed because this is the 2nd church in less than 3 years for dh and I. That church did not have a food bank!!!
            I was not taken seriously at the church I attended for 2 years for storing food at my house; am afraid of mentioning a food bank at this church being the new kid.
            God will give me a sign?? It ain’t coming, people!!

        • Sounds like a slam at Christianity iowa. Sad for you that you have to act curious when the answer is going to be a lot better than what you would probably do. If you are truly a christian then you would do what God would do. Pray for them, help who you can, guide the ones that you can’t help, be a pillar of strength.

          What would you do? These days I’m doing a lot more praying than prepping.

          I am teaching my kids about humanity and humility. Troubling times ahead but the meek shall inherit the earth. Amen.

          • Amen! and remember meek doesn’t coward!

            • Very true..meek doesnt mean coward

          • I am a Christian. When I’m locked down in the house w/ my 3 children, I want to help, but I’m worried first about their Security. I was curious about going about that. Slamming Jesus aChrist not me. I worded the question wrong. GOD BLESS.

            • Iowa, your question didn’t come across as slamming Christians–some people just get their panties in a knot too quickly. I have 2 young children, and I will certainly not be opening my house to hoards of desperate roving strangers–I have found no bible verse that obligates a mother to expose her babies to starvation, rape, torture and cannibalization, and that is what we well could have WTSHTF. That is why I will be giving through the church. Our church is an old Lutheran church located in the heart of a very poor neighborhood, so we already do a lot of caring and shepherding for struggling families and elderly. My plans for the spring are to start a church garden that can be used for our food programs as well as teaching neighborhood and church kids how to garden and cook with heirlooms. I see no better way to be “a light unto the world” than to get seeds and skills into the hands of the poor, and no better balm for the soul than to get your fingers into the dirt. If you are a Christian, get out there and plant the seeds that will strengthen your community NOW.

            • Iowa, sorry for any misunderstanding. You pose a good question about about what do you do if the SHTF and you are “locked down” with your family. The truth for myself is that I personally am not sure how I would react. Some guy just knocking on my door and I am fearing for the safety of my family i would most likely send that person packing. If a women in active labor showed up at my door, I would feel that I had a duty to help. The situation it self would dictate my actions. You could go through hypothetical situations all day long, and that might be a good mental exercise, but until I’m face to face with that situation who knows. Peace

        • I think during the Great Depression didn’t travelling homeless go knocking on doors to offer to trade their labor around the house/farm for food and temporary boarding?

          • They did. My grandmother told me stories about them, even in rural kentucky, every few days there would be a traverler. Different than todays kind. They asked what work they could do in exchange for a meal. Often they split firewood or repai a fence or help with the garden depending on the time of year. My great grandmother would load up a plate of beans and cornbread and although they were struggling awfully hard themselves, they did what they could. My grandma talked about being wary of the strangers, but not scared like today. These men worked, ate, sometimes asked to sleep in the barn the night, and were on thier way. It never really occoured to them that they would harm thier farm or family at all. Sad to say, it wouldn’t be that way today.

            • These travelers were called hobos, they’d travel and look for work, and I’ve read and heard about this a ton of places, they’d split wood, shovel sh!t, any work, they took pride in doing work others didn’t want to do and thus being welcome.

              They were also kind of stereotyped as stealing pies (which had been put there to cool) off of windowsills, stealing laundry off of lines, bottles of milk, etc. and no doubt some of that happened.

              By and large, they were traveling and trying to stay alive to get to the next place they’d hear there was work. Think of the Joads in Grapes Of Wrath. That was the case of a family.

              I’d be out hoe’ing a field or picking weeds now for farmers around here but at the age of 49 I find my back is just not up to it the way it was in my 20s. It bugs the hell out of me. So I pretty much reserve my back-strength and no. of heavy lifts per day to work around here. Goodness knows there’s enough.

              We’re going to see more old-time type hobos, men traveling on their own, maybe deposited the wife and kids with relatives, and out hopping trains or hitch-hiking and getting work wherever they can, and sending money back to their wife and kids. They’re going to much prefer sleeping in a barn or a hobo encampment to spending money on a hotel and taking food out of their family’s mouth.


          • God Bless You.

          • go back to your hole, awipe.

            • truth hurts

        • christians up here are pretty good at helping out. of course so are everyone else.

          religion doesn’t really matter in such cases. it’s just human empathy that does.

          if I see someone suffering, no matter what faith they are, I would want to help if I can.

          that said, I also know of a few self proclaimed “christians” up here who do not act very christian. This family is selfish, powermogers who use christianity to justify picking on others. I call them fakes.

        • I will continue to help them as much as I possibly can. My church has been planning for this type of scenario for quite a while. Our help will be limited, but if you like beans and rice we can probably still help folks.

        • even on an acre thers always something that needs doing. most honest folks will work for food or blankets. i have seen an honest woman cry when invited in for a hot shower and a meal.

        • that is when you teach someone to fish…homeless does not necessarily mean helpless…with just a small hand up a person can pay it forward later helping someone else.

      7. “Others, however, are the collateral damage from a government run amok and the decades long unfettered sociopathic thievery of law abiding hard working Americans.”

        That about sums it up Mac.

        It is sad to think there are probably just as many vacant homes from from foreclosure as there are homeless families.

        It is time to take these homes back from the banksters who stole them.

        I know if I ever become homeless, I will move into one and claim it as my own. I am prepared and able to fight the ensuing legal battle even in a corrupted court. There is no one who can enter evidence on behalf of the bank to protect itself from the fraudulent way it obtained “ownership” of the property or answer to my Affidavit of that fraud. Besides, perpetuities and monopolies are in violation of the state constitution and the banks are both. They have no standing here on the soil of sovereign Tennessee, where the courts must take judicial notice of the constitutions for those who make them do it.

        It is time to do something about this crap, one house at a time.

        • GC..you a Tennessee girl??? I was for 57 years..Robertson County, Springfield.
          Hey, there, Volunteer girl and peace….JayJay

      8. Not to get off topic, but as I have mentioned before if you like Mac’s site! Check out Alex Jones on Infowars.com Or find his videos on youtube. Keep it up Mac!

        • Thanks Shane!

        • Shane, how the hell do you think most of us found this site?

          • I found it through blacklistednews.

        • Amen, brother. BOTH Alex Jones and Mac ROCK and are TRUE PATRIOTS.

          Unlike RICH99.

      9. If you want to see homeless people come to Hawaii. They are at all of the park/beach sites that have bathrooms and showers.

      10. I found my “stepson” from a previous relationship in this situation last winter ( i raised him as my son from age of 3 but un- married to his egg doner) He is now 21.
        He had lost his job, was not getting any assistance nor was he looking for it. And had been helping with rent with 4 others in an apartment until they all got booted for not paying up.(they had lost their jobs too and were moving back in with parents)
        He was living in his car, and where ever he could..and too proud to ask for help..I had no idea he was in this situation until something he said made me aware. asking me how to file bankrupt was the question, and something about how to get his mail

        He had been doing this for quite a while..unknown to many.

        I offered him a place to stay until he could get back on his feet, but he didnt want to interfear with my Family.
        I was a bit upset about it , because i always conciter him family, his own Mother (egg doner) is a useless mouth breather, and will do nothing for anyone unless theres something in it for her..directly.

        I helped with as many job prospects and contacts as I could send his way, and money I could give knowing it was an investment in his life rather than a “loan” that he would never be able to pay back or that I would want him to.

        He finally landed a job and an apartment with one room mate to share the cost..it took him almost a year of being homeless and or jobless to get back in the groove.

        he has a lot of recovering to do, and its very slow. But you have to look out for those in your family first, and as far as I was concerened he is family.
        also..they have to want to be helped, and want to be a functioning member..you can tell if they are or not when you talk to them,
        some just dont have it in them anymore they have been beat down way too many times, glad this wasnt the case with him.

        • I salute you sir. I am doing almost the same. Family must stand together or we will not survive the coming storm.

          • Thank you Mike..I know he would have my back if I needed him..this time he needed me, even though he was too proud to ask. A Father just senses these kinds of things..although it took some prodding to get it out of him..im sure he didnt want to add aditional burdon on me..
            so I almost had to force my help on him, Really I think I did what any Dad would do. Im not special

        • VRF- thanks for sharing the story about your son. And you’re spot on about the ones who can recover and get back to being a functioning member of society. Glad he was one of them!
          I see lots of panhandlers and homeless types every day in truckstops all over America. Many of them are ‘professional’ bums, but some are just regular people who got in a rough spot. How they got there (maybe some dumb decisions on their part/ maybe not) is not as important as whether or not they are gonna stay there in the homeless/needy situation.
          As Christians, we are supposed to be kind and generous to everyone, but it’s a lot easier to be generous with the people who appear to be trying to get back on their feet.

          • You mentioned the truck stops and it triggered a memory from many years ago. We pulled into the 76 truckstop near Oklahoma City to grab a coffee & switch drivers. As soon as my partner stopped the truck I opened my door to get out and there was a young girl about 12 years of age standing there and she asked me if I wanted some “company.” I was shocked for a moment then I realized that she wouldn’t be out there doing this unless some guys had been paying for her “services.” The more I thought about it the madder I got. I just went and got my coffee and left. I think if I’d have seen her climb up in someone’s rig I would have lost my mind and beat that person to death. I just had to leave.

            To this day I still remember that pretty little girl with freckles and I wonder how her life turned out. The fact that people will use children for sex is something I honestly cannot stand to think about because if I ever see it I can guarantee someone is going to stop breathing.

            • I have a Daughter not much older than this..I think I would have called the cops anyhow and let them take her..

              because if I had seen her get into a truck, i probably woulda shot the fucker

          • Thanks Okie..and you are right about helping the ones you feel are going to make a genuine effort to pull their boots on and get it done, sometimes they just need that additional push to make it over the grade..since than he has opened up a lot more to me and has come buy to learn some of what I have to teach him..its nice to see him come back around, and be willing to help me , I aint no young buck anymore..so his back and arms come in handy at times, Living with my Wife and only one school age Daughter
            leaves me to laboring alone a lot of the times to get shit done ( they help, but heavy shit is not what i want them doing) or running equipment they dont understand.

        • not many people would offer thier homes to thier ex’s child. just hope he considers you family too. I too have “family” who I am not genetically related too. Must people cannot understand that connection. It’s a special bond and I hope you never lose it.

          • Rachel
            yes he does consier me family..He calls me Dad and even calls me on fathers day and Birthday, we see him more often then we used to..Thanksgiving and Christmas too.
            I never forgot him , and always told him I would be here for him.

            I hope to never loose the contact he’s a good kid , just got screwed , too bad we cant pick our parent(s)..He sure got a raw deal when it came to that

      11. Can you watch this after seeing the OWS folks protesting in their 300 dollars jeans!!!

      12. Embrace the HOPE & CHANGE suckers. Elect a fraud and this is what you get.

        • who’s your leader?


        • Maybe if we all just voted for Banksy Rat…

      13. I agree with Odd Questioner, that “the reason why is that if you’re going to be stuck living outdoors, it’s easier to be homeless in a place where you’re not staring down the very real danger of hypothermia (most northern areas), dehydration (most of the Southwest), and similar.”

        I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. We have lots of homeless (mostly from drugs, alcohol and mental illness), plus lots of retired folks (from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, brr-r-r), and a fair amount of wealthy people. They are all here for the same reason: very mild weather.

        • Same thing here on Salt Spring Island, mild climate and an accepting populace are attractive traits, particularly for families. I can’t say that I could handle the dampness of being outside in the Pacific North-West so much. This strengthens my resolve to be prepared and lend a hand to those who need it.

        • I think it may be “easier” to be homeless in warmer climates(if I can say that without vomiting into the back of my mouth), but do not believe there aren’t homeless populations elsewhere.

          Here in the upper midwest, we have a fairly large homeless population, but most would never know it. If you are not looking for the homeless, you are pretty unlikely to stumble upon them except for the occassional person or family that locks themselves in a laundro-mat bathroom overnight to keep from freezing in the winter. Just like the video said, they know to move around from place to place and how to keep a low profile.

          • Yeppers FedUp. One of the most essential survival skills when homeless is not to *look* homeless. Once you *look* homeless, you can’t use bathrooms, ask for a casual glass of ice water, etc. Any US city or town has a large number of these “invisible” or “stealth” homeless. The ones that stand out, all ragged, passed out on park benches, etc are just the tip of the ice berg and generally those are the folks with long term addictions or mental problems.

            Homeless people also suffer a HIGH incidence of head injuries in fights. So a guy can start out normal, sharp, sober, etc., and just in some hard times, gets “the beat down” and now you have someone only partially functioning.

        • Diana: Anyone that dies of dehydration in the southwest is either mentally incompetent and forgot where they put their car keys, or just plain stupid.

          WE do have both here but they are the exception, not the rule.

          • Don’t the illegal aliens have a difficult time in the summer herd crossing?

            • Rich99: No the globalists have set up water stops for them to speed them on their invasion. That way they do not have to carry water with them.

        • For what it’s worth, the relative mild weather (it rarely snows here) coupled with a massive local, state, and federal welfare setup draws a metric ton of homeless to Portland. Walking along Couch** street at night will get you mobbed by panhandlers, and it’s packed to the rafters with homeless folk – from that street all the way to the Burnside bridge.

          Most of these folks, I believe, are…

          * kids who realized that running away to Heroin Paradise to become rock stars doesn’t come with room and board

          * folks who have made a perfectly cozy living by panhandling (some even rake in enough to pay rent at a nearby city-sponsored rent-controlled apartment). They can make themselves look miserable in seconds.

          * The temporarily down-and-out, struggling to get back on their feet again.

          * The precious few who have been neglected and cast off by life, but are unable to do anything about it.

          The last two groups of folks are the the ones that any decent human being has a moral duty to support and help. The problem is that they are drowned in a flood of professional panhandlers – the ones who stand at mall and highway exits with the obligatory cardboard sign, dirty clothes, and sad eyes.

          The ones that irk me the most are those who try to scam. The ones who come up and try to sell you a “$100 gift card – I got the receipt and everything!” for $80. That was the latest attempt, and the look in her eyes when I politely refused wasn’t shame or disappointment, but anger, as if her ‘mark’ wasn’t playing along.

          the ones that irk me the absolute most are the ones who work the system. They don’t try and better themselves or use the relief they found to try and pull themselves up, but work the government for every dime they can get.

          ( **Believe it or not, it’s spelled just like that, but is pronounced “cooch” When I first saw the name, I died laughing and wondered aloud why someone would name a street after furniture. Turns out there was a guy whose last name was spelled like that but sounded way different…)

      14. I watched this on TV on Sunday. The thing that struck me was how mature & driven these kids are. They are nothing like today’s mostly lazy, entitled, self-centered, media & video obsessed pre-teens & teenagers.

        The other thing that struck me was that our tiny bug out cabin doesn’t seem so bad now.

        • I noticed that as well.

          I remember a story about a young black kid that was living with his grandparents because mom & dad were worthless drug users. His grandparents were old school and provided for him but they were not going to spend big bucks for the “right” brand of sneakers. He was tormented by the other kids for being poor and he ended up hanging himself.

          The fact that many, many kids (and adults too) are going to be b#&ch slapped by reality is the one thing I am looking forward to. No one is any better than anyone else and let’s be honest- it wouldn’t take a major event or just one or two bad decisions years ago and any one of us could be living in a car.

          • POA – there are people that are better than others! You can can see it in their selflessness, their willingness to help others no matter the cost, the way they know that just a smile can make a huge difference in some ones day! That they will do these things even when sometimes their own situation is not all that great. These people are few and very far between but they do exist and they are never with us for very long.

          • What kind of mini van or truck? I don’t do mini vans.

          • Wait a minute, POA–not only the kids, but the parents as well–and bitch slapped maybe they need.
            Standing in Chinamart line today(yes, I had to get more unflavored gelatin for egg substitute–ask me how, I’ll tell you, it works great) and the bill was $334…and I hesitated for a second or two..well, I lied, I immediately said, wow, you didn’t get much…and she said…..GAMES…and I said, self, ‘shut your mouth before flies get in’….and don’t you DARE comment on those protein and cereal bars!!!

            • the lady in front of me had the bill for $334.–sorry–multi-tasking right now

            • Wow.

              I was supposed to pick up half a beef today. Things didn’t work out for that today so I’m going to get it tomorrow.

              I was with a friend when he bought two calves last spring. The ranch where he rents and does his taxidermy lets him pasture the calves for nothing since all they do is eat grass all summer. Anyway, I told my daughter, my son and my sister that the meat is for all of us but do not waste anything. That is their Christmas present, 225 pounds of grass fed (a month of grain at the end) natural beef with no hormones or other feed lot stuff.

              The fellow that he bought them from had 4 calves this year. We went and looked at them today. Good looking animals. My friend let me buy one (he bought 3) and then next fall I’ll have twice the meat for just a bit less than I paid for this half. My guess is that by this time next year beef will be a luxury.

      15. what am I going to do about all of my unused american airline frequent flier miles?

        • You are screwed. The first of many firms to fall.

          • penny stock AMR? buy low, sell high. they could hire illegals and buy twelve new triple sevens.

        • I was wondering the same thing. Maybe we could use them as a down payment on a Chevy Volt!

          • my bladder has a longer range.

          • Your name suggests your fate in a chevy volt smokinokie- lol!

            Isn’t government motors grand?


          • Bear, I think you need to begin hibernation. Maybe a long nap will sweeten you up a little. You seem to be one angry fella!!!

            • Nah, he’s probably just the little punk that’s been living in my basement. Seems that Papa Bear needs to go downstairs and school his little foul-mouthed hide.

            • LOL! This is mama bear btw…have to remember to sign in when I’m on my iPad and the baby bears are attached to my arms and legs.

            • Hahaha!!! Thwap him upside the back of the head, Mama! 😀

            • I just prepared some honey for a friend for a sore throat—bear want some honey??

          • someone needs a nappy nap time! here’s yur’ blanky @bo bo bear!

      16. It leaves me shaking my head in bewilderment that the nincompoops running this country can see fit to expend our available resources on Foreign Aid, all around the world, and their seemingly limitless appetite for global military adventurism. Can’t they see that the United States needs to turn inward and to take care of our own people first, to begin making and consuming our own ‘widgets’ right here at home and to invite the rest of the world to kiss our ass and to fuck-off into the night while leaving the United States strictly out of other people’s business?

        BOHICA, boys & girls! If you couldn’t laugh ….. then you would have to cry. God Bless & good luck to all. I can’t believe that the ‘enlightened-ones’ who rule over us have the ability to keep all the financial ‘balls-in-the-air’ for very much longer. Please buckle your seat belts securely ….. our next financial/social crash landing will be completely unplanned and totally unrehearsed. Violent turbulence may be encountered on our descent into reality. Please wake Leroy up; he hasn’t ever seen a train wreck like the one that we are about to become involved with.

        • What kind of train wreck? Bridge out, over the Grand Canyon, head on or just a simple derail with cars full of hazardous waste in a large city?

      17. I’ve said before that I live about sixty miles outside of Buffalo NY in a rural town. As the weather has gotten colder we have noticed more foot traffic than usual headed south down the main route. Many with packs on their backs or carrying bags. One even dragging a child’s wagon behind her with what must have been her belongings in it. I spoke to a couple of these people, most asked for water and I insisted they also take a sandwich. I put up a table out front with soda bottles full of water with a sign sayin free and asking they be courteous to the next person and not take it all. I notice and replace about five two liter bottles a day gone. I keep a couple sandwiches in the fridge and if I notice someone at the table I will take a sandwich to them, some will take it, some won’t. I have lived here over eight years and have never seen anything like this. Some of their stories are heart breaking. Makes me thankful each day for what I do have.

        • Clay,

          It’s so sad. God bless you and keep you safe.
          Compassion is important for those who lost their dignity.


          • Manos, I am so happy to hear from you. I am keeping you, your family and those in Greece in my prayers. I hope that you are well and that things remain safe for you. Please do tell how things are proceeding in your part of the world. Peace. Your friend Clay

        • I am thankful that you are my countryman.

        • Claymantion – God bless you!

          There are two streams of thought among us “doomers”, regarding refugee populations.

          One is that there will be a “Golden Horde”, and if JW Rawles is to be believed, its goal will be to come right across the Sierras from California just to show up at his front door, millions of ’em, begging for a Spamwich. If you’re rural, your nearest city will provide a living carpet of Mongols all headed for your milk cow and your daughter.

          The other school of thought is that the refugee situation, barring something that makes everyone want to move NOW like a volcano, nuke hit, etc., will be just what you are seeing. You see a stream of people, with backpacks and baby wagons, and they’re all headed *somewhere* but the *somewheres* are different. People are heading where they have family, where they feel they can find work, where they feel they can get food/water/shelter, and generally that’s *to* another city. In hard times, Ferfal has observed, refugees head to cities not from them. What rural people have to fear, rather than a horde of civilians, is professional raiders like the home-invasion robbers we see now, amped up.

          You might try putting some foot powder and sox out for your refugees, too. It sounds like they’ve got a long march to get where they’re going, and probably not used to long marches.

      18. I know for me and my family I am about 1 bad thing away from the streets. Made good decisions, bought a small house, no credit cards. Lost job. Out of work for 9 months. New job pays 20K less, wife sick, = 2 months behind in mortgage, trying to bring it current, but it doesn’t look good. Both sides have plenty of money, but unfortunately too greedy to help kids/grandkids stay in a house. I take nothing from the gooberment and yet I can’t afford to give my wife or two kids a small gift this year, but I am glad to know that all these people living off of my tax dollars are lighting the retail stores up this season. Glad they will have plenty to give their kids. THIS IS F’d up. If I lose my house, I am done and will go live in a national forest with my family.


      19. Mac: I know this is off topic, but what can you tell us about the McCain/Levin bill to make the US a battlefield?

      20. In other news….

        American Airlines is considering an offer to sell half their planes to a group of televangelists. Benny Hinn has reportedly offered to expand his own fleet by 6 or 7 more jets. An alternate offer was that, for an undisclosed sum, he’s lay his hands on their balance sheet and heal it. No word on which offer AA may accept.

        Herman Cain is battling more sex charges. A woman has come forward, claiming a yrs-long affair with him. Cain flatly denies the affair. Interestingly, though, Bill Clinton has been hired as media relations director of the Cain campaign.

        Angry mobs stormed the UK embassy in Tehran yesterday. An embarrassed mob leader said later that they’s made a huge mistake. They thought the Brits were storing copies of Danish cartoons in the embassy.

        Pakistan is furious over the ‘accidental’ bombing of it’s troops by NATO air strikes. The commander of the strikes said he thought they were dropping humanitarian aid. Turns out the cases of CB in the bomb bays were cluster bombs, not candy bars. “It was an honest mistake. Could have happened to anyone,” said the red-faced commander. In a related development, terrified Wall Street occupiers have refused all offers of humanitarian aid from the government.

        The NBA has reached a tentative agreement with players union reps to salvage the last half of the season. Top sports analysts at ESPN responded to the news with “NB Who?”

        And finally, there is NO TRUTH to the rumors that Benny Hinn has offered to lay hands on the Cain Campaign… or the NBA.

        • Okie, sometimes you are to much, to much of what I am unsure..LMAO

          • Thanks Clay. In all honesty, if I didn’t try to laugh at this stuff every day, I’d just completely lose it. Or I’d have to totally tune out all the news and go back to my formerly sheeple ignorance. (which was rather comfortable, come to think of it) Just a coping mechanism I guess.
            Just watched the video again and the kids really tug on my heart. Just wish everybody on the planet realized God didn’t put us here to see how selfish we could be. We really should be helping each other. And united in the fight against the banksters and sold-out professional politicians that created most of this mess.

            best to you- okie

            • “Just watched the video again and the kids really tug on my heart. Just wish everybody on the planet realized God didn’t put us here to see how selfish we could be. We really should be helping each other.”

              You, and millions more just like you, are the reason that I am optimistic that, even though there will be some troubles, we’re gonna make it thru and those that make it will be thankful to God and compassionate to their neighbors.

        • Its true..i tell ya..its true

          you cant make this shit up

        • I needed a good laugh today! Thanks Smokin

      21. I think the fear amongst myself as well as other preppers is having to deal with the gut wrench of turning away hungry children from your retreat or not having any more charitable items to give them before sending them on their way.

      22. And it’s only going to get worse. Every WEEK there are 400,000 jobs losses with only 100,000 new jobs every MONTH. More and more people are losing their jobs, their insurance, their unemployment, and eventually their homes. Our economy is in a death spiral.


      23. Mac

        As always.superb presentation

        ..as tough as we adults believe we are..this video choked me up a bit..

        Now more than ever, we must be diligent and always prepping.

        Any more videos on firearms soon?

        • Possee, thanks for the kind words. If I happen across any good vids, i will definitely post them. In the meantime, feel free to share if you find anything!

          • Mac

            You are a freedom fighter par none…

            Allowing all comments pro and con..

            One serious suggestion..contact Manos somehow and have him do a guest post on survival in Greece..or do a co-opt piece together..it would be enlightening!

            On armament..ever fired a Mosin Nagant or own one?

            Was at the local range last week..guys next to us were firing rounds that were substantial sound wise (even with our head gear on firing a S&W 556)..found out it was the actual sniper rifle featured in the film.. Enemy at the Gate..

            You are one of the first sites every day..with morning coffee..and adult beverages in the evening once home from work..

            Continued success..


            • Thx Posse!

              Never fired a Nagant or Mosin… but i hope to eventually 🙂

              Manos has sent over some emails that i have reprinted here where he has provided first-hand experience. I’ll chat with him in the near future about this – great suggestion!

      24. To handle the needy, my wife and I had this discussion this weekend as we were vacuum packing dry goods to put up. We know we will have the unprepared knocking at the door, when it gets bad enough. So we are stocking extra goods as we can. We will help others that are trustworthy and will help us as well, i.e. garden, weed, help around the place…

        Yesterday I ordered sugar cane cuttings that I’ll plant in two weeks. In late February I’ll be planting a load of potatoes…I’m hoping enough to generate 1000 lbs or more. I’ll boil them, add malting to turn starch into sugar and introduce the bugs for conversion to a fuel feedstock, I’ll be permitted to distill alcohol/ethanol to fuel grade and will have a generator retrofit to run on ethanol. I’m designing a miniature mole sieve atm and will build a prototype soon to further dehydrate the ethanol from it’s refined quality of 94% – 95%, and will get it to 99% purity. I don’t care how efficient the process is, or compared to other energy sources, whatever…I know how to do it and will, it is one prep that I can do and help others do if they want.

        We put up dry goods, we can veggies, fruit, make jams and jellys. We can Chili, Spaghetti, Stew, Soup, Cajun Gumbo, we pickle everything from veggies to eggs. We have our stock of opsec equipment. We can survive and will. We WILL help others except when it looks like opsec is or will be compromised.

        As far as fixing our country, I have hope, because there are people like you and I discussing this very subject and preparing…do not think we are alone, there are plenty of like minded people out there…Remember one thing, the “Big Boys” at the top in control, need people, or their schemes do not come to fruition. We will resist as our fathers did and WE THE PEOPLE, can and will overcome, we must look to our Father for guidance, trust and the ability to do his will. His will, will prevail in the face of everything…WE KNOW THIS! That is why we prep, because he helps those that help themselves…you ever wonder what makes certain people prep and others not? IT is the small voice, our conscience telling us….you know, the voice that knows right from wrong? We hear it, some people do not.

        nuff said,

        Terry W. Reed
        The Only Tool You Need For Multi-purpose Distillation
        Water, antiseptic, fuel grade ethanol and other uses…

        • @T. Reed..

          WE THE PEOPLE, can and will overcome, we must look to our Father for guidance, trust and the ability to do his will. His will, will prevail in the face of everything…WE KNOW THIS! That is why we prep, because he helps those that help themselves…you ever wonder what makes certain people prep and others not? IT is the small voice, our conscience telling us….you know, the voice that knows right from wrong? We hear it, some people do not.

          So right on point..I think I have been hearing this voice as young as 19 years old..I felt something wasnt right back than..Ive been laughed at , until i stopped saying anything about it..last laugh will be on those who didnt listen..because im sure deep down they heard it too……maybe

        • @ T W R : Great post . Gave me some ideas of things that I need to learn more about. Keep up the good work.
          I always enjoy reading your posts ! I do nbeed to look you up next time I get down your way.
          Montgomery County Texas

        • Good evening, Terry–I have dediced to remove my charity rice from the ziplok bags to 2 liter bottles w. beef and chicken bouillon cubes..sad though I don’t drink from those and dh can’t find any friends that do..I guess I’ll ask the church to save them for me.
          The thing is I like the above idea of leaving a note on the door telling all that our church has meals prepared; if someone can get that started; possibly it’ll take a SHTF moment for that to happen because right now, the church has no food bank that I’m aware of.

      25. Yup , I have a mostly full time job ( approx. 40 hrs per week ) and live in a tent on a friends property. It would be alot harder farther north but it hit 31 F last night . I slept great and am thankful for what I have but I am saddened to see younger folks struggle and I do fear for our future .

        • get yourself some tarps to lay on top of your tent and re-enforce the poles too carry the extra weight… an some “space blankets” on amazon… they work well when placed between the card board beneath you on the ground, an ontop of your body between wool blankets, reflecting the heat back upon you from your body… and use wool blankets , hat , mittens and socks for outdoor winter sleepin’ … cotton kills. been there… done that… in -10 in feb cold snap… ;0) kinda fun actually , learned to use candles placed in a soup can placed individually in two coffee cans for safety placed at both ends of the tent, an have a cloth tarp then a nylon tarp over top of tent – traps the heat in and stops the wind dead, it works and ya get to pee in da’ evil eye’d neighbors bushes at night! the trick is carbboard under the tent or something cushy and insulating to put a barrier between you and the cold ground! ;0)

          it was part of my wilderness e.m.t. winter back country rescue course at mt. washington n.h. … if properly set up the candles should be all you need for heat!

          • thank you for your comments , I hope your helpfull comments will encourage others also to think outside the box. for me personally , I am a skilled outdoorsman ..I suppose that why I am gratefull for what I have. I used to guide for mountian lion hunts in Utah where I moved here from . I am truley saddedned by the numbers of folks in my shoes here in the gulf coast and struggling to cope…..My God have mercy on our Souls

            • utah is calling you back… there are jobs here and growth… even the NSA is moving there building a 3000 employee hardened nsa complex for the mormons to run!

              ya might wanna head for the rockies! like soon…

      26. Good evening all,

        By coincidence, today we read in the web news the following:

        The Athens mayor ordered the municipality technicians to remove the benches from all the squares of the historic centre of Athens.
        His reason is that he don’t want any homeless people sleeping on the benches during the Christmas period.
        There are around 25.000 homeless people now in Athens. Most of them sleep in abandoned buildings and squares. In their majority, they are people like you and me, who lost everything in the last two years. They are not crooks or proffesional beggars.
        I believe that our Lord would not be happy if he saw this move. Christmas is a time of celebration and not of pain. It’s a time of giving rather than taking.
        But everything has to do with profit. How are the wealthy chicks going to buy their crap, if they see a dirty and hungry creature outside the store?
        How are the law abiding citizens going to feed their overweight kids with macdonalds, when hungry families search the grabage cans?

        This shit is happening all over the world. We must awake as much people as we can.

        • the wealthy chicks need to see this, not be hidden from it.
          the people who are blind to the reality need to be woke up to it

          the Mayor doesnt want to have them be seen because he helped create it

          I wish you and your loved ones and family many well wishes, and peace and security for the year to come and God hold you in his hands thru this.

          • If anyone here has lived in (or spent any time in) a large city like New York or Washington D.C., you will see the homeless people in plenty of places.

            The thing is, the people who have plenty are very good at ignoring the homeless when they are “face to face” with them, so to speak.

            It matters not if the mayor in Athens has the benches removed, the “haves” will probably pretend the “have-nots” are invisible, and go about their business -just like they do here in the states.

          • I know this is off topic..but 4 years ago, I gave a bill 10/20??? to a street person..how I knew that, I don’t remember..but now, I think it’s wiser to just carry 2 or 3 McD gift certificates and give those, huh.

            • When I was out on the street for a short time, I was given 2 Jack In The Box cards by …. a fellow street bum! I went over to the local Jack a day or two later and checked one, it had something like 23c on it…. the other one? “37”. Huh? 37c? Nope, $37! Whoohoo! I ate good for a week!

              What does this tell us? Someone is giving out gift cards out there, and, the real professionals who know where the soup kitchens are (I wasn’t on the street the years required to learn all the ropes) don’t always need ’em that much!

              Gift cards are an Excellent idea, and I’d like to see the supermarkets sell gift cards that can be used for everything EXCEPT cigs and booze. Food Stamps, if someone gets them, can’t be used for soap, socks, vitamin pills, a million useful things. But of course you don’t want to give the present kind of gift card if it’s just going to go for a bottle of Jack.

        • That is sad and wrong, Manos. It is horrible that instead of helping those who are suffering, TPTB there in Athens want to hide them.

          Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. 🙁

      27. All I gotta say is “PROCAL HARUM”….look it up, down load it.

      28. Since this depression started in late 2007 I have been laid off three times, the most recent being two days before Thanksgiving. Luckily I`ve been able to find new jobs quickly every time…not everyone is so fortunate and there`s no guarantee I`ll be as fortunate in the future. I blame the government and their BS debt based monetary system. I believe things will get much worse before they get better.

      29. manos..

        Wishing you well and ever vigilance in your situation.

        Your posts are a great reality check for all of us here stateside..as we’re force fed state controlled media nonsense 24/7…

        If there is any justice at all anywhere in this world..let us hope that those who have destroyed all our economies will face the judgment day and serve us in the afterlife.

        may peace be with you..

        and I’m an agnostic..in theory

      30. Well, I work, for now, in the retail industry for the biggest of the big box guys. You know, the one that begins with a wal and ends with a mart. Don’t want to mention any names if you get my drift. I am one of about roughly 1.5 million employees in the USA. I am full time, but my hours have been cut from 40+ to 35/week. This will be the third year in a row that even with a yearly raise and an occassional profit sharing bonus that I will make less than the previous year because of the lack of hours.

        When big Wally crashes all those (us) employees that were working and making it one way or another and not sucking government tit are going to be looking for their (our) ‘fair share’ of government benefits now that the jobs are gone.

        If big Wally goes down the rest of the Chinachains do too. Target, Kmart/Sears, Yada.

        Well, like the site logo sez: …don’t say we didn’t warn you…

      31. God’s Creation – Excellent Comments above! Well said. You are right – the control of the creation of money is the problem – they are enslaving the planet with printed up toilet paper that they pass off as money.

        The solution is to elect Ron Paul as president. Ron Paul has long been against the Federal Reserve, the vampire squid that is enslaving the planet. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes
        its laws.” This means, basically, that you can COMPLETELY CONTROL A NATION BY CONTROLLING AND ISSUING ITS (PAPER) MONEY. It doesn’t matter if there are elected “representatives” – everything can be bought (Ron Paul is the exception) with money. People can be bribed with money.

        And woe to the nation that has allowed paper to substitute as money! ECONOMIC REPRESSION AND SLAVERY are the ultimate result of a fiat money system. We need to elect Ron Paul to stop the destruction of our nation and to stop the New World Order, which George HW Bush and George W. talked so much about! It’s not a fantasy or these guys wouldn’t have been wasting their time talking about it.

      32. Gee Mac How long ago was it that my Hidden in Plain Sight article was published here? Its all related, here in Florida I can look under just about any bridge and find Granny, that’s sad.

        I don’t like to stereotype, but as I drive around now I’m seeing a lot of white middle aged and white seniors homeless. I’ve lived in Florida since 96 and I’ve never noticed this many homeless.

        Every day when I get off my exit on I95 there is a panhandler; white middle aged or senior citizen begging.

        Being from the big NE cities I know your drunks,druggies and professional panhanlers. No, this is a new group, this is someone that might have worked for me in the past. These are out of work tradesman and even white collar individuals. These are not the dregs of society, they could have been my neighbor.

        And here is the saddest part of all. I’m broke too and can’t help them. I used to donate thousands every month, now I’m lucky if I can give a thousand a year to my church.

        It’s not trickle up poverty. Its more like the middle class and upper middle class is being sucked down into the abyss.

        • the trucking routes of memphis is where all the homeless hang out during the day with their signs. i dont know where they go at night and i am not wanting to know..under a bridge somewhere in memphis. i mention memphis trucking routes because memphis is pretty much the grand central station for those wanting to hitch rides in any direction.

      33. This new bill going thru the Senate that says that American citizens can be held indefinitely and that the ” Homeland” is now a battle field? is terrifyingly scary.
        Will this give the government “the tools” to round up all “Occupy” protesters, homeless people and unemployed because they can be deemed a threat to National Security? No questions asked.
        This could be the final nail in the FEMA coffin.
        Move fast, stay low and be alert!!

      34. The next ten years should be very interesting. Oh boy!!!

      35. @ BEAR

        Why don’t you learn some forum/blog etiquette and stop SHOUTING.

        You SHOUTING, does not help your cause, whatever that may be.

        Your lesson of the day,

        Step 1- Google
        Step 2- Search Blog/Forum etiquette
        Step 3- LEARN something
        Step 4- Don’t come back here!

      36. Have you watched the documentary “Inside Job”? Watch it and you can learn whi is responsible for creating this current depression. What they did to this country and the world is criminal.

      37. I was behind a school bus today and it stopped at a cheap motel and let off some children there. It appears to be FAR MORE COMMON than the media is reporting.

      38. iowa says:
        November 29, 2011 at 9:40 am

        Just out of curiosity, wtshtf, how do Christians handle the homeless at your door?


        I’ve never had a homeless person come to my door. However, I see homeless people all the time with a couple of dogs in tow. I’ve never seen homeless kids out on the street here. They may exist, I don’t know but we have plenty of resources here where I doubt any are going hungry. There’s a homeless shelter 30 miles from here – the building is modern and nice. People give here, they give plenty of food and Xmas gifts for the children. However, that’s 2 days out of the year where they are remembered. I don’t have the answers, but looking at some of those OWS hippies, they need to be homeless for reals. I think their angst is misguided.

        The little blond girl who wants to be a lawyer will probably make it. She is mature way beyond her years.

        • so sayeth the upper class cracker lady from cali… go back to your country club @goldenfoxx… you migh get your gucci slippers dirty slumming here… ;0P you’ve gotta be related to nancy pelosi!

        • Ummmm….how are the homeless people going to get 30 miles to get to the shelter? Homeless kids are generally called “street kids” and they have a whole underground culture. People might see a street kid and have no idea he sleeps on a grate to keep warm at night, because he has a skateboard and some funky clothes.

          It’s a very real problem all over North America. These kids have left home to escape all kinds of situations, some of them just teenage angst, and others to escape physical abuse or incest. They aren’t getting medical care, they aren’t getting an education and they aren’t getting love and proper guidance. When I lived in the city years ago, I hired street kids to do odd jobs for me all the time, and our table often had several extra teens around it. They just want to be treated with respect.

          Homeless people are invisible because that is the way that the rich people that run the world feel the most comfortable.

          • @ms. daisy that 30 mile trip to the shelter is a wasted trip… every shelter nation wide has a WAITING LIST just to get a bed for the night! the shelters are full nation wide which is why dps is placing folks and children in rundown cockroach , bed bug infested motels with druggies and hookers and ex-cons!

            they are GREAT places to raise a family!

            the system is broke…and will NOT recover!

            it’s All down hill from heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

            great post by the way @ms. daisy!

      39. All right, who snuck this through the state controlled media!!!!

        There is only homeless in America when there is an R by the president’s name!!

      40. default on it all…start over.

        • FM
          You are correct, that is the shortest route to recovery. I’ve been saying it for years and back then we had about 8500 banks. Rebuilding the financial would be a lot easier then rebuilding the country. Besides we only have about 6500 banks left.

      41. Man! There is hope. Did you see those kids living in that truck? Mother died. Lost their home. Living with their dad in that delivery truck! I’d like to pat that man on the back and shake his hand. He’s used his circumstances to train a young man and a young woman about life. REAL life! Those kids will be able to DO ANYTHING when they grow up. SHTF, they’ll be the movers and shakers. I’m surprised they didn’t have a garden growing on top of the truck or something. The fact is, some people have it and some people don’t. The girl said it was like an adventure! Yeah! Thats the spirit. Thats the AMERICAN spirit! When you can’t enjoy what you used to enjoy, learn to enjoy something else. Adapt. Change.

        I wish they were around close to my place. I’d make them a parking place and run an extension cord out for them.

        I can’t tell you how proud I am of those two kids. There should be more people like them in the land. THOSE are MY people! Thats how I feel.

        Don’t whine. Don’t say, “Oh! Woe is me…” You say, “Its like an adventure!” Enjoy it while you can. Now, hunger and cold, those aren’t fun bug they are survivable. Most Americans have forgotten what life really is.

        • amen net ranger.

          • These are not your 99%ers. These are the 3%ers, the Real Americans that endure, the remnant. These are the people the enemy just can’t get rid of. They won’t give out and they won’t give in.

            All I can say is I have a 14 year old son and I pray that someday he finds a little girl like that living in a delivery truck. Did you have a feeling that there is NOTHING that can hold her back? Not circumstances. Not disease. Not stupid sheople. Not the government. She is The All American.

            Pain and suffering is made out to be evil, however, you think the delivery truck family would be what they are today if dad had a really good job and mom had a really good job and they were making 140K a year? I bet not! Bad circumstances make good people.

            As I look back over my own life I see that it was the pain and suffering where I learned the most and grew the most. I learn that I’ve got more than the world can put on me. You stare it down and you say, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

            Don’t you realize? When our success fails, your spirit and our talents soar! *THIS*, people! THIS is what I’ve been talking about. Send the collapse. We *NEED* the collapse so we get away from American Idle America and professional football America and success out the wazoo America. We need true grit America and Shadetree Mechanic America.

            • @net ranger quote: All I can say is I have a 14 year old son and I pray that someday he finds a little girl like that living in a delivery truck.

              ;0) lmao holy sheeeeit dude… WTF!

              ummm dude they call those kinda gurls…

              UNDER AGE hookers and $50. bucks will get ya 20 years locked up with a guy named SWEET d— WILLEY!

              yah might wanna tell @juniornetranger to wait till she’s 18!

              ya think… ;0P pssszzt

            • I have a feeling that we share the same attitude regarding the coming “adventure.”

              I am as prepped as I can be for the family. I am planning to explore how I can help the community around me as needed.

              One thing I have thought of is there is a plot of about 20 acres of flat, fertile, undeveloped land not far from the man cave. I may purchase a small quantity of shovels, rakes and other tools. Then I will purchase another big farm size bucket of Non Hybrid seeds and then next spring maybe the congregation can get permission from the owner to plant a community garden.

              The fewer completely desperate folks we have around the safer we will all be.

        • Totally agree with ya bud

          shame is now that they have been exposed some nut job Child protective services ass will probably get the cops to help them round up those kids in the view that the Father is not fit to be their dad..

          • I have a feeling that anyone that tried something like that with the delivery truck dad might end up 150 miles down river with a keyhole saw sticking out of his sternum. …or they’d just never be able to find the truck.

            Worthless government sticking its nose where it should get it *BLOWN* off!

            But, see, that is the problem. Government doesn’t want people to be like the delivery truck people. They want dependent voters and sheople. Well, once people get into hardship and they get out of it themselves, they’ll only take a little help to survive and then they kick the government to the curb because the government holds them back. The delivery truck family is BLASPHEMY! An ADVENTURE???!!! OH NO! We have to get child services and social services involved to re-educat… uh, I mean HELP the children!

            Yeah, right. Tell us another lie.

            Americans do better without government every time, all the time.

            • Americans do better without government every time, all the time.

              with out a doubt

          • And the lady that checked the ‘shelter’ box for address on school forms; that is sad to be intimidated by the thought of losing your daughters…like I told dh; now, she’s exposed and separating the families will doo nothing but add more pain to an already painful situation.
            I sincerely think CPS has all they can handle now and ARE turning a blind eye??

            • Basic rules:

              Stay the HELL away from the gov’t. Applying for Food Stamps is a complex procedure in which your whole life is put under a magnifying glass, your life is micro-managed, you have to go to meetings etc every month, the total number of hours prevents a lot of jobs and you can do better with some polite panhandling and then you’re free to look for work. Plus they can DEMAND at any time you pay back all monies if you dare to get a job, someone gives you a car. etc. Plus there’s a lifetime 5-year limit, why use that up unless you truly can’t do anything else?

              Stay the HELL away from the shelters, bugs, disease, drugs, assault, theft, and ROTTEN sleep. Not worth it.

              You really have to be invisible.

              Learn street skills. Shoeshining would excellent except no one wears that kind of shoe any more. Could be possible to set up that kind of stand, but with cleaners for sneakers and modern types of shoes, guys/gals spend big bucks on ’em, and may want them cleaned. Window-washing, sign-painting, etc. Most stores need to mop their floor daily and you can earn a few bucks doing that. Make something useful, key lanyards or something and sell those. Play street music.

              Do what you can, where you are, with what you have and try to move up. WITHOUT GOVERNMENT which profits from your staying poor/homeless.

        • Those kids gave me a huge glimmer of hope…I haven’t felt that in SO long. I wished more adults could have as good of an attitude about their situation as those kids do. They will definitely be shtf survivors. I couldn’t praise their father more. What a great job he has done, given his circumstances! He should be very proud of his family…if they lived in my area I would happily welcome them to park on my property anytime. May God continue to bless them!


        JUST SAYING.


        • Not my church! We just joined a new one and I have never seen so many bible study groups in my life…plus the usual lutheran do-gooding, and add a parochial school and it is packed and hopping at all hours. Not sure what kinds of churches are in your area jj, but sounds like they need to get off their butts and get some work done. Maybe you could organize a group.

          • Mama Bear..as I stated, the last church made fun of my prepping and I am really afraid of even mentioning a food bank..or a soup kitchen..but preparing 5 food baskets for Christmas?? Is this the best this church can do?
            I am so disappointed and pray God shows me the way…Lord, I need it this season.
            5 baskets is the best we can do?? Geeze!!!
            How about the other 351 days of the year??
            Newbies keep quiet. Heck, I just left a church of 2 years I joined and was baptised—hypocrites; all of them, even the preacher when I broke my toes.
            Oh, but we are spending $13 a plate at the Christmas dinner–I am bitter?? Well, shouldn’t I be??

            • JJ, I just recently switched churches too…I was very involved at our old church with teaching Sunday School and organizing quarterly social events, doing what I felt I could handle with a full time job, the travel required therein, serving on a local non-profit’s board, raising two small children, and trying to keep a traditional home and garden. I am making a difference in the lives of the already-priveleged, but not in the lives of the truly needy, which is why I would like to get a garden ministry started. It is an intimidating task–I have already talked with the pastor about it, but now I need to find other volunteers, organize things, do the hard work of preparing, planting and growing, and reaching out to the neighbors who have an “appalachian mentality” in that they are fiercely proud, mistrustful of outsiders, and really hate uppity folks. Come to think of it, it would likely be much easier to just buy 500 cans of Chef Boyardee and dump it off somewhere, but I want to use my gifts to make a real difference to real people. I want to give them knowledge and skills and self-sufficiency, not crap-in-a can. It’s a lot of effort for a project that could very well be destroyed or stolen by some punk kid, but it is where I feel the spirit is leading me. No way am I going to mention prepping, though!

              As you make your way in your new church, you probably don’t want to mention that either–until you become more entrenched. And the best way to become entrenched is to be the person who rolls up their sleeves and gets things done. So you’re annoyed at the expensive Christmas dinner (is it church funds paying for it, BTW)? Turn it into the opportunity for servant leadership–volunteer to help decorate, be the person who always stays the extra hour to tear down the chairs and clean up, donate an extra $26 with the instructions that the tickets be provided to someone needy. Get onto the Christmas basket committee, and once you have proven your work ethic with the project as it is, propose to lead an effort to follow up with a different basket to the Christmas families on a quarterly basis–in the spring, maybe pack them a picnic basket, in the summer, a 4th of july basket, etc. If you are so powerfully convicted, it has to be incremental steps and LEADERSHIP of the most powerful kind–that of actions, not of words. Most churches have way too many talkers and too few workers.

              And regarding calling other Christians hypocrites…. every true Christian knows in his heart that he is a hypocrite of the worst kind, a “whited sepulchre” as Christ said of the Pharisees. No matter how hard we work, we fall short of God every minute of every day. I truly suck, but usually am too exhaused for spititual self-flagellation. Fortunately we are redeemed by grace, but we are still obligated to praise God with our works. It is probably not helpful to condemn an entire church as “hypocites” because, yes, they ARE, but it is OUR duty as a Christian to not just lift up the poor, but also to lift up our brothers and help to guide them. And that goes for the pastor as well–I’m not sure what the story is with the toes, but perhaps he was in a place where HE needed to be lifted up, visited, prayed for, and consoled. Or, maybe he just sucks as a pastor, I don’t know, but we are all ministers in Christ. As with the dinner, if you see a problem, you can always turn it on its head into a blessing. “Dear Pastor, I was sitting here with my broken toes and feeling lonely, when my thoughts turned to you and the work you are doing; I just want to let you know I am praying for you, etc.”

              At any rate, it is discussion like this that remind me that I can always, always, always do better–I can do more, I can give more, I can influence others to give and care more. When you look at how much need there is in the world, it is such an overwhelming burden, but if you break it down into one tiny task at a time, you can get a lot more done.

        • this bothered me alot when katrina came through and rita was just hours away. had a homeless guy toting a suitcase full of his tools looking for work. he had mostly walked his way from oklahoma…and came to rest in our little town. i picked him up and called my preacher..preacher said No i dont do that sorta thing in my church…went to the salvation army and it took me three hours and a bunch of phone calls to get them to help. finally got the guy in a motel with meals for three nights. i have not returned to that church nor the salvation army since. while i was busy with that mess i had a family from slidell la. at my house-they had lost everything and their jobs with katrina. just so you know, i am still a christian and believe in living a christ like life…but, hell yeah, empty churches really bother me.

        • Right on JJ that’s where I fear our “Christian claimimg” bloggers have missed the mark those edifices being empty and not being used to help or aid the unfortunate masses>>>at least set up some food kitchens for the down trodden>>>does mcD’s and Wendys and other food chains have outlets for their surplus not sold on their last shift for the day {those that take their “stuff” to Goodwill why not get friends and neighbors to rent a Uhaul make pickups from local neighbohoods and take the load to your known “tent cities” and drop clothes and shoes and blankets for distribution along with can goods soups etc for the needy to share>>We are our “brothers keeper” soon the day will come you may be in their place

          • Unfortunately, many restaurants and grocery chains no longer donate excess or “outdated” food due to lawsuits. Thanks to bloodsucking attorneys and ungrateful people who may or may not have gotten sick, tons of food everyday is just thrown away.

      43. quote: we can only hope to have the strength, optimism and realistic perspective of the 15 year old girl featured in the 60 Minutes story

        oh jeez c’on … wtf does a 15 yr old gurl know of what is really happening in the world around her! c’on pleasssse… ignorance is bliss , ring a bell for anyone… she’s still a child for christ sake!

        who writes this kinda bullshit?

        talk to her in 15 years… the future will not be kind to anyone under the age of 43! Let alone todays teenagers and younger generations up and coming!

        the cold hard facts of reality says the future will be very hard for/ on her… because none of YOUR generation Will Stand Up and FIGHT the NWO banker MONSTERS now controlling YOUR LIVES through goyim tax slave debt!

        TALK ABOUT A BUNCH OF “HOPISM” bullshit… ;0P pssszzt

        I hope the best for her whole family… but they are representatives of 100’s of millions the world over WHO will ALL suffer , be abuse and die for the GREEDY pleasures of the .001 percent nwo imf banker zionist illuminati who run your world and allow YOU too exist!

        it simply amazes me that even here people choose to have their blinders on , spouting happy hopism and will not acknowledge the cold hard hard reality of where we all are at economically as a zionist criminal treasonous controlled nation and globalist enslaved world civilization!

        BANG BANG BANG HELLLLLLLooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

        can you hear me now?

        • I hear ya.

          But what SHE knows is that she is cold. She’s hungry. She is probably tired of the daily struggle for her subsistence.

          She probably has no idea WHY she is in her current situation, but if she survives it, she and others like her will be forces to be reckoned with. Her reality is a lot more real than the one that most of us live. We sit here online and philosophize but she is living it.

          I prefer to look at this and search through it for the hope.

          • ahhhhhhhhh….” WE ” ? …didnt Tonto say that to the Lone Ranger ? *LOL*

        • As the mother of a 20 year old girl, I have to say she new a hell of a lot at 15! Because we told her….so yes, they can know a lot about life…and they should. They may not understand all of the b.s. in the politics, stock market, banking etc. but that is when you begin educating them and combating the indoctrination. Kids use to know a lot about life because they experienced it, now all they experience is XBOX, Iphones, and posting on FB.
          That young lady reminds me so much of my own daughter, wise beyond her years, only my daughter’s wisdom is in a spiritual arena. I still commend her father…a man who obviously gets what being a father means.

          • @nsbf quote: Kids use to know a lot about life because they experienced it, now all they experience is XBOX, Iphones, and posting on FB.

            i rest my case…

            • Ahhh, not so fast. Your case was directed at this girl, not stereotyping kids in general…which is what I did. I am simply saying that you don’t know what this young girl understands about life. She will be one to survive because she is living the real shtf life. Unlike those of on here who are hoarding away supplies and making BO plans, this family is living it, albeit not to the severe scenario’s that are spelled out on here but it is very real and her attitude is what will provide her the strength to succeed. It is her attitude that gives me hope…and she will be far more experienced than the rest of us.

        • Are you for real? These were stories of VICTORY and you just pissed all over it.

          You give me 10 little gurls like that and 10 little boys like her brother that have been through the same conditions and 1 million dollars and I’ll change the whole damned world with them!

          Can you not recognize the hope of mankind in the eyes of that one little gurl? I don’t mean to be excessively harsh, but stop your whining. This story rocks even it it was done by CBS Snooze. I didn’t listen to the newspeople. They’re privileged, liberal jerks that love to see people fail.

          The next generation will grow up with a persistence and a perspective that I only wish the current bunch of whiney babies raising whiney babies had. I hope for them what Delivery Truck Gurl has. She’ll grow up and be a fine example of what this world needs to stay sane and safe.

          But, until we get through all the whining and moaning, we’re going to be kind of stuck.

          • Again NetRanger, AMEN!

          • @netranger – the next generation will be just as beaten down as this generation and the generation before that and so on… example the flower power baby boomers… all turned in their tye-dyes for ralph lauren and beemers and weekend skiing at aspen or in manhatten and broadway… they always ALL sellout! Or they get the STICK! The feds kill a few to make an example for the sheeple and everyone says “holy sheeit!” looks at their feet and shuffles along behind the sheeple infront of em’!

            shall i list historical occasions here and abroad of this fact… ?

            america is a lie! it is a facist military police state run by private persons who are bankers… painting sheeit red white and blue and waving a lie around doesn’t mean your are FREE!

            stop payin’ your property taxes and lets see how free you truly are?

            waco texas david coresh, ruby ridge randy weaver, etc etc both federal false flag illegal fed operations to justify fed organization existance at the expense of innocent american lives women and children massacred!

            and none of you did sheeeit… shall i go on… oklahoma city bombing child day care fbi massacre, 9/11 3000 fellow americans dead and still counting as first responders die of exposure to asbestos and other sheeit!
            and none of you did sheeeit……………………

            hate me curse me threaten me… history is my teacher and she will always continue to repeat herself one generation to the next till we are all nothing but simple minded sterile drones for the .001 %!

            the truth shall set you free…

          • @netranger i didn’t go #1 on em’ , i just tinkled a lil’… honest abe!

      44. how any loving parent of their own child or children doesnt shed a tear watching that, would be beyond me.

        I just now had the time to sit down and watch that video..and It hurts deep.

        It also pisses me off at the same time, and im sure most of you know why

        • Why does it piss you off? Because the CoCo Puffers have been sucking off our tax money for years, yet now when there are people in REAL need, there’s not any help for them while the lazy ass welfare queens lay around in a drug daze until they have to sober up to cash their government check or get food from their food credit card?

          …thats what pisses me off!

          Have a mid-40s couple that lives around the corner. He lost his job, she lost her job. House was paid for but they had to turn off the electricity for a while. Back on now. He can’t find work. She can’t work. After she lost her job he contracted some kind of wierd bone disease and can hardly do anything. Her bones are crumbling. Whats more, after the unemployment ran out they could get NO assistance. Nothing. No money for anything. Their house is paid for so they’re not homeless, but, its all they have.

          They’re about out of money again. A couple local churches donated some to get the power turned on but the churches are hurting too. Power won’t be turned off. I know suffering makes good people but how much do you let them suffer. I can’t, anymore. If I can pay one power bill, I can pay two. While too much success isn’t good, too much suffering isn’t either.

          • yep exactly

      45. It’s obvious to anyone what needs to be done to fix the economy. At least it’s obvious if you understand that increasing taxes destroys economic growth and often REDUCES government revenue.

        Here’s my plan.
        1) Debt forgiveness. Default on all sovereign debt the world over and all mortgage and corporate debt. It’s debt jubilee day. This hurts the banksters the most.
        2) Eliminate the income tax, replace it with a nickle fee on all transactions.
        3) Impose huge tariffs, especially on hostile foreign dictatorships like China. I’d want to see 100-200% trade tarriffs.

        You’d have an uprecedented economic renaissance in America if you did this or something similar. It’s key however to impose the tarriffs and reduce or eliminate income taxes for small businesses, which are currently the highest in the world in the US.

        Any elected leader that is not in favor of cutting off the shadow government control via the federal reserve and not in favor of tarriffs on China must be considered a traitor. If they are in favor of raising taxes, they are either stupid or communist and probably both.

      46. cheers @ms d d d Daisy ;0)… ummmmmm i’m sweatin’ now like a 16 boy at the movies on his first date goin’ for the YAWN and Reach Around! here… ;0P i wasn’t actually directing my ummmm nwo rebel soap box rant towards you ummmm ma’am ;0P pssszzt! pleeeeeaaase don’t WHIP out your can of “SHTF Lady WHOOP ASS!” on me… i promise to beeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaave!

        so @ms daisy yur’ a sayin’ “LET EM’ EAT – HOPE!” huh? ;0)

        okay i do see yur’ point… but “hope” only gets you so far… there is going to have to come a time “When the Blade, is going to have to Cut the Meat!” or We and Our upcoming generations are All DOOMED, for as time goes on, we as human beings are being systematically drugged thru our foods and water supplies and dumbed down in schools and t.v./ entertainment! Soon the TRUTH will be known as LIES ; and LIES as the HONEST TRUTH!

        As has happened to us all as we developed and matured over the years!

        And then you and your decendents will ALL truly be ZIONIST GOYIM brain dead TAX DEBT SLAVES!

        Idiocracy – comes to mind of our nation’s an world’s future…


        At a Glance

        ‘Idiocracy’ (2006) is a dystopian black comedy, directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph.The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernation experiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences. Despite its lack of a major theatrical release, the film has achieved a cult following.

      47. cheers @ms d d d Daisy ;0)… ummmmmm i’m sweatin’ now like a 16 boy at the movies on his first date goin’ for the YAWN and Reach Around! here… ;0P i wasn’t actually directing my ummmm nwo rebel soap box rant towards you ummmm ma’am ;0P pssszzt! pleeeeeaaase don’t WHIP out your can of “SHTF Lady WHOOP ASS!” on me… i promise to beeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaave!

        so @ms daisy yur’ a sayin’ “LET EM’ EAT – HOPE!” huh? ;0)

        okay i do see yur’ point… but “hope” only gets you so far… there is going to have to come a time “When the Blade, is going to have to Cut the Meat!” or We and Our upcoming generations are All DOOMED, for as time goes on, we as human beings are being systematically drugged thru our foods and water supplies and dumbed down in schools and t.v./ entertainment! Soon the TRUTH will be known as LIES ; and LIES as the HONEST TRUTH!

        As has happened to us all as we developed and matured over the years!

        And then you and your decendents will ALL truly be ZIONIST GOYIM brain dead TAX DEBT SLAVES!

        Idiocracy – comes to mind of our nation’s an world’s future…


        At a Glance

        ‘Idiocracy’ (2006) is a dystopian black comedy, directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph.The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernation experiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences. Despite its lack of a major theatrical release, the film has achieved a cult following.

      48. The global elite are smiling down on us from their high places when they see this…

        • Too bad they don’t live much longer than the rest of us. They’ll suffer the most, in the end.

          • yeah tell that to murderin’ dick cheney and his titanium heart… and the others buying black market body organs for replacements of their own from 3rd world 20 somethings for $8000. , life expectancy is droppin’ here in america… eugenics is alive and well for the 99%!

          • NetRanger read the end of the book and knows how it ends too—we win!!

        • hey rupert loved your vids… respect.

      49. While MILLIONS 0f illegal aliens “from -ALL- countries” SLEEP -ALL- SNUG in a sect.-8 BED !!!

        CALL -OUR- Congress @ 866 220 0044
        E-verify -ALL- JOBS & GOV`t. PROGRAMS->Section-8 , welfare , foodstamps , wic. etc.!
        287g->NATIONWIDE TO FIND & DEPORT -ALL- illegal aliens !
        SEND–>”FREE FAXES” to -OUR- congress @ NumbersUSA.c 0r CapsWeb.o !
        Call I.C.E. @ 866 347 2423 to REPORT illegal aliens & THEIR EMPLOYERS !
        -ALL- illegal aliens from -ALL- COUNTRIES & the “POLITICIANS that help them” ARE “CRIMINALS” !
        visit-> AmericanPatrol.c – OutRagedPatriots.c – Ojjpac.o !
        google-> Work in the states build a life in Mexico -> To see that BETTER LIFE !
        GOD BLESS THE U.S.!!!

      50. Mac

        Maybe you should check out http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/

        Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are Living On The Edge Of Desperation – And The Economy Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

        seems they took your ball and ran with it re; homeless in cars..even the same video link..

        or perhaps you look at it as a complement…

        just saying..

        although the comment section only has 7 as opposed to 207 here..as always..way ahead of the curve..

        • If Chapman says its time to jump off the rim of the Grand Canyon, would you do it? Chapman doesn’t control your destiny people, YOU do!

          Get some fricking spine people.

          YOU are the sheeple if you do not resist. Organize, volunteer, donate, and vote.


      51. Hey Friends, Here in northeastern Maine you will freeze to death if you are homeless. No living in your car in the winter. My first thought was we could help these people if they lived here. I help all I can at the pantry in Machias.
        You know I look and listen to all these guys running for president and I think they cannot fix this mess. Suppose all of the bills were paid tomorrow. Suppose by some miracle the world was put back on it’s feet. What would governments and people do? I think most would just start again with the things we did that got us here.

        We have a spiritual problem folks. We’ve got to deal with greed and evil .We need a change of heart. And the ones that need it the most like themselves just the way they are.
        It’s going to get worst, but we are going through it. Sriritual darkness never has won and never will. The light will dis-spell the darkness at the end. We will win.Put on that spiritual armour and prepare for the fight.

        keep prayed up, pray for our friends in Europe, and for goodness sake keep prepping.
        I pray for thoes I’ve met on this site. May God keep you all.

      52. This may be a new take on what has lead to our downfall…fatherless families. Many of the prisons are full of troubled, fatherless individuals. The government has seen to this by breaking up the normal mother/father households. This disarrangement has allowed the PTB to make huge profits on double households and two working parents. Now, they are collecting the profits of our labors, that have been conveniently amassed, and leaving much carnage for us to clean up.

      53. Lol !!!!!
        like watches ?????
        Look at the watch the reporter is wearing during the interview…
        looks to me like a black faced Rolex Daytona that is worth roughly $10000 but he sounds so compassionate.

        He could at least have had the decency of removing his watch for the interview.

      54. So, lets all stop talking… Let’s all start acting. We can be civil about this, pen to paper could probably win this war. WE THE PEOPLE just needs to be the main motto. Forget prepping, you cannot be that prepared for what is you predict is coming. Have you ever watched the history channel or watched a lot of Nazi Germany Documentaries? well the NWO is inevitable, they arent going to just let you “be” in your homes if it were to come to this. The NWO will come for you.. so make sure you have a loooot of bullets. So lets make a change, and do something about it instead of talking about it on a forum that hasnt changed anything..

      55. I blame much of this on higher education no man on the loading dock or woman on the production line ever made the sugestion or decison to send their job oversea’s.These decison’s come from highly educated type’s who have no real idea what it is all about all they know improve the bottem line their bonus depend’s on it.they have made a college degree a requirment for just about any job it dosn’t make you a better worker it just get’s your foot in the door.this country thrived and led the way for over 200 year’s on skilled and unskilled LABOR .Now program’s such as 1000 point’s of light ,and no child left behind have 100s of thousands of adults behind and jobless it has also created the most educated out of work force in the world education is a wonderful thing but without the guy who clean’s the cespool all the smart people will be up to their neck’s in s–t and i am sure the guy didn’t go to college let’s get back to a little hard work and get america wotking again !

      56. Most people are focusing on the wrong thing. We need to be looking at WHO created the environment that created the crap economy that caused all of these people to lose their jobs! And the sick thing is that the power behind the thrones of the world did it on purpose! Time to wake up people! Time to get mad!

      57. Just a small help. Ditch the ponytail Dad, Sorry, but the reality is you got to look professional to get a job these days, even in painting, etc. And for the other family, ditch the animals. Can’t rent with animals.

      58. “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” The land is going no-where but into our hands.
        Now wait for the author’s publication to come out and check out which unlikely world suspect will be saving the world’s arse.
        Plenty of people have grasped hold of the plan laied out in the book through reading the rather poor translator’s publications, but might not be worth it as they are pre-programmed to throw-off a certain kind of people, the kind who let prejudice and pride bring their reasoning and thinking to a stand-still.
        The translator’s first english edition is supposed to make it look like a fairy tale, and the second english edition has hidden disorienting, hypnotic satanic images on the front. When you start to read, remember that it is akin to a documentery, although the style of writing goes some what beyond that to draw in the reader and make them a member of the documentery. Bright Tidings, and joy to your thoughts! We are being asked to “Take back your motherland people!”

      59. It is a key point to make: many lack the deportment abilities required for the labour market. It is no longer possible to slob about in jeans with no belt, or to have tattoos across your face or wear t-shirts with slang language. Employers won’t touch you with a barge pole.

        Many of these people had poor financial management skills (getting into debt) and placed undo faith in just turning to government to solve their problems. But when governments are broke, you quickly slip through the social safety net.

        Another factor is the work ethic. In the Great Depression, people would offer their services to do lawn work, cook, wash dishes: these days many refuse to do this kind of work. Yet, I had to do this work when I was young. It is a big expectation gap and will take much pain before people learn we just lived through a fantasy debt bubble that won’t be coming back for many decades to come.

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