9 Ominous Signals: Is the stock market about to crash?

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.

    Editor’s Note: Since the stock market’s reversal following the crash of 2008 to new highs today many observers have warned that the fundamental economic, financial and monetary problems that caused the crash to begin with have yet to be resolved. In fact, by all accounts things have only gotten worse. But you wouldn’t know it if you’ve only been paying to the official numbers being disseminated by the government or the constant blathering on about economic recovery from financial media pundits. Frankly, the whole of the industrialized world knows something is wrong and those with any sense are now just waiting for the system to finally buckle. We’re starting to see major gaps in economic progress – real estate is dropping like a brick, more people are exiting the labor force than ever before, and tens of millions of people per month are requesting social assistance from the government just so that they can put food on the table.

    To put it mildly, the situation is deteriorating. Even the stock market, America’s pillar of financial success, is finally starting to crack. In the following article Michael Snyder highlights some critical signals that are appearing now. We saw them prior to the last crash, and while past performance is not a guarantee of future results, things are certainly looking ominous going into this holiday shopping season.

    How long can the U.S. economy hold on to the facade?

     9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years
    By Michael Snyder (Economic Collapse Blog)

    storm-1Is the stock market about to crash?  Hopefully not, and there definitely have been quite a few “false alarms” over the past few years.  But without a doubt we have been living through one of the greatest financial bubbles in U.S. history, and the markets are absolutely primed for a full-blown crash.  That doesn’t mean that one will happen now, but we are starting to see some ominous things happen in the financial world that we have not seen happen in a very long time.  So many of the same patterns that we witnessed just prior to the bursting of the dotcom bubble and just prior to the 2008 financial crisis are repeating themselves again.  Hopefully we still have at least a little bit more time before stocks completely crash, because when this market does implode it is going to be a doozy.

    The following are 9 ominous signals coming from the financial markets that we have not seen in years…

    #1 By the time the markets closed on Monday, we had witnessed the biggest three day decline for U.S. stocks since 2011.

    #2 On Monday, the S&P 500 moved below its 200 day moving average for the first time in about two years.  The last time this happened after such an extended streak of success, the S&P 500 ended up declining by a total of 22 percent.

    #3 This week the put-call ratio actually moved higher than it was at any point during the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.  This is an indication that there is a tremendous amount of fear on Wall Street right now.

    #4 Everybody is watching the VIX at the moment.  According to the Economic Policy Journal, the VIX has now risen to the highest level that it has been since the heart of the European debt crisis.  This is another indicator that there is extraordinary fear on Wall Street…

    US stock market volatility has jumped to the highest since the eurozone debt crisis, according to a closely watched index, the the CBOE Vix index of implied US share price volatility.

    It jumped to 24.6 late on Monday and is up again this morning. On Thursday, it was as low as 15.

    That’s a very strong move, but things have been much worse. At height of the recent financial crisis – the Vix index peaked at 80.1 in November 2008.

    Could we get there again? Yeah.

    #5 The price of oil is crashing.  This also happened in 2008 just before the financial crisis erupted.  At this point, the price of oil is now the lowest that it has been in more than two years.

    #6 As Chris Kimble has pointed out, the chart for the Dow has formed a “Doji Star topping pattern”.  We also saw this happen in 2007.  Could this be an indication that we are on the verge of another stock market crash similar to what happened in 2008?

    #7 Canadian stocks are actually doing even worse than U.S. stocks.  At this point, Canadian stocks have already dropped more than 10 percent from the peak of the market.

    #8 European stocks have also had a very rough month.  For example, German stocks have already dropped about 10 percent since July, and there are growing concerns about the overall health of the German economy.

    #9 The wealthy are hoarding cash and precious metals right now.  In fact, one British news report stated that sales of gold bars to wealthy customers are up 243 percent so far this year.

    So what comes next?

    Some experts are saying that this is the perfect time to buy stocks at value prices.  For example, USA Today published a story with the following headline on Tuesday: “Time to ‘buy’ the fear? One Wall Street pro says yes“.

    Other experts, however, believe that this could represent a major turning point for the financial markets.

    Just consider what Abigail Doolittle recently told CNBC

    Technical strategist Abigail Doolittle is holding tight to her prediction of market doom ahead, asserting that a recent move in Wall Street’s fear gauge is signaling the way.

    Doolittle, founder of Peak Theories Research, has made headlines lately suggesting a market correction worse than anyone thinks is ahead. The long-term possibility, she has said, is a 60 percent collapse for the S&P 500.

    In early August, Doolittle was warning both of a looming “super spike” in the CBOE Volatility Index as well as a “death cross” in the 10-year Treasury note. The former referenced a sharp move higher in the “VIX,” while the latter used Wall Street lingo for an event that already occurred in which the fixed income benchmark saw its 50-day moving average cross below its 200-day trend line.

    Both, she said, served as indicators for trouble ahead.

    So what do you think?

    Are we about to witness a stock market crash and another major financial crisis?

    Or is this just another “false alarm” that will soon fade?

    Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. I don’t see the market surviving throu Christmas.

        • #10 George Soros has doubled down and has a $2 BILLION dollar short on the markets, according to reports I have read.

          With his track record, I wouldn’t bet against him. 🙁

          • I would DK, I agree with everything Michael has pointed out. The VIX and the Dry Baltic Index (BDI) tell the story. Europe is on the cusp of a great recession if not deppresion. They will have no money to buy anything we are importing. Oil prices have dropped to the point where Russia cannot compete. The Russians began a hyper inflation stager last week in the printing of the Ruble. The 20 year depression Russia underwent is about to happen again. The Oil Cartels are falling apart and oil can and most probaly will drop to $60.00 a barrell.

            Oil going below $60.00 is good for us here in the states for a short time but a death knell for the rest of the world in one form or another. The dollar is losing ground to the Chinese whatever you call that money and Gold has made signifigant gains in the last week. Silver a little, copper not so much. Regardless when gold goes up as it has the value of the dollar does go down.

            Oh yeah almost forgot: I have seen transferable items being sold at auctions around the world. Champagne, antique auto’s, Jewelry. Wealth that can be transported and stored for future use when things imrove once again or when a new stable currency becomes available.

            And that my friends is my two cents for this week. I am busy adding and maintaining my preps. Adding a large purchase of Coco and Pepper to my preps for trading purposes. Anything that cannot be grown here in The continental United States.


            • Evening B,

              You say, ” Oil prices have dropped to the point where Russia cannot compete. The Russians began a hyper inflation stager last week in the printing of the Ruble. “, Yes there is something ‘afoot’ here akin to the pressure that the US placed on Japan immediately prior to thier entry into WWII.

              Then , the US – pre-war – was actively seeking to strangle the Empire’s ACCESS to raw materials…this time we are strangling Ruassia’s ability to SELL raw materials; the converse of what brought the Empire in WWII. I DO NOT like the trend that I here seeing…not at all. Damn Oligarchs will get us ALL killed before thi over, IMHO.

              Those ‘at the top’ are here playing a staggering, terrifying game of ‘chicken’ with Russia,,,with all of US in the backseat as ‘unwilling passengers’. this WIIL not ‘End well’ as I reckon it. The paralells here ar striking…

              B, I have – been – having a ‘running dialogue’ with ‘Canada Canuck’, as well ‘Ghost Rider’, back a forum or two…when time permits you to do so, pleae look at that, over there. Naturally, I am unsure of WHAT your ‘current status’ actually is – and AM NOT here inquiring therefor! – but should you – for any reason — be ‘non plussed with your current ‘accomodations’, then CONSIDER that..what is there set forth. DK, this applies to you as well…

              Gotta ‘get on’ for a bit, till later ALL.

              Oh, Soros…’The Prince of Financial Darkness’ betting against the S&P LARGE, ‘dat don’t make me any LESS mervous here’, Oh Sh_t….

              • Hello again my friend, Are you refering to the H in AK? You may remember several years ago my sauggestion of selling AK for our national debt? Perhaps it should be broken into sections and auctioned off each section to the highest bidders. Never happen? It already did once before. Then what?


                • Big B: Soros shorting $2 Billion against the markets means that he believes the market will Crash, like Snyder. So if you believe the markets will Crash then you shouldn’t bet against Soros. Countries that do go broke.

                  According to my sources, which are GOOD, when Soros first put the short on, back when, it made Buffet say, “Oh, Oh!”.

                  The continuing 2-3% drop each day seems to be the banksters trying to manipulate the markets down and create a bear market without a Crash. As I first postulated here a few months ago.

                  Flip a coin. 🙂

                  • Second Dallas Health care worker has tested positive for Ebola.

                  • DK,

                    I agree.

              • Hey MR. R; happy to have you back in the neighborhood 🙂

                Keep in touch please


            • good ,points Big B. I have moved my government 401k all too Treasuries. We can’t use it to buy gold unfortunately but Treasuries will be more stable then small or large cap or international funds. when oil bottoms it will be great for us until it begins to unravel the petrodollar.as I said 3 months ago in an earlier post is time to ramp up and get busy with the prep. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

              • Man,
                You can convert your 401k to physical PMs without any penalties. I just converted one of mine over. Check out Perpetual Assets out of Texas…

                • However, unless the precious metals are in your possession, you don’t own anything, just a bunch of IOUs .

                  • They are physically in my possession & still part of my 401k…

              • Oil dropping to 60$ will be bad for us. Shale oil has a “break even” point at 80$. lower oil prices than that will put a whole lot of people out of work, raise oil imports, and hurt retirement incomes based on stocks.

            • BigB… did you every check out the place in Calaveras county? Its still there and so is the three barrels.

          • Amen DK, Soros and Rogers made the first international hedge fund, Quantum, made 42 times their money in the 70’s, Rogers knows his stuff. Follow him as much as possible, do your due diligence…

          • DK, You shouldn’t bet against him since this SOB must be doing a rope dance. He has destroyed many lives doing the currency manipulation in many countries and actually there is one country I believe in South America that I don’t remember the name has a warrant for his arrest. He is just like his tribe members sucking the blood out of mankind.

            • I believe it’s Malaysia, although Putin has also issued an arrest warrant for Soros’ ass as well.

              • Thanks Winston.

              • Just his ass? I would think they would want his whole body for prosecution and punishment…

                Just saying!

            • Agreed. 🙁

          • The incubation period is 21 days. So a person gets infected in Liberia and before they show symptoms they are allowed on a plane to NYC. A week later they get sick and go to the hospital and throw up on everyone. This is why travel from the Ebola zone to the USA needs to be stopped.

            Aid workers can travel to the hot zone on military aircraft.

            • Dear Shooter,

              Have you ever read and considered the facts and observations Jon Rappoport presents on his blog?

              Also, do you ever stop and think how your yelp that “travel from the Ebola zone to the USA needs to be stopped” mirrors that of the desires of those who want a full blown 1984-style police state? …And, have you considered the fact that a ban on travel from African countries actually means you favor a ban from Every country? Via, 1984-style police state tactics, of course. Is that what you favor?

              What’s that they say about the perception of exchanging safety for freedom? …

              • How exactly is stopping travel from ebola hot zones the same thing as 1984? It’s not like anyone is proposing a travel ban from everywhere, just three countries with an uncontrollable outbreak. It’s a logical choice, but since your favorite blogger told you to think differently, you choose to surrender your critical thinking to him.

            • Shooter, Incubation period is now 42 days. Thus the learning curve on this virus.

          • It is now certain that the top 1% own 50% of the wealth in the world. And certain to create a recession like no other.

            • The top 1% must be eliminated.

          • We are long on gold/silver, trailing stop limits on dividend paying stocks, and short position the S&P 500. The majority of our holdings are ground/dirt/real estate.

        • Agreed. After the election though, can’t mess with that. But once initial sales reports on Christmas shopping come in all bets are off.

        • What do I think? Ebola spreads and then comes Apocalypse.

          And next month (end of the month) we will see the conflict with Russia heating up again…

          God helps us…


          • Fake… Ebola is a HOAX

        • I strongly recommend everyone read (and then pass along) “The Harbinger” by Jonathon Cahn (a saved rabbi). This is shemitah year and the U.S.A is under judgement. The solution is for us, as a nation, to repent, ask forgiveness and seek God.

      2. QE is on the way. More patchwork and bandaids for a little longer. Get passed the elections and then watch out. Many time bombs out there. Dodging bullets will only work for so long. More food and ammo for me.

        • So QE 4 will be like QE 2, and QE 3… the most destructive thing to the consumer.

          If QE 4 happens, and you ride this market, or if you are in the market at all… goodbye son, goodbye.

          For some reason or another, people are beginning to understand that you can’t “fake” this. Time to be growed up and stuff now ok?

          • Good evening, townsaver. I never had anything in the market and never will. Something big is coming and I can feel it. Most likely after the elections. Continue with prepping, everyone. I certainly am.

          • My money has been “sidelined” for 2 months now. Right or wrong, I’m out for the next year at least.

        • I started buying lesson in the stock market forty years ago, and my bank account shows that I was just as smart in the Market as I was in High School. (Hint) the teachers passed me just to get me out of the way, cause they needed the seat. Anywho, they always said you can’t fight the FED, so as long as they keep pumping this fiat curreny into the system, where else are they going to put. It’s hard to believe that the market can crash without the dollar crashing first. Trekker Out. I Have Been Wrong Before!

          • Correct. FED is a captured constellation. FRN value loss will continue. Given the nature of compound interest, it will continue to accelerate. Who loses? Savers and Workers? TPTB don’t mind that one bit. Why is Buffet divesting into Auto Dealerships? Their historical return is 4%. That doesn’t track inflation but I can see two reasons:
            1. He gets his money at 0.25%. Or close to it. TPTB.
            2. He wants hard assets as a risk reduction.
            Market will be pumped as long as FED remains (FRN domination ends or war).

      3. Could stocks drop another 30%?

        “A weak & fragile market, losing two of its biggest drivers at the same time the fed is ending QE.”

        “The market is primed to drop.”

        Now is the time to prepare.


        • All paper eventually goes to zero.

      4. The market could and would go throw the basement if we have another terrorist attack on our soil!
        QE is the only thing that has been holding up the market over the last few years.
        Get ready its going to be a rough ride.

        • exactly. Its no simply that the markets are on the ropes with a chance to go either way, its that one good nudge in the wrong direction will kick it over the cliff. watch who shorts what stocks over the next few months.

        • Good evening, Sarge, and welcome back. how was the trip?

          • TRBH
            Only one place worked out, out of 6. The one place I really thought I would like fell thru like a bullet thru butter. The location is south and west of Murfreesboro was 20 ac. and looks good. We will see?
            Other than that rain sucked.
            Did have a good time with family. Went to one of my favorite gun shop and picked up reloading gear.

        • Sarge…the QE creators are also busy to come up with the next terrorist attack. Just like 9/11, just like ISIS sub-humans. They are the master of satanic creations.

        • You know darn well every country out there is trying to harness the Ebola Virus as a weapon. Just launch an ICBM over any country and let it rain down on the enemies populations. Would not take long to kill millions. Then when all are dead they come back in and steal all the resources. Fricken psychopaths. Why do you thing Obama sent to the military Airborne div over to Africa?


      6. If real estate, housing and oil prices are collapsing, won’t everything collapse in price when the sudden big collapse happens? Wouldn’t that make my meager miniscule savings go farther in purchasing power? Will deflation benefit the poorer classes? That would only be fair seeing as how most of the money has gone to the filthy rich, while making every single thing grossly expensive for those with low incomes, threatening to wipe out the ability to keep a roof over our heads.

        • Question: “If real estate, housing and oil prices are collapsing, won’t everything collapse in price when the sudden big collapse happens? Wouldn’t that make my meager miniscule savings go farther in purchasing power?”

          Answer: Maybe this isn’t The, “big collapse” just yet? Maybe now, and even when The, “big collapse” happens, it all depends upon the reaction of TPTB?
          Do you think maybe they will inflate (increase) the money supply in an attempt to keep asset prices high? That maybe perhaps they will buy everything in sight, and lend money to their friends to do so as well (as they have been doing so far to create double-digit price increases in such things as stocks and real estate!) to prop up prices while decreasing the purchasing power of your Dollar and impoverish you for awhile? …Or perhaps to even impoverish you forever and destroy your purchasing power forever?

          Insert image of a Yo-Yo, here X.

        • The thing is, real estate isn’t collapsing. It’s doing something far more bizarre. Right now, prices are rising on cash-only purchases even while the mortgage market has all but disappeared. My theory is that it’s being used as a safe haven asset by wealthy people who don’t want dollar risk, much like gold, classic cars and art are being used. All of these assets have seen bubbles as the rich are making a mad scramble out of cash and into diverse, tangible assets.

        • When the Fed talks about deflation, they aren’t refering to your cost of living, they are refering to their stocks and asset values. The cost of living will continue to increase regardless of whether stocks go up or down. So to answer your question, No, your savings will not go further unless you are planning to put them in equities after the crash expecting the prices to rise once again.

      7. I think there are too many cheap band aids covering the wounds of the financial world right now. These band aids will start to fail and before we know it the market will begin hemorrhaging. The question is, which band aid has to fail for this thing to bleed out quickly, versus a slow, drawn out fall.

      8. CNBC said it’s ok to buy again, they wouldn’t lie.

        • very very good. I’m still laughing Thanks

      9. Who cares,let it crash.I as many are am sick of crony capitalism at taxpayer expenses and rigged markets,the sooner it crashes and burns the sooner true economies can take place,will be a interesting ride.You have a majority of wealth still in paper,well,you deserve whatever happens.

        • Amen ,im already on the lowest rung of the ladder ,so when it all goes down i dont have far to fall anyways

      10. It was Snyder’s site from which I learned of this one. I read this one every day. As to the subject of fiat money, it is just worth what it’s printed on. Prudence would require us to prepare. I have junk US silver in small denominations. I figure trading an old quarter for ,let’s say, a chicken, would be more palatable than a Krugerrand.

      11. I picked up another $100.00 silver at bargain prices.

        Today, I learned how to keep milk fresh. Drop in a silver dollar.


        • Townsaver, it needs to be a .999 pure silver bullion coin, not a 90% silver dollar.

      12. When the hottest stock going is a hazardous materials suit manufacturer that has no P/E Ratio because it has no earnings your in trouble.

        One just need look at at the Baltic Dry Index and the decline in global oil demand to see that the world economy is on life support. As Abe Lincoln said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

        The civility of the US public is inversely proportional to the availability of affordable food. Unfortunately an empty stomach is not a good political barometer. Hungry masses are easily swayed.

      13. Ebola, Terrorism, Europe tanking, ISIS, Russia and Ukraine, Russia and China making deals, and the Economy here in the US.

        I have said for a couple weeks I have a very bad feeling about the end of this year. I think we are about to start using our preps. I hope not. Just too many things that could cause the domino’s to start falling.

        We are on borrowed time one way or another my friends. Pray for us all and get all your preps in order.

        I will be off for a couple of days for knee surgery. Hope the world does not end while I am on medication. On the other hand maybe that would be the best time. lol

        My hopes, thoughts, and prayers are with you all.

        • Mike in Va. You have said it all, and so politely… It is refreshing! I agree… Looks like to me that this can’t go on much longer. Too many factors stacked against our country. Jesus said that there will be many false prophets…Will be praying for your surgery…God Bless!

          • Jrose

            Thank you so very much. Prayers are the most important thing.

        • Mike in VA, I have the same feeling about the last quarter of this year and I say it will be right after the elections. I was planning another trip to the BOL for Christmas, but I might be going sooner.

          • Braveheart

            I would keep a very close eye on everything. You could be right about the elections. We may not even get there. Who knows. I would have thought the economy would have crashed before now.
            It is just that anything can cause it. It is just a matter of time one way or the other.

            Good luck my friend. Keep your powder dry.

          • dont go anywhere Brave with out your bugout bag in the trunk ,i dont leave town anymore without it ,a few weeks ago i picked up a take down ruger 10/22 ,it also has a pocket in the side of the carry bag for my sr22 pistol i now throw that in the trunk ,may have to be on foot getting home ,i have also been scanning google earth in a 150 mi radius around my home looking for out of the way roads i never knew about as alternative routes to get home by bypassing zombies

        • Good luck dude, you will make it back to normal soon, God bless you, will call soon…

          • Thanks Man

            Call anytime you like. I will be off work about 2 months. If you call in the next couple of days I will sound weirder than usual though. lol

        • Godspeed Mike.

      14. Greed and Fear drive the markets.

        The greedy have already gotten, so that only leaves fear, cause the greedy bastards are afraid of losing it or going to prison.

        Oh, yeah they could be saved by a good old war or pandemic fears, new vaccines or martial law.

      15. Michael Snyder’s ‘read’ on things is one of a very few that I trust immplicitly. His blog is where I go when I am ‘unconmfortable’ with my view on ‘what is’ and need further clarifications.

        Lately, what ‘I see’ around us inspires no confidence in me that what is now coming is anything that the FED, the IMF, the BIS…or anyone else can even understand, let alone cope with. With systems as complex as the modern finacial system is become, you are inescapably confronted with mathematically ‘complex’ behaviours.

        Please bear in mind that – here – ‘complex’ does NOT mean ‘it has a lot of moving parts’, it means something else, something VERY specific. Once a system exceeds a very basic level of intrinsic complexity, it can not be descibed – in any real sense – as a ‘deterministic’ …it becomes an exercise in ‘Chaos’, ie, the same protocols that decsibe a Lorentz ‘Strange attractor’ …which is the same characteristic type of behaviour that governs WEATHER Systems…whose behaviours we all know to be impossibly difficult to – even passably – exposit analytically.

        Soooo, watch things closely now kiddo’s…because NO ONE ‘up there’ has even a CLUE what happens next…we don’t even have a valid, mature mathematics to describe this, so WHAT are thier erstwhile ‘models’ based ON? Answer; ‘Shits and GRINS’, literally. Oh Boy…do you ‘get it’ now? ‘Run Forest…RUN!!!!”, No, this WON’T ‘End well’, regardless of the visible, apparent short term indications that we see.

        Adios Muchacho’s…till later then.

        My thanks to Mr Snyder here…as always.

        • Good stuff Mr. Rodgers “Lorentz ‘Strange attracto'”
          Also, in Control Systems theory, a system which is not allowed to release build-up will have a greater failure. Think of harmonics like the Tacoma Narrows bridge but applied to the financial system. Instead of allowing housing to return to its intrinsic, fundamental value, TPTB continued to pump. They pulled the bubble into a larger financial bubble. Now what? They blow!

          • Howdy Dude!

            Sorry, I have had a HELL of a day today. Glad you liked that. Yep the DO BLOW, don’t they? Really, the shit that is a comin’ now is scarin’ me silly. What will those foold do NEXT is about all I can think of. What we are seeing -especiallyl AFFTER today – ‘undamped harmonic ocillation’….as along as the IMIULSE keeps getting applied it WILL get WORSE till catastrophic failure occur, which may be really soon at this rate…

            Gotta go Dude, till later then…KEEP WATCHING THE MARKETS…prop your eys open weith toothpicks if ya have to!

      16. When the bankers start blowing their brains out with those Sigs and Colts they brought for self protection, I’m going to play Helter Skelter and drink a beer.

        Let it crash.

        • Can I squeeze the trigger for the SOB’s? PLEASE.

        • Naaah, handguns are for the little people. Bankers prefer nail guns.

          • Winston, Never thought of the nail gun. Yes Sir…One at a time bottom up.

      17. Anyone in the market is either on drugs or a moron or both!

      18. Where is that crystal ball when you need it? I listen to Jim Rogers, he is not in the US market, except for shorts, he on target all the time. I have made money, listening to him, do your due diligengce, and place your your bets, because that is all it is. Good luck to all, we will need it….

        • Howdy eppe,

          Ummm, still ‘in’? Friend, when it all goes south, WHO is going to be left to ‘pay out’? We all know that what has been done by the Fed has no possible reversal, at this point. As such – ummmm -” be careful” here Friend, we might be closer than any of us know. Maybe it’s time to ‘cash and carry’, Eh? Just sayin here…

          • Most all in cash, on the sidelines watching for the 5th wave, which could be a 90% drop, then step in at basement prices, just a long wait. Where is that crystal ball???

            • Dear eppe,

              The closest I could find to a crystal ball so far is Austrian Economics.

              • Helot, it has it own flaws, seems there is no right answer in finance…

                • It’s own flaws??? Name one.

                  I think maybe there is a, “right answer in finance”.

                  That answer is: Human Action.

            • Howdy eppe,

              Whew, Thank goodness you’re ‘cash’ now…still, do you actually belleive that there will be a market post-facto, post-FALL? I am asking here for your opinion actually, respectfully so; I am not – at all – sure that the upcoming, pending ‘correction’ won’t be a ‘near totality event’….or for that matter ‘total’ period. There is SO MUCH leverage out there now, vastly more than in 2008. I have a hard time – personally – managing to beleive that the graph won’t go “true vertical” when ‘it’ comes this time. I suppose that we’ll see soon enough though. Lotsa luck Friend. Adios.

              • Mr Rodgers: My guess is that if there is a major correction like some think, beyond 50%, the banks will step in with some of the “reserves” they have and start buying at Filene’s Basement bargain prices.

                And begin to push the markets anew.

                Geo political situations do not allow for American markets to remain low for any length of time if they are reset by a Black Swan. There are wars to be fought and the petro dollar is the weapon of choice.

                I think the markets will continue to decline on a somewhat orderly and manipulated basis as is currently manifesting. It ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings.

                Where is Hillary? 🙂

                • Howdy DK!

                  She-IT…WTF?! It’ been a WHILE since I saw what happened today in the markets! Soory i didn’t get back here ‘post-haste’…you KNOW why.

                  Hmmm, i dunno, Friend…the thing is everyone thinks almost exactly like that – on some level – and sommethimes it all just GOES south when we are NOT expecting it to do so, the ‘Chaos’ thing…you know?

                  Oh, and,

                  Hillary is still trying to FIND her ass, clearly.

      19. I could care less what the stock market does. We sold all of our walmart stock years ago. It appears that gas prices are on the way down. I was digging potatoes today. I found a really wooly caterpillar. they claim that’s a sign of a hard winter. I a collapse does happen I hope its during the cold when the snow is deep. That will help to keep rioters and no goods from roaming around. and those who are not prepared will reap their just rewards that much quicker. I know its mean and not PC but its the truth.

        • OldGuy What color was he. Light color, mild winter, the darker the color the harder the winter. Ain’t that right Ass’ed. Trekker Out.

          • It was a mostly black with a little bit of orange caterpillar. The persimmon seeds have a spoon this year . We had about a dozen fogs in August. Its a good bet wee will have a hard cold winter. I happy we sold all of our cattle except for two milk cows. we will be able to keep all of our livestock & other animals in the barn and feed them all the hay they can eat. also when their out of the cold and wet they don’t waste energy trying to keep warm and don’t eat as much . We baled square bales this year and there stored in the barn & a old school bus. Today is gonna be a firewood cutting day.

            • Wooly Bears.

              Less orange on back means colder winters, Seen a few on the roads. Going to be colder.

            • Your cows dry? Im thinking of getting a couple goats, not enough acreage to hold a cow, if i was only growing a garden for us i could most likely get by with one cow, was thinking goats though because if i get a ram and a nanny then i can have more, plus milk or meat from offspring, plus the goats dont get sick eating real green feed, lately we have been getting more rain so everything is green,

              • We have two crossbred cows half dairy & half beef. right now we are drying one up she is due to calf in dec. The other it will be her first calf and she is due any day. We let the calfs nurse their mothers. when we need milk we simply pen the calf away from its mother for a few hours. milk what we need and put them back together. no need to milk twice per day. We also have some milk goats. In fact I cant remember a time in my whole life when someone in our family did not have goats. my Great Great Grandfather came from Sweden and brought some goats with him. With the milk goats we Do the same let the kids stay with mom and just separate and milk as needed. we reciently bought a kiko cross billy. There hardy & disease resistant. Our nannys are purebred dairy. where hoping to develop a dual purpose goat that will better suit our needs. I would recommend goats over cows. Cows are very expensive right now. And goats require a lot less feed and buildings. A goat will thrive on marginal browse where a cow would starve. the negatives Goats are escape artist and require good fences. goats also are subject to attacks by coyotes and dogs. We have a varmit killing burro that stays with our livestock. She could also be a pack animal if we had to leave. and the goats would follow. and a billy goat does stink. I prefer goats with large horns. Those horns help them defend themselves and also prevent them from sticking their heads through the fence and getting caught. In a shtf situation a goat will be the better animal than a cow. I prepare the goat meat just the same as a deer. I take all of the meat from the bone. cut the backstrap into tenderloin steaks. the rest I grind up into goat burger. I add bacon as I grind it because there isn’t any fat in the goat meat. My children grew up eating goat burger and drinking goat milk. They never even needed to go to the dentist until they where adults. the youngest now 30 has been to the dentist one time. just last year he had to get a troublesome wisdom tooth pulled. Our children rarely ae fast food or drank soda pop. they wherent fat. lean and muscular and knew how to work. Any road get some goats you will learn a lot. however goats are not for everyone it takes a certain kind of person for them to work out.

                • Cool beans, i had two nice dairy does from the local goat dairy, they were nice but my only fence at the time was the electric mesh, was a pain in the arse, and someones dog tried to get the goats in the middle of the night and tangled the crap out of a section of the fence so i gave them away, have been fencing my perimeter with a small eye livestock fencing, so have a 5′ fence with two strands of barbed at the top and 4′ rolled goat fence bottom to the ground. Once i get all the way around im going to cross fence, that way i can browse 3 different sections about 2 acres each, then can grow stuff in one of the sections graze the second and fallow the third rotating them accordingly. Just takes time, dont have the energy some days

                • We had a Nubian a couple years ago. My kids really want another or two. I just don’t know enough and fear losing another. No idea what killed the last one….we left her in the care of some friends who have cows and chickens. They said she laid on the ground, drank lots of water, had the runs and wouldn’t eat???? Then just died. She was fine when we left. We loved her so much. She was very sweet and it crushed us all to lose it. She was really like a dog in a way.

        • My idea of stocks is more than one cow
          Gas is 4.07
          Lowest ive paid in 3 years or more

          • Kula;
            $4.07 ??? well I guess on the islands that’s a good price, but I just paid $2.80 Agree its the lowest I have seen in many many years


            • Yea, thats 4.07 for premium unleaded, about a month ago was 4.29 had been there for about a year, Diesel is 4.65

            • Thye last time oil was in this range wasn’t gas around $2.50 or lower?

              Now the best I have seen through out LaSalle county Illinois, Mazon & Morris is a littl over $3 still ???

      20. the stock market already has ‘crashed’!.


        there is no recovery only eventual fake fiat dollar death.

        it’s now nothing but a nwo zog fake fiat dollar goyim tax debt slave ponzi scheme open financial prison system controlled by trillions of debt.


      21. Let’s put this Ebola outbreak into perspective.

        1)The populations of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone are respectively 4.3 millions, 11.75 millions, 6.1 millions. Total combined population is roughly: 22.15 millions.
        2)In these three countries where most of the Ebola victims have been identified, 8000 have been diagnosed and 4500 have died.
        3)The populations of these three countries live in densely populated area, and lack adequate sewage systems in their neighborhood. Their healthcare systems are primitive at best. Their populations are exposed to infected corpses lying in street, infected family members and neighbors.


        1)Even so we see a tiny fraction of .036% of the population getting infected and half of that dead over an 11 months outbreak.
        2)So even living in these poor country, your chance of dying from Ebola is minuscule in an 11 months period.
        3)With superior healthcare system, advanced sewage system in the US and Europe, the rate of infection and death should be even lower.

        Ebola doesn’t look so fearsome after facts are examined, is it?

        The real threat is the suspension of laws, civil rights, and grabbing of power by scaring the bejesus out of the population. Everyone should be wary of this fear mongering. The real fear should be directed at The Power That Be.

        Possible scenarios using Ebola fear mongering:
        1)Crash market and bankers steal more money.
        2)Escalate Syrian war.
        3)Pass laws to clamp down internet.
        4)Elect a traitor, globalist puppet as president of USSA.

        Please copy and post this as many times as possible.

        • To put the tiny fraction of 0.036% into perspective…

          300m x 0.036% = 10,800,000

        • #4 doesn’t count because it has already happened many, many times.

        • Rodeph, you are thinking correctly. As you number, spread is slow. But, non decreasing. This means the R factor is probably closed to 1.1 than to 1.4. But, over 1 strictly. Look at the Dallas example for your reference for what happens in a fully civilized and fully industrialized country. Genie is out of the bottle on this one I’m afraid. Obviously we’ll know more in a few months.

      22. Little Mike, Jonny’s cousin is worse than Jonny ever could be.

        One day before Christmas little Mike was talking to his father. “You be good this year and not cuss so much, and maybe santa will bring you something really nice!” Little Mike’s dad said with a smile. “If not you won’t get anything nice”

        “I already know what I want for Christmas dad! When I wake up on Christmas morning I want to wake up and see a new fucking BB gun at the foot of my fucking bed!” little Mike said.

        Little Mike’s dad rolls his eyes.

        “Then I want to go down stairs and see a fucking toy train going around the fucking Christmas tree!”

        “Oh yeah?” His dad says.

        “Yeah then I’ll go out side and I want a fucking new bike leaning up against the fucking garage!”

        “I wouldn’t count on it young man, not after how you just talked.”

        When Christmas morning comes Mike wakes up. Laying at the foot of his bed is a steaming pile of dog shit! So he goes down stairs. Around the Christmas tree is a neatly arranged ring of dog shit. Then he goes outside and there by the garage is, you guessed it another pile of Dog Shit!

        “DAMN!” Little Mike says, starting to cry.

        “Well son did you learn a lesson?” Mikes dad asks.

        “I don’t know dad, I think I got a new puppy but I can’t fucking find it!”

        • Old Guy….you the man!!!! Love the jokes. Takes my mind off what’s really going on is the world.

          • in the world.

        • Great one, watch out, some here might start trashing you for jokes, maybe not, he seems to just have a hard on for me. Keep them coming. I may have to stop joking, so you can keep it up. Little Johnny is a hoot….

          • Old Bastard: Can I get Viagra here?

            Pharmacist: Yes.

            Old Bastard: Can I get it over the counter?

            Pharmacist: If you take two.

            • Did you ask permission from wwti to tell a joke???

              • Haha…one of your funnier quips, eppe! I whole heartily agree with the sentiment you convey. Your jokes never offended me, even the ones I heard/read before.

            • Teddy was looking very glum so I asked him “Why so sad”
              He say’s “I accidently took 2 Viagra’s and had an erection for 4 hours”
              I said “What the hell is wrong with that”
              He said ” Now I have to go in for wrist surgery”

          • eppe robs the joke originator then robs Mac for taking away from the discussion by posting drivel wasting content space with cut and pasting stolen material, so then that attracts other useless dolts yuk it up and none of you are clicking banners or buying anything. Double thief eppe diminishing this website’s value. Good Job eppe.

      23. Small businesses have to make quality products to compete. Once corporations buy them out, it becomes purely a race to maximize profits and minimize the quality. I for one am fucking sick of watching the quality of fucking everything I buy go to shit. From the pink slime disguised as food, to the fucking morons calling themselves college professors, to the cheap shit from China, to the shit health care coverage at astronomical prices. I’M SICK OF WATCHING MY MONEY SLIP THROUGH MY FINGERS FOR FUCKING SHIT QUALITY GOODS AND SERVICES.



        What’s more, it’s jellyfish capitalism. Corporate raiders are fucking spineless cowards, trying to be all things to all people, obsequious to the lowest common denominator, placating the idiot populace with vague, timid, and noncommittal language, and marketing pablum.

        Small business ownership is at an all-time low. We now have a Euro trash style economy in which everyone either works for the government or for huge corporations.



        • What you refer to as, “jellyfish capitalism” is technically called, Oligarchy or, Fascism. But I think “jellyfish capitalism” works Ok, too.

          That said, there’s nothing wrong with Free Market Capitalism, it’s what most of us want.

          A few here might clamor for Mercantilism, but they are deluded, misled, in error, and full of it.

          • There is no such thing as “free market capitalism” and there hasn’t been any since the Indians sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for $24 in trinkets.

            Get a clue Clark. The “free market capitalism” you talk about is a fantasy sold to the American people as a FREEDOM by the very Fascists you hate.

            It’s a euphemism. 🙁

            • Actually there is Free Market Capitalism but its confined to the very bottom end of the economic ladder.

        • You got it,
          Enough is fucking enough

      24. I asked my wife,

        “Where do you want to go for our anniversary?”

        It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation.

        “Somewhere I havent been in a long time!”

        she said..

        So I suggested,

        “How about the kitchen?”

        And thats when the fight started…

        • What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?

          You can’t say nothing, you done told her twice.

      25. Get out the market. Invest in land,food and tangable assets. It’s a safer bet than a bunch of numbers in some crooked corporations computer program. It’s time to start thinking about feeding and caring for ones self and family and decide what is really important in life. …… And it ain’t the new wiz bang super dooper 72 inch led whatever tv. At least a that’s my take.

        • Done all those, where do one put extra past all those? I wonder, still looking, hard to find. Crystal ball??? Or am I just dreaming… Wtf… Or wwti bullshit, fuck it, will do what I will anyhow, who knows where things will go???
          Sorry, just ranting………

        • Anonymous says: “Get out the market. Invest in land,”…

          But then I think of all the prior farmland booms in history and how they crashed and left individuals destitute and what the guys at thehousingbubbleblog are saying and I wonder if that’s such a good idea.

          There’s nothing quite like catching a falling knife.

          Much as I want land. …And I think it’s great to own some… just not at the expense of purchasing at grossly overly inflated prices.

          Did you know that prime Iowa farmland is going for $11,000 Dollars per acre? How long do you reckon you have to grow stuff on that acre before you clear $11,000?

          I know, I know, if it’s SHTF and it’s all you got to eat from… But, besides that. And anyway, if that’s the case, you only need one acre. But still, $11,000?

          What happens when it becomes $1000 per acre? You still gonna be ok that you bought that liability, depreciating, tax-sucking bit O’dirt at $11,000 per acre?

          …Just thinking out loud here.

          • Think about over here 120k/ acre

            • 120k??????? WOW
              And i get upset that farmland is 1300/1500 round here.
              I would imagine that property taxes are astronomical as well .

              • Yea thats an average price, half acre house lots if you can find them are in the 200k range, many times way more because available lots are generally in up scale areas, Ag land is dear, IF you can find something decent to grow anything on your generally looking at over 1 mil on up for 8 acres or more, 5 acre lots covered with rocks (and i mean ROCKS) right down the road from us were going for 1.5 mil 4 years ago, property taxes are higher but honestly i have no idea what is normal, our place is 8 acres, yearly runs about 1600 if i remember right, but our rate is ag, neighbor pays about double i think for 3 acres

          • Under our current system- in Virginia- you do not “own” your land. You lease it through your local government.

            If you don’t pay your taxes, what happens? “Your land” gets auctioned on the courthouse steps to the highest bidder. YOU receive an eviction notice and the local Sheriff shows up to escort you off your property and into the streets- homeless.

            I just received in the mail, a stack of 5 “lease agreements” (taxes due) from my local county government. Here in western VA we get to pay twice yearly.

            Printed in RED ink on the front of the envelope…
            “ATTN: DUE DATE DECEMBER 5TH, 2014”

            …So when my money runs out, and I cannot afford to pay the $250 a month to live on land that is fully paid for then what?

            Property “ownership” is a total lie in this country. I wish they’d taught that in primary school.

            • Totally agree with you Marcus. It seems people have forgotten what “ownership” means. Ownership by definition means that you’re the only one responsible for the property and you don’t have to answer to anyone about it. If someone else calls the shots on your property, then you don’t own it.

              It’s extremely sad that there are few things today that we can truly say we own. The government is even dictating what people do with their bodies!

      26. I do not pretend to know much about economics, True Capitalism died in the first Great Depression. This country has been bumbling along ever since. Sure the War Machine propped the American Economy from the 40’s thru the 80’s. Now though even the War Machine cannot stop what I believe is coming. From the Roman Empire to the USSR it all fell because of money or the economy. But in every instance the catalyst for the fall was because of a destablisation of its form of Govt. Right now as I see it, the masses (sheeple) have had enough of our govt. Across the board there is a %9 (that’s right NINE PERCENT) approval congress. These coming elections, along side a nice crisis (aka IsIs AND Ebola) will prove to topple what is left of America. Now my fellow preppers here’s the fun part, our lovely govt is aware of this and has mobilized and militarized every aspect of every federal agency in preparation of this event. Everything we have talked about, and wondered about will all be revealed in short order. Lines will be drawn, the question is which side will history remember and which side will you be on.


        • They all bleed too
          Way more of us than their arrogant asses

      27. I to watch the BDI and the VIX. The best index, is the KJV. It says that it will cost a man a days wages to feed himself. Because I believe in this index, I always wondered how could there be a one world currency? Well I figured for the US to give up on the dollar, something terrible had to happen. We are witnessing prophecy unfold. This collapse, when it happens, will be the mother of all collapses-world wide.

      28. I found this one in my files earlier today (yes, I do archive jokes too):

        Recently atop the new 60 story building being constructed in down town Salt lake City the following was overheard:

        “Hey Mac, come over here to the edge with me; what’s your name?”

        “I’m Ralph, who are you?”

        “Well, Ralph, I’m Jeff, sent here by the prophet to bring good news, are you a member of the priesthood, Ralph?”

        “Yea, sure, Melchizedek in fact, Why Jeff?”

        “Well, Ralph, do you recall how Jesus walked on water? Well, the prophet has been given the keys to walk on air and extends it to all the priesthood. Here, watch this.”

        Jeff steps off the ledge and walks out about ten feet and stands there in mid air.

        “Wow!” says Ralph, “Do you mean I can do that?”

        “Certainly”, replies Jeff, “Just make a leap of faith.”

        Ralph takes a step from the ledge and plunges screaming to the pavement 60 floors below. Jeff walks back to the building and calls to another worker, “Hey, Mac, come over here.”

        Meanwhile on the street a passerby notices the occasional rain of bodies and approaches an apparently unconcerned worker nearby,

        “Say, didn’t you see several workers falling from above?”

        “Oh yea, it’s just Superman screwing around with the Mormons again.”

        • Arch, I have so many jokes, and that is one I never have heard, that was tooooo much, it made my night. Hope the joke Nazi does not gig you, I thought I had heard them all, but rates at the top, keep them rolling we might run off wwti, if everyone posts a joke apeice. That was good….

          • eppe has NO jokes of his own he, is a Joke thief and all the jokes he has he ripd off the internet. Must suck you have no creativity of your own you need to steal other people thoughts and joke material. eppe you are sooooo vanilla twit.

        • That joke was stupid.

          • Acid. Nothing worse than a bad joke, but to rip off a bad joke like eppe does daily, and cut and past it to humor your shallow minded twit posse is even funny in itself. They are so easily herded. It will be like shooting duck decoys in a pond when SHTF. Lots of Ammo Acid. Let er’ Rip!!

            • I like Eppe’s jokes. They take my mind off troubles for a few. I’m unfamiliar with many of them even if they are brought from elsewhere. Not everyone has a chance to be all over the internet and read everything. I don’t have a lot of people that forward me stuff, so this is usually all new to me except the classics, which I appreciate chuckling to. It helps break the replies down a little bit so the intensity of each new piece of information is not diminished. If we act like this prepping thing is a contest and take the humanity away from ourselves, we’ll die just as sure as the idiot grasshopper who isn’t prepping anything.

          • You do know who Superman is, don’t you? Maybe the joke was over your head.

      29. During the 1929 manufactured stock market collapse there was no internet, or insider trading laws, so the Morgans,Rockefellers, Warburgs, Shiffs, Kennedys, and the rest of their gang left the market before the collapse.

        Anybody that gets caught with their pants down now deserves to get their ass burned. Info Age ain’t it.

      30. Crash AND burn
        We got another hurricaine possibly hitting this weekend, could be exciting!

      31. Off the subject. Is “Wounded Warrior Project” a legit organization? Why is it even needed if the VA is in charge?

        • Question: “Is “Wounded Warrior Project” a legit organization?”

          Answer: I read somewhere that executives in that organization rely on the funds sent to it. They depend upon that money!
          I’m not sure, but I think I read that 80% of the funds sent to that organization were given to the executives to run that organization. …The People who gave their money felt real good about it though. That’s whats counts, right? Feeling good about it. You know, like sticking a magnetic Yellow ribbon* on the bumper of your car, it means “they care”.

          *It’s funny how yellow ribbons on car bumpers replaced yellow ribbons wrapped around tree trunks as if the war would end soon.
          Not, ha-ha funny, just “funny”.

          Also, RE: “if the VA is in charge”

          Now that, was funny.
          Lots of the guys I met at the VA would say so, too.

          “the VA is in charge” Psft!

          The better question to ask is, Why are Americans sent off to fight for empire instead of being used to defend the country from attack, from here?

          • The best way to help wounded warriors is to get involved with actual families, and you can usually just ask around to find them. It’s like the Rez troubles. The only way to really help out on the Rez is to directly help families. That’s why One Spirit has that Okini program to help people who are bad off.

            Wounded warrior programs unfortunately don’t see the real suffering all the time. Most vets I know are struggling with mental demons from the programming. The charities look for obviously hurt soldiers to attract more donations. The serious damage done to those men and women are unfortunately deeper than the obvious physical wounds.

        • It’s another money-spinning machine that pays its’ executives very well but does precious little for wounded vets. And it’s been blatently anti-2A as well. Send your money somewhere else.

      32. Off the subject. Is “Wounded Warrior Project” a legit organization? Why is it even needed if the VA is in charge?

      33. I still can’t see how our economy can totally collapse as long as we are the world reserve currency. This single fact allows the Fed to print money that still has “Value”. Until we lose that status we can print our way out any TOTAL collapse. People can say it’s paper and is worthless all they want but until the WORLD says that our economy will remain semi viable.Those of you looking for a total economic collapse in the next few months are wrong, IMO we will continue the slow motion train wreck we have been in since Nixon took us off the gold standard. The stock market may collapse but our economy has survived that before and even a massive collapse can be fixed( temporarily) by a QE 4. Will the world eventually tire of watching us print money,YES but it will take a couple of years for the world economy to transit to a different currency. THAT is when the Economic SHTF will occur. I personally believe America will collapse due to a corrupt government before it collapses economically.

        • The only thing holding up our currency is the belief in it, sort of like the only reason Santa is still a symbol for Christmas, although Santa is basically a symbol for profit these days. Not everyone is buying into US dollars anymore. We have a expiration date. That’s reality. It’s like when the kids on the playground stop believing in the bully and start standing up to him/her. The more that do, the more confidence in the others.

      34. Hey, Mac,

        That’s a Really Wild photo you have in your article.
        Is that real?

        [I wished you had photo captions.]

      35. Whoops, pardon me. My mistake.

        That photo is probably from Michael Snyder’s article.

        Somebody should maybe ask him to place captions.?

        But dang, that’s a Wild photo.

      36. I’m trying to get my old contacts in Germany to wake up and answer emails. Public information indicates that the embargoes on goods to Russia, over the Ukraine situation, are killing German tech companies. Shipments halted, earnings going down fast, and unlike here, they can’t lay people off. Another quirk of European socialism. Get a job with Daimler Benz, or Bayer, or BASF, and you are set for life. Like landing a job at the Post Office or the VA or CDC is here.

        SPEAKING of the CDC –


        To plagiarize from somewhere: They had ONE JOB, and they wasted all the money on:
        a $702,558 grant for the study of the impact of televisions and gas generators on villages in Vietnam.
        $175,587 to the University of Kentucky to study the impact of cocaine on the sex drive of Japanese quail.
        $55,382 to study hookah smoking in Jordan.
        $592,527 to study why chimpanzees throw objects poo.

      37. @ The Lone Ranger says:
        Comment ID: 3246019

        People need to scroll up an read what was posted.(Thanks TLR)

        We all KNOW the Gov loves to ‘Drill n Kill’ with their exercises in real-time. This one could be deadly as well.

        We also know the basket is unraveling and soon the lies won’t stay hidden any longer.

        Just when you think the needle on the ‘Weird-Shit-O-Meter’ can’t peg any further…it happens.
        This is going to be one hell of a winter….Hope we can all stay safe and warm!

      38. Sung with gusto.
        “Turn out the lights, the party’s over,
        all good things must come to an end”.

        Not the end of the song, just the end of us…

      39. The Dow is down by nearly 1000 in the last month and stocks in many countries are down similar in percentage terms.

        What I would like to know is how will this precipitate an economic collapse that is worse than 2008?

        I know that western economies are consumerist and not industrial, and that true growth can only be obtainable if consumers have more money. The only way growth can occur now is through access to credit but this will surely one day stop as consumers cannot repay their debt.

        What signs do we need to look out for or when will we know this is about to happen?

        • It’s beginning to happen in a small way already. But a real catastrophic drop will give no warning to the public at all. Somewhere, sometime, some big banker or hedge fund manager will say to another, “I don’t trust your bank anymore. Pay me 100% of what you owe me right now.” Other banker will say “I can’t”. Then some other banker says to banker #1, “Pay me what you owe me” and banker #1 says “I can’t”. Trigger a gazillion $$ worth of credit default swaps, which the sellers, can’t pay up on. This propagates through world at Internet speed. First thing the public will know of it is that all the retail branches are closed and ATM terminal go dark. Credit cards don’t work, either.

          Factoid: The typical large bank has a liability to asset ratio of maybe 20:1 – i.e. they owe 20 times what they can pay off by selling everything they own at book value. (As if they can sell anything into a panicked market. The FED’s ratio is….(wait for it)….. EIGHTY to one.

          • Thanks for the above.

            I have returned to withdrawing most of my cash on pay day and seldom use my debit card for transactions. I’ve used it once in three months. So I would most likely not be affected if the ATMs were to go off as you say – as long as it’s not just before payday!

            I remember an MP saying that something that is unsustainable is itself not a problem, it’s when it becomes unsustained that it is. The example that you gave about the liability to asset ratio suggests that it isn’t too far away from becoming unsustainable…….

      40. The more black on the Wooly Caterpillars, the harder the winter s supposed to be. This is according to the old timers here in the NC mountains and the old Farmer’s Almanac. So far, all the ones we’ve seen around the place are all black. Get ready for a hard winter.

        The Oak trees are also dropping an inordinate amount of acorns and the squirrels are busy as hell gathering them and building nests high in the trees.

      41. Dow falls another 300 points

        Drudge Report

        • Make it 400plus

      42. Drop baby drop

      43. When gold hits its’ low the stock market will follow with its’ high within about a month. Happened before and looks to be happening again. PM’s look to be a good buy now.

      44. I’m tending to think it’s just that time of the year.
        You know.. the end of the fiscal year for most mutual funds with mutual fund managers finagling beforehand with their holdings.
        Not that there isn’t structural weakness, but I don’t think stocks are ready to take a lasting dive.

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