36% of US Workers Polled Say Their Employer Is REQUIRING The “Vaccine”

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Thirty-six percent of United States workers polled said their employer is mandating they get the COVID-19 “vaccine” as a condition of employment. There has been a steady increase in the number of companies willing to go to bat to keep the ruling class in power, it seems.

    A new Gallup Poll found that this increase in a demand to be vaccinated with a concoction that isn’t a vaccine by any definition, is up from nine percent from the same poll in July. Additionally, 39 percent of workers say they are encouraged but not required to be vaccinated, decreasing from 62 percent in July.

    Gallup also noted that 25 percent said their employer had not specified a vaccine policy, which has stayed relatively unchanged since May, according to a report by The Hill. A majority of U.S. employees say they support the establishment’s requirement of a vaccine mandate, with 56 percent in favor and 37 percent opposed. The percentage in favor is up 7 points from 49 percent in May. The percentage of those opposed has stayed relatively the same since May.

    The survey found that 30 percent of all U.S. workers strongly oppose their employer’s vaccine policy, adding that 52 percent of that group [16 percent of all U.S. workers] say they would be “extremely likely” to look for a new job if they disagreed with the policy. –The Hill

    Gallup’s poll was conducted Oct. 18-24 among 4,007 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. While a mere 4,000 people cannot possibly be enough to get the pulse of a nation with over 320 million people residing in it, it does show that some companies are willing to keep the ruling class in power so they can continue their enslavement of the human race.

    It is past time to band together and do something. We need to stop supporting any company that requires a vaccine mandate. We need to stick together and help those who have been fired for standing their ground and not allowing some boss to dictate what goes in their body. We need to make sure we have positioned ourselves and aligned with those who do not make ridiculous demands of those who work for them and spend our hard-earned fiat currency at their businesses. Voting with our wallets will have a much bigger effect than anything else. We have the power and the ruling class knows it. Unfortunately, we all believe we have to obey and comply and be good little slaves in order to just get by. Time to get off our knees and lift others off theirs.

    Government is slavery. Once we figure that out, we can understand that what they fear the most, is people realizing that. They don’t care that you think you are “losing freedom.” They hope you never figure out you actually never were free. We don’t need to “reconfigure” the slave system. We need to abolish slavery for good.


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      1. Good thing I’m retired. If they mandated that where I worked I would quit. FJB.

        • Hey G. If you take the mark of the beast, you will not be accepted into heaven. If there is such a thing.

          Been off the grid at my BOL now for 6 years,9 months using Solar ans still using the same batteries for my Off Grid Solar. No utility bills either in the same time. Drop off recycling for free and burn the rest of the trash in a burn barrel. Its pays to live in the Country out of the City where I sold my City house back in 2015 to escape the coming tyranny. Trump just bought us all 4 years to prepare. Did you squander that time of stack it to the rafters? Been prepping since 2010 Obama Gun ban BS. That convinced me they are the enemy to the people. Good luck Preppers. The Prepper Final Exam is now upon us.

          • When you burn, be careful.

            Some States have a burn ban on anything that is man-made. Agricultural waste only. I fully expect that the Revenuers from those States to put up a drone force to hunt “violators” so they can ticket them for mo’ $.

            Consider building a smoke reduced burn barrel (examples on YouTube) to possibly make it harder for them to spot you.


      2. What’s the story with black eyed babies.

      3. The Biden administration wants 100%, and has threatened businesses that do not comply with hefty fines. I am surprised it is that low only 36%, but glad to see the non-compliance. I think businesses are starting to wake up to the realization if they get away with this mandate the mandates will only get more intrusive, and more often, ruining businesses and the US economy. Of course the woke globalist mega-corporations will push the mandate as they want all the business and all the control.

      4. Smaller companies/businesses across the US can’t afford to ensure every single employee or customer is “vaccinated”. Many local companies in my area can’t even get the all employees they need anyway because of a so-called “labor shortage”. Some say the rate of vaccine non-compliance in my area is high and I say no more more than 5-10% wear masks. If local businesses here were to not conduct business with “non-compilers” and make a point to only hire those who have received the covid vaccines they would go out of business. This whole squalid thing is just a big scheme perpetrated on the American people by the State for power and enabled by corporate interests for profit.

      5. RELIGIOUS exemption.
        They HAVE to recognize your constitutional right

        go to barnhardt.biz there is a sample letter and some sound advise

        • Where can I find a list of State approved religions and which of their beliefs are approved for exercise by their membership and whether or not each of those members have to be individually registered to be granted that permission?

          There has to be one somewhere, but I don’t know where to look for it.

      6. FYI…. Nov. 8-11 is the national walkout for companies demanding you get vaxxed. It would be great if at least half of them got shut down for a few days!

      7. Every aspect of this scamdemic is a lie! All numbers are lies, everything the government is telling us is a lie! When you tell a lie long enough eventually the sheep believe it!

        Do not comply! If you cannot work any longer in a blue state , pack your bags and move to a state with a vax bill of rights that goes against needle rape.

        I have autoimmune diseases and will not comply. Scumbag medical companies will only give you an medical exemption with proof of myocardial or anaphylaxis reactions to previous vaccines. Stand your ground and do not comply. They are lieing about the numbers of vaxed!

      8. Now is not the time to cave in. The gov’t and the corporations are accustomed to easy victories over the people. If you get the “vaccine” you have surrendered, you have no right to complain what happens next. You may become very ill, they could make further demands on you, they may require your kids and grandkids to get vaccinated, they may make you take more vaccines in the form of boosters, or they may compel you to acquiesce some of your rights. But hey, if you received the covid vaccine you allowed that door to be opened, it won’t stop there, now live with it.

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