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A “Grocery Price Shock” Is Coming Soon

Mac Slavo
April 26th, 2021
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The time to prepare was last year. But there’s still a little bit of time left, however, how much is unknown. We should all brace ourselves for a “grocery price shock” in the coming months.

This week, the Bloomberg Agriculture Spot Index, which tracks key farm products. surged the most in almost nine years, driven by a rally in crop futures. With global food prices already at the highest since mid-2014, this latest jump is being closely watched because staple crops are a ubiquitous influence on grocery shelves — from bread and pizza dough to meat and even soda.

If you are not prepared, now is the time to stock up. Consider highly nutritious foods, such as dried beans and sugar-free peanut butter.

“There seems to be sort of a bullish force behind the prices internationally,” Abdolreza Abbassian, senior economist at the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, said in an interview according to Bloomberg. “The indications are that there is very little reason to believe prices would remain at these levels. It’s more likely they will rise further. Hardship is still ahead.”

Whether the UN is trustworthy or not, using our own discernment and critical thinking skills we can deduce that preparations are necessary. If you have been to the grocery store lately you probably already have noticed that the prices of food have risen.  This is likely a part of the overall plan to keep us in control too.

“The relentless rise in prices acts as a misery multiplier, driving millions deeper into hunger and desperation,” Chris Nikoi, the World Food Programme’s regional director for West Africa, said earlier this month. It’s “pushing a basic meal beyond the reach of millions of poor families who were already struggling to get by.”

The warning signs that the food supply will eventually crash have been there since the beginning of the COVID-19 scamdemic.  Shutting down meat processing plants and seeing the weather devastate crops should have been enough to spur at least a moderate amount of preparedness, just in case. But then the Suez canal was blocked, the need to prepare should have become obvious.

Stock up and be ready. No one knows when or how bad this price shock will be, but based on the amount of money creation and the supply chain issues, we should all be expecting something to impact the food market.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: April 26th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Hoover used to promise a chicken in every pot, but I would prefer a chicken in every yard.

      You can give a man an egg and he can eat for a day, or you can give a man a chicken and he can eat for about seven years, unless you give him a rooster and a hen, and then he has it made!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. cranerigger says:

      A.I., great prepping advice. Chickens reproduce quickly yielding a never-ending (outside of catastrophe) supply of eggs & chickens.

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Thanks Cranerigger! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have chickens in the village of Grafton. It is illegal. Milwaukee did permit people to have chickens a few years ago though, but I am not moving. I hate Milwaukee too.

        Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Social Impact of Tyranny, the Surveillance State, Police State, Fraud, and Ponzi Scemes

      More Ponzi Schemes in the future for America with Social Impact Financing, the Green New Deal, Social Engineering, “White Racism” and “Russian Hackers”, “Covid Variations”, and UFOs, ( Unidentified Flying Officers ) oh, and heaps of spying and data and intellectual property theft.

      Can’t help but notice the similarities to Nazi Germany. I guess that is because the architect, Klaus Schwab is also German, but a globalist.

      The similarities are remarkable.

      I know that there are many Hitler and Nazi lovers in America, that have romanticized Hitler and the Nazis, but it was not just the Jews that were demonized by the Nazis. It was everyone that got in their way, anyone that had anything that they wanted, and anyone that disagreed with them. It was also the Catholics, the Americans, and the Poles, Hungarians, and the Russians, and the French, and the Slovaks, and the Brits, and the artists, and the musicians, and the historians, and the philosophers, and the scientists, and the economists, and the other intellectuals, very similar to what we are seeing in America today. Our universities are run by pseudo-intellectuals that are not even capable of grade school level common sense. They hand out PhDs. to people incapable of grade school level common sense and reasoning as well. They rely on scientific fraud, medical fraud, economic fraud, political fraud, historical fraud, and sociological fraud, and total surveillance and tyranny as catalysts for their 
      ponzi schemes. 

      To show how mentally incompetent these modern day pseudo-intellectuals and PhDs happen to be, consider that Dr. Kevin Barrett believes that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by 
      three nuclear bombs that left almost everything else in tact and almost everyone survived, and that if they were underground nuclear bombs there would be massive sink holes as well and they would not only have destroyed the towers. 

      That is just one example of the fraud of Kevin Barrett. Either Kevin Barrett is mentally incompetent, a pathological liar, or both. I believe that it is both for just a few of the following reasons:

      Kevin Barrett also believes that the Israelis were responsible for 9/11, and though I do believe that Iaraelis were involved in 9/11, and suspect that the dancing Israelis did perform the implosion of the towers, this would have required cooperation with almost every business in the towers, since less than 3,000 people died, meaning that they did not show up for work that day, and with every government entity as well, including the most obvious fact there were no flight records of the planes that they claimed were used, that those pkanes were still in use recently, and that if the Israelis did do this, the entire intelligence community has concealed it from the public, as well as every politician, meaning that they conspired in it and are guilty of treason, and guilty of going to war against seven countries based on fraudulent claims.

      Kevin Barrett also claims that the Israelis have nuclear weapons in about a dozen U.S. cities. 

      Kevin Barrett also asserts that he thinks that the military intentionally released bio-weapons at the Wuhan military games tgat are responsible for covid-19.

      I have stated why covid-19 is a mythological virus, even though I am aware of the cooperation of Fort Detrik and Wuhan bio weapons labs, in this instance the collusion between Fort Detrik and Wuhan labs is  that covid-19 that people have been diagnosed with is a real virus, when the facts prove that what people have been diagnosed with and tested positive for cannot be covid-19. Obviously, since deaths in the total U.S. increased the most significantly after the “vaccine” roll out, and since “covid-19” “disappeared” from existence in China after they had restabilized their economy, and so quickly, it is obvious that this is not an actual virus. It is extremely easy to create the illusion of getting rid of something that never actually existed.  Almost all illness is being attributed to it though. “Covid-19” “cured” influenza, heart disease, and a slew of other ailments, because fatalities of those have drastically declined in conjunction with the new “covid-19” deaths.

      You cannot replace an establishment lie with an anti-establishment lie and claim to be a truther. That means that you are just an anti-esablishment pathological liar. That is every bit as harmful as what the establishment liars are doing. It does not benefit anyone.

      Here are some other contradictory statements made by Kevin Barrett on his radio show:

      America should have anarchy.
      America should have a theocracy.
      America should have the Bill of Rights.
      In order for people to enter into society, they must sacrifice all of their rights.
      Kevin Barrett ran for congress.

      It is offensive as hell to listen to Kevin Barrett’s pathological lying. It is the biggest insult that he can give his listeners. Kevin Barrett believes that people are stupid enough to believe his lies. 

      The towers were destroyed by implosion tgat uses explosives, but it does not have to be nuclear bombs used as the explosive material. Kevin Barrett discusses this with other PhDs and professors, none of whom have provided a single legitimate scientific argument for these claims. One said that there was an increase in cancer deaths, without any proof of that claim, but even if there was, the towers  implosions and burining  released tremendous amounts of carcinogenic elements into the atmosphere, so it would not be surprising. 

      The Nazis also replaced many intellectuals with the same types of pseudo-intellectuals that are running the show and universities today.

      It wasn’t merely that the Nazis had problems with people that they disagreed with, it was that the Nazis committed tyrannical, sadistic, destruction of the lives of the people that they disagreed with.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Essentials says:

      Everyone should have already been stocking up on the most essential and storable items. As you mentioned, the time to have been stocking up was long ago. Always good to have items with a long shelf life on hand. We can only depend on ourselves when the shtf.
      Nice prepping everyone.🙂

    5. Indeed says:

      The prices have definitely been on the rise at my local groceries. Since we all know things will likely get worse, it is common sense to have as much as possible stored up and on standby now.

    6. The Truth says:

      Drive fear into people a shortage is coming and what happens. People run out and buy everything and a shortage happens just like the TP shortage. Boy what a way for the elites to get rich and then they raise prices and say well it is limited. People need to calm down …. the elites are not going to shut down their factories just limit the supply to get more money after the hoarders empty the shelves in panic.

    7. Resist!! says:

      A little off topic but just
      read this:
      Dr. Scott Gottlieb
      says: “IT’S NOW
      For anyone who was still wearing them outside I guess.

    8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      ATT Black Lives!

      Obama, Every Other Black Politician, Dr. Wilmur Leon, Garland Nixon, Jamarl Thomas, Sean Blackmon and Jackie Lukemon Want You To Roll Up Your Sleeves and

      Take the Fatal Shots From Physicians Instead of Cops!

      They Love You to Death !

      Kind of Reminicent of Black Slave Traders in Africa When You Look At It!

      Andrea Iravani

    9. Anonymous says:

      They really started downsizing during the last recession. Most people never even noticed.

    10. Stupordave says:

      And RABBITS! They don’t say ‘fuggin like rabbits’ for nothin! Get a male and female rabbit together in a pen, and 120 days later you’ll have 250,000 new ones.

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