9-1-1 Dispatcher’s Insane Instructions To Woman Whose House Was Being Robbed: “Put Down The Gun”

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Headline News | 221 comments

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    We’re not sure what they’re teaching 9-1-1 emergency operators these days, but the bad advice given to one individual seeking emergency services might just get you killed.

    An 80-year old woman in Florida who was recovering from hip surgery was relaxing in her home when two burglars smashed her back door window and made their way inside. When N.J. Logan realized it wasn’t her husband she grabbed her gun and immediately called 9-1-1.

    According to Logan, who says she didn’t want to shoot anyone, the 9-1-1 dispatcher repeatedly urged her to put the gun down.

    Logan’s response?

    I’ll put the gun  down when I see the police.

    The burglars exited the premises before the police got there and no injuries were reported.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    In what world does it make sense for someone in their own home to surrender their firearm when being faced with such a threat?



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      1. Home invaders?

        You fire first, neutralize the threat, THEN you call 9/11.


        • Bingo!!! When seconds count, the police are ONLY moments away!

          • Minutes… Not moments. They are minutes away. In some cases, an hour.

            • Reb … Moments, minutes, what’s the difference, the semantic difference is nil, if in seconds you can be raped maimed or killed.

              The point of the statement, no matter the wording, is that the individual is responsible for his/her own protection.

              • This article implies that this was a one-time occurrence. It happens all the time.

                If you have ever watched any of those reality crime shows where they play the 911 call. The operator ALWAYS tells the caller to put down the gun. That is so their responding officer won’t accidently be shot by the caller. They always put the safety of their officer ahead of the safety of the citizen.

              • Be precise, it makes a big difference. How long did it take police to get there… a subjectively brief but undefined period of time, or 60 seconds? I hate to be a grammar Nazi but precision is important in all things. Here’s a good example: In an average active killer situation, three are killed every minute. (1 every 20 seconds) How many more in a moment? I’m sure the difference is more than “nil” to the dead right?

                noun: moment; plural noun: moments

                1.a very brief period of time.

                “she was silent for a moment before replying”

          • minutes…it’s MINUTES,navy….just sayin’.

            • hours….it MAY actually be HOURS before the cops get there.

              • In Muskegon, MI, sometimes they NEVER do show up and that isn’t an exxageration.

                • I dialed 911 in fall 1988 in Washington, DC. Some drunk guys were outside our front door, in the middle of the night, loudly declaring that they were going to bust the door down.
                  Nearly 16 years later, e’re still waiting for the DC cops to show up…

              • If you have a gun, why call 911 in the first place. I understand this woman was 80 years old, she just didn’t know how BAD it is to call 911. Her family should teach her better.

                I doubt I would call them even to clean up the mess. Fortunately, I can operate a gun and a shovel as needed and those who come up to my door are WARNED before they knock that I will use deadly force against trespassers and given a number to call to request an appointment.

                • The Black Avenger always said he wasn’t calling 911 during, but the interior decorator after.

                • Shoot, shovel and shut up.
                  THATS the way to handle home invasions.

                • Even Jokin’ Joe Biden gave better advice than this to people defending their homes.

                  Call the authorities, if not during the event, definitely following. Especially if you fire a round.

                  What if one of them gets away? You going to just allow him to roam your neighborhood?

                  • even after the ‘event’, the just-us system will try to crucify you. Ask Zimmerman.

                  • If they are in your house, always kill them. Dead men can’t talk or steal again. No worry the cops will thank you also. One less piss ant on the street for them to have to deal with.

                • So, your plan is to change a self-defense situation from one where the police are called to your home to find a dead body inside your home, with you claiming self-defense, with all the evidence saying exactly that, to a situation where a body has been found in a shallow grave on your property?

                  Just try claiming self-defense, you’ll be in jail for a long time.

                  • Don’t be lazy, dig deeper. Keep one of them alive until the hole is deep enough. Don’t you like the new concrete planter in the yard?

                  • Shallow grave? On my property? Two bad assumptions. IF the body is found, it’ll be over an hour’s drive from my property, naked, and possibly burned beyond recognition. Good luck connecting a dead stranger to me.

                  • Your post will make a lot easier to connect the dots. Good thinking on your part.

              • Absolutely, one needs need to comprehend how long one can hold their breath, when confronted by evil, even after calling 9-1-1, because that IS all the time we have before things go south on us.

            • This is disgusting, telling a almost helpless person to put down the one item that can save the person’s life. All one has to do is see the typical pay for 911 operaters and you can kind of get a sense whom they are hiring, SUB TELEPHONE OPERATORS TO THE MOST PART.

              • Just thought of something. Why would they throw a rock through the top part of screen door, breaking the glass only to then cut through the screen on the bottom half of screen door????

                Just cut the screen first and make no noise???

                • Why would she think it was her old man coming home?
                  LMAO , he must really cause a raucus !

                  • Maybe her husband often gets pretty lit up at the bridge games. hahaha agh the later years…

                • They’re not the brightest of people.

              • LOL
                it could be worse

                the 911 calls might get routed through
                a call center in India
                like everything else !

                • @ Satori. Phone calls routed through India or some other third or fourth world country, one of the saddest signs of times of just how decayed it has become.

                  • Should have said “put down the gun…pick up the bazooka.”

                • Hello, This is Bob what is your emergency.

                • I called suicide prevention and someone with an arab accent asked if I could drive a truck?

                  • Obama and Biden were on the golf course and something kept buzzing around Obama’s face and Obama said Joe what are those things, and Biden said, thats those gnats that swarm around a horses’ass, and Obama said, Joe are you calling me a horses’ass,and Biden said no sir, but you can’t fool those gnats. Trekker Out.

                  • Now that’s funny!!!

              • Absolutely agreed…10,000 green thumbs….
                What in the hell was that dispatcher thinking… I’m sorry…NOT thinking, what a bozzo….
                Like she/he’d put it down…I think not!!!

                btw … nice article yesterday!

                • The 911 dispatcher was thinking “Put down the gun, I don’t want you shooting my child”.

              • Sounds like a 911 operator is going to be looking for a job.

                • Nope, nothing will happen to the 911 dispatcher/operator. She was following standard politically correct protocols, for all major metro areas.
                  Also, dispatchers and operators are NOT sworn peace officers, and we as citizens have NO legal requirement to follow their verbal instructions on the telephone.
                  How about telling us where in Florida this poor lady was located, so I can know where to never go!(don’t want to ever have to call that agency for any kind of help)

                  • If the dispatcher was following SOP for major metro areas, why do you need to know where the poor old lady is located? You would run into the same problem at all major metro areas.

                  • TPS, the 911 operator is still a useless government employee regardless. I would’ve told her to GO F#$% HERSELF!

                  • Agreed. Had a similar experience in the 90s. Told 911 i had a shotgun. She said the police wouldn’t come unless I put away my shotgun. I told her, OK looks like I’m on my own.

              • They probably knew it was one of the dispatchers relatives named Traybong

          • Three things should happen:

            1. The 9-1-1 dispatcher should be immediately suspended.

            2. The 9-1-1 dispatcher should receive proper training on situational awareness.

            3. The local emergency contact/dispatch center should delve into their budget and have the wheel in the dispatcher’s head properly lubed and balanced. Also, maybe a new hamster to operate it.


          • Granny replying to the serial burglar:
            “I got .38’s for you, but they’re not my breasts.”

            • Hey that was the best looking 80 year old lady I ever seen

            • I don’t have much cash on me, will $3.57 do?

          • Ventilate the intruders then call the coroner, and tell them to send the report takers, (I mean the cops.)

            I saw 2 Hoodies walking down the road today in the middle of the day. Up to no good.. Watched them till they were out of site. Never seen them before. They go out on recon ahead of time, looking for the weak points. Since I put up the surveillance cameras on every side of the house and by the front door, I have not had one solicitors in 5 months come by. There used to be about 1 a week.

            One time some bro’s came by, I answered the door with my 9MM Semi in my belt with no shirt on. I opened the door and said, “No Soliciting,” pointing at the sign. The Bro looked at me, then looked down at my pistol, then looked back at me again and said, sorry and good bye. He walked to the car then left probably thinking it was his luckiest day in his life. Have not seen that crew again. Anybody comes to your hood, challenge them, meaning ask what they are doing? are they lost? No trespassing, etc.

            • Similar experience here in the San Fernando Valley. Frequent visits by those who could be up to no good; casing, looking for opportunities to steal or rob. Had a 10:30 A.M. home invasion robbery on the next block one day, so, got some cameras, with microphones, put up a security panel outside by the front door, that has an emergency alarm feature that can be triggered from inside the house, and a locked gate across the front walkway up to the door. Interestingly, there haven’t been ANY of those ‘solicitors’ since we did this, but a few have come up, assessed the scene, and walked away without ringing the new doorbell. Hmmm.

              • See what they do is come by like they are selling magazines or something in the middle of the day to see who is home and who is not, and mark you house on the street as a potential target. Then another crew drives by then comes back and within seconds one goes around to the back while they keep a watch lookout in front. I have seen a crew go to a vacant house acting like a roofing crew as about 5 guys walked around on the vacant house’t roof top, all while on thug jumped the fence and was robbing the house next door. These bastards pretend to be lawn crews, or or other service crews. I told one neighbor, I said, if you see any truck or van in my driveway when my vehicle is not there, just call the cops. I have 3 single snoopy old ladies that live across the street in 3 houses. So everybody is on the look out. Also at least 80% on my block are also packing guns, shotguns, etc. even women I know.

                Another good idea is if someone comes to your door. Have your camera handy and as soon as you open the door snap their face photo. They will never come back to your neighborhood again. Let er’ Rip!!

            • anyone sees MY GUN, it will be the last thing they see.

              • Here I am again;
                No, I am not Eisencruz. It troubles me that so many intelligent people on this web site repeatedly confuse a and an to preface a word. If the word to follow begins with a vowel— an. If the word to follow begins with a consonant—-a. Please don’t be offended by this, and I am sure I will be crucified for my comment. Go ahead, bring on the insults, just please don’t let it be the guy or gal who typed “I had a egg for breakfast”. I often have had a few cocktails when I post here. I’m guessing a lot of the rest of you do the same. Oh shit, should I look at my old posts. Maybe I am guilty of same. Please disregard this post.

          • To everyone here who has been speaking of the police being minutes away:

            I am wondering, am I the only one who remembers idiot members of the dinosaur media bragging about the police response time in the “Joker” shooting at the movie theater in Chicago? Over and over, they kept marveling about how the police were there in less than two minutes. Yet, this nutcase managed to kill a dozen people, and no one could stop him because it was “gun free zone”.

            I kept marveling, because these dimwits were accidentally making the case we all make:

            “gun free zones” don’t stop crazed killers, and

            the police aren’t there to protect individual citizens, they are there to enforce the law. Hence the term “law enforcement” And ffs, they cannot be everywhere at once, so we can we please put to rest all the foolish “CSI” notions about how the police operate in the real world?

            In this situation,the standard plan is for me to defend our bedroom while my wife calls 911. We live in a suburb, so the neighbors would surely call 911 if I have to pull the trigger. We would “stay put” because the walls and doors in our bedroom are, shall we say, much more solid than other parts of the house.

            Hey, if the little SOBs steal the eggplant parm out of the fridge, so be it. They steal the Wii from the living room, whatever. They come within range of harming those I love and cherish, I’m firing shots non stop until I see their asses drop.

            As for burying them in the backyard, I don’t want them fouling up our gardens, and I’m unwilling to put in that much effort on their behalf in any event.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • The average time it takes the Police to respond to a 911 call = 11 minutes………
            The average time it takes an armed criminal to break into your home to commit a violent attack and crime = 3 minutes…….
            The average time it takes a citizen to load and draw a personal firearm dedicated to personal protection = 15 seconds……………………………..
            Any questions?

        • Sadly, it appears this was in New Jersey, so the twisted legal system would have blamed her for not laying it down like a good little victim. After all, in the northeast, other people have the right to rob you if if have more than them. If I were her, I would move to a state with more reasonable laws, like Texas or Florida, where she would be free to rid society of scum when they break in to her home.

          • This was in Fl.?

            • Yeah, When the Cops are Minutes away, remember your 9mm, 124g +P Hollow Points are only 1300 Ft per second away.

          • It was Florida, not NJ. But i get your drift.

          • Read the Article she lives in Florida..And I’m starting to think Texas is getting just as bad..

            • My bad. I saw N.J. next to her last name and assumed it was where she was from.

            • @PA Farmer,in some areas yes. There’s a lot of conservative minded Texans here, however the people that hold the political slots (the ones that matter), Are increasingly becoming Liberal (San Antonio’s last Mayor: Julian Castro for example is now on Obama’s cabinet). Another obvious example: Wendy Davis, the other gubernational candidate (the ‘Mrs. I believe in 3rd Trimester abortion/I divorced the man who paid for my Harvard tuition right after graduation/I must such a bad mom that my daughters stuck with their step dad after that divorce’ candidate). Anyways, Davis’s primary source of funding has been from uber rich progressives from out of state that want to turn Texas blue.

              • If illegals vote more TX will go straight blue wealth redistribution. Work for us Gringo.

          • If someone breaks in my house they will die and the cops will NOT be called. Why invite more problems, no one will miss them 🙂

            • Genius, I’ll be the same way.

              • google “why you should never talk to a cop”

            • Such brash talk from yet another Internet Tough Guy.

              Have you actually ‘dropped the hammer’ on another human being?

              Of course you haven’t. If you did, you wouldn’t say such ignorant shit.

              I have my nightmares, what ones of you have?

              • Do chimps attacking after using an ATM count? If you defended your self you shouldn’t have nightmares.

        • shoot, shovel, shut up

        • Fire first, neutralize the threat and then call the meat wagon.

          • The meat wagon being your pickup truck and a tarp and a bag of lime 😉

            • Another good reason to have pigs.

              • Today at the job site someone put a sign on the portajon that said “Help send obama’s children to college. Please leave your deposit here.”


              • Or have Hannibal Lecter living next door…the scumbags would never see him coming until it was too late…

            • Meat Wagon= Bulance/ Coroner. Yeah, just whistle the Vultures in. Or drag them down to the Pig sty. Poof gone in a day. Here in FL, just dump them in a canal where the Gators like to feed.

              • You can also drop them in a sink or a suck hole. Eventually they will be fish food in the gulf.

        • Socrates, I totally agree. Had another bad day at work, just got home, got online and read this, so I’m putting in my 2 cents and all the old timers here know what it is. I say the same as Socrates; get your gun and waste the SOB, THEN call 911 and tell them they can come clean up the mess. NO 911 OPERATOR OR ANYONE ELSE TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT DO CONCERNING SELF-DEFENSE! I’LL BE DAMNED IF I TAKE ANY ORDERS FROM SOME USELESS COP WHO DOESN’T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE PUBLIC AND IS JUST A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE ANYWAY! Sorry about the rant but I had to let off steam. Everyone here knows my position on self-defense and it’s NON-NEGOTIABLE. NONE OF OUR RIGHTS ARE NEGOTIABLE FOR THAT MATTER! braveheart

          • What were the ‘authorities’ going to do to an 80 y.o. woman? Cases like this drive the ‘just hope they don’t hurt you’ gang even crazier.

          • BH ,
            You work for DHS To? It’s really getting very strange at work , we are no longer allow to talk / associate with upper echelons have to go thru chain of command lead contacts only for inter agency communication.
            It’s seems they are really implementing some serious internal controls not a very happy work environment . Training has picked up HEAVILY in Hazmat and Bio containment protocalls .
            something big is being prepared for. It Really is scaring the crap out of us.

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Yep.
          It should go like this:

          “Hello 911 … can you come get this bleeding pile of sh** off my floor?”

        • what kind of idiot tells someone whose house is being broken into to put down their gun, fire this fool.

        • She should have put the Gun Down!!! After she shot the Perps or Ran out of Ammo!!! Stoopid Dispatcher!!!!

          God! We need Help!!!

          Semper Fi

      2. They’ve lost it. Seriously, these people have completely lost their minds.

        What the hell kind of instructions are those??

        Oh, you might get beaten, raped, or murdered? Please put the gun down and just sit back and take it. The police will be there in a few minutes to help.


        • New 9-11 Operators are not the brightest bulb on the tree. However, there are some good ones out there, after years of experience they get pretty good. I did some of that, in a fire house call in center, as every call is recorded, and people call up freaking out then hang up, and you need to keep replaying the call again, to get the address to dispatch. This one little shit kid would call every day and just say fire, fire..then hang up. This was before call tracing or tracking. 20+ yrs ago. Then you get some alarm call address at 3 in the morning out of a dead sleep, and they tell you the address. 5445 45th street 4th floor Apartment 5…. And at 3am in the morning.. Like wtf and ask “Can you say that again?” Write that address down. Keeps ya on your toes.

          • I sometimes miss the batshit crazy calls on full moons. Always a long and interesting night.

      3. The folks in the work force today have the same morals of the kids in school today (common core). There is no honor, integrity, common sense (in the case of this 911 operator), personal responsibility, or “can do” attitude. Know this every time you talk to your doctor, mechanic, roofer, barista, cab driver, fellow employee, boss, or church member. Unless they are over 40 or trained and raised by you or the kind of the folks that post here, they are useless idiots and will only get you injured or killed. Set your planning and prepping up for this unfortunate inevitable fact. It is like being in a sci-fi movie or something. Pick good team members. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • Man on the inside—You are so right. Just because someone has a job, doesn’t mean that they know their job. It’s getting very bad. I’ll be 50 very soon, people do seem to think a lot alike here, I like that.

        • Man on the inside, the 911 operator might have been one of those quota people.

          • Maybe the robber was her brother.

        • Don’t trust anyone under 30, just to recoin the 1960’s phrase.

        • Just think there are affirmative action quota hires at the Atlanta hospital they took the 2 eblola patients

      4. Well thankfully granny did not listen to the liberal twot. If she did, the police would have been investigating a murder, not a break in.

        • Chainsaw, spot on. Granny did exactly right to ignore the affirmative action moron she was dealing with and she’s alive because she had some common sense.

      5. You would end up being the mess the cops have to clean up. Better that the body bag be occupied by the burglers.

      6. Don’t freaking put the gun down…… A serial burglar deserves to be shot…!

        • or, said another way…”rehabilitated”..hee hee.

      7. At this rate of idiocy and growing self-defense liability, someday soon the best advice might become “shoot, shovel and shut up”.

        – Shane

      8. The dispatcher should be fired for endangering a citizen.

        • Should be sent to Southside Chicago for an education.

      9. shoot FIRST, and ask questions NEVER!…..like the cops do

        • Shoot first, then blame the perp for dying before you had a chance to ask any questions.

        • Pow Pow Pow, Stop or I’ll shoot!!!

          • uncontollable laughter after that one, mxlord!….still can’t stop. i’m going to save this one too.

            • Make sure to miss with one shot, which will count as the warning shot.

      10. after reading this again, i’m SURE the dispatcher MEANT to say repeatedly, “put down the phone”, “yer gonna need TWO hands on that gun”….”steady now, take a deep breath, let it halfway out, and squeeeeeze the trigger.” send all warning shots downrange, center mass!

        • Just shoot them, and when the cops start asking you questions, tell them you want to speak to your lawyer first, then SHUT UP and do NOT Say another word.

          You can give your statement 3 days later like the cops do after they shoot somebody. So see if any video pops up.

        • Buttcrack, if I had been that dispatcher that’s exactly what I would’ve said to her.

        • Nope the tapes shows “Put down the gun my cousin Trayboon is casing houses in your hood”

      11. i don’t call 911.

        i call .357magnum.


        • My preference is 12ga. 3 inch magnum #4 buckshot 😉

          • Genius, what ya shooting Quail? Try tripple buck or 1 oz slugs every other round.

            • ha ha WWTI, I hear ya but I shot a car door once with 00buck and it didnt penetrate. Slugs are good too but not as much coverage but a badass hole! The reason I like #4 buck is it is like 43 .22 cal balls at 1280 fps. hitting you at once. I do have 2 1oz. slugs in the mag too just fer fun 🙂

              • 43 .22 caliber hits is going to put you down in a big hurry.

                No. 1 buck is good too, you do from about 10 .33 caliber rounds to 19 .30 caliber rounds, same velocity and pattern.

                Better probability of a serious hit down a dark hallway, the more the better.

              • I agree, #4 buck is best for home defense. Absolutely effective at normal distances within a home, but doesn’t have the penetration to put people in other rooms or neighbors at as great a risk. People should not be confused, #4 buck vs #4 bird shot are completely different and should not be confused. Do your homework.

                The police and military like 00 buck because they often have to take the fight to the streets at greater distances, and they don’t seem to care about bystanders as much! As a homeowner I don’t see myself chasing anyone down the street.

                I do have a couple slugs on the ammo belt that hangs next to the shotgun. Slugs provide superior penetration if the need ever arises, they’ll even stop a bear, or kill a car engine, as well I can hold a five inch group with slugs at 75 yards if extra range were ever needed. A shotgun is truly an amazing tool.

                • I think #4 shot will bounce and ricochet off the walls and floors like a shooting gallery. lol.. Although if you need to worry about wall penetration like living in an apartment or have wood walls with close neighbors; what every works for you. I want massive impact. Here in Florida we have cement block walls filled with concrete and rebar. Unless I am shooting a .50 cal or armor piecing black tips which can be iffy, but for home defense here, about any gun or bullet will work. Let er’ Rip!!

                  • I hope it bounces off the walls, I’m not shooting at the walls. Bounce right off the wall and into the intruder, or his buddy behind him.

            • No one walks away from a centered blast from #4 buck.

              No one.

              • Absolutely. #4 is a great defense round inside 40 yards.

              • The governor handgun shoots .410 shotgun shells.

          • a revolver works best for self defense during a home invasion.


            • Whatever is the closest works best 😉

              • A REVOLVER IS BEST!


                * especially for women! who are not so proficient with the mechanics of firearms.


                Home Invasion Caught on Tape – Man Brutally Beats Woman – Millburn N.J.


          • Genius, that’s exactly who I call and her name is “Bertha” [Stevens Model 320 12gauge pump with the same load you mentioned.] WWTI, I’ll take your advice on the 000 and 1 oz. slugs. Bertha does like some variety in her diet.

            • $235 at my local gun shop…so nice I bought a couple.

      12. I got a question. If the powers that be are so much against people defending themselves, why haven’t they made marital arts classes illegal?

        • Martial

          • UHHH , maybe you got your spelling right the first time:)

        • Semantics strikes again, “marital arts” classes could be construed to be rather “interesting” in nature and content. Then again, it would depend upon the visual aids used….

        • A lot of the classes that are out there are a joke. Some women kickboxers think they could win a fight against a guy from a straight bar.

      13. She should have told the bad guy: “I’m armed, but the 911 operator sure isn’t… and I’ll bet he’s got a lot of dough in his wallet.”

        • The old lady should have just tossed the phone to the perps and said “Your momma wants to talk to you” .

          • lol ;0) nice!

      14. “Black is white and white is black” in totalitarian government. We have a totalitarian government.

      15. Just a FWI…

        Cheap wireless motion sensors close to entrance’s…outside…
        Receiver next to your pillow on low audio alert setting…
        deep pile throw rugs at entrance’s inside…
        marbles in the pile…

        How you deal with a prone intruder is up to you… 🙂

      16. Everyone loves an old lady with a gun. Except we don’t know the whole story. Maybe she was in hysterics. Shooting people is bad. I would most certainly advise a scared old lady running around with a bad hip and loaded gun to chill. You people are so anxious to shoot one another!

        It was a STORY, about an helpless lady defending herself with a .38 snub. The police were stoked! Oh, meanwhile, there’s a whole slew of shit hitting the fan as I rant.

        So whatcha know about that?

        • NOT shoot “one another”…shoot bad guys….

        • The story is, she was in HER own house, and someone was breaking in. End of story. Maybe if it were you – or your wife alone with two little daughters – you might think differently.

        • That’s news, let’s see you suffer through a home invasion, and IF you survive it, see what kind of song you sing afterwards. That would really be some “news”.

          • He will be singing “Just because they are African Americans doesn’t mean I should defend myself. They need a big screen TV more than me”

      17. One day there was a man in NYC, he was tired of all the traffic and crime etc. so he moved to Montana and bought a big ranch in the middle of nowhere. One day he was out on the porch and spotted a little speck of dust out on the horizon. He thought nothing of it and went back in the house. A while later he went back out on the porch and saw it was a man on a horse riding up towards him. A while later the man on the horse showed up and knocked on the door. The man in the house answered “Hi can I help you” the man on the horse said “I just came to invite you to a little neighborhood party were havin” NYC man said” thats cool I’m all alone out here, a party sounds fun” The cowboy said ” ya gonna be some drinkin” the NYC guy said ” thats good, cant party without some drinking” the cowboy said “ya gonna be sum good eatin too” the NYC man said “great I havent had a good meal in a while” then the cowboy said” ya gonna be some sex too” the NYC man then said ” cool get drunk and laid sounds great” Then the cowboy said ” ya probably gonna be some fightin too” The NYC man replied “thats cool Im from the bronx I like a good fight, but Ive been out doin chores all day do you think I should get cleaned up first?” The cowboy replied “Ehhh it don’t much matter, just goin to be you and me” 🙂

        • Genius,good going again with info dump yesterday,was wondering why you like the aquaponics better,the reason I like the pvc standing hydro unit is can be on wheels,fits in small spaces balconies ect.,what makes the aqua easier enuff for you to mention it?

          • Hi WD, You are correct about the portability of the hydro system where aqua is not so portable. When I was looking into both systems I noticed the hydro system needed to have various things added like nutrients and various other things that werent too cheap. The advantage of aqua over hydro is you dont need to add anything but feed the fish (which is an additional food source) and pretty simple to set up. As long as you keep the ph level in the zone (7 or so) it will perform outstandingly. What I built was a 8×10 greenhouse with a U-shaped trench about 3 feet deep and 2 feet wide. When you opened the door you walked onto a dirt platform with the trench surrounding it. I lined the trench with pond liner and had a 4 outlet air pump with airating stones equally spaced. I had a small submersible pump to circulate the water from the trough to the trays above. I made the trays directly above the trough supported by 4×4’s framed with 2×4’s and plywood lined with pond liner. The troughs were framed with 2×6’s around the top and had plywood lids on hinges with screened air vents. I made the plant trays out of 2 inch styrofoam and to prevent the crumbs from making a mess I used waterproof tape around the edges and used aquarium silicone to coat the pot holes. The ratio of fish to gallons of water is about 2 gallons per fish. Put some plastic plants that are fairly dense in it on one end so the fry have a place to hide and not get eaten. Endless fish and veggies and no other things to buy. You can make the same thing in your house with 55 gallon drums or large aquariums or water tanks. Fish poop is the best plant food bar none! Back when I was a kid I knew a guy that grew pot plants that were 7-8 feet high in a short growing season in a semi arid place. He would never tell anyone how he did it. Years later I found out he used to bury carp he caught in the river in his soil lol. If you have the space I feel aqua is the way to go but if you need portability hydro may be better. Hope this helps.

            • That is 2 gallons per 6-8oz. of fish. That is about as dense as you want it, no more. If your going to have a fast growing fish use 3 gallons per 1/2 pound of fish..

              • Thanks for update Genius,while may not be for me know some folks might like that kind of system,always good to have info. to pass around.

              • genius and warchild- I too have converted my dirt based greenhouse to hydroponics. We just can’t get anything to grow in dirt outside or inside. Can’t pour enough water on the plants. Soooo, we are using Kratsky methods to grow. No pumps.. air or water. So far, it’s working good. Next, we are going to buy a UBC container and do aquaponics. Tomorrow, we have two solatube skylights being installed in the built-on greenhouse to get more full spectrum light. By golly, that ought to do it! We see a storm comin” and it’s a SHIT storm! Be prepared, fat and sassy through all this! Even have my kids interested and building hydroponics. Next spring, gonna build a hoop-house outside and stick more hydroponics or aquaponics in there. Good luck to all on this site…

      18. just shut the dispatcher up …. tell ’em you’re a Republican – then worry about the cops shooting you

      19. My Dad is 85 years old and lives alone. He bought this motion detector/alarm at Home Depot. You just put it in front of your door and once the “beam” or whatever it is detects an intrusion it goes off. The freakin thing is loud. Scare the crap out of me. So I went and bought myself one. $20 bucks. It’s made by Doberman Security. Nifty little thing. Worth the $20 bucks.

        • My dad has a motion detector. It has four legs and snarls too.

          • Cannot beat a four legged “motion detector”, we have two, very large,with rather poor attitudes, in addition to the alarm system and residents who aren’t receptive at all to intruders. Hell, all of us in the family have poor attitudes towards intruders, thugs/thugettes, and the other detritus of society.

            • Unlike a lot of fellows here, I don’t have big mean dogs, just big dogs that can hear an ant fart at 200 yards. No BS, my boys –and girl– hear the wrong car door slam shut a quarter mile up the road, and they’re wide awake. This wakes my wife, who is a light sleeper, who wakes me, who wakes up very fast.

              Heck, I’m guess the one with the surly attitude would be ME 🙂

              Especially at 3 am

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • One of many on the market…
          Harbor Freight has a nifty little “driveway alarm” , real cheap…
          multiple units can be useful… the receiver has a sticker on the back that indicates what channel it receives… multiple transmitters with one receiver… that’s pretty cool…or two receivers, North & South… the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

          The transmitters are waterproof…I’ve hosed them down so I know… 🙂

          Good hunting…bad guys that is…

          • If you need a long range alert may I suggest the dakota alert system. I use one on a gate 1/2 mile away and it works flawlessly. They make several models just be sure to get the sensor with the telescopic antenna. It has 4 different alerts (zone1 thru 4) so you can monitor up to 4 zones. Use theyre handheld walkie talkie or base unit or a scanner to monitor the sensors. They also make a magnetic sensor that only detects vehicles (kinda pricey) The prices vary a lot so look on ebay and compare. I am planning on writing a 2 piece article on solutions for prepping and security and force multipliers, I will let you all know when I have it done. 🙂

            • Hey Genius, (that’s what my dad used to always call me when I was a teenager, but I digress)I look forward to reading your articles on solutions for prepping and security and force multipliers.

              I just spent a small fortune upgrading my doors to solid core and putting high security locks on all my doors including some interior doors. But I was looking for something to protect my solar setup. The dakota alert system seems like the perfect solution. Thanks for the heads up!

          • What does it run on…..? Battery?

            • Yes Stan it uses 6 AA batteries for the sensor and an ac adapter or the built in rechargeable battry for the walkie talkie reciever. The batteries will last about 9 months on the sensor depending on use so its pretty efficient.

            • Hey Stan,

              The transmitter’s run on 9v with an advertised range of 400ft., actual range is about 275′ to 300′.
              The receivers run on three C cells or 6v wall transformer. As for failure rate… I’ve been lucky, not one and I have multiple sets.

              To lower the vol on the low audio setting I put a 1k resistor in the lead to the peizo buzzer…just loud enough to wake me.

              Over all, I think they’re pretty good and for the price, $15 per set. It’s a no brainer.

          • Jerry. You can bury the driveway pressure sensors in the tire tracks, and if somebody is driving up the road and drives over them, the alarm goes off. Anyway to give you a half minute notice is plenty of time to get your battle rifle.

          • great idea

            the product has a 25% fail rate though.

            you get what you pay for.

            this seems to be industry wide low standard though for anything under a $100. dollars. made in china.

            i’d suggest a second backup unit for the same security zone.

            install a second unit from a competing company.

            1Byone Safety Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Home Security Alert Alarm System Kit One Receiver and Two Sensors Type QH-0338

            And install the batteries for black outs.

            2 eyes are better than one.

            p.s. i put mine battery powered units in my open ground floor windows. works beautifully and i sleep like a baby. it catches the occasional wandering neighborhood dog, deer and raccoons moving around at night outside my bedroom window.


        • @ jbird – thank you jbird. I am allergic to cats and dogs. I am a single female living alone with a hx. of harassment. I live in a small townhome. This Doberman Security device sounds perfect, just the item I need. I enjoy coming to this site to read, because I sometimes receive valuable information.

      20. If we didnt live in a time when everyone was “entitled” and out of work, or was taught that working is for evil capitalist pigs , we wouldnt have home invasions .
        Take away moral fortitude and dignity all you have left is a sorry ass excuse of a human being. This is what the current administration is pushing. jackass’s , en mass.
        If your nieghbor has more , then take it.
        The guy down the street seems well off , kill him .
        What the hell ?
        During the depression , theft and pety crime went down and as i understand WAY down. people still had a moral direction , this will get outta hand for long .
        Watch as we lose more freedoms as the government seeks to take control of everyday police work and policy.
        The more government programs to stop this shit , the worse it will get.
        Sorry ass bastards……

      21. When I first read this headline, I couldn’t help but think, “hey, is the dispatcher in on the robbery?” and then I read that it was in my home State of Florida. Ah yes, where we have the most genius dispatchers on the planet. Self important nobodies attempting to inject themselves into the situation as they really want to believe their worthless opinions and even more worthless points-of-view from the location of a fucking call center, actually means something to a person being victimized.

        Anyway, the moral of this story is very simple:

        Don’t call the police until after the intruder in your home has been neutralized as being of any threat. That’s fancy speak for, “Shoot that fucker dead, make sure he’s dead and disarmed, have a smoke, calm down a minute and be sure to have your story straight, then dial 9-1-1.”, because remember, the police don’t “protect” anyone. The police are the clean-up crew after the crime has been committed, nothing more. As you already should know, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

        • Do not speak with police at all without attorney present and have spoken with said attorney first,go to hospital as you are shell shocked and grieved you had to shoot someone to save yourself(no smirking or grinning!),when all is settled have a beer and celebrate as family members go thru song and dance about how their son/dad/brother whatever even though a hardened violent criminal was turning their life around!



            • Once the killing starts where does it stop. Big Brother’s Minions, Socialist, Communist, Nazi’s and Muslims. Are you sure you have enough ammo? Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Old man,

                You need a comma after Nazis and no apostrophe before the s. Apostrophes are for showing possession.

                I do not have a battle rifle. Saving for that AR.

                • Why would you necessarily insert a comma after Nazis? Some guides say use it, and some say not. I was taught in school that commas were used to divide up the items in a series, and that the “and” in front of the last item served the same purpose. Therefore, there was no need for the redundant comma.

                  Logic, child.

                • Thanks AE, Keep ridin that Mountain Bike, your lookin fine. Trekker Out.

                • Acid, why don’t you go play in the street or something?

            • you are an ass,how are you going to tell people an old man kicked your ass?

              • comment for Acid etch!

            • I be part of that 2%.

            • Ok, you read a book, and now you know it all.

              Stupid young person.

            • I guess its easier if you can only see the eyes and the teeth.

          • All you need to tell the police is “He kicked my door in and had a weapon, grabbed my wife, tried to brain me, whatever. I shot him twice, then called 911. Is he dead? I’m pretty rattled right now, I’ll be able to give you a complete statement tomorrow. What time shall my lawyer and I come in to see you?”

          • i’m going to use that one, warchild….that old woman missed an opportunity to “turn those criminals lives around”

        • JoeRepublic, spot on. Response times for cops in my area have been up to 6-8 hours long on occasion.

        • Two old Mainers went hunting one day. One accidentally shoots the other in the leg, and the shooter calls 911 on his cell phone. “I just accidentally shot my friend, I think he might be dead.” 911 operator tells him “First, make sure he is actually dead.” Operator waits a few seconds, then hears three gunshots. Old Mainer comes back on the line and says, “Ok, he’s really dead now, what next?”

      22. Shoot
        SHUT UP

        • Kula,are you ready for the weather coming your way,hope it all works out easy for you folks!

          • Ready as we can be, going to watch it close but most likely be covering windows on our homes tomorrow afternoon and doing final tie down thurs morning, looking like a good storm, will wait and see.
            Thank you!
            Might be a bumpy ride, am going to start documenting with my phone tomorrow just in case, if we get wacked ill record the journey and put it together for Mac to post if he would, or maybe Daisy, will see how it unfolds. Definitely a SHTF moment though

            • Update
              Storm has lost some power, downgraded but still a big storm.
              Heres the link to the NOAA site,
              Click the tropical cyclone link or satellite then select central pacific AVN or northeast pacific I
              Looks like it will mostly be a rain event

              • 2 Hurricanes coming at Hawaii to hit on Thurdsday. – Iselle and Jullio- Sounds like Spanish Hurricanes. or 2 big packs of illegals flying at ya. Take cover and hunker down.

                • Yea, Illegals,
                  At this point i would rather have Mexicans than any more of these idiot beetlenut chewing micronesians.

        • I see 82 degs on the island today. 🙂 86 here and about to go smoke my nightly cigar and feed the squirrels.

          • It was a hot one, trades still blowing, but there is a bit of a sense of eerie calm about,
            People are starting to freak a little, i went to costco earlier just for the hell of it and it was wild,,,
            The markets are already out of water, costco had to forward a couple containers out of the shippers yard so they would have some, things are running low pretty fast though, butdoesnt affect me, ill just wait for the FEMA camp to open up,
            PFFFFT””” HAH

            • Stay Safe Kula!!

              • Stayin safe in Kula,
                After I make my delivery,,,,

      23. I would put down the gun… after it was empty.

        (And my Smith & Wesson holds 16 rounds..)

      24. Cops have weapons to protect themselves…not you. call 911 then your lawyer.

      25. Fire the 911 operator.

      26. That ain’t nothing new! I remember calling 911 about a lady screaming rape outside on the street, (at the same time I was grabbing my gun and running out into the street) the dispatcher asked me If she was naked and asked if she was white or black? I said what the fuck? She then said call back after you find out what happened! And hung up on me! So I hung up and told a dude to get on the ground and eat dirt, or i’d shoot his balls off! Turned out it was a domestic dispute and I almost had to shoot them both. The cops showed up and almost arrested me, and I ended up on the ground with a knot on the back of my head where the cop punched me from behind. Still have it on the back of my head. They stole my gun and didn’t give it back. Now when I hear some body yelling for help, I wait until after they either become a corpse to call and report a dead body, but anonymously, and with a dope phone that I bought at the dollar store, not registered to anyone and I didn’t activate at my home or near my home and I keep the battery out of it, until I need it then take it back out after using it. Never trust the police! Fuck the Police!

        • Can’t get that rappers rant out of my head. “Here’s what happens when you call the cops”

        • Sucks that it has to be that way, I would love to be able to help someone out of a situation like that, but I’d rather not be beaten by thug cops and send to jail by corrupt judges.

      27. There are 3 million preppers. That makes us .9% of the population. 99.1% of the population are brainless fucking idiots. Think about that.

        Today I went to the only woman in my town who can sew and fix clothing. She’s 82.

        • Acid– so much for your rants about OLD PEOPLE!! NOW, you all of a sudden LIKE old people? Maybe you should think before a rant, huh? Us “old people” whom you think are useless aren’t useless… we UNINTENTIONALLY may save your bacon some day. Personally though, I won’t give you the very valuable information inside my skull that I’ve stored for over 58 years. As a machinist and inventor for a 38 year career, I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know. I have parts in space, in the human body ( heart valves and veinous grafts including the WORLDS smallest artificial vein ) and more. So PLEASE be quiet about us “useless old people”. When YOU can say YOU have done something great, please share that knowledge and SKILL with other small minded young people. Allow me to ask– “What the Hell have YOU contributed to society?”

      28. Gear review: Quiksilver Portland snowboard pants.

        I got these snow pants in macroflague army camo color. They are excellent quality. If you live in snow country you need to have synthetic snow pants in addition to a jacket.

        • i didn’t know SNOW came in macroflague army camo color?


        • Acid.. yeah, I see perfectly well what your “contribution to society” is, now. A ski bums’ knowledge of snowboarding in Portland! KIDS!!! – I swear! What have we “old people” done when raising our own? ( hanging head in shame).

      29. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • LOL
          are you sayin’ Rush Limbaugh is the picture of mental health ???

        • Acid Etch has a mental disorder.

      30. There are 17,300 nuclear warheads in this world. All it would take is one of these, some virus we created that we can no longer control, or the much ballyhooed economic collapse and we’ll finally get our SHTF.

        • That makes me feel sooooo muuuuch better!

      31. DUTCH OVEN:


        1-1/2 lb ground beef 1 can(16 oz) french style green
        1 can tomato soup 1 sm onion chopped
        1 can mushrooms

        In dutch oven or large pot, brown ground beef and onion until
        onion is clear. Drain and add other ingredients. Heat through and
        salt to taste. Serve plain or on top of noodles or spaghetti.


        2 lb ground beef 4 tbs water
        1 tbs oil 2 tsp ea:salt,sugar,
        1/2 tbs tobasco sauce sauce, cocoa, ground cumin,
        1 lg onion chopped 1-1/2 tbs chili powder
        2 cans kidney beans 3 c canned tomatoes

        Brown ground beef in oil. Add onion and cook until it turns
        clear. Add remaining ingredients except kidney beans and simmer 1
        hour covered. Add kidney beans and cook 1 additional hour

        Salisbury Steaks

        2 lb ground beef 2/3 c bread crumbs
        1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper
        2 eggs 2 lg onions, sliced
        2 cans(10 oz) condenced beef 2 cans (4 oz) mushrooms, drained
        broth 1/4 c cold water
        4 tbs cornstarch

        Mix ground beef, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and eggs, shape into
        8 oval patties, each about 3/4″ thick. Cook patties over medium
        heat, turning occasionally, until brown, about 10 min, drain. Add
        onions broth and mushrooms. Heat to boiling, reduce heat. Cover
        and simmer until beef is done, about 10 min.

        Onion Swiss Steak

        3 lb round steak, 3/4″ thick 2 pkg onion soup mix
        1-1/2 tsp salt 2 cans (10 oz) tomatoes
        1/4 tsp pepper

        Cut steak into serving pieces, season with salt and pepper and
        place into dutch oven. Sprinkle onion soup mix over top and pour
        tomatoes over all. Cover and cook over slow fire for 2 to 3 hours
        or until meet is done and tender.

        Beef Pot Roast

        3-4 lb rump roast or 3 med poratoes, pared and halved
        pot roast 3 med carrots, cut into 2″ pieces
        1 tsp salt 2 med onions, halved
        1/4 tsp pepper 1/2 c water or beef broth

        Brown roast in oven on all sides in small ammount of oil. Remove
        meat, salt and pepper. Place half of vegetables in bottom of
        oven, return meat to oven and add remaining vegetables and
        liquid. Cover and cook at 300 for 3-5 hours depending upon size
        of roast and degree of doneness desired. Remove meat and
        vegetables carefully and place on serving platter.

        Beef Stew

        2 lb stew meat, 1″ cubes 1 lg onion, sliced
        3 tbs oil 1 can (1lb 12oz) tomatoes
        1/2 c flour 1 clove garlic, minced
        2 tsp salt 1/3 c water
        1/2 tsp pepper 1 bay leaf
        6 carrots, cut into 1″ pieces 3 med potatoes, peeled, cubed

        Coat beef cubes with a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Brown
        in hot oil in bottom of oven. While oven is still hot, pour water
        in and scrape brown bits from bottom. Place remaining ingredients
        into oven and cover. Simmer 1 to 2 hours or until meat is tender
        and potatoes are done.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      32. New sign for your perimeter fencing and front door:

        Due to the increase in the cost of ammunition.
        There will be no more bullets wasted on warning shots.

        The Management


      33. Dutch Oven:

        Taco Pie

        1-1/2 lb ground beef 1 med jar Taco sauce
        4 lg corn tortillas 1 8 oz pkg shredded chedder
        1 can (8 oz) tomato puree

        Brown ground beef, drain. Combine taco sauce and tomato puree.
        Line dutch oven with aluminum foil. Place 2 tortilla shells in
        dutch oven. Place 1/2 of ground beef on top, pour 1/2 taco sauce
        over top. Place 2 more tortilla shells on top and place in rest
        of beef and pour remaining taco sauce on top. Sprinkle with
        cheese. Cover and bake until cheese is melted. Variations: Add
        chopped onions, mushrooms or tomatoes to meat.


        3-4 lb beef brisket seasoned tenderizer
        2-3 tbs flour salt

        Coat brisket well with tenderizer. Wrap with 2 layers of heavy
        duty foil. Refrigerate overnight. Place in dutch oven, cover and
        cook 225 to 250 for 6 to 7 hours. You can cook it faster but it
        is jucier cooked slow. Remove from foil and place on warm serving
        plate. Using the juice, flour, salt and pepper, make a thin
        gravy. Pour gravy over brisket before serving.

        Texas Chili

        2 lb lean chuck roast 1 large onion
        bacon grease 6 cloves garlic, minced
        6 jalapino peppers, seeded 2 tsp salt
        & chopped 4 tbs chili powder
        1 tbs cumin 1 tbs oregano
        1 (20oz) can tomatoes, chopped

        Brown meat, garlic and onions in bacon grease. Add jalapino
        peppers and mix well. Add remaining ingredients, cover and cook 1

        Homestyle Chili

        1 lb ground beef 1 lg yellow onion, chopped
        3 cloves gerlic, minced 1 tbs cumin
        2 tbs chili powder 1 tbs worcestershire sauce
        1 (20oz) can tomatoes, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped
        1 c red wine(dry) salt & pepper to taste
        1 lb uncooked kidney beans

        Cover beans with 2″-3″ water. Bring to boil, remove from heat and
        let staqnd 1 hour. Drain and set aside. Brown ground beef with
        onion and garlic. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer
        about 1 hour. Variations: Use black beans instead of kidney
        beans. Add fresh ground
        ginger, paprika or cocoa.

        Easy Chicken Cascerole

        1 Whole chicken 2 cans Cream on chicken Soup
        cooked,boned,chopped 1 c Mayonnaise
        1 box “Stove Top” stuffing, chicken flavor

        Combine soup and mayonnaise in a large bowl. Add seasoning pkg
        from stuffing mix and 3/4c stuffing crumbs. Add chicken and mix
        well. Place in dutch oven and top with remaining crumbs. Bake at
        350 for 30 min or until bubbly and crumbs are brown. Variation:
        Substitute 1 can Golden Mushroom soup for Cream of Chicken soup.
        Add shredded chedder cheese in soup mixture or sprinkle on top.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!


        • Sorry RR can’t believe I hit that red thumb. Keep um comin. Trekker Out.

      34. This old lady would not call 911 until the perp was dead or running down the street with brown stains on his pants.
        I went into a closet today I had not been in for years and found 132 rolls of TP, 600 feet of 18 inch heavy duty foil, paper towels and boxes of Ziploc bag plus the thing I went after! Sweet!

        • Q: How do you know when you have enough toilet paper stored in your attic?

          A: When your heating bill goes down from the extra insulation!

          • No room in attic LJ,that is whee I store my extra electricity!

      35. Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went downtown and into a shop. I was there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, “Come on,man, how about giving a retired person a break”? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a Nazi. He glared at me and wrote another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a “doughnut eating Gestapo”. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn’t care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting tickets on had a bumper sticker that said, “I Love Obama”. I try to have a little fun each day now that I’m retired. It’s important to my health.

        • Good one!!!!

      36. “Put Down the gun ” ? Kiss my ass !

        • The chances are better for kissing my ass…

      37. A nice story but be careful of letting anyone get pictures of your gun or where you store it. The cops can stretch their laws on legal possession and secure storage.

        • Abso-effin-lutely!!!

      38. A plastic tarp, a bag of lime and a shovel–after you shoot them. No need to call 911.

      39. I get to draw the chalk lines first at my house!

      40. Wow I have a hard time believing this happened in Florida………..they have the castle doctrine just like we have here in Texas………..

        Now had this happened in California, then this story would have made a whole lot of sense………and yes I am a native prune picker…………..

      41. Fortunately all sheriff depts do not feel this way..In our county crime has picked up and the community had a meeting two nights ago to discuss it. The church was full. The duly elected sheriff told the crowd ” my deputies will get to your home as quickly as possible but you have to be prepared to defend yourself and your home.” I carry a weapon everywhere I go and I advise citizens to do the same.” You will not find any of his 911 operators instructing people to ”put the gun down, LMAO. GO SHERIFF!

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