8 Shocking Demographic Trends Which Will Greatly Shape America’s Future

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream

    We are witnessing a fundamental transformation of America. Some welcome the changes that are happening, while others are greatly resisting them. But one thing is very clear – the United States is a very different place than it was 40 or 50 years ago. Our population is aging, lifestyle patterns are dramatically shifting, and young adults view the world very differently than Baby Boomers do. The changes that we are watching happen are going to take our society in new directions, and already the pace of change is accelerating at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. The following are 8 shocking demographic trends which will greatly shape America’s future…

    #1 Like Japan and many countries in Europe, the population of the United States is rapidly aging. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, children will soon be outnumbered by those that are 65 and older, and that will be the first time that this has ever happened in all of U.S. history

    Adults 65 and older will soon outnumber children for the first time in America’s history, it has been revealed.

    The US Census Bureau released new projections this year that showed the country’s changing – and aging – demographics.

    By 2030 all baby boomers will be older than age 65 and one in every five Americans will be retirement age.

    Without a doubt, it is a good thing that people are living longer, but we are facing a Social Security crisis of unprecedented size and scope in future years. Nobody has any idea how we are going to keep the financial promises that we have made to our seniors, and neither political party has put forth a realistic plan to fix the system.

    #2 The American family is changing. 50 years ago, barely anyone “lived together” before marriage, but now the number of Americans that are “living together” without being married is at a record high

    Living together is become more popular than marriage for young American couples, according to Census Bureau data. Fifteen percent of people in the 25-to-34 age group shared quarters with an unmarried partner this year, up from 12 percent in 2008.

    Among those between 18 to 24, cohabitation is more prevalent today than marriage with 9 percent living with an unmarried partner versus 7 percent living with a spouse. Fifty years ago, only 0.1 percent of people between 18 and 24-year and 0.2 percent between 25 and 34 lived with an unmarried partner.

    #3 American women are having fewer children, and they are having them later in life then ever. According to the CDC, U.S. birth rates have continued to plummet in recent years

    Since 2007, fertility rates have plummeted 18 percent in large cities, 16 percent in mid-sized counties, and 12 percent in rural areas.

    As expected, the average age that women have their first child continues to climb – now at 24.5 years old in rural counties and 27.5 in metropolitan areas.

    #4 The institution of marriage is almost becoming irrelevant in our society. At one time, having a child “out of wedlock” was greatly frowned upon, but now that stigma is totally gone. According to the United Nations Population Fund, 40 percent of all births in the U.S. now happen outside of marriage. But if you go back to 1970, that figure was sitting at just 10 percent.

    #5 As the middle class disintegrates, more Americans are choosing a nomadic lifestyle than ever before. Today, a million Americans are living in their RVS, and that number is rising with each passing year.

    #6 For decades, the Baby Boomers have been the largest living adult generation in the United States, but in 2019 the Millennials will officially surpass them

    Numbering 71 million in 2016, Millennials in the United States are approaching Baby Boomers (74 million) in population and are projected to surpass them as the nation’s largest living adult generation in 2019. The Millennial generation, defined as Americans born from 1981 to 1996, corresponds to adults ages 22 to 37 in 2018.

    From the time they were born, the Baby Boomers have greatly defined life in America, but now that is changing. The Millennials are rapidly becoming the dominant generation in our society, and that has fundamental implications for our future.

    #7 America is turning blue. Millennials turned out in unprecedented numbers during the recent mid-term elections, and that is one of the big reasons why Democrats were able to pick up 39 seats in the House of Representatives.  According to one recent survey, Americans from the age of 18 to the age of 29 favor Democrats over Republicans by a 66 percent to 32 percent margin. As older Americans die off, areas of the country that are red or purple today will increasingly be turning blue.

    #8 In recent years, migration has become one of the biggest global trends. According to the United Nations, there are now 250 million migrants around the globe, and this crisis just seems to grow with each passing year. Those that live in countries that are suffering from war, poverty or tyrannical leadership can see that life is much better in Europe and North America, and many of them are extremely desperate to secure a more promising future for themselves and for their children. But mass migration has caused tremendous problems all over Europe, and it has become a political flashpoint in the United States. As our world becomes increasingly unstable, more people than ever are going to want to migrate in the years ahead, and this is going to create great challenges.

    Without a doubt, our world has been through a lot in recent years, but the challenges that we have faced so far are nothing compared to what is coming. Our planet is running out of clean water, oil and food. Our oceans are filling up with trillions of pieces of plastic, and animal species are going extinct at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented.  Meanwhile, our political systems are being shaken, global financial systems are on the verge of collapse, and natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and intensity.

    The pace of change is only going to become even greater, and our world is never going to be the same again.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. #7 America is turning blue.

        The way I see it is simple, it’s their life, they have to live it.

        Let them create whatever heaven or hell they choose, I’m on the way out and I won’t be around to either see it or live in it with them.

        I do wish them and their offspring after them well, may they choose well and do better than I and my generation did.

        • Anon,
          Re #7. To a point I agree with you, however I plan to live another 25 years or more and I don’t want those little bastards(#4) dragging me down with them. I plan to live to age 120 and be shot by a jealous husband.

        • re #7- the large voting block of millennials are currently in the “young and dumb” phase, typical of the the early 20’s.

          once these folks move on to more productive lives as they age and mature a great many will become more conservative… and the pendulum will swing.

          big question is, will they do too much damage to reverse now..?

          • Agreed. “#7 America is turning blue.”

            However, once Millennial’s figure out that THEY are on the hook for the deficits that Socialism creates, they are going to revolt very quickly and become conservatives overnight.

            They will wake up just like the Black & Hispanic communities have and recognize that the Dimms are not going to do jack shit for them, except raise their taxes, over regulate them, and revoke their God Given liberties.

            The next six years will be pivotal in the life of America. There will be war, Earth Changes, and Revolution. Keep stacking and packing.

            The survives get to determine the course of “Human Events” and write the history of the RESET. When life is plastic … put your stamp upon it !!! 🙂

          • 1. What happens when it’s all millenials and there’s no “parent figure” in government to ensl… UM! “take care of” them?

            2. Productive lives??? Yeah maybe all 3% of them…

      2. Well my fellow dinosaurs, the message is clear as a smack on our tails…. and it seems that we are soon to get the message. Our way of life is over. Who needs silly things like freedom? A ‘bill of rights’? Morals? The willingness to commit? Aw…. such antiquated notions. I guess my sell-by date is at hand. But until then…. we all need to keep on trying anyway to convince the younger generations that they’re making the biggest bunch of mistakes in human history.

      3. #7
        The older you get the Blue you turn it has been that way for ever. Its not changing.


      4. Regarding the #7 America is turning blue-
        So sad, but also so true. At this point in time, we are one election away from losing any gains we have made. I believe the constant fight for our freedoms and the right to bear arms will never cease and at some point we will lose…the sheer number of indoctrinated youth continues to rise, all while being guided into this lunacy by the aging hippies. Sadly, they will take us all down with them. I can’t even imagine what things would be like right now if Clinton had been elected, but in truth, we only kicked the can down the road for a few years.

        • one last thought- A perfect example was the Texas mid-year election with Beto O’Rouke and Cruz. Beto is a complete loser, criminal and has a terrible track record, YET the dems loved him. When asked though, they couldn’t cite one example of why he is so amazing. He lost. But here’s the scary part, he gave Cruz a run for his money and the numbers showed how many dems have moved to Texas and are changing the voting demographics! We used to be solid RED, now we are purple. In the next few years, we will be blue. They are like cockroaches, invading and changing our beautiful State. Seriously sucks.

          • Cruz is a phony and republican voters knew it.

            • Although I am not a Cruz fan, once again it was him or a crazy dem to choose from. There was no choice.

            • Your ignorance is showing.
              Cruz is the finest constitutional scholar is Washington.
              The best thing for this country would be for Trump to put him of the Supreme court. Not happening though. Pity.

              • I agree! That would be perfect for him. He is extremely smart, a constitutionalist and knows his stuff. I personally don’t like his whiney personality, but that is just my personal opinion. BETO on the other hand, is a [poser, liar and criminal. He’s being propped up by the dems as the next messiah.

              • “Cruz is the finest constitutional scholar is Washington.”

                Unless it hampers his ambitions. Mark Levin and Teddy may convince you that a foreign born son of a non American father is a “Natural Born Citizen” but until 1933 mothers could not even pass on citizenship. See the SCOTUS case Montana v Kennedy.

                Now Levin may convince you that since all NBCs are CABs (Citizens At Birth) then all CABs are NBCs.

                Could Barnum convince you that since all poodles are dogs all dogs must be poodles?

                • And just what does this have to do with anything?

          • Folks, one of the single largest problems is this: The liberal scum get the great idea to pack their bags and relocate, say from shitty CA to TX and guess what? Boom, now your lovely Red TX is turning vile color Blue and they will absolutely destroy TX, mark my words and the rest of the god damned vile country. The U.S. is toast, most are just too stupid to see the writing on the walls.

            • This is exactly what is happening in Texas – particularly Austin but all the big cities. Texas WILL turn blue in the not-so-distant future and when it does that’s all she wrote.

            • Yup. Everyday I see car license plates from all over….The migration started 20 years ago and they keep coming. SOME will be honest enough to say the high taxes, pollution, high cost of living was the reason…But even IF they are being honest, they still get here and start voting blue. I see them openly scorn “all things Texas” and anything else they don’t agree with. I have no doubt they will ruin Texas. We are not unique to have this problem- It’s happening all over. I had a new CA transplant wander into my store and they looked like a deer in headlights! They couldn’t get out fast enough. The buildings in my business center just sold to New Yorkers. I am planning an exit strategy because I know the minute my lease is up, they will raise rent and force the small business owners out. Change is a comin’….

              • Sweet Tea, when I was a little kid here in Northwest Florida, everyone here except those in the Navy were genuine southerners. Florida Crackers no different than across the Bama line. Since about 1980 , there are 10 times as many people here , all outlanders from the north. It is miserable now , a basic poophole like they were running away from. I’m sorry that’s happening in Texas now too.

        • Let em have exactly what they want, right along with every single last unintended consequence,, itll be fun

          • Yes, I do believe it will ALL crash and burn. I am preparing the best I can for my family in that event. It’s coming…..

          • Nail,
            You and I live in the Bluest and “greenest” state in the union and we see the result daily. It is basically a single party state. Nobody obeys the laws the jackwagons pass. Most everybody is broke. Schools are a waste. Our diversity is we have so many races and mixes here I gave up years ago trying to figure out races. Whites are not a majority and haven’t been for years.
            We have the very rich and very poor with not a lot in between.
            Two blessings we have is that are are very few blacks or Moslems here so we have a very low violent crime rate.
            My island has the highest church per capita rate in the entire country. Buddhist, Hindi, Christian, Jewish, Mormon, et al can all be easily found. No mosques though,they’d probably be burned down, if we knew where they were.
            My point is ignore immoral laws because they can’t and won’t be able to enforce those laws.
            This puts me in the class of Anarchists, so be it, I’m already called a “boomer”.

      5. Turning blue? You mean turning RED as in SOCIALIST RED, the color of Communist China’s flag. How many of the millennials have been indoctrinated with the socialist way of thinking? True, one more election and we can lose it all. Had Hillary won we would’ve lost everything by now. WW3 might have taken place and we would just be a pile of radioactive ashes. At best, Trump bought us a few more years but eventually it will all come to an end. At some point the road comes to a dead end and no more kicking the can.

        • DR: I hate to say it but I think you are right!! D.T. bought us a few years, 8 at the absolute max but these so called “United States” are done, finished, toast big-time!! So sad and pathetic and just plum wrong folks. And all of us on the Right sit around and bang of the keyboard, like right now and we do Nothing…shameful.

        • 20 somethings are always socialist because they’re broke as a joke and want their free shit and to be payed attention to. This is just a temper tantrum swathed in bullshit so called ideology.

          The difference this time is they’ll always be broke as a joke.

          My father was working at age 11.
          I was working at age 17.
          I see some of these people they’re not working at age 25 for fuck’s sake.

          I know it gets older with each generation but seriously. Past a certain point you’re unemployable. Permanently.

          So this time they won’t “outgrow” the free shit, it will be a permanent state of affairs.

          And then all the contributors will croak (most likely early, as things are going) and then what? You morons going to invent robots?

      6. White people, world wide, have a birth rate of one White baby per White couple. That means that every full generation the White population will be cut in half. Can you spell extinction? Much sooner than you all thought. Karl Marx wins again. Resist. Breed.

        • Hmm, so the world will be overpopulated with people who have single digit IQs, do nothing but breed and eat, and live in squalor unless someone else yanks them out of it temporarily as they always end up back there, yea marx wins ?

      7. Men are waking up.
        They realize when they get divorced its bend over, and no K-Y.

        Besides A.I. will be the thing.

      8. #1 So what. IT IS A DESIRED THING OF THE GLOBALISTS to get rid of the useless resources users that no longer contribute, get rid of the ages that will still RESIST them, and promotes their population reduction desires to a more manageable level of slaves for their bidding. DUH.

        #2 Feminism (ie the useful face of Communism in practice)desired all this empowerment through the destruction of mens responsibility and authority, destruction of the marital contract and relationships, destruction of the family and destruction of the justice system. the Western world is disintegrating because they are the majority voting block and are NOTthe principle WORKERS that produce tangible useful good nor are they tax payers nor are they war fighters…This ends ONLY one way and it is badly, but until MEN (yes unfortunately those simps and blue pill manginas) reverse course (which wont happen either)….there is not enough REAL MEN of authority and prudence to change this fatal slide…so enjoy the ride into oblivion.

        #3 Fertility rates collapsed when women were given “rights”… Working women don’t have time or inclination for “families” or effective smart sane child rearing…so this slide is going to end in a bloody mess that will nearly extinct the human race. Its a FACT and PROVABLE FACT that the countries that gave women the Feminist version of rights ALL SUFFER THE SAME AFFLICTION..nonreplacement fertility rates. Women ride the cock carousel and enjoy undeserved and unearned entitlement. End of Story. the fertility rate will not change, we are on our way out. Meanwhile third world mud people are breeding out of control like viruses…that is mankinds future. In another word IDIOCRACY..get used to it.

        #4 Feminism destroyed ALL previous social contracts between the sexes…..the same destination awaits us as society get MORE entitled and brazen and hateful towards men and achievers and producers by the plague of consuming locusts among us. Get over it, you sealed your own doom.

        #5 Living in a much more realistic manner hat induced poverty of destroyed culture and corrupt banking has wrought on us, THANK YOU BABY BOOMERS, you greedy cucks, you lazy assed Gen X’ers looking for a free ride, and you pathetic useless Millenials, you spawn of the perverted Feminist influences on the west. You are the bastard demon faced plague that mankind cannot and will not be able to shake off because of your blessed “feelings” matter more than logic and reason. I will be joining the nomads as soon as I can to completely minimalizing my exposure my living costs..deliberate downsizing to escape the foul excess of current society.

        #6 Baby boomers the parental plague creators of modern day entitled feminism and corruption and perversions. you alone are the infectious agent that ushered in Feminist destruction like AIDS upon all mankind. OWN IT, you selfish pieces of sh*.

        #7 Millenials taking the fastest path they can think of…NO work, and all entitlements they can get and any freebies along the way, KOOMBAYA MFers,…..How do you spell foot soldiers of Communism?..Millenial is thy name.

        #8 AHHH.. at last, the League of Globalishit khunts official fan club, as usual seeking to emplace the One World Order…The deserve a fat nuke dropped in their lap and any other NWO cockroaches deserve Starship Trooper treatment until they are all GONE.

        • Deplorable Neil Jensen, great points. IDIOCRACY indeed.

        • DNJ, one of your best posts yet. BRAVO!

        • DNJ, I was agreeing with you all the way until this, “#6 Baby boomers the parental plague creators of modern day entitled feminism …”

          I highly disagree with that because Betty Freidan wrote “The Feminine Mystique” in 1963 when very few, if any, Boomers had even graduated from high school. That author was born in 1921, part of the so-called Greatest Generation.

          By the time I had left home in 1968, the social contract I was raised to believe in was already in the process of being destroyed. The dream of being the happy homemaker was gone. Though my first husband and I tried, I ended up having to work due to endless stupidity of the economy. Remember the gas shortages and car lines of the early 70s? I do. People didn’t travel so cars never broke down in our small town. Remember stagflation? I do and it was hard to pay bills and eat.

          There are more stories like that.

          All I’m saying is that Boomers aren’t quite the ogres they are made out to be. Had my generation made mistakes? Of course. Each generation does because there is no crystal ball to peer into and thus select the correct course. There isn’t a crystal ball and decisions are based on the information available.

          The sad thing is that it seems like we’ve all been played for a long time–many generations. Freidan’s work came along at an opportune time when WWII was a distant memory and the Greatest Generation was still busy playing (they started the ‘swinging’ idea); Freidan’s work caught fire since it seemed like a good idea. These were the people who taught the Boomers. Some of the Greatest Generation were conservative and didn’t approve of such a lifestyle but it doesn’t appear they were the majority.

          • Im Gen X if people havent figured that out yet. Ive worked my ass off my entire life and just turned 51. Ive never worked harder than now, to have less than ever, have raised two kids despite two divorces by entitled bitches and two bankruptcies… I work because i do so out of spite to a country and system that hates me to no end because im white im a TAXPAYER, am a veteran and believe in freedom and have a penis. The world can go fuck itself. I work so i can survive to spite the leisurely scum that know little about work ethics or loyalty. I live solely to watch the fucked up system collapse and burn and be visited by Karma. Yeah, im not going to be swayed on Boomers. Burn baby burn.. Bring on the collapse. May the most hardy and adaptable win and thrive. Its way past time for the culling of the useless.

            • DNJ, I hear ya. I was a single mother that worked hard also and now have no mortgage or car note to pay off. My son has his own business and teaches the grandkids the truth (despite public education). I saved for retirement to avoid Medicaid (poor folks health care) and other Gov programs.

              Sorry you hate Boomers so much. A few are living the high life but most aren’t since many have been as screwed by the system as succeeding generations. It seems who you hate are the politicians who created this grand mess. I will survive as you will because we know what’s really going on.

      9. When the millenials like eisenwanker run everything and it all goes to shit who they going to blame then?

      10. Well, I worry about my kids. Had them at 28, 34 , and 41. Worked my whole life until recently. The first one was raised by my ex. He finally got a job at 34. He’s a very blue millennial who voted for Bernie. The other two are very successful, raised by my second husband and me. Both are conservative and red. The older will be a nurse in a year. Then she plans on marrying her boyfriend (He is onboard with that), having kids, raising them herself and returning to work later. The boy has joined the Navy (boot camp now) and plans on being a submariner. My fears are for them. That’s what I worry about now.

        • “Plans on being a submariner”….. Anybody that can do that job, in my book, should have the utmost respect paid to them. That is one service I could never do. I’d go nuts. Loonier than I am now. I’ve always admired and read about submarines, because I am scared to death to be in one of them. They are all, past and present, very strong people. I wish your son the best, and you also.

      11. The two party duopoly are hand in hand pricing people out of existence while amassing more wealth for themselves. Both parties are the evil culprits. Both work in the same direction working tirelessly to erode human rights. Wannabe dictators one and all. The pretend division works every time.

      12. The “Boomers” are the ones that have taken this country from a free Republic to a Banana republic. Theyve seen fit to loot the treasury and bury the rest of us in thier debt. “Millenials” want the same “money for nothing” gibs. I hope you boomers rot in hell for what youve done to this country and all the crimes youve committed.

        • Slayer88, you’ve fallen for the propaganda put out by Eisenkreutz. Sorry to see you feel that way.

          • Slayer, when your boomer parents die who will pay your way? When the older generation is gone you will have to get a JOB! Try taking some Ginko herb, it might raise your IQ to 11.

            • Nobody “pays my way” but me. i moved out at 18 and have never been back. You assume too much not so genius. Im 47 and rely on me myself and I you Self righteous a-hole know nothing.

          • Ive fallen for nothing other than my own observation.

      13. and young adults view the world very differently than Baby Boomers do.

        Young adults complain endlessly about the “brainwashing” of organized religion and exit-less marriages…

        … and then proudly trumpet THEIR latest brainwashing trends.

        Como se dice “irony”?

      14. Nobody has any idea how we are going to keep the financial promises that we have made to our seniors


        I mean basically…

      15. Living together is become more popular than marriage for young American couples, according to Census Bureau data. Fifteen percent of people in the 25-to-34 age group shared quarters with an unmarried partner this year, up from 12 percent in 2008.

        Well no shit, Sherlock.

        Guy knows lady 2 years, gets married, half his shit is gone 7 years or less later.

        Why do you think no one wants to get married?

        .Gov. Wrecking everything to the levels of DMV efficiency, once again.

      16. American women are having fewer children, and they are having them later in life then ever.

        Why so much autism in new children all of a sudden?

        LET ME THINK…

        • Vaccines are proven to cause autism. Men are growing wise to how (after your divorce and losing half yer shit) child support will absolutely bankrupt you and you pay or go to jail. Who the fook would sign up for that?

        • There are scientific papers which prove that aluminum adjuvants in the vaccines given to infants cause autism. They cause permanent structural changes in their still-developing brains.

          There should be no vaccines given to babies until they’re at least 2 or 3 years old, and then only for dread diseases. The flu is not a dread disease, nor is chicken pox or shingles.

      17. The Millennials are rapidly becoming the dominant generation in our society, and that has fundamental implications for our future.

        Oh shit.

        Do I get a trophy though? I’d really like a trophy…

      18. TheGuy, no millennial will ever dominate me. They’re so brainwashed and misled they don’t have a leg to stand on. They’re a lost cause.

      19. Honestly it’s not a generation issue but a rural vs urban issue. Urbanites are completely DETACHED from the reality of ancestral wisdom and they teach their offspring this false reality.

        Country folks in tiny villages and towns (some Kentucky areas have 500 residents like Robards, KY) teach their offspring ancestral skills.

        As time moves forward, this rural vs urban GULF becomes immense. The urbanites become clueless and helpless.

        • I think what you said is exactly why I’ve never fit in around the metro Washington DC area. I moved here for the work when Michigan had gone into such a deep recession that you nearly had to have a college degree to get a janitor’s job. The fools around here think dining out is a hobby. They get bored in a few hours if the power goes out from a storm. Most don’t even know which way is south to plan a garden. *head smack* Time to speed up my plan to move away.

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