A Domestic Destabilization Is Underway: “The Left Is Fueling And Funding Tensions In Order To Exacerbate Them And Cause A Revolution”

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    Under the guise of “political correctness,” cities (such as Baltimore, MD) are removing their Confederate monuments one-by-one and under cover of darkness.  Here, as reported by CBS News:

    “The Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson monument at Wyman Park Dell was removed with a crowd watching.  The Robert B. Taney monument in Mt. Vernon also came down.  Crews are on the site of the confederate Women’s monument at University Parkway to take that one down.  This comes just days after the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution Monday calling for the immediate deconstruction of these monuments.”

    There it is!  Straight out of the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson, as with the character he played, Benjamin Martin: “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”

    Where’s the vote by the people in the city?  Oh, just that the elected officials, mind you, can make such a decision…by their vote, a tyranny in itself.  At the bare minimum, it should have been put to a vote.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that most of these cities, city councils, and their state legislatures are being run by a pack of liberals.  The “paradigm shift” is in full mode: “Democracy in America” did not mention the tyranny of the minority.  In this case, a minority viewpoint, fueled by Marxists and liberals is attempting to subvert First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution and begin a policy of redaction to support their revisionist history.

    We are right around the corner from a Civil War.  The Left is fueling and funding tensions in order to exacerbate them and cause a revolution.  In the middle of this, the President is being blamed and threatened with impeachment.  The root of it is this: the attempt to destabilize the country and cause anarchy.  Black Americans are being used as the vehicle for the destabilization…a vehicle by the oligarchs, such as Soros.  Now with Charlottesville being trumpeted up and down the country, Obama weighs in “with the most popular Tweet ever.”

    I wrote that Barack Hussein Obama II would be back: he will be a most useful catalyst for what is to come.  It was also reported that Hillary Clinton is weighing in on attacking the President, but not with words: with dollars.  Fellowship of the Minds ran a piece that cites the Washington Times.  Here’s an excerpt:

    “Joe Schoffstall reports for The Washington Free Beacon, August 14, 2017, that Hillary has donated $800,000 from her campaign funds to Onward Together — a new political action group that she formed three months ago in May which will fund a number of established “resistance” groups that counter President Trump with direct action and protests.

    According to its mission statement, Onward Together is dedicated to “encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office” and advancing “progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.”

    Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that on May 1, 2017, Hillary’s presidential campaign committee Hillary for America contributed $800,000 to Onward Together. In addition, Hillary also funded other “resistance” groups that have “impressed” her, including Swing Left, Run for Something, Emerge America, and Indivisible.”

    Once again, her money and power is wielded to “influence” the way things are.  She is not acting alone, nor of her own initiative.  Read Shadow Party to find the guy pulling her strings.  (Hint: his real name is Georgy Schwarz!)

    By removing the Confederate memorials and markers, a part of American history is effectively being relegated to oblivion.  It is all part of redaction and revision.  The Marxists and Globalists have been relentless in their quest to rewrite American history and demonize whites in general…trying to create a cowed, demure, subservient class of guilt-ridden subjects…to destroy the United States from within.  To destroy the “warrior mentality” of the citizen-soldier of America’s citizenry…that is the objective.  A complete orchiotomy and neutering: nothing less.

    Unless the United States falls, the New World Order/Global Governance cannot exist.  This is the goal: enmesh it in a war (initiated by a foreign nation and/or orchestrated by the U.S.), and destroy it domestically from within.  “Top down, bottom up,” to quote Van Jones, is their objective.  Their playbook is Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” and the battle lines are being drawn more decisively by the day.  There will come a time when everyone will have to pick a side, and after it begins, the United States may look a lot different than it does now.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. I agree. As a young man I got to read intell reports, concerning destabilization and coups in other countries, run by the CIA. What is happening today in this country fits the mold to the tee. Although 50 yrs have passed, nothing has changed.

        • Europe post WWII, Asia, Middle East and Central / South America were the training ground for the CIA to hone their skills in both political manipulation and destabilization. The KKK and Nazi’s on one side and de-facto communists on the other are all willing and unwilling participants in this bazaar social reorganization. Guaranteed the CIA has “agent provocateurs” in both camps and the NSA knows what their leaders ate for dinner.

          Its naive to believe that you side hasn’t been infiltrated and is being used to further the goals of TPTB.

          • I am my own leader.

            • As we all should be.

              “All the world is a stage” and many with what they believe is justifiable purpose for a goal that they consider necessary are unknowing participants in actions that will facilitate changes opposite of their desires.

              • Well put, Kevin2! Metamorphically: “All the world is a battlefield”.

            • That may be, Menzo, but what do you do when the IRS comes to your door? You are pulled over for speeding? Your property taxes are due, or a million other things?

              More importantly, how many of you here are, e.g., precinct committeemen? They are CRYING for them, and you have great impact at the local level, which percolates upwards.

              • At least around here, you can’t be a local leader unless you have money and are a Democrat.

              • …Until someone “comes to their door”, “pulls them over”, “taxes” them, or “a million other things”….

              • what do you do? Get names, faces addresses etc for later, The same tools are available to all. Quit thinking like a coward or they’ve already won.

            • You may be your own leader but you’ll still do what you are told to do by those who actually have the power to do so.

              • “Power” is had by whoever destroys whomever else or whatever gives them power. “Liberty’s in every blow,,,,” (“Scots Wha Hae”, Robert Burns)

            • Hahahahahahaha…. lemme know how that works out for ya….

          • Nazis (National Socialists) and communists (e.g. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) are cousins

        • I gotta say, that after all the failures, spineless conservatives, let downs, lies and corruption – that sign in the photo “Become Ungovernable” is my feeling exactly..
          I just burned my Republican Voter Registration about an hour ago !
          Meet the newest Anarchist – “glad to meet cha, hope you guess my name” …

          • ??

        • It was always the plan to use America, its might and its people to do the dirty work until the very last moment possible… Then let the shit hit the fan…

          The time draws near…

        • Time to ammo up boyz and girls !

        • This is so true. I love bookstores, and over a year ago i found a bookstore in the city of Buffalo NY. It’s called
          “Burning Books” on the west side. I met a guy there who i thought was nice and we talked. I gave him my phone number. We got together a few times. I didn’t know at the time that this particular bookstore was a Communist Radical bookstore. I didn’t find anything i liked. So after a few times of getting together with this guy i realized that he was a complete radical liberal. He talked about helping the poor people and getting rid of the rich people. I never told him what i really felt. I don’t think he knew that i was on the Right. He would be going to a lot of protests. He was extremely poor so i don’t know how he managed it. At one point he told me that he and his friends were “Revolutionaries”. I stopped seeing him when i realized that he was a Communist. He made my skin crawl.

      2. Well we all knew it was coming. The wheels turns slowly but they do indeed turn. I know it’s been said here many times but, keep stack’n and pack’n, from ammo to food. Good Luck.

        • Tomorrow will come.

          • Tomorrow’s never guaranteed. Stay safe Menzo.

          • Menzo, the left had better be careful what it wishes for. They’re opening the door to their own destruction.

      3. Jeremiah Johnson, thanks for another great essay. The revisionist historians, academic Progressives, are making a big deal of Trump’s General Pershing narrative. Rather than focus on the essence of his message. PERSHING TREATED BARBARIC ENEMIES IN A BARBARIC WAY. Many great leaders have done that through history. This is how the enemy is defeated. Politically correct imbeciles in the media want to handcuff our warriors into ineffective battlefield tactics. These snowflakes and America-haters should know that Muslim radicals will remove their heads along with the rest of us, given half a chance. Semper Fidelis

      4. I feel it in the air, something is coming, and it will not be pretty. With all the statues coming down or wanting them to come down along with the re-writing of history. We are now trying to re-write history to appease everyone and make sure no one is offended. I feel one of two things is going to happen this year. One we will have an all out civil war against the government (establishment) or two we will have a race war with violence and blood in the streets. At this point, it appears the latter is at our doorsteps. The latter may lead us into the civil war. I will make it my mission to find these politicians after the SHTF; they have to lead us to this point in history. The politicians are “above the law, ” and nothing does or ever will happen to them ” they are too big to fail.”


        • Let’s be honest we’ve all felt something for quite some time, I’ve felt it since bushes 2nd term. Whether you like to or not though the new civil war has kicked off I watch video of Milwaukee last night and male black protesters were breaking car windows driving by and I watch them pull a white woman out of her car and started beating and kicking her.its here like it or not. Just a note to other males be damn sure you let your wife or girlfriend know what’s gonna happen when an attack occurs. Mine knows from my past how quick the devil comes outta this white boy when threatened and she knows once that switch is flipped to stand back and watch the show, the first time it happened she had trouble emotionally about how mean I became until I pointed out it was for her safety.

          • I think ALL females on the Right should be carrying MACE when out in public. And i don’t mean in the purse. I mean clipped to the pants/skirt and hidden maybe under the blouse. I just bought one and will wear it everywhere i go.
            I don’t have any other weapons and i think mace will be legal, at least in my state. Maybe check your state, but it’s time now to be carrying something to defend yourself with. They just knifed a guy cuz they didn’t like his haircut for Gods sake! And i read that they said all Conservatives should be killed. The war is ON!!! Defend yourself. Do not go out in public with no defense.

        • Texas.
          were going to have BOTH, A RACE AND CIVIL WAR, and i have been stocking up for a long time just for this day.

        • ??
          Definitely, things are just wonky

        • I learned a new word this week, it’s Agitprop. It comes from the two words Agitation and Propaganda, especially for the cause of communism.

          1. (often initial capital letter) an agency or department, as of a government, that directs and coordinates agitation and propaganda.

          3. Also, agitpropist. a person who is trained or takes part in such activities.

          We are seeing Agitprop, care of the globalists first hand. I guarantee the CIA and Soros funded and enabled both sides for the sideshow in Charlottesville. It was all intended to fire up fools on the left and the right.

          The Main Stream Media is up to their stinking armpits in this plot. Imagine over 11 American police assassinated by BLM since it was created about a year and a half ago, and dozens more wounded. Not to mention the assaults and murders of average Americans for the crime of being white. The media is totally silent on this murder spree, until one ANTIFA demonstrator was killed by a schizophrenic nut off his meds. Suddenly that one death is all DJ Trumps fault and proof he’s a racist…… Agitprop!

          You’re having a bad feeling? So is everyone else.

          • I recently bought a bunch of bumper stickers from Patriot Depot. One is “Police Lives Matter” and the other is a picture of Mount Rushmore with the presidents and says,
            “The Deplorables”. I put both on my car. I also went to two police stations and gave them some. I am buying more and passing out. It felt so good when the policeman said to me, “Thankyou for supporting us”…..

      5. It is very concerning to say the least. I really don’t see any other way for all of this to work out. We need a new, severe purge! The Left is so out of control, violent and untrustworthy! Stay strong my fellow white patriots.

        • Whats funny is they are either violent mouthy pricks or touchy feely ninnies but all want it to be a collective but they want everyone else to pay for it,,, just listen to idiots like sanders..
          I want no part of this crap

      6. I really don’t care about monuments. The past is over and done with. Its not importiant. Who anyones ancestors where and what they did isn’t relavent. If your upsed about some monument your no different than some Dindu Gimmiedat saying you owe me because we wus slaves. When no one alive today was ever a slave owner or a slave. Its stupid to give it free rent in your head. How you deal with the here and now and prepare for your future well being is what is going to count. Its certain things are changing very rapidly. The only constant is change.

        • Your statements actually make you a Domestic Terrorist Old Guy COWARD, and you should be arrested for treason and sedition.

          • Add piss poor spelling to “Old Guy’s” offenses. “Old Guy” can’t handle contractions to save his life (your for you’re). And forget possessives (anyones for anyone’s). For crying out loud “Old Guy” learn the English Language. You can also add grammar to “Old Guy’s” offenses.

            And not to shave the point too closely, but somebody needs to tell “Old Guy” to lay off the sauce when he is posting.

            • Some folks when they don’t agree with the message and cannot refute the message with facts. They resort to attacking the messenger. you know things like name calling and pointing out mistakes in the spelling ect.

              • How am I supposed to understand (much less agree or disagree with), your message when you can’t write and you can’t spell? Learn the English Language.

              • Old guy, the trolling idiots are out again!

              • Old guy, let the trolling idiots show us their IQ.
                I betcha it’s not higher than 30…!!!

              • Relax, Old Guy. These are ad hominem attacks from a facist and a grammar nazi who missed your point completely. An English major with no common sense, sad.

            • Old Guy makes sense. I don’t care about his spelling.

          • Ron Ahrens, why weren’t you arrested in Oregon, Canuck? What is your agenda causing trouble in the USA?

        • First they came for the monuments…but I didn’t care because it didn’t affect me.

        • Points taken,,,
          I thoroughly agree on the here and now

        • I hate violence. I *really* hate violence. Before puberty I was convinced that I was a pacifist, and that violence was the last resort of those who were losing on the higher ground of reason and logic.

          After my first fight, I had a rude awakening. Hit me three times
          in the face unblocked. I was just terribly confused. Then
          something broke.

          I now know the “higher ground” stands on a lower foundation, and
          anyone can drop there without warning. To be good at reason, you
          must be good at violence.

          I still *really* hate violence. I avoid it like the plague, can’t
          stand in it. When it’s unavoidable, my nature appears to be to
          escalate it as quickly as possible until it stops, one way or
          another. Hate it, but it turns out I have a natural talent for it.

          For the most part, I vote with my feet. If it’s not worth dying
          for, it’s not worth fighting for. If it *is* worth dying for,
          it’s worth killing for. When called for, I’ll do what it takes,
          but I will *not* kill people over a fucking statue.

      7. De Oppresso Liber

      8. Only one thing will preserve this nation , a return to Godliness. I’m not holding my breath, repent the end is nearer . From the dust we came and to the dust we shall return . Pray hard pass the ammo 🙂 ! . Hoping for a return to sanity is past barring a miracle.

      9. Yeah “the left” is causing it all, you COWARD PUSSIES never stop with the “divide and conquer” paradigms do you, and you can NEVER reach the critically thinking point to understand who is really causing it all can you??????????

        So, the so-called “DEEP STATE” the mainstream Domestic Terrorist Media now calls the criminal treasonous psychopaths controlling the vile evil disgusting United States Corporation Government all you toxic dump fat ass COWARD PUSSIES are scared shitless of, and drink your drunken bum selves to death running away from-they must be “the left” then, because THOSE ARE THE PSYCHOPATHS CAUSING IT ALL YOU!!!!!!!!!

      10. Ok today I visited the Zeta Talk website. This weeks newsletter is out. now its a looney tunes tin foild hat website. Hoever she does a remarkable job explainging and presenting proof of how the events played out at the recient statue debacle. I urge you to go there and take a gander.

        • I never cared for that site, but i will take a look.

      11. Let’s quit calling them the left. They’re not liberals, not progressives, not dems. They are in fact communists. And if they are not stopped, you will be dead or in a gulag.

        • @ Him, You are exactly right. You have to know your enemy to destroy him. Also communist will kill every man like me.
          My problem is I am alone and that is certain death. I saw the black x on a white background in Va, and did some research on that symbol. They are The League of the south. Read what they
          stand for and find they are much like me. I stood up alone when the tobacco industry was destroyed and found that to be a loosing proposition.
          When the killing starts be ruthless. We will win or perish.
          If they are organizing we must also.

        • “A communist is nothing more than an impatient socialist”
          Sipsey Street Irregulars – an anonymous contributor.

          The quiet little commies thought they had it in the bag and now they are out of time. They will stop at nothing now that their queen has lost and they are seeing their inroads from Obama destroyed.

          Stupid little commies don’t understand that ranges are known and we hold the high ground. The great thinning is upon us.

          The preps that all of us laid in over the last decade are going to provide plenty of fuel for resistance to their tyranny. This is about to get very real for some little commie pukes. They will be crying for their mommies just like the little libtard babies did in boot camp. They never have dealt with adversity very well. Poor little commies.

          • What really pisses me off is that a lot of them wear masks to hide their faces so the facial recognition camera’s can’t pin point who they are. Now how come we on the Right are not that smart. They are steps ahead of us. If we don’t wake up and do something soon they will win. It might take years, but they can win. We have to stop them in the beginning. This has gone on way too long. I actually think they will commit murder and get away with it! The fken media is on their side!

        • In the 1930’s and 1940’s my people developed most effective,Teutonic methods of communist elimination.
          I should dearly love to be legally allowed to use same for our communist problems in America. They has some miracle drug called tornado, storm, or cyclone, and I think it was A, or C, or D some letter after the name…but it worked will as a communist rehabilitation agent.

          • Oh good Lord…i forgot all about the muslims! I’ve been so into what these scum Communists are doing that i plum forgot all about the muslims!

      12. Do you want to save the world? Kill every American Democrat.
        We can then start working on Moslems. Everything else is just life as usual.

        • totally, completely agree, rellik

        • Rellic:

          I don’t want my Country torn apart so the Commie 3ew deep Soros State can initiate Marshall Law. I see thru you, Commie pinko lying 3ew bastard.


          Some of my best friends are 3ews. !!

          __ ?

          • #1 My parents were married.
            #2 It’s Martial not Marshall law.
            #3 I don’t lie, I’m not good at it.
            #4 Since you made it personal, you POS I dumped
            California, you apparently aren’t smart enough to
            survive outside your bubble, so I encourage
            you to stay there.

            • Rellic:

              I should refrain from personal attacks.

              My apologies to your parents.

              I do think your kill all democrats is insane, but you are welcome to your opinion.


              • “I do think your kill all democrats is insane, but you are welcome to your opinion.”

                It is just rhetoric. I like to employ rhetoric to stimulate people and discussion. I learn from peoples impassioned words.
                As an example, I know more about Kale that I ever would of, had Nail not informed me about his farm problems. By the way I’ll plant Spinach, I’m a Popeye sort of guy.

                True I do not like Democrats, but across the board execution is not
                the way to solve the problem. Moslems on the other hand?

                • We grow kale . Very easy to grow it. Look up a weed called Purslane. I likely didn’t spell it correctly. Its very beneficial. You use it like you would use watercress or spinach. Also the tender tips of sawbriars are pretty good eating. I like the narrative and advice that the guy on the woodpile report gives.

                  • Old Remus is great, thats my favorite tuesday read,

                • Had something eat all my spinach,,, think franklins that got into my tunnel, just went right down the row,,,all gone?

                  • You have Herkles?
                    Eat them, they taste good!

          • Hey, i have a Jewish Doctor and he’s the best ever!!!

      13. Take down the Confederate statues today, and they will take down the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Mount Vernon, Monticello, and any other tribute to the Founders because, they will scream, they were slaveholders. They will proceed to the graves, entire Confederate cemeteries and the sites of the Founders resting places, and dig those up. They will turn to the American flag, a symbol of oppression for 200 years. They will outlaw the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful,” and “My Country Tis of Thee.” They will destroy every last symbol of an America that was built on and thrived on the idea–the reality–of ordered liberty. Next will come any school built on slave dollars or the dollars of exploiters (yes, UVA, Washington and Lee, Harvard, Yale, Duke, the University of South Carolina, Bama, Auburn, and a hundred others. “Burn ’em down,” they’ll scream. Then there are those churches–if ever there was an evil institution, it’s the Christian faith and Christian church–“Burn ’em down.”

        The culture was is lost. The Globalist Elite, Cultural Elite, Academia, and MSM propaganda wing of the Progressive-Fascist Party have won. They may find it tough going between the coasts, and maybe the end is a nation split into three or more nations. Who knows? But here is one thing I do know–we (good, decent, honest, rational, hard working, God-fearing, Christ-loving people) cannot even be perceived to be aligned or sympathetic toward any of the fringe hate groups that the deceitful media perpetually tries to link us with. We are in no way them. We believe in a nation where such a voice can be tolerated, but it cannot in good conscience be embraced. So, every chance you get, you would be well-advised to be open and honest about NOT being associated with the fringe hate groups. Let them march and speak. But do not promote or embrace or otherwise align, or be perceived to be aligned, with them.

        That said, it will not make a difference to the deceivers in the Progressive-Fascist Globalist movement that is driving the coming clash. And this thing in the U.S.–it’s the tip of the worldwide iceberg that’s coming. The Christian West is the TITANIC, sailing headlong into that which will destroy it, ignorant of what’s coming, which is death.

        Finally, I am turning ever more to Christ, our salvation. I urge you to talk to Him and ask Him to carry you every minute of every day. He promised He would send a Comforter, and so He has. Let the Holy Spirit fill you with faith in Christ Jesus so that when He returns in His glory to defeat Satan, He will ask you to stand by His side.

      14. I do care that monuments are being taken down.
        Knowing the past is important.
        We have a deliberately dumbed down relatively ignorant average citizen.
        Fortunately, by taking down these treasures, young people are learning some valuable lessons.
        Who was Robert E. Lee? And, what did he do?
        Who was that other guy, Stonewall Jackson? How did he get the nickname, “Stonewall”?
        Why was there a civil war?
        What is the difference between the Civil War and the Revolutionary War? And, what is the difference between a civil war and a Revolution?

        I think the George Soros’es of this world just blew their cover and opened up and released the geni out of the bottle. And that geni is the sleeping giant, “The American”.



        • Go out to Oklahoma and ask those native americans about Andrew Jackson. Many members of the five civilized tribes fought in the war of 1812. For their service the white troops recieved land grants. And he stabbed the native americans in the back and forced them from their homes. Even after the US supreme court ruled that he couldn’t. He did it anyhow. I believe the term used was Manifest Destiny? Now its the US middle class who are the target for removal.

        • I really don’t think the young ones care about history. They are too dumbed down and too far gone.

      15. Go ahead, keep poking
        Umgovernable will be the least of your worries you idiot leftist

        • Rellic:

          I don’t want my Country torn apart so the Commie 3ew deep Soros State can initiate Marshall Law. I see thru you, Commie pinko lying 3ew bastard.


          Some of my best friends are 3ews. !!

          __ ?

          You were addressing that old Rellic, I hope.
          He is a shit disturber.


          • ?
            Was a general statement, sick o this shit

      16. Jesus JJ, you didn’t see the obvious the year before the elections and then when Antifa Stepped out, shit go back to when Black Lies Matters stepped onto the scene…Became more than obvious as the depths of the Obama officials corruption was recently revealed, then there was no doubt. We didn’t need JJ to tell us. it was more than blatantly obvious along time ago. but wait NORKS n nukes!

      17. It is time to end Communist rule and return to being a Constitutional Republic. We need to bring criminals to trial. It is time for calling for some real legal actions, not against President Trump, but a Grand Jury to try those traitors who put the Bundys in prison, killed an American and stole his property. Then try every traitor in Washington DC.

        _ the time has come for ACTION ! The Antifa Action are right about that !!!


      18. The Nazi (national socialists) brownshirts did the EXACT same thing. Didn’t turn out so well for those fascists either, did it…

      19. Learn to fight your enemy the way he fights. If he fights unfairly,do him the same. Being nice to them doesn’t get it. They won’t give you any quarter. You win with no rules.

        • Pot shots from 1k m

      20. Always, always remember, folks: War, H8TE and violence is always bad… unless the fascist left brownshirts do it. Then it is “justified,” “understandable” and even “good.” Just ask people who had their businesses burned in Berkeley, Rep. Scalise and his attempted leftist assassination, or that Middlebury professor who was hospitalized when she attempted to defend free speech.

        As Nazis (National Socialists) these people are PRECISELY identical the Hitler’s brownshirts, even funded by admitted Nazi collaborator Geo Soros.

      21. Encourage to run for office, that’s a good one. Like anyone can run for office and even if they are successful what do they change? There is no ballot box solution which is clearly apparent, no turning back the tide. Prepare accordingly.

      22. Bring it: I’ve seen it before, played the game, and survived. I’m old, and it would be a good way to go out.

        • ??

      23. Why would they bother-enough on the right in the middle are so well armed and prepared that the left would be easily kicked to the dirt and ground into oblivion.

      24. I simply don’t care about any statues. Ive been to sturgus and never even had any desire to see MT Rushmore. I did like the mastodon skeleton at the museum. Statues and symbols are not needed to remind me of history. History is mostly written by the victors anyhow. Everything written is slanted towards the opinion of who wrote it anyhow. Blacks want to take credit for all kinds of things in this country. However in their home countrys their relatives still live in crude huts made from cow shit straw and sticks. Those KKK guys are probably partially correct when they state there is a war against the white race. I know the blue collar middle class is under attack and shrinking fast. Some relatives by marrage where very rabid rebel flag flying confederates. They hated Yankees with a vengeance. So I researched their family tree. They are direct decendents of a Yankee carpetbagger officer who came to Arkansas during reconstruction. Not a single person in their family tree fought for the South!

        • I have traced every line of my ancestry back well before the Civil War. I only have three ancestors who were of age to fight during the Civil War, and they were all Confederate soldiers. All the other men (7 of them) in my ancestry who were alive during the war were either born too late or born too early.

          Odds are, most people in the South would only have two or three ancestors of the right age to fight in the war. So the chances are still pretty good that a lot of Southerners didn’t have Civil War soldiers in their ancestry.

          Also, it does not automatically follow that having one Yankee ancestor means you don’t have any Civil War soldiers in your ancestry.

          The monuments are to remind people about history. Most people don’t sit around reading history books every day, but they are on the go, and will see the monuments. When all the monuments are gone, people of the future will start disbelieving that slavery actually happened. There are already people in Europe who don’t believe people were killed in WWII, because almost everything has been bulldozed.

          • Those who forget their history are bound to repeat it

        • I shoulda known two yrs ago that it was coming to this. I was in the city of Buffalo NY in one of those Dollar stores. I guess i was standing too close to a black woman. She paid her bill and when she walked away she yelled out…”Bitch”. I yelled back….”Racist”, and she then said, “I’m not a racist because i didn’t call you a WHITE bitch!” She was gone out the door at that point. It really made me dislike those kind of people!

      25. More contrived FUD from the “retired green” Bogan.

      26. Antifa stated objects and actual actions are reflections of how they are essentially becoming the critters from I Am Legend or the Zombies from World War Z. But don’t go pshawing me saying I am over dramatizing them, just listen to them and watch how they act in all the captured videos of them. You don’t know the mindset and can’t see it developing, but it’s right in front of you, and you get it until it is too late. They are nihilists, and you aren’t mentally prepared to deal with that mindset.

      27. I guess the Russian army and people thought the bolshavics were a joke at first? Then billions of dollars funded and payed them? From who?

      28. the shear number of fellow followers is amazing. People shout me too to anything rather than take a stand. There are millions of armed vets out there fully trained battle experienced people who voted for Trump They will not sit with open mouths in shock and awe while the street people take over the country. Will not go down like that folks

        • Yes My opinion they will set and do nuthin. They need their jobs or government checks. Unless then and their’s are attacked in person they will do nothing but get angry and a few of them will vent by posting on the internet.

      29. I was fortunate enough to play CHris Carter’s seminal Balance of Power growing up so I knew even as a teenager that America were masters of the coup de tat

      30. Serious people why all this, say its 10k crazy whites still leave 300 million normal people in the us. I will be happy if they just march off into the ocean, but reading all this us vs them, the world is coming to a end talk. Fear mongers should be marched into the water with them. people talking mass hysteria- really ????? wow seem like the media, loves the government in causing fear.

        • Ya Know I thin jon has a point. I think the number of people on the far right or far left who are bat shit irrational crazys is a very small percentage. The liberal left snowflakes we see on TV are brainwashed college young adults. kids who never grew up and have no job or life. They are being paid $25 per hour to attend these televised events. They are paid actors who don’t need to act. They just do what comes naturally. The snowflakes don’t have nuthin else to do anyway. The radical Guys on the racist right likely are putting their own money where their mouth is. I believe the moderately prepped nation wide is very small. The well prepped well armed that are ready willing and able are so few that it is likely less than a full 1%. There will not be any tangible organized revolution.

      31. order out of chaos

      32. Well we are remembering our history and it is still being repeted. Old men are still making wars for young folks to fight. And folks are still inventing more efficient ways to kill each other. So tell me are we having fun yet?

      33. IF these ASSHOLES can get the Isralies to BAIT the RUSSIANS into attacking Israel then the ASSHOLES JEWS will get their NUCLEAR war.

        • I really like Jewish people! My Doctor is Jewish. Did you know that 90 percent of the Jewish people in Israel have Type O RH negative blood? So if you have this kind of blood your ancestors may have come from Israel and you may have Jewish blood in you! I am Type O RH negative and my family comes from Polish Europe. I may have some Jewish blood in me. When i was younger people used to ask me if i was Jewish. So don’t knock the Jewish people, becuz you may be one of them!

      34. Great Article! Yes, I believe you got it exactly right. I would like to see arrests for all those breaking the law, but to also go after the people who are funding them. Anyone paying the violent protestors must be prosecuted as well. Take them out and I’ll bet the insanity will stop!

      35. These dummies think the “people” will join them. They obviously have no ides who the true people are. The ‘Takers” may follow them but are as armed as the regular people. The problem if they do start a revolution it will be like the Middle East with a few factions fighting among themselves. Besides the leftist communists we will be fighting the Sharists. They should consider that we won’t have the capability to take and secure prisoners except for intelligence questioning. I’m old enough that I started contemplating responses to such an action by the left before they got their thoughts partially organized. I say partially because it obvious they haven’t considered my above comments. Liz and Bern seem to be promoting such a notion. Too bad.

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