5 of the Most Violent Cities in the WORLD Are Right Here in America

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    When you think of the most dangerous, violent cities in the world, do you picture slums in Third World countries with vicious drug cartels or arrogant warlords? Maybe the kind of violence where enemies are decapitated and whole families are murdered seem like things that happen far away in some terrifying, exotic locale.

    Some of this is true – but FIVE of the world’s most violent cities are right here on the American mainland and another is in an American territory. The list was created by researchers of anti-violence think-tank Seguridad, Justicia Y Paz (Security, Justice, and Peace), who made their rankings based on statistics of homicides per 100,000 residents.

    The vast majority of the cities on the list were in Central and South America. Interestingly, the violence in Venezuela appears to have dropped in violence this year, but not because it’s suddenly become a mecca of safety. The official situation there has devolved so much that they simply can’t track all the homicides.

    But back to America

    We pride ourselves on our first world status and civilized societies, and yet four of our cities ended up on the list of the most dangerous and violent locales on the planet.

    They are:

    • #13 St. Louis
    • #21 Baltimore
    • #32 San Juan
    • #41 New Orleans
    • #42 Detroit

    How did these cities make the list?

    • St. Louis, Missouri: Since the Ferguson riots, the entire state of Missouri has seen a sharp increase in violence. This has culminated in the city of St. Louis, which had a 2017 murder rate of 65.83 per hundred thousand people. There are thousands of violent crimes each year in the city, which only has a population of about 320,000 people.
    • Baltimore, Maryland: The city of Baltimore has an astounding murder rate of 55.48 people per hundred thousand. Last year’s murder rate was nearly as high as the year that the riots erupted over the killing of Freddie Gray by city police officers.  There’s a murder nearly every day of the year in Baltimore and the police force there is widely considered to be one of the most corrupt – if not the most corrupt – in the nation.
    • San Juan, Puerto Rico:  Many will think that San Juan earned its place on the list due to the devastation wrought by two back to back hurricanes, but it was already bad for years before. DHS ties this to drug trafficking. The island territory had begun to see signs of improvement in 2015 after a massive spike in 2011 that brought murders to an all-time high. The homicide numbers didn’t immediately escalate after Hurricane Maria, but as the unrelenting darkness continued, violent crime began to increase until it reached 48.70 murders per hundred thousand residents.
    • New Orleans, Louisiana: Murders in New Orleans, Louisiana fell last year but armed robberies and non-fatal shootings have risen by a whopping 30% since 2010. The city is renowned for its food, music, and festivals, making it a popular destination for tourists. Yet, the 40.10 murders per hundred thousand people rank The Big Easy as more dangerous than some of the most notorious cities in Brazil and Columbia.
    • Detroit, Michigan: Detroit is the fourth American city to be featured on the list of places you’re most likely to be murdered. With a homicide rate of 39.69 per one hundred thousand people, Detroit was the 42 most dangerous city in the world according to these statistics. The city used to be an American hub of industry, but when the automotive manufacturers left, it fell into disrepair and poverty. Residents have a whopping unemployment rate of almost 11%, the population has plummeted, and since it is one of the poorest cities in the nation, perhaps the residents who remain simply can’t afford to get out.

    For those who are interested in preparedness, the collapse of these cities is something to watch. Note how the increase of violence in many cases ties in with a lack of confidence in local law enforcement officers. A failing economy is another factor, as increased desperation leads to increased crime.

    What other cities made the list?

    Here’s the list of the 50 most violent cities in the world in its entirety:

    1. Los Cabos, Mexico
    2. Caracas, Venezuela
    3. Acapulco, Mexico
    4. Natal, Brasil
    5. Tijuana, Mexico
    6. La Paz, Mexico
    7. Fortaleza, Brazil
    8. Victoria, Mexico
    9. Guayana, Mexico
    10. Belem, Brazil
    11. Vitória da Conquista, Brazil
    12. Culicacan, Mexico
    13. St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    14. Maceio, Brazil
    15. Cape Town, South Africa
    16. Kingston, Jamaica
    17. San Salvador, El Salvador
    18. Aracaju, Brazil
    19. Feira de Santana, Brazil
    20. Juarez, Mexico
    21. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    22. Recife, Brazil
    23. Maturin, Venezuela
    24. Guatemala City, Guatemala
    25. Salvador, Brazil
    26. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    27. Valencia, Venezuela
    28. Cali, Columbia
    29. Chihuahua, Mexico
    30.  João Pessoa, Brazil
    31. Obregon, Mexico
    32. San Juan, Puerto Rico
    33. Barquisimeto, Venezuela
    34. Manaus, Brazil
    35. Distrito Central, Honduras
    36. Tepic, Mexico
    37. Palmira, Columbia
    38. Reynosa, Mexico
    39. Porto Alegre. Brazil
    40. Macapa, Brazil
    41. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    42. Detroit, Michican, USA
    43. Mazatlán, Mexico
    44. Durban, South Africa
    45. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
    46. Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa
    47. Campina Grande, Brazil
    48. Teresina, Brazil
    49. Vitoria, Brazil
    50. Cúcuta, Colombia

    Seguridad, Justicia Y Paz blames much of the violence on drug cartel turf wars, economic crises, and violence perpetrated by gangs like MS-13.

    Do you have any doubt that violence will be abundant when the SHTF?

    All you need to do is look at this list and study these cities to see how violence escalates when the rule of law collapses, when economies crash and people starve, when police officers go dirty, and when criminal gangs turn into the ruling class.

    This is just further evidence to support my belief that preppers must be armed. If you are prepping to survive a long-term event, make sure that you plan to survive the escalation of violence, too.


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      1. Looks like Mexicans are the most murderus people around?

        • This site is run by a Russian troll farm.

        • Mexicans are sneaky. Very quiet, but they hate you, whitey. I’m sure this will be mediated or not appear at all. Just trying to enlighten you.

      2. One need to find commonality.

        St Louis 49% African American

        Baltimore 63% African American

        San Juan 18.3% African American (Hispanic White 68%)

        New Orleans 60% African American

        Detroit 82% African American

        • Here’s another commonality. All are run by Democrats and have been for decades.

          • What I noticed was how many were places where a border might help keep them from sneaking into the US to cause turmoil. Mexico, South America, East Indies, etc.

        • Yet, blacks only make up 13% of the population and the % of black males is even smaller….

          And they wonder why there’s a stereotype…. Just yesterday I was sitting outside my garage smoking and saw an older Asian lady walking down the sidewalk. She suddenly crossed the road and thought she was coming to talk to me. From around the corner I saw a young trayvon martin walking the opposite direction on the sidewalk she crossed over from. People arent stupid!

      3. There has to be something wrong with the numbers. Other than Capetown, the cities are all in the western hemisphere. I know of some cities in Asia and Africa that are also violent places to be. I wasn’t surprised at the cities that made the list in the USA. If you ever have to work in Detroit, find a job in a donut shop close to a police station. Stereotypical but true!

        • Brian

          That is a very good point.

      4. Drugs are 90% of the problem and non-whites are 90% of the problem. We made a 180% turn during the sixties and the rest is history.


        • I didn’t see Amsterdam, a drug haven on that list. Its the illegality of drugs in demand that fuel crime. When prohibition was repealed Budweiser wasn’t machine gunning Miller for market share. Certainly the absence of livable wage employment with the demise of manufacturing via globalization is another cause.

        • B from CA.. well when you have the national guard troops firing on an antiwar protest of college students at Kent St. during the Vietnam war. The government provoked the shooting. Is that the 180 you speak of?

          • Those National guard guys were only
            trained to shoot and fight wars. Not be police.
            When you have 100’s of people threatening
            to hurt you from all sides, there is just a
            few of you, and you have nowhere to withdraw to,
            what would you do?
            Die, or make the other bastard die
            for his cause?

        • I sometimes wonder if cocain and opium are Gods natural gift for the deadening of the pain of this life? Wisdom tooth with no dentist or pain killer?

          • TH, I think they’ve been a big part of the problem: sexual immorality, drugs, forgetting the Commandments.

      5. Something isn’t right … how does Chicago, Illinois not make this list?

        • Liberals consider Shitcago as its own country run byGew Raum Emmanuel. It is just like Californicate and acts as if no loaws matter but those pronouncements that his holiness Raum dictates.

      6. Chicago is 32.9 % African American

        • If you use the 12% minority population committing 55% of the murders (which is rom the BI Crime Reports) the remaining population commits roughly 3% of the murders assuming 50 murders per 100K. As the minority demographic increases violent crime rises disproportionately. Math doesn’t lie.

      7. Talk about a case of figures can’t lie; but, liars can figure!!! 1st off, except for a couple of South African mentons, all cities are in what used to be called the New World. North and South America. Huh? Like nowhere in the Middle East is dangerous? Not even say …. Yemen? What a load of b.s. To me, the most dangerous place is either Washington D.C. and all the scheming criminals there or Hollywood and the perverted cadre of self-absorbed filth that runs the place.

        • Current theaters of war must not report homicides.

        • Well said.

      8. Looks like Mexico was well represented on this list. I am surprised Mogadishu, Somalia was not on there.

      9. Yeah no Arab countries, no Afghanistan, only South Africa. I call bull on this list.

      10. People feel like they done been robbed.

      11. I hope everyone watches some convince store shoot outs . And see the almost no reaction to being shot. Seems you need a powerful gun? And don’t worry about conserving ammo, unload on them while you have the chance? Big gun go?

      12. The remongton pump rifle in 308 with 10 round triple K mags. For the big bore no PC bullshit crowed? Deer gun coyote gun? Anyway to each his owne. Be missder head shot. Or Elk gun? Under the worse conditions?Still need you.

      13. Why the hell can African Americans not just work hard like other minorities? There is something mentally wrong with them.
        For the ones that do work will be all nice and use the race card to try and rip you off because if a white person complains you are raascis and they didn do nutin

        • We’ve had a written language for thousands of years, they haven’t?

      14. Nothing wrong with the numbers, guys and gals. You have to have a functioning government (or a reliable NGO) that is interested in collecting, and then releasing, these kinds of statistics in the first place. It’s no real mystery why there is a lack of Middle Eastern an African nations on the list; do you really think you could get any kind of reliable data set out of Somalia?

      15. Hum … seems to be a black and brown thing. Is it any wonder why Africa, and south America are the way they are, and the people who are from there make things here worse. Now! Open those darn borders so they can all come. Or, just sit there and watch. They make America great, by protesting us with the flags of their homelands. Which, by the way, invalidates their naturalization option! You can not legally be American if your allegiance is to another!

      16. Oh my! Look at all those Socialist latino UTOPIAS..

        Hello folks, Communism works wonders for population controls!!! just ask the Mexicans, Brazilians and Venezuelans,…. All pure Heaven on Earth zones…..

        If this list is not 50 great reasons to fight for the Lawful Constitutional Republic, then you should leave immediately for Mexico to enjoy that paradise!

      17. My question is…How in the hell did they miss all of South Africa with the white genocide that is happening there?

        Oh never mind, they are white people…those racists are getting what they deserve, right? (sarc off)

      18. BS list,where is chicago?

      19. Chicago missed the short list? How did that happen? That’s all we ever hear about is “Chicago: Murder Capitol of the World.” Me thinks the MSM, the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” need to do a better job in the drooling, foaming at the mouth, fevered ant-gun, pro-confiscation of all guns, propaganda department.

      20. THREE WORDS

        BUILD THAT WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      21. I live in a suburb north of Detroit… I once asked a co-worker, lived in Detroit: “Why do Detroiters come up here (30 miles north)and rob stores and break into homes?” He said “It’s simple…y’all don’t lock your doors, you trust your neighbors, you leave your cars unlocked with valuables in there… y’all are ignorant…easy pickens”… he then went on to say: “there’s bars on the windows and doors down here in Detroit…and you have to assume everyone has a gun. up in the burbs, Y’all are blissfully unaware…easy pickens”….

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