A Chinese Factory Slave Explains Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America No Matter What President Trump Says

by | May 1, 2017 | Headline News | 116 comments

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    While we all loved President Trump’s campaign pledge to bring jobs back to America, there are powerful economic forces at work that suggest the shift to cheap labor is pretty much irreversible. Yes, Trump has spoken with the leaders of some of America’s biggest companies and he’s been successful at getting those chief executives to commit to creating or keeping a few thousands jobs here and there, but when you consider that the competing foreign labor force primarily responsible for manufacturing America’s consumer goods numbers in the hundreds of millions of people, the notion that we’re somehow going to see explosive manufacturing growth over the next four or eight years is nothing more than a pipe dream.

    But don’t take it from us. A Chinese factory worker explains exactly why we have absolutely no way to compete with the near slave-like conditions found in foreign factories:

    Zeng walked CNBC through his decision to spend six weeks in a factory working 12 hours shifts Monday through Saturday, mostly during the night, and what he discovered along the way.

    “They just gave me the address of the factory and I just went. I just showed up. When I was there I saw people holding luggage waiting in a long line, so I just stood in the line,” Zeng told CNBC in an interview.

    “When it was my turn they asked for my ID, asked to see my hand and asked me to recite the English alphabet. I got in after that. It took less than 30 seconds. You don’t have to apply or have any skills.

    “The first thing I can think of from a labor perspective is that the wages are unacceptable for American workers. So, in the factories, I was getting paid about 3100 yuan, or $450, per month. I don’t think American workers can accept those kind of wages based on living conditions and prices here,” Zeng said.

    “Even if they relocate factories to the U.S. they’d replace workers with robots,” Zeng said. He said Pegatron already uses robots to apply cameras to iPhones, and to drop batteries into the devices. Robots, Zeng said, are more precise than human workers, and precision is particularly important for those two components.

    If President Trump wants iPhones manufactured in the U.S., Apple will need to front the cost to pay the much higher wages required in the U.S., which means that consumers will have to be willing to pay more. Either that, or it will have to rely a lot more on machines, which won’t create jobs, and might end up taking them.

    Source: Yahoo News

    For those who are having trouble visualizing the cumulative effect of what Zeng describes, this chart pretty much sums it up and shows how much manufacturing jobs as a percentage of America’s total workforce have declined since the 1960’s:


    At first glance you may be thinking that we have no where else to go but up.

    The problem, of course, is that if you do try to shift jobs back to America, and even if you triple the wages from what factory workers are making in China, those taking a monthly paycheck and benefits from the government already make more money for doing nothing than they would assembling mobile phone components for 12 hours a day.

    One recipient of welfare summed it up succinctly in the following shocking interview:

    While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

    I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

    Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

    Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

    Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

    So can you really blame us?

    There’s always hope, we suppose, that the millennial generation, currently demanding free college and living in their parents’ basements, will rocket America into its next great manufacturing boom.

    But we’re not going to hold our breaths.


    Shock Interview: Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”

    “Slacking Off”: Young Adults Living In Parents’ Basement Most Common For First Time Ever

    Rise Of The Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years


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      1. Not only are foreigners cheaper labor but they are smarter and better.

        • Gandhi, Not in my book. Unless you compare them to the affirmative action crowd. Then you would be right.

          • Gandhi, I know about the affirmative action crowd. They’re totally useless as people. If they show up at all, they’re late. They’ll either ‘no show’ or call off with some BS excuse and I’ve heard all kinds of excuses from them. Blacks are harder to fire than any other group of people out there just because of the EEOC regulations and all other black civil rights crap. Just another example of minority groups getting special treatment from the feds.

            • Precisely why as a manager I would never ever hire blacks ever.

              • If you employ one it’s not to bad, but if you employ more then one just forget it, it’s like they devolve back to their jungle roots.

          • agree

        • And they’ve learned not to complain since they found out they will pay sever consequences if they do.

          A very small wage and a bayonet in the back makes the best and most desired work force in the world, no way spoiled Americans that want high wages with all sorts of benefits and such can compete with that.

          • tariffs…

        • I’ll put a significant number of the Instrument Mechanic technicians that I worked with and process/power operators up against the worlds best. Several of them did foreign duty in Saudi Arabia starting up process units.

          • The assembly line cog workers are getting replaced by robots anyway. China’s advantage long term is its willingness to exploit its labor force with dangerous environmentally damaging conditions for a short term gain. That took US labor the better part of a century to fight under conditions where the common person had a lot more say in government affairs. The disaster in Bhopal India with Union Carbide (India being like China) is a prime example. It bothers CEOs and Boards Of Directors to spend a dime that doesn’t translate to increased profits human life be dammed.

            • “The assembly line cog workers are getting replaced by robots anyway.”

              Which leaves the question, what do we do with all the people when there is no longer a need for them anywhere?

              • Walter Reuther essentially posed that same question to Henry Ford III.

                Ford said, “Walt bet those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

                I think Kissinger’s phrase, “Useless eaters”, may be the most applicable.

              • Start another endless war.
                Profits rise, population falls, win-win, fer them.

              • The answer is in the final lines of the 7th verse of Kipling’s “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” which the satanic elites are well acquainted with.

            • Although I believe in free trade, we need to balance the scales. Any products entering our borders should be produced by manufacturers who are subject to the same health and safety, EPA, and other regulations we force on our own companies.The lower cost of labor doesn’t dramatically benefit the consumer, it generally just translates into higher profits for the mega corporations. If our governments put tariffs on any product not conforming to our manufacturing standards, some jobs would start coming back to north america.

        • not better than robots though. With increased tariffs it will pay for manufacturers to come back to the USA-with mostly automated factories. The US will still benefit though./ Realtors with get rentals on their buildings, towns will collect property taxes, and there will be SOME hiring of humans to oversee the plant. Still a (muted) win for America.

        • In the 1960’s a treaty was signed, specifically designed to deindustrialize the US, shifting factories to third world nations. As we can see, China got the lion’s share of those factories, and this will be to our long-term detriment.

          The deliberate dumbing (see Charlotte Iserbyt’s site/book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America) down of the US population was meant to coincide with the stripping of American manufacturing capacity.

          The cultural marxists have steered what is left of the education system into a social sewer. Countries like China and India are producing dozens of PHD level engineers, for every American with a BS.

          The United States of America has been deliberately stripped of many critical manufacturing capabilities, that cannot be replaced as easilty as they were taken away.

          • “that cannot be replaced as easilty as they were taken away.”

            The remaining industry has fed off the corpse of the factory employees that remained. I spent three decades in Oil Refining and they having trained a mechanic in any trade since 1982 supplying their needs from the laid off from elsewhere. Now they’re all 60 or older.

            • The same is pretty much true in machine manufacturing, very few newly trained people coming in. What would you say if you found out, that illegal aliens are replacing American machinists, making your aircraft parts?

              • I don’t know about illegals but Kimber has hired a lot of machinists from the Czech republic because skilled machinists are truly in very short supply in the US. The US industrial base has been eviscerated in every respect personnel included. Its hollowed out.

              • I’d say I’m glad I don’t fly.

          • Which is why someone really needs to be the tough parent here in the US and make Welfare minimal and all but the physically handicapped and elderly not able to get it. You get 6 months to get back on your feet and then all welfare is cut off. Yes why work when you get paid more to sit on your ass, you get a house, a car, and you get non-essentials like pepsi, cigarettes and potato chips. if you are on welfare, there should be a desire to actually better yourself which is why you see people from india and and china producing more phd engineers than the US. Luxury food like chips and pepsi get donated along with clothing. There would be a more of turn around if there weren’t getting paid to sit around. Or if you are on welfare, you get X amount, and you get $450 more to manufacture iphones.

        • Fake ghandi, WRONG!!!
          I have always worked in manufacturing and at 56 years old I don’t intend on ever quitting.
          There is work here in America for those that want it.
          Get off your lazy asses and get to work!
          MAKE STUFF!!
          Don’t buy chinese garbage (including this fake news).
          Don’t pay for china’s U.S. takeover.

          • “Here in the US, if a real war starts, there are probably tens of thousands of “sleepers” from every country that hates us, waiting for such an event, to get started…”

            While your puritan work ethic is nobel the US manufacturing base has massively declined not for a lack of applicants desiring work but rather a facility to work in. Its not called, “The Rust Belt” for nothing.

            • OOPS outer error

              “I have always worked in manufacturing and at 56 years old I don’t intend on ever quitting.
              There is work here in America for those that want it.”

              While your puritan work ethic is nobel the US manufacturing base has massively declined not for a lack of applicants desiring work but rather a facility to work in. Its not called, “The Rust Belt” for nothing.

              • Try again, Nobel was Alfred Nobel, you know the guy who is probably still turning over in his grave ever since that POS Arafat, and THEN that other POS Obama were given their Nobel ” peace ” prizes.

        • BULLSH*T!

      2. Well, if things keep going the way they are, we will be able to compete with the foreign slave labor. Catch my drift?

        • Amerikans can’t answer even simple math questions

          • no kidding
            my kid gave one of her employers a 2 week notice , they came back and asked her if she could work date “a” and date “b” ..both dates were after her 2 weeks were way past

            she was like , cant these dum fuks add?

            it took her 3 days of explaining for this person to “finally get it”

          • Gandhi, does that include you? Are you American?

            • Yeah, I asked him(Gandhi) that question several articles ago and he never answered the question.

              • The Punch, Jab, and Run leftists will never answer questions about themselves or their motives or their positions.

                It’s not what they do, their minds just don’t work that way.

              • Something smells
                Like a Li-ber-al

            • I love you all, but you are dumber than dirt. My answer would not make sense to you.

              • Gandhi says:

                I love you all, but you are dumber than dirt. My answer would not make sense to you.

                Thanks, but your love is not needed.

                If we are that dumb, what does that make you? Why even come here?

                If you wish not to share your wisdom with us, then you have that right. But please, don’t try tell us how ‘dumb’ we are for not understanding your point of view, that you won’t share.

          • Your are dumb as a post,
            but you are a good troll.
            Keep it up.
            I’ve fought better men than you,
            and got I got beat many times.
            I’ll still fight, to the end.

          • Non Americans can’t even answer honestly about communism and socialism. Fake Ghandi, you are sounding like an asshole.

      3. Like I said….these millenials with their worthless “college” degrees in liberal arts, ethnic studies, humanities, social sciences, African-American studies, etc…are not unemployed. They are unemployable. They will never have living wage jobs. They will DEMAND the entitlements so they can sit at home, play video games, and smoke weed all day. And yes, try to force manufacturing companies back here from slave wage countries and i’ll tell you what will happen. In lieu of paying the higher wages, they will invest in automation/robotics….we’re going to have 1/2 the people in this country as permanent wards of the state. This is the future, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.!!!!

        • I !!!! DON’T!hire demoncrats!!

        • J, I agree the millennials don’t stand a chance with their attitudes. But no one is entitled to anything from anyone. And the plan with robots is doomed to failure.

      4. The $450 a month for jobs, or some kind of death spiral of wages in the usa is coming.

        When there are probably 6 of the 7 billion on the planet that will work for that, at some point the wage equalization will occur.

        We have past the golden era for the west’s jobs and incomes; the future is going to be a constant decline. I recommend having no debt and keep buying hard assets like gold and real estate to sustain yourself after the countries default on their debt.

        • In addition to gold and real estate, what are other “barter goods”?

            • FWIW, I’ve been building up a good supply of switchblade knives.

              Bet you I will be able to trade them for, say, a tank of gas or back door supplied food at the store with anyone young guy clerk when everyone else is standing in line and waiting with nothing but cash and credit cards and hope.

              Think out of the box, what did the early Dutch settlers trade with the Indians to get Manhattan Island?

          • Gold isn’t a barter good. Gold is MONEY. Gold is MONEY so you don’t have to barter like a peasant inefficiently.

            • People need excess and/or lots of free time to invest in frivoloty for gold to truly have value. In a shtf world I might exchange bullets for food or food for clothing but until I really dont need anything for my trade good ill be taking all your gold for one meal.

              But you can go on thinking somehow gold doesn’t follow the rule of value.
              A thing only has as much value as the person your dealing with thinks it does.

            • AZ don’t let those chocolate coins wrapped in gold-colored foil melt in your pockets before you try to spend them at the insurance company. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • A recent study concluded that by 2050 there will no longer be any jobs for humans.
          All done by robots!
          If 100% of humans are sitting at home and getting paid for it, then my question to you guys: how long will it take before we, the useless eaters, are wiped out?

      5. Any transaction made outside of using the official government issued debit card, will be a federal crime. Soon.

        • Him~ Fed Crime? So is smoking weed a Federal Crime. But every body does it. In a collapse, I will be trading my 1 Oz Silver .999 Rounds for everything I need. And Nobody that accepts them in trade will be complaining on snitching on me. I can assure you.

          Like WTF, the Silver is getting hammered. Something big is about to happen and the P2B are slamming it one more time to pick up all the remaining Physical out there on the market on the cheap. Then it sky rockets. You either got it or you don’t and you all need to take advantage of and dips to back up the truck and load up. No Brainer.

          • even weed wil be worth more than silver if yer trading with EBTers and other alinsky loving camel riding goat humpin emeffers.But then what would they have that would be worth trading to you?

            • Funny nuckinfuts.

            • What they’ll have is whatever it is you want in trade for your weed, they’ll go out and steal it from someone that has it just the same way they do now.

          • Keepin’ an eye on it hoping it will drop some more…then time to add a little to the stash!

      6. The picture reminds me of the poultry (chicken) houses that we have here around home. Almost identical except maybe for the occupants.

        • The chickens would disagree. ?


        We are being laughed at.


        This is the end result. I told you all didn’t I. Shit is going down hill from now on. No manufacturing is coming here. The release of free energy technology would build back the entire manufacturing base of the entire US. Everyone would have high paying jobs, we not have wars of any type. The oceans would be cleaned up, the atmosphere would be clean, and no water pollution of any kind. But of course pointing guns in the face of American Indians, veterans and patriots in priority. And Building of the Keystone pipeline to do more environment is the best thing for me and my family and every ones future. How dare I question the president. PREP, PREP PREP. The UN equipment is here, not its being filmed by Americans who are busy getting guns pointed in their faces by UN soldiers in blue helmets. Go figure this one. Remember Jade helm 15. You think this is over. They know that by OCTOBER OF 2017, WE ARE GOING TO WAKE UP AND THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE MEGA PISSED ONCE THEY ARE NOW AWARE THAT THEY JUST GOT ANOTHER OBAMA. .

        The chi-com worker slave is telling 100% truth. Trump is lying to the American people. And it makes my stumoch sick to have to say this but it is the truth. We have been taken over and he ran on a lie. The whole election, with him attacking Hillary was nothing more than a stage event. No he is on National TV talking about Andrew Jackson, and other nonsense to try to win back support. Its not going to work Donald, because people who lost homes, cars and jobs and suffering badly and some of them were homeless, like I was, and a lot of people didn’t not get out of it. The students will not have jobs, the current working force is loosing jobs, and its just a matter of time before the public catches on to sudden realize that the UN is here to kill off 265,000,000 of them, force and reduction of the entire US population, per degeal.com.. Once the masses realize this which according to economist V heard.

        Economist V the 4 star general interview, and what scared off the general why he ran out of the US and bailed. Here is the link.


        It appears and I cant be 100% certain, that He was selected to be elected to make us believe that the above mentioned was cancelled. So that we would go back to sleep. But when American citizens, Indians and now recently and American couple are looking down the barrel of the UN, and are video taping helicopters, then we know that the UN is here to stay. And the end of the day, they are going to attack and kill the people while Trump and others head to the DUMBS, and it all planned. The US has been preparing for the end of the world since the 1930’s. Extra Terrestrials took control of all the major governments of the world. It happened to Hitlers regime when German spies in world war 2, told the US government that they found evidence that the Natzi’s were in contact with Reptilians that were helping them built Flying saucers to build bases on Earth in Antartica and colonize the solar system. The Extra Terestrial agenda is real. You cannot ignore this fact of life folks. The aliens are the ones pushing the population reduction and the cabal are the ones running the secret space programs and have already gone Type One.

        This group of people, roughly around 100,000 personel and 3,000,000 elites and ruling families are a part of this get away plan. They are making plans for us to regain back control of the country. Yet Trump goes out on TV and lies again, that he promised to give America back to the people, then talking highly about Andrew Jackson, as if he is any comparison to a real president of such prestige. That did not happen, its not going to happen, it will not be ever happening. So we have to prep for survival. Its not looking good folks.

        WE ARE IN REALLY DEEP, DEEP SHIT. You all have been noticing that I am under constant attack. Its almost seems that every time I post, this happens. Don’t you all see what going on here. Its because I keep telling you all what’s really going on. That’s the reason why.


        • HCKS, The only reason I voted for Trump is to get a SCOTUS judge that kept the second amendment in place – nothing else. Anyone who knew the “real “ economics going on is well aware they can’t be fixed by Trump or anyone at this point. We are beyond Deep, Deep, Dodo. That does not mean things will crash tomorrow. No… It means the economic system is primed for black swans and our system of government will continue into its deep decline.

          So enjoy each day as its own reward. But continue to plan and prep..

          • Pray and Prep, but keep a positive attitude.
            A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
            Proverbs 22:3
            Finally, brothers, fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.
            Philippians 4:8
            In other words prepare for the worst but don’t dwell on it or anything out of your control for the sake of your mental health.

          • Rabbitone,

            You are so right, scary thing is Democrat appointed justices vote party lines, conservative judges vote for Constitutional principals, not along Republican Party lines. Too bad this detail is lost on the sheeple.

            If we are lucky, Trump will get to appoint another justice. We really don’t know how Trumps latest appointment will vote. History has shown Justices once appoint bring an unknown side of them out of the closet sometimes.

            Judicial activist support for failing Obamacare during the last eight years was surprising. SCOTUS went to huge levels of judicial activism to save an unconstitutional and an unworkable law. They jumped through hoops to keep a poorly written law alive.

        • HCKS, I doubt many people realize what’s truly going-on.
          The ET’s are controlling everything, including when and where we will be born and then how long our life will be.
          Our entire lives are pre-programmed.
          Only the fully awake individuals can see it.
          You are one rare such individual.

      8. Just let those welfare checks stop coming and the EBT cards get cut off and see what happens. That day is still coming, sooner than anyone thinks. “The Great Culling” is still coming regardless of what else happens.

        • Now that’s something I can look forward to. Hopefully they’ll cut the EBT/welfare off on a friday and by Monday the garbage will have cleaned out their pantry and then the fun begins. Within two or three weeks they will have either starved to death or will have been taken out while trying to steal from others. Good way to eliminate about 35% of the garbage.

          • LDH, I believe that figure will be much higher than 35%.

      9. We had tariffs to protect our industrial base. Low foreign cost labor is nothing new. Abolishing the protective is. There lay the problem.

        • Well I made my millions, sorry to the rest of the suckers.

          • Millions is that much money anymore, a million buys a house in a nice area.

            A year of inflation like Venezuela is seeing, and a million dollars will buy a weeks groceries.

          • Bill Clinton did quite well for himself signing NAFTA and China Free Trade. They’re net worth was a million before Federal politics and they’re now worth $110 million.

          • Bill Clinton did quite well for himself signing NAFTA and China Free Trade. They’re net worth was a million before Federal politics and they’re now worth $110 million.

      10. Items are manufactured by a mix of resources of which labor is one resource. If your labor cost is prohibitively higher than your competition, you must find a way to lower the amount of labor in the mix. This means fewer jobs. Another alternative is to find a competitive advantage in the other resources used. Energy, transportation ,etc. America can get a higher percentage of goods produced to be American-made but the prospects for long-term growth in manufacturing jobs isn’t good. The best hope is that the Chinese economic growth was madde with huge sacrifices and problems are resulting. About twenty percent of chinese agricultural land and water is so poisoned that the food grown on it is not safe to eat. Also, the Chinese people are demanding a better standard of living. This means wages must increase. (The Chinese are eating more meat per capita and using more energy.) There are signs that burning the candle at both ends is becoming more difficult. Other countries such as India are more competitive as well.

      11. Cut all the benifits for the working age person. Problem solved

        • Exactly–there are many over 65 still working to make ends meet because the leeches aren’t.
          Say Amen to your post.

      12. I do not feel it is that difficult. If it is NOT created completely within the USA, it may not at this time be sold within the USA.

        Robots, fine, but they must sell their products OUTSIDE of the USA, where else do they get the prices for their stuff like here?

        Now here are the biggies; NO corporate welfare at all, NO ASSISTANCE in any way, method, etc for corporations and if they cause destruction they are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the clean up and repair of the destruction – be it water, soil, injury, death, etc. Part of the cost of business is handling ALL of the costs of business by the business. No assistance with government contracts or both the company and the governmental employee- elected, hired, contracted, etc – are to be held responsible for those actions – pay $$, spend some time in prison, and NO more governmental positions allowed, or governmental contracts allowed to the contractor. You know, follow the US Constitution.

        Banks, if it is NOT backed by silver and gold as is required in writing, then ALL involved who assist this/these unLawful action(s)against our nations are PERSOANLLY responsible for those said actions once found guilty in a jury trial. Every person who did not work to dump the Federal Reserve and serve within our legislative branch – yes, EVERY – are personally responsible for those actions taken or not taken as it IS Misappropriation of Funds.

        Guess what, keeping the US Constitution exactly as it is written will clear up a lot of things, including the Military Congressional Industrial complex.

        Wages of the people are NOT supposed to be taxed. Nor is any business dealings that they wish to try their hand at to be either supported or not allowed by those that serve within our governments – that authority was NEVER delegated to them.

        It is not that difficult to make America great again, just make her CONSTITUTIONAL AS IT IS WRITTEN, and ALL – at every level – who serve within our governments are or are required to be, Oath bound to.

      13. The US is doomed and that is the damn truth and there are so many different reasons for it but the Gov’t and Corporate America are to blame for about 90% of it. . .Again, save that 1 round in your pocket – you will certainly need it probably sooner than later…just awful.

        • Have you read the US Constitution? Your own state’s Constitution? The words of the debates when it was being created, etc? That one small action on your part, will do a few things, including to understand our legitimate government, what they are put into place to do, what they must never do, what is NOT under their authority – and that covers quite a lot; learn that you have duties under it and what those duties are.

          If you can no longer be lied to about what authority someone has is a HUGE step forward. It is a small action on your part though. Why do you think they keep calling our “Constitutional Republic” a “Democracy”? Because everything that those who serve within our governments – state and federal, every single duty and power, is found in writing within the SUPREME contract that they serve under.

          The US Constitution is a compact between the states, and it is the CONTRACT that those who serve work under and must abide by just like any other contract.

      14. this”we gonna get paid” shit , aint going to last for long

        this entire house of cards is going to crash, and losers that act , live, and think this way are going to die hungry

      15. Actually, tptb want these people dependent. Think of the power it gives them. If people on welfare and EBT refuse anything (say getting chipped, physically receiving the “Mark of The Beast”), all that free shit disappears. The time will come. Only those who are self employed and/or farm or homestead will be able to reject the State; at least, for a while.

        I say that, we vote with our dollars. Be willing to own less. Buy one good well made item made right here in the USA. Ask. Check labels. Tell the store manager/owner you will pay the higher prices if he/she puts in a section of items made in America by American citizens.


      16. when the robots take over manufacturing jobs, and the great culling takes place, and the remaining people who still have jobs are working for 450 dollars a month, how the hell is anyone going to be able to afford to buy any of the items being manufactured? Something wrong with this picture. How will the rich stay rich if no one can buy anything but bare necessities if that?

        • When nothing is sold? They are so wealthy, they can survive for centuries on their wealth.

        • What’s the point in manufacturing then, the rich will remain rich forever. I guess manufacturing will take place for the sole purpose of replacement for the rich as needed.

      17. Last month I read an article of a man running a snow pusher in Ohio that lost his $30 an hour job(not counting benefits), a company making wiring for cars, that moved to China to pay an employee $40 a week(with no benefits and she drove 2 hrs. one way).
        America can not ever and will not ever compete with that.

        • Gasoline must really be cheap there, and food and rent too.

        • I never really believed that any manufacturing jobs could be brought back here anyway. Definitely a pipe dream for someone.

      18. What is needed is extra heavy tarriffs yes tarriffs level the playing field. While automation is inevitable it will be here not there. Saving transportation across the ocean, those transports are polluters.

      19. While that welfare recipient is sitting at home, he might want to take a small amount of his welfare money to learn some English composition.

      20. Regarding that leech on society, bragging about not working and getting paid by the gubment; he’s got a point. What he says might be true, but whatever happened to people having a sense of self-respect and pride in themselves and their accomplishments?? What kind of sorry excuse for a man would be happy to accept welfare that was earned off the backs of other people? How can he be satisfied with his life and who he is when he looks at himself in the mirror? Where’s the SHAME a normal person would feel, being able bodied but too damn lazy to earn an honest living? Henry Kissinger has a term for such worms: “Useless eaters.”

      21. I saw a show on TV several years ago where the great-grandmother was only 39 or 40 years old, she had a kid at 13, then a daughter had a kid at 13, then her granddaughter had a kid at 14. They all had other kids also who in turn had more kids. Each generation was completely subsidized, every need met at taxpayers expense. None of them ever married with each generation growing exponentially. Every one of them believe they will be subsidized for the rest of their lives.
        This will only last a while, it is not possible to sustain any longer. The well is dry. The reality is we have at least a 20 trillion dollar federal deficit, state and local gov’t debt is just as bad. Officials at every level of gov’t are constantly scrambling and scrounging and raising taxes and fees trying to maintain the present status quo. You know why, because they know what will happen when they can’t get get enough anymore, the “benefits” will be greatly reduced on even eliminated. You will truly see SHTF. This vast underclass of subsidized persons will demand their “entitlements”. We’ve all seen the videos on the internet, many have said if they don’t get what they believe they deserve and are entitled to they’ll just take it, from the person on the street, from a store, from someone’s home, from your vehicle, it doesn’t matter, because they want it and that is justification enough.
        A lot of preppers are not prepping for the most likely threat, this is the most likely one many may have to deal with. You may see violence, mayhem, unbelievable crime, and social upheaval. Not getting all their goodies will be taken as a license to do what many want to do anyway. If I see this happening I am immediately getting all my valuables and important things and everything I need loaded up, destroy and smash everything else so it can’t be used and leave for good.

        • Hi Bill :
          I really think by the time you see things get this bad it is going to be too late to leave and be able to get anywhere.
          Your likely only and best chance is to get going at the very first hint of the kind of trouble you are talking about.
          Most likely any place you are going to go to will be experiencing the same problems or worse.
          I have given this a lot of thought and just hope and pray I am home (which is rather far from towns and lots of people) with my family when the shit hits the fan.

      22. BS article bordering on quasi-literate. Premise is interesting but you lost traction trying to pull it all together. Supposed quote from an obviously uneducated, unemployed immigrant sounds “fabricated” and designed to be provocative. We’ve got plenty of home grown types that for one reason or another aren’t motivated to participate in what amounts to the best chance for the average person to succeed in the history of the world.

        • Succeed? Succeed in what? There is too much competition. Corporations and machines are a monopoly. You have the least freedoms in history. the ones that matter. 2 million laws. Can’t walk down the street without breaking the law. You can’t get quality food or women. Everything is corrupted. You can’t own property. Your money is fake. You are living in 1984. Everything is fake.

      23. Just wait till you find out that those full time workers and small businesses net earning $50k to $99k that get a refund of $10k each year all of a sudden will have to pay in $10k every April 15 from now on. Without deductions and loopholes the middle class is sooooo fucked!! Trump is the 7th term of NWO’s Clinton/Bush/Obama. WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR WHEN I PAY, PAY, AND PAY

      24. Start Labor Unions. If they were good enough to ruin US manufacturing then they are good enough for China.

        Also send over US regulators to finish off China they need to start with the EPA!

        Next up send over the ACLU I am sure the Chinese people could use their help.

        Do that and in ten years China is done.

      25. The people hold the power, just most are too brainwashed to realize the power they hold collectively united. It’s not like it’s a surprise that Trump lied his way into office, just like those who held the office before him. Same old BS lies when warmongering is all that matters. The whole US government sucks bigtime, relentless in murderous deceit. Kill the Fed, yeah right that’ll never happen. Somebody got the balls up there to print currency outside the Fed? Hell no! Their suckage depends on ever increasing theft without leaving a stone unturned. The rebuttal is long overdue.

      26. “I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…”

        Nothing is free. All bills must eventually come due.

        Although I have a decent job and pay my way, I am still thankful for each day that the bill collector has not released these hounds on us all.

      27. The welfare guy is the smartest guy in the room, I am afraid.

        Before complaining about welfare bums and knee-grows, go and read Alvin Toffler. He laid it out very well many decades ago. Just as the agricultural revolution meant America went from a majority workforce on the farm, to a very small minority now being farmers, we are seeing the same with manufacturing and industry. With computing technology, artificial intelligence and quantom computing, it no longer makes sense to employ human beings to do much more than simple craft activities (making doilies, knitting, handmade birthday cards, etc.).

        As a society we have not made the moral and ethical switch necessary to inhabit this new world. We need a society that has a totally different set of priorities. And pleasure and maximum human health and beauty are the ONLY things worth anything in the 21st century.

        I looked at one of these Chinese factories once. Nearly 80 per cent of the women on the factory floor were hotter than hell. I mean drop-dead beautiful. Why are they wasting their lives putting together fiddly electronic crap? They should be out there having fun, having sex and giving pleasure. Robots should be doing the manufacturing work.

        I came back to the US, and all I saw were ugly land whales everywhere. Those land whales need to be breed out of existance: there is no place for them in the 21st century. These Chinese babes were working all hours to keep these ugly, obese land whales in clover. It was wrong on so many levels.

        Having sex for pleasure has to be the future main job. The machines will do everything else. And we need gene selection so that we no longer have so many ugly unhealthy people. Make this the last age of the ugly.

        • Frank Thoughts,wow,what a genius you are.So,who gets to decide what beauty is,you? And,if a person cant have sex,then what,eliminate that person?Where is the good health supposed to come from,when our Earth has been poisoned almost beyond belief.Oh that’s right,we’ll use our “morals and ethics”.Sounds like you need a good dose of morals and ethics,what a clown.People like this are the problem

          • Dawn/ He obviously digs asian women as do millions of other American men. Don’t hate on
            us American men that like the more exotic women. I have found that white American women
            become bitter and disgusted when they find that their counterparts are not as interested in
            them. Not all, but many asian and asian-American women age better than American women
            of european descent. And they are MORE TRADITIONAL then the average American woman. American women are becoming despised by many American men because of the
            increased militant feminism that is so prevalent in our culture today. The what-can-you-do-
            for-me-syndrome. When women stop playing men’s sports and behaving like men in the
            workplace and everywhere else, then things will turn around. When women went into the
            workforce in droves back in the 60’s and after, it changed the dynamics of many things.
            Women used to live with their parents until they were married. This is still common with
            hispanic and asian women. Not as much with your other American women that want to have
            independence and whore around with their friends. In societies that are considered by many to be “male-oriented”, like Japan or even Mexico, women are actually treated better.
            American women look for “Mr. Exciting” and “Mr. Money” and “Mr. Social Status”, only to
            become discontented later in life. They literally put their eggs in the wrong basket and then
            become jaded with all men. Its commonplace in American society for a 30-something woman to have 3 kids from 3 different men. Thats a lot of baggage for most men to accept
            when going into a relationship. This kind of thing is not common in most asian or latin
            american cultures. Yes, men are not what they used to be in comparison of the past. Women are not what they used to be. Sad state of America today. I’m sure this will open a
            HUGE can of worms. I can feel it already. Let’er rip.

        • Speaking of ugly land whales, don’t go to Arkansas. 90% of the women are ass ugly.
          The brothers call them BEASTIES. Short for obese and ugly. They look like dudes.
          Talk like dudes. Act like dudes. Have big ass tattoos like dudes. I think ugliness is in
          the gene pool in that state. Looking for a pretty wife, don’t go there. The odds are not
          in your favor.

        • Hey, GTFO of here and go back to China. Why is it every post you make always reverts back to sex and how fat American woman are? I would like to see what you look like; bet you’re not physically fit. Must not be getting any either cause that’s all you can talk about. Go, we won’t miss you.

          • Are you a bitter American woman? Sounds like you might be.

            • No, I’m not a bitter American woman. I’m too old to be bitter, and in my day I was told I was very beautiful. I just place more importance on the person, not their appearance. Looks are not everything, it’s very nice to look appealing, but if that person is ugly on the inside then they are ugly period. Also you should not make blanket statements about people. Yes, I agree, feminism has made it hard for men to find a good women, but all women are not like that. I have some very pretty nieces who live in Arkansas, who are also pretty inside.

              • Waiting/ I’m sure your nieces are beautiful and good people as well. Because you say that
                you are older, you might understand where I am coming from. Our society is falling apart.
                Look at the retarded Yahoo search engine home page. Every day we are bombarded with
                the disgusting Kardashian’s taking selfies of their asses hanging out of thongs. Its no
                wonder people in other countries despise us. That is a reflection of our culture or what is
                left of our culture. Next time you go grocery shopping, observe the people that are in the
                store. People are wearing pajama bottoms, flip flops, combs stuck in their nappy hair.
                Women as wide as tree trunks wearing tube tops with their sides hanging out. Some of the
                men are just as bad if not worse. Years ago, people took more pride in their personal
                appearance. Women wore some makeup if they left the house. Men did not have chin fuzz
                like billygoats. Women did not have tattoos. Men (most men) did not have earrings. Men
                did not wear pink shirts. I could go on and on. Men were men. Women were women.
                Guess you could say I think this country is a freak show and I don’t recognize it any more.

                • Nameless, I do understand what you are saying, and I too agree with what you are saying. But I will tell you what I’ve said to my youngest son when he comments on overweight women. I ask him this question, do you really think those people want to be overweight? The answer is no; everyone would like to be beautiful. But everyone is not the same. It’s harder for some people to lose weight than maybe others. My youngest son is now learning this first hand; at 30 years of age his metabolism is changing and he is starting to get “love handles”. He has always been very slender, eating nutritious food, and going to Kung Fu classes 3 to 4 times a week. Now that he is older he must concentrate more on work, and of course he has female interest. Sometimes he eats lunch out most days due to work. When we get older, some of us stay slim like my 90 pound 4 ft. 11 inch 88 year old mother.(deceased now one year) I unfortunately took after my father’s side, all getting large with age. Due to A-fib, rheumatoid arthritis, and stiff heart syndrome I cannot exercise, I lose weight by cutting the calories I eat. I still do all my house work and laundry, but takes me longer now at 70. I had to give up mowing my yard a year ago(I used a push mower, not a riding mower) I loved mowing and working in my flower garden. My son makes the same comments about the women hating men, but I encourage him to keep looking for a more compatible mate, that there are still good women out there. I have been known to make my sons girlfriends change their clothes before they go to dinner with me. They complied. So, I do understand where your are coming from. I was brought up very strict by a M SGT father. Could not cut my hair, could not wear shorts, could not date until I was 18 years old and then had to take my 16 year old brother with me. Times have changed, and I do not like to see how parents are dressing their very young children. Any way I am glad we could explain ourselves to one another, and it makes us better people that we could work through our misunderstandings. This is how it should be. And I thank you.

        • Talking about gene selection sounds like the Hitler regime. Hope you can pass the selection.

      28. We must look at what these people are used to as lifestyle. their existence depends upon very little capital. the money received as wages supplies them with the needs they cannot make or trade fore themselves. if we loose power tomorrow these people will be the ones to survive. our nation will starve and kill each other for that last bite of food when we have plenty to eat at our feet. our life stile is unsustainable and if not corrected will bring our nation down. many see this and are prepared what we are not prepared for are the hungry willing and able to take what we have————-Grampa

        • Why do you think our generation fought communism/marxism with such vigor. We foresaw the slave state and decided to destroy it before it enslaved the globe. It looks like we failed and people now say we are the unsustainable society.

          You underestimate the great masses in the countryside. We have developed a sustainable lifestyle that will endure. The cities will collapse and the hordes will attempt to invade the countryside and find they will be met with extreme brutality if they come to do harm. If our corrupt government must collapse to reset our society so be it. Ye of little faith need to travel into the countryside a little more often and you will find a different America than the Mainstream Media presents. All races in the great unwashed hinterland have decided it is smarter to hang together than hang separately. The welfare/warfare state is dying and will create a hell on earth to survive but the masses have decided to die on their feet and not succumb on their knees.

          Semper Fi to all and keep the faith, god will help those willing to raise the sword of justice and fight for your friends and neighbors.

          A civil war is a series of skirmishes fought to maintain a stable society. If enough people decide the goals are worth killing for the system will have no choice but to acquiesce and abandon the globalist tyranny attempting to envelope the globe.

      29. May 1, 2017 Executive order ends Monumental land grabs

        As the environmental movement unfolded, Presidents courting green votes have increasingly used the Antiquities Act of 1906 to sequester large swaths of land — and water — from future public and private use — all too often without the advice and consent of elected officials and citizen groups.


      30. Back in the day when you could still find merchandise made in America without difficulty, I noticed the difference of USA made clothing and clothing made in China. The quality of American made clothing was much better than the China made clothing. The China made clothing would fall apart when washed. I paid a little more for quality of the USA made clothing. When buying a television or VCR I would buy USA made. It became harder and harder to find USA made electronics. The last television I was able to buy that was not made in China was made in Canada…..that was in 1991 or 1992. I bought a VCR made in China around this same time and had to take it back 5 times to exchange because it did not work. The
        fifth time I got my money back and paid a little more money for one made in USA, that actually worked. I still will not buy dishes made in China. I have to really look around to buy dishes; and I end up buying dishes made in Italy or Brazil. I don’t trust China on their dish making due to materials used, including lead free paint. And why would you trade with a country that makes prisoners and slaves out of its people? When you cannot find anything made anywhere but China, that means China has a monopoly and we are allowing China to take over and rooting other countries out of the loop. I thought we were a country of diversity. Time to end the China favorite trade country. Its treatment of its people should be enough reason to cut trade to a very minimal. Give other countries a chance to lock in to this market. A woman bought a purse in a Sierra Vista Walmart on April 25, 2017 that had a note from a person in China relating how bad the working conditions were in the factories. China is known for its inhumane treatment of its workers. Why aren’t the liberals in our government yelling about this? Of course manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the USA. That would interfere with bringing the USA to its knees and to third world country status.

      31. May 1, 2017 Obsolete — Full Documentary Official (2016) Thank you everyone for being so awesome as we’ve worked hard to build ourselves up to this point.

        OBSOLETE description: The Future Doesn’t Need Us… Or So We’ve Been Told.

        With the rise of technology and the real-time pressures of an online, global economy, humans will have to be very clever – and very careful – not to be left behind by the future.


      32. About the “leech” bragging about his welfare money, he needs to be put to work for that money. I have no qualms with helping him as long as he actually does some work for the money. Here in my city in municipal court, if a person cannot afford to pay their fine or fines they can sign up for a work program. They will work until their fines are paid. It’s a good program that lets the person decide what days and what time they will work; if they choose not to pay or work their fines off, then they will be locked up. Fair. There is lots of work to be done, from picking up trash and maintenance, to helping clean and do errands in the Department of Human Services. No one should feel good about living off the government without doing something to earn it. I could not except something I did not earn. He could do the work that other people volunteer to do at hospitals and nursing homes. People cannot value themselves if leeching off people. These types of people were raised this way, but it’s still not too late to teach them a different way of life. Teach them to care about their fellow man and to value themselves as well. It is truly more blessed to give than receive. I know because I give away $500.00 a month to individual people that need a helping hand; and these are working people. No one should be given something for nothing. It’s alright to help people who are trying to help themselves.

        • I did it again…….accept something…

      33. Bobane, thanks for baking me up.I know things so serious I can’t even post it here.. It’s so serious as to what’s taking place behind the scenes. My scientist friend got approached by the cabal. Asking him to join to secret space program to go to another solar system that they have colonized. you would not belive the stuff I have learned from him and the evidence I have seen right in front of me.. Mars has been colonized since the early 1970’s.. This so a fact.. The moon is not a reql planet it’s artificial.. It’s like a flicking. Airport at the back of the moon. Th moon is a planet and they tell us in universities that planets rotate but the moon does not rotate, they just avoid the topic all together. People look at a star ship, the moon everyday and don’t know that it’s the biggest UFO sightings right in for of them that shape stupid people really are.


      34. There is no expectation of work, providing for the cost of living, as per first world living standards. The dregs of the American ghetto and Chinese slaves get it. Old Economy Steve and Baby Boomer Scumbag act confused.

      35. Fake! Never heard an illegal talk like this. This is classic tactics that the left use to get people to be racist. You have to have a social security number to receive food stamps. Lies.

      36. Just one comment: $450 a month?! Do you realize what the average person in Pakistan, for instance, would do for $450 a month?? If you were to open a factory in Lahore advertising wages at that level, you’d get a line of applicants stretching down to Karachi. We Americans have absolutely NO idea what real poverty is. Try working those same 12-hour days for a monthly salary of $40 or $50 a month. $450 a month is a middle class income. The comparison between what we think of as “poor” and real poverty is laughable. Our “poor” kids are wearing $170 Air Jordans.

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