A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten: Anonymous Hackers Declare War; Threaten to “Erase” the NYSE On October 10th

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Headline News | 139 comments

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    The hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’ has posted a video claiming that they will attack the NYSE on October 10, 2011 in a declaration of war against the stock exchange:

    [Video Below]

    Greetings, Institutions of the Media.

    We are Anonymous.

    The events transpiring within Wall Street have caught our eye.

    It seems that the government and Federal agencies enjoy enforcing the law a little bit too much. They instate unjust laws as mindless automatons, blindly following orders with soulless precision.

    We witness the Government enforcing the laws that punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people.

    We have observed this same Government failing to enforce even the minimal legal restraints of Wall Street’s abuses. This Government who has willingly ignored the greed at Wall Street has even bailed out the perpetrators that have caused our crisis.

    We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life.

    We the people shall stand against the government’s inaction.

    We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill gotten profits.

    We will not labor for your leisure.

    We will not assist you in any way.

    This is why we choose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can no longer stay silent as the population is being exploited and forced to make sacrifices in the name of profit.

    We will show the world that we are true to our word. On October 10th, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet. On October 10th, expect a day that will never, ever, be forgotten.

    Vox Populi, Vox Anon.
    The Voice of The People is The Voice of Anonymous.
    We are Legion. We are the 99%.
    We do not forgive. We do not forget.
    Wall Street: Expect us.

    Considering Anonymous claims October 10th, 2011 will be a day that will never be forgotten, we can only surmise that they will be attacking the stock exchange of the NYSE itself, rather than the web site of the NYSE, though no additional information about this has been provided.

    If it is the NYSE exchange, then we can consider this the first cyber attack of its kind (unless the day of the “fat finger” was a cyber op also), and it will be very serious in nature, the consequences of which are hard to predict at this time. A government response on the order of the internet kill switch comes to mind – though, admittedly, that may be blowing things out of proportion.

    Anonymous has thus far attacked the web sites of various financial institutions around the world, as well as organizations they believe to be operating against the interests of the general public, but they have yet to do any significant damage (that we know of) on the level of what may occur if they were to directly take aim at financial markets.

    Of note is that October 10, 2011 is Columbus Day, however, stock markets will reportedly be open for normal trading (unless of course Anonymous stays true to their word).

    Hat tip MLG


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      1. Anonymous has said that statement is a hoax

        • Well, that took the wind out’a the sails of that nail biting, suspenseful “Drama”.

          Maybe as a consolation they could it least hack into the White House and permanently shut down Barry O’s telepromtors. Imagine the chaos that would create.

          • Know why Republicans don’t use teleprompters?

            They can’t read.

            • Democrats DO use TelePrompters because they can’t think.

            • At least while on or off their feet!

            • If anybody can’t read it is because of Democrats and their extortionate teacher unions which make it impossible to fire incompetent teachers. Democrats also love those million dollar teacher pensions pillaged from taxes.Ever wonder why junior can’t read at 18 years of age? Well, it is because Democrats have made teachers pass all the students. All for what? For the 2nd dumbest kids in the industrial world? And we spend more on education than just about anybody else in the world. Democrats just a bunch of freeloader parasites.

            • I know a guy who MAKES teleprompters and sells them to local businesses and aspiring media/journalism students for profit. He buys most of the parts from me at the hardware store, and I even cut the glass he uses in the machines.

        • If “Anonymous” says its a hoax, yet nobody knows who “Anonymous” is…


          • The thing is, it claims to be a loosely organized group. This means anybody can be a member, yet nobody is a member.

            Some items of interest (from this IT guy’s point of view):

            * for the most part they’re harmless towards the average Joe, though the site which spawned them (4chan.org) has been known to do stupid shit (e.g. once attacking an 11-year-old girl online and via email/phone harassment because she called the site names).

            * Most of their attacks have been through what is known as DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service – look it up; it’s pretty simple to do). A few have been through finding and exploiting common programming mistakes (either in code or in site design).

            * Their biggest success was in taking down the Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) for a couple of weeks (because apparently Sony’s idea of network security involved duct tape). Their biggest failure was in trying to take down Amazon.

            * This one is probably a hoax, and here’s why: Most of the heavy-duty computers that run the stock market trades are mainframes (not your typical x86-based servers). The guys who run them are seriously paranoid people, and the machines don’t run Windows** (instead they run heavily modified and hardened operating systems like Linux, zOS, and similar). The only ways that anyone could take down these machines is through sheer dumb luck, or as an inside job.

            Overall, meh. The group itself is an amorphous, leaderless mass. Anyone can do anything and claim to be them, due to the very nature of how the group was formed. I’m kind of surprised that some neo-Nazi or white supremacist group hasn’t claimed to be among their number…

            ** The one and only time any stock exchange ran on Windows was the London Stock Exchange (LSE), a few years back. The system crashed spectacularly, costing quite a few billion in Pounds Sterling from lost trades, and closing the market for half a week or so. The LSE quickly went back to Linux as their main OS of choice. No stock market will ever make that mistake again.

            • sure hacking wouldnt do the job, but a nuke would..

            • I was thinking the same thing. My Diocletian mind has it’s gears spinning thinking that the gubbermint is going to use Anonymous’s loose organization to create a false flag attack in their name to enact more restrictive technology laws.

            • and wipe out who knows how many anarchistic protesters in the blast?

            • Odd Questioner got it right, but the newspapers and I’m sure our government agencies using all the best “intel” they can gather would treat them otherwise.

              At best it’s just individuals who may or may not collaborate with a few others. Amorphous mass is right, there are no member lists, no organization to cut the head off of.

        • life is a hoax

          • “There must be some kinda way out of here”.
            “Said the joker to the thief”
            “There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief”
            Jimmie Hendrix

            • Bob Dylan

            • “Get me another sandwich”

              Mama Cass

          • Funny, I thought life was a highway.

            • I wanta ride it all night long.

        • Hopefully it is a hoax,
          but sometime ago I got
          most of my money out

          of the market, and searched
          for something to do with it

          when a friend referred me
          to a site put together by
          a millionaire about

          How to create wealth in times
          of economic crisis

          You can see his free video


          Hope this helps everyone as it has me.

          • That sounds kind of spammish.

            • I don’t speak spammish

          • Hopefully it’s a hoax? Are you joking? Permanently shutting down that cesspool would be a gift to the world!

        • Maybe, but why are the Unions considering jumping on board?

      2. Why would Anonymous announce a cyber attack? Why not just do it and then take credit.

        • That’s usually their M.O. – to do it, then claim responsibility. They learned to do that after announcing they would take down Amazon and failed.

          • But calling out their enemies (like Babe Ruth pointing toward the outfield fence) beforehand strikes fear into them. A warning could be enough to prompt change without actually having to do any hacking.

        • Cost of enhanced security: $$$$$$$$$

          Cost of spent anxiety: priceless

      3. zzz Anonymous won’t do shit.

        • He/she doesn’t have to do anything. The market is crashing on its own, thank you very much, and that ain’t no hoax!

          • Think about it: who would benefit if the market is crashing any way? Who would need someone to blame for the market crashing? { WHO MIGHT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MARKET CRASHING } Come on people!

      4. Hoax or not, DOW down about 200 and rising 350 in 50 minutes?

        • @Babble-on, You’re not saying the market is rigged are you? Nooooo!

        • Buffet or the US taxpayers to the rescue.

      5. I have a hard time believing anyone would give a date, if they were really able to do something like this, which I really doubt…

        Hoax in my opinion…


        • Remember remember the 10th of October? Doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it…..

          • Plus the 10th is a holiday (Columbus day). Just another induced attempt at panicing people. The only panic that is/was real is Nov.2008 sworn in Jan.2009. The rest is his legacy at trying to distroy this country.

        • Who in their right mind would give a date,lmao…but then people will believe just about anything and this could be used to shut down the net or maybe usher in more invasions into peoples online activities…just saying…the world is in revolution mode and a large part has been due to communication world-wide.

      6. Are you really Anonymous? Can you prove it? Got any ID?

        …(cue weird music)…We are okienonymous. The actions of certain businesses have caught our eye. We can no longer stand by and allow these injustices. The local cafe has begun to charge $1.69 for a single cup of coffee! A buck sixty nine! And for DE-CAFF! And the food is lousy and overpriced, too. This is outrageous. Therefore we will hack the phone company and change your number. You will never recieve another to go order again.
        We will hack the gas company and turn off your grills. Now, try cooking your overpriced hotcakes in a microwave.
        Oh, and we will hack the electric company and turn off your lights. Now, try cooking your runny scrambled eggs on a camp fire! We are serious. We mean business. Mess with us again and we will hack your wood supplier and leave you in the cold. Try running your crummy cafe with nothing but fruit loops and warm milk. See if we care. We are okienonymous…

        Vox okie vox delirium
        We are okies. We are crazy.
        We don’t forget. But we can’t remember either.
        local crappy cafe, expect us.
        (cue weird music out)

        • Nice to see that humor and sarcasm are alive and well in Okie land!!!

        • This is the Crappy Cafe…we put a little something extra into your hotcake batter, you can not attack while sitting on the toilet suffering from the Hershey squirts.
          We are Crappy Cafe and you will need that toilet paper you have stockpiled!

          • attention Crappy Cafe Corp…
            You may have taken us down with your pre-emptive strike, but we will be back. Also, we had 900 rolls of two-ply stockpiled, so that should be just enough. And, we’ve been sitting in this oxygen-depleted environment long enough to come up with some really nasty counter attacks. You have been warned. Oh, and pass us a magazine…we are okienonymous

            vox okie. vox abdominal cramps

            • Oh, I forgot to mention…we clogged your toilet waste pipe…can you swim? hehehe(evil laugh)

        • So it was you who burnt down Molly Brown’s Marina! 😉

        • Thanks for the smile this morning 🙂

      7. The banks declared war on the people years ago, it is time to fight back. I for one would support a takedown. Yes, it will hurt but in the long run it might be the catalyst to real change and sound money.

        • A lot of innocent people work at banks you know. Tellers, janitors, loan processors, etc. Hundreds of thousands would be out of work for the short term & possibly the long term.

          How could you wish that on those people?

          • Because they work at the bank…..

            • OK…..so they should just go on unemployment or welfare instead. Nice……

      8. Let them. Let them succeed. A few days later all will be back to normal and we can lock up some geek and give them free kibble and board for a lifetime for being an anarchist idiot with communistic tenancies that decided to act on their little urges.

        • Really Jim? “…communistic tenancies…”? I’m sure you mean “tendencies” but is that really your explanation for the anger of millions of people that have been destroyed (morally and financially) by that institution? And not one person has been thrown in jail.

          Keep drinking that capitalist kool-aid boy.

      9. By the way I always wanted to be in the 1% crowd! Now I know I am, cause they claim to be the 99% and I’m certainly not with them. LOL

      10. At some point in time these bozos will be found out and sent so far back into jail they will have to be fed beans fired thru a cannon ! So watch out Anonymous the LAW is after your sorry back side .

        • Spoken like a brainwashed, true-blue idiot jarhead.

      11. Not Smart at all.

      12. Nothing will happen. No Armageddon, no collapse, no crisis. Bernanke will put the printer on and the whole bubble will continue forever. This site shtfplan.com can be deleted. Growth will return shortly.

        • Then don’t waste your time posting here.

          • Hey with people struggling to pay bills and even to get food……it would be nice if our debt was wiped clean and we owe nothing……..

        • Dude, you are smoking some Grade-A stuff. The problem with your drug induced theory is that unless your income increase at or greater than the rate of inflation created by Bernake’s printing, you won’t be able to afford your mind warping dope. But you can always grow your own if it comes to this. Good lucky Johnny, and keep smoking !!

      13. More socialist crap-aganda against the wrong people. Take on the teachers unions at the colleges for raising tuition rates 4 times higher than inflation. Giving a socialist/communist education that doesn’t count for anything. I just graduated college in December 2010 at 38 years old and I learned more in high school and navy nuclear school than at the university.
        Businesses tell you you have to have a degree to get hired after getting in debt (average is 50K in debt a year), I only have 28K in debt and there are no jobs out there especially in nuclear power thanks to the EPA and the environmental nut bags shutting the industry down.
        So what do you do?
        1. Take responsibility for your actions! You made the debt for the schooling you got even if it is crappy. I got a degree in industrial technology and construction just in time for the housing market to crash. But I’ve been working in the design and manufacturing engineering since 97 when I got out of the navy but no degree no higher pay even though you have the skills and are doing the job.
        2. Work any job available to pay bills! Rent instead of buy, drive older paid for vehicles, cook your own meals, cut costs, be thrifty.
        3. Make arrangements to pay your debt off as soon as you can manage! Keep paying interest and whatever you can to get rid of the debt. 4. Self educate on history, radicaliam’ socialism, and communism, islamofascists and government over stepping its boundaries, and how to counter it. Edison only had an 8th grade education!
        Ok rants over!

        • I hear ya MM. My daughter just graduated from a $50K a year school and has a $20k a year job. Should have those loans paid off in about 175 years. The liberal shit they shove down their throats makes me wanna puke it back at them. I graduated from high school(long ago) only and worked my way up to a 6 figure a year job. College is a waste of time and money.

          • The problem is that you have to have wisdom to discern the 80% bullshit they feed you so you can learn the 20% valuable information.

            “Just because you have a batchelors degree doesn’t automatically make you an idiot. We’ll give you a chance to prove it either way”

            The cost is a crime.

            • That phrase is something like what I say to the guys I work with who remind me that they are Electrical Engineers. “Oh! OK, I’ll speak slowly.”

          • Seth and MM…those degrees will hurt you in the long run..IF the interviewer from HR has less education than you…intimidation, fear, and insecurity.

        • Or you could repent for taking the fraudulent debt, forgive the debt yourself, and start TODAY living totally outside the corporation/government that defrauded you.

          Tell the banks you will pay them back exactly what they put up, which is NOTHING.

          Life is much better outside the corp. You can decide for yourself what is best for you, get your own work and not have to pay the corp for the privilege, and be totally insulated from the financial fraud that perpetrates it’s existence.

          The choice is ultimately yours. You can be the Master or the Slave.

          Rush says it best. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

          Are you someones slave or your own master?

          • GC,
            If you are listening to Rush ” The Right Wing Shill” Limbaugh, then you are not disconnected from the Corporation. He is financed by the Corporation.

            • Rush the band not the Radio host

        • …teacher’s unions…
          The problem here (and in several other posts) is that no matter who you attack, some innocent is going to get hurt.

          I see two options:
          A) Don’t attack anybody and preserve the innocent ones.
          B) Stop being a pansy and attack whom you must, and let the chips fall where they may.

          Either way, action or inaction, bad results MAY occur. Stand up, DO something, and accept the responsibility.

        • 4.Exist below the radar – in other words, MYOB and don’t get involved in any “dumb” protests, shouting matches, obnoxious behavior, etc. Live, pray and prep quietly.

        • Oh brother. I think you got a little too much radiation exposure.

      14. Isn’t Oct. 10 a Federal holiday? Won’t NYSE be closed?

      15. Terrorism is Terrorism! I dislike Wall Street as much as anybody, but a group of unknown individuals or individual setting themselves up as judge, jury and executioner seems no better then what the PTB are doing to America now! Just my opinion though. Have a great day everyone. Clay

        • Terrorism in NOT always terrorism. Terrorism is often self-defense by little people fighting bullies. Terrorism is often freedom fighters fighting against tyrants. And in the USA terrorism is almost always false flag ops by the usual suspects.

          • Usual suspects = usual gang of idiots

        • Still falling for that “war on terror” nonsense?

      16. Think of what is the most likely “Solution” to the problem.


        Who gains? Who looses?

        Now ask yourself who / what is behind this?

      17. Sorry have to correct myself. 50K for 4 years in a normal school, up to and over 100K for icy league. I ended up with 28K for 4 years taking 154 credit hours but worked my ass off to get good grades and grants/scholarships at 15K/semester cost (tuition, books, and class costs)to keep my cost down. I only took loans for what I couldn’t cover myself out of pocket,

      18. Stupid blackberry little keys, big fingers, and auto mispell

      19. Hey Johnny….put the bong down, your mother is screaming for you to mow the lawn.

      20. Did a little research last night about this. Anon is saying this is a hoax at least, or a something leading to a ‘false flag’ event at worst. Thier words, not mine. Funny how that term is becoming wide-spread.

      21. Why would they announce an attack and how are they going to wipe the NYSE off the internetz? By convincing El1T3 Hak3rz to download and run a DDOS app against their website on columbus day 30 minutes before markets close.


      22. Soooo, what they’re saying is that by “unplugging” the stock exchange they only hurt the 1%, no one else has a 401k? Cut off the nose to spite the face…

      23. Take a few steps today to protect yourselves in case this is a real threat (though I doubt it is).

        Call all 3 credit agencies and lock your credit (this comes with a minimal cost & will protect you from identity theft in case they find your SS# when they hack the system). Ours has been locked for years. No one can access it and we no longer get annoying credit card applications in the mail. If someone steals your SS # and tries to use it, their application will be denied.

        Print or find copies of all your bank, stock, mutual fund, bond – basically any financial statements. It might be your only proof that you have/had an account somewhere.

        I’m sure you have all done this since you are preppers, but you should have some cash on hand. In case this threat infiltrates all the banks & ATM machines.

      24. I have inside contacts!!! And I’ve just been warned of a MAJOR announcement to be broadcast today!!! It’s going to get very serious here within 24 hrs. In the US, Europe and The UK!! They can’t stop what’s about to be leaked. The Global Financial Collapse has been a smoke screen. All this nonsense has been a scam to deflect and suppress the biggest scam of all!! What the worlds governments have been trying to hide for several years has been set for ‘announcement’ There’s been a Major Intel breech. In a few short hours, an announcement to WE, the people, will be made on every TV and radio station around the world, that we are in fact being led and governed by, a rouge group of extraterrestrial muppets! Be alert! There out there! Muppets!!!
        Keep your families safe and avoid all muppets at all costs. as Bob Marley once sang. “No Muppets, no crimes”
        You get the picture now right!! Muppets out, real people in!!!

        • where will it be leaked?

          • re-read that.. sorry, i need coffee before i can think.

        • are you saying we are run by extraterrestrial’s ?????

          • No, you muppet.

        • “Master of puppets i’m pulling your strings, twisting your mind, smashing your dreams, blinded by me you can’t see a thing, just call my name…
          do you think Metallica know something we don’t?

          Be safe brothers.

        • Miss Piggy has put out a “Contract” on you…get your affairs in order. By the time the announcement is made, you will be history.

        • I’ll call you’re bluff! See ya in 24hrs back here, I’m calling Bull Sh1t on this one!!

          • zzzzz! Whoops overslept, Hey I was right for a change!

      25. Pretty amusing, all of these “preppers” completely disregarding this. You’re aware that prepping is a just-in-case lifestyle, right? So why not make sure you have your stuff together, just in case?

        It’s a stated threat, may as well keep tabs on it.

      26. ben bernake has done far more to damage the stock exchange than any hacker group know to man, past, present or future.

        bernake has accomplished what no hacker group ever could. the total destruction of the dollar. in his 3 short years he has given us hyper inflation, criminal activity, poor stock preformance, the loss of our AAA credit rating, a song and dance while thumbing his nose at the usa.

        hacker groups do not scare me. Ben does!

        • Rachel: There’s no hyper inflation and the dollar hasn’t been destroyed. Take a chill pill and get a grip on reality.

          That doesn’t mean I don’t think he belongs in jail ….

      27. The hackers are criminals. They should all get 20 years in prison.

        • Hmm..and Ben gets????

          • two shots a lead and a splash of salt water.. oh wait, he gets money.

      28. Wall Street IS the government of the U.S.A. Those sociopathic money changers , their founders and their executive-level mandarins OWN the U.S. political system and the MSM outright & use them to keep the rest of us down as they systematically impoverish us to the point where resistance will be futile.

        The America that we think we are trying to “get back” is a dead hologram; a functioning illusion of a society that has been sustained by propaganda, debt and imagination since Kennedy had his head blown off.

        I’m not a SHTF prepper because I think we can fight and win a war against TPTB and the government industrial complex that have stolen from us (which includes the military, the police, the mercenaries, the prison system etc.)……I’m a prepper because I believe that when these elitists choose to abandon this political/economic charade they orchestrate against the common man on a daily basis, & they retreat behind their estate walls, private roads and into their well-guarded glass towers, that there won’t be enough left for the rest of modern humanity to exist on and we will be at each other’s throats…I truly believe that the top 5% of the top 5% control it all and they will hire the top 5% to deceive, control, subdue, manage and even kill the rest of us in order to maintain their hold on their wealth.

      29. “We’ve doubled the world’s food production several times before in history, and now we have to do it one more time,” said Jonathan A. Foley, a researcher at the University of Minnesota. “The last doubling is the hardest. It is possible, but it’s not going to be easy.”

        Please consider the following questions about the statements just above of my facebook friend.

        What do you think John means by the words, “The last doubling”? If “last” means the last in a succession of doublings, then how many more doublings of world food production do you believe the Earth can sustain? Or does his deployment of the word “last” mean the final doubling of world food production because he recognizes already that a planet with the size, composition and ecology of Earth cannot reasonably and sensibly be expected to sustain any more doublings? When John reports, “The last doubling…is…not going to be easy.”, does he express doubt about the Earth’s capacity to sustain even the doubling he believes is possible? What is the probability the Earth cannot sustain the doubling John believes is possible?

        What is the probability that the effort made to “double the world’s food production\” beginning now will lead to the radical dissipation of Earth’s finite resources and irreversible degradation of Earth’s ecology to the extent that our planetary home will be made unfit for all children to inhabit?

        How is Earth to be protected from the consequences of doubling the world’s food production: from outrageous per capita overconsumption and excessive individual hoarding of natural resources; from soon to become unsustainable overproduction leading to suffocating pollution and uncontrollable climate destabilization; and from unbridled overpopulation activities. All of which are adamantly advocated and recklessly pursued on our watch by many too many ”movers and shakers” (aka, One Percenters, masters of the universe, little kings in pin-striped suits proclaiming they do God’s work)?

      30. It doesn’t even sound like that message came from this planet, much less the U.S. Who speaks that way? Maybe AI has already evolved and is self-aware.

        • KB- you’ll have to forgive Steven Earl. He always expresses himself in terms so eloquently articulate that they confound the message. He takes the position that overpopulation is killing the planet, and if we don’t immediately start to reduce the numbers, then the earth(and we) are doomed. I disagree with that. He has volumes of research and the writings of many intellectuals to support him. All I have is the sum total of all of human history, and much of the archeological record, to support my position. So you can see, I’m at quite a disadvantage. Plus, I can’t state it in such a majestic, multisyllabic manner as he does, alliteration not being my strong suit. And his onomatopoeically intimidating intellect often zooms right over my head. Still, the debate continues…

      31. I think the real traders and bankers will kill the sotck market long before the 10th

      32. Shit! They can’t even spell automation correctly. Not only that, but they affect everyones retirement and pension accounts. Get Real!

      33. When they start planting vegetable gardens in the cemeteries you will know there is doubling. Nothing is created or destroyed in chemistry.

      34. “We are Legion”
        its always in the details and subtleties. many names and trickeries but still same old serpent wiles. another group of beings has said this as well,Mark 5:9.
        99%, i dont know about that. many people are divided into many diff groups with many opposing view points. 99% is a way to justify ones own actions. i bet 99% of all people in the world wouldnt agree with these people. not saying they are wrong or right just keeping it real.
        “We witness the Government enforcing the laws that punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people” ummm theres like 30 million illegal immigrants who get away with being criminal everyday in this country alone. so…
        im not basing freedom or those corrupt bankers and politicians getting thier due smack down but theres more to this than this than any of these groups can understand. they put themselves into these compartments not seeing the big picture. picking battles thinking its the war but not seeing the entire scope of this war we are in. there is only one way, one truth and one way to life.

      35. It is not a hoax. Something will happen. It will be government funded and eventually lead to the internet kill switch.

        Don’t let that happen.

        • My thoughts exactly.

          1. Who has the capacity to do it?

          2. Who Gains?

          3. Who looses?

      36. Anonymous couldn’t even bring down paypal. There’s no way they’ll be able to bring down the NYSE. I want to call their bluff.

      37. My brother works at Amazon (in Seattle) and it seems like everyone down there got a good laugh at the expense of “anonymous”, or whoever they are. They slapped that ass hard. The idea that these goofs could wipe the NYSE clean is laughable.

      38. the wall street crash of 1929 was also in october 🙂

      39. It’s a hoax… If they were as organized and really wanted to do it they not have picked a holiday where most of the market is off and volume is low…. I do IT for a living and it would take a lot to take down an exchange. The systems they use and the security paranoid people that work on them, don’t think they would be able to do it.

      40. somebody is celebrating halloween early. maybe a saw mask in next video.

      41. Hoax or not…those trying to take down Wall Street and destroy capitalism are not the people we want to associate with. Nothing good has ever come from chaos and anarchy!

        We are a nation of laws…we must use those laws, prosecute and convict the guilt. Our Republic is what sets us apart and makes us great. Don’t destroy the house…clean house!

        The ends do NOT justify the means! Pay attention to who’s behind the protests and attacks.

        • You don’t reason with anarchists. They are violent older versions of Bevis and Butthead. You don’t convince them. You crush them.

      42. This would be a great excuse for the feds to take down the net which is crucial for us to get info about what’s coming down the pike & to organize…
        If it happens, it will be done by our own government.

        • now finally someone is thinking…yes, if the fed wants to keep something away from the people they go to using unscrupulous and sometimes extreme methods of doing so.

        • Take advantage of a crisis!
          Off course this crisis is being manufactured.

        • Hilarious, but raging at the puppet from Kenya is misdirected. Rage needs to be focused on the banksters and dual-citizens that control the thrones.

          • Exactly! I just got a kick out it. At least he notices something…

      43. Childish
        has to be a 20 something out of work, with a worthless degree and lot of student debt.

      44. Heck that’s not hard to figure out who Anonymous is.

        It’s Stephen Hawking.

        See something say something

        • Every time I hear one of these warnings I think the same thing. +1

      45. Believe nothing as it appears, this is all an elaborate ruse that has been scripted from the beginning and will end just like they want it to. When the hammer falls it will be so spectacular that the 99% will be swept up by its sheer unbelievablity of it. Don’t believe me….just sit back and watch.

      46. Watch out for that pumpkin on the porch. Booo!

      47. Problem with anon is that they give ppl too much time. They should announce their plans like 1-2 days prior. Didn’t they say they were going to take Facebook down in November? Let’s see what happens.

      48. “[Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan.” But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!
        Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!]”


      50. Wow! You are so smart, MM. I wish I was as smart as you. Should I watch more Fox News to learn more about terrorism and socialism and which Americans should be killed without trial and which women and children deserved to be killed by the Holy People?

      51. @ Smokin Okie
        Ha Ha ! Love your rendition of the web posting to the local crappy cafe……
        Yes…you are right about Okies being Crazy….my folks live outside of Tulsa in Broken Arrow & they are crazy.
        Looking forward to your next post !
        Montgomery County Texas

      52. Anonymous are just communist saboteurs with a lot of really insane (communist) ideas and a couple of good anti-bankster ideas. They need to be rounded up and thrown in jail for attempted sabotage of Wall Street. People have their life savings in Wall Street.

      53. Tjis is a cobination of the Cuban and venezuelan secret services trying to disrupt the financial system.

      54. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd nothing happened.

      55. How many predictions around here hare failed……hers’ one

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