2023: A Year When Everything Is Suddenly Breaking Loose All At Once

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    If it seems to you like everything is breaking loose all at once, it isn’t just your imagination.  At the beginning of January, I warned that the overall theme of this year would be “here we go”, and global events have certainly been accelerating in recent weeks.

    At this moment, we are in the midst of the worst banking crisis since 2008.  The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was the second biggest bank failure in U.S. history, and the collapse of Signature Bank was the third biggest bank failure in U.S. history.  Unfortunately, 186 more banks are now at risk of failing, and if large numbers of banks do collapse in the months ahead that could push us over the edge into a severe economic depression.  So it is the perfect time for the elite to distract us with a major political stunt so that we will all take our eyes off of the financial disaster that is rapidly unfolding all around us…

    Arresting Trump will greatly anger tens of millions of his supporters, but I think that the left is banking on that.

    I think that they actually want political chaos.

    Needless to say, Trump is extremely angry right now…

    Speaking of criminals that are “allowed to roam the streets”, a CNN crew in San Francisco just got robbed again even though they had actually brought along a security guard to protect their vehicles…

    When Trump described our country as “third world”, he was not exaggerating one bit.

    In Portland, addicts literally smoke fentanyl right in front of children in broad daylight and the authorities do nothing

    This is our country now.

    We are a complete and total mess, and our problems just get worse with each passing month.

    For example, our proxy war with Russia is getting dangerously close to becoming a shooting war.

    Sending a 32 million dollar intelligence drone very close to Russian territory was a very reckless thing to do, and footage of that drone colliding with a Russian jet has now been seen by countless people all over the globe…

    But even though that incident didn’t go well for the U.S., don’t expect officials to stop provoking the Russians any time soon.

    In fact, we continue to fly B-52 bombers that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons very close to the border of Kaliningrad

    We are definitely living during a time of wars and rumors of wars.

    And we are also witnessing major earthquakes in diverse places.

    magnitude 6.8 earthquake just hit Ecuador and northern Peru, and over the weekend we also saw major quakes hit Argentina, Indonesia, Russia and Alaska.

    In addition, back on March 12th the sun released an absolutely gigantic coronal mass ejection

    The Sun has been spitting out some pretty powerful eruptions in the last few weeks, but one that took place a few days ago is a real doozy.

    On March 12, Sun-monitoring spacecraft recorded a huge amount of material blasting away from the far side of the Sun from a coronal mass ejection. Detected as an expanding cloud, or halo, of solar debris, it raced away from the Sun at exceptionally high speeds of 2,127 kilometers (1,321 miles) per second.

    We should be very glad that this eruption happened on the far side of the Sun because it was more than capable of producing another Carrington Event.

    In other words, if there had been a direct hit on Earth by this coronal mass ejection, the device that you are reading this article on right now may have been completely fried.

    Meanwhile, people continue to mysteriously collapse all around us.  The latest victim that is making news is a meteorologist in Los Angeles

    CBS LA weatherwoman, Alissa Carlson Schwartz, was about to give the city residents her 7am report when the color suddenly drained from her face before she leaned her forearms on the desk while her co-anchors chatted between segments.

    She tried to maintain a smile on her face but before she could even start her forecast her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She slowly fell forward onto her arms until her head was inches from the desk. Her legs then gave out and she fell with a jolt to the ground.


    But don’t worry, this is “normal”.

    In fact, everything is “normal”.

    So even though the soil in East Palestine, Ohio has been found to contain “dioxin levels hundreds of times greater” than what is considered to be safe, local residents have been told that there is no reason for alarm…

    Newly released data shows soil in the Ohio town of East Palestine – scene of a recent catastrophic train crash and chemical spill – contains dioxin levels hundreds of times greater than the exposure threshold above which Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists in 2010 found poses cancer risks.

    Of course, the immense damage that we are regularly doing to the environment is taking a tremendous health toll on all of us.

    Each one of us is ingesting quite a bit of plastic each week, and all of that plastic is literally ripping up our insides

    It has been estimated that humans may now be consuming as much as a credit card’s worth of plastic every week, with negative implications that are now starting to become worryingly clear.

    The international team, with scientists from the UK and Australia, studied the effects of plastic consumption on flesh-footed shearwater fledglings and show that it causes severe scarring of the birds’ stomachs, interfering with digestion, which can lead to stunted growth and, in some cases, death. Other inorganic materials that were also consumed by the birds, such as pumice, caused no such scarring, highlighting the “unique pathological properties of plastics”.

    I would highly recommend looking into ways that you can repair your gut health.

    Because this is a crisis that is only going to get worse in the years ahead.

    I realize that I have shared a lot of really bad news in this article.

    But remember, every piece of bad news is also a piece of good news.

    All of human history has been building up to a grand crescendo, and we get to be here for it.

    Personally, there is no other time in human history that I would have rather lived than right now.

    So don’t get down about all of the bad things that are happening.

    Instead, focus on what you can do to make a difference for good.

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