9 Ways the Federal Government has Hijacked your Rights & Taken over the Country

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    To be honest, we probably could have listed hundreds of different examples of government abuse. But we wanted to specifically focus on topics that we’ve covered over the last couple of years in relation to the Federal Governments attempts to Limit State Rights, Federalize local Police Forces, and most importantly how they are actively attempting to take away your freedoms and your liberty.

    Feds Using National League of Cities & State Municipal Leagues to sidestep State Rights

    national league of citiesNot many Americans have even heard of these organizations, yet they wield a huge amount of power and have managed to take over almost every level of local and state governments across this country. The National league of Cities represents over 19,000 cities, towns, and villages; they actively push their agenda – which matches up with this current administration’s policies – on a local and state level.

    Both of these organizations have done more to limit your rights to own a gun than any other organization currently active in this debate. If you live in a town where guns are banned in parks, libraries, and other public places, there’s a good chance that someone in one of these organizations drafted your local legislation.

    Supreme Court Says, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO YOUR DNA

    DNA StrandThe Supreme Court is supposed to be our last line of defense against unconstitutional laws that limit our freedoms and liberty; unfortunately, over the last couple of decades this court has increasingly begun to rule in favor of the federal government and their large corporate partners.

    The latest, in a long string of unconstitutional rulings, is probably one of the most shocking and far reaching rulings out if this court in quite some time.

    According to this new ruling, you’re DNA can now be collected and stored in a DNA database, without a warrant or without even being found guilty of a crime. Those pulled over for even a minor traffic offense, are now subject to local and state law enforcement officials collecting and storing their DNA.

    Green Police Cracks Down on Liberty to Defend the Environment – DHS Launches Environmental Justice Unit

    I bet you didn’t know that the Federal Government actually has a Green Police Force…. Across America the government is using the environment as an excuse to take peoples land, steal land for corporations, and imprison people for trying to live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

    The American Dream: One of our most precious freedoms, the right to own land, is becoming  a nightmare. From the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes, who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, to the Off-Griders in California who are being illegally forced back on to the grid, our government is increasingly cracking down on your right to own and use your land in the way you see fit.

    Feds Using Groups like Mayors against Illegal guns to sidestep the Constitution

    Mayors against Illegal Guns, sounds innocent doesn’t it? I mean who wants a bunch of dangerous criminals having access to illegal guns?

    Well the problem with this organization, just like most of these radical left-wing gun groups, is their agenda has nothing to do with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Instead, this group of over 900 mayors – most of whom have very close ties to the Obama administration – are doing everything they can to make it impossible for law abiding citizens to own a firearm.

    The other problem with groups like this is the insidious way they do business. While most people believe their state and local governments are passing these laws, they are oblivious to the fact that the ring leaders in the federal government are using groups like this to slowly but surely take your state rights.

    The feds now use these types of groups to basically sidestep the constitution, and screw you at the local level where the courts are much less likely to step in.

    The Federalization / Militarization of your local Police Departments


    As we pointed out earlier in the week, the federal government has spent billions of dollars turning your local police departments into a de facto federal military force. Through the guise of “fighting terrorism” or “National Preparedness”, the Federal government (the Department Homeland Security) has essentially taken over your state and local law enforcement.

    From equipping them with billions of dollars in military equipment, e.g. tanks, drones, and armor personal carriers, to actively training them in military tactics, the feds have essentially created a private military force that answers directly to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Feds use Tragedy after Tragedy to Promote Anti-American Agenda

    From using Sandy Hook to push their gun control agenda, to exploiting the Zimmerman case to “retrain police departments” across the country, this administration never misses a chance to exploit a tragedy for their own personal gain. In fact, they openly admit to using these tragedies to push their agenda.

    Before current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, left the Obama administration, he was quoted saying “you never let a serious crisis go to waste”… “It’s an opportunity to do things that you could not do before.”

    Local Governments Collecting Data on Gun Owners & Forwarding it to DHS

    Earlier this year, we reported on Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s attempt to stop a program that was collecting data on gun owners and then sending that information directly to the Department of Homeland Security.

    The Missouri Department of Revenue, who issues concealed carry permits in Missouri, was transmitting private information on Concealed Carry Permit Holders to the Department of Homeland Security. The Lieutenant Governor became involved after a citizen was denied a concealed carry permit when he refused to let the Missouri Department of Revenue scan and transmit his private data to the feds.

    Obama Administration Shreds the 4th Amendment

    How quickly most Americans forget; only a month ago we learned (not that we didn’t already know) that the federal government was actively spying on pretty much every American Citizen. From collecting phone records from all major cell carriers to spying on your audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and internet connection logs, the government now knows more about you than you probably know about yourself.

    The 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures, it reads:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Unfortunately, this government has deemed themselves to be above the law, and above the principles in which this country was founded. Even worse, is how little Americans seem to care!

    Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

    While losing your 4th Amendment rights is an absolute travesty of justice, losing your 6th amendment rights, your Habeas Corpus rights and your ability to defend yourself in the court of law is almost unbelievable – unfortunately it has happened.

    The 6th amendment reads:

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

    Habeas corpus

    The Suspension Clause of the United States Constitution specifically included the English common law, Habeas corpus, procedure in Article One, Section 9, clause 2, which demands that “The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”

    Last year people were up in arms over the Obama administrations passage of a provision in the NDAA, a provision that would allow them to indefinitely detain American Citizens without a trail, unfortunately Americans seem to have a short attention span and have already forgotten that the feds granted themselves these new unconstitutional powers.


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      1. The loss of privacy, thanks to the Republican controlled, US House of Representatives, made up of individuals who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, continues. I recall Michelle Bachman talking on the radio about how incoming freshman representatives were going to get a lot of instruction about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I call BS. I really thought better of her in the past and realize my trust was misplaced.

        The news story:

        Who voted against your right to privacy earlier today?

        • Didn’t Michelle Bachman recently get a Swedish Passport?

          • She’s actually a dual Swiss-American citizen, a rarity among all the Israeli-American dual citizens in DC.

          • They Do get alot of “Instructions” on BOR and US Const. Why do you suppose it has become a Mandatory event, that prior to even officially anouncing their actual “Run” for Office/elections. They Must first make their mandatory Junket agenda trip to….Israel?!

            Once they arrive they place a skull cap on their head, stand before that “wailers” wall, and proceed to Bang their foreheads against that wall, while alternating between banging head, and Thrusting their Pelvics against that wall.(simulating haveing sex acts with that wall)

            Once their Rabbi’s and israeli high officials are satisfied that enough film fottage and video has been made of this Major event….The potential candadits move on to the Next step of indoctrinations(instructions as they calls it).

            Where in Private with aforementioned rabbi’s and officials, they then proceed to “prove” themselves “Worthy” of israel and jewish NY/Chicago/usa full endorsments. Once they Prove selves worthy to rabbis and officials, they get re-introduced all over nationwide usa MSM in all its forms, TV-Radio-Print. Which of course is also owned and run 100% by “usa-Cousins” of those in israel proper.

            Then the $$$$$ comes Flooding in to make certain they get elected to office in the usa. As a Backup to elected status, those same “Cousins” also Own the major corps that own and control all of the Electronic computerized Voteing Machinery. That way they cannot lose even if only their own personal vote is obtained by that qualified “proved” Candadit.

            Disclaimer: word meanings: In This context, “proved” means accepted as a Good “Goyim”.

            Good Goyim means no matter what issues or bills will be encountered by the newely elected official, they shall always first and Only consider one of Two things prior to actualy casting a senate or us house vote for or against.

            What do they Consider before casting a vote? I will Tell you. “is this bill/law/issue/proposal etc, Good for Israel? is it Good for Jews?”

            Obviously if yes it is good for either or both. VOTES Yes!

            If Not good? Votes NO or Nay!…See how easy it has become to be a High elected official in the usa. And how swell the process in obtaining “instructions” really is.

            Word meaning expanded: In This context the word “Instructions” actually translates to the israeli jewish version of “Indoctrinated” in or of or for etc.

            Yippi Yio Kyaaaa! I’m a gonna be a Big Star! jus as soon as I goes ta Israel fo ma chanze ta Proves I bez a good little Goyim candadit! So Vote fo me and I will set ya Free folks! now gimme dat Cashola, Lots and lots of cashola.

            • Unfortunately the credibility of post such as these come into question when anti semites are allowed to post total nonsense. But having served 26 years in the Military I continue to support free speech regardless of how stupid it makes the author appear. When I read antisemetic rants on these posts it makes me think of the anti white crap that comes out of Al Sharpton and other race baiters mouths. So spout your racil rants and hold hands with da Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse jackson. Dimwit.

              • Antisemite is Code for: All who disagree with or speak out against zionists/jewish agendas which are detrimental to the usa and white folks and christians. Not necessarily in that order.

                Antisemtie= PC words designed to Halt All forms of folks outting jews or israel or zionists for any of the overwhelming documented agendas and actions that have been posted here or elsewheres with more evidence proofs than even a lifetime in the military can erase.

                I matters Not if a person is military or they are not. Nor does it matter if black or white or jewish. Matters Not.

                All what Does matter is the fact that america is being destroyed by a vast combo of-white guilt-unquestioning defense and support for Al things jewish and israel- and the hoards of Enablers or as jewish folks calls em “Good Goyims” who been brainwashed to somehow believe any negative referense to their favorite group of worshiping is akin to “anti” anything or everything.

                NOTE: these type fools and enablers Never clarify nor Prove ANYthing they claim when calling others Antisemitic or Raysis?…Same as MSM always does, they cry or whine those slandrous names, Knowing it a PC designed word intended to halt all speech and deabte.

                In order to attempt to “Fool” folks same as MSM tv news talking heads do, they throw the claim of antisemitie or rassis out there first…..THEN to create a sense of a reg avg just one of us types, they then state “But serving 26 yrs military I Do support free speech!”

                Bullcrap. Yeah like how lib dems support gun rights….then always clarify their support with something akin to…”However” or “BUT” I also think too many folks has way to many guns! or I am Progun…BUT! I also suport “common” sensical antigun laws….Yeah I bet they do!

                I for one am not swayed nor impressed as so many today are by the mention of how long a person serves as a cop or military. Sure some are good…Others not so much.

                But its not anything really to do with whatever else. Its again…MSM that has tried to sway american to be way more supportive of military to the point of worshiping all who ‘serve” so to gain support for MORE phony wars for….Israel and jew interest’s.

                I reject such faked support based on lies to go to more wars etc. Just as I reject Unquestionable jew or israel support by usually delusional puppets of the evangelical set and scofield bible belt bunch.

                The Real questions asked Today outta be: which is better at Brainwashing folks? The Govnt+MSM’s? or…Most phony jew firster Preachers today?

                That won’t occure as long as fools continue to use kneejerk methods of “antisemite” and “Rassiss” calls whenever they are unable to disprove or debate such issues. Todays folks are wiseing up and refuseing to Obey such PC-demands…Some are at least.

                If such jew or israel defenders or supports Had any good things to Back that type unquestionable support? They would Use it instead or name calls right.

                And I do not consider some fake pastors Misguided scofield bible iterpretations of, all mentions biblically of the words “israel” and “Jew” as proof…I mean REAL solid Proof good to brag of etc…If they had it they WOULD use it. Like We do when WE post tons of links etc for further proof etc. Go study more Talmud verses, then come back to Bitch when us Gentiles post such as proof of jewish VILEness to teach others of it..Why Not call Rabbis who Wrote it and Teach Talmud an antisemitic? yet do it to gentiles who Post the info?

                PS: I Have posted Recent, December, 2012, DNA Evidence/Proof BY/From Jewish sources that 98% of todays “jews” have ZERO dna from any of israels 12 tribes of Original heberews. Proof they are NOT even a true “Semite”! so again Define: antisemitic. in regards to todays jewish folks.

                You naysayers and name callers have Posted proof of? What Exactly?..I will Tell you what of…NONE! ZIP! Nada!

              • Racist hate is evil, and it’s exposing itself more and more. One reason we even have to prepare…more and more.

        • Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote. Until WE do, on a massive scale, our employees will continue to subjegate US one Rule, Regulation, and unconstitutional law at a time.

          100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Vote. Target our enemies in Government and vote.

          Only 129 million votes were cast in the last election. Gun owners and Patriots have the numbers and the power to control this nation once more.

          Engage! 🙂

          • ~~~Only 129 million votes were cast in the last election~~~

            So, there were fewer to steal??

            • Who is it that said that what mattered wasn’t who voted but who counted the votes? I can only assume that in some all States, just like in all of our Provinces and Territories, there are areas that will vote “against” the desired trend and the numbers in these areas can be enough to affect the desired result of the election.

              Now, it seems to me that for you my fine American friends, gun owners and people who are awake are outside of the major cities and in rural areas. Areas that politicians tend not to give a crap about because there aren’t a lot of votes there. Until they realize that the voting areas outside the cities vote as a block against their desired outcome.

              At that point, how hard would it be to have some stuffed ballot boxes hidden in a closet or for some to “mysteriously” disappear? I can only assume you have an electoral oversight agency that is supposed to be impartial and non-partisan, but we all know that’s a sham.

              If anything, our Elections Canada is more like the Liberal Party of Canada Elections Time Enforcement squad who make sure that Liberal misdeeds (from overspending to questionable donations to voting incentives – including laying on buses for Liberal supporters to the voting stations – to stealing, defacing or destroying the campaign signs of other parties) are ignored but a Conservative candidate buying a round of coffee for the volunteers in the campaign office is fully investigated for improper spending.

              • Canadian Vet: I always kinda wondered of how hard would it really be if for example, we usa conservatives and progunners etc were to gather enough of Our folks as one solid group, and Migrate across the border into Canada to there Join all of You folks and assist us all to get registered to vote in canada, become a citizen of canada etc whatever it takes. Which seems easier to do than in usa for illeagles to obtain citizenship-voter rights and most all other benifits etc.(I’ve read several articles that say canada is more Lax and way more easy for various visas to remain-become a citizen-get welfare and more of it etc, especially for islamics and africans etc. Have No idea if true or not? Hopefully it’s true and also for us whiteys patriotic folks too!..the can vote and be a citizen Parts I mean)

                With only aprox One Tenth POP of the usa, in canada elections we would only need a few million folks from usa to join Your guys and fully overtake canada in One election cycle by electing guys like YOU and the very first Law you guys pass could be a NEW const and bil of rights same as usa’s or with chamges to improve if needed.

                Once done, how hard would it be to Pass further laws in canada to for example Boot out undesirables, who refuse to assimilate and learn to use english etc.

                Within one to at most two yrs time frame, canada could be like or even Better than early america in Tommy Jeffersons era etc!

                Not certain of it, but I’d guess with Canada POP totals aprox 30-35 Million(correct?) and if similar to usa, at most 2/3rd are adults and can vote…So at Most a grand total Potential votes is like aprox 20 Million(likley less eh?)…10 Million being 1/2 of all votes possible, us USA patriot folks could bring maybe as Few as a hundred thousand to one Million for good measure, and totally Topple current crop of scoundrels and swindlers of which is my understanding, Your canadian officials are as bad if not worse in being Beholden to Libs and zionists etc.

                In america many say “Boot em all out next election, clean sweep!” yet very difficult when you need so many folks Onboard same agenda. However Canada is way smaller numbers so likewise could be a truely doable agenda eh?

                Whats Your opinion Canadian Vet, if you do not mind my questions that is. Thank You if you can answer.

                • Problem is we let in every illiterate and criminal half savage who has no intention of integrating into Canada and abiding by our laws from every third world shithole you can think of and give them everything they might want and yet white, literate, French or English-speaking productive and economically viable would-be immigrants would need a chainsaw to get through the red tape. Grass isn’t much greener here on those grounds my friend.

                  • Politicians need votes to stay in office. They also need money to pay for their promises and freebies, thus a fractional reserve banking system, Fed Reserve etc which allows them to temporarily, at least, borrow, print and pay for this stuff that immigrants always want, and vote for. Bankers like this system that lets them collect interest on money loaned for benefit of the politicians, especially when it is money that was created out of thin air, requiring no work by the bankers.

                    Politicians thus obviously want to bring in poor dependent immigrants. It means more votes. However, immigrants who are hard working and productive won’t be as kind to politicians who tax them and give the product of their labor to non-productive immigrants.

                    A vicious cycle has been set in motion. The core generator is a useless politician who needs votes, and by establishing himself as a re-electable politician, becomes a magnet for influence corporation money.

                    Politicians then get rich via corporate “contributions” and perks, corporations get laws that are passed enabling them to get special $$ treatment in a quid pro quo, and the fascist state grows.

                    Simple enough. Choir be seated.

              • ~~~At that point, how hard would it be to have some stuffed ballot boxes hidden in a closet or for some to “mysteriously” disappear?~~~

                Where ya been Canadian Vet?? We ARE a little more sophisticated than that–remote hacking. 🙂

            • JayJay: The corruption in the system must be rooted out. That cannot be accomplished by naysayers. WE must all get involved in the process to mitigate the theft of OUR votes.

              The Left pushes, pushes, pushes and accepts the gains that they can get. Then they start the process over again, and accept what compromise they can get. It is incrementalism that is killing the American Ideal.

              Patriots must incorporate that tactic into their strategy and take America back one step at a time. It takes a sustained effort to win. Patriots must step up and be committed for the long haul.

              Believe and Engage! 🙂

              • Blah, blah, blah, and I have a two inch stack of electronic, computerized responses from Bunning, Whitfield, and McConnell.
                What you are doing is like trying to convert someone who sung in the choir.

            • Unless the vote is hand counted, they are not counting your vote, but their own vote that they count millions of times.

          • Gun owners and Patriots have the numbers NOT the power!

            Not unless you are referring to civil unrest and you go ALL-IN!

            Otherwise, under the phony American voting system, you will continue to think that you have power by using the voting system, but you really HAVE NONE!

          • Elections in this country have become little more than a play, staged for those who still believe that voting can bring about an effective change in Washington, D.C., the actors in this play may change but the script stays the same. The system has now been completely transformed into a Statist Regime, side-stepping Constitutional Order while seeking to maintain the outer form of legitimacy when it is anything but legitimate!

            Ultimately, we will be left with precious few choices in this country, either compliance and collaboration or resistance and revolution, there will be no middle ground, nor should there be when dealing with usurpers and Statist thugs!

        • Making a list..

          Checking it twice..


        • They all are in this together…. I believe we have finally reached that point that even decent politician’s realize they may lose their power positions and the protection it brings if they vote this spying mechanism out. Is the end of our nation near….? I believe we are fast approaching that point. Meanwhile, what did the Kardashians do last night…..?

        • Keep pumping out that sewage there Mordi…. The Democrats are innocent babes who would never take away any of our right now would they?

        • Yeah because the democrats are so much better….

        • If you read the ZH article on the 217 people who voted against your right to privacy, MOST were democrats. Try to get your facts straight before blurting them out.

        • mordecia you are pretty damn quick to lay the blame off on republicans arent you their sport? i seem to recall a commander in chief that is a democrat theat uses executive orders during the wee hours of the night to bypass any congressional opposition. yes republicans are cowards for the most part but this is a problem created by liberal trash not by republicans you need to check your facts before you comment.

        • I have relationships and family that are cops,and all of them said they have quotas!

          Here’s a hint,the last week of every month,drive two miles under the speed limit ..

          If you have a cop behind you,find the first place to turn,and get out of the crosshairs…

          • The cops are out of control. They should all be hung for treason.

            • If anyone shoots the cops I care about, I will come after them. They are not all jerks.

          • In big cities, know when their shift starts with the typical turn over and after their first call is when they usually bag their two “minimum”/day tickets to cover their city expenses.

        • Satori and ALL..

          Watch Chief Mark Kessler..

          I assure you ..you’ll love his videos.

          He’s one cop I’d stand beside..


        • Yes

        • The only thing that will turn this around is an armed citizenship with the will to use those arms.

      2. What Would Ted Kennedy Do?

        • wander around in shock for 9 hours.

          • (He was on LSD. First and only time!)

        • Ted would have another drink.

        • I’m here, how can I help the after life? Weiner’s wife has a mouth full of teeth. Buy 1/10 oz gold, be a King. Turn the a/c down to 68 in your travels before the swat team breaks in.

        • drive into a lake and ditch the bitch?

      3. 9 Ways? Obviously this could have been a very long article…. 9 Volumes at least.

        So, when do we learn. When do people wake up. What’s it gonna take!!?

        • Amen.

        • This article makes everyone so irate. It is urinating on all the basic principles that this country has stood on for more than 200 years. What is so God Awful is that most of the people are totally accepting it or desiring it. What has happened to America? I think the easiest answer lies in many religious books of many religions and beliefs, it is the end of this cycle, the end of times. You can freaking see what is happening right now in 1960’s to 1980’s science fiction movies in which what the government is doing right now, back then, seemed like just that SCIENCE FICTION.

          Best course of action until it happens is try your best to isolated yourself from what is so wrong and surround yourself with free thought and planning for tomorrow. As I said earlier, Mac sure has no short list of articles to be posted on just how totally f’ed everything is and how much worse it is getting by the day.

          • 9 ways they have hijacked us??
            I can’t name 9 ways they haven’t hijacked us.

            Why did the government official cross the road?
            His dick was stuck in the chicken…..

            • OutWest, are you trying to match SmokinOkie in the comedy dept. I almost fell out of my chair. That was DAMNED GOOD! braveheart

            • @ OutWest. BO crosses the road and anywhere else that his puppet strings from his elitist MASTERS will take him.

              • Master of puppets I’m pulling your strings
                Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

                Blinded by me you can’t see a thing
                Just call my name ’cause I’ll hear you scream

                Master! ..Master!!…………..


          • Good evening, BI, and I know exactly what you mean. I still remember watching those old science fiction movies from that era and thinking well they make some very good entertainment, but will never become real. Later on, when I start seeing some of these things becoming real, I started freaking out. Yesterday’s movie becomes the REAL DEAL today. Who would’ve imagined it? For the most part, I’m afraid to watch movies these days for they’ll most likely turn into the real deal at some point in the future. Same way with some books. “One Second After” and “Red Dawn” stick in my mind for some reason. braveheart

            • One Second After was the book that woke me up…found it on the Internet when he first wrote it before it was ever published and it opened my eyes..I stayed up till 3am 3 nights in a row obsessed with reading it. best book about surviving what’s coming that’s out there.

              • I wish they would make a movie on this book..

                • VRF ,
                  I believe a movie is in the works , I heard it on the Survival Podcast about a month ago the author was being interviewed. That was one heck of a book very haunting description of SHTF!

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • one second after scared the hell out of me…couldn’t sleep for a week…that being said, that book showed me how much i need to do before SHTF…prep, prep, prep, baby!

              • Watch the black and white version of “The Iceman Cometh”, with Lee Marvin. It will either depress you or motivate you to action.

              • I had already started down the path of “putting a few things away for a rainy day” before I read One Second After. I re-read it again, taking notes this time and comparing what I had in my “rainy day store” to what would be needed to be self sufficient. I had the “partner in crime” read it. In the past, she was not completely sold on the idea of putting things away, after she read the book, she started doing inventories and being very pro active on what needed to be stored. 🙂

          • BI

            There are many of us at work who discuss this daily..nurses,cnas,cooks, diet aids etc etcetc..all from mid 20’s to mid 60’s..Nam vets included..landscapers,semi retired, and average workers by day and nursing home workers at night working 2 jobs just to stay afloat…
            We all feel it in our souls and our gut..something wicked this way comes yet we continue the daily drudge to work knowing it is all falling apart around us..yet so few oh so few see it coming…

            I have twin grandchildren on their way by my beautiful daughter of 23 due in 2 days..I have a USMC son back from active duty struggling to survive..and a 21 year old son at home trying to make his way working 50 hours a week and putting himself through community college..and it all is bleak for us all..

            We have committed to survive no matter what but it’s getting worse and worse..inflation, food, gas prices gone up 20+ in the last month..it’s all a ruse..

            The wheels are coming off one by one..

            May God bless us all here and everywhere..worldwide..


            • @ possee. I don’t mean to depress you or others but what you said has so much impact that so few feel it deep down. It is kind of like the beginning of a hard core type of super virus in which just a few feel the effects of it, then BOOM everyone feels and is contaminated. Fear of what is happening right now is only in those with good sense, but that fear will spread like wild fire in dried up dense brush. The wheels will come off the tracker trailer of the U.S. one by one and jack knife in the fog that the masses are happily speeding behind at regular 65 mph. Result, massive pile up. So many are in a totally dense fog of the brain.

              None of us have the power to change it, all any of us can do is try our best to prepare as much as possible and then a little more than that.

              • Don’t worry BI, you’re just the messenger. Whatever info you provide here is appreciated no matter how bleak. No matter what info is disseminated here, its up to the individual reader to do what they will with it. Either ignore it, get a chuckle out of it, or take it and squirrel it away.

              • Be informed,

                Did you read about the new ‘infection’ that the CDC is now investigating?

                CDC: Unidentified stomach bug spreading…

                “Federal health authorities say more than 275 people in seven states have now been sickened with an unidentified stomach bug.

                The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the cyclospora infections, which are often found in tropical or subtropical countries and have been linked to imported fresh produce in the past. It causes diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms.

                The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the infection has been reported in Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Connecticut and New Jersey. Most of the illnesses occurred from mid-June to early July. The CDC says it isn’t clear whether the cases are all linked.”

                Drudge Report

                  • Caught some kind of stomach virus 30 years ago. I lost 10 pounds in 12 hours. If I got that today, it would kill me.

                • @ KY Mom. A lot of what happens like this can be avoided from dangerous countries that are breeding grounds for these bacteria, molds, funguses and others that can make people very sick. Something that can be washed off with a thick skin for example is probably safe from these countries such as bananas, avocadoes, pineapples. I personally wash everything that a clean knife is going to cut into. An avacado for example is safe inside but the skin outside could have something on. Same goes true with these melons that made people so sick with listeria. If they had washed the melons with a good anti-bacteria soap before cutting into it, the chances of getting listeria would have been near to none as long as the melon had not been split and opened in someway. I would never eat salads from anywhere that is not grown in the U.S. or Canada or other known to be safe developed country.

                  There are always suppose to be country of origin where produce or other foods come from. I have seen produce that has come from Africa and I would not trust this even if it was cooked. Other than chemical contamination, practically all harmful organisms can be cooked out of almost all food. I say read the lables where it comes from and any doubt don’t eat it. So much of this really and truly can be minimized with the washing of it. I even wash tomatoes, celery and other vegeatables with soap and water to not only remove the possible bacteria but to help remove some of the other chemical contamination that might be on it.

                  • Be informed,

                    These are all good suggestions to protect us from viruses and infection.

                    Thank you!

            • Keep the faith and God bless.
              LOTS of good folks dont deserve the crap that is going on.
              Lots of us have worked real hard and are not criminals, but are being demonized for wanting the freedoms that are rightfully ours.

              • Kula/BI

                Thank you all..

                We are not depressed at all..

                We are fighters from the core and just recognize what is occurring ,while all around us most are mesmerized by the media,financial institutions,and government.

                We have learned by studying our,and world,history and continue to press on despite the odds..

                We who prepare physically,mentally, and spiritually must be kin to the likes of Noah…

                the father of preparedness.


              • Amen Brother!

            • I don’t post much on hear mainly because, like the Proverb says: Even a fool seems wise when he keeps his mouth shut.
              And I am actually in awe of the group here at SHTFplan, what a great, smart bunch of folks. I’m a regular here almost every day.
              Posse, I hear ya loud and clear brother, with you on that.Sending up a prayer for you and yours.
              God bless you and all!

          • Let’s all think happy thoughts: The day all of this is put to right and we have our version of the Nuremburg Trials. These 9 crimes can be added to the other 9 thousand.

          • BI,
            Robert Heinlein got it right! Some times I feel I am living in an Ayn Rand / Robert Heinlein novel
            About a distopian future.
            Things keep getting worse but no body outside of this group seems to care. may be we are the
            3% that still has enough intellect left that can see trouble coming. We went from reaching for the stars as a people to wallowing in the ash and mud. The human race is slowly descending into its
            lowest base denominator.
            I guess at the best we try to protect our own to the best of our abilities and try to help those who attempt to help themselves. in the end I see this not ending well for most . Why can not people see what is being done to them? do they simply not care?
            We all have been given a gift but most do not appreciate it or use the time for positive results.
            At this point in life I should be slowing down and smelling the roses , I really did not think in my wildest dream I may have to become a soldier again at 54 years of age , if that is what it takes to protect life and Liberty so be it.
            We can not allow what we have to fail , our country was once a shining beacon of LIBERTY to the world bought with a price that was great , can we really turn our back on those that have gone before and paid with everything they had , life included, to preserve this union.
            Keep fighting the good fight , speak out , confront your enemies , tell them NO! we will not obay your unjust rules . Remember the government rules with the consent of the governed.



            ALEA IACTA EST

            Semper Fi 8541

        • A minority of citizens stood up against the British over 200 years ago and toppled tyranny. It wouldn’t take that many today, but I agree, we are a nation of cowards today and we all have collectively been shamed into silence (outside of blog comments)…….

      4. When living in Alaska, I had the unpleasant surprise of being pulled over by a cop one night, while on my way to work. Besides working part time at the clinic, I also worked part time as a jail guard. I knew who all the local troopers were and this was one of those “out of town jerks”. They would be sent in to town occasionally with a unmarked car. This trooper told me that I had run a stop sign. I told him that I did not run the stop sign. He then said “that wasn’t his take on what he saw”. He asked for my license and insurance information which I gave to him. Anyway he let me go. He must have had a conscience and knew he lied. I was very angry about this illegal pull-over. When I got to the clinic, I called the troopers office to report it. I was told by the answering machine that another dispatcher in a neighboring town was taking the calls. Then I began to wonder if this was what they did every time one of these out-of-towners came to harass.

      5. I’m a small business owner, Constitutional Patriot and I’ve been hijacked. How about I work everyday to support my family and employees yet i get whacked every year with fed income tax, state income tax, self emloyment tax, state sales tax, corporate excise tax, capital gains tax, unemploymemt (tax), workers compensation (tax), auto excise, property tax, gasoline tax and sales tax.

        Just struggling to keep it together and now its an all out assault on our Constitutional Liberties in broad view yet theres so little of us who even care to acknowledge or take it head on.

        When do people like myself just say enough is enough and pull out of the system.

        Galt time…

        • Who is John Gault?

          Reduce your overhead if you can, there is no longer any reason to push to keep others employed, time for whats best for YOU!

          • @ Kulafarmer. I believe whom Wolf359 is talking about is John Galt with Shenanddoah. His web site is an interesting one, as John has forecasted many of the economic problems of the country accurately. He use to be on shortwave. You can visit his web site at johngaltfla dot com I left the traditional address out so it would not have to wait for moderation, at least I hope so. He has some really pro patriot articles here and is right up the alley of this site.

            • Bi/smokey
              I know lots of folks who run their own business, contractors, farmers, shop keepers, with the exception of the shopkeepers these people are just trading dollars and making small gains along the way, the overhead is phenominal,
              Two my friends just had the state department of labor stick their thumb on them, one guy just fired everyone and filed bankruptcy and is selling at farmers markets with his wife, the other guy paid his fines and is rambling on with 18+ full time employees some times paying out and paying out and on and on, and for what? A name in the market place? Theres not much profit so why?
              I was going to expand, glad i didnt, was going to take out loans from USDA and banks to expand, glad i didnt, was going to hire a couple people, glad i didnt,
              I grow lots of food, if it sells great, if not the nutrients are not lost and my organic matter numbers climb! Cant be taxed on that and dont have to create a paper trail for it,
              They call it self sufficiency,

              Who is John Gault?

          • Keep the right people employed, let the others go.

        • @Wolf359:

          “When do people like myself just say enough is enough and pull out of the system.”

          People like yourself (my self included) never give up. We just find other ways to do what it is we have to do in life.
          People like us do not pull out of the system, instead the system leaves us behind if we refuse to change (or go along) with what is being promoted. I would have to say that most people on this site are not happy with what has transpired over the past 5 to 10 years in America. Our way of life has changed dramatically and most would say not for the good. There is a good many people on this site that would like things to go back to the way it was years ago and they have their own ideas as to how this should be accomplished. Unfortunately this is just wishful thinking. America right now is like a runway train on a track going a 100 mph, it can’t stop, it can’t turn around and if anything gets in it’s way it just runs it over, all you can do is stay out of it’s way and wait for it to run out of fuel or one big crash. Whether America runs out of fuel or something big comes along and crashes it first, regardless it will be life altering for our society. Life from this day forward is only going to continue it’s decline whether gradually or with some big event. None of us here can stop it or even slow it down. What we can do tho, is help each other with advice and personal knowledge of how to do things in different ways and offer encouragement to others when they feel all is lost.
          If something bad is coming our way, I would rather hear some constructive advice and personal thoughts from the people on this site on how they have changed their way of life to be better prepared for the future.
          So does anyone have a great recipe for Rock Soup?

          I’ll finish this with my top 5 rules in life.

          Put security only in yourself, not in anybody or anything else.

          Its not what you make in life, its what you don’t spend.

          Knowledge is power and power is the ability to do anything.

          When you give and expect nothing in return, you will never be disappointed.

          Key to a happy marriage: Every morning when I wake, I look in the mirror and ask myself…what can I do for her today.

          • Rock fish corn chowder,
            Is that close?
            Good post, the doom and gloom can get to be a bit much,
            Keeping this stuff in the perifory and keeping in mind it is entertainment and possible thought provoking reading is where Im at, others? Who knows,
            Can be taken in all sorts of ways.
            The morbid curiousity of watching a train wreck is a curiousity in intself!
            Suns out, the plants are growing, trades are blowing, afternoon showers are flowing
            What more could you want?

          • Very well said Ghostrighter, I will clarify what I meant, I will Not give up. What I meant to imply was why continue working on my own with all the stress when I could easily go work for a larger firm and make more money with out all the added BS of being on my own.

      6. Hijacked your Rights & Taken over the Country? Who remembers the quote: “It is time to fundamentally change the United States of America”. Master plan was announced…now they’ll put the puzzle piece by piece together…they’ll take their time…no reason to rush since they are economically secured. They are not worried about keeping their jobs and bring food to the table for their kids…Time is on their side. They are in full control while rest of people are voting to bring back a sex addict and psychopath named Antony Wiener and his pimp wife to the political office and many like him. Sorry I have to go now…..already missed the first 5 minutes of the American Idol.

      7. There should have been hundreds of armed citizens protecting his property when the police arrived. Does anyone here want to take a gander as to what would have transpired in that scenario?

      8. AMERICA IS A LIE !

        * has been one pretty much since 1776 .


        N.O. ;0p

        • Good evening, NinaO. That day is coming sooner than anyone expects. Gun show in my area this weekend July 27-28 at Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Germantown, TN, suburb just east of Memphis. I’ve got to find me some more goodies. braveheart

          • bh, wished I lived down there. I was visiting the folks a few weeks back in the Knoxville area and it seems like they have a gun show damn near once a week. Trouble is I’d be broke soon enough.

          • Brave heart..I sure hope you have a BOL away from Memphis! I live in W TN and you live in a bad area. Anywhere near Memphis is the last place I would want to be WTSHTF. Nothing but a cesspool of entitlement professionals with fake fingernails and iPhones!

            • True this….we might even have a hard time in ETN….

              • I live in E TN in the “suburbs” of Del Rio. Good folks up here but don’t cross them! We are so far back in the mountains, even I have a hard time getting home. Don’t dis us in E TN — but there are parts of Knoxville I would not want to have a break down in.

            • Gone2Hilo, I have an arrangement for a relative’s BOL in north GA. already have some supplies there. braveheart

          • Hi Braveheart, I bet that area will be safer this weekend. Our house we used to own was just inside the city limits of Lakeland (hwy 64 & Canada rd, south of I 40 and north of Houston levee), and the agricenter area was getting worse with crime by the time we left. I thought that area was Shelby County and then annexed by Memphis a few years ago. There was a big ruckus from the people on the east side of G’twn rd because Memphis city taxes were added to their prop taxes. They got pissed. Be safe and find you some goodies.

            • Howdy, Central TX Mom. My older brother lives in that area that was annexed just a couple of years ago. that same area is still going downhill. I’ve become a lot more sensitive since the 2 home invasion attempts I had in May. Right after the Zimmerman trial, Eric Holder said that DOJ will review the self-defense laws. Thye can review their asses off, but they better not tamper with self-defense, period! I don’t care what they come up with, I won’t follow it anyway. I’m just glad for the arrangement with my relatives in north GA for the use of one of their cabins as a BOL. I’ve been trying to get something like that since the 90s. braveheart

        • You know ninao

          The “Jew ” thing is getting dam old…………

          • Ignore him, he’s just muttering to himself, using the internet instead of the sidewalk. Nutters have keyboards now.

          • Think so?

          • @Anon … OOOH BOO HOO the poor lil’ JEWS

            BLOW ME ;0p

            … tell that to dead lil’ baby Jesus .

            oh wait … you can’t cause


            fuckin jews haven’t changed one bit in 2000 years


            so keep on getting tired @anon , cause frankly my dear , i just don’t give a sheeit what you think nor say @Anon you and every other JEW out there is nothing but garden fertilizer to me .




            • The Jews did not try or execute Christ, the Romans did. He was tried and executed in Roman fashion. Crucifixion was a Roman punishment.

              Paul’s letters to the Romans were written to paint the Jews as Christ-killers. Tough to win converts among heathen while telling them they killed the son of God.

              You seem to be afflicted with equal parts hatred and ignorance. But keep posting by all means, we need a laugh.

              • oooh … that’s right the COWARD JEWS ARE SUCH women PUSSIES goat impregnators they PAY encourage direct trick OTHERS ; usually stupid naive poor desperate GOYIM AND GENTILES to do their TERRORIZING MUTILATIN’ KILLIN’ RAPIN’ AND THIEVIN’ .

                ARE YOU REALLY SO NAIVE …

                the JEWS controlled the Palestine occupying roman soldiers of Palestine with bribes of slave women , gold and silver coin .

                JUST AS THEY NOW CONTROL THE political whore prostitutes of ameriKan congress and the senate in the JEW.S.A. ZOG AMERIKA of TODAY .

                israehell JEW mossads motto: ‘By Deception thou shall do War!’


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Sanhedrin 59a

                  To communicate anything to a Goy Gentile about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim Gentiles knew what we teach about them, they would kill us JEWS openly.


                • are you a cow or a JEW owned slave ?

                  JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Mas. Shabbath 31b

                  On the house of the Goy [Goy means unclean, and is the disparaging term for a non-Jew] one looks as on the fold of cattle.


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII

                  When a JEW has a Gentile in his clutches, another JEW may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first JEW that passes has full right to seize it STEAL IT .


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

                  That the Jewish JEW nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

                  That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish JEW nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox JEW is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to JEWS in general.

                  A JEW may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonored.


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Sanhedrin 57a

                  [Translation: A JEW may rob a Goy, but a Goy may not rob a Jew. If a Goy murders another Goy or a Jew, he should be killed, but a JEW will not be incur the death penalty for killing a non-Jew.]

                  by JEW talmudic law : JEWS may Kill the Goyim by any means possible.


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Schulchan Oruch, Orach Chaim 14, 20, 32, 33, 39

                  A Jew may do to a non-Jewess women what he desires can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.


                  • And most folks thought the KORAN was Bad!!! Mohamed was Illitrate, so I wonder if he had a jewish pal do the actual writing of Koran? Sure sounds like an almost exact copy of talmud! Yet talmud proves Far worse for all gentiles or “Goyims”(meere cattle).

                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Sanhedrin 55b

                  Rab said: Pederasty JEW PEDOPHILIA with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that.

                  Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.24 (24) I.e., Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum.

                  WTF ?


                • JEW Talmudic Quotes

                  Sanhedrin 54b

                  Raba said. It means this: When a grown-up JEW man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small JEW boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.’…

                  WTF ? #2

                  THIS IS JEW LAW ?


                  • Told you he was nuts.

                  • she’s only a child

                    she’s only 7 years old

                    her crime

                    she was born Palestinian ; a non-JEW .

                    SO THE JEWS TRIED TO KILL HER AND HER FAMILY in their mud and straw hut with $60.000 dollars each conventional bombs MADE IN ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A.

                    THIS IS AMERIKA

                    AMERICA IS A JEW LIE


              • J. Roy,

                Paul was a Jew himself and his letters in no way sought to paint the Jews as Christ Killers. You are very sadly mistaken. In fact just the opposite is true. He wanted more than anything for them to be saved. Every one of us and those who lived before us is responsible for the crucifixion of Christ as a necessity for the forgiveness of the sins which we all have committed.

              • Thats not at all true j roy. The jews held, was it Two tials? Or was it Three..Two in Secret(jews Love darkness to do stuff in secret, its why we never knew of all we do in recent times even though in usa its been over 100 yrs jews been screwing americans) Prior to forceing the roman Pilate by threats of riots lootings and deaths of roman citizens etc unless he too tried and crucified Christ. You can’t take just the bible parts you like and expect christians to agree with that version. I guess you also ignore or reject other bible verses such as “Jesus NO longer walked in Jeruselem for Fear of the JEWS because the JEWS were trying to KILL Christ” and of course Rev 2 vs 9 John 8 vs 44, and many more verses You disagree with eh.

                Well why not try researching Newer recent Historic evidence that what Nina o and several others here post proves to be factual and true.

                One day and likly sooner than later, all of you jew firsters who defend and support all tings jew or israel without question, regardless what your reasons, or who did the great brainwash jobs on you folks, you all will see how true these facts and issues are, when nobody will longer be able to ignore the jwo-nwo They are creating to entrap everybody But their Own kind.

                Thats the point when a majority awaken to reality, and start to look also at the Enablers who reject all forms of truth or evidence so to keep their Delusinal beliefs and keep supporting zionists and Talmudics. The new testement warns of That also.

                IMHO, enablers will be considered the same as the guilty parties and no amount of denails or world view explainations will suffice at that time. No excuses will be allowed when so many sources today have available factual truth proven beyond all doubts.

                Every week more proof of these issues comes to light as God promiced us it would be revealed and shouted from roof tops. We Are living that era Now today!

                At some point enablers won’t be tolerated and zero excuses wil suffice with so much avail to all folks today.

                Enjoy them delusional beliefs…

                ps: maybe you rather take Jews word for it J Roy

                IE: when jews told Pilate after he warned them jews they were demanding an Innocent Man be put to Death.

                Jews answerd Pilate with” CRUCIFY HIM! And Let His innocent Blood Be Upon OUR(jews) heads and Hands! and Upon Our Childrens heads and hands, and upon Their childrens childrens heads and hands as well!”

                Did Them Jews Lie about their own selves too J Roy?!!

                2000 yrs ago jews asked for and recieved it! to be Cursed and despised. As the Old testement also said shall occure due to jewish evil ways and stiff necked rejections of All thats good and proper and Godly.

                Well like Nina O wrote, its been 2000 yrs since, and still 99.9% of jewish folks remain stiff necked and reject repentance of their many wromgs from old eras as well as recent eras and all eras in between.

                Like most african blacks do, jews claim “Victims!” victims of all others who are all evil nazis. Exceept that small group who remain always pure and innocent of any blame.

                In order to make it easy to see it. There are 7000-Million people worldwide. OF that 7000, Only aprox 13.5-14 are jews.

                Therefore You must believe that 14 persons out of all 7000 folks are the “Innocent victims” and the rest, 6,986 folks are ALL bad evil nazis. Only them 14 jews are the good guys!!!

                Like germany right? One early wed morning, all 90+ Million germans awoke and by a strange coincidence…95% of them germans all at Once decided “lets hate and Boot jews Out”!

                And so it began. What a “Coincidence” huh. And the story goes as told by jews of course, germanys jews were all 100% innocent victims and even today struggel to find a reason they been booted from every fuckin city.country or state they ever infiltrated or which Hosted em all.

                Sorry but thats way too much coincidence for me to swallow.

              • J.Roy: Crawl back under your rock! Who the hell cried crucify him dumbass.Joh 19:11 Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin. If Jesus refereed to Judas above, what would he say about the assho#@% who derived him to Pilot then Herod. Without the scum-sucking Jews Jesus would not have been delivered unto death…and you have the gall/balls to say the Romans did it! You puss-brain!


              BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re a frakking retard.

              Please name where Israel has nuked someone. Please post the link of the actual news story that isn’t on some nutbag anti-Semite website.

              I’ll wait.

              • Israel JEWS Nuked Syria, Proof Positive

                Posted By: AndiV
                Date: Saturday, 18-May-2013 13:36:07

                Analysis shows Syria came under attack by Israel JEWS using, not just JEW nuclear weapons, but an American JEW.S.A. nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel JEWS to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration.

                Striking evidence of the use of American JEW.S.A. EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable.

                Dramatic video footage from Syria has revealed startling evidence that counters Israel’s JEWS claims of “surgical strikes” on weapons headed to Lebanon.

                Confirmed Nuclear Strike (note lightning)

                continued …

                • So you’ve got nothing?

                  • Israel’s widespread use of depleted uranium causes growing cancer problem in Gaza

                  • Israel Nuked Syria, Proof Positive

                  • The Argument that Fukushima Was JEW NUKE Sabotaged

                  • So, you’ve still got nothing but spouting BS?

              • Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory

                “Did you know that President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons?

                “In 1963, he forced Prime Minister Ben Guirion to admit the Dimona was not a textile plant, as the sign outside proclaimed, but a nuclear plant. The Prime Minister said, ‘The nuclear reactor is only for peace.’

                “Kennedy insisted on an open internal inspection. He wrote letters demanding that Ben Guirion open up the Dimona for inspection.

                “The French were responsible for the actual building of the Dimona.

                “The Germans gave the money; they were feeling guilty for the Holocaust, and tried to pay their way out. Everything inside was written in French, when I was there, almost twenty years ago.

                “Back then, the Dimona descended seven floors underground. In 1955, Perez and Guirion met with the French to agree they would get a nuclear reactor if they fought against Egypt to control the Sinai and Suez Canal. That was the war of 1956. Eisenhower demanded that Israel leave the Sinai, but the reactor plant deal continued on.

                “When Johnson became president, he made an agreement with Israel that two senators would come every year to inspect. Before the senators would visit, the Israelis would build a wall to block the underground elevators and stairways. From 1963 to ’69, the senators came, but they never knew about the wall that hid the rest of the Dimona from them.

                “Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year.”

                In 1963, Peres was Israel’s Deputy Minister of Defense and he lied to President Kennedy during a White House meeting.

                Kennedy told Peres, “You know that we follow very closely the discovery of any nuclear development in the region. This could create a very dangerous situation. For this reason we monitor your nuclear effort. What could you tell me about this?”

                Peres repLIED, “I can tell you most clearly that we will not introduce nuclear weapons to the region, and certainly we will not be the first.”

        • A MUST WATCH … Police Chief challenges the ZOG !

          Constitutionalist Freeman Patriot Police Chief Mark Kessler , I’m Sorry for hurting ‘THE FUCKIN LIBTARDS’ feelings


          ‘Chief Mark Kessler for President 2016’ !


          • pers note : to the zog DHS cia nsa fbi zio-jew mossad

            you DHS boys might wanna hurry your nwo globalist plans up some , cause across zog amerika jew.s.a. the lil’ piggys in blue and the american military green machine boys and gurls are WAKING UP , ARMING UP and GETTIN PISSED at what you all have done to THEIR COUNTRY OF once free REPUBLIC OF AMERICA !

            N.O. ;0p

            • Ninaw,

              You are a fine example of why psychotropic drugs should not be banned. You need professional help and medication.

              • If You think Nina o needs help? What does That say of those Rabbis who WROTE those Talmud verses as well as Teach and Promote those evils displayed in talmudic verses? Why do you blame nino for just posting what Their Holy books teach jews? perhaps it is YOU who needs help adjusting Your mind a bit.

                All these Foolish enablers! as if a Thousand thumbs down will ever change Facts that Nina o has Posted exact Talmudic Verses taught and believed in by…jews!

                Then blame him? what for? Posting TRUTHS?!! Idiotic enablers delusional beyond repair.

        • The most Dangerous Man

          “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent among those who are.”


          • Hey NINA-O: If you are able to, please see if can find a jewish Prayer they recite on “YOM KIPPER” if I recall right yom kipper is jewish New Years day celebrated.

            The Name of the Prayer is “Kol Nidre” or spelled very close to that.

            It is a Prayer jews recite on yom kipper holy day, which once said that prayer Absolves Jews from Obeying or Keeping ANY OATHS sworn to, and all Promices Made to Goyim gentiles.

            This is the Major Reason today we see so Many us senators and congress etc Swear the Oath of office to Uphold and protect the US Constitution, and Then One minit after swearing to that OATH, Violate it like Finsetien when she takes tha Oath, then one moment later begins to announce her plans to Destroy Gun Rights etc!

            That prayer allows jews to disobey that very oath of office freely with zero bad concience as Talmud teaches its Ok to do so and NO crimes nor sins from doing so!

            If you can please Post it Nina o its just a short paragraph long, but will Prove and VINDICATE us who attempt to awaken the fools and delusional enablers Here who so far reject all we post and like small kiddies call us names!

            Or demand a Link/Proof..Then when given proof they simply Refuse to read or believe it! Back to name calling!

            I cannot imagiane being in Their shoes and remaing so damn Delusional. Sad actually. Very much so. I will say a Prayer that they awaken asap!

            Nina O, Thanks if you are able to find and post it! If not its cool too. Them Guys

            • I KNOW OF IT ;0)

              i’ll track it down for you .

              Tank’s for the reminder of it .


              • KOL NIDRE: “All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.” Demon blood oath! Lying sacks of shit who cannot be trusted with “Oath of Allegiance” to any nation nor trusted if they take oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

                • Road Runner: Thanks for posting that jew prayer, “Kol Nidre”…Thats the one I was unable to find in my links lists etc. It Proves and Vindicates not only what I and Nina O and several others here has posted often, attempting to Awaken the sleeping foolish deslusioanl jew defenders here. But also Vindicates and again shows Valid Proof for the Main reasons that Past Popes-Kings-Leaders of so many nations for at least the last 2000-3000 yrs have continously passed Stirct Laws to FORBID jews from obtaining Public-Offices-Judgeships-Teacher positions-and all forms MSM, mainly Newspapers in older eras.

                  Because as The Jews Own Prayer of KOL NIDRE proves beyond all doubt…They Practice Lies, and Glorify their LIES by praying a prayer to Absolve jews from obedience to ALL oaths-Promices-Taken and Sworn to obey.

                  Then jews wonder Why? Jews claim they are “persecuted” by such stiff laws to regulate them from offices or positions of “Trust” when their Own jew Prayers for YOM KIPPER Holy day proves jews cannot be Trusted!

                  Lie and Revel in and Glorify doing Lies!

                  A person just Can’t make this stuff Up!!

                  Yet will it anywise get “enabler folks” here to awaken finally? I won’t bet on it.

                  The Enablers MOTTO= “I defend and fully unquestioningly support all and every issue jewish and jews. And am Very Proud to say it!” because while claiming to be so so so awake on so many issues today…They Slumber and sleep and remain delusionaly deluded on the most Important issue affecting america and the entire world today!

        • N.IncompOOP,

          I would hate to be a member of your family. You are such a charming person. What a piece of work you are and ignorant beyond description. According to you there’s a Jew hiding behind everything bad in the country. You are the spittin’ image of Adolf Hitler and we all know what happened to him. You are a sick person and I am surprised that the moderator/sponsor of this website allows such Jew hating to go on and on like this. You need to brush up on your history BOY because there have been thousands of positive contributions to Medicine, Science, Technology, Arts, etc. made by Jews. Your hatred is poisoning this website and from the looks of the red thumbs I’m not the only one who is sick of it. And you are not the only one guilty of this AntiSemitic ranting. It show that you have your head up some conspiracy nut’s behind and cannot see the truth for yourself… Get over it BOY, you are ruining your life worried about what the Jews are doing. Most of them are fairly nice people and would help you in a minute if you needed it. Again, Get help if you need a psychiatrist , but get help soon. You sound like a suicidal maniac who is about to explode.

          • Quicksilver: all of your spew yet not a single word to refute nor Disprove Any talmudic teachings verses Nina O posted? Typical methods employed by libs-kommies-jews-jew enablers. Comdemn those who Do show proof without a show of Your debunking proof as You have None to show.

            All who refuse to worship all things jew are antisemites eh. By your reasoning, all of your type of opposites who promote jews then Must defned and support all forms wall st jew banksters-jew kommie leftist and neocon globalist Polititions, all forms jew owned and run MSM’s. etc etc.

            Perhaps it is You enablers of so many issues jewish which are wrecking america so well. While denying it and acuseing the real truth tellers! Thats disgusting to say the least. As anti-American and anti patriotic as can get.

            Sounds more like Hasbara agent or delusional goyim. Maybe Both!

            • “all of your spew yet not a single word to refute ”

              Speaking of spew, perhaps you have the link to the news source that shows Israel nuking Syria or anyone else. You know, the one Nina (the idiot you’re defending) cann’t seem to provide.

            • Hey Quicksilver…hiddy ho again…a little clarification for you, you shill, you Hasbara Agent!
              Quote: “The Hasbara Handbook prescribes fascinating instructions on attacking the messenger and avoiding the message at all costs ‘in ways that engage the emotions, and downplay rationality, in an attempt to promote’ their cause. In a section entitled ‘Name Calling,’ Israel’s Jewish Agency writes, ‘Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try and get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea.”

              All you who red thumbed ninao ;0 are Quicky rumps partners!

          • Hey Quicksilver: hiddy ho…away you go…your moniker says it all…hummm Synonyms: changeable, inconstant, volatile, unpredictable, mercurial, unstable. Very appropriate! The internet is awash with history and truth…you reject both. You revert to the Jewish name calling, antisemitism, when you cannot give any answers. You sir are a Zionist shill. That is what the Pharisees did to Jesus when confronted with the living Truth! Gotcha you name caller you…me thinketh thou speaketh with a forketh tongueth.

      9. OK, everyone, I’ve said this before many times, but it bears repeating. NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER! NONE OF US OWE ANYTHING TO THIS EVIL GOVERNMENT, PERIOD! THEY HAVE NOT ONE LEG TO STAND ON TELLING US ANYTHING WHEN THEY CLAIM THEY’RE ABOVE THE LAW, THAT THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO US, AND THAT THEY CANNOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! How can any sane, clear-headed person here believe he or she still has to “tow the mark and walk the line” with federal or state or even local governments? Look at everything they do on a daily basis; their arrogant and condescending attitudes toward the public. And especially law enforcement with their DHS brainwashing. Considering their anti-public, anti-freedom mentality, it’s no wonder growing segments of the public no longer trust or believe in law enforcement. Just remember that police “protect and serve” the GOVERNMENT, NOT WE THE PEOPLE. THEY ARE JUST GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES ACCORDING TO CERTAIN FEDERAL AND STATE SUPREME COURT RULINGS. THEY HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT ANY CITIZENS, PERIOD! Except for politicians, judges, prosecutors, bankers, corporate CEOs, etc.; you know, TPTB! Think I’m full of shit? Just go ask any police chief, county sheriff, judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, etc. make a careful note of their reaction, especially whether they look you straight in the eyes, when you ask them the question. Their response, or lack of, will speak volumes. When any of us get in situations where we’re confronted by someone with bad intentions toward us, WE WILL BE ON OUR OWN AND WE WILL HAVE TO HANDLE IT OURSELVES! That is just the way it really is. Anyone else can do what they want for themselves, but as for me, when an evildoer confronts me, he better be ready to forfeit his life. HE WILL NOT HAVE HIS OWN WAY WITH ME! All that really counts is getting out of the situation alive and i’m not going to care about any legal issues after the fact! Everyone has the natural, God-given right to self-defense. NEVER EVER LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING DISCOURAGE YOU FROM DOING SO! If you follow any BS law that restricts self-defense, THAT LAW COULD VERY WELL COST YOU YOUR LIFE! I’ve had numerous people tell me over the years that my “attitude” will get me into legal trouble some day. Maybe so, but what they call my “attitude” is the reason I’m still alive. I may be an “old coot” like Eisen would say, but this “old coot” can still kick some ass if a situation calls for it. I just want everyone here to be able to survive what we all know is coming to this land. Playing pattycake with our enemies, ESPECIALLY GOVERNMENT, is no guarantee of survival. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario none of us ever wanted. I don’t know if I’ll survive all the way through it, but if I’m going down, it won’t be without a fight. I refuse to have anything to do with this evil one-world system that’s coming. If any of TPTB show up in my rifle scope, they are targets of opportunity. I want those f#$%ers to pay for what they’ve done to my country! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

      10. “A watched pot never boils”.

        That is the problem with it all. Most of us come here to learn WHY all this is happening and connecting the dots, is not an easy job. Never know what next the “Sons of Bitches”, are going to do. We do know the country is FUBAR and we have identified the various courses it may traverse. Something has to give and when it does, nothing will be the same.

        • Slingshot

          Tony Romo will still suck.
          Obama will still be popular with the clueless.


        • Slingshot, Nothing “has to give” for the country to not be the same. It has already happened and our lives will never be the same. That is the cold hard truth. From here on out “they” will continue to chip away at our fundamental rights and liberties until it’s too late to fight back. They are counting on a dumbed down populace (sheeple) to complete the “fundamental changes” our great leader promised would happen. What’s happening to our country now cannot be stopped. Again, that’s the cold hard truth. Only a total collapse of the system will prevent them from completing their goal. THAT is what we need to happen and if it does, it will be horrific in scope beyond words. I know most here already know that and hence are preparing the best they can. And that is a very wise thing to do….

      11. National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order: siezure & confiscation. National Defense Authorization Act: arrest without cause. Both passed in Jan. 2012.


        Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson With Child Porn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYVvuDRstDw&list=UUEHsSWvrGVSIA63OV3J6vhA&feature=player_embedded

        if you don’t Know who is sending you an email – DO NOT OPEN / DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHMENTS .

        this is a favorite personal attack by the CIA FBI NSA AND JEW MOSSAD upon those they perceive as a threat to the NWO ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV .


      13. Ok

        After years and years I ‘ve come to realize we are truly fucked beyond all imagination..

        Now what?

        Wait for the oncoming rising tide to swallow us up completely..
        take offensive and defensive actions to counter all this..

        and don’t tell me to vote them out..please..we are way beyond that point and have been for quite some time..

        that fallacy is for fools and idiots who still believe in santa claus and the easter bunny..

        These fucking luciferian bastards have us pigeonholed in every which way..

        Rather die standing than survive on my knees as a slave..

        This economy is dying right before us, as all our so called rights have been eroded..and we have become nothing but debt slaves and fugitives of a country we once so dearly loved..


        • No reason to die on your knees possee. People like yourself will be needed soon. We are all seeing what you see, living the nightmare of a “new” America happening before our very eyes. There are a lot of us ‘out there’ that know what’s happening. I believe the collapse will be upon us soon. One year at the most. This house of cards can’t keep going for long now….

        • ~~~and don’t tell me to vote them out..please..we are way beyond that point and have been for quite some time..~~~

          I’m really tired of that spiel too…how can any of these traitors be replaced when there is no one to replace them with?

          This nation has been toast for a long time and can not be saved and I actually feel for those that have hope.
          How many stories of deceit, fraud, insider trading, bribery need to be told to see congress is not in the company of evil–they ARE evil.

        • @possee.

          Have to agree that what is happening to us is terrible. The slow encroachment on our rights and it appears that vast majority does not give a shit, trading Liberty for security. I find myself going from hope to despair for there is very little I can do to affect what destruction awaits our country.
          Many have stated here that they remember an America of a different kind. The advancements in science and tech. have produced a New America about every ten years. Ten years from now our newborns will be again in another America. We are advancing so fast that we discard, at an alarming rate, what is pertinent to a cohesive nation. What we have here is not a generation of 25 years but 10 years to which there are now 5 generations from the beginning of the, “Great Society”.
          So why are we in such a dismal state? We have plenty of answers to that question. Why can we not fix the problems if we have advanced so far?
          The answer to that is, we can not fix it. We may stave it off but the problems do not go away, only intensify.
          That being said, the real question is, can we have a Rebirth of the Nation? What needs to be done to reverse its course? IMO the solution is to do Nothing but Prep. Fifty million gun owners and no action. True inflation and unemployment at highs and no action. National debt at its highest and no action. Congressional investigations and no action. Supreme Court violations of the Constitution and no action.
          What does that tell us. The Nation is in a stupor.
          How can you fight a despotic government when the majority of its people don’t care or refuse to acknowledge what is happening to them. While we rip our guts out trying to warn them. At this point we are shoveling shit against the tide or something would have happen by now.
          In conclusion there has to be something so catastrophic that it induces the slumbering multitudes to awake. Many will still sleep. Some will just die in the event. Some will go to camps and some will join us.
          How many will join us.

        • I relate this to: if you had the power to know when you are going to expire, would you live life differently? Hell yes. Would you go through the different stages of stress if you knew you were terminal? Hell yes, everyone has their own stages. The clock ticks, the pendulum swings. Time moves fwd. I watched many here go through some stages.

          When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity. Albert Einstein

          There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know. Donald Rumsfeld

          Order room service because you now know some of the knowns and you took the red pill.

          You can never go back.

          • One more thing. Take your medicine, feel the pain. You are alive.

            • 1 government issued MSM pill 8 oz Fluoride water to wash it down.

      14. No surprise that the house could not end the NSA crap. Republicans and Democrats have something in common that is never discussed, and that is simply growing government – they want their version or as much of their version as they can get. They always agree on spending our money – the details are just what they waste it on.

        The Federal Government is a dynamic machine, unbalanced with a burden of debt, corruption, evil folks believing their own lies that the things they do are for the benefit and protection of all. As the imbalance teeters a rush occurs to justify every scandal, continual dialogue stating these are non-events, made up issues. Stated over and over again in hopes that we forget about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, reporters targeted, Obama care rammed down our throats, hell let’s go back to a congress more concerned about steroid use in baseball than the national debt. They print money to help balance the machine, either way, too much or too little and the machine starts to teeter. It is spinning faster, getting harder everyday to keep it balanced. Eventually they will not keep up. In life, nature, people, buildings, the physical world – everything seeks balance. You can manage out of balance for awhile, but your tire will eventually fail, the cold air and the warm moist air mix to spawn tornadoes, destruction, but balance. There will be destruction with this America – I pray balance that we can we can live through and with. It is surely coming.

        De Oppresso Liber – we are the oppressed.

        • Ninao…if it were anyone else stating it, they would be jumping all over this information.

      15. The sheeple will understand the gravity of the situation a split second before the bullet evacuates the back of their skulls.

      16. The government is only getting started. They haven’t even begun to begin what they would like to do.

        Homeland Security… the very name should make you nervous. What did Hitler call his tyrannic nation and empire? The Fatherland. What did Stalin call the Soviet Union? Mother Russia.

        You may soon be required to protect and serve the “homeland”, because, well, it’s home sweet home. The propaganda ministry will be going full tilt on this one. Photos and films of fireplaces, Thanksgiving dinners, Fourth of July celebrations, Norman Rockwell paintings, log cabins, etc. The President will be photographed cooking hamburgers and hot dogs, and just listen to the sound bites fly… “This is America! Hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans… this is what we must protect! This is why we have the Department of Homeland Security!” Whatever.

        Not saying it will happen soon, but it WILL happen, if people don’t wake up.

      17. I still love my country, americans can fix anything, may take some trig time, may get messy, we have a lot to learn, don’t forget where you come from tho
        swabd me years ago for probation
        still amused

      18. Madeira, madeira, madeira que cupím come, junta aranha, mofo etc. .
        Sinceramente, não entendo isso que vocês chamam de “casa”.
        Qualquer favela no Brasil é feita de ferro e concreto, as coisas não caem tão fácil como em outros países.
        Um brasileiro compra um terreno de 12 (doze) metros por 40 (quarenta) metros ainda na adolescencia, constroi sua casa antes dos 24 anos de vida.
        Sinceramente, não entendo os parâmetros de “compra de casa” nos EUA.
        Não entendo porque tantas casas grandes se não há escravos.
        Não entendo porque você precisa de um barco se não é pescador, não entendo porque você precisa de um avião se não é piloto, não entendo porque você precisa de tanta coisa se não faz nada a não ser teclar no computador e, não planta uma semente de coisa que se possa comer e só fazendo guerra para sobreviver essa nação tão pobre.
        Isso não entendo nos EUA.
        Outra coisa, faltará paz aí, creiam.


        • Wood, wood, wood termite eats spider gasket, mold etc.. .
          I honestly do not understand what you call “home”.
          Any favela in Brazil is made of iron and concrete, things did not fall as easy as in other countries.
          A Brazilian purchase a plot of twelve (12) feet by forty (40) meters still in adolescence, builds his house before 24 years of life.
          I honestly do not understand the parameters of “home buying” in the U.S..
          I do not understand why so many large houses if there are no slaves.
          I do not understand why you need a boat is not a fisherman, I do not understand why you need an airplane pilot is not, do not understand why you need so much if it does nothing but typing on the computer and do not plant a seed of thing you can eat and making war only to survive this nation so poor.
          It does not understand the U.S..
          Another thing, lacking peace there, believe.


          • My neighborhood is very peaceful, thank you. How’s your favelas doing? I heard your socialist government is ‘cleansing’ them before the Olympics. That’s nice. Don’t want to see the aftermath of so much corruption and wealth redistribution, do you?
            I, for one, don’t harbor any feelings of guilt when I see wealth in my country. What you see are the fruits of the Puritan Work Ethic, combined with the Rule of Law, and a society where the son of a Scottish Weaver can become an American Steel Magnate.
            Oh, it’s all crumbling to dust now. Just as it is in Europe and Japan. And it’s all because we gave up on God and the masses learned they could vote themselves money from the Treasury. What sad times.
            Go read about the American Revolution and our once glorious Constitution. Work to implement it in Brazil. And in 50 years, we’ll be knocking on your door to let us in. ‘Cause we’ve abandoned it here. And all that material wealth you cited above is going to crumble to dust.


          • I think like you a lot Proftel…but then the realization hits…all that clutter–homes, boats, planes, cars, blings–creates jobs for the worker bees here. 🙂

            • Until congress screwed us with all those free trade and Nafta ideas. 🙁

        • Proftel,

          Speak English or crawl back to the Roach Motel in Mexico where you belong…

      19. I think we all have a very clear grip on the problems facing us.


        Here are my ideas:
        1. Spread the Information.
        > Talk to Family, Friends, Co-Workers. You can either do fast-burn or slow-burn techniques:
        – Fast Burn is where YOU initiate discussion. This has the potential for more rapid progress, but also carries a slightly grater risk of people labeling you as a cook.
        – Slow Burn is where you simply roll Alternative Media explanations and stories into discussion. This usually is accepted by The Herd easier but takes more time.

        > Regardless of your method:
        – Study these stories carefully so that you express yourself clearly.
        – Don’t get dragged into the mud in discussions. Kindly stay on the point.
        – Don’t interrupt – let their stupidity play itself out, THEN respond.
        STOP talking once you’ve had your say!! People need time to process!

        2(a). Start Building a Body of People who are committed to change.

        > The people from step 1 are a base.
        > THEY need to be inspired to spread the word too.
        > Come to consensus about various topics. The most important to discuss are Guns, Taxes, and the Nature of Local Governance.
        > Printing simple leaflets (inkjet posters) and (legally) canvasing your town is a great way to spread awareness.
        > Reach out to your close neighbors! Determine if they are jerks or allies.

        2(b). Start working on cool, productive projects!

        > People need to see that you’re a producer, not just a complainer!
        > These projects may actually help solve some of the sickness, poverty and apathy in your neighborhood.
        > When people see a successful Solar-Powered home, garden or aquaponics-garden, results at a good gym, improved health with a Holistic health plan, THEY will start paying attention!

        2(c). Start walking the walk.

        > Buy, prep, and eat Whole, Real, Organic, Local food.
        > Disconnect your cable.
        > Fight Social pressure to go out to frivolous outings/eat processed food etc., and clearly explain why when people begin harassing you. YOU will be the beacon of change in your community! It has to start somewhere!

        The time for analysis and complaining is over!

        We know the nature of those that are trying to oppress us – Let us 1) Stop using their illegal money, 2) Paying their illegal Taxes, 3) Obeying their Illegal laws!

      20. Room service is the best thing in life.

      21. GODD****T!! I’M F****N PISSED!!! :O Load the guns light the torches tie the rope and grab the pitch forks! Come on folks time to fix s**t we’re 200yrs overdue.

      22. there is only one way to correct this, hope im still alive to see it go down


        Earthquakes strike suddenly, violently and without warning.
        Identifying potential hazards ahead of time and advance planning
        can reduce the dangers of serious injury or loss of life from
        an earthquake.

        Check for hazards in the home.

        Fasten shelves securely to walls.
        Place large or heavy objects on lower shelves.
        Store breakable items such as bottled foods, glass, and china
        in low, closed cabinets with latches.
        Hang heavy items such as pictures and mirrors away from beds,
        couches, and anywhere people sit.
        Brace overhead light fixtures.
        Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections.
        These are potential fire risks.
        Secure a water heater by strapping it to the wall studs and
        bolting it to the floor.
        Repair any deep cracks in ceilings or foundations. Get expert
        advice if there are signs of structural defects.
        Store weed killers, pesticides, and flammable products securely
        in closed cabinets with latches and on bottom shelves.

        Identify safe places in each room.

        Under sturdy furniture such as a heavy desk or table.
        Against an inside wall.
        Away from where glass could shatter around windows, mirrors,
        pictures, or where heavy bookcases or other heavy furniture could
        fall over.

        Locate safe places outdoors. In the open, away from buildings,
        trees, telephone and electrical lines, overpasses, or elevated

        Make sure all family members know how to respond after an earthquake.

        Teach all family members how and when to turn off gas, electricity,
        and water.
        Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1, police, or fire
        department and which radio station to tune to for emergency information.

        Contact your local emergency management office or American
        Red Cross chapter for more information on earthquakes.

        Have disaster supplies on hand.

        Flashlight and extra batteries
        Portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries
        First aid kit and manual
        Emergency food and water
        Nonelectric can opener
        Essential medicines
        Cash and credit cards
        Sturdy shoes

        Develop an emergency communication plan.

        In case family members are separated from one another during
        an earthquake (a real possibility during the day when adults are
        at work and children are at school), develop a plan for reuniting
        after the disaster.
        Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the family
        contact. After a disaster, it’s often easier to call long
        distance. Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address,
        and phone number of the contact person.


        If indoors:

        Take cover under a piece of heavy furniture or against an
        inside wall and hold on.
        Stay inside.
        The most dangerous thing to do during the shaking of an earthquake
        is to try to leave the building because objects can fall on you.

        If outdoors:

        Move into the open, away from buildings, street lights, and
        utility wires.
        Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops.

        If in a moving vehicle:

        Stop quickly and stay in the vehicle.
        Move to a clear area away from buildings, trees, overpasses,
        or utility wires.
        Once the shaking has stopped, proceed with caution. Avoid
        bridges or ramps that might have been damaged by the quake.

        Pets after an Earthquake

        The behavior of pets may change dramatically after an earthquake.
        Normally quiet and friendly cats and dogs may become aggressive
        or defensive. Watch animals closely. Leash dogs and place them
        in a fenced yard.
        Pets may not be allowed into shelters for health and space
        reasons. Prepare an emergency pen for pets in the home that includes
        a 3-day supply of dry food and a large container of water.


        Be prepared for aftershocks. Although smaller than the main
        shock, aftershocks cause additional damage and maybring weakened
        structures down. Aftershocks can occur in the first hours, days,
        weeks, or even months after the quake.
        Help injured or trapped persons. Give first aid where appropriate.
        Do not move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate
        danger of further injury. Call for help.
        Listen to a battery-operated radio or television for the latest
        emergency information.
        Remember to help your neighbors who may require special assistance–infants,
        the elderly, and people with disabilities.
        Stay out of damaged buildings. Return home only when authorities
        say it is safe.
        Use the telephone only for emergency calls.
        Clean up spilled medicines, bleaches or gasoline or other
        flammable liquids immediately. Leave the area if you smell gas
        or fumes from other chemicals.
        Open closet and cupboard doors cautiously.
        Inspect the entire length of chimneys carefully for damage.
        Unnoticed damage could lead to a fire.


        Check for gas leaks–If you smell gas or hear blowing or hissing
        noise, open a window and quickly leave the building. Turn off
        the gas at the outside main valve if you can and call the gas
        company from a neighbor’s home. If you turn off the gas for any
        reason, it must be turned back on by a professional.
        Look for electrical system damage–If you see sparks or broken
        or frayed wires, or if you smell hot insulation, turn off the
        electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. If you have
        to step in water to get to the fuse box or circuit breaker, call
        an electrician first for advice.
        Check for sewage and water lines damage–If you suspect sewage
        lines are damaged, avoid using the toilets and call a plumber.
        If water pipes are damaged, contact the water company and avoid
        using water from the tap. You can obtain safe water by melting
        ice cubes.


        Mitigation includes any activities that prevent an emergency,
        reduce the chance of an emergency happening, or lessen the damaging
        effects of unavoidable emergencies. Investing in preventive mitigation
        steps now such as repairing deep plaster cracks in ceilings and
        foundations, anchoring overhead lighting fixtures to the ceiling
        and following local seismic building standards, will help reduce
        the impact of earthquakes in the future. For more information
        on mitigation, contact your local emergency management office.

        Keep the FAITH

      24. I am afraid that we are too far down the rabbit hole and the only way to fix it is to rewrite the story.

      25. I just read something on http://www.spaceweather.com/ that talks about Solar Cycle 24 being one of the weakest ever. It menations however that when the 1859 Carrington Event occurred the same weak level of Solar activity was occurring. THIS IS OMINOUS. WEAK SOLAR CYCLES HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO PRODUCE VERY STRONG FLARES

        It is like everything that SHOULD HAVE been erupting all of a sudden goes off in a massive flare. If a 1859 type event happens today, a solar EMP will turn modern technology and the world from the early 21st century into the late 19th century to early 20th century. The die off will be intense on the planet, especially in developed countries dependent on that technology.

        You can read more about a super solar flare here: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2008/06may_carringtonflare/

        • one can only hope, as this would even the playing field as far as the NSA and all the other Un-Constitutional bastards in this country is concerned

          a reset would be a good thing and a bad thing..prep for it, and you might get to be a force to be reconed with, or dust

      26. “Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death, thoughtcrime IS death. I have committed, even before setting pen to paper, the essential crime that contains all others unto itself.”

        As the late Howard Zinn was fond of saying, “If you don’t know your history, it is as if you were born yesterday.”

        Please remember that the Constitution was not written by “We the People,” it was written by 55 rich white men. It established rules of slaveholders, merchants and bondholders. It was shaped in part by the These beloved “liberties” that everyone gets in a froth about were “given” to you, by them.

        Whatever is so easily given in life can also just as easily be taken away. The military powers enshrined in the Constitution, cemented by the occurrence of Shay’s Rebellion, can and will be used to put down any modern day insurgents. It was used in suppressing the Whiskey Rebellion by none other than George Washington.

        Make no mistake, the Constitution is a piece of parchment that is used to keep the peasants believing they have some recourse, some “ace up their sleeve.” To the ruling class, it very simply does not apply. They will kill, if and when the time comes, as many as necessary to keep things moving smoothly in the Incorporated Empire of America.

        Unplug. Unlearn what you have learned. Wake the fuck up. It’s already too late, always has been.

        -Heel out

      27. I agree with NinaO about the Zionist jews. Israel is america’s base to control that part of the world. People read the posts and associate critisism of Israel going against their connection to Israel and the Bible. Israel can’t be up to anything good if the u.s. war machine supports its actions. All of these dual citizens of Israel and america, like chertoff, lieberman and many others are all involved in the destruction of america. The Israeli government are up to their necks involved in false flags against america, 9-11 without a doubt.

        • Israel is america’s base to control that part of the world.

          Not if you can separate Zionists’ actions from Jews’.

          • Wrong quote, sorry

            ~~People read the posts and associate critisism of Israel going against their connection to Israel and the Bible~~

            Not if you can separate Zionists’ actions from Jews’

          • JayJay: seperate zionists from jews actions? acording to the last report I read about a year ago from SPLC, who considers “anti-zionist-Jews” as also Haters or terrorists suspects etc…The entire number of actual anti zionists Jews nationwide in america by SPLC article stated a list with only aprox 8000 antizionist jews in usa. I also said it “May” be as high as 10,000 Total Jews against zionisim in usa.

            When one compare that Low number to the Overall POP of aprox 6.5-7 Million usa jewish folks, it makes for some Very difficult job to do such a “seperation” netween the Two groups no?(also: by their own statements at the main jewish antizionist website HQ…They may be antizionists yes, but they also state they too Follow teachings of Talmud, therefore the Only major difference is a “few” are antizionists. Yet talmud teachings Are the Major main trouble makeing causes. So imho that zionist or not difference matters barely if at all).

            I guess those who say it is Just that 98-99% Bad jews who makes it look so bad for the “Good” jews is correct.

            I always wonder if those 8000-10,000 antizionist jewish folks are also labled or called antisenties…

            The two MOST Overused words in todays america are: Antisemite and Rasist. So far wee see Rasist is about Finished with a vast majority of whiteys not falling for it any longer…Hope we soon see that Other Shoe drop…That jew antisemite shoe. Then america can return to Pre-PC days when free speech was good! And so were the folks who employ it to awaken others.

            • Them Guys: if only they would do a little research? Naw… that requires brains and sweat…they can stick their red thumbs where the sun don’t shine! These mental midgets need to be laughed to scorn. Very soon fear and shame will reward them. They will not escape what is coming and it will swallow them whole! Predominantly your post a loaded for bear and they are looking for pussy cats.

      28. I blame most of this on big business, Wall Street, and ALEC. These people write our laws and corrupt our government agencies.

        I’m tired of hearing the blame placed on liberals. The blame goes to Republicans who are more interested in ideology than doing anything for America. They say government is bad and then proceed to make it that way. Of course government is not bad when it’s giving taxpayer money to big business. But let the government give food stamps to the elderly, disabled, and veterans, and the Repubs go crazy.

        • “The blame goes to Republicans who are more interested in ideology than doing anything for America”


          I know you’re a flaming leftard so I know you posted that in all seriousness. But the thing is, you’re a slack jawed idiot for posting something as idiotic as that. Do you know ANYTHING about the philosophy and party you ascribe to?

        • Blah,blah,blah, we know you’re a democrat,hate republicans, everybody but liberals are to blame for the problems in the world. It gets old after a while, try some new material.

        • The blame goes to anyone who has been on capitol hill more than one term and to the stupid sheep who re elected them.
          Dont kid yoursel, the liberal collectivist communist crap is just as detrimental as the pay to play right, the problem is that there really are not 2 separate political parties, and there is too much government, too big, too expensive, too powerful, too wastefull, theres a bunch of too much here,
          There are also too many people taking and not enough making, personally i have no interest in busting my hump so someone else can have a better life, nobody held my hand, why should i be giving it up for someone else!

          • “The blame goes to anyone who has been on capitol hill”

            Dont confuse a rebuttal to “It’s all the republican’s fault” as support of Republicans”

            Mostly these rebuttals are to gigantic idiots that believe their party shit dont stink.

      29. The people who run for major political office these days are sociopathic narcissists, unable to feel shame. Weiner, Spitzer, Clinton (both), Bush , Obama. We need the flaming cross of Christianity to purify this country. Did I just say that?

      30. Thank you Mac for mentioning the Roswell Chicken man story. An article that I have hoped that all Americans would read, begins with this story. It takes a lot of reading to grasp what is and has been taking place…incrementally…in this country. Sadly, so many people do not have good reading skills or cannot read much at all…due to many reasons…perhaps dyslexia, poor eyesight, etc…however, we do have millions who can read, and we have many very knowledgeable people writing at many websites, sharing their knowledge. Everyone reading this website, obviously has the ability to read…and one thing that people can do…is print out and share very credible articles.So, here is an article that is a “keeper” for all Americans, in my humble opinion. (and other articles, but this one in particular). It is by Dr. Steven Yates, titled “Sociopathocracy”.. at http://www.newswithviews.com/Yates/steven152.htm written April 28,2012 He begins with this story of Mr. Wordes, the chicken man, and what all was done to him, resulting in the man being driven to the final act of killing himself. Yes, it makes you very angry to read the story…but the question arises…what kind of people would do this to him? Answer: Sociopaths… Dr. Yates gives you the definition or characteristics of sociopaths…he also refers to 2 articles by Doug Casey (whom Mac highlighted in an article recently)…Dr. Yates says Doug’s articles are keepers, but his is too. A quote from Doug Casey: “There are 2 ways people can relate to each other: voluntarily or coercively. The government is pure coercion, and sociopaths are drawn to its power and force.” Doug Casey speaks pretty frank about a lot of people…I know so many people who just will not read, and can…so I suggest that people, if you care, can you not at least print out some of these articles and share them? Smokin Okie, thanks for your humor: we all need some of that..I think you are a truck driver…you could distribute a copy of the websites to the articles that have solid information. Not just you: everyone really could. I will try to put together a list that I think covers it all…or most of it, but Dr. Yates’ article and Doug Casey’s really show you a lot about Sociopaths..and that these are the people leading this country…Because you cannot see in others what you cannot fathom anyone doing,”me thinks we have been hoodwinked”. As Dr. Vieira said, in the “Shearing is Nearing”…”most people are not rabid political animals who want to “exploit” their fellow man, and just want to live their lives, as THEY see fit…”(they are not sociopaths, in other words)…I referred previously to Dr. Vieira’s writings at http://www.newswithviews.com (writers names are at the left sidebar)…Another article, written in 2005 by Dr. Steven Yates is: “Our Money System”…it is 3 parts… at: http://www.newswithviews.com/Yates/steven12.htm Do you know that the Federal Reserve is not federal; that it is a banking cartel? I did not know all this “stuff” about our money system until I read this article…The book, “The Creature from Jeckyl Island” by G. Edward Griffin is esteemed to be the best book on the “birth” of the Federal Reserve..it’s beginning in 1913 (and ironically..the IRS in the same year) And G. Edward Griffin is in the forthcoming movie, “Molon Labe”…that I reference in my last post (and actually my first post here) due out around labor day, with Vieira, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan,Larry Pratt, Chuck Baldwin…etc… To not ramble on too much, another writer at newswithviews is Marilyn Barnewall…a “who is who in banking”…She and Vieira agree on State Banks… she has 2 articles on State Banks…North Dakota is the only state with a true state bank…One of her articles that is outstanding is: I love my country. http://www.newswithviews.com/Barnewall/marilyn142.htm She refers you to the older movie, “Judgement at Nuremberg”… the trial of Nazi war criminals…(trial of government people, some in “black robes”…aka the Judiciary). So here are 2 quotes that may make you want to get the movie and watch it, or at the least…read her commentary. From the movie, from the Judge, at its conclusion: “Simple murders and atrocities do not constitute the gravimond of the charges in this indictment. Rather the charge is that of conscious participation in a nationwide, government-organized system of cruelty and injustice in violation of every moral and legal principle known to all civilized nations” “The principle of criminal law in every civilized society has this in common. Any person who sways another to commit murder, any person who furnishes the legal weapon for the purpose of the crime, any person who is an accessory to the crime, is guilty.” He concludes with describing what a country stands for, and before the world, the Judge says what America stands for…”Justice, Truth, and the value of a single human being”….

        I like how Marilyn Barnewall concludes this article…you will have to read it to see…it is her summary of our country. And Be Informed…I know you read…I would like you to comment on this information, after you have read it all. Thank you…

      31. on the post I just did, I made an error: it is “lethal” weapon, not legal..sorry

      32. No offense or disrespect to anyone here but fuck the Amerikan sheeple for sitting back and allowing this to happen in exchange for cheaply made Chinese bullshit. Collapse already so the healing and true recovery can actually begin.

        Side note; to all alphabet terrorists, may you and your entire bloodlines catch cancer and die a slow horrible death….but I’d settle for watching you ass clowns hang…..

        • +1
          If everything we bought was 20-30% more expensive and made in the USA or some of it in Europe i would be good with all of this!
          But the fact that American companies who deal with fucking government mandates are forced to compete with third world countries that pay 20$ a month to their slaves is bullshit.
          This is the fault of ALL THE ASSHOLES IN WASHINGTON
          Dont kid yourself thinking any of them are different, the democrats like it because their collectivist sheep get cheap stuff and the republicans like it because their wealthy investor class make more profit.
          It was never about what was good for the most productive segment of the population, thats why we are quickly becoming the non existent portion of the population.

        • FP,

          Enjoying that Chinese computer much?

          • Touché, but, I have to ask back…..are you? Do you like the way things are going in this once great country? I sure am not. I have had my limit of the nonsense we are dealing with. So, let’s get on with it already so we can restore the Constitution and BoR and get back to a Constitutional Republic. I for one miss my freedoms/civil liberties. Let the guillotine drop…..

      33. I have to agree with F’n Pissed but would also say that personal weakness and loss of a morale compass did this country in as well. More than anything however, I think had the Founders original intent of who and how people voted was the biggest factor. To vote, one had to own property, State Assemblies elected federal Senators and Presidential votes cast by the Electoral College selected by the States. I believe the States would have retained their power over the federal government much longer. In essence, the people got a hold of the purse strings and voted this Country into the toilet, period!

      34. Ironic , Russia and the US are headed in opposite directions from what they once were .

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