5 Wikileaks Revelations That Should’ve Tanked Hillary’s Campaign

by | Oct 16, 2016 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    Originally posted at The Daily Sheeple

    Wikileaks has now dumped over 10,000 of Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails and the insane amount of corruption and lies coming out of her camp in this election continues to ooze out in big fat slimy piles by the day…

    Here are five leaks that came out just this week about Hillary, any *one* of which in a sane world with fair elections (instead of rigged ones run by psycho elites) would have been enough to end her entire campaign for president by now.

    Watch via The Daily Sheeple News Network:

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      1. Really a shame that we cannot trust our prez picks…

        May the preppers come out on the other side with miminum problems, but who knows…

        • Eppe, same here. I’d like to think I’ll make it all the way through but I realize I might not. I’ll do whatever is necessary to fight the NWO. MOLON LABE

          • One can drill a small hole in 12ga shells, inject some garlic/caster plant extract, wax seal the hole.
            They may walk away, but death is on the doorstep.

            Get real posters, no time to mess around..

            • Soak some toothpicks in garlic, one can poke a pick in someone’s butt, break it off and get away.
              Garlic in the bloodstream is fatal

              Get real you posters…

              • Smart Preppers have Weapons and guns. Losers who don’t, fiddle with toothpicks daydreaming.

                Poke yourself you prick and let us know what happens. LMFAO!!!


                • EVIDENCE…

              • Daydreaming Dopey now thinks, he is the “Ninja Garlic Toothpick Stabber.” LMFAO… Real Preppers have weapons and guns. Tell us how that toothpick scheme, works out for ya in SHTF zit face.


                • MORE EVIDENCE…

              • Wikileaks Activates “Contingency Plans” After Unknown “State Party” Cuts Julian Assange’s Internet Connection

                ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-17/wikileaks-activates-contingency-plans-after-unknown-state-party-cuts-julian-assanges

              • Ok, eppe, you stock up on toothpicks and garlic, I’ll stock up on popcorn and ammo.

                Toothpicks in garlic, poke in someone’s butt. Wow, great way to get yourself beat to death.

                • If some dope like eppe came up to me and tried to poke me with a toothpick; he’d have 3 bullets in him in about 3 seconds, 2 in the chest, and one in the head.

                  Small minds don’t think things through very well. Like the dopes that rob a bank and the bank note was written on the back of his own deposit slip. F-n Duh!!!

                  Dumbest Prepper advice.



            • That will get you in jail for premeditated murder. You get to defend yourself with lethal force when your life is threatened, not days later.

              • Do not partically care when it is ‘wrol’.
                Till then, of course I will be a gentleman…

                • First time in a while I have not been gigged.
                  GOD bless all here…

                  • This website is not all about you, your ego is showing again dopey. And God is not on your side. And you are not the Pope to bless anybody. Look how dumb you are for christ sake. Lol. You are a cyber squatter space waster. A digital turd spoiling the punchbowl.


                      DULY NOTED AND COPIED …

                  • GOD BLESS YOU, EPPE, REST IN PEACE.

                • Eppe, damn good point about WROL [WITHOUT RULE OF LAW]. NOBODY will be out there to enforce ANYTHING. Cops, lawyers, and judges will all be at home taking care of their families. Courts won’t be in session. It’s going to be ANYTHING GOES AND NO HOLDS BARRED.

                  • Amen Brave.
                    Who knows what to expect?
                    I play it by ear.
                    Who knows what to expect next???

                    • The best way to predict the future is to create it, you lazy dope. Here we go again, 2 dopes on a rope.

                      Come back when you have something worthy to post zit face.


                    • Take a look at the last 7 days, I did not post much at all.
                      But you cut and paste and post your tripe.
                      Talk about space wasting…
                      You have ruined this site.

            • Get this, Dopey is telling us, “Get real posters, no time to mess around..” LMFAO!!!

              You been fiddling your entire life dopey, now daydreaming about being a Ninja garlic toothpick stabber? Whats the matter your clock punching cable installer job not working out at the age of 57?

              Go get some real weapons you shlep, you got 2 weeks before all hell breaks loose.

              Watch out everybody for the daydreaming Ninja prick, garlic toothpick stabber.


              • Reading any and all posts by WhoWTFKnows, I am struck by the toxic vitriol and overly insulting attitude! If all you can do is attack, then civilization doesn’t require your services any longer. Chill, Dude!

          • For some reason lately my mind keeps going back to that scene from the road ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kn1H89gZtyw and wondering who those preps belonged to.

      2. Won’t make a bit of difference. The “election” has already been decided.

      3. Yep like trump said its rigged just look at the so called polls and yes fox also all have hillary ahead now historys path runs republican,dem,repub, dem as far as election cycles and yes some do get 2 terms but thats how it runs but im thinking hillary is already hired and the poles are just brain washing to ease the masses . Be smart stop shooting up your ammo and buy more

        • Once your gun is sighted in its sighted in. If you can hit a man size target your good dont worry about shooting him through the eye at 200 yards its not gonna be like that…

        • I believe there is a large population of voting Americans that have watched this circus over the last 16 years and are looking for a smart business guy to Make America Great Again after the decades of Plunder with National debt and lost companies.

          Want more great Jobs? Vote for a guy that has built skyscrapers. Put $100 Million of his own money into Makeing America Great Again PR. He puts his money where his mouth is. Hillary has not donated a dime to her campaign. She’s already traded 8 years of IOU’s for bribes. When she looses there will be a lot of POd donors that will kill both of the Clintons. They will be happy to be locked up safe in Maximun Security Isolation for 20 yrs. Next to Hanibal Lector for Treason against the American people.


        • Don’t fall for the PSYOP propaganda of the gvmnt media – all lies, including the skewed polls. The globalist powers that have hijacked America and governments throughout the world don’t always get their way.

          The tearing down of America was planned and put into place long before the Kenyan was put into power. We should not be scared, but infuriated and righteously angered.

          At this time, we are very close to seeing the fulfillment of George Washington’s vision.

          “‘Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.’ With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.”

          We must do what we can do while we still can, VOTE for those who will uphold our Constitution, stay alert, prepare for our families, and OCCUPY! NEVER give up!

      4. I don’t believe that Hillary will be elected by the VOTERS. The crowds tell the story. Americans want TRUMP.

        I Hillary takes power by fraud, we know the future of America under her Administration is nothing less than Obola Squared. It would mean the demise of America and the rise of the North American Union.That scenario is totally unacceptable to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy AKA “Deplorables” AKA the American people.

        I expect Civil War if Hillary is elected, because her election would be a FRAUD.

        Then I expect Patriots will assassinate NWO Political leaders at every level of government, all across the Nation. Once a few Treasonous Criminals are made to be examples, copycat assassinations will overwhelm the nation and TRAITORS tracked down and eliminated.

        Instead of a few cops getting killed, it will be political hacks imposing a Rogue Administration who will be dying. Hillary would be impossible to reach. But after thousands of NWO office holders across the country die for supporting her AGENDA, I expect the military to intervene, remove her from power; and schedule New Elections.

        The cat is out of the bag and the NWO has been exposed for what it really is: Unbridled Tyranny. It cannot co-exist in a nation of Freedom Loving Americans.

        Death to the New World Order. That’s totally Constitutional. 🙂

        • I truly hope so cus if not we b screwed

          • Sorry DK but I must disagree> How often have you ever seen Right Wing Constitutional Conservatives Riot. The odds of a Civil War would be much greater if Trump were to win. We will just sit back and Complain. Trekker Out.

            • Mountain Trekker…… You are wrong. Maybe some lazy ass big talks like you just sit back and bitch.

              • Sorry Anonymous, I don’t do big talk. But if you really knew me you would soon know it. Trekker Out.

        • Wow DK;
          I hope for your sake that you are operating on a more secure platform that Hillary was.

          • My platform ??? The reddest neighborhood in the reddest of of Red States, surrounded by combat vets; mostly ex-Marines.

            That’s solid ground to take a stand. 🙂

        • DK
          You may very well be right. I speak to a lot of people who all would rather die than vote for the hildabeast. I believe the majority of people in this country are honest decent people who desperately want the election system to work. Many actually believe that the vast majority will vote Trump. If this is the case and she wins anyway,,, well there are lot of folks primed and ready for a worst case scenario, which will be the only way left to save our country and what it stands for. We have done this before and won,, we will rise and do it again!! If need be! The ball is in the devil’s court, but we the people are ready for the game!!
          Stay ready, stay well, stay prepared!!

        • I’m afraid that the civil war will have to be postponed until the conclusion of world war 3. One of Putin’s closest advisers said I believe it was yesterday that if Clitlery gets into government, it will be world war 3 for sure – no stopping it once she imposes a no fly zone over Aleppo and either a Russian or Nato plane gets shot down – then it is game on. Any recommendations for a good type/brand of idodine?

        • Spot on DK. The Polls are run by the same Clan Cabal. This election clearly shows how the Neocons, who are anti-American care about nothing more than making war profits. GH Bush Sr is a Traitor and sell out to America, the Clintons and Bush Crime Families need to be dismantled and jailed, and their wealth confiscated to repay back America for their Traitorous War Crimes.

          Trump is not afraid. The Guy has Balls and every American who gives a shit about America needs to support and Vote for Trump. Its our only hope. Otherwise America will surely be lost to the ages. This current rogue Government, is not the type of America I grew up in as a kid, with aspirations to making a great life and a country. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” ~JFK, and now is the time for all GOOD Men and Women to come to the aid of our Country, and save it from Zionist Armageddon.


      5. Yes yes yes And Hillary is Not In Jail. Sounds like Bull Pucky to Me.

      6. What is being put out by Wikilinks should definitely have sunk her campaign. How can someone be so obviously corrupt and dishonest and still be in the election campaign?

        • CNN aka the Clinton News Network, says that it is “illegal” for Americans to search Wikileaks.

          LMFAO !!! That shows how desperate they truly are !!! 🙂

      7. Took some 12g shots today with 000 Buckshot. Shot a Mossberg 500 oistol geup with a laser light. 30 Ft aeay from the metal top of a 55 gallon steel drum.

        Results. 000 Buck 8 pellets @ 30 Ft. The pattern was 4 to 5 inches. Ave 6 holes with a few pellets following behind another. Largest hole was 1 inch wide. This is a crushing center mass that would break ribs and blow through the entire cavity to the rear with a few exit wounds. Every round went through the metal lid. The gun kick was medium to light, No Prob.

        As an ex paramedic. This is fatal. Stock up heavy. The 000 Buck round is devastating.


        • That was Mossberg 500 pistol grip 30 ft away. 18″ barrel with awesome Hogue grips. Laser light so you can do some hip shootim
          ng. Great home defense weapon. Easy to manage in narrow hallways. Try that with your long 870. Not. Put a sling on it for easy carry with a 6 shell side saddle. Gun porn making me horney. Break out the ARs next weekend at the BOL. The 12g echoed across the thick wooded swamp. Kaabooom… Kaboooom. lol

          -WWTI… This also lets everybody in the area I have no problem shooting Weapons. Dont Fu©k with that guy. Got it.


      8. As a trucker, Seems for every (50) trump signs there is (1) for hillary.
        Then.. the media has painted a picture of hillary as slightly ahead in the polls.
        Seems Nothing out there can sink the clintons.

        • I’ve seen exactly two Hillary signs in the last week, and a dozen Trump signs.

          • POSTAL WORKER Brags Online About Destroying Trump Ballots

            “An Ohio (?) man who describes himself as a postal worker bragged online this weekend about destroying Donald Trump absentee ballots.”

            ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/10/postal-worker-brags-online-destroying-trump-ballots/

          • I’m seeing an increase in “Hilary for Prison” stickers/signs. At some people are awake.

        • No that is a scientific poll. Guess Trump wins based on the signs you spotted. Well done and there isn’t a polling outfit out there that comes close to your methods. Gee I wonder why they haven’t thought about the sign method. They continue to spend good money doing research and polls. All the my ever had to do is drive around the block. I was in Oregon and drove I5 from California to Washington. I5 has a lot of agriculture along the freeway and I must have seen 30 Trump signs and now get this….zero Clinton signs. Yet the polls all say Clinton by 10%. Perhaps your method is valid or likely not anything other than bull crap.

      9. I have not seen a single Hillary sign for 20 miles in my area. Fair amt of Trump signs. Very pro 2nd amendment here. You should see the arsenals the country folks have. 100’s of thousands of rounds some people have. lol I set up a gun range on the BOL property. Miles of thick wooded swamp is my backstop. Let it Rip!!

        -WWTI… NO ARMY in the World could ever invade the US with ground forces, without taking on massive casualties.

        Just saying.


      10. There are several reasons Clinton should lose. I don’t have the time to name them all. Republicans had this election in the bag. Then we nominate Trump. He is one of the few Clinton could beat and we handed him to her. As far as voting this cycle, vote your heart out and make the best choose between two corrupt, incompetent, lying, crazy candidates. Way to go republicans. I am voting for anyone other than trump and the GOP has to either evolve or die. The sooner it goes down the faster it can come back.

        • Well, Mr. fuc#-nut (how’d you come up with that screen name, anyway?),
          just tell us you’re voting for Hillary.
          Don’t try to sound unbiased or anything.
          It wasn’t Republicans that nominated Trump.
          He beat out 16-17 other candidates that are Republican.
          It was the “everyday American” that Hillary hates that got Trump to this point.
          You do realize that, don’t you? There’s a difference between people and Republicans.

      11. The MSM has put a choke hold on the emails so the public isn’t hearing or reading much about it and has glassy eyes about everything in this election. Others have their heads in the sand waiting for their freebies and could care less. They will be the first to scream when all hell breaks loose after the election when everything implodes. We may get some satisfaction if she gets impeached and joins her husband as the only duo to have been impeached. It would be worth the wait.

        • She could go down in history as the first President to be elected and impeached in the same year.

          • Hopefully she’s impeached before inaugurated…

            We haven’t seen an inauguration since January 20, 2005, when Bush #2 got inaugurated for his second term.

            The two since him were actually iniggerations.

      12. I think we’re all being set up for one of the biggest and most brutal bloodbaths in history. It’s like some perverse Chinese restaurant menu – ‘choose 1 from column A, 2 from column B’. ‘A’ contains Civil War, WW3, purposeful pandemic, total worldwide economic collapse, solar flare/EMP and ‘B’ lists – nationwide insurrection, martial law, self-inflicted grid-down, infrastructure collapse, rampant currency devaluation, loss of all medical care, terrorism within our borders.

        Anyone want dessert? I hear they have a fine palate cleansing Kool-Aid-sicle we can all slobber our ways to our maker by.

        I agree with all ‘lock-n-loaders’. Gotta get a bumper sticker made.

        • Loss of medical Care? We don’t have any medical care worth anything now. The infrastructure is already deteoriated. The BLM already is insurrecting nation wide. We already have martial law any time there is a false flag or natural disaster. We already have terrorisn here. The grid is already vunerable. The dollar don’t buy as much anymore. So pray tell me How is electing Trump suddenly going to be the cause of already existing troubles. Yes you will try and state Trump will make them worse. Guess what those things and many more are a getting little worse every day. Trump has a few good points. He isn’t a professional politician. He isn’t a Lawyer. And The main reason is If hellery is elected WWIII and Nukes flying will be a certain outcome. We at present are not in a war with a foe capable of inflicting the same type of carnage on the USA as we inflict on them. If hellery get,s in as POTUS that will suddenly happen. Trump is a loose cannon at best. But he is much better than hellery or the current puppet now in the white house. I think the only viable hope for the nation is a Military Coup. The republic is over.

          • Old Guy – I’m not so young either. 62. So forgive a lousy attempt at sarcasm. I know – agree – with all you said. Just said it wrong I guess. You see that we’ve already picked virtually all from both columns, don’t you?

      13. I have a variety of 12g rounds,lately been buying what I call (wad cutters) a slug followed by 3 buckshot pellets,nice pattern!
        Maniac –out

      14. What happened to my recipe. It disappeared. Was it that good? Or did I forget to fill out that form? Oh, well. It won’t be the first time. ?


      15. That those revelations have done NOTHING to bring a MUCH NEEDED END to Hiltary Clinton’s campaign, speaks VOLUMES! Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does Hitlary Clinton get away with EVERYTHING?” I’ll tell you why.

        “Our lives are controlled by a small group of psychopaths.” That small group of psychopaths are behind and financing Hitlary Clinton. To find out (SO MUCH) more, go here:

        THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, Hillary, the Pope & the NWO/JWO http://sgtreport.com/2016/10/the-final-destruction-of-america-jfks-1961-prophecy-exposes-obama-hillary-pope-the-nwo/

        Read the comments. Follow the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

      16. The leaks from Guccifer and Assange will have ZERO effect on the outcome of the elections. The people
        who support and will vote for Hillary DO NOT CARE what
        she has done. It means NOTHING. She could appear in her
        true form with horns, hooves and a pitchfork and they will STILL VOTE FOR HER.

      17. If we make it impossible to profit off government service then the criminal element will go away all by itself. No need to vote them out.
        All we have to insure then is that those running for office are who they say they really are, and that their true loyalty is to the people and nation they serve rather than their own pockets and bed chambers.

      18. Sugar with Spices:
        Organic Sugar (add spices to save time)

        Cloves (just a pinch)
        Pumpkin pie spice
        Mace (just a pinch)


        Organic Steal Cut Oats
        Dried Blueberries
        Filtered water (3 parts water to 1 part oats)
        Cook in crock pot or simmer in covered pot
        Amaranth (2 heaping tablespoons)
        Hemp Protein (1 heaping tablespoon)
        Sea salt, black pepper, Sugar with spices + = part plain sugar or brown sugar
        Cook on high for approximately ten minutes then reduce heat and stir
        If oats are too thick add a little water, otherwise just add
        Full fat coconut milk and continue cooking on lower heat for ten or fifteen minutes
        Add cows milk and a pat of butter and cook five minutes on very low heat
        Let stand for two or three minutes, stir and serve

        This creamy oatmeal is loaded with flavor and will both fill you up and energize.

        If that’s not enough follow with eggs, ham, sausages, half a cantaloupe, or half a grapefruit and a stack of chocolate cherry pancakes. Followed by coffee.


        • What, no spam…??

        • B from CA,

          Sounds delicious!

        • To make chocolate cherry pancakes:
          Make regular pancakes or buckwheat pancakes
          Add cocoa powder and sugar with spices + brown sugar
          Coconut milk
          Hemp, pea, or bone broth protein or all three
          Flax meal (1 tablespoon)
          Dried Tart Cherries from bob’sredmill.com

          I grow mint in pots. It is invasive and grows like weeds
          Cut some leave it out on a paper plate after washing
          It will dry out on hot summer days but you can use a fresh twig
          Or dehydrate and store in bottles

          Add mint to chocolate cherry pancakes and
          Lemon (zest [outer peel]), juice, extract &/or lemon oil

          I forgot MINT in Steal Cut Oatmeal with Blueberries

          _Happy Holoween
          Get kids and grown ups so well fed all day
          They won’t be tempted to over do the candy
          Ask kids to pick three for now and put the rest
          In the freezer for another day.

          Just a suggestion. ?


      19. Well looks like someone is blocking juillian from Wikileakes from connecting to the internet in London but this is small news to russia today in the UK that has had it’s bank account stopped and RT will be going the same was as PressTV if we keep sitting on our hands and “Just taking it”

        See https://www.rt.com/news/363013-rt-uk-accounts-blocked/

        The elite are scared and doing all they can do to silence the free media and stupid americans are still being fooled by a punch and judy show and don’t seem to understand that puppets don’t make decisions, they do just what they are told to do when someone in congress pulls the strings.

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