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    2020 Ends With Around 20 Million Americans Still On Jobless Benefits

    Tyler Durden
    January 2nd, 2021
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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    The total number of Americans on government unemployment benefits ended in 2020 just below 20 million. 2019 ended with just 2 million on jobless claims…

    Source: Bloomberg

    Initial claims dropped on the week, back below 800k (787k vs 835k exp and 806k prior)..

    Source: Bloomberg

    After big drops last week, California (and New York) top the states with the biggest increase in jobless claims (as lockdowns accelerated), while Illinois and Pennsylvania topped the biggest improvers (though Illinois’ plunge seems like a huge outlier)

    Continuing claims continue to slide as Pandemic Emergency Claims rise (and thanks to the latest COVID Relief Bill, will be extended)…

    Source: Bloomberg

    Let’s hope 2021 gets better…



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      Author: Tyler Durden
      Date: January 2nd, 2021

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      1. Darth Skippy says:

        After coloreds and arrogant, first responders, I expect corporate welfare benificiaries to be next in line for the shot.

      2. It’s really frustrating to live in a world, among so many stupid people, who don’t want to admit what is happening to them or society. The evil globalists are having a heyday.

      3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The Evil Sin, Nature, and Curse of Pragmatism

        The leading psychopaths extol the pseudo-virtues of pragmatism. Corruption in every institution, both public and private has had the destructive effect on America and anyone who attempts to be a part of American society in any way at all, whether for purposes of employment or for social reasons. Heed my warnings and refuse to associate with and cooperate with individuals and institutions that you know that are engaging in corrupt practices, or in covering up corruption, or leave your children with a world that they will be incapable of surviving in at all. This is by no means an exageration, and it should by now be crystal clear to all that the government, including its regulatory agencies, judicial branch, military, law enforcement agencies, state and local governments included, and eductional institutions have all been practicing treason as their official policies, and have all aided and abetted corrupt private industries in their rapacity, usary, mal-practice, fraud, and endless abuse of their consumers. 

        If you raise a child with morals, they will be incapable of surviving in society, and will end up being like steel ball bearings in a Pachinko machine, running into corruption at every turn they make, getting bumped around, and finally ejected from the Pachinko machine. If you raise your children to be pragamatic, their lives will still be endangered because we currently have an FDA that has approved deadly food and drugs, including the vacccines, aluminum sulfate replacing cream of tartar in baking powder, GMO food sprayed with Round Up that cannot be washed off since produce is extremely porous fibre that absorbs herbicides into all of its fibre like a sponge, deadly levels of wi-fi radiation, abuses by tech companies and government employees that entail spying on them in private, hacking, and data theft of their personal information, and the unconsentented wholesale of their lives into the hands of criminal psychopaths that are willing to murder for things as minor as sneakers and hub caps.

        Then there are also the regularly scheduled nuclear waste dumps into lakes, rivers, and oceans.

        One of the most disgusting examples of this pragmatism that I witnessed yesterday was when looking at radio4all program schedule, I noticed that Ellen Brown interviewed Richard Wolfe so that he could promote himself and his new book, while Ellen Brown also promoted herself listing the show that I refused to listen to. Ellen Brown is a judge who has spoken about the scientific fraud of the scamdemic, but as a judge who has the power to stop the fraud of the scamdemic, decided to do nothing other than promote herself on social media and write books. My guess is that she intends to run for office. Richard Wolfe was the Marxist economist who came up with the stupid idea of contact tracing on Sputnik Radio Loud and Clear, and who demanded the total lock down of society, and total closure of the entire economy and claims to understand the economy, and is a professor of economics at Amherst University, who like most of their staff should be fired for fraud and organized crime. 

        It’s kind of like asking Ambrosia Chocolate Company and Wisconsin to be pragmatic and overlook the fact the Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal because he showed up religiously punctual for work everyday, never created any commotion, worked diligently, and was courteous to everyone.

        So, speak now or forever hold your peace. Some say that they would rather be happy than right, and I understand that it may be really uncomfortable for you to act like responsible adults and interupt your undeserved happiness, because your children will be the victims of your narcisstic desire to place your own happiness ahead of their futures. It may be really inconvenient for you to disown your fake Facebook friends or cocktail party circuit associates, or better yet, put them on the spot and confront them for corruption that they are engaging in! 

        Wake Up! Grow Up! It is a matter of life and death! Ignore my warnings at your childrens’ peril! 

        Andrea Iravani