5 Things That Disappeared During the Collapse of Venezuela

by | May 4, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    This report was originally published by J. G. Martinez D. at The Organic Prepper

    They say nothing lasts forever. But sometimes, I know there are situations that seem to be eternal, and that is how it has seemed during the collapse of Venezuela.

    The agony of the Venezuelan induced crisis is about to produce an output. How this results, it will depend on how much external assistance is required.

    Many things have disappeared as the military and government continue to control and subjugate the population.


    Venezuelans do not have weaponry at home. The right to defend our own lives was seized in 2014 under threat of 25 years of jail for those who don´t give their guns. Those who agreed to the registering of their guns had to give them for “ballistic registration” and they were never given back their weapons.

    Please note that the gun culture was never as strong in our country as in the USA or other countries. It was just not as common. Most of our society came from the war-devastated Europe and had an intrinsic fear of guns. Perhaps they had their reasons, though.

    These days, there are no gun shops, no ammo available other than for the military and “law” enforcement. What were once well-supplied gunshops with lots of varieties of defense tools, all kind of ammunition, accessories and tons of other stuff, have become sporting goods shops to prevent going out of business. Most of them sell as well accessories for the LEOs and NGs: boots, leg holders,  MOLLE vests, bulletproof vests with the official forces logos, riot helmets. Go figure. But the civilians don´t get a chance to defend themselves.


    The daily struggle has been these last few weeks intensifying.

    The price increases are no longer bi-weekly. They are daily increases.

    Prices are different if you pay with cash, or via debit card or interbank transfer. Remember that old saying that says cash is king? It became especially true…even under the hyperinflation rate. Cash prices are half of what you would pay with debit or transfer.

    Of course, that will work until the payment systems fall apart. With the currency control, the spare parts and electronic equipment prices have skyrocketed, and the systems are wearing out at an accelerated rate without any hope to be replaced. I have mentioned this disaster in my social network profiles, as being a post-collapse stage, and the people living in the debris, without even noticing it.

    The salaries, obviously, have remained the same, especially those of the state workers. Therefore, there are plenty of workers who have just quit via email after leaving the country without looking back. There are “bonuses” and other government handouts (only available for those with the “Carnet of the Patria” that is used as a blackmail mechanism and for fraud in the elections) that instead of solving the problem makes it worse.

    The government has driven to bankruptcy over 8000 companies all over the country. This is serious business.


    The situation with the electrical power crisis is becoming a point of no return. The mafia gangsters know that, after food accessibility, the access to energy is one of the major ways to control the population. They have been using military strategies against the civilian population, not just in terms of repressive techniques, but cutting the supply lines.

    The lack of a reliable electrical power supply affects the water supply. As a result, now people in the major cities are not just struggling for food. They have now an intermittent water service. Most of them live in places where they don’t have access to space enough for installing a tank, like small apartments in the nearby smaller, “bedroom” cities. Another remarkable negative aspect is the propane supply. It has completely taken over by the mafias.

    This problem with electricity makes the banks and ATMs work at 20% of their capacity. The cash available to each user is limited, rationed. Even if you have millions, the daily quota is barely able to pay for a ride on the bus, not even to take a cab.

    In some places, the power is limited to 2 hours a day. Not even in the special period in Cuba was there a similar power rationing. There has been proof that one of the “revolutionary” governors is running a warehouse filled with over 11000 Bitcoin mining machines, and this is one of the reasons for the power rationing in the Zulia state. Go figure.

    The lack of the investment in the main infrastructure is monumental. Since Maduro arrived, it seems all the money went to someone else’s pocket, but the maintenance of the power grids was never done. Neither the main generator of that which was once the engine of our economy: the oil industry.

    The actual balance sheet of this corporation is a joke. I was in a 25 person group. There are only 3 remaining, who can’t leave because they don’t have any money, nor some way to find it. It is a shame because these are responsible family heads, not the usual joker who used to laugh when I mentioned the need for prepping and having the papers ready to fly away. We are now scattered to the 4 cardinal points of South America and Europe.

    Most of us are specialists, so many have been lucky to find jobs in the line of work they were carrying along. The amount of specialists, specialized laborers, experienced technicians that have been forced to migrate is so large, that there is no other output. The power grid is collapsing slowly, but its paralyzation is inevitable.

    The politicians and I mean both sides of this apocalyptic equation, simply can’t accept this reality. They lack the needed vision. For this guys, the future is just the day after today. Their concept of tomorrow is just as limited and narrow, as big is their greed and lust for power and control of people´s life.


    My wife’s testimony is heartbreaking. She has been struggling until last week with the food scarcity. Her cooking skills worked a lot for creating attractive meals for the kids. Mostly for the younger one, indeed…to be honest, the older one is able to eat stuff unknown in this solar system. Not that this is something bad for a survivor.

    The amount of people without a proper nutrition is already getting bigger. My wife mentioned that neighbors and acquaintances with an awesome weight loss are surprising. She has run into some friends after some time without seeing them…and she has found herself in troubles to recognize them.

    The prices, as expected in a collapsed, hyperinflationary economy, are rising daily.  The only opportunity for survival is receiving an external steady supply of foreign currency, and even this is not sufficient.

    Even if you have money enough, you will have to go from place to place to try to buy some food. There is no guarantee of being able to find food available: the mafias take over the food in large amounts, purchasing in bulk and leaving the shelves empty.  The cash money supply is as well kidnapped by the mafias. They sell 1.000.000 bolivars cash but you have to transfer 1.500.000 Bolivars to the accounts of the mafia. The (now) non legitimate government says this is an “Economical warfare” and they keep blaming the US, the EU, the aliens, and the astronomical conjunctions, or the climate change. This is why no one believes in them anymore.


    Why do I say the collapse already happened? Because you can’t buy things even if you have the money.

    Because now the capability to repair a car or motorcycle is nonexistent. And if you don’t have a bicycle, or some small, gasoline efficient vehicle, dirt cheap and easy to repair, be prepared to walk a lot. My huge cruising motorcycle is now in storage until further notice. I would rather own a small Vespa 250, that have even a spare tire, and carry a passenger with some luggage. This is one of the items I will buy once we are back for the rebuilding. With the gas prices that I expect to be set in the new economy after the recovery, this is going to be a need. My SUV is busted. The engine repairing is on the range of the 1600-1800$. Therefore, I am not repairing anything in the near future.

    No concerns here. The mafias are controlling the engine oil, batteries and tires supply, and having an operational car being 4500 kms far away, there is no point on that other than leaving a car in good shape to my dad. But being my brother without a car…well, you get the picture. He is my brother and I love him but I worked way too hard to keep that SUV in good shape.

    Leaving was the only option.

    I think many of those with some military training reading this will agree with my comment about how are being used military strategies with our civilian population. The reasons are plenty. They have killed people. They know that the international justice is after them and it is just a matter of time before they have to run. They know they have endangered their very own families, in their blindness and immeasurable greed.

    They try to cover and silence everyone who is opposed to their plans.

    But finally, my family is here, and in good shape. My younger son is under a normal weight for his size, he is happy, and that is what really matters. Thanks to all of those who have found useful our bitter experience and have contributed willingly with some very needed assistance.

    It is a journey that I would not wish even to my worst enemy, indeed.

    God bless us all, people.

    About the Author

    Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. paypal.me/JoseM151


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      1. Very interesting.
        City people are the ones that will suffer the most.
        I give some food away as I produce more than I consume.
        I would ignore gun laws and just kill Cops. I don’t
        like them anyway.
        I have no need for government provided utilities.
        For me my transportation is iffy. My mule while
        “broke” is a handful, but I can borrow a horse
        from a neighbor.
        You mainland guys don’t appreciate what Hawaii
        is really like away from the resorts and town
        (we don’t have cities here).

        • You’re right. I don’t appreciate what Hawaii is really like.
          Lava underfoot is a major inconvenience to me. I don’t appreciate it at all. 🙂

          • Most the people in Hawaii don’t have to worry about Lava.
            Just my neighbors and a few friends. All the other islands are pretty inert. Even on my island the lava is easy to avoid if you are careful where you decide to live. The cheapest land is the most vulnerable to getting wiped out.
            I am very aware of the constant eruption of nearby Kilauea.
            As I type this comment, my shop is really shaking from an earthquake. One of several we have had today. A little more than usual.
            We are used to this. There is nothing we can do to stop it. But I’m prepared to deal with SHTF as are most my neighbors.
            I just keep on preparing.

            • Yup, lava is real low concern

              • SECURITY- Check!! Gots Plenty of Guns & Ammo and cleaned a few today, been out at the FL BOL for 3 Years, and its tight perimeter barbed wire fence and gate on one end, motion detectors, and the 3 other sides of the property is fresh water and backed up to miles of swamp, with a moat filled with Gators, and nobody is out there crossing to get to my peninsula Compound, here on an inland island in Central FL. No nuke plants around here either. My neighbors are great, and we go shooting on our properties and they have dogs which alerts me if someone is coming down the dead end private road, in a private community. Google street maps views, do not come in here as this entire area is private. Question? Can anybody look up your property on street view and see your front door? Shame on you. You can actually click the Icon as concerns on your street view of your house or property and tell Google to blur the Street views of your property and vehicles, due to security. They will do it.

                MONEY – Check!! Silver 1 Oz Rounds and can trade it anytime for money. Consider barter or a skill you can trade for a service or product. And never keep any money in the bank, and keep all your debts at one bank and your income at another complete Credit Union. And drain your bank account but to pay bills, and trade your money in for Silver rounds. .999 pure. Also get all out of Debt.

                UTILITIES – Check!! I’m all 100% OFF Grid using Solar. I do not pay for any Utilities either in the last 3 yrs off grid. Cans, bottles and paper goes to recycling and the rest get burned. No trash bills either. My solar also runs my fridge and freezer, power tools, lights, fans, and Internet satellite dish. Its remote out here, cell phones barely work, so no tracking me on my No-contract burner phone.

                FOOD – I DO NEED TO GET MY FOOD STOCKS UP SOME. Stock up with 3 years of food as a Goal, and keep stacking and rotating your food. Pick up some MRE’s also and have at least 5 ways of cooking food including a camp fire using cast iron Dutch over or pan. Get the tools now or go hungry. Also plenty of game from rabbits, turkeys and deer run on my property for a backup plan. Yes I have traps and snares and could catch plenty if needed.

                TRANSPORTATION – Check!! SUV, Bicycle, Hiking Boots, Kayak where I can slip in my canal and paddle out into the wilderness miles deep into swamp and wilderness and set up a new remote camp if needed. Yes take a map and a GPS Tracking device. I am considering a 2nd kayak just to pull supplies in behind me, and slip in just before dark and again just before light back into the deep swamp and miles of waterways. But hey no need to go anywhere, as my BOL property provides everything for me except basic food staples, Propane Gas and Regular Gas. And I have plenty stocked up on that also.

                Then according to this article, it says – “Leaving was their only option.” Huh? OK So plan “A” was stay living in a city hellhole war zone and fight it out. And Plan “B” was go be a fricken Refugee on the lamb with no where to go? I say BS!! Move ASAP, like now, and go live at your hidy-hole homestead BOL, Off the Grid and debt free, out into the country and enjoy your freedom and independence. Breath your freedom and fresh air daily with nature and peace and quiet, far away from the polluted masses and chaos and BS.. Yes we shoot guns on our property anytime we like.

                Good Luck all, Make smart decisions daily to get your Prepping goals accomplished ASAP. Being Prepared removes a lot of stress and anxiety.

                • TSB-
                  Good stuff you posted. Couple of questions (if you don’t answer due to OPSEC concerns, no problem).
                  In your ‘Security’ para: have you considered hunting the gators for a food source? Got a fellow retired mil buddy who lives in Tampa area, who tells me that the snakes are bad down here in cent FL. Have you experienced that problem at your BOL?
                  Money: Do you keep all your silver rounds at your BOL, or do you have them stashed at strategic locations only you know about? Also, is there a concern with the latter approach due to rust/high humidity?
                  Utilities: Nicely done on the solar panels. How is upkeep on these panels (humidity, etc.)?
                  Food: Some suggestions – if the python population is as bad as I’ve heard, they’re an excellent food source! Also, the gators mentioned above provide some great meat.
                  Transportation: Are you saying you have a ‘plan B’ location that you can go to if SHTF at your Plan A BOL? If so, good on you! Hopefully, the kayaks can provide a way for you to evac your family/stuff/firearms to your Plan B site.

                • All of that is great but eventually people will come around and there will be too many for you to deal with. You may be lucky enough to last longer than the average person but I hate to tell you, eventually you will get, got as well friend, The END! We will ALL get got sooner or later, it’s really just a matter of time…










        • This Article Statement is propaganda: “The (now) non legitimate government says this is an “Economical warfare” and they keep blaming the US, the EU, the aliens, and the astronomical conjunctions, or the climate change. This is why no one believes in them anymore.”

          Heck Yes, US sanctions has shut down banking commerce, and forces like the mafia take over. Thats how you undermind and destroy nations with harmful economic sanctions. Veneszuela is part of OPEC. This destroying Veneszuela is to help the house of Saudi with oil market share.

      2. Donna Reed

        Donner-Reed Party


      3. This proves again and again… NEVER give up your guns, when its time to hide them, it is really time to start using them.

        Americas ancestors used their guns against the British, Native Indians and each other at times. Two world wars and numerous Police actions… Americans still cling to their guns… So disarm if you want, but do not expect to get a dry crying towel from us later.

      4. So…what I get from this is my precious will be next to useless. US dollar cash is king for the foreseeable future.

        TWENTY dollar bills in #10 cans (inflation, ya know).

        RIP(?) Mushroom

      5. T.P.
        The wife is making sure we don’t run out of T.P.

        • Have you ever heard of “family cloths”?
          I’m sure that at your age you did your share
          of diaper cleaning. I remember cleaning my sisters
          diapers when I was 8 years old.
          Same concept.

          • “R”
            Yep! Little sister, four of my own. They only came out with disposables in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

            Many times rinsing them out in the toilet.

            Can explain to me why BABY POOP smells so bad? LOL.


            • Fellow Sarge,
              Shit smells bad.
              Always has and always will.
              I still wonder why people
              elect it to positions
              of power.

              • You wont have to worry about wiping your ass because there is nothing to eat.

              • In warm climates they just let the babies and toddlers go bare assed. A common sight on the news with the Momar Muslims in Bangladesh.

                I remember my children when they had rare intestinal distress, were producing emissions that had such a pungent odor as to make one immediately lose control and wretch.

                I remember my wife calling for help one time. I took over as she ran to chuck in the toilet. It took all I had to change that diaper and not barf on my dear sweet smelling child. Even the baby was gagging. We got through it.

                Whatever it was only lasted like a 24 hour flu i.e. Norwalk virus. But dang it was memorable.

                Baby poo changes when you start feeding them meat, and not in a good way. God bless disposable diapers, and zip lock sandwich bags.

                If the SHTF, a few bags of pool shock chlorine could make thousands of gallons of Clorox to keep diapers sterile even if only cold water is available to wash in, otherwise you’d have to boil them. Diapers, suddenly all those discarded cloths in recycle bins would be gold. Feeding babies, in the third world they don’t have baby food, parents take their food, chew it and feed the mush to the baby. Just like the animal world does.

                Babies are a special issue for prepping, though I’m amazed at how the third world handles it on a regular basis.

                Interesting image today, we went to a really good local garden center, it’s spring planting time and a weekend. There was a line of at least fifty people waiting for just carts. And this was to buy mainly ornamentals for landscaping. We went home, and will go back in the middle of the week. The crowds were huge, literally hundreds of people at this farm. I said to myself, with my prepper hat on, imagine if they were hungry and looking for food.

                My conclusion, have enough stored food, so you can hide in a hole for six months, until the riffraff dies off, and you can plant in peace. Have extra food if winter might fall in your survival window, it could be to your advantage. I hear lots of criticism of freeze dried food, but if you are eating anything and the bad guys aren’t, you can overpower them. Have some honey, and carbs for the days when you know you must fight. In a long term disaster like VZ, there are other alternatives not yet expressed in VZ. The real threat in VZ comes from but 2 or three people.

            • Once the baby starts drinking formula or solid food, that’s when it stinks. Breast fed babies’ poop doesn’t have a smell. I always hated it when mine would start eating solid food(usually around 6-8 months) cus then the stinkin’ would start! Lol

        • Sgt.,

          India has taught their population to use water instead of TP. Perhaps that technique would be something preppers need to learn and use!??‍♂️ An article on the topic should be considered by Mac or Daisy. The many ways to keep clean.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • guzzler hand water pump.

            • Poke holes in the cap of a throw away water bottle, and sprinkle up where the sun don’t shine. Rinse, Wipe dry, repeat if necessary.

              Can anybody answer why homeless people live up in the cold climates? Sleeping on manhole covers to keep warm. Maybe its all they know. If we happen to have a full onslaught Grid down situation for years in America, we will see a mass migration of people up in the north States moving south as refugees, just to keep warm. Most deaths will occur in the northern winter climates. Like the Pilgrims who were unprepared, half of the Pilgrims died the first winter from cold, disease and hunger. Now take 200 Million people fighting over the last crumb living up north where there is a short growing season.

              Take a que from early Native Indians that lived Nomadic, and migrated to other parts of the country during different seasons, for food and harvesting, or fishing, and beaver pelts. There were no taxes, you could go fishing every day, all day, and the women did all the work. It was the best of times.. lol Then the white man came, took over, and ruined it all.

              Choose your BOL Location wisely. Not like at Redoubt, ID, next to Yellowstone cauldron that’s about to blow.

      6. No guns, money either worthless or hard to come by, power food and transportation in short supply…. all things we here should listen to. Without the first, all the rest we are at the mercy of those who will dictate just what we get. Biggest lesson this article……… be ready to fight to keep the first item in this article.

      7. These people live in a great climate for growing food. Most people only think about here and now. But I think about the next decade, and the next generation, and so forth. I know these people are desperate, but if they would save the seeds from an Apple, put them in a little dirt, and grow apple trees (for example), in the future they will have some food.

        The problem is that there is no immediate gratification, so they don’t bother about the future. But inevitably, present becomes past, and the future arrives, and now there are still no apples to eat.


        • If they put anything into the ground aomeone will just take it when theyre sleeping.

        • what a useless post. how ya like dem apples?

        • In a tough northern climate without central heat, many would have died off fast. Imagine 10 degrees F for weeks in January.

          I’ve gone out and worked outdoors in serious sub zero weather, it’s no joke. Sometimes there just aren’t enough layers.

          My car broke down one -10 F January week, and I needed to fix it. In my garage, I’d dump a can of dry gas, denatured alcohol into a hubcap sitting in a tire rim and light it. It brought the temperature up into the blissful 40’s and I kept working until the joints in my hands began to sieze up again from cold. Four cans of dry gas got me through changing a shattered wheel bearing. A source of heat that needed no venting when used in a limited way.

          I wonder if Venezuela’s mild climate is a hinderance to their overcoming their political and population issues.

      8. Ive started picking up free bags of condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard) when I go to fast food places. I will try to trade them if SHTF. Also I buy individual serving bags of coffee for trade (I dont drink it). Might be useful for barter sometime.

      9. And for all the Bernie supporters, this is his wet dream for you.,

      10. The author Martinez is sensing an end to the nightmare and is talking about recovery. Venezuela has lost a lot of its best trained people that are vital to the recovery. Many of these people have started new lives elsewhere. This thing has been going on for so long, they may not want to return.

        The ultimate survivalists are the “mafias”. They seem adept at getting control over vital areas like money exchange, spare parts, utilities, etc. Once they get control of an area, they are hard to get out. The author may be overly optimistic.

      11. B from CA..an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not today as the European Union nations reject all apple shipments from the US because of what is sprayed on them. Even the sprayed apples have shot up in price locally.

        • I planted Apple, peach and pear trees a couple years ago, they are doing nicely.

          I had issues one year with worms similar to gypsy moths and sprayed nearby trees with BT. The worms have been exterminated. Notice I didn’t spray my food crop trees, but just nearby ornamentals.

          Honey Crisp is a hybrid, but I planted a honey crisp because it produces one of the longest lasting fruits in the apple family. They keep weeks in a basket before rotting. My only regret was not planting two. Apple trees like peach trees must be planted in sets to pollinate, my other choice was a Fuji for flavor. It will pollinate my honey crisp.

      12. aljamo, years ago I read that the spray on apples contains all kinds of goodies mixed into a wax so they’ll look shiny (and keep bugs from eating them).
        It stated, scrape the skin of an apple with a knife and see what you get. Since then, and to this day, I use a sharp knife and remove the apple’s skin.
        Yes, I know most of the vitamins are in the skin. But do this test and see what you think. I’ll get the vitamins somewhere else and skip the pesticide and paraffin.

        • Ketch,
          Although I grew up in southern CA, I spent most of my
          adult life in WA state, which I adopted as “home”.
          I know what apples really look like and could get them
          off a tree. The crap they sell in the market while very
          good is processed and not as fresh as you would think.
          I’m planting an apple tree here in Hawaii( my second “home”),
          I’ll probably not live long enough to get fruit from it
          but someone will.

          • Rel, how about one of those grafted trees? We had one in the Pac. NW and it did produce some but it took about 5 years if I remember. 5 different varieties on one tree.
            (also a SoCal native)

            • Ketch,
              Looking into it.
              Worried about a volcano
              at the moment.

        • “””I read that the spray on apples contains all kinds of goodies mixed into a wax”””

          Not only that; I have apples on the buffet that are quite old and just now wrinkling–the spray prevents oxygen from deteriorating the fruit,I think.
          They must be 6 weeks old. 🙁

        • Ketchup–the damage of the sprays permeates the skin–we are so screwed.
          I don’t even eat apples any longer–no taste, even in summer months.

      13. This is sad story but an important story of what happens when people are disarmed and the Bolsheviks take over.

        Noticed the people are starving and the Mob takes over. The government is part of the mob feeding off the desperation of the people.

        If we as Americans continue down this path of supporting the Democrat party adopting Bolshevism and keeping our borders open we will become Venezuela or worse South Africa

        • Free, well stated!
          I hate to be pessimistic but while you are at least showing some hope for the country as we knew it, I think the die is cast and it’ll only get worse.

        • Everyone: why do you truly think they are making the “big push” to seize firearms?? Think, think, think about it. . .

      14. Those folks voted for communism. They willingly gave up their guns. They never learned to be self reliant. They for the most part are parasite takers. They made their bed Im willing to let them lie in it. helpless culls they are not wanted or needed in the USA. We already are overstocked with parasite culls.

        • Agree. Too many people are will8ng to take a stand beyond complaining. History is full of examples of what happens when the population is disarmed. I have no sympathy for people that give up their arms, no matter what the threat. The government that threatens is a government to be feared and resisted.

        • “Those folks voted for communism. They willingly gave up their guns. They never learned to be self reliant. They for the most part are parasite takers.”

          Sounds like the FSA and union clowns that voted the Marxist Turd NJ Gov murphy into office…. Cali, Ill and NJ will become more like Vz when their states go bankrupt….

          • 21B: Those fools, so deserve just what they will ultimately get with their precious vile, disgusting demonRATS. Wake up folks and use that thing sitting on your shoulders…

      15. Another reason for the 2nd ammendment, how about that

      16. Off topic here, but I just read where John McCain doesn’t want President Trump at his funeral.

        He is planning however, for GW Bush and Hussein Obama to deliver the eulogy.

        Isn’t interesting how the swamp creatures hang together?

        McCain has been nothing but a jerk for his entire tenure in the Senate.

        I’ve never witnessed such a global disrespect for a sitting President…..or former President for that matter. And I have lost what little respect I had remaining for GW Bush.

        The fact is…..these swamp creatures not only disrespect and have contempt for Trump, but they have the same opinion of the half of the people that voted for him.

        These shreds of human debris are disgusting. I will shed no tears over McCain’s demise.

        • We should not have to worry over that buffoon, on his wife’s short, tight RICH leash much longer…all the $$ in the world will not take care of the “creature” growing inside that simple minded head of his…grow cancer grow and do it quickly and hopefully very painfully!
          And yes, the true downright disrespect for President Trump is just so common and rude and juvenile. If people had treated the sleeper-cell Muslim Barry Hussein .001% the way the have treated Trump, my god, it would be the end of the world…The Left has such vile double-standards it just floors me…what commie, no good trash they are.

      17. The only way people vote for Democrat-Socialist -Communism is that they are tricked with plenty of Propaganda. Peel the layers back and off the lefty’s and its a sh!t sandwich with no meat.

        Our Founders Fathers were Genius level when it came to the 2nd Amendment. I want to see VERY STRICT GUN LAWS PUT IN PLACE AND STRICT ENFORCEMENT of ANY PERSON who INFRINGES ON SOMEONE ELSES GUN RIGHTS.


        • The DemonRATS “act” like they care for these people, that is a complete farce, a sad, pathetic lie, like DACA for example, all they care about is the Votes folks, that is it!

      18. Where’s Sean Penn? Harry Belafonte? Maxine Waters? These f***s supported that government stating it was such a great operating example to the world and dimwit Waters said we should let government take over our oil companies like VZ did? We’ve saved a lot of the world from themselves – Screw VZ – those people had choices to make and supported the “system” all while circling the drain.

      19. Anyone see my dog?

        He goes by “Lucky”…

        • I seen him I think…

          Three legs?


      20. This is totally off topic; but, funny. We went to a semi-local theme park yesterday. It ended up being extremely crowded and we had to park about 5 miles from the park and be transported by bus to the gates. There were 3 buses lined up waiting to board about 50 people.
        A woman yelled at her (about 10 year old) son to run and get in line to save places for them so about 6 of them with their soccer mom assault vehicle baby stroller could get in line to get on the bus in front of about a dozen other people.
        I asked them in a rather LOUD voice, “What kind of adult teaches their child to do something like that?”.
        FEMA is going to love them.

        • Ozar: God, that is what the U.S. has become my friend. It sure seems to me the vast majority of the “younger” especially population is not worth a squirt of donkey semen! They have no manners, no respect, no morals, no values, no nothing! And all they do is take and take and take some more, number 1 and screw everyone else. It is so past time for those vile, plague-ridden trash to be dealt with any means necessary. The Purge comes to mind but it will be extended more than just say 1 night! !

      21. A major part of the reason Venezuela collapsed is that technicians, engineers, medical people and others with good training left. Those are precisely the people you need to fix the system and get it running again. This thing has gone on so long that many of those people have built lives abroad. Once Maduro and company are gone, it will be a long time to recovery.

      22. Happy Birthday Karl: Top 10 Goals Of Marx’ Manifesto Accomplished In America

        “Plenty of stupid ideas kill people. But one man’s stupid ideas have killed over a hundred million people.”

        “In America, the goals of the communists have crept their way into society with little fanfare.

        Many people have no idea that public schools, the graduated income tax, and even a central state-controlled bank (like the Federal Reserve) were tenets of the Communist Manifesto…”

        ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-05/happy-birthday-karl-top-10-goals-marx-manifesto-accomplished-amerika

        • Exactly KY Mom. Its all about Nation Destroying to make the populous their Debt Slaves and Tax Slaves. We all live on one Big Reservation. They even give you a TV remote to make you feel you got choices. Just the same propaganda marketing crap on every channel. The fix is in.

        • Goldman Sachs Depopulation Strategies Revealed Through “Predictive Poverty” Strategies
          05-05-2018 • ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com,
          I repeat, there is no way that America can repay even a small part of the debt. That is the entire strategy of the globalists to financially enslave the world. First, they create a debt mentality where it is acceptable to get what you need (ie want), by acquiring massive debt. Then the banksters enslave nations with things like credit swap derivatives debt to the tune of $1.5 quadrillion dollars which is 16 times the entire GDP of the planet. Following this, the people bail out the losers of the latest Ponzi scheme. However, as the pensions fail, there will be no bailout because we are not worth a billion dollars. Millions of elderly will suffer because their pensions will soon be gone and this is all by design and the “rescue programs” will be managed by globalist firms.

      23. Relik
        hope you making out ok. Any chance you might join us back on the mainland after this ?

      24. I find it very interesting: How many different countries say over the past 100 years have taken the citizen’s guns away and then in short order they drop the utter absolute HAMMER on their Heads and now please people look what is going on here within this country hmmmmm, call me crazy but it sure is very odd. Do NOT fall for this crap, illegal, commie nonsense and NEVER give up as much as a silly cap gun!! Or you will definitely regret it horribly folks.

      25. José sólo está recogiendo dinero a través paypal, además, shtplan no investiga los sucesos en otros países:sólo repite………?

      26. V for Vendetta movie
        Venezuela needs V
        The police, mafia and feds would have to watch out.. they have everything everyone needs. I wouldnt want to be them.
        The prisoners may be fed worse if not at all, i guess murders are frequent and courts are rigged. Thievery and back alley deals i bet are common. Best to trust others less, be a lone wolf and dont get caught. Robin Hood would be welcomed there imo.
        No weapons? What about simple weapons and homemade type items? Nails, bats, bow and arrows, knifes, spears, fireworks, fish hooks on 20lb test line trip wires, molotov cocktails, fuel storage and bilge pumps.. Use your “weapons”, keep them, and keep there weapons and ammo, make caches cant find them on or near you they cant blame you.. those people need to fight back take back control

      27. But when will the real men of Venezuela fight and take control of their nation, instead of crying and illegally entering the United States of Minority Entitlement

      28. Or, are the Venezuela men waiting for the US military to step in so that thousands of our boys die fighting for these weakwilled people along with billions of US$$$$ get wasted.

        Ahem Jose, you do have have government outnumbered.

      29. Every Action deserves a Equal or Opposite Reaction
        React Venezuela! !

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