50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers Every Prepper Will Love

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    Sometimes the best gifts are the ones hanging in the stocking on Christmas morning. Adding a few stocking stuffers that are preparedness centered is a great way to help the family get more prepared.

    While there are a lot of prepper-inspired products out there, this modest list of products are the ones that really caught my prepper eye. These tiny treasures have the gift of practicality and deserve a place on your preparedness shelves.

    50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers Every Prepper Will Love

    1. Pocket Chainsaw
    2. River Knife Eat n’ Tool
    3. Tactical Holster Shirt
    4. Tea Variety Pack
    5. QuikClot
    6. Iosat Potassium Iodide Radiation Protection
    7. Paracord Survival Kit
    8. Tanto Knife with Fire Starter
    9. Inflatable Solar Lantern
    10. Outdoor Dry Sack
    11. Tactical Flashlight
    12. Encrypted Thumb Drive
    13. Platypus Platy Bottle
    14. Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! Board Game
    15. RFID Blocking Wallet
    16. Human Energy Concealment Facemask
    17. Windowsill Herb Kit
    18. Portable Camping Chair
    19. Essential Oils
    20. Emergency Sleeping Bag
    21. Tactical Kuba Kickz
    22. Camping Hammock
    23. High-Intensity Glow Sticks
    24. Tactical War Hammer
    25. Keychain Carabiners 
    26. Gardening Tool Set
    27. Credit Card Survival Tool
    28. Sawyer Mini Filtration System
    29. SOG Entrenching Tool
    30. Kevlar Tactical Gloves
    31. Folding Key Knife
    32. The Prepper’s Cookbook
    33. SAM Splint Fold
    34. Green Coffee Beans
    35. Wound Seal Kit
    36. Conflicted Card Game
    37. RFID Blocking Faraday Cage
    38. 10 in 1 Wild Survival Kit Briefcase
    39. Bread Dough Hand Whisk
    40. ESEE Fixed Blade Survival Knife
    41. Wild Flower Seed Kit
    42. Maple Syrup Tree Tapping Kit
    43. LED Nightlight/Flashlight
    44. Waterproof Matches with Case
    45. Pocket Blanket
    46. Firearm Protective Eyewear
    47. SOG Snarl Fixed Blade
    48. Survival Grenade Keychain
    49. Whetstone Knife Sharpener
    50. Cell Phone/Credit Card Wallet with RFID Blocking

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    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Hand Grenades?

        • Paranoid. Did you hear? Eppe died.

          • Tess, great list again! If I leave some old socks out will you fill them for me? I hate amazon so I just go there to find things (like the small woodstove) and go to the direct site to buy it. Sportsmans guide is great (I wish I had all the money I spent there lol). Under armour clothing is a good one too. A pocket constitution would be great for young folks. Merry Christmas to you!

            • D Braveheart, If your looking for an ak just try and find one that has a chrome lined barrel and machined receiver. But any one is still good they are simple and powerful and problem free and ammo is cheap. If you are looking for a longer range rifle get a Remington 700 bdl there are a million upgrades for them. Don’t get a .308 a 30.06 is more powerful but ammo isn’t as plentiful.

              • Genius, I have a savage axis 2 30.06 with the accutrigger. Absolutely no problems at about 1/2 the price. I’m not a savage fan but the axis 2 was replicated from the Remington 700. Just sayin, if you want something a little cheaper but just as good, the axis 2 is it. I switched out the scope to a Nikon and bought a shitload of corlokt at a gun show on the cheap. I’ll take an 06 over .308 any day. For those moments when you need a little more umph.

                • Jack, The wife has a savage .223 and yes it’s good but the stock is plastic and hard to free float the barrel. I used a half round file to do it with a lot of elbow grease and glass bedded the action. No upgrades available for it like the Remington. But for the price, it is a good deal.

                  • All I want is a Big Lump of Gold in my stocking, everything else will fall into place.

                    Hey Mac, we discussed the Gold Manipulation and why. Also why it takes days or a week to unravel why a drop happened. Found this great article to explain it. Part of the Article below. ht tp://www.gold-eagle.com/article/gold-futures-selling-exhausting

                    Gold-Futures Selling Exhausting

                    Gold futures have a wildly-outsized impact on gold prices, dominating short-term action. Futures offer radical leverage far beyond the decades-old legal limit in the stock markets of 2.0x. Every gold-futures contract controls 100 troy ounces of gold. At $1175, that’s worth $117,500. But the maintenance margin required to own each contract is just $6000 this week, enabling maximum leverage running way up at 19.6x!

                    And that’s actually fairly modest for gold-futures trading, with 25x+ being common when gold hasn’t just plunged. Even at 20x, each dollar of capital speculators trade in the futures market commands 20x the impact of a dollar invested in gold outright! So when speculators as a herd aggressively buy or sell gold futures, the gold price moves fast. Their collective amplified power to move gold is immense and unparalleled.

                    Exacerbating their utter dominance over this metal’s short-term fortunes is the fact that gold’s reference price traders watch is that very futures one. So when futures speculators bully gold around with their extreme leverage, investors are quick to react which intensifies gold’s moves. Contrarian investors have long decried this blatantly-unfair-if-not-absurd gold-market structure granting futures speculators such supremacy.

                    Further complicating this whole messy situation, gold-futures speculators’ trading activities are obscured by low-resolution data. Not only are their trades only reported once a week, but even that happens with a 3-trading-day delay! This effectively hides what gold-futures speculators are doing from wider scrutiny by investors and analysts. This lack of futures transparency has long been a serious problem for gold.

                    Because of gold futures’ extreme inherent leverage, speculators must maintain an ultra-short-term focus to survive. At 20x, a mere 5% adverse gold move will wipe out 100% of their capital risked! So countless times when gold-futures trading on mere herd sentiment drives big gold moves, the day it happens the resulting volatile price action is wrongly and falsely attributed to fundamental changes in the world gold market.

                    Speculators’ collective gold-futures positions are published late every Friday afternoon in the famous Commitments of Traders reports from the CFTC. Those are already old though, current to the week that ended the preceding Tuesday. Thus speculators’ market-moving gold-futures trading activity is hidden for up to 8 trading days, which is inexcusable in this information age. Maybe Trump’s people can fix this.

                    So by the time extreme gold-futures selling is unmasked, the resulting big gold plunge has already long been wrongly attributed to fundamentals which greatly damages sentiment for investors. This seriously retards gold investment demand, creating a vicious circle where selling begets selling. And that’s what has happened to gold in the wake of the election. Gold selling is feeding on itself, driving even more selling.

                    **We see this same Manipulation in the Oil Futures markets, where $1 Dollar on paper controls 100 oil contracts and why the massive swings in oil prices which have nothing to do with supply or demand, its just a game to jack up Gas Prices at the pump and profits for hedge funds. Its all a scam. The good news is that this manipulation has seemed to bottom, so up we go!!

                    Trump needs to stop this Scam and get back to actual fundamentals. Otherwise integrity is lost in out markets and investors. Stock market is set to Crash worse than in 2008. Get out while you can. Suckers stay and get decapitated.

                    • Actually instead of that Cold Steel War Hammer get this one.
                      I have both and LOVE the M48 one.

                • Actually Savage has a long history of accuracy and reliability for long range shooting, I believe some of the first sniper rifles were Savage. I have Browning 30.06 mid 1960’s era semi-auto. Love that rifle and have taken a many deer with it. Worth a good $1200+. That’s my sniper rifle in post SHTF, and put on a nice Mil-dot sniper scope on it. Definitely get your bullet and ballistics quick cheat chart to know the bullet drop and wind-age for long range well beyond 200 yards, that its zeroed in at. Since 2010-11 when we started having ammo shortages, I would go into wally world and seemed all that was left on the shelves were 30.06, 700, .308, and shot gun ammo. So I stocked up heavy on 30.06. No regrets.

              • In the military load the slug is exactly the same in 30-06 or 7.62 and normal V is less than 10 FPS diff, you can shoot 7.62 in 06. Ruins the case, but it works. 06 case is longer and has more empty space so you can load hotter rounds if your gun will tale them. 7.62 is lighter and a bit cheaper; Pays your money, makes your choice

                • Actually for a 7.62×39 case the boolit is .311 diameter where a .308 and .06 is .308 diameter. Kinda weird but that’s what it calls for.

                  • Genius, 2 of my cousins have AKs and swear by them. I’ve tested one of them previously and was very impressed with it. I just wish it had more range. 30-06 is a damn good round but that caliber has been running short in the gun stores in my area. .308 and 7.62×39 are respectable calibers and are presently in good supply in my area. I’m willing to go with either of those calibers. I just refuse to buy an AR. I think they suck, but that’s just me.

                    • On tactical flashlights, I’ve got something even better than the one Tess listed. Try the Streamlight Protac HL3. It comes with a belt holder and takes 3 of the CR123 batteries to operate it. It’s a bit bigger and won’t fit in an average-size pocket, bit it’s effective. It’s rated at 1100 lumens. It’s BRIGHT and will BLIND any POS that wants to f#$% with you. Don’t forget extra batteries. It’s a bit pricey at $119.95 but worth it. It can also be used as a ‘headknocker’, LOL!

                    • I won’t buy any flashlight that doesn’t use standard size batteries but thanks anyway.

                    • AK’s, good for Spray and Pray short range below 200 yards. Sure cheap enough, get 2 JIC, just in case. lol Cheap ammo out there. Steel case ammo though wrecks rifles. Its a trade off but hey, when hundreds are trying to over run your camp, spay them down with cheap ammo. The AK round should also do well in thicker brush, Like a 30.30 punching its way to the target. 1.5 Billion Muslims can’t all be wrong can they.

                    • CR123’s are standard batteries in the firearms industry used in every thing from optics to lights. I have boatload.

                    • deplorable. If you are a team at your BOL, it would be best you are all running on the same platforms and calibers so you can interchange magazines to stay in the fight. Also, stock up on extra parts which can be swapped out. I agree on the standard AR-platform. Any rifle that needs human assistance spank to chamber a round seems inferior. I want a reliable battle rifle to shoot, not play spanking games with. Just my take.

                      Saw a guy at a flea Market trying to sell several AR-15’s last week, he was asking $625 with a quad rail forearm, and he said he is selling them for what he has in them. I believe it. I didn’t want to tell him they are now selling for $425 or so online, less the aluminum quad rail which is about $100 separately. I just said to him, if Hillary won, he could be asking $800 each for them.

                    • BOTTOM LINE is you cannot have guns!! lots of scenarios call for different types of guns! so they ALL have there place at the appropriate time!! IF your on a budget then you have to make a intelligent choice for the what should be the MOST occurring scenarios. ie, long range gun before they get to you, or then lots of fire power AK, AR or something like them, then a pistol for IF they get close! and of course thee are TOO many scenarios to cover them all, but you get the point.
                      stay safe my friends things are still on the edge!!

                  • US 7.62 is 30-06 or 308 SLUG. all .308. advantage to ’06 case is you can get slugs and powders that work from 220 grain down to 147 boat tail and even lower; The 110 grain slug in mostly for .30 carbine. Not talking USSR loads, Russian 7.62X39 is fine for another cheap toy, no way in hell I’d trust their ammo for SHTF

                    • I would! I cannot recall ever having a fail to fire with Russian or Chinese ammo. I have had a shitload of fail to fire with federal (military) 5.56 garbage though. I agree with the .30 cal stuff though, there are a zillion different boolits and powders for them. AK or AR to bet my life on? I pick the AK all day long.

              • Genius,
                Concerning caliber wars. The question is where do you live and what is the likely field you may need to defend.

                I’ve been all around the world, and the country. As I travel I reflect on the optimum weapon for this or that countryside.

                As I approach one family members home I am always astounded at the one plus mile view. If I was there, I’d want a Winchester 300, Lapua 338 or even a 50 cal.

                Where I live you’d be hard pressed to find any place a caliber larger than a .223 would be needed.

                For the minute I’ll stick with my Red Ryder BB rifle.

                Final thought, the caliber you can most accurately and reliably fire is the one that is best for you.

                There is a reason the US military picked the .223 and its NATO versions. Every US soldier regardless of stature and strength could accurately fire it and carry lots of ammo for it. It was also right for the theater of warfare at the time it was picked.

                • PTPO, Lapua now your talking,me,I couldn’t afford the scope it would deserve,lol.Have a Savage
                  270 kicks like a mule,killed a lot of deer with that gun Now have a Mossberg SWEET! 06 is about
                  The same ballistics,don’t remember how,got hooked on 270’s.Mounted a Nikon Prostaff on mine
                  look out if there’s any light at all,you can see!May not be able to afford the best,but take care of what you got!
                  D Brave go with AK 7.62 easy and quick to brake down
                  Be well all!
                  Maniac out

          • No I had not. Nuts; ??????

          • Imposter, you just don’t give up, do you?

        • Hand Grenades? HELL YA! gimmie sum 🙂

          • Use your spent canisters of 16 oz propane to make grenades. They are not refillable. Survivability is sustainability.

            Recycle !!! 🙂

            • Oh contraire DK. You CAN refill them if you have the adapter to do so. Ever notice the air valves on the side? But ya, they would make a cool grenade lol.

              • Genius
                I have been refilling the 1# tanks for more than 10 years.
                Uh no not the same tanks … after a couple of years I replace with new and use the old ones for other purposes.
                A good pair of right angle hemostats are essential when the 10# tanks are below half full….as seen here.

                ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fD1CmorB_qM

                The video suggest there are no fed laws prohibiting refilling but I have discovered there is a DOT law against transporting 1# cylinders that have been refilled…. Sorry I don’t have the link right now.

                If for some reason you or I have made the shit list of one the alphabet agencies and they can’t find anything else to pop you with … you sure as hell don’t want it to be something stoopid like refilled prop bottles.?
                I know this seems trivial but once you make the list they will be looking for anything.
                So refill @ your Bol.
                I love the fact my Coleman North Star serves dual duty as a heat and light source… just have to use a little common sense with ventilation.

                • But how would they even know if they were refilled? I see no way they could ever prove that…

            • Having never refilled these canisters, I asked at Sportsman’s if they were refillable before buying a bunch, and they said “NO”.

              You all should have seen the look on face of the store clerks and the folks in line at the checkout when I said, “Ok, I’ll take them anyway, they’ll make great hand grenades when they’re empty!” LMAO !!!

              Thanks for the tip. 🙂

          • Hand grenades? Oh, what I could do with some of those to the FSA in my area…..

        • These are the kinds of items I had in mind a few articles ago when I advised Preppers to avoid precious metals and junior mining stocks and “buy solar batteries & chargers, and other “gadgets”.

          Don’t forget the Muk Luks !!! 🙂

      2. Wool and alpaca socks, gloves, skullcap, long johns; and silk long johns, plus pajamas.


        • A ton of coal will work for me too 😛

        • Shoe laces.

          A present for your college graduate son or daughter.

          A wood box that is shaped like a shoe box. It opens on one end. On top is a metal iron foot rest.

          You can make it yourself. Fill it with shoe polish and cloths for cleaning and shining shoes.

          When hard times are upon us, set up shop. I know a young man who did this. He was making bank until a good looking female set up shop, too. She was well endowed and wore low cut tops.

          Competition !!

          __ __

          • 550 Paracord works just fine for shoe/ boot laces. Just take a lighter and melt/ fuse the ends so they wont unravel.

            • A piece of shrink tube works good too.

          • B from Ca,grew up poor,learned to hustle,try to teach my kids.X-mad sell mistletoe,rake yards
            , shine shoes,paint address’s on curbs or mail boxes,actually good times!lol! Just hope they listened! Working a lot X-mas !! Not jumping in much, still here!
            Z – wtti see you just changed your handle! Good ! Try to be nice,lol ! Work and hunting taking it’s toll !
            Merry Christmas to all !
            Don’t let your guard down,about to get interesting!
            Maniac- out

            • Zeus, Daisy, LaManiac:

              Our resident midwife is better qualified to comment on this than I am. A new, clean shoelace can be used in an emergency to tie the imbilical cord of a new born baby. I don’t know if para cord or shrink tube ( whatever that is ), will work well for this purpose.

              Merry Christmas, All.


              • 3 ft. zipties can be handy for sneaking up on the enemy and throwing it around their neck and zipping it shut too lol.

                • Plastic bags over the head don’t make noise. No wonder the grocer doesen’t make them worth 2 cents, but charges ten. Lol. Genius.


              • B what I meant by shrink tube was in reference to burning the ends of para cord to prevent unraveling.
                Shrink tube is used to waterproof electrical wiring connections.
                It is plastic tubing in various diameters that you can cut a small piece from a roll and slide over two wires that have been soldered together to form a water resistant insulator.
                When you heat it with a lighter it shrinks down on the connection to form a water resistant insulator.
                You can use on the ends of para cord and it’s much like the plastic ends of shoe laces.
                Lots of vids on u tube but I don’t feel like dealing with the linguistic nazi right now.?

      3. I’d just like to say, Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos. Mr. Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, which has been responsible for some very questionable reporting both before and after the presidential election. Mr. Bezos came out against Trump and as a strong Hillary supporter.

        Now let me say that I support neither Trump nor Hillary. I believe Hillary may be a direct descendant of Satan and that if Trump is the best the other side can do, well then we’re all pretty well F’d.

        That being said, I simply don’t like the thought of billionaires like Bezos using their money to influence American opinion and possibly elections. I would much prefer if he’d treat his employees with a shred of dignity, but that seems out of the question for him and Amazon.

        I have since boycotted Amazon and have never read the Washington Post, so no loss there.

        You might consider doing the same.

        • Do you shop at Walmart?

          • No, I stopped that as well.

            Sometimes I know I’m paying a little more, but I’m OK with that. I really would like to be able to support more local businesses but truth be told, there simply aren’t many in my area.

            I have had great success finding many useful prep items at Estate Sales and Goodwill. The other day I picked up Survival With Style at Goodwill for $2. Interesting book with lots of good info. I also scored a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag for free because they thought the zipper was broken. I had no idea how much WM bags sold for until I looked them up, and I the zipper was fine, just needed to be put back on track.

            Also, you can get most anything on Ebay that you get on Amazon. I’m not sure that’s much better, but one thing is that you don’t have to buy $49 to get free shipping on many items.

            • Your the man boycott!

              • Genius, I already boycott amazon and I stay out of wallyworld all I can.

                • Other brands to steer clear from are Levis, Hanes, McDonalds, Sara Lee, Ben and Jerry’s, Dick’s sporting goods, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Kraft, a few others I can’t remember right now. Don’t fund your own demise!

                  • I avoid dicks at all costs.


      4. If you want to see a workplace filled with unhappy employees, give Amazon in Seattle a visit. Quite a few would leave if they could match the pay elsewhere in town.

        • Even though I grew up in SE LA county, I claim Seattle area as home as it was home for most my adult life. I know many Amazon people that got free educations and very rich working for Amazon( much like Microsoft people working like slaves at Microsoft). The trick with Amazon is to call the HQ when you get screwed over. I always get fair treatment, because I know where they live. Because of where I reside now, we really use on-line a lot. Amazon, Ebay, Home depot, Lowes, Wally world, et al. is how we get stuff. If I drive due north 3/4 of a mile I’m in an ocean(I have a great view).
          If you can drive for hours to get what you want, more power to you, but This internet is a real good way to do business, even though “you are dancing with the Devil”.
          Keep you ammo dry and guns soaked in CLP.

          • +1
            Love Amazon

          • +1 for CLP. Oh how I love CSL’s too.

      5. Tactical War Hammer.

        Now that’s a thumper.

        • I worked in a body shop for a while. We had a hammer that could straighten old fashioned heavy duty bumpers.

          It was like a Viking war hammer and I could swing it and move steel.

          Forget the crap with pretty spikes, they just get caught on things like bone. A plain simple hammer design is best.

          Just my opinion.

      6. Excellent list. Thanks!!

      7. Braveheart, how do you know eppe died?

        • His daughter posted in the comment areas several weeks back to let us know.

        • Survive on your own, I was on the site when his daughter came on and posted the news. I fell out of my chair crying and it took me awhile to get back to the computer. I felt like I’d lost a relative.

      8. 25 rounds of buckshot at walmart for 10$….stuff those socks!!!!!!!!!

        • and the #6 Birdshot / 1350fps for $5.50 ($5.94 for steel shot) – makes a great small game shell ….

      9. Sorry that I have not been commenting for a while. Mother-in-law had a stroke and broken hip. My mother had triple bypass and was in CCU for 18 days. My brother had a blood clot in his leg that moved to his lung and spent 4 days in the hospital. This was during the same time as mom’s stay. My PSA went up to 4.7 and biopsy revealed cancer. Coordinating treatment with oncology, urology, and cardiology. I hope to never have another holiday like that.

        • SR- Sorry to hear of all your family medical problems. Add the cost of all of that and Poof there goes a million dollars.. Healthcare needs to be reined in and costs drastically reduced. (Put Caps on all costs and Meds) ER visits like $8K just for walking in the door is BS. Go to any kind of surgery $80K to $100K. Any Dr. peeks his head in your ER room for a few seconds, and Poof $800 to $1500 more. And for absolutely Nothing.

          I told the hospital this clown quack comes in for 5 mins does nothing. I said, if I took my car to an auto-mechanic, and he said there is nothing he can do, should he be able to charge me $1500 for saying there is nothing he can do, but refers me to some another DR? I think NOT, Its all FRAUD. Dispute every bill, and turn in, (Rat on) all Fraud billing costs to Ins Co or Medicare, etc, by these Medical Billing scam operations. Also Document what Hospital personnel say to you and record your conversations at the Hospital. An Old GF I had worked for a Medical Billing co, and they found out they were double billing Medicare for everything and getting paid. They hushed it up and changed their methods a little but they never reimbursed Medicare. They are all thieves.

          • In Tampa FL there is a Dr Patel, who bought 17 acres in the City and building some 65,000 sq Ft home. Looks like a Saddam Palace. Tell me there isn’t Fraud and exaggerated costs in Medical Care. Biggest rip off in America are Medical costs.

            Go here to see photos of his house under construction.
            scroll down and click the slide show 41 pics.
            ht tp://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/blog/morning-edition/2016/03/inside-dr-kiran-patels-palatial-carrollwood-estate.html

          • Zeus

            Got that Right. This doc poked his head in my room when I had a stay at the hospital and it was another $1000. I tell them right up front at the desk if that shithead is not on my plan he is not getting paid and I don’t care if I fucking die.
            Didn’t see a doc. in five years so they put me in the dead file. Wanted to know where I have been. Told them at home. Then asked me why I didn’t come in. I said, Is business that bad? No pill of the day or vaccination of the month for me.

          • Guys, thanks for the ear. Sometimes you just need to vent.

        • Swinging Richard:

          Sorry for your terrible situation.

          Often we just get felt a bad hand in the poker game of life. Bad genes can be an awful burden to shoulder. But our genes are not the only thing that makes the difference between health and disease, suffering, and early death.

          Many choices we make every day slowly tear us down or build us up. Things like stress and lack of sleep are not good for anyone. We live in a stressful day and age, and there are so many things preventing us from getting our proper eight hours during the proper time for humans to snooze; which is between the cycle of the sun.

          Improve your diet and take walks. Eating Organic is not some hippy trendy California fad. It is the difference between life and death. We don’t have the power to stop Monsanto or Bayer directly, but we can refuse to eat their Round-up pesticide GMO poison. It is expensive but so is Chemo Therapy, which btw, even radiologists admit, is a cause of new Cancers.

          Buy from Barns and Noble this book: “The Emperor of All Diseases”. And “The Truth About Cancer”.

          I hope you and your loved ones better health in the future.

          Long Life and Prosper. Merry Christmas.


          • Thanks, B.

        • swinging!! seems like 2016 has been a nasty yr for all my family and friends too!! hope 2017 is better!! prep on!

        • SR, sorry to hear all that. My best wishes for all of you. And right before the holiday really makes it worse.

      10. Good list Miss Tess. Don’t forget fire starters/kits. A nice stainless cup like a Yeti or other good brand. And as always ammo is a good gift.

        • Esee and Tops make great carbon steel knives. Another good bushcraft knife is the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter with the S30V stainless blade.

          • Buy a dozen Ammo Cans and give those as gifts. Who doesn’t need ammo cans??,… besides unarmed dopey Liberals? Everybody needs ammo cans. .50 Cals are good, and you can also use them for vehicle medical kits, Get good water proof lid seals. Keep all that ammo good for years. And when you unwrap your gift this year, save all of those silica packets and throw those in your ammo cans to suck up any moisture.

            Example: .50 Cal ammo cans – ht tp://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-military-surplus-waterproof-50-caliber-ammo-can-used?a=1586610

            • I use the 50 cal plastic ones a lot for portable solar and wireless camera stuff. I bet I have a dozen of them modified for different uses. I like plastic, it doesn’t rust. If you buy used cans be sure to use a q-tip and wipe the seals with mineral oil for a good seal.

      11. The SOG entrenching shovel got awful reviews. Why would you suggest something that’s crap and would fail in a true survival scenario? Would love the find a truly robust entrenching toll that isn’t garbage

        • i hear gerbers are good. i buy/sell military gear. any army issued should be good, but that seems to be the favorite.

      12. Off Topic but this very important legislation received virtually no Main Stream Media coverage. This woman is not too shabby for a Democrat. I see shades of Larry McDonald.

        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKV1sTw8zOc

      13. Slow day today. didn’t make it to the flea market or the hardware store. Thought about hitting the military surplus store but that was overcome by a surge of laziness. The Fat, Dumb and Happy syndrome.
        Started watching the “ALONE” survival contestants. Always wondered if they are survivalists, with man eaters in their area. Why is it that not one has made a spear with a fire hardened tip? The time they waste is remarkable considering the short daylight hours. Also if they knew winter is coming and they could be there for a long time, they still seem unconcerned what is ahead in time.
        I think this contest of man against the elements is worth watching.

      14. I like the number 24, the tactical war hammer..it’s a good tool to have handy, I don’t own any axes currently.

        When I see what’s happening in Germany and Australia, will all the rapes, assaults, etc.. you can only imagine what they would have done here in America had we have been stupid enough to five up our guns..the current regime would literally has us invaded from a Mexico in into Texas over, 1,200,000 chinese soldiers, 10,000 jihadist, and from the north over 200,000 Nato, Russians and Latvians, and other piece keepers, that maintain the piece by shooting us and mass raping the females..when soldiers enter the US, those statics will look like a joke in comparison to what they are going to do here in our country..i have hear some really bad stories that are True about invading soldiers entire your area, trust me folks, it always turns our very badly, very bad, Bad , Bad, very bad. Very bad, not a good thing.

        Preppers need to prepare do the worst in worst way possible, to survive Everytime I read, just all over on all the best sites all I keep seeing an hearing is how The inauguration will be stopped, that Trump may not get in, that Martial law will be Declared and that the UN will be coming in..

        China, I am calling you out.. you are a sponsor of terrorism, you sell arms and weapons to muslim terrorist organizations, all over the world including Mexico, who is a terrorist drug dealing country, and you have been busy building military bases south of the Texas border in Mexico, and you current have 150,000 soldiers south of Laredo Texas, over 1,000,000 of them in the Sierra madras area of Mexico, you have built misscles, the DF 20 carrrier and destroyer killer to take out the our navies, and if your soldiers come here, they are fucking dead, and I have gotten real confirmation from law enforcement and cops I know personally, some that are ex military that does many tours. A few ex special forces, people I run into randomly, including rangers, who told me that this is real..i know retirees that I am friends with ex rangers that have told me that China is in Mexico getting ready to invade Texas.. this guy, that ambassador appointed by Trump who appointed the ambassador, so called friends with X jing ping, is not going to convince me other wise. X jing ping, is a bad president and is a Brutal criminal, a murderer, and Dr James Garrow said that about him, that he is a Marxist, a communist and is bad, bad bad. No friend of the US..Just had 1 1/2 years ago 125 people publically executed by.50 caliber machine gun fire because his bad cops brutally attacked civilians who wee prostesting against the cummunist regime, and that president continues to kill, arrest, rape and execute Christians in China, and his regime is still abducting raping, since they rape their own kind, abducting female students, and throwing them to the PLA, who else then, the things that they do, that regime is killing people and harvesting organs. Cutting up women alive like animals, executing rhen, shooting women in the back of their heads with AK 47’s, cutting then up while they are still alive. The chinese christians, who responded by taking out the bad cops that were killing then in public, because since no freedom of speech is allowed in China, I am putting you on notice China, don’t come to our state..one combat US, soldier, now cop told me last year that China will be ready in 6 years and will have the heavy lift capability to invade the entire US contingent after they take out our navy and carriers groups, with the DF 20, and our country according to him will literally be a sitting duck and no allies will be able to come rescue America because the chinese military along with Russia would have already crippled all the navies at sea..so there folks, and he also mentioned that he is glad to know that the citizens are armed to teeth, and that we will be needing our guns to defend ourselves in this state, Texas.. folks it’s all true. Everything that David Hodges have been reporting is true, 100% on on the money..I can bet I will hear that this is bullshit from the agency ass clown trolls, and I find it laughable that they think that coming on here attacking me will force me to retract my comments, and will not be happening, because if they stop the inauguration of Trump, we will be in a revolutionary war, all out war in 24-72 hrs all total all over the entire continental US. Former combat soldiers have told me personally that of they turn Texas into a war theater, that they are going to go to war against those soldiers..and here is where is gets even funnier, I met two Mexican marines that just left the military and they told me 2 years ago when I met them randomly at and academy,shopping for bullets, when I struck up conversation l, since they looked like military, they told me that they are on the side of the people and believe in our constitution.. ha, ha, haaaaaaa. Not looking for the foreign soldiers is it. Until I see it with my own two eyes, that Trump gets in, then I feel that we stand a chance of staying alive and possibly living a normal life, for the time being, not sure how long it will last. The environment nature, solar system covections, the sun acting up, earth quakes and extra planatary bodies? In close proximity of Earth and it’s effects, and it’s implications is a separate issue.. that is a whole nother topic…


        • HCKS
          Many years ago the Chi-Comm’s started training their military for Night Combat.
          The way I figure it … if they ever hit us it will be at night…but then again my copy of red dawn is worn out.?
          The MSM reacted like it was no big deal. It’s a very big deal and crazy costly.
          At the time there were all kinds of articles on the subject and I even found a few PDF’s that outlined some of their techniques.
          A few days ago I tried to find the articles and PDF’s and its all disappeared.
          Here I was thinking everything is on the internet indefinitely… WRONG cause almost all that stuff has vanished.
          Have there been any good discussions on SHTF- P about night combat maneuvers that might have been off topic … and any idea where I can find.?
          I know there are a few grizzled old veterans on here that know stuff that isn’t covered in the manuals. Lol

          • DD

            There is lots of info that is disappearing on the internet and Utube.

            We have had discussion on night movement. How your eyes adjust to the dark and looking off center to identify objects. How sound travels and when everything goes dead quiet. Mainly it has been about electronic detection. Trip wire gadgets to be light or sound warnings. Flash suppressors for muzzle flash.

            • Thanks Anon
              I just know the Gooks Chi-Comms . are not spending billions for nothing.
              They will make a science out of Western Circadian Cycle. and of course any advantageous technology.

            • If you suspected thermal night vision would be used by an adversary, set up trip wire triggered thermite signal torches. Thermite produces light so bright that thermal imaging equipment will be permanently damaged. Blinded drones and watchers are useless.

      15. Hi guys, this letter is for you tech types do any of you have any first hand knowledge about night vision scopes? In particular the photon xt digital night vision scope, the x-sight-II scope, or the Firefield NVRS 3×42 gen 1 riflescope? these are all first gen. What I’m wondering is reliability, sight picture things like that. Thank you.

        • Ronald

          I have been using Generation 1+ night vision. I had some old stuff from about 1988 that was Russian. Hand held mono type. Used it a lot. It finally gave out.
          The light intensifier tube goes bad. Now the rifle scope is terrific with a tad of moonlight. Sighted in well and good optics.

          • Thank You very much!

      16. I have a great stocking stuffer for every Prepper interested in reality happening right now, and their children’s future in collapsing dystopian Police State America-A copy of the Prophet and dystopian author Aldous Huxley’s ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD”. They will then be able to truly understand the dystopian totalitarian Police State pharmaceutical toxic chemical hell their dumbed down “EPSILON CLASS” slave children are unknowingly being driven into with chemical and heavy metal filled vaccines, GMO fake food filled with Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals(EDC’s), fluoridated chemical filled toxic water and soda poison, and non-stop frequency disruption from electronic horror, especially in a violence plagued collapsing cesspool metro American city. Ignore the reality all you want American coward parents, but your dumbed down American children are the psychopaths choice for the Epsilon Slaves of the future. If you have not read Brave New World, you are missing the horrifying pharmaceutical driven toxic hell prediction of a true Prophet happening right now in America, and it was all planned long, long, long ago by evil psychopaths that have been around for a very, very, very long time, which is why it was so predicable.

        • Maybe throw in a copy of the “protocol’s of the elders of zion” too for good measure…

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