A Gun Capable Of Fitting Into A Wallet Is Being Sold By An American Arms Company

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    The National Interest recently profiled the latest firearm which is pushing the limits in terms of size and technology — except this isn’t a “big gun” — but quite the opposite. A North Carolina company has produced and is currently selling a single-shot “credit card gun” which fits into a wallet, and which can be neatly tucked away in a person’s back pocket.

    A military analyst writing for The National Interest describes the gun, called the “LifeCard,” as “a single-shot, single-action .22 designed to resemble an innocuous credit card.”

    The credit-card sized pistol was “fashioned from lightweight anodized aluminum with a steel trigger and tilt-up barrel” which enables “the 7 oz. pistol folds up into a 3.375 inch by 2.215 inch card that, despite its half-inch thickness, can fit with relative ease inside your back pocket or average wallet.”

    It was developed by a North Carolina-based company Trailblazer Firearms, and has enough ammo storage for four rounds.

    The company has billed it as a weapon of “last resort” in dangerous, unexpected situations, but it’s also sure to draw controversy given the extreme ease of concealment and potential for passing through security screenings, similar to the controversy evoked by 3-D printed guns.

    Via Trailblazer Firearms

    “Trailblazer Firearms fully intends to spearhead innovative new firearms products starting with the LifeCard, available later this month,” Trailblazer president Aaron Voight said in a statement. “New designs and true innovation have been the exception and our goal is to be the pioneer laying new trails for gun enthusiasts, designers, and manufacturers.”

    But Jared Keller, writing for the military website Task & Purpose, poses the following question regarding the weapon’s ultimate effectiveness in a life and death situation:

    But how effective would this $400, uber-hyped firearm actually be in a situation that calls for a stealthily concealed weapon, or a quick draw? The product is so new that reports from the urban battlefield have barely been released.

    Though the tiny weapon, which is being compared to the turn-of-the-century Chicago palm pistol, was first unveiled in 2017, it is only recently picking up visibility in the media as the popularity of the weapon grows.

    It’s already angering some pundits and journalists on social media after an Israeli arms company recently took note of it.

    According to the National Interest the gun has been deemed in compliance with the American National Firearms Act given that it’s incapable of firing when folded.

    Below is a short video produced by the manufacturer showing just how quickly the “LifeCard” can be deployed. It definitely appears to be something straight out of James Bond’s collection.


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        • Cool and it shoots flat bullets. haha

          No match to my concealed 9mm with a big magazine. 20+1 124 Gr. Hollow Points +P

          • 20 rounds? Damn thats good! I carry 3- 15 rd. mags with 165gr. .40 cal hollow points loaded to +p with power pistol powder. I am impressed with the power of a .40 and I am a fan of the 1911 .45 but this gun changed my mind.

      1. ive never seen a credit card that wide…. good luck getting THAT in your wallet.

        • so just throwing this out there since its unrelated…

          good luck to all tomorrow, and this week. I think its unlikely the repubs hold the house, but if they do we can all expect the crying, vagina-hat wearing folks to be out burning couches and dumpsters and stealing tv’s etc.

          keep your eyes open and your family safe 🙂

          • People here will be jumping for joy! The vagina hat queeers will hide in the closet where they belong lest they receive a good beat down lol.

            • Do you ‘men'(and I use the word loosely) have to be so vulgar? No wonder God has turned the devil and his henchmen against us. No wonder He has turned us against each other too. You are pigs. Low lifes. Disgusting.

              Are there any ‘men’ out there who still have some class?

              • You seem awfully intent on finding a good man Jack. I hope you find Mr.Right who treats you like the special little snow flake you are Jack. TRUMP 2020

        • Looks like just a gimmick, not serious. A Ruger lcp 9mm has way more power and multiple shots and extremely small. At half the price it’s a much more intelligent choice.

          • Genius, agreed. Looks like more like some novelty item to me. Novelty items don’t have a person survive. I own several “real deal” weapons so why would I want some stupid toy?

      2. It would probably fit in my wallet. Lord knows, there’s no money or plastic in it so plenty of room.

        All the money I have would fit in an aspirin tin (I stole that from Paranoid).

        Sounds a little pricey for all it is.

      3. “If you want to piss something off. Shoot it with a .22”

        • Khemp, LOL. While that holds some true for some things it’s not true for everything. Although it’s always better to have a heavier caliber for PRIMARY self-defense, .22LR is more useful than a lot of people think. Most people don’t know .22s were used for ASSASSINATIONS in Vietnam. Get yourself shot with a .22LR and see what kind of day you have afterward.

          • As a paramedic, those .22 will enter a stomach, roll around in the ribcage ripping up and shredding everything and then end out coming out the neck area in a tiny hole. Anytime you look at a bullet wound look for the entry point and the exit wound and figure everything in between has been traumatized and damaged or destroyed.

            • TSB, my wife was an ER nurse used to tell me stories about .22 wounds she would see and deal with in the ER. Exactly like you just described. And there’s people out there who LAUGH at the idea of using a .22LR for anything other than self-defense. While I’ve always said it’s better to have something heavier for PRIMARY self-defense a .22LR is BETTER THAN NOTHING IF IT’S ALL YOU HAVE. I still say let those morons who laugh at the .22 get shot with one and see how their day goes from there.

              • If you want a .22 at least get an American Arms mini revolver. 5 shots and ultra small and come in .22 mag also and cheaper than this gimmick pos.

          • If I could only have one gun for SHTF it would be a 22 LR

            • 5.56 w/ 60 round magazines with Green Tips. 3 blind looters, See how they run… See how they run….

          • I was actually just BSing. Bobby Kennedy comes to mind. Had a client once who took 4 .22 lr rounds in the groin (estranged, pissed off wife ) he survived. Had a high pitched squeak voice though.
            You are correct about assassination weapons. The .22 was and is a good choice.
            Actually my no. 1 favorite (as in don’t want to be w/o it) calibers. Probably have 3,000 round on hand at any given time.

      4. “According to the National Interest the gun has been deemed in compliance with the American National Firearms Act given that it’s incapable of firing when folded.”

        War and death are acceptable, but not when they are dangerous. Like the laws about knives sharpened on two sides, too many inches long, springloaded, or with knuckle guards. But, knives ok.

        I frankly wouldn’t be proud of survival stuff, that looks like it came from a gas station peg board, but would make the absolute best use of it, when there was nothing else left on Earth. Careful, so it doesn’t break.

        Different guerilla movements used improvised garbage. I get it. Why does this cost $400?

        • “Why does this cost $400?”

          1- sheer novelty
          2- must make back production costs knowing you are doomed to selling only a few of these boutique items.

          For those tempted, I’d suggest saving 200 bucks, go get an NAA 22mag belt buckle if one insists on having a nearly useless “deep cover” gun.

          heck for that matter, you can get a good sized subcompact into non-permissible environments by carrying it inside the wasteband, behind an oversized metal belt buckle if you arent concerned about fashion.

          • One of the interesting side effects, of watching Youtubers make these dangerous projects, is you learn some basic lessons about mechanics, losing the fear of the unknown. It’s not a magical thunderstick, afterall.

            Lifecard reminded me of a staple gun.

            I have seen ugly animal traps, made of garbage, homemade glues made of garbage, twines woven into rope, and so an so forth, and then, the ugly people were grateful for a moment of their hardscrabble existence, and they fed themselves. If it’s useful, it’s useful.

          • NEC_Wrangler, good points. While I can appreciate what they’re trying to do, I really question whether their little gadget is worth getting. If I was desperate to take something into a non-permissible environment I would carry my Ruger SR22 with a 10-round mag. At least with 10 rounds I’d have a fighting chance.

      5. What,no second shot? No time to reload…..not my pick. I’ll stick with my Sig 365 with 10 to 12 shots. Hides well too. I don’t need a novelty when the SHTF…

        • Jim, my PRIMARY defense handgun is a Taurus PT111 9mm with a 12-round mag and it’s the same size as my Ruger SR22.

          • Natural news had an article today about a guy that was a hard core glock man. He changed his tune with the sig 365! Everything about it beat the glocks hands down! He is now a sig man lol.

      6. I don’t understand NFA 34. A cane gun is AOW (any other weapon) and comes under the act because (so I thought) its a firearm that is disguised as something else. This somehow has a different description being its in essence a “transformer”? I’m not advocating NFA 34 but I’m just curious about its rules as I obey the law and its helpful if you know and understand it.

        • the fact that you still care about following your slave masters rules is more scary than this toy

          the sooner we step out from under these bullshit rules and laws the sooner we will be men and not cowards (please understand I’m not calling you specifically a coward) , but this country is too busy giving credence to unjust laws and the only law on guns is shall not be infringed, and the right to bear arms

          period , no matter how they are made or what they look like , or its capabilities

          flame away

          • While the reasonably knowledgeable can see the direction there is still a lot of soap box and ballot box remaining. Government is moving towards the rubicon with society in tow but its still a distance down the road.

      7. I have a wallet holster for my High Standard derringer. It’s basically a wallet with a finger hole cutout for the trigger and carries the derringer with the grip scales removed to be about the same thickness as a wallet for those that are unfamiliar with them. You just pull the wallet out of your pocket and fire, no unfolding or assembly needed.

        Some thug with a gun or knife wants my wallet? I’m happy to oblige them, but probably not the way they expect me to.

      8. Again. I can fix this.

        Yes even this.

        Make em as small as you want won’t matter.

      9. Phettttt? NAA-22LR 5 shot capable and small enough to fit in your watch pocket. Aint no $400 neither.

        • They used to make those into belt buckles.

          A kinda useful novelty gun/holster if things ever got really tight, I should think.

      10. Meh…

        I’ve got a Sig P365 that fits into my pants pocket and isn’t even detectable.

        12+1 capacity and you can actually hit something beyond a foot away.

        I guess if you just gotta have it, the above pistol is better than nothing….but only marginally. At “up close and personal” range…which is all that pistol is really designed for….a nice combat folder from Benchmade or some other quality maker would likely be just as effective…if not moreso…and more easily deployed.

      11. First of all, it isn’t a “quick draw” weapon. Secondly, it’s not for the “trigger happy” either.

        The best use I see is to have it hidden in case you’re a single hostage and get the chance to get the drop on your captor.

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