5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Headline News | 93 comments

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    Despite  inauguration of President Donald Trump, the fact is that the Orwellian surveillance state will not go quietly into the night. While there’s hope that sweeping policy initiatives from the new administration will bring about real change, entrenched Deep State politicians, business leaders and operatives have an agenda. And that agenda did not change on January 20th, 2017.

    For anyone even barely paying attention it should be pretty clear we’re living in a mutated version of George Orwell’s dystopic novel 1984.

    Here are 5 recent examples… and there are so many examples… that show the lunatics running the asylum are actually using 1984 as an instruction manual and that we’re living in an Orwellian police state…

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      1. As I keep saying,Orwell’s 1984 was supposed to be a warning,not a blue print.

        That said,folks with their eyes open know tis bullshit from fact and thus prepare accordingly.

        • Laws are only for those who can enforce them. Otherwise go enjoy your Daily Freedoms.

      2. I only agree with about 50% of what she said. The other 50% is her use of techniques she is railing against. There will never be a society where you do not have to prove who you are. There is no such thing as freedom of anonymity and never has been.

        • O
          You and I are on the same page with this article. So I can’t call Bull Shit so I’m calling Calf POOP!

          • Melissa to me calls as she sees it. She is one of the few out there that sees Trump for what he is, one of them. Yeah, you can make excuses for all of his cabinet picks, the people he has generally installed around himself, including family members, but if you remove the cognitive dissonance it’s all very clear.
            Hey, I wish it wasn’t true too. But comes a time when you have to realize that you are not going to win this hand either. Doubling down just doubles your loses.
            Oh yeah, back to the point. Sure, you should have to prove who you are, more like what you are today. But that doesn’t have to mean that you go into a data base that tracks you for the rest of your life. And during that life you will have all your opinions, movements, and purchases tracked too.

      3. I live by a set of rules known as the BILL OF RIGHTS. I don’t follow any draconian policies.

      4. You talk about torture be married for 30 years.
        The only peace you find is in the grave.

        • A cop was chasing me down the road, and I took off at a high rate of speed in my car. Finally they set up a road block by the State line, and I had to finally stop. When the Cop came up to my car, he asked me, “why the hell were you driving so fast to allude me? I said, Well Officer, you looked just like that Cop my ex-wife ran off with, and I thought you were trying to bring her back to me. He laughed and let me go.


        • grandee and air21 just celebrated 43yrs of domestic bliss!!!

          more than once we got to fall in love all over again 🙂

      5. She tries to assert that people are wearing masks to keep warm and just happen to be in or near the road when protesting. Obviously she is avoiding the reality that the left wing thugs are illegally detaining thousands of motorists attempting to go on about their business by blocking traffic. Assaulting people, committing arson and destroying property is not “protesting” it is violent intimidation a la 1930’s Brownshirts. You block me on the road and I will let you know in no uncertain terms that I am not Reginald Denny.

        There are other problems with this propaganda video (as well as some truth) but fortunately most of the readers of this website are intelligent enough to discern fact from fantasy.

        • POA, I know one person that’s going to love your comment.

          • EoTS, go to Vegas, you are still free to do that there.

        • POA, I also call BS on the video. If anyone blocks me on the road, I’ll turn that person into a pancake.

        • The alternative facts thing doesn’t make sense either. What she meant was “facts that are actually relevant to what is being talked about.” Chuck Todd and his ilk need to be told when they raise their hands to speak “Ralphie, this better not be about your cat.”

        • The Communist thugs who block the roads maybe they will change their mind if some them got run over…….oops

      6. Im in Peru..
        Im walking down the street with a beer in my hand
        I get in a cab, with a beer in my hand
        I walk through an open market, with a beer in my hand
        I get done , I buy another beer .. I get on a bus with that new beer in my hand
        I get to another little shop area, and step out of the bus with my beer , walking around the new shop area with a beer in my hand

        I come back to the USA.. cant even sit on my own dam front porch with a beer in my hand, or mow my lawn with my beer , because if I do some pig will see it and beat my ass and kill my dog

        so, where am I more free? Here or back in Peru?

        really people , this is sad

        this country is so fucked up I no longer recognize it as my home

        Oh , dont get me wrong I love my country.. I just hate what our government has done to it

        • Enemy of the State,
          the really sad part is that MOST of the heavy populated areas have been brainwashed to think what is happening is OK!! to NOT be able to do what you say in your comment above!! we are so totally screwed if we the people cannot change this type of thinking and get our country back to what it used to be! there are so many areas of infiltration from population brainwashing to government traitors, it will take a long time to clean out the scumbags and or change things around, IF we can??

          • I hear ya boss

            I just picked one example from a simple list I had.

            I have lived in this country all my life , and at 54 years old i have watched it go to shit in handbasket

            I travel to other countries and see freedoms we used to be able to enjoy in these other countries and the folks there think nothing of it , because its a common day thing, my Wife is from Peru so i used that as an example of something I know is 100% legal in that country , but I cant even step off my front porch as I would down there , for the very good chance some gestapo thug enforcing a BS “law” will be ready to pounce

            I blame a lot of this on the liberal cray babies that have done nothing but cry about everything and destroy MY freedoms in the process

            but here in “Freedom land USA” none of those common everyday things that we used to be able to do ( yes i still remember the ol’ days) are all now illegal
            Hell I belonged to a target shooting club that was put on by my school as a kid and I took a rifle to school with me daily , so I could go to the meet in the school gym after class .. so I remember

            If I’m ever face to face with a law maker Im going to want to break both his hands and arms , and shove a rubber ball down his throat, after i jam his pencil in his neck

            • “after i jam his pencil in his neck”

              Make damn sure that pencil is a #2 bro’ – otherwise you may have to plunge that pencil more than once, if it isn’t a #2. ツ

              • This article starts right out Blaming Trump.

                “Despite inauguration of President Donald Trump, the fact is that the Orwellian surveillance state will not go quietly into the night.”

                So tell me how this is Trumps Fault that this did not all change the minute, Trump was inaugurated. You see this is the Lefty’s small digs into Trump as the new villain.

                It would be like me saying, “No matter how many articles Mac Writes nothing changes. Like Mac Just isn’t trying hard enough. Like WTF does Trump have to do with any of this? Answer Nothing!!!!!, so why use Trump as some magical pivot point for instant change. This sounds like the MSM whiney antics. These are commie laws that have been in place for decades, as technology increased, so do they keep adding the layers on top of the chaos already.


            • When i was a child in the late 1950’s we never had cameras anywhere! Now we have them in stores, on buses, in school buses, in major cities, in classrooms, even in large forests so i have read and also microphones to pick up our speech. When you have cameras everywhere that is NOT a free country!!!

          • “the really sad part is that MOST of the heavy populated areas have been brainwashed to think what is happening is OK!!”

            Apache54 –

            Unfortunately, you are very much correct.
            I find it very much disturbing, that society in general has become a cesspool of degenerates.

            I would like to be hopeful … hell … even optimistic for society to take on a more moral approach to the days I was raised up in.

            … but … I am not a hopeful/optimistic kinda guy – I find it derails me away from reality. I’d rather a life facing reality, then to live a life of dreaming for better things to come.

            I feel society will stay and continue the course of getting worse.
            Too many people are caught up into this propaganda mode without bothering researching for themselves.

            It appears most people rather be “directed” and be told what to do, and how to feel, then to actually make, and take the the responsible path for themselves.

            • I saw a Russian on a Youtube video. He said one of the tenants of Marism is to DEmoralize the population and that is exactly what is happening. He also said to destabalize the country too and that is happening here too. He said this generation is done for and it will take a minimum of 20 yrs to change it. The youth now are too brainwashed in propaganda and we cannot change their minds. He also said that if America falls into Communism there will be no place else for us to defect to as America is the last free country. His name was Yuri Bezmenov. He was a very good speaker.

              • Oops the word is Marxism….

          • APACHE, if your want to go back say 30 years when we had more freedom, then kick out everybody who infiltrated our country in the last 30. years, and all their crime and hate and chaos. I am all for it.

            My Family came to America in 1638. Kick everybody out who came here in the last 100 years and all their descendants, and America will be the best place in the world. I can guarantee it.

        • SOTS
          Where do you live where you can’t drink a beer in your yard or on your front Porch?

          Hell even In Illinois you can do this. And we are one of the Biggest Bull Shit States in the Union.


          • you know what im talking about

            its called pubic intoxication ..cant drink a beer on a public street ..yeah one I own part of because i pay taxes

            cant have beer in a taxi

            cant walk around the mall with a beer

            and yes , if you get caught drinking and mowing your lawn , that operating equipment under the influence .. its a DUI in most states

            you cant get off your front porch

            • Open Intox. “Laws”

              I know of a guy that got a DUI for having 3 beers while floating down a river in the USA

              yeah .

              you know

              • *True Story*

                First house I purchased was on the edge of the city limits.
                Small town, about 5,600 in population.

                My lot was almost 2 acres – one fine Saturday afternoon, I needed to mow my yard. Hopped up on my riding lawn mower with beer in hand and a cooler strapped down tight next to me on the fender.

                Anyhoo – I had almost finished drinking my 2nd beer – A city cop saw me, and I guess he decided to educate me on drinking and driving in my own yard … needless to say … I indulged him ツ

                This cop was actually attempting to write me up with an Open Intox, drinking in public, then he wanted to pursue a breathalyzer for me to take.

                I took a friendly approach with him.
                Asked him if there has been a disturbance report filed at my residence.
                He said No.
                Then I said to him – “you are on private property and you were not invited.”

                He just smiled and went away – but before he did – I told him to stop on by after work if he would to have a beer – guess what – he did!

                Been friends with him since.

                A story I call “How an unruly cop, can be a good friend”.

                • FTW
                  Great story. Good move and a smart Cop. He was just seeing if you were going to asking him over for a beer.

                  • Sgt. Dale –

                    I was surprised when he did show back up … cuz … I was like – “what did I do now?” A town population of 5,600, I knew this guy was fairly new to the force.

                    Out of curiosity – asked him what made him stop by.
                    Told me he was new to the area, didn’t know anybody, thought he take a chance on meeting new people in the area, considering all he had with him was his wife and young child.

                    Scary thing is – we have a lot in common – same piss poor humor – difference is … he has a badge, and I do not …. lol

                  • I had a Cop steal an entire cooler of beers on ice from me and my friends when I was 17. I guess sitting in a van in a skating rink cranking the Journey Tunes as loud as can be was not so smart.. The owner came out and took the keys to the van and called the cops. A few friends took off running, I stuck around and they took me and this other girl to the cop station, and her dad picked us up and took us home. A week later my parents found out and had a little meeting downtown at the parole center. That was the end of that for a few months. lol Nothing happened really being a Juvenile. 18 was the legal age to drink in Wisc at that time.

                    So what happened to the cooler of Icy Beers? Asset Forfeiture?

                    • “So what happened to the cooler of Icy Beers? Asset Forfeiture?

                      Being a minor at the time – that is what happened to your beer and cooler. Granted, they should of left you with the cooler.

                      Reminds me – that cop friend of mine was testing me one day. He asked me a “hypothetical” question. He says to me …

                      “If you were a cop and you pulled over a car with a couple of teenagers in it. Noticed an opened case of beer, with only 2 beers gone. How would you handle the situation?”

                      Told him – I’d confiscate the beer, put it in the trunk of the squad car, and tell those young fellers to be on their way.

                      He then said to me: “I thought you’d say something like that.”

                      Asked him why? … He goes on to say that is exactly what he did and asked me if I wanted to drink a few beers with him.

                      Obviously my answer was “hell yes!” ツ

                    • Probably because you were playing Journey.

                    • So you are a girl Zeus?

                • The town I live in has less than 775 people and it’s actually called a “city”.

                  5,600 people is a “big city” to me!

                  Still, there are too many people here, IMHO.

                  Most of them are Masons and / or Lizards.

                  They can see through the little string holes in the blinds. That’s why I have 1″ sealed plywood screwed into place over all my windows. Don’t want to see what the hell is out there, but I know it’s rather nasty and evil.

              • E
                What Dip Shit Cop wrote that ticket???

              • You can get a DUI while riding a bicycle or riding a horse. No kidding. Yep America when strait to hell once they let in the Irish and Italians. lol

                • 20 odd some years ago. I had a buddy that told me he received a DUI for riding a bike. Told him I didn’t believe him, well … until he showed me the ticket … laughed my ass off.

                  Good news for him though – he had an honest judge that found it to be ridiculous and ended up throwing that ticket out of court.

            • I just picked up a flyer for a fishing trip to Canada. It says on the form that there will be random checks of people at the border. This is a chartered bus trip. Which means that there is a bus driver and you are the passenger, he is therefore the designated driver. So it goes on, if you are picked to be interrogated at the border and you have a conviction for a DUI in the last ten years on your record, you will not be allowed into Canada and you will have to find your own way home. I’m like what? Seriously? Yeah, new rules! You’re kidding right?
              I guess that’s one way to stop immigration. But first you would have had to have a drivers license in your country of origin huh, and liked to drink and drive too.

              • Canada doesn’t mess around with drinking & driving.
                It is a bogus law – being punished for something that a person has completed through their local Court and judicial process?

                They are only hurting their own Tourist Industry.

                Fuck Canada!

                • Im right there with your F Canada sentiments

                  never had any problems over there , no tickets fines or jail ( for those who think that could be my reason)

                  just dont care for the fact that they dont recognize my rights any better than my own country ( now at least)

          • You can even do it in Illinois? Bullshit. The state needs funds and believe me I know how they operate.

        • EoS- You should stop living in Harlem Battle ground and move out to the Country Boonies. Where nobody can even see your house from the road and hundreds of yards from the next house. Who told you to live in the Rat Race City, and expect freedom from harassment and spying eyes?? We have been saying get out of the Cities for years now on this web site. Guess you failed to listen to our warnings. We shoot guns from our porches out here, and do what ever we want basically. I have not seen a single Cop for over a Year, and County Deps for months, not even a Deputy’s car. But I do hear what you are saying about the US as a Police State. Why live in a Police state. Move Damnit!!

          • I live in the sticks

            and I know you get what im saying

            so much for tolling today Zeus

        • Stuff it in your beer hole

      7. Cops

        are like a box of chocolates …….

        we’ll kill yer dog

        • E
          Local L.E. isn’t the Police State. It is the Federal Guberment.

          • so they are both killing pets?

            both Police state junkies

            • ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/watch-a-man-was-dancing-at-a-bus-stop-so-4-cops-taser-beat-and-arrest-him_022017

          • Also BTW/ It is not against the Law in Florida to urinate in public, as I schooled a Black City Cop in the courtroom back when. As the Judge ruled on case law that I presented him as my defense.

            The Cop tried to pin me on some fornication trumped up charge.

            I was between cars in a parking lot, and the cop drove by, saw me pissing, and the harassment began. I have won about 50% of the time in court. Just showing up may get you off, cause the Cop won’t show up, and you then just plead Not Guilty. Dismissed.

      8. The Ides of March are soon upon us.
        That is all. Stack on.

      9. Mac –

        Nice Article!

        I have a follow up to this video – Washington Blog – by Carl Herman – posted Feb. 12th, 2017.

        It is very much informative, and I urge all SHTFplan readers to take a gander at it. Mostly outlines & details the MSM / Government trickery in propaganda. It is a bit lengthly, but well worth the time reading it.

        Post contains subject matter of:

        5-minute video: ‘1984 isn’t our dystopian future, it’s our dystopian present.’ Will ‘Big Hands’ Trump handle his job to enforce the most important laws, or be yet another tragic-comic .01% rogue state oligarch?

        Corporate media fakes us into 2 central lies for more illegal war on Iran: ‘threat to Israel’ and ‘nuclear program’ EVEN AFTER 12 YEARS of anyone checking the facts soooo easily refuting these claims as known lies

        Israel/US claims Iran threatens to destroy Israel, to “wipe them off the map”

        Demand arrests of Left and Right .01% US “leaders” for ongoing rogue state empire built only and always on “official fake news”

        More war is planned and propagandized if you do not speak

        A Call for Truth & Reconciliation, and minions of evil to reclaim their hearts and humanity

        Some Titles may seem controversial to some … but … read them. They give a Historical outline and the reasoning why.

        All above Titles, at one single blog here:


      10. Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Thank you for ­reminding America about the importance of Donald Trump’s victory and of the awful consequences if you had won. Clinton sent out a taunting tweet of “3-0” after the three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously slapped a halt on Trump’s executive order on immigrants and ­refugees. Her support for the ruling isn’t surprising — Clinton said she was for open borders at one point — but the gutter sniping was telling. The activist judges who based their ruling on their liberal politics instead of the Constitution are the same kind she would appoint to the Supreme Court and all other federal courts if she were in the Oval Office.

        oh and BTW 9th Court .. you can suck an egg

        because Trump doesnt even have to listen to you

        he has the law and the right on his side to do this .. Its on the books .. just ask Obama

        • FACT: 80% of the Court Case Rulings from the 9th Circuit Court that are appealed and then goes to the Supreme Court are overturned by the Supreme Court.

          So basically the 9th Circus is just a Lefty’ Speedbump to justice. Trump is going to break up the 9th circus of America haters..

      11. Eleven Ominous Signs That We Are Racing Towards War with Iran

        By Makia Freeman
        Global Research, February 12, 2017
        Freedom Articles 10 February 2017

        War with Iran is in the cards as the administration of US President Donald Trump takes an overly aggressive stance against the Islamic Republic. Without doubt, the 2016 US presidential election left the nation deeply divided and polarized. Trump has been in office for around 3 weeks and there are still many people protesting against him. His brash style and EOs (Executive Orders) have some horrible unintended consequences, such as his 90-day immigration order (called a “Muslim ban” by some) resulting in a 5-year-old getting handcuffed and separated from his parents. Amidst all of this engineered disorder, there is a serious danger lurking: Trump is taking the US on a sure course to war with Iran. Trump said on numerous occasions throughout his campaign that he would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons, and on Feb. 2nd 2017 he warned Tehran that “nothing is off the table.”

        Why Iran?

        Before we get to the all the signs indicating that war with Iran is on the books, it is important to remember why the US and its masters are targeting Iran. Firstly, Iran has become the arch-enemy of the Saudi-Israeli alliance because it is the one country militarily and economically strong enough to challenge their dominance of the Middle Eastern region. There is no love lost between Israel and Iran, who have traded insults and threats for decades; meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Iran are home to the 2 sides of the Sunni-Shia conflict within the Muslim world (Saudi Arabia – Sunni, Iran – Shia). Trump is a Zionist down to his very bone marrow and DNA, and evidently also afraid to take on the Saudis who were conspicuously omitted from EO immigration ban of 7 nations.

        FULL STORY: http://www.globalresearch.ca/eleven-ominous-signs-that-we-are-racing-towards-war-with-iran/5574251

      12. I would be grateful for some advice, if someone can kindly answer me:)

        I’ve got a few thousand in cash stored in cash (about £2,000 that nobody knows about!!) but I’m wondering if I should use up some of my savings that are in the bank and buy some gold bars instead? I’ve found some here: http://www.royalmint.com/bullion/products/rmr-gold-and-silver-bars

        I think I should protect my assets and not leave my money to chance as I think we’re heading for a global re-set and the pound is close to collapse.

        I’ll check back later:)

        • Buy food. No mater what happens you have to eat. SHTF happens. You come and try to trade your gold to me for some food. If I want your gold I will just kill you. I don’t have any use for anyone not able to feed themselves. Buy food.

          • Thanks Old Guy.

            I’ve got about four months’ worth of tinned food, nuts, cereals etc and about two months’ of bottled water stored but not sure how much more I should increase it to, apart from the bottled water of course.

            You make a good point about the potential situation with regards to the selling the gold – might be just a good idea to buy it and not trade it until things return to normal……..should they ever once it happens.

            • What are you in England ? The VAT will eat you alive. Know anybody in the states……

        • Now why would you want to buy gold or even silver or even ammo off the net? The gov. sees everything you do on the net. They got all the info from your credit card. It’s a red flag. Seriously, if you want to buy gold or silver, look in the phone book and find a coin dealer and buy from them, but never use your real name or real address or real phone number. Find a name out of the phone book and just change the names around…first name one page, last name find another page, address get from some other page and so on. Never buy gold silver or ammo from the net. You are marked and when they come to get the stuff they will be coming to your house!!! Once you buy it you can hide/bury it in the yard near a metal barn or some pile of metal tire rims cuz they may look with a metal detector.

          • Thanks for your response, Marie.

            You make good points about the net and buying from it and I agree with it generally. I’ve bought one item in the last twelve months so I’m not a big internet purchaser.

            The reason I linked the site I did was due to the fact that the seller is reputable and there being a 100% chance of the gold bar turning up.

            The problem with not giving the right name and address etc is that it’s required when making a purchase above £5,000 as I’d pay in cash – I don’t have a credit card, and wouldn’t consider getting one.

            I wouldn’t store the gold bars at the address it would be delivered to though – would this help?

            We both agree on that the gov stores as much details as it can about us on databases but there’s almost no way around it.

      13. Whenever I drive west towards Arizona or Idaho, from the Midwest, I get pulled over and “checked out”. Most police agencies put their young aggressive rookies on the highways. They pull over as many vehicles as they can, without probable cause. If they subjectively decide that you need to have your vehicle “tossed”, it gets emptied out on the side of the road. I’ve never had the search done to me, but I have seen it several times during my travels. I’m a senior citizen now, and also a former police officer, so I know what to expect and how to act and what to say. Most of the people I see getting “the treatment” are white males, about college age. So, kiddies, leave your weed at home when traveling to or from college.

        • Yeah “what to say” is
          No , I don’t consent to illegal searches
          Go get your warrant signed under oath and affirmation of what it is you are searching for and where it is

          So much for their fake “probable cause”

          And yes pig , I’ll sit here until you get that judge off that 10 year old boy to sign your false warrant

      14. 1/2 of what she said is Bull Shit! Mac., and you know It. For one the Bi-metric is for People coming into the US, NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS LIVING HERE. AND IT IS TO WATCH FOR JIHADIES/terrorist.


        • Sgt. Dale –

          I strongly believe a day will come that TPTB will institute & force bio-metrics on everybody.

          Notice the thumb prints that are widely used today.

          Thumb print for the DMV?
          Thumb print at a Bank?
          Thumb print at scrapyard to salvage metal?

          I’m sure there are more examples – but that is what I personally get exposed to. Just another small step to “condition” the public.

          Kinda like most people pay items using their debit/credit card – very few do I witness paying anything for cash. People have become accustomed to a simpler way of doing things, and they don’t even know the harm that they are doing to themselves.

          Most everybody today has an ankle tether device, in the form of a cell-phone. Most people seem to give up their identity and others in the form of “social media” and think nothing of it.

          Most will go along and possibly welcome the NWO when it gets put into place. That is the unfortunate reality that I foresee in the near future.

          Most people are sheep, and don’t even realize it.

          • Facial recognition is biometric identification and it is incorporated into Drivers licenses and ID’s in ¾ of the States, maybe more.

            You are face scanned somewhere by a camera multiple times a day if you go out of your home in most of the country.

            That stuff you see on TV thrillers about looking through traffic cam video to find someone is actually true.

          • FTW
            I agree but they aren’t doing it now and it is what the American Citizen should be fighting against right now.

            As far as the finger prints. this is to prove who you are. DMV and Bank Would you want someone to say that they are you with a forged document getting a drivers license in your name or taking money out of the bank using your account?

            Scrapyard? Never heard of this one. please give me an example.

            “Most people are sheep, and don’t even realize it” But you and I aren’t. So stand tall.

            • The Scrapyard – it all boils down to Copper Wire.

              Since the hardships in Michigan started to really take their toll in 2006 – a lot of copper wire theft had been going on. It is the only rule we have here for scrapyards and copper wire.

              Only reason I think I can come with that makes sense.
              All other metals – there is no problem

              I had a bunch of 240 line that I needed to dispose of … guess it raised a red flag on me.

              So from foreclosed homes being looted to city street light wire being stolen and turned in for cash – this has been an issue here.

              • FTW
                That was what I was thinking , but wasn’t sure.

              • Yes that was a big issue
                They also don’t want or won’t take any Cooper wires that the coating has been removed from it

                Reason being , tracking identication on the wire coating

                So don’t think yer just gonna burn it off , they won’t take it , and will likely call the cops and give them your plate number

            • The scrapyard at Morgan’s Corner near Elizabeth City, NC requires a print before you can get your money for anything, including aluminum cans.

        • No, i live near Buffalo NY where the Peace bridge is and i heard on the radio news a week ago that they want to set up the biometrics for everyone crossing the Peace bridge going to Canada and coming back from Canada. So it is for everyone., at least at the border crossing here.

      15. Off topic. If you want to know how GEO Politics works with OIL, GOLD, and Currencies with Russia, China, Saudi, and the US, read this informative article. Read it to the very end so you get all the points. And also A read for “Durango Kiddy” so he can see why China is Backing their Currency with GOLD. That’s right DK read this. Russia sells oil to China, for Yuan, then buys China’s Gold with the Yuan in their Shangai Gold Exchange. And Why Russia is sitting pretty. That’s capitalism, unlike how the US runs its economy at the point of a Gun and perpetual wars.

        Russian Gold – LewRockwell – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/02/caitlin-long/russian-gold/

        Part of the article:
        That same year, another piece of the puzzle was laid in place when Xu Luode, the Chairman of the newly-founded Shanghai Gold Exchange, explained that gold would be priced and sold in Yuan as a step towards what he called the “internationalization of the renminbi” (for those of you confused by Yuan and Renminbi, just think of them as the Chinese equivalent of ‘Pound’ and ‘Sterling’): (ANOTHER WORDS GOLD)

        (Xu Luode, Speech to LBMA, May 2014): Foreign investors can directly use offshore yuan to trade gold on the SGE international board, which is promoting the internationalization of the renminbi…

        Shanghai Gold will change the current gold market “consumption in the East priced in the West” situation.

        When China will have a right to speak in the international gold market, pricing will get revealed…

        Interestingly, Luode acknowledged what he accurately described as the “consumption in the East, priced in the West” situation and assured the world that the ‘real’ price of gold would become apparent once China took its rightful place at the centre of the gold market.

        ***Yep the Gold Price Suppression by the West paper manipulators is about to get the roof blown off and watch Gold and Silver surge in price. We are nearing this event very soon. Unless the US, Nukes the Globe out of spite? This is how this will unfold. China and Russia Plays Chess, The US plays checkers with a GUN.

      16. Freedoms are almost gone here….Did you know that in Arizona if a teenager cuts in front of you at a McDonalds, and you put your hand on his/her shoulder and say excuse me…the line starts behind me. You can be arrested for “aggravated assault” (3-15 years in prison). Did you also know that driving under the influence means “impaired to the slightest degree”…meaning if you have a glass of wine at dinner, and drive…you can be arrested for DUI (even though your blood alcohol level is far below 0.08…..This is becoming a police state, and I’m sick of it. Likely moving to South America when I retire in 6 years. Only problem w/ other countries is its very hard to own a firearm. But in most of these countries, you won’t need it anyway!!!!

        • I hear that

        • Anybody who touches you, you can have arrested for battery. Does not mean a child or at McDonalds. Anybody anywhere. So when someone threatens you, you tell them what will happen if they touch you. You warned them, and have some witnesses.

          Keep in mind, cameras in MacDonalds will also catch you on Video and your Lic plate as you leave. Who eats at McDonalds these days anyway? lol

      17. Before computers and credit cards, we didn’t have this nonsense. No pictures on DL’s, only SS number. There wasn’t anything to steal. Progress.

        • Him.
          They took SS numbers off of drivers license because people were stealing the numbers and using them.

          • For what? They couldn’t steal your credit. There wasn’t much illegal immigration back then. Pre-1965. Some people would merely copy names off of grave stones and apply for a social security card back then. After sending in for a birth certificate. The beginning of the credit card business was about the time things started to go downhill.

            • SS #’s. Uh lots of things, back then they could steal.

              *Finance a car in your name.
              *Take out a Mortgage, Take possession then flip the property or rent it out and take deposits.
              *File a Tax return and refund,
              *Open up a bank account and write tons of bad checks,
              *Rent an apartment in your name then fail to pay.
              *Go to the bank and clean your account out.

              I am mystified why criminals will spend 10 times the effort to produce a scam, than just go find a regular job. Of course that why they are stupid in the first place.

      18. Lets look at this.\
        #1 Point Protesters. Blocking Roads. Not your fault if you try to drive through to get where you are going and one of the Stupid Bastards keep getting in your way and stopping or detain your movement and you run them over.
        #1 stopping and detaining you not letting you have your freedom (Unless being detained for a lawful reason such as an investigation) to go where you want to is KIDNAPPING!
        Second part wear a mask at a protest, this wouldn’t have come to past if the protesters where just protesting and not Rioting. As far as wearing a mask in the cold weather NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP YOU. That statement was B.S.
        #2 Changing definitions of words. Happens all the time.
        Like Hot mean something very warm- or Sexy Woman. Cool meaning something not warm or meaning neat. The Bomb something that can blow things up. Today it means the biggest and the best. This statement from her is B.S.
        #3 Biometrics. I to be used in NON American Citizens coming into the US. What does she want and attack like 911 or worse. Or maybe she does, because when it does come the crack down will be 1000% worse.
        #4 Torcher. What we do is a walk in the park compared to what they do like cut off fingers and hands genitals, put you in a cage and light it on fire, cut your head off with a dull knife. Our torcher isn’t met to kill anyone, theirs is. They torcher you until you die. then they torcher your family, or your family first them till they die and then they torcher you.
        #5 Drone strikes yep they have kill the bad guys and yes they have kill innocence. Theirs. The young men and women, and children. strap bombs to their cheat and walk into a market or store or a café and blow up everybody. not targeting anyone, but everyone. Or holding family hostage so the father will drive a truck though a crowd killing everyone he can. NO main target just women children and even there own family that they didn’t know was there. So torcher I call Bull Shit.

        Rant over.

        • You’re right, the 9/11 psyop allowed them to bring on a bundle of fear based intrusions that they put into law for their benefit, so they can track everyone. And Melissa points out that at this time they will only be doing biometric tracking of people coming into the US, she also says that the problem is that if you as a US citizen leaves the US you will put into the data base as you return. At least that’s what I got out of it. I could be wrong. But like everything else, it’s all done incrementally. And if you are going to put a stop to any of it, it has to be done right away. They always introduce more oppressive laws aimed first at ‘criminals’, only later does everyone become a criminal in a sense. It’s a plan. And it’s right on schedule. And Trump is pushing it faster than ever. It’s good for you. There’s a terrorist around every corner. Just ask the FBI. They find them all the time.

          • “Just ask the FBI. They find them all the time.”

            I know what you meant … but there is a word missing in that sentence. it should be read as …

            “Just ask the FBI, they manufacture them all the time.”

            Now that sentence spells TRUTH! ツ

        • If they are chopping off peoples heads then i see no reason to ban torture. The young left here wants the muslems to all come here, but they don’t realize that Sharia law forbids a woman to drive, to vote, to go out in public alone, and they are also doing genital mutilation to the young girls, and throwing gays off roofs. So this is what will happen to the young millenials who so badly want the muslems here. I don’t think they even realize this or are thinking it thro. They are about to have a rude awakening.

      19. Censorship is another problem. The people that operate Blogger have started to kick blogs off the internet if they consider them to be too politically incorrect. truenewsusa.blogspot was kicked off. They are back on as altnewsusa.blogspot. They report on crimes that the MSM won’t talk about.

      20. Wikipedia does not replace an encyclopedia.


        Something I believe is very dangerous is the use of acronyms. Stop being lazy and type out the whole word. ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government, NAACP = the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasion People. And yes, that is right. There really is such a thing, but you obviously confused it with another organization. That’s the problem. In one hundred years, let alone one thousand years, our writings will be unreadable.



        • Wikipedia is a CATCH 22

          One – it is, and can be vital part of information that may or not be found elsewhere.

          Two – Wikipedia can be manipulated/changed/altered per a persons view.

          #2 is what makes wikipedia dangerous

          • This reminds me … not long ago … I posted something about on Zyklon B.

            I said it was used to treat fleas … it is a pesticide.
            In no way shape or form will this stuff kill a person in heavy doses.
            It will make one very much sick, but it will not kill them.

            Anyways – somebody followed up my post about how Zyklon B was used to kill the J✡ws during WWII, because they posted a Wikipedia link of Zylkon B saying it was so.

            First off – what you will notice if you type in Zyklon B in wikipedia search. It does say it was a pesticide, and nothing else about the chemical itself. It then went onto a bunch of fictional atrocities about Zyklon B that was used as murderous tool.

            Any logical person will see, that there is something wrong with the information. It says what zyklon b is [a pesticide] then diverts into a whole new subject matter to distract the reader.

            Typhus was rampant during those times, and there was no cure.
            To eliminate or reduce Typhus was to use Zyklon B – which would kill the fleas that were the carrier of Typhus.

            Propaganda is dangerous – and this is one of many instances where it has been used, and continues to be used to this day.

      21. http://bit.ly/tacljb

        Check this out.

        If people can read the Constitution, maybe they’ll get it.

      22. I meant to set your world on fire,

        I didn’t mean to set the world on fire.

        I let the cities burn,

        now we’re all alone,

        I’ve come to grips.

        Each night I thank the Lord, for the Apocalypse!

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