A First: Fully Armed Chinese Missile Frigate Spotted Off Libyan Coast

by | Mar 21, 2011 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Though China abstained from a UN Security Council vote authorizing a no-fly-zone in Libya, and are not among the 16 nation coalition involved in Operation Odyssey Dawn, for the first time in modern day naval history, a Chinese warship sailed in the Mediterranean Sea. The 4000 ton Xuzhou missile frigate sailed to Libya after having been deployed of the coast of Yemen, on the other side of the Red Sea, a few days ago.

    The missile frigate’s role is not exactly clear, but based on China’s position thus far it is not likely that the ship is part of the US, UK and French led attack. The People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s newspaper, earlier pointed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and criticized the US for launching a third attack “on a sovereign nation,” so the chances that China is providing assistance are slim. While China may be flexing some of its military might, they are more than likely in the area strictly to observe operations – for the time being.


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      1. Comments….. More timely information from shtfplan.  Good job, Mac.

      2. China is rapidly becoming a full-fledged superpower with the ability to field stealth fighters, sink American carriers, a huge manufacturing base, and a colossal ground force.  Anyone not paying attention to China is an idiot.

        • I agreed

      3. Thx PCA.

        Jonny, you’re absolutely right. This is happening right now, not 10 or 20 years from now. There cannot be two super powers… maybe temporarily during the transition phase… but there can be only one…

        The Chinese are not messing around… 1.3 billion people over there need to eat, need access to clean water, and need energy supplies. Plus, they’re owed a lot of money + vig, and sooner or later they are gonna collect.

      4. It would be a mistake to think they are fielding substandard gear.  Nothing like a nice shakedown cruise.

      5. China is for real, no doubt. They still have a long ways to go before they can compete with US militarily. WE have nothing to fear. If you are one of 150 million Russians sitting on 1/7th of the the virgin earth with all of its resources, you should fear.
        If you are a Mongolian sitting on all of those untapped oil, gas, coal, and minerals, you should fear.
        If you are Viet Namese, Cambodian, or Thai sitting on all of that rice growing land and wanting to compete for the lowest cost of labor, you should fear.
        If you are American buying Chinese products through Wal Mart, no sweat. What’s on sale today?

      6. Recently America is giving India most of your jobs, no jobs in America how are we going to earn a living? 

        Living off the credit card or borrow money from the Fed?  You should be worried. 

        When you go shopping you will see how many products and clothes are filling the market which are made in Bangladesh /India. 

        The mainstream media are blaming all these crises for the reasons America’s economy is falling.  Giving jobs away or sending companies overseas couple months ago are not the reasons?

      7. So, who are the “Bad Guys” in the Mediterranean Sea sailing off the coast of Libya?

      8. that’s right boys… rally ’round the flag.
        Don’t let those ‘chinks’ get any ideas about OUR oil.
        God Bless America, John Wayne & Apple Pie.
        Mean while Wall St and the Big Western Banks are licking their chops thinking how lucrative a world war would be and how it would thin out the ranks of useless ‘eaters’ who were stupid enough to reelect the bought off incumbents that led them into this.
        Nevertheless, ya’ll lube up your arsenals sylvester stallone stlye and imagine yourselves in the bush out foxing chinese creditors looking to collect their debts.

      9. DK, I agree.  China and Russia are not ready to fight back even though their interests in the Middle East are being hurt. 

        China and Russia are very surprised about there being “one revolution after another. 

        Indeed China and Russia have slowed down the One World Government. 

        And they were busy taking care of Gadhafi, I guess The American Union Revolution aka Second (2nd) Revolution just have to wait a little while longer; but it already started in Wisconsin and will spread like a fire when the elites have taken care of the immediately world problems.

      10. There has been an unusual large amount of of small wooden sticks floating in the Med lately.  The UN is unsure what to make of the floating objects.  Items have been collected and will be analyzed for origin to understand what they are.

        Nobody gets through the ditch or the straits off Djibouti without being noticed.  Their learning curve to operate a fully functional aircraft carrier in the future will be immense with many mistakes like Russia that gave up.  Even more so than a submarine.  Ballet anyone.  What port calls or light oil refuel?

      11. China will fall under its own weight, you can’t continue grow on the backs of low wage workers forever….

        The one world government is a joke, ego and sovereignity will always prevail.

      12. @Siamslim – China won’t fall, wtf are you talking about? I love how some of these frequent fliers make these stupid comments. China can take what they want, when they want, any time they want. Ultimately I believe they will exercise their power, currently they are just watching and learning. We are spread so thin at the moment chasing the oil tail that we couldn’t respond to much of anything.

      13. I agree with Durrango Kidd on this one. China is similar to what America was back in the late 1890s early 1900s. It is a strong power but not yet ready to enter the world scene. China’s military still needs reform and does not stand a chance against a western power in a battlefield outside its borders. China will assert its power but it is not now. Give them 20-25 years and they can be a superpower. China’s military is to defend the mainland and also to wage war against its neighbors. When China needs the energy it needs it will invade its neighbors. China sees itself first dominating Asia. So expect if there is domestic problems in any of its neighbors (except japan and South Korea) and invade them. I am not worried about them but if I was in Vietnam I would be.
        China also has a alot of problems. First it needs economic reform. Communism and socialism are economic failures. China has a real estate bubble that is hundred times worse then our bubble. The ghost cities in China reflect this.  They printed and spent alot of cash back in 09 and 2010 to bring up their economy. China is all hype,they a have 1 billion people for christ sakes! If only ten percent of them are unemployed you 100 million folks with out a job and this could start a revolt. China will ultimately fall on its weight and descend into civil war again. Also their government are filled with paranoid men and women who fear their own people and crush all dissent. That is not good for China. If China wants to be a superpower like us they need economical,political,and military reforms now. I used to believe China could become the next superpower but with the problems they have I do not see it happening for them. China is overhyped.

      14. Sure…they too, want a piece of the pie. It’s obvious that this is no tour cruising, The Chinese is worried that all other vultures get all the oil they can get and they (the Reds) get none! Therefore, they want to make a little mark in that territory. It’s amazing what the oil can do to those beasts! I am seeing a new nasty war over there, but a war between many nations which will exclude the Arab and African ones. The war between vultures!

      15. They are studying our military tactics because once Obama has weakened us enough they intend to attack and take back Taiwan.  If we attempt to defend Taiwan they will attack us.   

      16. Maybe their just lost…….

      17. @Scott -  Yes, China will rise briefly and fall.  I don’t know any country that envies China’s goverment, lifestyles, people, etc.  Are people dying to become Chinese citizens lately or ever….?

        When people dream of immigrating to China…..then and only then is “Game Over”.

        To Achieve true leadership and greatness….one must be the envy of the world across the board.   We once had that here in the USA and will again….

      18. Right now, I wouldn’t fear China as a threat alone.  But, combined with all our other problems, and other world strife, could certainly help make us miserable.  They have enough weight, and enough need/hunger/desire to make them a significant catalyst should they choose to take action.

      19. China(yellow race) will rid Constantinople from the Turks and give it back to the Greeks(Prophecies of saints and prophets). Cina will be a major player in the upcoming war in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Ridding these countries from evil Islamists.

      20. I’ve seen the Bosphorus Bridge JimNYC.  You are way out there.

      21. “When people dream of immigrating to China…..then and only then is “Game Over”.”
        Well I guess it’s game over then, cuz MANY Americans and Europeans are already living/working in China and it looks to be an trend that is increasing.

      22. Is nothing to worry about a 4000 ton Frigate, but behind is a Paper Tiger with Thermonuclear Teeth …

      23. while the clowns of the u.s senate are constantly fighting against each other and slowly but surely bankrupting their country,the chinese will be able to eat them for brekfast with all  their allies/stooges within 10-15 years and they will still be a country with the lowest debt in the world.

      24. Hey JimNYC, it’s interesting you would say that about the prophecy of the yellow race. The Final Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Expect six signs before the Hour: …… (5) a trial that will not spare a single Arab household, then (6) a truce between you and between the yellow ones, which they will break and attack you under eighty war-banners, each leading twelve thousand people” [Sahih al-Bukhari]
        And please stop with your “evil Islamist” talk. It’s silly and childish.

      25. NWO U.N. Blue NAFTA DHS – COP KILLER
        Bye Bye American Pie!
        I shot and killed a NWO U.N. blue Cop with my .45 semi-auto black glock today… a Disabled, Homeless, Cold and Hungry Veteran… I deserve more  than this… now I live beneath a bridge… why? why? why?
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        I am a Disabled Veteran… I once Served My Country with Honor and Pride.
        I killed a NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS Cop Today… why? why? why?
         I had robbed the local Korean corner store… while the radio on the shelf played “Bye Bye American Pie”…  I’d only pocketed a milk, hot pocket and a pie… ran by the screaming korean clerk for the open sky… hopped on my ex neighbors kids pink huffy bike… peddling in a craze… hauling fast down the lane… making my one handed get away… thinking “bye bye american pie”… smiling in mirth… while with my other hand grabbing from my shirt, a half frozen Hot Pocket… then a crushed Moon Pie… shoved both gleefully in my mouth… I had gotten away … then I sweared “shit!”… it all dribbling down my beard… I thought; I shoulda done like Ben Bernanke… and taken more, more, more…
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        And while the innocent child in me… kept asking… “why, why, why ?”… the newly found stone cold cop killer in me… didn’t bat an eye… I aimed an pulled the trigger BLAM  BLAM BLAM 1,2,3… right through the windshield… into the NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS Whore’s red screaming face!!!
        There I stood astride my pink huffy steed… staring dead pan at the car’s brown vinyl covered rear seat, red blood, white bone chips and grey pink brain matter splattered over it. Staring through the shattered windshield and GAPING red hole that had been a human face.
        Humming to myself “BYE BYE AMERICAN PIE”… thinking “I’m still Hungry!”
        author after note: Wake up America, there are foreign troops and american traitor troops under the United Nations blue Flag, NAFTA blue Patch and IMF Bank Control right now; at this very moment here on American, Canadian and Mexican soil. Just waiting for our Illegal President Obama to call MARTIAL LAW! Upon which time they will invade america and place you all; america under their U.N. NWO IMF military control. It’s either YOU or THEM!!! U.N. AGENDA 21 is here!!!
        NOW is the time to…
        Talk to family and friends…
        They are not here to protect you! They are here to disarm you – “Punish and Enslave!”
        To Force you all under their one world government control – NWO Debt Slaves one and all!
        U.N. AGENDA 21 is here!
        … spread the word.

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