2016 Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide For Preppers

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    This list was originally published by Tess Pennington at ReadyNutrition.com


    I know that many of you are starting to make wishlists for some favorite products to add to your prepping supplies and we’d love to help you out with that. Each year, Ready Nutrition puts out an extensive list on some of the most popular prepping gear out there. Here are some Prepper Christmas ideas from recent years: 201320142015. These online deals may inspire you to snag some for yourself and bulk up your own preps!

    Check out these prepper gifts for 2016

    Gifts under $20

    Daisy Slingshot

    Slingshots have long been used for hunting small game, such as rabbits, doves, and squirrels. An advantage of this is that it does not require ammunition, making it ideal for teaching kids about self-reliance. In a shtf situation where you have run out of ammunition, this modest weapon could be converted into a more powerful tool. You can read more about the effectiveness of this silent weapon here.

    The Prepper’s Blueprint


    This 462 page best-seller is a must-have for your prepper library. Each chapter uses real-life scenarios to help the reader prepare for any disaster and provides lists of supply suggestions. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Prepper’s Blueprint coaches the reader to make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and essential supply lists.

    Sawyer Mini

    The Mini Water Filter is the lightest and most versatile personal filtration system from Sawyer. It weighs 2 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to drink from virtually any body of water. It may be small is size, but it allows you to drink up to 100,000 gallons of water without changing the filter! For less than $20 dollars, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

    Gifts Under $50

    Eco Handwasher Machine

    Another great off-grid appliance to consider is mobile washing machine. We all know how dirty things can get in an emergency and having a way to keep clean will be paramount. Can also be used for small loads for single people and can wash 7 to 8 dress shirts, 10 T-shirts, 30 pairs of socks or 2 pairs of blue jeans per load. After finishing your washing cycle just attach the drain spout and it will automatically drain into the sink or bathtub. Then fill again with clean water for the rinse cycle.


    Turn your cellular phone into an off-grid communication tool. This state-of-the-art cognitive digital radio creates its own 100% off-grid signal and coordinates with other units within range so you can text privately — 1-to-1 or with a group — or broadcast openly to any nearby goTenna. It even has apps included with detailed offline maps — free to download for any region in the world — so you can locate yourself and others while enjoying the outdoors, travel, and crowded events or even during emergencies.

    Colt S.P.E.A.R. Tactical Arrowheads

    Colt products are an American tradition built upon a lifetime of quality products. These arrowheads are the perfect addition to your survival kit and can be used for hunting, trapping, cutting, and even skinning.

    Gifts Over $70

    Tactical Gas Mask

    One SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask + Two Multipurpose A2B2E2K2P3 Filters
    This tactical gas mask was originally developed for military and law enforcement use and is now available to civilians. This advanced breathing protection device is rated to protect against all CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear)-level threats and would make a great addition to your preps. The greatest sell point for Top Tier Gear USA is they take into account the family aspect of preparedness and have deals for families!

    Outdoor Cast Iron Stove

    There’s no doubt about it, this outdoor wood stove is built to last. With heating and cooking capability, it’s the ultimate “dual threat.” Perfect for camp, outbuildings and more. This well build outdoor stove keeps coffee and sauce pans hot, brings water to a boil and cooks bacon and eggs! The top selling point of this product is its portable and make from high quality galvanized steel.


    Multi-tools are just plain awesome aren’t they? They let you save a ton of space by wrapping multiple functions into a single item. And since most little problems don’t need super specialized solutions, a few multitools can fix pretty much any problem around the house. The Oht Black Molle multi-tool is stainless steel leatherman and truly has it all. Black oxide is a powder-based metal coating and is ideal for situations where giving away a position would be costly. This it is widely used by the military for its effectiveness in reducing glare and reflection. Also, don’t forget to add a tool holster for easy carry.

    VSSL Supplies

    VSSL supplies contain the outdoor gear you need for short-term excursions. Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weather-resistant case is an essential part of preparation. This is a great product to keep in your bug out supplies or in your vehicle preparedness kit. I love this product because everything is labeled so you stay organized when you’re on the go!


    Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe Cookbook, Blue Batik
    Off-gridders are going to love this product! The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker. Wonderbag’s clever insulation allows food that has been brought to the boil to continue slow cooking or warm while in the bag. No plugs. No Fuss. No electricity required, so it’s worry-free. This is a great addition for those wanting alternative ways to cook when there is an off-grid emergency.

    Looking for a more personal gift?

    Homemade gifts also make wonderful presents to put under the tree. There is still time to make a homemade gift for loved ones. Here are some that I or the writers at Ready Nutrition have written about in the past.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping to all of you!

    Tess and the Ready Nutrition Team



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      1. Perfect timing. Looking at practical gifts for family and friends today.

        I love getting prep stuff, so I figure I might as well give people presents that they can use and that might actually save their life some day.

        • and on another note… “give them to your spouse so you can still play with them too. that’s what i do. my wife has several ARs, pistols, and 3 bug out bags(none of them the same)

      2. Good start.

        Merry Christmas, Tess.

        • Tess, great ideas! I like the woodstove, it is perfect for my plan C bugout and priced well with good reviews. 80 bux with free shipping is killer. Another gift idea is a basic reloading setup. Lee makes a good starter setup for a good price, all you need is a die set.

          • The woodstove was one of my favorite finds. I thought it would be a great choice for a homesteader or someone prepping for off grid living.

          • I’ll look into that eco-washer, gotenna, and gas mask. That wood stove is too small for the outhouse at the BOL. [JUST KIDDING]

            • How about an outdoor Stainless Gas Stove / Oven combination. Excellent for camping/ bugging out, or survival. I have one of these too. $150.00

              ht tp://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/stansport-outdoor-propane-gas-stove-and-camp-oven-stainless-steel?a=2110355

              Anything you can do for backups to backups are great. Especially appliances that use PROPANE GAS. Which is a cheap way for heating and cooking. Have at least 5 ways minimum to cook food.

        • Got most of that listed in the photos above but the washing machine. Looks way to small for me. Doesn’t look like it could handle a pair of jeans. Maybe good for socks, but instead, I have in my preps stores, 2x tall 5 gal buckets and the hand washing agitator, and will deploy when needed.

          I bought the HQ stove, and had to adjust it little to get the door tight. But then there is not enough draft with the vents open, to keep the fire going when closed. So I am going to drill a few more air vent holes in the bottom of the door. I would never use this in any tent, you would smoke yourself out. It is however good for heating water, or cooking with cast iron out doors. I also sprayed some additional High Temperature flat black grill paint on the full exterior to keep it looking good. Sits in the yard all assembled. I also added my own raised grill 2 inches tall in the bottom to help vent the fire below the wood.

          I like to test all my gear out to see what works and to work all the kinks out. Do all of this now, so in some stressful situation you are not siting there trying to read the directions, or what ever make sure you have all the parts.

          How many people just collect stuff and much of it is still sitting in it’s original packaging?? Like it’s gonna save you when needed? Get it out and try it out.

          Don’t have the go tenna, wonder bag or the vssl supplies. Looks like a bunch of needless stuff.

          I think Bar soap sucks, it dissolves, and sits and collects dust. I would rather use Anti-bacterial liquid soap, one squirt and done.

          • Here is one good thing my neighbor had and used over Thanksgiving day, That I want to get or something similar. It worked great as we started a camp fire. I

            A small wood kindling wood splitter. $89 on Amazon. Will see if I can find it locally. Hate Amazon. But here is a photo illustrating what it is. Looks like a great tool so you don’t hack your hands off when splitting the wood kindling.

            ht tps://www.amazon.com/Kindling-Cracker-Firewood-Splitter/dp/B01KKU8Z0Q/ref=lp_1091946_1_1/161-8592184-8941217?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1480983048&sr=1-1

        • Hey Anon,

          Merry Christmas to you!

        • Maybe they should have changed the title of this piece to “…And now, A Word From Our Sponsors!”

          Gotta pay those Christmas credit card bills somehow, right?

      3. Merry Christmas!

        As to the Leatherman tool, I’m a firm Gerber
        multi-tool guy. I know a lot of people that have broken
        their Leatherman, My Gerber just got worn out
        (twenty+ years of daily use on land and water)
        and they shipped me a new one for free.

        • rellik:

          Thx for recommendation.

          Was looking for a good one. Will check out Gerber. What model do you use?

          • I have both. I like the gerber better except for 1 thing… IT IS A SKIN PINCHING MUTHA. Maybe the newer ones are better but damn I hate that blood blister on my palm shit.

            • Genius, be more careful, you naughty boy. [JUST KIDDING]

            • if you live near a military base there are lots of those on craigslist or (bookoo.calm) they really are amazingly good tools. there are LOTS of things from the military that preppers SHOULD have….
              goretex(parka) aka raincoat
              hats and other headgear and neck gear to keep warm…like balaclava, shamagh(scarf)
              fleece jacket
              google ECWCS…extreme cold weather clothing system if you don’t like being cold…..actually, here’s a list of what I buy/sell, and it’s a pretty good snapshot of what’s available from the gubmint, and MOST of it is high quality….and you won’t come anywhere NEAR the price if you buy at gunshows or bookoo, as long as you research prices first on ebay, or your favorite cheapass sites.

              tuff box. gorilla box. 550 cord. gerber. surefire. sleep systems, cold weather gear like parkas, Ponchos, bear coats, wool socks, longjohns, gen. III arctic type clothing. plate carriers. anything kevlar/bulletproof. iba. iotv. mtv. ach. combat shirts. gas mask. filters. bladders. camelpack. armor, groin protectors. mtv, throat protectors.. gun accessories. backpacks. first aid kits. desert boots. combat boots.. optics. woobie blanket. tents. ilbe. level VII coats(urban grey). balaclava. fleece. ammo. survival knives. multi-tool. e-tool.

          • T4R2

            I use a Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Needlenose 07530 47530.
            For gifts I give Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier Multi tool 22-01470 22-41470.

        • Rellik, AMEN. I carry a Gerber multi-tool on my belt every day. I’ve got 2 others still new in the package someone gave me for xmas last year and that’s my spares. Mine starting to wear a bit but I’m already covered. The Gerber also is more comfortable in my hand and it’s cheaper than the Leatherman. I also carry a Swiss Army Knife all the time. They’re still made by the Wenger Co. in Switzerland and are still top quality products.

      4. Here are some other suggestions:

        Buy a food grade storage bucket with a gamma lid (www.honeyville.com), fill it with some flour, sugar, or a blend from wherever, http://www.bob‘sredmill.com, then make brownies, cookies, cake, or bread using the contents. Put a big bow on the bucket. Decorate the box of cookies to match. Make a card with a picture drawn by a child in the family, or an artistic grown-up, and put it together.


        • BfromCA, the Lowes in my area has been selling the Gama screw on pail lids @7.00. Been buying the food grade pails at Tractor Supply which is a buck fifty cheaper than the ones at Lowes.

          • find a doughnut shop in your area….i used to buy buckets 20 or 30 at a time in riverside, ca, but haven’t talked to her in a while. found her by searching “foodgrade” on craigslist… 1.25 each, and .50 for the lid….great buckets too…bakeries….and i’m sure lots of other places have them. they were sold “clean”(steam-cleaned by her husband). the story was her family had a chain of doughnut shops.

          • go to firehouse and get a 5 gal bucket with lid for $2. the money goes to help first responders. You need to wash the pickle juice out of them, and sun dry them for a few days but a great useful pail and save $5.00

      5. Very good choices above.
        One I would like to add is a bucket of emergency food. At Sam’s it is only around 99.00.


        P.S. Remember Santa is watching, or is it the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA????


          December 5, 2015 at 11:33 pm
          Their makin a list
          Their checkin it twice
          Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          They see you when your sleeping
          They see when your awake
          They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

          You better not pout
          You better not cry
          Just do what your told and never ask why
          Federal Claws is comin to town

          The NSA is watching
          The CIA is too
          The FBI is on your trail
          Now whatcha gonna do?

          Oh you better not pout
          You better not cry
          Think of fighting back you better not try
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          With facial recognition
          And cell phone spying too
          A database as big as hell
          Has all the dirt on you

          Oh you better not speak
          You better not type
          Orwell was completely right
          Federal Claws is comin to town….

          Thank you people thank you! 🙂

          • Genius, thanks for the poem. Everyone, this is the first xmas we gotta go through without Eppe. Eppe, REST IN PEACE, BROTHER. YOU WON’T BE FORGOTTEN.

            • BH, eppe is still here as long as we don’t forget him…

            • won’t be the same without eppe………nancy pelosi is thicker than a charlie sheen prenup!

            • Merry Christmas to All,

              Great suggestions for Christmas, everyone.

              TDB, I do miss Eppe too! May he rest in peace. I wonder if his son could be talked into joining our conversations. That would be nice. I’ll bet he is a chip of the old block!

              Louisiana Eagle

          • speakin’ of makin’ a list, there OUGHT to be SUMTHIN’ in THIS list for a present…it’s my “gone out of town more than 100 miles list”
            plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
            bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
            military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
            fire starter
            mattress pad/cot/bed…..sleeping bags………pillows
            cooking oil
            granola bars
            coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

            optional stuff…………………………………..
            550 cord
            dutch oven
            firstaid book
            extra glasses
            jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
            sawyer mini filter
            magnifying glass
            tool bag
            digging bar
            tow strap and chain
            jogging stroller to haul some of it with…u can haul over a hundred pounds with a joggin’ stroller….quite a long ways. merry crissmuss!

        • DAMN!….i just KNEW somebody was watchin’ me…i just FELT it…..SHIT!…..it’s a lump of COAL for ME for crissmuss.

          • Heck I’d like a ton of coal for xmas lol.

            • hell, if i don’t start bein’ GOOD, i got a LOCK on THAT one!

            • I grew up so poor, if I wasn’t a boy I wouldn’t of had anything to play with.

      6. What kind of a prepper list doesn’t have a bag of Cheetos in the top half?


        That GoTenna setup looks pretty nice, though. Repurpose useless technology.

        • good one smokey…LOL

      7. Buy a punching bag and boxing gloves.

        Sign the family up for self defense classes.

        Include a paper from the place where the lessons have been purchased.

        Purchase appropriate clothing, wrap up, place the card with info on the wraped up clothes.


      8. When visiting during the holidays or at any other time, bring something to share. There is always the traditional homemade or store bought sweets, or drinks. If you can afford to buy a Bose Radio, the sound is fantastic. Buy some classical music disks. Bach or Brahms is relaxing for background to add to the family gathering. Depending on your financial situation, leave the Bose behind, or take it back with you and just leave the music disks. If you want, take it all back to your home. Your gift of beautiful background music during the family gathering is all the gift you need to give.

        Something else that is free. Teach your kids a Christmas song or two, and have them sing for all.

        A family that sings together is more harmonious. ?


        • I will bring a gift, a big ass jug of wheeesky and a boombox with some slayer cd’s 🙂 My friends love it when I show up lol.

          • Had a liquor store in town where I used to buy my six row Barley Malt. Just found out that they discontinued carrying the brewing supplies. Bummed out. Got enough to carry me into the spring however. Closest place is an hour ride each way. 🙁

            • PO’d, you can get brew supplies on ebay cheap. Or any number of online brew suppliers. Try adding 1/3 rye malt to your barley, you will like it!

              • I don’t know if you do charcoal aging but it makes it 10X better. In case you didn’t write down my recipe the aging system I use works great.

                For 1 gallon of clear whiskey:
                Blacken 1.5 cups of white oak chips with a propane torch till they are about 80% black. Add them to the whiskey and shake well. Heat the mix to about 135 degrees and let sit till cool. Put it in the freezer overnight. Take out and let sit a few hours then slowly reheat it to 135 again. Do this 4 or 5 times then filter through coffee filters and it will be the smoothest you ever had. Cheers!

          • You should join my hubby out in his garage.

            Don’t come knocking when the dog house is rocking.

            I expect he’ll be deaf soon.

          • you know, i’ve TRIED and TRIED your music CD playing thing, but it just doesn’t seem to go over well around HERE….sumthin’ about accordians just don’t sit well with folks in these parts o’ so cal,….least not in MY neighborhood.

      9. Hell,no need to read article,get folks ammo,ammo,oh,and more ammo.

        Seriously,when have you heard someone say I have too much ammo?!

        • Ok, how about “I want a forklift to move my ammo” lol 😛

        • picked up a couple THOUSAND rounds of 9mm for 140$ a thousand at turners black-eye-day weekend, after 5$ rebate per box…remington, what a STEAL!…hope u got YOURS!

      10. Under the Make Your Own Apron heading:

        Two pillow cases from a yard sale/thrift shop make a lovely apron.

        I call them ‘pillow case aprons’

        If there are any miss-matched sheets you can make night gowns from them.

        Pillow cases make great baby blankets too.

        Lots a uses for pillow cases 🙂

        • grandee, here’s a good one.. Fill a pillowcase 1/4 full of rattlesnakes and put it over your enemies head and tie it off. Payback can be nasty lol.

          • After you have him tied to a pole or buried to his neck in dirt of course 🙂

      11. Uses for pillow cases,they are strong,can use em to carry/move,well…..,ammo!

        • here in Kalipornia, we got to use them to get the groceries home now.

      12. I read an article about being 700 miles from home when SHTF. On foot he said a person can walk 20 miles a day. I thought of something 20 miles away and tried to imagine walking there. Empty handed would be hard enough. Carrying supplies? A suitcase with wheels. A life straw for water. Bic lighters for fire . A Good umbrella and raincoat for shelter. A cigarette carton size pack of metx type protein bars. Good walking shoes. A good high dollar slingshot stones for ammo. Some kind of small skateboard could possibly increase miles per hour? All this could possibly fit in the wheeled suitcase as a carry on? Seems like you would have a good chance? Some one needs to design a super slingshot with sights. Multi band.? Powerful ?

        • best chance at getting home 700 miles would be a folding bike and a trailer like for 2 kids. unless you walk 10 miles a day NOW, you would have terrible blisters within 10 miles, and you aint goin’ NOWHERE with serious blisters. look at my list above. a military poncho weighs next to nothing, and very good protection from rain…and cold if the wind’s not blowing….and sleep in it too….next best thing would be a jogging stroller. you could haul 100lbs EASY for a dozen miles a day, once you get past the blisters part…but if THAT far from home, you aint gettin’ there without a gun.

      13. Hey. ? A slingshot that will fire birdshot for small game.?

      14. Make sure everyone in your family has a complete waterproof rain suit and boots. Lots of sales now in hunting clothes. If you don’t have decent rain gear you will either be miserable outdoors – or dead!

      15. The stove cannot be cast iron and galvanized at the same time. It’s cast iron. I own three of them and they are great. Right now on sale at sportsmans guide for $71 with free shipping.

      16. I’d get a wrist rocket before the sling shot. My little brother had one growing up. The wrist brace part allows for more power with a less strength in the wrist. That can be the difference between supper and none if you are hunting squirrels or rabbits…

      17. Ahhhhhhgg, Amazon again.

        I was given the task to buy my grandmother something at Amazon. A set of damn hair curlers for $39.95 and a piece of my soul. ” I will not ” I said. “F Amazon, F Amazon a thousand times.”
        I try not to engineer my own destruction.
        I searched the Original Equipment Manufacturer site…. $145.00 ….sumbitch.

        Ohhhhh no. I kept searching. $120.00 here or there maybe a $70-90 range thrown in. Oh Lord, please not Amazon.

        Rakuten com – $38.50 free s+h. Japanese owned ( originally Buy com ).

        I use Amazon for reviews and to find shops to buy directly from, not through Amazon.

        Did I do the right thing?

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