2014: We Have the Target Date

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Headline News | 241 comments

Ever since the crisis of 2008 Americans have been asking ‘when will we finally get back to normal?’

We now have a target date.

Forget the green shoots of 2009, or the real estate recovery of 2010, the resurgence of minimum wage jobs in 2011, or the stock market records of 2012 and 2013.

None of those really made a difference for Americans on the ground.

2014. That’s the new target date.

CNN reports that’s when things are going to get better according to a growing consensus of well respected economists.

But next year, economists foresee a convergence of several factors that could finally kick this recovery into high gear.

First on the list is the federal budget. After epic fights this year over the “fiscal cliff,” the “sequester,” and a bunch of other wonky stuff, lawmakers have finally managed to cobble together enough tax hikes and spending cuts to at least stabilize the country’s credit rating.

Rising home prices are helping, too. Fewer Americans are trapped in underwater mortgages that leave them owing more on their home than the house is worth. Rising prices also boost the net worth of homeowners, adding to consumer confidence.

Businesses have been complaining for years about “uncertainty” in the public policy area. Next year, some of those unknowns will finally be resolved.

Companies have held off on hiring because they’re waiting to see how they’ll be affected by health care and finance reform laws, according to John Silvia, chief economist at Wells Fargo. The implementation details of both of those laws will become clearer over the next year.

“Dodd-Frank and Obamacare need to be worked out, then employment takes off,” Silvia said.

He believes 2014 “could be a very good year.”

Just how good? Steve Blitz, chief economist at ITG Investment Research, thinks GDP growth in the 3.5% to 4% range is possible for 2014, if the global economy doesn’t deteriorate. Monthly job growth could peak in the 300,000 range, he believes.

Blitz anticipates a large numbers of Millennials entering the car-and-home-buying stage of life, giving an added boost to the economy. Plus, the drop in defense spending associated with the draw-down of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan should be largely behind us.

All of these should add up to a better economy in 2014,” Blitz said.

So, next year is the year folks!


Next year the tax hikes and spending cuts (what?) are going to stabilize our credit rating, because that rating has nothing to do with the trillions of dollars of funny money we’ve been printing at the Fed.

Next year businesses will finally start hiring, once Obamacare is in effect, because those extra thousands of dollars in premiums or fines that small business owners will be forced to pay are a boon for the jobs market.

Next year, after we pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, there will be a drop in defense spending… except we’re now mobilizing for a war in Syria, and possibly Iran.

And, of course, next year the Millennials will be buying cars and homes to add to their iPhone and Xbox collections. And since there are going to be so many high paying retail and restaurant jobs flowing into the economy, that’s going to drive growth to almost 4% per year, as opposed to the sub 2% we’ve managed to attain through inflationary machinations.

Another driver, as CNN also reports, is that 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with one in five of our fellow countrymen having less than $100 in savings to deal with emergencies.

Moreover, with just $202 trillion in national commitments to pay off, the future looks bright for generations to come.

If that’s not economic stability, we don’t know what is.

By all expert economic assessment we’re back!

It’s time to book those vacations, max out those credit cards and fire up the barbecue grills.

Crisis averted.

All together shout it now
there’s no one
who can doubt it now
so let`s tell the world about it now
happy days are here again

Your cares and troubles are gone
there’ll be no more from now on
from now on

Shout it from the roof tops:


Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

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    1. Smokey

      It’s just around the corner, like in 1933….keep us in office or it will never get here.

      • OutWest

        That’s a little hard to swallow when
        the target is pasted on the backs of
        the people.
        They must think we’re real guppies.

        • Be informed

          @ OutWest. I was really having a bad day until your true clever wit made the day a little bit better with some true humor. The targets are pasted on the backs of people, especially those that still retain any free thought. Can you imagine all the dullards now putting 2014 on their calendars as the time when the U.S. takes off and the everything becomes wonderful again. I can see many of them going out and celebrating this article by going out and making some nice credit card purchases. After all we will all be able to afford it come 2014. Talk about a public that has been kicked repeatingly in the heads and lost all common sense by the jackasses in the government and the MSM.

          • OutWest

            Thanks Be informed, sometimes I just can’t help myself

            This is the only country I know of where people have
            to tip-toe around the bullshit when they’re not in a barnyard.

            • Shootit

              You and SmokingO crack me up. Keep writing!

              We do because we are polite.

              Having multiple barnyards know the smell/taste of shit. When they sling it, I catch it, then hand it back to them.

              I will not be intimidated!

              • PO'd Patriot

                Yes we’ll all be drinkin’ that green bubble up and eatin’ that rainbow stew.

                -Merle Haggard-

                • GSM 1 (sw)

                  I was thinking about moving the family to the Big Rock Candy Mountain!

                  Standing by in SC! out

            • Chris

              Everywhere in the US, except Washington DC, the BS is on the outside of the cowboy boots.

              This convinces me that TPTB are completely insane…prep hard.

              • Plum Tuckered Out

                Speaking of prepping hard. I have a question and I know all of you wonderful folks will be able to give me the answer. I woke up real late – just two years ago – because of an illness. Actually, my son has been ill too – Brain tumor – It’s pretty scary trying to prepare when you’re so sick you can’t see straight. BUT, we sold our place and we’re moving – which is real scary now, because the “schite” is so close to hitting the fan – at lease we’re movin’ forward. So, my question – I need to buy a CB radio for the trip. I’m not lazy – just overwhelmed and scared I’m running out of time.

                Can someone tell me what kind to buy? We have Farm and Fleet here and they carry Cobra at different price levels ranging from $50 – $140. Which system is good?

                Thank you in advance.

                • Plum Tuckered Out

                  Oh! And blessings to all.

                  I think we’re going to need all the blessings we can get.


                • CLess

                  I’m not an expert, but its all in the antenna. Even the cheaper cb’s work better with a good antenna, not the magnet type you slap on the roof of the vehicle.

                  May i suggest hand held two way radios. Cheaper and a good prep.

                  Of course there is also hand held cb’s too.


                • KP89DC

                  PTO, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s strictly for a vehicle than any model will be just fine (I personally would go with the intermediate priced model, I think it’s the “19”), if you want to use it for other purposes then get the hand-held model. In my experience all Cobra products are very good.

                  Molon Labe

                • Snoopy

                  You want to stay away from CB radios. If you must get one find a model that has Single Sideband SSB capabilities. Preppers should look into Ham radio. They use FM, have higher power, less noise and distances are much better. Get a dual band UHF/VHF unit for the car that has around 50-watts output that can go Simplex mode or be programmed to use repeaters. Now you have 100 miles + ranges. The problem is you need a license to operate, this is very easy as it costs around $15 and requires passing an exam that is easy too.

                  Later for the RV you want an HF unit covering 10-160 meters (need a General class license) this is your long distance unit to find out what is happening coast to coast or overseas. Buy this unit after you already are licensed at the Technician level with practice on VHF/UHF. Both of those radios will cover a complete band of frequencies for survival both on the road and a perm base camp location.

          • Gods Creation

            Actually, 2013 is the year of the collapse, or at least it’s initiation phase. It’s not that difficult to figure out. The globalist types are hawking their POST 2015 development plans, and have been for a while now.

            2013 gets the ball rolling, the death and destruction is spread out nationwide in 2014, and by 2015 it will be time to clean up the bodies and corral the survivors.

            One year for the collapse to hit and kill everybody, and one year for them to clean up the bodies of those they kill as many as possible and convince the survivors that the banksters are their saviors so they will accept the Post 2015 agenda.

            A new dictator put into office in 2016 through fraudulent elections, or a PERMANENT dictator installed through military force, and the stage has been set for the next 100 years of bankster crimes.

            Unfortunately for them, as they look to plan what happens after the Great USA Culling, their enemy (the people) are getting ready to fight back and reemploy the guillotine as a favor to them to minimize suffering as the average Man can not see his way to employ the same tactics being used against them by the psychopaths that DO NOT care what they do to us.

            I say, since they are so open to torture and suffering, that we show them what they support. Don’t kill the bastards. Kidnap them and lock them away in a place safe for you, and every now and then pay them a visit with some fun devices that will cause them the same pain they dish out.

            The overthrow of the People took place in 1913, 13 being a VERY significant number to them. A couple of years later they started a war to cull Europe and consolidate their holdings. Thirty years later they started another war to cull Europe again.

            That plan has been carried out, and 2013 starts a new plan to remove the defenses of the People of the USA and cull them through World War on our own soil.

            Truth is, I don’t care anymore. I can’t stop them, nor can I educate idiots that have no conception of freedom and the INNER peace it holds.

            I can live for God, and fight for God, and the Natural Rights that I have been given.

            I don’t need them or their Post 2015 (post mass murder) agenda. Should I die prematurely, please bury me face down so they can kiss my ass.

            • Hammerun

              2014 huh?? Whoopie!!
              What’s the old saying? There’s a a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in and cheap too!! But if you look at the flurry of shit that surrounds us today almost on a daily basis any curtailment back towards the norm would be a respite.
              What could happen between now and then? Let’s analyze.
              A lot of us will be working a 29 hour week so our employers can avoid paying for obamacare. We’ll be more concerned with scraping put a meager living
              Weekly pay will be way down and we will have to do with a lot less just like the professional “I don’t have to work” crew of Obama followers.
              We will finally find out what was in “IT” once it goes onto affect now that it’s passed. Pelosi’s going to have to go hide in a bunker or leave the country once the masses finds out.
              We will become assimilated to the idea of our government spying on our lives and collecting our data. Do you really think they are spending $2 billion on a data storage center in Utah and they are just going to close it up, do ya?
              We will get use to the IRS hammering the shit out of our paychecks and targeting those that Obama don’t like. It might even get to the point if you have conservative views you will catch an audit a lot more often.
              We’ll forget about Bengasi. That’s a shame.
              Whistleblowers will be a thing of the past and will be only remembered in some underground historical writings or passed down from the elders to the young.
              Food might a little scarce and our priorities will lean more towards eating as opposed to what our grandeurs leaders (no matter what side their on or in) are up to.
              We will get accustom to the idea there’s “us” and them, in DC that is. We are just peons or underlings.
              Political murders will just magically occur to any opposition.
              We will be so tired of this shit we will just pass off anything as a life’s occurrence and it won’t bother any of us. No big deal.
              And who knows what will be waiting in the wings that we haven’t heard of yet or thought about. Nothing would surprise me now.
              I feel everything that’s has happened to this point was by design and for a purpose.
              Snowden; what he did would have had to took a real set of cojhonies (nuts) to do what he did. All a part of the assimilation of us. Get it out in the open and deal with it and the people will come around. The IRS, bullshit the exact same way. we are going to pay more and we are going to like it, like it or not, you will just keep your mouth shut about it.
              Yea; 2014 will be better, but not for us!!
              Our place will be, just being the passive little puppies they have us pegged for.
              Happy f@@king New Year!!

              • cjmartel

                Awesome, so much said in so few words. Excellent post!

                • Tina

                  To God’s Creation….if this is the way it will play out (and I do belive it will be something simular to your scenero) why would anyone WANT to live through all this only to be faced with the decision of taking the “mark” or NOT?

                  This world is not the world I dreamt of growing old in.

            • hammerhead

              great post ! hahaha
              i wanna be face down as well.

            • GDawg

              We gots more ammo than thems. 🙂

              • The REAL Americans

                Be happy the govt. are stocking up on ammo. Now we know where to go to stock up.


                Also.. Fema camps.. let them build all this shit up…then we take it all back.

                The NRA is the largest private standing army.

                All it would take is a military general to place a phone call and he’s get the mailing list and we’d all be contacted. Then we’d partner with local law enforcement.
                The enemy will be the UN Peacekeepers. Russian troups…chinese too.
                They won’t be going home. Also. congress will be arrested as traitors.

                Americans will NEVER give up their guns. No way. I’m sure of it.
                We all see the pattern going on here.. NDAA bill, fema camps, hollow point ammo stockup…chemtrails to weaken us and make us all sick.

                The traitors are all the bilderbergers. There you go.

                the big issue is time. Age is killing off the Americans that remember American values.
                they are dragging things out.

                You know things will be bad if they change the law and get Obama in for a third term. Then you know…things will get bad.

                We’re all being too polite around this smooth taking black gent.
                Yet many are waking up.

                This is all just natural…things are not static….we’re headed towards socialism and in time…that will be a failure and the hard working folks will be back.

                Dems.. don’t hire them. Raise their rent. They are commies.

            • ohboy

              To GODS Creation-

              do you think anyone on this site is sane?

              Oh wait…look who I’m asking.
              Yup, gonna be THIS year…same as LAST year….
              and the FORTY before it..

              oh no…Y2K…The World is Ending…..The world is ending…
              oh wait…we’re still here huh?

              You sure you don’t want to be face down for another reason?

              • Gods Creation

                Troll boy,

                I think maybe they should bury me on my side after all so people like you can suck me after kissing my ass.

                • roast duck

                  Please don’t feed the trolls. They are like stray cats and will keep coming back.

              • The REAL Americans

                Yeah…I had a guy at work laughing at me as I stocked up on computer books and studied. “Revenge of the nerds”. Yeah…guess who got fired and is not a loser fitness instructor for min. wage. I’m still there.

                I see a similar situation…

                I worked with a guy from Russia and one from Bosnia. They both said they could see bad times coming. Thank God there’s idiots like you….that keeps prices down and make it easier for us all to be prepared. An old boy scout motto.

                Keep watching you American idol.
                By the way…have you noticed all the reality shows on TV where folks get lined up and judged. It’s commie brainwashing….conditioning to obey the state.

                Let’s talk about that.
                ps. Chemtrails….latest is they are spraying nano aluminum for geo engineering.
                I use a salt inhaler to do away with asthma. seek one out online.

            • Tucker

              Trying to read the tea leaves is getting increasingly more difficult.

              Something tells me that a sizable percentage of the Communist left would like to foist the butt-ugly and Satanically evil Hildebeast on us in 2016. That might be why the left is so panicked about getting amnesty passed, because with 8-10 million more low IQ, dumber than a moldy taco, brand new parasites and bloodsuckers from Mexico added to their voting base – it will make no difference who they run, even a shriveled up, ugly old broad like Hillary – because these leeches are going to pull the lever for the D party, no matter what.

              Oh, and remember the recent insane court ruling – that states can’t require proof of citizenship before allowing someone to register to vote? That plays right into the evil, Communist hands of the DemoNCRAT party – and no matter what kind of baloney we hear out of the Gangster gang of 8 treasonous maggots – these illegal aliens are going to be voting and it is not going to matter if they are not citizens yet.

              Look at the evil smirk that is constantly painted on the vomit provoking face of Chuck Schumer whenever this turd is on TV and talking about the amnesty bill. This rat knows he is pulling a major scam over on the stupid GOP and also on the American people.

              • Snoopy

                I live in the Highest concentration of illegal immigrants in America. San Bernardino County, California.

                While most Latino’s are family oriented, hard working and have strong Christian values (same values that built this country) others are connected to drug cartels, gangs, and criminal elements ranging from sexual slavery rings to ID theft.

                This Shamnesty bill is supposed to insure that only the best qualified will be allowed to stay, trust the government to do this just like how they protected us from the Boston bombers.

                All this is going to do is swell the welfare rolls and create a new under-class that will vote for the biggest handouts from the Democrapic party. They will be in power for generations to come and the political structure and society will start to look like Mexico including all the corruption.

                These areas will become the new cartel hubs exporting the drugs and crime from inside the borders to the rest of America.

                At least now they must keep most of it outside the borders.

                You and your children will be the generation to see the death of America.

            • Nick

              You need to change your handle.

              You shame God with this.

              God doesn’t take prisoners.

              Go work for the other guy if you want.

              You’ll see. – N

          • DRD5508

            Then when 2014 gets here (fiscal year: 1 Oct.2013) they’ll point to the 2nd or 3rd quarter. After that then it’ll be 2015. This is the trend. Mid-term elections (2014) are coming up, must blame somebody, i.e. Repubs, capitalists, Bush,..wait, wait, it must be those greedy and selfish preppers. They are keeping us from recovery.

            • Cede

              2014? No way, it’s not gonna happen. Most sensible countries have insulated themselves from the US. They don’t want anything to do with us. We’ve pushed our rules, tariffs and petro dollars down other countries throats for decades now. And in some cases, those that didnt comply to ‘our’ bidding we invaded militarily or bankrupted. China, India, Russia and Brazil have taken over power from the US. It’s their century. We’ll be very much like Britian was last century …. Broke, unemployed, hungry and sinking. Yet we only have ourselves to blame. Because we let it happen. We said nothing when things were wrong but instead of speaking out we said nothing.

              My guess is, we’ll not recover to the end of this century. That’s if anyone can ever trust again.

          • Paranoid

            I don’t mind a target on my back. I don’t figure on showing them my back.

            • Paranoid

              Two other comments: 1. What highly respected economists? The only three I ever respected are dead. 2. Anyone remember the 3.6 % tax on houses starting in Jan? That should kill off a bunch of peoples equity.

        • Justice

          Isn’t that just swell. I can’t wait. Golly gosh.

        • wrong

          Guppies… Funny! When I was a kid i had a guppie. It had babies and then after several days the babies were gone. WTF?

        • BigB


          You very funny man!


      • Shootit

        Funny…… I just checked my “Securities” ha ha ha and my “Equities” have been hitting their Stop Limits. Now I have a pile of FRN’s and SDS. SDS double shorts the S&P 500. Glad it is only my “retirement” account. Never planned on retirement anyway.

      • Barterman

        Washing is so full of shit the place stinks. Dont trust anything they say. keep prepping!

      • California Resident

        “All of these should add up to a better economy in 2014,” Blitz said.
        Yeah, better for the “Oligarch Class”.

        • Spurs

          “All of these should add up to a BARTER economy in 2014,”

          A more accurate prediction…

          • Shootit

            It should be fun watching DC barter. DC crowd should have fun living in isolation with all their friends. 🙂

      • Archivist

        (Irving Berlin) – 1932

        Just around the corner,
        There’s a rainbow in the sky,
        So let’s have another cup of coffee,
        And let’s have another piece of pie.

        Trouble’s like a bubble,
        And the clouds will soon roll by,
        So let’s have another cup of coffee,
        And let’s have another piece of pie.

        Let a smile be your umbrella,
        For it’s just an April shower,
        Even John D. Rockefeller
        Is looking for the silver lining!

        Mr. Herbert Hoover
        Says that now’s the time to buy,
        So let’s have another cup of coffee,
        And let’s have another piece of pie!

        • Mark

          Thank you for posting that, Archivist. So few today even know the name of Irving Berlin. And this song is apropos, given the times.
          Read more about Mr. Berlin here:

      • Mountain Trekker

        Smokey do we have to keep them in office. I can’t believe so few Blogs are talking about this Snowden affair. Guess maybe we’re in fear of the NSA. We have all of these Tratorist Politicians calling, to hang him and most of them should be removed from office or locked up for perverting and/or violating our Constitution. Snowden reveals or should I say substantiates that the NSA is storing all of our phone calls and emails and probably has the ability to scan and record all of our mail. And we just seem to say HoHum nothing we can do about it. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden reveals what is going on and they truly become “enemies of the state” and then we hear how they damaged national security by letting We The People know what the Government is doing to us. So let this be a lesson when ever you get ready to take a stand, don’t expect anyone to come to your aid, you’ll be on your own. Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

        • Justice

          Doesn’t Sen Lindsey Grahm from SC make you want to vomit? What a limp wristed lilly white pansey. Just another talking head spewing media BS !

        • Luther

          The D.C. talking point is traitor to deflect what he uncovered. Yet those who voted and supports the Patriot Act which violates the B.O.R are not traitors?

          The NSA is collecting data and info, what has been collected on the elected officials to sway their votes? How many politicians are compromised and how do we correct it?

          Clean house, they all just go!

          TREKKER if I could I’d give you 20 thumbs up.

          My Rep.(R MI) just responded to me by letter that Snowden is a traitor. Yet she supports the Patriot Act and uses terrorism as an excuse to tear down the B.O.R.

          • Mark

            Did you ever see the movie “Brazil”? Basically, the pervasive bureaucracy defines any worker who doesn’t work for the government as a “terrorist”, and the sell-outs to totalitarian control capture those with any humanity left intact; then they drill holes in their heads (while wearing ghastly “baby” masks).

            I have my own copy and have watched it several times.

          • Cowdoc

            Don’t forget the two wonderful in name only republican senators from TN. Corker is the prick who has offered the amendment to the immigration bill that lets all the illegals immediately become citizens. I will put our two ass kissing senators up against anyone elses.

            • JayJay

              I can not imagine Tennesseans NOT booting him out.
              He must know a great hacker at voting time.
              Tennesseans just haven’t learned what a snake he is–or don’t care..Oh, seen this??
              Corker is currently a ranking member of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
              Surprised?? He’s one of the boys.

          • ohboy

            DC inherited this MESS of two wars and that first “bailout” and good bad or indifferent they are doing everything they can to keep us FROM a collapse.

            If you had an IQ larger than your show size, you would see this.

            • NeverSayDie

              I hate to tell you…they didn’t “inherit this MESS”….THEY CREATED IT!!!

              For example…look how many presidents Alan Greenspan served in the FED for and how everyone just loved to hear what he had to say and when to do it? There is a terrorist and a Banker Buddy if you ask me! Treason comes in all colors…and should be routed out!

              Ever notice that the Supreme Court Judges are “appointed” by the president??? There is more favoritism in getting their own types of “laws” passed…none against them of course.

              You sir, are part of the current problem in this country…belief in the fantasy we now call our government.

        • Smokey

          No, we don’t have to keep them in office, vote them out at every level, starting with dogcatcher and school boards. They spent decades getting to where they are today, on the cusp of taking our country away, and it’s going to take a long time to get rid of them.

          Today is a major vote on Undocumented Democrat Amnesty. Call or write your reps now.

          • snake eater

            no it doesn’t take a long time to get them out its called revolution or something spelled like that,,,


          • tayronachan

            @Smokey, I have been calling.

        • Mordacai

          First they came for the Communists,
          and I didn’t speak up,
          because I wasn’t a Communist.
          Then they came for the Jews,
          and I didn’t speak up,
          because I wasn’t a Jew.
          Then they came for the Catholics,
          and I didn’t speak up,
          because I was a Protestant.
          Then they came for me,
          and by that time there was no one
          left to speak up for me.

          • ohboy

            —–Then they came for Mordecai and I didn’t speak up.
            Then they came for Bravehart and I REALLY didnt speak up……….
            then they came for beinformed but he had a hand in his pants and jus kep repeatin earthquake….earthquake…


        • ohboy

          Snowden is a sham. He is a Govt op.
          It aint real.
          They would have had him.

          He is in Russia because WE want him in Russia.

          He is NSA thru and thru.

          • Tucker

            The possibility does exist, I think, that Snowden was hyped up deliberately and is simply playing a role as a heroic NSA whistleblower, in order to build up his ‘credentials’.

            What better or more clever way to trick the Russians into letting us insert a spy or disinformation agent into their country who could then be used to feed false intelligence to the Russians?

            It would not be the first time a trick such as this has been used in the espionage world.

          • NeverSayDie

            Hmmmm…maybe your right…maybe Snoden is in Russia because they want him there… Why for a disinformation campaign? Hmmmm… I doubt that!

            I bet you believe “everything” the givement tells you.

      • durango kidd

        Next year WILL be a good year. At least most Americans will feel like WE have rounded the corner. Next year is an election year and it may well be the most important elections in the history of the country.

        People vote their pocketbook. By timing economic recovery to co-incide with these elections, O’bummer COULD, MAYBE, POSSIBLY, obtain a majority in both the House and the Senate.

        This would spell doom for America. Second Amendment legislation would pass. Illegal Immigration which will be stymied by the House now, will pass after 2014 if the Demturds and Obummer get a majority in both Houses of Congress.

        Pray for America. And vote. Engage.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          durango kidd says:

          “Next year WILL be a good year.”


          “At least most Americans will feel like WE have rounded the corner.”

          What the f**k are you smoking??

          “Pray for America. And vote.”

          No…No…No. VOTING is the reason for the SEASON!

          Can’t you see that?

          Voting Establishes the Establishment!

          A “non vote” IS a vote!!

          A “non vote” is a vote against the establishment.

          Do not Engage… Disengage!

          Withdraw your consent!!!

          • Burrow Owl

            “Withdraw your consent!!!”

            Word. The game can’t go on if there aren’t enough players to keep it going.

            Ignore the the slimy bastards and live your life as you see fit.

            Yeah, I know that some of us liberty lovers are going to get caught up in the system at some point…but keep in mind the immortal words of that late great philosopher Frank Zappa:

            “…there’s more of us ugly Mofo’s then there are of you.”

            Keep the faith and kick butt when necessary.

            • durango kidd

              BO: You said: ” The game can’t go on if there aren’t enough players to keep it going.”

              Thats where you are wrong! The game can keep operating as is with only the top ten percent who control 90% of the wealth. The bottom 90% are “useless eaters” using up oxygen.

              1/3 of the pop are Dems. 1/3 of the pop are GOP. Withdraw YOUR consent and you leave the country in the hands of the 10% who control 2/3 of the country.

              Thats the PLAN! That’s Agendas 21! They don’t need the bottom 90%. They don’t WANT the bottom 90%!

              Engage the PTB or be starved, impoverished, and enslaved by them! Don’t wait until they take away your rights. Then you are a criminal because you believe you have rights!

              Engage your employees, My Peeps! 🙂

          • durango kidd

            Your Mama: Yes, I see it. 129 million votes were cast in the last election. There are 100 million gun owners in America. If they want to keep their Second Amendment rights then they had better turn out.

            Disengagement will mean that the small minority of dual citizens who have infiltrated our government and control it through their paid lobbyists will have no organized opposition to their Agenda 21 Plan for US.

            Can’t you see THAT you fucking loser, Alice? To “disengage” as YOU suggest is to surrender to the PTB 🙂

            • Cameraman

              The only thing you will need to Disengage is the Safety on your Rifle!

              Semper Fi

            • Gods Creation

              “””If they want to keep their Second Amendment rights then they had better turn out.”””

              No, if you want to keep the Second Amendment, use what it protects should the 10% overstep their bounds.

              When they do, if 10% shot back the war is over and we win.

              It is beyond me why you keep telling people to vote.

          • Smokey

            Refusing to vote while stocking up on ammo doesn’t make any sense, not a bit. It only takes a few votes to swing a precinct. Get involved, or expect to be a one-man last stand somewhere. It’s self-defeating nonsense.

        • Canadian Vet

          Recovery in 2014? I’ll believe it when I see it.

          Otherwise, I got some oceanfront property in Saskatchewan for sale if you’re interested.

          If anything, I can’t see things get better until they get much worse. Might be unplugged from my usual stream of information and contacts thanks to being on extended medical leave but I still have my ear to the ground and what I’m hearing doesn’t sound good.

        • Highspeedloafer

          There is a bill in the NC state house which has already passed the senate and needs to be agreed upon by the house which will do away with needing a permit to purchase a handgun. The states will be our only hope if Dems sweep both houses in 14.

          • Canadian Vet

            Assuming Emperor Obama I allows there to be elections in 2014

          • Tucker

            Whether the Dems know it or not, if they get this amnesty passed and they grab that One party permanent dictatorship that these anti-White racist bastards have been conspiring to achieve ever since the 1965 White genocide immigration law was passed – then this is going to guarantee that a second American Revolution is going to happen.

        • NeverSayDie

          I hate to tell you DK….but “Voting” doesn’t seem to matter anymore!!! Romney got the majority “vote”…so they back up on the electoral college and put “their man” back in office! Tell me that’s NOT A SHAM!!!

          I do agree though, that if we keep the majority of current reps in office, unfortunately, I do believe that will be the end of America as we know it. Sadly…

      • YEA-OK.

        We will all be watching Leave it to Beaver reruns. Thinking we are the Kings and Queens of all of humanity. What a pitiful joke.

      • D the fat one

        Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Somebody spiked their KoolAid and quaffed heartily they have of it too.

      • Sammy Sheeple

        SWEET!! I can now sell my preps for 50 cents on the dollar to some sucker, buy a big screen TV, a boat and a Harley.

      • Leonard M. Urban

        …and then Blitz woke up…

    2. The Old Coach

      Might as well keep singing happy tunes, because the whole thing implodes in a week if the hoi polloi realize that it’s a house of cards. And when that happens all these bankster economists will be bankrupt themselves.

      • hammerhead

        yep coach-
        well be eatin rainbow stew with a silver spoon
        underneath a sky all blue
        i miss merle.

        • tired of nys bs

          Go see his next concert,he is still touring

          • Prescott

            There’s an old saying that goes “don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”.

    3. ScoutMotto

      Well, if Communist News Network said it’s true, then it must be true.

    4. KP89DC

      What a load of crap! Just more talk for the sheeple to keep them calm and on TPTB side of the fence. If in reality things go based on what we’ve been “told” since it always seems the opposite happens it stands to reason that we’re not far off from the next “shoe dropping”.

      Molon Labe

    5. KY Mom

      Just in case those “experts” are wrong…

      20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

      1. 20 pounds of Rice.
      2. 20 pounds of Pinto Beans.
      3. 20 cans of Vegetables.
      4. 20 cans of Fruit.
      5. 20 cans of Meat.
      6. 4 pounds Oats.
      7. 2 large jars of Peanut Butter.
      8. 2 large jars of Tang or other powdered drink mix.
      9. 5 pounds of Powdered Milk.
      10. 5 pounds of Salt.
      11. 10 pounds of Pancake Mix. (such as Krusteaz)
      12. 2 pounds of Honey and 2 large jars of Jam.
      13. 10 pounds of Pasta.
      14. 10 cans or jars of Spaghetti Sauce.
      15. 20 cans of Soup or Broth.
      16. One large jug of Oil.
      17. Spices and Condiments.
      18. 5 pounds of Coffee or 100 Tea Bags.
      19. 2 large bags of Hard Candies.
      20. Mini LED Flashlight and Extra Batteries.
      (*I would also add a good quality manual can opener.)

      See article for more information.


      • YH

        Excellent KY Mom!

      • JL

        That is my savings account!!! I also have silver, with the price being so low I bought some. I hope things do stall and more people begin to prepare.

      • incognito

        Bravo KY!

        Now for a place to put all this food stuffs….
        Think dark and cool!

        What we did is turned the 3rd bedroom into a 180 square foot cooler. We used a window air conditioner from Mallfart, with some foil insulation and plastic racks from Home Depot. Installed the 6000 btu window AC unit (slightly oversized) then completely covered the rest of window with the insulation. Then we covered the HVAC vents in the room and setup the racks along the walls and down the center. To get the AC unit to hold around 55ºf I pulled the thermocouple down from the front of the intake and tucked it underneath between the unit and the window sill. It fools the thermostat and bumps you down a few more degrees. Been running this configuration for about 6 months now and it held fast at 110ºf outdoor temp this last weekend.

        Nice having our own grocery store.

      • Jeff

        May I also suggest similar quantities of
        Instant potatos, Suddenly salad (pasta) mix.
        bottles of various hot suaces.
        Bags of dried fruit, beef jerky, trail mix.

        • Vicky

          Also plenty of soap, both for personal/medical use and for your environment and some OTC meds and any prescriptions you might be able to squirrel away. Any idea about what to do to hide preps when you’re showing a house for sale? We’re leaving Ohio as soon as possible and this temporary “housing bubble” might be our only chance to see this place. Although, I have to admit, we’ve seen no bubble around here, so please wish us luck.

          • Vicky

            That’s “sell”, not “see”. I’m agitated.

          • Smokey

            You need to depersonalize your house when it’s time to sell, take the family photos off the walls, box up the preps, get rid of the clutter, and maybe a storage locker for a month or two. Boxes stacked around the house means you are ready to sell and offers get reduced accordingly. Put some of the increased profit in some new preps at your new place.

          • Archivist

            Make sure everything about the house works perfectly, A/C, appliances, lights, etc. Repaint using neutral colors, such as a darker off-white for the walls and white enamel for the trim. Also, fix the landscaping a little with a few new plants and new redwood mulch. My wife and I fixed up our little house that way for sale just before the housing market tanked. We got out of the house one day and had 3 offers the next day. Even though anyone can repaint, they can’t seem to get past odd paint colors. Depersonalizing the house makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living there. The neutral colors and white trim also make the rooms look larger.

            Watch House Hunters on HGTV and take note of the things people reject perfectly good houses for.

      • Mark

        That’s an excellent start, KY Mom! Speaking of spices, make sure you get a gallon jug of Tabasco(tm)!

      • CelticNana

        Hi Mom
        This is great. We already have some of this, along with some medical supplies. I’m printing this list and taking it with me when I shop this weekend. Misneach.

      • Cowdoc

        What! No toilet paper?
        I would add vinegar by the gallon and a 5 gal bucket with a good seal full of sugar. Someone beat me to soap, but go by your large animal veterinarians office and buy a gallon of virosan surgical disinfectant and for heavens sake don’t forget insecticide for roaches and the fleas that you will think came from hell.

        • JayJay

          Diatomaceous Earth works better and is used for pets and insect control.

    6. The Cooking Mom

      Herbal tincture recipe.

      “Be Calm” Formula
      Lemon Balm

      Do you own research, use an alcohol base (brandy)
      Store properly in brown glass dropper bottles.

      Helps with anxiety, insomnia, raw nerves ….

      Keep preppin’

      • ScoutMotto

        Just curious if you happen to know the shelf life of oils such as lemon, peppermint, etc. I’m debating whether to stock up on those as well.

        • PrepperGal35

          Essential oils will last indefinitely if stored properly – out of direct sunlight and and in moderate temps. Well worth making them a part of your medical preps!

          • ScoutMotto

            Excellent, thank you.

        • The Cooking Mom

          My favorite, most used, essential oils:

          Tea Tree

          Keep preppin’

          • Paige4

            I also recently started using 4 thieves blend. It’s an excellent source when the kids are coming down with something…. It’s also a must-have in the EO and alternative medicines department.

        • Smokey

          I have a bottle of oil of wintergreen that I’ve been using to penetrate bolt threads for over 40 years now. It’s still punguent.

      • snake eater

        cooking so a fifth of jack Daniels very calming or your own corn squeezings


      • Mark

        That valerian really works, but it smells like stinky feet.

    7. 2 dogs

      Maybe my lone won’t be denied this time!!!
      And Wall St is reacting to the news as well today!!

    8. Grasshopper

      No. Actually, we have until 2014 to prepare for collapse… IMO.

      • Shootit

        Typical CNN to miss the event by 6-12 months. The crash/collapse already started. Get your stuff today.

      • hammerhead

        grasshopper – thats my opinion as well .
        Obama is campaining real hard to get as many dems elected as possible in 2014.
        i think that any collapse will happen after that election cycle but before he leaves office in 2016.
        but all bets are off if these asshats start ww3 first.

        • Theguy

          After his BS with the guns… you really think ANYONE is going to elect ANY Democrat? He committed party suicide.

          I greatly over-estimate the attention span of the average Amercian, don’t I?


          • hammerhead

            remember they aint votin for democrats , they are votin for free shit .
            and these voters do not realise that they are acually voting in socialism .

            • SmokinOkie

              @The guy- I caught your sarcasm even before I read the next line! Too true- the sheeple’s attention span can be measured in milliseconds.

              @hammerhead- Right you are. They vote for the free lunch. Or, if neocon, they vote for the guy who says he’s gonna go kill some of those mean old terrorists who took down the towers. Either way, they never stop to think about what they are giving away- liberty, rights, freedom. They just don’t think that far ahead. Nor do they stop to ask if what’s being promised by the political weasels can be delivered. (like a free lunch that goes on forever) Or even if it should be delivered. (like a war under false pretenses).
              By the way, I’m all in favor of dead terrorists. (regardless of whether they ride camels in the desert or chauffeured limousines around Buckingham palace). I just prefer to stay on this side of the globe and watch them kill each other. Leave our boys here at home. Of course, that may be too simplistic a view of the situation. I never claimed to not be ignorant.
              In my brief perusal of human history I have discovered one thing. Tyranny arrives in one of two ways. Either by ballots or by bloodshed. It generally leaves only by the latter…

              • hammerhead

                leavin American sons and daughters here at home aint simplistic at all , its what we NEED to do.
                there is no need for American kids to die for the sand dwellers that hope to support OUR government in a takeover of OUR country.
                watch your back , sharia is a creeping vine .

          • JayJay

            TheGuy..they have back-up.
            Called ‘hackers’.

    9. braveheart

      Leave it to TPTB and their propaganda organs, the MSM. They always know how to blow some up everyone’s rear ends. There’s not going to be any recovery. this economy is on life support and that can be turned off at any time. the way things are shaping up, we’re not going to make it to 2014. Mega-SHTF is only weeks away; I can feel it. Everybody step up your prepping. I’m still doing the same. Get everything you can now before these FRNs become useless. braveheart

    10. Grasshopper

      (Plus, whenever the government (or the presstitues) say one thing, you can count on the opposite thing as being the truth!!) Especially, in these times!!!

      • downunder

        @grasshopper “whenever the government (or the presstitues) say one thing, you can count on the opposite thing as being the truth!”

        same goes for corporate business… for example when a bank advertiising slogan says “more for you” it really means “more for them”. I have noticed this more and more lately blatant lying by corporate adverts so now I just read the opposite of what they say.

    11. braveheart

      I meant to say “blow smoke” in my previous comment. Sorry for the typo error.

    12. Burt the Brit

      Bwhahahahahaha. What a crock of shit.

      Take care

    13. Watchman

      Why SHOULD I; risk life, property, family to re-establish a free USA again, when it will simply slide down the slope again in another brief span of time?

      The only answer I have, is because I could not bear to look at my children or grandchildren, enslaved thru their own ignorance and lethargy and think to myself” I could have helped to change this, and I did nothing.”

      So that is why I will fight. Hopefully in a smart fashion, not sacrificially. Hopefully in a very meaningful fashion so that I and others can succeed in re-establishing, even if only for decades, a truly free USA.

      Side benefits may include removal of all illegals, elimination of all gun laws, restoration of free enterprise – the only form of industry that works for more than a few years – and elimination of the vast majority of intrusive laws currently on the books, including income tax and virtually every other tax we labor under.

      How’s that for a reason?

      Keep the FAITH

      • Theguy

        Oh man… really assess that.

        Once I did something, the reason specifically being the fact that I’d have to look in the mirror and say “I could have done something to stop this, and I sat by and did nothing”.

        I couldn’t live with that.

        So I did something.

        A LOT of something. A WHOLE LOT of something. An amount of something that would give you the shakes from stress.

        The result?

        No result.

        I’m BROKE so there’s THAT result. Beyond that? Nada zilch zippo.

        Sometimes these things have a life of their own, and you can’t change what other people are going to do. As in: take your efforts, consume them, and then take a shit all over them in terms of the root philosophy of what you were attempting to accomplish for them.

        Be advised.

        I’d think really long and hard befoe I did anything. Ever. Again. For that reason.

        • patientmomma

          The Guy,
          I spoke up in defense of principle one time; got the same result you did…nothing but trouble. Even the people who said they supported the principle sulked away into oblivion. There is no protection for doing the right thing any more. Standing on principle is like standing on the gallows. Snowden did the right thing but he will be punished for it by TPTB. I have come to realize the politicians are afraid of TPTB and will not do what is right for the USA.

          • Highspeedloafer

            I have been there also, I was fired because I stood on principle. But, I’d do it again. I couldn’t live with myself either if I did nothing. Was it worth all the personal loss? I sleep well at night, I think that sums it up.

        • Theguy

          I’ll sleep well at night if this individual will take their one and only opportunity right the fuck now and run with it.

          Run like their ass is on fire, because it is.

          It beats the dead they would otherwise have been. Yes that serious.

          So far however I see them just taking total advantage of the situation. A kind of advantage that is putting me in a horrendously bad position.

      • Luther

        Watchman, I could never live with myself knowing that I did nothing without a fight, my children and my grandchildren do not deserve what is heading their way:

        “The only answer I have, is because I could not bear to look at my children or grandchildren, enslaved thru their own ignorance and lethargy and think to myself” I could have helped to change this, and I did nothing.”

      • Mark

        I couldn’t have said it better, Watchman.

      • JayJay

        I’m helping in a small way..after about 25 years, my miter saw died.
        Got a Kobalt at Lowe’s.
        MADE IN USA. 🙂

    14. ScoutMotto

      I saw the Running Man this weekend. I believe the opening text of the movie says it is set in 2017, which isn’t that far off for us. CNN reminds me of Suzy Checkpoint, the red-head on the big monitors making all the police state announcements in the sweet-sounding tone.

      • Theguy

        Oh man you want a real treat? Read the book.

        It’s TOTALLY different than the movie.

        It’s like “America’s Most Wanted” but with “volunteer criminals” basically.

        Awesome story.

    15. RICH99

      Now its 2014….6 months in advance , just enough time for people to forget this ! I mean am I the only sane one here that can see this perpetual pattern since 2008?
      I remember hearing 2012 was the year and then 2013 mid year was the year and now 2014 ….hahahahahahahah…..2014 will certainly bring another year and year after year I look more accurate even after all of my negative ratings and comments throughout the past year !

      • OutWest


        Yeah, it reminds me of the a sign in a pub that said
        “Free Beer Tomorrow.”

        Of course, it always read “Tomorrow.”

      • ScoutMotto


        It’s Communist News Network, not SHTF, saying this.

        Don’t sweat it, Rich. One it will all be over.
        You’ll go away.

        • ScoutMotto

          One day, that is.

      • yental

        @RICH99, I empathize with and understand the sentiment expressed in you comment.

        However, you are discounting some very relevant history since 2008 when arriving at your conclusion. When TARP and QE stimulus were first proposed in late 2008 into 2009…you had members of Congress state that THEY were threatened with MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA COME MONDAY MORNING if THEY did not pass the proposed “stimulus” as suggested.

        That fact alone was the RED FLAG that the “sheeple” ignored and allowed to happen. It REALLY IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME!

        TPTB literally bought (money out of thin air) the additional time needed to prepare for what is about to occur within OUR BORDERS.

        BILLIONS OR ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINT AMMUNITION (illegal under the Geneva convention), foreign troops already stationed within OUR BORDERS, accelerated erosion of individual liberty/privacy/Bill of Rights protection.

        The “economy” and “stock market” are both illusions about to POP. While I empathize and even understand your righteously disillusioned hypothesis…I completely disagree. Every “normal day” from here forward is a “gift”.

        WE have very few “gifts” remaining. I wish you were right, but I know THIS YEAR will prove you wrong. I do hope you are prepping.

        • Paranoid

          Relax, They already had 98% of the money so they got 99% now, eh. In the five years they bought 2 billion rds of ammo, So what? We bought 50 Billion, They bought a few thousand guns, we bought several million. I’m not going to start anything, but I’m sure farther along than 5 years ago.

      • egore

        Hey! How do you expect them to run your farm after they kick you off without some accurate records? What do you think they are…mind readers?
        Buckle Up!

      • patientmomma

        When I bought my BOL, it was in a govt program of tax reduction (i.e., register your land and pay less taxes). I declined to join the program, did not register the land and the local people thought I was nuts! The article you posted reminded me of that program and how easily the govt sucks people in.

        • VRF

          I need to have a talk with my friend and farmer, wonder if he signed on for this crap or not..I hope he was smart, or well at least smelled a rat, not that he isn’t a smart man, but even smart people can be duped.

          He does all of his own feed stock for his animals, all his vet care ( within regulations) and his own selling transporting , just about everything required.

          so he has the gig down to a science.

          • hammerhead

            threw it in the trash
            and ignored a few calls…..nobodys business but mine.
            just like the county extension agent gettin pissy because of my choice in bumper stickers,or the libtard sent out to see if my place qualified “organic”.
            by the end of that conversation we both agreed that the
            term “natural” would have to do .
            i aint payin for a license do do what i already do.
            screw these totalitarians.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Yeah the Chinese need the tally of what’s going to be theirs.

        • The REAL Americans


    16. VRF

      WTF is normal?

      • lonelonmum

        “Normal” is a matter of historical perspective. For most of history the ordinary man’s very existence has been subject to the whim of an elite.

        “Normal” for the ptb is fuedalism, or from another perspective “we the people” are serfs.

        That little experiment with freedom, and letting the ordinary man dictate the course of his own destiny is scheduled to end in 2014. “Normality” will be restored and our children will gladly accept any degree of subjugation if they wish to eat.

        I’ve gradually worked out that these criminals TELL US what they intend to do very step of the way. The vast majority just don’t seem to have ears to listen.

        • CLess

          S.N.A.F.U. is just F.U.B.A.R.

    17. Be informed

      Mac, you know it is amazing what the MSM will print up. Then I see these trolls complaining in recent articles about how could anyone with above room temperature IQ’s believe what is on this site. I see more truth here that the MSM ever puts out, which is mostly BO screened for first. When I first found this article on CNN all I could think to myself was pig shit. Then I started to think again about how many of these “economists” should take a nice tar bath and roll around in some ostrich feathers from all those that continue to deny the toilet state of the world economies.

      • YH

        Be Informed,

        The MSM, which is nothing more than a “captured” extended Public Relations enterprise for D.C., has no other choice but say good times are right around the corner.

        No doubt you have seen what has been happening with the 10 Year Treasury yields and the liquidity melt down in Chinese banking. Despite Bernanke’s best efforts to maintain near zero percent interests rates on the Treasuries, there has been an uncontrolled across the board rise in the rates. Even Bernanke yesterday said he was perplexed about the recent increases in the rates. If he’s surprised about that, just wait and see what happens in the next 6 months. We haven’t seen any money printing yet. They are going to print money like their lives depend on it to keep this charade going as long as possible. Cheers.

        • Grasshopper

          Are you sure??! Rise in interest rates?? According to what I read, once that occurs, its all over!

          • hammerhead

            in the seventies a good mortgage rate was 8%.
            that is what is right around the corner along with the inflation .
            watch everything grind to a halt then!scary stuff.

          • Shootit

            It is already over. The end was when our debt hit 5 Trillion according to some experts. We are living on borrowed time.

            The FED has no more cards to play and Progressives are adding nails to the coffin with more taxes and bigger government. It is going to be one helluva fireworks display.

            I hope you are able to watch from a distance.

            • dave

              I am going to ride all the way to the nearest walmart and sit on one of those benches by the cash registers and listed to the “reject” buzzer on the EBT cards for entertainment.

              • Mark

                Oh, if only that would come true, Dave.

            • The REAL Americans

              SIMPLE… too many people. So.. round up the illegals…sell them as slaves to other countries. If you get caught here… you get sold into slavery. Also… tax foreign goods.

              Gas tax on all foreign cars. If you are filling up you pay 50 cents more per gallon if your car is a “rice burner”.

              Do away with congress and go with internet line item voting. We don’t need congress anymore.

              Require all citizens to have fire arms training and everyone is issued a shotgun like a remington 870 with a mag. extender. All American made of course.

              NRA members to get discounts everywhere.

              I could go on… you get the idea… Focus on the middle class…keep them working and well armed.

              If there’s a revolution.. dems….we’ll be having a chat about all you traitor fuckers.

        • Be informed

          @ YH. What we are going to see with the U.S. dollar is what is called capital flight. Countries are waking up to the fact that a country with a ballooning debt is not such a good investment. The U.S. may be able to bomb the crap out of countries that want to change their petro dollar that they sell their oil and natural gas to something other than the U.S dollar, but they can’t bomb the whole world. Well maybe they can. At least they cannot focus on one country alone. Several countries, including some NATO countries, are considering switching over or have dumped the U.S. dollar, bad risk.

          It is rock and a hard place. If the U.S. stops printing money they can’t pay the debt and they default. They continue to print money like no tomorrow and the U.S. dollar goes Bye Bye and they can’t pay the interest on the loans even. Can anyone out there sense the old false flag coming from our “fearless” leaders?

          • Theguy

            Well they used to be able to bomb the entire world.

            Now? I’m not sure anymore. I’ve read a lot of the stuff is in a bad state of disrepair.

            Machiavellian as this sounds… and I hate myself for saying it but I don’t feel like starving to death… I almost hope they CAN bomb the whole world.

            If not, the whole world is going to drop us like a bad drug habit.

          • cali-kid

            BI off topic! hey I’m in So Cal Inland Empire to be more specific, and I noticed there is been some swarm-ish-cluster type activity out over the last few days! Is this precursor type stuff or just a fault yawning and stretching??? what do ya think? I know were overdo? so is Andres waking up? your thoughts are appreciated!

            • Smokey

              Seismic swarms are common in California, just like here in the NW.

            • Be informed

              @ cali-kid. The San Andreas is so locked that it is extremely unlikely you will see anything on it. What you will see is the pressure releases, or what you call the yawning and stretching on the adjacent faults. The San Jacinto fault has been getting hit over and over again just a couple of miles from the San Andreas towards usually Fontana. The most dangerous faults in my opinion besides the San Andreas are: the San Jacinto, the Whittier/Elsinore, Newport/Ingelwoood, and the Garlock. The smaller hidden blind thrusts are also an issue.

              Precursor quakes around the world seem to aim towards the Drake Passage down between South America and Antarctica, the Asian Pacific plate boundary above the Arctic Circle, and an area close to the boundary between the Pacific and Antarctica plate down between the Balleny Islands and the Macquarie Isalnds at about 59-62 degrees south. On a flat map no one would see this correlation. On a globe using a flat piece of string or a tape measure and using the movement on the plates you can see where these areas target the Southern California area.

              The pure crap that they tell you about the San Andreas is beyond lies to not further scare people. It is highly likely that the break will start in the Salton Sea region, perhaps even further down towards the Gulf of California. It will continue past Wrightwood towards the Grapevine all the way to the Parkfield about 325 miles of break. That means for each 2 miles of break, one second of shaking. Almost 3 minutes of intense shaking. The amount of displacement is likely to be much more than the 29 feet in 1857. More like 40 feet. Old intermittent stream beds show this type of past movements. If it has enough momentum to continue past the creep zone between Parkfield and south of Hollister and go to the north, you have a mega quake like the one last year west of Indonesia that registered 8.6 or 8.7, and many minutes of shaking.

              Not only do very large strike slip horizontal quakes trigger thrust faults and other strike slips, like that huge one off of Indonesia, but the shaking is very different and the angle at which the earthquake waves move will determine destruction and utter destruction. Epicenter and hypocenter are vastly different in other than a 90 degree fault. Epicenter is where the earthquake starts from miles down, and hypocenter is where the earthquake waves hit the surface where people build their homes and the infrastructure is. The San Andreas is a different way of looking at this.

              IF the San Andreas was just a straight cut across the state the earthquake waves would follow that line and everything within a few miles of the faults would get heavily whacked and that would be it. The fault though turns at certain points, especially towards San Bernadino. At these turns the waves of energy also turn and direct that energy at points away from the fault. One of these areas that intense waves will be directed towards is Pasadena and east LA. Just like a crack on a windshield follows a certain pathway determined on weak points but mainly on the shape of the windshield.

              They not dare tell people where these focal points of pure destruction will be for too many typical reasons to mention. Then you have the thrust faults that add insult to injury to buildings barely standing that now have to endure vertical movement after minutes of horizontal shaking. Same type of fault in Mongolia triggered a believe two major thrust faults about 60 years ago. Again, worst case scenario would be the San Andreas going then the Whitter/Elsinore lets loose with a mid to high 7 range and the Newport/Inglewood goes off 7.5. This destroys Long Beach and Orange country and annihilates Lake Elsinore and Temecula that it runs right under.

              It has been at least 313 years since the Southern San Andreas has broken, about the same time the Cascadia fault broke up in Washington. The entire San Andreas is a Moderately quick fault that usually never passes 250 years. This region of the south is a little slower than the central or north section but should have gone by now. The tension and pressure there is unbelivable. This is why I truly believe it will continue to the 1857 break that is about 20 years overdue now. 8.1-8.4. There may be so much energy that it goes right through that buffer zone right to the north. An article about this from one of the TV stations out there talked about this, once thought impossible as now possible.

              The issue here is just look at all the records being broken; the largest hurricane in Sandy ever recorded making land that far north, the largest deep focus quake ever recorded last month, the largest strike slip quake last year, the largest japanese quake ever recorded, the widest toranado every recorded last month, the largest radiation storm ever recorded from the sun. Yeah I think it is very possible with all that pinned up energy to the south for most of the fault to break.

              From a survival point of view the absolute best course of action is to leave the area. Other than this storing up for true hell is the nest best option. People out there have no idea the amount of pure kinetic energy this is going to unleash. The longer it goes, just like filling up something with pressure, the more powerful the release will be. People ho hum that it never will happen. IT HAS TO. It would have been better if it broke 30 years ago. Now it is catastrophic. It will likely not sink in the ocean, small areas will like around Seal Beach, but the amount of fires and disease afterwards will be horrific. I recommend to people I know out there a bare minimum of 60 days of supplies. Most other areas of the country 30 days bare minimum. Really 60 days, 2 months. Prepare for savage acts that rival Haiti disaster and be as well armed as possible. I will try to give people a warning when I see something from other plates acting with each other.

              • Highspeedloafer

                Had a small quake in NC today.

              • cali-kid

                BI thanks for the info! much appreciated!!! ya moving is a tough pill to swallow, ive got a plumbing business that is pretty hard to pick up and move plus family….so? next option Ive got plenty food, water?, weapons!!, ammo, and some family with the same. Im 6-7 miles west of fontana right in the San Andreas’s crotch??? yikes

        • Gods Creation

          “”””They are going to print money like their lives depend on it to keep this charade going as long as possible””””

          That’s because their lives DO depend on it. Once the charade ends, they will become the hunted rather than the hunter, and THEY KNOW IT.

    18. Sabel


    19. been there (in xUSSR)

      Back in mid- to late 1980-s they were promising us the same in the USSR – just suffer a little bit more, and it will definitely get better. The trick was it was slowly, but surely getting worse and worse until ending with real collapse sometime in spring-summer of 1992..

      So, with this CNN warning (and yes, it is a _warning_ – the very 1st sign of collapse for me is when mass-media whores are starting telling everything will be fine…”next year”) I’m eventually starting looking for the following signs:

      1) big war somewhere in the other hemisphere(you are Americans, yes you can); then all the problems locally can be explained with:”We are at War!!!”, with next question of:”Why are you complaining? Are you unpatriotic?”

      2) if #1 does not work, then look for shortages of certain things and food items appearing slowly at the beginning. It may be European food items, coffee/cocoa or anything else which does not naturally grow in the US abundantly. Most of us can do without those items most of the time, but I’d be very scared to see it happening “again”.

      3) more or less exotic food shortages turning into necessities shortages (toilet paper, whisky, toothpaste, socks,condoms, gasoline).

      4) with gasoline and especially Diesel becoming scarce or prohibitevely expensive, expect all hell eventually breaking loose (civil war, secession, crimes against humanity, what can you think of…)

      Captain Obvious? Not so fast.. Normalcy bias is a she-dog, keep your eyes open (unlike me and my parents back then there, but anyway, we could not do much except for stocking up with conserves (retail and home made), medicines and clothes and shoes, which turned out being enormously useful in just few short years in early 1990-s).

      • Jo Mack

        You tube wont play the video

    20. tishie

      Now wouldn’t that just be wonderful?……….but me thinkith, OOooops, time to kiss me arss Goodbye.

    21. Chris45

      Spare me the bullshit. Haven’t we heard this shit before ?

    22. Two Buckets

      Yeah thats right the economic recovery will be for all those who have recieved their get out of fema camp free microchip in the right hand some of us will be trying to recover spent cartriges cases, mre, gear, amunition & bingo gold dentures from yet another succesful un convoy ambush

      • SmokinOkie

        You’re planning ahead. I like that!

      • Shootit

        It will be get out of jail micro chip or off with your head. 2 choices. Make your choice early.

    23. Patriot One

      Does anyone want to buy a bridge??? Main Street is going down the drain and the drain keeps getting wider and deeper sucking in more and more businesses.

      And just for the record how do you think the affordable healthcare act is going to work out for small business?? I pay just under $10,000 a year for healthcare on 3, under the act I’ll be paying $21,000 for the bronze program or keeping my plan and paying another $6,000 in fines. Either way Its money I don’t have? If you think about it, it’s just more money sucked out of the small business sector and economy.

      But Hey, If they said it, it must be true, right? Let’s see if we make it to the forth quarter first!!!

      There is a storm coming and its a financial shit storm!

      • Theguy

        What happens under The Plan(tm) if you’re unemployed?

        Because face it, it’s only a matter of time…

        What… they fine your non-existent income? Make you break rocks by the side of the road? What?

        • Patriot One

          No if you don’t get an approved plan the fine will be deducted from any refund you may get. The poor are going to be pissed when the see the child tax credit refund taken away by the fine at $2000 a head. In 2014 you can bank on filing being delayed and refunds being delayed, what’s left.

          I also predict that RAC’s (refund anticipations check)will be a thing of the past.

          The really bad news is they, the government, have not even thought about that yet. I wouldn’t want to be a low end tax preparer next year.

          • hammerhead

            patriot -in michigan i have heard we may lose the homestead tax credit as well , gonna be fun .
            as a “low end” taxpayer i am ready for all of it.
            its a simple phrase …: “I will not comply” .

            • Patriot One


              My customers are suffering severely with erosion of their purchasing power. Everything is going up except the value of their home, the dollars in their wallet and their income.

              We are witness to a 24/7 propaganda ministry telling the world all is well. When the protest reach hundreds of thousands or millions the system will collapse.

              As for your homestead credit it will be eroded too. Slowly but surely every town, city, county, state and federal government is increasing fees, assessments and taxes, to me their all taxes. The whole system is corrupted against the citizen tax payer.

              Now by tracking and recording every move, call, email and transaction you make it opens a door to all kinds of new taxes, fees and audits. They are connecting all the dots of your life. The sad part is 90% think they are fighting terror.

              I hope America wakes up soon or they will wake up and wonder what happened…

          • KY Mom

            Patriot One,

            Since Obamacare passed, the cost of health insurance (policy through work at a small business) has increased GREATLY! I am not sure how much longer I will be able to afford it.

            Coverage for ONE adult – healthy and non smoker

            2010 – $216.75

            2013 – $344.72

            Remember this?

            March 15, 2009 – Obama speech in Strongsville, Ohio.

            OBAMA: How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands? A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE!
            (Rush Limbaugh dot com)

            But, the truth is…

            ObamaCare: Individual plans to cost 80% more starting 2014
            (Vision to America dot com)

        • Two Buckets

          Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun
          I fought the law and the law won
          I needed money ’cause I had none
          I fought the law and the law won
          I left my baby and it feels so bad
          Guess my race is run
          She’s the best girl that I ever had
          I fought the law and the law won
          I fought the law and the
          Robbin’ people with a six-gun
          I fought the law and the law won
          I lost my girl and I lost my fun
          I fought the law and the law won
          I left my baby and it feels so bad
          Guess my race is run
          She’s the best girl that I ever had
          I fought the law and the law won
          I fought the law and the
          I fought the law and the law won
          I fought the law and the

      • JayJay

        What if this announcement isn’t meant for Americans at all?
        Maybe for foreign investors or holders of American debt??

      • AnonLegion

        I have been following the hastings news since I first heard about it.

        There was 1 witness who only spoke Spanish.
        States he seen the car flying down the road fast never stopping before it hit the tree.

        Photos from the wreck showed the car engulfed in flames with no front end damage at first. ( interesting )

        Hasting also cc’d a military friend of his in afghan country.

        Interesting that Hastings was about to break a HUGE story on the CIA and FBI eh?

        Hastings was one of the best investigative reporters.

        When I first heard of the crash I turned to the wife and told her someone killed him. Even his friends do not want to give into tin foil hat ideas but they are feeling something is WRONG here.

        Interesting that Before its news came out with the article about how cars with anti lock breaks CAN be remote controlled. Who Killed Hastings? you know who.

        If I was Mercedes I would be investigating this myself seeing how this states our cars explode on impact.

    24. Mac, not that one

      Oh right “sarcasm”, my mistake. Not by Mac but by CNN

    25. Trailer Park Investor

      What you been smoking? And where can I get some?

    26. Theguy

      Pass me the LSD… or whatever it is these economists are doing.

    27. Boss Hog

      Ohh goody, I was starting to get worried. So next year all of our woes are over. Somebody buy that man a beer quick.

    28. Watchman

      I read and listen to this BS and say a lot of times out loud just what are the people thinking. Do our leaders really think people are that dumb to believe this? Then it hit this old man; yes they do, because it’s been proven over and over by the people; THEY KEEP VOTING THESE CHEESE DI-KS back in power. There is absolute no helping the mass’s, I thank GOD for the majority of the people on this web site because they have brains and use them. Truly GOD help us.

      Keep the FAITH

      • JayJay

        No, in most cases, there are no opponents for these dickheads…can I say that on internet??
        No one has the funding to run against these traitors.

    29. Ike

      There is a real disconnect happening between those who are not blind and those who are. Those who live in the matrix will continue to imbibe lies and believe the beast and whore will save them.

      But…Mat 24:38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
      Mat 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Sudden destruction…that day will come unawares.

      Luk 21:34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
      Luk 21:35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
      Luk 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

      Those who are deceived will bite the bullet.

    30. VRF

      Birth Cert.

      200+ US documents

      anyone picking up on this too?

    31. incognito

      Wrong guys. They aren’t smoking anything and I can say from experience… it’s definitely not LSD.

      It’s HOPIUM. Injecting lots and lots of hopium which is readily available from the US Gubament via the MSM… and get this; it’s completely 100% free!

      So… get your hopium today and no more worries.

    32. Nathan

      What if they’re (gasp) right?!?!

    33. JayJay

      And right below this write-up, we have the truth!! Imagine that!!

      {{{Schiff: We’re Heading For A Crisis Worse Than 2007}}}

      Well, now; who ya gonna believe?? 🙁

    34. Anonymous2

      I actually have a view quite different from the article and others posting. I think in fact the change is upon us. I think the middle class is planting gardens and otherwise adjusting to the socialized system. When I say “middle class” I mean those who work for a living. Those of us will adjust. 2014 is a new beginning. We are actively adapting to this socialized systems of handouts for those too lazy to work and handouts to those too rich to be responsible. Yes, dollar-credit supply will continue to explode and drive inflation – maybe in a few years the Chinese, Australians, Russians, and Iraqis can get enough brains and guts to use their own currency; but, the value of America is those of us who work and produce. This is what would-be conquering nations never seem to grasp. Its not the dollars in bank accounts nor the gold in valuts, its the people creating value. Just as the competing world powers are getting off the dollar, so are we. 2014 is a bright future. We just need to continue to learn how to divorce ourselves from the FRN slavery system.

    35. CelticNana

      Finally, I’m in the majority! I’m one of the 76%! Yay me! And it’s so good to know that economy is going to be all better in 2014 – I was getting worried, and tired of paying more at the gas pump, more at the grocery store, more for utilities and just about anything else I can think of. It’s wonderful that in a year, I can put all these troubles behind and get happy and live the dream. Sure. Fianna, what else are they going to ask us to believe? It’s just so pathetic, how the power and money boys lie and steal and cheat and corrupt. Misneach, fianna, because what we know is going to happen is coming ever closer. Hell, it’s already knocking on the door.

      • JayJay

        I’m reminded of Peggy in Florida..remember her??


        I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.

        OMGosh!!!! They walk among us..still.

    36. cellar spider

      NBC = Comcast
      Fox = News Corp (Rupert Murdoch)
      ABC = Disney Corporation
      CBS = National Amusements / Viacom (Sumner Redstone)

      If you have issues with programming like I do, perform some due diligence on the boards of directors. I personally have found it quite interesting as to who is controlling and influencing the time I spend watching the television.

      As for the media in general, they’ll say anything to ensure that 52% of the voting public keeps things status quo.

      Trust me, 2014 will be a banner year….unless you don’t turn on the television and live a real life.

      • KY Mom

        The mainstream media reports the ‘news’ as ‘directed’

        NBC = National Barack Channel
        ABC = All Barack Channel
        CNS = Communist News Station
        CNN = Communist News Network

    37. Unreconstructed Southron

      Now I’m REALLY worried.

    38. SmokinOkie

      Anybody remember when that skirt-sniffing hick from Our-Can-Saw said ‘It’s The Economy, Stupid’ and got himself elected prez? Everybody said, “Yeah! This economy under Bush sucks! We’re tossing the bastard out!”
      And they did!
      Now, how bad was the economy under (GHW)Bush? Shrinking at 1%?….3%?….5%?. Nope! It was GROWING, but at a paltry 3% annually. That wasn’t good enough, so the nations sheeple sent him packing.
      Today, of course, we understand mathematics and economics much better. A measly few percent DECLINE in GDP isn’t so bad. And growth? Heck, 2% is actually pretty good. And if we can somehow reach a whopping 4% growth? Well, yes…. Happy Days Are Here Again! Welcome to the New America….

      • SmokinOkie

        PS- This is in NO WAY intended as a defense of GHW Bush. As far as I’m concerned, the whole Bush family should be hanged, along with the rest of the tyrants.

      • OutWest


        Clinton cornered the market when it came to “sucks”.
        He didn’t inhale, but Monica sure as hell did.

    39. Satori

      does this look like “recovery” ?

      Recovery: 76% of Americans Are Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck


      up until now the health care industry has been largely immune to
      the dramatic financial down turn we are experiencing

      that,I fear,is about to change
      I heard some things from a local doc recently
      don’t have time to post now
      but will within 24 hours

    40. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      “take in inches

      what you can take in yards.”

      ~ chinese proverb

      bottom line – they literally own control Everything (even your MINDS , FOOD , WATER , MEDICAL , homes , property , even your personal property under the zog fedgov patriot acts) .


      they are going to completely turn over amerika’s sovereignty control to the u.n. and belgium based global government / global bank .

      And we are powerless to stop it .

      our own corrupt supreme court justices , federal judges , federal law enforcement , military , congress critters and sneaky senators have sold out their own country , states to the nwo globalists in hopes of acquiring a elitist position in the nwo global government / GLOBAL BANK .

      the writing is on the wall …

      whether its 1 year , 10 years or even 40 years … this is going to happen


      it’s really that simple .




      NinaO ;0p

      • snake eater

        4 threes
        yes they can kill me at anytime
        I`ll be dead with honor……
        I`ll die with a smile because I fought every mile…
        but the main thing is I wont be dead alone….
        think about it….someone will pay the price for my death…….


    41. Jeff

      And if you believe that -that things will get back to normal in 2014- have I got a deal for you! I’ve got a winter down hill ski resort in Florida, that I will give you a very special deal on. Ah, no checks or credit cards, payment in gold, silver or phyisical items of choice. Don’t delay, act now.

      What is likely to happen is just the very opposite will happen and matters will get much worse.

    42. swampratt

      Well (CNN) The communist news network say everything will
      be back to normal well now that the Russians have snowden and all his computers when they find out how the US has been trying screw the in the NWO we might see an EMP maybe power grid crashes alldepends on those hard drives but if any of my fellow preppers believe this bullshit and want to get back to normal I will pay you 25
      cents on the dollar that you spent and take all your
      preppins off your hands

    43. slingshot

      You believe what you want to believe.

      Truth or lies, it doesn’t matter. As long as the problems do not exist for you, it’s not real. Out of sight, out of mind. Yes, what you don’t see can’t hurt you. Things have a habit of creeping up on us. We are sometimes forced to make decisions that could have major implications in our lives. Like cancelling our life and home insurance or car insurance because we can not pay the premiums. We can become enchanted by hype and good deals turn out to be not so good deals. Anyone buying a home or a new car should consider the future is not stable. Lost of you job or an interest rate hike could put many in a bind. Many decisions are impulsive. Once one enters the credit/debt cycle, it is hard to extricate yourself from it. Loss of your home or car to even end up living in a tent community.
      What our FREE PRESS reports is no more than an illusion. There will be many sales persons to make you a deal on anything you want. Long as you sign on the dotted line.
      So get that home, boat, car and go on a wonderful vacation.
      After all, “It’s only money”

    44. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      The Sexual Pedo Freemasons 666 –

      The Finders of Lost Children use their child sex slave victims to ensnare up-and-coming politicians, businessmen, academics, and other rising stars.

      They invite their targets to parties, offer alcohol and cocaine, and then lead them into a bedroom where a child sex slave awaits. The activities are filmed, and the target is a “made man” for life.

      The “sexual freemasons 666” of the New World Order 666 control all of the big American institutions. That is why it was impossible to prosecute them, even when many were exposed in the Franklin Scandal.

      That is why stories about their outrageous activities, such as orgies with child-slave prostitutes in the White House, get suppressed.And that is why President George W. Bush was, according to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, able to set up a live-streaming closed-circuit TV system in the White House so he and his pals could jerk off to the sex torture, sodomization of children in front of their parents, and similar activities at Abu Ghraib – activities that were ordered and orchestrated by the sexual freemasons 666 .

      As George H.W. Bush told White House correspondent Sarah McClendon: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.”

      The sexual freemasons 666 have come a long way on their “long march through the institutions.”

      Will Pope Benedict, by all accounts a well-meaning man, be able to orchestrate a housecleaning at the Vatican? Will the sexual freemasons 666 ever be purged from the institutions they currently dominate?

      Maybe the best way to do that would be simultaneous religious revolutions in all countries. After all, the Islamic Revolution did succeed in chasing the sexual freemasons 666 out of Iran. The few who remain have to hide deep underground, fearing for their lives. As well they should.

      Chasing them all down the street and lynching them doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

      N.O. ;0p

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3


        is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.

        The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the pedo child sex slave trafficking network.

        N.O. ;0p

    45. SmokinOkie

      I was out fishing with my cousin, the community college English professor.
      He said- “The mainstream media outlets have become a bunch of pretentious popinjays parading the people along a puerile perambulation of pusillanimous prevarication.”

      I said- “Ditto!”

      He said “Americans have been inundated with these insipid insinuations for so long, they now believe them. It’s all intended to inculcate indifference among the idiots. Its end goal is to impoverish, to enslave, and to advance the interests of the insidious internationalists.

      I said “Damn straight!”

      He said “Are you even following what I’ve said? Didn’t you say we were going fishing in order to have some time for a long conversation? To discuss current geo-political events and their implications for people such as ourselves? Do you even understand what I’ve said?”

      “I read you loud and clear, cousin. The Rothschild money machine rolls on. The media are merely the propaganda arm. I just prefer to say it in okiespeak.”

      “Perhaps I am being somewhat verbose in my analysis. How would you say it?”

      “Damn banksters and tyrants. Hang ’em all!”

      He said- “Ditto!”

      • Mountain Trekker

        Smokin, if I was even smart enough to write articles like you do. I’d wear a dictionary plum out, trying spell some of them there words you use. Trekker Out

        • SmokinOkie

          my page-flippin’ thumb gets pretty sore! 🙂

    46. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), the 20th century’s best-known Satanic 666 Priest and a well known Freemason 666 .

      quote by a. crowley: “A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”

      – Scarlet and the Beast,” Vol. 1, pp. 775-776

      Freemason 666 = Satanism 666

      N.O. ;0p

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

        How can anyone in their right mind even consider joining Freemasonry 666 when there’s obviously a sinister Satanist 666 side to it?

        N.O. ;0p

          • Grippentrog

            We need MORE comments from 3n3my. He only makes half of all the comments on this site. More bible quotes and more kid abuse comments. Please keep them coming.

    47. SmokinOkie

      I noticed the clearance sale is still going on with the metals. Gold at $1282 and silver under $20. I just hope the sale is still going on next year when the economy starts booming. I’m gonna stock up!

    48. bowlan

      well its posted by liberal CNN communist news network so we already know its bull shit. in fact any one dumb enough to believe that bull shit is ether brain dead of not paying attention at all.

    49. ed

      You have way too much time on your hands. What kind of a mind comes up with all the stuff you comment on. Peace

    50. Prepped In CT

      UHM….these were the same economic “experts” that never saw the crash coming in 2007.

      Economists and weathermen…only jobs where you can be paid lots of money to be wrong most of the time.

    51. EastsideJoe

      I sure hope that Obamacare will pay for the treatment to my injured sides, incurred while reading and laughing along with this brilliant bit of satire! “Crappy Days Are Here Again”!

    52. ohboy


    53. ohboy

      You people are mostly just plain crazy I think, but I also see paranoid, and delusional among you.
      Some should not even have a bb gun let alone anything lareger.

      • Ike


      • Smokey

        Good thing for your neighbors you don’t get to decide how they think, live, or exercise their rights.

    54. mallardhen

      Whatever they are smoking, drinking, or inhaleing sounds to me we all need to stay away from them and just keep on prepping.

      Went to Walmart today and stocked up on the little boxes of Hyngry Jack hash browns not bad in price and they come in a 1/2 pint milk box which will store really easy; all you do is add boiling water let them sit for 12 mins and pop them into a frying pan and in about 10 mins you have hash browns to go with your eggs. It doesn’t get any easier then that. Also backpack great.

    55. Bastet

      Congrats to everyone for totally ignoring the trolls. They get bored with no reaction and go away pretty quickly. Makes reading SHTF so much better!

    56. Sowhatstheplan?

      If the economy ever did recover would want to keep living in a fucked up nanny state socialized prison?

    57. aBarryBasher

      and here I was just getting used to the economical/political/social slump we’ve been in for over 6 years… now how am I going to act..???? !!!!!!! higher taxes, less on the shelves, forced medical ins – what more can a non-professional, white male, 60+ whose wife is already collecting her Social Security want out of his remaining sun-set years..??? !!!! and to think: all it took was a kenyan, non-citizen, progressive marionette with up to 26 unique SS#’s fraudulently elected to occupy our White House to make it all gel like coagulating blood…

    58. SMB, MD

      A quick note: Prepping is one part obtaining stuff and nine parts developing skills.

      Train relentlessly. When you’ve got it down perfectly go back and do it again until your eyeballs bleed. Your stuff can be lost or destroyed but your skills will stay with you for life. Even if misfortune strikes down your ability to practice your skills, you’re still of value if you can communicate and teach them.

      I started prepping in 1976, at the tender age of 15. It was obvious to me that surviving an economic collapse would require much more than my Mini-14 and a case of C-rations. I reasoned that I would need to become invaluable by virtue of my abilities.

      That, more than anything, drove me to become a family physician. Yes, I took a hit when the economy folded. That and Obamacare have forced the closure of my private practice; I’m a hospital employee now. When Obamacare folds (and it will), I’ll pick up a fee-for-service model with barter and lots of pro bono.

      If things get really rotten, I have the option of expating. I’m welcome nearly anywhere.

      My point is that when you consider your preps, be sure to focus on the one thing that can’t be destroyed, confiscated or devalued. Make yourself valuable, indispensible if you can. The MREs will run out eventually. What you know can make you the one person who matters, the one no one can afford to be without.

      Some will remember the character of Dan Forrester, PhD in Lucifer’s Hammer. Deprived of insulin, he was a dying diabetic. Yet he became The Magician, the one person who enabled the survival of many others, because his knowledge was broad and deep.

      Become the Magician.

    59. Deltagbear

      Ok, read everything before you decide to blast me because I do not mean any ill intent or to offend anyone. I spent 8 years in the Army and have conducted UWT on several occasions. I have seen new weapons come and go and new methods trial and error. I applaud those that are so willing to defend this country and stand against tyranny as Patriots just as I am. Imagine if you will, SHTF and chaos and rioting are rampant. Food and gas are rationed, the government is in the streets with checkpoints and martial law lockdown. MRAPS armed to the teeth patrol the streets along with countless armed men that are trained in tactics that are force by numbers and enforce by fear tactics and brutality. When they come to your door they will not be one or two soldiers, it will be a nightmare scenario should you ever have to defend you and yours and will not end with a glorious victory for you. The victory will not be had by going toe-to-toe with them, but in the back woods tactics that they have never trained for. My advice, get off grid, get your family and loved ones safe with other like minded individuals then if you can decide what is needed of you and the best tactics to accomplish them. Do not foolishly waste your Patriotism thinking you can stay in your home and fight the mass numbers of starving citizens and the mass soldiers that will be enforcing dumb dumbs rules.
      I have to talked to countless people that say they are all in and that they will fight on. Yet, when I mention getting off grid it is a brick wall and excuses beyond measure. I believe we have to let go of our daily norm and get off grid. I know I have asked before but I will ask again, anyone serious about getting off grid or already off grid and looking for brothers in arms? If so, contact me deltagbear(at)gmail(dot)com

      • Yeah right....

        One word for ya.. DRONES.

        We’re headed for commie ville.

        So.. hide your money in metals.

        Be prepared and do all you can to
        create a one man business. or many of them.

        Obama care…fuck him…don’t employ anyone.

        Do the best you can to survive.

        I have no clue what’s coming…but it sure feels bad.
        Feels like the jews must have just before Hitler killed them all.

        There’s one positive note. All the people running this world…need to live just like us.. food, water, shelter, air.

    60. jimmy

      Why is Gold selling off so badly ? Is it time to buy or just wait a little while?

    61. hello

      This sounds like a very optimistic ‘wool over the eyes’ prediction. Some religion out there has this “peace and safety and sudden destruction hits them.”
      We’ll see.

    62. walt

      I was in amazement and disagreement until I realized this is sarcastic humor.
      If not- then it should be.

    63. keep it coming

      To quote the goof Randy Quaid in a pilot of a TV show never to see the light of day,

      ” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you crap…..make craponade.”

    64. Yeah right....

      So what’s up with Obama…

      He’s got us all confused.. Is he a muslim, a commie a Kenyan or what?

      Watch the economy crap out under the first black president in US History.

      Funny… you give a black man a credit card…there you go.

    65. Bruce110

      2020: “The Federal Reserve Government says the economy will improve next year at last. Also, Martial Law will be relaxed.”

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