5 More Reasons Why You’re Living in the Strangest Time in Human History

by | May 9, 2017 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Last March I broke down five reasons why we’re living in incredibly strange times. Between the advent of 3D printers that can build houses, and the development lab grown meat that could be hitting our grocery store shelves very soon, one could say that the world today is unlike anything anyone has experienced before. The truth of the matter though, is that there are so many more reasons why our lives today are fundamentally different from the lives our ancestors.

    Granted, every generation has unique challenges and innovations that often change the nature of our existence in a big way. But with how fast technology is advancing these days, it’s easy to argue that what modern humans are experiencing is very unique. It’s seems as if not a week goes by without the news reporting on some new discovery, invention, or social change that could have earth-shattering implications for our future.

    So if my last article didn’t convince that we’re living in one hell of a strange world, allow me to illuminate five more stories that could change your mind.

    The Rise of Megacities

    In the year 500 BC, there were only 100 million people on our planet, and the largest city at that time only contained 150,000 people. However, within a few decades there may be a city in China that far surpasses those numbers.

    By building hundreds of miles of high speed railways and sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure projects, the Chinese government hopes to connect twelve cities near Beijing, which would form one massive city that they plan to call “Jing-Jin-Ji.” When it’s completed, it will house an astonishing 130 million people. It will cover an area the size of New England, but will have a population density that is nearly nine times higher.

    Artificially Intelligent Sex Dolls

    Though the future may bring wonderful technologies with the potential to radically improve our lives, some of the technologies that are on the horizon will probably make your skin crawl. Among them is the artificially intelligent sex robot that is currently being developed by a sex doll company in California.

    The creator of the $15,000 “Harmony” doll told The Guardian that “She can hold a conversation, tell jokes and quote Shakespeare. She’ll remember your birthday…what you like to eat, and the names of your brothers and sisters. She can hold a conversation about music, movies and books. And of course, Harmony will have sex with you whenever you want.” Obviously, something like this would have a huge impact on the nature of human relationships, and present ethical questions that no one has ever had to ask before.

    Touchscreens Will Be Everywhere

    Remember that scene from Minority Report, when Tom Cruise picks up a cereal box that has a screen embedded on it? Well, that’s about to become a reality. Researchers at Trinity College in Ireland have developed a material that is only a few nanometers thick, and will open the door for the development of ultra-thin and disposable touchscreens that could be placed on almost anything.

    According to the researchers, “In the future, printed devices will be incorporated into even the most mundane objects such as labels, posters and packaging.” They also suggest that their technology will allow touchscreens to be superimposed on human skin.

    Nothing You See Will Be Real

    Photoshop software has given pretty much everyone the ability to manipulate images in countless ways. Now anyone can touch up an image, combine multiple images for comedic or dramatic effect, or turn a picture into something that will deceive millions of people. However, that ability is about to be taken to a frightening new level.

    There are now computer programs that allow you to synthesize anyone’s voice. All you need to do is feed the program an audio file that contains one minute of someone’s voice, and then you can generate a new audio file with totally different words. And it will sound just like that person. There’s another program that allows you to alter videos of people by manipulating their facial features, including the shape of their mouths. In other words, you can now take a video that features anyone, and edit that video to make it seem like they’re saying something that is totally different. You will never be able to completely trust anything you see or hear on an electronic device ever again.

    Artificial Wombs

    Last month, scientists working for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia revealed that they had developed a “biobag,” or an artificial womb that is capable of supporting a prematurely born lamb for four weeks. They expect human trials to begin within three years, and the scientists hope that their invention could save countless prematurely born babies.

    However, the device also brings us closer to the day when perhaps, a mother isn’t needed at all. For now this technology can only support a baby that is roughly 23 weeks old, but it’s obvious that this invention represents the first stages of something far stranger. In the near future, it may be possible to raise a human fetus, from an egg to a infant, without the help of a real womb.


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      1. Ain’t I been saying it?

        • How about they upgrade the sexdoll to be able to change Gandhi’s diapers. Perhaps we get a new “ba” for Gandhi. Lol.

          • If they could actually get a doll to move (walk around, lift things) it would probably be considered something more than a limp doll and significantly more popular (not just for those 50 second workouts). Could actually be impressive – and make me wonder who is real and who is not.

        • Well the Populas is turning back to their roots now. We don’t want all that Big brother technology tracking our every move. Dump your Cable Lie TV, get rid of your smart phone subscription. Get a burner phone and pay cash.

          Did you know Smart phones today log when your phone moves, Yep what time in the morning you pick up your phone off the table, and creates movement. What you look at first. Your habits, where you carry your phone. It turns on the microphone and listens to all your conversations and records them for future uses. Every place you go daily it tracks your every move, via internal GPS, and as you pass my the Sting-Ray Fake Cell Tower it sucks all the data off your phone and feeds all your phone calls, text messages, photos, phone book contact names, and puts them all into the fusion center, so you can be found at any time and place just by your carrying your cell phone. Pretty Smart eh? And they even get you to pay a monthly service charge for you feeding your info and habits into their data base. Brilliant!! Thank you for the daily data beating, May I have another sir!!

          • And does anyone really think the AI ‘sex dolls’ will be any different? In addition to all the other assaults on privacy, it will almost certainly provide live audio-video feed; digitize and send DNA identification of the user; analyze and transmit a complete lab workup of the user — everything from blood gases to vitamin levels; transmit user’s (unique identifier) heartbeat, accompanied by health analysis of same; capture sample of exhaled breath and analyze same; record activity levels in various parts of user’s brain to analyze and transmit; etc. ad infinitum.

            The most disturbing aspect of all this is that people will become conditioned to all of it over time, and simply not care… just like almost nobody seems to care now about being spied on constantly by their computers and cell phones. (–and very soon: their cars, refrigerators, and televisions.)

            People really ARE sheep.

        • a Brave New World, indeed!

      2. This is mostly interesting. Some almost funny. Not much is really scary though.

        • I find #4 and #5 quite disturbing.
          #5 is right out of Huxley’s “Brave New World”–and only a step away from government controlled breeding. Permits needed for procreation, babies bred in bags/tubes with inseminations and grown to 9 months and then raised by government agencies from infancy instead of having the indoctrination begin at kindergarten.

          #4 Is VERY disturbing. There are some examples of this technology on YouTube. The Deep State and MSM could control EVERYTHING with this technology. They could make a false video of a certain politico appear to say something completely made-up, impeach or imprison innocent people, start wars over complete fabrications ( no more false flags needed–just make videos of the “enemy of the state” admitting it)…Watch the videos on youtube, very disturbing.

      3. My only solace is knowing I am old and I will be dead soon.

        The longer I am here the more rigged I see learn and know everything is. Humans could have done so much good and progressed so much further in the last 4000 years, but the people in charge held us back. It makes no sense.

        • That guy, put me in your will please.

          • OK

            Where there is a will there is way.

      4. Makes me wonder what kind of emotional being a baby incubated in a bio bag would be? Babies react to and are influenced by their mothers’ emotions prenatally, whether it’s fear, sadness, ambivalence, happiness and longing, whatever. This has the capacity to truly create beings who are emotionally void, and that’s a scary thought.

        • No difference now between women and their prenatal kids and the artificial womb bag..lifeless and emotionally sterile. HA! modern day women and the male culture they created of simps and manginas…back a couple generations ago, family was REVERED, but the last two generations family has been scorned and discouraged by gynocentric policies and attitudes, single mothers then afterwards chase off the dads through divorce and false charges and then brainwash the kids into believing their dads were ALL criminals and pedophiles to be hated. Society is the wway it is now because the FEMINISTS and COMMUNISTS destroyed family values, destroyed relationships with their program to criminal all men, by skewing all the laws and courts to make women paid and treated like goddesses regardless of their own heinous behaviors. Look at how fast women kill their kids or get abortions because of the “inconvenience” to their already shallow vapid lives they adopt from society. Look at how Fckded up kids are in the 5 to 18 years old band…never mind generation ME adults….

          • Your right, and I saw it even as a young man. I was getting all the milk I want free without buying the cow. I took the advice of a person I respect that the best way was just get a girl friend and only allow relationships to be temporary. When it played out drop her and get another. I didn’t want to have to compromise or make the effort necessary to make a marriage or a relationship work given what one has to do these days. Besides, I have my own home, my toys, my freedom, and full control of my finances. It’s been my life experience women are basically takers, not givers. I’l mention this though, it seemed the more I ignored them or told them they didn’t interest me the harder they tried for my attention. I see many of my married friends suffer with the women they’re tied to; two of my friends wives even offered me the opportunity to have an affair with them. I made a point to turn them down in the most publicly shaming way possible.
            I’ve had a vasectomy many years , I rarely mentioned it but they would become angry if or when they found out. I dated this one girl, when we went on a date she wanted to go look at houses, she tried to trap me by claiming she was pregnant. She threatened me with child support, I just laughed, told her to go ahead and try. When I finally told her about my vasectomy she exploded.
            I just basically use them to sometimes cook a meal for me, do my laundry, stuff like that. One piece of good advice for every man- NEVER tell them anything personal, or discuss plans with them. And don’t bother trying to get to know them in much more than superficially, they always express why I don’t ask much about them (the truth is I’m not interested).

            • Billy, you are both right and wrong. I think you know how you are right, but have yet to figure out how you are wrong.

              When you are dying alone with nobody giving a shit about you, your toys and freedom and finances will be worth little. Your life will seem meaningless and pointless as YOU look back on it.

              You are, essentially, no better than the women you avoid relationships with. It is good you can not commit yourself to someone who cares about you until you can care about them.

              Having said that, I enjoyed a long single life myself. I finally did get married at about 40, once I knew what I was looking for. I have two kids, and a wife that I trust to go through the rest of my life with. She is not perfect, but good.

              I had a great single life, and followed it up with a pretty good married second life. The best of both worlds, and a fairly fulfilling life.

              Life is more than enjoying yourself while you are here. It is also what you leave behind to make the world a better place.

              • Very well said Gods Creation. Billy, do you think it’s possible that you attract the type of women you mention in your post by the type of person you are?

          • yuuup!

        • Only fags and women like emotions. Emotions are a mental illness. They are opposite of what human is. A man is not disturbed or exited by anything. The reason there are so many fags is mothers emotionalize the kids. Mothers do more harm than good. Also you shouldn’t breed if you have defective genes.

      5. I feel for my children and my children’s children! God help us and protect us it’s going to be rough!!!

        • Why??? Your selfish ass let it happen…

      6. This Rubicon was crossed 16 July 1945 by Trinity at Los Alamos. The debate then centered upon the theory the detonation may cause spontaneous combustion of the atmosphere. They pushed the button. Technology proven by Fukushima to be uncontrollable now defines us. Technology is already out of control, you’re too late Daniel.

      7. A fake womb: that’s why they got all those college girls to “donate” their eggs.


      8. Those sex dolls don’t look half bad,compared to my luck with real women over the years, definitely cheaper over the long run lol

        • PFFT! i would date rosanne barr right about now….it’s a desert out there!

      9. It seems that throughout history the groups that had strong ties survived. But not always. As a melting pot we will liquefy and pour off the contaminants? How do we pick and choose? As the little Jew f Billie Joel said( Catholic girls ) And who was wrong ,and who was right, and does it matter in the thick of the fight? In the thick of the fight your skin color will be your uniform. No time to pick and choose? There will be uncountable injustices. As usual? But as tribe survival the over powering instinct. We will do what all surviving tribes have done .Nuetralize or exterminate the competing tribe.

      10. Glad I got my reservation of Eternity with Jesus dusted off and ready to go. It pains me though, to think of what my children will likely go through.

        God Bless


        • Hey Grunty, hate to tell ya but you have been fleeced. There is no heaven and there is no seat for you at the big table. All that money you donated to the church over your lifetime, has been spent on their self serving humanic ways. Jesus is never coming back, its all a hoax. It will pain you more to realize you spent your entire life being lied to all for a hoax. Its a real eye opener. Just find one person who ever got everlasting life. Name one? Proof of life baby. Never happens. Sheep get fleeced. And if you want to do your children a favor, stop spreading the religious lie and teach them the truth just like I’m tell you here today. Wake up ignoramouses!!!

          • Yellow:

            Some people get not only comfort from their religious beliefs, but have used some of the better parts of the bible or whatever as guides. People like you who are atheists don’t realize that your beliefs form your own religion, although you falsely consider yourself above all that superstition, you are not.

            You only make yourself an unwelcome social pariah the way you come across. It would behoove you to simply say something like, “you go ahead and believe what you want, I am an athiest”. Same difference as what you said, without the element of belittling. Just my opinion, dude. Take it or leave it, I don’t care; but you might have better relationships if somebody taught you some diplomacy when you were being raised.

            I have seen some handsome men and pretty women who couldn’t get past first base because they don’t know when to talk and when to shut up. And others like you who are smart but lack finesse.

        • Another selfish ass… Why worry about them now??? Should have cared when you could do something about it…

      11. When I read articles like this one it reinforces my constant thought that we need a reset. The horror of TEOTWAWKI, WROL, SH(itting)TF….. Armageddon or whatever your particular source of ‘ending it all’ starts to sound real good. What gets me is that all the effort I’ve put into life, raising kids, building what I’ve got….. all seems so……. ridiculous.

      12. mayb its taking time to unveil the alien technology.. n we need to get there fast reason being some people already own it



        Take a look at this guys. The president does not seem to be concerned. Why does he allow this to take place. Why has he not stopped this. In fact I was wondering if anyone has any info on the patriots that were arrested by Trump at Keystone, and also the Indians?

        I have to be honest with myself always. No matter how I try to make excuses for this president, the evidence keeps showing me that we are not going to get this country back. No chance.


      14. Well did Churchill warn about the National SOCIALISTS (aka Nazis, who are VERY similar to today’s socialists)

        But if we fail, then the whole world … including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, ****by the lights of perverted science.”****

        God will not allow man unlimited power, which will result in unlimited evil. See That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis.

        “If there is no God, *everything* is permissible.”
        – Fyodor Dostoyevski

      15. May 9, 2017 Breaking: Tunnel Collapses At Hanford Nuclear Site – Emergency Declared

        The US Department of Energy has declared an emergency at the Hanford, Washington nuclear waste storage site, after a tunnel used to store contaminated materials caved in. The tunnel was full of highly contaminated materials such as hot radioactive trains that transport fuel rods.


      16. We’re being turned into a Borg / Insect Colony through the misuse of technology and a complacent citizenry.

      17. Bugs, that’s what we are to the corrupt establishment. How do you get rid of bugs? Chemicals yay, sprayed and fed bugs. Don’t matter if the people er bugs eat it. It’s safe and FDA approved.

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