Police State FEMA Camp Warning: “Private Prison Space Is Being Created To House Future Political Dissidents”

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Headline News | 326 comments

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        • Rock on! More Dave Hodges. He’s never been wrong or thrown out a voice of warning that has never transpired. Whatever.

          • More anonymous sources “don’t use my name” and The self sanctimonious, self grandiose “I am not at liberty to say at this time” blah blah blah…..

            I agree Sterling…..whatever!

            “Now we are seeing clear evidence that private prison space is being created to house future political dissidents.”

            How do you figure Dave? Speculation and connecting dots that may or may not go together, does not suffice as “clear EVIDENCE.”

            Maybe this is the most important line in the above article, “Dave Hodges is an award winning PSYCHOLOGY, statistics and research PROFESSOR,a MENTAL HEALTH counselor, a POLITICAL ACTIVIST and writer”

            I don’t know that what he is saying is true, partly true or all false? And truth is, that when I first started waking up 4.5 to 5 years ago, long before I ever heard of any of these fear porn producer/writers (for money) I had an uncanny feeling from I don’t know where, that we would be attacked someday by Russia and China would play a role. Over the last 4.5 years I have posted it here and was scoffed and laughed at with all the excuses of how that could never happen. I still feel the same way. But some of these guys and the constant state of BS fear porn they want to keep everyone in CONSTANTLY every single day is ridiculous and proof of serious unhealthiness. If they spent half the time understanding Yahovah’s word and getting close to him, they wouldn’t be running around screaming and sounding the alarm on a daily basis. A lot of things wouldn’t be such a shock! I don’t know, I am very tired tonight and this constant fear porn bs gets on my nerves….not to mention the same ole juvenile comments ad nauseam.

            • No worries mate, the “uncanny feeling” you have, about the USSAG being attacked someday, “by Russia and China”, just may have come from a 2600 year old prophetic warning from …..who?

              Our Creator. Whom better to know our future? Answer…None.

              It was spoken through our writer Ezekiel, in 38 & 39.
              It is truth, and must come to pass for this age to be complete.
              The Russian/Edomite led, federation of armies, (huge) will not come against the nation/land of Israel as is commonly taught.
              They will come against the “house” of Israel, in the “new world” that was blessed and handed to the “house” of caucasian/Israelites, of the descendants of old.

              Wake up people! What we are seeing, and hearing about is the stage being set for this event. Look for more activity of Russian and eventually (Islamic) troops, around the Arctic and Alaskan Islands. Why would Obama give up Alaskan Islands to the Russians? No credible answer can be given except that it was out of his hands. God is setting the stage for His judgments to fall upon atheistic peoples as a sign for the “house” of Israel, to turn from their wicked ways. Do I need remind USSAG/house of Israel, who killed 70 million innocents since 1973, and those were on our own soil?

              No, there is more just since the last few weeks via SCOTUS.
              Punishment against the atheistic armies, coming against our God given land is what is taking place.

              We are not told exactly how many million will be in these armies that are staging to come down through the northern lands, but it does not matter, for none will arrive with their implements of war.

              God will rain sheets and blocks of hailstones weighing over 100 lbs. on them and eventually leaving only a “sixth” part to live and return to tell their peoples what happened. Since most of them don’t believe in God, they will assume it was through some kind of High tech futuristic weather weaponry that the USSAG was able to destroy their mighty armies without ever firing a shot, from conventional weaponry.

              Oh ye of little faith and understanding. It is being set up with help from our own elected leaders, unknowingly, that they are doing God’s bidding. The Russians and Chinese and Muslims are here for more than freebies…they want it all. They want what all the dumbass sheeple have gained, built, and paid for. They out number the sheeple, and could take it all if it were not for Divine intervention.

              It is coming, whether we believe it or not, or whether we try to stop it or not. The scouts are already here, and the recruits are packing their gear. They will “not” succeed! The nwo will not succeed.

              • Good rational article on Jade Helm and how Texans are organizing to watch the troops movement.
                htt p://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/texas/article/Texans-organize-Operation-Counter-Jade-Helm-to-6378017.php

                Theres also a counter Jade Helm movement w/ eyes and intel on troop movement.
                ht tp://counterjadehelm.info/

                • So, what I’m hearing is, that the U.S. govt is not allowing Russian officials to come to the U.S. because of the sanctions, BUT they ARE hosting Russian nobody troops to help corral Americans?

                  Are those alleged Russian troops working here for FREE?

                  The U.S. govt has also banned people/corporations from investing in Russia, and frozen any Russian assets that we could get our hands on, BUT, we are paying Russian nobodys to work with our troops?

                  Russia has banned imports of beef, pork, chicken, produce and several other commodities from the United States and it’s allies, and the U.S. has banned Russian imports as well…

                  BUT, the Russians were kind enough to send their TROOPS over here to “help us out”?

                  I Call Bullshit.

                  This is fearmongering and it is getting ridiculous.

                  YOU’RE DAMNED RIGHT the Russians don’t like us rainbow flag waving, black rioting and looting, anti-Christian zealots, who are trying to starve their country and people into political submission.

                  Dave Hodges is a fool. Period. And I don’t care what you people shouting “USA, USA, USA” think, so just save for someone who cares.

                  • Wow! sounds like somebody needs their wet diaper changed! Maybe you can get the Russian version of depends, it’s basically a hole in the bottom of your pants.

                    • You can’t read can you? I said save it for someone who cares.
                      Sprechen Sie Englisch?

                    • Karl troll, like she said, since you can’t read, move your stupid ass along, and go f#$% yourself in the process.

                    • It certainly appears that both of you care, why else would you answer my post? Now go ahead, take your time to think about it, you obviously need it.

                  • Always looking for the problem out there, over there. THE PROBLEM IS HERE w/ our own infiltrated usurped govt selling us out. Doesnt matter if they use Russian, chinese or ISIS proxies to be their shadow army to finish us off. Get a effing grip. The stringpullers at the top are the ZIONIST banksters who have underwritten all major wars for centuries. Wake the F Up! Its too late to still be so stupid.
                    Folks like Dave Hodges running around saying ISIS hacked the NYSE or Hezbollah or Russia. Its the SAME USUAL SUSPECTS who raped us on 911, Iraq WMDs, Katrina, TARP Bailout and so many others.

                  • Neither Russia or China will ever attack America. Hell they arw sitting back right now with popcorn and watching the ZOG destroy America from within daily.

                  • Damned right, bro…

              • Funny you say from the North. Just Thursday night while skyping with Country Codger, I was telling him about that heart felt gutt feeling about being attacked and I added that I always felt and not sure why….that it would come from the North and not the Southern border so many are worried about. Maybe I was given that from Him? I don’t know. Where you and I differ is that I think America is in for judgment and slavery……not a victory. We are readying to enter the 120th and final Shavua. But America and the world for that matter is entering judgment and very bad times…..but America specifically will eb entering judgment AND SLAVERY.

                • BJ: Whatever you feel is your business and no disrespect intended, but no foreign power will set foot on this soil without being invited in. WW3 is not the problem, economic collapse is not the problem, water rationing is not the problem, a RACE WAR IS THE COMING EVENT. White and black don’t have a grudge against each other, but the government is boiling the pot and they will not rest until the streets are flowing with blood. Our blood, of both races, and when we are embroiled in the race war then all bets are off concerning who will invade. I’ll give you this much though my friend, the bible clearly warns of an invasion of this country from the north. Thanks and have a good day.

                  • “… but the government is…”

                    That is part of the problem we have here in the USA, Americans do not understand their own government.

                    What that should have said is “… but those that SERVE WITHIN our governments…”.

                    Those that serve within our governments – state and federal – are NOT THE government, that is the US Constitution, each state Constitution and the American people. They are just put in place by various means to carry out the duties assigned to the BRANCH they occupy.

                    By the Way, those that serve within our governments – state and federal need to be REPLACED right down to those that mow the lawns and sweep the floors.

                    Because the US Constitution REQUIRES that everyone who serves in any capacity within our governments take and KEEP an Oath to support and defend the US Constitution by the use of the word “All”.

                    Those found to be domestic enemies and Traitors to the American people and the US Constitution must be arrested and held for prosecution.

                    Before you say “how”. READ the US Constitution, the duties of the people are put into it also.

                    The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:

                    — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
                    — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
                    — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
                    — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

                    (Now you know who is LAWFULLY to protect our borders.)

                    Both those that serve within the state and general (federal) governments are REQUIRED to use the Militia, and both are forbidden to create a “standing” (permanent) military and/or a governmental professional law enforcement.

                    The only arms are supposed to be in the hands of the PEOPLE so that there could never be a police state or military takeover of our nation.

                    Tench Coxe: “Who are the militia? are they not ourselves. Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…
                    The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

                    But the Militia is the PEOPLE’S tool, not the tool of those that serve within either the state or federal governments, and what they may use them for are LISTED within the US and state Constitutions.

                    The Militia are REQUIRED to follow the supreme law and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, and each state Constitution & laws.

                    John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States 475: “… The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

                    Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

                    And George Washington himself warned the people to make sure that they manufactured all types of weapons they might need (weapons of war included) just in case we got a treacherous type of people put into serve within our governments.

                    George Washington: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”

                    Thomas Jefferson: “For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.”

                    The “organized” Militia is the ex military and ex LE’s, ex etc’s that are trained in military fashion. That is why those that serve are after our vets since they are the ONLY lawful trainers of each state’s Militia (the people) and the Constitutionally REQUIRED Militia.

                    It is up to us, it always has been. Educate all you can.

                    • Cal. You don’t need a piece of paper to tell you who should fight the government or how it should be done. When it gets to that point there are no rules. It comes down to who is willing to fight and what tactics they choose to use. The constitution didn’t stop the psychopaths taking it to this point and the constitution won’t fight the war for you. It becomes irrelevant at this point.

                    • “The constitution didn’t stop the psychopaths taking it to this point and the constitution won’t fight the war for you.”

                      Who does the US Constitution assign the duties to enforce the Supreme LAW of our land, and the highest laws of each state (State Constitution)?

                      It is the fault of those people that we are where we are, so WHO are they?

                      The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:

                      — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
                      — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
                      — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
                      — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

                      What does the Second Amendment say is “necessary”, the ONLY thing within the US Constitution to be “Necessary” to the security of a free state?

                      Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

                      This, like the Grand Juries, is a power that existed first before the US Constitution and is NOT under the domain of those who serve within either the state or general (federal) governments.

                      The US Constitution guarantees to each state its own “Republican form of government”. It is the Militia that is required within every state that is the ONLY Constitutionally assigned force to “counter Invasions” and “Domestic Violence” within our nation.

                      Who are the Militia? They are “We the People of the United States”. This problem has nothing to do with the US Constitution, it is all about people.

                      The people assigned to defend within our nation is NOT the (Forbidden “standing”) US military or any (Forbidden) governmental professional law enforcement – state or federal. Nor is it those who are required to represent us when they serve within our governments – that oversight and enforcement belongs to the Militia also.

                      We have not done our duty. WE allowed those that SERVE within our governments to create and do things they are FORBIDDEN by the US Constitution, the contracts they are under and Oathbound to support and defend, to do those things.

                      Your answer shows me that YOU do not even bother to know the US Constitution, and then you put it down as if it is nothing.

                      It is the greatest concept and change in this world since any government was created. It is the MOST dangerous to all the others, monarchies, dictators, etc because we were SHOWING the rest of the world that people can run their own governments.

                      From the US Constitution’s conception other nations and those traitors to our nation have been working to destroy her. It took decades of dumbing the people down, of convincing them that it would make life easier and better for them IF they created a governmental professional law enforcement and then the people would be “FREED” up from those duties.

                      It is our US Constitution that is the greatest achievement for people EVERYWHERE, and to our shame, OUR laziness, trust in those who serve, and willingness to be propagandized, lied, to, cheated, etc that is to be her destruction. WE are our own worse enemies.

                      When WE are willing to do OUR LAWFUL duties and stop this mess, then it will be over, but others will always be there to try and destroy her (US Constitution).

                      The US Constitution IS Hope and Change. There have always been a ruler in this world since governments began and the masses always paid the price.

                      This is the ONLY place where the people themselves actually do rule, but with protections in place so that things – and OLD, proven wrong ideas like democracy, monarchy, etc – could NOT take place quickly and easily without much thought and discussion taking place.

                      This problem is our problem. The US Constitution still answers that problem, but the people are too dumbed down to even bother to read it, understand it, and understand that their duty is what is lacking.

                      Where are the Militias?

                      Where are the people’s Grand Jury investigations and prosecutions?

                      Where are the removal of judges for not using the constitutionally REQUIRED “Good Behaviour”?


                      Do not blame the greatest “piece of paper” ever formed so far. Blame us for letting this occur.

                      READ, stop listening to propaganda, lawfully make your Elections fair and no more election fraud (which IS TREASON), Start doing your constitutionally assigned duties, and start educating those who need it.

                      Understand that they will be depriving the people of food and water, and those are most important to be guarded FROM those who invade, and from those TRAITORS that will “just follow orders” and “just do their jobs” will do their best to destroy.

                    • The constitution says and doesn’t many things. That piece of paper didn’t work out because most people don’t give a rip what it says. You constitutionalist and government lovers fail to understand human nature and the nature of organization. Most people don’t want to spend their life trying(always unsuccessfully) to keep a government in check. And all organizations given time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. Government and all organizations are always on a path to enslavement. The only known solution is no government at all. The constitution is your jailer.

                  • Could you educate me on how the bible clearly speaks of the USA being invaded from the north since it was written before they even knew about this part of the world.

                    • Wrong. There is evidence that Joseph was right here on our continent. Signs are in both Ohio and Arizona.

                    • AND…he is speaking of the “house of Israel”….not the land of Israel.

                • Google Washington’s visions.

                  • people have not realized that our government is having a inside fight among themselves! we have some that are no-good and then we have some that are fuiiinnnng crazy! and so the power struggle continues and bottom line is THEY ALL need to be replaced and have decent Americans citizens in office!! of course i toned it down but the government itself is at war inside itself and IF we the people don’t take control we will perish and soon!

                    • Could you explain who are these people within the government having a war with each other.

                    • charles king,
                      since you asked that question in a nice manner, I will assume that you really don’t know? the answer is our country has been taken over by the NWO and those who oppose it are being removed, (ie. 400 Plus military leaders) the behind the door scene is that if you oppose them you will be either removed and or slandered and have to leave, they also have lots of skeletons in closets and those who oppose them won’t risk there careers, so the only way to clean this mess up is to remove them all and start over with clean non-politcals who have not been compromised. I am assuming you understand how deep the NWO, iluminati, and the use of other groups by them goes! THEY cannot proceed with the goals as long our country stays strong, they have to destroy us for them to reach there goals, i suggest you do some research and after you get through all the false BS you will find the truth and see the evidence for yourself! thanks for asking a very legitimate question, I hope this helps to answer what you asked.

                    • There is no war within the USA government, only fake opposition. And those who oppose anything step down when told to do so.

              • It doesn’t take a prophet to predict enslavement and death to most of humanity. It can’t be any other way as long as humans allow governments to exist.

                • BINGO

              • 46 failed end-of-the-world predictions that
                were to occur between 30 & 1920 CE, but didn’t.

                Sponsored link.

                Overview: (Repeated)

                Some Christians and secular individuals predicted several momentous events that they believed are related: occur
                bullet The second coming of Jesus Christ — his anticipated return to earth after almost two millennia.
                bullet The war of Armageddon — a massive battle in Israel.
                bullet The arrival on earth of the Antichrist, an evil political, military leader.
                bullet The Tribulation, a seven year interval of great suffering and death.
                bullet The Rapture, when Christians who have been born again — both living and dead — will rise into the sky towards Jesus.
                bullet Some horrendous natural disaster(s).
                bullet etc.

                It is worth noting that all of the following predictions have failed. We expect that all of the doomsday predictions about our future will also fail.


                We offer no guarantees that the prophets listed below actually made these predictions. We have described their alleged predictions as they were reported on the Web, in newspapers, books, etc. We do not have the resources to track down original source material.

                Failed prophecies:
                bullet About 30 CE: The Christian Scriptures (New Testament), when interpreted literally, appear to record many predictions by Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) that God’s Kingdom would arrive within a very short period, or was actually in the process of arriving. For example, Jesus is recorded as saying in Matthew 16:28: “…there shall be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” In Matthew 24:34, Yeshua is recorded as saying: “…This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Since the life expectancy in those days was little over 30 years, Jesus appears to have predicted his second coming sometime during the 1st century CE. It didn’t happen. More details.

                bullet About 60 CE: Interpreting the Epistles of Paul of Tarsus literally, his writings seem to imply that Jesus would return and usher in a rapture during the lifetime of persons who were living in the middle of the 1st century. More details.

                bullet About 90 CE: Saint Clement 1 predicted that the world end would occur at any moment.

                bullet 2nd Century CE: Prophets and Prophetesses of the Montanist movement predicted that Jesus would return sometime during their lifetime and establish the New Jerusalem in the city of Pepuza in Asia Minor.

                bullet 365 CE: A man by the name of Hilary of Poitiers, announced that the end would happen that year. It didn’t.

                bullet 375 to 400 CE: Saint Martin of Tours, a student of Hilary, was convinced that the end would happen sometime before 400 CE.

                bullet 500 CE: This was the first year-with-a-nice-round-number-panic. The antipope Hippolytus and an earlier Christian academic Sextus Julius Africanus had predicted Armageddon at about this year.

                bullet 968 CE: An eclipse was interpreted as a prelude to the end of the world by the army of the German emperor Otto III.

                bullet 992: Good Friday coincided with the Feast of the Annunciation; this had long been believed to be the event that would bring forth the Antichrist, and thus the end-times events foretold in the book of Revelation. Records from Germany report that a new sun rose in the north and that as many as 3 suns and 3 moons were fighting. There does not appear to be independent verification of this remarkable event.

                bullet 1000-JAN-1: Many Christians in Europe had predicted the end of the world on this date. As the date approached, Christian armies waged war against some of the Pagan countries in Northern Europe. The motivation was to convert them all to Christianity, by force if necessary, before Christ returned in the year 1000. Meanwhile, some Christians had given their possessions to the Church in anticipation of the end. Fortunately, the level of education was so low that many citizens were unaware of the year. They did not know enough to be afraid. Otherwise, the panic might have been far worse than it was. Unfortunately, when Jesus did not appear, the church did not return the gifts. Serious criticism of the Church followed. The Church reacted by exterminating some heretics. Agitation settled down quickly, as it later did in the year 2000.

                bullet 1000-MAY: The body of Charlemagne was disinterred on Pentecost. A legend had arisen that an emperor would rise from his sleep to fight the Antichrist.

                bullet 1005-1006: A terrible famine throughout Europe was seen as a sign of the nearness of the end.

                bullet 1033: Some believed this to be the 1000th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus. His second coming was anticipated. Jesus’ actual date of execution is unknown, but is believed to be in the range of 27 to 33 CE.

                bullet 1147: Gerard of Poehlde decided that the millennium had actually started in 306 CE during Constantine’s reign. Thus, the world end was expected in 1306 CE.

                bullet 1179: John of Toledo predicted the end of the world during 1186. This estimate was based on the alignment of many planets.

                bullet 1205: Joachim of Fiore predicted in 1190 that the Antichrist was already in the world, and that King Richard of England would defeat him. The Millennium would then begin, sometime before 1205.

                bullet 1284: Pope Innocent III computed this date by adding 666 years onto the date the Islam was founded.

                bullet 1346 and later: The black plague spread across Europe, killing one third of the population. This was seen as the prelude to an immediate end of the world. Unfortunately, the Christians had previously killed a many of the cats, fearing that they might be familiars of Witches. The fewer the cats, the more the rats. It was the rat fleas that spread the black plague.

                bullet 1496: This was approximately 1500 years after the birth of Jesus. Some mystics in the 15th century predicted that the millennium would begin during this year.

                bullet 1524: Many astrologers predicted the imminent end of the world due to a world wide flood. They obviously had not read the Genesis story of the rainbow.

                bullet 1533: Melchior Hoffman predicted that Jesus’ return would happen a millennium and a half after the nominal date of his execution, in 1533. The New Jerusalem was expected to be established in Strasbourg, Germany. He was arrested and died in a Strasbourg jail.

                bullet 1669: The Old Believers in Russia believed that the end of the world would occur in this year. 20 thousand burned themselves to death between 1669 and 1690 to protect themselves from the Antichrist.

                bullet 1689: Benjamin Keach, a 17th century Baptist, predicted the end of the world for this year.

                bullet 1736: British theologian and mathematician William Whitson predicted a great flood similar to Noah’s for OCT-13 of this year.

                bullet 1783: On JUN-08, a volcanic eruption in southern Iceland started. It pumped massive amounts of toxic dust, sulphur dioxide and fluorine into the atmosphere. Cattle died, crops failed, and about one quarter of the island’s population died of starvation. By the end of June, poisonous clouds had reached England and much of Europe. Boats had to stay in harbor because they could not navigate. There was massive loss of life in England, particularly among farm workers. Many predicted that the end of the world was imminent.

                bullet 1792: This was the date of the end of the world calculated by some believers in the Shaker movement.

                bullet 1794: Charles Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, thought that Doomsday would occur in this year.

                bullet 1830: Margaret McDonald, a Christian prophetess, predicted that Robert Owen would be the Antichrist. Owen helped found New Harmony, IN.

                bullet 1832?: Joseph Smith (1805-1844) was the founder of the Church of Christ, which became the Restorationist movement after many schisms. It now includes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — a.k.a. the Mormons, and about a hundred other denominations and sects. He heard a voice while praying. He wrote, in Doctrines and Covenants section 130:

                14: “I was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when I heard a voice repeat the following:”

                15: “Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou art eighty-five years old, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man; therefore let this suffice, and trouble me no more on this matter.”

                16: “I was left thus, without being able to decide whether this coming referred to the beginning of the millennium or to some previous appearing, or whether I should die and thus see his face.”

                17: “I believe the coming of the Son of Man will not be any sooner than that time.” 14

                The year in which this event occurred is not recorded. However, one commentator suggested 1832 or earlier. 16 Smith is later recorded as having said:

                “I prophesy in the name of the Lord God, and let it be written–the Son of Man will not come in the clouds of heaven till I am eighty-five years old.” 17

                Smith would have reached the age of 85 during 1890. Unfortunately, by that year, Smith had been dead for almost a half century, having been assassinated by a mob.

              • I think that 2 million miles of inhaling diesel fumes have put a serious impairment on your ability to think clearly. You probably saw the Virgin Mary on your grilled cheese sandwich to.

              • PWTW,

                Where are getting that the descendants of Esaw (Edom) are the Russians? Not disagreeing, just want to know where you are deriving that form.


                • The lineage of Russia is pretty much laid out in Genesis through the sons of Noah, which were Ham, Shem, and Japeth. Just search Genesis, maybe punch into Strong’s Concordance and search the three names of the sons. I do remember that Ham and his tribes moved to what we now call Africa. Anyway all that and $8.00 will get you a good coffee at Starbucks. Thanks

                  • Moringa,good coffee and starbucks should not even be in the same sentence!

                    • What’s starbucks?

              • Many people are still under the assumption that armageddon is mans war. No, it is Gods war. Revelation tells us that. HE is gathering them together. He will finish what needs to be accomplished for the end results. There is no deviating away from that.
                It also say HE will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.
                I will watch. Man may kill my body, but not my soul. God owns that.I am ok with that.
                People shouldn’t worry about depopulation. God will do that himself.

                • How can you worship a God that flooded the earth and killed every living thing but a handful. And now he is threatening to do it again. That old testament God is rather antihuman and psychopathic wouldn’t you say. Have you ever considered that maybe the God of the bible is old Satan himself? Would you expect any less of the great deceiver. Our better yet maybe it is all b s.

                  • It is truly amazing to me how so many gullible sheeple can spend half every Sunday and 10-20% of their income to go to Church, singing and praising fictitious characters. Its the biggest scam of all time.

                    • And then Pray to some ficticious ghost in the sky to save them. Unicorns and magic 8 balls have more credibility. And in the end the church promises the sheep everlasting life, but then asks for the sheep to donate all their assets to the church upon their death. Do you sheep ever connect the dots to your cults promises? Can you spell “Fleecing?”

                  • Charles King: How can we NOT worship a God capable of ridding the world of its undesirables–possibly undesirables just like YOU?

                    • I’m sure you consider anyone trying to wake you up an undesirable and wish their death. Those are traits of a psychopath and deep mind control. You bible thumpers are part of a death cult. And you are willing to defend it to the death. That is a sure sign of mind control and is why you are so closed minded. Mind control does that to you.

              • PWW

                Actually, almost all Russians are Christians. Even during the USSR days, most just pretended to be atheists (I think even Putin admits to being a Christian, and he was head of the KGB). I married one. They have a few muslimes left over fromn when USSR devoured all the ‘stan shitholes. BTW, USSR would probably still be together if they had jettisoned the muslime areas.

              • Prophecies? Good I love to see Russia and China blow Israel off the map for good. Damn parasites.

              • Lets see, Who was Russias last war against? Thats right they were fightung againt the Taliban in Afghanistan. And guess who the US Govnt Supported? You got it the Terroriat Gang the Taliban. The US Puppet Government continues to be on the wrong side if History time and time again. If we let Russia wipe out the Taliban most likely Bin Laden would be gone, and 9-11 would never have happened. Folks the Devil is on our shores already infiltrated and controlling the US foreign policy, banks, courts, media, you get the picture.

              • pissininthe wind: Do you realize that I’ve heard that same “End of Times” nonsense since the early 70’s, long before you were born. Same old sad and tired song.

            • So what will you say when Obama grants amnesty to tens of thousands of prisoners thus freeing up prison space….that it is a coincidence?

              • They could do that, just by justifying letting the non-violent drug offenders free. This act would be presented as a ‘humanitarian” act and the sheeple would revel in it.

                I’m not saying that non-violent drug users should be imprisoned, on the contrary, I believe that what any person does in the privacy of his own home, with other consenting adults that harms no one else, is their own business and should be beyond the reach of the govt.

                What I’m saying is, they can empty the prisons in order to imprison dissidents, right in front of the eyes of the world, and most people will never see it coming.

                In fact, everyone will applaud it.

                • Why bother? USA has plenty of empty factories and other assorted buildings.

            • BJ: Constant fear porn ref- Some tell me Steve Q, Jones, Dave H.(and others) have/or will soon- lost credibility; so let’s see if Jade Helm, etc takes us down by end of yr. Is all this hype to get people to buy useless crap? Mostly yes, I tell others to stock up at Sam’s or get BOGO’s from the grocery stores. Get what you normally eat, not this dehydrated crap (add water) that tastes awful, same stuff they sold before y2k that got donated to food banks by many. Regardless, go down fighting, never let them take you alive.

              • We have always done the same…we have talked to many groups who insisted on doing the freeze dried trash poison. That crap would be a shock to a childs system and children are different than adults on that sort of thing. Nope, we have always stored what you eat and eat what you store.

                • BJ and Laura M., most of my food supplies are canned goods, which keep for years as long as they remain 100% sealed. The only brand of freeze-dried food I found I could even stomach is Mountain House; the other brands suck. I’m still sticking primarily with canned goods. The only time I ever tried an MRE I got sick.

                  • I’ve literally lived on MREs for 9 months straight. We got some old ones and we ate them. You’ll eat anything when your hungry…really hungry. A few of us got sick from them. I have enough Mountain House to last my family of 4 for a year. Not to mention subsidiaries. My 3 and 1.5 year old eats MH with out any issues at all. It’s the only freeze dried that I buy. I’ve eaten them all and MH is the way to go.
                    I just got back from the land of the sheeple (Disney World).
                    Now I’m really pushing my wife hard in her training. I’m heading to Kuwait and then Nigeria soon and she needs to be up to speed on all facets. Luckily the company I’m working with has a god exfil plan to get us home….Maybe?

              • Laura, nowhere in Dave’s articles has he said it WILL happen NOW. He has stated that this Jade Helm 15 drill could be another roll of the dice. Jade Helm 16 could be the one…He is telling people to wake up, look about and observe what games the powers that be are playing. Now, for those of you that have been poo-pooing on all this and claiming that these stories have been circulating for 30 plus years, remember that this “game” has been going on for well over 200 YEARS…the take down and reclamation of THIS country…Our mere Existence is a thorn in their side…The real truth has been told over time, but the people have died out, replaced with people who are ignorant of the facts, again some people wake up, see what’s happening, try to speak out…no internet, tv, radio till recently so to speak. So YES, for the last 30 years the alarm has been sounding…and YES it might seem like chicken little crap to some of you, but what are YOU doing to awaken the people that surround YOU…Time IS running short as I have mentioned before…This current crop of Luciferian monsters what to see their decades old efforts come to fruition…Keep your powder dry.

            • Yes there is clear evidence. This morning there was a load of bricks on a flatbed in Texas, there was cement in bags on a railcar in Idaho, and bricklayers are everywhere. Can’t you see! Ok, down to earth. If we all can recall two months or less ago dear Mr. Hodges gave the alarm that the economy would collapse in ten days due to the labor strike at the ports on the west coast. That was wrong, still is wrong, and shows no signs of ever coming true. In closing, I personally challenge anyone to show one incidence that Hodges, Hagmann, or Quayle have ever been correct about anything, ANYTHING. Not to mention Celente, Richardson, Pat Robertson and you get the picture, I think. what a mess. PS: You usually have very good articles that aid us out here in our prepping woes, but this is not one of them. Thanks for all you do, and have done, but please screen a little better next time. Thanks and God bless always.

              • I agree with you almost 100% Moringa.

                I do think Hagmann & his son had Benghazi spot on and were absolutely correct on all the way.

                • BJ: So you think Hitlery was lying (lol). Good call on Bengazi.

                  • Joke: Why can’t Hitlery ever be trusted?
                    Answer; She had the worlds simplest job ….. Yet she out sourced the job to Monica Lewinsky
                    And Monica blew it!!!!!

                  • They gave a lot more details than hillary lying. Specifics as to who was doing what on gun running and that it was not a consolate but a cia house….details that they were first on and only later trickled out in more mainstream avenues. I no longer listen to them though, since they seemed to of started going the same way as most others in this type of crowd i.e. jones, quayle etc etc

            • The men pictured in camo are not military. They are outside without head covering. They are private contractors of some kind.

            • The men pictured above in camo are not military. They are outside without head covering. That makes them out of uniform or private contractors of some kind.

              If it was these men who were seen visiting the prison, then there was no military involved.

            • The fear porn demonizing Russia comes from the 6 sides star propaganda machine. Cause Pres Putin is fighting the ZOG New World Order Cult, and so should we Americans. Putin kicked out any Jews in any meaningful Russian Government Positions. He sees what the parasites are doing to the USA. And quickly cut off that snakes head. You dont hear about any terroriat attacks in Russia do ya. Unlike here in the US like tje Boston Marathon wherw security waa hires out to an Israeli company. Of course the ZOG run DHS who contracted them gets a free pass. Wake up sheeple and stop denying that our country already has been hijacked for decades as America slept.

            • if u dont choose to believe why are u reading the article? wtf are u on the site? U CANT EVEN SEE HOW OBVIOUS U R YET U CANT BACK UP SHIT W UR FEARPORN TALK..U FNCYBERBOT DI©less chump. IF ITS UNTRUE PROVE IT TO US.

            • Agreed–hard to read some of hodges stuff–little over the top day after day–he may be right–he may be wrong–who knows-BUT with that said–been some strange shit going on in Michigan–I live a couple hours from camp graying–got run off from outside the fence (we ATV in the area also a buddy had called and said you gotta see this shit so we rode the quads up onto a hill overlooking) lookin at at least a 100 white MRABS NO MARKINGS also parked outside of the fence but in the cleared field of view area from the guard towers on the backside of the camp–very remote access but there they were–nice and neat in a proficient military manner. Add that to the fact my wife called me at work the other day all freaked out saying 5 individuals if full guille (she knows what mine looks like ), faces covered, were walking down our road in standard 5 meter intervals carrying AK47’s with dragonoff furniture (had to dig thru a few weapons in the safe till she said that’s what they were carrying or a close facsimile). I do find this a bit peculiar and maybe even troubling. Everyone needs to watch their six–in my opinion,things are fixin on getting a bit sporty in the very near future me thinks. A lot of smoke and mirrors going on right now–

            • They are Russian, although they speak English better than Americans (no accent) and they wear American uniforms. Hmm, maybe they are Americans pretending to be Russians? Someone sounds a few bricks shy here.

          • I thought we were on the outs with Russia due to the Ukrainian situation…

            • Remember Obama told Dmitry Medvedev, “Tell Vlad I’ll have MORE flexibility AFTER the election”…Says it all kids…commie in chief yucking it up with his Russian commie friends…

          • Russian special forces training with our National Guard troops to incarcerate Americans? Really?!?

            Yes I believe in the FEMA camps. Yes I believe in the training and exercises (practice) of military in preparations of martial law. And yes I know this country is fucked and our government hates us.

            But, Russians training with US military, in our country, against us?!? I don’t wear a foil hat. This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve seen so far.

            • Believe it. I have saw it myself. They are even in towns with a population of less than 300. They even have jobs in regular stores. As they say, the men have very good english. The women suck at it. We are already surrounded by many. They are just waiting on the word to go. Believe that or not. I really don’t care. Don’t give a crap either. It is what it is.

              • Russians have been migrating to USA for many years. I have seen many of them. I have also seen their wives and children. Just because you see Russians doesn’t mean they are here to attack US.

                • OK.
                  I trust you to know it all.

                  • I didn’t say I know it all. I did say just because you see Russians doesn’t mean they are here to kill us. You need to offer more evidence than just seeing them. What about them convinces you they are here to kill us.

          • This article is absurd. While the Obama Administration is virtually provoking WW3 with Russia; Russian troops are allowed into this country to round up all the Christians for internment and execution? Give me a break!

            This sounds like the BS Steve Quayle has been putting out for 30 years. A couple years ago an informant trucker of his spotted 10,000 Chinese with tanks just south of the US border in Mexico. We’re still waiting for them to invade.

            Furthermore, it’s going to take more than a few hundred Russian super-troopers to take over the USA. Jade Helm may indeed be part of an unholy agenda, but this article turns sober concerns into a comic opera of paranoia and farce.

            • Very well stated!!

          • Hodges can’t even (or refuses to) verify the true facts about the Kingman, AZ location. No, it wasn’t “Jade Helm” and NO Russian troops are cross-training with US forces anywhere in the USA or on any USA(CONUS or otherwise) installation.
            What utter bovine excrement Hodges is spouting. What is astounding that any rationale person would CHOOSE to willingly believe this completely FALSE drivel.
            What is the real agenda behind Hodges? Who is paying him to write and publish this crap, George Soros?
            Show us your actual proof Hodges or what credibility you think you have will sink far below the lies spouted by CzarinaHillary-you’re damn near there already.

            • Yes, it is articles like this that really degrade the value site. Mac, are you listening? How about some more valuable educational articles instead of this foil-hat BS?

          • @ Sterling: Agreed. Hodges builds huge edifices out of the tiniest scraps of evidence, often out of things that are plainly not “evidence” and then hypes it all to the hilt.

            Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a nice guy and sincere, but he’s being fed – and in turn is feeding – disinformation. These anonymous sources are very suspect, IMHO.

            That all said, I have no doubt that horrific things are planned for the peoples of the West in general – and don’t they deserve it, for murdering infants in the womb and embracing the perversion of gay marriage and persecuting those who, for Christ, stand against those evils?

        • EA…You stated the current state of the country so perfectly.

          • Nothing seems to be truthful anymore in America.

            World female tennis title won by S. Williams reputed to have been born a male. With a sex change do you lose the muscle power she/he seems to have.

            Bruce Jenner to be awarded at the ESPY’s as the “Most Courageous”.

            Tylenol commercial so offensive we should be boycotting them forever.

            PC has gotten so rampant you are not to be proud of your own heritage.

            Prisons being built but not occupied (regardless of anything else stated in this article that statement can be proven)….but we should just play ostrich with our head in the sand and our dumb asses being burnt to a crisp.

            Illegal aliens now being called undocumented IMMIGRANTS….just a slight change…makes the PC more palatable doesn’t it. Lies being called SPIN….

            • Po’d Granny, let’s take it a step further, if the wasted orgasms that are occupying our prisons had been executed regardless of the crime they committed then we wouldn’t be paying taxes for the low lifes to live the good life while we work to support THEM, as they laugh at us from their protected palaces watching us work ourselves to death amid the mental anguish they imposed upon us by raping, robbing, and killing our loved ones. Anyone that could not execute a criminal deserves an inoperable tumor on their lower spine.

              • Morning your antihuman psychopathic views are very compatible with your antihuman psychopathic God of the bible.

                • Meant you say moringa

                  • Moringa,most in prisons on non violent/bullshit charges,you are obviously against personal freedom if you think say pot smokers should be jailed/killed,that and thinking starbucks is good coffee proves to me you are either insane or just having a bad day(it happens!).

              • Moringa:

                I think the word you wanted to use was organisms. If there are wasted orgasms in prison; more folks might be trying their best to join up.

                But your choice of that word gave me my chuckle for the day. The rest of your post is spot on.

              • “regardless of the crime they committed?”

                Are you sure, through and through, that your statement is exactly as you mean it?

                You might want to give that more than a second of time, to think about that.

            • Absolutely perfect post Granny! I think you nailed it perfectly.

              • Right, which confirms for everybody here you’re a Nazi trying to pretend you’re not. Sounds like you’re giving your self away.

                • It doesn’t “confirm” a damned thing. STFU.

                  • Sixpack, anon2 sounds like another useless troll to me. 2 must be his IQ.

        • Indeed it is. But please don’t use my name when you report this….

        • My Lord died for me, I hope if and when the time comes, I could do the same for him.

          • I pray, and I think He agrees, that I hopefully don’t need to…

          • So Mary, your God wants you to die for him..do you mean that literally? You are so deeply mind controlled.

            • Chuckie K, you are a world class turd. Most online posters trolling Christians are gay God-haters, who really do believe in His existence, and are just angry because He finds their life “style” an abomination. Maybe you should start trolling muslims for awhile…

              • Leonard I am not even close to gay. How about trying to attack my ideas instead of me. What a warn out tactic. Come up with something better. Btw is Leonard a Jew name?

                • I hope so, if it will piss your pointy little nazi head off…

        • Truth will out. Somebody will have a drone, etc. and pictures will be on all the media. The question is, will it make any difference. I don’t think it will.


        • As of 01-July, Spain has a law to prevent dissent. If you voice your opinion or post it, and it also happens to disagree with TPTB, then you are in dutch city big time.

          Ever notice that people no longer talk about governments being tyrannical? That’s because their is no longer a difference of opinion on that fact.


          • Beaver, someone in spain needs to stand up and defy the ‘authorities’. They can f#$% themselves with something like that.

        • History is full of conflicts that many people said would never happen.


        • oh please..the damned troops train all the time with foreign troops here in the states..

          There is no gun confiscation in order, nor roundup, nor internment slated for us..

          Good God folks wake the hell up!!!

          We had over 200,000 troops in Iraq and couldn’t contain them…what makes you think that the entire military combined could round up millions of us????

          Logistically impossible..

          Go back to tending your gardens and preps..

          Everything Hodges predicts has never ever come true..


          Enjoy the day


          • Look around. You poor fool.

          • Possee

            This is different. We have not fought a real war sense WW2.
            The rules of engagement we use are ridiculous. We could have won the war in Iraq in 2 weeks if the military went in and blew up everything. War won and on the way home. But that is not what the politicians allow anymore.
            It will be different here. Here the politicians power and very lives will be on the line if there is a war. They will do anything to win. The military at least most will not comply unless they are convinced they are doing what is right.

            That is my 2 cents at least.

        • We need information on all bases and jails and where they are at. Just in case.

        • Churches will become FEMA camps also for refugees. Any business like religion or sports stadiums with a Tax Free Charity non profit status is just another arm of the Government. Why is the NFL and Nascar classified as a non profit? Look how many NFL sports teams are owned by the 6 sided star tribe. They are in on this FEMA Camp Military Glorification scheme also. The US Military has been hikacking sports this last decade. Amd if yiu complain the Givnt takea away your tax free status. Lots of greedy whores and prostitutes out there sucking off the lamb tax free in exchange for brainwashing the sheep.

          • The only sport I pay any attention to is mma and since I don’t do tv I haven’t followed that much lately. Notice how the ufc promotes the military (I assume they still do). The slavemasters don’t miss a lick.

        • Back again to call phooey on all of your paranoid wet dreams. It seems that some here have been watching re-runs of Red Dawn, the one with Swayze and the Russians. My good fellows, if past history is any indicator, your so-called authorities couldn’t catch a cold.

          • Professor, good to hear from you again as the inconvenient voice of sanity here at shtf. I once posted here that the CIA had stolen DNA samples from Patrick Swayze to prevent a Jurassic Red Dawn, it was met with the predictable ” thumbs down” brigade, but it was never clear if they didn’t like my post because it was satire or if they really believed it. Anyway, I’m amused to say that some of the old standby stalwart posters, sgt dale and northern reb, among others, are showing signs of prepper fatigue. They’re beginning to say ” Dammit, if the whole thing is gonna collapse, let’s get it over with already!” I was tempted to say it was the last vestiges of sanity trapped inside their shrinking craniums trying to tell them that maybe, just maybe, they really are the braying jackasses that fall for every Armageddon is always right around the corner shtick and yet somehow, unbeknown to all but God, they manage to poke their heads out of their gopher holes every day and continue to ” warn” everybody that ” just because we didn’t die today doesn’t mean we won’t die tomorrow!” blathering. Then I thought, why tell them, it’s much more fun watching them try to convince themselves that the end is always a day away, it’s a lot more entertaining than any movie or tv show I could watch, because the funniest comedians are always the ones who are unaware that they’re being funny. Take care, and watch out for Niburu and falling asteroids!

      1. At this point,I would guess that anybody that has a job,pays taxes,has a family,and believes in the constitution is a ‘political dissident’……Good luck. Oh and b.t.w….I call bullshit on that prison riot picture. It is still nicer than the one at my company. Molon Labe.

      2. Anyone that try’s to force anyone here in my family around will only haul me off deader than a doornail and, in the process may have their own blood dripping too, That is a *&^** GUARANTEE!!!

        • +1

          • Got my local tribe. I’ve been adopted, and I have “tools”.

            • Im just going to go apeshit mental

              • Sometimes full retard is the way to do it!!

                • CB- Never go full retard!

                  • CB, etc: 95% of the people in America are retards, idiots that is, because of much exposure of the elite agenda over decades and they still can’t see it/refuse to think gov is really that corrupt, these same idiots go to the polls thinking something magically will change things! Europeans are 99% stupid letting Muslims pour in by the boatload, etc. turned it into a third world hell hole, via their puppet leaders controlled by the B’Berg clique, like retard Angie Merkel and French prez. etc. I watched these idiots on PBS global news, saying we must assimilate refugees, exactly Obozo’s trashing agenda here.

                    • Laura I would say 97% of Americans are ignorant idiots. We are among the 3% that are alert, aware, and concerned, and are not going to take any more of this shit. As history has shown, it only takes 3% to stand up against tyranny.

                    • The puppet masters are not stupid. They are vicious sophisticated psychopathic masters of deceit and chaos. Their skills have been honed over centuries. They install their power in organizations such as governments and religions. As long as we allow organizations to exist there is no stopping them.

        • oooohhhh you scare me big man w/ little dkkk. fire your pistol at F16’s lazer guided missile hitting your front door. i’m sure you have the military terrified. lolol
          what a jerk.

          • Those laser guided bombs require about 10-30 million dollars worth of stuff. More if they use a real aircraft. The missile costs well over 100K. Now the drones ae cheaper. But all in all the gov will find out it’s not cost effective to blow up taxpayers. Or like you we can just roll over and kiss their butt. Ihope you like the taste. As for me Molon Labe.

          • I dont think the intent was to intimidate,
            Pretty sure it was a statement of he aint going anywhere against his will alive!

      3. OH…to be first…what to say…

        I am MGTOW, Men going their own way.
        Done with the BS of women and divorce enslavement.
        So divorce is it’s own fema camp of sorts enforced by the courts.

        I still think the reds could not bring in their politics..so they enlisted feminism to first bring in socialism..then followed by communism.

        Left wing feminism is pure commie shit.

        Feminism is how this country will fall…by emasculating the men.

        First they got rid of the factories..then affirmative action.
        So a man without a living finds it hard to keep his country.

        You watch…congress will be filled with women voting all sorts of social programs….and guess what…. YOU have to pay for them.

        The solution is…go fuck all the milfs you want…
        Never marry, never commit.

        Then get into rental property and rent to milfs and feminists.
        Take their money and buy metals and more real estate.

        That’s the gig for today’s men.
        Feminism landed a huge economic opportunity in your lap.
        Go buy houses, and renovate them for single mothers.
        Nobody wants to raise another man’s child…let’s be realistic here…maybe the pussy whipped mangina and white knights… But it sure gets old fast.

        Yep….the country will fall appart.

        The black gents got it right…they turned their back on their women…they spend years trying to get off the plantation…why the fuck would a slave come home to another slave master.

        I think the the black gents deserve the credit for creating MGTOW…Men Going Their Own Way.

        You stop chasing and committing to women and you do what the fuck you want in life.

        The economy is so bad…if you do have kids.. you just signed on to economic slavery forever.

        ps. Spare me the family and bible line here… We are all not like that and some of us run our own path in life and won’t be led around like sheep.

        pps. MAC, PLEASE DO AN ARTICLE ON MGTOW. Many preppers are turning to this.
        Yes, you can be a married MGTOW. You run the house.

        Good luck.

        • MGTOW, does that mean we can screw anything we want??? sarc

        • What are you talking about? The men are mostly already emasculated by the church, mommies, schools, entertainment industry and doctors.

          • MGTOW:

            Interesting thoughts here, although the lack of marriage plays right into their hands and that’s what this website is all about.

            So instead of blaming another person, how about:

            Actually try dating (not bedding)…you know the kind where you take 12 months or more to get to know a person before you head to the altar or pop out a kid. [Dating faces only last 6 months for regular folks and 12 months tops for serial fakers.]

            Actually talking to your potential mate’s parents, old flames, and exes before taking the plunge.

            Actually having conversations with your potential mate on finances, child raising, where to live, etc.

            Actually spending time with your mate. [If you need a “night out with the boys” or she needs a “night out with the girls,” your marriage will fail.]

            Taking more than 2 seconds before you jump in bed with somebody.

            Wearing condoms so you don’t actually procreate before wanting to.

            Actually stop being lazy and expecting it to all “fall together” without any work on your part, including communication.

            Actually try being considerate, concerned, and interactive with and about your mate…and mean it.

            Actually defend your mate to outside forces. Don’t talk with your buddies about how great she is in bed. That is your wife, who may be the mother of your children. And that is nothing that should be talked about with ANYBODY!!

            Stop verbalizing to your buddies about how “hot” a complete stranger is and “boy, you’d love to tap that” when you are married, as that is most certainly the ultimate in disrespect to your mate.

            FINALLY, it is important for you to realize that you cannot be “emasculated” without your own approval and participation.

        • Got MILF?


          He’s right, you know…

          Well… not about the indiscriminate screwing, or the renting of apartments to quite obviously horrendously bad credit risks… but about greater than 60% of marriages ending in divorce, greater than 90% of said divorces being initiated by the wife, aaaaaaaand the fact that only one party ever pays (and pays and pays and pays) in this scenario, on overwhelming average.

          Women: marry and divorce multiple times for multiple income streams over your lifetime! YAY! Yeah I think that “officially”, multiple congruent alimony is technically not allowed, buuuuut there are ways around that. Usually said ways are named “junior”.

          • For the 2% of really good women out there, i say, ” I love and appreciate you gals”.

            For the other 98%, you always are looking for the greener pastures with a bull to boot. Well, some have settled for a bull dyke.

            Anyways, most women are for the “things of this world” according to the good book. So men, keep that in mind if you aren’t sure if you have one of the two percenters, as a partner/spouse.

            It helps keep things in perspective. My first ex-wife helped me keep it all in perspective cause she didn’t do shit, or pay shit, but when she left, she expected to get all my shit.

            Wrong! Didn’t happen, and I’ve made damn sure no other jezebel will either.

            • ALPHA males only work well with BETA females. If an alpha male gets involved with an alpha female, you will butt heads ALL THE TIME and consider yourself “emasculated.”

              ALPHA females only work well with BETA males [yes, there are males who actually DO NOT want to be in the leadership role….although that is out of the realm of comprehension to an ALPHA male.] Ever wonder why that hard-headed “bitch” you know ends up with a passive male? She didn’t emasculate him. He came that way and it is why they are together = it works.

              ALPHA male/ALPHA female couples = rough way to go.

              Never met a BETA/BETA couple.

              If you want to figure the whys and the wherefores, get your testosterone levels checked…and hers. Testosterone level plays a big part in the equation.

              Did you ever wonder why older guys who were assholes in their younger years mellow out? Testosterone levels can lower with age.

              And, personally, I blame tofu.

              • “ALPHA males only work well with BETA females.”

                Oh, I don’t know about that. I am an alpha female. I do what I think is right. I’m in charge of my life, for better or worse, it’s on me.

                That being said, I can’t stand a spineless, weak minded, wishy-washy guy. I don’t want to marry a child, or babysit my man because he can’t stand up and do what he knows is right. I don’t want to have to tell him what is right—he should already know that.

                I don’t want to train my man. I don’t want to feel like I need to. I want a man who is more manly than me. I’m no feminist.

                The trick for me, is finding a REAL man who thinks the same as I do about right and wrong. A man that I don’t have to mollycoddle and push to do what needs to be done. He just does it, because it has to be done.

                You can have a relationship, but without MUTUAL RESPECT AND TRUST—you have nothing but problems.

                I don’t need no more problems.

                So, I’m going to sit here by myself, unless a REAL man comes along who will stand beside me come what may.

                I know, I’d better get comfortable for a long wait…

                • Yeah, you’re an alpha female alright, which is why you’ve gotten way too old to have kids. You’re not going to have to worry about finding a man, you’ll drive them all away as you’ve done your whole life.

                  • Anon2…. you have no Idea about Sixpack’s personal life and have never met her, and you are totally wrong. You should just apologize for your statement and move on to a different topic.

                  • Anon 2, you should get a towel and wipe that piss off your leg. Sorry I scared your fluffy sensibilities with my truth. Why don’t you make it a point to go slap your wife(if you have one) and kick your dog a time or two—that’s what makes people like you feel better about yourself.

                    You couldn’t handle someone like me.

                    • Sixpack,

                      You should hook up with MGTOW here, you two should get along famously!

                  • anon2, you need to go f#$% yourself and move your stupid ass on to the MSM sites. they’ll be happy to have a dickhead like you.

                • Sixpack

                  I never expected to tell some other woman than my wife this.

                  ” I love you so much “

                • Sixpack….AMEN. ‘Beta’ males as PWYP calls them were always been after me, and like you I like a man who can take care of himself, make decisions and get things done…while respecting my ability to do the same. First Guy I was engaged to expected me to cowtow to his every whim. He pulled a .357 on me once and threatened to kill me and himself. The next day i bought a .38 and told him to stay away.

                  My husband is very self sufficient. I guess our strengths complement each other, we do butt heads, because we are both stubborn, but overall have a great relationship.

                  Sorry for you fellas out there who’ve had horrible experiences with women, but many women can say the same about a lot of men.

                  goes both ways.

                  • Sixpack and NPPH, everything you say is true. What keeps me alone more than anything these days is feminism. Until a few years ago I was open to the idea of a 2nd marriage but not anymore. If I can’t have another woman like the one I lost to that drunk driver, then to hell with it. I won’t lower my standards. As NPPH said, there is more than enough blame to go around for both genders. It really DOES go both ways. My late wife was someone who would give you the shirt off her back if you had a genuine need for help, but if you got on her bad side, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T. She was tough and self-sufficient. She was the one who sold me on the idea of prepping and I’ve never regretted that decision for 1 minute. Since I lost her, I’ve had a lot of personal SHTFs over the years and survived every one of those incidents BECAUSE I TOOK MY WIFE’S ADVICE TO HEART AND STUCK TO IT. If I die alone then so be it. I won’t have what passes for a woman these days. It would never work.

                  • “No Pitty”…that says it all, doesn’t it? No pitty for the weak and stupid.

                • Never give up. They are out there. I wasn’t looking, but went back to school, raised the kids, got a routine going that worked for us, and after I graduated, my former accounting professor asked me out….I almost said no, because I was burnt before, but he WAS a gentleman, we got along well together, and had common interests. He had never married, and was taking care of his 80+ year old mother. We secretly courted for 1.5 years. She unexpectedly died, and we got married, and have celebrated 13 happy years so far. There’s hope.

                  • So happy for you, you found your treasure. When I was young and stupid, I thought life would last forever, so figured I could afford some wasted time and effort. Now that I’m older and my great grand kids are here, I know how precious time really is.

                    You can never get wasted time back. You can only learn from your mistakes and move on. That’s what I’m doing.

                    I don’t think it matters alpha or beta, as much as it matters about strong morals, respect and trust. Being an “alpha” male doesn’t make him honorable or trustworthy. Being a “beta” male doesn’t mean he’s respectful or trustworthy.

                    People are what they are.

                    • Sixpack, you hit the nail on the head about strong morals, respect, and trust. That’s what really counts. i don’t give a rat’s ass about alpha or beta. It’s what is in a person’s mind and heart that really counts and it works both ways.

                    • Sixpack,

                      You’re a strange one aren’t you? All this time you’ve tried to make yourself out as somewhat of middle aged woman and now, after NEVER mentioning it before, suddenly you have GREAT grandchildren? Sounds like you’re trying to cover something up, perhaps something like a lie that’s as smelly as dog crap? Anybody who has great grandchildren is at least in their seventies or started spitting ’em out at 15, with their offspring following the same intelligent strategy.

                • Six,
                  Tell ’em Sister! I can’t stand sissy men!
                  Trust respect …the two biggies in any relationship!

            • Oh, lest I forget, for thousands and thousands of years, women, who obviously lack the muscle strength of men, were genetically programmed to find a mate who could provide for her and their children (through food and finances) and keep them safe…so why do you think because suddenly we are in the year 2015, that those thousands of years of genetic coding would evaporate overnight? It will take that many years to unwind the genetic coding of “needing a man with the means to provide.”

              • “so why do you think because suddenly we are in the year 2015, that those thousands of years of genetic coding would evaporate overnight?”

                Because “God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”

                He also gave women the ability to stand up to errant men.

                • six-pack… I just shared your posts with my wife and she said you are her hero. Indeed women with your characters along with POG are scarce these days. God Bless all of you.

                  • Much respect to you and yours.

                    • Could this be Nazi love?

        • This is a mighty interesting drift OT about the whole MGTOW trend!!! Good survival information. Bear in mind that the only winners in divorce courts are the attorneys (and sometimes CPS). And the ones to pay the tab are the kids.

        • Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

          IT’S CAPTIAN SAV-A-HO!!

      4. GO ON TRY! MAKE MY DAY!

        • Okay, here goes:

          A Professor was giving a lecture on “Involuntary Muscular Contractions” to his first year medical students.

          Realizing that this was not the most riveting subject, the Professor decided to lighten the mood slightly.
          He pointed to a young woman in the front row and said,

          “Do you know what your ass hole is doing while you’re having an orgasm???”

          She replied, “Probably deer hunting with his buddies.”

          The Professor laughed so hard he could not continue with the class.

        • Here’s another favorite”

          A blonde took her goldfish to the vet and told him, “I think it has epilepsy.”

          The vet took a look at the fish and said, “It seems calm enough to me.”

          The blonde responded, “Well, I haven’t taken it out of the bowl yet.”

          • ONE LAST TRY to make your day:

            Redneck Special Forces

            The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF)

            Red Neck Freedom Fighters will be dropped off in Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists:

            1. The season opened today.
            2. There is no limit.
            3. They taste just like chicken.
            4. They don’t like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus.
            5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt.

            The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday

            • I loved this joke! Thanks for the humor!

            • Sixpack, I fell out of my chair on all 3 jokes. Been taking lessons from Eppe?

              • Eppe is the undisputed, incomparable heavy weight jokester, but thanks!

                • 6pak, you give me way to much credit.
                  A few years ago, this site got really nasty, and I decided to throw in a joke or two, just to help out.
                  I like to make people smile, it is the common denomator within all of us.
                  Loved the jokes, hope everyone smiled…

                  Bless all here…

          • A blonde was rushed to the ER with the end of a clarinet lodged in her throat. After the ER doctor removed it, he explained to her that concerning this instrument, blow means BLOW.

            • Six,thanks for the laughs!

      5. The federal prison in Jonesville, VA just had a major prison riot Wednesday night. Very interesting.

      6. See you in the camp…

        • I’m not going in any camp….I will be free while I live and live free till my last breath.

          Every one dies at the end of the game and I’m not going out crawling on my knees, begging…trying to get one more day…

          • Agreed,


            • Hmm.
              How do you get your post online before mine? I replied earlier. Go figure.
              Seems a person can trust no one anymore. And I didn’t say anything really bad.
              Yeah, go figure. ( not the poster, but this site. ) 🙂

              • Prob because im a frequent poster, always use the same name and e mail addy, therefore bypassing moderation unless i use trigger words.


          • +20
            Bodybag for me.

        • Not me.

        • You’ll all know me if you saw me in a camp—I’ll be the old lady being dragged by the handcuffs, screaming and fighting, kicking and biting, and hurling comments that would make a sailor blush.

          • Damn, and you have trouble finding a man, I wonder why?

            • You’re right anon2, any man who thought he could man-handle me, should just wipe the piss off of his leg and move on…quickly. So, just move along, nothing here for you to see.

              • Sixpack,

                If, and that’s probably a major if, but if the possibility of you ever having contact with a male again ever presents itself, remember this, men aren’t really interested in women with bigger biceps than they have and you might want to trim your mustache down a little also.

            • anon2, if you had a f#$%ing brain and read her posts, you would already know. moron. I don’t think any woman would want someone like you and it’s easy to see why. I don’t blame them.

          • Sixpack.


          • Sixpack, NOBODY will see me in any camp, period. I’ll be dead from resisting any effort to take me alive.

      7. The last sentence about too many mouths to feed is the really scary part. A true FEMA camp with food is h*ll. A FEMA camp without food is Auschwitz.

        • History has a way of repeating itself for those who would forget…

          • You can’t forget what you have never learned.

            • Charles King, that’s been the game all along. People just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, yet dumb enough to be OBEDIENT workers, asking NO questions.

      8. Why is this going on, except to make money in one form or another?
        Legalize all drugs, if you want to trip out and die, so be it.
        Lock up the ones who have put us all in this position.
        WWTI has it right, if we spent money on things that really made a difference, solar, infrastructure, efficency, and self suffiency, the world would be a better place…

        • Want to feel small and finite?
          Makes me wonder about how small we are in the whole scheme of things.
          Then our life span is just a blip on the timeline of the existance of the universe.
          Thinking of things like this just blows one’s mind, all this could NOT come from random chance.
          And to think we cannot get along on this 3rd rock from the Sun.
          Humanity is a scary thing.

          ht tp://www.space.com/29893-supermassive-black-hole-too-big-galaxy.html

          Bless all here (we need it)….

          • We
            Are really small in the big picture

            • Being small is what we have been taught but it’s not true. The universe does revolve around the individual human. We as individuals created the universe. Google treeincarnation science of meaning.

              • CK, I read it, deep thought process.
                Question: How did humanity start???

                • Eppe, OT but important. Just letting you know my GA trip has been set back to mid-August. Once I do make it over, I’ll try to meet with you. It would be pleasure.

                • You didn’t read it.

                  • CK, yes I did. Mostly babble.
                    Answer my question…

                    • Eppe if you had read it and understood it you wouldn’t be asking me that. The answer is much to long to even attemp to write it here. That’s why I sent you there. Lay your bible down and open your mind. Don’t try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll.

                    • Btw eppe the site I sent you to is mostly audios. It’s not much about reading. Start with the audios on the left. First one is looking glass key. Then work your way down. Come back in a few weeks after you have absorbed most of the info there.

        • 100% agree with you…legalize all of it and let them od once and for all, bury the foul breathed bastards and then get on with our drug free life. This war on drugs started in 1972 under the Presidency of Richard Nixon, and he promised us on national tv that the DEA would not become another bumbling, bloated, never ending government agency. In fact he guaranteed the DEA would not be needed longer than 5 years, because they will have eradicated drugs by then. And we were stupid enough to believe it 40+ years ago. Our whole damn society is controlled by druggies and the people chasing the druggies. No one can legislate human behavior. Blessings

          • messenger, welcome to the ‘plan’.
            In my eyes, anything nature wise cannot be bad for you in moderation.
            It is funny that all ‘drugs’ come from nature in some form or another.
            You can derive DMT from a mimosa tree…

            • Or MDMA from sasafrass trees…

            • Fricking nuclear radiation comes from nature.

              Mercury comes from nature, does that mean if I injecting it in my veins with a hypodermic needle, I’m just taking one for Mother Gaia?

              The “drugs are natural” argument’s old. Old old old and worn the eff out. Hemlock is natural too by the way.

              • TheGuy is an idiot, and needs an injection of mercury.

            • The slave masters outlaw drugs then make sure the country is flooded with them. They(cia, etc) make tons of money dealing drugs and at the same time keep the country weak and chaotic. Drug laws and enforcement are designed to keep the price of drugs high so the slavemsters make their money used to further enslave us. Laws and organizations cause out of control drug use. People get lost in drugs trying to escape this hell on earth.

              • A Trojan horse that is being ignored is the multilevel drug task forces that exist in every state. They cover every sq inch of the USA yet the drug supply stays at the level required to meet all demand. Seemingly their job is not to stop drugs. But one thing they do well is collect data on the population. If you have ever crossed paths with a drug dealer or user chances are they have a dossier on you. They are very slick at following you. It takes practice spotting them but they are there. Since they haven’t decreased the drug supply then data collecting must be their primary mission.

      9. these new prisons are designed to keep people in
        are they designed to keep people out ?
        could militia units neutralize sites like these ?

      10. American soldiers would be training to bring death to their own family and friends. Seems they would get the word out and even revolt. Instead we only hear about from dubious sources.

      11. Dave Hodges, Alex Jones, Steve Qualye and Matt Drudge, all of the FEAR PORN JOCKS are not 100% reliable alt info news sources.

        They all have their own personal agenda’s and twist the news to suit them.

        The Clinton’s have signed a Mutual Aid Pact with Russia on emergency domestic issues. This is not new info. Russian Spetsnaz Troops are even known to be living in Colorado housed off base in Zog Fedgov funded housing. They come to Colorado to train in rotations every year with the various US ARMY courses in ground combat at the Colorado Springs Training Grounds.

        This is not new info! It happens every year!

        I’ll start worrying when they are actually DEPLOYED ON THE STREETS and the interstate highways are locked down…because that is when I will have to unlock my War.Locker, dust off my combat boots and go to REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR against my own International Zionist NWO Zog Brainwashed countrymen.




            • USA doesn’t use mercenaries. Our contractors wouldn’t stand for it!

        • Yes Aquaman, you are right.

          My brother, a Colonel, with more knowledge than most about Colorado Springs, told me the same thing in person last year.

          • tango yankee! @bj for the ‘real world confirmation’ assist!

        • How does that even work anymore with the whole Ukraine thing going on???

          That makes no sense.

        • paste

          Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer…snip

          And may I add pretty much of a crackpot.

      12. Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics

        Russian paratroopers will meet up with American forces next month for an unprecedented military exercise in Colorado, according to RT News.

        It’s the first time Russian service members will be invited into the United States for a joint drill.

        A Russian airborne task force will “exercise with U.S. special service weapons,” an announcement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko revealed.

        The official purpose of the joint training is to practice airborne tactics and anti-terror operations, such as dropping into a hostile area and conducting a “terrorist camp raid.”

        “Soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid,” said Kucherenko.

        It’s worth noting the Russians will have access to U.S. military weapons training at the Army’s Fort Carson — “Home of America’s Best” — ahead of the scheduled May 24-31 drills. They’ll also be trained to understand and operate hardware used by U.S. forces in airborne missions including “parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter.”

        This announcement comes at a time when Russia actually has troops working in cooperation with China.


        • The dark sides main tool is deception. We can see that deception in the left right democrat republican fake opposition. All controlled by the same slave masters at the top. And surely the same thing is taking place with the Russia China vs the west likely deception. Either the Russian troops are not here or the feud with Russia is controlled opposition. Not saying controlled opposition won’t become war. After all they want depopulation.

          • excellent point!

            the creation of controlled opposition is exactly what it is.

            remember they want to create a one world global bank religion and government to rule over all.

            there are some deep thinkers on the web who feel it’s all just a globalist smoke screen. that the deals have been already made and promises by the nwo zog have been made to both china and russia. that they will be allowed to form a yang to the nwo zog’s ying. an so we have the formation of the bricks.

            henry kissinger himself promised the chinese they would take the lead in the building of the nwo one world government back in the 1970’s!

            the idea is to coax all countries of the world to choose a faux opposition side military economically and become a member of their chosen sides international banking system.

            thereby tricking all the countries of the world to become pawns of the BIS AND IMF INTERNATIONAL BANKING SYSTEMS by making the choice they think is their own!

            all we are witnessing now is just everyone jostling for elbow room at the international banking table, and locking down access to their homelands borders and resources before they become finalized by international agreement… nothing more.

            sure there might be some petty skirmishes and short wars for access to others resources, but there will be no great global world war unless all the sides agree it is in their own best interests, such as to spur economic industrial growth and control population growth by killing off a few billion of useless eater’s.

            • The corporations moved their factories to China and then nearly everything we buy comes from there. All with the blessing of the USA government. The bankers and their corporations control the USA government so it stands to reason they control the Chinese government too. And now the USA government tries to convince us that China is a threat. They might be but it’s controlled opposition. Even though I don’t have all the info it seems the corporations wouldn’t want to kill off all their consumers after taking many years mind controlling them to become mindless consumers.

              • Ever hear of the Georgia Guide Stones?

                Ever hear of Eugenics?

                Eventually there will be a PURGE!

                It’s part of the 1% Global NWO Zog plan’s!

                They want 85% of the Global Population Exterminated!

                The 15% who survive will become Second Class Indentured Slaves of the 1%!

                • Aqua. Those guidestones are scary and fit right in with much other evidence that depopulation is just around the corner. But who knows the purpose of those stones. We don’t even know who is behind it. Nothing is as it seems. The dark side couldn’t control us without deceit. That is their main tool. When something is as obvious as a depopulation agenda look for the deception. Terror seems the second greatest tool in their box. Maybe that is the purpose.

          • All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power – Who rules America?

            ht tp://kingworldnews.com/nomi-prins-broadcast-interview-available-now-6-20-15/

      13. As someone who once Worked inside the prison system as a National Extradition Officer:

        I’d like to state the bureau of prisons routinely moves prisoner’s around the country deliberately to break up prison gangs and crime rings. especially after a riot or murder.

        Coming to your neighborhood real soon by order of Barry the magic Negro – Zog CIA puppet prez!

        Ghetto Fight || Typical day in YOUR soon to be hood.


        • pretty big, pricey looking homes to be a ‘hood. much nicer than my area

          • look at the boarded windows. it isn’t a nice neighborhood.

            • Looks like Planet of the Apes. Not a nice neighborhood indeed.

              • Meet YOUR New Ethnic Neighbors!

                Ordered by Zog CIA Puppet Prez barry soetoro’s ‘Forced Desegregation of Amerika’s white neighborhood’s’ EXECUTIVE Order!


                • They want a war. They might get one.

              • A Future of Neighborly Harmonious Integrated Communities across Zog Amerika!


      14. …IF… SHTF These fine upstanding citizens will come in your hood. After all it’s all mighty whitey’s fault!

      15. Funny how the conversation switches from Russian and American troops and fema camps to drugs and blacks. The drug problem and rioting blacks were put into place to divide and weaken us. You gotta look deeper than that. But it does work well to divert our attention here.

        • Thats a great point. There are intelligent minds at work here, however, with their own bias and agendas…not necessarily to derail any semblance of warning, but merely succumbing to human nature, wanting to consume, dominate, self-aggrandise. Not by any means paid agents, but following their own desire, or lust. Notice me! If an uninformed person were exposed to fear porn with even a tenth of truth in it, wouldnt it be advantageous? The co-creative power of mass consciousness is being used against us collectively.The battleground is in the mind…Jade Helm.

        • Drugs and black thugs, exactly. Both problems are fed by welfare/EBT/WIC entitlements. Terminate that and they will turn on each other. Problem solved.

          • Nobama.

            The Achilles Heal is EBT, SNAP and WIC. I have read that Goldman Sachs does the money side of these transactions. Kill the banks and the entitlements die.
            That would lead to disorder in the streets and a few other domino’s to fall.

            Too much crap going on to state exactly what starts the course of events which leads to whom we will defend against.

            Crime and violence on the rise in the big cities and the Summer is going to get Hot.

            • As the head of this division at JPMorgan, Christopher Paton, told Bloomberg, “They act and feel very much like a debit card. A lot of stores increasingly take food stamps.” What convenience! And Paton points out that his bank is the largest processor of food stamps in the country. These are boom times for such services — a new report from the US Department of Agriculture reports that 43.6 million Americans are now using food stamps, nearly 14% of the population, which is a record number. Paton notes this trend himself: “Volumes have gone through the roof in the last couple of years,” he says. “This business is a very important business to JPMorgan in terms of its size and scale.” And the numbers bear him out. According to the company’s most recent quarterly filing with the SEC, the Treasury & Securities Services segment, which is the division that includes the food stamp business, was up 2% in the last three months of last quarter and brought in $5.47 billion in net revenue for most of 2010.

      16. Folks Jade Helm is starting to look like nothing more than a full blown dress rehearsal for the main event latter on down the road, but(soon I might add). Having said that I am prepared just in case it is not. The month of Aug, will tell the tail, look they can not just lock down the South West they have to lock it all down at the same time. My gut has not let up friends LOOK TO THE NORTH FOR THE THREAT that is where it is coming from!!

        • follow Jade Helm reporting by civilians on Face book:”Counter Jade Helm Exercises” pretty interesting read of military sightings ALL over the country!

      17. In Illinois you don’t have to build FEMA camps we have several empty prisons just setting there. We also have many empty Wall-Mart and K-Mart stores setting empty?????

        When I see towers going up and or Barded wire going up, then I’ll worry about the stores. Like I said we have many empty prisons. On a side not we have many large schools with 8 foot high fencing and supper large parking lots. All you would have to do is put up some barbed wire.

      18. I am not sure what to think about the whole fema camp/new prisons ect.,excepting will not be going if geared up and accepting guests.Yes,will probably die trying to push back,but,as I have said before,have given it a lot of thought and though do not want to die am comfortable with this choice and taking a puppet or two with me.So,as each day do a little prep whether mental/goods wise and,enjoy the weekend and life in general!

      19. “And all of these events discussed in this article simply dovetail from the revelation that shopping malls, sports stadiums and some schools are being prepped to double as FEMA camp internment facilities.”

        Fur real……the whole damned country is a prison at this point.

        Russian troops in the USA? And they hate out troops? We’ve elected a gay black man for president. We’ve legalized gay marriage. We have little control over our minorities who refuse to obey our laws. I can see where they might have a bit of disdain for us. We’re too weak to enforce our own laws. All for the sake of PC.
        I say we allow the fine Spetnaz full access to the ghetto’s with “full immunity” to set things straight. A “modified policing action” is what we could call it. Just cut them loose in the ghettos of Detroit, Chicago and all the other cesspools created by our non-citizens. I would be willing to bet there would be a swift change of heart from all the people dumping on “White America”. Real swift.

        • When my revolutionary army gets to the states, you and everyone else who can’t see that we are on human race and any one who perpetuates social divide is getting executed. This world needs to be righted, I will force it to be right.

          My movement is growing so the corporations fronting jade helm isn’t the only thing you should fear, bigoted pig.

          • Well fellow…your kind are the problem not the solution.

            We are not one human race. Never have been, never will be. Another misnomer created by the Free **** Army in an attempt to pave the way for people of lessor values and capabilities to leach off of successful people.
            That’s why people set up different countries. Leaders realize the differences between themselves and others. That is why the US was so successful. That’s why people from poor countries try to migrate to the US. Our people are smart and know how to run things. Lessor folks view this as more freebies for their kind. You know, leach off of others.

            Note the correlation of societal downfall and the increase of PC and demonizing of “White America”. This is going on in Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark. It’s spreads like a CANCER.

            If you want to live like they live in Mexico, they have a whole country dedicated to living like they live in Mexico. Its called Mexico.

            “your movement is growing”??? Bowel movement I suspect. You seem to talk a lot of crap.

            I fear no man. “Bigoted Pig” per your definition, and proud of it.

            • Gave me a good chuckle Redneck,,, thumbs up

            • Ha! Well said, and yeah thanks for the laugh as well.

        • Don’t forget the ghettos were created by the slavemasters. And many maybe all the big gangs are controlled or at least used by the drug cartels. And the cartels are controlled or at least used by the cia and on and on and up and up. The ghettos and gangs and unrest are only symptoms not the root.

      20. I call bullshit on the whole “the Russians are here training to incarcerate us … [alleged correspondent] fears they are going to massacre Christians….”

        The Russians have been Eastern Orthodox Christians for a thousand years, a brief aberration from 1905 to 1991 to the contrary notwithstanding. When Joe Vodka’s survival depends on pretending to be atheist, he pretended to be atheist. That doesn’t mean he bought it deep down.

        Putin is an avowed Christian and Russian nationalist. He despises Obozo. Not in a thousand years would Russian troops be here, cooperating with Obozo. Those claims are long on angst and short on verifiable facts. it’s always some “anonymous source” saying so.

        For an author who means to be taken seriously (doesn’t know the first thing about Russia) and readers here (who are also equally in the dark) to credulously buy that … well, what else is new?

        Fear porn is swallowed whole here every day. It sells silver and a hundred other things. What a shame.

      21. Any foreign combatant in the states currently is a mercenary or advisor for private military. It’s not an invasion by state, but by corporation.


      22. There will be no mass resentence, only individuals or at the best small groups. They know this all to well, so what they need to deal with is the ones that wake up at the last minute, but who are unprepared(off to the camps for them). The vast majority are truly sheeple and will do what ever they are told to do. I for one will resist with everything I have till my last breath and yes a few will pay the price for being cool-aid drinkers. This is my take on the whole picture!

      23. Occasionally Hodges writes something worth reading, but most of his stuff is unfounded and unverifiable speculation with no real basis in reality to start with.

        Alarmism, wild claims aimed at inducing fear, paranoid speculation, stretching a minor fact into a major conspiratorial conclusion that actually has no relation to the original fact, etc. – those things have no place in rational thinking.

      24. Jade helm ops director is Lt general charles cleveland, opps ,he was”retired” this week. Ops manager thomas mead is a real cia spook sort from nato and dyna corp. Mastering the human domain is also the motto of usgif geospatial intelligence foundation at geointv.com they are setting up hq in st louis now. Walmart has always been a military op. Capt sam walton was army intelligence and ran pow camp at ft douglas utah a bioweapons eval site in the 60s now university of utah cept for 51acres with sub facilities next to myriad labs switzerland eugenics Mryiad connects to darpa. Walton was stationed with a major general Michael Kauffman, also a business major from sears, Kauffman was commander of the 96th sustainable brigade in the Philippines, rear admiral james kauffman commanded the uss Wasatch amphibious forces in the Philippines. New nsa hq in bluffdale utah, anthrax scare came from dugway utah. Stark aerospace is an israeli corp making hunter and huron drones in columbus miss with faa clearance to use golden triangle regional airport, biloxi mayor signed off on the use of back bay for the ops in august.

        • I remember years ago the media worshiping Sam Walton the backwoods chicken farmer red neck genius who turned a store into the great worldwide Wal-Mart. What b.s. Nobody gets anywhere near that big without the slavemasters behind it. To get wealthy you play the game as instructed. Most likely all these money boys like Gates and other fat cats are really just front men who do not really own that extreme health.

          • Because you can’t do it doesn’t mean they can’t.

            I still remember a guy becoming a multimillionaire selling rocks as pets.

            You think he was a part of some secret conspiracy too?

            • Anon. I’m not talking about millionaires.

            • Anon. You are right I couldn’t do it. Nobody could. That is my point. Besides I don’t want to do it. That is not where my value system is.

            • Anon doesn’t it seem strange that a computer nerd like gates ends up being unbelievably rich and now is an enemy of humanity. Tell me someone isn’t controlling him.

            • Sam Walton was not the problem, remember that he tried to carry ONLY American made goods.

              When he died, things changed drastically.

              The kids have no loyalty to anything but $$. Those that serve within our governments gives WalMart corporate welfare, and have almost since Sam’s death. They used WalMart to destroy other stores and to move the goods bought here in America to be from foreign nations (NAFCA, Free Trade, etc). The reason being is that they kept pointing at Walmart as being so great because of its policies, which was not true since Sam died.

              Their was no competition for WalMart because WalMart did not pay for, or very little of, the price of its land, buildings, etc. Corporate welfare did, WE did, and not by purchases. Competition had to be destroyed because not all would go along with the deliberate destruction of America from within.

              People had to be impoverished, homeless, etc to make them NOT pay attention to what was actually going on. “Race” problems, and others, needed to be fermented so that the people would divide and see others as the problem.

              Same with political divisions, both are really after the same goal, and are corrupt, treasonous.

              Why do you think everything is printed here in America in every language and those that come here legally or illegally are pushed to retain their “heritage” instead of becoming Americans? To divide and conquer.

              It is stupidity to fall for it, but it is smart to be aware that it IS happening, it is planned and carried out, even to using stooges such as gangs, “New Black Panthers”, etc to cause this to go on. What those stooges do not realize because they did not study history is after they are no longer useful for the destruction of our nation, our people – ALL of us, they MUST be destroyed as a danger.

              Same with law enforcement – why do you think they started doing away with warrants? Fostering the idea of the “Thin Blue line”, cops against everyone else, etc?

              Divide, and conquer, destroy each other and then they step in and destroy what is left they do not want, keep the rest.


          • You would be wrong about that. You sound like Obie and Lieahontas with their BS that you did not build that. Just what a couple of lying losers who never made anything in their life would say. Just a couple of grifters one of whom will have by the time he leaves office destroyed the country. Look how easy it was for them to take the act of one jerk off and totally bam the Confederate flag using it as an excuse. The woman who was shot in the head with a shot gun by a black should be a wake up call to everyone that a new phase of the game is starting.

        • I don’t suppose you bothered to check out any facts for your post which amounts to one large error?

          Among other things, Sam Walton left the military in 1945 at the end of his 3 years of service during WWII.

          That, of course, makes the rest of your post ridiculously erroneous, he was in the retail store business not the bioweapons business and there were no POW camps in the ’60’s anyway.

          Try checking your facts before posting stuff like this.

      25. We travel a lot around the US. We have tried several times to find these supposed Russian’s and NEVER have found them especially in Gatlinburg Tn. We still have many friends in the Service and SF youngin’s we consider our own and NOTHING is to be found? We will be in Michigan in August. Where are these Troops? We will make it a point to find them!

      26. Heads up over southern IN and IL above cloud cover for the last 2hrs you can hear a jet over head every 10 to 15mins. Everyone is going west by southwest. Something is up big time

      27. It’s here. That article is accurate and I have had a Russian spetnatz up in my face in the Galleria Houston Tx, 2 yrs ago.. Stirling silver you are correct about David Hodges. And what I so scary is that sources have back him up 100%. The Russian males are very rude and aggressive and I have read about this type of behavior from the people who have written to Hodges and have experience it up front face to face when one of them came into my friends tatoo store demanding to see her computer because she posted on face book that Russians are on US soil, then 10-15 minutes later this extremely I can’t emphasize it enough, extremely muscular male showed up in a white Lexus right in the Hill croft Westhiermer area, demanding that he se her computer when I got up and asked to him to step out side the store. And I an martial artist and I was worried about this confrontation because of his physical stature.

        Russian- what is this place.

        Girl friend_- we do tatoos.

        Russian-is that your computer

        Me-can you step upside for me, please..

        Me being the nice loving gift that I am.

        Russian- so yo so tatoos here..

        Me- must. Be the face book post eh.

        Then he stated to look me up and down.

        Me- I am from the north Houston area, we don’t run from you type..f….k with us you are going to have a problem, you get me.

        Him- I just wanted to take about tatoos.

        Me you don’t have tatoos,

        Then he got closer to me with in 5 foot, that the strike rage, so now I realized what was about to happen a.d I was getting ready for him to attack. Luckily he looked at me and decided to go back to his car and drive off..those muscular russian speak perfect English without and accent. I notice Sat, Jul 11, 2015 that and Hodges was right. So all these little Agency azz clown trolls that like to come in her and discredit me, you can’t discredit this incident. My little cute chicken friend was scared of him..one thing she did did learn is that I have balls and will confront the enemy. I an not the average little nervous pizz azz pu….sy like some people..the next time I see that Russian might be when they calapse the country. Let me tell you russian azzholes.. something. Rice farmers in Vietnam killed over 55,000 American soldiers in that country and they did not have air support not did they have tanks. Your messing with fire in this city. Houston and it’s surrounding cities in not a Vietnam environment. Pizz of the American white man and you have the war of your dreams and you bleed and die in the streets from from gun shot wounds. No one, and I mean no one, Russian, Chinese Latvian Nato or UN is going to come here thinking that you are going to come here, shoot us men, rape the women and children, cut off our heads with guillotines, have jihadist come here to chop off people’s heads rape, kill, etc, and not expect a violent response, from the people. you are highly mistaken. Now the rat bastard elites are trying to indict our Texas attorney General..while the cabal is massing foreign fighters and Jihadist in Midland Texas and now the bastards are south of the border. David Hodges is right on the money.



        • We only have your word concerning the incident with the Russian. Maybe truth maybe not. What style is your martial art and what is your lineage.

        • I’ve been hearing about those Russian Spetznatz infiltrators for at least 30 years now, I suppose some of them are so now they are hobbling around on walkers now.

          But I hear the Spetznatz are specially trained to use those walkers as deadly weapons, easily defeating dozens of Americans soldiers with them with a single blow.

          At least the Chinese I’ve been hearing about for the same time are considerate enough to keep their hundreds of thousands of military invaders hidden in the mountains and Mexican border cities, they don’t get in our way that way.

        • “H”
          Keep the info coming.

      28. HCKS,thought it was spetnaz,your wording a slur on em or is there different spelling on russian special ops types?

      29. I think it’s a good article. No, it’s not fear porn. I think too many people are in denial about what’s going to happen in this country.

        Dave Hodges also has some good articles about how shopping malls are being turned into FEMA camps. Complete with pictures of guard towers being built. If I sent him something I wouldn’t want my name being released either.

        • OpsSec when the elite make war on the unknowing. Fake identities may come in handy with the red list in their hands.

      30. The “cyber attacks” will be an inside job. In-house attacks by government operatives (which can include foreign governments following a script in concert with the U.S. Government) against America will be the “excuse” for waging martial law against the people. Demanding removal of the Confederate Flag–and its symbolism of resistance to Federalist domination–plays into this. Yet, the people–“red and yellow, black and white”– may ask: “Where and what will Ft. Sumter be, this time? How and where will the people blockade, this time, the Union? This time, there will be no Appomattox.

      31. They can also use camps to herd children, separated from parents and, from each other, and to herd the parents, separated from spouses–all of whom will be told that the others have been killed (by “invasion”, “riot”, “disaster”, “disease”, “terrorism”, “themselves”, “criminals”, etc.). Then, the demoralized, supposedly lone surviving individuals can and will be herded into permanent and total slave labor camps to join their Chinese brethren as coolie slave labor for the elites’ Big Business, to make the junk that’s been “Made in China” in the Americas as well–to be sold back to them in the global “company (and government) town” economy with the elites permanently and absolutely way up on top.

        • Germans lived right down the road from the camps and ‘didn’t know anything’ about what was happening there. After the German surrender, the allies had trouble finding Nazis. Seems there were none. Americans will be no different.

      32. I agree this author is a little iffy sometimes, but hey if even half of this is correct, thats good enough info just as is.

      33. The U.S. Government wiped out the buffalo by terrorism in order to undermine the economy and therefore the independence (and the potentially liberating power) of the Indians, after the Indians WON Red Cloud’s War by turning superior tactics against the U.S. Government. What, now, will be the buffalo, on which the U.S. Government and their elite Big Business bosses (as well as their unwise masses of minions) themselves depend and by which the elites are made powerful?

        They presume that sea-basing (and space-basing) will save their oligarchy from demise, in case their “buffalo” are wiped out–presuming also that everyone will depend on (and therefore submit to) them, as so many do and have done. Therefore, then, they’ll have to “live” at sea, and in space…. Or, more realistically, in Hell.

        For, this world (specifically America–the Turtle Island of the Indians) will no longer be their home–though they never considered it to be such. “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” –Thomas Jefferson

        “And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

        For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

        For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

        How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

        And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:… (Revelation 18:1-11)

        • The Buffalo hunters wiped out the Buffalo herds for economic reasons, not the government.

          There were no restrictions at all on hunting at that time and it was a profitable activity and a sport as well (trains that ran through Buffalo country used to make special trips carrying sport shooters from the East and they would stop at the herds and the sportsman would shoot them from the train).

          Same thing almost happened to the waterfowl population, but Federal hunting restrictions were instituted that effectively ended commercial duck and goose hunting by hunters using punt guns that wiped out entire flocks as they sat on the water).

      34. When you add up all the things O has been doing to this Country and the Military, we are being set up. I’m not stupid. I can put 2 and 2 together and its not coming out to be danger. If something is not done soon, this country will be no more. I guess the bunkers are ready for the planners of this horrible ordeal we are now facing.

        • I can add too!!!! Don’t need an article to tell me we have a problem…

      35. To all

        I posted around 10 days ago and stated that I had information that the EBT system would go down in the next 6 months. Information says it will be blamed on a computer glitch. Not related but after that event information says interest rates will go up to 18 percent.

        Last week when the stock market and United Airlines shut down they said it was because of a ( computer glitch ) or technical difficulties. I find it very odd. They did not use the term cyber attack. It sent chills down my spine.

        Those who have seen me post on here know that I have never predicted anything. I have said that my gut felt something bad was going to happen.

        I don’t care what people say about my warning. My response is this. If you have some evidence that something is happening then it is your duty to warn people. We are preppers and form a team. If you are not a prepper then who cares.
        I care about all preppers on here even if I have had arguments with them.

        Now time is short I fear. Get your preps in order. If you have not already then try to get in shape both mentally and physically. Krav Maga which is Israeli martial arts is a great way to do it. It teaches you practical combat or street fighting and will get you into shape. Japenese combat Jujitsu is also a good one. I have been blessed to have an instructor near me who teaches his own form of martial arts. It combines many forms. He has taught seals and the CIA and is also a prepper. We are now very good friends.
        I don’t plan on any hand to hand combat with these traitors. Bullets work much better. I just know it is a great way to prepare mentally and physically
        For me my number 1 right now is being as close to my God as I can be. Without that I am doomed.

        I so hope I am wrong. I hope and pray I am wrong. I will not ever put information on this site that I think is wrong though. I care about people too much.

        May the blessings and love of God be with you all my friends, in these troubling times.

        “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”
        Benjamin Franklin

        “The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth.”
        Stonewall Jackson

        “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
        James Madison

        “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”
        Norman Schwarzkopf

        “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”
        Thomas Jefferson

        “The Establishment center… has led us into the stupidest and cruelest war in all history. That war is a moral and political disaster – a terrible cancer eating away at the soul of our nation.”
        George McGovern

        • Mike, lots of folks feel somethings just not right,,
          And its not just a doomer thing

          • Kula

            Yes I know. My feelings are screaming at me that something very wrong is happening. Things we once thought were just conspiracy theories are now fact. Nothing is shocking anymore.

            I just get tired of some people who always ask for sources. They have to understand that you cannot reveal some sources. If you did they would disappear from the earth. I know it is not smart even for me to post some things.
            I just decided that I was probably already on a list from posting on here. I also decided that it is my duty as a free American to do whatever I can to help people. If I can get just one to help with our cause then at least I have done something.

            If I save just one life then God has used me in a glorious way.

            God be with you my friend.

        • during those technical difficulties severl corporations associated with oil and gas had computer outages. My aunt works for a company that supplies fittings, valves and hoses for all that high dollar, high pressure fracking equipment. they do retrofits and over hauls all the time. their systems were all down at the same time on the same day of wsj and nyse. just saying. they were all west of ms except Ergon, which is local. St. Louis Fiberoptic node was getting hammered by china.

          • Thank you for that info Nopittypartyhere.

      36. The time frame of any of this is in Gods hands not ours. We can’t put dates on anything because we would most always be wrong. Less bickering and arguing, instead be more watchful as these events will very likely come true. I believe that a lot of people are going to die in the months ahead. I am not going to a FEMA camp. I will very likely be killed when the SHTF happens at some point. I’ve done all that I can do to be prepared for what is believed to be coming. There isn’t going to be much left when its all over. After Sept./Oct. Jesus could be coming at any time there after. For something to think about, watch the movie”The Book of Eli” and how life could be like after a Scorched Earth scenario takes place after a Nuclear War. Lots of chatter now. A year from now things will be a whole lot different. Stay safe everyone. Its time to do some serious praying to Jesus while we still can, Rex

      37. Hubby got a late garden planted here this week. Got some citronella to plant around the house to ward off skeeters. He did some work around the farm. Today we went to the gun show in jackson. I picked up a small tactical bag and a thumb rest/ hand grip for my SR 5.56. A couple of extra mags for the 1911. 7.62 X 39 wasn’t to be found. plenty of other calibers, but overall I think a lot of things were over-priced. Saw an awesome 12g pistol grip shot gun with a 20 round drum magazine. It had a handle topside that was attached to the spring assisted pump action. They tried to tell me there was no recoil. A 12 g with no recoil for someone of my stature. Yeah, right. I walked away. Came home, grilled steaks with our friends and went to the back 40 to light ’em up.

        Be sure to get plenty of bug spray/repellant for your preps. 2 MDs I know both have viral encephalitis from mosquito bites. were admitted into hospital this past week. And an old high school classmate’s husband contracted chickanyunga or whatever the heck it is from a skeeter.

        This weeks plans are to read the harbinger and mystery of shemitah. I spoke with a friend to get background reference so I could read it with an open mind and healthy dose of skepticism. Ya’ll have a great Saturday evening!

        • NPPH.

          That chicken virus is painful from what I hear. There is a new mosquito coming up the Florida peninsular. Big! Like the size of a quarter. Doesn’t have any disease (yet) but the bite is painful and leaves welts. Thought the tiger mosquito were bad. Also a flesh eating bacteria has been making its rounds.

      38. Amazing lack of hard facts. It makes the right look foolish to print rumors, speculation, and whispers rather than printing facts.

      39. Zog CIA False-Flag Actors hard at Work distracting and misdirecting you from the Truth of the NWO Zog!


      40. I’m the dumbest person I know.

        A year ago May, my wife left me, took the kids, and took all my money.

        Today, I found out that my wife has been cheating on me for 3 years and is part lesbian.

        They live together now. Her girlfriend threatens me with her “Chicago Nigger gun toting cousins” by text message and the cops won’t press charges for harassment unless I’m charged as well because I replied that I will defend myself lethally.

        My daughter is being held hostage by this woman and won’t tell me where in town my kid even lives.

        I found out today that I could never have built a more impenetrable fortress around my family than the one that’s keeping me out.

        Just like my kingdom, America IS a Fema Camp.

        • Iowa don’t take it too hard. Probably 80% of the guys here have a woman who cheated on them. Guys who don’t believe that just ain’t been around.

        • Iowa the only real loss out of that mess is the kids. Conentrate on getting them back in your life. If that is important to you.

        • Walk away with your head held high and never look back,
          The less you react and fight the more it will piss them off and the greater your peace will be,
          So, just walk away,,,,,,
          I did, everyone still chugging along 20+ years later, world didnt end,

        • Smart thing to do if you are threatened is not to reply, just go to the cops and report it.

          Otherwise you become a part of it and if you ever do have to defend yourself you’ve given some prosecutor the ammo to say you lured them into it and are guilty of anything from assault to murder.

          Defend yourself if attacked, but never talk about it in advance.

        • Iowa

          I have seen your post for a little over a year. I respectfully say this. You have to forget any guilt you feel. God loves you no matter what. Guilt will do nothing but pull you down. Start liking yourself and all will be okay. I am not saying there will not be hardship. I have actually been where you are and gone through a divorce. Declared bankrupsy. Start liking you and always put your kids first. Your life will improve if you do that period.

      41. Today, I found out that my wife has been cheating on me for 3 years and is part lesbian’

        Lol dont want to be mean and laugh at your plight, but they dont make “part” lezzies. They either are or not, or could be bisexual, but it seems her part lezzie side went full tilt boogie.

        • What should I do to my wife’s girlfriend that stole my family? Because as of right now, all options are on the table. What would you do?

          • this too shall pass

            if you love them, set them free.

            just tell them you wish them the best and that you support them as a friend.

            it’s all you can do.

            then focus on YOU!

            i recognize it is tough and heartbreaking , as this news washes over you. you though need to be realistic with yourself and understand it will take about 2 – 5 years before you are actually over it and can move on with life unhindered by the past history and emotions of it all.

            till then…

            talk to a relationship counselor

            go to church

            join a gym

            find a cuddle buddy

            get a dog – treat them with kindness – walk them regularly twice a day

            learn a new skill

            get a hobby

            ride a motorcycle on the open road

            take a vacation

            renew that subscription for Penthouse Mag

            etc etc

            • I am such a loser.

              • THIS IS A GIFT!

                DON’T WASTE IT!

                @iowa – “You are Not a Loser!”

                You are simply a Male Victim of Modern FemiNazi Society!

                You aren’t the only man this has happened to!

                A few BILLION of Men around the World are going through the same thing you are (the loss of a life partner) – DAILY!

                So… get your shit together Sir!

                Seriously think about it.

                You Are FREE! Alot of relationship trapped men would kill to be you! To be able to have a “Do-Over!” in their lives.

                YOU CAN GO AND DO ANYTHING!

                SO GO DO IT!


                YOU ARE FREE! ;0)

                * focus on making money for you and you only. START A HOBBY BUSINESS – get a private second bank account just for your business. money is key to your freedom. start your own business WORKING WITH SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. start part-time and grow it as big or little as you want. it’s easy to do. everything you need to do it is available and free on the internet.

                  • Iowa,hang tough and try as well as possible to stay in touch /be with the kids.Do not bad mouth mom to the kids no matter how much of a bitch ect.Find some mind clearing activities,for me hiking/shooting the bow give me a lot of peace of mind and allows me to easier wrap my head around lifes tough times,I also have been thru a grinder the last year mentally.So,do some of the activities/hobbies you liked before it went south and will allow you to think clearer/get thru/move on,good luck.

          • Iowa, that is a tough call. But your biggest mistake was to threaten her back. You might have a witness go with you and try to visit your children and if attacked/threatened then you could press charges. Unless they have a restraining order.

          • Go the legal route. Stop talking about what you should do. call your attorney and report it now. Your ex can not legally keep you from your children. You just have to act LEGALLY on it. you can file for contempt of court against her. stop talking and asking us.We can not do squat. call your LAWYER!!!!!!!!

          • Go to another state. Keep your phone number listed. Start rebuilding your life. Your kids will track you down when they get older and they will have a place to stay. God will watch over them.

      42. Why is the lead photo on this article so familiar to me? Why? Oh..yes. Is it because it came to me in a dream five years ago? SHTF is getting there. They are five years behind what came to me in a dream and I converted into a riveting fictional tale and published long ago. Fiction is becoming non fiction and I have been screaming from the rooftop about the approaching storm on the horizon. Now it is here. Go to Amazon Books and search FEMA Camp 37…the first of eight dreams and take a look at the cover. Now does anyone believe me? The book is moving well now and maybe one of these days I can afford a banner ad on this site but until then…word of mouth. I takes money to fight off the DOJ and Homeland Security, even with the First Amendment. I know.

      43. Once again the website that should unite us divides us even further. Go away with all of text based BS. You have someone here (David Hodges?)riding on the “coatails” of gentleman & lady attempting to publish articles relavent to our current situation. Another “anonymous” letter? Please, now c’mon! I do agree with some of the content posted on this website, the very reason I visit frequently :). But people, see this article for what it is. If you follow Dave dating back a few years, it’s all the same. Generate wherever content you can for the day. Granted some is OK, but you can’t keeping feeding the same baby food to people that are eager it eat whatever up. Now Mac, whoever you are, most* of the content you produce is relavent and relatable. Most of us appreciate this and follow it regularly. But please separate your writing (Mac) and the content of this website (which you represent) from this type of “bored reading” . Maybe someone can relate here but let’s avoid what most of these websites do, post content for profit. I know there are costs of running a website but not at the cost of losing your readers, especially when the comment section is filed with garbage all stemmed from a BS article from a very non-respected person in this community. We should learn from each other not fight our own people through online chat. Could anyone picture how strong we would be united as a whole? Anyone want to know what I’m saying, look up Mr. Dave Hodges from a few years back. The pornhub.com of fear porn. Stay real America

      44. Mac,

        Thank you for publishing this article. I appreciate it.

        On another note, I can’t BELIEVE the DENIAL in 85% of the posts here– denial ain’t just a river in Egypt because apparently it flows through this site as wel!

        Look, my friends:
        – the Shemitah occurs in September (please read Cahn’s book of the same name);
        – FEMA camps are real and they are for EXTERMINATION;
        – the New World Order has infiltrated our government and it’s coming;
        – there will not be another presidential election because this one will declare himself dictator after one or two false flags that suspend the election;
        – the so-called computer glitch that halted the Stock Market and others this past week was a beta test, a warm-up for when they plan to incite panic.

        If you are looking to bug out, bug out now before a hack or a power grid take down shuts down gas stations whose computerized pumps won’t work anyway.

        Just because you deny it, does not mean it really isn’t happening or does not exist!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Ranger,folks here ready as they can be whether a new world order attack/natural disasters,hell,endless list of things that can go wrong!Unless say radiation and actually have time am staying put/drawing a real line in the sand,fuck it,ain’t gonna live forever!Fear of death will not stop you from dying,but it can stop you from living!

          • WD,

            II was stating how much denial of the FACTS Hodges has been REPORTING on kinda SATURATED about 80% of the initial 70 posts to this article, that’s all. With all that denial, I wonder if indeed they ARE ready, most especially spiritually.

            – the Lone Ranger

      45. In 1958, while writing an advice column for Ebony Magazine, Rev. King responded to a young “gay” man looking for guidance. To avoid being accused of “cherry-picking,” here’s the exchange in its entirety, cited from Stanford Univ. archives at https://swap.stanford.edu/20141218230500/http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/kingweb/publications/papers/vol4/580100-000-Advice_For_Living.htm

        Question: My problem is different from the ones most people have. I am a boy, but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don’t want my parents to know about me. What can I do? Is there any place where I can go for help?

        Answer (from Dr. King): “Your problem is not at all an uncommon one. However, it does require careful attention. The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired. Your reasons for adopting this habit have now been consciously suppressed or unconsciously repressed. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this problem by getting back to some of the experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. In order to do this I would suggest that you see a good psychiatrist who can assist you in bringing to the forefront of conscience all of those experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. You are already on the right road toward a solution, since you honestly recognize the problem and have a desire to solve it.”

        Matt Barber concluded in Townhall.com that “in 2005 Rev. King’s daughter, Bernice King, led a march to her father’s graveside in support of a constitutional amendment to defend natural marriage. Sharing his position on the issue, she later said that her famous father “did not take a bullet for same-sex marriage.” Indeed, it strains credulity to suggest that MLK, a man of the Bible, would have thrown his weight behind a political movement hell-bent on justifying unbiblical sexual appetites and behaviors that he properly identified as “a problem” demanding “a solution” – a “type of feeling” that requires “careful attention,” up to and including “see[ing] a good psychiatrist.” in 2005 Rev. King’s daughter, Bernice King, led a march to her father’s graveside in support of a constitutional amendment to defend natural marriage. Sharing his position on the issue, she later said that her famous father “did not take a bullet for same-sex marriage… In his “letter from the Birmingham jail,” Rev. King famously declared, “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
        “A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God,” he explained. “An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.” As it was with the national sin of systemic racism, there can be few things more “out of harmony with the moral law” than the inherently immoral notion of sodomy-based “marriage.”

        Of course, gays will obviously try to co-opt him, saying he would have supported them. And when that doesn’t work, they will then demonize that aspect of his teaching. The usual heads-I-win, tails-you-lose argument from the gay Brownshirts

        • Test:

          Are you suggesting that MLK was a moral man and one we should look up to?

          His advice must have been “do as I say, not as I do”.

          He was a communist agitator of the highest level. Not my idea of a moral hero. Is your post a joke?

      46. follow Jade Helm military sightings all over the US. go to face book page “Counter Jade Helm Exercises”. very interesting. never knew the military was so active in our country.

        • over one million people have sign up to report sightings. Lots of people have tried to talk down Jade Helm. But by the response to this face book page I’d say many , many people are not buying into the idea that it is routine and no big deal!

      47. IOWA .
        TOcomment on being a loser brother. It,s not you it her the day will come when she will answer for her mistake.Be their for children.Perpare for yourself and them things will beheading south soon. Once it starts get out of that city with the kids. I,ve been in your shoe,s brother what does kill you only makes you stronger. RE.POLICE STATE. Im hopeing this gets printed.

        • Obviously in Western Iowa English is taught as a second language.

      48. Here in west Arizona, we sat here listening to Mohave County S.O. on a scanner when the prison riot broke-out. I have heard two occasions within the last 2 weeks. They set-up a perimeter around the prison with any law enforcement agency that could respond.

      49. Just,would appreciate updates from site.I will have nothing to do with facebook,especially making a account so thus cannot view,keep site informed if you would.

        • OK,looked into a bit,a guy who started facebook page also has this web page: ht tp://counterjadehelm.info/ ,you all know the avoid moderation drill!I would keep an eye on page but for all I know this and facebook page run by the feds!Keep alert on all things and lets see how this plays out.

          • Those are a part of Jade Helm, aimed at drawing out and identifying anyone opposing it as dangerous and in need of rounding up in the first wave.

            No FEMA camps for you, straight to the liquidation centers.

          • I have been checking it now and then. lot’s of trolls with disparaging comments. Many posters are posting pictures and/or video of military equipment on the move. no real confirmation of personnel that I saw. We still have 3 days until it is supposed to start tho. what is most interesting to me is that the reports are from all over the US. some are reporting Jade Helm is much larger than the news releases lead us to believe. I truly am not sure what to trust, but again, the number of people who are following that page is quite impressive and says alot about distrust of this operation. I’m not using my real e-mail or name and have taking steps to disable location but in the back of my mind, I do still wonder if it can be tracked. Taking the risk anyway. Can’t let fear run us. I hope I look back on this as me just being silly.

            • the site has been compromised just in the last 45 min.. I’m not sure what is going on with it.

      50. The more the BS flows, the more it becomes background noise. We have to state facts, not speculation, then it will be listened to.
        The change has to start with the ‘management’. The ‘management’ is not the elected ‘officials’ that we think we sent to DC; their controllers are the management. We are just the spectators; nothing more. We are the fodder; the irritant for the powers that be.
        No more FUD! State FACTS, TRUTH, things that can be VERIFIED.
        FACT: The US and anyone connected to the US financially is just about to witness the largest financial crash in the history of man-kind. The banks that were turned loose with your money have taken it to the laundromat and have laundered it out of your accounts.
        FACT: The powers-that-be are running the show, not us. Get a clue.
        FACT: There is no such thing as an artificial global warming. The climate goes through cycles, sometimes wildly huge. The bottom line on this line of spin is the same as everything else: GREED!
        FACT: The american people have their craniums so far up their rectal orifices that even my proctologist could not find it! We are asleep at the wheel thinking that everything will be OK, it will work itself out. It will work into something, but nothing positive!

        • Jon:

          No denying the true “facts” you have laid out. Thanks!

      51. Mac

        All of a sudden all my comments are in moderation. I would like to know why? Not trying to be hard to get along with. Just curious.

        • Hi mike, not sure what the deal is but will look into this to make sure your ip/email are cleared in the moderation filters.

          Apologies for the inconvenience.



          • Mac,could at the same time have web master allow from the known handles “live links”,they help in passing info. and some folks do not get the “moderation game”,sometimes reaching out with info quick can be very helpful to folks.I realise you do not want spam floods but lets try it,can always can it like the thumbs if abused/slows the site,thanks.As for moderating Mike,all I can say is about time!Kidding Mike,hope ya’s had a good weekend!

          • Mac

            Thanks for the response. No apologies necessary. You do a great service for a lot of people.

            • Mike, I checked our logs and IP/email filters and I am not seeing anything in there indicating that you are in a forced moderation queue. I will send an email to AKISMET (spam filter plugin provider), but no promises as they generally don’t directly respond to requests like this.



      52. Charles king, my style SI Lat. My lineage is Redneck. SI Lat is not for girls and jokers, it’s about kicking, and knocking the sh..t and bitch slapping the pizz out of bad people. Watch Raid 2, you will see that it’s 100% intense.

        Anonymous you are correct, they literally living among us and are all over Houston one of my black friends, who has a friend that works security in the Houston Galleria area, had noticed that a bunch of them with that same physical description all muscular is hanging out at the Cafe Euro by Fountain View and Westhiemer..he said that they are all arrogant, loud rude and he can tell that they are military because be is military so sorry you russians thugs, I just outed your favourite hangout..fee did I just say Cafe Euro on Fountain View off Westhiemer, YES I DID, now all the veterans and red necks Know your favorite hangout. You russians are not going to come to my residence or work and f…k with a red are you?



      53. The battle line can be drawn then they pull someone over, stop someone in public, summon someone or show up at someone’s home or, certainly, when they invade it.

      54. Hey Mr lee_highway, you jackazz, don’t come on here, talking crap thinking that you can steer opinion. You are nothing g but and agency azz clown troll. Its akready too late. I have out the Russian Euro Cafe location in Houston. You are obviously a Chinese communist soldier, or russina or fusion center troll,.so I have moderated your sorry azz..You are 100% Agency azz clown.

        I am sure the ideot will change his handle again.

        As for the Russians, you won’t war, you got it. Welcome to Houston, but is where you die..all you Chinese soldiers that are over here on visas that I’m learned from Dr Garrow, that you have your uniforms and battle gear in your apartments in our city, on standby awaiting orders to go into uniform with your ak or Mac 10 rifles. That you are to claim the land and real estate by force under the orders of the administration.. you Chinese communist have literally signed your death sentence in this city..


        These things did happen to me and it’s the reason why I comment and talk with this tone, because I have seen it up in my face literally and I have no problem speaking my mind anymore. Jade Helm 15 is the Pope’s army that will be used to kill the American people and the administration is working with that tyrant. They will attack the people in our state and we will be going to war, period. No matter what the main steam media reports, it will never ever change my mind for the rest of my life of 1,2,3 yrs or what is reminding of it..had we not Own guns, all patriots and American veterans and all free people, we would have easy been killed out, our family raped and murdered and our bones dumped into the bottom of a mass grave..then recently a watcher caught the Jade Helm soldiers with bulldozers digging large mass Graves in the area of the so called drill..you guys on the blog ever wonder why I talk like this? It’s because it’s all real, and I know it in my gut. We will never be able to relax and sleep at night the way things use to be in the past ever again. And the dumb people who don’t believe this stuff, will side awaken and experience all hell on earth for them and there families. Its just the world that we are living in today..i believe to stop this would literally take divine intervention and I just can’t see that happening. I accept the reality of whats coming.

      55. This is all for when Obama claims Martial Law is in effect for what ever the made up crisis will be at that time
        The FEMA camps are for those of us that won’t play well with them when this shot is called
        Have your shit ready or be ready to take shit
        Either way it’s going to get dicey just keeping your head down won’t matter

        • Just remember Bill Ayers…yep, that Bill Ayers, who said in his 1969 manifesto that when the US government was overthrown and we were handed over to the Russians, Chinese that 25 million plus would have to be KILLED. Why, because we wouldn’t go along with the plan…
          NOW, our president is a LONG TIME BFF of Bill Ayers…Look round naysayers…

      56. .02, i have some advice about your situation if your reading this. If your wife is not trying to leave you, i dont recomend divorseing her. She i belive is Bi, because from what i have learned, is that most dikes do not live with men and stay with them. Work it out with her and tell her that you are cool with it, and she will stay with you, its better for the kids. And besides this is not the time to get into a problem, since we are literally on the SHTF EVEN HORIZON. She did not try to divorse you which means that she prefers men. But then again i understand where you are coming from. If that happened me i would be pizzed off. But then again, it depends on the situation. You caught her, talk to her, find out if she is trying to leave you, or its her other needs that is the issue. I dont believe that your situation is that serious that warrants a divorse, i might be wrong?

        If its was another man, then you will need a lawyer. Just my opinion, i am not supporting gays, fags, etc. I have female friend that is lesbian, and i am her best friend and she is also in the know about the shtf crisis. Her lover went and cheated on her with another woman and devistated her bigtime. Its amazes me how accepting the lesbians are of me, and i am a guy, and they are some really attactive women couples.

        I was the shoulder she had to cry on. For some reason, Lesbians like me, and tell me all there problems and think that i am cool. However when gay men like me and think that i am cool, i let them know that they need to back off or they will have a problem with me. I do not like gay men, they have a nerve hitting on me. That is literally a health risk, broken jaw, arm leg, etc. They are dangerous and should not be allowed around children, period.

        However i dont have gay male friends and will not be having any even if Nibiru comes to earth.

        • Hey brain surgeon, it’s NOT .02 with the problem it’s IOWA! Jesus, your reading skills are equal to your writing skills, if that’s even possible. How in the hell can you ever expect to be taken seriously by more than just the regular 3 supporters you have if you can’t even communicate on intelligent level with people?

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