5 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Chia Seeds To Your Food Supply

by | May 3, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 13 comments

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    We’ve all heard of chia seeds, but they are spoken and written about sparingly when it comes to adding them to your prepper supply. But there are several incredibly good reasons to consider storing chia seeds for when the SHTF.

    The Mayans loved chia seeds so much that “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength.” So if you’re looking for a food item that will provide you with energy, nutrition, and the strength to make it through a catastrophe, look no further than chia seeds.  Grown in Mexico and South America, chia seeds are said to have been used by both the Mayan and Aztec cultures for supernatural powers.


    Despite their teeny size, chia seeds pack a punch when it comes to nutritional content. Chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium, according to Medical News Today.

    2. Egg Replacement

    Although most people use chia seeds soaked in water as an egg replacement in vegan meals, they could be used similarly after the SHTF.  If all of your chickens die off or you’re unable to get to the store for eggs chia seeds could make a decent replacement for foods that need some binding.

    3. Digestion and Detox

    A diet with adequate fiber prevents constipation and promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract. Digestive concerns are very real for those who consider themselves to be preppers, and chia seeds will be a huge help! Regular bowel movements are crucial for the daily excretion of toxins through the bile and stool, and we will all need our health to remain stable if we expect to make it through a disaster less dinged up than the average person.

    4.Greens via Sprouts

    Chia seeds can also be grown into sprouts, which will add a little more green to your SHTF diet. Because they quickly absorb lots of water, traditional sprouting methods using a jar are not advised.  If you put chia seeds directly into the water they will turn into a gooey gelatinous mess. That’s fine when using it as an egg replacement (as suggested in #2) but they just won’t sprout that way giving you nutritious greens. But using a terra cotta dish, you’ll be able to effectively sprout delicious and wholesome chia seeds.

    5. Easy Storage

    Chia seeds are incredibly easy to store, making them almost perfect for the majority of preppers to add to their stockpile of food. The antioxidants in the chia seeds allow them to be stored for months in a dark, cool place, like your cupboard, but because they will keep for up to 5 years, it is not unreasonable to add them to your SHTF food supply. Preparedness Mama suggests putting your chia seeds in plastic Ziplock baggies and pushing as much air from the bag as you can. Toss your baggies of chia seeds into a 5-gallon bucket and store them in a cool, dry place like most of your other dehydrated foods in storage.

    NOTE: Because chia seeds can absorb 27 times their own weight in water, they work well for healthy digestion, however, should be mixed with other foods or liquids before consuming, especially for people with a history of swallowing problems. Small children should not be given dry chia seeds.


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      1. Plus if your bald you can use them as a hair replacement! All kidding aside they are a good prep. 🙂

      2. here ya go… ht tps://chia.com/chia-pets/

      3. Where will you get more of it?

        “Massacre Canyon is best known for and was named after a devastating battle between two local Indian tribes, the Ivahs and the Temeculas, according to oral history from early Soboba Indians…

        The battle of Massacre Canyon was fought over control of the locally grown Chia plant – part of the mint family – whose seeds were an important food source at the time.

        After the Temeculas’ Chia crops failed, their tribal members soon learned about the San Jacinto Valley, where the essential plant was flourishing.

        The Ivahs and the Temeculas nearly came to battle when Ivahs first spotted Temeculas gathering from Chia plants on Ivah land.

        When subsequent attempts for a peaceful resolution between the two neighboring tribes failed, the two tribes fought a fierce battle over control of the San Jacinto Valley.

        The battle raged throughout an entire day with scores of combatants dying from both tribes…”

      4. Will they store well with vacuum packaging?

      5. Chia’s snotty mucilage helps slow the absorption of sugars into the system. Good for diabetics to experiment with, with doctor supervision, of course.

        The chia really needs to be incorporated into dish so the chia goo can encapsulate the food/sugars.

      6. Had to know Amazon sells them.

      7. Fixes broken legs too!

        …and hurt feelings!

      8. I do 2 tbsp Chia per day along with 2 tbsp of flax. I do a 3 to 1 or less omega6 to omega3 ratio. Unlike the average obese American with their 30 to 1.

        You better drink at least a gallon of water daily if you eat 2 tbsps of Chia. Although its great in fiber, otherwise lack of water and you’ll be passing painful bricks.

      9. Honestly I would recommend against this. The bio-availability of Chia is extremely low. To extract any useful nutrients from them they would have to be chewed thoroughly (given their size that is very difficult), otherwise they would just pass through your system pretty much intact and whole. This is the way many plants spread their seed, by passing through the digestive system of animals. All Chia would really do is give you a sense of “fullness” due to the fiber content. Just my researched opinion, but to each their own.

      10. (For some reason, a couple of paragraphs about California’s Massacre Canyon were held in moderation, in which local tribes had a war over our native chia specie.)

        The way that any normal person would put this article to use, is to buy something. Just buy the resealable packet of health food, as though it will nourish you, through hard living, happily ever after.

        It would require strategic control over arable land and water, in order to physically support yourself. (More than graffiti and dumping in the present day canyon.)(More than buying some novelty food off a pegboard.)

      11. add a tablespoon full of chia seed MEAL (the ground up seed Not the whole seed) plus a spoonful of collagen powder (Great Lakes green label) to your morning oatmeal or yoghurt will keep you going til about 2 PM. If you can find powdered tofu use that too.

      12. #3. Digestion

        Chia seeds are great, but can be a problem for those with diverticulitis (pockets in the colon).

        Although chia seeds might prevent getting problems like diverticulitis, if you already have it, tiny seeds might not be your best option. If you use them anyway, be sure to soak them thoroughly.

        Just my personal opinion. Not medical advice. I’m not responsible for anyone foolish enough to take advice from someone like me whom is not qualified to give medical advice. And that goes for all my posts. If you need medical advice ask your doctor.



      13. You can also use Chia seeds to replace pectin in making jam/jelly. Once you cook your jam/jelly and add your sweetener you add about a table spoon of dry chia seeds for every cup of jam/jelly. Then you can as usual or freeze. I have done this several times. The jam/jelly is not as thick as with pectin, but it certainly works for using on toast or what have you.

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