3 Barter Items You Probably Haven’t Considered But Will Be Valuable Even If the Poop Doesn’t Hit the Fan!

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    Originally published at Ed That Matters

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    The idea of bartering gets a lot of attention in the Preparedness Community.  Many preppers believe that when the SHTF and our economic system crashes, precious metals and bartering will be the system of exchange.  As a result, preppers stockpile certain items that might be desired in a post-SHTF world.

    There are many lists out there.  From time to time, someone comes up with a new list that includes items that others haven’t considered.  The thing that preppers need to remember is the difference between “needs” and “wants.”  If you want to stockpile items, you should be concentrating on what people will “need” vs. what they might “want” in a post-SHTF situation.  Of course, some people’s “wants” might be another’s “needs.”  So, this can always be subjective.

    I think about items that I would want if I was in a post-SHTF world.  I try to imagine a typical day and what would be valuable to me and maybe to others.  Below are three items that might be barter worthy if/when the SHTF.

    Medicine – This is a no brainer.  In a post-SHTF world, people are still going to need medicine and have health issues.  Yes, if all hell breaks loose, those who know how to use herbs to heal will share with the rest, but that will take time and people will still need meds!  However, what I want to highlight here is not just the stockpiling of meds, but the stockpiling and repackaging of medicines.

    If you are planning on bartering with some sinus medicine, there is nothing that says that you have to barter away a whole bottle or package.  This idea really hit home with me when I read one of Rawles’ books, I think Survivors.  In the book, there is a character that stocks up on seeds.  Later, she starts a bartering store and one of the things she barters with are seeds.  But she doesn’t barter away the whole packet, she barters a few seeds for items that people might want/have.  The same concept applies here with meds.


    Above you will see some meds that I have in my Altoids First Aid Kit.  I purchased the plastic bags at Walmart in the crafts section.  In the pic, I have Advil, Sudafed and Benadryl.  Wouldn’t it make sense to barter a small package of meds instead of the whole box or package?  You could even barter away a combination package.  Think like a business here!

    If you choose to do this, keep all the meds in their original package until you need to barter them.  Remember, medicine expires, but it doesn’t go bad, it just loses its potency.  So rotate them, but never throw them away.  And for those of you who just want to know this…just stay away from Tetracycline if you are concerned that it will harm you.  I believe the issue with Tetracycline was fixed, but whatever…there are other options.

    Air Horn – Air horns make a lot of noise…basically a big horn sound in a little can.


    This might fall in the “wants” category, but it could easily find itself over in the “needs” category.  Let me explain…

    Make a Perimeter Alarm – What if you find yourself at your bug out retreat, camp ground, house, etc… after the SHTF with just your family.  If you are not part of a big group that has trained and setup proper defenses, you might have to live in constant worry and fear that someone sneaks up on your family in the middle of the night.  Setting up a perimeter alarm with an air horn is so simple and cheap, you will kick yourself for not having this option available to you.  Check out this article over at Outdoor Life for more info.


    Communicate with Far Away Neighbors – We camped out on our first couple of trips to my dad’s property in East Texas.  We can see our closest neighbors behind us, but they are really far away.  But still, in the woods, at night, sound travels.  One evening, our neighbors decided to play loud music and shoot off a ton of firearms.  This went on all hours of the night.  I suspect that mom and dad weren’t home.  It wasn’t very cool to have to try and sleep through all that, but it brought home the idea of how sound travels out there.

    So in a post-SHTF world, you could setup with your neighbors that certain blasts on the air horn mean certain things.  For example:

    • 3 blasts of the horn = emergency come quick (could mean having to defend against others)
    • 2 blasts of the horn = meet me half way, I have something to tell you

    I’m sure there are other uses that we can come up with, feel free to share below.

    Great Stuff Foam – You’ve seen this “stuff.”  A big red can that shoots out expanding foam.


    In a post-SHTF world, houses will shift, repairs will need to be made, holes will need to be sealed.  If you are a carpenter and have the materials, this won’t be a big deal.  But there are many who won’t have the skills and more than likely won’t have the materials since all the Home Depot’s will be closed.  This stuff might come in real handy!

    In closing, when it comes to stockpiling items for barter, I think you need to be real careful.  You should first make sure you have the important preps taken care of: food, water, self-defense, medicine, shelter,etc…  You also need to really think through what might be needed in a post-SHTF world.  Some things that I have seen on lists might not really be necessary.  You could find yourself with a bunch of stuff no one needs.

    For more articles on bartering, click here and here!

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      1. A decent alternative to the toilet paper that will run out would be nice.

        • I’ve got a bunch of old phone books stashed just for that purpose. Might be litlle scratchy, but IMO they’re better than than rags.

          • Ebola And The Five Stages Of Collapse

            “At the moment, the Ebola virus is ravaging three countries – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – where it is doubling every few weeks, but singular cases and clusters of them are cropping up in dense population centers across the world.

            Ebola’s mortality rate can be as high as 70%, but seems closer to 50% for the current major outbreak. This is significantly worse than the Bubonic plague, which killed off a third of Europe’s population.

            Previous Ebola outbreaks occurred in rural, isolated locales, where they quickly burned themselves out by infecting everyone within a certain radius, then running out of new victims. But the current outbreak has spread to large population centers with highly mobile populations, and the chances of such a spontaneous end to this outbreak seem to be pretty much nil.

            The scenario in which Ebola engulfs the globe is not yet guaranteed, but neither can it be dismissed as some sort of apocalyptic fantasy: the chances of it happening are by no means zero.”


            • A sobering read. Ebola could be the catalyst that brings the final collapse.

              “examining collapse as consisting of five distinct stages: financial, commercial, political, social and cultural, and briefly discuss the various ramifications of a swift 50% global population collapse when viewed through that prism…”

              • I recently bought a gusher hand pump, because our basement fills with water if the sump-pump is not working. In a grid down situation I don’t want to lose my new furnace and water heater. It could be something to earn money with in a SHTF event.

                • No insult intended but how are you going to be able to use the furnace and water heater in a grid down sit-rep. No electricity no Nat. gas.I’m guessing you just want to keep the water out of the HVAC items hoping the gas and elect. comes back online? The pump is a great idea though. Just a thought-I repair bicycles for a hobby and make a few k. yearly and am already bartering for things needed. My family’s intent is to prepare for living w/o elect completely.

                  • No insult taken, yes I am thinking about after things come back (if they ever do), the furnace and water heater will be items that are hard to find replacements for.
                    My family is prepared for living without gas & electricity too.

                  • Old Nam Vet… kudos for adding bike repair skills to your SHTF tool kit. That should be a very useful skill whether or not the SHTF.

                    One thing that keeps coming into my mind is a 3-wheeled “truck” version of a bicycle, complete with a small cargo bed. Would be real handy for toting garden produce to market or picking up / delivering trade goods. Then, of course, there’s the pedi-cab version. 🙂

                • In a ‘grid down’ situation, your furnace and water heater will mean nothing except for something to prop against a door

              • WELL WELL WELL!

                Braintree Mass.has confirmed a patient with Ebola like symptoms has been transferred to Boston Beth Deaconess Hospital and the local hospital has been been evacuated..

                Not even an hour away from us here..



                • yeah, I know what you mean, Possee… I’m on the east coast too. Things getting too close for comfort.

                • Oh Ubi,

                  THAT be NOT good Friend, not good at all. Please be SO CAREFUL over the next two weeks. PLEASE Friend!

                  • As Americans are distracted with Eboli – check this MAJOR FUBAR DISASTER – “ISIS Steals Over 50 U.S. Howitzers, 1,500 Armored Humvees!”

                    Courtesy of the American Tax Payer. Gee I wonder how they so easily got these in their hands with little resistance.

                    Wake up Sheeple. We are being duped and sold out by our own Government – Who is either massively incompetent or part of the ISIS Scam. Then add that the US war planes bombed the wrong oil refineries and the Iraqi air forces dropped reinforcement supplies on ISIS positions and not bombs.

                    The World is a Stage.

                • Getting real folks….too close to me as well. Fortunate for me prevailing winds are NW here. Dam, I was born there!

              • Rather, the “ebola scare” could bring about economic collapse

                • short the airlines!

              • I am without words, I am totally incredulous at the void between your ears.
                I hope you plan to barter the hallucinogenics you are taking now.

                  • The Airlines are riping off travelers with bogus baggage fees to the tune of about $3.5 Billion a year. And hundreds of millions of dollars in just flight reservation changes. Boycott the Airlines as they are the Carrier of Diseases. They don’t give a damn about the spread of Ebola, follow the money. GREED!!

                  • Been boycotting the airlines ever since the Thugs Standing Around started sexually molesting people in airports. Wife and I can easily afford to travel by air 3-4 times per year but we haven’t flown anywhere in years. Instead, we take some really nice driving vacations around the Western US. The US National Parks are a joy to visit and the West has a bunch of them. The view is better too and we often discover smaller out of the way places that are delightful. 🙂

              • If anyone thinks Ebola has suddenly appeared on the scene by accident, they need to have their heads examined. Nothing is by accident, and nothing is by coincidence.
                We live in a world where we are the social experiment of a class of nut bag elites. And there are too many of us to feed. Guess what??? you guessed it. Time to cull the herd.

                • The strains of Ebola are patented by the few elite. What does that tell ya.

              • Thanks KY Mom,

                While I may not entirely agree with all the conclusions in the article, overall it was a good read. So far, all we are seeing are politically correct responses to the Ebola crisis. The danger of politically correct solutions is that it detracts and undermines timely, critical, and effective solutions from being implemented in time to prevent a full-blown catastrophe.

                The response to contain Ebola so far has been an unmitigated disaster. However, if it was the intention of the U.S. government to deliberately expose unsuspecting Americans to this rabid killer virus, it has been a textbook operation so far.

                Bio-hazard response supplies are already doubling, tripling, and quadrupling in price on Amazon from a month ago….if you can find them.

                Stay safe out there friends.

                • I agree, YH. Problem is, WAY too many people worry about being ‘politically’ correct rather than correct. The two are rarely ever the same. I will take being correct every time.

            • The question is… when are we US citizens going to storm the airports and borders, demanding that TPTB close our borders and stop bringing people from Ebola-stricken countries to the US??

              Before TSHTF or after its too late?? In some countries, they are already protesting… In Spain, thousands in the street because the “leaders” are not doing all they should to stop it!

            • My nighttime perimeter is already taken care of. I have a mouthy Chihuahua to raise the alarm and a silent Pit Bull to take care of the rest. Trekker Out.

              • Excellent MT!

              • peacocks and geese are great perimeter alarms

                • Guinea hens

                • I have heard and seen myself, that guinne (spelling) hens, and certain pea fowl , are excellent alarms. And you are so right, geese and peacocks can be down right mean.

                • Oh, heck, yeah. NOTHING sneaks up on a goose. Don’t know about pea fowl but geese are great at raising the alarm when humans or animals approach. Additionally, they lay eggs and are tasty. 🙂

              • the LITTLE dogs are the best early warning, if you can only afford to FEED one dog, the littlest ones have the BEST ears….i’ll take care of the PERP myself!

                • Perps make good dog food.

              • I’ve got a mouthy wife to raise the alarm, and a silent 12 gauge to take care of the rest.

              • I like PBs and I don’t mean Peanut Butter. There are no bad dogs only bad owners.I’m probably overly sympathetic to dogs but that’s the way I am. I’m not apologizing.It’s cats I’m not to fond of…

              • M T
                and that dang little Chihuahua is some damn fine eating too


            • Ebola has now reached Lagos Nigeria and possibly Senegal.
              Death rate is 90% with out medical care and 50% with medical care. The WHO has abandoned Sierra Leon as a lost cause. 5.7 million people there are now on there own. The total of deaths reported by the WHO and the MSM does not count dead bodies found but not tested and those that die in the bush or remote areas. It’s probably many times higher than the reported 4400.

              • lock down the border

          • Ammo, ammo, and More ammo.
            Liquor, tobacco, coffee, and sugar.
            Shoes, coats, blankets, gloves. (per
            my old man born in ’23 and veteran of
            the most miserable Depression he could
            remember in modern history.

          • I’ll go along with the ph books, when I was a boy, we all used the Monkey Ward and Sears books.

            • Not those with Glossy pages!

              Slip sliding away.

              • best to get the books that have nothing but the yellow pages in them

          • Navy Vet – Regarding using old phone books for toilet paper. Personally I would start in the “A” section right at “Attorneys.” Then crap with pleasure.

            • WWTI … and then skip to the .gov section, it’s also quite large and not of much use except for cleaning up poop. ;^)

          • Navy Vet, Don’t flush that phone book paper down your toilet. It will plug up your septic system. Did a latrine or burn to poop paper.

            • RL … already there.

            • There’s some soft, velvety leaves you can use… forgot where saw it, but one website talks about the leaves Indians used…

              Personally, I’ve stocked up on tons of toilet paper… just need a whole lot of other stuff. I guess I could barter.

              • Mullen….big, soft fuzzy leaves…would work well.

                • Just use your fingers like the donkeys.

                  • mean jackasses.

                  • He means Democrats.

                  • OC thanks for the help. I was having trouble with my vocabulary, but glad you understood.

          • roll it in a ball and rub together for a bit, much less rough

            • uby … having already tested my SHTF TP substitute, even with vigorous crushing and rubbing during the period of letting nature take its coarse, phone book paper, while better than other alternatives IMO, will never compare with Charmin. ;^)

          • Ebola Topic – Oh Boy listen to this: Per CNN Live, a discussion about Ebola with experts said that Ebola bacteria can live on surfaces like door handles, railings, any surface with a dark, cooler, moist area for as much as 6 Days-(SIX DAYS)

            6-Days on a surface. Makes you think how many public surfaces you touch on a daily basis.

            Also they said after someone is supposed to be cured that the Ebola bacteria can still be found in Human Sperm up to 90 days after supposedly cured with no other present signs. That will pretty much end most people sex lives. Including those sexually active. Time to hook up with that one healthy person and settle down.

            • WWTI … another possible case was admitted to isolation at Beth-Israel Hospital in Boston this afternoon. The man had recently traveled to Liberia.

              ht tp://www.bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2014/10/suspected_ebola_case_being_tested_at_beth_israel_hospital

              (take out the spaces)

            • Here’s story from a female doctor from Nigeria who recovered from Ebola. It details how she was able to accomplish this, while practically on her own in an isolation ward. My takeaways: prayer, early detection, prayer, oral electrolyte solution, prayer, strong will to survive and finally prayer.

              ht tp://www.thecable.ng/how-i-survived-ebola-2

              • Why did she need all the other stuff if prayer would to the trick?

                • prayer gives alot of people HOPE. which helps with the will to survive. im not deeply religious myself and dont think god meddles in our day to day lives period. but I HOPE there is an afterlife, therefore i continue to cope with this fucked up world.

              • Here’s a site with a recipe for home made Oral Rehydration (Electrolyte) Solution to put in your notebook. It also has some other recipes for nutrition supplement during cases of diarrhea. Severe diarrhea and vomiting are common with Ebola.

                There’s a .pdf a little way down the page.

                ht tp://rehydrate.org/solutions/homemade.htm

            • Ebola is a virus, not bacteria. But, do not let facts cloud your thinking.

              • Thanks Dazed n Confused. For clarifying that. Just shows how the lack of knowledge about Ebola we know. So Silver colloid kills bacteria then can it kill a virus too? Hey factoid can anybody check on this?

            • “Time to hook up with that one healthy person and settle down.”

              Did that 45 years ago !
              Thankfully, we’re in a green zone too.

            • What is Ebola Virus?
              Published February 4, 2012 | By DeadlyMicrobes

              Ebola virus is an uncommon viral infection which kills nearly 90% of its victims. Researchers from National Institutes of Health (NIH), have identified five types of Ebola virus and discovered something in the virus that causes the significant internal bleeding that almost always results in death. The viral glycoprotein is believed to destroy endothelial cells that line the walls of the blood vessels.
              Causes of Ebola virus
              Ebola hemorrhagic fever (also called Ebola fever) is the human disease associated with the Ebola virus and it happens when the virus enters the body.

              Four of the five Ebola viruses cause disease in humans. The four deadly variants are: Bundibugyo virus, Ebola virus, Sudan virus, and Taï Forest virus. So far, only parts of Africa have reported the disease in humans, but the Reston type of Ebola virus (not harmful to humans) has now been identified by scientists in the Philippines.

              Symptoms of Ebola virus

              The mean incubation period for Ebola virus is 12.7 after initial infection, but can take up to 25 days, according to the CDC. Within the incubation period, it is common to experience general influenza-like symptoms including general malaise, high temperature, body aches and intense headaches.
              More Ebola virus symptoms include:

              sore, achy joints that can be diagnosed as arthritis
              lower back pain and overall sore joints
              chills and clammy feeling
              diarrhea, nausea, vomiting – upset stomach
              tiredness, listless feeling, malaise
              high body temperature and fever
              headache or migraine-like pain
              sore tongue, mouth and throat


              This link to the rest of the story.

              • This whole ebola thing is so obviously staged you’d have to be an idiot not to see it. They have told us for years, decades even what they plan to do. Just like all theyre other false flags, they do a piss poor job of making it believable. And the masses say “oh your a conspiracy nut, the govt. would never do that” And I say to the masses “God damn your a bunch of morons, willfully ignorant fookin sheep that couldn’t think your way out of a wet paper bag”. If I took a turd and covered it with chocolate and said it was a govt. issued candy bar they would eat it up and ask for more.

                Let’s see here… They have warned about a pandemic for years, and stated they want population reduction and war aint good enough. They have genetically altered the virus to make it as deadly as possible and easily transmitted. They patented theyre modified virus and did everything possible to get it out into the public without the sheep thinking any different. For instance.. flying all these victims to the US, opening the southern border, flying in turd world people and spreading them all over the country, taking no precautions whatsoever in decontaminating ambulances, vomit, hospitals, etc. Saying there is no vaccine till march, not restricting travel inbound from other countries, saying they plan on blaming isis or whatever boogieman they come up with to avoid the finger being pointed at them.
                A 5 year old could see it it’s so blatant. Don’t count on the govt. to do anything more than what is the absolute minimum to stop it because they are propagating it and it’s theyre brainchild for the agenda. Fema quarantine death camps, travel restrictions, forced vaccinations, a good excuse for the economic collapse to place blame away from them, heavy handed police state control of the masses, draconian laws (that Im sure are already written and just waiting in the wings), and a whole host of other bullshit just waiting for the crisis to get big enough to pull it off and people not being the wiser.
                Think about it, it’s the perfect plan to achieve all kinds of shit. Look at the evidence, put the pieces together, see the big picture, use your brain and then ask “why isn’t the govt. doing more to stop this?” If you still can’t figure it out, your probably too stupid to make it in a shtf event anyway 🙂



              • Just read another scary fact on Ebola.
                Our wonderful CDC is stating that sufficient screening for Ebola for people in transit to our shore is taking a persons temperature and asking them if they’ve been in contact with someone who has Ebola.
                Just found out that 12.9% of people infected with and contagious with Ebola never develop a fever!

              • From the CDC

                Bio Safety Level 4

                BSL-4 builds upon the containment requirements of BSL-3 and is the highest level of biological safety. There are a small number of BSL-4 labs in the United States and around the world. The microbes in a BSL-4 lab are dangerous and exotic, posing a high risk of aerosol-transmitted infections. Infections caused by these microbes are frequently fatal and without treatment or vaccines. Two examples of microbes worked with in a BSL-4 laboratory include Ebola and Marburg viruses.

                In addition to BSL-3 considerations, BSL-4 laboratories have the following containment requirements:

                Laboratory practices
                •Change clothing before entering.
                •Shower upon exiting.
                •Decontaminate all materials before exiting.

                Safety equipment
                •All work with the microbe must be performed within an appropriate Class III BSC , or by wearing a full body, air-supplied, positive pressure A suit.

                Facility construction
                •The laboratory is in a separate building or in an isolated and restricted zone of the building.
                •The laboratory has dedicated supply and exhaust air, as well as vacuum lines and decontamination systems.

                This is straight from the CDC’s website. This is how they treat Ebola in there labs. When it gets out in the public they don’t seem to care do they.

                1 – Oh it is not a big deal they say.
                2 – It will not be a problem in the US.
                3 – We don’t need to restrict air travel.
                4 – Our health care system is prepared for this.
                5 – You cannot catch it unless you come in contact with bodily fluids.
                6 – In the public they are treating it like any other blood borne pathogen. ( A known Lie ).
                7 – Screening at air ports with a questionnaire and temperature guns. ( Symptoms may not show up for 21 days ).

                I will stop there but how stupid do they think we are. They are lying through there teeth for some reason. This is why I am nervous and have a bad feeling about this. Something major is up.

                It just makes no sense.

            • I hear that!

              Monogamy for the win!

              Coming up on 19 years with the better half. The current stats are 1 in 3 has an STD out there. Not very good odds my friends.

              Who wants drippy dick during SHTF?

          • I store phone books too! The problem, in my area the BIG phone books that we used to get don’t come anymore. Instead, we get these small phone books that are a fraction of the size. They still find their way to a nice little stack in the garage. 😉

            • Sam’s sells boxes of coffee filters…wallyworld sells smaller pkgs for $1.47 I think…lots and lots of these don’t take up that much room….also buy the $4pkgs of wasg rags, run them thru a surger to halve and surge the edges…coffee filter for the first wipe, rag for the cleaning up. I’ve also saved mustard bottles to squirt water for that really clean feeling. Someone has suggested one of those pump pressure sprayers like you use with weed killer to clean the nether regions…got it on the list! Whatever it takes to keep my humanity.

              • Dollar General for a buck. $5 dollar off coupon for Sat with purchase of $25.

              • those coffee filters will come in handy to “pre-filter” your water before adding bleach for drinking also.

            • Prepper Website
              Just shit smaller…. That’l work.

          • Soak and simmer the pages in water until most the ink comes off, add softener (optional), let dry, then cut it into squares. Use a rolling pin if you have to. Spray witch hazel or colloidal silver on it (optional) as an antibacterial.

          • Why save old phone books for TP? Scott papers says people use 16-19,000 sheets per year. I’m sure You could cut that in half if you had to. so $5-8 per year is all it would cost to have the real stuff. Get real!! Pick up pop cans or something, no way I’m going to use telephone books. Stupid

            • I can just see it now while sitting on the stool pondering the poopoo thumbing through the phone book coming accross my old highschool girlfriend’s new phone number. Would calling her now be considered worth bring up old shit or new shit worthy?

          • NV– If you can figure out some running water, a bidet is super clean and sanitary. I bet you could figure out how to direct a spray of water. The oldies talked about corn cobs but we should be more inventive.

          • left hand and a bowl of water works great

          • I keep 10 packs of 36 rolls on hand of Scott Toilet Paper that I get at Costco. I also like wine for barter.

          • navy vet
            tear out and roll between your hands to soften been there done that too


        • This plant can also be used as toilet paper.

          How To Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages

          Wooly Lamb’s Ear – Medicinal and Edible.

          “Wooly Lamb’s Ear, botanical name Stachys byzantina, has been used for centuries as a wound dressing on battlefields. Not only do the soft, fuzzy leaves absorb blood and help it to clot more quickly, they also contain antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these factors make this plant a really great alternative to store-bought bandages.”

          -Wooly Lamb’s Ear actually has many medicinal uses. You can heat a few bruised leaves in a pot of simmering water, and use the cooled infusion as an eyewash to treat pinkeye and sties.

          -Drink a tea made from young, dried Wooly Lamb’s Ear leaves to help with fevers, diarrhea, sore mouth and throat, internal bleeding, and weaknesses of the liver and heart. (~Wikipedia)

          -You can bruise the leaves so that the juices are released, and put them on bee stings or other insect bites to help reduce the swelling. The same effect can be seen when used for treating hemorrhoids, or for postpartum recovery.

          STILL MORE USES:
          -Being soft and super absorbent, Lamb’s Ear leaves can be used as menstrual pads
          -Used in place of cotton balls.
          -It can be used as TOILET PAPER.
          -It’s also edible. The young, tender leaves can be eaten fresh in a salad or steamed as greens.


          Wooly Lamb’s Ear: Natural Antibacterial Bandages that you can grow

          Note: I read that this plant can be invasive. So, plant this in a contained area.

          • Somehow, I suspect if I tell my wife to use this as a menstrual pad, she’ll tell me to use it as a tampon..

            • Just Me… Giggling over here. I think I’d like your wife, but I think I’d also use lambs ear as a menstrual pad, if I didn’t have my diva cup!

          • I’ve recently got several packages of these lamb’s ear seeds, along with some other medicinal and culinary herb seeds. I’ve got enough ibuprofen to choke a herd of horses. I look for this stuff every chance I get.

        • FP, pages from the IRS tax code might come in handy…

          • I use the IRS tax code book for that everyday.

          • Meathead. be very careful though. It might have been touched by the Learner jooo bitch and be infectious.

          • I have a copy of the Affordable Healthcare Act…don’t if it will ever run out.

            • Only of other peoples money…

        • FP- Re: Toilet Paper Alternatives, – Various prepping vids out there say that most people have tons of clothes they never wear any more still hanging in closets. You could start with your wife’s wardrobe and…. then the fight starts. lol. Seriously every body needs to pitch in 5 garments towards the wiping prep. Then just discard (Bury it) after use.

          • Well Well Well… TODAY is Columbus Day. The Day American’s Celebrate the Murderous Spanish Invader who discovered the West Indies. Yep give all Federal Employees the day off to Celebrate Spanish and Christian Genocide against Native Indigenous people, the slaughter of cultures and future generations. The Columbus who never set foot on the North American Continent,but get credit for Discovering it.

            Got to be a Proud American for Today’s Twisted Holiday.
            (sarcastic- excuse my rant, the truth really sucks sometimes.)

        • You need to use the shells!

          • They don’t know about the 3 seashells lol

          • Thought you were supposed to put it to your ear….

        • pine cones… corn cobs. Yes, people HAVE used those.

          • The Romans used round stones. I hope they had the slaves wash them clean after every use.

            • Since Roman graves have been studied recently, finding evidence that many of them died with infestations of various worms and parasites, I think their method of wiping/cleaning themselves, may not be the best plan to follow…but that’s just me.

              • Six,for worms/parasites,a teaspoon of Diatomaceous earth food grade for a week clean em out of your system,a 10 pound bag bought cheap/stored in old coffee containers should cover this to a large degree.

                • emergency worm flush, drink 2tbls of kerosene it will flush em out. gas works also but not as effective. do not smoke after

            • They also had a community sponge on a stick…I just verped.

              • LOL….

          • JM, I was tempted to type something about Lois Lerner and corn cobs……but, never mind.
            Carhart jackets, hiking boots, woolen sweaters (bought ’em in Ireland), warm sox, soap, batteries of all sizes, spare shoelaces, hatchet, and candles. I went out shopping; picked up a wood planer, looked for hand drills, didn’t find any right off the bat. Got wooden matches, a multi-tool, and cases of water.
            I have 3 tool boxes over flowing with hand tools; I’ve saved all kinds of stuff over the years. Even found a micrometer buried in one box.
            Don’t forget the spare reading glasses.

          • I will just pretend that I am my dog and drag my ass across the yard.

            • Do you have a video camera?

              • an old one. I think my kids smart phone has one.

                • Well then, you should capture the event on video, for all of posterity.

                  • May be awhile. I still have plenty of TP. Looking into all the water wash options. Have well and way to power it. Good luck to all those with Sears catalogs and a woman around.

        • Buy a couple of garden pump sprayers. Modify the tip and use that to clean your backside. The second one is a backup. Lot cheaper than stockpiling toilet paper and takes up less room. My barter able item would be calcium hypochlorite so that people can make their own bleach (disinfectant). Just my two cents.

        • Bibles. Those Mormon and Jehovah’s dorks stop by all the time offering give-away bibles. Great source of alternate buttwipes.

          • The best use I have ever heard of for a bible.

        • Off topic – nurse who treated Duncan during his second visit to hospital positive for Ebola despite full Hazmat protection.

          While I still believe this virus will be contained in the West (not much fun for those who get it though) the Genie just might be wriggling out of the bottle ……


          • This is big. Humidity does not seem to be a propagation constraint. We can only hope now that temperature is a constraint. Thank god for winter approaching.

            I am personally now beginning procurement of materials necessary to support residence entry protocols. (Phase II) i.e. construction of outside clothing removal area, construction of outside shower area, and construction of outside changing area….all of which will be connected to the back entrance to the house.

            Total cost is about $350.00

            Sound insane? Check your degrees of separation from hospital workers, pharmacy workers, or anyone else for that matter who comes in contact with the sick.

            My degree of separation. 1.

            • I don’t think it sounds insane at all. It also might make a nice argument if the CDC workers come to your home, you could make them all dress down and clean up in order to even talk to you. They might get the hint that you’re better protected than they are…plus, give you time to get away from the round up.

            • Read somewhere yesterday that winter temps will not be a help in deterring ebola. In fact, the virus can actually survive longer on hard surfaces in cooler temps than hot. Not sure about sub-freezing temps, but think I’ve read that the virus can survive that too. I’ll see if I can find the link, but I’ve been all over the place on the net in the last few days reading up on this mess. Just wanted to share this tidbit…

              Went and bought pool shock today so I can make my own Clorox/bleach solution. About the only thing we can get that will kill the virus…

        • News paper would work, soak it, puree it, flatten it and let it dry…better then nothing and its free by the truck loads if you know where to look. Also not the best solution, but once again better then nothing is to use sheep wool or grow cotton…just don’t flush into the septic.

          Here is imo, the top items for barter, not mentioning the obvious ones like ammo, Medicine, food etc. Mostly items you can live without and luxury items. Also they’re a few things I won’t mention for the fact that I’d never trade these items. Example: Salt, unless you have a salt mine (or starving) you’d be insane to trade it!

          1. Alcohol: Everyone wants to forget there current situation/also needed for medical reasons.

          2. Tobacco/coffee/sugar/other plants: A lot of people will be itching for these. Addictions are a bad thing, but in shtf its kind you or them. I wouldn’t trade sugar unless you can grow your own. A lot of people belive you can’t grow sugar cane past zone 9-8 but I believe you can, their are some strains out there that are more cold hardy and I belive if you put them in a greenhouse and something covering them the roots may survive. If you can’t grow cane then plant sweet sorghum which you can make a sweet syrup sugar/Molasses substitute. Honey works too.

          3. Seeds: in the beginning they will be very important, but smart people should realize fast that they need to save their own.

          4. Toilet paper: its a luxury item, of all the trading goods its the most useless, but many of a people imo will trade their goat for a few feet of it.

          5. Skills: sadly can’t buy this one…well less you go to school or something.

          6. Fuel: its imporant.. but not at the top because imo unless you have a few thousand gallons worth I don’t think it will be as useful (I know myself I’d be using it instead of trading it!)….but if you make your own then that is a different story.

          7. Tools: Someone who stocked up or makes hand tools imo will be able to trade for a lot of stuff. Also this person could rent these tools out and have his own work crew.

          8. Power Generating: Could be used to charge batteries/tools for people in trade of something else. This is very low on the list cause its dangrous, only let freinds & neighbors know of it or have it mobile/off your land. This could go hand and hand with the tools because it gives you the ability to use power tools…which could give you the ability to form an construction crew.

          9. Scrap metal:

        • RT NEWS: thousands of visas to US issued to Ebola stricken countries…



            FOR OUR PROTECTION ????????

            If you want my personal views anyone who has it (EBOLA) ship them to ANTARCTICA IN (QUARANTINE) away from the general population.

            If they survive fine.

            If they die NUCLEAR CREMATION OVEN ????????

            I know the sound of this is SICKENING

            Because it makes me think of WW2

            Or the GREAT PLAGUE from EUROPE.

            But what DO YOU DO ???????????????

            Any ANSWERS ?????????

        • Try a bottle of water put some holes in the top of it aim and squeeze

          That is what the hodjjjies do.

          • mustard/catsup bottles should work.

        • FP… I made my own reusable toilet paper. I took some old, flannel sheets, cut them up into large-ish rectangles 4″X7″, and sewed them together to be double thick. I also made smaller ones, 4″X4″ for the ladies to use for just urine wiping. You should separate the ones used for urine and the ones used for fecal excrement. Then, wash with your handy washboard, line dry, and reuse. Good luck!

          • This is where your stock pile of bleach/pool shock will come in real handy…

          • Faith,only washboard I have are my well defined/strong abs,not sure I want to wash urine and feces encrusted cloths on my stomach!

            • lol. wake up, your dreaming again.

        • The Romans usedan a communal sponge on a stick then scraped it off and washed it. I don’t plan on sharingto mine.

          • Well,a suppressor easy enuff for one to make,unless they really had it down in this operation to completely silence the firearm the writer by using the word silencer lost a bit of credibility in this article,guess we will have to wait and hear(pun intended) about this.

            • I found it interesting that the Pentagon had to out source gunsmithing 101.

              Oil filters work great for quieting the blast. Hard to get a good sight picture with a oil filter, point and shoot device. You will still hear the firing pin, action of the weapon, etc. Don’t forget you need subsonic ammo.

              • Shootit,they hear firing pin you are so close doesn’t matter.For a semi auto rifle they make adjustable gas blocks for different load that include a full shutoff,hence,action needs to be cleared with charging handle,so,only hammer strike pin which even with suppressor will be covered by barrel discharge,albeit a quite discharge.

            • “Silencer” on an AK-47? Please. That thing rattles like a car crash every round you fire. And all standard ammo is supersonic.

        • Here in the Philippines, drugs are individually foil packaged so you can buy 1 or 100. I have a supply of standard meds in my stash already. They are good for years and, even if they lose strength, they will work. They are water and light proof.

          What would you trade for 10 Aspirin? I have the regular strength and the 80mg heart safe sizes. How about Prednisone? I have 5mg and 20 mg tables. (for my allergy) And on and on.

          • One of the rules of barter, is to never let them see all you’ve got.

          • drugs NEVER go bad….unless, of course, yer asking my(ex)wife…..and a LOT of other peeps….amazing how wasteful america(ns) have become.

          • Aspirin decomposes into acetic acid, so if you open the bottle and it smells like vinegar, it’s about gone and is useless.

            • 1) OTC meds may last longer if vacuum sealed in mason jars
              2) around the garden or campsite, sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth to take care of crawlie critters
              3) don’t forget the summers and that stretched out garden hose full of water for nice hot showers
              4) fish mox antibiotics; Thomas Labs online
              5) yes, Mac, be sure to get that flu shot that not only gives YOU the flu, but everyone around you for 21 days!!!
              6) I can not comment about the cold or flu, since I never remember ever having either; BUT, I have started boosting my immune system (never can be too cocky) with 10,000 IU of vitamin A every day
              7) you ladies that love your brewed coffee better get an aluminum coffee pot for over the campfire
              8) worried how to seal those solar dried veggies and fruit in those mason jars? brake bleeder from Harbor Freight
              8) don’t have candles?? burn lard–yep, simple old lard, with shoe laces as wick
              9) make your own banana chips with a $35 dehydrator
              10) don’t forget SHOEGOO for those tennies and boot soles

              Most are saying, we knew that, and some are saying, oh, I forgot that one!!

              Cold treatment: vitamin C produces white blood cells, reduces mucus and inflammation in nasal passages; honey shortens the life of cold; fresh ginger root, garlic cloves are great for colds and using garlic clove like pill works too(can also boil onion and drink juice); alkaline kills bacteria, so drinking lemon juice added to warm water also helps a cold; cinnamon w. honey for sore throat–cinnamon is an anti-oxidant and honey kills bacteria.

        • I’d also add some spray insecticides, especially wasp and hornet spray. Nothing will ruin your day faster than wasps making a nest close to your shelter. I would also consider stocking up on a wide spectrum insecticide like Demon WP ( I get it at a local DIY pest control store). It comes in packets that you add water to in a pump sprayer. Spray the perimeter of your dwelling and wave good bye to roaches and ants for a few months.

          • That wasp and hornet spray makes a good mace spray, too.

          • A squirt bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol works on flies and wasps. Non toxic, and harmless to most surfaces, except shellac and some kinds of varnish. I’ve also used WD-40 and starting ether. Ether makes a wasp nest burn like fury.

        • A few Costco sized boxes of baby wipes go a long, long way. You don’t have to invest too much $$ and they have many uses. In a grid down situation, where access to water may be difficult, you can wash up your face/body first and use them as a butt wiper second.
          As far as barter goes, if you would be forced into that type of scenario, they are pretty inconspicuous meaning you could play it off like you just happen to have a few of these around and nothing else.
          Also, they store very well. You don’t have to worry about water or excess humidity ruining them, they are already wet.
          You can opt for fragrance free, antibacterial, etc.

        • off topic

          If you think cops are thugs now, wait till Juan officially gets amnesty and does the ‘policing’

        • The large piston-type water guns kids use in pools can be adapted to a hose and used as a bidet (assuming water is not in short supply in your locale). You can get them cheap this time of year.

        • off subject here in SWFL,i got 3 – 100 rnd boxes of cci .22lr tonight ($7.65 box) at wallace mart ,there was a big case of them but they were still limiting to 3 boxes ,maybe the speculators on gun broker are done hogging it up ,cause no one is paying them 25-30 cents a rnd anymore

          • Lower,I am convinced some stores that were getting .22 said they didn’t have it and gunbroker ect. it.Leave some for others unless picking up a box say for a friend,we all show a bit of reason can keep the prices reasonable,happy shooting all.

            • there’s a day coming SOON when the sonso’ biches that are hoarding 22lr are gonna get their heads handed to ’em!

              • I’m not hoarding. Hoarding is buying up all you can when there is already a shortage. I bought mine when it was cheap and plentiful.

                • You’re not a hoarder until you have exceeded a lifetime supply.

                  • yea,i would never call anyone a hoarder that was buying it up to use ,or even have for future use ,but when you get up early every morning ,hit all the stores and buy out all the supplys just so you can put it on gunbroker for a 300% profit is just bullshit ,yea, i know we live in a free market ,and they have a right to do it and to make a living ,but you know what ,i dont have to like it and i also have the right to call them hoggy cock suckers

            • In my area, a local pawnshop/gun dealer buys out Wal-Mart every time ammo arrives and then resells it. So the Wal-Mart here hardly ever has any popular ammo.

        • There is a plant ,at the moment i cant remember what its called. But the leaves are furry and its very soft absorbant and easy to grow.

        • People should know that antibiotics are available cheaply and without a prescription in the form of antibiotics for tropical fish. These are the exact same meds as prescribed for humans, just relabled for fish. (I checked the pill codes.) Saved me a couple times from an abscessed tooth. I’ve stocked up on these and keep them in the fridge. Twelve dollars a bottle. Search online.

          • i NEVER buy prescription antibiotics anymore. not when they’re 30 bucks for 100 caps at the vet supply place…probly cheaper online somewhere.

        • A decent alternative to a small hole in the ground (city dweller) that will fill up almost immediately would be nice…

        • Well f pissed
          that has been out there for hundreds of years,,,,its called dry leaves I`ve used them for years


        • Try dried corncobs.

        • Just saying… as an IT gent with three degrees. With all the divorced MILFs…
          I keep a nice black book and they are by bugout locations.
          Date some ladies in the country.

          As a prep for players.

          The best prep I did was stock up on education.
          The SHTF hit for those that got fired off.
          Me.. I keep getting promoted.

          A prep is getting rid of your TV.
          Then you pound into computer manuals…at least for my career path.

          Funny, many have this all or nothing mentality with a collapse. They rarely go this way.

          Folks still need food, medicine.
          Crops need to be planted and harvested. Gas and oil needs to be delivered and burned.

          I encourage you all to have a longer term view of prepping.
          Prep. proof your career choice.

          One more thing…

          Look into the Testosterone diet.
          Also… men..look at yoga.
          Don’t laugh… this shit kicked my ass.
          Now I am more flexible and less likely to have a muscle injury.
          And the view from the back of the class cannot be beat! ha

          God bless whoever created yoga pants.

          Yes, real men do yoga. That’s where the chicks are…
          for a single guy…need I say more?

      2. Nice and all, but this is the best we got tonight? Air horn etiquette?

          • @MAC:

            Good Day Sir.

            Before getting a flu shot, make sure to know the lubricant they are using…..mercury?….peanut oil?….steroids?….

            Hope you feel better –chicken soup and Kings Hawaiian Rolls —mmmmmmm..

            …plenty o’ 9mm at Walleys…….BA.

          • Lol. Guilty as charged. I was only commenting on the state of the world. Mac you do an awesome job.

            • I know Charley!

              A lot is going on with Ebola today and the team at http://www.TheDailySheeple.com is doing a great job of keeping up with the minute-by-minute updates. I figured we could use a couple of prepper discussions given that state of the world you mentioned. I try to be as optimistic as possible, but it just seems like every single day we see something that only further convinces me that these preparations we have been making are going to be absolutely critical to our survival in the (near) future.

              Even if (let’s hope) this Ebola crisis is contained, there are still so many other Black Swan events and outliers lurking… It only takes one…

              Thank you for the kind words, by the way, and for joining the conversation (that goes for all you great folks who take the time to share ideas and opinions here!).

              I honestly learn so much from the comment areas that it’s about time we get a forum set up here so that we can make it easier to prioritize and categorize conversations and ideas. (Coming soon — I know i have said that for a while, but I am really serious about getting it launched this time — Iowa, I know you’re rolling your eyes at me right now!)

              Thanks all,


              • You have 354 days. ;0) Or so they say.

              • MAC … What about an app that allows editing of comments, within say five minutes of the original post. I, for one, am sometimes embarrassed with some of the typo’s, missing words and repeated words. I know that I should do a better job of editing before I push submit, but well you know…

                • @navy vet….too many don’t THINK/proofread BEFORE they hit send….i make a mistake once-in-a-while too. but i’m a firm believer in proofing yer work…..thanks for your support for SHTFplan while i got yer ear!

                • What you can try is typing your comment first in Notepad or a word processing program. You can use spell check and grammar check in the word processing program. When you are satisfied with your text, copy and paste into a comment.

              • Thanks for the websight

          • Mac,

            Sorry to hear you have been sick with the flu. Hope you are over the worst and feeling better.

            • Flu eh?!What else causes “flu like symptoms”?!Is obola transmitted thru internet connections?!

          • I’m thinking just a parapit with pointed piungi sticks at chokepoints. When they fall in, their scream will surely alert you and you know most likely they will not proceed any further. Its a double duty force multiplier. For pungi sticks, buy up some 3/8 inch rebar rod, cut and grind down the ends to a point.

            • Who,not sure why punji sticks a hot debate,how they stop the obola spread,eh…..

          • Have you been checked for Obola?

            • haha — yeah, i think that contagion has infected some 100 million Americans in just the last few years!

              • Mac Who??? Yuk Yuk Yuk!

          • Mac, chicken noodle soup and Theraflu always worked for braveheart when he gets the flu. Avoid flu vaccine at all costs. The last time I had a flu shot I got sick a few hours later. No shots of any kind for braveheart since that time. On the topic, I’ve stocked up on a lot of 550 paracord, matches, disposable lighters, etc. which will be barter items in high demand. Any medical supplies I have that I don’t use I will also consider bartering. Batteries [9-volt, AA, AAA, C, D] to operate radios, flashlights, etc. will also be another barter item in high demand; I have a shitload of those also. I have a few extra battery-operated radios I might also consider bartering. That may also be in demand. Also have some extra knives and knife sharpening equipment that would also be very useful barter items. NO WAY I’LL BARTER ANY AMMUNITION I HAVE. That could be counterproductive as whoever I barter with on ammo could come back and use that against me to take whatever else I have so braveheart’s suggestion on ammo is NEVER TRADE ANY AMMO TO ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! That could cost someone their life!

            • Thanks Brave ! I was just joking about the flu shot — never have gotten one and never will… unless i am in restraints.

              Tess hooked me up with a never ending pot of Chicken soup — and my favorite, star noodles…. and, of course, I have been taking homemade elderberry syrup like Tequila shots for the last four days.

              • Mac, that sounds like a winner. Glad to hear you recovered. One other tip. I’ve been taking vitamin D3 every day for the last 5 years since I last had the flu and never had the flu again since.

              • @ Mac : Don’t forget your colloidal silver.

                On the bartering note, you need to be very careful bartering. You are letting the world know you have supplies. Don’t get me wrong, I do have barter preps, just be very careful while bartering. It would be better if you could go to Barter Town to do your trading. I think for the first couple of months, I will not be trading anybody, anything.

                Tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, needle and thread, fishing supplies. They spoke of breaking down your pills or seeds to trade in smaller quanities. Copies of books ( all sorts of how to’s, gardening, fishing, shelters, traps and snares, gasifiers would be a big one, etc ).
                You could potentially trade hundreds of copies of the same material.

          • @MAC-

            Also sorry to hear the bugs have got you. Try and stock some SAMBUCOL (Elderberry extract) All natural and it kicks the crap outta germs like nobody’s business. CVS, Walgreens and even WalMart carry it.

            This stuff really WORKS!

            h t tp://www.sambucolusa.com/store/

            • Make your own elderberry syrup. Mountain rose herbs. Or puritans pride gel caps.

            • Socrates, I picked up some Sambucol yesterday. If I start feeling under the weather, I will try it.

          • If you take vitamin C at first little sign of cold, will knock it out– better still, take it daily to prevent cold in first place… and be sure to wash your paws frequently!!

        • @CW:

          “Nice and all, but this is the best we got tonight? ”

          …..waiting for you to contribute……..



          4.) Condoms…useful and valuable in a shft.
          5.) Coffee filters.


          • I just contributed. Got you to post, didn’t i? Lol. Point taken

          • Condoms,eh,had a vasectomy,no need!

            • Ask anybody from the military world how many things you can do with a condom, other than “that thing”. WW2 they put ’em over aircraft gun barrels to keep water out, for example.

              Back about 1959 the Russians had a terrible fire at their only condom factory. It was an emergency so they sent a buyer to America to buy one million condoms, so as to maintain inventory until the factory could be rebuilt. American salesman asked what size they wanted. Russian buyer says proudly, “Like this”, and holds his hands about 14 inches apart. American salesman goggles a bit, but writes up the order and sends it in. American factory manager sees that the order is for the Russian purchasing commission, turns to his shop manager and says: “Mark ’em Size Small.”

            • Guess you are immune to the clap, aids and the creepy crawlies. Plus they are for barter, nit for entertainment purposes

              • What’s in your wallet? Been so unlucky lately I found an expired condom back from 1985 tucked away in there.

            • Im still dangerious. However the wife has went through menopause so I don’t need any condoms. and ill never have another woman. ive endured enough bitching griping & critisism for one lifetime.

              • LOL, must be common though, I have a neighbor that says he has no need for guns as long as he has his wife.

              • OLDGUY – That’s why a lot of guys hold off on retiring. Its a place they can escape off to every day, where they are right once in a while. lol

                I know.. I know,… there are a lot of great women out there. Still looking for her here.

                • might as well look for a fish ridin’ a bicycle….you got a better chance of finding that, than a good wife!….my appologies to all the GOOD wives out there….BOTH of you!

                  • Yep kayaking and fishing are pretty peaceful these days.

                    RE: Dating, seems most women all want these days is for a guy to buy them dinner. I even had a women tell me that their girlfriends try to see how many guys will buy them dinner through out the week. They get their dinner dates all lined up days in advance. Then brag to their girl friends who got the best free dinner at the nicest place in town. Its a game for them.

                    Seriously, when I meet a woman and it gets friendly and we agree to meetup. But when they say lets go out for dinner. I now say, “How about you cook us dinner and I’ll bring the wine.” Then just wait to hear the silent pause on the other end of line… They just figured out, that know I know their dinner game.

                  • i just got rid of my fifth wife. i was the best thing that EVER happened to all 5 of them, but only ONE realized it. they think they should be “taken care of”….when did THAT attitude start to prevail? what happened to U.S., that our women have that kind of attitude? wasteful, won’t eat a piece of fruit with a bug bite on it, won’t eat homecooked meals, won’t teach their kids to be self-sufficient, won’t teach them to respect their elders(or ANYBODY, for that matter), won’t drive a used car….or a minivan…..poor poor simps…….MY wives were ALL richer than they realized, and i aint gonna be disrespected anymore. hell, i spent tens of thousands of dollars buying everything i can think of prepping for the coming appocalypse, and she couldn’t even buy ONE FUKIN’ BOX of tampons extra….had to run to the store every month on the day OF….just tired of reliving the movie “day of the living braindead”.

          • I have boxes and boxes of condoms. We have three teenage boys.
            They don’t expire for years so one way or another they will be used.

            You can make your own elderberry syrup. Just need a few ingredients. I ordered the elderberrys through amazon. Very easy and a lot cheaper than sambucol.

            Just google homemade elderberry syrup. Wellness mama has a recipe that I use on her site.
            Some of the ingredients are elderberrys, fresh or powdered ginger, cloves, cinnamon and raw honey.

            • Me too.

          • Get non lubricated condoms. You can haul about 2 gallons of water in one condom. You can store food in one, water proof your weapon, turniquet ( I am sure it is spelled wrong ), first aid, etc.

            • Fine,go on a condom buying spree folks,me,have much better items still needed as funds permit.On a side note,when the world is a all you condom preppers can have a post shtf condom balloon fight!

        • I have had cans of that very foam go bad after 9 months stored inside a hall closet.

          Just a FWIW & YMMV

          I would not waste my money on the foam

          • Neither would I, unless you are going to use it soon. I bought several cans in anticipation of use in a big home remodel, after the first year I had to replace all the unused cans.

            If you could get the stuff in binary format and mix at home, that would be good, but I’ve not heard of that.

            • yes… there is a TRUE expiration date on the bottom of the can… fwiw

            • X-30 expanding foam. Its pricey though!

          • Ditto. I stocked up once, and had to throw away three or four cans. Another thing that goes bad on the shelf is Gorilla Glue. Also Rust Reformer. Don’t ask Howe I know.

            • Carpenter’s glue doesn’t go bad. If it dries out, just add some water and let it sit. I’ve reconstituted old bottles of glue I found open, then used them when they softened up again. They worked just the same.

              Does not work well for the water-resistant kind, but I have used old glue. I’ve not found a cheap way to reconstitute super glue…yet, but there is a super glue remover, so anything is possible.

          • All of your silicones, tapes ( duct, black, masking, and packing ), great stuff and so on should be vacuum sealed if you want them to last. You can take it a step further and put a hot hand in the packaging.

        • Knives. Lots of knives. Skinning, butchers, fish filleting. Folding pocket knives. Little ones, big ones.

          Lansky sharpeners.

          Meat saw (kinda like a hacksaw on steroids, mine has a 24″ blade) and spare blades. S hooks for hanging game. Game bags to protect the meat.

          Axes and oilstones.

          Bow saws and spare blades – blades are cheap.


          • Large throwing stars are legal in Arizona and are much more effective than throwing knives. 🙂

            • Legal or illegal,I want it and can make it/buy it I will,am not going to follow dumb laws that leave me even more vulnerable.

              • Warchild, I’m the same way. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. I carry certain non-lethal defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go and have done so for over 20 years. Braverheart is NOT giving in to any damned thug.

      3. I have everything that is humanly possible and would be needed. I just need the revenge cycle gets started so I do my part with the SOB’s creating everyday panic and suffering.

        • Anon, Yep start first with the few Ahole neighbors next door, like that old bat across the street from me, that likes to go out doors and yell and scream at the top of her lungs for hours on end for no reason, with every cuss word in the book, for no reason. The police who have been there like 20 times, claim she is mental and they can’t do anything about it. Other claim it is Teretts syndrome. I say its BS cause she can turn it on or off when she pleases, then with the cops come, she runs inside her house and wont open her door. After they leave she comes back out and starts screaming again.

          • WWT…. Assuming your neighbor is not suffering from a mental disease such as being BP and is just an Ahole, this is my suggestion for you to try as an experiment. Try to get some heavy duty Air Horne with high decibel rating (something like 10-15), when is dark plan them around her house and mainly windows and use some paracord design to dis-activate them at the same time when she is in deep sleep. Then check for the results assuming she didn’t die of heart attack.

            • She hides when the police(goon squad comes),she seems pretty mentally alert to me!

          • Holy Shit Batman.

            I guess the gunshots I heard are better than that woman screaming.

            Water balloon in the mouth when she screams will shut her up.

      4. An air horn??? LMAO!!! 🙂

        I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. If the SHTF and you have to rely on an air horn for perimeter defense you and your family are already dead.

        Todd is obviously not a combat vet.

        If you are not expecting someone in the middle of the night, your sentry who is well HIDDEN should shoot the SOB to raise the alarm.

        In SHTF, in the middle of the night, shoot first, ask questions later; check the bodies and bury the bodies in the morning after your group is sure the area is secure.

        Anyone snooping and pooping on your perimeter in the middle of the night is a foe. Kill them 🙂

        • DK, I literally fell out of my chair when I read the section about the air horn. Todd sounds like he means well, but an air horn? Give me a break. I would do exactly like you posted. Anyone coming to harm me and mine will just get their sorry asses wasted, no questions asked period!

          • If possible a bugout campsite should have limited access on high ground and be defensible among some rocks, near a water source but not at the water source.

            Sentries should be posted night and day taking turns at four hour shifts about one hundred yards out. They should be concealed and remain that way for the duration of their post.

            Sentries should only be approached at the end of their “shift”. Children should remain in camp during the day, and should be instructed not to wander more than 25 to 50 yards from the camp, remaining within visible distance during the day.

            At night children should literally be on a “leash” that restricts their travel only to the potty; and they should be accompanied by an armed adult at that time.

            Sentries (and all adults) should have night vision and infrared glasses to ID potential intruder(s). If you have one intruder, you likely have more than one. Only hard core Rambos go it alone. Wait until you have ID multiple targets if you are the concealed sentry to open fire.

            Sentries should have a suppressor. Silence is golden. Air horns, not so much. 🙂

            • No man is an island. Good luck to the Rambos. You gotta sleep some time. I guess a few cases of air horns will give you a nap. Hahahahahahahahahaha. A few well placed rat traps with a shotgun shell would be a helluva lot cheaper than a air horn. I have 2 boats and had to replace my air horn recently. Those things are $15 – $25 each.

              • Seems a guy with no public military background ect. can hide out alone with 100’s of police and tech searching for him,this in a pre shtf world!

                • He is an eastern Europe immigrant isn’t he? Thought he had some military training based upon the hat, but I have not been following the story. 🙁

        • @Durango kidd:

          Those two thumbs down assholes are liberals that will try to get next to you to stab you in the back. They created this saying: Keep your friends close, and your enemies CLOSER!

          You are right on target. Shoot first, bury second!

          • Everyone should have a fan club. You will get one for saying that. 🙂

        • Maybe a bit heavy for backpacking, but these “wireless driveway alarms” work well for me. Harbor Freight, about $15 when they go on sale. They do need batteries, but mine last for months.

          • Old Coach.

            Put a piece of tape over the red light and paint them camo or what ever color needed to blend in.

            • Right. The little red LED is a dead giveaway in the dark!

      5. Nails
        Wood screws
        Metal screws
        Torque tips

        • Slingshot, don’t forget drill bits and look around for one of the old handheld mechanical drills as most likely you won’t be using an electric or cordless in any post-SHTF scenario. I found 2 of them at a flea market back in July for $10 each and snatched up both. They were a little stiff at first, but a little dose of WD-40 on the gears got them working nicely.

          • Braveheart

            Hurdy Gurdy and Brace hand drills. Good stuff. A set of wood drill is nice.

            Vice grips both flat and round jaws. 8 inch

            • Slingshot, I’ve got all kinds of hand tools, some extras which I might consider bartering, but there’s NO WAY I’ll let go of those hand drills. I think they’ll be as good as gold in post-SHTF.

          • I save all hardened steel items, especially old files. You can anneal a file and blacksmith almost any kind of tool from the steel, then re-harden it. Old chisels, too.

            BTW a portable farrier’s forge would be a wizard thing to have when SHTF.

            Ever see a man use a bow drill? The old-time gunsmiths in the Appalachians, that’s all they had.

        • Slingshot ,
          And with a suitable directional propellant behind it for last ditch perimeter defense.

          Semper Fi 8541

      6. Booze.

      7. Good article and practical advice. The ONLY problem is that Tylenol (acetaminophen is the generic name) after five years can be TOXIC. Since there are a lot of other remedies to fill that niche, why not think about them instead to avoid that issue?

        Remember that while losing potency is not generally bad, it will mean more is needed and that’s a problem of its own. Some drugs RAPIDLY lose their potency, but I’ll leave people to look that up.

        Remember too that under SHTF conditions with no control of the interior temperature, that that will also play a factor regardless of the expiration date. Drugs can lose their potency by exposure to light, heat, cold, moisture, etc.

        Finding a way to control the temperature will make a huge difference in storing drugs to maintain their efficacy under less than ideal situations.

      8. Some more things to add to the barter list:

        toilet paper (100-200 rolls, they never go bad)
        LifeStraws (a sponsor of this site)
        Purell or similar hand sanitizer
        bars of soap
        Tons of dried food
        dental floss
        tea lights
        match books and cigarette lighters
        magnifying lenses for starting fires

        Aside from having barterable items there is a much bigger problem and that is that the unprepared have NOTHING to offer in exchange. Most likely these barter items will turn out to be charitable gifts to the very people who call you a hoarding, paranoid Chicken Little. Furthermore, when you run out of charitable gifts, those so-called friends can immediately turn into murderous enemies.

        • Instant coffee [not my favorite but better than nothing], instant tea mix, drink mixes of any kind like Kool-Aid, etc. Correction: scratch my suggestion on the instant coffee. You could use one of the old percolators for coffee that are used in camping or, even better, try the Coleman Camping Coffeemaker. It works just like the coffee maker in your home and uses the same type filters as your home coffee maker, but it’s designed to be used on campstoves. I tried mine once on my old Coleman 2-burner stove and ended up with a pot of coffee just as good as anything brewed on my home machine. It’s designed for use on propane-powered campstoves, so I don’t know if it would work on any other type of stove. I’m going to try it on my Kelly Kettle soon and will follow up with a report on that. I got my coffeemaker at Bass Pro Shop for $59.99. Any sporting goods store with camping supplies will have them.

          • Instant coffee allows you to make one cup at a time, and not waste any unless you can plug in your new Keurig 2.0 somewhere.

            Everyone planning to “bug out” should make or buy a solar oven. 🙂

          • @ trb : You need instant. You can store it for ever vacuum sealed. Real coffee only last 2 years.

            • Vacuum sealed coffee lasts longer than two years. I dug cans of folgers from the 1950’s out of an old garage I was cleaning out, and when I opened them, they were useable.

              I think we need to get out of the “just in time” delivery mindset.

              We’re too used to everything being “fresh” and perfect. After SHTF, perfection may not be obtainable. We may need to settle for the best we can get, or do without.

              • six … also the expiration date mind set. I have a friend that throws away store bought canned goods once its past its “best by” date. I’ve shown him numerous articles that review test results of five and ten year old canned goods, yet he refuses to believe that the food won’t harm him.

                • Navy Vet, that guy is a dickhead. I’ve eaten 5-10 year old canned goods many a time and never had any problem.

              • A world without coffee is not a world I want to be in.I suppose some street meth would give me a morning “Pick me up”!

                • Sure, if your idea of a “pick-me-up” is roping a freight train and holding on for dear life…

                • You can get your caffeine fix from yaupon tea. I have a bunch of yaupon bushes. They can multiply and spread like privet hedge. You make the tea from the leaves and tender stem ends.

                  Yaupon is the only native plant in the U.S. that is a source of caffeine.

              • Sixpack, I will add instant coffee to my shopping list. I’ll also stockpile some sugar to give it some flavor.

                • I keep a few single serving coffee bags in my BOB, with some sweetener packets. Takes up little space and weighs almost nothing. I have enough coffee, tea and fruit drink supplies to last for a very long time.

                  I just got another 6 gallon gamma seal bucket and filled it with pure cane sugar. I also like hot cocoa mix or honey in my coffee, maple syrup works good for me in coffee too.

                  I like to keep my option open and my preps flexible.

      9. PRI-G and PRI-D to preserve gas and diesel and to also boost older or questionable fuels in barter situations. Also, test paper for checking for water contamination of fuels.

          • Hey Mac, hope you’re on the mend. Look at the bright side, it wasn’t Ebola, Marburg, e-68 enterovirus or any of the host of third world pestilence inflicted on us by TPTB.

            On a more positive note, stay hydrated and enjoy some Jewish penicillin . (Chicken soup). Also, how primal is it that we remember being pampered by Mom when we were sick as children? Mine was of English descent, she always brought us tea and Welsh rarebit during our illnesses. And how great was St. Joseph’s children’s aspirin?

            • Overwatch, you brought back a few memories for me about Mom pampering her sick kids. I was at home sick with the flu and on the couch in the living room watching TV on the day JFK was assassinated. I can still remember that like yesterday.

              • I remember it too. I was in the 6th grade. The principle came on the classroom speaker, and said that President Kennedy had died, school was dismissed.
                Watched the whole thing on TV. Replays, funerals, all of it. I’m 62, how about you?

                • I was in the 4th grade. Same thing. Announcement over the speaker and a 3rd grade teacher coming into the classroom to talk to our teacher, and she was in tears. I’ll never forget the horn-rimmed glasses she wore.
                  I’m 60. I think we had to stay in school the whole day.

                • Munchkin52, I was only in first grade at the time and am 57 now.

              • brave … but can you remember what you had for breakfast yesterday? ;^)

                • Yeah, I had some instant oatmeal.

          • I’ve read a bit about Pri-D and Pri-G but cant seem to find it in Aussie Mac. We do have Sta-Bil for both petrol (gas) and Diesel which is supposedly pretty good too.

            I use quite a bit of both in my cars and have 4 months supply in jerry cans. All the fuel I use in my vehicles comes out of those jerry cans (which are then refilled and trictly rotated) and is at least 4 months old and is not stabilized. Never had a problem.

            I have quite a lot of Sta-Bil on hand ready to treat my fuel when it goes belly up. When TSHTF I wont be using my vehicles much at all so my fuel with be for a back up generator to my solar lighting/refrigeration system, tiller, chainsaws and diesel tractor. If there is a bit of warning of the collapse I should be able to store a bit extra fuel but in any event I have enough for at least 2 years, probably 3.


            • If you have ethanol fuel you will need the marine formula sta bil. It is made for E fuel. Read your labels. I use it in my boats and chainsaws, works great.

            • PRI-G is way better than Staybil. Do a web search for local purchase.

              • WWTI, damn right its better and a hell of a lot cheaper! per serving its about 5 times less expensive than the inferior stabil stuff.

        • I have YET to see any independent proof that these expensive “PRI” products are any better than good old StaBil at half the price, (much less if you buy by the case).

          • I have my own independent proof from personal experience that Pri-G does as advertised and more. It literally restored bad gas in my dirt-bike AND cleaned the jets (it runs better now than it did before I stored it for 3+ years)

            Sta-bil can’t come close to that and I don’t need further proof.

            And if you’re planning on buying by the case I suggest you consider how much better the shelf life of Pri is compared to Sta-Bil

            Don’t forget about comparing the length of time treated gas lasts compared to Sta-bil treated gas.

            Bottom line is you should test it for yourdamnedself before you make those kinds of asinine blanket statements about if something works. Mkaythx.

            • A pint of pri-g treats 512 gallons… a pint of stabil treats 80 gallons, do the math idiot.

            • OK, I wasn’t specific enough. I have not seen any CREDIBLE independent evidence…..Web site posts quoting PRI sales talking points don’t count. A lab that can do an adequate before-and-after chemical analysis of the fuels is what I meant. Anecdotal evidence is no more credible than my own experience that StaBil-treated gas started and ran my old work truck after five years. (Parked it when I retired in 2009, but had to move it this spring.)

              The fact that none of the big autoparts chains like NAPA don’t retail the stuff is telling. If it were all that great, they’d be beating down the doors at PRI begging to buy it by the freight-car-load.

          • Half as much? Bullshit! Pri-g treats 512 gallons compared to stabils 80 gallons. I have used pri-g for 15 years and it works perfect even in chainsaws that have sat 5 years. However a log splitter treated with stabil was shit in 2 years, total varnish. Did they have math class when you were a kid?

      10. PRI-G and PRI-D to preserve gas and diesel and to also boost older or questionable fuels in barter situations. Also, test paper for checking for water contamination of fuels.

        • Pri products are a pain to get,looked into it and would only be able to order on line,too much of a pain.

          • Gotta be creative if you are going to stock up, become a dealer so you can buy cases at wholesale, like I did.

          • Hey WC, it’s worth the trouble, just order a gallon and it will probably last you the rest of your life. Theres an ad on this site that sells it. Another product I highly reccommend is DuraLube oil treatment. My old nieghbor swore by it so I tried it and damn man! I had an old honda 500 dirt bike I treated with it and I was adding oil one day before a ride. I accidentally didn’t screw the oil cap back on and it fell off and the oil all sprayed out. I was wearing full length plastic shin guards so I didnt even notice it. Well about 5 miles up the trail I stopped for a break and saw all the oil all over my pants and I wasnt about to hike back and leave my bike. So I said fook it and rode it all the way back to the truck with no oil and it didn’t hurt it a bit! How do I know? I took the side case off the fix the shifter and there werent any shavings or anything in it you could eat off it. Another time I had a suzuki (piece of shit) 4 wheeler treated with it and we were out in the desert riding and about 8 miles out we stopped and I saw the side case was loose and my oil had all leaked out. Remembering the bike I just rode it back to the truck again no damage! I use duralube in everything now. generators, 4 wheelers, cars, trucks,lawnmower, I even put a little in my chainsaw bar oil. Pri-g and duralube your stuff and you will be amazed! 🙂

        • Test paper? All you need is a small glass or plastic bottle. Ever watch a light plane pilot preflight his airplane?

          Time was when all vehicles had a water trap in the fuel line. My old Ford tractor has one. Harder to do in these days of fuel injection and in-tank fuel pumps, though.

          BTW my Ford 8N was designed to run on 60 octane gas. Try that in yer Kubota!

            • Breath deeply.

              I especially like the ones that are rainbow colored when you put on some polarized sunglasses.

              Perfectly natural.

              Now go drink some fluoridated water.

              That’s a good, docile citizen…

      11. Great Struff is not worth storing, I tried using some last week that I had bought in the spring and is just came out in a little stream, did not expand at all.

      12. Regarding this article: In most any Post SHTF,I would rather stick to silent devices, no need to draw any attention especially when gathering food. Or any device that can track you.

        BTW/ I attended an alphabet agency conference shortly ago, and asked about all the fake cell phone towers grabbing cell phone info. Their answer was basically don’t put anything on your phone you want discovered. So basically anything you have on your phone can be extracted as you pass one of these fake cell towers and all your info gets extracted and fed into a fusion data base. Photos, contact lists, search history, phone logs, texts. Only the Samsung III with a special program can detect fake towers attempting access this phones and will deny access. Personally I would love to get rid of the cell phone all together, and I leave mine at home most of the time. They also have about 7 data points to access most phones, that were installed in the manufacturing process. They can remotely turn on your camera and record, your speaker and listen and the only way to stop it is to fully remove the battery. Even in idle mode the WiFi can track your whereabouts. Honestly we may as well go back to walkie talkies and talk in code.

        • Well theres gonna be dome bored ass SOBs looking through the garbage on my phone,
          I sure hope they have priority devices from people more interesting than me, if my stuff is even on the radar they are really wasting resources.

          • Kula, look up “STINGRAY” cell tower phone hacking. Illegal as hell, 4th amendment rights violations, but Cops all over the country are stealing and collecting cell data illegally. It can also be a hack if you do business on your phone or banking. And why I say never do any of that and never use WiFi or the GPS feature on your phone either. NEVER!!

            • Stingray is a different thing. These fake cell towers seem to be distributed in a way that suggests military or DHS/NSA involvement. In any case, minimize yer cell-phone vulnerability by using the most primitive device you can find. No video, no internet, minimal memory. Wrapping your phone won’t keep LE personnel from draining your data after they confiscate it in a traffic stop. If there’s no data there, they can’t get anything.

        • And you can’t remove the battery from an Apple phones.

          • Throw all apple products in the trash. Sponsored by the NWO crowd to track your every movement and sell your habit data to corporations and governments

          • Wrap that phone in tin foil and try and call it,no call gets thru,good to go.As for the apple phone,just toss it.Even with main battery removed some have a tiny one to hold time ect.,know the phone you carry.

          • Coach,can’t remove battery from apple products?!I have plenty of em so will give you a framing hammer,problem solved!

            • With 2 apple phones you can make a great door jam.

      13. medicine, well, no brainer…but cmon, air horn and foam?

        walky-talkies is a better form of communication. stockpiling batteries, not only good to have to continue that communication, but even greater for a barter item…everyone could need batteries…

        alarm system? sure…also alarms other unwanted to your location as well…plus a wind, a falling branch, an animal, etc, could knock over your little stick and again, alarm others to your location.

        foam? in a post-shtf, the last thing you’re gonna think about is home renovations…and you better be ready to pay out the ass for some of that if you’re gonna touch up all gaps and holes in your house, coz it’s gonna take more than 1 can lol…if you’re buggin out, you’ll have to build your own shelter and you’re not gonna carry a crate of expanding foam with you…

        it’s better not to be stuck to a point where you need to barter, get everything you need, that is easy to travel with, and never mind the rest.

        have rations prepared(dried foods mainly), gun/rifle/ammo, a good knife w/ stone, and know locations of good water sources, some rope/line/wire, blanket roll(s), vegetable seeds, med kit/anti-biotics, again, walky-talkies and batteries. a hatchet would also be a good purchase…you wouldn’t want to ruin a perfectly good knife trying to build a shelter. a pot/pan. and most importantly…some matches and lighters. all light stuff.

        one other thing, if i were to bug out and were alone, having a dog/dogs(raised from pups) who’ve had their shots, will be a huge advantage. best alarm system there is, and can also protect you and help you hunt. i’d like to have or attempt to bring a cat(w/ shots also) as they’re good hunters as well and can bring you tiny animals. one of my past cats use to bring me their freshly killed rabbits(among other stuff) on a regular basis. and they’ll also keep your shelter free of rodents and bugs/spiders/etc.

        • The Expanding Foam will be needed for filling all the bullet holes in your walls from the drive by shootings. Think I’m kidding. To be smart would to be to line your inside of your exterior walls with sand bags. Buy 100 bags and a couple yards of sand. You can thank me later. Great bullet stopper. Look up sand bag ballistics, good up to a .50 cal. Not much stopping a .50 cal. Go to CampingSurvival dot com. .44 cents a bag OD GREEN.

          • WWTI

            Drive By Shootings.
            No you are not kidding.

            My whole front yard is a deception. Hidden in plain sight
            50 ea. 4x8x16 solid pave stones
            50 ea. Cinder blocks
            1 yard of gravel.
            50 1x8x16 solid cap stones.
            Made into a rose bush bed and front patio. Dig all that shit up for defense. Sand Bags? My back is bent over from carrying 40 pound sacks.

            One day the neighbors are going to get an eyeful.

            • Slingshot – Good job. Go out and stand in the street and look at your house and just look at all the vulnerabilities.

              Some of the best things you can do is motion light detectors, some cameras even if they are fake, just to detour criminals. I did that, and have not had a solicitor at my door in months. Put up some No Trespassing signs at the lot-line. Even cops know they can’t cross it with out cause. Also keep a spare bundle roll of barbed wire that you could string between the trees and bushes as tangle foot. If for some reason things start getting ugly in the neighborhood. Just a few thoughts.

              • I will add caltrops. I came across some kind of rug catch. A block with sharp spikes. Will screw them to the bigger trees so they can’t use the tree to steady their weapons.

        • +1 on dogs far an alarm system. A good one will know friend from foe, so won’t make noise when other members of your team are returning to camp. And of course they can be wizard hunting assistants when well trained.

          My cats also bring me rabbits. BUT wild rabbits almost always have fleas, like groundhogs, so it’s no bargain. Nothing short of Ebola or a nearby nuclear strike is worse than having fleas in your sleeping bag! I dare you to ask me how I know…….

          • good point, i’ve never truly examined their kills closely as it was their food to eat and not mine, and eventhough i would have them on flea meds and other shots, i still wouldn’t trust them enough to come back in to where i sleep…they were mostly mouse catchers, but i’ve never had any that were diseased or with fleas/ticks…it’s just the idea of dirt or blood or other stuff that keeps em out from inside…plus they love being outside, so they can stay there, when it gets cold, they get some nice little insulated shacks to sleep in haha.

        • not at all concerned with drive-bys…i don’t live in an urban area :D, and if i were to bug out even further from civilization(which is actually tempting), it would be even less likely i would encounter them. also, i’m a somewhat seasoned carpenter, havin worked as one for roughly a decade and a great woodsman/hunter. i don’t drink, i don’t do drugs…so i’m alert and could wake up to things out of the ordinary…and you can bet your ass i’d have some type notifying system to make me aware of something near. ;)… besides, there’s plenty of natural debris and such in the forest that could be used as fillers and insulation(straw, mud/clay, birch bark, ash/pine sap, etc).

          alternatively, the town i’ve closely been residing for all my life is your typical old fashion/wholesome white catholic canadian town where everyone knows/helps everyone…if shtf, it wouldn’t be at all hard to band together, set up road blocks, and defend our way of life.

          bugging out would be an “if all else fails”.

          but it’s looking grim…ebola is here too now in ontario. and from what i’ve read, others in states have contracted it also…all because of negligence and goddamn foreigners going to those places and coming back and spreading it without saying a fkning word or lying about it…

      14. Rationalists (preppers) should always be prepared and reading what other people have to say is always adventitious. Common sense and keeping your head about you when all others are losing theirs is one of your best defenses.

        Meds: Always have, vet meds (antibiotics) can be purchased on-line as advertised here.

        Air Horn: Might be a little overkill for perimeter defenses/communication, everyone and their brother would know where you are within a square mile. I would go with string poppers for perimeter, also sold on-line and flashlight/radio for coms. if you have to have a perimeter established not all would be sleeping. The flat rock & stick is also a great trap for very small game.

        Spray Foam: Its not very structural but would work great for sealing bullet holes. A roll of heavy plastic and staples could seal drafts and broken window glass.

      15. whats the shelf life of beer?

        • Not long, can always be drunk but gets off taste quickly in cans and only lasts a few months even in bottles.

        • Greyghost – You’ll have to check the “Born on Date” on each can of beer. lol

        • Um, maybe a beer brewing kit should be included in preps. Think (dis)still

          What would a bottle of beer be worth in a shtf situation after 4-5 months, 4 cans of peas???

        • Greyghost,
          The shelf life of beer can be several years, maybe even decades (although beer doesn’t last that long in my house). Things to think about are alcohol content and packaging. Temperature doesn’t skunk beer, but light does and oxygen will too. Aluminum is great. Stay away from clear and green bottles. Also, the higher the abv, the longer the shelf life. Barley wines weigh in around 10-12% and some have a year-long aging process before anyone even drinks them.

          Same goes for wine. Good forever, but most have a “peak” year when they taste the best. TIP: if storing wine or beer long-term in a container that has a cork, store it tip-down so that the alcohol keeps the cork wet (and expanded). This will keep oxygen and bacteria out.

        • Since vtfree2 mentioned brew kits as part of prepping, I guess I’ll chime in regarding that.
          Temperature changes won’t skunk finished beer, but it will ruin a batch that’s still fermenting. Beer flavors are more subtle, and harder to get right. I still haven’t found a long-term storage solution for storing beer-specific yeast strains.

          For the SHTF brewer, I would suggest a wine kit for either wine or hard cider. (Hard cider in this case would be a colonial cider, more like a dry white wine than the sweet, fizzy, commercial stuff.) In terms of both the learning curve and physical production it’s much easier.

          Grapes and apples are more readily available(don’t have to be replanted)than wheat. They also contain more sugar. You don’t have to convert starches to sugar with a mash like you do with grain. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve heard you don’t even need yeast for hard cider, you can just set it out, and it will ferment by itself!

      16. I never get the flu shot and I never get the flu either, at least in the last 8 to 10 years now. But I work from home, no kids, and wash my hands regularly.And I refuse to date any nurses or teachers, that seem to be great carriers of diseases. The CDC just announced a health care worker got Eboli, who dealt with Ebola pts.

        Life is about minimizing or mitigating risk. Why throw yourself out there.

        • Live in the west central ohio and Hand,Foot Mouth disease is blowing through this area like a wild fire.
          Dr. Maybe saw 15 cases of it his entire 25 yr of practicing …saw over 50 of them last week.

          Just a heads up.

      17. I hear that beer has a long shelf life and after about 6 or so, you don’t care anymore!

        • How about some good cigars for barter. What I would give at time for a nice cigar. I try to load up a few boxes at a time. Load up big time on cigarette lighters. You can buy 100 lighters on amazon for $20 right now. 50 for $10. Back up the truck on that prep item.

          • Who,I got a 100.

            • Warchild Dammmm- Excellent, that is one of the best cheapest preps out there to load up on big time. Just wait when SHTF you can sell these lighters for $5 each. Try starting a campfire to keep warm with an Ounce of Silver or Gold. I originally bought a 100 lighters for $20, and going to pick up another 100 just for barter stocks. You can stuff 5 in each bug out bag and if you like you can turn the lighters in to a torch, by carefully taking off the metal flame shield at the top of the lighter, and turning the wheel to open up the fuel spicket, then roll the flint to ignite it, it be comes a torch 8 to 10 inches tall if you like. The wheel regulates the flame size. Then put the metal shield back on and with a black marker sharpie write torch on the lighter for safety warning that it is a torch. It is a great fire starting tool in a damp forest. Of course the taller the flame the faster the fuel burns out. What a great tool..

              • Who had no idea so cheap for the cheapos on amazon ect.,still til you mentioned it,want a few cheap,3 for a buck at dollar store you just want a few.

              • why would you sell lighters for money if the system is down? what good would money do in a situation like that?

        • Greyghost.

          Skunky Beer is best served cold. Hahaha!

      18. my favorite item for barter, is the single serving of booze. Last forever, and is good as gold.

        • Any type of bourbon or scotch whiskey is a good painkiller for toothaches, especially an abscessed tooth, and will help you sleep. I speak from personal experience.

          • RB. Brandy and bourbon works for me. My spouse likes scotch. I know what you’re saying with the toothaches. Ouch.
            You ever see a movie called “The Road”? Based on a Cormack McCarthy novel.

            • Meathead, I’m going to watch that movie soon. I hear it’s still on youtube. My late spouse was a rum-and-coke gal. In our second month of dating, I was at her place one night and, being just a beer drinker for the most part, I tried one glass of her rum STRAIGHT. this was on a Thursday night. Next day was Friday and I had to go back to work. Next thing I knew, I woke up with a HELLUVA hangover on her couch. She was standing over me in her nurse’s uniform ready to go to work. She said to me, “Baby, you screwed up royally. I wanted to get some last night and you knocked yourself out with some of my Bacardi. So you come back tonight and make it up to me.” That night I went over and “did my due diligence” until my back started hurting. Lesson learned. NEVER, EVER, TOUCH RUM STRAIGHT. IT WILL KNOCK YOU INTO NEXT WEEK.

              • I tried rum and cokes for the 1st time in a bar in San Diego. I didn’t get too screwed up, so I made a trip to Tijuana. I was drinking with a couple of Marines; I was in the Navy at the time. I ended up with a plump Mexican woman. I have no idea where they went. One of them mentioned something about wanting to see the “donkey show”.

          • Old Bushmills comes to mind!!!

            • I wouldn’t waste good whiskey on anybody who comes to barter. A case of Old Mr. Boston would be more my idea.

      19. Regarding the tip in the article about the “Great Stuff” foam sealant..

        BE AWARE… The stuff DOES have a limited shelf life!
        I found a super sale on it a few years ago and stocked up… Lived in an older house, plenty of places to use it. I bought 6 cans, used 2 right away, put the other 4 in my basement. (Steady temp, did not freeze.)

        About 8 months later, I grab a can to use – Nothing comes out. Grab another can.. zip. All 4 cans were bad.
        Of course by then, to late to return to the store.

        Lesson learned.

      20. Some good tips on barter with the exception of one: Ammo.
        NEVER barter ammo to anyone you cannot trust 100%. It’s the one barter item that can literally come back and kill you later.

        Some other suggestions:

        -Toothpicks, lighters (simple, yet needed in many ways)

        -Paracord (never have too much)

        -Ziplock bags(same as above. Keeps things dry AND can be bartered.)

        -Food grade containers to hold small amounts of water.

        -high quality rechargeable batteries (you *do* have means to charge them from solar or others I hope by now.)

        -Small LED flashlights. (save the high output, big ones for you, trade off the smaller cheap ones).

        – Fishing line (multipurpose like paracord. Great for trip wires too, as illustrated above.)

        -Shoe/Bootlaces (get the good ones, don’t skimp on this)

        -Duct Tape. (NASA believes and so do I)

        -Utility knife blades/Razor blades. (Cheap right now, wait till you can’t find them though)

        Others can chime in: think simple, ordinary things you’ll want.

        • Socrates, I agree 100% on the ammo. That’s one of the WORST things anyone can do is barter ammo with a stranger. I won’t even do it with someone I know. I already stock the other items you mentioned. good post.

        • With regards to barter
          Best to truly vet the people you are going to barter with, otherwise be very cautious, use neutral locations,
          Lots of others around doing the same like maybe a community swap, dont take lots of items, be conservative, try and not look like your flush, people may be watching what you have etc, never go directly back to your home/retreat, situational awareness, you can practice this stuff now, will be life or death post SHTF

          • IMHO

        • Around here rice will be a good item, can keep indefinitely in a 5 gal bucket,
          Good post,
          All the items you listed crossed my mind then got to your post and there they were,
          Butane cannisters for backpacking stoves and adapters for filling lighters
          I got a bunch of Primus tanks, cheaper by the case, one will fill my big lighter, (those long ones for stoves of fireplaces etc) at least 10 times, thats close to a year of use.

      21. Zippo Lighter flints and wicks.

        • Slingshot, if you love the Zippo, you better also stockpile plenty of lighter fluid with those flints and wicks. Me, I’ll stick with Bic disposable lighters.

          • BH

            I think some have used AVGAS and Diesel fuel in a pinch. Maybe Lantern fuel?

            • Naptha,get it in gallon can at home depot 20 bucks,tis what lighter fluid is that comes in 8 oz bottles,Naptha.As for flints,do your part to pick up litter and flints from those garbage lighters that folks throw usually good as a flint you buy in a overpriced pack,been doing both for years now.

            • A Zippo will work with almost anything. “Lighter fluid” is just naptha in a small can, and marked up 1000%. Coleman fuel will work just fine. Only reason not to use gasoline is that it evaporates so fast that you have to keep refilling it.

              Disposable butane lighters in my life seem to have about a six month half-life. After six months only half of them still work. I’ve had two or three of those expensive rechargeable butane lighters, given to me by well-meaning relatives at Chistmas. They are even worse. They need super-refined, quadruple filtered fuel or they clog up and don’t work at all.

              Zippos for me.

              • Zippos are windproof.

                The only other fire starter that can claim that is…

                Yeah, not too many. Flint and steel, magnesium bar? Awesome, AFTER you get your scrape pile done. Impossible in the wind.

                Disposable lighter turned to torch setting? Went into the Manson Caves with that method once… lighter blew up in my hand after about 3 minutes. Not fun. Fell down a 20 foot hole, landed on broken glass and beer cans.

                Not a scratch. The Lord was with me on that one I tell ya!

      22. Parents might have to equip the air horn for their children when the kids attend school in Canada.

        Why is it that the government is spying on everyone………… yet the government can’t catch these male teachers who diddle with female students in the Toronto District School Board……. or the female stripper teachers in Canada who groom and lure students into their homes for carnal knowledge crimes?

        Anytime a predator teacher tries to go inappropriately close to the student, tell the student to use the air horn for help.

        But wait…the Communist regime in Canada will place the predator teacher as the victim !!!

        Folks, ensure that your children are not victims of predator teachers. The Marxist teachers unions and left wing government/ progressive government will RARELY go and act against the teacher who commits these horrible crimes against children.

        The air horn is good for children to chase away those predatory teachers.

        • Not male teachers – female teachers. Hot to get it on with 11 year olds. In the last few years I have read only about women teachers, never men. Probably because men have quit teaching altogether to avoid being set up as pedophiles.

      23. I would think setting up a Trading Post or Mobile Trading Post Wagon once the great culling slows down to a drip. You will need good armed security though. Maybe a good high barbed wire fence with a gate check point to enter the trading Post area. Refuse sick looking people or those who pose a threat any entry. Or they can buy through the fence or trade, gold silver bullets, almost like a crack house with a pocket door. lol You could also sent up a form of Post office to receive or get mail at or to send messages via short wave radio between trading posts. Just a thought, I would wait till most of the scum is dead and buried to get this set up so there is some normality in society.

        • Gotta have a lot of fence to keep out of gun range.

        • on the Zeta Talk website (she is kinda looney) There is a fiction story about a guy named Finnigan Fine who is a trader and travels around on a house boat. I enjoyed reading it.

          • Old Guy. I have read a lot of sailing books and about permanent live-aboard. Its about the same, you travel all over and trade for items you need. I hear having a heavy duty sewing machine to fix sails is a premium. Liquor is another great trade. And good tools or extra items is great for barter while on the seas. I would stock up on mask pullys, rope, life jackets, flares, sailing maps, weapons, hoses hose clamps, electrical wire, radios, spot lights, sewing kits and heavy duty needles, solar pannels. Ever watch Kevin Costner’s “Water World” Movie? Classic.

      24. You old people never do jack shit to practice your skills.

        You seen The Road movie?

        Today I ran 26 miles on The Abondoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. Through 2 mile long tunnels in pitch black.

        Got some Buffalo wings.


        • It won’t save you, Acid Wretch.

          • AE remember that light that you thought was the end of the tunnel? It was actually my SureFire mounted on my AR15. Trekker Out. Run Toward The Light!

        • 26 miles? So you are a hard core Boston Marathon runner, eh? Try that with an 80lb back pack.

          Ebola won’t care if you are Alpha or Omega Eisen…you will still be food for the crows, dogs and worms.

          The Buffalo Wings portion of your post sounds good though. 😉




            • Acid Etch;

              First; you cannot outrun a bullet of any caliber!

              Second; Your remarks are evasive and Just poor!

              Third; Hope you dont have tunnel vision.

        • Eisenturd, how the hell do you know what any of us do?

        • “Acid Etch”

          I believe that was a “name” from one of the main characters in the film, “Hackers” (1995). Curious. Is that how you chose your moniker? Wouldn’t surprise me, LOL.

          Buffalo wings are awesome, but feeling “alpha as phuck” and needing to say so, probably isn’t.

          Old Libertarian

          • No, that is not how I chose my moniker.

        • Acid; glad you know what the rest of us do,you best take care of yourself instead of critisizing others. How you gonna tell your girl friend some old person kicked your ass?

        • maybe just a few days of hard work would do you more good than getting bad knees, hips and feet from running on concrete.

        • I’d see a surgeon about having those useless appendages removed. I’d rather have angel wings.

        • He means that he had his virtual character on World of Warcraft run 26 miles. Gotta keep those bits and bytes in shape, y’know!

        • I am so glad this dipshit is on the other side of the country.

      25. Mac,

        Sorry to hear you been suffering from the flu.

        Don’t get the flu shot– it weakens your immune system.

        Nothing like homemade chicken soup.

        On another note, Mr. Hodges at thecommonsenseshow.com has had several chilling articles on 24 soon to be MANDATORY global vaccinations the ultimate purpose of which will be to make some people very ill and murder the rest.

        Especially chilling will be the mandatory ‘Vaccine Card’ without which Americans will be detained (killed at Malls, Stadiums, & Fema Camps) and/or denied the ability to make purchases.

        The soon to be announced global vaccination, under the guise of protecting against the (manmade and US-patented!) Ebola virus, will actually be a genocide that will make Hitler look like amateur.

        Time to pray, prep up, and watch your six because the so-called “U.N.” troops (Russians & Chinese already here) will be used to enforce the “Mandatory” vaccines legislation sponsored by those duped and deceived by the father of lies.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Those who fail to remember the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.” – JFK [?]

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we all wanna change the world…”
        – John Lennon

        • Lone Ranger, Hodges is not a good source of info. Now at most other sites it might be credible. I would look to see if the same article has been published at other sites first before accepting any of the info as valid.

      26. Fall’s Cut

        You seen Stand by Me?

        Yesterday I trekked miles into the woods to Fall’s Cut. Crossed an active railroad bridge. Hiked a half mile long active railroad tunnel. Went fishing illegally. Pigs were none the wiser.


        • Oh Acid you are so awesome! What other pointless stuff do you do to impress everybody?

      27. Learn a skill.

        Blacksmith, gunsmith, simple dentistry, midwifery, smelting, casting, reloading, mapmaking, butchering, all kinds of things.

        • Just dont have an unfortunate shmelting accident!

        • exactly right, if you want to survive, learn something that other people need. otherwise you are expendable.
          many people know that black powder is made from charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate, but they don’t know the receipt or they don’t know how to make potassium nitrate.

        • Farming. It’s not nearly as simple as most people think.

        • I just had to have a crown glued back on after only 1 year. It of course fell off Friday night, so had to endure the weekend without chewing. Went to the store after obsessively putting my tongue in the void, I got some of that dentek/temperin/tooth glue.

          It actually worked pretty well, dentist even gave me props and had a hell of a time getting it off on Monday.

          Now I have a couple tooth repair kits. Awesome prep item for under $3.00. Tooth pain was mentioned above. Even if you have to keep reapplying, something beats nothing every time.

          Want to see a grumpy old bear? Talk to anyone with a toothache!

      28. A hot shower or warm fire could impact the Confederation and Unity towards our main goal…


      29. Good post on lambs ear. Grows abundantly and natively around here in nc. Second on fishing line. Cheap, useful, regardless of what happens next year. Snares or for fishing. I have not found old hand tools, saws, rock chisel, froe, etc. Where? Personally, I think eotwawki is just as probable as not. Humans are no longer above the animals. Some may have good old time farmingbooks. Other pioneer books. Foxfire series is interesting reading. Imagine if oil economy ends. If pesticides end. True eotwawki. Big 6’6″ dudes wont be able to feed those frames. Will we get the cold fusion online before we run out of oil. Or will war break out next month.
        I think clean water will be most valuable shtf and for first few months into eotwawki. People will quickly burn through all breakable wood in big cities. Heard stories of park benches and such were chopped up for wood wh er n russia pulled out of stans.
        Btw, what is blast, shot convention. I thnik 3 meant revenuer was coming around. Good old days when goovns didnt have tracker and surveillane in every pocket and every data center.

        • I read where the bleacher seats where used to build coffins when the soviet union collapsed. Get some steel traps and snares. A fish trap can be made from chicken wire you make a wire funnel at one end. better than a gill net or hooks. you can release the small fish unharmed. raised beds for crops are the best if you want to garden using hand tools. consider building a indian Hogan. about three or four feet are the sides dug below ground. the top is whatever you can find. the temp will remain constant year round. cool in summer and a small fire will heat it in the cold time.

      30. Save items to repair things

        such as…
        Cans of roof patch – to mend holes in the roof after storms

        Extra tools, bolts, nails, screws, etc. of misc. sizes to repair things


        Duct tape

        Sewing supplies – needles, dif. color thread, yarn, etc.

        • @KY Mom, You say yarn how about learning to knit or crochet and stock in some yarn along with other preps if you know how you can make hats, sweaters, gloves, scarfs, socks, dishcloths, potholders, and so on not only for your own family but as barter items. How much damage can a dishcloth do? Sure beats bartering Ammo.

          • mallardhen,

            Good point. I agree.

      31. Sand bags
        Ive been buying them,
        Want to try sewing my own from weed stop, (the black woven one) and use fine fishing line for the thread,
        Also fabric, all sorts of fabric, got a deal on 3 bolts of denim that had been water damaged in a shipment, some bonehead at the shippers left the pallet of fabrics for the local fabric store outside and it got rained on so they got the products and got it replaced by the shipper, so have a whole lot of 60″ wide denim

        • Sand Bags – check campingsurvival site .44 cents a bag in OD Green color. Ballistics stopper = Priceless.

          • Many just rely on “Duct Tape and a Hammer.” Why make things complicated. lol

        • Fine fishing line. Spiderwire brand and those like it. Amazingly strong stuff. Kevlar yarn, or something like it. Just reminded myself to buy another dozen large spools

      32. The flu remedy I have used for over 30 years is mansard ital tea.made from the leaves of the manzanita Bush on the west coast. Stops vomiting and diarea.

      33. Stock up on freezer paper and masking tape. I once made the mistake of buying a big roll of butcher paper instead of freezer paper. The butcher paper doesnt have the waxy inside and the paper sucked the juice out of the meat. NOT GOOD. Today I am wrapping my husbands 3 pt mule deer.

        • If SHTF there won’t be any freezers.

          I’m thinking barrels</i of salt for meat preservation. Also for making sauerkraut.

          Salt was such an essential commodity in pre-refrigeration times that wars were fought over it.

          • Oh, man – screwed up the HTML code again……

          • Salt is one of your best, cheapest and easiest preps.

            Costco – 25 Pound bag, $4.00.

            Salt stores FOREVER. More uses than can be counted. A super cheap prep that you should have. I probably have 150 pounds of salt.

      34. We are done, face it, but at least you should know who we can thank, for everything. It´s not Ebola, its 3 ww what they want, but this time you should listen what one of the american greatest poets, Ezra Pound did find out, but yes I do know the illiterate Mericans just like the Hollywood Joos. They are so cute with their- Cultural WORK THEY ARE GIVING THE MERICANS-

        No hope. -NOPE- Its another Empire on the slippery slope.

        And I quote

        “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”

        – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

        But they need Shabbos goy-traitors like Schwarzenegger, who did prepare psychology the Goy for the wars against helpless Women and Children im the middle east ( remember .. True Lies )
        Thank you Arnie-LIAR-

        Jews were responsible for the Iraq war, says Jewish journalist

        or try that–there are people out here with BALLS

        List of countries the USA has bombed
        since the end of World War II.
        I know it have been the nasty Nazis, but wait we have killed them before? Right ?
        China 1945-46
        Korea 1950-53
        China 1950-53
        Guatemala 1954
        Indonesia 1958
        Cuba 1959-60
        Guatemala 1960Belgian Congo 1964
        Guatemala 1964
        Dominican Republic 1965-66
        Peru 1965
        Laos 1964-73
        Vietnam 1961-73
        Cambodia 1969-70
        Guatemala 1967-69
        Lebanon 1982-84
        Grenada 1983-84
        Libya 1986
        El Salvador 1981-92
        Nicaragua 1981-90
        Iran 1987-88
        Libya 1989
        Panama 1989-90
        Iraq 1991
        Kuwait 1991
        Somalia 1992-94
        Bosnia 1995
        Iran 1998
        Sudan 1998
        Afghanistan 1998
        Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
        Afghanistan 2001
        Libya 2011


        • Its the old , “The beatings will continue until moral improves” mentality. I don’t think any friendship was developed by bombing the other countries populace. War is good for Bankers and the MICM – MILITARY Industrial Complex Mafia.

      35. One thing to consider for the horns is to get the rechargeable kind so they should last longer.

      36. When the grid is down and no freezer is available better smoke and dehydrate it, or make mule deer Jerky. Get your backup ready to go.

        • We have sm solar system which powerst chest freezer, also have propane smoker.

        • If it’s a true teotwawki don’t we have bigger things to worry about like nuclear meltdowns!
          No amount of jerky is gonna save me from that and I doubt my family and I could make it to a safe zone where ever that might be. Looking at a map of nuclear fallout there aren’t many places to go.
          Doesn’t a grid down=nuclear meltdown

          • No.grid down in usa means backup power at nuke for awhile and then scram reactor = shutdown. Of course 1000yrs later when concrete starts to be overrun by trees and vines, then meltdown.

            • Glad you clarified that

          • Grid down does not equal nuclear meltdown. While the reactor type we standardized on in the ’50s are a lot less inherently safe than, say, the thorium type, they CAN be shut down cold, even if the grid goes. And unless somebody deliberately messes with one, they WOULD be shut down cold. The only reason Fukushima is such a problem is that the fuel supply for their backup Diesels got contaminated. Bad planning on their part, combined with corrupt regulatory oversight, which let that potential hazard continue to exist until the worst happened.

      37. obviously the useless red thumb trolls are out in force tonight. Immature pansys.

      38. Air horns,really?!They list that and not “Goldfish Crackers”!This article really doesn’t work for me.

        • Warchild
          I love those little guys too. Especially the ones with the smiles. I buy the family size container. Especially love the “flavor blasted with cheddar” ones. Soo good!

          • Buck,tis little treats that make life a bit more enjoyable.A few of em in tough times might be a mood up lifter,same as a occasional bath ect.,little things that keeps ones spirits up in tough times can make a real difference once basics are covered.

        • Imagine bugging out and seeing all these traps in wait for the masses. Move slow and cautious through areas. Look for animal traps, para-pits, snares, spring traps, trip wire. I suggest stay off the beaten paths and away from choke ambush points. Never take the easy route. Look for trail cams with your binoculars far ahead before you proceed. Trail cams have night vision and IR capabilities and can sent video remotely. Go to MidwayUSA for all the Trail Cams available for your own camp BOL security system. Driveway pressure sensors at the end of your driveway can also alert you that a vehicle is coming up your driveway. Just 15 to 30 seconds ahead alert will get you time to get to your battle rifle and take cover behind sand bags as they approach. Every layer of security will improve your chances for survival.

      39. Mouse traps

        Insect spray

        • Must say,have never dressed out a mouse,they worth the effort?!

      40. Fire extinguishers.

      41. Oh, man – screwed up the HTML code again……

      42. Well, hubby dropped a bombshell on me. He suggested that even though. we no longer need to worry about moving south to take care of dad, ditch the mortgage and move south. Woo hoo be ause my dads place is almost a preppers paradise. I had mixed feelings at first, but woke up sat
        In te middle of the night and something said to me “leave newengland if you want to survive”. Jut a week and a half ago that same something told me to make peace with my dad and he died 36 hours later. CT has already suspended the civil rights of all its citizens through a DPH emergency declaration. I will begin looking for a new job in earnest.

        • No pity,best of luck with your move,those of us in north lands of New England should be all right though,happy trails!

        • SPEAKING as a long-time refugee from New England…I am very happy for you.

          Don’t dawdle !

        • Don’t look back.

          Sorry about your Dad.

          He left you a gift, accept it with thanks.

      43. A glass cutter might be useful. Will probably be lots of shot up windows. Can make smaller squares and multipaned windows.

        • I have a kit that contains tools to cut anything, glass, ceramic tile, etc.

      44. I have a suggestion on two simple to make barter items in case the SHTF.
        1. Learn how to make a tinderbox kit. Inside is some charred wood that will catch the spark to more easily catch an ember. Look for some Chert, a rock in America that is found in lots of places and look for some scrap iron/steel. People think of flint and steel, and those can be purchased, but flint is not so easy to find as Chert. Believe me, as matches can’t be easily made (nor the striking surface to create combustion) then those who learn that old art could easily sell such a thing, probably neatly placed into an old Altoid tin or similar.

        2. Learn how to make torches. Some places have resinous pine around, and there are videos show how to make them. Alternatively and much easier, cattail pollen heads can be taken at the end of the season, dip them in fat drippings, and then these make short term ways to illuminate outside. These are not appropriate for indoor use as they produce a smoky flame, but people in your neighborhood will need torches. Birch oil can be pretty easily extracted by a similar process of producing charcoal, and then collected into a pan underneath, and that flammable liquid can be used to coat the cattails too, but animal fat hardens at room temperature since it’s saturated fat, and so it’s a way to use it up.

        That method of making a light source was commonly done by the pioneers and the Native Americans. Making candles requires a lot of rendered fat, and that would only happen at certain times based upon harvesting lots of livestock.

        • As a Geologist I must tell you flint and Chert are two names for the same thing. Flint is blackish, Chert is light.

        • Anon, never heard of using charred wood, but Char Cloth is excellent for catching a spark. And as far as being hard to find, Flint/Chert, it depends on what part of the country you live in. In Missourah it’s plentiful even your truck tires can find it, but in Wyoming, where I’m located it’s not so plentiful. Trekker Out

          • Thanks for your comments and for clearing up the Chert/Flint idea. It’s really about finding a rock of that hardness in order to shave a sliver of ignited steel to acquire the spark to get an ember.

            As far as I know, the best old timer regarding the history of flint and steel can be found here:
            He has a video on youtube demnstrating how to use charred punk wood to catch the ember. That was the old school way of doing it say at the time of the American Revolutionary War. Charcloth was expensive, a luxury item, as cloth is extremely hard to make, and you don’t generally char some cloth to make fire, but save that cloth for clothing repairs, rags, what-have-you.

            I’ve heard that if you used charcloth, while it did work very well, it meant you were a person-of-means. I think you’ll find the punk wood was far more common.

            God bless y’all.

            • A better video showing the transfer of the spark from the flint/steel to the charred punk wood in order to get an ember. This would have been the exact way colonists would have started a fire at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

              Mr. Burgess has similar videos on identifying punk wood and I believe showing how to char it properly.

              All in all, tinderbox makers could easily sell these as long as they found the scrap steel. One can end up buggering up their knives doing it that way, and so finding the scrap steel is part of the draw of having a tinderbox.

              All of which is way easier than a bowdrill or a handbow to generate an ember. It’s good to know both just in case, but post-collapse, a tinderbox maker should easily be able to barter them as it’s something everyone will need.

              A more expensive firemaking tool kit can be utilized by going to a home supply store, getting some plumbing supplies, a dowel rod, and a knob and making a fire piston. That’s a relatively unknown way of making fire that originally started in Southeast Asian tribes using bamboo. Those would be too costly to barter away (I’d not trade mine away), but would be a great backup way of starting an ember on a cold day.
              It should be in your bug out kit.
              (First part of two videos at that channel).

              Start an ember and you should be able to get some dried grasses into a blaze.

          • Not just any old steel will work! It must be very hard steel. Like what you find in files.

            BTW every kid who is now my age knew how to start a fire with a magnifying glass, (as long as the sun was out).

        • Anon … dryer lint is an excellent fire starter when using any kind of a spark generating device. Save the lighters for use in wet conditions and use the lint during dry conditions.

          • Vet add a rub of vaseline to dryer lint,start even easier and helps if wet conditions.I have a bunch of waxed jute I made awhile back,in tough wet weather unravelled a piece and with rod and knife instant fire start.That said,have a boatload of disposable lighters.

          • Smokeless powder does great, too. Old hunters used to break down a cartridge and use the powder mixed in with their tinder. I’ve carried a match safe full for years, Once it did make the difference between fire and no fire, and THAT was a trip when my partner and I both had proper matches! Fast pistol powders would work best for flint and steel – Red Dot, Bullseye, HP38, etc. Black powder does not do well, burns much too fast. Smokeless flares like a match tip, and releases a lot of heat doing it.

          • Dryer lint is truly epic. And free!

            For those high tech folks… Grab a 9 volt battery and some steel wool. Great fun!

        • Here’s a video that shows how to use animal fat rendered into tallow and poured over a dry cattail to produce a torch. It’s an old Native American and pioneer trick.

          These wouldn’t be hard to sell post-collapse. The main problem that I can foresee is that’s entirely contingent upon animals producing enough fat that hungry people are not consuming. Since fat has twice the calories of protein and carbs, then a smart cook will be adding in that fat that we ordinarily try to reduce in the American diet. That fat might be life saving for families and make a significant difference.

          As many game animals are very lean, then really this would be done as an alternative way of using up fat at butchering time.

          A smart prepper during a collapse might harvest from old grease traps from restaurants (especially from seafood places) and while it’s rancid, it could be used to make stinky torches for outdoor use.

          If you’re a machinist and/or have a lathe at home, or you’re just handy, you could cut candle followers. Today most people burn their candles without followers because they don’t care about the burn rate. But in churches, candle followers are utilized to reduce expensive beeswax candles from burning up prematurely.

          Lots of people post-collapse will want candle followers, and they are nothing more than a ringed cylinder that reinforces the candle and pools the wax so it doesn’t drip. Of course you’d want to measure standard candle sizes so whatever you produce is going to fit.

          The long burning and fairly cheap candles in tall glass jars (votives) are probably going to be replicated post-collapse instead of the more traditional dipped candles because that also will reduce the burn rates.

          There are very limited ways of producing wax other than rendered animal fat, and while there is a way of pressing sumac to extract a wax, it’s rather a specialized job. However sumac is plentiful in my area, and I’ve thought about harvesting it. Long ago, say prior to 1860 or so, it was done as a plant wax source.

      45. Off topic…

        Aussie stock market halted due to “glitch”


      46. Off Topic…

        “Prepare For Runs”, IMF Warns Policymakers Of “Elevated Financial Stability & Liquidity Risks”


      47. Ripple effects begin: Dubai stock market crashes over 6.5% today


        • “Ripple”? Those muslims can’t hold their liqueur.

      48. Needles, thread, knitting needles, leather awl, sharp metal sewing scissors. These items will be in need by both skilled and unskilled folks to mend and repair everyday items of clothing. 🙂

        • Good point; needles have been used for currency, they are so valuable.

      49. Given the Season, as well Mac’s current familial afflictions, perhaps it is the time to offer the annual ‘seasonal warning’ about Influenza….and WHY we get it.

        Yearly, as the RELATIVE humidity drops with the onset of colder weather we often FORGET what occurs as the effects of that change serbes to dry’s the mucosa of our sinuses, nasal passages and trachea.

        RELATIVE humdity is RELATIVE to…WHAT?! Simple, the TEMPERATURE of th air that contains that moisture. What that implies is that air at 80 degree’s F carries almost 16 times the moisture contained by an equivalent amount of air at a tempertture of 20 degree’s F. Well…SO WHAT?

        Ahh, here it comes! The air OUTSIDE your home, quite a bit cooler than the air INSIDE it, at say a RELATIVE humidity of 35% when BROUGHT into the house by simple convection (No, NO HOUSE is even proximitly ‘airtight’, if so you would asphyxiate in short order!) instantly achieves to a level of humidity (when WARMED) that is – on average – LESS than the Sahara Desert or ‘Death Valley’ in HIGH summer, BOTH.

        As a consequence of that, your mucosa DRY to oblivion in short order. Once that has ooccured, there is then no mucous lining those passages – and THAT contians ALL of the white cells that defend those passages! – and so ANY virus that is incident on those tissues nearly INSTANTLY penetrated into the flesh it there lands upon…and the INFECTION begins post-haste!

        BI and I had this conversation here YEARS ago when he was REALLY not ‘doing well’ during an incident of such. Folks, the PRIMARY reason that the flu almost always ONLY attacks the population broadly during the Winter is due entirely to THAT…and THAT alone. aS long as your mucosa remain hydrated the likelihood of contracting that – or any other airborne – virus is very small indeed.

        Go to Wally-World…GET a ‘whole-house’ humidifier, and run the thing full up, FULL-BORE, throughout the Winter months. That can easily go through 5-8 GALLONS a DAY! If you do that then your susceptibilty to all airborne viruses will DROP like a ROCK within roughly a week after you implement that. Also, do you REALLY want to be ‘down with the flu’ when Ebola is LOOSE…BAD IDEA THAT.

        YO MAC!!! You and I had this conversation years ago when your ‘family’ was down with this stuff then… perhaps you might have forgotten something along the way? Just sayin here Brother…

        Hope you all begin getting ‘the upper hand’ on it soon!

        • @ Mr. Rogers ~ Thank you for your advice/information.

          Every winter I fill bowls of water, and place them in front of the heat/air vents in my rooms. I live in 1,122 sq. ft. townhome. It’s amazing how when I go to check on the water in the bowls, they are close to being empty.

          Does a humidifier help with dry skin?

          They are a little pricey.


          • Howdy Upstate NY!

            Last question here first: Absolutely.

            The air OUTSIDE of your Home in Winter is NOT what you THINK it is, see the explanation below to satisfy your curiousity there.

            Although there is some initial expense in obtaining a decent humidifier, the advantages to having one during the winter RFAR outweighs not doing so, and. by a wide margin indeed!

            Years ago, I used to use the ‘tried and true method’ of heating water in a kettle on the stove, yet still
            I had more difficulty in wintertime (respiratory primarily) than I suspected that I should. After a bit of research into that I discovered the root cause of the problem. The vapor emitted by any source that uses heat to produce that vapor is fundamentally ‘different’ that that produced by other means.

            In the case of cold water or ultrasonic ‘vaporization’ the micro-droplet size produced is classified as ‘non condensing vapor’. The distinction there is rather subtle and is based – partially – on the effective size of the micro-droplets produced. One might well think that ‘STEAM would be just the RIGHT thing!”…it is not though. What is produced thereby rapidly condenses into much larger droplets that do not benefit our respiratory tracts anywhere near the extent that a ‘cold water’ humidifier does. In fact, I have had the ‘steam’ actually seem to dry my nasal passages out in extremis ….and more than ONCE!

            Wal-Mart has a ‘whole house unit’ that sets in a corner of a room, taking up a only a small amount of space. The ‘whole House’ part rating comes by virtue of unit’s ability to move quantites of moisture in to the air around it. As such then the unit implictly relies on the ventilation provided by your central fan to distribute what it puts out…throughout the home. If that is not allowed to ciruclate approriatly then the net effect is diminsihed, naturally.

            Those units have a bottom pan capacity of roughly 3 gallons and each of the two tanks that set upon the top of that tray have at least 2.5 gallon capacity; thus, a total of roughly 8 gallons.

            When I lived in the midwest, even during the relatively ‘mild’ winters there (many of you have MUCH worse winters that that, as do I….where I am NOW!) it was often the case that I had to fill BOTH tanks – AND the pan beneath them – DAILY. Imagine that!..8 GALLONS in a single DAY! THAT suprised even me when I first began using those, truly.

            Last I had occasion to inquire, one of those ran in excess of $75…but it has been an absolute blessing to me in all time since; I have NOT had the flu even ONCE in 8 years now; before that it was nearly a regular occurance for me…seasonally. The filters for those (which are actually more of a ‘wick’ in operation) are roughly $16 for a double pack (when on sale) and if cared for through the season then just one of those will last through it ONCE.

            “The CARE and FEEDING of your new BABY humidifier…”

            Every three to four days (or sooner if you live in a REALLY cold place) you will need to EMPTY the water in the unit completely (the tray/tank below, after the upper tanks are discharged in regular use) and replace it with fresh water. That is unless you ADD something into the MIX so to speak; it is often the best policy to either 1) dump a single capful of chlorox into the bath (possibly daily) to inhibit the growth of algae, funguses or bacteria, or 2) put 1/3 cup of Borax into the mix. The Chrlox has the advantage of being completely liquid and will tend to REDUCE the amount of lime build-up on the filter/wick…which will destroy the effectivenes of that in rather short order. However, the nature of the bleach will itself cause the detrioration of the material of which the wick is formed. Borax will accelarate the bulidup of lime and if you elect to use that you will need to repalce the water in the unit more frequently to conteract that tendency…..or flip the filter upsidedown ,ultiple times per day.

            One samll point here; I DO use the Borax myself to best effect and tolerate the cleaning and additional effort since I otherwise do NOT care for the odor of Chlorox around me, continosuly. People react to that odor differently on an individaul basis. However, the Borax has NO odor whatsoever, thus working in it’s favor IMHO.

            If it appears relative to your local usage that it is not neccesary to empty the bath in the lower compartment as freqenmtly as suggested (worst case example)) then every time you refill the unit – DAILY – flip the filter/wick upside down so that the (still partially) MOIST side is UP; this will prevent the TOP of that from going ‘rock-hard’ with calcium buildup…which will destroy the wick summarily.

            Well, that is about all that you should need to know, I think. If you have any questions though please feel free to ask; almost everyone here is happy to answer almost any question that will help others…when asked “politely”, sincerely, of course…I have had MANY questions answered here in time – quite politely, this place is WEALTH of ‘knowing’ – and HELP as well! – which most here truly strive to SHARE dilgently. We can ALL be so helped thusly, one to the other.

            Have a good week…but BE SAFE no matter WHAT!

            • @Mr. Rodgers-

              I don’t add anything chemical to my cold mist humidifiers except this: A one troy ounce bouillon bar of .999 pure silver. Silver is naturally anti-viral and it keeps the biofilms and slime from growing, it won’t even grow on the silver.

              The ancient Phoenicians used to store water, wine and oils in large silver vessels and it kept bacteria at bay.
              Silver is one of the only natural anti-viral metals that exists that kills germs, but is not toxic to humans.

              • Good Morning Socrates,

                Yes, that is quite posibly – likely! – a good thing to do in some cases. A very long time ago, a gentelman here – “Silver Fox”, I think – mentioned something that FASCINATED me; something which I was quite skeptical of at first.

                He indicated that at the begining of the last century, before mass production of milk had come about, when that was yet a ‘Mom and Pop’ proposition, that it was common practice to place a Morgan Dollar in each contiainer of fresh Milk. As said, I was Initially somewhat skeptical about his claim and so I pursued that in it’s details ….Lo abd Behold, I discovered both that it was true, as well WHY that had been a normal practice ‘in the day’.

                YOU – Sir – have likely guessed (by now) what I will relate here: the presence of Silver truly DOES STRONLY inhibit the growth of bacteria within the Milk! I WAS ‘flabbergasted’! to discover that actually was, ‘effective’. Here, we see another of those things that though – once – ‘common knowledge’ is now widely, virtually, unknown. We HAVE forgotten very much over time, more’s the pity…we’ll have so MUCH to ‘re-learn’ later!

                Monetheless, the Borax I mention acts somewhat ‘differently’, in that it acts directly – and with ‘Extreme Prejudice’ – on any fungal manifestations which might be present, as well being “bacteriostatic”…..I AM NOT ‘quite sure’ that the Silver acts similarly upon that….the article I saw – relative to the milk – mentioned that Silvber has an extremely low solubility in WATER….but not in any subtance in which lipids (fats) are present; perhaps another thing to ‘go research’ for a bit, Eh?

                Lastly, the Borax is quite non-toxic – to my knowledge – so long as it NOT ingested orally, in more than ttace quantities…THEN it will causea diaarhea that will approach Cholera in it’s intensity due to the it’s ‘bacterio-static’ properties …that is, it prevents cellular division and so halts the reproduction of almost all such, breaking the ‘exponential growth’ pattern…

            • @ Mr. Rogers ~ Thank you so much for your information.
              I really appreciate it. Its just me living in my townhome, no animals, no kids, and no current boyfriend. In a 1,122 sq.ft. townhome. From what you recommended, I am sure that humidifier would easily cover the sq. footage in my home. I’ll have to go to Walmart and check them out.

        • Good point. Here in TN we have the luxury of cheap TVA electricity and a climate to use heat pumps. Heat pumps do not dry the air thus very few need a humidifier. Gas heat or wood stove would be entirely different.

          • Air heated with a heat pump will suffer the same R.H. drop as with any other heat system. Same for electric resistance heat. What pumps and electric do not do is to draw in a lot of outside air for combustion, as wood stoves and oil burners do, so once you get the inside air humidified, it stays that way. With any sort of combustion heat, you are constantly adding humidity to the makeup air. Unless you have one of those newfangled high efficiency gas furnaces that draw outside air through an intake pipe to the burner.

            • 🙂

              Simply “Masterful”…Gracias Senor’!

      50. While some people are smart and putting back green coffee beans and roasting it upon demand in order to extend its longevity, at some point the coffee will run out. If the SHTF, then it will take a long time to reestablish trade networks from Central America and some parts of Mexico to acquire coffee again. As that will be like gold, then the further it has to be shipped, the most expensive it will be. Imagine trying to get coffee in Maine then!

        However, some smart people might consider growing tea in the South. Some regions might be able to do that, with naturally the caffinated black version being in high demand. Green tea will still give you a lift and will also be sought after.

        Other than this, there really isn’t a caffeine substitute that can be grown in America. The only alternative is the Yapon and as that induces nausea, it’s of dubious value.

        Smart preppers might wish to put back caffeine tablets as that would certainly be extremely valuable.

        Naturally there is both dandelion and chicory root that was used as a coffee substitute during the Civil War, but it has no kick, just a pleasing flavor, and as both are common in meadows in my region, I plan on harvesting and roasting as a barter item.

        • Instant coffee has an indefinite shelf life and is something I have stored. Not a drink most coffee lovers would chose as their first choice, but we are talking about a collapsed economy with few sources of “real” coffee. Definitely something to have stored for personal use/barter.

        • A world without coffee is not a world I want to survive in!I suppose I could make some “street meth” for that little morning pickup!

        • The dollar tree dolar stores sell an energy blend (21 tablets) of 200 MG of Guarana, Ginseng and Green Tea, which equates to 80 MG of caffeine. I use them every morning instead of coffee. They work great and for $1, you can’t beat them. They’re experation date is Jan 2017 so they have a decent shelf life for a supplement.

          • Thanks Tom,will look into that.As your moniker includes Tom you in the Toms River area?

            • Anytime. No, but my name happens to be Tom! I do live somewhat near Toms River though.

        • Good thoughts about the coffee supply. Right now, there is a tea plantation in Charleston, supposedly the only one in the US, and the product is very tasty and easy to find. But you may have to look online for a source.

        • I have yaupon. That is the only plant native to the U.S. that contains caffeine. It grows wild in parts of the southeast, but will grow in most places.

      51. A very smart barter item will be turning discarded rubber tires into shoes, a business that is common in Africa, and produces a durable product that works very well. Likewise in a short time, then roofing tiles will go bad, and tires can be utilized for that purpose. So we will definitely need cobblers and roofers post-collapse.

        A good way to think about things like this can be found in books like World Made By Hand by Kunstler. You can probably find it in any public library. Within it, there is a group that harvests material from abandoned homes, literally everything, and then sells it in a junkyard like fashion. I can definitely see people doing that post-collapse as well.

        Sewing needles will be a very sought out and currently cheap item to put with preps, but I doubt you’ll part with them. Likewise, less than five years post-collapse, everyone’s clothing will be terribly worn, and unless people plant hemp and flax, then there won’t be any cloth at all. Sure, there are people who plant cotton, but have you ever picked it? Ouch, expect lots of bleeding hands i.e. why “cottonpicker” was a real putdown as it’s a miserable job.

        Many people will end up making looms, but it’s a laborious process to produce even a bolt of cloth.

        Think of all of the outdoor labor and the need for durable clothing like denim, but also the deep need for khaki to stay cool in the hot summers too. Cloth is one of the problems without real solutions in an American collapse.

        • RE: “turning discarded rubber tires into shoes, a business that is common in Africa”

          No shit?

          That’s kind of amazing.

          That would make for some great reading if someone somewhere could provide some facts and photos to back that up.

          …Anyway, I thought this had an accurate ring to it, via LRC: “Obama the Hun”.

          …But yeah, blame Bush first. …The “other” wing of the same bird of prey for staring worthless endeavors.

          Obama the Hun, Bush, and the Duck Dynasty/NASCAR bunch wanting to kill everyone? …Have they all gone mad? Or, were they born that way? …Like Piranhas?

          • I look in the mirror to see who to blame,try it,we at least so far have allowed this to happen,at least man made disasters,can’t do much say about a killer comet.

          • I first saw it done in documentaries of African villagers back in the early seventies. Here is one such video (there are many of these) on how to turn a discarded tire into a TEVA-like sandal.

            That isn’t a good workboot, but that is an excellent all purpose shoe post-collapse since it essentially becomes a river sandal to dry out your feet.

            So when the soles on your workboots become worn post-collapse, then you could replace the soles with a tire but you’ll need a stout knife and resharpener. It’s a cottage business in Africa.

            While some will be tanning hides to repair or place the boot itself, they’ll need a cobbler to repair the soles.

            Think outside the box, years down the line, for some smart prepper survivalist homesteaders will have to figure out our to repurpose discarded items to fix their shoes and replace shingles.

            Each of us will need trade items as well as growing our own food, so there will still be some specialized skills, and everyone needs shoes, right?

            • Sorry, forgot the link:

              If we all put in constructive aspects to our comments, then we can help one family to make it. Pass it on just as your mentors and ancestors taught you too.

          • Tire shoe soles are common in Mexico, too. Tire sole, topped with a leather foot pad, and leather strapping.

            Nicely made, good for another thousand miles, and cheap.

            Next trip to Mexico, find a vendor and buy several pair. I bought six pairs in Guaymas in 1983, working on the third pair right now. Good for walking.

      52. Wow, we have reached a new bottom. I expected to see (read) something productive but instead got the Girl Scout Brownie Manual excerpt. Yeah, great stuff would be good in a post SHTF scenario but I think there will be bigger issues to contend with.
        That was about 3.5 minutes of my life I will never get back…

        • Hence why folks sharing their ideas/items to be a little more informative,forum usually more useful then actual articles for information,or,you can just bitch but not offer alternative thoughts,your choice.

      53. A couple of observations on CDC’s claim that an “Ebola Vaccine only will work on White people.”

        So is this proof that Ebola is yet another plot by the “White devil” to genocide every one else and grab the world for himself, further revealing his devilish nature as the root origin of all the world’s problem ….or, for those of you who don’t put much trust in the CDC, why do they specifically want to sell this “Ebola vaccine” to White people?

        To clarify, trusting the CDC might prove to be a deadly mistake.

        Considering that Ebola infected patients have been sent to Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and also to Minnesota, Nebraska and Georgia in the USA, one can’t help to wonder. Only the west seem to have this precarious willingness to import this deadly disease into it’s territories.

        Additionally, does this not shatter the current social sciences gospel that there is no human biodiversity and biological differences between us?

        Here is the story from thenewsnerd.com

        The Center of Disease Control, which is headquartered in Atlanta, has released a statement saying the trial vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus will only work on those with white skin.

        In an excerpt from the statement, the government agency stated, “Early tests of an experimental drug, which would effectively combat the spread of Ebola, have proved successful only in those with white skin — We are working diligently to improve the sample to be able to help all those who are in need.”

        The vaccine, which was developed by ThomasSmithCharles in conjunction with the BIP, has began a trial phase. The vaccine uses a strain of a West Nile monkey cold virus called ape multivirus type 5 to deliver benign genetic material of the West African strain of Ebola. The genetic material given to the patient is not able to replicate and poses virtually no health risk. The sample instead strengthens the immune system to fight off the virus. If successful, ape multivirus type 5 could stop the spread of Ebola.

        According to the CDC, the trial was doled out 200 people, but only proved effective to those with white skin. Some scientists believe high levels of melanin may somehow be affecting the sample.

        Many citizens voiced concern when two white Americans were flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta and were cured of the deadly disease, while 1,000’s in Africa continue to die. Conspiracy theorists believe the American Government has a cure for the disease, but has no plans to dole it out to Africans.

        A Twitter member, who goes by @Sidney_Bingham wrote, “Ebola was a incurable disease when it was killing Africans by the hundreds but now that 2 white people have it suddenly there’s a cure.”

        User @J_Nuclear wrote, “Ebola death camps in Africa…..now when white people start getting it all of a sudden an experimental cure comes out.”

        With the disease seeming to only work on those with white skin, the conspiracy theorists certainly have been provided with more fodder for their beliefs.

        Source: thenewsnerd.com

        • Well,about 95% Nordic bloodstock with about 5% Maori,might not work on me.

        • Unless of course the vaccine holds some timed release surprise that proves 100% fatal only to whites,,

        • Whaaat?!?!

          OG, this is HARD to beleive!(?)…Truly, are you SURE that your ‘source’ – here – isn’t taking/getting something from off the ‘Onion? I AM asking here…and not ‘denegrating’, surely?….

          • Im not sure about anything. The article was a cut & paste. For all I know ebola has been genetically altered to only kill certain folks? Its odd the Two white guys treated in the US lived and the Black guy died? Some races are resistant to certain disease and other races suceptiable. Is it too farfetched to speculate that certain evil folks would capitalize on that fact if given the opportunity? So far ive not been able to document that there was ever a white person who received treatment who has died from ebola? something just aint a setting right?

            • Howdy OG,

              Understood Brother. Ummm, FWIW, i do not ‘think’ that gen-tech is QUITE that ‘tergetable’…not YET, then again they are VERY ‘inventive’ aren’t they?

              Trly though, the diference in the genotype of any racial group relative to another is so lsght that as a per centage it is – ummm, say – 1/100,000 of ONE per centage point. A while back I ran across a genotype comparison betwen porpoises and humans, THAT difference was omly 1/10 of one per cent. Soooo, as thos ethings go it get’s harder and harder to actuallize as ther TARGER between any two such grows smaller, Eh?

              Don’t get me wrong here Friend; LATELY I am about to take ANYTHING at face value myself…Glod lknows it gets WIERDER by the day, don’t it.

              Hey….go over to Wiki and LOOK up the article there on “Spanish Flu”…I chanced ‘pon that last night and it is a WEALTH of what CAN happen..and HOW it DID…well worth the read…had stuff there that I didn’t know at ALL. Hang in there Brother…we’re ALL gettin’ a little ‘wierded out’ lately, I KNOW…ya just can’t SEE what’s comin’ next can ya? Yes, I AM nervous as well, lately…

              STAY FROSTY!

      54. Ok ill ask the question again . Have any white folks died from ebola?

        • Ebola has now become a racial issue?

          • Yes according to Jesse Jackson and the family of the guy who died in Dallas its a race issue? The story I posted comment ID 3244437 isn’t my own. Its a cut and paste

      55. Give the air horn two blasts if you want to tell your compadre something? Well hell, you just told half the county where YOU are.

      56. If they start coming for the guns , I’m going to use this Ebola shit as my way to buy time and keep them away from my stash
        Eh, 2 can play at these mind games

      57. Toilet paper is bulky and finding space to store a lot can be difficult. I have a portable boulder bidet stored for everyone. Little storage space needed and will help in reducing waste into the septic system. Light weight, so it can travel with you if needed.

      58. Most probable scenario is dollar devaluation due to the collapse of the petro-dollar standard. Imported items will quadruple in price and shortages of fuel & food will be common. Stock up things you like that are imported, because you might not be able to buy them later. Will hate to see bananas @ $2/lbs but it will happen, and then get worse from there. Freeze dried banana chips might be something to stock for the banana lovers.

      59. Grolsch beer bottles. With their stopper tops they can be used to safely store your drink of choice. Spring water, fresh milk, etc. I picked up a bunch free from someone who was quitting home brewing.

        • You can purchase reclosable bottles from arts and craft stores like Hobby Lobby. You’re absolutely correct that those would be smart to have for a variety of reasons including brewing beer.

          Personally I think a good investment for later bartering would be heirloom seeds.

          Sugar will be very difficult to replicate, but after you reduce the water content in maple syrup long enough, if very careful, you end up with maple sugar.

          Growing corn, you can harvest corn syrup from the corn stalks. While it’s true that corn syrup is bad for you, you won’t waste the opportunity to have a sweetener and it would be wisdom to look for links demonstrating how to make it. It’s likely to be the best sweetener you can raise unless you have a bee hive.

          Growing corn means you have not only an important source of amino acids, but corn syrup, masa flour if field corn, and potentially a revenue source from distillation. The Native Americans brewed a beer called tizwin from corn as well.

          As rice can’t be easily grown, corn will be a major trade product that can bartered for other things, and could be a renewable currency source.

          If you purchased a solar panel and a battery recharger, then you could charge people to recharge their batteries. I’ve considered that a potential revenue stream too. You can make a rudimentary battery from aluminum cans and charcoal and an acid or a base, so if you have access to scrap aluminum cans, then some could set themselves up to do that as well.

          Because a lot of people don’t have ancestral skills, post-collapse, some people could get good enough at well digging and particularly organizing the locals to create wells. There are excellent manuals on doing this. You would barter your knowledge and organizational skills in trade for other barter items. Believe me, most communities are going to need deep wells and won’t know how to do it.

          Lots of information at that link. You could easily provide for your family by making that your form of barter.

          Likewise people who understand how to make Biosand filters will dovetail this with well digging. Also, that community will need a cistern to hold water and dispense it as a buffer of purified water, so you can add that too.

          • Corn syrup is not bad for you, any more than anything else good that you can overdose on. Corn syrup contains fructose (fruit sugar). Other sources of fructose include honey, molasses, figs, and grapes. It’s hard to get an overdose of fructose from those sources. Sucking down soft drinks all day is the biggest source of fructose for many people, and the other components of the drinks are also harmful in extreme doses.

            I am past 60, and I ate all the Karo syrup and molasses I could when I was younger. I had one or the other almost every single morning until I was grown and left home.

            It is possible to eat or drink too much fructose and overload your liver. But you don’t have to cut it out entirely.

            People do need to watch how much corn they eat. If your diet is largely corn, such as in poor areas of the south 100 years ago, you could get pelagra. Treating corn with an alkali solution (nixtamalization) is necessary for at least part of the corn you eat, if it’s a major part of your diet.

            • Thanks for stating that about pellagra. That used to be a major problem with subsisting on solely corn. We can expect to see a host of nutritional deficiencies like pellagra to be sure!

              Yes, I’m old too, and I sure have fond memories about eating popcorn balls made with corn syrup as well as lots of pecan pie. I put that in there because of valid concern about the tremendous overuse of high fructose corn syrup.

              Sorghum grows in my region, so I expect to use molasses a lot.

              I’d be extremely worried about Ebola and preparedness if I lived in a major metro city, but luckily I live in a very rural area. I have no idea what people are thinking who put faith in bugging out. Can you imagine a worse thing than bugging out with contagion?

      60. On the Ebola hype..It’s just another problem, reaction solution scenario using the programmed “deadly pandemic” excuse. (seems its the only game they know and tons are still falling for it)

        watch what they get people to buy, sell and do..

        played , over and over and over .. keep the public occupied with a scare while they strip you of your liberties and keep you right where they want you .. scared shitless, and doing exactly what they want you to do.. allow them more power over you and your thoughts and movements, as they strip you of your Natural Rights

        its already being played and tested hard in CT

        people wake up!

        • Ebola bin Laden

          • ht tp://www.zengardner.com/now-2/

        • Enemy of the State.

          It is a hard note to prepare and watch our liberties being strangled. There is no plan. No strategy, no cohesive effort to thwart what besieges us.
          I see that Liberty and Rights are a foregone conclusion and we should concentrate on staying alive. After all what this generation wants is A Big Nanny State. They do not want to see or hear what is behind it.

          Not going to run. I’m going to dig in.

          Time to get your shit together.

          • Im with you on that ,, my shits been together for many many years, Ive seen this coming way before sites like this even came into being , before the internet, right around the 40th presidency of this country

            never trusted my government from my first paycheck .. and at the time i write this theres more grey hair of whats left on my head

          • After some recent eye opening events locally i say let these sheeple masses have whatcthey want,
            You know full well that once they get what they have been screaming for they will freak out with the unintended consequences, thats a given, then they will want some other change and save that brings on something worse yet!
            All we can do really is be ready to insulate ourselves from their fate,
            Eyes WIDE open!

            • “A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have.”

          • Howdy slingshot!

            “After all what this generation wants is A Big Nanny State. They do not want to see or hear what is behind it.”

            Yes…that is WHY I LEFT…and took MINE with me.

            In truth here old Friend, as I looked artond me, I finally concluded that THEY could not be saved, broadly. THAT realization was the ‘straw that broke the camels back’ for us….I do fear for those who REMAIN though as the BEAST enters it’s death-throes; it will NOT be pretty when that happens. Please Be CAREFUL Friend in time to come…very: I STILL want to have that ‘big Bar-B-Q’ that we discussed here so very long ago….and I AM expecting you to be THERE Dammit! 🙂

            • “They’re are dug in like an Alabama tick”.


              • Yep…GOOD one!

      61. Check this site almost everyday, does
        Anyone know what happened to be informed
        ,enjoyed his comments?

        • B.I. has a Hotdog stand on Long Island. As the rumor goes.

      62. On Drudge.

        Democrats Blame GOP for Ebloa.

        Pot calling kettle black.

        • And their voter base is stupid enough to believe it. And they know it.

      63. How about a perimeter defense (IR Intrusion). You probably wont have the man power to have a permanent LP/OP. Also, sitting out in the snow/sleet/rain/heat isn’t all that fun and risks exposing someone and having them get sick, frost bite, etc. Have a Quick React Force that is ready to go within minutes. During nighttime, everyone (except for those on a 4 watch) are sleeping. No lights on at night. Night is time to sleep following supper. I am serious about the lights, so much so that at night you pull a master breaker that disables all lights. You probably wont have electricity anyway so you will have to rely on LED lights.

        A whistle would work better than an air horn and you can get one for almost nothing. A signal mirror is a powerful for daytime communication. Best tool: Get a set of old field wire phones. Run one or two out to pre-determined LP/OPs. Have another wire phone that runs to a neighbors house. At night, neighbors and friends in an emergency know your pre-briefed recognition signals. Also, get a dog(s). A dog is a good companion and has an incredible sense of smell and hearing.

        Things that will be priceless: Ammo, Vinegar, Baking soda, Salt, Bleach, seeds, basic medical supplys, vitamins, a small hand pump siphon, iron cookware, water purification equipment, any type of LED light, candles, basic food stuffs like rice, beans, lentils.

        Lastly, if you are one of those clowns out there that has a SCAR or Beretta ARX-100, and don’t have any type of NV, then you are screwing yourself. What do I mean? Don’t go blow your cash on some crazy implement when you lack one of the most important capabilities–the means to see at night.

        You will see the welfare goons and pill heads go down pretty quickly in rural areas. In urban settings, you can expect more supplies, but intense fighting as people who have been coddled their entire lives begin to realize that Jay Z is not there to help them anymore and the store is all out of Funyons and Red Bull. Some urban areas like NYC will be cannibalism within 2 weeks.

        • yep

          Own the night…or it will own you

          insted of blowing 500+ on the next pistol or rifle..buy a set of NV goggles or the weapons you do have wont be any good for you if you cant see when all goes black

          have plenty of power sources saved up for them or a way to recharge

          Dam good advice TX

        • Keep you BO dark, but if the alarm goes off, illuminate the hell out of everything for about 10 seconds, than go dark again. DO NOT watch while you do this. Intruder will lose his night vision for anything up to half an hour from that one blast of light, and you will not.

          To be truly nasty, use some big strobes, and cycle them at 13 flashes per second. The 13 Hz. frequency mimics the alpha wave frequency in the brain, and can induce disorientation and even epileptic seizures if the victim is exposed for only a minute or so.

          Advantage defender.

      64. U.S. CDC head criticized for blaming ‘protocol breach’ as nurse gets Ebola

        “Some healthcare experts are bristling at the assertion by a top U.S. health official that a “protocol breach” caused a Dallas nurse to be infected with Ebola while caring for a dying patient, saying the case instead shows how far the nation’s hospitals are from adequately training staff to deal with the deadly virus.”

        “Some experts also question the CDC’s assertion that any U.S. hospital should be prepared to treat an Ebola patient as the outbreak ravaging West Africa begins to spread globally. Given the level of training required to do the job safely, U.S. health authorities should consider designating a hospital in each region as the go-to facility for Ebola, they said.”

        -Yahoo, now on Drudge Report

      65. Get well soon Mac! Lots of chicken soup!

      66. Nina Pham identified as Dallas nurse with Ebola

        “The Texas nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for the first person to die of the virus in the U.S. has been identified as 26-year-old Nina Pham.”

        “Pham’s family confirmed her identity to USA Today.”


        • Good Morning KY,

          This is almost about to ‘get out of hand’ isn’t it? In truth, i feared somesuch for a very long time. We here – Yourself, Bi MYSELF, et al – have discussed this, at length, many times before, yes…but now that the reality is ‘knocking at the door’ my heart siezes within my chest…and I FEAR for all those left we behind.

          PLEASE be so very, VERY careful M’am, in what now comes – IF it comes. I would miss you ‘being in the World’ were you absent from it. Be WELL, BE careful…please.

      67. Big Pharma playing hero in Ebola outbreak it helped cause

        U.S. soldiers are on the ground, double-timing their way through African cities crawling with disease. Hospitals are bursting with sick and dying patients.

        Ebola has now reached three continents on its globe-trotting tour, and everyone is asking the same question.

        Who’s to blame for the carnage?

        How about the World Health Organization for its sloth-slow response to the initial outbreak? Or world leaders like our Appeaser in Chief, who have failed to lock down borders?

        They’re partners in crime, for sure. But the REAL culprits behind the Ebola outbreak are the same folks now trying to play the hero… the same medical mischiefs who want to con you into believing they’re waging some valiant war against the disease.

        Big Pharma.

        Because drug companies didn’t exactly CAUSE the Ebola outbreak. But they did sit back and watch a lot of people die.

        Every day you see a new media report about drug companies rushing to bring experimental medications and vaccines to market. But their efforts are about making cash, not saving lives.

        Ebola isn’t some “Johnny come lately” disease. It was discovered 38 years ago, and there have been DOZENS of outbreaks since.

        There shouldn’t have been any need to work overtime on experimental drugs. We should have had them years ago. Of course, there were three problems that got in the way:
        1. The world’s governments have become dependent on Big Pharma to fund medical research.
        2. The people dying of Ebola were poor.
        3. Poor people are bad for Big Pharma’s bottom line.
        See the problem?

        Ben Neuman, a British virologist, recently told the Associated Press that Big Pharma avoided Ebola because “they have stockholders to think about.” Stockholders, not patients.

        So Big Pharma turned its back on Ebola for decades — all while simultaneously waging a war against hydrogen peroxide and other natural treatments that could provide REAL hope for Ebola patients.

        Well, don’t believe for a second that these pill pushers suddenly grew a conscience. When they do finally arrive from their labs, carrying some anti-Ebola elixir like it’s the Holy Grail, they’re going to shake down the world’s governments (including our own) for a king’s ransom.

        And believe it or not, some folks will even call them heroes.

        Well, friend, the real heroes in the war against Ebola are the doctors and nurses working 24-hour shifts out of Third World hospitals. They lack even basic safety supplies — and lots of them are joining the growing list of the dead.

        So let’s be mighty careful before we put some drug company CEOs on a pedestal. Because all these execs see is a billion-dollar sales opportunity on their hands.

        But there’s plenty of blood there, too.

        William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

        Feed Jake

      68. I read somewhere that intense UV light destroys the Obola/Ebola Virus in a few minuets

        if i find the link again ill post it

        • sure if you did a little surfing it would comeup

      69. Well, for the Dear Leader’s sake, we can ONLY hope that Ebola is not transmitted via golf balls or golf tees.

      70. Adjusting the Battlefield to your advantage.

        It is good to see that there are those who think ahead and even a cheap set of night vision, Bi or Mono type, can make the difference. Add to this a slingshot or pellet rifle and you can put out the street lights. Don’t fret to much because the invaders might like the cover of darkness as much as you do. A small parabolic sound bowl would be nice too and use as a directional finding/movement tool in the dark. Fact be known, I just thought of that. Have to go over to the local spy shop and pick one up. Small set of 4×20 binoculars nice to have also.
        I know the germ will be out there but the real threat will be those who will run the streets and cause trouble. We have lots of examples to draw from. Hmmmmm!

      71. GEE, I simply LUV being LIED to day after day…after day…

        Oops…’really, MOT GOOD’ here Folks, just up at the ‘Hedge, NOW comes the “admission”;

        “CIDRAP: “We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne”

        Here, CIDRAP is all but asertinng that N95 masks are USELESS in stopping EVD. That only positive pressure gear is adequate. Get ready Y’all…maybe ‘Captain Tripps’ is “coming to a theatre near you”…

        the FOOKIN’ ‘incompetence’ of our GOVENMEMNT is – clearly and evidently…at this point – TOTAL – and so automatically – your Taxpayer dollars are utterly WASTED…point-in-fact, but then again it IS ‘the goobernment’ isn’t it?

        “This will get out of hand…this WILL GET OUT OF HAND ….AND PEOLPE WILL DIE!”

        Hunt for Red October, Admiral Foster, in the CNC.

        “It’s a WONDERFUL day in the neighborhood…a WONDERFUL day for a non-infected neighbor…Would you be mine, could you be mine?”

      72. Wow…Who woulda thunk it?

        CIDRAP: “We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne”
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks… To summarize, for the following reasons we believe that Ebola could be an opportunistic aerosol-transmissible disease requiring adequate respiratory protection: i) Patients and procedures generate aerosols, and Ebola virus remains viable in aerosols for up to 90 minutes; ii) All sizes of aerosol particles are easily inhaled both near to and far from the patient; iii) Crowding, limited air exchange, and close interactions with patients all contribute to the probability that healthcare workers will be exposed to high concentrations of very toxic infectious aerosols; iv) Ebola targets immune response cells found in all epithelial tissues, including in the respiratory and gastrointestinal system; v) Experimental data support aerosols as a mode of disease transmission in non-human primates.

        • Damn it Socrates, do you mean to tell me if I’m crop dusted (farts an SBD)by a Walmartian in the aisle I could get Obola? A drive-by inflatulation!

          • Yep! They don’t wear no shit filters.

      73. The Finger Pointing Begins!

      74. Nancy Pelosi, Are these Bio-Suits going to work.

        CDC. It’s something like the Bills you pass in Congress. You have to get in them to see if they work.

        • BwaHhahaHAAA,

          …damn SLINGSHOT…I REALLY didn’t SEE that one coming. +50, if I could. LMAOROTF!!! Hahahaaaaa.

          Oh shit…gottastop laughing here…can’t BREATHE…my heart…my HEART..AHhhggg!!!…

          Just kidding there, S’OK now…damn good one!!

      75. Check this out you get 2 credit card knifes, and 2 survival guides and survival lesson FROM SURVIVAL LIFE.. COMPLETELY FREE!! http://bit.ly/1tY7XBL

      76. When the starvation army has five for a dollar book sales , I buy up those 20 pound turn late 1800’s books for emergency thunderwipes. A 1000 page book will last a long time

      77. I think one of the best barter items is to have a hand pump on your deep well. Darn glad we did that.

        And there are those who say that using your good silver every day is as good as taking colloidal. Who knows, but if it’s not good enough for me to use, then who is it good enough to use it?

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