A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

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    There is an unprecedented reset coming to world financial markets and if you’ve been paying attention it’s impossible to ignore the signs. In fact mega-investment funds, governments and central banks have been secretly buying up and storing physical gold in anticipation of an event that will leave the U.S. dollar effectively worthless and governments around the world angling for a new global currency mechanism, according to mining executive Keith Neumeyer.

    But before the reset can happen Neumeyer, who recently founded First Mining Finance and has partnered with billionaire alternative asset investors like Eric Sprott and Rick Rule, says that foreign creditors must first deleverage their U.S. dollar debt, a move that is happening right now and is evidenced by the recent strength of the U.S. dollar.

    Once these U.S. debt holders unwind their positions, however, the dollar will be allowed to crash and we should prepare for a total financial, economic and monetary realignment.

    (Watch the full interview at Future Money Trends)

    With the central banks now buying gold… which is quite unique… we haven’t seen that  in our lifetimes… they’ve always been sellers of gold and now they’re buyers of gold… I think there will be a reset of the financial industry… 

    I think China is being allowed to accumulate gold purposefully by the American government… I believe that the Chinese need to own at least the same amount as the U.S. owns before this reset occurs. I think that there’s some kind of deal that’s being made between all the central banks behind the scenes and that’s why you’re seeing governments accumulating the metal.

    I do believe there will be some kind of new currency created with the backing… and it might not be a direct backing of the metal… but it’ll be some kind of blend of currency.. it could be through SDR’s… Special Drawing Rights… or some type of mechanism… I think that’s where we’re going.

    And when that reset occurs I think gold will be left to rise… and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see three…four… five thousand dollar gold over the next five years.

    Because the price of gold has been suppressed to allow governments and central banks to accumulate it cheaply, Neumeyer sees opportunity in the mining industry and that’s why his latest mineral bank project is mimicking their actions and buying up physical mining assets around the world.

    And though Western mainstream media pundits argue that the recent strength of the U.S. stock market and the U.S. dollar are proof positive that an economic recovery has taken hold, Neumeyer says exactly the opposite is happening.

    The reason for the recent rise in the value of the world’s reserve currency, he suggests, is a result of the massive unwinding of U.S. debt as private investors and governments around the globe know a rush for the exits is coming soon:

    The view on the strength of the dollar recently is the fact that it’s short-term. You’ve got so much U.S. debt out there and governments are now getting rid of their U.S. debt and converting all the debt to local debt… that’s causing a huge demand for dollars in order to make that conversion, so this whole dollar rally is basically a deleveraging against the U.S. dollar… you’re not seeing that story showing up anywhere in North America.

    Once the world is deleveraged than the U.S. dollar… then basically the U.S. dollar will crash and that will be the beginning of this new reset.

    Everything, of course, is very hush-hush but, as Neumeyer explains, most of the influential players involved know exactly what is going on and they are making their moves right now to ensure they survive the coming financial reset:

    The gold accumulation that’s going on… this is gold that’s outside of the system… you don’t hear about it… these are big sovereign wealth funds, these are government funds, these are banks that are buying the physical metal… they are very intimately involved in the sector and they know what’s going on.

    Definitely world governments and central banks around the world are unwinding their U.S. debt. They’re trying to bring their debt home and that’s causing the upside pressure on the dollar.

    If Neumeyer is right, and all the signs suggest his assessment is fairly accurate, then the recent strength of the U.S. dollar will be short-lived. Once deleveraging by governments and central banks has been completed they will unleash an economic, financial and monetary storm that will change the very fabric of the global order.

    The consequences are difficult to predict, but given that these entities have been buying up gold like their lives depended on it, the notion of an ounce of the precious metal being valued at $5,000 per ounce isn’t out of the question.

    You can watch Keith Neumeyer’s full interview here. To learn more about the First Mining Finance Corp mineral bank project with billionaire contrarian investors Eric Sprott and Rick Rule, click here.


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      1. there is NO WAY there cannot be a reset of some type nd the outcome of that is where we fit in or maybe NOT fit in, we will see how it goes and if WE the people can either survive or maybe change there outcome for a betterment of US!

        • The collapse, or reset, whatever you want to call it, will be different than we’ve imagined. It will be pain, anxiety, toil, hunger, disappointment, fear, worry, blood, regret, sorrow and death.
          That’s not to say I don’t prep. I just try to maintain a realistic viewpoint.

          • Jo-Sam,
            allot of what will happen depends on which of the several groups trying to control the world wins, ie. depopulation of the world will be a very nasty scenario, so with that said it will depend on who wins and or if it gets out of there control and total collapse occurs then it will be nastier as well, either way the world as we now know it probably will not be the same in a very short time and some of us will live to tell about and lots won’t!

            • One eye-opener is Selco at SHTFSchool. He does a pretty good job describing what life was like trying to survive in a war zone.
              When I read the one book that accurately tells the future, it describes war, disease and famine, resulting in the death of 1/4 of Earth’s population. It actually states that number.
              It ain’t gonna be some bucolic farmer’s life where we’re re-starting civilization – it’s gonna be a nightmare of suffering, military checkpoints, house-to-house searches and seizures, firing squads, death and mourning.

              • Jo-Sam

                I think we worry too much now as compared to when the first domino falls. Preps involve to much work and then constant update and care. When hostilities start, well that is what you have and you do what needs to be done. You may wish you have done other things but that will not matter. Although the future is not set in stone we may see the indicators, we have talked about, come about and have the expertise or material to overcome it.
                I would express that most preppers will know when they are about to die. So what ever comes my way I will do my best to complete what I have planned. To survive, that is.

        • Joel Skousen says this website and zero hedge are wrong and that the reset and other biug events cannot happen until the other big players- Russia and China are militarily ready. Wolf, Wolf, but no wolf comes. Who do you listen to?

          • Quite simply, IMO, you don’t listen to ANYBODY who blames the coming collapse on any country, ethnic group or religion.

            We need to realize that there is NO SINGLE COUNTRY ON EARTH that has the power to collapse the world economy. Not even the United States. Not even China.

            I believe that is why the NWO rushes to consolidate as many countries as it can, under it’s financial/military control. Quite simply, it will take a combination of the majority.

            That is why I firmly suggest that we sympathize with ALL State and Country battles for SOVEREIGNTY. Even countries like Iran, Korea, Russia and in the middle east.

            Sovereignty is the bane of the NWO. It is what they are trying their hardest to dissolve. That is the number 1 goal of the globalists.

            SOVEREIGNTY = FREEDOM. It might be that simple. First they try to disarm the people and destroy their personal sovereignty. Then they go for the bigger fish, whole countries or regions.

            Of course, this is only my small opinion, but it’s what I see when I look closely at the big picture. Divide and conquer is part of that picture, whether it’s Americans against Russians, Mexicans or Chinese…or Iraq against Iran against Israel against Palestinians.

            You guys can continue to buy into the fearmongering and unsubstantiated hatred against small, insignificant groups of poor people, but I suggest we grab a cold one, and consider not “who”, but “Why”.

            • I agree with you, sixpack. I suspect that any and all kinds of internationalist organizations are up to no good, excepting a few trusted charities. Right now, the German people strongly resent the layered destroyers of their sovereignty: the US GOV, the EU, the central bankers, and others. You won’t hear it on the news, but the word on the street is that the urban poor and the fat cats alike want to reclaim their sovereignty, and they are probably going to reach a flash point in the next two years. The word “revolution” has been used by some Germans recently.

              I’d even go so far as to support, in some respects, the nationalist movements such as UKIP and/or the British National Party, Front National in France, and Golden Dawn in Greece. Anything that makes it more difficult for the NWO Satan.

              There should be a volunteer conduit of substantive support for these nationalists; some kind of clearing-house that would collect resources and distribute them to the areas of greatest need.

          • Strongsafe: I agree with you totally, wolf, wolf, but no wolf comes. Who do we listen to: No damnbody that is trying to sell you gold for any reason expressed or implied. Case in point: If gold ever went to $5000.00 and oz., as the article suggests, then we would be too busy defending it to every enjoy owning or spending it. This article is truly nothing but Monetary Fear P.O.R.N. [Passing On Ridiculous Nonsense]. Thanks and have a blessed day.

        • The reset absolutely is coming. This regime in the White House has been adept at putting off the crash, which will only make the disaster bigger and last longer. It is absolutely coming.

          This regime has gone to great lengths to set up a bureaucracy where they could make people work even if they aren’t being paid so basic services would continue in an economic collapse. Slave labor is legal under a state of emergency!

          Obama’s April fools day executive order, declaring a Cyber State of Emergency is incredibly far reaching. It allows the treasury department, state department or AG’s office to add names to their enemies list of terrorists. Remember that most all money moves electronically now so treasury’s roll in this gives Obama control over all your financial accounts, and access to spy on every transaction in America. Unless a transaction is face to face for cash, the government knows about, no warrant needed, and they are watching for people who use too much cash! We are under a state of emergency right now!

          • Anyone who questions what I’m saying above should read Obama’s actual executive order, here’s a link to it on the White House site: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/04/01/executive-order-blocking-property-certain-persons-engaging-significant-m

            Notice in the body it describes a scope that far exceeds the tittle and summary. It also describes this as an Economic State of Emergency. It also does not even mention why this is so critical for the president to assume such power that sets aside the constitution, aside from some sweeping nebulous claims. It also has no expiration, and no limit to its scope. Pretty much anything they decide is poof… Law!

            This is exactly the type declaration of a state of Emergency that gave Roosevelt the power to confiscate Americans gold. At least Roosevelt already had a financial collapse in progress, Obama is issuing this order and the shoe hasn’t even dropped yet? Really?

          • Treason and criminality. These leaders are not American. Traitors, corrupt and evil.

          • @ Plan twice, prep once…

            “We are under a state of emergency right now!”

            Yes we are and have been since 1933 when the US corporation was bankrupted and put into receivership by the international banks. Every president since then has extended this state of emergency by EO.

            Congress knows this but does not speak to it for fear of losing the gravy train.

            However, one congressman did speak to this in 1993. His speech is in the Congressional Record. They sicced the IRS on him for speaking the truth and he got 8 years in prison I believe.

            Read James Traficant’s speech here:


            • One of the first steps to the bankers taking over the government was the Act of 1871 whereby the united states for America was incorporated into the United States of America. It became a “legal fiction” and fell under contract law and the Law of the Seas instead of common law of freemen.

              Next the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and took the power of money creation from the US corporation.

              Finally, the corporate US was bankrupted by the cabal of international bankers during the Depression and the gold was turned over to the Federal Reserve. The common man became a debt slave binding them to payment for “the full faith and credit” of the corporate government spending.

              The corporate government, from it’s CEO president, down to the local dogcatcher, are collection agents for the international banks and anything you hold that has state paper on it with your mark belongs to this corporation as Law of the Seas bounty. See the maritime military fringe around all flags displayed at corporate government buildings.

              This is my take and is open for correction.

              • JRS, thanks for posting that. What you say IS true! Don’t forget the emergency war powers act also. Many people can’t wrap their head around how all this shit really works. Legal and Lawful are 2 different things. Everything these credens are doing is Legal. Obama is legally the president. There is common law (constitutional) and there is corporate/maritime law. Do people even know what they are signing when they say they are a US citizen? Or file a tax form? Or a birth certificate? Or a drivers license? Or a ssn number? A marriage cert. makes the state a 3rd party in contract and gives them right to your kids.

                I took a course in common law and when it all came into focus what reality was I was it was absolutely shocking and took me weeks to sink in the scope of it all. They have developed the most evil genius plan and no one is the wiser. Reality is NOTHING like people think it is. But I have to hand it to them, I could never dream of a more perfect, insideous, stealth, way to enslave people than what they have done.

              • US is under Usufactory Military rule since the civil war but the courts date back to Roman law & used military rule in the courts & told the people the were free & handed out bread & circuses to distract while using military expansion & debasing the monetary supply by adding tin to silver coins.
                The same bankers are in control today & their ultimate goal is to create money with no cost to them, you know like digital currency & the mark of the beast…

                US courts & government all hang a flag with 4 colors that is martial law not common law with the flag of 3 colors.
                US courts are military Admiralty under the international jurisdiction of the sea & the statutes are laws passed at sea
                by man using democracy where 2 wolves & 1 sheep vote whats for lunch.
                My rights & laws come from my creator not from the “CITY OF LONDON” , Vatican & USinc holding we the people captive under war powers & both judge & attorney from BAR(British accreditation registry) profit from every case won for the TRUST

                US is under Usufactory military rule since the civil war

        • You’re dumb.

          • JoSam, There’s typical response from you. Do you have anything intelligent to say? You come here asking questions (some of them are pretty stupid) and look for info. When people give you info you disagree and don’t look into anything. You must either be a govt. troll or a complete moron. Or maybe both. You will find that being ignorant and lazy and uninformed will not get you far here in fact it will get you put in your place. People here for the most part are waaaayyyy smarter than you and actually have a lot of intelligent posts. Perhaps Hannity has a blog you can stumble around on and post stupid shit but you will find that this isn’t the place for you. I think the Neocon radio shows are on, you better go 🙂

      2. I would piss on a firing spark plug to get this clean out started…
        All I need to do is jump back in the market, guarantees it will crash…
        See yall on the other side…

        • @eppe,
          keep that wiener in your pants for now. last thing you want to do is start that engine.
          we, and I can say we for you and I, understand that money, as we know it is about to change.
          gold at 5k… sure I could see that
          silver over 100, absolutely ,
          but what does it really mean? here in the good ol’ USA?
          overlooking droughts in California, rivals with USSR, complete political incompetence, the absolute most needy populace you’ve ever seen in history of man. leakage of nuclear waste from japan on a scale not even numbered.
          undocumented immigration of all sorts, mans ineptitude to understand any physical changes within the outer crust. the list goes on, but I can’t
          none of us can be truly prepared for the onslaught of mayhem.
          all I hope is that I am prepared for whatever I can handle.

        • eppe, i would remove my spleen with a rusty oyster knife before i pissed on a spark plug…hell, i would rather be caught in a sleepin’ bag, naked, with harry reid than go through THAT!

          • “be caught in a sleepin’ bag, naked, with harry reid”

            I dunno, that’s a close one! I don’t think I could get drunk enough for that one. I think I’d rather have a rattlesnake in my sleeping bag…at least I can legally KILL the snake.

            • sixpack. You’ve just put some wikid images in my minds eye.

      3. Perhaps that’s what the Jade Helm 15 thing is all about… They are planning for the collapse and the arm chair squatters will finally get out and go wild when we finally realize our life’s savings are gone…….

        • My life savings are in my ass pocket, and they travel pretty well. If you leave your life savings at the mercy of the banksters, you deserve what comes next.

      4. So you are hoping their plan will continue to unfold?

      5. I hope it does reset. I feel like Tyler Durden sometimes. I feel like I can see things others can’t and I’m crazy for telling people I see things. Either that or neo or Lucy. Yeah. Neo.

        • Many other out there that can see what you see, like a slow motion movie of bits and pieces that are reflecting the end. Its there and seen but many ignore it because they are programmed to ignore it.

        • THERE’S the problem arma…..we actually READ, and KNOW what’s going on, but 96% of the population WON’T….so, yes, you DO know what few others know….and we should be commended for that.

      6. Can someone please explain to me how foreign governments go about deleveraging their US debt in step by step?

        • Peter Pan- They sell treasuries that they own, which is what Russia and China, for instance, have been doing.

          It is as simple as that.

          • For every seller of treasuries there is a BUYER. 🙂

            As rates EVENTUALLY rise, the returns on new US Treasury issues will increase. Governments, investors, and multinational corporations hold their excess cash in US Bonds.

            When they need liquidity, holders of lower return bonds will have to sell those bonds at a discount to match the return on new bonds. This is a continuous process called “Cash Management” by the Chief Investment Officer: CIO.

            This process happens every business cycle and is one of the factors pushing equities higher, as holders of US Treasuries anticipating the issue of higher rate bonds, move their cash to stocks.

            This guy is just another pimp for the Metal Barons who are watching the price of their assets and their stock options fall (as per the cycle) and who are trying to stop the bleeding by influencing demand.

            Nothing to see here, move along. 🙁

            • For every seller of dollars there is a BUYER. 🙂

              • “I think China is being allowed to accumulate gold purposefully by the American government… ”

                This statement by the mining guy shows just how fucking STUPID he really is; as if the USA had any say in the matter of the Chinese buying gold.

                Its a gold conspiracy!!! LMFAO!!! 🙂

                Further, even if the Chinese accumulate as much gold as the USA has, on a per CAPITA basis, its PEANUTS!!!

                And that is how it must be measured to be relevant. 🙂

                • And again. “so this whole dollar rally is basically a deleveraging against the U.S. dollar… ”

                  Asinine. Simply. Fucking. Asinine. 🙁

                  The dollar rally examples greater demand for the dollar, not less, as there has been a global dollar SHORTAGE that I have mentioned here previously a few weeks ago.

                  The most recent dollar decline examples the dollar market finding EQUILIBRIUM. This guy is dumber than a MUD FUCKING FENCE and someone please tell him I said so.

                  More financial fear porn to get YOU to support their declining stock prices, stock options, and balance sheets. 🙁

                  • Its not even good propaganda. Most people in the financial community with a basic business/financial education recognize this as TOTAL bullshit.

                    Only shoeshine boys and Chinese investors with a sixth grade education could be fooled by this SHIT!!! 🙁

        • They sell their US debt steadily over time. Along with their dollars.

          • lots of countries are trying to sell there US debt as they see the handwriting on the wall, those who don’t get enough sold before it collapses will be just more that fail and fall ,our banksters made millions by bundling bogus derivatives and selling them to overseas countries at marked down values knowing full well they are totally worthless, because of our countries past rep of being a valid strong economy many countries bought into them and now are facing major losses!! as the world turns more and more corrupt!!

          • China BUYS dollars to suppress the value of their currency to take US jobs. 🙁

      7. just a heads up

        a sequel to One Second After

        is coming out this Sept

        One Year After by William Fortschen

        • Can’t wait.

        • That was the best writing in an apocalypse novel that I’ve ever read.

      8. Bring on the collapse, that’s when I take out everyone who keeps me from my daughter, without charge or court order. Die Criminals Die!.

        • Iowa, I haven’t been around in a bit. How’ve you been? Have you found a place? Work? My wife and I prayed for your safety and health this winter. Lately most people have been through an “economic reset”. That sometimes makes it difficult to prepare for what we know is around the corner.

        • @iowa i sense your pain and loss, for your daughter sake…

          i encourage you to rethink your plan.

          your daughter needs a loving father, not a hateful monster.

          “when fighting monster’s, one must be careful they themselves don’t become one!”

        • you think you have it bad @iowa just be happy you aren’t going through this in israehell!

          just read… and hope you never go to israel or the jews now running zog amerika don’t adopt israel’s zion divorce law’s.


          An American “makes aliyah” to hell in Israel

          Recently, I received a letter from a yet another United States citizen who immigrated to Israel [what the Zionists call “making aliyah” – editor] and lived to regret it.

          He begins by explaining that he is still trying to deal with the ordeal he went through. He describes himself as a “prisoner of war returning home after six years in a foreign jail”.

          Jon immigrated with his wife and four children in 2009. In the USA, he was a financial broker with his own practice. The family were aided by Nefesh B’Nefesh (NBN), a body that works in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency and seeks to facilitate the immigration of foreign Jews to Israel, which promised many financial benefits to encourage them to immigrate to Israel. Jon’s wife, an Israeli, was happy to be going to Israel.

          The couple were given USD 7,500 for their flights to Israel. Jon knew little Hebrew, so upon arrival took a job as an English teacher. As a condition for the money they were given to encourage them to immigrate to and settle in Israel, the couple had to remain in Israel for three years or repay the money. In the first year, they received over 55,000 shekels [USD 14,035]. But Jon became trapped in Israel in a divorce nightmare which many men in that country will identify with. His lack of Hebrew and naive understanding of Israeli family laws became his downfall.

          • As it stands, I will probably never marry. I am happy for those who find a good mate that won’t cheat them out of what they worked for. I’m 50 and just not willing to risk everything I worked for on the off chance one day the wife will say “I’m not happy. I want a divorce.”

            • reality sucks!

              totally agree @sm, the deck of cards are stacked against men in general, especially thanks to affirmative action – wasp men, it simply is no longer worth the risk!

            • I’ve been married 30 years. My wife says it would be too expensive to divorce, so we’ll be married till the end.

              • Been married 45 years. My wife says there comes a time when you realize there isn’t enough time to train up another one. Best learn to get along.

            • I’ll never get married again, unless I found a man who didn’t give up and go crying to mommy when things get tough.

              I guess I’m one of the few who value Loyalty over Looks.

              I prefer Brains and Brawn in equal measure.

              I still think Trust must be earned and constantly refreshed.

              I think of GOD as part of the family.

              I know, I know, I’m outdated as hell.

              • You’re a lady after my own heart. Maybe in another life? Big sigh. xXx

              • No need to apologize for that, sixpack. Sounds like you’re right on the money to me.

                • my kinda girl, sixpack!

              • You never can tell…I was 40 with one grown child and two still at home when I decided to go back to school to get a degree in nursing. After two painful marriages, I wanted no more to do with the opposite sex and was content to live my life for my children and church. After I got my associates( in Computer info Systems), one of my former instructors asked me out. I had no earthly idea he had been watching me quietly for 3 years! Well, we had to see each other secretly for 1.5 years, cuz his mom would have had none of it, but she died( at age 89) and we made a wonderful life for ourselves! He’s the hubby I always wanted, and now have. He accepts me just as I am( just like Jesus).. We have been married happily for 13 years. So there’s hope. I am his first wife. When I got on the prepping bandwagon, he did research to guide us straight. So there is hope for you singles out there too…..hugs to you all…btdt.

      9. Wow I better run out and buy $1200 an oz gold mmmmm no. They proposed in my state gov that they want to start making property owners pay a state property tax on top of town prop taxes. They are totally broke and need a new angle to rob hard working people. One thing I know that the billing department works faster than the payroll dept. I can see the state taking people’s homes by people not being able to pay the new state property tax. Don’t people see we now live in a communist ragime. Everything is going to the state. For the greater good don’t ya know. The only thing your gonna be allowed to own is the clothes on your back. Scary shit if ya ask me. It’s getting close people keep your powder dry.

        • Can I ask what state is doing this? I’m hoping it isn’t mine.

        • If you think bankers are dangerous to our health, well you better be very weary of PM dealers, they’re not far behind. They may be OK to deal with at the moment, but when the market heats up, be very careful. Trekker Out.

        • Strange how a free people would ever allow tax on their home and food or any other essential of life.

          • People have never been free. They need mommy govt. to control them and set rules. Thats how they allow it.

            • People who live In a nation of laws tend to lose some degree of their integrity because instead of asking is this the right thing to do ,ask is it legal.

      10. Fear this, fear that. Doom and gloom all day, all night. It will happen, it won’t happen. All same bullcrap on a new day. It’s Easter, rejoice in Christ instead and let this world do what it must. Enough is enough of this senseless way of living. God’s will be done.

        • you do realize i hope …

          that the ‘jews’ murdered lil’ baby jesus, after they tortured him flayed his skin with a whip bringing him close to death , then marched him through the streets forcing him to drag his own cross and then nailed him to that very same cross on a hill for all to see and mock!

          that is something i can find no ‘rejoice’ in!

          • That was the plan all along, Solus.

          • I rejoice that my Lord and Savior died for the sins of those who would believe in Him. Just as the Bible predicted in many places throughout the Old Testament.

          • And he forgave them. go figure. Unlike that pedophile momo

          • digs. Please try getting to know the real Jesus. It’ll be mind blowing, painful and long drawn out but well well worth it.

            • oh i more than tried for number of years and…

              ‘god doesn’t speak to me!’

          • We rejoice because he Rose From The Dead! He paid the price for my sins! And yours. Buddah, Hari Krishna, Mohammed, Confucius, none of them have ever done that, or ever could! Jesus IS alive!

        • Stories of “God” are mind control tactics.
          Easter is really fertility and sex day for the goddess of fertility and sex.

      11. This whole Jade Helm exercise is a big non event. The panic pimps on the internet and radio are blowing it up so we all keep them relevant and keep buying their water filters, gold, and vitamins. When the SHTF hits for real we won’t see it coming. Make no mistake there is a major S$$t storm coming. But the quadrillion dollar question is what will get the party started?

        • Jade Helm is a real military exercise and it looks ominous to me. Just another example of how we don’t know how much time we have left.

        • Hope your right but remember that if a ‘crash’ is orchestrated then certain military units would have to be in place to act quickly. They would not plan an event without being ready, that’s why it raises eyebrows and we all know (government too) that the crash is coming at some point.

        • I have a buddy who is a retired marine. Great guy. I asked him his perspective on Jade Helm the other day. He had not heard about it. (Mind you, he still works for govt). I trust this guy and could see he was not lying to me. He laughed when I tried to explain it and made some sort of comment about conspiracy theories. So, I pulled up the press release statement so he could read it. He went from laughing to very somber. I asked why…his reply was that the military doesn’t perform exercises on private land. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the exercise.

          Maybe it is a big nothing…maybe it is a huge something. Only time will tell.

          • Military people aren’t the smartest or most informed. They brainwashed into false patriotism and are order followers. Critical thinking is not allowed, only the hive mind borg.

            • Guess you’ve been recruited then!

              • Sorry I was never stupid enough to fall for that shit.

          • Your military friend is full of bullshit.
            Back in ’70 or ’71, I took part in a joint forces training operation on dozens of private property parcels in North Carolina. I was SP4 with 2/325(ABN)Inf, 82nd Airborne out of Ft. Bragg.

            We jumped into a giant corn field, then we had a heavy drop followed by several LAPEs to deliver the Sheridans.
            Belief systems are not evidence.
            Belief systems require that any contradictory evidence MUST be ignored and/or soundly rejected.
            Retired Marine is like saying you retired from GE (General Electric).
            Your buddy might have been a “graves registrar” and the GE dude might have been a janitor.

      12. Not sure I understand this. If foreign investors are holding treasuries and other debt instruments based in dollars, they want to sell them which should depress the price a buyer is willing to pay. In a perfect world for China, it would like to sell its’ treasuries and buy gold on the cheap until it has no more dollars. But if I follow this argument, you’re saying buyers of US dollar denominated debt need to get dollars to buy these assets? But nobody wants these assets! Isn’t this what the FED is doing already? —printing money to buy up these assets that no one wants and whose value is marked to make believe? The FED is buyer of last resort!

        Agree with premise that China, India etc all want to keep price of gold artificially suppressed so less costly to accumulate gold before the dollar dives.

        How come I never see these kinds of articles written by people who have no gold to sell? They are people like Sprott or Maloney who make money when investors buy gold. I am not saying that they are wrong, it’s just that I would like to see other neutral parties making the call, like Paul Craig Roberts.

        Finally, I have concerns about owning paper shares of gold miners because it is even easier for the government to confiscate your paper certificates than it is your physical gold. At a minimum they would levy windfall taxes on your sudden nominal wealth in gold stock due to the demise of the dollar, and probably give a phony reason/ false justification like Nixon gave in 1971, when he closed the gold window to promote stability in dollar. The government would take over all gold mining operations out of reasons of “national security.”

        • If this happens gold mines will be nationalized so why the hell would I buy stocks? Also the author says China needs to have as much gold as the US, Are you kidding me? China has at least 10K tons of gold the US has a big fat 0. None, nada, zilch. It was given away to the fed banks for interest on the debt years ago. If gold is the new currency were fooked. And if you do have some they will outlaw it and try and take it. They will make sure your ass is ground into the dirt as far as possible.

          • agreed. My ass is already dragging the ground, so I don’t have far to go.

            • I just had a laugh at your expense, sixpack, but had to muffle it so people at work won’t think I’m going schizo. That was a funny come-back…

      13. Asking for your opinions:
        Will Obama make a move to stay in office when his term’s up? If so, what will be his excuse or Black Swan?

        • RUMOR is… barry the illegal alien kenyan fairy is going to the u.n. after his zog c.i.a. puppet presidency ends.

          • Who cares where Barry goes? He’s just a face and a voice on MSM. Everything he has “done” has been scripted by others who you all NEVER mention.

            • Disagree. I think Obama’s behind it all. I think his hate for traditional America is so great that he sits alone at night dreaming up ways to damage this country.
              Will he cook up a scheme to remain in office? I don’t know. I give it about a 30% – 40% chance. Some people are convinced he’ll try.

              • No, he sits at night awaitng further instruction.

                • Bob, you are absolutely correct!

              • Obama is just a pawn. The real power is the people who own the Fed. They control the mainstream media and the leadership of both political parties.

                • I can reconcile those two points of view. Yes, Obama is a pawn, but he also hates this country. To execute faithfully the kind of diabolical script he was handed takes someone with a visceral and abiding hatred of the American people.

                  • I don’t think they hate the country but are SO caught up in a tangled web behind the scenes that they have no other option but to obey a greater power. Whatever that may be?

            • KARL ROVE!
              HENRY KISSINGER!
              ROTHSCHILD FAMILY!
              GEORGE SOROS!
              BUSH FAMILY!
              CLINTON FAMILY!
              etc etc

              there i mentioned SOME of them, happy now?

              • You got it, and then some!

              • I’ve heard lots of theories along these lines but I’ve never seen the least bit of proof. It’s more plausible that Obama’s simply a man with evil intentions who has the chance to act on them and is doing so.

                • The proof is not hard to find

                • JoSam, wow ….. just wow… Im so amazed I’m speechless

                • All you have to do is watch him try to talk when the teleprompter fails to provide his words from the puppeteers.

                • Jo-Sam: it’s a combination of both. Obama is a marxist islamonazi who despises everything America stands for (or stood for, before the bankers and politicians sold us to the enemy) but he is is also a puppet and a pawn. What makes him so dangerous is that half the country still approves of this clown, and this plays right into the plans of the sowers of our destruction. So, you are right, and so are Bob and solus.

                • You havnt looked at all for your enemies. Not that hard to see them. Where you getting that koolaid that you filled up on.

              • Proof please.

                • Or is this just another one of those things that everyone knows?

                  • Jo sam you cant be that blind. Whats your game. Who you kidding.

                  • Only people that read and have an IQ over 80 know these things. You will know them by the fruits of their labor. Don’t expect people to give you an education, YOU must do your own work here. Common sense and critical thinking are required. You get an F in critical thinking today. Try harder next time.

                  • JoSam, Here’s what I will do for you. Google search a documentary called “The money masters” It is a good place to start. It is over 3 hours long so it will be a test of your sincereness to learn. A lot of good begining info there. Report back on what you learned or be exposed as a lazy, not worth helping, slacker. Good Luck!

                • The lazy ones ask for proof. Get off your duff and research. Embarrassing to ask for it.

              • LARRY SUMMERS

      14. Shiot felons!..

      15. 5 MORE YEARS!


        • Back up the truck and start buying silver. I had opened up this new checking acct at a credit union. got the debit card. Get this they will only let me with draw no more than $200 a day. Like WTF? Tried to call with a 20 Minute wait to the joint. So I went in the CU and this lady says yeah, for security purposes, for the first 6 months you can only with draw $200 max per day, then after 6 months you can increas it. I said that’s dumb. I need at least a $400 Cash per day with draw. She said there is a lot of hacking going on. I said, so after 6 months, no cards are hacked?? Se how ignorant that policy is.

          People these Banks and Credit Unions are tightening up and not letting us get access to our own damn money. Its my Money and I want it NOW!!! I told the lady well I tell you then what I am going to do, I will take all my money out of your CU and see how that goes. They don’t even pay any interests onit worth much of anything.

          I am going to trade more fiat dollars for more silver and take a bunch of cash out in small amounts and hide it. The Day this scam all collapses and unravels, I will be sitting fat with all my silver and dollars.. I pay cash for everything now so I don’t rack up any debt. Also keep in mind the IRS will just go into your bank and take your money without asking. So if you have any Tax debt..watch out with cash sitting in any bank or institution. Poof Gone!! Same thing with student loan debt..

          Day 41 out in the BOL Jungle. Got my solar and remote internet satellite dish set up off the grid now. Let er’ Rip!! WWTI.

          • There once was an epidemic of people using SS# and opening credit and bank accounts for fraudulent purposes.They put in, say, a $5000 bogus check, then drew out the balance before the bank could verify the funds. Sometimes the bank found the fraud after the check cleared.

            One tactic was to go to ATMs and draw the cash out, so they couldn’t be ID’d by bank tellers. They also went right up to the drive-up windows.

            I agree this daily limit is convenient in these circumstances too, but this was done almost two decades ago.

          • WWTI, What took you so long man?

      16. One world currency might be the end goal.

        • We can be relatively sure of that. Whatever it is, it is part of the plan.

        • Might be is not the word. It IS the goal as they have stated it many, many times.

      17. I’m confused. Honestly. Maybe I should have paid more attention in macro-economics. I know shite will hit somehow, someway, sometime. But if the dollar is devalued and becomes no more and there is a new global currency to take its place, how then is the future price of gold being projected at 5k ‘dollars’ per ounce?

        • This is like me saying I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies next week after I run out of chocolate chips. (Baking analogies would help in any reply explanation, btw.)

          • Isn’t it like saying, I’ll make chocolate chip cookies, but you’ll have to eat butterscotch chips because we’re all out of chocolate. As a result, chocolate chip cookies will have butterscotch chips from now on, like it or not…BTW, the price has changed due to the value of the new chips. You may have paid for a dozen, but you’ll only be receiving 8.

        • Impossible to say. But I’d rather go through the certain time of turmoil with some gold/silver than without it.

          • Without a doubt.

        • Cabingirl-

          Think of it this way:

          what ONE ounce of Gold will purchase RIGHT NOW at 1180 ….

          ONE ounce of gold will purchase the same amount of goods when it is “5000 dollars”

          Do not look at gold as priced in dollars. Think of it in terms of how much food it will buy you NOW, then get your head wrapped around the fact that it will buy you the same amount of food no matter the price.

          So gold goes sky high, as will everything else ( if it shot THAT high) but will always purchase the same amount of food, more or less.

          Understand better now?

          • Okay, that helps alot. Thanks.

        • It will be 5K in dollars before the new currency is implemented then dollars will cease to be.

          • They will give us new pieces of paper that are still called dollars.

        • Cabin Girl: There will not be a new global currency to take the place of the dollar without nuclear war, emp, Yellowstone, or pole shift.

          The global elite hold their wealth in dollars and euros. Neither is going away. Fear porn to support the price of gold and other metals for the Metal Barons.

          That said, everyone should own some gold and silver, after your preps are in, according to your ability to buy. Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead.

          They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes. 🙁

      18. Reset EVERYTHING – right NOW!

      19. These people in the central banks know there is a massive amount of death and destruction coming throughout the world. They helped engineer this to the glory of their fallen master satan.

        Never forget the names of the members of the following organizations. These are the people who must be brought to justice. They hate America and have actively done everything in their power to destroy America.

        1). The Business Roundtable, 2). the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC), 3). the Federal Reserve, 4). and of course the Rothschild family.

      20. Obummer is staying no matter what he’s the puppet of the elites republicans have not done a thing to make moves against him. They want the immigrants here too for cheap labor so they can drive down wages. Nothing surprises me anymore when I turn on tv. Hoard and hide shit folks they are coming for it slowly. If it’s not in your possession it’s not yours has never been more true.

      21. We need a HARD reset.


          • Format C: enter. Control/alt/delete in 2016 won’t cut it and hasn’t since 63. We are all patsies now.

        • Some thoughts of mine from a posting about 2 years ago….on another forum. Basically, a hard reset will not work. We need to wipe / reinstall the operating system.

          The United States is like a computer that is infected with multiple viruses and malware. We have been downloading and installing (electing) infected software (unverified politicians) for years and years. The level of infection is so bad that future stability and reliability of the computer, as a whole, has been compromised. We could crash at any moment.

          It’s decision time!!!!!!!

          Option 1: We can attempt to clean the viruses one at a time (petitioning, recalls, etc), but it’s unlikely this approach will completely clean the system. Many of the viruses operate in stealth (federal reserve) and we don’t know their true intent until it’s too late. This approach may also trigger a virus to lock us out of the system (targeted killing).

          Option 2: Wipe the hard drive, re-install the operating system (constitutional government), and make sure we have updated anti-virus software (we the people) to help detect bad software before it gets installed. We also refrain from installing bloatware and video games (DHS, TSA, FDA, entitlements, etc.) to ensure the system operates at maximum performance.

          History has proven that option 2 works (1776), but we must take caution not wipe the disk unless we are certain the operating system is available to install.

      22. HI there. My name is Keith. I want to sell you gold and silver. Do you know what perilous times we live in? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

        Does anyone else see that he is not exactly a disinterested source? An intelligent outsider to our mindset here, someone accustomed to scientific or legal standards of proof, would be correct in asking, “Where’s the evidence?”

        The sky is falling bloggers, quoting each other, no more proves a proposition than the Holy Father saying the Sun revolves around the Earth proves it. That large numbers of people are pleased to believe it doesn’t prove it either.

        Money is what the free market recognizes as a medium of exchange. It could be salt, beaver pelts, iron nuggets, or anything. Currency is what your local nest of thieves, backed up by a large number of armed thugs, says it is.

        Who cares what they say currency will be if you have thought this question through for yourself and acted on your conclusions?

        Somebody with a vested interest in keeping you frightened so he can sell you stuff ISN’T an impartial source.

        • You must not understand precious metals. The people who sell them for a living believe in them. The rest of the world will be going to a gold-backed currency. The US has no gold. It will be next to impossible for much of the US economy to function because so much of our industry uses some parts made in foreign countries.

          • BarnCat. People who deal in gold and silver make their money off the sread commission from the buy price and their markup. They make the same amount of money regardless of what the price is, buying or selling. How many sales people out there right now sell shit they do not believe in. That is about 75% of the market. You look at Gold and silver as a hedge on your net worth if there is a collapse. You also could go buy some cheap land right now with a thousand trees on it and resources. there are still many great investments out there besides gold and silver, but they are good investments overall, just due to all the world uncertainty and power hungry, pyro, psychopaths running the show and government. Diversify if you can in multiple investments. Paying off all debt is a great investment. Silver has many uses. More than Gold.

          • BC now I’m really confused. You say the people who sell PM really believe in them? I know you can’t hear me scratching my head, but why do they give me their PM’s that they believe in and take my fiat currency that they say is no good? Boy one of us is really going to be in a heap of trouble if the SHTF right in the middle of our transaction. Trekker Out.

            • Because they’re not selling out of their personal stash. They are simply making a few buck by being the middleman.

              Look at it this way: They are trying to increase their stash, but getting you to increase yours.

      23. I agree with all of you.

      24. testing

      25. The US has no gold. Fort Knox is empty.

      26. What will this do to the price of silver? The rule usually is gold is 16 times the price of silver. So if gold is 5 thousand an ounce, does that mean silver will probably go to $300 an ounce? I hope so. $$$$$$$$$$$$

        • It should go up more because it is more useful than gold, it is actually used up and unrecoverable in some uses (such as Biogard socks), and is becoming scarcer.

          • Also I have read many times the above ground supply of silver is less than the above ground supply of gold. Silver is used in thousands of applications, many of which the metal is not recovered. Silver is mostly a byproduct of copper mining, not a lot of silver only mines. Historically a 16 to 1 ratio with gold, it is extremely undervalued.

        • Historically, the ratio of silver to gold has been 16 to 1 because that has been the ratio of these metals found naturally in the earth.

          In recent history the investment ratio has changed to about 50 to 1, gold to silver, based upon the suppression of silver prices due to its many industrial uses.

          Given the advances in technology, and the loss of silver as a cheap industrial metal (by substitution) the ratio could fall much lower, say 100 to 1, gold to silver; or it could resume its historical value of 16 to 1.

          Thus my advice to speculate with silver. 🙂

      27. Perhaps I am missing something and if I am, someone please explain it to me ? Even if I then feel stupid, I’d rather understand how it could cause the dollar to rise when country’s and big financial firms sell their dollar denominated debt and then, according to the article, buy local debt ( I assume denominated in a different currency unit ). If there are more sellers of something than there are buyers, the price goes down. If they are selling ( implied dumping ) their Dollar denominated debt; someone has to be buying it. But then the value of it should plummet because more are selling than buying and therefore, they would get “less” dollars for their debt ( I assume US Treasuries )and would be able to buy less of the replacement investment.. maybe I’m the dim bulb tonight.. but that don’t make no sense ( or cents ).

        • Not much in this world makes sense anymore. Massive, beyond our wildest dreams manipulation is all I can think of. You’re right, the supply/demand model doesn’t fit with this. And you’re not the dim bulb. I’m still sitting here trying to figure out how they future value gold in dollars when dollars aren’t going to exist anymore.

        • @ oUCHE … it’s the exchange rate that refers the USD to be strong, but the price of goods (inflation) shows the USD is loosing value. Additionally, the Fed is printing money (more inflation) to purchase the T-Bills from other countries to keep the exchange rate high… and countries are purchasing tangible assets (land, metals, etc.) with the paper dollars.

          • Inflation is in every currency, the dollar is just the highest turd in the toilet.

            • Shit tastes like shit!

        • debt = control

          the zog amerika debt you both speak up is being ‘bought up’ absorbed by brussels belgium banking consortium’s – IMF

          The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.

          which is backed by the multiple times over trillionaire zio-jew banker family rothschild!

        • People have needed to purchase dollars to pay back their hedges or bad bets, because they bet the dollar was going to go down and it went up instead. So they are selling everything else for dollars and dollars go up in value, while everythng else goes down. When the music stops, then dollars go into reverse, and other currencies will go up. That’s what they are thinking anyway.

          I would be careful to put too much into any one thing. I consider gold and silver as a hedge on my paper assets. I also traded some paper assets for real property and tools and equipment that will be worth much more to people trying to survive or start fresh. Even rental property is better because we can change the rental agreement to match better the economic conditions…just need to be careful and make SOME profit in any case.

          If the SHTF for real, it wont be for years, it will probably be for months or even weeks. So I have firearms, bullets and months of preps and lots of tools to be able to start new or grow my own. I have a garden, have friends, have land, have tradeable skills and tradeable goods. We will band together and do what is needed.
          “Either we will hang together or be hung separately”.

          The reason I am sure of the months and weeks thing is that I have seen what Americans can do when it is life or death. If the grid went down and the transformers were fried, we could rebuild and repair them in months…not years. I am with one of the multinationals and we plant thousands of energy grid systems around the world, iot is not rocket science, just big heavy equpment. Most if not all of it will only reuqire repairs, drain the oil, grab the damaged parts, repair or replace them, re-install, working out from the main station, around the stations will be abck on line in weeks, the outer burbs in a few months MAX. Just think if millions were working togtether to restore electricity, it would not take long. Yes many would die from heat/cold, but it would not be more than a small percent, people would work together more than this site proposes. That is our greatest strength. No matter those who try and divide and conquer us.

          • Very nice outlook. I pray you’re right. I too have faith in honest, hard working men and women.

      28. Could we all have been scammed or lied to? I know yes, lied to, but I’ve been reading for the last 7 years get ready. A lot I read sounds like made up stuff just to scare you. I know things are bad and getting worst. I know we are in for some bad times. Some of this stuff is like reading a horror book. There are weir people who don’t have a job and put scary stuff out all day. I know the greed are getting all they can.

      29. Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you. James 5: 1-6

      30. I wasn’t paying attention to this in 2008, but how much of that fall out was predicted? How many ” conspiracy theory’s” came true on that fall? I’m not implying that a fall isn’t going to happen, but I’m just wondering how many similarities there are?

        I see it as, war in the Middle East, crash of oil production in the region, huge push for US domestic. Just seems there is WAY to much money invested in drilling technology in North America to let it all go t waste.

        Yes, I now work in the drilling industry.

        • Remember that the private oil drilling industry is small potatoes, when it comes to the plan of world dominance. Only the multi-national corporations/conglomerates are scheduled to remain in business. That’s why your company’s comparatively small investments will not matter in the end.

          Not to the globalists, who could buy your company many times over…out of their lunch money.

          • Food for thought! Thanks sixpack.

      31. Things make much more sense if you figure the prices of everything -commodities, currencies, metals, goods- in terms of the man hours of labor at average labor wages it takes to purchase them instead of arbitrary and manipulable paper figures.

        That’s where inflation, deflation, and true value will show themselves in real terms.

        All “money” is labor, either performed and stored as the output of its performance or promised future labor and the output of that future labor.

        Wealth is the result of labor that has been added to the natural resources of the earth to produce things of real and enduring value, this does not include promissory labor that may or may not be performed and may or may not equal the produced products promised.

        • Sharon, what your saying is out of my pay grade, but I believe in theory what your saying is true, but this all goes by the way side when you have “Printing Presses Gone Wild”. Trekker Out.

      32. Ok. I come to this site a few times a week in my normal government approved website rotation that google and bing search results allow me to find. Thus allowing me the illusion that the internet is still a free place of free text.
        Here is my gripe. This site has GREAT content that matters..such as bullet proofing your home..well perhaps not so much because the content telling you how to do so is lack luster. BUT
        There is an article saying the economy is going to collapse every week on this site..and that buying gold is the solution. Did not hewbrew men get offed in the 15 hundred in Italy en mass when they customers found that said bankers had used the deposits of gold things to lavish their own lives with? And thats not different from today? I…break WIND.

        This great site says there is a collapse coming that will be the end of all ends. Its complete crud on your shoe! if you listen to it.

        The economy and your fake money may dip in value but thats because you did not play the shell game of THEIRS.

        Jobs will always be…Beee. That doesn’t mean you will be able to apply your skill set to SAID JOB. Illegals will replace you. Occidental men has allowed themselves to be taken by iberian related sub cultures.

        The only ..ONLY road out for the occidental proto European is to apply our natural arts. The Arts that Drove Romans screaming for their lives back to their mustached women.

        What we don’t need is more fear even IF you are a mustached woman..we need calm and action and direction.
        The Economy could fall apart..that still does nothing to the actual resources that our lands hold. Your water will be rationed.


        What your blended won’t work? What you will have to provide your own protection?…..arms.

        I can say this right now. I don’t have a smart phone do you?
        If a collapse comes be a man call yourself and wake up.

        • If you deposit your gold into ZOG banks then P.T. Barnum was right …a sucker is born every minute.
          So… Hewbrews (Hebrews?) in 1500s Italy were killed because they stole their depositors’ money (Gold). Well…they had a thing called Justice in 1500.
          Today, Jews steal TRILLIONS and there are no criminal charges.

      33. Anybody with any large amounts of physical gold are going to be executed and gold confiscated after SHTF. It will be a top priority of the ‘new’ government. They will never allow a challenge to their new currency and gold is exactly that. Don’t waste resources on gold, buy food, water, guns, ammo and preps…these will be worth more.

        • Fallen Ascension

          Copy that, but you better be able to hide them also. The government will confiscate your preps right along with your gold and silver. I’m selling my last 1904 $20 liberty head gold piece today. I need as much of the worthless dollars as I can get for the move to Montana.

        • It’s far easier to carry, say, a hundred ounces of gold with you if you’re forced to evacuate than it is many tons of supplies.

          History has demonstrated this many times over, and trying to claim you won’t be evacuated just means you will be willing to die in place if there is a natural catastrophic event, war, etc. so consider this in your planning.

          Balanced planning for all contingencies is important, an all your eggs in one basket sort of thing.

          • Sharon, True it is easier to carry but, wherever your going there had better be people there with supplies they are willing to trade for gold. If supplies are extremely limited you may not have much luck getting what you need. 98% of the people don’t have shit and will hoard what they do have until they run out. I believe in having metals but only after you have a good supply of preps. I see metals as a way to bribe enforcers or as barter once a black market emerges. You must be very careful dealing in a black market because it could be a govt. sting operation and once you show your stuff they will kill you and take it. Or criminals will follow you home and raid you. My best advice would be to pre position preps along your way to wherever your going and have a good supply at your bol.

        • They will kill you for anything they want. Even if you disagree with them.

          • lol…ain’t it the truth, slingshot.

            • Buy 1/10 oz. gold coins in a plastic tube. Tape the lid on good and kiester it!

      34. God entertains himself by imagining that he is many individuals.

      35. But we need the fiat $USD to shoot up so we can tell people in Europe that its not our fault that their living standard has crashed but then after that we need the $UDS to crash and blame the decline in living standards for americans as all being Europes fault.

        You cannot fleece the sheep in a static market

        • The living standard in Europe etc is shit because for the most part they are socialist,,,
          Why be productive when someone else can produce and finance for you!

          • A lot of people in Europe seem like they are “socialist” but in fact have just become welfare parasites because they are tired of a system that taxes too high and then spends the money as they like without asking the people.

            Immigrants started milking the system and when the governments did not listen to peoples views they decided to play the same game and now we have a place called Europe that in a big mess

      36. Since I work in financial services I can honestly say I have no earthly confidence in this reset..its obvious that the assets are being put into place, not financial assets, I mean military assets. Like what economist V was told by the 4 star general that assets will be put into place as in weapons, tanks, mraps, jihadist., foreign fighters ms 13, .thousands of them, drones and that the 4 star general told him that this is to force in the North Mexican Union on us by September 2015..Since I saw the blood moon with my own two eyes this past weekend, we have the super blood moon coming on this September. Since China just executed over 200 of its citizens with machine gun fire recently,in a stadium for the citizens to watch live to teach them a lesson, and the fact that a governor in one state just legalized the use of a guillotine, and the fact that another governor just legalized the use of firing squads in Utah. Its looking like the Chinese are working with their partners, the US government in getting things ready to really teach us Americans a real lesson about disobedience toward your slave masters..all I can say is to certainly follow the advice of Dr Jim Garrow. Garrow says to follow the recommended advice of preppers on these sites, get the things that’s they recommend, arm your selves to the teeth, and get ready for war..he had mentioned that the Chinese are here by the thousands, 350,000 of them, to literally come out and kill us. All in a sudden it’s Jade helm 15, and all this military equipment is rolling in just in time exactly like what economist V told us
        See utube and type on economist V 4 star general and listen to that audio. This will help you understand why we have jade helm 15, it’s all adding up..

        And I have been noticing even these two muscular Russians at my gym recently..glad I took the shtf course. Also I recommend failure of civility..this will let lose bladder control and literally crap your pants..Order the book, find a toilet sit back and read. You will get the jist of it..

      37. Well there’s seasonal reset occurring right now and deals are being made between me and the suppliers for garden tone, lime,peat, composted manure,…

        Hardware is also increasing with purchases of new chainsaw,rebar,fencing, and wire..

        Yes… there’s preparation of war between me ,the elements, and all those invaders(rabbits,groundhogs,and flying pests) who dare cross my sovereign borders and pillage the fruits of my labor..

        As far as moneychangers and foreign nationals, well they’re already here…and I pay them no mind..

        Enjoy the day


        • Love it Possee
          Now thats my kind of battle!
          Mine at the moment is trying to time digging up my volunteer potatoes,,,

      38. FYI: MSM presstitute lies about the Houthis and Iranian boogieman

        “The Houthis and their allies are absolutely opposed to both ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which
        operate primarily in southern Yemen. They accuse ISIS and Al-Qaeda of secretly being agents of the US and Israel.”

        “The Houthis amassed weapons from the Sa’ada wars and from open markets where weapons are sold. Some pro-Houthi military leaders help the Houthis and provide weapons for them,” he told the Yemen Times.

        Ali Al-Bukhaiti, the spokesperson for the Houthis, said the Iran narrative was created by the ousted regime and subsequently adopted by the U.S. and the

        “The former regime aimed to extort and get international and regional support using the claims of ‘Iranian assistance’ as a scarecrow,” he said.

        Additionally, a Wikileaks cable from 2009 cites Mohammed Naji Al-Shaif, a tribal leader closely associated to Saleh and his
        regime. The leaked cable states the Saudis believe Saleh exaggerated Iranian support for the Houthis to get Saudi support
        for wars against the rebels in Sa’ada, a governorate in northern Yemen. The corporate media has characterized the revolt in the province against the central
        government as a Shia insurgency.


      39. Most of you here sound like a bunch of ignorant dumbasses.

        • probably music to your ears eh?

      40. bulldog: If we sound like ignorant dumbasses then it’s your ears causing the trouble. Q-tips work wonders. Next year, space your government vaccinations further apart. thanks

      41. I keep hearing about useless dollars but everybody still wants them. I don’t think confidence in the dollar has fallen people want them more than ever before. I’m not denying the globalists plans to rule the planet. To me it really looks that leaders don’t know what they are doing. Of course that’s the plan to make themselves appear to just be poor at leadership but they will not leave the agenda they have planned. Not even to find middle ground. They don’t want a slowdown in progress as they call it. The biggest problem is instability and it’s due to uncertainty of jobs increase in cost of living stagnant wages. They should crash the system ASAP but instead we just keep declining slowly every day. If we crash quickly we can rebuild right away. Slow decline just makes more uncertainty beats worker morale down. Like I said I really don’t think they know what the hell they are doing. Just on a corporate level I’ve seen some just stupid decisions that put the company in a tougher situation. We all know corporations are owned by banks. The managers I’ve seen just keep getting worst. How much bullshit can a manager take before he decides it’s just not worth the$.

      42. The coming financial rest:
        isn’t that what al of us Preppers here have been doing?
        They are going to have a money reset. You can’t eat money. Money talks and bullshit walks. I have a feeling that we just might be better off than we think.

        • RESET not rest

      43. Ironic how the article implies gold will be $5000 an ounce, the dollar will be worthless, but you can invest in gold with the author and his buddy at the mining company. Nice try Newwww-man.

        • He deserves it for going long during these past few decades of paper pricing. When the gold dust settles after the consequences of QE setting in, I think he is about a zero short on that price.

      44. Any real reset would begin with a true accounting of the Kennedy assassination. Anything less is simply surrender. We need truth in order to properly utilize knowledge. But with truth as scarce as integrity Mankind now rises to its own level of incompetence. And will get what it deserves with history again written by the winners. “Den of Thieves, a Memoir of Western Banking Practices Since the Napoleonic Wars”. A future must read that will be printed in China, preamble by V. Putin. I’ll bet Putin’s own book of memoirs will set new sales records and be placed in the non fiction section of the book store. Want to guess what section Obama’s memoirs will be found? In the recycle bin on top of “Failed States, Empires That Have Turned Into Sand”.

      45. I’m really scared. When it all goes under all the idiots will be stealing shit, black men will be raping us all and Democrats will be trying to divide us on ownership of preps.

        What should I do? I live in a large city and in fear of what the blacks will do, they are really nasty now!

        God bless you all and god bless America:)

        • Self defense, hand gun? Good but not the end all,
          One option that many overlook is pepper spray, get a good stash of even the small canisters, could be a lifesaver,
          If you are like most you live where you do because of work or school, and moving isnt really an option, but maybe you have friends that are not in the city but are close by, or family? Definitely start seeking out others with a clue, its not easy, but if it means enough you will do it, lots of difficult choices coming, check out Organic Prepper, Daisy has a few different sites, all good info, Survivalblog as well, and Ready Nutrition,
          The good thing is that you are aware that things are not right, that is the first step

        • Something else to keep in mind, skin color does not determin good or bad, theres plenty of white trash out there as well,

        • 1. attend a woman’s self defense class
          2. attend a gun safety course
          3. buy a .38 +p special snub nose revolver , tazer, mace , wasp spray and 6 inch boot knife dagger – learn to use them.
          4. get a dog
          5. avoid travel at night and dark isolated paths.
          6. avoid bus stops and public transport.
          7. get a safety buddy.
          8. reinforce your homes doors and windows locks, install burglar grates over windows and door glass, install locking exterior security doors. katy bar exterior doors.
          9. install home alarm system, with visible and hidden camera’s. post security system warning signs.
          10. install exterior lights with emergency battery backup.
          11. turn bathroom into a safe room with solid oak door, emergency phone, panic alarm, few cans of mace and deadbolt lock on door.
          12. start a neighborhood crime watch program.
          13. have a safe escape plan and route from the city , avoiding the bad high crime neighborhoods and roads that go through them.

          last is ‘walk strong, don’t show any fear or weakness’ ‘never stop fighting’ – ‘fight back!’ a predator only respects one thing ‘violent force’!

          • Thank you to Kulafarmer and Solus Lumpus.

            You’ve both given me lots of ideas for my safety. I’m pleased you can understand my concerns and I know it isn’t all down to race – I just have more of a fear of gangs of black men more.

            I can’t move because of my Mom, who isn’t well in health but is in spirit!!

            Thanks guys

            God bless X

      46. wanna know how people are gonna behave WTSHTF ?

        Chaos At Sacramento’s World Record Egg Hunt Attempt

        htt p://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2015/04/04/chaos-at-sacramentos-world-record-egg-hunt-attempt/

        how are they behaving now ?

        ““There was no organization at all, they all trampled each other. Little two and three year olds were crying. The parents were scooping up all of the eggs for their kids and it was horrible,” said mother Tessa Moon.”

        and this was a freakin’ Easter egg hunt for crying out loud

      47. “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”
        Rev 13

        “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
        Winston Churchill

      48. “NASA is warning that there’s a 12 percent chance an extreme solar storm will hit Earth in the next decade, sending out massive shock waves that would knock out grids across the world. The economic impact of this doomsday scenario could exceed $2 trillion — or 20 times the cost of Hurricane Katrina, according to the National Academy of Sciences. NASA first made this warning in 2009, when a study it funded detailed what might happen to our high-tech society in the event of a super solar flare — essentially the equivalent of bad space weather. An extreme geomagnetic storm would follow, melting copper windings of transformers at the heart of many power distribution centers.”

        htt ps://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/new-film-highlights-nasas-warning-of-a-potential-solar-armageddon-that-knocks-out-power-grids-across-the-globe/

      49. than everything you thought turns out wrong , when a gang of Guatemalan war lord drug money financed army walks in your front door and blows your shit up

        whats next?

        you’ll never see it coming , and thats the only thing thats fer sure

      50. yeah, I can see that scenario play out… I was born into a DP Camp lifestyle over in west Germany many years ago… I expect that kind of gulag experience in my latter days too… underground economy/black-markets, best to have friends & associates on both sides of the economic divide~~~bikers and lawyers, pagans and Christians, best learn the NWO mindset & language much like the many german citizens who feigned the hitler salute

      51. Susan I feel your pain I used to live in the city and the blacks are hostile towards whites. My wife was in a kmart store and she was in line to make a purchase there was a black woman behind her. The register opened next lane over so the girl says I can help you to my wife well the black lady didn’t like that too much and said why does she get to go first because she’s white my wife has blond hair blue eyes. The cashier said to the black lady she was next in line. My wife came home and told me I laughed. An angry black woman thought she was getting cheated by a white woman. How stupid . It’s hard to believe but there are hard working educated decent black folks. But they do not want to be living in the city either. I take it you are white and I totally understand your fear of being raped by a black man. I would try to move away to the suburbs or where mostly white folks live. My wife tells me how black men try to hit on her hell I don’t blame them but she don’t like it either. I can imagine what you are going through. You should get a buddy bar to put on your door at night so your not a home invasion victim. It makes it damn near impossible to kick a door in. Get a pistol and keep it next to your bed at night. If anyone gets into your apt do not hesitate to kill them. Black men can be very strong and could overpower you and take your gun from you. Never shoot anyone In the back that looks bad in court like you were out to kill someone running away. I’m not trying to scare you but you have to keep your self safe. Look at it like this if you kill one that’s one less to hurt others. They won’t get out of the grave like they can jail.

      52. People the attitude that $ can do anything is false. Sure it makes life a lot less stressful the more you have. When everybody is in the same boat come shtf the labor needed to run a garden and all the other homestead chores is gonna be more than most can handle. Of course they will try to pay$ to get things done. But I don’t know about you but I got enough of my own chores to do so I’m not gonna do anybody’s shit for them. My point being the overweight out of shape people are not gonna slave in the garden in hot sun. They will wish they didn’t let this current gravy drive up life rule them. Being lazy and always taking short cuts is not the way to do things.

      53. Going to do my gardening at night. ;0)

        On Easter the Fire Rescue near my home, rolled out 5 times. Ones I heard. Man shot at Easter gathering and last night early morning gunfire.

        Do you people get it, yet? Are you ready?

        • Take care dear slingshot. Dear friend.

      54. Murders here seems every other day at least sling shit. I have to admit I live in a nice area with all one family houses. But down city at night is fucking totally unbearable. I had a job delivering heating oil a few years back and lemme tell ya most of the houses on the south side have bullet holes in the exterior walls. Here I am the only white guy around I hated going down there when I did I’d hurry the fuck up to get out of there. That’s the biggest problem being a truck driver. Your driving around with a trailer full of flat screen TVs or whatever that thieves want. Your always on the lookout wondering if someone dropped the dime on you to the criminal element. Scary shit my boss told me to run mutherfuckers over if they come at me. I gotta say when I was younger it was fun fucking around. But now I have kids. I can’t get plugged for a load man. When the desperation sets in on people being a driver might not be for me anymore. Im fortunate to be well versed in the streets. I know some folks are not and damn right shit can be scary because it gets ugly fast. It’s definetly gotten worst in the intercity areas.

      55. As far as self defense, and shooting the bastard in the back. Would rather be “tried by 12, than carried by 6”.
        If u dont shoot him in the back today, you’ll be facing his front side again tomorrow.

        Gold vs silver.? The only reason silver has many more uses (industrial especially) than gold, is that it is much cheaper to buy. In electronics, silver is almost always used, but they would absolutely use gold instead, because it has less electrical resistance than silver.
        If you had to evacuate quickly, with limited carrying capacity, then gold is king. I can carry (50) one ounce gold coins in my pocket, worth $60,000. Try carrying $60k worth of silver…thats almost 200 lbs worth.!!! just saying.

      56. Hey, Grandpa, I agree, but what about facing the truth re 9/11?

      57. Went to the bank today to deposit cash into my business account…cash. it’s like some dirty word now. Anywway, the teller then asked me to update all my contact information including my cell number. I have changed my cell number since opening the account, but would not give them the new number. what the heck? It was all so weird and I can’t help it, but I trust no one. Too many strange things happening…

      58. “governments are now getting rid of their U.S. debt and converting all the debt to local debt… that’s causing a huge demand for dollars in order to make that conversion”

        So, who’s buying the debt?

      59. that was the illuminati plan all along to put the world into perpetual debt that is impossible to pay of causing indentured slavery

      60. Certainly been getting the feeling that the next correction will be significantly painful. Have watched as inflated stocks have gotten more and more inflated on relatively normal fundamentals.

        Let’s hope that the correction is less than anticipated. It will certainly be interesting to see if the correction starts when China = US in gold.

      61. The author of this article really needs to start reading Martin Armstrong.

      62. The global currency reset has already been agreed. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Alternative+to+WWIII.pdf The network of global corporate control that has contributed to the state capture at the Bretton Woods institutions, and thinks it can engineer the fall of the United States by an engineered crash of the Federal Reserve Note did not count on the power transition model, which has predicted a coalition for the rule of law that is 90-95% likely to prevail. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf

      63. So, for a dabbling pepper and loyal patriot, what is your take on me still contributing to my works 401k?
        Better to not and buy bullets/supplies instead?
        Thanks for bringing the message down to an everyday level.

      64. The Global Currency Reset is very real, but you are not going to be able to describe it without taking the Global Debt Facility into account. That is a trust established at the end of WWII containing the world’s monetary gold reserves, which is administered by the Bretton Woods institutions. Here is a description of the Global Currency Reset: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter4.25.15.1.pdf
        The chances it comes to pass exactly this way are 90-95%, as predicted by this power transition model that comes from the US Department of Defense: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf

        Where do we stand on getting this implemented? https://t.co/xjOOFgwlUg

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