2016 Is “Terminal Phase of Most Destructive Ponzi Scheme” in History

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 87 comments

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    Sinking Economy

    This article was written by SGT and was first published at SGTreport.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Most anyone who follows the economic news already knows that the signs of collapse are all over the wall, but what numbers and statistics on paper can’t convey is the pain that ordinary people are going to feel as a result of the financial decisions being made by central banks, and the actions being taken by indifferent Wall Street players.

    The consequences of the 2008 economic collapse have been bad enough, though for the most part they have been subtle and hidden from view. However, the next round may well be bad enough that no one can turn away from the suffering and displacement that more economic chaos will bring. It is obvious enough who has sown the next wave, and even more plain to see who will be paying the price.

    2016 Will Be Economically Devastating For Millions of Americans

    by SGT Report

    As Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin recently noted there isn’t enough time in a day to cover the runaway train, snowballing avalanche, out-of-control pandemic that is the “terminal phase” of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme. But we’ll try in this 2015 recap as 2016 comes barreling at us like a freight train Andy says, it will be an economically devastating year for millions of Americans.


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      1. We’ve pissed that bucket full each and every year since ’08. We need a bigger bucket or less piss. You own the website so you make the decision which it is.

        • What are people doing about health insurance?

          I retired in 2014 at age 42. The retiree insurance was total garbage so I opted out. Now I work on contract so I don’t have employer insurance.

          I looked at Obamacare. It was $1100 a month with a $5000 deductible. That is over $18,000 a year before any benefit is paid.

          So, for now I am choosing to be uninsured. I think a lot of people are in my position and are choosing to be uninsured. If I get cancer and need serious medical then I will buy Obamacare at that time, there is no pre existing condition exception.

          • You are doing what you are being forced to do – as are many others.

          • Of all the people I know, I am the only one who actually pays for health insurance, and that is only because of my grandfathered plan. My Woman and her kid is on medicade and we’ll never be able to get married because I can’t afford to pay $900 a month for health insurance. I could sign up for ovomicare and I still wouldn’t be able to afford it, not to mention how much I have to piss away on the deductible.

            Most folks seem to be getting it through their employer or doing without.

          • If you get cancer, self medicate. Cancer is caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi that feed on sugar in an acidic body. Chemo is a scam. 75% of oncologists will not take the chemo they prescribe for you. Google “ORAC VALUES”.

            Ginger for example is 10,000 times more effective than chemo and it doesn’t destroy your immune system. Do the research. Cancer is being killed by massive doses of Vitamin C in Europe.

            Fuck the VA. 🙂

          • I am with you! I retired at 44 drawing a nice pension / absent medical coverage, I was / am in great health. I pay as I go as needed and save. I have found that most doctors will knock 25 percent of the top if you pay upon leaving/ to include surgeons!,

            My spouse passed many years back when we had triple coverage. All the insurance In the world will not cover you or your family when it comes to major medical / terminal coverage, the all have a cap. Most sever or terminal individuals will exceed the amount vary fast!!!!

            Sorry I got off track! Insurance is a total scam! Rolling into my later years sorry I was taken advantage of by thieves! Took me to long to wake up!! Be responsible take care of your self!,

          • Hope this help (probably you’ve already known) – ht tp s://www.freelancersunion.org/blog/2014/11/11/everything-freelancers-need-know-about-health-insurance/

          • Simple. Liberty health share. $200/month.


            ‘let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food’ Hippocrates

          • Simple, a health sharing company. My previous response dos not make it past the moderator I mentioned a company name I suppose that’s a no no here.

          • You retired at 42 and we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?

      2. I hope everyone is prepped up.
        I set myself up to profit from a crash in the stock market, just keep waiting.

        Be well balanced in all you do, might just save your life…

        • Chickens,,,,
          Im trying to decide weather i should kill some of my birds and eat them,,,
          Or let them go and reproduce and grow the flock,,,28 hens can lay a lot of eggs and hatch a lot of chicks,,,,

          • Eppe: At the end of November I said the business cycle was over and that it would take investors a couple of months to figure that out. I said I gave the markets 90 days, (March 1st 2016).

            I also said more than a year ago, when everyone here was touting the Yuan (RMB) as the go to currency with the demise of the dollar; that the Chinese economy and financial system was structurally flawed and posed a great danger to the world economy. I specifically called out the chinese real estate bubble.


            Harry Dent believes the market could crash in the next 30 days as a consequence of events in China. Brandon, my calls are in the archives if you care to check.

            Its not rocket science folks, it basic economics. 🙂

          • Grow that flock, Kulefarmer, you have to think of the future.

            Remember what Jesus said,
            “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life, give a man a fish and you create a welfare recipient.”

          • I’ve only had chickens for five years, so I am pretty new at it. This is just my experience…

            If you hatch your own eggs you will get plenty of meat birds unless you like half your flock being roosters.

            You may need to introduce some new blood into the flock every couple years to prevent problems from inter-breeding. I get fertile eggs from my neighbors to do that and incubate them.

            • My little hen set on 7 eggs last spring. All seven hatched. A rat snake ate one and I was left with 1 rooster and 5 hens.

            • For pure amusement and frustration get some Guinea hens. You will get to practice swearing. Fun to watch though.

          • If you have a broody hen, give her a small clutch of eggs—as many as she can completely cover. Give her a separate pen and nest so the other birds don’t bother her or try to destroy her eggs. Provide food and fresh water daily. She should only leave the nest once a day to eat/drink/poop. In 21 days, you should have healthy babies, as long as you have a rooster around to fertilize your ladies!!!! Once the birds are old enough to determine their gender, use the males for meat, and add the hens to your laying stock.

      3. I thought it was supposed to be in 2015. Before that it was supposed to happen in 2014. Before that, 2013. Before that, 2012,……

        Now it’ll happen in 2016? For sure this time, or will we be reading the same story this time next year… oh yeah, it will be 2017…

        • Roger that, Delta Bravo!

        • You are right, you should stop prepping and start living hand to mouth…..Just kidding.

          It is kinda like Mark 13:32 “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows”

          • Deniers like Nobama close their eyes to reality.
            The market is lower than it was a year ago. There is no viable place to save or invest.

            More people are unemployed, even though there are far more people of working age.
            Of the people that do work their annual income is less than last year.

            Debt is accelerating all over the world and in every sector of our society.

            The biggest driver of inflation is ObamaCare.

            The economy is on a war footing, the private sector is shrinking while the military is expanding, with no one left working to pay for it.

            How bad does 2015 have to be before they admit the crash is on?

            • PTPO, you clearly didn’t get my point at all.

              I’m not denying that we’re plummeting in a downward spiral. Things are indeed getting worse, and have been for years.

              My point was that I’m tired of these stories that “this will be the year of the crash…”, yada yada yada…

              It’s a slow crash that is taking many years, even decades, and will continue into many of our lifetimes and beyond. Not sudden and abrupt as these stories claim.

              Also, our current sinking path did not start with Obola. It started well before that idiot got “elected”. It started with NAFTA (King Bush I’s contribution) and other free-trade schemes. The Bush’s, Klinton, and Obola perpetuated and accelerated the downward plunge, with Obolacare as one of the biggest schemes driving the US into poverty.

              Even if by some miracle all this gets reversed, the downward momentum is too great to turn around this locomotive anytime soon.

              So, in other words, yes we’re fucked. But it’s not this year, or next year, it spans many, many years.

              • There will be no reversing this, only a “reset”

                Death by a thousand tiny cuts.

              • When the big hurricane hit a few years ago, I too got tired of the dire warnings on TV, so I shut it off, but I never criticized there being too many warnings.

                Just like that hurricane that still killed people because they didn’t listen to the warnings, there will be millions who will be totally caught by surprise.

                So from your answer you sound totally prepared for an economic crash, tell us what you’ve done to protect your self and family from it?

                • I ask The Lord in Heaven for guidance and protection on a daily basis and you can’t buy that.

        • Yep

        • Gawd i hope not,,,,,
          Lets get it over with

        • I expect a replay of 2008. If that was not a disaster then I don’t know what is. Obama is going to crash everything before he leaves just like they did to Georgie.

      4. it happened in jan 2009.and still in the whitehouse

      5. collapse is almost always a PROCESS
        NOT a singular event

        for example
        many people are under the impression that the
        stock market “crash” of the last Depression was a one time sort of thing
        history reveals otherwise
        there were many ups and downs along the way
        but it was a a case of 2 steps forward,3 back that prevailed

        • After 1929 crash the market recovered 80% then the depression set in full force in 1932.

          • Well and after watching the market vs the economy it has almost nothing to do with whats really going on,,,

          • “After 1929 crash the market recovered 80% then the depression set in full force in 1932.”

            Yep… and lasted until WWII.

            • Actually, the depression lasted through the depression and on into the 50’s. The shortages of food, clothes, tires, etc. was blamed on the war but was a result of the lack of operating factories. The stock market went until 1954 before it got back to 1929 levels.

          • Because FDR and the Regressives meddled. There was a worse crash in 1920 that no one talks about because they let it correct itself.

      6. The dumbest among us have been deciding what type of govt. we will have during recent history. Would you choose the dumbest person you know to do your brain surgery? Govt. is every bit as important to every citizen’s welfare. The idea that lobbyists should have such control over our govt. is asinine. You can’t run your household budget with never-ending deficits. The govt. cannot run the country with never-ending deficits either. Citizenship in our country no longer means anything.

      7. Yep dont have to stock up for profit just be able to ride it out you will find at the end just surviving you will be able to just help your self to the wealth left behind some one will have to own make claim to all the vacant property and whats on in them its even written they will throw gold and silver in the streets

        • Godsoldier.

          Have you looked at any large mansions lately? ;0)

          • May want a huge farm and 2k akers

        • Godsoldier,
          The casting of gold and silver into the streets happens during the apocalypse. There will be so much devastation and fear during that time that nobody will be concerned about material wealth. Those alive will find that storing up treasures for the last days was all for nothing.

          • It’s all about timing with precious metals. If they spike I will use some to pay off all my debts plus possibly acquire land I have an eye on, maybe even under the table to a desperate land owner. Fu irs.

        • Godsoldier…….why all one sentence?

      8. I saw this a few days ago. Excellent interview. The crash is happening in Canada, New Zealand, and Austrialia. Look at the exchange rates. The good news is that silver is still affordable at under $20 for 1 ounce. When SHTF what do you want? A pocket full of useless benjamins or a stack of silver? Great time to stack that silver folks. I view as trading in future worthless $20 bills for something that is valuable now and will maintain its value in the future, long after FRNs are history.

        • Silver is going below $10, wait. Buy ZSL

      9. One factor we did not have since the last economic spin is that Obama has one year to go. Will he try his best to transform us to a third world crap hole? Try to stay in office? Get us into a War? Or all of the above?????

        May not happen in my lifetime, but I have the tools to pass on to my family if it goes down on their watch.

      10. We need a good war so all the trash can be taken out. The war stimulus while reducing the population of parasites. I’m looking at this as being a good thing. The war is ugly crowd are the ones that need to be reduced. All you gotta do is survive it and everyday there after will be gravy for you.

        • Nothing changes until WashDC is a smoldering ruin.

      11. Yah ,yah,the economy is going to tank,am ready for it though do not look forward to it.

        On a more important note,RIP Lemmy Kilmister,lead singer of the band Motorhead!This gentleman was the living persona of rock and roll,a hard rocking/hard living guy who also to all who met him was a great guy.I never had the honor but friends of mine met him in LA at his favorite hangout the Rainbow,ended up chatting/partying with him all night and had a great time.Said the man could drink huge amounts of Jack yet remained in control and was just all around fun to be with.A intense player/singer the world of rock has gotten a bit smaller today,Dammit!

        • War, saw Motorhead mid 80’s great show.
          Lemmy always had his mic above his head, only one I know who did that.
          Wondered if his neck ached after each concert.
          Maybe the Jack Daniels fixed it???

      12. 2016 will be financially devastating……Ah another time frame, another Ponzi scheme, another crash. On a lighter note, cruised the woods I hunt last Sunday scoping for some ‘lighterd’ (fat wood). Got some but saw some other stumps that I couldn’t check out due to lack of time. Will head back this weekend.

      13. Every story out there indicates a massive collapse with doom and gloom.

        I really don’t think it will be like that.

        I think we will see a steady erosion of our standard of living until we are living like Mexicans or Hondurans.

        • Living like Mexicans is far preferable to living like akbars.

          • AMEN

        • That is because in a couple of more years Mexicans and other Central American invaders will be the majority. The govt. will give them whatever others have just to be fair.

          • They are already the majority in central florida. I get so tired of working being taxed so these people can have free health care for them and their children.Also free day care while they sit at home and watch soap operas.When i am at the food store i have to keep track of how each item cost,100 dollars wont even cover the bottom of the shopping cart.Then when i go to check out,these people have shopping carts full of any thing you could think of.Then they pull out their EBT CARD.THEY go outside and get in their brand new ford 250 heavy duty pickup king ranch edition.a vehicle i can only dream about.Then i think about the 150 billion our gov sent to Iran to fund or enemies.I have to pass a drug test every time i go to work while many people get gov checks with no test at all.

      14. I am a panmilinialist, I do not trust any preacher, economist to tell me the day or the hour when the lord is coming back or when the shtf is going to happen. I am just waiting to see how it all
        Pans out. The longer it takes economically the better I will be prepared. I think that this is a healthy attitude to have so that I do not have to live like chicken little. Keep your powder dry!

      15. Financial Doom and Gloom of 2016…1929 Stock Market crash is nothing compared to 2016…thanks to Central Banks and Wall Street Players. America government has over spent in the past seven years…Obamacare, funds to foreign countries, trips, gifts, vacations, cost of fighting wars overseas America must take care of our defense system first and foremost. Just look at the American lives we have lost overseas fighting wars…..brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, a lot of brave lives. LRT’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN….GOD BLESS AMERICA….IN GOD WE TRUST….

      16. here is another example of how collapse is a process

        Sweden’s First Month Of ‘Islamic Multiculturalism’ – Rapes, Acquittals, & Severed Heads

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-29/swedens-first-month-islamic-multiculturalism-rapes-acquittals-severed-heads

        many European countries have literally sown the seeds of their own destruction
        is it going to happen over night ?
        of course not
        but give it a generation or two and you won’t recognize these countries anymore

        • Got news for you I already do not recognize the US I grew up in. It will be a complete third world sewer in twenty years.

          • I often think of this…. how much the country has changed since I was a kid. Some of the changes have been beneficial, but for the most part they have been very much for the worse.

            I frequently find myself pre-filtering what I say to people. Cameras and microphones now blanket everyday life. You never know when somebody is recording you with a cell phone, let alone the government and corporate security cameras. I am certain this will continue to be the case for the rest of my life… always having to be watchful lest you say something that can be twisted into “suspicious activity”. Just like the Soviets — anyone who seems ‘different’ is branded unstable &/or a menace, and is subjected to severe consequences.

            America was so petrified of the commies back when I was a kid; and now we are devolving into a very similar society all by ourselves. Whoda thunk it.

      17. What A Way To Go,Life at the END of Empire


        we are literally living at not only the end of the American empire
        but also very likely at the end of “civilization” as we have always known it

        denial of this will be STRONG
        VERY few Romans thought their empire would collapse but it did
        VERY few British thought their empire would collapse but it did

        ALL empires and civilizations collapse

        • What i find amuzing is how invincible people think our country is, it is literally just a baby compared to others that have been arounf for thousands of years,

      18. Social Security comes back into play in 2017. The word of the day is “Exponential”.

      19. While the economic collapse will
        occur, it will kill mostly Democrats.
        That is a good thing.
        I’m not a GOPe.
        “A house divided cannot stand”
        Then kill the dividers.

        • Well, the buzzards and fire ants have to eat too!

      20. Peace be with the each person that reads this comment.

        The whole system is on the brink of collapse.
        The economic collapse is only part of the total collapse.
        The great division is about to take place.

        Here is the prediction: http://goo.gl/4NGejg

        The faithful witness

      21. Every day on this website economic collapse is predicted to occur within a short time period. I’m still waiting for the epic blowout predicted for 4th quarter of 2015.

        • It occurred…Giants-Vikings, last Sunday.

        • You must have slept through the one in 2008.

      22. By the time you figure out the game is up, you don’t have time to react. Time will decide this for you…2016?

      23. Just gotta get ready for it, no use in worrying yourself to death though. If it happens I’m ready, if it doesn’t I’m ready for that too.

      24. I don’t look for boogie men, but I saw on the news that 4 of the victims of flooding in Missourah were foreign soldiers out of Fort Leonard Wood, but it didn’t say what country they were from. Anyone else hear this? Trekker Out.

        • Yeah, I heard about it but I don’t know more than you do. I live not far from there either.

      25. Just another year of listening to the same dumb crap, OMG THE SKY IS FALLING! from the same dumb ass writers.

      26. Please someone tell me what PM’s are worth if all currency fail’s and if you have to cash any in what will you get in return. Also who is going to set the value of the PM’s. Again after the dust settles who is sitting the price you will get for them and what form it will be. Look PM’s are nice to have for piece of mind and to have some wealth after, but face reality are they. Just making it to the other side will be a lot. Stock up on barter goods there is your wealth for the SHTF EVENT. Source of clean safe water is worth more than anything when the time comes.

        • Like my comment above, it is all about timing. And some of it may be a generational legacy.

        • Well, if all currencies fail, I suppose no one will be cashing PMs in for paper.

          If anyone has surplus food, they make trade some for your precious…but I doubt there will be any surplus.

          I look towards the “root hawg or die” scenario and there will be no need for money of any kind because there will be no surplus that anyone wants to part with. Barter will be king. There will be no reset.

          Then again, I’m just a grumpy old Malthusian Luddite.

        • No one “sets” the value of gold. It has intrinsic worth based on how much labor it takes to get it out of the ground, how little exists in the world, and what commodities exist to trade it for. It is also compact, fungible, and lasts forever, in other words an ideal store of wealth.

          Gold’s value is not how many dollars you can trade it for. It’s value is compared to other commodities. For example, an ounce of gold has been worth about the same as a fine men’s suit for over 100 years. A silver dime has been worth about the same as a small loaf of bread for over 100 years. I could buy a loaf of bread for 10 tens in the early 1960s. Today, I can buy a loaf of bread for the current dollar value of a silver dime.

          So, in the distant future, gold and silver will still be worth approximately the same when compared to other commodities. It doesn’t matter a bit how it compares to any currency, except when you need to use the currency as an intermediary in a transaction.

          I will keep my silver and gold just in case, and I would advise everyone else to keep any they have as well.

          • “loaf of bread for 10 cents”

            forgot to proof

      27. This game will continue as long as people accept money that is printed out of thin air. When that stops, look for WWIII.

      28. If you are over 60 years of age, how much do you have to worry about. “Terminal Phase”. That’s a laugh. I was moving some gear around and strain some muscles. You want something you can use in the collapse? Ben Gay! Buy plenty of that shit. You won’t regret it. Soon all of us will be AGE LIMITED.
        I see we are back to casting the gold and silver into the streets again.

        Don’t want it. Don’t buy it.

        Now some is better than none and you may “need” something in the future and then you hear. “Do you have any Gold or Silver for trade?”

        Nope, I cast them into the street long ago.

      29. A perfect quote from the late great Lemmie from Motörhead

        “Apparently people don’t like the truth, but I do like it because it upsets a lot of people.
        If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, than maybe just once , one of them will say,, Oh! Wait a minute-I was wrong ”
        I live for that happening . Rare I assure you”

        RIP Lemmie Kilmister

      30. …and Obama will keep the sheep—until HE is in Leavenworth ….with Pelosi, Reid, Boehner,….

      31. I too have been waiting for this collapse for 8 years and not here yet. That gerald celente been preaching bad times for 3 years and still hasn’t hit it. When it does come he will probably say see I predicted it.

        • jimmy

          Their ability to kick the can down the road has continued to surprise me. Its kind of like the concept of infinity and probabilities. In an infinite environment the probabilities are endless.

          They can do a lot with fiat currency and muscle.

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